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Thursday, February 9, 2012
Community Redevelopment Agency

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09:05:28 >> Good morning.

09:05:29 We're going to call this Community Redevelopment Agency

09:05:32 board meeting to order.

09:05:33 At this time, I'll yield to Councilman Mike Suarez.

09:05:40 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.

09:05:40 My pleasure to introduce Father George Corrigan, the pastor

09:05:45 over at Sacred Heart Parrish.

09:05:47 And he's been there since his ordination in 2007, grew up in

09:05:53 Orlando, but came from Atlanta.

09:05:55 He's a former naval officer and was chief information

09:05:58 officer for a private sector business before becoming a

09:06:01 priest.

09:06:01 One of the more interesting backgrounds for a priest.

09:06:04 Coming from the defense industry into the priesthood.

09:06:09 I've always found that very fascinating about you, Father

09:06:12 Corrigan.

09:06:13 And his mission over at Sacred Heart has been, you know,

09:06:20 obviously a very interesting one.

09:06:21 It's one of our oldest churches in Tampa.

09:06:24 And he's got, he's done some principal work with Rwandan

09:06:32 refugees, providing support and community organizing

09:06:33 education, small business loans and pastoral care.

09:06:34 He's contributed to Parrish-wide evangelization and youth

09:06:40 ministry programs, as well as building two schools, one

09:06:44 dedicated to the Rwandan community.

09:06:45 He's taught formation courses to missionaries in training

09:06:48 and received a matching grant to facilitate and increase lay

09:06:51 mission support.

09:06:51 Father, if you could go ahead and give us our invocation

09:06:55 today.

09:06:55 And please remain standing for the Pledge of Allegiance.

09:06:58 Thank you.

09:07:00 Right up here.

09:07:04 >> Thank you for the invitation.

09:07:09 Let's pause and place ourselves in the presence of God and

09:07:11 quiet moment of prayer.

09:07:13 Most high and glorious God, may your blessings be upon all

09:07:19 who gather here this morning.

09:07:20 May your spirit enlighten the darkness of our mind.

09:07:25 Opening us to different possibilities and different views.

09:07:28 May your spirit inflame our hearts to act justly, to love

09:07:32 mercy and to walk humbly.

09:07:33 Give all gathered here certain hope.

09:07:37 Give them true sense of knowledge of the demands of their

09:07:40 duties.

09:07:40 Give all gathered here perfect charity, that they may

09:07:45 deliberate with words of challenge, words that unite.

09:07:50 Renew them all in a fresh vigor, that they may do what is

09:07:53 theirs to do.

09:07:54 We humbly pray to you, our good and loving God, Amen.


09:08:17 >>FRANK REDDICK: Roll call.

09:08:17 [Roll Call]

09:08:19 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:08:21 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

09:08:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:08:25 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:08:28 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:08:29 >>FRANK REDDICK: Add here to staff, Bob.

09:08:31 >> Good morning.

09:08:32 Included in your packet is an update of the activity in the

09:08:37 various CRAs.

09:08:38 And some of the highlights include, the fact we're working

09:08:43 on a lease for the historic courthouse.

09:08:45 And hope to bring something to City Council in the not too

09:08:48 distant future.

09:08:49 The CAMLS building is actually operational right now.

09:08:52 There are people in there right now.

09:08:54 We had a ribbon cutting this past month in Ybor City.

09:08:58 A happy occasion, the expansion of an engineering firm.

09:09:02 ELEMENT Engineering.

09:09:05 You had a flier left in your box.

09:09:07 On Monday at 10:00 in the morning, there is a groundbreaking

09:09:11 for the related companies for their residential project in

09:09:15 the Channel District.

09:09:16 That's 356 apartments, two parking garages and 4800 square

09:09:27 feet of retail.

09:09:28 And probably the most important thing to the people in the

09:09:31 neighborhood is Millennial Park for the residents of Channel

09:09:34 District, which will be constructed as part of that.

09:09:37 It's a $50 million project and they're ready to commence

09:09:40 construction.

09:09:40 We're working on an EPA grant.

09:09:45 Again, as you know, we have had several Brownfields EPA

09:09:48 grants and we're working on application for another one now.

09:09:50 And it's been very helpful to people in our community to be

09:09:54 able to get some financial assistance in looking at their,

09:09:58 the possibility of doing development on their properties.

