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Thursday, February 16, 2012

9:00 a.m.


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09:04:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to order.

09:04:30 The chair yield to Mr. Suarez.

09:04:31 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

09:04:37 We'll wait to settle down over here.

09:04:41 Thank you all.

09:04:41 I would like to introduce Todd Roberts.

09:04:44 Todd, if you would come to the podium.

09:04:46 Pastor Todd Roberts, of South Tampa fellowship, born in

09:04:51 Texas lived in Oklahoma most of his life.

09:04:54 I'm sure he enjoys living in Tampa now.

09:04:57 You graduated from Mobile college.

09:04:58 Over the years he worked with great communicators such as

09:05:01 Kelly green, Jay Stratt.

09:05:05 He has been leader of many singles Bibles studies and had

09:05:10 opportunities to speak about life choices.

09:05:12 Todd is co-author of "fish" used in high schools throughout

09:05:18 the U.S. which train students.

09:05:21 He worked with thousands of youth ministers from many

09:05:24 denominations and helped enhance min strip to students.

09:05:27 Todd and his wife have three children, daughter Bailey and

09:05:30 sons Jake and Cady.

09:05:34 We welcome you to do the invocation.

09:05:36 Everyone please stand and remain standing.

09:05:39 >> Father, we do thank you so much for this day you have

09:05:43 given us.

09:05:43 Lord, we thank you for these men and women that you have

09:05:45 chosen to serve on this council.

09:05:47 We pray that you give them wisdom, give them direction as

09:05:50 they make decisions that are very important to this city.

09:05:53 Father, we love you and thank you.

09:05:55 Amen.

09:05:56 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]

09:06:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Roll call.

09:06:19 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:06:21 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:06:22 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:06:23 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:06:25 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

09:06:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:06:30 All right, we are in the portion of the agenda for

09:06:36 ceremonial activities, and the chair yields to Ms. Mary

09:06:40 Mulhern.

09:07:05 >>MARY MULHERN: Good morning.

09:07:06 This is such a great morning for all of us here in Tampa

09:07:10 Bay.

09:07:11 And here in downtown Tampa at Tampa City Hall, we have just

09:07:17 the great honor and privilege of having our Tampa Bay Rays

09:07:21 manager Joe Maddon, manager of the year for last year and in

09:07:27 2008 here to accept a commendation.

09:07:30 And it was a thrill back in, I think, October or November

09:07:35 when you got this award, and we made a motion that we give

09:07:41 you a commendation as well as Jeremy Hellickson for being --

09:07:49 >> Is he here?

09:07:50 >> He is not.

09:07:50 We tried this long to get you here. We really appreciate it

09:07:53 that you made it here.

09:07:55 So it really brightened up the sad time for me as well as a

09:08:03 lot of baseball fans when the season was over to know that

09:08:06 we were going to get a visit from you.

09:08:10 Spring training and we finally got you here.

09:08:12 You are such a gift to our community, the example you set

09:08:16 not only in your profession as a baseball manager, but what

09:08:18 you do for this community with the way that you managed your

09:08:25 team, just the example you set for everyone, and the

09:08:28 wonderful work that we know you do best for your hometown.

09:08:33 And what is the name?

09:08:35 >> Hazel ton, Pennsylvania.

09:08:38 >> Hazelton, Pennsylvania, where you are setting a fantastic

09:08:42 example.

09:08:43 It's a thrill and honor for me to present you with this

09:08:45 commendation from Tampa City Council today, in recognition

09:08:49 of being named the 2011 AL manager of the year, the Tampa

09:08:53 City Council congratulates the Tampa Bay race skipper Joe

09:08:56 Maddon, and 26 of the 28 first place votes, good for a total

09:09:02 133 points on the AL ballot.

09:09:05 He now has three of the two highest in the history of the AL

09:09:09 manager. Year award winning and one of only four active

09:09:14 managers to be named manager of the year two or more times.

09:09:17 Like us, we all have three years left on our contract here.

09:09:21 [ Laughter ]

09:09:23 >> That's pretty good.

09:09:24 >>MARY MULHERN: But Joe reminded me that he has a year

09:09:28 already in addition to that contract so he will be here for

09:09:30 another four years.

09:09:31 So I'm sure we will be adding to these numbers.

09:09:36 Love for his team has made on respected and loved by his

09:09:40 players and made him a highly sought of a managerial

09:09:45 property.

09:09:46 Well, we deal a lot with property here, and we are glad that

09:09:49 you are not just property but have become a citizen of the

09:09:54 City of Tampa and the Tampa Bay region and that you are

09:09:58 staying here.

09:10:00 Tampa Bay area is fortunate to have mad on leading our Rays

09:10:03 for another three years.

09:10:04 Thank you.

09:10:06 [ Applause ]

09:10:08 >> Joe Maddon: I had no idea this was going to happen.

09:10:20 Honestly, I did No. it's a very kind consideration.

09:10:22 Honestly, I did feel very much a part of the community here.

09:10:26 I live right down the street actually.

09:10:29 I was almost late because of the traffic but I will be going

09:10:32 on my bike ride down Bayshore later this afternoon.

09:10:35 But I have really come to appreciate and really respect and

09:10:39 love this particular area.

09:10:41 I really wanted to sign that three-year extension because

09:10:44 there's no other place I wanted to be.

09:10:46 I mean that very sincerely.

09:10:48 And the work we have done with the Salvation Army over the

09:10:53 last couple years has always been very dear to my heart.

09:10:55 That continues to grow.

09:10:56 Actually yesterday the grace foundation contributed a bunch

09:10:59 of money to our endeavors there which is going to help us in

09:11:03 the future, also.

09:11:07 2012 is going to be a very good year.

09:11:09 We got a nice ball club.

09:11:11 And we had a really good offseason.

09:11:15 Did a good job at accumulating a lot of really good players

09:11:19 and I'm anxious to get started down in Port Charlotte in a

09:11:23 couple of days.

09:11:24 But again that is one of the things I will display proudly

09:11:26 in my office.

09:11:27 And if you come down to the old ballpark, come down and say

09:11:32 hello at any time.

09:11:33 Honestly, this is very cool.

09:11:35 And again very much a surprise.

09:11:37 And I will cherish it for many years.

09:11:39 Thank you very much.

09:11:41 [ Applause ]

09:11:43 >> He has a Yankee hat on.

09:12:07 >> Yeah, how did he get in here?

09:12:11 >>MARY MULHERN: We wanted to welcome Carlos back, too.

09:12:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Capin?

09:12:40 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.

09:12:41 I will send a message.

09:12:42 You can take it back.

09:12:43 Since Carlos couldn't be here today, Tampa City Council

09:12:46 would like to welcome back home number 23, Carlos Pena to

09:12:50 Tampa Bay Rays.

09:12:51 We are happy his one-year detour to the north side of

09:12:55 Chicago has come to an end, and wish him a very productive

09:12:58 and successful 2012 season.

09:13:01 Go Rays!

09:13:04 [ Applause ]

09:13:06 >> Thank you very much.

09:13:10 You all have a good day.

09:13:12 [ Applause ]

09:13:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Next on the agenda we have chief

09:13:20 executive Tampa international.

09:13:37 I have never seen so many bald headed people.

09:13:39 >> I played second base in my day, too.

09:13:42 >> We'll put you in the old-timers baseball game.

09:13:45 >> It's interesting.

09:13:51 We were at a conference recently and the head of the

09:13:53 conference pointed out that there are fewer airports CEOs

09:13:57 in this country than there are major league baseball

09:13:59 players, so the chance of becoming an airport CEO are less.

09:14:05 [ Laughter ]

09:14:09 That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

09:14:12 I have a presentation.

09:14:13 And -- okay.

09:14:21 It's an honor to be here before you today.

09:14:23 Thank you for inviting me.

09:14:25 It's a privilege to be the CEO of the best airport in this

09:14:28 country, and I'm very proud to say that every day I come to

09:14:32 work, and I look around and say this is a fantastic place.

09:14:36 So thank you.

09:14:37 We are in a turnaround mode at Tampa international.

09:14:40 We have had a couple of bad years because waive call the

09:14:42 triple perfect storm, which was the national recession, the

09:14:45 housing meltdown, plus the effects of the Gulf oil spill and

09:14:50 the fear that the beaches were fouled.

09:14:52 So what's happened is our volumes have dropped 12.5% from

09:14:56 2005 to 2010, and our international passenger volumes

09:14:58 dropped even further down 17%.

09:15:01 Our profits were down 54%.

09:15:03 So we were faced with a serious situation where we had to

09:15:07 climb out of this hole.

09:15:08 And what we have done if you look at this chart is we have

09:15:11 beaten our budget for the last year and approved our bottom

09:15:16 line by $2.2 million.

09:15:18 If you look at the operating expense line,

09:15:23 We are below on expenses by $4 million or 4.3% last year.

09:15:27 So we beat the budget by 4 million and that helped us

09:15:31 improve the bottom line by $2.5 million.

09:15:33 And the reason improving the bottom line is so important to

09:15:36 us, that's what we use to improve the airport.

09:15:38 We do not get tax dollars from the city.

09:15:41 We have to make a profit in order to reinvest it in our

09:15:43 facilities.

09:15:45 You can see here what's happened to our profits.

09:15:47 We were down to $18 million, which as I say what we use to

09:15:51 fix and repair the airport.

09:15:52 We are bringing that up to $26 million next year, that's a

09:15:56 44% increase in our bottom line profit.

09:16:00 In addition, our reserves, which is additional profit that

09:16:03 we can use for unanticipated projects will go to

09:16:06 $5.2 million.

09:16:08 It's a very important number for us.

09:16:09 Now I was asked to talk to you today about our master plan,

09:16:12 and I will do so now.

09:16:16 The current situation is we had our last master plan

09:16:20 completed in 2005.

09:16:21 The FAA suggests we complete a new master plan every three

09:16:24 to five years.

09:16:25 As I said, traffic has been down.

09:16:27 We have had a number of different airline mergers take

09:16:29 place.

09:16:30 Delta, Northwest, Continental, United and Southwest and Air

09:16:34 Tran plus our plan for a north terminal has been pushed back

09:16:38 to at least 2023.

09:16:39 So our focus now is to climb out of the hole we find ours

09:16:44 in. We have a change in direction of philosophy.

09:16:46 One of much more aggressive marketing, one of building our

09:16:49 business.

09:16:50 And our vision is to be a vibrant aviation gateway for Tampa

09:16:54 Bay. Our job is to create prosperity for this region.

09:16:58 The objectives of the study, establish our new growth

09:17:02 projections.

09:17:02 The U.S. airline and aviation situation right now is one of

09:17:08 a mature growth industry. We have about a 1 to 2% growth

09:17:12 ratio. And looking out for the future.

09:17:16 This is not the 5 to 10% growth of 10 years ago.

09:17:19 The market right now is quite mature. We also want to take

09:17:22 a look at our facilities, not only main terminal but our

09:17:25 airside terminals, rental care, international facilities,

09:17:29 can we handle Internet growth at the airport which is where

09:17:33 we are aiming, and anything about our common use processing,

09:17:37 and also the highest and best use of our real estate.

09:17:40 We have only 3700 acres of land, and the airport that I came

09:17:43 from had 18,000 acres. So you could make a mistake at DFW

09:17:49 and kind of hide it.

09:17:50 You can't do that here.

09:17:51 We have to be precise.

09:17:52 What we do next to be exactly right.

09:17:54 So we have three major areas that we are studying in our

09:17:56 real estate. The south entry area, the east development

09:18:00 node which is the area near Drew Park and then the north

09:18:02 expansion area which is where the new terminal would have

09:18:04 gone.

09:18:06 And we also want to study intramodal and multimodal

09:18:09 connectivity so that we can be a part of wherever this

09:18:12 region wants to go in the future with respect to transit.

09:18:17 Okay, so the areas that we are studying, here is an overhead

09:18:21 view of the airport.

09:18:23 First of all, our curbside and main terminal capacity, the

09:18:28 rental car facilities, our international passenger

09:18:31 procession which is air side F, the south entry node, the

09:18:34 transportation, single entry into the airport, the east

09:18:38 development node, and finally the north area.

09:18:42 The most congested area that we have at the present time is

09:18:45 the curbside.

09:18:46 And many of you, I'm sure, have been out there and seen the

09:18:49 traffic back up onto the active roadways because of people

09:18:53 dropping off and so on.

09:18:54 What we have done, we just recently completed a project

09:18:58 where we changed the signage, relit the whole area and

09:19:01 changed the tiles in the check-in counters it looks really

09:19:05 good right now.

