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Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)
Thursday, September 8, 2011
9:00 Scheduled CRA


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09:26:31 >> I yield to Community Redevelopment Agency chair Reddick.

09:26:35 >>FRANK REDDICK: How much time do you need, about two

09:26:45 minutes?

09:26:47 You're ready?

09:26:48 Thank you, Madam Chair.

09:26:52 We will now call the CRA Community Redevelopment Agency

09:26:55 meeting to order.

09:26:56 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:27:07 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

09:27:09 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:27:10 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:27:11 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

09:27:12 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:27:13 >> Good morning, board.

09:27:17 First on our agenda we have Ms. Best from the East Tampa

09:27:22 community advisory to be give us an update on the activities

09:27:26 of East Tampa.

09:27:27 Ms. Best.

09:27:28 >> Good morning.

09:27:37 First, I must take a moment to announce that I received a

09:27:43 phone call this morning just before I left home from Denise

09:27:47 James, Denise McKay James.

09:27:51 Her sister passed yesterday and that's why she's not here

09:27:54 with us.

09:27:55 And I am asking council to keep her in prayers.

09:28:00 The James family, because their sister passed, and I think

09:28:10 she said complication of pneumonia.

09:28:12 So it's Irene McKay that passed, and we do solicit your

09:28:16 prayer.

09:28:17 I want to thank you for this opportunity to come to you.

09:28:20 I bring you greetings from the members of the East Tampa

09:28:24 Community Advisory Committee.

09:28:27 As I said, Denise is not present, who is the vice chair, but

09:28:31 I would also let you know that I do have some of the

09:28:34 advisory members here to hold me up and boost me on.

09:28:38 Would you please stand, those of you on the advisory

09:28:41 committee?

09:28:46 And we also have some of our other committee members.

09:28:55 Stand up.

09:29:02 [ Applause ]

09:29:06 For the record, I want you to know who the advisory members

09:29:09 are.

09:29:11 Richard Dean, William Dennis III, Ernest Coney, Jr., Essie

09:29:21 Simms, Jr., Jensen, Billi Griffin, Evelyn Smith and Tatiana

09:29:24 Denson.

09:29:28 As you know, as chair of the advisory committee, I also am

09:29:31 chair of an 8-year-old East Tampa Community Revitalization

09:29:41 Partnership Group.

09:29:42 And I bring you greetings from those, because we do, as I

09:29:46 said, have some of the standing committee members here.

09:29:49 Today I am only going to try to focus on the Advisory

09:29:52 Committee role.

09:29:55 As you know -- and I heard by watching the CRA, many of the

09:30:01 CRAs have given reports that they didn't take the

09:30:04 financial hit that the East Tampa did.

09:30:06 As you know, that we, between 2008 and 2009, we really

09:30:15 peaked out at over $6 million in our CRA.

09:30:17 But today, as you also know, the cause of the foreclosures

09:30:23 and the tax revenue, when we got notice we were less than

09:30:30 $31,000 of a budget, and as community citizens we were

09:30:37 shocked, disappointed, we didn't know where our money kind

09:30:40 of like disappeared.

09:30:41 But thanks to the staff, they quickly reminded us that, hey,

09:30:44 we do have some unspent money, that after three years you

09:30:48 roll it over.

09:30:49 And we had over $800,000 that we had to start making some

09:30:54 adjustments.

09:30:55 But more than anything else, the committee started thinking

09:30:57 about all the good things that we have done over the years.

09:31:01 And one of the things, I am going to just highlight -- and I

09:31:04 notice that Councilman Murman said we have a real busy

09:31:12 schedule.

09:31:12 I was going to give you five, but I am going to give you two

09:31:15 if you will just let me.

09:31:16 One of the things I do want to point out is the housing.

09:31:19 And if you would recall, since 2005 that we have provided

09:31:24 over 1.2 million of gift funds in the renovation of over 55

09:31:30 homes.

09:31:30 We completed $1.5 million, and with lots and lots of new

09:31:38 features in that facility.

09:31:41 We redesigned two retention pond that maybe of you heard

09:31:44 about and probably have visited.

09:31:45 One in particular was the Herbert Carrington, that was a

09:31:51 million dollars, and the other was the Robert Cole again a

09:31:54 million dollars of TIF funds that we used.

09:31:57 We also constructed and donated -- not donated -- paid TIF

09:32:03 dollars of over a million dollars for the construction of

09:32:06 the police station.

09:32:08 Now, even though we have a limited budget, one of the things

09:32:13 that staff let us do is start thinking about where do we go

09:32:16 from here?

09:32:17 How are we going to come back?

09:32:19 How are we going to survive the difficult times?

09:32:24 Well, some good news.

09:32:25 One of the investments that we made in terms of the

09:32:29 satellite office of helping citizens find out about job

09:32:34 opportunities, orb at least finding out about how to start a

09:32:38 business, and doing some real good business classes.

09:32:43 Two of our members have been in those classes, and I'm one,

09:32:46 and I know that William has visited.

09:32:48 They are great.

09:32:49 We have gotten good response from that group.

09:32:51 So it was a good investment as far as I'm concerned.

09:32:56 One of the good things that I heard about from this is that

09:32:58 we have over 300 new businesses that have come in to East

09:33:02 Tampa in the last year.

09:33:05 Good news for East Tampa.

09:33:06 Now, we have got to have a plan.

09:33:08 How are we going to work that 300 and make sure that we get

09:33:12 the benefits?

09:33:13 I'm suggesting -- and I know that staff will support this --

09:33:16 is that one of the things, we know who they are because we

09:33:21 got their names and addresses, and we are going to start a

09:33:24 real campaign getting to know them, letting them know we

09:33:27 exist, but more than anything else, you have some job

09:33:32 opportunities.

09:33:32 Let me tell you what we have job training offices in East

09:33:36 Tampa, and tell us what jobs you need and what you are

09:33:41 looking for so that we can gore into the community and match

09:33:43 that up.

09:33:44 So we see our way coming out of it.

09:33:47 Another way that we see also coming out is through a

09:33:51 proposal that was approved, and we are the only CRA that has

09:33:56 a plan in place.

09:34:01 This is jobs through the CRA, and it's through the East

09:34:04 Tampa group, but more specifically through CDC of Tampa.

09:34:11 They are partners with the Envirofocus group.

09:34:16 And they do the training.

09:34:17 When they do the training we are using TIF funds to be help

09:34:21 do the training and they are guaranteed some jobs, and even

09:34:26 these are not minimum wage jobs.

09:34:28 Already we have had 20 jobs through this operation.

09:34:33 The other thing I want to be share with you is we do know we

09:34:36 are going to be entering into the stormwater project that's

09:34:40 on 30th street on Hillsborough at 30th street, and

09:34:47 that is over $300,000 of TIF funds that is a match that we

09:34:55 are going to be doing some projects in East Tampa through

09:34:58 that system.

09:34:58 The proposed 22nd street grocery store is still in

09:35:02 acquisition, and it's coming.

09:35:06 One of the proudest initiatives that I'm proud of is that

09:35:12 through -- and I'm changing hats now -- through the East

09:35:15 Tampa community partnership, one of the things that we kept

09:35:21 hearing from the community is that how do we access this

09:35:25 money?

09:35:25 We hear about all these businesses.

09:35:27 But let's say a private group or a citizen wants to find

09:35:31 out, how do you access and how do you use this money?

09:35:34 And we came up with an instrument that we call -- this is in

09:35:38 2009-a neighborhood project application that came through

09:35:42 the committee of the planning and evaluation, and it was

09:35:47 approved by City Council, but it opened the door and it

09:35:51 appeared the community that if you meet the standards of,

09:35:57 one, that you are going to be using this for the acquisition

09:36:01 of properties, the margin of property construction, of

09:36:05 infrastructure, sidewalk, lighting, if you know what you are

09:36:09 coming for is in relationship to this, you can use TIF funds

09:36:13 for that, but we didn't know that before.

09:36:15 So it is opened the eyes that other people are saying is a

09:36:21 possibility.

09:36:21 I would like to say, I do have some concerns that I would

09:36:24 like to bring to your attention.

09:36:27 One is that we, in the past, when we had our meetings, and

09:36:33 we made decisions, we usually send a formal letter to you,

09:36:39 and we are asking you with your permission if we can

09:36:41 continue doing that, and especially when it's in terms of

09:36:45 money adjustment.

09:36:45 We would like to continue this, if you look for a letter

09:36:49 from the advisory committee stating that we did have input

09:36:53 and we did approve it, okay?

09:36:55 The next thing is that -- I know I have talked with Mr.

09:36:59 Johnson about the minutes.

09:37:00 I don't know if you are aware, but the minutes of East

09:37:02 Tampa, which is an eight-year group of people, we worked

09:37:06 hard in East Tampa.

09:37:07 We feel that we are a model group of people.

09:37:10 And for that hard work of volunteerism, we need to document

09:37:14 our records.

09:37:15 We have no documentation on file in that office that needs

09:37:18 to be done.

09:37:19 And what I ask is we are going to try to work with staff in

09:37:24 terms of come up with -- oh, because we need to pull all

09:37:28 those past records and have them in a hard copy and on a

09:37:33 disk in that office for the history of this organization,

09:37:36 because we have made, in my mind -- and I have been there

09:37:39 for eight years -- we have made a lot of inroads in terms of

09:37:42 showing that the community is educated, is empowered to make

09:37:45 their own decisions about their lifestyle, and the same for

09:37:49 what we have done in the past four years with the advisory

09:37:52 committee.

09:37:52 That needs to be filed somewhere.

09:37:53 So we are going to be working on that.

09:37:58 One of the things that you all might have to check with

09:38:00 legal counsel on, and that is that the CAC representative,

09:38:07 if one representative could sit in on when you are

09:38:11 negotiating properties in East Tampa as an observe observer,

09:38:17 just to have see what happens.

09:38:18 So I know that's a legal thing that we might need to save up

09:38:23 but that was one thing we voted on and we did want to ask

09:38:28 council to address for us.

09:38:29 The honky-tonk.

09:38:30 Many of you know that it's already been demolished.

09:38:34 But I do want to put on the record that the neighborhood

09:38:38 watch leader asked that she be a part and notified of any

09:38:44 decisions about the honky-tonk.

09:38:46 And that the community has a chance to have input into if

09:38:51 there's going to be -- whatever is going to happen with the

09:38:54 honky-tonk.