09:10:01 And we're also working on a lease for the Waterworks

09:10:04 Building.

09:10:05 Something that I'd like to bring to the community's

09:10:11 attention, on the Elmo, on March 3rd, there's a job and

09:10:19 community resource fair.

09:10:21 And I've asked the Small Business Administration, who we're

09:10:24 spending a little bit more time with right now to try to

09:10:28 find out more exactly what kind of monies are available for

09:10:31 small businesses to grow in our community.

09:10:33 And there's actually a new manufacturer on 50th street.

09:10:36 And we have invited them to the job fair as well to see if

09:10:39 we can't get more people in our community jobs.

09:10:42 So if the people out there are looking at this, I'd

09:10:45 certainly encourage them to go to the job fair.

09:10:47 Any questions about activities?

09:10:55 I promised a couple months ago we were going to do a facade

09:11:06 grant update.

09:11:07 And if we can get that loaded.

09:11:10 I'd like to show you the difference we have had in some of

09:11:15 the communities.

09:11:16 First grant is Gaspar's Grotto.

09:11:21 And one of the things that's very important about this is if

09:11:25 you look at your screen, the leveraging that we have had, we

09:11:29 have used public money, tax money from these neighbors to go

09:11:33 ahead and leverage private investment.

09:11:35 And so you're going to see some fairly dramatic changes in

09:11:38 some of these buildings.

09:11:41 >> Excuse me.

09:11:41 Mr. McDonaugh, what does re-pointing of brick mean?

09:11:47 >> You have a brick building.

09:11:48 And in between the brick is mortar.

09:11:50 And over the years, the acidity in the rain, weather, UV

09:11:56 light, actually breaks down the mortar.

09:11:58 So what you do, go in with a tool, remove the loose mortar,

09:12:02 pack in new mortar and smooth it out.

09:12:05 >> Okay.

09:12:05 >> That's re-pointing a brick.

09:12:07 >> I appreciate it.

09:12:08 I had never heard that term before.

09:12:09 Thank you.

09:12:11 >> It has a finite lifetime.

09:12:14 And so, from time to time, you have to go in.

09:12:16 Actually, here in downtown, at the corner of Madison and

09:12:19 Tampa Street, there's a building undergoing that right now.

09:12:22 They're re-pointing that brick.

09:12:24 Sans Souci Building.

09:12:29 Again, a vacant property that was taken, completely re-done.

09:12:34 One of the bright spots is you have a medical clinic on the

09:12:37 ground floor, which is certainly something that was needed

09:12:39 by the community.

09:12:39 The Italian Club.

09:12:44 And I have a little show-and-tell to pass around.

09:12:46 An important building in our community.

09:12:56 Sometimes from the pictures, you can't really tell how

09:12:59 desperate the condition of some of the buildings is.

09:13:01 And this, what we have is a piece of window mullion.

09:13:05 And it was, been regrouted and cemented and put in place

09:13:10 several times.

09:13:11 So there was very little of the original window left.

09:13:14 And so, all of those windows have been replaced.

09:13:17 The masonry has been repaired, waterproofed.

09:13:21 And again, protecting an important investment in our

09:13:24 community.

09:13:25 Carmine's restaurant.

09:13:33 The graphics that they installed on the front of the

09:13:35 building are identical, if you went back to historic

09:13:39 pictures, of Carmine's in the old days, that's what it

09:13:41 looked like.

09:13:43 Again, keeping that historic fabric in the community of

09:13:45 Ybor.

09:13:45 This is probably the most dramatic one.

09:13:50 And yeah, Ferlita Macaroni.

09:13:57 A lot of things happened there, if you remember, there was

09:13:58 an emergency stabilization grant given to save the building.

09:14:02 It was at the point of actually falling in.

09:14:05 I believe there's going to be a ribbon cutting there next

09:14:07 month to show the finished product.

09:14:09 It's really very dramatic.

09:14:10 It was exciting again to be able to save one of these

09:14:14 important buildings in our community.

09:14:17 >>> We have several that are not historically important, but

09:14:21 certainly very dramatic differences, which helps the

09:14:25 neighborhood.

09:14:25 Importantly, in several of these buildings, they were

09:14:34 certainly underutilized.

09:14:37 There's been investment, not only in the property itself,

09:14:41 but also expansion of businesses, which has created jobs in

09:14:44 these neighborhoods.

