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Thursday, December 8, 2011
Special Call Meeting
9:00 a.m.


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09:00:55 >> Good morning.

09:05:57 The chair yields to Ms. Yolie Capin for the presentation of

09:06:03 the invocation.

09:06:05 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

09:06:07 Yes, I'd like to introduce Jim Reese.

09:06:14 There he is.

09:06:14 Jim has been a legislative aide to City Council person

09:06:20 Yvonne Yolie Capin.

09:06:20 That would be me.

09:06:22 [ Laughter ]

09:06:23 For the past nine months.

09:06:27 And to former City Councilman John Dingfelder for eight

09:06:37 years prior to that.

09:06:38 He has also served as commissioner for Suffix County New

09:06:43 York, and director of facilities management for Pasco

09:06:46 County.

09:06:46 He is a graduate of the unit of Minnesota.

09:06:48 And has a distinction of being one of two former University

09:06:51 of Minnesota quarterbacks living in Tampa.

09:06:54 And the other being Tony Dungy.

09:06:58 Jim has a High School -- has been a High School English

09:07:04 teacher and athletic coach in addition to working as a

09:07:08 marketing manager for IBM.

09:07:11 Jim also served as the mayor of Patchogue, New York.

09:07:21 His hometown.

09:07:22 He and his wife Peggy currently reside in South Tampa.

09:07:26 We'll rise for the invocation and then stand for the Pledge

09:07:30 of Allegiance.

09:07:32 >> Our God and God of our ancestors, we ask your blessings

09:07:36 for our city.

09:07:38 For its government, for its leaders and advisors and for all

09:07:42 who exercise justice and rightful authority.

09:07:44 Teach them insights from your teachings as they may

09:07:48 administer all affairs fairly, that peace and security,

09:07:50 happiness and prosperity, justice and freedom may forever

09:07:54 abide in our midst.

09:07:56 Creator of all pleasure, bless all the inhabitants of our

09:08:00 city with your spirit.

09:08:02 May citizens of all races and creeds forge a bond in true

09:08:06 harmony to banish hatred and bigotry.

09:08:10 And safeguard the institutions that are pride and glory of

09:08:14 our country.

09:08:15 Amen.


09:08:38 [Roll Call]

09:08:40 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:08:40 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

09:08:42 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:08:46 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:08:48 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

09:08:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:08:50 There is an item on the desk in the back, memo from

09:08:53 Ms. Mulhern that she will not be here this morning.

09:08:56 So I wanted to put that into the regard.

09:08:58 I hand that to the clerk in a few minutes.

09:09:01 All right, the first part is the public comments.

09:09:05 Three minutes per speaker.

09:09:08 Anyone want to speak on any item that's on the agenda?

09:09:12 Since there's only one, I guess we're only going to have one

09:09:15 item.

09:09:16 Yes, sir, good morning.

09:09:17 >> Good morning, Mr. Chair and Councilmembers.

09:09:19 My name is James Ransom.

09:09:22 And I'm here representing the board of directors of the

09:09:25 Tampa Organization of Black Affairs.

09:09:26 We came this morning to just simply read into the record,

09:09:32 because I understand that the issue regarding this agenda

09:09:35 item may have been resolved, not certain about that.

09:09:40 But just into the record, honorable members of City Council,

09:09:43 please accept this letter on behalf of the Tampa

09:09:45 Organization of Black Affairs, TOBA, as an official

09:09:50 expression for the City of Tampa City Council's efforts to

09:09:52 take appropriate action and necessary action to construct a

09:09:56 sidewalk, we thought, but whatever action you take, to

09:09:59 better ensure pedestrian safety for the public in the area

09:10:02 of Hillsborough Avenue and 43rd Street.

09:10:05 We would especially like to recognize Councilmembers Frank

09:10:09 Reddick and honorable Mary Mulhern who jointly initiated the

09:10:12 motion nor Council actions on this public safety matter.

09:10:16 TOBA support of this Council and encourages Mayor Bob

09:10:22 Buckhorn to join the concerns to resolve concerns raised by

09:10:26 citizens who reside in the area of the referenced problem.

09:10:29 It is our understanding the City of Tampa may need to

09:10:32 acquire and gain legal access to additional right-of-way

09:10:36 from private property owners to construct the community

09:10:40 desired sidewalk.