09:19:06 We solved some of the problems.

09:19:07 But as we grow in passengers, this area becomes much more

09:19:10 congested so we have to understand what that means to us.

09:19:12 The other thing is the main terminal.

09:19:14 The main terminal is now 40 years old, and it was brilliant

09:19:17 in its design initially, and maintains that same brilliance

09:19:21 today.

09:19:22 That's why we were rated the number 6 most loved airport in

09:19:25 the world by CNN.

09:19:27 It's because of the people 45 years ago who were sitting in

09:19:30 these chambers who thought about how do we create an airport

09:19:33 for the future, and they did a wonderful job.

09:19:35 However, as we approach 20 million annual passengers, the

09:19:39 main terminal becomes congested and past its capabilities so

09:19:44 we have to study that as well.

09:19:46 The rental car facilities, we have one of the most

09:19:49 convenient rental car facilities in the country and we are

09:19:51 indeed the 7th largest rental car market in the United

09:19:54 States.

09:19:55 It's a very excellent market for us.

09:19:57 We make a lot of money from it and it's great for our

09:20:00 passengers.

09:20:00 However, again as we grow towards 20 million annual

09:20:03 passengers, this rental car facility will become quite a bit

09:20:06 overcapacity.

09:20:08 And air side F, we have recently, as you know, our

09:20:12 international traffic is actually up 17%.

09:20:14 We have started service to Cuba.

09:20:16 We now serve two cities in Cuba.

09:20:19 We are one of the only airports in the country, in fact the

09:20:21 only other airport in the United States that serves two

09:20:23 cities is Miami.

09:20:25 We are having great success in those markets.

09:20:27 We have also introduced new service to Zurich, Switzerland.

09:20:30 With this new growth, our capacity at terminal F is

09:20:34 basically maxing out.

09:20:36 We have to study, A, what do we do in the short term to make

09:20:40 sure we continue to grow internationally because that's

09:20:42 important for this community, but also from a long-term

09:20:44 standpoint, when we continue to grow international, what is

09:20:46 the customer experience that we want them to reach here in

09:20:50 Tampa?

09:20:53 Also, the passenger processing.

09:20:57 If you have been to Home Depot and your grocery store, a lot

09:21:00 of the checkout is all automated.

09:21:03 A lot of things are becoming automated.

09:21:05 As you come to the airport more things are becoming

09:21:08 automated.

09:21:09 Common use passenger processing, if you fly any airline

09:21:12 that's a tenant you can check in at any common use facility

09:21:15 and that will actually change the way our ticketing area

09:21:17 downstairs serves. We don't need to have all those ticket

09:21:20 counters being used when there's in a flight.

09:21:22 You can actually use, for example, British airways checks in

09:21:28 at night.

09:21:28 The rest of the day that counter is empty.

09:21:30 That can be used for common use passenger processing system

09:21:33 so we are going to study that as well.

09:21:35 And finally, the south entry node, this is the area where we

09:21:39 have the post office, we have an economy parking lot, we

09:21:42 have our cell phone lot.

09:21:45 This single entry node, as you know, that one single rode

09:21:48 roadway 20 years from now will become quite congested so the

09:21:52 question becomes what do we do with the south entry node?

09:21:56 Does that become the area where we have the ability to

09:21:58 connect to multimodal and where we have bus rapid transit,

09:22:03 light rail or whatever this region decides it wants.

09:22:06 We need to be prepared to handle.

09:22:07 That but in addition, that same thing has to be considered

09:22:10 with respect to the transportation corridor.

09:22:14 Is there a way for us to use rail or automated people mover

09:22:18 systems to connect the south entry to the main terminal area

09:22:21 and decongest the main terminal area?

09:22:23 That will be studied as well.

09:22:25 And the east side development node, what we have found on

09:22:28 the east side is that we have created a maintenance repair

09:22:33 and overall corridor with a company called PEMCO who now has

09:22:39 800 plane mechanics.

09:22:43 The business is tough, there's in a doubt about that, but

09:22:45 there are some opportunities for us to develop the land on

09:22:47 the east side to support companies that would support

09:22:54 maintenance repair and overhaul operations and create more

09:22:57 jobs.

09:22:57 In other words, as an aircraft comes in and is repaired, and

09:23:00 the landing gear is taken off the aircraft and shipped out

09:23:03 to Indianapolis for repair, we are trying to create a

09:23:06 situation where the landing gear is shipped out the back

09:23:09 door for repair right there at Drew Park.

09:23:12 And the north expansion node will be where our Greenfield

09:23:15 site, where we can grow as we get our passenger numbers up

09:23:19 to where we want them.

09:23:20 That's the site where we would be able to build a new

09:23:23 facility, new terminal when the time comes.

09:23:27 The process, we launched in the November of last year.

09:23:30 We have been getting stakeholder and agency input on this

09:23:33 plan right now.

09:23:34 We are coordinating with all the agencies in the region so

09:23:37 that we can understand what their plans are as well.

09:23:39 And this plan will be complete by the end of the year.

09:23:42 Another area that I wanted to brief you on is the main

09:23:44 terminal modernization.

09:23:46 This is a project that we are currently underway on.

09:23:49 It's more than $20 million project.

09:23:51 And the scope is to create a distinctive vision and design

09:23:55 criteria to reshape the interior design of the main

09:23:59 terminal, provide finishes that a sure the main terminal is

09:24:02 attractive, modern and sustainable.

09:24:04 And we have also prepared an interior design criteria

09:24:08 manual.

09:24:08 What this was was three separate projects, and what we have

09:24:11 done was combine them into one so that we have a single look

09:24:14 for the main terminal, and we have done that through a

09:24:17 design criteria manual.

09:24:19 We created visioning session was a lost surveys with over

09:24:23 600 passengers conducted by Everest university students,

09:24:32 airport users, community partners and stakeholders.

09:24:35 And on the ticket level, you see on the left, the proposed

09:24:39 view would be on the right.

09:24:40 We would replace the carpet with tile.

09:24:41 It's easier to move your luggage through especially in a

09:24:45 transit area.

09:24:46 It's also easier for handicapped individuals to move through

09:24:48 the area as well.

09:24:52 And here we see the red side elevator bank would be updated

09:24:58 and renewed with a new glass surface as opposed to the brick

09:25:02 surface.

09:25:02 You can see that.

09:25:03 And you will also see some sculptures there on the right.

09:25:06 We have created an art area so that we can highlight some of

09:25:09 the features of the Tampa Bay region.

09:25:13 And the ticket level walkway, you can see again, this had is

09:25:16 the tile work on the left side is the existing view on the

09:25:19 right side is where we are going to go, and you can see we

09:25:21 have provided an area for art to be displayed in that level.

09:25:26 Here is the shuttle entry to our shuttle lobbies on the left

09:25:30 is the E shuttle, lobby bay you can see.

09:25:34 And on the right is the proposed view for the east shuttle

09:25:37 bay.

09:25:37 Much cleaner and much more modern.

09:25:40 And the restrooms, you can see on the left the existing

09:25:42 restrooms.

09:25:43 On the right the proposed view.

09:25:45 These will be taken down to the studies and rebuilt in a

09:25:49 very high level fashion.

09:25:50 We believe that creates a great image for our airport as

09:25:53 well.

09:25:56 And half the restrooms will be completed before the

09:26:01 Republican national convention.

09:26:04 Signs installed on the baggage level.

09:26:06 And I have a red light here.

09:26:08 So it's going to be great.

09:26:09 Trust me.

09:26:09 A lot of the work will be done before the Republican

09:26:12 national convention.

09:26:12 We want to make a great impression on the people who come

09:26:16 into our wonderful community.

09:26:17 Again thank you very much for your attention and inviting me

09:26:20 out today.

09:26:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:26:21 We really appreciate that.

09:26:22 And the red light here means boarding time.

09:26:24 >> Don't want to take a delay.

09:26:28 Any questions?

09:26:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members?

09:26:31 >>MARY MULHERN: How are they coming on the direct flights

09:26:34 to San Francisco?

09:26:40 There's one way getting out there.

09:26:43 >> We had jet blue announce new service to Laguardia and

09:26:48 Washington national, and we have had spirit airways announce

09:26:51 new service from Tampa to Dallas.

09:26:53 And we are getting there.

09:26:56 Okay, Dallas is about halfway to San Francisco.

09:26:59 One of the things that's affecting us, Councilwoman, is the

09:27:01 price of fuel, and on a long haul flight from San Francisco

09:27:05 to Tampa, airlines are a little bit more hesitant to take

09:27:08 those chances on long haul flights because you are burning

09:27:11 so much fuel.

09:27:12 You are carrying so much fuel to burn in the future as you

09:27:15 are flying five hours.

09:27:16 So the price of fuel is a driver for us, but we are very

09:27:20 aggressively trying to get those flights.

09:27:22 Trust me on that.

09:27:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:27:26 We appreciate it.

09:27:26 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mr. Lopano, thank you.

09:27:33 One question I have, the FAA had suggested that the master

09:27:37 plan be updated three to five years, and if I had it

09:27:42 correct, the last one was completed in 2005 and we got

09:27:46 started on this one in 2011.

09:27:48 A reason for the gap, and do we have a regular schedule for

09:27:51 updating that master plan for the next three to five years?

09:27:57 >> Yes, this is one of the first things that I said when I

09:28:01 got here to do, and it took a little while to get that

09:28:04 through the procurement process and so on.

09:28:06 We started the master plan actually last year.

09:28:08 It takes about 18 months to get it done.

09:28:11 We'll probably do it again in five to six years.

09:28:13 And the FAA is totally okay with that as long as they

09:28:16 understand where we are in terms of our plans.

09:28:19 I believe it's something that we should do every five years.

09:28:22 And the last one, I'm not sure why it wasn't re-upped before

09:28:26 I got here, but it's now on the platter so we think every

09:28:31 three to five years is a good time to do it.

09:28:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:28:38 Let me share before we go any further, there's one council

09:28:41 member that has to leave by 11 and I have to leave by 11:30

09:28:45 and I am going take the agenda and skip around a little bit

09:28:47 to satisfy the needs of the public that's hear today on

09:28:50 important matters, and also information reports which I

09:28:53 think would be very interesting on what I think is going to

09:28:58 happen.

09:28:58 But that's just my opinion.

09:29:00 So bear with me.

09:29:02 We'll try to get through the agenda as quickly as possible

09:29:05 and as accurately as possible.

09:29:07 Item number 4 is another ceremonial activity on waste

09:29:13 management service, Big Belly Solar.

09:29:19 I hope they are not talking about my belly.

09:29:21 >> My name is Robert Criste, Big Belly Solar throughout the

09:29:27 United States and the Caribbean.

09:29:28 I am here today with the CEO who is visiting from Boston,

09:29:34 Massachusetts and we are glad to have him with us.

09:29:36 For over a year Big Belly Solar and your sanitation solid

09:29:40 waste department has conduct add pilot just a few blocks

09:29:42 from here introducing a smart grid for waste and recycling.

09:29:48 Today is a call to action to increase the efficiency

09:29:51 associated with waste collection.

09:29:53 What I would like to do is go through this very quickly,

09:29:56 leaving some time for questions.

09:29:59 Purchasing a trash pin from public space -- and again not

09:30:04 talking about residential or commercial, I'm talking about

09:30:06 your public spaces, your parks and beaches in your downtown

09:30:09 areas.

09:30:10 Purchasing a trash bin, I think I saw in some of your

09:30:14 budgets you are allocating $700 per bin, and that's an easy

09:30:18 one-time.

09:30:23 However, the annual costs associated with collection based

09:30:25 on fuel costs, staff, collection frequency, maintenance of

09:30:29 the vehicles, et cetera, is about $2,000 a year per trash

09:30:33 can.

09:30:34 So those numbers are real.

09:30:36 That's a weighted average, different studies we have done

09:30:38 throughout the United States.

09:30:39 So parks is about $1800 per trash can.

09:30:44 And the reason those costs are so high is because you throw

09:30:47 a lot of capacity at the problem.

09:30:49 You throw crews, fuel, trucks, collection frequency at the

09:30:55 problem.

09:30:56 And still, in some cases, you are seeing an overflow in

09:31:00 trash cans.

09:31:01 You are also seeing a trash can with a candy bar wrapper in

09:31:05 it.

09:31:05 But you are still compelled to empty that trash can.

09:31:09 So there's a lot of waste associated with waste collection.

09:31:12 And that waste is in the form of dollars.

