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Community Redevelopment Agency Meeting

Thursday, November 10, 2011

9:00 a.m. session


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09:06:38 >> FRANK REDDICK: Good morning.

09:06:39 We are going to call this Community Redevelopment Agency

09:06:42 meeting to order.

09:06:43 And before we do that, let me just say, a foreman colleague

09:06:55 and good friend of this body, Bettie P. Wiggins passed last

09:07:00 evening.

09:07:00 So we want to make that part of the official record.

09:07:03 We want to send out condolences.

09:07:05 And I believe I speak on behalf of this board here that our

09:07:09 prayers and condolences go out to the family.

09:07:12 And I'll ask Councilwoman Mulhern for the invocation and

09:07:18 pledge of allegiance.

09:07:19 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

09:07:21 I would like to introduce reverend Jim harness of Hyde Park

09:07:25 Methodist church.

09:07:26 He has been the senior pastor there since 19 it 2.

09:07:30 He's offered numerous books -- authored numerous books,

09:07:35 Bible studies, articles, and is an avid fan of gator

09:07:40 football.

09:07:41 [ Laughter ]

09:07:43 >> Good morning.

09:07:44 It's difficult if Robert Kennedy had lived he would be

09:07:51 turning 86 years old on November 20th.

09:07:54 So I want to our lines from his favorite poem, Tennison's

09:08:00 Ulysses, which also became the title of his last book or

09:08:04 provided the title of his last book.

09:08:06 Come my friends, it's not too late to seek a newer world.

09:08:10 Push off and sitting well for my purpose holds, to sail

09:08:18 beyond the sunset until I die.

09:08:21 O much is taken, much abides.

09:08:24 And we are not thus in older days moved earth and heaven,

09:08:30 that which we are, we are.

09:08:32 One temper of heroic hearts made weak by time and fate of

09:08:39 strong and will to strive, to seek, to find, and not to

09:08:44 yield.

09:08:46 And may God give to this commission the strength to strive,

09:08:51 to seek, and find liberty and justice for all.

09:08:54 Amen.

09:08:54 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]

09:09:20 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:09:21 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Here.

09:09:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:09:23 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:09:24 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:09:25 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

09:09:26 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:09:28 Thank you.

09:09:28 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Economic development.

09:09:39 I had a word yesterday with chairman Reddick, and Eddie

09:09:46 Scaglione's passed two days ago and her church services are

09:09:50 this morning so he begged me the forgiveness of staff of not

09:09:53 being able to appear today and asked that he come back next

09:09:57 month and give the report on the Channel District, if that's

09:10:01 the board's pleasure.

09:10:02 >> Moved by Councilman Miranda, seconded by Councilwoman

09:10:18 Mulhern.

09:10:19 All in favor?

09:10:20 Opposed?

09:10:20 Thank you.

09:10:21 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Up update on activities in the various

09:10:26 CRAs.

09:10:26 Reports have been distributed.

09:10:27 I am just going to touch on some of the highlights.

09:10:30 Downtown, for the folks who were unable to attend yesterday,

09:10:34 it was a very moving ceremony for the ribbon cutting of

09:10:39 metro.

09:10:41 It was interesting because it was supposed to be the ribbon

09:10:45 cutting on a new workforce housing project in downtown, and

09:10:49 then turned more to revival at the St. Paul AME church.

09:10:53 And it was one of the most amazing things I have been to in

09:10:56 awhile, because Ms. Joyner got up and remembers the fact of

09:11:05 going to the church when she was five and then pointed out

09:11:07 to a woman in the crowd and said, well, that was one of my

09:11:10 teachers.

09:11:12 So they had one of the last folks that was baptized at the

09:11:15 church there, and he is now a resident at metro five so, the

09:11:22 property has come full circle.

09:11:24 It was a nice day.

09:11:25 I'm happy to report, they are 50% leased, and a lot of young

09:11:30 folks and some middle aged folks that work in downtown were

09:11:34 now residents of metro.

09:11:38 So again that was the downtown CRA provided seed money for

09:11:42 that, and we provided $200,000 to allow them to qualify, and

09:11:47 we got a $27 million project.

09:11:49 So it was a positive thing.

09:11:55 I hope everybody has their elbows and knee pads because the

09:11:59 ice skating rink opens tomorrow officially.

09:12:01 >> I did bring my skates to work today.

09:12:03 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Okay.

09:12:06 That is in part funded by the downtown CRA, and it's a great

09:12:09 event. Brings a lot of people downtown. The residents are

09:12:13 happy. The restaurants are happy. So it's a fun thing.

09:12:16 And I talked about it before, but the RFP has now been

09:12:23 issued for the federal courthouse, the redevelopment of it,

09:12:26 with responses due by December 8th.

09:12:28 And so I will report back on how that comes about.

09:12:38 November 30th we have the holiday tree lighting.

09:12:41 The Channel District, the port has been open to the public.

09:12:44 You should have an invitation shortly for the ribbon

09:12:47 cutting.

09:12:48 The people are very happy with it.

09:12:49 It turned out very well.

09:12:53 We will also be getting an invitation shortly for the

09:12:56 groundbreaking on the 360 unit development in the Channel

09:12:59 District.

09:13:01 They are in the final throws of permitting now.

09:13:06 Drew Park, the big news, they have completed a

09:13:08 beautification plan and that will be present towed today

09:13:10 later in the agenda.

09:13:13 East Tampa, I attended a very interesting focus that

09:13:21 Congresswoman Castor has filed to rename the post office the

09:13:26 Abe brown post office.

09:13:28 First of all, the post office has been taken off the list

09:13:30 for post offices that were potentially going to be closed,

09:13:34 and now there is a bill being pushed through Congress to

09:13:37 have it renamed for reverend Abe brown.

09:13:42 The Heights.

09:13:43 We have received four proposals for the water works

09:13:45 building, and we should be completing the evaluation for

09:13:49 that shortly.

09:13:51 And Central Park, Kimberly horn has been selected to do the

09:13:56 planning for the park, and a contract will be coming to you

09:14:00 at City Council.

09:14:04 I promised an update on the facade -- I'm sorry, does

09:14:08 anybody have any questions from drew the past month?

09:14:14 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Bob, on the RFP for the courthouse, is there

09:14:17 a specific use that you are looking at?

09:14:20 Primarily a hotel?

09:14:22 >>BOB McDONAUGH: That's correct.

09:14:23 As you may know, there have been several RFPs issued over

09:14:26 the years, and we have made several attempts to have a reuse

09:14:30 for the courthouse.

09:14:31 And several of them were office uses.

09:14:34 And the difficulty is, today in a standard office, you want

09:14:38 between 35 and 39, from the interior corridors to the

09:14:45 windows so you can lay out offices efficiently.

09:14:48 The building does not lay out efficiently.

09:14:49 It's approximately 109,000 square feet when you lay out

09:14:54 offices, about 70,000 square feet of it is usable space.

09:14:57 So it's a difficult space.

09:14:58 And what's important is that because it is a historic

09:15:01 structure, the grand corridors need to be -- public spaces

09:15:08 need to be kept, and that lends itself to hospitality.

09:15:11 They are used to having spaces like that.

09:15:13 Hotel developers look at it and say, yeah, we can figure

09:15:16 this out.

09:15:17 And right now, in the financing market, hospitality and

09:15:25 multifamily are really about the only two places where

09:15:29 lending is taking place so I am comfortable that we will

09:15:32 come back to you with some interesting proposals.

09:15:34 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.

09:15:38 >> Certainly.

09:15:40 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I don't know about my fellow council

09:15:42 members, but I have not been in the courthouse, and I think

09:15:44 I would like to look at it.

09:15:48 I don't know about -- has anyone else been in the

09:15:52 courthouse?

09:15:53 Maybe you can --

09:15:56 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I will contact everyone and see if we can

09:15:59 arrange a tour.

09:16:00 One thing, I will give you a heads-up is that if you have

09:16:04 respiratory issues, there is mold in the building.

09:16:07 And so if that's an issue to you, I would recommend not

09:16:10 going in.

09:16:17 It's like inviting you to a barbecue at my house and I'm not

09:16:27 a very good cook.

09:16:29 I will send out an invitation.

09:16:32 I have paper masks.

09:16:34 Again, depending on how sensitive you are.

09:16:38 People come in the building, I have them sign a disclaimer.

09:16:42 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I can understand that.

09:16:43 Does it matter on the weather?

09:16:46 >>BOB McDONAUGH: No, it does not.

09:16:47 It's a building, we have air conditioning which operates all

09:16:49 the time, as an attempt to keep that down.

09:16:52 But again, it's been vacant for a number of years, there's

09:16:56 been a couple of leaks, and that's fostered the growth of

09:16:58 the mold.

09:17:00 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

09:17:00 I appreciate it.

09:17:00 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Certainly.

09:17:03 I had promised an update on the facade grant program.

09:17:06 And we still have six under construction right now.

09:17:14 We have, so far, put out $822,000, and that has realized

09:17:22 $3,421,999 in investment, in real estate properties.

09:17:30 Basically, that's about 24% leverage.

09:17:33 For every 25 cents we contribute, 75 cents happens.

09:17:36 And I am going to do a PowerPoint for you in probably 60

09:17:42 days, because some of these projects move a little slowly,

09:17:46 two men and a truck, and some of them move quickly.

09:17:48 But I did bring some pictures for you today to look at.

09:17:51 And I think you will be impressed.

09:17:56 Here is the project on 7th Avenue.