09:14:45 Perhaps a little less dramatic, but no less important, this

09:14:49 is over in Drew Park, an industrial product.

09:14:52 East Tampa, the Pepin Academies, been a lot of work done on

09:14:59 that property.

09:15:00 I don't know if everybody's had a chance to see it, but if

09:15:05 you had not, there was a very nice article written about the

09:15:09 facade grant program, and they had quotes from several of

09:15:12 the people that were impacted, including the pharmacist that

09:15:15 has this property.

09:15:16 I think this is one of the more dramatic ones.

09:15:21 And the Speaker Exchange, which is immediately to the west,

09:15:24 was done as well.

09:15:25 These are important corridors, and it makes a difference.

09:15:28 This building will have some more graphics installed and a

09:15:39 couple other changes.

09:15:39 This was really in process, this picture.

09:15:42 I'm going to come back in two or three months with some more

09:15:47 pictures.

09:15:48 We have several other projects under construction.

09:15:50 But I think it's important that people get an idea of

09:15:54 exactly where their money's going and have a graphic

09:15:58 description or a depiction of the success we're having with

09:16:03 some of these programs.

09:16:04 I also do this now with the QTI programs, because one of the

09:16:08 complaints that I had from Council was in the past, that you

09:16:10 would vote for a project, and that would kind of be the last

09:16:14 you hear about it, unless you read about it in the

09:16:16 newspaper.

09:16:17 So I'm going to do a better job of reporting on that.

09:16:19 I think we gave you a press release two weeks ago of Meru

09:16:22 Networks, which is a company that opened here in town.

09:16:28 They're wi-fi experts.

09:16:30 Relatively good paying jobs.

09:16:32 And they're opening an original office.

09:16:34 We should have some news relatively shortly too about

09:16:38 Time-Warner, which was an important QTI project, bringing

09:16:41 500 jobs to our community.

09:16:43 You have been given draft copies of our annual reports.

09:16:52 It's waiting the Mayor's approval and go out to printers.

09:16:57 I do not know if we have had any comments from the board.

09:17:00 If you've got some, please forward them as soon as you can,

09:17:04 so we can make sure they're included in the final copy of

09:17:07 the annual report.

09:17:09 That should be going out shortly.

09:17:11 Mr. Territo?

09:17:20 >>SAL TERRITO: You're asking to look at the terms of

09:17:21 significant interest.

09:17:22 Unfortunately, there's not a lot of guidance.

09:17:25 When this first came up before the CRA, there was not a lot

09:17:28 of discussion.

09:17:29 The staff had discussed it among themselves and what they

09:17:32 wanted to do is to make sure there were a broad enough pool

09:17:38 of people from which to choose to fill those positions.

09:17:41 So they had the at-large position added to all the other

09:17:45 categories like residency, ownership and things like that.

09:17:48 Some of the concerns were at first, that they thought maybe

09:17:52 there were not enough people, some of the CRAs don't have

09:17:56 anybody in them.

09:17:56 So they wanted to make sure there were people available.

09:18:00 Plus, they wanted to broaden the categories, anybody had

09:18:03 something they could bring to the table that was beyond

09:18:06 those who were living there.

09:18:07 They wanted to have that ability to do that as well.

09:18:09 Unfortunately, there's no guidance in CRA legislation.

09:18:14 Advisory committees are not even mentioned.

09:18:18 They're not even mentioned.

09:18:19 So there is not a lot of guidance.

09:18:21 Really, what ends up happening, it's your choice on how you

09:18:23 want to define that term.

09:18:25 If you want to narrow it down or add other criteria, we can

09:18:28 do that for you, obviously.

09:18:29 Otherwise, if someone comes before you who does not live in

09:18:33 that CRA area, working in that area, have a business in that

09:18:36 area, if they come and they convince you that they have a

09:18:39 significant interest in how they're bringing that to the

09:18:42 table, that is really your decision, if you think that meets

09:18:45 the criteria that you want for someone to fill that

09:18:47 position.

09:18:50 >>FRANK REDDICK: Comments?

09:18:53 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Mr. Territo.

09:18:55 I was one of the people that was talking about this.

09:18:58 Here's the issue that has come up in my mind.

09:19:01 Which is, if we have a nine member group, whether it's

09:19:06 Central Park or Channel District, any other CRA, and we have

09:19:10 to have six that are member, either businesses or residents,

09:19:16 correct?