09:31:15 What we do at Big Belly Solar by the utilization of data and

09:31:20 compassion is reduce and eliminate the energy associated

09:31:23 with waste collection by 70 to 80%.

09:31:26 So we are taking 7 to 8 trash truck trips off of your

09:31:30 streets, and there's a lot of implications there.

09:31:33 You can free up those resources for other activities.

09:31:36 I understand that some of my research that there's a little

09:31:39 bit of pain going on with your solid waste and sanitation

09:31:43 activities in this town, and you are not alone.

09:31:46 That's all over the world.

09:31:47 We work all over the world.

09:31:49 And we see councils and agencies dealing with the problem

09:31:56 because they don't have any transparency and visibility.

09:32:00 So what we provide you is a system where your waste

09:32:04 recycling collection stations located throughout your

09:32:08 municipality, beaches, parks, et cetera, are all viewable

09:32:12 online that can be viewed remotely with a smart phone, or on

09:32:16 your computer, and so the person in charge of directing the

09:32:21 routes and the energy and the crews and the trucks

09:32:24 associated with waste collection can actually look and see.

09:32:29 And if they are green, those stations don't need to be

09:32:32 serviced.

09:32:33 If they are yellow, they need to be scheduled.

09:32:35 And if they are red you have to go collect them right now.

09:32:37 The other component on the right is the auditing, the

09:32:41 transparency, the visibility, the validation and

09:32:44 confirmation that you are spending the right amount of money

09:32:46 on that activity.

09:32:48 And what will happen is 70 to 80% of the cost associated

09:32:52 with waste and recycling collection will be freed up for

09:32:57 other activities, and that's why we are speaking to you

09:33:01 today, is because sometimes that sanitation or solid waste

09:33:04 department has a rather static budget, and they are unable

09:33:07 to deploy a program like this and realize these types of

09:33:12 efficiencies, because they are constrained by their existing

09:33:17 infrastructure.

09:33:18 So what we are proposing is a call to action today that

09:33:20 looks at taking your existing four Big Belly Solar stations

09:33:24 in Tampa and expanding that to 200.

09:33:27 That's going to require removing existing trash cans that

09:33:31 are out on your street.

09:33:32 And, by the way, you can put them in a warehouse and

09:33:35 redeploy them in other areas.

09:33:37 So that trash bin budget that you currently have would be

09:33:40 eliminated.

09:33:42 We are taking weekly collections from seven to one, freeing

09:33:46 up 140 or so man hours per week.

09:33:50 Annual labor costs go down to 30 K from 210.

09:33:53 You can see the numbers here.

09:33:54 But the bottom line is it's going to free up $300,000 a year

09:33:58 in cash that you can do other things with.

09:34:01 We are also going to reduce your carbon footprint in the

09:34:03 City of Tampa by 138 metric tons of CO2.

09:34:08 There's some other considerations down at the bottom as it

09:34:13 relates

09:34:13 To a formal

09:34:15 Effective

09:34:15 And efficient introduction of public space recycling.

09:34:18 This is a problem that is global.

09:34:21 We do a good job in residential and commercial, and we tend

09:34:26 to do a very poor job in public space.

09:34:29 And by the way

09:34:30 When you go out to lunch today

09:34:32 Take a look at the trash cans in your streets.

09:34:34 70 to 80, sometimes 90% of the content inside those contents

09:34:38 are single stream recyclable material so the vast majority

09:34:41 of waste being generated in public space is recyclable

09:34:46 materials.

09:34:46 So how do you pay for this?

09:34:48 We want to the pay for itself.

09:34:52 300 that you annual waste collection annual waste collection

09:34:58 savings would more than cover a five-year lease so the idea

09:35:00 is that the system itself would cover the cost of the

09:35:04 system.

09:35:04 And then after your five-year lease, of course, that cash

09:35:07 flow is freed up for other activities.

09:35:09 And there's lots of different ways to pay for it.

09:35:13 Have your existing bin budget.

09:35:15 You have developed metal funds for streetscape improvements.

09:35:17 You have multi-purpose capacity.

09:35:22 Other areas other than the solid waste and sanitation budget

09:35:26 line items.

09:35:27 Sustainability initiatives.

09:35:29 There's lots of grant funding.

09:35:31 There's transportation funding for public space improvement,

09:35:34 introduction of sustainable programs, et cetera.

09:35:41 It's a wonderful platform for community messaging, in many

09:35:45 different ways.

09:35:46 You can promote festivals.

09:35:47 You can promote keep Tampa beautiful, all those types of

09:35:50 things.

09:35:50 It's an eye-level solar panel.

09:35:54 This is one of the most catchable demonstrations of

09:35:57 environmental stewardship and sustainability that Tampa

09:35:59 could ever achieve.

09:36:01 Most of your green activities are in the back of the house

09:36:05 or the solar panel on top of the building which are

09:36:08 wonderful but nobody can see them.

09:36:09 And that's a wonderful, tangible demonstration.

09:36:12 Philadelphia has 900 of these deployed downtown.

09:36:16 They are dropping a million dollars to the bottom line.

09:36:20 $13 million over ten years.

09:36:22 Chicago is in the process of deploying 1600 of these.

09:36:25 They actually did an RFP for advertising.

09:36:27 And they are going to make tens of millions of dollars in

09:36:30 advertising over the period of a decade.

09:36:33 So I don't know if advertising is an appropriate discussion,

09:36:41 but certainly sponsorship with a corporate partner who has a

09:36:44 substantial footprint in town might provide an offset in

09:36:48 terms of some of the costs.

09:36:50 And this is just sort of a graphical demonstration of what

09:36:55 we would do in Ybor, downtown, and Ben T Davis beach.

09:37:01 As an example, about 220 big bellies would cover that and I

09:37:07 would ask you to suggest that sanitation take an immediate

09:37:12 look at where are your most painful areas and how can we

09:37:14 help immediately, this spring, prior to the RNC, prior to

09:37:20 all of the tourists and visitors coming, and improve the

09:37:23 external perception of Tampa, not that it's ill perceived

09:37:28 now but this would be a wonderful jolt in the arm in terms

09:37:32 of becoming a sustainable city.

09:37:34 Having said that, I will open it up for some questions.

09:37:37 And reactions.

09:37:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I can only say this, and then I will

09:37:42 yield to other council members.

09:37:43 Have you been to the administration?

09:37:45 Have you been to the RFP process? Has this been posted

09:37:49 anywhere?

09:37:51 You are talking about -- I don't know what kind of

09:37:53 government Philadelphia has, although we may or may not

09:37:58 agree with you, it's solely and administrative session in

09:38:01 the beginning of this, and I see you looking for some

09:38:05 sustainability on what you just said.

09:38:06 >> Yes, sir, we worked with your sanitation department over

09:38:10 the last year to deploy a very small initial pilot.

09:38:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I can understand all that, but today, I'm

09:38:19 caught in a real -- I have got audience behind you on an

09:38:23 item that's very dear to the heart, solid waste, I assume,

09:38:29 and I have other issues on this agenda, and if I start

09:38:31 debating this the next hour, there's two council members

09:38:35 that may not be here for that, and I don't want that to

09:38:37 happen.

09:38:38 So I want to know, just yes or no, have you met with the

09:38:41 administration?

09:38:41 Have you met with solid waste?

09:38:44 And was there reaction on the second part?

09:38:46 >> The answer is yes, but that investigation and discussion

09:38:50 is not complete yet sir.

09:38:52 >> Okay.

09:38:52 Thank you very much.

09:38:53 Any questions by council members?

09:38:55 >>FRANK REDDICK: Question.

09:39:01 You said it's four bins, right?

09:39:03 >> Yes, sir.

09:39:04 >>FRANK REDDICK: What's the cost saving that the city will

09:39:07 save on the four bins?

09:39:11 >> Nil because it's way too small to have any measure

09:39:15 usually financial results.

09:39:16 You have static trash cans completely surrounding that area.

09:39:19 The cost savings are associated with a large deployment

09:39:21 because then you are only bringing the trash truck when that

09:39:24 collection is required.

09:39:26 Eliminating any guesswork.

09:39:28 So with deployment of four, I think your administration

09:39:32 probably receives public feedback, positive feedback, but

09:39:38 other than that, there's in a financial results to be

09:39:41 gleaned from a deployment of four stations.

09:39:43 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me ask a question.

09:39:47 Let me ask you -- and I want to respect the chairman and

09:39:51 what he stated earlier -- but where are you with discussion

09:40:02 pertaining to these particular bins? Are you looking to

09:40:04 expand from the four?

09:40:07 Or are you looking at discussing expansion, or having

09:40:12 negotiation was this group pertaining to -- what do we call

09:40:17 it?

09:40:17 >> Tonja Brickhouse, director for solid waste environmental

09:40:22 program management.

09:40:23 To answer your question, yes.

09:40:25 One of the challenges that we have, we did the pilot in

09:40:29 November of 2010, approved the concept.

09:40:33 I think I provided a staff report as it relates to that.

09:40:36 The issue becomes the capital dollars going back, and the

09:40:40 conversations have been ongoing with waste management.

09:40:43 As it relates to big belly.

09:40:46 But the real issue is deciding when is the best time in

09:40:50 terms of capital dollars to be able to invest in a program

09:40:54 like this.

09:40:54 We see the benefits of it.

09:40:56 We are in agreement on that.

09:40:57 The issue becomes finding the right time for funding.

09:41:00 And so as you know, today, much of today's agenda is

09:41:03 relating to solid waste, solid waste system financial

09:41:08 status.

09:41:09 So those discussions are ongoing.

09:41:11 In fact, I have a meeting with Mr. Criste this afternoon to

09:41:16 talk about where we are going in the future.

09:41:19 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you for that response.

09:41:22 Because I did read your report, and I saw your report that

09:41:26 you stated that one of those containers hold almost five

09:41:31 times as much trash as the current things you have out there

09:41:39 so I hope this will lead to some discussion, and that

09:41:42 somehow we can expand from the four.

09:41:46 So I thank you.

09:41:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other question by council members?

09:41:49 Ms. Capin?

09:41:50 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.

09:41:54 I did talk to waste management back in 2010 at the League of

09:41:59 Cities when they had their set-up, and very interesting how

09:42:04 this works.

09:42:06 But is the price the same?

09:42:08 Or is it less by the quantity?

09:42:15 I remember discussing the price of each can.

09:42:19 >> At that time it wags $3700 per can.

09:42:23 And then hopefully this afternoon in our meeting I'll find

09:42:26 out if there have been any changes in the pricing scheme.

09:42:29 But if you divide that by 700 per can, you come up with

09:42:35 roughly the same.

09:42:37 So if you want to do the numbers.

09:42:41 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

09:42:42 >>LISA MONTELIONE: More of a comment than a question.

09:42:45 Several times, I brought forward the idea that we have to

09:42:50 look outside the box to solve our problems, especially in

09:42:55 recycling because the technology is there, it's advanced

09:42:58 light years, in recent times from what recycling used to be

09:43:05 to what it is today, and there are a variety, not just this

09:43:08 one, that we heard about today, but I don't know how much

09:43:14 stronger we can be in a recommendation, especially in light

09:43:17 of our deficit in the solid waste department, and

09:43:20 particularly the recycling program, that we really get

09:43:23 moving on some kind of innovative program, and really do

09:43:31 something that will have a triple bottom line to the city

09:43:38 and its citizens.

09:43:39 Thank you.

09:43:39 >> In fact, what I will do is I will plan on coming at

09:43:43 another time just to brief you on the initiatives that we

09:43:46 are doing as it relates to recycling.

09:43:48 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That would be wonderful.

09:43:50 Thank you.

09:43:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you all very much.

09:43:52 Any other council members?

09:43:53 Thank you all for attending.

09:43:56 All right.

09:43:58 We go to the approval of the agenda.

09:44:01 >> Moved.

09:44:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Reddick, seconded by Mrs.

09:44:06 Montelione.

09:44:07 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

09:44:09 Opposed nay.

09:44:10 The Ayes have it unanimously.

09:44:12 We go to the approval of the addendum to the agenda.

09:44:14 Motion made by --

09:44:16 >>FRANK REDDICK: Reddick.

09:44:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second bid Mr. Suarez.

09:44:21 All in favor of that motion please indicate by saying aye.

09:44:23 Opposed nay.

09:44:24 The Ayes have it unanimously.

09:44:26 We go to public comment for three minutes up to 30 minutes.

09:44:30 Those that would like to speak on items on the agenda first,

09:44:34 please come up and then the remaining period for those items

09:44:39 not on the agenda.