09:18:11 It was vacant.

09:18:12 We now have a medical clinic.

09:18:14 We have offices in there.

09:18:15 Again, a great mixed use.

09:18:17 And the rehab of a great old building.

09:18:25 Some of these are more dramatic than others.

09:18:28 Again, an ebb property.

09:18:34 I think we can safely say that that was a great improvement

09:18:37 over what was there prior.

09:18:44 There's an East Tampa project on Hillsborough Avenue.

09:18:50 Again, a very dramatic difference in the before and after of

09:18:53 those buildings.

09:18:55 And what's interesting, what you will see in the slide

09:18:58 presentation when I bring it back, they actually rehab the

09:19:01 building adjacent to it so there were complementary colors.

09:19:08 And the Pepin academy.

09:19:14 Again, what's interesting is it doesn't even look like the

09:19:16 same building.

09:19:18 But they brought the exterior out, constructed that facade,

09:19:23 and what they did was get some more usable space and more

09:19:25 classrooms in there.

09:19:37 Not as dramatic but again a nice clean-I am of the building

09:19:41 in Drew Park.

09:19:42 So we have had a number of projects.

09:19:44 And I will be bringing back to you, as I say, probably in 60

09:19:48 days a presentation of 15 or 18 projects.

09:20:09 Any questions?

09:20:10 We will be going out.

09:20:11 And we are advertising for seats in the various community

09:20:16 advisory boards.

09:20:17 Central Park has six vacancies that will be coming up.

09:20:21 These are terms so basically it's the roll-over of

09:20:25 volunteers.

09:20:25 The Channel District has three.

09:20:27 Downtown has two.

09:20:30 Drew Park has four.

09:20:32 Tampa Heights riverfront four.

09:20:37 One ex-officio.

09:20:38 Again we are looking for people to sit on the boards with a

09:20:41 term of service for two years.

09:20:43 So we have been very fortunate in the past with the amount

09:20:47 of involvement we have had from the community.

09:20:50 Folks have done a great job, spent a lot of time, and I

09:20:54 think the results are self-evident in a lot of these

09:20:58 communities.

09:21:06 Mr. Reddick, you had a question, I believe, of Mr. Johnson.

09:21:10 >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes, I was waiting for you once you

09:21:14 complete that.

09:21:14 It's not on the agenda but I requested ed Johnson to come

09:21:19 give us a brief presentation about 22nd street, and want to

09:21:26 know, give us an update of the community meeting, to this

09:21:33 point where are we at?

09:21:34 And we'll proceed from there.

09:21:35 >> Ed Johnson, East Tampa ca CRA manager.

09:21:42 If you would indulge me, I have a PowerPoint of the actual

09:21:46 presentation that we made to the community on September

09:21:51 20th at the request of the advisory committee chair.

09:21:56 And I would like to show that presentation.

09:22:02 Mr. Jackson, city architect, who also was part of that

09:22:06 presentation with me, talked to the community about the

09:22:07 technical aspects of the roundabout, and why it was

09:22:11 necessary.

09:22:12 And James will be here shortly to join me, but I am going to

09:22:17 go ahead and get started, if I could, if they will bring up

09:22:21 the PowerPoint for me.

09:22:27 This is the actual property of the East Tampa -- part of

09:22:31 East Tampa project that was done, design work that was done.

09:22:36 In 2003 by an opportunity that the East Tampa community had

09:22:43 under the front porch program.

09:22:45 And this design had numerous features in it concerning

09:22:51 enhancement of roadways and corridors that we were

09:22:56 interested in, in improving this community.

09:22:59 By the way, Ms. Betty P. Wiggins, bless her heart, who

09:23:04 passed away last evening, was the person that spearheaded

09:23:07 this project in the heart of East Tampa, and insisted that

09:23:11 all development that we were going to undertake as a CRA, we

09:23:19 would ensure that we would use this particular document that

09:23:23 was created as the blueprint for future enhancements in East

09:23:29 Tampa.

09:23:29 And we have always used this with all of our consultants and

09:23:33 engineers that were doing any project designed in East

09:23:35 Tampa, to utilize the work of the front porch part of the

09:23:40 East Tampa project.

09:23:41 And that's what led into the enhancement project on 22nd

09:23:45 street.

09:23:57 This is the chronology of what took place in this

09:24:00 development on 22nd street.

09:24:01 After the 2003 work of front porch that assisted us in

09:24:07 creating the community redevelopment plan, which is this

09:24:11 plan here, this plan was adopt bid your board, the City

09:24:17 Council in, May of 2004.

09:24:20 And this was the result of several community meetings and

09:24:25 charrettes in the community for them to define what it was

09:24:28 they wanted to have in their community redevelopment plan,

09:24:32 and these were all marching orders. In this plan, it

09:24:34 defined several corridors of interest.

09:24:37 22nd street was the number one project that the community

09:24:42 wanted to undertake in its redevelopment effort.

09:24:47 2007, we started additional workshops to make sure that we

09:24:53 validated again the work effort that went into the creation

09:24:57 of the CRA plan.

09:24:59 That earlier work led to the creation of our strategic

09:25:04 implementation plan.

09:25:06 Again, validating with the community input that these

09:25:12 projects were still in the strategic action plan, again, the

09:25:17 2nd street was still listed as the number one project,

09:25:21 to fund going forward for redevelopment purposes.

09:25:23 This plan, by the way, was adopted by your board in November

09:25:28 of 2009.

09:25:29 >> When you refer to your board, are you saying the CRA

09:25:36 board?

09:25:37 >> CRA board.

09:25:42 Both of these plans were adopted by the board on these days.

09:25:45 In 2010 is when the funding for the 22nd street project came

09:25:50 before you, and it was approved, and the funding was

09:25:53 approved for the total development of 22nd street, which

09:25:56 included phase one, phase two, phase three, which was the

09:26:01 roundabout, so the funding was included in that resolution

09:26:06 which you approved.

09:26:14 In September of this year, there was a request made by our

09:26:16 chairperson, the past chairperson of the advisory committee

09:26:20 in East Tampa, that there were a number of folks that were

09:26:23 still concerned about phase three, the roundabout, voicing

09:26:27 concerns that they did not want the roundabout.

09:26:30 She requested a special called meeting, which we publicly

09:26:34 noticed for September 20th of this year, and we held a

09:26:40 meeting in the community to discuss the roundabout.

09:26:44 James Jackson and myself made a presentation, as you will

09:26:48 see here, and then at the end of that meeting a vote was

09:26:54 taken.

09:26:58 We publicly noticed the meeting.

09:27:00 There was article that appeared in the Florida sentinel

09:27:02 magazine September 16th, the Friday before.

09:27:09 And there were numerous articles written about the

09:27:11 roundabout project.

09:27:14 The one thing I want to also point out --

09:27:19 >>MARY MULHERN: What was the vote that was taken?

09:27:20 >> The vote that was taken that evening, which was captured

09:27:24 in the minutes, there were 15 votes for the roundabout, 6

09:27:28 votes against.

09:27:31 That was a culmination of several discussions that took

09:27:33 place at that meeting.

09:27:35 And when the vote was called, that was the vote total, 15

09:27:38 for, and 6 against.

09:27:40 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

09:27:42 >> One of the things I want to also point out to you is that

09:27:46 the advisory committee in 2007 is part of this work effort

09:27:50 to really understand what a roundabout was.

09:27:53 We took the advisory committee members and others that were

09:27:58 interested in roundabouts, we took them to Clearwater.

09:28:02 This is the exact roundabout that's in the greenwood

09:28:04 neighborhood of Clearwater that exists today, a single-lane

09:28:09 roundabout, almost identical to the type of roundabout that

09:28:13 we are building in East Tampa.

09:28:14 And this is what they view, and that was one of the reasons

09:28:18 why they said that this would be a wonderful addition that

09:28:21 would add some enhancement and add some amenities to our

09:28:27 community.

09:28:27 That's what they saw.

09:28:28 And they saw it in operation back in 2007.

09:28:32 Several photographs.

09:28:33 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mr. Johnson, were any other designs

09:28:37 contemplated for this intersection other than a roundabout?

09:28:41 And if there were, were those vetted through the advisory

09:28:44 committee?

09:28:45 >> They were vetted at the charrettes when they took place.

09:28:49 There were other options, if I can make this thing go

09:28:53 backwards. We go back to the front porch diagram.

09:28:57 I'll show you what I'm talking about.

09:28:59 Originally, this is what was originally contemplated by the

09:29:03 community, more or less almost like a garden effect at that

09:29:09 apex of 21st and 22nd but at the top corner is the

09:29:15 triangular apex where the streets go one way.

09:29:18 That was the original look developed under the front porch

09:29:21 concept.

09:29:22 That was one of the ideas that was put on the table.

09:29:24 But during the charrettes and during the workshops, the idea

09:29:28 about the roundabout came into play because of the safety

09:29:30 features -- the safety impediments at that apex were those

09:29:37 two roads.

09:29:38 Two side streets do not match up.

09:29:40 >> Was it our suggestion, FDOT, engineers, the community?

09:29:45 >> The consultants.

09:29:47 The charrettes were done with the community through our

09:29:51 consultants.

09:29:51 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So it was the consult's decision -- or

09:30:00 it was the consultant who was promoting the idea of having

09:30:03 the roundabout for safety reasons?

09:30:07 >> That's correct.

09:30:09 And aesthetics, both.

09:30:10 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And are they traffic engineers, a

09:30:16 planner, architect?