09:19:18 The other three -- let's say we only have three people that

09:19:22 apply and all of them are at-large.

09:19:25 Will we run the meetings regardless with those three folks?

09:19:29 >> If those are the only ones which to fill the position,

09:19:32 yes, you would.

09:19:33 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Is there anything that says that you have to

09:19:35 have residents or businesses from that particular CRA in

09:19:39 order to run the meeting?

09:19:41 >>SAL TERRITO: Only because that's the guidelines that were

09:19:43 established.

09:19:44 To run the meeting, I'm sorry, no, it doesn't.

09:19:47 You have the at-large members outnumbering the non-at-large

09:19:53 members, there would be nothing in the guidelines to say the

09:19:56 meeting could not go forward.

09:19:57 >> Meaning those people that had a quote-unquote significant

09:20:00 interest but do not have a business or a residential

09:20:03 interest there, could be the group that would give advice to

09:20:09 us as a CRA, as to what needed to be done in that particular

09:20:13 area?

09:20:15 >>SAL TERRITO: That's correct.

09:20:16 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Is there any way that we, and I think you

09:20:18 just mentioned this, but I want to make sure I'm correct

09:20:21 about it.

09:20:21 To change the rules to allow that, you know, meetings could

09:20:24 not be held until we had the folks that did have a business

09:20:29 or residential interest there, in the majority, because I

09:20:33 think we get into a situation where we want the residents

09:20:39 and businesses to feel connected to what the CRAs are

09:20:41 doing.

09:20:42 And to really run the information to us, that directly

09:20:47 affects their lives.

09:20:48 So, to me, I think that there's, there's a gap there.

09:20:52 And the only reason it came up is because of what happened

09:20:54 with Drew Park's, you know, it could happen with any other

09:21:00 CRA, and I don't want that to happen.

09:21:02 I'm not sure what the best way to approach this is in terms

09:21:05 of, do we put it into the rules concerning our advisory

09:21:10 committees, or if, you know, we do a better job of trying to

09:21:14 find resident -- residential businesses that are connected

09:21:19 to that CRA to come forward and serve.

09:21:21 I mean, that's the only difficulty I have.

09:21:24 It shows -- it's a bad process, I think, to have a majority

09:21:30 at-large that are running the meeting because there are no

09:21:32 residents or businesses represented.

09:21:34 So, and I may want to ask the board here that we clarify

09:21:40 some language in that so that we make sure that that doesn't

09:21:43 happen.

09:21:44 >>SAL TERRITO: My only suggestion would be is to make that

09:21:48 for each of the areas.

09:21:49 Some, you're going to have a problem filling those positions

09:21:51 because there are no residents.

09:21:52 May be business owners and so forth.

09:21:54 Some of them, you'll have sufficient numbers.

09:21:56 Two of your CRAs already have a different process on how

09:21:59 you do that.

09:22:00 East Tampa and Ybor.

09:22:01 So it's the other ones you're dealing with.

09:22:04 My only suggestion would be to look and make sure you have

09:22:06 sufficient people living, working or owning property in that

09:22:09 area to fill those positions, otherwise, you wouldn't have a

09:22:12 quorum.

09:22:12 You may want to discuss with staff, because they're the ones

09:22:15 that deal with this on a day-to-day basis rather than I.

09:22:18 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I think we need to talk more about this,

09:22:20 because I -- I don't want to be in a situation at some point

09:22:24 where a CRA is, advisory committee is controlled by

09:22:28 interests that don't even live there, don't have business

09:22:31 interests there.

09:22:31 And again, significant interests can be something above or

09:22:36 beyond what a business interest is.

09:22:38 I mean, we, being a lifetime Tampa resident, I might have an

09:22:44 interest in all these areas.

09:22:45 But doesn't mean I have any particular expertise or

09:22:48 knowledge on how to approach the CRA for those projects that

09:22:51 need to be done.

09:22:53 So, you know, Chair, I'm not going to make a motion right at

09:22:56 this moment.

09:22:57 I think that we might want to talk about this privately and

09:23:02 then have, maybe have the staff come back with some

09:23:06 suggestions on how we might be able to change that language.

09:23:11 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

09:23:13 Any other discussion?

09:23:14 You making that as a recommendation?