09:38:56 We also, as a committee, said we would like to make sure

09:39:00 that there is no duplication of services.

09:39:03 What we have as far as recreation, that we have something

09:39:11 totally different, if it's recreation, that it doesn't

09:39:17 interfere with programs we are already doing.

09:39:19 >>FRANK REDDICK: Ms. Best, let me interrupt you for a

09:39:23 second.

09:39:24 Are you saying to this board that the East Tampa community

09:39:28 advisory group has no input in a decision made --

09:39:36 >> I didn't say that.

09:39:38 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, when you are saying you want input

09:39:41 like honky-tonk, are you meeting with Ed Johnson?

09:39:46 Has he given you the opportunity to have input on any

09:39:49 decisions that are made?

09:39:51 >> Yeah.

09:39:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, I just wanted to make that clear

09:39:54 because I got the impression when you said she wants

09:39:58 decisions on honky-tonk that should be done at your

09:40:02 community advisory meeting.

09:40:03 >> We did.

09:40:04 But I was bringing things from you, from what was brought to

09:40:07 the advisory committee, and I thought in terms of bringing

09:40:10 you up to date on what the community is saying.

09:40:12 Yes, that is in the record.

09:40:14 Yes.

09:40:14 There is no problem with that.

09:40:18 One of the things that I do want in the record is some be

09:40:23 applied agreement that was done with the office space at the

09:40:26 police station.

09:40:27 And as you know, Mr. Reddick, you was a part of that group,

09:40:30 that when we gave the funds of a 1.5 million or more for the

09:40:35 building of the police station, one of the conditions was

09:40:39 that East Tampa staff would be housed, that they would have

09:40:44 space.

09:40:45 And we just want to be sure that that remains, okay?

09:40:49 Now, I want to change roles and invite you to something.

09:40:54 The East Tampa Community Revitalization Partnership meeting,

09:40:58 two meetings, on us the, September 13th at 10:00, and on

09:41:02 Tuesday, September 20th at 6:30.

09:41:05 Both of these meetings will be at the Ragan Park, and you

09:41:09 are invited.

09:41:10 I want to thank the East Tampa development staff, Michelle,

09:41:17 Ed Johnson, for their support.

09:41:19 To all on the city departments, I want to thank them for

09:41:23 their support because they have been there for me.

09:41:25 On behalf of Denise James, Ernest coney and William Dennis,

09:41:30 each of these persons has spent four years on the advisory

09:41:34 committee, and applies, eight years of service.

09:41:37 We are termed out as members, and as of October 1 will no

09:41:42 longer be on the board.

09:41:43 We just wanted you to be aware of that.

09:41:45 Again, to the CRA council, I want to thank you for allowing

09:41:49 me to share with you about the East Tampa reCAC group.

09:41:57 It has been a full-time commitment on my part, and it has

09:42:01 been something that I have enjoyed, and it's something that

09:42:06 I think -- I really think it was the best thing that ever

09:42:10 happened to me.

09:42:11 We now know that the eyes are on East Tampa, and that's why

09:42:16 I am wearing this shirt that I am wearing.

09:42:18 I want you to nobody that we really feel -- we are really

09:42:21 proud of what's going on in East Tampa.

09:42:23 I do have something I would like to share with you.

09:42:28 A newsletter.

09:42:35 And that's my report.

09:42:43 Thank you.

09:42:44 Any questions?

09:42:44 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any questions from the board to Ms. Best?

09:42:52 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

09:42:53 I guess this is the official notice to all the other

09:42:56 volunteer agencies and committees that Ms. Best is

09:43:07 available, because she's been working on this --

09:43:10 >> Eight years.

09:43:11 >> Right.

09:43:12 For eight years and she has been the chair of the citizens

09:43:14 advisory committee for four, and you have a two-year?

09:43:19 >> One year.

09:43:20 >>MARY MULHERN: So you have a one-year break?

09:43:22 >> Yes.

09:43:23 >>MARY MULHERN: So she's available and she's also available

09:43:26 for paid work.

09:43:28 She doesn't just work for free.

09:43:32 And I just want to thank you and say that I think it may be

09:43:40 just Councilwoman Capin and I that attended the last --

09:43:44 maybe some of you attended as candidates, but we attended

09:43:48 the last meeting that you held in your neighborhood that you

09:43:52 invited council to, and it was incredible.

09:43:56 I've never seen so many people at a neighborhood meeting,

09:44:01 and to thank you for the outreach you did to bring all those

09:44:05 people out, and thank the CRA staff, also, for being there.

09:44:11 And we had people lined up asking questions.

09:44:14 And they got their questions answered and followed up by

09:44:18 council -- well, by the CRA board and by our staff.

09:44:22 So it's just been fantastic working with you, and just want

09:44:30 to thank you.

09:44:32 I can't say enough, but we have a lot of other board.

09:44:35 So go to Tampa and we can put you on and I know that

09:44:43 you will still be there for your community.

09:44:45 Thank you so much.

09:44:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you [ Applause ]

09:44:57 >>MARY MULHERN: And I wanted to -- I don't know, is Ed

09:45:01 Johnson here?

09:45:04 Could I ask just a few follow-up questions?

09:45:07 >> Ed Johnson, CRA manager for East Tampa.

09:45:14 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to ask about the minutes, and

09:45:20 Mr. Territo, because when I started four years ago, I think

09:45:24 that's when we kind of rewrote some of the rules for the

09:45:27 advisory committees.

09:45:28 So it became, for all the CRA advisory committees, it

09:45:33 became -- their meetings were in the sunshine.

09:45:36 So there was even more attention paid to that.

09:45:40 I know the minutes are there.

09:45:42 And if you could just help get them a CD and hard copy of

09:45:50 the minutes so they can have that record of what they have

09:45:52 been doing for the last eight years.

09:45:53 >> That won't be a problem.

09:45:56 We discussed that just previously this morning.

09:45:59 What Mrs. Best is referring to, all of our meetings are in

09:46:02 the sunshine, and we do take copious notes on our minutes,

09:46:06 and we record and copy all of our minutes.

09:46:09 They are in our computer system.

09:46:11 And the paper copies that we maintain, they are in the

09:46:15 archives, because we have been around so long, the majority

09:46:18 of our minutes are in the archives.

09:46:20 So she's asking for us to retrieve all of those minutes,

09:46:23 copy them, it takes time, and we have agreed that if she

09:46:29 would provide some assistance from the community to be able

09:46:32 to help douse that, we would be happy to make some hard

09:46:35 copies.

09:46:35 But for the record, all of our minute are documented and are

09:46:38 on file.

09:46:41 >>MARY MULHERN: You have some clerical staff of that can

09:46:44 maybe do that for them ever?

09:46:46 >> I have a part-time clerical staff because of the

09:46:48 reductions.

09:46:49 So it's not an easy task.

09:46:51 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.

09:46:52 Well, if they would get to work on that and maybe in the

09:46:55 future just always do it as the minutes occur and didn't

09:46:59 them after each meeting, you know, once a month.

09:47:02 It doesn't seem like it would be --

09:47:05 >> And all of our minutes are sent electronically to every

09:47:09 member.

09:47:11 So every meeting that we have ever had, every minutes that

09:47:15 we ever took, went to each one of those members every month.

09:47:21 But what Ms. Best is referring to, she wants a historical

09:47:24 copy of minutes to be maintained in the office, which we do

09:47:27 have, but it electronic, it's not paper.

09:47:32 >>MARY MULHERN: I think because the membership changes and

09:47:34 all of that, and these are all volunteers who are working

09:47:38 full time for their community at no cost to us, maybe the

09:47:42 staff that the CRA is paying for could help them with this.

09:47:46 >> We'll address it.

09:47:48 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

09:47:48 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Be thank you, Councilman Reddick.

09:47:57 Ms. Best, I know that we had a discussion about how I wish

09:48:01 we could have one of you in every neighborhood.

09:48:06 And when we figure out how to clone you, I will be the first

09:48:10 making that request.

09:48:13 The issue of purchasing of property and whether or not

09:48:17 someone can be there to observe the negotiations, I'm not

09:48:20 sure that's going to be legally possible but I can tell you

09:48:23 that between Councilman Reddick and myself, we are watching

09:48:26 every transaction very carefully, and I have already gotten

09:48:30 a reputation with staff to be ready to answer my questions,

09:48:34 because I check every transaction.

09:48:39 So if --

09:48:41 >>FRANK REDDICK: You're so right.

09:48:43 >>LISA MONTELIONE: If there's ever a concern that anyone

09:48:46 has, please contact my office.

09:48:48 >> Be thank you.

09:48:51 Thank you.

09:48:52 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And Mr. Johnson knows this because we

09:48:54 have had conversations about any property that anyone is

09:48:59 purchasing whether it's CRA, or for other purposes.

09:49:05 I do want to say that I have been involved with the CDC of

09:49:09 Tampa, and the work bench program grant work that they did,

09:49:14 and this is a fine example of a nonprofit working with the

09:49:19 private sector, and I had the pleasure to meet with and talk

09:49:22 with the owner of Envirofocus, and they have worked very

09:49:28 hard to create an environment where individuals from the

09:49:32 community have been the opportunity to be trained and hired

09:49:38 by operations within the community.

09:49:41 So it's a program that I have been off and on talking to Mr.

09:49:48 Coney about, bringing to other areas of the city, because

09:49:51 they really bring in the companies at the very beginning and

09:49:55 work with them to have employees trained for specific

09:50:01 positions they are looking for.

09:50:03 And that's really very, very helpful.

09:50:05 Just training people in the community, and hoping that they

09:50:09 will find a job in this environment, in this economy, is not

09:50:14 a model that has worked.

09:50:16 But if you work with a company who is looking to fill

09:50:20 positions, and you model your training program for the

09:50:24 positions they are looking to hire people for, it's very,

09:50:29 very successful, and I congratulate Mr. Coney on developing

09:50:32 that model.

09:50:33 So keep up the committee.

09:50:37 I'm sure you will be keeping tabs on them, just because you

09:50:40 won't be an official member doesn't mean you won't be

09:50:43 sitting there in the wings watching.

09:50:44 So thanks very much for your service.

09:50:45 >> Thank you, thank you, thank you.

09:50:48 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm sorry to speak twice but I just wanted

09:50:52 to add something to what Councilwoman Montelione said.

09:50:56 I think with regard to the property -- and we may want to

09:51:00 the hear from our attorney on this -- but I don't think

09:51:03 that -- we are not, council and the board, is not even

09:51:08 involved in those.

