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Thursday, December 8, 2011
CRA Meeting, 9:30 a.m.


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09:38:06 >>FRANK REDDICK: Call the community redevelopment meeting to

09:38:08 order.

09:38:09 Roll call?

09:38:15 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:38:16 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

09:38:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:38:20 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:38:21 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:38:23 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Johnson?

09:38:28 >>ED JOHNSON: Good morning, Mr. Chairman and board.

09:38:30 Ed Johnson, urban development manager for the East Tampa for

09:38:35 the CRA, subbing for Mr. McDonaugh, who is out of the

09:38:39 country today.

09:38:39 First of all in keeping with our traditional meeting, we

09:38:42 have Mr. Andy Scaglione, who is the chair of the Channel

09:38:45 District advisory committee, is going to give a report on

09:38:48 the activities in the Channel District.

09:38:51 Andy?

09:38:55 >>ANDY SCAGLIONE: Good morning.

09:38:57 I actually have very positive news to end the year.

09:39:01 And, as you know, I've been involved in the Channelside for

09:39:04 30 years.

09:39:05 Been a property owner down there and been the chair the last

09:39:08 four years of the Channelside CRA.

09:39:10 Seeing all the changes from 30 years ago has been amazing,

09:39:16 to where we are today.

09:39:17 And the first positive thing actually is December 13th,

09:39:22 which is next Tuesday, we are going to have our ribbon

09:39:25 cutting at 5:30 for our first Channelside park.

09:39:29 It is beautiful.

09:39:31 A lot of activity out there, and you're going to be very,

09:39:34 very pleased.

09:39:36 This past year, we completed the complete rebuilding of the

09:39:39 Washington Street standards, developing the strategic

09:39:44 Channelside strategic plan.

09:39:47 We got the stormwater vault was constructed to improve the

09:39:51 discharge of stormwater collected in the Channelside area

09:39:53 and discharged into the channel's Ybor channel.

09:39:58 We have also, this is amazing.

09:40:03 Residential occupancy is at an all-time high.

09:40:07 Most project are over 90% in this area.

09:40:09 So from where we were, at night go there and see no lights

09:40:15 on, you see a lot of lights turn on at night.

09:40:17 That's how you see you have a healthy market.

09:40:20 You go at night and see residential project.

09:40:23 During the day it tells you nothing.

09:40:25 So that's great.

09:40:26 We got a lot of new retail operations that have opened up.

09:40:30 Dry cleaners, restaurants and neighborhood pubs, a lot of

09:40:33 activity out there.

09:40:34 Okay.

09:40:35 And, we have, the Channelside district's CRA provides the

09:40:38 necessary funding to complete the Stageworks theater, which

09:40:42 is having a sell-out crowds just about every event they're

09:40:47 having.

09:40:47 So that's bringing a lot of activity out there.

09:40:51 Neighborhood participation, we get a good group out there

09:40:54 every meeting we have.

09:40:55 Every monthly meeting.

09:40:57 Which is consistent to the residents being very involved.

09:41:01 They were very involved in the design of the park.

09:41:04 It's their park.

09:41:05 That's why it's been so successful.

09:41:07 And we got a new project out there going on board, which is

09:41:11 the related groups.

09:41:12 That Will be coming on board soon.

09:41:14 That, we're looking forward to 2012.

09:41:17 With the construction of median for Kennedy Boulevard.

09:41:21 That will provide a safe haven for people going in, walking.

09:41:25 And the construction of the related groups project in the

09:41:29 park that's going to be associated with that.

09:41:31 I'd like to thank at this point, we have a very, very good

09:41:34 board.

09:41:35 We probably have over 95% participation on our board.

09:41:39 They show up, they're engaged, and we just got a really good

09:41:45 board.

09:41:45 And second of all, the staff also, Bob McDonaugh and his

09:41:49 staff, with his no nonsense attitude of getting things done,

09:41:53 very straight.

09:41:54 It's just been a perfect -- perfect marriage.

09:41:57 So, that's it.

09:41:58 If you have any questions, I'm here.

09:42:02 >>FRANK REDDICK: Are there any questions from the board?

09:42:05 We thank you.

09:42:14 >>ED JOHNSON: Second up on the agenda is our monthly

09:42:16 activity reports.

09:42:17 I'll start with downtown.

09:42:18 Couple of key things that Mr. McDonaugh wanted us to make

09:42:24 sure we remind you of.

09:42:26 The renovation of the Floridan hotel is nearing completion.

09:42:31 The developer is anticipating to be open here very shortly.

09:42:35 Also, they're in the process of analyzing the RFPs, or

09:42:43 will be in the process of analyzing the RFPs that are

09:42:46 received, the deadline for the receiving of the classic

09:42:50 federal courthouse RFP will be today at 4:00.

09:42:55 As soon as those are in, there is a committee that will be

09:43:00 reviewing those and hopefully selecting the, a great

09:43:05 development for our city.

09:43:06 Moving on, in Ybor, Vince Pardo wanted to make sure that I

09:43:17 thanked Chairman Miranda for flipping the switch on the

09:43:21 historic holiday spirit tree lighting ceremony that was held

09:43:25 November 30th.

09:43:27 Down at central Ybor.

09:43:29 As you know, that kicks off the holiday season for Ybor and

09:43:32 they have a multitude of event that take place throughout

09:43:37 the holiday season.

09:43:38 And they're really appreciative of the chairman attended.

09:43:43 >> You need to be careful about talking about flipping

09:43:45 something.

09:43:45 [ Laughter ]

09:43:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: It was so hot, I lost my hair.

09:43:52 >> Also, there were over 130 members of the Ybor community

09:43:56 that volunteered their time on Sunday, November 20th, to

09:44:00 install holiday decorations throughout 7th, 8th and

09:44:05 9th avenue.

09:44:06 And also helping to kick-off the holiday season in Ybor.

09:44:13 Over at the Channelside, you just heard from Andy, have a

09:44:17 lot of success there.

09:44:18 A lot of good things are happening in our Channel District

09:44:21 and we want to make sure they continue.

09:44:23 Over at Drew Park, the final draft of the Drew Park

09:44:27 streetscape and beautification plan was approved by the Drew

09:44:30 Park's advisory committee and the CRA this past

09:44:35 November 10th.

09:44:36 Both bodies also approved at that time an award of $355,889

09:44:44 contract amendment for bay side engineering to proceed with

09:44:49 the design of the streetscape plan.

09:44:51 And the streetscape, obviously, is not in the Lois and Grady

09:44:55 avenue streetscapes.

09:44:56 Community gateway markers, Tampa Bay Boulevard, Lanier park,

09:45:01 and this represents a milestone in the Drew Park

09:45:03 redevelopment effort that will result in substantial

09:45:06 redevelopment improvements during the next three years.

09:45:08 Also, the U.S. City Council approved a contract to Woodruff

09:45:14 and sons for construction of phase one of the pond

09:45:18 expansion.

09:45:20 This work is scheduled to begin in January.

09:45:22 This is another major milestone for Drew Park on those

09:45:27 needed drainage improvements in Drew Park.

09:45:30 Over to East Tampa, the first segment of phase two of our

09:45:37 22nd Street enhancement project is underway.

09:45:40 Started November 15th.

09:45:41 They're scheduled for completion of that segment by June of

09:45:44 2012.

09:45:45 Also, we have an annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony

09:45:52 also in East Tampa, our fourth annual Christmas tree

09:45:57 lighting which will take place December 9th.

09:45:59 And we are asking that all of you, if at all possible,

09:46:02 please attend that wonderful Christmas tree lighting

09:46:07 ceremony that we have in East Tampa.

09:46:09 This year's it's going to be held at lockout elementary

09:46:13 school.

09:46:13 They've agreed to host the ceremony this year, and their

09:46:18 children will be putting on some great performances, during

09:46:22 that event.

09:46:23 So please I encourage you to attend.

09:46:25 Over in Tampa Heights, the mayor is reviewing the waterworks

09:46:30 building RFP proposal.

09:46:32 And expects to make a decision by the end of this calendar

09:46:35 year.

09:46:35 Central Park, Central Park, they just finished and approved

09:46:44 a contract to Kimberly horn, for design services for the

09:46:49 Perry Harvey Park.

09:46:51 That is being completed and ready to move forward.

09:46:54 Also, if you've noticed the clean on the property of Encore,

09:47:00 that is for the construction of the first senior high rise

09:47:03 on that development, the Ella, and it's moving along quite

09:47:07 nicely.

09:47:08 And the overall department, we just like to point out that

09:47:12 the 2011 CRA activity annual report is being drafted as we

09:47:19 speak.

09:47:19 And Will be coming forward in the very near future.

09:47:23 And that's it on our activities.

09:47:26 The next thing is our CRA community board meeting.

09:47:31 If I could get the Elmo, I'll put this up for you.

09:47:37 And Ybor, Ybor is going to host your CRA board meeting

09:47:44 January 10th at 6:00 p.m.

09:47:46 It will be at HCC on their campus in the Ybor room.

09:47:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: Will we have refreshments?

09:47:55 [ Laughter ]

09:47:56 >> Mr. Pardo will have to speak to that.

09:48:00 >>FRANK REDDICK: Vince, we going to have refreshments?

09:48:05 [ Laughter ]

09:48:05 >> Because I don't have any money, I can't pay for any

09:48:08 refreshments.

09:48:09 You know that.

09:48:10 All right.

09:48:14 Next up is comments from the public.

09:48:19 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, before we do that, let me call up

09:48:22 Mr. Sims, because at the last CRA meeting we had, requested

09:48:26 that he go back and meet with the community group pertaining

09:48:31 to the roundabout on 22nd.

09:48:33 They had the meeting, so will you give us an update on the

09:48:37 outcome of that, so this board will be fully aware of what

09:48:41 transpired.

09:48:43 >> Good morning, distinguished Councilmembers, CRA board,

09:48:46 past S.E. Sims, East Tampa chair, Chairman for the East

09:48:50 Tampa partnership.

