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Community Redevelopment Agency
Thursday, October 20, 2011
9:00 a.m.


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>> Frank Reddick: Good morning.

09:09:20 We are going to open with our Community Redevelopment Agency

09:09:25 first.

09:09:25 And after that, we will go into the regular council agenda.

09:09:31 At this time, I yield to Councilwoman Mulhern.

09:09:37 >>MARY MULHERN: I would like to introduce Fred breakwait

09:09:44 from St. Peter parish who is going to give our invocation.

09:09:49 Please stand for the invocation and pledge of allegiance.

09:09:55 >> Good morning.

09:09:58 Dear God, we are gathered here with the city fathers to do

09:10:05 your people's work.

09:10:05 We ask for your enlightenment, strength and support as they

09:10:09 go about the task of making the City of Tampa a better place

09:10:13 to live for all citizens.

09:10:14 May you grant this request as we endeavor to do the work you

09:10:19 have entrusted us to do while we live on this earth.

09:10:23 Amen.

09:10:23 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]

09:10:26 >> Roll call.

09:11:02 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:11:03 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

09:11:04 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:11:07 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:11:09 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:11:10 >> We are going to move to the CRA agenda, and board

09:11:16 members, I don't have to remained you, I don't think the

09:11:19 people we see in the audience are here to watch the CRA.

09:11:24 So hopefully we can go through this process and get it done

09:11:28 as soon as possible so we move to the regular council

09:11:30 meeting.

09:11:31 So with that being said.

09:11:37 Bob?

09:11:39 Anyone wishing to speak on this agenda item only, the CRA.

09:11:44 Just the CRA agenda item only.

09:11:47 You have three minutes.

09:11:52 Just for the CRA.

09:11:53 >> Mr. Chairman and other members of the community,

09:12:08 redevelopment agency, I send greetings and salutations to

09:12:12 you.

09:12:13 The item on the agenda for consideration by the agency, I

09:12:21 support it with this caveat.

09:12:24 I would request an opportunity to meet with the attorney,

09:12:30 the department heads, and the East Tampa manager.

09:12:40 I am an affected resident, property owner, citizen of the

09:12:47 East Tampa Community Redevelopment Agency area.

09:13:00 While the content of the agreement between this agency and

09:13:04 the city for its implementation and for various

09:13:13 redevelopment claims.

09:13:15 There are some areas that I think that would be most

09:13:21 beneficial, and these funds before you are the efficiency

09:13:26 and clarity of understanding.

09:13:31 That was the reason for the question, Mr. Chairman, an

09:13:34 opportunity to meet with the attorney, with the department

09:13:38 heads, that is the economic and urban development

09:13:43 department, and the manager of the East Tampa community

09:13:52 redevelopment area.

09:13:56 With that, Mr. Chairman, I wish you well, and I look forward

09:14:03 to my engagement with the opportunity to receive the best

09:14:09 practices that are used in the implementation of so that 30

09:14:16 years down the road -- and I hope you do extend the time --

09:14:21 as my great, great, great, great will know that they live,

09:14:29 work and play in a redeveloped area.

09:14:41 Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

09:14:41 (Bell sounds)

09:14:45 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:14:46 And I hope you will get with him further and see if he can

09:14:49 coordinate your request.

09:14:51 All right, Bob.

09:14:51 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Economic development.

09:14:54 I am going to be requesting that for efficiency sake, Mr.

09:14:59 Davis submits a list of questions so we can research it and

09:15:01 be prepared when we meet with him to give him the

09:15:04 information that he requests.

09:15:06 So I will reach out to Mr. Davis and we'll have our

09:15:10 conversation.

09:15:10 Thank you.

09:15:13 We have some required approvals in front of the board.

09:15:16 The first one being the operating agreement between the CRA

09:15:19 and the City of Tampa.

09:15:20 >>MARY MULHERN: I move resolution item number 1.

09:15:28 Do I need to read the resolution?

09:15:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Councilwoman Mulhern, seconded by

09:15:35 Councilwoman Capin.

09:15:36 All those in favor?

09:15:38 Those opposed?

09:15:40 Thank you.

09:15:40 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Items 2 through 12 are the budgets and

09:15:48 program changes that we have spoken to, to council before,

09:15:52 about the CRA budgets, which we had presented and made the

09:15:57 changes that council had requested, the board requested,

09:16:01 excuse me, and there are some program changes again.

09:16:05 As we talked about, we will be shifting moneys to make up

09:16:07 for shortfalls to be able to continue the work of the CRA

09:16:12 boards and the various districts.

09:16:13 >>MARY MULHERN: I just had one question.

09:16:19 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Yes, ma'am.

09:16:23 >>MARY MULHERN: Really about why we are approving the

09:16:25 budget today and why it wasn't presented last week at the

09:16:27 regular CRA meeting.

09:16:28 >>BOB McDONAUGH: We had not received the final approval

09:16:32 from Hillsborough County, that their numbers had been final.

09:16:37 So we did not want to go with you with numbers that may have

09:16:41 had to be changed.

09:16:43 So this way it's the same day that City Council would

09:16:45 approve the budgets, we can do it all in one day.

09:16:48 Yes, ma'am.

09:16:48 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

09:16:50 >>HARRY COHEN: Can these be moved together or separately?

09:16:56 >> Moved together.

09:16:58 >>HARRY COHEN: Move items 2 through 12.

09:17:00 >> Second.

09:17:02 >>FRANK REDDICK: Seconded by Councilman Suarez, items 2

09:17:06 through 12.

09:17:08 Any discussion on the motion?

09:17:10 All those in favor of the motion say Aye.

09:17:12 Opposed?

09:17:13 All right.

09:17:13 Thank you.

09:17:15 Any other business to come before the CRA board at this

09:17:18 time?

09:17:22 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Motion to receive and file.

09:17:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: All those in favor?

09:17:26 Opposed?

09:17:26 Anything else, Bob?

09:17:28 Anything from the board members?

09:17:31 We stand adjourned.

09:17:32 Thank you.

09:17:37 (CRA meeting adjourned)