09:51:09 So that's something the city has to do on their own.

09:51:12 However, whenever there is some negotiation, I think it

09:51:16 would be appropriate, if we are not already doing that, with

09:51:22 TIF dollars, that the administration brief chairman Reddick,

09:51:28 brief the chair of the CRA board on what's happening, and

09:51:32 also with regard to the property, the honky-tonk property

09:51:36 which has already been purchased and demolished, that

09:51:39 perhaps he should have a briefing on that, too.

09:51:46 I understand that, you know, that kind of negotiation we

09:51:51 can't be involved with, but maybe if we just had a little

09:51:54 more conversation or communication.

09:52:00 >> Communication is the queen word.

09:52:02 >>MARY MULHERN: With the chair.

09:52:03 Thank you.

09:52:03 >>FRANK REDDICK: Other questions from the board?

09:52:07 Thank you, Ms. Best.

09:52:08 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Good morning.

09:52:18 In your folders, you have an update of activity in the

09:52:21 various CRAs.

09:52:23 I would like to point out some highlights.

09:52:24 Before I start, you were given copies of the potential

09:52:28 budget book, and if you have any edit or changes, I ask that

09:52:36 you please forward them.

09:52:37 In downtown, the CAMLS project officially capped off.

09:52:45 It looks like they will be opening in February as promised.

09:52:47 You should be receiving an invitation to a ribbon cutting

09:52:54 from the workforce housing project here in downtown.

09:52:56 That's the downtown CRA, one of the sponsors.

09:52:59 Keep your eyes peeled for.

09:53:01 That it's a beautiful project.

09:53:03 Ybor, we have a ribbon cutting on the 13th for C.H.

09:53:08 Robinson.

09:53:17 A great month for ribbon cuttings.

09:53:20 Bring your scissors.

09:53:21 In the Channel District, related group has filed for

09:53:24 building permits so we'll bring out our ceremonial shovels

09:53:28 soon and have a groundbreaking on that, I am assume in the

09:53:31 next 20 days.

09:53:32 Drew Park, they are finishing up their beautification plan

09:53:36 and should have that finished this month for presentation.

09:53:39 East Tampa, they are working on their East Tampa progress

09:53:42 report, which is the annual report on what goes on in the

09:53:45 neighborhood, and we should be seeing that, should be

09:53:49 wrapped up this month.

09:53:52 At Tampa Heights, the city is putting out an RFP on the

09:53:55 water works building to try to help spur some construction

09:53:59 and activity in that neighborhood, so that will be hitting

09:54:01 the streets soon.

09:54:03 And in Central Park, good news and bad news.

09:54:06 Good news is they are going vertical on their first

09:54:09 building.

09:54:10 The bad news was that they were not successful in the $23

09:54:15 million they attempted to get for the choice neighborhood

09:54:17 grant.

09:54:17 So they are looking for more alternative sources of

09:54:20 financing to continue the project.

09:54:24 Questions?

09:54:25 >>FRANK REDDICK: Councilwoman Montelione.

09:54:32 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mr. McDonaugh, do we know why they were

09:54:36 not successful?

09:54:38 Often they will receive a response back identifying the

09:54:43 deficiencies in the grant application.

09:54:44 >> I do not know the specifics.

09:54:48 I will find out and forward that information to you.

09:54:52 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I have spoken on this meantimes, and I

09:54:54 know the mayor's staff is watching and listening.

09:54:56 I really believe that a grant specialist would really,

09:55:01 really help.

09:55:02 I mean, losing a $23 million grant, my heart just sank.

09:55:07 And perhaps if we supplemented the staff -- they do a great

09:55:13 job.

09:55:13 We do receive some, you know, funding from grant

09:55:17 applications, and within the individual departments people

09:55:23 have been very good at writing and receiving grant funds,

09:55:29 but if we had more staff pourer on the grant applications,

09:55:35 perhaps we would be able to secure some additional funding

09:55:38 that way.

09:55:39 >> I would have to look.

09:55:41 I'm not certain that the Tampa Housing Authority did not

09:55:43 have help in filling out their application.

09:55:47 I thought they had.

09:55:48 But I'll get an answer for you.

09:55:50 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

09:55:53 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Our third agenda item, if there are no

09:55:58 more questions, policy discussion about bringing contracts

09:56:02 back to the board.

09:56:04 There is a draft there provided by the CRA attorney.

09:56:09 Just as a side bar, there are two items on the agenda today

09:56:14 that normally would have gone directly to City Council, but

09:56:17 we pulled them off the City Council agenda because of

09:56:20 concerns raised at a prior meeting by the CRA board and one

09:56:25 of which was the contract with Central Parking for cleaning

09:56:29 services in Ybor.

09:56:31 That was a contract that was previously approved by the CRA

09:56:34 board, and by City Council, and had new elements in it, and

09:56:40 based on comments that the CRA board had throughout this

09:56:46 process, I had them removed from the City Council agenda and

09:56:49 put on this agenda.

09:56:51 So again, the CRA board can take a look at them before they

09:56:54 are sent on to the City Council.

09:56:57 >>FRANK REDDICK: Councilman Suarez?

09:57:09 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Mr. McDonaugh, this was discussed before.

09:57:12 You said there was an amendment to the contract, and then it

09:57:14 was -- you pulled it off the table.

09:57:17 You know, we need to get a real sense of what we are talking

09:57:21 about here.

09:57:22 When we approve a contract --

09:57:26 >> It had extensions built into the contract.

09:57:30 Excuse me.

09:57:30 >>MIKE SUAREZ: It was renewal of the contract?

09:57:34 >> That's correct.

09:57:35 Which was provided in the initial contract.

09:57:37 >>MIKE SUAREZ: The terms of which were agreed to by a

09:57:39 previous CRA board?

09:57:41 >>BOB McDONAUGH: That's correct, sir.

09:57:43 >>MIKE SUAREZ: The question I had, and maybe Mr. Territo

09:57:46 can answer this, too, when we approve a contract as a CRA

09:57:52 board regardless of who is on the board -- for example there

09:57:55 were lots of contract approved before I was elected.

09:58:00 How much time and effort is that going to bring if we have

09:58:02 to bring it back for approval of an automatic renewal in

09:58:07 that particular case?

09:58:13 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.

09:58:15 (off microphone) there may be a delay in the contract.

09:58:24 If it goes beyond the deadline, then we continue --

09:58:31 >> At the same rate of pay?

09:58:33 >>SAL TERRITO: But if for some reason it's not allowed then

09:58:37 we have a problem because now we have a contract.

09:58:41 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Okay.

09:58:43 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Again, we just need to build that in.

09:58:49 I mean, if that's the pleasure of the board, I'm more than

09:58:51 happy.

09:58:52 I have spoken to contracts management, and if that's going

09:58:56 to be the normal process, we will just vote it into our time

09:58:59 line.

09:58:59 >>MIKE SUAREZ: The only problem I had is I don't want to be

09:59:04 as a regular course of operation that we continually bring

09:59:07 back contracts that were approved from prior boards, unless

09:59:10 there are some significant changes to that particular

09:59:12 contract, because if we did that, we would be here all day

09:59:17 on CRA business alone, let alone City Council business.

09:59:20 So to me, you know, I don't look at it as, you know, some of

09:59:27 these things wreath have to be contracted out by the

09:59:29 developer to build a particular project, or to the city in

09:59:35 terms of whatever project it is in terms of parks and

09:59:37 recreation or any other department.

09:59:39 I mean and my viewpoint is, if it's already agreed upon by

09:59:42 the CRA, we have the power to agree on that particular

09:59:48 contract R.I don't see why it has any reason to be

09:59:50 necessarily come back.

09:59:51 I just want to find out if -- in the normal course of

09:59:55 business you don't revisit a contract unless there are

09:59:57 significant changes, and you have to agree to those

09:59:59 significant changes.

10:00:00 So when you said amendment, what you restated that it was

10:00:09 automatically going to be renewed and it was brought back to

10:00:11 us to take a look at it a second time.

10:00:13 >> And again we have the option of looking at things based

10:00:19 on age, based on a dollar threshold, there were some real

10:00:29 estate remainders that were going to City Council that

10:00:31 Hillsborough not been formally brought to the CRA board.

10:00:34 Now, when the 22nd street project was approved, a portion of

10:00:38 the money for the 22nd street project were identified for

10:00:43 real estate acquisition of right-of-way.

10:00:45 And so technically it was within the contract, but those

10:00:50 specific purchases were not blocked and the remainder of

10:00:54 parcels, almost $700.

10:00:56 So I'm just trying to get a handle from the board.

10:01:00 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, the board, I think at the last

10:01:04 meeting, we put a motion in effect for you to come to our

10:01:07 meeting on the 22nd, with a recommendation of how we can

10:01:12 expedite this process, and to avoid what Mr. Suarez was

10:01:18 talking about.

10:01:21 I think on the 22nd, if I stand corrected, we all want to

10:01:26 move this process forward, back and forth.

10:01:30 We are hoping that the recommendation that you have made on

10:01:32 the 22nd will allow us to vote on to the move forward.

10:01:38 That's my understanding.

10:01:39 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Well, the next time that this will be up

10:01:45 for discussion will be at the next CRA board meeting.

10:01:47 What we have done is provided some language to take a look

10:01:50 at, to consider, and you can make -- I can make some

10:01:55 suggestions and we can have a formal approval at next

10:01:58 month's meeting.

10:02:05 >>SAL TERRITO: And none of these -- not like something we

10:02:10 enforce.

10:02:14 It's just a matter of we want to see it first at the CRA.

10:02:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: So we scheduled it at a regular meeting on

10:02:25 the 22nd.

10:02:26 I think that would be fine.

10:02:29 For discussion.

10:02:30 That will be fine.

10:02:30 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Item number 4 was concerning the yes

10:02:38 program in Ybor.

10:02:40 Mr. Pardo is here to answer questions on that.

10:02:45 >>VINCE PARDO: Good morning.

10:02:45 >>FRANK REDDICK: I want to tell you the reason we are

10:02:48 actually here on this, is it was brought to my attention, I

10:02:53 think some other council members' attention, that the yes

10:02:58 program as of October 8th, those who are employed will

10:03:02 be eliminated, those employes will be dropped.

10:03:08 So we want to get some information, is that correct?

10:03:11 And what's the status of the yes program?