09:48:51 As instructed by this agency to go back and facilitate

09:48:54 another meeting with the partnership, stakeholders within

09:48:57 the East Tampa area in regards to the roundabout issue that

09:49:00 had been hotly debated and contested, we held another

09:49:05 special call meeting this past Monday, where it was very

09:49:10 heavily attended by many members of the community.

09:49:14 And those that were probably not part of the community, but

09:49:16 wanted to see the process in its best foot forward.

09:49:21 I tried to do the best I could in presenting a proper forum

09:49:28 as far as how the voting would proceed and I determined that

09:49:31 it was probably the best thing to do was do a vote by

09:49:34 ballot.

09:49:35 That way, we would not demonize anybody by if we had them

09:49:40 standing up and cautioning a whole lot of confusion after we

09:49:43 set the parameters, the criteria as to the eligibility of

09:49:46 voting, we said that you must be a stakeholder that owned

09:49:51 property, worked in East Tampa or an employee of some

09:49:54 business within East Tampa.

09:49:56 After several minutes, probably 25 minutes of debate from

09:50:01 both sides of the agenda, we put forth a ballot vote to the

09:50:05 citizens of the community.

09:50:07 And after that vote was taken, the results of that vote was

09:50:12 very close.

09:50:13 I think if you had an election in the public's eye, you'd

09:50:18 probably have a real election.

09:50:19 But the outcome was 26 votes against the proceeding with

09:50:23 building of the roundabout, and 25 of those that approved

09:50:27 for the roundabout to be built.

09:50:29 It was very close.

09:50:30 Very contentious.

09:50:32 I do want to say, I think in some part, many of the

09:50:37 residents are a little misunderstanding of the information

09:50:41 in the part that we tried to clarify to them, is that in

09:50:46 their desire of the decision to vote against this

09:50:48 roundabout, many feel that we're going to take those same

09:50:53 dollars and put it back into the TIF, which they're

09:50:57 misunderstanding that.

09:50:58 That TIF fund that was allocated will go back into general

09:51:02 funds.

09:51:02 And so, the process went forward.

09:51:06 I instructed the city staff the next day to make sure that

09:51:10 we verified names, with addresses with the property

09:51:13 appraiser's office before we came before you to give you the

09:51:16 results.

09:51:17 And that was the process as we put forth this past Monday.

09:51:21 If there are any questions, I'll entertain questions.

09:51:25 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any questions for the board?

09:51:27 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I don't have a question, but I did pull this

09:51:29 from the Economist and I made copies for everyone.

09:51:32 And we can -- and this is an article, what goes around,

09:51:37 learning to yield.

09:51:38 And it talks about Carmel, Indiana, and roundabouts, which

09:51:44 is something that I have been trying to expose everyone to

09:51:51 here.

09:51:51 And I think, I think roundabouts have, because of what

09:51:55 happened in Clearwater, that is the issue, but from my

09:52:03 feedback, but of course this is anecdotal, is that 40th, the

09:52:09 roundabout there, people really do like it.

09:52:12 Anyway, I'm going to pass these out, and it's just about --

09:52:15 they have, this city has I think one traffic light left.

09:52:19 It is all roundabouts.

09:52:20 And it's very interesting.

09:52:22 And the economist decided to write.

09:52:24 So here you go.

09:52:25 And just pass them out.

09:52:28 And something for you, and Chip maybe shared it with the

09:52:32 community.

09:52:33 I'm sorry I didn't get it to you sooner, but I just saw it

09:52:37 right after the meeting.

09:52:40 >>FRANK REDDICK: Probably needed it just before that vote.

09:52:42 >>YVONNE CAPIN: But the vote is close, so we can go back and

09:52:45 try to show them the difference.

09:52:53 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Once you have certification of the people

09:52:55 that are property owners, and obviously, this vote was

09:52:58 extremely close.

09:52:59 I'm in the same camp as Councilmember Capin, in terms of, I

09:53:03 personally love 7 north 40th Street, just going along there.

09:53:08 It has made a rich difference in the way that street used to

09:53:11 look.

09:53:11 You know, being a long time Tampa resident, I remember going

09:53:15 between Hillsborough Avenue and Busch Boulevard, on 40th.

09:53:19 So, to me, I think it's made a huge difference.

09:53:23 What's the next step then?

09:53:24 Because obviously, we had quite a bit of discussion at the

09:53:28 last CRA concerning roundabouts.

09:53:30 There are a lot of people that were, you know, for and

09:53:33 against.

09:53:34 What's the next steps if you no he?

09:53:36 >> If I may say first, I just want to clear up something.

09:53:40 The last time I was here, I was amidst to state for the

09:53:45 record that I thought we had a Democratic process that went

09:53:48 forward last time that should've said.

09:53:50 It was a miss to say that.

09:53:53 At this present time, it's really up to the agency and the

09:53:55 board itself, to what you decide as to accept our

09:53:59 recommendation from the citizens of our community.

09:54:01 >> Okay, appreciate it.

09:54:04 >>FRANK REDDICK: Question or comment?

09:54:07 Well, thank you, Mr. Sims.

09:54:13 Some people are here that was at the meeting, so I'm going

09:54:17 to let them speak.

09:54:18 Let Mae just say this.

09:54:21 That community has, had about three different votes on this

09:54:25 particular issue.

09:54:26 And each time, it go in favor, go against, nays against.

09:54:34 And always been very, very close.

09:54:38 But it also started to divide the community.

09:54:43 And I think now that last meeting, I had a chance to review

09:54:49 the list of those who voted.

09:54:51 And there was two or three people on the list that was very

09:54:56 questionable, whether they should've been able to vote or

09:54:58 not.

09:54:59 But, I think now people are ready to move forward.

09:55:06 Because it's -- it's very contentious meeting.

09:55:10 I attended the meeting observing, just to sit back and

09:55:13 observe the process.

09:55:14 And there was some hard feelings on both sides.

09:55:17 And I think now they don't want the roundabout, majority of

09:55:25 the people, and those who live in the vicinity of that area

09:55:29 do not want the roundabout.

09:55:31 And I think that we need to move forward because if you pass

09:55:37 down 22nd Street now, they already started the digging

09:55:42 process.

09:55:42 They're tearing up the road.

09:55:44 And if we were to delay that process again by going back to

09:55:50 the community, we're going to have a split vote again.

09:55:53 And we probably going to continue to have a split vote and a

09:55:57 split vote, and this is going to delay that process and I

09:56:01 think the administration want to move forward.

09:56:04 They made a commitment.

09:56:05 They was going to support the roundabout, they were going to

09:56:08 support in making sure that the folks that would develop it

09:56:11 would buy the home in order for the roundabout to be there.

09:56:15 But now that is null and void.

09:56:17 And so, what needs to transpire is what's going to happen,

09:56:22 if you look from, look from MLK south on 22nd at lake,

09:56:31 as you see the design, structure there now with the police

09:56:34 department, the substation that is there, that's what you

09:56:37 will see on from 26th to 23rd, without the roundabout.

09:56:44 So, there will be that design.

09:56:48 So I just think at this point now, instead of having this

09:56:53 community tear each other apart again, we probably just need

09:56:57 to let them move forward and because if we call for another

09:57:02 vote, there's still going to be some questionable votes.

09:57:07 I mean, last time they came before us, before where we

09:57:11 request to go back, because this was people saying they

09:57:13 didn't get the notice.

09:57:14 They didn't vote, so it was noticed.

09:57:17 Everybody went out, over 40 some people attended this event.

09:57:22 And like I stated before, there were about two or three

09:57:25 people when I review the list that were very questionable,

09:57:28 that voted, that probably should not have voted.

09:57:32 But, I'm not going to hold that, hold the whole process up

09:57:36 because of that.

09:57:37 So, that's my opinion on it, but I see some people here want

09:57:42 to speak on public comments, so if we can hear them, hear

09:57:47 what they have to say, we can move forward.

09:57:50 Public comment.

09:57:50 You have three minutes to speak and there's, on any item on

09:57:55 the agenda.

09:57:56 Please identify yourself.

09:57:59 >> I'm Ed Tillou.

09:58:00 I came to speak on the matter of community redevelopment,

09:58:04 but I'll postpone that, that's about resurrecting concerns

09:58:10 about history for the value of tourism that that has.

09:58:13 Mr. Lopano spoke at county commission yesterday and he said

09:58:19 every flight that comes in from Europe generates

09:58:23 $150 million to the local economy.

09:58:25 But if people come once and they don't see anything, well, I

09:58:28 guess it won't continue for very long.

09:58:31 Okay, a few things have come up, they've thrust themselves

09:58:35 out at me.

09:58:36 The first thing is about roundabouts.

09:58:39 Postage stamp size roundabouts.

09:58:41 Roundabouts do not washing if they're too small.

09:58:44 And about the smallest size you can have is about the size

09:58:47 of DuPont circle in DC.

09:58:49 So, anyway, that's what I have to say about roundabouts.

09:58:52 I tried to get here, I had to walk from the terminal, which

09:58:58 from the Amtrak station, which is always fun when you're

09:59:02 handicapped.

09:59:03 Okay, there was construction going on.

09:59:05 Our wonderful Encore that we just heard about.

09:59:08 An operation was being done during the day that should be

09:59:11 done at night, and it was tying up everyone and

09:59:13 inconveniencing things.

09:59:15 So, as I see people reading the newspapers and the

09:59:19 newspapers say 4500 construction jobs have been lost in the

09:59:23 area.

09:59:24 And everybody is smalling as they read that, because it's

09:59:27 less hassle.

09:59:28 There is horrible, horrible, coordination of construction

09:59:31 activities here.

09:59:33 A minuscule thing is being done and traffic is tied up right

09:59:37 and left.

09:59:37 So there is a tremendous need for a workshop on that.

09:59:40 A workshop on construction coordination involving the Tampa

09:59:45 PD and other groups of people, because this is horrible.

09:59:48 I can't say --

09:59:50 >> Excuse me, please stick with some item on the agenda.

09:59:55 >> Well, that is an item on the agenda when it takes me a

09:59:59 half an hour to hobble here.

10:00:00 And it's Encore, which was just mentioned.