09:23:17 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I can make that as a motion, for staff to

09:23:20 come back and give us some suggested language to make sure

09:23:23 that we have people that are going to be a majority in that

09:23:29 particular area, making the decisions on the advisory

09:23:31 committee.

09:23:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: Give us a timeframe on that.

09:23:34 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Let's see here.

09:23:35 The next CRA is March 8th.

09:23:44 During staff reports.

09:23:48 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

09:23:49 Have a motion from Councilmember Suarez, and second by

09:23:54 Councilwoman Montelione.

09:23:55 Any further discussion of the motion?

09:23:57 All those in favor, say aye.

09:23:58 Opposed?

09:24:00 Okay.

09:24:00 Motion carries.

09:24:01 At this time -- is that all?

09:24:06 Okay.

09:24:07 Public comments.

09:24:10 Anyone wish to speak on any matter on the agenda?

09:24:15 You have three minutes, please state your name.

09:24:18 >> Good morning.

09:24:20 Good morning, members of Tampa City Council.

09:24:22 I'm Linda Saul-Sena, 157 Biscayne.

09:24:26 I'm here this morning with three brief items.

09:24:28 Firstly, I spoke to you all last month about the report that

09:24:33 had been done by Lee Van Meulen.

09:24:36 I believe it's called the Intown Arts Report now.

09:24:39 I encourage you to ask your staff to get you a copy and then

09:24:42 follow-up on it.

09:24:43 The good news is, some of the suggestions she made have been

09:24:46 implemented, but many haven't.

09:24:48 You all have already paid for it.

09:24:49 It's a great blueprint to move ahead, and I think you'd find

09:24:54 value in it.

09:24:54 Secondly, I'd like to ask you to put Kiley Gardens on your

09:24:58 March agenda.

09:24:59 Many of you have been in office since the city has re-done

09:25:05 the ground plain at Kiley, but it lacks trees.

09:25:09 For our guests who will be here in August, trees are a good

09:25:12 thing.

09:25:13 This is an internationally respected attraction, and I think

09:25:18 that you all might consider reinvesting in some trees for

09:25:22 it.

09:25:23 Lastly, I know that you're going to be taking up, not this

09:25:26 week, but in the future, the Waterworks Park proposal.

09:25:30 I was disappointed that one of the proposals that had early

09:25:33 and late morning sort of coffee and casual dining, wasn't

09:25:37 selected.

09:25:37 I hope as you move ahead, you'll consider including some

09:25:41 early morning and late morning activities, just so that the

09:25:47 cafe or restaurants will be open, serve as an attraction for

09:25:51 people.

09:25:51 I think that in conjunction with the park, a cafe that sells

09:25:56 simple things like coffee would be really attractive.

09:25:59 I know the project's going to be a great success.

09:26:02 Thank you so much.

09:26:03 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:26:04 Next?

09:26:10 >> Good morning, Mr. Chairman, other members, agency.

09:26:15 My name is Al Davis and I'm an east Tampa CRA resident.

09:26:22 I do have a memo of -- pardon?

09:26:29 I do have a memo that I had provided to each of you.

09:26:34 I don't know if you received it personally yet.

09:26:37 But I have one.

09:26:40 Mr. Chairman, I wish you well, because this is a very busy

09:26:54 month.

09:26:55 The fair begins.

09:26:57 This is Black History Month.

09:27:00 This is the month of many, many activities.

09:27:07 To the extent that we have an extra day for doing what we

09:27:14 may need to do.

09:27:15 Mr. Chairman, I do wish you well.

09:27:21 And the member of the agency, because you're doing extra

09:27:26 duty.

09:27:27 You see, as a member of the City Council, and then you took

09:27:33 on this responsibility being members of the redevelopment

09:27:37 agency, that says much about your commitment for the

09:27:42 well-being of the entire city.

09:27:45 I hear some conversation going on with regards to terms,

09:27:51 such as interest, significant interest.

09:27:58 Well, that's fine.

09:28:00 Let's have all the significant interest that we want, as

09:28:04 long as it is the individuals or agency within the

09:28:11 respective CRA.

09:28:12 The CRA is a boundary.

09:28:16 And anything that affect that boundary should be taken care

09:28:21 of within the boundary.

09:28:24 Whether or not it's personality, or whether or not it is

09:28:28 service.