10:03:17 >>VINCE PARDO: Manager, Ybor development.

10:03:21 If we can go to the Elmo.

10:03:28 What you see hear, the yes team contract is paid for out of

10:03:39 two different TIFs.

10:03:41 Ybor 1 TIF which is the commercial core, and -- pretty much

10:03:48 the commercial core from Palm Avenue down to the streetcar

10:03:54 tracks which curve.

10:03:55 22nd street over to Nuccio.

10:04:04 The question is the Ybor 2 TIF which is primarily

10:04:07 residential.

10:04:08 Walk see on the northwest of the area around the German

10:04:12 America club, the area south of the tracks and juts up not

10:04:18 to Adamo Drive.

10:04:19 That is the boundary line for the CRA, and over to 26th

10:04:23 street.

10:04:24 And the budget deliberations this past year, working with

10:04:29 our budget committee, with ICDC and -- the YCDC board, you

10:04:36 heard from East Tampa earlier dealing with reductions in

10:04:39 those particular budgets.

10:04:44 What you see here is a comparison from the current year,

10:04:48 fiscal year 11 to fiscal year 12, for the Ybor 1 TIF, and a

10:04:55 reduction this year because of some actions from the budget

10:04:59 office.

10:05:01 The Ybor 2 TIF in the current year is $114,000 covering the

10:05:05 geographic area we just showed.

10:05:07 And remember our clean team services is almost like we are

10:05:13 living in a planned development, we take care of no personal

10:05:18 property, it's all right-of-way, it is coordinating with

10:05:21 code enforcement, coordinating with clean city, in those

10:05:24 areas that are their responsibilities, vacant city lots in

10:05:29 that area are handled by that.

10:05:30 We take care of all the CSX property, and will come out

10:05:36 twice a year and we don't want people leaving our garage.

10:05:39 So again, this is all areas where it's in the rights-of-way

10:05:48 and make clear it's not private property.

10:05:50 But as you see, the reduction we are dealing with the

10:05:54 budgets.

10:05:55 Once you back out the streetcar assessment, once you back

10:05:58 out our code enforcement capabilities, and a drastic

10:06:05 reduction in the Ybor TIF, remember 40% we talked about in

10:06:08 the budget, over 40% reduction in Ybor 2 TIF this year.

10:06:13 Because of that, I have allocated what's currently in the

10:06:16 budget, what you are seeing twice in entire budget

10:06:19 presentations, a total of 69,221.

10:06:22 Only about 41,000 of that is actually out of the fiscal year

10:06:28 '12 TIF.

10:06:30 I allocated as you heard from other CRA managers, we did

10:06:33 have some interest earned, and that interest earning of

10:06:37 $23,000 actually brought it up to the 69,000.

10:06:41 Or else it would have been much more drastic than that.

10:06:43 So that particular reduction, Councilman, is get with the

10:06:51 contractor and talk about reductions.

10:06:53 If you go back to the area, the area from 22nd street here

10:07:04 over to 26th is in the East Tampa neighborhood

10:07:09 association.

10:07:10 The rest of the area from 22nd street all the way over to

10:07:13 Nebraska is in historic neighborhood association.

10:07:20 I think you met Tony.

10:07:23 Frank is the president along the east.

10:07:25 The east association president at the budget committee

10:07:29 meeting, and at the YCDC board meeting, said they would

10:07:33 rather forgo yes team services on that eastern boundary.

10:07:38 Interstate state, Adamo, 22nd to 26th that long

10:07:42 recollection tangle going in there.

10:07:44 The president of the investment said they don't want

10:07:47 reduction.

10:07:48 They liked the yes team service and want to keep that.

10:07:50 Because of that recommendation by the president of the east,

10:07:53 we have a budget coming up October 1 which will totally

10:07:57 eliminate yes team services east of 22nd street, again at

10:08:01 the recommendation of that neighborhood president, because

10:08:03 she wanted to see more money go towards the East 7th Avenue

10:08:08 streetscape project, which is a totally different project,

10:08:13 earmarking money the last two years for.

10:08:14 That is why the reduction is there.

10:08:17 That reduction will be about a two and a quarter full-time

10:08:25 equivalent reduction employees by that contractor.

10:08:29 And this is not city employee.

10:08:31 This is a contract we did and awarded to Central Parking

10:08:34 systems to be our yes team, the last two award.

10:08:39 So that is the reduction that we are talking about in

10:08:41 eliminating yes team services east of 22nd street.

10:08:45 >>FRANK REDDICK: How many people totally are employed by

10:08:49 the yes team?

10:08:52 >>VINCE PARDO: Between full time and employees and

10:08:53 temporaries, approximately 10 to 12.

10:08:55 >>FRANK REDDICK: 10 to 12.

10:08:59 So with the reduction, you are looking at eliminating two

10:09:02 full-time positions and one part-time?

10:09:06 >>VINCE PARDO: Those positions, I would have to look,

10:09:09 because as a cost savings measure in earlier years, they

10:09:12 have now fewer full time employees, and they have temporary

10:09:16 employees in the service, and obviously not paying some of

10:09:19 the fringe benefits.

10:09:20 Some of those temporary employees have been with us three or

10:09:23 four years.

10:09:24 They have actually been employed through a temporary agency.

10:09:26 So I'm not sure what the combination will be, but the money

10:09:30 is about a 2.25, two and a half full time employee

10:09:36 reduction.

10:09:38 >>FRANK REDDICK: And there's no reserves funds anywhere to

10:09:42 maintain those two positions?

10:09:45 >> Be not with TIF moneys in that regard.

10:09:50 The budget that you have seen prior to -- and I will put

10:09:55 this on the Elmo.

10:09:58 If you look at the minimum number of dollars, actually, this

10:10:13 TIF is down to $127,000.

10:10:20 If you look at the reduced code enforcement capability, one

10:10:25 time a weekend now, on evening weekend, code enforcement has

10:10:30 been reduced by about 50%.

10:10:32 So we are negotiating.

10:10:36 The 25,000 that was identified for the yes team to maintain

10:10:42 those services originally around 90,000, was approved by the

10:10:47 board into a holding pattern of $25.

10:10:51 15,000 is the allocation for the streetcar.

10:10:54 And the yes team 4500.

10:10:58 The TIF is 45.

10:11:00 69 is only because I am recommending in the budget that you

10:11:02 have seen that we use interest earned about 22,000 of

10:11:06 interest.

10:11:08 And staff and operations 40,000.

10:11:11 It's a very minimal budget.

10:11:13 Very limited budget.

10:11:15 The budget committee worked very hard at services in Ybor 1.

10:11:21 I have in my recommended budget a reduction for yes team

10:11:25 services, know it to the level you see here.

10:11:27 This is the committee's recommendation.

10:11:28 It is not the staff recommendation.

10:11:29 But what the neighborhood association says they want to

10:11:33 eliminate as a service in that particular area.

10:11:36 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any questions from the board?

10:11:47 >>YVONNE CAPIN: At any point the public -- I don't know if I

10:11:51 want to ask my question now or wait for public comment.

10:11:54 >>FRANK REDDICK: It's coming next.

10:12:01 Be there are no questions from the board?

10:12:03 All right.

10:12:03 Thank you.

10:12:07 At this time we'll have public comments.

10:12:09 Anyone wishing to speak will have three minutes to speak on

10:12:12 any matter on the agenda.

10:12:16 Please identify yourself.

10:12:19 You have three minutes.

10:12:20 Thank you.

10:12:20 >> Be thank you.

10:12:21 I am Geraldine Williams Shaw, attorney at law.

10:12:25 I'm also a native of east Ybor and living in the house I was

10:12:31 born and raised in.

10:12:33 I am also a property owner, 11th Avenue, 10th Avenue

10:12:36 and 12th Avenue and I adamantly disagree with using

10:12:41 moneys from the layoffs of two-plus -- I don't not how we

10:12:48 are going to break them up-two and a half or two and a

10:12:51 quarter of our yes team members who work on our

10:12:58 rights-of-way.

10:13:00 They are very important to our community.

10:13:02 And my son is going to come up and address the specifics

10:13:04 related to how important that is.

10:13:06 But we want those young men to remain where they are, doing

10:13:10 what they are doing, because it has benefited our community

10:13:14 and it's very visible.

10:13:16 Now, I went on the 7th Avenue to see where the cityscape

10:13:22 would expand down to 26th street, and I see commercial

10:13:26 and industrial properties.

10:13:28 I don't see where visitors to Ybor City -- and they are not

10:13:35 doing it now -- will walk from 22nd street to 26th

10:13:38 street and need to sit down on benches that will be bought

10:13:40 with this money.

10:13:41 And my understanding is that the trees and shrubbery that

10:13:49 they want to purchase to put with the benches can be gotten

10:13:53 from the Parks and Recreation Department.

10:13:56 They don't need to lay off these young men.

10:13:59 All but one of these young men, all of them, are black young

10:14:05 men, and I looked at the unemployment rate of black men, and

10:14:09 it is so high they don't even want to let us know what it

10:14:12 is, because so many of them aren't even counting

10:14:15 unemployment because they are no longer looking for jobs.

10:14:18 So we don't need -- my position as a big time property owner

10:14:23 and as a native resident, is that we are not giving up our

10:14:26 money to benches and for trees.

10:14:28 Now let me tell you, I saw son alternatives.

10:14:32 One is that we have public service for private property over

10:14:38 in east Ybor, between 3:00 in the morning and 5:30, the

10:14:42 police come and surveil the properties that are owned by --

10:14:49 and I can give you the addresses -- and those people, I

10:14:53 think, could give up to pay for that and then buy the

10:14:57 benches with that instead of laying off these young men.

10:14:59 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:15:03 Anyone else?

10:15:08 >> Good morning.

10:15:10 My name is Walter Lee Smith II, an environmental engineer

10:15:15 and the son of attorney Geraldine Shaw.

10:15:19 I'm coming here in support of the yes team.

10:15:22 And the reasoning for that is that there are several things

10:15:26 that these people could be doing that are wrong.

10:15:31 When they are being placed in a position right now where

10:15:35 they can be doing something that's very constructive.

10:15:37 What they are doing is maintaining the rights-of-way and

10:15:38 maintaining a sense of civility in the community from the

10:15:43 standpoint of being a deterrent to crime be and other things

10:15:48 that are going on in the community.

10:15:49 An example of that is the article that just came out

10:15:53 recently.