09:30:17 >> They were ang engineering firm.

09:30:20 They have both skill sets.

09:30:21 They are both engineers and they are architects.

09:30:24 >> How did the community feel about the consultants'

09:30:28 decision to make that recommendation and then our follow the

09:30:32 consultant's recommendation for the roundabout?

09:30:36 >> That was accepted, because that was one of the reasons

09:30:39 why they decided to go and look at an existing roundabout,

09:30:42 the one that I just showed you that was in Clearwater.

09:30:46 So the group went over, saw it, came back, said, yes, this

09:30:50 is what we want, we move forward with the design on the

09:30:53 roundabout at that time.

09:31:00 I will go back forward if I can get the PowerPoint back up.

09:31:04 There's the one in Clearwater again.

09:31:08 And this is the concept of our roundabout, as you can see, a

09:31:14 single-lane roundabout at that apex, and conceptual of how

09:31:20 it will look.

09:31:21 And then this is the actual blueprint, the schematic of why

09:31:29 this roundabout is important.

09:31:30 And I don't know if James is here yet.

09:31:33 James is here, if you would come forward and talk to us a

09:31:36 little bit about the technical aspects of this roundabout,

09:31:39 and why it's so important to alleviate some of the safety

09:31:44 issues there at this corner.

09:31:45 >> Before you do that, do you have a picture of that

09:31:50 roundabout on 40th Street?

09:31:54 >> No, I do not.

09:31:55 But I will say that there are two different type of

09:31:59 roundabouts.

09:32:00 The roundabout at 40th Street is a double lane roundabout

09:32:02 that has two lanes of traffic that utilize those

09:32:05 roundabouts.

09:32:06 This is a single-lane roundabout, at an apex where you have

09:32:11 two one-way pairs, totally different.

09:32:14 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

09:32:17 >> James shack, contract administration department.

09:32:23 If you put the slide up.

09:32:24 When we presented at the community meeting, this slide is a

09:32:29 plan view of the roundabout, and the concept was from the

09:32:36 fact that you have really the intersection of five roads,

09:32:40 really two, but five spokes coming together, and because of

09:32:43 the misalignment of the east-west road was the main reason

09:32:48 why the size of the roundabout was orchestrated in that

09:32:54 fashion.

09:32:58 And it meets the D.O.T. standards for emergency vehicles and

09:33:02 buses.

09:33:05 Two, the geometric location creates a slowdown of traffic,

09:33:10 which is the intent of the roundabout.

09:33:12 The third thing is, you will notice the blue line, that it's

09:33:17 kind of wavy.

09:33:18 Okay.

09:33:20 And that's called deflection.

09:33:22 When you cause traffic to slow down and make certain turns,

09:33:27 that forces the traffic to slow down.

09:33:30 Also, if you notice, as you maneuver around this,

09:33:38 roundabout, that each road narrows to force the traffic to

09:33:43 slow down.

09:33:44 The most related roundabout in Tampa to this is the one that

09:33:47 is on Lois and Tampa Bay Boulevard.

09:33:51 That's about the same size, about the same intensity.

09:33:56 When we talked about this in the community meeting, that was

09:33:58 more of a true comparison versus the one on 40th Street.

09:34:01 >>FRANK REDDICK: Questions for Mr. Johnson?

09:34:06 All right, thank you.

09:34:09 Anything else, Mr. Johnson?

09:34:11 >> At the end of this presentation, we also showed a very

09:34:18 short clip of the traffic patterns coming east and west into

09:34:24 the roundabout that Mr. Jackson just referenced at Lois and

09:34:29 Tampa Bay Boulevard.

09:34:30 If I can go ahead and show those.

09:34:31 They are very short, will take about 20 seconds, so you can

09:34:34 see how the traffic really accesses.

09:34:37 I think we can show it.

09:34:44 This is east coming into the roundabout.

09:34:46 That's how you access it.

09:34:49 That's a single-lane roundabout.

09:34:53 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

09:34:56 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

09:35:08 Any questions by of Mr. Johnson?

09:35:12 We have public comment it.

09:35:13 You have three minutes.

09:35:14 Please state your name and you can only speak to items that

09:35:16 we discussed on the agenda.

09:35:18 >> I have these handouts here.

09:35:41 This is what I came to speak about, because I thought

09:35:45 something historic, you know, basically constructing

09:35:47 historic preservation in ways that it appears in Europe,

09:35:55 given this Zurich flight now, these flights, people from

09:35:58 Europe are not going to be impressed with things, go back 50

09:36:03 years and get some kind of tax breaks for those things.

09:36:06 So basically you have to reconstruct what was here.

09:36:10 Okay.

09:36:11 Let me see how you do this.

09:36:15 Some of the items that did come up, I do want to react to.

09:36:21 These roundabouts are fine if they are large enough.

09:36:27 These consultants are car drivers who do not ride on buses.

09:36:31 The roundabouts along 40th are much larger than this.

09:36:35 And I think the root along 22nd, but what you have, you

09:36:41 almost get car sick in the roundabouts along 40th.

09:36:48 Now you need something DuPont circle size.

09:36:51 These are something that was tried in the 50s because they

09:36:54 were in Europe, they were in England, that made them

09:36:57 wonderful, and it didn't work.

09:37:00 They discontinued them.

09:37:02 They have a certain application which is good.

09:37:04 But, anyway, I have been in interested -- the old courthouse

09:37:12 was brought up.

09:37:12 Things like item 6, item 9, for the community, but they are

09:37:16 also for the tours, too.

09:37:21 If they know about them. So something that should be

09:37:23 considered for the old courthouse is a tourist information

09:37:26 center that has postcards, a lot of places don't.

09:37:31 A small post office substation where you can make money, the

09:37:34 post office can make money for people to mail these out.

09:37:38 And maybe it's been brought up a school, it's been brought

09:37:42 up a restaurant and hotel.

09:37:43 Well, why not fuse them together?

09:37:47 Because one of the things with these trucks with food was

09:37:52 the downtown merchants that have eating places started

09:37:54 complaining.

09:37:55 Hey, we are paying taxes, we are doing all the stuff right,

09:37:58 and you bring in these people on a free ride.

09:38:00 Well, it turns out, I see that a lot of those places

09:38:03 actually do have a little restaurant somewhere else in town,

09:38:07 and they are trying to get people to come out to their

09:38:11 little place, which is fine.

09:38:14 But I think what should be done is there should be a little

09:38:17 sign saying such and such restaurant, just two blocks down,

09:38:21 also has this very same wonderful culinary delight.

09:38:25 So, anyway, what I came to speak about, I have been

09:38:30 interested in history for a long time, and it would be nice

09:38:34 if these were things passed down in our generation, but this

09:38:36 is very few people had this happen.

09:38:40 (Bell sounds)

09:38:42 I will have to bring this up at another time because two

09:38:47 minutes disappeared on my clock.

09:38:48 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:38:50 Next.

09:38:51 >> I'm Eva Evangeline, the former chair and have been with

09:39:10 the East Tampa group since its inception.

09:39:13 And I put this on the screen for you to notice.

09:39:17 If you notice that the house -- on this design.

09:39:25 At the CAC what was first presented to us was purchase of

09:39:28 the property, and that's how we got into the roundabout.

09:39:33 There were several meetings because of the price and we

09:39:38 asked them to go back and get more documentation to back up

09:39:41 the three times more value of a piece of property.

09:39:45 When that information came back to us, we found none of it

09:39:48 was true.

09:39:49 So we added the community theme, took them to be diligent in

09:39:53 terms of the taxpayer dollar.

09:39:56 We voted that we would not purchase the house.

09:40:01 At that point, then, we brought new information to give us a

09:40:08 bigger idea of what's going on.

09:40:10 It was told to us that the house had to go along with the

09:40:13 roundabout.

09:40:14 We never knew that before.

09:40:16 We were dealing with property and now the roundabout.

09:40:18 In terms of the roundabout issue, and I heard what Mr.

09:40:23 Johnson said in terms of the county, there was a lot of

09:40:26 confusion, a lot of input from staff in terms of directing

09:40:34 our community meetings.

09:40:36 But in my mind, I thought the vote was more in terms of we

09:40:40 did not want to spend no more than 23,000, which was the

09:40:44 market value of the house.

09:40:46 At that point, we were then notified that there would be

09:40:50 other pockets of money.

09:40:52 And if there's a lesson learned through all of this is that

09:40:55 as an advisory committee we are not given the whole story.

09:40:57 We are given pieces of information.

09:40:59 And we are trying to make decisions based on what's put

09:41:01 before us.

09:41:02 And at that point, you know, let this other pot of money

09:41:09 really buy the house, and we will be out of it.

09:41:12 But again, I want to make sure, lessons learned for all of

09:41:16 us, we are not given all the information up front to look at

09:41:20 a house, the roundabout, and things of that nature.

09:41:23 So if you have any questions of me, that is what I really

09:41:27 wanted to make sure you understand.

09:41:29 The CAC at the time.

09:41:32 >>HARRY COHEN: I have a question.

09:41:38 So is it your position that you would be in favor of the

09:41:40 roundabout as long as the city wasn't paying more than

09:41:45 $23,000 for the house?

09:41:48 >> As chairman, I have always had the position.

09:41:50 I go with what the community says.

09:41:53 It's not what I want.

09:41:54 And I have never voted in terms of -- I follow what the

09:41:57 community tells me, and those been my administration.

09:42:02 >> What you are saying is the community --

09:42:05 >> I go along with it, yes.