09:44:39 Yes, ma'am.

09:44:40 Please come forward.

09:44:41 >> My name is Carol Cameron.

09:44:58 I live at 3316 north San Miguel and I'm here to speak about

09:45:03 solid waste situation.

09:45:06 I'm passing out a letter that some of you may have already

09:45:08 received.

09:45:09 And I wanted to discuss some issues on it.

09:45:11 Primarily, one of the issues that I wanted to discuss is

09:45:14 recycling, and Mrs. Montelione mentioned that recycling

09:45:21 program is costing the city money.

09:45:22 I think most people don't realize that.

09:45:24 That I heard a figure of $3 million a year.

09:45:27 Why are we continuing to do a program that we want to be

09:45:31 politically correct on recycling, and I understand that's

09:45:35 the thing we want to do, but is it worth $3 million a year

09:45:40 to the city?

09:45:42 If some of these programs that we are talking about could

09:45:44 actually be a zero cost, or even a positive cost, and one of

09:45:51 my items, number 4, was where I was discussing that on this

09:45:55 letter.

09:45:58 Why continue it if there's some other options that might be

09:46:00 considered such as putting public recycling that might

09:46:05 actually be a zero cost or make some money for the city?

09:46:09 Can the residential people -- and I live in an area where

09:46:12 recycling is done -- are there certain items that are not

09:46:16 cost effective and certain items that are cost effective?

09:46:18 Because, frankly, if I know the city is losing $3 million a

09:46:21 year, why I going to continue to recycle?

09:46:24 I think that's just absurd on its face.

09:46:28 Other issues that I had, I understand costs sometimes have

09:46:32 to go up because of situations.

09:46:34 But I don't want costs to go up when I think at least all

09:46:40 the questions have not been answered, and that's what some

09:46:42 of these are doing.

09:46:44 Has the route been looked at to make sure they are being run

09:46:48 the most efficient way as UPS does?

09:46:51 They make sure they make mostly right turns and things like

09:46:54 that.

09:46:54 Has that been done?

09:46:55 There may be answers to these questions, but I don't know

09:46:58 them.

09:46:59 Can real savings be gained by privatizing?

09:47:03 I know the county privatizes.

09:47:04 They believe it's cheaper.

09:47:06 I don't know, the city has done that in the past, then went

09:47:09 back to doing it themselves.

09:47:11 I think at least it should be put out for a bid to see if it

09:47:14 can be saved.

09:47:17 What are these salary increases in relationship to the rate

09:47:20 increases? I used to own my own business.

09:47:22 I can tell you that what is 12% added for five years adds up

09:47:26 to about 76, 78%, and I know as a business owner, I could

09:47:32 not have gone with that.

09:47:34 And also, just two other quick things.

09:47:36 Can we go to once a week pickup, and then people might pay

09:47:40 if they need two?

09:47:42 The alley services, that costs 1.5 million a year.

09:47:45 They should pay extra, not whole city.

09:47:48 And how about the cost to pick up Gasparilla?

09:47:50 Shouldn't that be another department that wants Gasparilla

09:47:55 and why should that be the solid waste?

09:47:57 I thank you for your time.

09:47:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:47:59 Next, please.

09:48:00 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Mr. Chair, because of the number of people

09:48:03 that stood up to -- I think we are going to have to maybe

09:48:07 try to make a decision now as opposed to waiting later to

09:48:10 extend the time, or to make the comments shorter.

09:48:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me say this.

09:48:16 Maybe they are only going to speak for a minute.

09:48:17 I really don't know.

09:48:18 Maybe somebody says what they were going to say and they

09:48:21 will cut it short. I don't want to cut them off.

09:48:23 But at that time we'll make that decision.

09:48:25 Thank you so very much for that.

09:48:26 Yes, ma'am.

09:48:26 >> My name is Sherry Simon, 911 east shadowlawn Avenue, the

09:48:32 president of southeast Seminole Heights civic.

09:48:35 Some.

09:48:36 I'm here about the Trinity Cafe.

09:48:39 I applaud them.

09:48:41 I have no problem with what they are doing.

09:48:42 I have a problem with where they plan on doing it.

09:48:48 I was a stakeholder in the FDOT renaming of Nebraska.

09:48:54 I have been on the zoning projects since the very first

09:49:00 meeting.

09:49:00 Monday, I attended a meeting of a beginning study to

09:49:07 revitalize downtown Tampa, and the transit corridor, which I

09:49:12 believe is at the initiation. Mayor.

09:49:16 What I am trying to understand is how you can zone a free

09:49:23 giveaway soup kitchen as a restaurant to skirt the zoning

09:49:28 and put it on a main corridor, where we are trying

09:49:32 desperately to encourage commercial restaurants, and who

09:49:41 serve the community that lives there and that works there

09:49:45 and make it beautiful to those people who come into our

09:49:48 city.

09:49:52 All the neighborhood that are along that Nebraska corridor

09:49:55 have worked their butts off every day.

09:49:59 They are down there all the time to try to make improvements

09:50:03 in our corridors and our neighborhoods.

09:50:05 And I consider this kind of a back door establishment I

09:50:10 don't think it's right.

09:50:13 You know, I not even in my neighborhood, by the way, but it

09:50:17 affects all of us along the corridor.

09:50:19 And I do not understand it, and I just want you to think

09:50:22 very, very much about what you are going to do here, because

09:50:24 we work hard, all of us, including the city, to try to build

09:50:28 the corridor and to make a good entry.

09:50:30 And I think this is a very big backward step.

09:50:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:50:36 Next, please.

09:50:36 >> Susan Long, East Broad Street.

09:50:47 You want to talk about the trash rates.

09:50:48 You know, I am old enough to get the senior citizens

09:50:51 discount on the trash.

09:50:52 I have never considered doing it.

09:50:54 I figured, you know, I pay the same rates as everybody else

09:50:57 just because I lived a few extra years I shouldn't

09:51:01 necessarily get a discount.

09:51:02 I'm not starving to death.

09:51:03 But you raise the rates and I and everybody I know 65 and up

09:51:08 will be signing up for that discount, because this is

09:51:11 ridiculous.

09:51:12 If I moved to the county, I would have lowered trash rates.

09:51:17 I know pickup for this and this.

09:51:21 It's lower than what we pay and you are talking about

09:51:24 raising basically 12% per annum for the next four or five

09:51:28 years and I am not going to be able to afford -- well, I

09:51:31 should say, this it's going to be much more difficult for

09:51:33 me.

09:51:33 And I am comfortable, not rich, but comfortably well off,

09:51:37 and some of my neighbors are not.

09:51:39 Some of them just flat-out cannot afford this.

09:51:41 This is just wrong.

09:51:42 Put it out on an RFP.

09:51:45 If the county can do it with private haulers, we can, too.

09:51:48 There's absolutely no reason that this rate should go up.

09:51:51 The third thing I want to talk about is the Trinity Cafe.

09:51:54 I live in Seminole Heights.

09:51:56 I live north of Hillsborough.

09:51:57 I do not live where the Trinity Cafe is going in.

09:52:00 We have struggled for years to renovate, restore, upgrade

09:52:06 our commercial corridors in our residential areas.

09:52:09 Residential areas are really very nice in most places.

09:52:12 The commercial corridors, we have struggled with.

09:52:15 We have a handful of really nice businesses.

09:52:17 They have done a beautiful job.

09:52:20 The independents, a few others that have done a great job,

09:52:24 to take cafe that even their Web site says over 200 people

09:52:30 line up hours before the meals are served, waiting for the,

09:52:35 quote, restaurant to open, is not beneficial.

09:52:39 Our main north-south corridors are Florida and Nebraska and

09:52:42 the interstate.

09:52:43 And you want to put this in the middle of those corridors.

09:52:47 It's just wrong. It's not a restaurant. It shouldn't be a

09:52:51 restaurant.

09:52:51 Why are we the only section of town that has all the social

09:52:55 services? If somebody decided to put this on Davis Island,

09:52:59 or Bayshore, or Old Hyde Parkville I on or New Tampa, there

09:53:04 would be such an uproar it would never get this far.

09:53:07 But because when live in central Tampa it's okay.

09:53:09 We carry the burden for all the social services in this

09:53:12 city -- not all, the variety majority of the social services

09:53:15 in the city.

09:53:15 And it's time to share the wealth.

09:53:17 Thank you.

09:53:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much. Next, please.

09:53:23 >> Good morning. Spencer Kass representing Virginia park

09:53:29 neighborhood association.

09:53:30 Some of the hundreds of people that have written to you over

09:53:32 the trash rate issue in the City of Tampa.

09:53:36 569, 69 on your agenda.

09:53:39 This morning you are going to hear about a department that

09:53:42 has absolutely no concern for the small businesses and

09:53:46 residents in the City of Tampa.

09:53:49 Small businesses are struggling to get by.

09:53:52 When we had our candidate forum, every single neighborhood,

09:53:54 every single person on this council spoke about supporting

09:53:57 neighborhoods and supporting small business.

09:54:00 I would like to know under their plan where you are going to

09:54:05 have 12% of your increases.

09:54:07 That means if you have a commercial account, take 1,000 a

09:54:10 month, you will be up $1,762 just in rate increases.

09:54:15 That doesn't include anything for their franchise fee which

09:54:18 I assure you will be passed on in the commercial haulers to

09:54:20 the small businesses.

09:54:22 That's a 76% increase.

09:54:25 76% increase.

09:54:26 That's over $7,000 additional out of a small business'

09:54:30 pocket a year.

09:54:31 I don't know how it is that you expect anybody to absorb

09:54:35 those sorts of expenses.

09:54:36 On the residential side you are talking about a 38% increase

09:54:40 range.

09:54:41 It's not right, council.

09:54:43 This department has not done everything within its power to

09:54:46 curtail expenses.

09:54:47 They haven't provided us with a business plan.

09:54:51 How is it going to work going forward?

09:54:54 Why has this department given out increases in salaries --

09:54:58 and by the way, their future production shows continuing

09:55:00 increases in salaries.

09:55:02 You have a department that says, we are struggling to get

09:55:04 by, yet we have money to give out raises.

09:55:07 And if they do it for one person they feel they have to do

09:55:10 it for everybody.

09:55:11 Well, that's their front. Is supposed to be an independent

09:55:14 department that works like a business.

09:55:15 It's not.

09:55:16 It's working as a government subsidized, bizarre little

09:55:20 thing that basically goes around and says we are going to

09:55:22 spend what we want to spend and then we are going to show up

09:55:24 at this council and we are going to show that bond covenants

09:55:30 require us to raise rates.

09:55:31 If it's not my job to tell you all what to do.

09:55:35 You are the elected officials.

09:55:36 You decide if you want to raise rates.

09:55:42 The department cut their expenses down to the point they

09:55:44 have to cut them to live within their means just like every

09:55:47 citizen and every person on this council has to do.

09:55:50 That's all we are asking.

09:55:50 Live within your means.

09:55:52 We said, why don't you put out a request for proposal?

09:55:54 Why don't you find out if it can be provided cheaper by

09:55:57 private companies?

09:55:58 They are not interested in that.

09:55:59 That's what we were told.

09:56:00 We are not interested in that, and you can't tell us what to

09:56:03 do.

09:56:03 Well, now what?

09:56:07 It's entirely under your discretion if you want to increase

09:56:10 those rates or not.

09:56:11 All you have to do is say no.

09:56:13 I promise you they are not going to -- let's take worse case

09:56:18 scenarios, the bond goes to junk status, you can buy them

09:56:21 back at ten cents on the dollar.

09:56:23 That's not the worst thing in the world either.

09:56:25 At the same time maybe you all have to live within your

09:56:27 means. Now what?

09:56:28 Because many people in this city feel that would be

09:56:31 appropriate. My time is up. I thank you all for the time.

09:56:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thanks very much.

09:56:35 Next, please.

09:56:35 >>> Michael wade, Ballast Point, for the trash pickup.

09:56:44 I read the statement and can't understand why the City of

09:56:48 Tampa wants to start age discrimination making younger

09:56:53 people pay for their trash than older people.

09:56:57 Do you have statistics that older people produce young

09:56:59 people?

09:57:00 Maybe younger people produce less trash.

09:57:03 Get my point?

09:57:04 Discrimination.

09:57:05 Are you trying to give one set of people in a group a

09:57:08 special discount, you disenfranchise the other whose have to

09:57:11 pay for the subsidy.

09:57:12 We are all in this together and everybody needs to pay their

09:57:14 fair share.