09:10:41 That may or may not be the case at this point.

09:10:43 We understand.

09:10:44 We urge the City of Tampa to exhaust all reasonable and

09:10:46 available options to, and resources to work with the

09:10:49 property owner and the community toward the common interest

09:10:52 and greater good of public safety.

09:10:56 Respectfully submitted, Tampa Organization of Black Affairs

09:10:56 board of directors.

09:10:56 Councilmembers, I want to just express our appreciation to

09:11:00 the leadership of certainly to the Councilmember Reddick,

09:11:05 whose district this issue was in.

09:11:07 And Councilmember Mulhern, who jointly initiated the motion

09:11:11 for this item.

09:11:12 Along with all of you, and the mayor, and his administration

09:11:16 and staff, for looking after this public safety concern.

09:11:18 And I can answer any questions if you have any.

09:11:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:11:23 Any questions?

09:11:23 Thank you.

09:11:33 >> Yeah, there are no items on the agenda.

09:11:37 But, in any case, there's a change here and says speak to

09:11:40 any matter on the agenda.

09:11:43 There's generally matters that off the agenda --

09:11:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Just a second.

09:11:48 I'm going to ask again for anyone want to speak on item on

09:11:53 the agenda first?

09:11:54 Anyone on that item?

09:11:56 Item number one.

09:11:57 All right.

09:12:05 >> The only item to be addressed is the item on the agenda.

09:12:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's the only item we have.

09:12:10 You have to address that item or wait until the end of the

09:12:13 meeting.

09:12:14 >> Well, when is that?

09:12:15 Because I do have a class.

09:12:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I don't know.

09:12:18 The other day I said 12:00.

09:12:19 And I was wrong.

09:12:20 It finished at 525:05:20.

09:12:27 >> Things relating to community redevelopment.

09:12:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I understand.

09:12:29 This is not about the community redevelopment plan.

09:12:32 That comes in the next session I'm not going to argue with

09:12:35 you.

09:12:35 I'm telling you exactly like it is.

09:12:37 We're going to look at this item first.

09:12:39 Finish this very important item of the city.

09:12:42 Then Mr. Reddick will be Chairman of the community

09:12:44 redevelopment.

09:12:45 Okay?

09:12:45 >> Okay.

09:12:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:12:47 >> Okay.

09:12:47 Anyone else in this item?

09:12:55 The staff is here, I'm sure.

09:13:06 >> Good morning, Council, Jean Dorzback, transportation

09:13:09 manager.

09:13:10 I'm here to give you an update on the safety improvements we

09:13:12 have been working on for 43rd street at the intersection of

09:13:16 Hillsborough.

09:13:17 I do want you to know --

09:13:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We can hardly hear you.

09:13:27 >> Again, Jean Dorzback, transportation manager.

09:13:37 Here this morning to provide an update to you on the safety

09:13:41 improvements that we have been working on for 43rd street.

09:13:44 Near the intersection of Hillsborough Avenue.

09:13:46 I wanted you to know that this is the highest priority for

09:13:50 me and my staff.

09:13:51 It has been for a couple weeks.

09:13:53 We have got all hands working all angles of it.

09:13:57 We have got other departments in the city assisting as well

09:14:01 to make it a top priority.

09:14:02 We submitted a proposal to the property owners on Tuesday.

09:14:07 So far, we have had positive communication with them.

09:14:11 Since the horrific accident happened a couple weeks ago.

09:14:14 They've expressed their willingness to cooperate and work

09:14:18 with us.

09:14:19 Now, they have an actual proposal that they're discussing

09:14:22 amongst the family members.

09:14:24 And we're actively negotiating with them, with the

09:14:27 assistance of our real estate department to come to

09:14:30 agreement on the amount of land that we would need in order

09:14:33 to build the sidewalk out at this location.

09:14:37 In the meantime, our real estate department and legal have

09:14:41 readied an agreement to put in place before you, so we just

09:14:45 need to fill in those details once they're resolved with the

09:14:48 owners.

09:14:49 And we expect to have that done quickly.

09:14:51 And would like to get that to you on the next available

09:14:54 agenda.