09:42:06 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

09:42:10 I had to step out for a minute.

09:42:12 So excuse me this F this is repetitive.

09:42:15 But did you receive an appraisal for the property, the one

09:42:19 in question?

09:42:21 >> It was 23,000.

09:42:22 And then -- no, I'm sorry.

09:42:24 The appraisal was that it was prayed at 23 but what was

09:42:28 given to us was three times more.

09:42:30 >>LISA MONTELIONE: But they did give you the appraisal?

09:42:34 >> I can't recall actually -- it was, it was given to us,

09:42:37 yes.

09:42:37 Yes, it was.

09:42:38 >> And the reason why we are paying so much more --

09:42:48 >> It was told to us the property had been occupied so long

09:42:53 and they would be losing money from the rent.

09:42:55 It was also told that it was a piece of property that was

09:42:58 loaned to section 8.

09:43:00 When we questioned that, it was brought back to us that that

09:43:04 information was not true.

09:43:05 Now, had that not been under the real estate services as

09:43:10 long as they said and the price. So we are sitting there as

09:43:12 community service saying this is not good information.

09:43:17 So based on that we decided, no, we would not go forward.

09:43:20 >>MARY MULHERN: I really think my question might be for Mr.

09:43:28 Johnson.

09:43:32 Yeah, let me ask Mr. Johnson.

09:43:35 Because I wasn't here at the last regular CRA meeting, I

09:43:40 have been trying to understand where we are with this, as

09:43:46 far as votes, this board, the CRA board, and the City

09:43:51 Council as far as when and how purchase of this house, where

09:43:59 are we with that?

09:44:01 >> Ed Johnson: First of all, let me begin by saying I was

09:44:06 asked to make a presentation concerning the roundabout.

09:44:09 And now we are talking about the purchase of a house.

09:44:11 >> It's related to the roundabout.

09:44:13 >> There are two different pieces.

09:44:16 The roundabout is a construction project.

09:44:20 The house is a real estate transaction.

09:44:24 >>MARY MULHERN: I understand that.

09:44:25 >> So the roundabout discussion, if the roundabout is not

09:44:28 approved by the community, then purchasing the house is a

09:44:34 moot point.

09:44:35 So what ended up happening was at that meeting, the vote was

09:44:38 taken that the community desired to move forward with the

09:44:42 roundabout.

09:44:43 The vote was 15 to 6.

09:44:47 Because they wanted to go forward with the roundabout, the

09:44:51 discussion continued concerning the purchase of the house.

09:44:57 They were told the house was appraised at 28,000, not

09:45:01 23,000, $28,000, and the offer on the table was 365.

09:45:05 The community voted that they would move forward with the

09:45:09 purchase of the house if the TIF would be responsible only

09:45:14 for the appraised value, which would be $28,000, find

09:45:20 another resource for the other money.

09:45:22 >>MARY MULHERN: This is not my question.

09:45:23 So I don't know if I need to ask our economic development

09:45:28 director if you would like to answer these questions.

09:45:34 But I recall at one point this council did not approve -- it

09:45:39 was on our agenda, and I think it might have been City

09:45:42 Council.

09:45:43 I want to know the history of this particular piece of

09:45:46 property.

09:45:49 Has this CRA board approved any allocation of funds toward

09:45:54 purchasing that?

09:45:56 >> No, not one dollar.

09:45:58 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

09:46:00 As far as City Council, has City Council voted on

09:46:03 appropriating any budget money for that purchase?

09:46:08 >> No.

09:46:08 It was removed from the agenda.

09:46:10 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay, that's what I remembered, but I

09:46:12 missed that last CRA meeting.

09:46:14 Okay.

09:46:14 So we have not approved any purchase.

09:46:17 >> No, absolutely not.

09:46:18 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay, thanks.

09:46:20 >>LISA MONTELIONE: It did appear on the agenda, I think

09:46:26 twice.

09:46:26 I had it pulled off the agenda once, and Mr. Johnson pulled

09:46:30 it to have agenda once.

09:46:31 So we have seen it on the agenda, but we hadn't heard it.

09:46:34 >>FRANK REDDICK: Also, the point of it on the agenda today,

09:46:40 and I decided not to put it on it because we need to address

09:46:43 the conclusion.

09:46:47 >> I'm not here to condemn or defend any side.

09:46:52 But this is not happening.

09:46:54 This is not the first time anything like this has happened

09:46:57 not only in this got, county government, state government,

09:47:00 and federal government.

09:47:01 I can name you instances right now from past experiences

09:47:05 it's happened Dwight often because of the need and necessity

09:47:07 for the greater of the community.

09:47:08 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's correct.

09:47:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And you may say, yeah, they are all

09:47:14 wrong.

09:47:14 But what happened when the airplane expands?

09:47:17 Do you think they got underpar value for their property or

09:47:20 more than par value for their property?

09:47:22 What do you think happened when we had to put a parking

09:47:24 garage in Ybor City?

09:47:26 I think we went to court.

09:47:28 It was a duplex or triplex.

09:47:31 What was the value of that?

09:47:32 What's the cost of condemnation?

09:47:34 What's the cost of relocation?

09:47:36 What's the cost of future earnings for those locations?

09:47:38 All those things are looked for by the judges or by the

09:47:42 parties.

09:47:45 There was one or two others that were on my mind, and those

09:47:51 costs are inherent for activity and the futuristic of the

09:47:55 community to bring itself out into a better light.

09:48:00 What's the value of that?

09:48:02 What's the value of status quo?

09:48:04 What's the value of future risk taking?

09:48:08 Look into the future.

09:48:09 This neighborhood is in need of help, like most of them are,

09:48:12 and what we are looking at, yeah, they paid more, but who

09:48:18 hasn't?

09:48:20 Let them come to your house and say I want to buy this

09:48:23 particular house.

09:48:24 And you say, well, the price is this.

09:48:25 And you say, well, the value is that.

09:48:27 And if you want that house, you are going to pay for it.

09:48:30 No matter if you are an individual, no matter if you are a

09:48:33 government.

09:48:35 That's the way business is.

09:48:39 Unfortunately.

09:48:39 And those are the things that drive prices up, and also

09:48:43 drive prices down.

09:48:44 When you go buy an automobile, the one you like is not the

09:48:48 one you tell the salesman you want, because you will never

09:48:51 get a deal.

09:48:51 You tell him I want that one.

09:48:53 But in reality you want the other one.

09:48:55 I don't like that color.

09:48:56 Well, that's your favorite color.

09:48:57 So that's how you have to deal.

09:48:59 You have to deal with the instinct of if they know what I

09:49:02 want, the price is not coming down.

09:49:04 So you have got to look at things on one side and then the

09:49:07 other side to really decide the cost and the willingness to

09:49:11 pay to a certain price.

09:49:14 So I think the discussion is, what's the fair price for the

09:49:18 future of that development in that part of the city?

09:49:22 Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman.

09:49:22 >>FRANK REDDICK: Councilman Suarez.

09:49:26 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

09:49:28 Mr. Johnson, based on all the information that we have

09:49:32 gotten, and actually something that was stated in "The Tampa

09:49:34 Tribune" article about the meeting over at Ragan Park, the

09:49:41 issue is not the roundabout.

09:49:43 The issue is where the money comes from, the bucket ever

09:49:46 money that we are using in order to pay for the house, that

09:49:51 differential between what the appraised value was, and what

09:49:54 the actual cost is.

09:49:57 Is that correct?

09:49:58 >> That's correct.

09:49:59 >>MIKE SUAREZ: So we are really not discussing what the

09:50:03 community has said in terms of the community advisory

09:50:05 committee.

09:50:05 They said, yes, we want this, we just don't want to use

09:50:08 those dollars that we have in TIF, you know, that $37,000

09:50:13 difference, to pay for this.

09:50:14 Correct?

09:50:16 >> That's correct.

09:50:18 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Have you found another source to pay for

09:50:20 that differential between what we might have to pay for,

09:50:25 that $65,000, and the $28,000 that it was appraised at?

09:50:31 >> We have been working with staff to do that.

09:50:34 However, I was advised to hold off until this other issue of

09:50:39 the roundabout gets resolved before the administration for

09:50:45 the additional $37,000.

09:50:47 But we have had discussions on that.

09:50:48 It's not out of the question.

09:50:49 >> So the administration has said, let's wait on that, let's

09:50:53 get the approval on the roundabout, then let's find the

09:50:56 money?

09:50:57 >> That's correct.

09:50:58 >>MIKE SUAREZ: So this project -- and I'm not saying this

09:51:00 is going to happen one way or the other -- but if that money

09:51:03 is not found, we will do one of two things.

09:51:06 Either take it out of TIF money and make the people who are

09:51:09 part of our citizens advisory committee angry, or we are

09:51:14 going to have to find another source of money somewhere,

09:51:17 somehow, in order to get this thing done.

09:51:20 Correct?

09:51:21 >> That's correct.

09:51:21 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.

09:51:22 I appreciate that.

09:51:23 >> I want to also make sure we shed light on the

09:51:29 enhancement, a little over $7.5 million.

09:51:31 So we are talking about $37,000 compared to 7.5 million

09:51:35 project.

09:51:35 >> I understand that.

09:51:36 But I think I understand what the citizens advisory

09:51:39 committee is telling us, which is in such austere times when

09:51:44 TIF money is not going to be rolling in, we need to look at

09:51:47 every cent and every nickel that comes in so that we can

09:51:52 plan as best we can for what the needs of the community are.