09:57:16 Let's look at how ho is plowing all the trash.

09:57:19 I live in a singe household, produce about one blue

09:57:22 container once a week.

09:57:25 I keep the every other day thing.

09:57:27 And also see household in my neighborhood is that have three

09:57:31 or four blue bins.

09:57:33 How about you charge for every bin over one extra $5 a month

09:57:38 for their extra trash?

09:57:40 That would be more of a fair "pay as you go" system than to

09:57:44 engage in discrimination because of age.

09:57:47 CNN the other day reported that since the year 2000, there's

09:57:51 been a 30% increase in multi-generational household.

09:57:56 That means two or three generations could be living in the

09:57:59 same household, and they produce ten times the trash as

09:58:02 someone in a single household.

09:58:06 Put the utility bill in grandma's name.

09:58:09 Is that fair?

09:58:10 No, it's not.

09:58:11 How about families with kids?

09:58:12 They produce a lot of trash, diapers, stuff like that.

09:58:16 I also suggest the city go up the 2010 population census and

09:58:22 charge per person per household.

09:58:24 Everybody produces trash.

09:58:27 That would be a lot fairer system than younger people paying

09:58:30 more than older people.

09:58:30 How about giving a discount to those who recycle?

09:58:34 The place of aluminum is skyrocketing with every other metal

09:58:39 commodity and these trash campaigns are making a ton of

09:58:42 money off people recycling.

09:58:43 Where is that money going?

09:58:44 Do you guys in the city get a kickback on that?

09:58:48 How about incentive of a few dollars every month to people

09:58:52 who recycle, and produce less trash in the landfills.

09:58:57 Put a bar code on the trash recycling bin and when it gets

09:59:00 dumped it registers and they can produce a couple bucks that

09:59:03 you give back to the people.

09:59:05 Also, since the economy has slowed, I know myself, I buy

09:59:08 less.

09:59:09 When I buy less, I produce less trash.

09:59:17 You see the same truck going by two, three times a day.

09:59:20 Is this guy lost?

09:59:21 I'm not paying for his extra gas, okay?

09:59:23 And I am getting really tired of subsidizing other people.

09:59:26 51% of my tax bill is going for schools.

09:59:29 I don't have any kids.

09:59:30 Why should I be paying for all the other people having kids?

09:59:32 I mean, all this stuff is discrimination.

09:59:37 Anyway, I ask council that you take my comments into

09:59:40 consideration and not discriminate.

09:59:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much. Next, please.

09:59:44 >>> My name is Veve Sotolongo, and I live on 17th Avenue

09:59:58 where the restaurant/cafe is supposed to be.

10:00:01 I have lived there for 30 years.

10:00:03 And I oppose this.

10:00:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you so very much. Next, please.

10:00:08 >> Kim Headland, president of the VM Ybor neighborhood

10:00:14 association and I would like to ask that I utilize my

10:00:18 husband's three minutes as well.

10:00:19 We have about 40 residents.

10:00:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have to get a legal opinion here.

10:00:23 It calls for three minutes per person.

10:00:25 We don't have time sharing that you can add.

10:00:28 On this part of the agenda.

10:00:29 I'm sorry.

10:00:30 >>> Okay.

10:00:33 In the summer of 2011 representatives from Trinity Cafe

10:00:37 presented information regarding plans to relocate to 2801

10:00:40 north Nebraska Avenue.

10:00:41 One parcel removed from the state's most unique national

10:00:44 historic landmark district.

10:00:46 They currently serve 315 individuals per day per their

10:00:50 presentation to us.

10:00:51 That includes box lunches and their dining facility.

10:00:53 When they relocate, they plan to increase that by 20%.

10:00:57 By our calculations, that will mean serving approximately

10:01:01 380 meals a day and they want to do it seven days a week.

10:01:05 It's unclear why they would move decentralizing services

10:01:09 currently provided by the Salvation Army.

10:01:10 We ask them to consider a training kitchen.

10:01:14 We ask them to consider even utilizing it as a food pantry.

10:01:20 Emphatic and they didn't know.

10:01:21 When we classify Trinity Cafe as a restaurant eliminating

10:01:28 the need for any rezoning, it obviously upset residents.

10:01:32 Even drive-through restaurants would require two City

10:01:35 Council hearings, and the health agency where substantial

10:01:41 queuing is involved is not allowed.

10:01:44 The property is immediately adjacent to single family

10:01:46 residences.

10:01:47 This illustrates a much bigger problem, the amount of

10:01:54 residential property, and this illustrates a much bigger

10:01:59 problem of both antiquated zoning matrix and uses and res

10:02:05 precedence.

10:02:06 It shows how the city deals with homelessness and the lack

10:02:11 of opportunity for residents to have a voice in this

10:02:12 process.

10:02:15 A process that will significantly impact our community.

10:02:20 Other cities address this.

10:02:21 Fort Myers calls it a social service facility.

10:02:24 St. Petersburg deals with it, in no cases are they allowed

10:02:28 in commercial general zones.

10:02:30 A few things to note.

10:02:33 Queuing of 308 people in single family residences is not the

10:02:37 same as a restaurant.

10:02:38 According to stats provided by TPD there was a 60% increase

10:02:42 in crime once Trinity moved into the Salvation Army

10:02:45 location.

10:02:46 60% increase.

10:02:48 We have more than 140 incidents of part one crime per year.

10:02:53 That was last year.

10:02:54 60% we can't handle that.

10:02:58 This relocation will have an impact on crime in our

10:03:00 community.

10:03:01 It will overburden TPD and negatively impact the quality of

10:03:04 life.

10:03:05 Most definitely this will deter any positive redevelopment.

10:03:10 We simply -- it's simply not the same as a restaurant.

10:03:13 The impact is just different.

10:03:16 We worked hard for years and years to address some difficult

10:03:19 issues with prostitution, open air drug selling to arsons.

10:03:23 We have been recognized by the county for our monthly

10:03:26 clean-ups.

10:03:27 We actually physically built our new playground in our

10:03:30 community.

10:03:32 We have done a lot.

10:03:33 We are trying to do our part.

10:03:37 What we are asking today is we are striving toward the

10:03:40 stabilization of our historic community.

10:03:42 Please consider the impact this will have and direct the

10:03:46 zoning department to reevaluate --

10:03:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:03:51 Mr. Reddick?

10:03:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: Did you bring any photos?

10:03:58 Did you bring any photos?

10:03:59 >> Several.

10:04:00 Like I said, we have about --

10:04:02 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

10:04:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Her husband is certainly entitled to

10:04:07 speak if you wish. Next, please.

10:04:09 >> My name is Liz Smith, 2918 north 10th street in Ybor.

10:04:19 I have lived there all my life since my parents built my

10:04:22 house when I was three years old.

10:04:24 I have chosen not to leave my community.

10:04:27 My grandparents helped build Ybor City by working in the

10:04:31 cigar factory.

10:04:32 I have lived through urban renewal where they put the

10:04:35 expressway right through the best part of my home.

10:04:38 Every day I get calls on the phone from the TPD telling me

10:04:41 that there is yet another pedophile living in my

10:04:44 neighborhood on Nebraska.

10:04:46 I watch my neighbors with small children trying to make a

10:04:50 home in my beloved place where I get a lot of mixed messages

10:04:54 where we are calling Ybor such a beloved historic place, but

10:04:58 we can let someone sneak in and put yet another soup kitchen

10:05:02 on my corner where I have had personal experience with this,

10:05:08 where some very well-intentioned nuns a block away wherever

10:05:12 from me put a soup kitchen where I had people putting their

10:05:15 shopping carts in my lawn, urinating on my lawn, living in

10:05:18 my bushes, breaking into my house.

10:05:20 This is just wrong.

10:05:23 It's wrong.

10:05:24 It's the wrong place to put it.

10:05:26 No one has a problem feeding the homeless.

10:05:28 But work with the community.

10:05:30 Please respect us.

10:05:31 We are doing our best.

10:05:32 Build a good community here.

10:05:35 And please stop -- someone used the term disenfranchising.

10:05:40 That is what you have done to our community.

10:05:41 You haven't given us a voice, and where they come into our

10:05:47 own living room.

10:05:48 Please, I ask you to listen to us, and listen to the people

10:05:51 who are here today.

10:05:53 They have come from work.

10:05:55 They have come from disability.

10:05:59 They work every day.

10:06:00 They work every weekend to keep the community clean.

10:06:03 Please listen to us for once, and please put this place

10:06:06 where it belongs.

10:06:08 Thank you very much.

10:06:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much. Next, please.

10:06:10 >>> Members, thank you for having me here.

10:06:16 I agree that Trinity's --

10:06:20 >> I need your name and address.

10:06:21 >> My name is Pete Montero, 2917 ninth street and I am a

10:06:26 lifetime member of that community.

10:06:30 In facts I was there when mayor Nuccio lived two blocks down

10:06:33 from where I live presently.

10:06:38 And Trinity is a wonderful entity serving a laudable

10:06:43 purpose.

10:06:45 Where it is presently located.

10:06:47 Along with the Salvation Army.

10:06:51 There are problems.

10:06:52 There must be problems that exist between the Salvation Army

10:06:55 and the Trinity Cafe.

10:06:57 If there were no problems, then the Trinity Cafe would not

10:07:00 be wanting to move from that location.

10:07:04 I ask that these members consider investigating what those

10:07:10 problems are, talking to these people, and trying to

10:07:14 negotiate through communication.

10:07:19 To fix whatever the problem is between the Salvation Army

10:07:22 and the Trinity Cafe.

10:07:25 They both serve the public need, in the very same way.

10:07:29 They are made to live together like man and wife.

10:07:35 Our neighborhood took a really big hit when the economic

10:07:42 crisis took place.

10:07:45 We have boarded up houses.

10:07:46 We have houses, many houses in foreclosure.

10:07:50 We are struggling to rebuild a community to a level that it

10:07:55 was when mayor Nuccio proudly lived in the Ybor

10:08:03 neighborhood.

10:08:03 I ask again that this board, and you members, communicate

10:08:11 with the Salvation Army and the Trinity Cafe people solve

10:08:20 the problems and keep the Trinity Cafe in its present

10:08:23 location.

10:08:25 It is by no stretch of the imagination a restaurant.

10:08:30 If anyone thinks it, they are wrong.

10:08:34 Please help us.

10:08:37 We want stability in this neighborhood, not more chaos.

10:08:41 Please help us.

10:08:42 Thank you very much.

10:08:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir. Next, please.

10:08:47 (Applause)

10:08:48 >> No, let's just continue with the meeting.

10:08:50 The more we stop the longer it's going to get.

10:08:53 >>> Carol Joseph Marshall, VM Ybor.

10:08:58 I am here this morning to ask you to not let this cafe

10:09:04 happen.

10:09:07 Years ago, Tampa Heights, myself involved, tried to work

10:09:15 with them.

10:09:16 We asked them to have the homeless part of Trinity Cafe,

10:09:23 keeping the area around the cafe clean.

10:09:25 We were told that they could not manage the homeless outside

10:09:29 of the facility.

10:09:31 This will be history repeating itself.

10:09:35 The Ybor neighborhood will have people.

10:09:37 The reason -- in doorways, littering all over the streets,

10:09:45 the Salvation Army is cannot control the homeless once they

10:09:49 are off their property.

10:09:51 Just so you know, the cafe will be located within the

10:09:55 boundaries of Tampa Heights neighborhood plan, the first

10:09:59 neighborhood plan ratified by the City of Tampa, and also

10:10:03 located in the boundary of East Tampa CRA.

10:10:09 We are busy trying to revitalize the area so that we can

10:10:12 attract investors and developers to help our community grow.

10:10:21 Allowing this property for that specific use will be a

10:10:25 detriment to all that we have done in all our efforts thus

10:10:28 far.

10:10:30 I'm also here asking you to not approve the increase for the

10:10:34 solid waste.

10:10:36 Thank you.

10:10:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

10:10:38 Next, please.

10:10:40 Next, please.

10:10:44 >> My name is Bonnie Garcia, and I live at 1017-17th

10:10:50 Avenue.

10:10:51 Seven years ago, I lived in Carrollwood.

10:10:53 I had lived there.

10:10:54 I lived in Carrollwood for 30 years.

10:10:57 I would have never, ever thought of moving to Ybor.

10:11:01 I worked at the Tampa Electric data center in Ybor.