09:28:29 Each one of the boundaries is reflected in their respective

09:28:34 plan.

09:28:35 The redevelopment plan and the law required that each plan

09:28:40 have a particular content.

09:28:45 I'll be back next month.

09:28:47 >>FRANK REDDICK: You still got a few more minutes --

09:28:51 seconds, I'm sorry.

09:28:53 >> Only thing I'm saying, members of the agency, is this.

09:28:57 Engage the citizen of the boundaries.

09:29:07 We're volunteers.

09:29:08 And we want to make sure that the plan that has been adopted

09:29:13 and approved will be implemented correctly.

09:29:16 Thank you.

09:29:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:29:18 Anyone else wish to speak at this time?

09:29:21 During public comments?

09:29:23 I hear none.

09:29:26 Staff?

09:29:33 >> You have a memo that was prepared concerning the Tampa

09:29:38 Heights.

09:29:40 And apparently there was a mistake made.

09:29:43 There was -- you did not put a vote for the reappointment of

09:29:47 John Tennison as the Tampa Heights Civic Association

09:29:51 ex-officio member.

09:29:53 So with the board's pleasure, we would like to have him

09:29:55 reappointed to the board, please.

09:29:57 >> Move to reappoint John Tennison.

09:30:01 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

09:30:02 Have a motion from Councilwoman Montelione.

09:30:05 Second by Councilwoman Capin.

09:30:08 Any discussion?

09:30:08 All those in favor, say aye.

09:30:10 Opposed?

09:30:11 Motion carries.

09:30:12 >> With your indulgence, Michael Hatchett would like to

09:30:16 speak to you for a moment concerning the -- excuse me.

09:30:21 The Encore area.

09:30:27 >> Good morning, board, Michael Hatchett, manager for the

09:30:30 Central Park CRA.

09:30:32 You'll recall at our January board meeting we had put forth

09:30:37 a request for your consideration, asking that the Community

09:30:40 Advisory Committee for the Central Park CRA be temporarily

09:30:46 suspended and not undertake any activities, due primarily to

09:30:52 the absence of TIF funds in the neighborhood.

09:30:57 As you know, it had been our practice over the past couple

09:30:59 of years in that neighborhood, because of lack of TIF funds

09:31:03 and lack of redevelopment activity, in which for the

09:31:08 committee to engage, more times than not, we cancelled our

09:31:13 meetings.

09:31:15 And so, when the reappointment process opened up to us for

09:31:20 the January 12th appointments, we had made the request that

09:31:25 the board consider just simply suspending the activities of

09:31:28 the committee until such time as there was a significant

09:31:33 reason for the board to meet.

09:31:36 And at the January meeting, this board passed a motion

09:31:40 asking staff to come back to you in May of this year to put

09:31:45 you on notice that we had reopened the application process.

09:31:49 And then come back in July and ask for you to appoint those

09:31:53 people who may have applied.

09:31:54 We gave careful consideration to this motion.

09:31:58 We have reviewed it against the CAC policy of this board.

09:32:04 And particularly in light of the purpose for which these

09:32:08 various CAC committees were established.

09:32:11 And while it is possible for us to do as the board so

09:32:15 directed us in January, I'm here to respectfully request you

09:32:19 reconsider that motion.

09:32:22 The reason being is that I can follow your direction, come

09:32:27 back to you in July, ask for you to make the appointments.

09:32:30 But the neighborhood will still be without TIF funds, as we

09:32:34 anticipate that it will be for a number of years.

09:32:37 And just looking at the purpose of these committees, as

09:32:43 written in your policy for them, just feel it's simply not a

09:32:48 wise use of their time or of their terms to have a standing

09:32:53 committee in this neighborhood at this time.

09:32:54 But would certainly want to have you re-stand or reactivate

09:32:59 the committee at such time that it can meet its policy

09:33:03 directive.

09:33:04 Thank you.

09:33:05 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

09:33:06 Any comments?

09:33:09 Councilwoman Mulhern?

09:33:12 >>MARY MULHERN: I didn't think to ask you this when we met

09:33:15 earlier.

09:33:16 Is there money not allocated from other years that's still

09:33:18 in the budget?

09:33:19 >> No, the Central Park TIF budget from the CRA's inception

09:33:25 in 2006 has always been very modest.

09:33:29 The highest annual amount that we have ever had is 42,000.