09:51:55 >> That's correct.

09:51:57 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And so I had a discussion actually with Mr.

09:52:00 McDonaugh the other day, which is the more money that we put

09:52:04 in to improve a location, the more TIF money we are going to

09:52:08 get in the long run.

09:52:09 And we all understand the investment that we make as part of

09:52:12 TIF.

09:52:12 But we also have to be very careful with that money, because

09:52:16 we don't know what type of investment is going to be coming

09:52:18 in the future.

09:52:19 This economy has thrown us all for a loop.

09:52:22 And there's in a economist, nobody that I know of either on

09:52:26 this council or anyone else that I talk to that knows when

09:52:29 we are going to start really recovering.

09:52:31 And especially in the East Tampa area.

09:52:33 But thank you, Mr. Johnson.

09:52:35 I appreciate that.

09:52:35 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let the community know that those dollars

09:52:44 will not come from TIF, so if the city is not willing to

09:52:47 step in and help, they just won't have around about on

09:52:51 27th. So let me make that clear.

09:52:54 TIF money will not be used.

09:52:57 Next speaker.

09:52:59 We need to move this along.

09:53:01 >> Good morning.

09:53:03 I'm Kay Andrews, publisher of the Florida sentinel located

09:53:07 2207 east 21st Avenue.

09:53:10 That's a block away from this proposed roundabout.

09:53:13 And first of all, before my time is put on the clock, I

09:53:17 would like to thank the council for this panhandling

09:53:22 ordinance that you did pass.

09:53:25 It has been very helpful to my business, and we still have

09:53:30 some bugs that we have to work out with TPD, but I'm calling

09:53:34 them on a daily basis trying to make sure that we work it

09:53:37 out.

09:53:37 But I did want to say that before I proceeded.

09:53:41 I'm here on wearing several hats.

09:53:45 I grew up in East Tampa.

09:53:48 I walked the streets.

09:53:49 I went to elementary school, junior high school, and I was

09:53:55 one of those segregation era children so I ended up being

09:54:01 bused to Hillsborough high school.

09:54:03 But I had to walk the school in elementary and junior high

09:54:06 school.

09:54:07 And we had no sidewalks.

09:54:09 And how many years ago I won't say because that would date

09:54:13 me.

09:54:14 But there are still no sidewalks from 26th and Cayuga

09:54:22 and genesis and going to Lomax elementary school, there are

09:54:27 still no sidewalks going to the junior high school.

09:54:29 There are a lot of roads in our neighborhoods that need

09:54:33 curbs.

09:54:33 There are a lot of communities that need sidewalks.

09:54:37 There are a lot of communities that need lighting.

09:54:40 And I have no problem with honoring the leadership of the

09:54:46 East Tampa partnership.

09:54:47 I think they have done a stellar job.

09:54:50 I think the boards have done a stellar job meeting month

09:54:55 after month in 2004 to develop a comprehensive plan.

09:54:59 But this is 2011.

09:55:05 And $27 million has been spent out of the TIF in East Tampa.

09:55:12 And if you have looked at the list of projects that have

09:55:18 been funded from the East Tampa moneys, you will understand

09:55:21 why I'm here.

09:55:23 We have funded Mr. Johnson's office, we have helped build

09:55:31 the district 3 police station, we have funded the clean city

09:55:42 crew, and I still have to call them on a monthly basis to

09:55:44 get trash picked up in our neighborhood.

09:55:47 So the roundabout is something that I -- our office was

09:55:53 flooded with complaints about the 40th Street roundabout.

09:55:56 And that's why this has become an issue.

09:56:00 And then if we requested the moneys it's going to take $Z 27

09:56:09 million of the East Tampa TIF to pay for it. So this has to

09:56:12 be a consideration when we are talking about what's going on

09:56:14 in our community right now with the high crime.

09:56:20 And the still blighted areas.

09:56:23 So I am totally against us spending any dollars for this

09:56:26 right now.

09:56:30 If you get accident reports for that fork in the road where

09:56:33 they are proposing to put the TIF, the roundabout, you will

09:56:37 understand it, there are no traffic issues there.

09:56:40 I have worked there for take years and we have not had any

09:56:46 accidents there.

09:56:49 So please keep that in mind.

09:56:50 Thank you.

09:56:51 Have a good day.

09:56:51 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:56:54 Next speaker.

09:56:55 Mr. Brown, how many pictures have you got?

09:57:41 >> My name is Curtis brown.

09:57:49 And I am here to talk about is that we have more, like she

09:57:56 said, more need for infrastructure in the neighborhood: And

09:57:59 when this plan was drawn up, the roundabout, look at the

09:58:02 time that Mr. Johnson was showing you on those.

09:58:05 During that time, the economy was a whole lot different than

09:58:10 it is today.

09:58:11 So going back to what Ms. Sanchez said is we have to be very

09:58:14 careful how we spend our dollars, you know.

09:58:17 So I just wanted to say that also I went to a training last

09:58:20 week, and the presenters told us that one of the reasons for

09:58:29 the East Tampa, any other redevelopment agency in the city,

09:58:34 is to get rid of blight conditions, and to me, doing the

09:58:38 roundabout is not getting rid of the blight conditions.

09:58:42 If you go to the plan of 2003, there was not a roundabout.

09:58:45 We could do the same thing today and save a lot of money.

09:58:49 Mr. Johnson said that it would cost several million dollars

09:58:54 to do phase two and three.

09:58:56 And I went to the station and they gave me a list that it

09:58:59 will only cost 997,000 for phase two.

09:59:03 So I'm quite sure it doesn't cost $6 million to do a

09:59:08 roundabout so I don't know how Mr. Johnson got his figures.

09:59:11 The last thing I want to say is that the community did not

09:59:14 vote 15 to 6.

09:59:17 I was at that meeting on September 20.

09:59:18 It was a total of 15 votes.

09:59:21 And the 15 votes were split eight against and seven for.

09:59:25 And I have a petition right here, and I have a petition of

09:59:30 over 15 names, submitted to the council, that they gave out

09:59:38 want the roundabout.

09:59:39 Then the meeting had less than 50 people, and that did not

09:59:42 represent this community.

09:59:43 So it was not adequately -- it was not adequately

09:59:48 advertised, in my opinion.

09:59:49 Because when you look at the sign-in sheets for the

09:59:53 partnership, and also the partnership meeting, and you go

10:00:00 back and the partnership meeting, it will give you an idea

10:00:05 as to whether or not they wanted people to come out or not.

10:00:10 And trying to stack the deck as far as I'm concerned.

10:00:15 Thank you.

10:00:19 >>FRANK REDDICK: Next speaker.

10:00:28 >>MARY MULHERN: You can submit those petitions to fuss want

10:00:30 to hand them to the clerk.

10:00:32 The attorney.

10:00:37 >> My name is Delta Williams, Sr., 1112, paradise missionary

10:00:49 Baptist church.

10:00:51 I'm confused about a lot of things.

10:00:55 The reason I'm confused is we already constructed a

10:01:04 roundabout.

10:01:05 Now you trying to find out where the money.

10:01:08 You know where your money went at.

10:01:10 And I'm confused about the roundabout because I travel that

10:01:12 way practically every Sunday, after church.

10:01:19 You got yield on one side.

10:01:21 You got other people coming around you stopping, people

10:01:24 behind you.

10:01:24 It's confusing.

10:01:27 I think if you all would have left the straightaway it would

10:01:32 be safe.

10:01:34 The roundabout -- we are not in South Carolina.

10:01:41 And why we have to copy what another state is at.

10:01:49 Nobody knows why.

10:01:51 I tell you why.

10:01:57 Yield sign, no stop signs, yield.

10:01:59 People think they are yielding, and the other person going

10:02:02 around because they think they got the right-of-way.

10:02:06 Like I say, whoever constructed, people understand what way

10:02:16 they are going in the right-of-way.

10:02:18 Also around here -- and I might have to leave in a few

10:02:22 minutes because I got another important meeting -- before

10:02:24 you all got those cameras on Martin Luther King --

10:02:30 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, that's not on the agenda for

10:02:32 discussion.

10:02:33 >> I can't talk about that now?

10:02:35 >>FRANK REDDICK: You have to come back at the next meeting

10:02:37 next week and talk about that.

10:02:38 >> All right.

10:02:44 Also, I want to leave these.

10:02:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: You can leave those.

10:02:48 Mr. Brown, if you want to give your petitions to Bob, could

10:02:51 you give us the petitions so he can get them into the

10:02:54 record?

10:02:55 Mr. Brown.

10:02:57 I'm talking to Mr. Brown.

10:03:01 Next speaker.

10:03:02 >> Good morning.

10:03:14 My name is Carol Marshall.

10:03:18 I have been involved with the partnership forever, it seems

10:03:22 like.

10:03:22 I was here before this started.

10:03:25 I'm still here.

10:03:26 I have been involved with the land use committee.

10:03:29 And I have worked with the people with the plan, reported

10:03:40 back to the community, and I know that our community wants

10:03:46 progress.

10:03:47 Some people may not want it but I know the majority wants

10:03:50 that.

10:03:50 I came here today to tell you why we need a roundabout, and

10:03:54 the reason I was doing that, I canvassed the neighborhood

10:04:00 yesterday, found out the petitions were signed, did not know

10:04:03 that until I got out to find out what the people want.

10:04:05 They said they were told that the roundabout, so on and so

10:04:13 forth.