10:11:05 Every day I would come in to work early and I would get off

10:11:08 at Floribraska, drive in to go to work when it was dark and

10:11:14 I had to stop for a stoplight, I was really, really nervous

10:11:17 that someone was going to get me because I heard so many bad

10:11:21 stories about Ybor.

10:11:22 And then seven years ago I met my husband, who was restoring

10:11:28 the house that he was born in, that his grandmother built

10:11:31 when she came from Italy in 1924.

10:11:34 I thought it was a beautiful house, but there was no way I

10:11:37 was going to live in that house.

10:11:39 I thought, will we get it finished, and I can talk him into

10:11:43 selling it to maybe some young couple that wants to move in

10:11:46 closer to town because they work downtown.

10:11:49 Three years ago, we found out about the VM Ybor association.

10:11:54 We started going to the meetings, the monthly meetings, we

10:12:00 met all these young people that are trying so hard to

10:12:04 rebuild this area.

10:12:06 And in the three years that I have been -- I have seen so

10:12:09 much done to build this neighborhood up.

10:12:13 We still, every day I get an e-mail or phone call about a

10:12:16 sexual predator, or we get a crime report of something going

10:12:19 on in our neighborhood, but I can see it better. In

10:12:24 November I was excited about moving into this neighborhood

10:12:27 because I see how it's growing.

10:12:29 But I know by putting the cafe there that we are going to

10:12:34 have trash.

10:12:38 This is what's outside the street right along the Salvation

10:12:41 Army.

10:12:42 The people in our neighborhood go once a month, every first

10:12:46 Sunday of the month, they are out there cleaning up the

10:12:49 neighborhood.

10:12:50 If we have Trinity Cafe move in and we have this kind of

10:12:53 trash in our neighborhood, they are going to spend every

10:12:55 Sunday right there around the neighborhood cleaning that

10:12:58 area.

10:12:59 The rest of the area is not going to be cleaned up.

10:13:03 I think as six council members you want our city, especially

10:13:07 everybody who lives in the north, Carrollwood area, like I

10:13:10 did, when they come in to Ybor, they get off at Floribraska,

10:13:15 they go down Nebraska.

10:13:16 We want to beautify it.

10:13:18 We don't want to mess it up.

10:13:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:13:20 Next, please.

10:13:22 We are about five minutes away from the 30 minutes of the

10:13:25 council.

10:13:26 I will ask then.

10:13:27 >> My name is Heather Frankel, the 12 east Ross Avenue.

10:13:32 I am a Tampa Heights resident.

10:13:35 That said, I do completely support Ybor City's or VM Ybor's

10:13:41 plight on the Trinity Cafe.

10:13:42 That also said, ensuring the social services, Tampa Heights

10:13:47 bar none has the highest concentration of social services in

10:13:50 the central city area.

10:13:53 And therefore I don't want Trinity to continue in our

10:13:57 neighborhood, but I don't wish it on Ybor City either.

10:14:02 I live at palm and Florida Avenue.

10:14:06 The residential area starts pretty much at that north

10:14:08 section there, and heads up to MLK.

10:14:12 I can attest to the foot traffic that goes by my house every

10:14:16 single day, many of which leaves the Salvation Army after

10:14:19 feeding, they defecate, they urinate on my property, and

10:14:23 then I have caught them, I have seen them, I have called the

10:14:26 police.

10:14:26 It happens.

10:14:28 Okay, that's extreme and it's disgusting: But let's just

10:14:31 talk about the trash on a daily basis.

10:14:33 And it's my understanding Trinity Cafe will be allowed to

10:14:39 serve inside and people won't be leaving with food.

10:14:42 It's still loitering, at least 300 people into an area some

10:14:45 of which were not there before and will be there now.

10:14:50 You know, it will cause a lot of problems.

10:14:52 Like I said, I live in Tampa Heights right near Metropolitan

10:14:56 Ministries and Salvation Army.

10:14:57 And I get foot traffic all day long.

10:15:00 And it's a problem.

10:15:01 Not all of them are criminals but plenty of them are.

10:15:03 And it just comes with a problem.

10:15:07 And being that it's a residential area right behind that

10:15:10 Trinity Cafe, they don't deserve that.

10:15:17 As well, Nebraska Avenue is a gateway into our city, and I

10:15:20 know that it's a big plan for Mayor Buckhorn.

10:15:23 I know it's on his plan to beautify, to make better.

10:15:28 To be an economic force in the central area of Tampa.

10:15:33 And having that cafe also classified as a restaurant, it is

10:15:37 nothing like -- and I will give a wonderful example --

10:15:40 ELLA's cafe on Nebraska Avenue, an amazing example of what a

10:15:44 restaurant can do for an area, for an economy and do it the

10:15:47 right way.

10:15:48 Trinity Cafe is not that.

10:15:49 It's clearly not a restaurant, and it should not be allowed

10:15:53 to be on Nebraska Avenue, nor stay in Tampa Heights.

10:15:57 But thank you.

10:15:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much. Next, please.

10:15:59 >>> Hello. My name is Ellis Bailey, I live at 2701 north

10:16:10 Pine Street.

10:16:11 And I'm strongly against the Trinity Cafe.

10:16:16 I do not feel comfortable with like hundreds of people

10:16:20 coming to our neighborhood, and I'm against it.

10:16:25 Thank you for your time.

10:16:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir. Next, please.

10:16:29 >> My name is Lizzy Bailey. I live at 2701 north Pine

10:16:36 Street, and I don't think anyone believes that the homeless

10:16:42 are bad.

10:16:44 It's just that some homeless are bad, and they ruin it for

10:16:51 the rest of them.

10:16:52 And so now they basically have the label of homeless are

10:16:56 bad, but that's not true.

10:17:00 But opposing Trinity Cafe will actually help the homeless

10:17:04 and our neighborhood, because if they actually bring it

10:17:08 here, they are taking them away from all of the other

10:17:11 services for the homeless.

10:17:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much. Next, please.

10:17:17 >> I'm Kelly Bailey, the president of the Ybor neighborhood

10:17:23 association, I am going to talk very, very fast and I hope

10:17:27 you all can listen fast.

10:17:29 I am going to have my daughter show the pictures that we

10:17:31 took this past Sunday.

10:17:33 I live literally two blocks from the proposed Trinity Cafe

10:17:36 site.

10:17:36 We met with Trinity Cafe a couple of times now regarding

10:17:39 their plans and they have never answered our questions.

10:17:43 Kim mentioned some of the statistics.

10:17:45 We fall within an area that has one to 4.9% homeless which

10:17:49 is probably similar to most of the neighborhoods that you

10:17:51 all live in.

10:17:55 Also the drop in poverty over a four county area.

10:17:58 There's a report that was released late last year that shows

10:18:00 that.

10:18:01 Based on statistics, I think we have to ask ourselves why

10:18:04 Trinity Cafe would choose to move their operations to our

10:18:08 neighborhood because from what I have read decentralizing

10:18:11 services does not help the homeless.

10:18:13 We are also a national historic landmark district.

10:18:17 The building that they are talking about renovating is not

10:18:20 in keeping with historic fabric of our neighborhood.

10:18:23 They are also talking about tearing down a historic

10:18:25 bungalow, which I understand is the grandmother of the Latam

10:18:31 family or something down in -- again not in keeping with the

10:18:37 historic fabric of the neighborhood.

10:18:39 One was at St. Peter Claver church on north Nebraska Avenue.

10:18:44 They had the same issues that they have now at the Salvation

10:18:47 Army location where there was defense I indication,

10:18:51 urination and men sleeping there overnight.

10:18:53 In one of these pictures you can see there's a no

10:18:56 trespassing sign that's obviously not enforced either by the

10:18:58 police or by Trinity Cafe.

10:19:00 They are planning on bringing 200 to 400 homeless people to

10:19:03 mostly our residential area every day of the week.

10:19:06 We have a total of 1700 residents per the latest census

10:19:10 county.

10:19:11 This is bringing a high percentage of homeless people that

10:19:13 don't currently reside in our neighborhood to our

10:19:15 neighborhood every single day.

10:19:17 Why is the quality of life going to be threatened for the

10:19:20 majority of our residents for a group of people who don't

10:19:23 even reside here to begin with?

10:19:24 It is not -- it can greatly affect our neighborhood be

10:19:32 aligned with no public input for people that reside here

10:19:36 over 50 years and also pay taxes, and admit they had don't

10:19:40 know who their clientele is so the possibility of bringing a

10:19:43 high number of people to our area is very real.

10:19:45 We have worked diligently to stabilize our neighborhood over

10:19:48 the last several years.

10:19:49 I love our neighborhood with the diversity and the history.

10:19:53 This is not an issue about not wanting to help the homeless.

10:19:57 The city zoning, you guys should be working, our city zoning

10:20:01 should be working on a plan to help the homeless issue, like

10:20:04 St. Pete has already done.

10:20:05 I am going asking that City Council request the zoning

10:20:08 department update their matrix that would include a

10:20:11 designation for soup kitchen would never be allowed in the

10:20:14 CG zoning in our neighborhood.

10:20:17 Thank you.

10:20:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:20:19 (applause)

10:20:20 The next outbursts, please keep it to yourself.

10:20:26 I can't run a meeting and continue to have disruption.

10:20:28 I just can't do it.

10:20:30 So you all do what you want to do.

10:20:32 I'm just saying what I have to do.

10:20:35 All right, we have exhausted our 30 minutes.

10:20:37 I would like the council to give me an additional 20 minutes

10:20:40 with one minute each for the next speaker.

10:20:42 >> So moved.

10:20:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen, second by Mr.

10:20:47 Suarez.

10:20:48 All in favor of that motion, please indicate by saying aye.

10:20:51 Opposed nay.

10:20:51 The ayes have it unanimously. Next, please.

10:20:53 >> Peter Johnson. I want to talk on two things.

10:20:57 One about the trash problem.

10:20:59 When I lived in the city of Plantation over in

10:21:01 Ft. Lauderdale, you brought the trash bags to the grocery

10:21:07 store. They were made by the city or had city stamped on

10:21:09 them and you were charged by how many bags are used.

10:21:13 On this Trinity Cafe thing, the problem is that this is the

10:21:18 responsibility of the administration to regulate businesses,

10:21:23 whether it's a charitable business or not and for them to

10:21:30 come up with this story that this is a historical decision,

10:21:34 this is ridiculous.

10:21:34 If you remember Faith Cafe on Kennedy Boulevard -- the

10:21:40 entire street was nothing but drugs and prostitutes.

10:21:42 This is the same thing.

10:21:45 I mean, if crime went up then, it's going to go up now.

10:21:50 This is ridiculous.

10:21:53 TPD can't control the drugs and prostitution, as hard as

10:21:58 they try.

10:21:59 You can have a hell of a time trying to control the crowd.

10:22:02 Thank you.

10:22:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.

10:22:04 I appreciate it. Next, please.

10:22:06 >> Wesley Warren, president, Hampton terrace neighborhood

10:22:12 association, in reference to the rate increase.

10:22:13 Much of what I was going to say has been said so I will

10:22:16 simply say this.

10:22:18 The question is timing of this rate increase.

10:22:19 We all know the state of the economy.

10:22:21 We all know the state of the housing industry.

10:22:24 There are many, many people in my neighborhood as well as

10:22:27 the city who simply cannot afford this rate increase.

10:22:31 Thank you.

10:22:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir. Next, please.

10:22:33 >> Don Rhode, 412 Madison street.

10:22:43 Item number 64, your comprehensive homeless assistance plan,

10:22:46 is referenced number 4, says that council should come back

10:22:52 with its own ideas as to what it might do to address the

10:22:56 homeless issue.

10:22:58 I would recommend strongly to you that you heard a lot of

10:23:02 comments so far this morning, one suggesting that when you

10:23:06 decentralize homeless services, you hurt them.

10:23:09 Another saying that why should it all be in one spot?

10:23:13 I believe the best way to deal with this in the long-term is

10:23:16 to do it through the Land Development Code, the building

10:23:18 code, to put it in smaller areas so that one area is not hit

10:23:22 with it all, that the whole city shares the burden equally.

10:23:26 I have worked on the issues since 1987.

10:23:30 I am fairly familiar with what went on with Catholic

10:23:33 charities by the fairgrounds and what went on with Catholic

10:23:36 charities in Pinellas County, what still goes on, and I

10:23:38 recommend strongly that you take a big look at it.

10:23:41 Thank you.

10:23:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thanks very much, sir.

10:23:43 Next, please.

10:23:44 >> Good morning.

10:23:47 My name is Greg Goebel, west Iowa Avenue.