09:33:33 And this year presently, we have 1100.

09:33:35 So --

09:33:38 >>MARY MULHERN: So there still is some money?

09:33:40 >> Because of the way our financial policy for the board

09:33:44 works with staff and operating all of CRA funds for Central

09:33:48 Park help cover a portion of admin and operating costs for

09:33:53 the office.

09:33:54 But outside of admin and operating, there are no dollars

09:33:57 available for other purposes in Central Park.

09:34:00 >>MARY MULHERN: So, the only funds left in the budget is

09:34:06 being used for administration?

09:34:10 >> Yes.

09:34:10 The FY12 dollars of 1100 was budgeted for staff and

09:34:15 operating.

09:34:21 >>MARY MULHERN: Thanks.

09:34:26 >> That leftover money, that $1,100, will it just be put in

09:34:29 escrow until that time that Central Park is or does it get

09:34:33 moved?

09:34:33 >> No, it's not left over.

09:34:35 That's the entire budget for the fiscal year.

09:34:37 >>MIKE SUAREZ: But do we have $1,100 there now?

09:34:40 >> No, it's being paid under the services agreement with the

09:34:44 city, between the city and the board, one-twelfth of that

09:34:48 gets paid to the city every month.

09:34:50 >> That was my question.

09:34:52 We have zero right now.

09:34:53 >> We have no dollars in the CRA.

09:34:55 >>MIKE SUAREZ: That's the only question I had, thanks.

09:34:57 >>FRANK REDDICK: Anyone else?

09:34:59 All right.

09:34:59 What's the wish of the board?

09:35:04 >> Chair, I'd make a motion that we go ahead and -- I don't

09:35:08 know what the terminology -- suspend or make dormant.

09:35:12 Does it matter?

09:35:13 Suspend or make dormant Central Park until such time in

09:35:16 which there are TIF dollars available for it to continue to,

09:35:20 or start to operate.

09:35:22 >> Second.

09:35:23 >>FRANK REDDICK: Got a motion from Mr. Suarez, second by

09:35:26 Mr. Cohen; any discussion of the motion?

09:35:28 >> I just have a question.

09:35:29 What would be the trigger to reactivate the CAC?

09:35:36 In the motion, it said until such time, but would there be,

09:35:42 you know, a trigger as to?

09:35:45 >> I would have a suggestion that that time would be, at the

09:35:48 time when TIF funds are, is able to provide more than the

09:35:55 policy requires be dedicated to staff and operating.

09:35:57 When there's discretionary TIF funds available for the

09:36:00 community to provide you input on.

09:36:03 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Maybe that's great language to add to the

09:36:05 motion.

09:36:06 >> Mr. Crew, if you could add that language to the motion.

09:36:09 >> Could you state that formally for the record, please?

09:36:12 >> You would make me do that, wouldn't you?

09:36:14 The motion again is to suspend Central Park Citizen Advisory

09:36:21 Committee until such time when there is discretionary TIF

09:36:24 dollars available for their use.

09:36:31 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any further discussion on the motion?

09:36:33 All those in favor, say aye.

09:36:35 Opposed?

09:36:36 Motion carries.

09:36:37 >> Thank you.

09:36:52 >> We have another application for a grant for a site

09:36:58 improvement in the Drew Park area.

09:37:01 They'll be doing landscaping, paving and the cleanup and

09:37:18 repair of that roof.

09:37:34 >>FRANK REDDICK: You know, I got confused there.

09:37:37 [ Laughter ]

09:37:41 >>FRANK REDDICK: Forgot what you had said.

09:37:43 >> It's item number 7.

09:37:45 It's an application for a facade grant improvement in the

09:37:49 Drew Park market.

09:37:51 >>FRANK REDDICK: We need a motion for the resolution.

09:37:53 >> So moved.

09:37:53 >> Second.

09:37:54 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Councilwoman Capin, seconded by

09:37:59 Mr. Cohen.

09:38:00 All in favor say aye.

09:38:01 Opposed?

09:38:02 >> Item number 8 is reallocation of funds in the Channel

09:38:05 District.

09:38:06 Again, as we talked about, this will be a process that goes

09:38:08 on through the year in the different CRAs to reallocate

09:38:11 monies to make sure that our programs can move forward.

09:38:17 >>FRANK REDDICK: We have a motion?