10:04:20 The roundabouts, they are safe, I did not see an accident, I

10:04:23 did not see bumper to bumper traffic, things moved pretty

10:04:28 smoothly.

10:04:29 I have done my research.

10:04:30 And I found out that roundabouts is one of the best ways to

10:04:35 go, save, helps with the accidents and helps with the

10:04:47 safety.

10:04:47 Now, the last meeting we had, we voted on doing the

10:04:57 roundabouts.

10:04:59 Do we want it, don't we want it, do we want to pay this,

10:05:02 don't we want to pay that?

10:05:04 We decided that the manager would find funds to do it, then

10:05:12 we voted 15 -- I remember 15.

10:05:15 I don't care what anybody says, I remember 15 to 6.

10:05:18 I even wrote it down.

10:05:20 So when we voted on that, why are we here today to go back

10:05:24 to find out, well, is he doing right?

10:05:27 Or is he not doing right?

10:05:31 We have been doing stuff in East Tampa for years.

10:05:33 Mr. Reddick, so many people have been out here with us, and

10:05:36 we have done it, and we have done it democratic way and

10:05:43 correct way.

10:05:44 It was done that way.

10:05:45 I was there.

10:05:46 I'm back.

10:05:46 And I am going to do what I can for this neighborhood.

10:05:49 I have a vested interest in East Tampa.

10:05:51 And I know we need this roundabout.

10:05:55 We need to buy this property.

10:05:56 Okay, we need to find additional moneys.

10:05:59 I'm sure we can find it.

10:06:02 Why are we standing here figuring out what is what, what's

10:06:05 not?

10:06:06 We need to make this happen.

10:06:08 We need to bring economic development back into our

10:06:11 community.

10:06:13 We need this.

10:06:14 And I thank you.

10:06:15 (Bell sounds).

10:06:17 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:06:20 Next.

10:06:20 >> Good morning, Mr. Chairman, to this board.

10:06:24 Thank you so very much for what you do to represent this

10:06:26 community.

10:06:28 I am here again in regards to this discussion relative to

10:06:31 the roundabout.

10:06:32 First, let me preface my thoughts and my comments with

10:06:35 saying this.

10:06:36 I think in 2004 when the plan was adopted nobody on the

10:06:40 board was there, not even myself.

10:06:43 Can Charley, you wasn't there because we both came in 2007

10:06:47 we both came on this board.

10:06:49 So I say that in saying that you can reverse any action any

10:06:55 prior board has taken.

10:06:56 You have that right to do that.

10:06:58 So I just want to make you aware of that.

10:07:01 But more importantly, I was there at the meeting in

10:07:05 September.

10:07:05 I think that information is important, you all making a

10:07:12 presentation now.

10:07:13 I don't recall exactly what the vote was but I do know it

10:07:17 was highly contentious about the roundabout and about the

10:07:20 purchase of the house.

10:07:21 I also recall -- and I stand to be corrected -- was that

10:07:25 that FDOT thing you had to have a roundabout or you couldn't

10:07:28 go forward with the project or could not get the money that

10:07:31 they were going to allocate, as I recall.

10:07:34 So that may have been another issue because people were

10:07:37 concerned about continuing the expansion of 22nd street and

10:07:40 having the money to move forward.

10:07:42 Also, in today's economy, when this CRA and TIF was

10:07:48 established, we were to realize over $200 million in the

10:07:53 life of that TIF and CRA.

10:07:56 Next year, I think you are only going to realize something

10:07:59 like $39,000?

10:08:00 I mean, if that is the case, you have got to go back and

10:08:03 reassess and reevaluate, is it important to put 1.7 million

10:08:09 in the roundabout versus using that money for other

10:08:12 infrastructure such as sidewalks, or other avenues such as

10:08:16 streets and businesses?

10:08:17 So you have got to look at that, which is more advantage

10:08:21 given the downturn in the economy?

10:08:25 I will tell that you a lot of citizens -- this community

10:08:27 right now, I think if you talk to the people that live

10:08:32 around there to see whether they want this roundabout or

10:08:34 not.

10:08:34 I will tell you, my former rein about this whole roundabout,

10:08:40 and petitions have been brought to me relative to not having

10:08:42 around about.

10:08:45 I think that you need more information.

10:08:47 I think you need to hear from the community, from people who

10:08:49 live around the roundabout, and I think it's important to

10:08:53 look at also the economic downturn.

10:08:56 Is it feasible, is it realistic to put $1.7 million in now

10:09:01 given where we are?

10:09:01 Can we do that project without spending that much money?

10:09:05 I think all those issues are important.

10:09:07 I think also the issue when the community voted, only to

10:09:11 spend, I think, $20,000.

10:09:14 There are other pots of money that were available, as I

10:09:17 recall, that they could get those dollars from to be able to

10:09:21 complete the project, tore buy the house.

10:09:23 So I just want to share my thought with you in terms of

10:09:27 information. So information is important when you are

10:09:28 making a presentation.

10:09:29 Always good to have all the information, all the facts, all

10:09:31 the data.

10:09:32 That way, people can have all the information.

10:09:36 I'm not sure that that is the case here today.

10:09:41 Thank you very much for your time.

10:09:41 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:09:43 Next speaker.

10:09:44 >> Mr. Chairman and other members of the Community

10:09:53 Redevelopment Agency, I'm Al Davis, and I'm a business

10:10:08 person in the use of my ad valorem taxes to under gird the

10:10:12 redevelopment of East Tampa.

10:10:14 There were three things, Mr. Chairman.

10:10:23 Since this roundabout thing has come up, so that's three.

10:10:26 I support roundabout.

10:10:30 Not based on, quote, unquote, but what is needed.

10:10:35 You see, there's a difference in what is easy, and what is

10:10:38 wanted.

10:10:41 Want is an emotional thing.

10:10:44 Need is an objective thing.

10:10:47 We need that roundabout based on the technological

10:10:52 information, and based on the cost.

10:10:56 Now, as for the cost, there was in terms of what was it was

10:11:09 going to cost us.

10:11:10 Well, you know, the government has the power to implement

10:11:18 eminent domain, and those of you that had that experience,

10:11:21 you know how costly it is versus sit Doug down and negotiate

10:11:28 something more reasonable.

10:11:31 Whether or not the money comes out of TIF, or, I'm

10:11:42 definitely a supporter.

10:11:43 And there are two items, Mr. Chairman, one has to do with

10:11:47 the stormwater thing.

10:11:51 That's something I want this agency to take a look at.

10:11:54 Does that fund have to come out of TIF?

10:12:00 I don't think so, because that's a capital improvement item.

10:12:04 Now, the next thing is this facade program.

10:12:10 I would recommend that the facade program be suspended until

10:12:18 the economic situation improves.

10:12:19 The reason being, somebody needs to tell me the benefits

10:12:27 from the investment that we are making to this, what you

10:12:33 call it, grant versus that we would use this money for

10:12:40 something else.

10:12:46 Mr. Chairman, as you know, you gave an indication to speak

10:12:53 with the attorney and the staff, and we are going to do

10:12:55 that.

10:12:57 Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

10:12:57 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:13:01 All right, any --

10:13:02 >> Good morning, council members.

10:13:04 Ism Gwen Miller, 2505-38th Avenue.

10:13:08 As a former council member, when I was here, I listened to

10:13:11 the concerns and what the needs of the community, I listened

10:13:14 to what they wanted in the community, and I have gotten

10:13:17 many, many calls about this roundabout, and they do not want

10:13:20 it in their community.

10:13:22 I can't vote for it now but you can vote.

10:13:25 So I'm asking you to listen to these people in the

10:13:28 community, know why they don't want that roundabout and talk

10:13:32 to them and find out what's going in the community that they

10:13:36 do not want.

10:13:37 So I ask you to listen to them, and please vote to see that

10:13:41 they do not get that roundabout in East Tampa.

10:13:43 Thank you.

10:13:44 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:13:46 All right.

10:13:49 Councilman Suarez?

10:13:50 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Mr. Johnson, can I ask you a question?

10:13:59 What's the sum cost so far in this roundabout?

10:14:02 Obviously this process has been going.

10:14:04 And I am going to use round and round since 2004.

10:14:09 What's the cost?

10:14:10 >> Just the design portion of it, about $100,000 put in

10:14:13 design for over the last year and a half.

10:14:15 >> And that's TIF money spent for design, correct?

10:14:18 >> That's correct.

10:14:19 >> So that's the only money that we are spending?

10:14:21 >> Which was previously allocated.

10:14:24 >> Correct.

10:14:24 I understand that.

10:14:25 But that's the only moneys that have been expended so far on

10:14:27 this?

10:14:28 >> That's correct.

10:14:28 >> In terms of D.O.T. moneys, how much D.O.T. money were we

10:14:36 expecting?

10:14:36 >> Approximately $800,000.

10:14:38 >> I'm sorry, 100,000?

10:14:41 >> 800,000.

10:14:42 And this is in the part of the phase that we are mobilizing

10:14:46 for construction at the present time, which will take place

10:14:49 from 23rd Avenue going back north to lake, that portion

10:14:54 has already been awarded construction, and they are

10:14:57 mobilizing as we speak to start construction.

10:15:00 >> And so the short-fall we are going to have is based on

10:15:03 your estimate before, were about 6 million and change that

10:15:09 we are going to put into this roundabout, correct?

10:15:14 Thank you.

10:15:14 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

10:15:20 >> Ed Johnson: Can I clarify a number that was spewed out?