10:00:05 Okay, a lot of people see these meetings afterward and even

10:00:09 though I say a lot of things, people might not want to hear,

10:00:12 a lot of people come up to me afterwards and they see it on

10:00:16 TV and they say, you were saying things that need to be

10:00:19 said.

10:00:19 Now, I don't know what it's going to take, it might take a

10:00:24 throw of the rascals out again.

10:00:26 That's where term limits came from.

10:00:28 Because incumbents, I'm not listening to people.

10:00:32 That's why you have all these people here occupy Tampa.

10:00:36 There's a message being sent and it's not being gotten.

10:00:39 Now, another irritation we hear about Ybor City events.

10:00:43 I went to one of them last night and the place PSA was all

10:00:46 boarded up.

10:00:47 So you're going to have to get community support on these

10:00:50 different events.

10:00:51 As for speed tables, as a motorist, I hate them.

10:00:55 As a bus rider, I hated them.

10:00:57 And we always thought they were coming from the residents.

10:00:59 And then over in county commission wants, the room was

10:01:03 packed with residents that were against them.

10:01:05 So there's a community activist, I read in the paper that

10:01:08 thinks speed tables are great.

10:01:10 I think Mr. Suarez's idea about improved lighting is a much

10:01:14 better idea, because speed tables, like postage stamp sized

10:01:18 roundabouts, do not work.

10:01:20 >> Thank you, sir.

10:01:21 Next?

10:01:28 >> Good morning.

10:01:34 Curtis Brown.

10:01:41 Would just like to address the Council and say due to the

10:01:56 fact that the roundabout was rejected, you still should go

10:02:00 ahead with the enhancement of that area.

10:02:02 This was originally drawing I think maybe we can have some

10:02:07 type of a contest, put the kids in this area, like the

10:02:12 student at south that and ACC or whatever, to give us a

10:02:15 drawing.

10:02:17 Maybe three drawings and give them scholarship for first,

10:02:20 second and third prize, as to what the community would

10:02:23 accept.

10:02:24 If they don't like this particular drawing of the

10:02:27 roundabout, I don't think we should leave it like the

10:02:32 original area the way it looks now.

10:02:35 I think we should enhance it.

10:02:37 Because you said that the roundabout was enhanced area, so

10:02:40 you have a second choice for enhancing the area using the

10:02:44 roundabout.

10:02:45 So I just hope that we can move forward and bring the

10:02:48 community out back together.

10:02:50 Thank you.

10:02:51 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:02:52 Next?

10:02:58 >> Mr. Chairman and your fellow members of the Community

10:03:10 Redevelopment Agency, I'm Al Davis.

10:03:13 Before I proceed with my comment, I would like to clarify

10:03:26 the statement relative to the matter is moot, rescinded, or

10:03:32 did I understand them correctly?

10:03:34 In other words, what is moot or whatever you said to

10:03:42 indicate that what we had proceeded on with before is no

10:03:48 longer applicable?

10:03:51 And/or even what the by the community.

10:03:57 I'm not certain, Mr. Chairman, what you call divide the

10:04:06 community.

10:04:07 The only way the community going to be unified is that we

10:04:13 all agree to the same thing.

10:04:15 And have you ever seen any community that agrees all of them

10:04:20 the same time?

10:04:21 What you call a unanimous consent or agreement?

10:04:26 But anyway, please explain this term.

10:04:33 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Davis, the vote was taken.

10:04:36 They accept the vote and we moving on.

10:04:39 >> Okay, good.

10:04:40 Are you saying then as a result of the vote was taken, then

10:04:43 that rescind what was in progress before?

10:04:49 >>FRANK REDDICK: No, no, no.

10:04:51 We moving on from the roundabout.

10:04:52 >> Beg your pardon?

10:04:54 >>FRANK REDDICK: We're moving on from the roundabout.

10:04:56 >> Oh, moving on from the roundabout.

10:04:58 Okay.

10:04:59 Okay, that's what I'm understanding.

10:05:01 At least I understand your explanation there to what it

10:05:05 means.

10:05:06 But, now to my than comments to the issue.

10:05:15 And I have copies of the comment for each of you.

10:05:22 And I believe Mister, the attorney going to help me,

10:05:27 somebody going to help me with distributing it.

10:05:29 Mr. Chairman, I appreciate the assistance of the city clerk

10:05:41 and the provision of assisting to, with handicap, as

10:05:49 provided by the American disability of the handicap.

10:05:52 For my comments have been memorialized in a little

10:05:58 memorandum I think I would like to read for the record and

10:06:03 to be received and filed.

10:06:04 I believe someone said that --

10:06:08 >> Mr. Davis, we have a policy, if someone needs help with

10:06:11 something at one of our meeting, the ADA procedures, we'll

10:06:17 help, read into the record.

10:06:19 Very short.

10:06:19 I'll do that right now.

10:06:21 To share Nan Frank Reddick and fellow members from Al Davis,

10:06:25 East Tampa, date, December 8th, 2011.

10:06:28 Subject, request to reaffirm approval.

10:06:30 This Community Redevelopment Agency is urged to reaffirm its

10:06:34 prior approval of 22nd Street, major commercial

10:06:37 corridor, continued work in progress, including the

10:06:40 roundabout and land assembly.

10:06:42 Place refer to your approval cited by the adoption of East

10:06:45 Tampa strategic action plan pages 17, 18, 50 and 51, thank

10:06:50 you for your consideration.

10:06:54 >> Mr. Chairman, thank you for that.

10:07:01 And the optimal burden, Mr. Chairman, and your fellow

10:07:06 members, is reaffirm.

10:07:10 And that's what was supposed to have done at the community

10:07:13 meeting, is to reaffirm, because the CAC approved it, your

10:07:20 partnership itself approved it.

10:07:22 And I don't know why it was back on the table again when,

10:07:28 just because you were not -- anyway, just because you were

10:07:33 not at present when it was approved does not negate the

10:07:42 adoption of the approval.

10:07:45 So I'm not the Council.

10:07:47 At the board, not the board, but the agency members, to

10:07:52 reaffirm its approval that was done.

10:07:55 I have a copy of the --

10:07:58 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Davis.

10:07:59 Anyone else wish to speak?

10:08:04 >> Michael Farmer.

10:08:06 Now, I don't -- I don't want any of you to get mad with me

10:08:11 or anything.

10:08:12 It's just the way, things just have happened.

10:08:16 This issue about the roundabout, to come back to the

10:08:18 community, to clarify previous vote caused the issue to be

10:08:22 voted on again and has caused more discord in the community,

10:08:25 with residents and business taking sides.

10:08:29 But you Mr. Reddick, and or this CRA boarding, to send this

10:08:34 issue back to the community that has changed since three

10:08:37 phase project was approved by the community at that time, is

10:08:42 indeed a disservice to the City of Tampa, the residents,

10:08:46 business and the future growth of East Tampa.

10:08:48 The project was approved.

10:08:51 Not in part.

10:08:52 And should not be voted on in part.

10:08:54 It is one project.

10:08:56 Constructed in three phases.

10:08:58 Money was appropriated to buy all the land involved with the

10:09:01 project.

10:09:02 The citizens and business New Year's ago this was being

10:09:05 done.

10:09:06 And now those who the growth will affect, wait until money

10:09:10 has been spent and construction to begin.

10:09:13 Now, and only now do they want to come forth and say change

10:09:17 it.

10:09:18 If there was a problem in phase three, that should have been

10:09:22 solved before land assembly and before design, not after.

10:09:26 As you well know, East Tampa TIF does not have hundreds,

10:09:31 thousands and surely not a million dollars to waste.

10:09:34 Too much of TIF money has been spent for new or old group of

10:09:39 residents or businesses that oppose change to come forward

10:09:43 and stop progress just to have it their way.

10:09:46 Look at all the time that has passed.

10:09:48 And they said nothing.

10:09:50 Now is not the time to say something.

10:09:52 I propose that although this may be the first time since the

10:09:56 CRA board is in part responsibly, unknowingly to have

10:10:01 financial approval in all CRA matters.

10:10:07 I'm asking that you take control of this project.

10:10:10 Make sure that it's finished to completion, all three

10:10:13 phases, make sure that East Tampa has a stop safe measure in

10:10:18 place for all projects of substantial amounts to assure no

10:10:21 stoppage on a project after a certain amount has been spent.

10:10:25 We cannot continue to go into the future because a group of

10:10:30 or persons don't care what has been spent and want something

10:10:33 changed.

10:10:34 If this is not done, I will encourage East Tampa residents

10:10:38 and business not to pay their taxes until the CRA board can

10:10:42 assure us they will monitor and take appropriate steps as

10:10:46 not to waste our tax dollars.

10:10:48 Now, I'm not saying don't pay your taxes should not be said,

10:10:54 but I don't have the luxury of paying taxes and a group of

10:10:57 persons can come to this CRA board and convince you to waste

10:11:00 my money I pay taxes.

10:11:02 If it's that easy, then give me a refund on my taxes.

10:11:06 Thank you.

10:11:09 >>FRANK REDDICK: Anybody else?

10:11:12 >> Good morning.

10:11:13 I'm Geraldine William Shaw.

10:11:15 And I am a member of the board in East Tampa.

10:11:19 I would ask the CRA board to take a look at the

10:11:24 parliamentary procedures that were followed relative to

10:11:28 sending this issue back to the community.

10:11:30 If indeed I understand, that if indeed those procedures were

10:11:33 handled properly and the decision now rests with you.

10:11:38 I would ask you to please consider having an alternative to

10:11:42 the roundabout constructed at that site, or developed at

10:11:46 that site.

10:11:47 My understanding is that $250,000 were allocated for the

10:11:51 project.

10:11:53 And if that $250,000 are not used for that particular

10:11:58 project, then it goes back into general funds.

10:12:02 An alternative to that would be having another project

10:12:05 developed at that site.

10:12:07 That is acceptable by the community, and use the money for

10:12:12 that purpose rather than having the $250,000 returned to the

10:12:18 general fund.

10:12:18 I don't think that we can afford to do that.

10:12:22 In the area, that specific area does need enhancement.