09:38:19 >> Move to reallocate the funds.

09:38:21 >> Second.

09:38:22 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Councilmember Suarez.

09:38:26 Second by Councilwoman Capin.

09:38:29 Any discussion?

09:38:29 All in favor?

09:38:30 Opposed?

09:38:31 Motion carries.

09:38:32 >> Item number 9 is a Ybor City advisory committee Barrio

09:38:36 Latino commission ex-officio replacement.

09:38:40 The chair of the Barrio Latino is unable to serve.

09:38:42 We have actually the person who is here to step in his

09:38:45 shoes, if you'd like to meet him.

09:38:47 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let's come forward.

09:38:48 State your name and say whatever you wish to say.

09:38:53 >> Hi.

09:38:54 My name is Ken Cowart.

09:38:56 I'm currently serving my second term on the Barrio Latino

09:38:59 committee.

09:38:59 I am currently the vice chair.

09:39:02 I worked in Ybor for about 10 years and through various ways

09:39:06 been involved in YCDC on an outside basis and look forward

09:39:12 to the opportunity to serve from within.

09:39:16 >>FRANK REDDICK: You excited about serving?

09:39:18 >> I'm sorry?

09:39:19 >>FRANK REDDICK: Are you very excited about serving?

09:39:21 >> I'm extremely exciting.

09:39:22 [ Laughter ]

09:39:23 >> There's nothing that I look forward to more, honestly.

09:39:28 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:39:28 Have a motion?

09:39:31 >> Move to accept.

09:39:35 >> Moved by Councilmember Suarez.

09:39:38 Any discussion of the motion?

09:39:40 >> Thank you.

09:39:40 >> We haven't done it yet.

09:39:41 [ Laughter ]

09:39:44 >> That's how excited I am.

09:39:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any discussion of the motion?

09:39:47 All those in favor?

09:39:48 Opposed?

09:39:49 Now you can say thank you.

09:39:51 >> Thank you.

09:39:56 >> So concludes the report for the month.

09:39:58 Questions, concerns that I can address?

09:40:03 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any comments or questions to Bob?

09:40:05 Anyone?

09:40:08 All right.

09:40:08 Thank you.

09:40:09 That went quietly today.

09:40:16 >> Thank you.

09:40:17 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

09:40:17 Any new business from Councilmember Suarez?

09:40:21 >>MIKE SUAREZ: No new business.

09:40:23 >>FRANK REDDICK: Councilwoman Capin?

09:40:25 >>YVONNE CAPIN: No new business.

09:40:27 >> Councilwoman Mulhern?

09:40:29 >>MARY MULHERN: I'd like to follow up on Linda Saul-Sena's

09:40:32 request that we get a report on the progress on the in-town

09:40:38 arts report.

09:40:38 Maybe at our next meeting.

09:40:42 Like to put that on the agenda.

09:40:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: We have a motion from Councilwoman Mulhern,

09:40:50 second by Councilmember Cohen.

09:40:52 Any discussion of the motion?

09:40:54 All those in favor say aye.

09:40:55 Opposed?

09:40:56 Motion carries.

09:40:57 >>MARY MULHERN: And I had another motion I'd like to make.

09:40:59 That we schedule a ten-minute presentation from the friends

09:41:05 of Kiley Park.

09:41:07 There's been a lot of work and grassroots efforts to restore

09:41:15 that park over the last eight years.

09:41:18 And if we could have that presentation at our next meeting,

09:41:23 ten-minute presentation.

09:41:25 >> Second.

09:41:26 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

09:41:27 Have a motion from Councilwoman Mulhern, second by

09:41:31 Councilmember Cohen.

09:41:32 Any discussion of the motion?

09:41:33 All those in favor, say aye.

09:41:35 Motion carries.

09:41:38 >> No new business.

09:41:42 >>FRANK REDDICK: Councilwoman Mulhern --

09:41:45 [ Laughter ]

09:41:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: Sorry.

09:41:47 Montelione?

09:41:48 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No new business, sir.

09:41:50 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

09:41:50 Anything else we need to bring before the board at this

09:41:56 time?

09:41:56 >> A motion to receive and file please.

09:41:59 >> Second.

09:42:00 >>FRANK REDDICK: All those in favor.

09:42:01 Aye.

09:42:02 All right.

09:42:02 We stand adjourned.

09:42:03 Thank you.




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