10:15:31 The $7 million we are talking about is for the whole

10:15:33 project, not just the roundabout.

10:15:35 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I think we got that.

10:15:39 Because otherwise we would be really upset.

10:15:43 >> I would, too.

10:15:44 >>LISA MONTELIONE: We have met a couple of times about this

10:15:47 project.

10:15:48 And I have asked for a lot of information, and I have made

10:15:55 some suggestions.

10:15:56 And I have to tell you, I'm really disappointed, because at

10:15:59 one of those meetings -- and I have the drawing here -- I

10:16:04 had suggested that we take a look at another alternative to

10:16:07 the roundabout.

10:16:10 And I had asked that you go back to wade trim and have them

10:16:16 evaluate the design and perhaps not having to purchase that

10:16:21 house.

10:16:23 What I got back was a letter from the Department of

10:16:26 Transportation saying that -- and it's very short so I will

10:16:31 read it into the record -- says thank you for contacting the

10:16:33 department concerning the proposed roundabout at the

10:16:38 intersection, yada yada yada.

10:16:41 It says we are in agreement with the conclusions identified

10:16:43 in the October 5th, 2011 memo from wade trim, this

10:16:48 roundabout will be constructed prior to the opening of the

10:16:51 center and prior to the planned restrictions.

10:16:53 That's not what I asked for.

10:16:55 I asked for an opinion of why an alternative design could

10:16:59 not be considered, because you had indicated that the

10:17:02 Florida Department of Transportation would not allow it.

10:17:05 That wasn't the question, apparently, that was asked of the

10:17:09 FDOT folks and it's not the response that was received.

10:17:13 The other thing was that -- and this is the picture, this is

10:17:18 the design that I was given, and what I drew up here was a

10:17:22 suggestion of where maybe we could go with this, and that's

10:17:27 what I was asking you to go to wade trim and see if they

10:17:30 could do that and get the concurrence of FDOT.

10:17:33 You came back saying, no, they couldn't because FDOT wasn't

10:17:37 approve it that way.

10:17:38 But lo and behold, this picture, I had not seen it before,

10:17:42 is miraculously like the one suggestion that I had made.

10:17:47 But this was never provided to me.

10:17:49 And it was never said that, oh, well, we considered that

10:17:54 design and, you know, it was back in 2003 and here is the

10:17:58 rendering of it.

10:17:59 So I'm shocked that when I came up with the same idea and

10:18:05 drew it out for you that you didn't come up with this and

10:18:08 you didn't tell me, oh, well, we considered that and these

10:18:11 are the reasons why we didn't go there with it.

10:18:13 And I also was provided a letter from wade trim, and all it

10:18:18 talks about is the safety of roundabouts, why it's

10:18:22 important, and all of the cultural history about a

10:18:26 roundabout, and why it's a good thing to do for vehicular

10:18:29 traffic.

10:18:30 Nothing about an alternative design, nothing about, you

10:18:34 know, we had considered this before, nothing about what the

10:18:37 question was that I had asked.

10:18:40 I also asked for the appraisal, and looked at the appraisal,

10:18:44 and again, as the community has pointed out, found issues,

10:18:49 you know, through some conversations that I have had with

10:18:52 them about the efficiencies in the appraisal.

10:18:56 And this isn't the first time that I have been questioning

10:18:58 appraisals that we are receiving on property, and how the

10:19:01 values just don't seem to be lined up.

10:19:03 And I understand -- I understand the concept of buying and

10:19:08 selling property and investment and the tiff money going up

10:19:11 and how, you know, it improves in the area, and you have to

10:19:14 look at the greater good.

10:19:16 I understand all of that.

10:19:17 But if the community at large knows that the City of Tampa

10:19:20 is an open checkbook, then they are going to stick to their

10:19:27 guns and say, no, I want X amount of dollars, and that's it,

10:19:33 no negotiation, I want X amount of dollars, and force us

10:19:38 into a corner.

10:19:38 And if we make a stand saying, the city is not an open

10:19:43 checkbook and we are going to watch our pennies and we need

10:19:47 to have appraisals that reflect accurate information, and I

10:19:53 really am concerned about the quality of the appraisals we

10:19:57 have been getting and how the prices don't seem to be -- or

10:20:00 the evaluations don't seem to be in line with the current

10:20:04 market.

10:20:08 So I really have to say that I think we need a lot more

10:20:11 information.

10:20:12 I would like to have my colleagues here on the CRA receive

10:20:17 copies of that appraisal.

10:20:19 I would like to have the questions that I originally asked

10:20:23 of you and of Mr. Johnson to get the information from the

10:20:30 consultant wade trim and from the D.O.T. and answer the

10:20:33 questions that I originally asked.

10:20:34 >> We can do that.

10:20:39 >> Let me remind the board here that we still have is a half

10:20:43 of an agenda to go and we also have a special called

10:20:46 workshop immediately after this meeting.

10:20:48 So to be fair to those people who also need to be making a

10:20:53 presentation to us, we need to try to wrap this portion up

10:20:59 and if members of the board have comments, let's move

10:21:07 forward from that, and Councilman Miranda.

10:21:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

10:21:12 I am just going to read from what I presume is the record of

10:21:15 the September 20, 2011 meeting at 5:30 p.m. at Ragan Park.

10:21:22 The meeting opened at 5:35.

10:21:23 And on the last part of the second page, to clarify what's

10:21:30 been said on both sides here, there was a motion by Essie

10:21:36 Simms junior for the prayed value of $28,000 from the TIF

10:21:41 funding and the difference being paid by the City of Tampa.

10:21:43 It was seconded by Gloria Davis.

10:21:45 Motion carried unanimously.

10:21:49 As for the record on both sides I assume that's what

10:21:52 happened since these are some of the minutes of those

10:21:55 meetings.

10:22:01 When you build things, when you buy things, that the other

10:22:06 party knows you need, and you look at the cost of what it

10:22:09 would take to purchase those things, think when you go to

10:22:20 condemnation you are going to pay much more than this.

10:22:30 Any decision that has to be made.

10:22:37 And the people that live in the neighborhood say I want to

10:22:41 make an investment on my property because 22nd street will

10:22:43 be brighter, will be nicer.

10:22:46 It's going to energize something that might not be

10:22:49 energized.

10:22:50 >> What happens to the status quo stays just the way it is?

10:22:55 Would you live there continuously?

10:22:57 Or would you move somewhere else?

10:22:59 Will you be in business there or will you shut down your

10:23:02 business because of lack of business?

10:23:05 Businesses don't just quit and walk away if they are making

10:23:07 money.

10:23:08 But if you don't help to bring something up to the needs of

10:23:12 the community -- and it's not just the need of our

10:23:17 community, it's the need of the whole city to make it

10:23:19 brighter, nicer, more appealing to the eye, and feeling

10:23:24 safer, doing different things throughout the city, not only

10:23:27 here, but, in essence, you have done very little.

10:23:30 Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

10:23:31 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to thank our former chairs of

10:23:43 City Council and chairs of the CRA for coming down today and

10:23:46 just let everybody know from East Tampa that came to talk

10:23:50 about this that we are all listening to you and reading your

10:23:53 e-mails, and it's just great to see Ms. Miller and Mr. Scott

10:23:58 here today.

10:23:59 >>HARRY COHEN: Very briefly, I just want to add something.

10:24:06 I'm not sure when the proper time to ask for this

10:24:09 information would be.

10:24:12 Presumably when this comes up again on our agenda to take

10:24:15 action.

10:24:16 But I would like to know something about the crash

10:24:22 statistics at Tampa Bay and -- where was it, cypress?

10:24:32 Lois.

10:24:33 Excuse me.

10:24:33 Also the crash statistics for the roundabout on 40th Street.

10:24:36 I don't know if this is outside of our staff's purview, I

10:24:48 wasn't aware the Clearwater roundabout was a rip roaring

10:24:52 success.

10:24:52 I don't know if it was used as a model, I would like to get

10:24:55 more information about that roundabout as well.

10:24:57 >> As long as you are not confusion it with the one on

10:25:02 Mandolay which had a water in front of it which was a

10:25:06 two-lane roundabout and constantly poured water on people.

10:25:10 >> I like to see more information about roundabouts.

10:25:12 I personally find roundabouts very confusing.

10:25:15 >> Certainly.

10:25:17 We will go to our traffic department and get that

10:25:19 information for you.

10:25:19 >>FRANK REDDICK: Councilwoman Capin.

10:25:25 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Since everyone is giving a personal view, I

10:25:27 don't find roundabouts personally confusing.

10:25:30 They actually avoid left hand turns which is one of the most

10:25:33 major causes of accidents in our city.

10:25:38 That's what roundabouts are about.

10:25:40 And slowing traffic down.

10:25:42 Nonetheless, I heard this community, and I would like to see

10:25:47 all the material that was asked for.

10:25:50 >> All right.

10:25:52 Councilman Suarez?

10:25:59 Can you come forward so we can wrap this up?

10:26:08 How are you doing?

10:26:08 >> Good morning, chairman.

10:26:11 >>FRANK REDDICK: You are the newly-elected chair of the

10:26:14 East Tampa partnership, correct?

10:26:16 >> That's correct, sir.

10:26:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: You have heard the concerns of the

10:26:20 community, those who came down.

10:26:22 You heard them express different things.

10:26:26 >> That's correct.

10:26:27 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me suggest to you that those who

10:26:33 expressed their concern to you, to this body here this

10:26:36 morning, that the partnership, meet with those individuals,

10:26:45 and see part of the reconsideration to determine if there's

10:26:53 a compromise that can be worked out, and report back to this

10:26:56 body.