10:12:25 We would ask you to consider.

10:12:28 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

10:12:28 Anyone else wish to speak?

10:12:30 Mr. Johnson?

10:12:32 You want to speak to the money going back to general funds?

10:12:36 You want to speak to that?

10:12:40 >>ED JOHNSON: Yes, Mr. Chairman, the 22nd Street project

10:12:44 was approved by your agency, as one complete project.

10:12:49 And we allocated funding at that time for the, for this

10:12:55 project that started with fiscal year 2008 funding.

10:12:59 That's how far back it goes.

10:13:01 What information, referring to is that part of the

10:13:08 allocation of funding that will fund this whole project,

10:13:12 $2 million of it was provided by the City of Tampa, in two

10:13:20 parts.

10:13:21 $800,000 that came out of their highway tax dollars, which

10:13:28 comes from the federal government.

10:13:31 $800,000 plus $1.2 million out of the city CIT trust fund.

10:13:37 That $2 million was committed to, at the time that we

10:13:41 started this project back in 2008, was approximately

10:13:45 $7 million.

10:13:45 So, of a $7 million project, 2 million of it was going to

10:13:51 come from the city's coffers.

10:13:53 What folks are referring to, if we're going to spend a

10:13:57 million dollars to construct phase three, which is the

10:13:59 roundabout, that if we're not moving forward with that, then

10:14:02 that money would end up going back to the city's coffers.

10:14:07 The commitment of the 1.2 million from the CIT.

10:14:11 The $800,000 we are not going to be able to return because

10:14:14 that is what is being used right now in the first segment of

10:14:19 phase two, which is under construction right now.

10:14:22 So we have already applied for that money from FDOT and that

10:14:25 $800,000 is going to be part of that segment that's being

10:14:28 built today.

10:14:28 So, at issue right now is the $1.2 million of city CIT

10:14:34 money, which could still stay in the project, or it could be

10:14:37 pulled.

10:14:38 I don't have the answer to that yet.

10:14:39 But, you know, because this vote just happened on Monday to

10:14:44 state that we're not going to go ahead with the roundabout.

10:14:47 So until we go back and reassess where we are funding-wise,

10:14:50 I can't give you a yes or a no that the money would be

10:14:53 returned to the general revenue fund that the city had

10:14:56 committed.

10:14:59 >>FRANK REDDICK: Commissioner Suarez?

10:15:00 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Mr. Johnson, how much cost do we have into

10:15:03 this right now?

10:15:04 I mean, I understand about the $800,000 with the feds.

10:15:07 And then, of our money, either CIT or city money.

10:15:12 >>ED JOHNSON: Are you referring to the roundabout issue?

10:15:14 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I am.

10:15:16 >>ED JOHNSON: The roundabout, we're about 70% completion on

10:15:19 the design of the roundabout.

10:15:21 So, I've been informed that it's approximately 150 to

10:15:26 $170,000 once we get all the bills paid that has already

10:15:30 been spent for the design.

10:15:32 So that's all that's been spent on phase three.

10:15:35 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And the design portion, that 150 to 170 was

10:15:38 included in the $8 million -- was it 8 million or

10:15:43 $7 million?

10:15:45 $7 million total project cost.

10:15:47 >> Correct.

10:15:48 >> Thank you.

10:15:49 >>FRANK REDDICK: Ms. Montelione?

10:15:56 >>LISA MONTELIONE: It's been discussed and it's no secret

10:15:59 that my concern about this project has been the cost of

10:16:04 acquisition for the home that is in that vicinity, where the

10:16:11 roundabout's going to be proposed.

10:16:13 And there were couple of meetings that we have had, you and

10:16:17 I, with various other individuals attending, and at the very

10:16:21 first meeting I had looked at the plans and made some

10:16:25 suggestions -- made some suggestions and requested that the

10:16:31 FDOT and the engineering firm, is it Tindale Oliver?

10:16:38 >> Wade Trim.

10:16:38 >> Wade Trim.

10:16:39 I'm sorry, my apologies to Wade Trim.

10:16:42 Doing the plans, come back with, as has been suggested, some

10:16:47 alternatives.

10:16:50 I saw some that may work, may not work, but I asked that

10:16:55 someone come back with the response to what I had suggested,

10:16:59 or perhaps make other suggestions that would be feasible.

10:17:05 And I never got that response back.

10:17:07 I got a letter from FDOT saying that something needs to be

10:17:15 done, the roundabout needs to be done.

10:17:17 It was vague, it was general, and it was just supporting the

10:17:21 idea conceptually that we're going to do this.

10:17:25 But, wasn't specifically responding to the issues and the

10:17:29 questions that I asked.

10:17:31 So, I still to this day have not gotten specific answers to

10:17:36 the specific questions that I asked for.

10:17:39 >> And I can answer that if you allow me.

10:17:42 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I will.

10:17:42 Or you can wait until the rest of what I have to say.

10:17:47 >> All right.

10:17:48 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And I have another question for you, is

10:17:50 that the, the cost of the property that would have to be

10:17:56 acquired, and I saw in that rendering that was shown, that

10:18:02 Mr. Brown put up there, that there's a structure still

10:18:05 depicted in that rendering, which is that house.

10:18:08 So, is that conceptually going to stay?

10:18:14 Is it going to be acquired not demolished, but re-purposed

10:18:19 for, you know, maybe community use?

10:18:22 Or some other explanation?

10:18:25 Why am I still seeing that house in that rendering?

10:18:28 Or that structure?

10:18:29 Maybe it's not going to be a residence, but that structure

10:18:32 is still in that.

10:18:35 And further, has there been discussions with the property

10:18:39 owner knowing that we are, as a body, not really enthused

10:18:47 with paying 3, 4, 5, 6 times the value of that house for the

10:18:54 acquisition?

10:18:55 Okay.

10:18:55 Three-part question.

10:18:56 Now, Mr. Johnson.

10:18:59 >>ED JOHNSON: The first question in that you were referring

10:19:03 to about going back and looking for alternative solutions.

10:19:08 To ask the engineers to do that costs money.

10:19:10 They're not going too do it for free.

10:19:12 So there again, we're continuing to spend design money on a

10:19:16 project that we don't know for sure if we're going to move

10:19:20 forward.

10:19:20 So we made the decision to wait until we finalized this

10:19:24 issue of, are we going to do this roundabout project or not?

10:19:29 >>LISA MONTELIONE: If you go back to the initial process, in

10:19:32 the course of design way back in the beginning when Wade

10:19:35 Trim was first engaged, there was hopefully some

10:19:40 alternatives suggested.

10:19:42 It wasn't said to Wade Trim, or maybe it was, we're putting

10:19:46 a roundabout here, design me a roundabout.

10:19:49 Or were they asked to come up with a solution to the traffic

10:19:55 problem that is occurring on that road?

10:20:00 So they would have come forward, hopefully they would have

10:20:03 come forward with a couple of different alternatives, which

10:20:06 is typical, we can do this for this amount of money, or we

10:20:11 can do this.

10:20:12 And here are your alternatives.

10:20:15 Tell me, City of Tampa, what direction do you want us as

10:20:18 engineers to go in?

10:20:20 So, and I haven't seen any of those alternatives and what

10:20:24 the costs of those alternatives would have been.

10:20:27 At this point in time, now we're only looking at the

10:20:30 roundabout.

10:20:30 So, maybe I'm not asking them to go back and do something

10:20:35 new.

10:20:36 Let's see what it was they proposed in addition to the

10:20:39 roundabout.

10:20:40 >>ED JOHNSON: Remember, this was a community-driven process.

10:20:42 And this process took place over several, several years and

10:20:49 several different community type workshops and charettes.

10:20:54 The engineers presented multiple types of alternatives for

10:20:58 that intersection.

10:21:00 The community decided it wanted them to engage in

10:21:03 roundabouts after they went to Clearwater in 2007, which I

10:21:09 shared with you.

10:21:10 Their viewing of roundabouts and what it could do to enhance

10:21:14 the appeal into their community for redevelopment purposes.

10:21:18 The community asked for that to happen.

10:21:21 That's what they designed at that time.

10:21:23 So, they did what the community asked them to do.

10:21:27 So that has always been part of the project.

10:21:29 The rendering that Mr. Brown shared with you, was also a

10:21:33 document that I shared with you earlier.

10:21:35 That was the result of another design firm, Wilson Miller,

10:21:41 that did work for an East Tampa front porch organization

10:21:46 that was funded by the state of Florida to do some type of a

10:21:50 design around 22nd Street.

10:21:52 That was the product that came out of that particular work.

10:21:56 We incorporated those ideas around that plan into the

10:22:01 development of our 22nd Street corridor.

10:22:04 That's why that document has been always referenced and we

10:22:07 have always used it, because we made a commitment that we

10:22:10 would always take that previous work that was already paid

10:22:13 forks and use some of these design concepts in it.

10:22:15 So, that's the direction that we took.

10:22:17 But it was driven by the community.

10:22:20 The second issue that you raise about the house.

10:22:23 The house, again, if we were not going forward with this

10:22:30 project, there would be no reason to pen money to buy the

10:22:33 house unless we come up with another option.

10:22:36 That again is going to be up to the community to decide if

10:22:39 it quantities to move forward with another concept at that

10:22:42 apex.

10:22:43 If that includes acquiring enough land to do another type of

10:22:47 project other than a roundabout, then we will come back and

10:22:50 reconsider the house.

10:22:52 As far as the property owner goes, we have been to the

10:22:54 property owner several, on several occasions trying to

10:22:58 negotiate them off of this $65,000 number.

10:23:00 They will not budge.

10:23:02 And the reason they won't budge is that we have put all of

10:23:06 this out into the public.

10:23:07 They know that we're doing some type of redevelopment

10:23:10 project along this corridor.

10:23:12 So they think that their property has more value.

10:23:17 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I know we have objected to the process --

10:23:20 we have objected to the price of that property, and we are

10:23:24 still sitting here after many, many months and even years,

10:23:27 still not reaching a decision.

10:23:29 So, the message to the property owner should say, this isn't

10:23:32 set in stone yet.