10:23:52 Normally I spend my time working trying to put food on the

10:23:55 table and I don't get involved with public issues.

10:23:58 But the waste increase, the garbage increase, is going to

10:24:05 cause a problem for many residents who are financially

10:24:09 strapped at this point.

10:24:11 I'm having trouble keeping the lights on and putting food on

10:24:14 the table.

10:24:14 And with fees, the tax increases, it gets very difficult to

10:24:20 hang onto the house and provide food for the family.

10:24:27 You ought to consider privatization.

10:24:29 If you look at the county, the county can substantially do

10:24:32 the same waste pickup for much less by farming it out to

10:24:37 private companies.

10:24:41 The government doesn't do very many things well.

10:24:44 The private industry tends to want to turn a profit.

10:24:50 (Bell sounds)

10:24:52 Thank you for your time.

10:24:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thanks very much, sir.

10:24:54 Next, please.

10:24:55 >> Jovanni Perez.

10:25:01 East 7th Avenue.

10:25:02 If anybody does not know where that is I want to show it on

10:25:05 the screen.

10:25:08 I see these people every day.

10:25:10 My son goes to school across the street from where they are

10:25:13 sitting right now.

10:25:14 I lived thereof my whole live.

10:25:16 I live at 1010 East 7th Avenue.

10:25:19 I see these people every day.

10:25:21 When I was a child on the streets I knew prostitutes names.

10:25:25 I would see crack heads with nicknames.

10:25:29 I'm pretty sure nobody that's on council lives in my

10:25:32 neighborhood.

10:25:32 I lived there my whole life.

10:25:34 It's in you all's hands to decide what goes on in my

10:25:37 backyard.

10:25:38 I understand you have a decision to make.

10:25:39 I hope you make the right one.

10:25:41 And it's hard, the situation now, one hand is washing the

10:25:45 other.

10:25:46 Take care of the trash that they provide.

10:25:48 Thank you.

10:25:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:25:52 Please note that those individuals that are in the hallway,

10:25:54 wherever the Mascotte room is open, we do have facilities

10:25:59 for you to hear.

10:26:00 You can come up accordingly.

10:26:02 Next, please.

10:26:03 >> My name is Rodney Andres, 1014 east 17th Avenue.

10:26:08 I didn't know about this issue until a few days ago, and

10:26:11 normally I would be working trying to fix up my house right

10:26:14 now, but I feel like it's such an important issue for all of

10:26:17 us.

10:26:17 I live in this area.

10:26:18 You drive on Nebraska, Florida, Tampa street, I see the

10:26:22 homeless people at three in the morning sleeping on the

10:26:24 sidewalks, sleeping in doorways.

10:26:27 It's dangerous.

10:26:28 I wouldn't want my family to be walking down there.

10:26:31 Of course, I don't have any children in my neighborhood

10:26:33 because I would be very concerned about them standing at a

10:26:35 bus stop in the morning.

10:26:36 I walk my girlfriend to her car as it is.

10:26:39 I feel like there's a lot of ways that we can help the

10:26:42 homeless but moving the Trinity Cafe into a residential

10:26:47 neighborhood, I cannot see that that is the best for

10:26:49 everybody involved.

10:26:50 I would like to talk more about the trash pickup.

10:26:52 I think we can do that more efficiently but I really do

10:26:54 believe the Trinity Cafe is a much bigger and more pressing

10:26:57 issue for you guys to consider.

10:26:59 I do appreciate the time.

10:27:00 Thank you.

10:27:01 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Next, please.

10:27:02 >> Debra Ramos, 1023 Columbus Avenue.

10:27:08 Approximately two months ago I stood in front of council and

10:27:11 was award an East Tampa CRA grant.

10:27:14 When I put my attention into a building that I said I

10:27:17 planned to live and work in the building complicated my

10:27:20 effort.

10:27:21 Nebraska Avenue is an opportunity corridor where the city is

10:27:23 going to be investing additional money into this

10:27:25 neighborhood.

10:27:26 I ask when the city is investing so much of their money and

10:27:28 private investigators lake I am involving money in the into

10:27:32 why would something like this be approved without comment

10:27:34 from the neighborhood?

10:27:35 It took a year and a half to get permits for a mixed use

10:27:38 since 1924.

10:27:40 Why is something like this going through the back door

10:27:42 without a proper -- a approval process?

10:27:46 Thank you.

10:27:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thanks very much.

10:27:47 Next, please.

10:27:48 >> My name is Tarry Grimsdale, north Nebraska.

10:27:56 Some of the residents are not able to come in this case

10:27:58 because physical.

10:28:00 But I had a letter here that says my husband and I grew up

10:28:06 in Ybor City and attended Ybor, Washington junior high,

10:28:09 Jefferson high school.

10:28:11 The interstate system and urban renewal came up my family

10:28:15 were forced to relocate to other parts of the city.

10:28:17 My husband and I decided to restore this home, across the

10:28:21 street, Nebraska, and relocate, a beautiful old home with

10:28:26 documentation about the home can be found in the University

10:28:28 of Florida.

10:28:31 Next door to this same home, there's two boarding homes.

10:28:34 On these boarding homes, I think if you will look at the

10:28:37 record, you will find there's many pedophiles.

10:28:40 Those two children up here are mine.

10:28:43 The impact of adding to the pedophiles, total boarding

10:28:46 homes, and to Trinity Cafe, and that's a huge impact on my

10:28:50 family.

10:28:50 Thank you.

10:28:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, S sir.

10:28:54 Next, please.

10:28:54 >> My name is Vivienne Brown.

10:28:57 And I live at 1305 east 18th Avenue.

10:29:01 Has there been an impact study down see what the impact of

10:29:04 putting Trinity Cafe in the Ybor neighbor would cause?

10:29:07 I am not opposed to helping people.

10:29:09 I have helped handout to the homeless.

10:29:12 But criminal activity thrives on the indulgence of the

10:29:15 people's understanding.

10:29:16 I gave the man a dollar.

10:29:17 He put his hands on my throat and threatened to kill me.

10:29:21 I can't walk down the street without being accosted by

10:29:23 someone asking for a handout.

10:29:24 Give the man a fish you feed him for a day.

10:29:28 Trinity cafe has made it very clear their mission is only to

10:29:31 give a man a fish.

10:29:32 They have no other responsibility to the man once he leaves

10:29:34 the premises.

10:29:35 They can close their doors and go back to their homes away

10:29:37 from all the transient issues they created for someone else

10:29:40 to deal with.

10:29:41 And that's the DME Ybor neighborhood association.

10:29:44 Thank you.

10:29:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, ma'am.

10:29:46 Next, please.

10:29:46 >> My name is Rafael Rosado. I live at 912 East 23rd

10:29:54 Avenue.

10:29:55 All I can say, when I first bought a house in the Ybor

10:29:58 neighborhood, everybody said I was crazy, because by

10:30:03 Nebraska Avenue, prostitutes, drugs, and homeless people.

10:30:11 So I bought the house because I love the house, and it was

10:30:13 risky. And my first experience in living there, people come

10:30:19 late at night asking for money.

10:30:21 At 11:00 at night, begging for money on my porch.

10:30:26 And even when I come home late at night, scared to open the

10:30:30 gate.

10:30:32 But things got a lot better.

10:30:34 We I'm very proud of her, she helped organize.

10:30:42 We do clean the neighborhood.

10:30:44 We do create a sense of pride in the neighborhood.

10:30:52 People understand that we can live there and be safe, to

10:30:55 walk around the neighborhood.

10:30:58 We are hard working people.

10:31:00 And I believe Trinity Cafe is going to be -- it has been

10:31:06 neglected for so long, we don't need this thing.

10:31:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We appreciate it very much, sir.

10:31:11 Next, please.

10:31:11 >> Herbert Haager, 2910 west CRILLA street, since 1971.

10:31:26 I moved to Tampa in 1969 when I was stationed at MacDill

10:31:30 Air Force Base.

10:31:31 You come up with this solid waste rate increase, I'll tell

10:31:35 you what.

10:31:36 My income hasn't increased that much.

10:31:38 I haven't gotten increase in my pay for over three years.

10:31:41 I live on total disability income.

10:31:45 Which I earned serving in the United States military

10:31:47 protecting this so-called great nation of ours.

10:31:49 You want to hear facts and figures.

10:31:51 I can give you facts and figures.

10:31:53 Because it seems that's all you people believe or

10:31:56 understand.

10:31:58 I have a thing here, my telephone bill is going to go up

10:32:01 15.9% to 17.8%.

10:32:04 How am I going to afford that if I have to keep pay you for

10:32:09 trash pickup which is a luxury I can't afford.

10:32:12 You are going to raise my bill from 22.25 to $3.34 as of

10:32:19 1st, and October 1st raise that another $2.56.

10:32:23 My income ain't going to cut it.

10:32:25 Thank you.

10:32:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thanks very much, sir.

10:32:27 Next, please.

10:32:28 >> My name is Brenda Ciccarello, 2815 north 9th street

10:32:36 in Ybor City.

10:32:37 I'm here to speak for my family who has lived there since

10:32:41 the late 1800s.

10:32:43 My mother still lives there today.

10:32:46 She lives at 2814.

10:32:49 Her property will be backed up to where the Trinity Cafe

10:32:52 will be.

10:32:53 And I am urging you to please think about this.

10:32:57 This is not good for our community.

10:32:59 We have worked so hard to restore it.

10:33:02 And I hope that you can help us.

10:33:04 Thank you.

10:33:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Ms. Ciccarello.

10:33:10 Next, please.

10:33:10 >> I live at 1016 east Columbus drive.

10:33:14 You heard a lot of people oppose the Trinity Cafe.

10:33:20 The way I see it is the Trinity Cafe is a restaurant.

10:33:25 It's know it a restaurant.

10:33:26 Way see is it's helping feed people for a few hours a day,

10:33:34 and it's closing the doors, and leaving the neighborhood to

10:33:38 take care of arresting the people that are going to be the

10:33:42 there the rest of the day.

10:33:43 You saw the pictures.

10:33:44 The streets lined up with people.

10:33:47 I drive Florida Avenue every day, come back to my house

10:33:51 through the neighborhood.

10:33:53 I know people need help.

10:33:55 And we are doing what we can.

10:33:57 It doesn't belong in a neighborhood.

10:33:58 You wouldn't want in the your neighborhood.

10:34:00 You wouldn't want to see people just camped out.

10:34:03 Some of you may come up Florida Avenue to Floribraska, come

10:34:07 into downtown, and you saw what Nebraska was.

10:34:12 Our community is getting better.

10:34:14 Our neighborhood is getting better.

10:34:15 Please help us.

10:34:16 Don't put it there.

10:34:17 Don't allow it.

10:34:18 Thank you.

10:34:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:34:19 Just for the record, the lady standing at the back, the

10:34:21 young lady will be the last one to speak.

10:34:25 That's you young lady with the nice-looking glasses.

10:34:28 Yes, sir.

10:34:28 >> Frank gardenia, north 34th street.

10:34:33 I would like to thank you for your service.

10:34:36 Obviously it's a tough times, and a lot of pressing issues,

10:34:40 and I appreciate what you all do.

10:34:43 I feel that a lot of small businesses, we are taking the

10:34:53 fall for a lot of expenses and so forth. I own a small

10:35:00 business and make along story short I have been there eight

10:35:04 years.

10:35:04 I bought a business that had no activity.

10:35:07 I hired 30 employs I.don't normally come to these type of

10:35:10 meetings but I am looking at a 24% increase in trash over

10:35:14 the next six months, and 60% over the next three years, as I

10:35:20 interpret it.

10:35:22 Small businesses cannot afford these kind of increases.

10:35:24 And if I did that to my customers, I would be fired.

10:35:29 That's the reality of it.

10:35:30 Thank you.

10:35:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

10:35:32 >> My name is Portia Young, 25th Avenue, and I am here

10:35:38 to oppose Trinity Cafe, the location of it but county go

10:35:42 somewhere else.

10:35:43 Nonetheless, I'm hear because I want you to be able -- you

10:35:51 heard everyone this morning but I lived in my home for ten

10:35:54 years.

10:35:58 Her father built -- this couple had vivid in the community

10:36:04 all their lives.

10:36:05 Nonetheless, they have been here, and they stay here, and we

10:36:10 love our community.

10:36:13 Things are bad for the homeless in our community, and the

10:36:16 house next door to me, man came out flailing a machete.

10:36:23 These are things that are going on.

10:36:28 Thank you.

10:36:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:36:30 Next, please.