10:15:54 And I couldn't tell you exactly what the publication is

10:15:59 exactly, but it did come out over the Internet recently.

10:16:05 It specifically deals with the situation that took place

10:16:07 recently this summer where the yes team actually observed --

10:16:14 found a fight that was going on in the community.

10:16:18 Had it not been for their quick action to this, we would

10:16:21 have had a problem in the community.

10:16:24 Houses would have been burned down, property could have

10:16:28 lost.

10:16:28 But if it not been for these young men, then the person who

10:16:33 is responsible, the arsonist responsible for this would not

10:16:35 have been captured.

10:16:37 And they also stopped drug sales in the community as well.

10:16:41 Where drug sales normally take place in the community on

10:16:46 this corner, they are no longer there.

10:16:49 So I think that the ability for these people to continue

10:16:52 what they are doing is very important in terms of what their

10:16:56 charge is and beautification and maintenance, and being

10:17:04 deterrents in the community to community services, to crime

10:17:08 and so forth is very, very important.

10:17:11 I want to leave with you that thought.

10:17:12 Thank you.

10:17:13 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:17:16 Anybody else?

10:17:23 >> I'm Donna -- my temporary address is 2929.

10:17:30 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's coming up next.

10:17:40 Not next, but in a few minutes.

10:17:45 Anybody else to speak at this time?

10:17:46 Thank you.

10:17:46 >> Mr. Chairman, other members of the Community

10:17:52 Redevelopment Agency board, I'm Al Davis.

10:18:00 And I'm a resident of the East Tampa community redevelopment

10:18:05 area.

10:18:10 I got my tax bill the other day, you know, the pole tax

10:18:20 bill.

10:18:20 And we know the funding for the redevelopment of East Tampa,

10:18:28 a lot of that comes from property tax.

10:18:31 So I'm okay with that right now.

10:18:33 But one of the things I do want to say, Mr. Chairman, is I

10:18:37 want to commend chairman best for her leadership.

10:18:48 As the chairperson of the community advisory committee.

10:18:56 A new day has arisen in East Tampa.

10:19:00 The foundation was laid about eight years ago when this

10:19:11 council developed the redevelopment plan for East Tampa.

10:19:19 It's a fascinating document in terms of trying to implement.

10:19:26 And then, of course, we have the strategic action plan.

10:19:32 And, Mr. Chairman, my heart is filled with joy because I see

10:19:37 good things come, particularly for East Tampa, but it's

10:19:43 going to take some work.

10:19:46 I want to commend Ed Johnson who has been the manager of the

10:19:50 East Tampa redevelopment area since its inception.

10:19:58 I don't know whether or not he's going to stay longer or

10:20:02 not, but his leadership has been fantastic in terms of

10:20:09 trying to implement the concept of the redevelopment of East

10:20:11 Tampa.

10:20:13 Since this new day is coming, Mr. Chairman --

10:20:27 (Bell sounds)

10:20:28 -- coming to the citizens advisory committee meeting with a

10:20:33 little more enthusiasm, and also commend the city

10:20:41 comprehensive plans to outline the concept of neighborhoods.

10:20:50 Your leadership, their leadership, in the neighborhood --

10:20:58 (Bell sounds)

10:20:59 -- neighborhood redevelopment, and Ms. Shannon of the

10:21:08 department I commend her.

10:21:09 You are going to be proud of East Tampa.

10:21:11 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

10:21:12 >> We are all going to enjoy it.

10:21:14 Thank you.

10:21:15 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right, thank you.

10:21:16 >> My name is Michael farmer.

10:21:22 Member of the ETCRP.

10:21:25 I just wanted to say, there was an article in the Florida

10:21:29 sentinel about the roundabout.

10:21:34 And the house that I think is about $20,000-something, and

10:21:45 only wanted three times as much.

10:21:47 And I just wanted to say that, you know, the budget of the

10:21:57 TIF for East Tampa, and everything that's going on there, I

10:22:04 don't think you should pay three times as much for a house,

10:22:08 and now I hear if the house is not bought, they can't do the

10:22:14 roundabout or whatever.

10:22:16 So I just want to say take a closer look at it, you know,

10:22:21 and make sure that our moneys are spent, you know, in the

10:22:24 correct way.

10:22:27 Information was requested from the owner, and he could not

10:22:31 provide information to the satisfaction that was needed.

10:22:36 So don't let the people out there who know that improvements

10:22:44 are coming through.

10:22:46 They jack up the prices of their property for whatever, you

10:22:51 know, just to make a profit.

10:22:53 So take a closer look at it.

10:22:55 Also, I would like to say for Ed Johnson, I have given my

10:23:03 e-mail address to him at least three or four times, yet I

10:23:06 don't get any information.

10:23:08 So I will give it to you again.

10:23:09 But I want to mention it so we can keep in contact.

10:23:14 And I would like the same with the minutes and stuff.

10:23:16 Us being the community that the CAC represents, I think

10:23:24 every member should be getting an e-mail of what goes on in

10:23:27 the CAC meetings.

10:23:29 That way we will be abreast and we can comment accordingly.

10:23:34 Thank you.

10:23:35 >>FRANK REDDICK: Councilwoman Capin?

10:23:40 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I want to commend him and I want to also

10:23:42 commend -- talk about that exact issue of the purchase of

10:23:47 that.

10:23:49 And I did read some notes on it and did see where the

10:23:59 community group, Ms. Best's group, they did question this

10:24:05 purchase, and very vigilant.

10:24:08 And thank you for bringing it forward to begin with, from

10:24:13 the CAC.

10:24:15 And I want to be say again thank you for being vigilant and

10:24:19 reminding to us pay attention to our dollars and cents.

10:24:22 Thank you.

10:24:23 >>MARY MULHERN: Mr. McDonaugh, I was just going to speak to

10:24:34 the last speaker and just wait.

10:24:35 I am going to be brief.

10:24:36 I just want to second what Councilwoman board member Capin

10:24:41 said and thank the citizens advisory committee for letting

10:24:46 us know about that.

10:24:47 And I also want to tell you that this board, because of your

10:24:52 attention and our attention to that item, did not approve

10:24:56 that purchase.

10:24:59 And we are the board of directors of the community

10:25:02 Redevelopment Agency's council, council sits here as the

10:25:07 board, and no appropriation.

10:25:12 That is our job to watch those appropriations and see how

10:25:15 those TIF dollars are spent.

10:25:17 So keep us informed.

10:25:23 And we will be able to do our job in watching that.

10:25:25 And if you don't know this already, I believe that there is

10:25:29 an East Tampa citizens advisory committee meeting scheduled

10:25:34 that Ms. Best mentioned.

10:25:36 The date, I believe, is September 20th at 6:30 at Ragan

10:25:40 Park, and that is the topic is that the roundabout, 22nd

10:25:48 street redevelopment so anyone interested should go to that

10:25:51 meeting.

10:25:52 But we did not approve that purchase of that house.

10:25:54 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

10:26:01 Mr. Johnson, if I may.

10:26:03 I missed something.

10:26:05 The purchase of that property never came forward to us.

10:26:08 It was pulled from the agenda, correct?

10:26:11 >> That is correct.

10:26:14 >>LISA MONTELIONE: It had been showing up on our agenda.

10:26:17 It showed up on our agenda three times.

10:26:19 The first time, I think I pulled it.

10:26:21 The second time you pulled it.

10:26:23 And the third time, it was to be on the agenda but never

10:26:28 came forward.

10:26:29 And the reason for that is because -- I have been watching

10:26:33 this property.

10:26:37 I have spoken with Mr. Johnson on three or four occasions,

10:26:42 and the community also objecting to the purchase of that

10:26:46 property.

10:26:47 The last time I met with Mr. Johnson, transportation staff

10:26:50 was with him along with the plans for the roundabout for the

10:26:54 improvements to the 22nd street corridor.

10:26:56 And I had asked that staff go back and talk with the

10:27:03 engineers who were working on that project to see if there

10:27:07 were alternative designs that could be considered and then

10:27:11 brought forward without the purchase of that property.

10:27:15 Mr. Johnson, was that done?

10:27:19 Has transportation consulted with the engineers that were

10:27:22 paying to do those projects?

10:27:24 >> Ed Johnson: That's correct.

10:27:25 That was done, and the engineers, because this is a State

10:27:28 Road, the Department of Transportation road, 22nd street is,

10:27:32 they have final approval or disapproval of those plans.

10:27:36 They took those plans back to FDOT, and FDOT says, no, they

10:27:42 would not approve any type of alterations other than the

10:27:47 type of roundabout that was in the plans itself.

10:27:51 So we are scheduling a public meeting on September 20th

10:27:57 at 5:30 p.m.

10:28:01 It's been noticed as 5:30 to discuss the roundabout, and to

10:28:05 be allow the community to hear some other information on the

10:28:10 safety and the use of roundabouts, and then after that

10:28:14 discussion is completed, then we will ask the community to

10:28:17 make a decision as to if it wants to go forward with a

10:28:20 roundabout or not.

10:28:21 A decision is made not to go forward with the roundabout,

10:28:24 then it's a moot point, the project.

10:28:27 That particular phase of the project will not be completed.

10:28:29 >>LISA MONTELIONE: As I understood from our meeting the

10:28:35 requirements of FDOT and the distance separation was

10:28:38 discussed.

10:28:39 And in what we were looking at, the alternatives, the

10:28:46 alternatives that I had suggested -- because within the

10:28:50 D.O.T. standard for roadways.

10:28:51 So if D.O.T. has been known to want things that may not be

10:29:01 exactly as stated in policy and procedure, or in standards,

10:29:07 but once a project is designed and they have approved it,

10:29:11 they want to move forward with it the way it was.

10:29:13 They don't want to go back and have been to reconsider.

10:29:15 So have they provided in writing the citations of why they

10:29:19 will not accept changes to that?

10:29:24 >> I don't know the answer to that.

10:29:25 I would have to --

10:29:27 >> You can check on that and get back to me?

10:29:30 And I would like to speak with FDOT staff that has rendered

10:29:36 that opinion.

10:29:37 Because there are alternatives.

10:29:39 And it may take a little while.

10:29:41 We have negotiated with FDOT before, Tampa Heights community

10:29:45 garden is a great example of the community working with us

10:29:48 to achieve their goals.

10:29:49 And I think that as the community, FDOT, CRA, has a meeting.

10:29:55 Mind, maybe we can propose some alternatives that would be

10:29:58 workable to everyone.