10:23:33 I mean -- were, we wouldn't still be here talking about it.

10:23:40 >>ED JOHNSON: You're absolutely correct.

10:23:42 >>LISA MONTELIONE: The property owner said no, we could say

10:23:45 no.

10:23:46 >>ED JOHNSON: That's the risk they're willing to take.

10:23:48 So they're still on the $65,000 number because they still

10:23:51 know there's other development taking place in that

10:23:53 corridor.

10:23:54 So eventually some day they feel their property is going to

10:23:56 be of that value.

10:23:58 >>FRANK REDDICK: What I think he's probably going to ask

10:24:01 more than that.

10:24:01 The digging going on on 22nd, so you know there's a

10:24:04 project in the works because they started the digging in the

10:24:07 road.

10:24:08 If I was a property owner sitting there, you need my

10:24:10 property, you start all that digging, I will raise it up

10:24:13 more.

10:24:14 Because you need the property.

10:24:15 But let me just say this, and Mr. Farmer said something at

10:24:20 the meeting we attended Monday night.

10:24:22 And I think it need to be stated to this board.

10:24:25 We, when this process first started, I was involved on the

10:24:31 executive committee of the East Tampa partnership.

10:24:34 We, that regular board, that consists of Sam Kinsey as

10:24:42 chair, that board members, executive board consisted of

10:24:46 Chloe Conan, Diane Hart, David P. William, Frank Reddick,

10:24:53 Evangeline Best, we sat on that board at that time, we were

10:24:58 original members who got this started.

10:25:00 We agreed to this process that now people are saying no to.

10:25:06 We were no longer on this board, and what happened is that

10:25:12 at that time, all these meetings were public.

10:25:18 We hold them over faith Matthew missionary Baptist church

10:25:22 educational center.

10:25:24 We still have almost 150 to 200 people attend our meetings.

10:25:28 No one objected to the plan when we be serve, when we

10:25:34 presented it to the community.

10:25:35 No one.

10:25:38 And I guess the design of Mr. Green or somebody, University

10:25:42 of South Florida who worked with, all these people who work

10:25:46 with us and we took it to the community, we discussed it.

10:25:50 No one objected to anything we were doing.

10:25:57 Our original plan was to start on 34th street.

10:26:01 Betty P. William, that was her heart and her soul.

10:26:06 I want to start on 34th street.

10:26:08 And we thought 22nd was more important.

10:26:12 And we let's do 22nd Street.

10:26:15 And now, what has happened, you don't have, those people

10:26:21 that I named, sitting on that executive board or involved

10:26:27 directly with the partnership, so when you got the new

10:26:30 people who got involved, and they saw that this was getting

10:26:35 ready to be implemented, they don't want it.

10:26:38 And this is where the problem comes in.

10:26:41 But when the original plan was designed and approved by the

10:26:46 community, you had 200 and some people from the community

10:26:52 sit there and Mr. Johnson can tell you, all of those

10:26:55 designs, put all up on the board, on the wall, everybody had

10:26:59 a chance to review it.

10:27:01 No one objected to it.

10:27:04 Everybody thought it was the most beautiful thing in the

10:27:07 world, oh, 22nd going to look great.

10:27:09 40th Street going to look beautiful.

10:27:11 All of this was going, we got money being spent in our

10:27:15 community.

10:27:16 That's what the current of the conversation.

10:27:19 Now, it's a different story.

10:27:20 And so, this is what we are facing at this moment.

10:27:27 And so you got those people and I was a part of it, that

10:27:33 approved that plan through the support of the community.

10:27:36 And no one, and I will tell you, we had numerous meetings.

10:27:41 We had them in the morning, so everybody who could not

10:27:45 attend, those who were working, we will have them in the

10:27:48 evening.

10:27:48 That's where the concept started where we rotated from I

10:27:51 think had 9:00 in the morning, and to 6:00 or something in

10:27:55 the evening, on the alternate meetings.

10:27:58 So everybody, all this was planned and put together through

10:28:02 that executive committee that I served on, along with Sam

10:28:06 Kinsey being the chair.

10:28:08 And none of those people objected.

10:28:11 So, I don't know why so many are objecting to this problem

10:28:17 now -- to this plan now.

10:28:21 But I think if the community -- and I'm to the point now

10:28:26 where, you know, the community voted.

10:28:29 I believe in Democratic process.

10:28:30 They voted, they don't want it, move forward.

10:28:32 But, they can't come back and say, dictate now well, we

10:28:39 don't want the round about, but we want this.

10:28:41 We still want enhancement improvement and all these designs

10:28:46 done in that area, when that was part of the process.

10:28:53 So, may discussion would be and I think Mr. Johnson made it

10:28:57 clear, we need to find out if that's the I.T. money can be

10:29:03 utilized to carry out additional part of that development.

10:29:07 And if they can, then yes, let's finish with enhancement and

10:29:12 let's continue to improve.

10:29:13 But, yes, they're going to be enhancement.

10:29:19 It's going to look better than what it look now.

10:29:21 If you see the police substation and see the middle of the

10:29:23 road, the design they got out this, that's what you're going

10:29:26 to see.

10:29:27 Just ain't going to see a roundabout.

10:29:29 So the enhancement will be there, that old house might be

10:29:33 still sitting there, but one day it's going to fall down,

10:29:36 because it ain't going to last much longer.

10:29:39 Strong wind come through, going to knock it down anyway.

10:29:41 So it is going to sit there, and the problem going to be, if

10:29:46 that person's not willing to budge, he's sitting there

10:29:50 knowing that those big old tractors whatever you call that

10:29:54 dig up those roads and sidewalks, approaching his property,

10:29:57 and they're doing that now.

10:30:00 And he going to sit there.

10:30:02 And that's -- I think each one sitting around there today,

10:30:07 will say, you want my property?

10:30:11 I see you out this digging up that road.

10:30:13 Now I offer 65,000.

10:30:15 Now I'm up to 75.

10:30:16 And if you, if you put the financial burden of the

10:30:26 businessman, you trying to go to get more than you can what

10:30:29 it's appraised for.

10:30:31 And I think Mr. Randall said at the last conversation, it

10:30:35 going to cost you.

10:30:38 It going to cost you.

10:30:39 And this is what's happening right now.

10:30:42 But, I mean, this board, you got -- if you all want to go in

10:30:49 the direction, let's do it.

10:30:51 But I think I'm willing to hear whatever suggestions you

10:30:56 might have.

10:30:57 But I think we need to move forward and I think the

10:31:01 community has spoken.

10:31:02 So anybody else wish to -- yes, ma'am?

10:31:06 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I just wanted to address the one thing

10:31:08 you said about property owners and sitting there and

10:31:10 thinking that it's going to go up.

10:31:12 The reason why they have that idea is because we say yes to

10:31:16 everything.

10:31:16 When there's a piece of property that comes forward that we

10:31:19 need to buy for whatever reason, we say yes.

10:31:22 Or I think at this point, when we have as Mr. Farmer said,

10:31:27 we have very limited funds in the CIT.

10:31:29 We are coffers are almost bone dry in all of our CRA funds.

10:31:35 So if we don't start saying no, property owners are going to

10:31:38 think they've got a blank check.

10:31:40 Because we sit here and we say yes every time somebody comes

10:31:45 forward with, we need to buy this property.

10:31:47 So, they're getting the message, if it goes to City Council,

10:31:50 yeah, they'll say yes, because you know, this project is

10:31:53 already gone.

10:31:54 So they're going to demand any amount of money they want.

10:31:57 If we don't start putting our foot down and say no every

10:32:00 once in a while and get the message out there that no, the

10:32:03 City of Tampa is not a blank check, just because there's a

10:32:07 project in that neighborhood doesn't mean your lottery

10:32:11 ticket has just come up.

10:32:12 I mean, I know the laws of real estate.

10:32:16 I've been doing this a long time.

10:32:17 And people will be holdouts.

10:32:20 And they'll demand and they'll demand -- the company I work

10:32:23 for built an entire community, or actually we ended up going

10:32:27 in and buying somebody's property who was a holdout, new in

10:32:32 community, built Fishhawk around a particular farm in

10:32:35 Fishhawk because he did not want to sell.

10:32:37 And they said well, fine, we're not going to pay your price.

10:32:41 We're not going to buy your property.

10:32:43 And they built around him.

10:32:44 And eventually, few years later, he ended up selling it to

10:32:47 the company that I worked for at a much less amount of

10:32:51 money, because somebody at Newland said no, we're not going

10:32:56 to buy it.

10:32:58 So that's the message that we need to send in this economic

10:33:02 environment and with our coffers as dry as they are, that

10:33:05 no, we don't have a blank check and you're not going to be

10:33:08 able to demand how much money you want us to spend.

10:33:14 >>FRANK REDDICK: Councilwoman Capin, you want to say

10:33:17 something?

10:33:18 >>YVONNE CAPIN: No.

10:33:18 Well, I will say this.

10:33:20 And when it comes to the real estate, if it doesn't have to

10:33:25 be the city.

10:33:26 If someone knocked on my door and I did not have my property

10:33:29 for sale, and they said I want to buy your property, I'm

10:33:34 going to say, you know, it's not for sale.

10:33:36 This is what I want.

10:33:37 That is -- it is exactly the law of supply and demand.

10:33:44 And in order to do this roundabout, that property needs to

10:33:51 be acquired.

10:33:52 Therefore, we are in this issue.

10:33:55 Yes, it's higher than its value or appraised value, but I've

10:34:02 seen that many a time.

10:34:03 It doesn't have to be the City of Tampa.

10:34:05 It could be anyone.

10:34:06 And yes, you know, that project, you can work around it, but

10:34:11 in this case, in order to go forward with the roundabout, it

10:34:17 has to be purchased.

10:34:19 There is no other option, I don't -- I'm pretty sure.

10:34:24 So, that is just, you know, about that house, yeah, I agree,

10:34:31 it is higher than it should be, but it is again supply and

10:34:34 demand.

10:34:34 Thank you.

10:34:36 >>FRANK REDDICK: Councilmember mired.