09:14:56 As soon as we can work out the details with the property

09:14:58 owners.

09:14:59 In the meantime, we have gone out to do the engineering.

09:15:03 We have been in contact with our contractor.

09:15:06 To get him as ready as possible, to mobilize and go out and

09:15:10 start the work, once the land is available, to build the

09:15:13 project.

09:15:14 And once we are able to do that, he expect work could be

09:15:18 done within less than two weeks.

09:15:21 In the meantime, we have also received a proposal schedule,

09:15:27 cost September from our contractor that would be resurfacing

09:15:31 and putting speed tables on 43rd street.

09:15:33 Since we do have that right-of-way, obviously, we can start

09:15:37 that work more quickly.

09:15:39 This contractor has indicated he's willing to put crews on

09:15:42 the weekends to get the work done.

09:15:44 And has indicated that he can get the resurfacing done and

09:15:48 the speed tables in place before Christmas.

09:15:50 We're actively working on that part of the safety

09:15:54 improvements as well.

09:15:55 Additionally, we have had the benefit of upper TECO

09:16:00 management assisting us in this.

09:16:02 They've gone out and actually installed a street light on an

09:16:05 existing pole.

09:16:08 It is just north of the Hillsborough Avenue intersection.

09:16:11 And they're also working on providing a power source to

09:16:15 another existing utility pole, which we plan to have them

09:16:19 put another street light, that second light is a little

09:16:22 further north, right about the property line of the silver

09:16:27 oaks apartment complex.

09:16:28 We expect that to be done very quickly as well.

09:16:32 On another front, the Hillsborough County school board owns

09:16:37 the lot at the intersection of Hillsborough and 43rd Street.

09:16:41 It's a vacate lot currently that's fenced.

09:16:45 They went out and mowed it yesterday to clear vegetation in

09:16:49 the area, so as motorists are coming out of 43rd street,

09:16:55 wanting to get on Hillsborough Avenue, they have a clear

09:16:58 sight line, so there aren't any obstructions, so they can

09:17:01 turn more safely.

09:17:03 TPD as well has been assisting in this matter.

09:17:06 Major John Newman has made it part of his roll call to

09:17:10 assign officers to go out and do additional patrolling and

09:17:14 monitoring, to make sure speed limits are being followed in

09:17:17 this area.

09:17:17 It is a 25-mile an hour speed limit on this street.

09:17:20 And he's got his officers out patrolling the area to make

09:17:24 sure that those speed limits are followed, to try to add

09:17:28 additional safety to the area.

09:17:30 So, again, we have got all front working on this.

09:17:34 We have got positive feedback from the property owners, who

09:17:39 are encouraged we'll be able to have an agreement negotiated

09:17:43 quickly.

09:17:44 As soon as that is done, we'll bring that before you for

09:17:46 approval and we'll get the sidewalk constructed on the west

09:17:50 side of 43rd street at this intersection.

09:17:53 I'll be glad to take any questions you might have.

09:17:56 >> Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

09:17:59 Ms. Dorzback and Mr. Daignault, there's a time when staff

09:18:06 has been criticized for moving pretty slowly and getting

09:18:11 things done.

09:18:12 But, I just want to say this morning that I want to thank

09:18:16 you and thank Mr. Daignault for what you have done.

09:18:21 And I thank you on behalf of that community, because I

09:18:27 believe you have made tremendous progress, more than I

09:18:31 anticipate that you was going to do.

09:18:34 And through the collaborative effort with the school board

09:18:37 and with the police department and working with the property

09:18:42 owner, I'm just elated to hear that, that collaborative

09:18:48 effort was, came through and so when it's time to give

09:18:53 praise, I'm willing to give praise.

09:18:55 And this is a morning that I want to give praise to you and

09:18:59 the staff and all who worked to make this possible.

09:19:03 And I can't wait to see the finished product.

09:19:06 But you have given me an early Christmas present.

09:19:10 And to the community, an early Christmas present.

09:19:14 And we thank you.

09:19:15 And I just want to say thank you this morning.

09:19:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Commissioner Suarez?

09:19:22 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Ms. Dorzback, thanks a lot.

09:19:24 I think that, and this is something I want to say publicly.