10:29:59 >> Be glad to have a look at it.

10:30:01 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right, anyone else wishes Tosh speak?

10:30:07 If so, why don't you stand up and come to the side.

10:30:12 The CRA meeting is lasting as long as our neighborhood

10:30:17 meeting.

10:30:17 You can speak now.

10:30:23 Come up.

10:30:24 >> Thank you.

10:30:27 First I am kind of conflicted here.

10:30:29 My main reason for coming is because I served on the

10:30:31 community advisory committee for East Tampa, and this is

10:30:35 going to be my last term.

10:30:37 So I just want to kind of like do this last swan dance.

10:30:41 >> Your name for the record.

10:30:43 >> William A. Dennis, East Tampa property owner.

10:30:47 And now the conflict.

10:30:48 I have been in the minority in regards to this particular

10:30:50 piece of property we are talking about this morning.

10:30:56 I don't think they're paying this guy enough money for that

10:30:58 property.

10:31:00 It's a business district.

10:31:01 Business property is worth a lot more than residential

10:31:04 property.

10:31:06 I think that the damage to his property has been created by

10:31:10 the state when they decided to make one way out of 21st

10:31:15 street right there at the expense of his property.

10:31:19 Which was done years ago.

10:31:21 So, you know, people don't have a recollection.

10:31:24 You didn't always like drive into his bedroom in his

10:31:28 property, you know, until it was changed the way it has been

10:31:31 changed.

10:31:32 The other things that has conflicted me is why TIF money is

10:31:38 being spent for a state highway.

10:31:40 But, you know, people smarter than me think that's okay.

10:31:44 I personally think that the state, you know, through

10:31:48 collecting of gasoline tax, for road improvements, should be

10:31:53 paying for that, and that the TIF fund that's being used to

10:31:56 improve 22nd street should have went into the community.

10:32:00 But that's just my opinion.

10:32:01 I appreciate the opportunity to develop some leadership

10:32:05 skill for the community.

10:32:08 Hopefully I will get a chance to use it in the future.

10:32:10 Thank you.

10:32:10 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:32:14 >> Geraldine Shaw.

10:32:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: You can only speak one time.

10:32:21 >> But before was for East Tampa.

10:32:24 But I do want to ask the council to please bring some

10:32:27 closure to the east Ybor.

10:32:29 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm sorry, you can only speak once during

10:32:33 public comment during this meeting.

10:32:36 Thanks.

10:32:36 >>FRANK REDDICK: Anyone else that wishes to speak at this

10:32:38 time?

10:32:43 Let me ask a final question, if I may.

10:32:49 For the two positions, two and a half positions that you

10:32:52 spoke of, is there any way that the budget can be

10:33:00 reevaluated as well as reallocated to find funds for those

10:33:05 two positions?

10:33:10 >>VINCE PARDO: Yes, sir.

10:33:10 The budget that comes before you is a recommendation from my

10:33:15 board, YCDC, East Tampa, all of our CRAs in doing that.

10:33:20 If you approve that recommendation, stated to my board, and

10:33:24 stated again today, that the movement of $25,000 from the

10:33:29 yes team budget into a holding pattern was not a staff

10:33:33 recommendation.

10:33:34 It was a recommendation of the board, the budget committee.

10:33:39 If that 25,000 were restored to that budget, there still

10:33:42 would be a reduction.

10:33:44 Again we still have a reduction of that.

10:33:46 But that budget would come down to instead of a 40%

10:33:48 reduction in the Ybor 2, east side, and south side budget,

10:33:57 it would only be about 18%.

10:33:59 And that is -- as far as talking about a staff reduction or

10:34:06 reduction in services and maybe some of the costs.

10:34:08 But there's no way we can get by with the budget we have

10:34:11 before you now without at least a two to two and a quarter

10:34:16 FTE.

10:34:16 There could be a possible one reduction, and that could be

10:34:19 negotiable with the contractor as we go forward.

10:34:22 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:34:25 Board member Capin?

10:34:31 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Not necessarily to Mr. Pardo but maybe you

10:34:33 can answer this.

10:34:36 Of course, when I hear job reduction for in this

10:34:43 environment, I find it very hard to justify laying off

10:34:53 people in this environment.

10:34:57 I understand the streetscape would be beneficial to that,

10:35:03 the East Tampa Ybor.

10:35:07 I feel that maybe it needs to wait a little bit more.

10:35:12 But jobs are way more important, in my sometimes at this

10:35:17 time to find another job is almost impossible.

10:35:22 So that's just the way I feel about the laying off of, you

10:35:29 know, the two full time, one part time employee.

10:35:34 Which is doing a very valuable service to that area, and

10:35:40 also keeps people -- right around the neighborhood, they are

10:35:49 cleaning, there's activity in the neighborhood which I'm

10:35:51 sure helps very much in there.

10:35:55 So that is just the way I think right now laying off people

10:35:59 is just not something I have a taste for.

10:36:06 >>VINCE PARDO: And would you be aware the streetscape

10:36:08 project is in fact a project in and of itself.

10:36:13 We have been earmarking since '09 and fiscal year '10.

10:36:17 I currently have -- I currently have earmarked for the

10:36:21 extension of the project $290,000, okay, and change.

10:36:26 So this is a project that was a recommendation.

10:36:29 We eventually long-term will end up with 26th street.

10:36:32 There was a block at a time.

10:36:34 It was a little less than $20,000 per block.

10:36:40 I don't want you to be think that this contract kills this

10:36:43 contract.

10:36:43 Do I have enough money to be do at least a good portion of

10:36:46 it, maybe put the light posts in later, the benches later,

10:36:52 and do structure?

10:36:54 So the yes team has not killed this project.

10:36:56 They just had an additional 25,000.

10:37:03 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And I remember speaking to you about it.

10:37:05 That just confirms how I feel about this situation and

10:37:10 laying off employed people.

10:37:15 Thank you.

10:37:19 >>MARY MULHERN: Mr. Pardo, I have a couple of questions.

10:37:23 I had to step out for a minute when you began your

10:37:25 presentation.

10:37:26 I think Councilwoman Capin's question may have answered part

10:37:30 of my question.

10:37:33 The concern that people have about the layoff of those two

10:37:38 yes team people, is that part of this program change today

10:37:41 that you are asking us to make, item number 8?

10:37:46 >>VINCE PARDO: No.

10:37:46 The program change is specifically moving money around to

10:37:48 help move the streetscape project along.

10:37:52 I had some money in operating into capital to keep that

10:37:57 budget afloat in doing that.

10:37:59 >> First of all, I have to say, I wasn't briefed on any of

10:38:08 this.

10:38:09 And I think we need to be briefed on these things.

10:38:11 And I know this has been a really crazy week with all the

10:38:15 special -- I had five different council meetings in less

10:38:21 than 24 hours this week.

10:38:22 So I know it just might not have happened.

10:38:25 But we need to have a briefing before we can pass these

10:38:31 program changes.

10:38:32 So now after hearing from the public, I'm concerned when we

10:38:37 get to that item, can you explain to me where this concern

10:38:40 about those layoffs is?

10:38:42 Is that in the proposed budget for the CRA?

10:38:46 >> The recommended budget that you have before you for Ybor

10:38:49 2, TIF, what you have seen in prior things, contains a

10:38:55 recommendation to reduce further the staff recommendation

10:39:04 the budget for next year, for the Ybor 2 yes team.

10:39:07 >>MARY MULHERN: And when is the budget going to be

10:39:10 presented to us?

10:39:12 >>VINCE PARDO: That will be part of the regular budget

10:39:14 deliberations.

10:39:15 What you have on your agenda today, because we pulled it,

10:39:19 remember, from conversation before I left town you and I

10:39:21 talked, pulled it off the agenda, is the renewal of the

10:39:24 Central Parking yes team budget, and that renewal that you

10:39:29 have today for discussion, which will come to City Council

10:39:31 at the next meeting, is the reduced amount for the yes team

10:39:35 for Ybor 2.

10:39:36 >> So is that where those positions are going to be lost?

10:39:42 >> That contract will lock in their amount for next year,

10:39:46 anticipating approval of the budget.

10:39:48 If you change the budget -- in order to keep that, have the

10:39:53 contract effective October 1 so we can pay these people for

10:39:56 their services, you have before you today for discussion

10:39:59 what will come to City Council at next meeting a contract

10:40:02 renewal for the Central Parking yes team services which does

10:40:06 contain the reduced amount for the Ybor 2, $69,000 instead

10:40:11 of the 90 that you-some dollars.

10:40:15 >> But you are not asking us to vote on this contract?

10:40:17 >> It was up for discussion because of the question of

10:40:21 bringing it back to CRA prior to going to City Council.

10:40:23 >>MARY MULHERN: I think this is a very good indication of

10:40:26 what the problem is with our oversight of these TIF dollars

10:40:31 and this budget, because the Community Redevelopment

10:40:34 agencies, that funding needs to not only go back into

10:40:42 community redevelopment, but the community needs to have

10:40:44 that input into that -- especially now with reduced revenues

10:40:51 into the limited money that we have.

10:40:53 So if the community feels the money should be spent on yes

10:41:08 teams, then we need to know that and we need to make that

10:41:11 decision.

10:41:13 I need a briefing on all of this before the second budget

10:41:17 hearing, because I didn't know about this till today

10:41:23 And I would also just like to point out that in the budget,

10:41:30 in the general revenue budget, in the mayor's budget, there

10:41:33 are no layoffs.

10:41:36 No layoffs.

10:41:38 This year.

10:41:40 And since we oversee the CRA budget, I think we need -- you

10:41:48 know, we probably agree with that, at least two of us so far

10:41:53 who have spoken just now agree that we can't be laying

10:41:55 people off, and that economic development starts with having

10:41:59 a safe neighborhood.

10:42:01 So I need to have a briefing on this.

10:42:05 I think all of our CRA board members need a briefing on

10:42:08 this.

10:42:09 And I'm not going to support any resolutions today if they

10:42:16 are going to include any kind of cuts to employment.

10:42:28 >> This is a briefing, but just for you know, the

10:42:34 recommendation for the reduction did come from the

10:42:37 community, not from the staff.

10:42:38 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay, so is this the Ybor 2 that the jobs

10:42:43 are being lost?

10:42:45 >>VINCE PARDO: The Ybor 2 yes team contract.