10:34:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

10:34:40 You know there's a thing called eminent domain.

10:34:42 There's another thing called common sense.

10:34:50 And between those two lie a common cause.

10:34:54 Or I can say six words.

10:34:57 How about that?

10:35:00 What we have here, I can go back historically and maybe

10:35:03 someone in the audience, including yourself, Mr. Johnson,

10:35:06 remembers what the cost was to buy a duplex or a triplex or

10:35:10 something in Ybor City when we wanted to build a parking

10:35:14 garage.

10:35:14 I forget what the number was, but it was upward of half

10:35:19 medals or something like that, because we couldn't come to a

10:35:22 settlement.

10:35:23 These are the things that you have to look at.

10:35:28 Not the present value by itself, but the cost of going

10:35:35 forward in litigation, the costs of going forward in

10:35:38 relocation, the cost in going forward in paying that

10:35:41 person's attorney fees, and that happens in eminent domain.

10:35:45 And who is going to be the benefactor if it's not the

10:35:49 citizens and taxpayers?

10:35:51 Are we paying more?

10:35:52 More than likely, yes.

10:35:53 Are we paying less when you look at the future and say,

10:35:56 here's what the probabilities are going to be on this parcel

10:36:01 of property?

10:36:03 Listen, I got some houses that I bought here and there.

10:36:07 None of them are for sale.

10:36:08 I don't care what price.

10:36:10 Because I don't need the money.

10:36:12 I'm going to tell you just like it is.

10:36:14 However, if I wanted to sell them, a price may be lower.

10:36:20 But if I didn't need to sell them, the price is certainly

10:36:23 going to be higher.

10:36:24 And that's on the common sense side.

10:36:27 On the reality side is, they know, we know, the neighborhood

10:36:31 knows what the cost of doing business is.

10:36:37 If you want to buy something and you can't come to an

10:36:41 agreement and you want to go as big brothers and big sisters

10:36:45 and go after this eminent domain for the betterment of all,

10:36:49 you're going to pay for the betterment of all.

10:36:52 And I don't want to take that risk.

10:36:54 That's all I'm saying, thank you, from E Mr. Chairman.

10:36:58 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right, Mr. Cohen?

10:37:03 >>HARRY COHEN: I just want to make one comment regarding the

10:37:05 issue of the roundabout itself and the vote.

10:37:07 It sound to me like this meeting was properly noticed and

10:37:13 people believed when they were voting that their vote was

10:37:17 going to mean something.

10:37:18 And the 26-25 vote, while certainly demonstrating that the

10:37:22 community is divided, it's still a vote and it still should

10:37:26 be respected as a vote.

10:37:28 Because of the comments that were made by the chair, who is

10:37:32 also the district representative in the area, and buttressed

10:37:36 by the fact that he was involved in the planning for the

10:37:40 initial roundabout, I think it's appropriate to defer to

10:37:43 your judgment, to the judgment of the community, and to not

10:37:47 push something forward when there's been a vote taken

10:37:52 against it.

10:37:52 >> I agree.

10:37:54 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Suarez?

10:37:55 >>MIKE SUAREZ: One last comment.

10:37:56 I thank you, chair.

10:37:57 First, I want to reiterate what Mr. Cohen said in terms of

10:38:02 your history, in terms of this particular project is much

10:38:06 deeper, much longer than all of us combined.

10:38:09 And I think that's important, and we, I would agree with him

10:38:12 that we would defer to you in terms of your expertise in

10:38:15 some of the things that are going on.

10:38:17 In terms of Councilwoman Montelione's viewpoint about the

10:38:22 property, I'm about as cheap as anyone out there.

10:38:25 [ Laughter ]

10:38:26 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And I will tell you, I hate spending money,

10:38:29 okay?

10:38:30 And I am in total agreement on what you said.

10:38:33 The problem that we have, and I think you understand this,

10:38:36 and I know that this is not something that's new to you

10:38:39 or -- when we start looking at some of the project that we

10:38:43 talked about, and we both serve on the MPO together.

10:38:45 And the presentation we had last week about livable streets,

10:38:51 there's going to be a lot of these issues that are going to

10:38:53 come up in terms of what we're doing.

10:38:55 The things that make both our city streets liveable and

10:39:02 safe, unfortunately is going to cost us more money.

10:39:05 That's something I believe our job as a board here and our

10:39:08 job as councilmen, Councilwoman, is to tell people that

10:39:13 there is a real cost to making things, not only safer, but

10:39:17 also more beautiful.

10:39:18 And more usable.

10:39:20 And that's kind of the tradeoff that we have.

10:39:23 It's an unfortunate one.

10:39:24 I know, because as I said, I don't lake spending money.

10:39:27 You're right, that house is probably not worth anywhere near

10:39:30 $65,000.

10:39:31 Even if you add ten or 20% to the appraised value.

10:39:35 But, when we want to do these project that are so important

10:39:39 to making it more livable, I really think that that's,

10:39:42 that's the tradeoff.

10:39:43 It's a terrible tradeoff.

10:39:45 And I agree, it is.

10:39:46 But it is one that, it's the burden that we have as board

10:39:50 members and it's the burden wave as councilmen.

10:39:54 And to me, it's a tradeoff I'm willing to make when it is a

10:39:58 good project.

10:39:59 I think this project unfortunately has gotten mixed up in

10:40:02 terms of the history of it and what you've told us, that

10:40:05 it's gone through a lot of iterations, primarily because of

10:40:08 different members, different people getting involved at

10:40:12 different times.

10:40:12 And to me, that causes more confusion than it does clarity.

10:40:15 And I'm very happy that you've been able to tell us and

10:40:19 Mr. Johnson's been able to tell us the clarification of some

10:40:22 of the things that have happened over the years.

10:40:26 Because for me, it is, I think a good project.

10:40:29 I like both project, to be honest with you.

10:40:32 The one that Wilson Miller came up with and the other

10:40:35 project.

10:40:35 I think they're both equally good.

10:40:37 I like the roundabout better because I think it's going to

10:40:39 be safer in the long run.

10:40:41 But, you know, the beautification of the street itself and

10:40:44 that area, I think is extremely important.

10:40:47 We are battered too many times because every part of the

10:40:51 city says that we're not doing enough for their part of the

10:40:54 city.

10:40:55 And this is one thing that we can show that yes, we are

10:40:57 interested in improving everyone's lives in every part of

10:41:01 the city.

10:41:02 So I appreciate your, you giving us that history lesson of

10:41:05 this particular project.

10:41:07 And I appreciate Councilwoman Montelione, as I do with all

10:41:10 things concerning, you know, construction and appraised

10:41:14 value, believe me.

10:41:16 I listen to you very carefully.

10:41:18 And I thank you.

10:41:19 So thank you, chair.

10:41:20 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:41:21 I think at this time, Mr. Johnson, the community has spoken

10:41:27 and let's move forward.

10:41:30 And too, let's see if we can save the CIT funds, to use for

10:41:37 other enhancement, if that's a possibility.

10:41:39 Mr. Chairman.

10:41:39 >> CHARLIE MIRANDA: The same issue, I had spoken on another

10:41:42 issue earlier, but on this issue here on the roundabout and

10:41:45 the expenditures of 22nd Street, all of us have a great

10:41:48 responsibility to see the things get done.

10:41:53 This has been going on, not one year, not two years, not

10:41:55 three years, not four years, but over five years.

10:42:00 And some of us can recall what was done -- we can't leave

10:42:07 aside any area of the city the way it is.

10:42:09 Time marches on.

10:42:12 We all change.

10:42:13 And I'm going to ask for legal interpretation of every vote

10:42:21 count, but there were no hanging Chads here.

10:42:23 I'm going to ask the legal department to give me a parameter

10:42:28 of what our due diligence is on a vote that is Cass by

10:42:36 individuals well meaning and well deserving of their

10:42:40 neighborhood for the betterment of their neighborhood.

10:42:43 And both sides here, I think that both of those votes cast,

10:42:47 either for or against, were not against the project.

10:42:52 They were for the enhancement of the neighborhood.

10:42:55 So, if I may, Sal, can you give me when an individual cast

10:43:04 chair vote to this body, which is the body that makes these

10:43:08 decisions, what weight does that vote have in making that

10:43:17 project a go or no go at this time?

10:43:21 >>SAL TERRITO: I'm a bit confused, I have to go back and

10:43:24 start earlier before I get to your answer.

10:43:26 I thought the only issue that was going to go back before

10:43:29 the advisory body for advice, not for a decision, but for

10:43:32 advice, was whether to spend CRA funds to buy that piece of

10:43:37 property.

10:43:38 The roundabout wasn't an issue that you were sending back.

10:43:41 You were sending back are you going to use CRA funds?

10:43:44 I think the only thing before you as a CRA, not as a City

10:43:47 Council, not as a city, but as a CRA, was to spend CRA funds

10:43:51 to buy that piece of property.

10:43:52 And that was the only decision I thought was going back.

10:43:55 Now it seems to have happened, it's gotten to be a much

10:43:58 larger decision or recommendation that's coming back too.

10:44:01 What happened here is that you only have 25 members if I'm

10:44:04 correct on that board.

10:44:05 You have 51 votes.

10:44:06 I'm not sure how that happened.

10:44:08 Seems to me what happened, they let anyone in the public

10:44:11 speak who wanted to speak and take a vote, which is

10:44:13 perfectly fine.

10:44:15 What you're looking for from your advisory body is what the

10:44:18 do that 25 people think about this issue and they come back

10:44:21 to you with advice.

10:44:22 Not with a decision.

10:44:23 You want to get the community's input.

10:44:26 You've gotten the community's input.

10:44:28 The only issue really before you today is do you want to

10:44:30 spend CRA funds on this project?

10:44:33 Not whether there's going to be a roundabout there.

10:44:35 Not whether the CIT money goes back to the CIT.

10:44:38 That's not an issue.

10:44:39 That's an issue before you the City Council, and not CRA,

10:44:42 because you only have control of the CRA funding.

10:44:44 This project's already been approved.