09:19:26 What's difficult about these type of situations is what you

09:19:29 just mentioned, which is dealing with other private property

09:19:32 owners to solve these kind of problems.

09:19:35 And I think it's terrific that you've been able to move

09:19:38 quickly and I want to applaud the property owner, obviously,

09:19:43 we do know the name but not going to say it publicly here.

09:19:46 We think that's very important because we can't do this by

09:19:49 ourselves because we do not own that land.

09:19:51 Also like to say thanks for negotiating with TECO to make

09:19:54 sure we get lighting there, because I think that's as much,

09:19:57 if not more so, of the issue when it comes to this

09:20:01 particular tragedy.

09:20:02 Now, last time, I had made a comment and had suggested that

09:20:07 we do an analysis of street lights throughout the city.

09:20:11 This is an old city, and I do not want to have another

09:20:15 situation, another tragedy come before us, when we haven't

09:20:20 already done our homework.

09:20:21 Have you already started plans or processes to try and get

09:20:26 this going for the next year?

09:20:29 >> We have not started a global citywide street light

09:20:34 analysis.

09:20:34 I know you did make that comment last time.

09:20:36 We have been focusing our efforts on this particular

09:20:39 situation.

09:20:40 I know you, like I said, you did make that comment, but it

09:20:44 didn't come to us as a clear directive in a motion.

09:20:47 So that has not been formally initiated at this point,

09:20:50 beyond what we normally do with our street lighting program.

09:20:54 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I think Mr. Daignault want to say something.

09:20:57 >> Councilmembers, something of that magnitude really is

09:21:00 going to require that we put it in the budget, plan for it.

09:21:03 It is not going to be a simple matter of a few staffer

09:21:06 people driving around the city.

09:21:08 >>MIKE SUAREZ: If you don't mind, Mr. Daignault, if you

09:21:10 could give us that information so we know how to proceed.

09:21:13 Obviously in tight budget times, this may not be something

09:21:17 that we can just automatically have staff go out and do.

09:21:20 But the same time, you know, the costs of a human life is

09:21:24 not measured, so we need to figure out what that is, because

09:21:28 the age of this city, we have lots of areas like north 43rd

09:21:32 street.

09:21:33 It's -- this is not going to be the only accident or issue

09:21:36 that we're going to have in the future.

09:21:38 And again, I don't want to sit here, and I don't think any

09:21:41 of us want to sit here and have the kind of emotional

09:21:46 outpouring that we had at last week's meeting, because

09:21:49 obviously, no one likes to lose a loved one and obviously no

09:21:54 one likes to lose a loved one because of this situation.

09:21:57 I think it behooves us to go back and do that I know you

09:22:00 know that I'm not trying to beat you up.

09:22:03 I think we really do need to start that process.

09:22:06 Tell us what that cost is going to be.

09:22:07 Find out if we can do it either through the regular city

09:22:10 budget or maybe through the CRA budget to figure out those

09:22:13 areas that are lacking in lights.

09:22:16 Thanks, that's all I need.

09:22:18 >>STEVE DAIGNAULT: Thank you.

09:22:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone else?

09:22:20 Thank you all very much.

09:22:23 >> Excuse me, the time frame for, I think would come back to

09:22:27 the general counsel?

09:22:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: What time frame is it you need?

09:22:31 >> Well, again, we are hopeful that we can come back to the

09:22:35 next Council meeting with an agreement.

09:22:37 It's contingent on the property owner negotiations.

09:22:40 That's our goal right now and that's about the best time

09:22:43 line I can give at this time.

09:22:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, let's not worry about putting it on

09:22:46 the end why.

09:22:47 We will walk it on if need be.

09:22:49 It's that important.

09:22:51 Thank you very much, and thank you for the job you're doing.

09:23:01 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I need a motion to sever and file.

09:23:03 >> So moved.

09:23:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Suarez, seconded by

09:23:06 Mr. Reddick.

09:23:09 Please indicate by saying aye.

09:23:12 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:23:12 We're going to adjourn to Council meeting to 5:00, 5:01 this

09:23:19 date.

09:23:19 And Mr. Reddick will now, as soon as we change the tapes, go

09:23:24 into the community redevelopment.

09:23:26 You need five minutes?

09:23:31 We'll call a five-minute recess.


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