10:42:47 >>MARY MULHERN: And that advisory committee --

10:42:56 >>VINCE PARDO: YCDC board accepted -- supported the

10:43:00 recommendation from the east side neighborhood association

10:43:02 to eliminate the yes team services in that neighborhood.

10:43:05 Only the neighborhood between 22nd to 26th, not the rest

10:43:10 of Ybor City all the way to Nebraska Avenue.

10:43:12 Only in that neighborhood.

10:43:13 >> So on the east Ybor?

10:43:17 >> The east Ybor neighborhood association, 22nd to 26th,

10:43:22 Adamo to the interstate that recollection tangle, this

10:43:26 budget calls for a total elimination of yes team services.

10:43:30 >> But was it -- it was the people from that neighborhood?

10:43:35 Or was it your budget committee for the YCDC?

10:43:40 >>VINCE PARDO: It was the neighborhood president for that

10:43:41 neighborhood.

10:43:42 >>MARY MULHERN: Who is that?

10:43:43 >> Would rather have additional money towards the

10:43:45 streetscape project than the neighborhood.

10:43:48 >> But did they vote on it?

10:43:50 >>VINCE PARDO: the budget committee, to a member of the

10:43:53 board.

10:43:54 >>MARY MULHERN: No, I mean, did that group -- is there a

10:43:57 separate advisory group for that?

10:43:59 >>VINCE PARDO: The YCDC Development Corporation board is in

10:44:02 fact the appointments coming up today for next year, your

10:44:08 appointments to the advisory.

10:44:10 >>CHAIRMAN: So what you are saying is that one appointee on

10:44:12 there who is the neighborhood president?

10:44:17 >> Correct.

10:44:18 >>MARY MULHERN: Burr we are hearing from the neighborhood

10:44:20 today.

10:44:23 Thank you.

10:44:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: And before I go to board member Cohen, are

10:44:28 you saying to us, one person who is president can be speak

10:44:32 for the entire neighborhood?

10:44:36 >>VINCE PARDO: Well, we have, as you are aware, ex-officio

10:44:39 seats, not only on my advisory committee but others.

10:44:43 The CEO for Ybor chamber sits on my board and speaks for the

10:44:47 chamber.

10:44:48 The head of the museum society in Ybor sits there.

10:44:51 That neighborhood president, okay -- and I have talked to

10:44:54 her since -- her board, not the entire neighborhood

10:44:58 residents, but her board approved that particular action.

10:45:05 And the rest of the board for that particular neighborhood

10:45:08 association, it's their desire not to have yes team services

10:45:10 in their neighborhood.

10:45:16 >>HARRY COHEN: I want to add my voice in support of what my

10:45:19 fellow board members have been saying N.this environment, in

10:45:21 this economy, when people get laid off, they are going to

10:45:24 have a very, very difficult time, if not impossible time,

10:45:28 finding a new source of income, and we have to scrutinize

10:45:31 those decisions very, very closely, particularly considering

10:45:35 the fact, as Councilwoman Mulhern pointed out, that the

10:45:39 mayor's budget does not call for any layoffs in the next

10:45:43 fiscal year.

10:45:44 And I think that philosophically we have all been supportive

10:45:48 of that approach.

10:45:50 It would be at the very least inconsistent with us to do

10:45:54 differently in the CRA.

10:45:55 >>FRANK REDDICK: Board member Capin.

10:46:00 >>YVONNE CAPIN: So to clarify it for myself here, the budget

10:46:07 for the streetscape had been budgeted over several years,

10:46:14 and that would not be affected.

10:46:17 >> What we don't know is in today's economy whether the

10:46:20 amount that I have mentioned is enough to complete the

10:46:26 project, complete the block.

10:46:28 The infrastructure cuts, benches, palm trees, the whole

10:46:34 thing.

10:46:34 My recommendation to the board was, let's go forward with

10:46:37 what we have, let's see how the bids come in, let's do as

10:46:40 much as we can, and if we have to maybe wait a year for

10:46:43 benches, we have to wait a year for palm trees, we'll see

10:46:46 how much we can get the infrastructure, the electrical, the

10:46:49 pavers in, and see how much this will buy in today's

10:46:53 economy, and again the recommendation came to move the

10:46:56 25,000 to help buffer that.

10:46:59 I can't speak to that.

10:47:00 The estimate we got from contract management is probably

10:47:04 more than --

10:47:05 >> 25,000 is going to make a difference in this 295,000,

10:47:13 $25,000?

10:47:15 >>VINCE PARDO: You are asking me, because that wasn't the

10:47:19 recommendation.

10:47:20 My preference, the staff recommendation to the board was

10:47:23 let's go out for bid, let's see how much the bids come in,

10:47:27 and if we have to phase it in, we phase it in.

10:47:34 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I think that's very reasonable and that

10:47:35 there's $290,000 to start is reasonable.

10:47:40 What I find unreasonable is laying off two and a half -- two

10:47:45 full time and one part time jobs.

10:47:48 So thank you.

10:47:49 I'm done.

10:47:49 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:47:51 And Mr. Pardo, I concur with my board members.

10:47:56 We have 11.2% unemployment rate in the City of Tampa.

10:48:00 And that two and a half will add somebody percent.

10:48:07 And I would hate to see that.

10:48:10 So I would not support this particular recommended budget.

10:48:14 And I would hope that we go back to that one person who will

10:48:22 speak for the entire neighborhood and tell that one person

10:48:27 that we don't want to add to the unemployment rate in the

10:48:30 City of Tampa.

10:48:31 And so I don't know the pleasure of the board.

10:48:40 Mr. Suarez?

10:48:41 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, Mr. Pardo, for the information

10:48:44 you gave us and I agree with our board members.

10:48:46 The issue at hand, though, is the renewal of this particular

10:48:49 agreement, and we now -- I would like to make a motion --

10:48:53 and I want to make sure that this is what we are talking

10:48:55 about, to go back and send this out to bid in order to try

10:49:01 and get a better pricing so that we can save those jobs.

10:49:09 >>VINCE PARDO: Going after the bid is for the streetscape

10:49:11 project, not yes team.

10:49:13 About there was a low bidder.

10:49:16 And I'm sorry it's complicated.

10:49:21 We have several things on the agenda.

10:49:22 The last item is a program change.

10:49:23 Only moving money around to make budget items.

10:49:26 I do have for the streetscape project workable, as workable

10:49:30 as we can.

10:49:31 You also have the discussion about the yes team RESO coming

10:49:39 back to your next meeting which is taking the budget before

10:49:41 you, which is the reduced Ybor 2, and telling Central

10:49:44 Parking we are going to recontract with you, and you will

10:49:47 very a contract October 1 to go forward, even though it's a

10:49:50 reduced budget.

10:49:52 Okay.

10:49:52 So if I may, the object today is if I am hearing comments,

10:49:58 if you want me to change the Ybor 2 budget, we'll need some

10:50:02 direction of staff to do that.

10:50:03 That will affect the budget that comes before you for final

10:50:05 adoption, it will affect the contract that is up for

10:50:10 discussion today for approval by the next council as well as

10:50:13 coming in with a $69,000 figure, or I do come out with a

10:50:17 nice figure of $25,000 more?

10:50:23 >>MIKE SUAREZ: The question I have, because you presented

10:50:25 it in a certain way, but we have control over the yes team

10:50:30 budget, okay, and the contracts that are approved in order

10:50:33 to make that budget work.

10:50:34 We should have control over how that budget is also spent,

10:50:38 correct?

10:50:40 >>VINCE PARDO: Correct.

10:50:40 >>MIKE SUAREZ: What I am going to move is that we explore

10:50:43 reinstating those jobs within this particular budget.

10:50:47 And I think that's probably the best way of saying it.

10:50:49 Correct, Mr. Territo?

10:50:52 >>SAL TERRITO: Make a motion to redo the budget and come

10:50:54 back with a budget that you are asking for.

10:50:59 (off microphone).

10:51:00 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Then I would move that we do that with

10:51:02 direction to you, Mr. Territo, to make sure there's no

10:51:05 contractual issues concerning that, and --

10:51:09 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Second.

10:51:10 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

10:51:13 Do you have any discussion on this?

10:51:15 >>MARY MULHERN: (off microphone) I think what that means --

10:51:22 I was going to wait until after we had it.

10:51:25 But I think what this means is that item number 5, which is

10:51:29 a required approval, we should not -- should not even be

10:51:33 presenting.

10:51:37 Because that contract is the reduced amount, correct?

10:51:43 >> That's correct.

10:51:46 For Ybor 2.

10:51:47 >>MIKE SUAREZ: If I understand correctly the contract will

10:51:50 continue at its current rate until we come up with that

10:51:53 budget as well.

10:51:56 >>CHAIRMAN: Right.

10:51:56 >>FRANK REDDICK: Motion by Suarez, seconded by Montelione.

10:52:03 All in favor?

10:52:04 Opposed?

10:52:05 Motion carried.

10:52:07 Thank you.

10:52:08 >>BOB McDONAUGH: One issue for clarification.

10:52:13 This contract was scheduled to go to be City Council on the

10:52:16 22nd.

10:52:17 If it's the board's pleasure, modifications can be made to

10:52:21 this contract reflecting the restoration of the $5,000 to

10:52:26 the yes team, putting it in this contract and taking it to

10:52:30 be you on the 22nd so that way the contract could go

10:52:33 forward, they could restore the job, in the meanwhile, Vince

10:52:37 works with his board to modify the budget to reflect your

10:52:44 wishes.

10:52:44 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I would like to amend my previous motion to

10:52:47 include it being brought back on the 22nd.

10:52:57 Any time certain, Mr. Crews?

10:53:02 >>FRANK REDDICK: Motion by board member Suarez, seconded by

10:53:06 Capin.

10:53:06 All in favor? Opposed?

10:53:08 All right.

10:53:09 Thank you.

10:53:12 Where are we at right now?

10:53:14 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I really don't know.

10:53:16 I believe on item number 6, which is a request for contract

10:53:21 amendment with Wilson Miller to provide engineering services

10:53:26 for the restoration or rebuilding of 12th Street to coincide

10:53:31 with the related groups project, and to do some improvements

10:53:36 to do a safe landing median on Kennedy Boulevard.

10:53:43 >>FRANK REDDICK: Do we have any questions from the board?

10:53:49 Do we have a motion?

10:53:50 >>MARY MULHERN: I'll move to approve item 6.

10:53:56 >>MARY MULHERN: Moved by board member Mulhern, seconded by

10:54:01 board member Montelione.