10:44:46 Has gotten to this particular point because presumably the

10:44:48 administration recommended it, the City Council approved it.

10:44:51 So that's what's before you.

10:44:53 What they're giving you is a recommendation.

10:44:55 How you take that recommendation on expenditures of the CRA

10:44:58 funds for that piece of property that's in dispute is a

10:45:02 decision you have to make ultimately.

10:45:04 That's the only thing that's really before you today, unless

10:45:06 I'm missing something, Mr. Jon can help me if I am.

10:45:12 >> I think you are missing something.

10:45:14 What you're missing, it was a lot of confusion when we had

10:45:17 the last CRA meeting, pertaining to the vote that was taken

10:45:22 place at the previous meeting.

10:45:23 And it was two votes.

10:45:25 One whether to have the roundabout, and two, whether they

10:45:28 wanted to spend the money to buy the house.

10:45:31 A lot of the people from the community stated that they was

10:45:35 not duly noticed, they didn't have an opportunity to

10:45:39 participate in the process.

10:45:41 What happened at this meeting is that the chairman stated,

10:45:45 and he stated here today, is that not only -- he didn't

10:45:50 limit it to just the 25-member board members.

10:45:54 What he opened it up to, those who own a business in the

10:45:59 community, those who work in the community, and those who

10:46:03 live in the community.

10:46:04 So that opens up.

10:46:06 That's where you get the higher number of 51 that

10:46:09 participated.

10:46:10 So, they was only concerned when they went back -- they

10:46:15 already, the vote was automatic about the house.

10:46:19 They satisfied about the decision on the house.

10:46:21 But they were not satisfied with the decision about the

10:46:23 roundabout.

10:46:24 So, what I instructed them to do is go back, meet with that

10:46:28 group that came before us, and say, go meet with that

10:46:33 community group, those who have an interest, those raising

10:46:37 concern that they didn't, was not part of the process.

10:46:40 Meet with them at a community meeting and report back to us

10:46:44 before our December 8th meeting, whether they want to go

10:46:48 forward with this roundabout.

10:46:49 And that's what the discussion was about, and that's what

10:46:52 they did.

10:46:54 >>SAL TERRITO: All I'm saying, the only thing you have

10:46:58 control over CRA had money is whether you're going to spend

10:47:02 funding.

10:47:02 You've gotten the input, got the vote.

10:47:04 Whether they like or do not like that roundabout, that's not

10:47:08 an issue you have control over.

10:47:09 Except you should not have gotten community input.

10:47:13 But all you have control over is how you spend CRA funding.

10:47:16 Not that you don't want to hear from the community, not that

10:47:18 you haven't gotten a consensus from them.

10:47:21 But that's something that's not before you.

10:47:23 The only thing you have something to say about is are we

10:47:25 going to spend any CRA funds for that project?

10:47:28 Now that you know the community feels about that thing,

10:47:31 obviously you can take some action.

10:47:33 You take that action as a City Council, not CRA, because

10:47:36 that's not an issue you have any say in at this particular

10:47:39 point.

10:47:39 Not to say you don't have a say in the CRA, but that's not

10:47:42 one of the issues before you.

10:47:44 >>FRANK REDDICK: So if I understand you, you're saying as a

10:47:46 CRA, we need to make a determination whether we want to

10:47:49 spend the CRA funds to purchase that house?

10:47:53 >>SAL TERRITO: That's the issue that you have control over.

10:47:55 You don't really have, as a CRA, the design, because that's

10:47:58 something that wasn't done by the CRA.

10:48:00 That wasn't approved by the CRA.

10:48:02 Funding is being used for that is not CRA money.

10:48:05 Not that you don't want to have a say in that.

10:48:07 But you don't really have a vote on their.

10:48:14 >>ED JOHNSON: Mr. Chair, if I could, keep in mind the

10:48:18 funding for the 22nd Street project is TIF funding.

10:48:23 Part of the development of this Polk County, if we have to

10:48:26 acquire property, is also part of that, that number.

10:48:32 And for phase three alone, phase three would have been

10:48:36 funded completely by the TIF.

10:48:38 The $2 million that the city was investing in the property,

10:48:42 we have already completed phase one of the property -- of

10:48:45 the project, so money's already been spent on phase one.

10:48:49 Phase two, part of phase two is already under contract.

10:48:52 So, and the design was also part of the funding that was in

10:48:57 the original, you know, the original -- the allocation of

10:49:02 TIF dollars.

10:49:02 So the design for phase three of this roundabout was also

10:49:06 TIF funded.

10:49:07 But construction, if we move forward with the roundabout

10:49:10 construction and, you come back to you with a contract for

10:49:14 construction, that would be totally TIF funded at that time.

10:49:18 >> Which is not before us today.

10:49:19 >> Which is not before you today.

10:49:20 The only thing you had approve funding for was the design.

10:49:23 Roundabout.

10:49:24 So, Mr. Territo is correct in a sense.

10:49:28 But the total project moving forward is really, if you're

10:49:33 going to go through with phase three, which is the

10:49:35 roundabout, you really have to decide if you, the board, you

10:49:41 the agency, are in agreement with what you have previously

10:49:44 approved, as Mr. Davis so eloquently stated, that you

10:49:48 approved this project and all three phases as part of the

10:49:52 redevelopment plan, the strategic action plan that was

10:49:54 approved back in November.

10:49:56 So you'd already said, yes you wanted the roundabout at that

10:50:00 time because it was part of the project.

10:50:01 So to do that we spend money, we spent money already for

10:50:05 construction of phase one.

10:50:07 We're in phase two.

10:50:08 And we started phase three, the design of it already, with

10:50:13 these funds based on the strategic action plan that you

10:50:15 already approved.

10:50:16 It's really your decision.

10:50:18 You heard from the community.

10:50:19 There was give and take on both sides.

10:50:22 But it's really, it's your decision.

10:50:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: Connect.

10:50:25 Councilwoman Capin?

10:50:27 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Two things were brought up.

10:50:28 That's the way I understood it.

10:50:29 It was the purchase of this home, which Councilwoman

10:50:34 Montelione brought up, and I followed up with and Chairman

10:50:37 Miranda brought up.

10:50:41 Again, that's what I understood.

10:50:43 Now, where I find it a little confusing is that there's two

10:50:48 meetings that the board had in order to advise us.

10:50:53 And they agreed to purchase the home.

10:50:57 But then the vote comes through, and it's 26-25 not to do

10:51:02 the roundabout.

10:51:02 The only reason we would purchase the home is for the

10:51:05 roundabout.

10:51:06 So how can they agree to purchase the home at one meeting

10:51:09 and then disagree for the roundabout at the next meeting?

10:51:14 That's what I heard here.

10:51:16 Correct me if I'm wrong.

10:51:19 >> You're correct.

10:51:21 >>YVONNE CAPIN: So now, again, that's how I understood it,

10:51:24 that that was the issue, was whether to purchase it or not.

10:51:28 As far as the roundabout, we have no say as a CRA.

10:51:32 So, how we move forward -- and again, Chairman Miranda

10:51:41 brought up,y there such a thing as eminent domain.

10:51:44 But part of that is the litigation when the person hires the

10:51:48 attorney and we pay for that attorney.

10:51:51 That is part of eminent domain, absolutely.

10:51:55 So, here we are.

10:51:57 But I just wanted to clarify, a vote went through to

10:52:01 purchase the home.

10:52:02 And then a vote went through not to do the roundabout.

10:52:04 And the only reason we need the home is, or the house is for

10:52:07 the roundabout.

10:52:09 >> That's correct.

10:52:12 >>FRANK REDDICK: Councilman Cohen?

10:52:13 >>HARRY COHEN: Following up on what Councilwoman Capin just

10:52:16 said, and getting to Councilwoman Montelione's original

10:52:19 point about not wanting to purchase the house at this price,

10:52:25 it seems like as the CRA, if we determine that we're not

10:52:28 going to buy the house, that will be the end of the

10:52:30 discussion.

10:52:31 So, maybe we ought to move forward and just deal with that

10:52:40 issue.

10:52:42 Then we'll be done.

10:52:44 >>FRANK REDDICK: Do we have a motion.

10:52:45 >> I move that we go on to phase three of the proposed

10:52:48 project.

10:52:49 For the roundabout.

10:52:51 >> Second.

10:52:52 >> Which would include the purchase of the home, if I'm not

10:52:54 mistaken, correct?

10:52:55 >> Clarify that motion.

10:52:58 >> There is no action before you.

10:53:01 >> Okay.

10:53:02 Then there's no reason for a motion.

10:53:04 >> I'm not saying, all that's brought back to you right now

10:53:07 is what the community had to say about it.

10:53:09 At some point, you want to address that issue, but that's

10:53:12 not really before you.

10:53:13 Because you asked what the community think.

10:53:16 Now you've gotten their position.

10:53:17 I think at some point you have to take a vote on that issue,

10:53:20 but it's not on your agenda today.

10:53:22 >>FRANK REDDICK: So we don't have to take action today.

10:53:24 >> I think it has to be brought back before you.

10:53:27 Now this is clarified to me there is some more TIF money

10:53:30 that has to be spent.

10:53:31 You have to make that decision when it comes before you.

10:53:34 It's not before you yet.

10:53:35 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

10:53:36 So really, we don't have to do anything today.

10:53:39 It's informational.

10:53:41 All right.

10:53:42 Then thank you, Mr. Johnson.

10:53:45 Hearing that, any new business?

10:53:48 Councilman Suarez?

10:53:49 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Yes, I'd like to recognize an intern that

10:53:52 we've had in our office here the past few months.

10:53:55 Lashaun, can you come to the microphone?

10:53:59 I just want to recognize you.

10:54:01 Folks are behind the scene don't get a chance to get on

10:54:04 camera very often.

10:54:05 Lashaun Medalist is over at the University of South Florida.

10:54:08 She's had an experience here.

10:54:10 I hope you enjoyed it.

10:54:12 I hope we didn't treat you too badly.

10:54:14 I just want to tell you that we appreciate everything that

10:54:16 you did for both our office and for other offices when you

10:54:19 were asked to.