10:26:59 Can I suggest that and ask that upon you as chair of the

10:27:01 East Tampa partnership?

10:27:02 >> I don't see that as a problem, and I met with several of

10:27:06 the residents several weeks ago, even though we had that

10:27:09 process in September it was still the partnership would

10:27:18 follow.

10:27:19 I suggest at this time it's best that we hold another

10:27:21 special called meeting, and those concerned residents that

10:27:24 are in that neighborhood, as our former chair Scott says,

10:27:30 they need to be at that meeting.

10:27:31 So I would have no problem doing that.

10:27:33 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:27:34 And I hope you will work on that.

10:27:35 And if you need assistance from this board, just let me

10:27:41 know.

10:27:41 I appreciate that people carry that out and report back to

10:27:45 us.

10:27:45 All right?

10:27:45 >> Yes, I will.

10:27:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you very much.

10:27:48 All right.

10:27:48 Required approval.

10:27:51 Item 5.

10:27:51 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Number 5 is moving money.

10:27:56 Again we are going to see a lot of it this year because of

10:27:59 our increased amount.

10:28:00 But this is money to kick off programs at the park, in the

10:28:07 Tampa river Heights CRA.

10:28:08 >>FRANK REDDICK: We need a motion.

10:28:21 >> Move item 5.

10:28:22 >> Second.

10:28:23 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Suarez, seconded by Councilwoman

10:28:33 Montelione.

10:28:34 All in favor?

10:28:35 >> Jeanette LaRussa, Drew Park CRA manager.

10:28:39 I am very pleased to come before you this morning and

10:28:42 present the final draft of the Drew Park streetscape and

10:28:46 beautification master plan.

10:28:48 This plan was developed over the past six months with an

10:28:51 extensive public participation process, and it was approved

10:28:55 by the Drew Park community advisory committee.

10:28:58 The plan does cover the entire Drew Park area.

10:29:01 It's a very comprehensive and ambitious plan, and it will

10:29:05 guide improvements to the areas now and for years to come.

10:29:09 The plan was developed by bayside engineering along with

10:29:14 David Connor and associates.

10:29:15 And Mr. Connor is here to provide a brief overview.

10:29:19 It is at your pleasure.

10:29:20 I know that the meeting is running behind.

10:29:23 Would you like to us go through the overview or just for me

10:29:26 to respond to questions?

10:29:28 >>FRANK REDDICK: You have briefed all the members.

10:29:34 Unless they have questions I don't see a need to do the

10:29:36 PowerPoint presentation.

10:29:37 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Something that might be important to you,

10:29:41 if you look at the plan, there are 47 roundabouts in this

10:29:44 plan.

10:29:46 [ Laughter ]

10:29:54 >> I will be happy to respond to any questions.

10:29:58 >> Do you have any questions?

10:30:01 No.

10:30:01 >> I would seek your approval and adoption of the master

10:30:05 plan.

10:30:06 >> So moved.

10:30:09 >> Second.

10:30:11 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Councilman Miranda, seconded by

10:30:13 Councilwoman Capin.

10:30:14 All in favor?

10:30:15 Opposed?

10:30:16 Thank you.

10:30:16 >> And thank you for your involvement.

10:30:19 Many of you were able to come to our community meeting

10:30:21 during the summer and provide input as well.

10:30:23 So we appreciate your ongoing support.

10:30:26 You are going to see a lot of major changes in Drew Park

10:30:29 over the next two or three years.

10:30:31 I'm very excited about it.

10:30:32 I know all of you are.

10:30:34 And this community is going to be transformed.

10:30:37 So thank you again.

10:30:39 I do want to go immediately into the next item, which is

10:30:42 related to this, to the streetscape plan.

10:30:45 And this is really more of an informational item.

10:30:48 Now that you have approved the plan, our intent is to move

10:30:51 very swiftly and to go forward to begin design and

10:30:54 development of the construction drawings for the four

10:30:58 priority projects from the plan.

10:30:59 And those priority projects are, of course, the Lois and

10:31:03 Grady streetscape improvements, once the stormwater

10:31:06 improvements are made, the community gateway identifiers

10:31:10 along the west side of Dale Mabry, and finally the

10:31:12 transformation of the median at Tampa Bay Boulevard between

10:31:16 Lois and air Cargo Road into a very attractive linear park.

10:31:21 So those are the four projects that we would begin right

10:31:23 away on the design and construction drawings.

10:31:27 To do that, we would go forward and amend the contract.

10:31:31 Bayside engineering is already engaged to design the

10:31:34 stormwater improvement.

10:31:36 David Connor associates was engaged to develop the

10:31:39 streetscape master plan which is now approved.

10:31:42 The next step would be to amend the contract so that bayside

10:31:46 and David Connor and associates can do the design and

10:31:50 construction drawings for those four priority projects.

10:31:53 The cost for those services is $355,889.

10:31:58 That would come out of money budgeted in the FY-09 Drew Park

10:32:04 TIF under neighborhood infrastructure including

10:32:06 beautification of streetscape.

10:32:07 So this is money that has already been approved in that

10:32:11 budget and is designated, and we would now be using it nor

10:32:16 project.

10:32:16 The community advisory committee has approved this

10:32:18 expenditure.

10:32:20 You would actually be approving the contract amendment at

10:32:24 City Council at your November 17th meeting, but

10:32:27 consistent with your request to us that we bring these

10:32:31 projects to you as the CRA when they are using TIF funds, we

10:32:35 are bringing this to you in advance of your November

10:32:38 17th meeting.

10:32:39 >> Move item 7.

10:32:44 >> Second.

10:32:45 >> Moved by Councilman Suarez, seconded by Councilman Cohen.

10:32:51 Thank you.

10:32:51 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Item 8 is a stormwater project for

10:33:14 30th street.

10:33:15 There's SWFWMD money, D.O.T. money in this project.

10:33:18 >> You say there's --

10:33:24 >> A portion of the money subpoena from the TIF.

10:33:27 A portion of the money single-family from SWFWMD.

10:33:29 A portion of the money is from --

10:33:37 >> So moved.

10:33:38 >> Motion by Mr. Miranda, seconded by Councilman Cohen.

10:33:44 All in favor?

10:33:45 Opposed?

10:33:46 Motion carries.

10:33:46 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Item 9 is a program change for Tampa

10:33:50 Heights.

10:34:00 Again it's part of the water works project.

10:34:01 >>HARRY COHEN: So moved.

10:34:11 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Second.

10:34:12 >>FRANK REDDICK: All in favor?

10:34:14 Thank you.

10:34:15 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Number 10 is a program change moving

10:34:19 interest earnings to actual contractual projects in the

10:34:22 Channel District.

10:34:23 >> Move item 10.

10:34:26 >> Second.

10:34:27 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Councilman Cohen, Capin, seconded

10:34:33 again by Capin and Suarez.

10:34:35 All in favor say aye.

10:34:36 Okay.

10:34:36 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Number 11 is in concert with that contract

10:34:42 for the improvements.

10:34:43 It's moving money for the approval of moneys from the East

10:34:46 Tampa to the 22nd street enhancement to the stormwater

10:34:51 project.

10:34:53 At 30th and Hillsborough.

10:34:55 >> So moved.

10:34:58 >> Second.

10:34:59 >> Moved by Councilwoman Capin, seconded by Councilman

10:35:03 Miranda.

10:35:04 All in favor?

10:35:05 Opposed?

10:35:07 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Last but not least, I would like to

10:35:09 introduce the long suffering from Mr. Cole who is here for a

10:35:12 facade grant projects project in East Tampa.

10:35:37 Robert L. Cole, Sr., Robert L. Cole enterprises.

10:35:44 Yes, Charlie, I'm still around.

10:35:46 [ Laughter ]

10:36:05 The East Tampa Hillsborough community in Tampa, the CRA

10:36:11 happens to be a program that could enhance my program, my

10:36:15 businesses.

10:36:17 I made this application for improvement because living in

10:36:25 this area and having this available in our community, we

10:36:30 need East Tampa improved.

10:36:33 And this is an opportunity to do it.

10:36:35 So with me having businesses in this area, I thought that I

10:36:39 should be and appreciate this application, that I would be

10:36:47 an example to the people in the community to take the same

10:36:50 steps and do the things, because the City of Tampa needs

10:36:56 improvement.

10:36:56 We need people to take advantage of it.

10:36:59 So that being said, I'm asking the council to approve this

10:37:05 application.

10:37:07 Thank you.

10:37:07 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:37:11 >> Move item 12.

10:37:13 >> Second.

10:37:14 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Councilman Cohen, seconded by

10:37:17 Councilman Suarez.

10:37:18 All in favor?

10:37:19 Opposed?

10:37:22 Moved and approved.

10:37:23 All right.

10:37:24 Any other business?

10:37:28 >>BOB McDONAUGH: No, sir, that concludes my presentation.

10:37:31 >> New business, Councilman Suarez?

10:37:34 No.

10:37:36 >>YVONNE CAPIN: No.

10:37:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No.

10:37:38 >>HARRY COHEN: No.

10:37:39 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No.

10:37:42 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

10:37:43 >> Move to receive and file.

10:37:45 >> Second.

10:37:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: All in favor?

10:37:48 All right.

10:37:49 We will stand in five-minute recess to change things out and

10:37:53 come back in special called meeting.

10:37:54 Thank you.