10:54:03 All in favor?

10:54:03 Opposed?

10:54:04 Thank you.

10:54:04 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Item number 8.

10:54:07 You have a slate of folks.

10:54:12 Excuse me, number 7 was the slate of candidates for the YCDC

10:54:16 board, and I believe the people are here.

10:54:23 Or they were here.

10:54:24 Okay.

10:54:25 Again,.

10:54:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: Would you like to stand and introduce the

10:54:34 persons that are here?

10:54:41 >>VINCE PARDO: You have a new slate.

10:54:42 Off report before you highlighting the categories.

10:54:44 And in our afternoon process, there is a big turnover in our

10:54:51 leadership.

10:54:51 >>FRANK REDDICK: Would you like to speak, say anything?

10:55:12 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to ask one quick question,

10:55:15 okay.

10:55:16 So you are asking us to approve the slate.

10:55:18 >> Correct.

10:55:19 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

10:55:23 I will do that.

10:55:24 But I would like to suggest that this board have a

10:55:36 discussion maybe on Mr. Pardo could bring back some possible

10:55:42 recommendations.

10:55:43 I know we just added two new members to your board.

10:55:47 But I have some concern -- and maybe you can answer these

10:55:50 concerns and I don't have to make a motion.

10:55:53 But that the East Tampa, Ybor 2, sound like maybe they are

10:56:01 not -- might need some more representation on your board or

10:56:07 need more involvement, and maybe we could talk about if

10:56:14 there's any way that you could, with your committees or with

10:56:19 the composition of the board, add another member or

10:56:23 something.

10:56:23 I feel like just from today's meeting alone we felt like

10:56:26 there was some community concern about not having their

10:56:31 input into this, the decision.

10:56:40 >>VINCE PARDO: There are individuals that are on this board

10:56:41 that are also residents of that particular area.

10:56:44 And I can give that information.

10:56:46 They are well represented.

10:56:47 >>MARY MULHERN: Maybe you could have at your next meeting

10:56:51 with the Ybor 2 -- do you have separate meetings with them?

10:56:57 No we have a unified board.

10:56:59 Economic development.

10:57:00 >>MARY MULHERN: Then at your next board meeting have a

10:57:02 discussion where you invite the members of Ybor 2 to let you

10:57:08 know their feelings about it.

10:57:15 >>VINCE PARDO: Okay.

10:57:15 >>MARY MULHERN: Thanks.

10:57:16 >>FRANK REDDICK: Board member Suarez.

10:57:19 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I would like to make a motion to accept the

10:57:22 slate of nominations for the CAC in Ybor.

10:57:27 >>FRANK REDDICK: Discussion on the motion?

10:57:28 It's been moved by board member Suarez, seconded by board

10:57:32 member Montelione.

10:57:33 All in favor say Aye.

10:57:35 Any opposed?

10:57:36 All right.

10:57:36 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Program 8 is the program change for Ybor.

10:57:41 And I believe Mr. Pardo mentioned the fact that this will

10:57:44 not impact the decisions of this board earlier.

10:57:47 It's again moving money around from future improvements.

10:57:55 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I move we approve the program changes.

10:57:58 >> Second.

10:58:02 >>FRANK REDDICK: Is somebody knocking?

10:58:07 >> I believe it's on the windows.

10:58:08 >>MARY MULHERN: Bob, can you give us a brief description of

10:58:15 what the money is being moved from and what it going to?

10:58:19 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Vince, could you do that?

10:58:24 >>MARY MULHERN: Mr. Pardo, you are moving money from

10:58:38 professional -- other professional services to sidewalk

10:58:41 programs, other professional services sound like jobs, but

10:58:45 that's not jobs?

10:58:50 >> When we looked at advancing this particular project, and

10:58:54 looked at what I had in fiscal '09 money, I committed to the

10:59:05 board I would try to find as much money to advance the East

10:59:07 7th Avenue streetscape project.

10:59:10 So I found money in my operating budget, contractual, that

10:59:13 we in fact are moving into other areas, the proper places so

10:59:17 we can have contract admin go out for bid and see if we do

10:59:21 have enough money to go forward with this project.

10:59:23 >>MARY MULHERN: So the $31,000 you are moving from 2009

10:59:32 other professional services would not -- was not actual part

10:59:39 of any actual employment contract that we have now?

10:59:43 >>VINCE PARDO: No.

10:59:43 Was not needed for that.

10:59:44 This is -- sidewalk money is money I had in operating to

10:59:51 sidewalks.

10:59:52 Sidewalks is part of this project.

10:59:53 But it has to be moved into capital projects.

10:59:58 Instead of the operating portion of the budget.

11:00:00 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

11:00:09 So this will not affect any current employment contractual

11:00:18 or otherwise, the Ybor CRA?

11:00:23 >> No.

11:00:24 Hopefully put some contractors on the street to work to get

11:00:27 this project done.

11:00:27 >>FRANK REDDICK: I have a motion by board member Capin,

11:00:33 seconded by board member Suarez.

11:00:36 All in favor of the motion say Aye.

11:00:38 Opposed?

11:00:43 New business?

11:00:44 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mr. Chair, I asked Mr. Johnson earlier

11:00:51 about a response from FDOT and I would like to make that in

11:00:57 the form of a motion.

11:00:58 I was advised by Mr. Territo to put that in the form of a

11:01:02 motion so that we can, as a board, requesting the

11:01:07 information from FDOT as to why the -- I would like to be

11:01:13 rephrase.

11:01:14 I would make a motion to have written comments from FDOT

11:01:18 delivered regarding the roundabout on 22nd street, the

11:01:24 technical specifications, and the reasons for their

11:01:28 objections to the change, and any plans, whether it be

11:01:32 technical specifications of the roundabout or for any other

11:01:35 reason for the changes, plans or specifications for the

11:01:38 project on 22nd street.

11:01:39 >> Second.

11:01:42 >>MARY MULHERN: All those in favor say Aye.

11:01:47 Opposed?

11:01:48 All right.

11:01:48 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, sir.

11:01:52 >>MARY MULHERN: Board member Cohen?

11:01:54 >>HARRY COHEN: Nothing.

11:01:58 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.

11:02:00 Councilwoman Montelione, I got this idea from your motion

11:02:04 you just made.

11:02:05 Perhaps you could bring up at the MPO meeting, maybe the

11:02:12 livable roadways, the next meeting you are on the MPO,

11:02:17 right?

11:02:17 This question on 22nd street and whether there could be

11:02:20 transportation funding for some of those improvements coming

11:02:23 from the federal funds.

11:02:34 >>BOB McDONAUGH: The East Tampa is not funding that

11:02:37 project.

11:02:38 FDOT is pouring millions into the project.

11:02:41 Yes.

11:02:41 There is other money besides the TIF.

11:02:44 What we are doing are enhancements.

11:02:46 That's the widening of the sidewalks, buying some of the

11:02:49 excess right-of-way because it's going to be parking that's

11:02:51 displaced, going to be parking for some of the retail that's

11:02:55 done.

11:02:55 >> Some months ago, I don't remember the exact date, but

11:03:00 livable roadways did receive a presentation on this project,

11:03:03 and we did discuss the project.

11:03:07 As far as the livable roadways was concerned, I believe at

11:03:10 the time MPO had not approved the bylaws so it wasn't -- it

11:03:15 wasn't an official recommendation brought forward from the

11:03:20 MPO but rather a discussion of the project.

11:03:23 We did make some comments, and FDOT staff was there at the

11:03:28 time.

11:03:29 But that was prior to staff bringing forward to be us as a

11:03:35 board the purchase of that property.

11:03:37 So the specifics of the purchase of that property weren't

11:03:41 discussed as far as what was presenting to livable roadways.

11:03:45 It was an overall review of the project.

11:03:54 Some of the draft plans weren't given to us nab format, even

11:04:00 looking at the actual plans that was Mr. Johnson and

11:04:03 transportation staff.

11:04:03 What we saw was a slide show presentation on -- what would

11:04:10 you call it?

11:04:11 My mind just went blank.

11:04:13 The elevation of the possible design element.

11:04:17 >>BOB McDONAUGH: As a clarification, FDOT money is

11:04:23 providing most of the money for this project.

11:04:25 The East Tampa money is doing enhancements that normally

11:04:28 would not be paid for with FDOT.

11:04:31 If you recall, there were updated lights, fencing, wider

11:04:37 sidewalk, landscaping, lots of things that would be above

11:04:39 and beyond what the FDOT standard would be.

11:04:42 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, but didn't we just make a motion

11:04:47 to go -- what was the motion?

11:04:49 To go to FDOT and ask them if they had funding for this?

11:04:54 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No.

11:04:55 The motion was for us to receive an explanation of why FDOT

11:05:01 will not accept any changes to what is proposed, what the

11:05:06 plans are, because when I looked at the plans, from what the

11:05:12 discussion I had with transportation staff, the changes that

11:05:17 I was talking about with staff was doable within the

11:05:21 transportation technical specifications of FDOT programs.

11:05:27 So it has to do with spacing, and it has to do with

11:05:31 distance, and it has to do --

11:05:35 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm sorry, I didn't realize the motion was

11:05:37 that specific.

11:05:38 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm trying to help the community --

11:05:46 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to muddy it.

11:05:52 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Therefore what you are proposing and what I

11:05:53 just seconded is the change will require no purchase of

11:05:57 property.

11:05:58 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's correct.

11:06:02 There would be no purchase of property in the change that I

11:06:04 proposed.

11:06:05 And from what I saw in the plan, it was doable and I want to

11:06:08 know why FDOT won't accept it.

11:06:11 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And then I -- thank you.

11:06:13 That was it.

11:06:13 >>FRANK REDDICK: All in favor of the motion say Aye.

11:06:17 Opposed?

11:06:19 Motion carried.

11:06:20 New business, board member cab peen?

11:06:26 >>YVONNE CAPIN: No.

11:06:27 >>MIKE SUAREZ: None for me.

11:06:28 >>FRANK REDDICK: I didn't even have to call your name.

11:06:31 All right.

11:06:32 Any other business?

11:06:34 >>BOB McDONAUGH: No, sir.

11:06:37 >>THE CLERK: Motion to receive and file, please.

11:06:39 >> Motion to receive.

11:06:40 >> Second.

11:06:41 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:06:43 Five minutes?

11:06:44 We stand in recess for five minutes.

11:06:46 Thank you.

11:06:47 (CRA meeting adjourned)


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