10:54:21 >> I just wanted to say thank you very much, especially

10:54:24 Councilman Suarez.

10:54:28 Ms. Harlick, all the rest of the Councilmembers, I really

10:54:32 appreciate all you gays have done for me.

10:54:34 Not many people are fortunate to have an opportunity to like

10:54:38 to intern with you guys and to see behind the scenes.

10:54:42 And I really do just appreciate the opportunity, because it

10:54:46 gave me, it's really an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

10:54:50 And I thank you so much.

10:54:52 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, Lashaun.

10:54:54 I have to tell this to the public, she didn't get paid and

10:54:57 she was still very happy to be here.

10:54:59 [ Laughter ]

10:55:00 >>MIKE SUAREZ: So I appreciate your hard work, Lashaun.

10:55:02 Thank you so much.

10:55:05 [ Applause ]

10:55:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I want to correct the record.

10:55:08 The gentleman who spoke, Mr. Suarez, said he was cheap.

10:55:11 No wonder she didn't get paid.

10:55:13 [ Laughter ]

10:55:17 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I didn't see you offer any payment either,

10:55:20 Mr. Miranda.

10:55:23 >> Mr. Chair, before we adjourn, I want to get some clarify

10:55:27 indication here.

10:55:27 Are you going to be requesting that we come back to you the

10:55:30 roundabout issue?

10:55:32 To put it on the agenda for the next meeting?

10:55:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Chairman, with all respect to you,

10:55:38 sir, this is the way I figure is the individual member of

10:55:42 the CRA, the roundabout's not going, I'm not buying the

10:55:45 house.

10:55:45 I don't think there's a need to buy the house.

10:55:48 Am I correct in making that statement?

10:55:50 >> That's correct.

10:55:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So, let's get it all together.

10:55:53 If it's not going, we don't buy the house.

10:55:55 And that gives you a little more bargaining tool to buy the

10:55:59 house.

10:55:59 But if you as a Council person or as a member of CRA want

10:56:04 the roundabout, and when that time comes, you vote to buy

10:56:07 the house.

10:56:08 Because you're going to vote for the roundabout.

10:56:10 It's CS, common sense.

10:56:13 Thank you.

10:56:15 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

10:56:17 >> I'd like to end on a good note.

10:56:19 On behalf of our department, urban and economic development

10:56:22 department, we'd like to wish you and yours a very happy

10:56:25 holiday season.

10:56:26 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you very much.

10:56:28 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And to you and yours.

10:56:31 >>FRANK REDDICK: Councilwoman Capin?

10:56:32 New business?

10:56:33 >>YVONNE CAPIN: No new business.

10:56:34 >>FRANK REDDICK: Councilman Miranda?

10:56:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

10:56:36 With your indulgence, I'd like to make a motion that we make

10:56:39 a commendation to Senator Bob Graham who is being named the

10:56:44 2011 Congressman Sam Gibbons Lifetime Achievement Award, and

10:56:49 Mr. Suarez will be making that presentation since he was so

10:56:53 tightly associated with the senator Graham and working for

10:56:57 many years in Tallahassee.

10:56:59 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

10:57:00 Got a motion by Councilman Miranda, second by Councilwoman

10:57:06 Montelione.

10:57:06 All in favor of the motion say aye.

10:57:08 Opposed? Thank you.

10:57:10 Any new business Councilman cone?

10:57:13 >>HARRY COHEN: I have one item but I'd like to defer to

10:57:16 Councilwoman Montelione first.

10:57:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: Councilwoman Montelione.

10:57:20 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

10:57:21 There are two community projects that my office is helping

10:57:24 with this holiday season.

10:57:25 One is holiday related and one is not.

10:57:28 The first is New Tampa's Wharton high school has made it

10:57:33 into the running for a $50,000 grant from the Pepsi refresh

10:57:38 project.

10:57:39 They're hoping to secure the money to help make much-needed

10:57:42 improvements to their track, hence the name of their

10:57:44 proposal, project SOS save our shins.

10:57:48 It's the school board has limited funding to make

10:57:52 improvements for athletic programs and as we all know,

10:57:56 athletic programs are very important to our young people.

10:57:58 So they've taken it upon themselves to write this grant and

10:58:01 submit it to the Pepsi refresh project.

10:58:04 So by December 31st, the top ten vote getters will receive

10:58:08 the grant, so they really need our help.

10:58:10 There are two ways to vote by text message and online.

10:58:14 To go online, you visit the web site


10:58:28 And sign up for an account.

10:58:30 It's very simple.

10:58:31 They don't spam you or anything.

10:58:32 They just have to register so they know you're, that you're

10:58:35 a real person and not a machine.

10:58:37 Once you are signed up, you go to the bar and type in

10:58:40 Wharton, the project will pop up and it says vote for this.

10:58:45 You click on that and your vote will be collected.

10:58:48 You can do that every single day.

10:58:49 Second, you can text the number to 110786 to Pepsi.

10:58:55 That's 110786, Pepsi, number 73774.

10:59:01 You should automatically get a thanks for voting from Pepsi.

10:59:04 Okay, that's a little confusing.

10:59:05 You can contact my office and we will be happy to send out

10:59:09 the information and instructions to you.

10:59:13 You get up to five votes every day, so make your second vote

10:59:17 for Metropolitan Ministries.

10:59:20 They are also in the running for one of those grant and

10:59:24 would appreciate your vote as well.

10:59:26 You can vote every day up until Saturday.

10:59:28 December 31st.

10:59:29 The second item is a holiday related, and also has a time

10:59:35 limit, but much sooner than that.

10:59:37 I'm E I've been asked to provide holiday gifts to

10:59:40 underprivileged student at one of our local elementary

10:59:43 schools.

10:59:43 If anyone out there is listening, we need your help.

10:59:48 Gifts that are acceptable are action figures, arts and

10:59:51 crafts sets, balls, sporting equipment, board games, cards,

10:59:57 cars and trucks, culturally diverse dolls, development the

11:00:01 toys, remote control vehicles.

11:00:03 Please make sure to limit your amount to spend no more than

11:00:07 $15 per gift.

11:00:08 Collection boxes have been placed on the first floor of old

11:00:14 city hall until Wednesday, December 14th.

11:00:17 Please feel free to drop them off at your convenience.

11:00:20 If you cannot, please call my offers at 274-7073.

11:00:25 And we will work to coordinate pickup.

11:00:28 We had one very generous individual who hasn't agreed for me

11:00:33 to state his name.

11:00:35 If he does so, then I'll name that individual.

11:00:38 Who adopted an entire grade at this elementary school and

11:00:43 has purchased 85 gifts for the second grade.

11:00:48 So, with that challenge in mind, if we have any other

11:00:52 special individuals who would like to step forward, in your

11:00:56 business or organization hasn't yet decided on a holiday

11:00:59 project, almost the entire school will be getting gifts.

11:01:04 We have every grade except for two of them covered.

11:01:07 That's third -- first and third grade.

11:01:10 So, I really need help with getting gifts for first and

11:01:14 third graders at this particular school.

11:01:16 It would be very sad that if everybody in the school

11:01:20 received gifts and there were a few children that were left

11:01:23 out.

11:01:23 So, anything, anyone can do, no matter how large or how

11:01:28 small, would be very, very appreciated.

11:01:31 Thank you.

11:01:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's a great public serve announcement.

11:01:36 Appreciate it.

11:01:36 Councilmember Cohen?

11:01:42 >>HARRY COHEN: Slightly more serious note, I attended a

11:01:45 meeting of the Tampa Bay per -- the Straz center for the

11:01:48 performing arts, formerly known as the Tampa Bay atmosphere

11:01:52 forming arts center board of trustees on Monday.

11:01:55 And we were informed about a bill that has been introduced

11:01:58 both in the House and Senate.

11:02:00 In the House by representative Matt Gates and in the Senate

11:02:03 by Senator Ellen Bogdanoff, that is going to change the way

11:02:08 in which cultural and sports institutions are able to sell

11:02:11 their tickets.

11:02:12 And the tribune, the Tampa tribune wrote and editorial about

11:02:16 this yesterday, but to distill it down, basically, the bill

11:02:20 is being pushed by an industry that buys tickets and then

11:02:25 resells them for higher prices, basically legal scalping.

11:02:29 And this bill would basically prohibiting cultural

11:02:33 institutions and sports franchises from being able to

11:02:36 control the way that they release their tickets.

11:02:39 It would force them to release all the ticket at once, and

11:02:42 it would prevent them from selling subscription series and

11:02:47 season tickets to different type of events.

11:02:49 It also would require these organizations to refund ticket

11:02:56 prices at the value that people paid for the ticket, rather

11:03:00 than for their original price in the event of cancellation.

11:03:04 I don't think I'm quoting out of line, Judy Lisay, who is

11:03:08 the head of the Straz center for the performing art, saying

11:03:12 in her 30 years in this business, she has never seen a bill

11:03:16 that would so cripple the ability of some of these cultural

11:03:22 institutions to stay in business.

11:03:24 So I would like to ask this Council to do three things.

11:03:28 First of all, to schedule Ms. Lisay to come and present to

11:03:33 the Council at our January 5th meeting --

11:03:38 >>FRANK REDDICK: Should that be brought up at our evening

11:03:40 meeting instead -- since we are the CRA.

11:03:44 >>HARRY COHEN: Oh, okay.

11:03:44 I'll make the motion for that particular item later.

11:03:47 But let me just add before I close then, that I wanted to

11:03:50 ask Councilman Reddick specifically to bring this matter up

11:03:54 at the ports authority.

11:03:55 And Councilwoman Capin to bring this matter up with the

11:03:58 Hillsborough County arts Council at your next regular

11:04:01 meeting.

11:04:01 And I will make the motion regarding the appearance at a

11:04:04 later date.

11:04:05 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

11:04:06 Thank you.

11:04:06 All right.

11:04:08 Anything else?

11:04:13 >> File all the documents.

11:04:14 >> Second.

11:04:15 >>FRANK REDDICK: All in favor, say aye.

11:04:17 All right.

11:04:18 We stand adjourned.


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