10:36:33 >> My name is Jeff Downy, I live at 5003 shortdress circle,

10:36:44 one of the founding members of Trinity Cafe.

10:36:46 We founded it in 2001 and in a volunteer capacity.

10:36:52 I didn't know that the VM Ybor folks had intended to be here

10:36:58 this morning, or I would have planned better and had to

10:37:02 cancel a client appointment.

10:37:03 We have looked for buildings for two and a half years.

10:37:07 We found a building that was affordable, properly zoned.

10:37:12 We have met with the VM Ybor members multiple occasions.

10:37:19 I know that the answers for us to move there is unacceptable

10:37:23 to them.

10:37:25 However, what we are trying to do is to provide for the

10:37:30 homeless.

10:37:31 We have invited them to visit Trinity and see.

10:37:35 We don't have control over our current circumstance where we

10:37:38 are located.

10:37:39 But we will.

10:37:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:37:45 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Reddick wants the floor.

10:37:48 >>FRANK REDDICK: To the gentleman just speaking.

10:37:54 I want to take this initiative to meet with you, so I hope

10:37:59 we can coordinate a meeting together.

10:38:01 >> Absolutely.

10:38:01 >>FRANK REDDICK: Before you leave, I will have my office

10:38:07 contact you.

10:38:08 Thank you.

10:38:09 >> I am here for a 10:30 agenda item.

10:38:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Is that set for a time certain?

10:38:20 What number is it on the agenda?

10:38:24 >>> Number 70.

10:38:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: 70 is a public hearing.

10:38:27 You will have to wait to speak on that because that is a

10:38:29 public hearing.

10:38:30 Next, please.

10:38:35 >> Rick Fifer, 1408 East Hannah. I am here about the solid

10:38:39 waste.

10:38:40 Since the city has expanded the large dumpsters, and the

10:38:43 recycling, I put my trash out about once every three dates.

10:38:52 I wonder if you can cut back the number of dates, the number

10:38:56 of pickups which is a considerable amounts of money.

10:38:58 The other thing I take issue with is automatically giving a

10:39:01 discount because of age.

10:39:02 It's no different than automatically giving a discount

10:39:04 because of gender, race or religion.

10:39:06 If somebody doesn't have the means, they should get a

10:39:09 reduced rate.

10:39:10 If they do have the means just because they are 65 should

10:39:13 not be a discount.

10:39:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:39:15 Next, please.

10:39:16 >> My name is Mary Stephenson.

10:39:20 I live at 211 north Beverly Avenue.

10:39:22 And my comments are similar to the gentleman before me.

10:39:28 I'm a single mother of two little children, and we could

10:39:31 normally go months without taking our trash can out.

10:39:33 However, my recycling bin is overflowing every week.

10:39:37 I think two times a week pickup is excessive.

10:39:39 And I object to having to pay increased rates for people who

10:39:42 do not other.

10:39:47 I think there are variable rate systems throughout the

10:39:50 country in the state.

10:39:52 I think they should be considered.

10:39:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:39:55 Okay.

10:39:56 That takes of our public comments and we are really

10:39:59 appreciative of all of you being hear this morning and

10:40:01 express your concerns.

10:40:04 The next item is request for public reconsideration on any

10:40:09 legislative matters of last weak's meeting.

10:40:11 Do I see any?

10:40:15 I don't think I do.

10:40:18 I think most of the people here are leaving because they

10:40:20 have spoken already.

10:40:24 That takes care of that item.

10:40:26 We are going to go now to the ordinances presented for first

10:40:28 reading and I am going to jump around this agenda to

10:40:30 facilitate the quorum that I need to keep intact.

10:40:34 We go to item number 5, to item 6.

10:40:39 Is the city here?

10:40:44 Hello?

10:40:45 Do you want me to skip item 5 and 6?

10:40:50 >>SONYA LITTLE: Revenue and finance.

10:40:57 This ordinance that's before you this morning is as it

10:41:01 relates to the proposed rate increases for the solid waste

10:41:05 system.

10:41:06 Over the course of this past several months, we presented

10:41:09 you on numerous occasions the current financial situation.

10:41:13 Our condition of our solid waste system, and in addition to

10:41:18 preventing -- presenting the current financial condition we

10:41:22 also shared with you our bond covenants which compels the

10:41:26 city to do all that it can to cover operating expenditures

10:41:31 forts systems as well as pay our debt service and fund our

10:41:36 reserves as required under the bond resolution.

10:41:40 In doing so, we shared with you the initiatives that have

10:41:44 already taken place as it relates to decreasing operating

10:41:48 costs associated with the system.

10:41:50 Additionally, we provided several options in which we could

10:41:54 increase the revenues associated with the system.

10:41:57 And now before you is our final proposal for a rate increase

10:42:03 as it relates to both residential, commercial rates.

10:42:07 And again, this was also proposed in a workshop that was

10:42:12 held last month.

10:42:15 Actually talked through what the options were available to

10:42:18 the city.

10:42:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:42:22 I would just like to say this.

10:42:25 What is the bonding debt of this solid waste?

10:42:30 >>SONYA LITTLE: Currently, to date, at the end of the

10:42:33 fiscal year, there was $118 million outstanding.

10:42:37 Right now, we just made a debt service payment and we

10:42:40 currently have 109 million.

10:42:43 So you may see 118 out there and that's because it's our

10:42:45 fiscal year ending number, but in actuality we have 109

10:42:49 million outstanding.

10:42:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The next question in my mind, is there

10:42:52 any anticipation of paying off the debt if there's any

10:42:58 increase in rates ahead of schedule?

10:43:04 >> We in 2010 refunded a portion of the outstanding debt and

10:43:08 it did generate debt service savings.

10:43:10 We are currently entertaining a proposal that was just

10:43:12 presented to you this week to further decrease our annual

10:43:16 debt service payment.

10:43:17 But as it stands right now, the final maturity on the bond

10:43:23 is 2021 but in the meantime we'll do all we can to lower the

10:43:28 amount we pay.

10:43:29 >> And how much is the amount we pay in interest?

10:43:35 >>SONYA LITTLE: If you will bear with me one moment.

10:43:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No problem.

10:43:38 And I'm sure I didn't have a chance to get with you

10:43:41 privately.

10:43:41 >>SONYA LITTLE: It's quite all right.

10:43:43 I have it here.

10:44:22 Chairman, if I could provide a complete breakdown but we

10:44:27 pay just over 14 million. That includes our principle and

10:44:29 debt service and our interest payment.

10:44:31 I would have to get the breakdown between principle and

10:44:34 interest.

10:44:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let's assume there is an increase in

10:44:38 charges at the end of the month.

10:44:40 Is there anywhere in the provisions of bringing it to this

10:44:44 council where in future dates ahead of this -- it's really

10:44:50 five years, I believe -- that there is no changes within

10:44:53 that system?

10:44:55 In other words, I don't want to see a rate increase and then

10:44:59 say, okay, now we are going to go to single pickup weekly

10:45:03 because there again in the shortfall situation.

10:45:07 Is there any trade-offs here at all?

10:45:09 >> And I will ask our legal department to correct it.

10:45:11 But what I understand that if we make additional

10:45:15 improvements to the operations of our system, and it

10:45:18 increases our bottom line, we could go back and evaluate the

10:45:23 need for future increases, and by way of resolution just

10:45:29 what has already been approved.

10:45:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: What does that mean?

10:45:36 >>SONYA LITTLE: If you are asking if we have the option, if

10:45:38 we approve our current rate structure and through additional

10:45:41 initiatives in the future, say in 2014, the proposed rate

10:45:47 increase is not needed -- is that the question?

10:45:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I think what I heard mostly this

10:45:51 morning -- and I am only speaking for myself -- is

10:45:54 individuals who have a concern about their cost of living

10:46:00 and their understanding of the facts, and at the same time

10:46:03 that we are saying we need help to make this balance out, we

10:46:07 are still giving away -- not giving away, we are still

10:46:09 giving raises and stuff of that nature.

10:46:15 That's what I heard from the public.

10:46:16 That's the understanding that I come back with, from what I

10:46:19 heard this morning.

10:46:21 Is there any caps trade-off that mate influence the future

10:46:27 of this department?

10:46:29 >>SONYA LITTLE: That would be an administrative decision,

10:46:32 Mr. Chair, but certainly on the operating side, as far as

10:46:38 entertaining additional measures, recycling, for instance,

10:46:44 various --

10:46:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, here again, recycling is a loss of

10:46:48 over $3 million a year.

10:46:50 But it was stated first person came up saying is there not a

10:46:58 speedier way of getting rid of the problem?

10:47:01 Yet you heard testimony from some who said get rid of

10:47:04 recycling, and testimony from others saying no matter what

10:47:08 the cost, I don't want to get rid of recycling.

10:47:11 That is stated in the record this morning from what I heard.

10:47:14 So it's hard.

10:47:16 I mean, 3 million out of 14 million that you pay is roughly

10:47:21 30% or 45%, you might say, of the actual cost of 14 million.

10:47:29 So I'm not being an advocate towards that.

10:47:32 I'm just saying these are all possibilities that we have to

10:47:34 look at.

10:47:35 >> Our approach, Mr. Chair, is that this is not the end-all

10:47:41 be-all, the proposed rate increases.

10:47:43 We realize that wave to do additional hard work in getting

10:47:47 our costs down.

10:47:48 And working with the administration and you to do so.

10:47:53 So if I understand your question correctly, I don't believe

10:47:58 that this is the end-all be-all, that it's an ongoing

10:48:02 measure, but as it stands right now, in light of how extreme

10:48:06 the financial condition is, it is the most appropriate

10:48:10 approach at this moment in time.

10:48:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Other council members?

10:48:17 Ms. Capin.

10:48:18 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I understand what you are saying is that

10:48:20 this is not the end-all be-all, and what I would like to

10:48:26 know is how are we here on council going to be sure, what

10:48:34 part are we going to play in this?

10:48:37 How are we going to -- we are looking at five years if this

10:48:41 gets approved, five years.

10:48:44 Where along the line do we have -- do we -- will we here on

10:48:50 council be able to come in and look at the operation and

10:48:55 look at the numbers?

10:48:57 I myself, when we -- Councilwoman Montelione speaks about

10:49:02 recycling, I brought forth a plan that is working in another

10:49:07 city, in another state, to the tune of $5 million a year

10:49:11 profit.

10:49:14 Recycling is very profitable now because of the technology

10:49:18 as was presented today.

10:49:23 What I want to know is -- and I asked this question because

10:49:27 it was brought up.

10:49:31 Its on going, the changes, and I am very confident that the

10:49:34 work is being done in order to improve the service, improve

10:49:39 the bottom line, which is what we need to do.

10:49:43 But how do we -- how are we going to be assured that we have

10:49:49 a say or that we know what is happening?

10:49:54 Is it annually?

10:49:55 Can we ask, you know, for an orderly report or annual

10:50:01 report?

10:50:02 What are we doing on recycling?

10:50:04 How are we going to do that?

10:50:05 Do you all have a program for us?

10:50:08 >> Yes.

10:50:10 As a matter of fact, through our briefings and workshops

10:50:13 that we have done to date, and then moving forward, it's our

10:50:16 intention to continue with sharing with council members both

10:50:22 at our public meetings.

10:50:24 We schedule regularly briefings on our budget that do

10:50:28 encompass our enterprise funds.

10:50:31 We do and will continue to meet on an individual basis with

10:50:37 each of the council members with proposals and updates, a

10:50:40 public meeting, solid waste department has and will continue

10:50:44 to provide staff reports.

10:50:47 So we want to make sure that we are keeping you abreast of

10:50:50 all the initiatives being proposed and analyzed.

10:50:54 >> And one of the things that was brought up, that being 65

10:50:57 does not necessarily constitute a hardship.

10:51:00 There are many young families that have a hardship.

10:51:04 Do we have a program in place for hardships?

10:51:12 Not necessarily 65 or disabled.

10:51:14 >>SONYA LITTLE: And I will ask our legal department to

10:51:19 entertain that question.

10:51:20 But it's my understanding it's part of our city code.

10:51:24 >> Currently the programs we do have are related to

10:51:33 disabilities and the elderly.

10:51:35 We do not have any program other than those two as it

10:51:38 relates to income issues or anything like that.

10:51:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Please state your name.

10:51:44 >> Tonja Brickhouse, City of Tampa, director, department of

10:51:48 solid waste and environmental program management.

10:51:50 Currently, we just have the elderly discounts and the

10:51:54 disability discount program that there's an application

10:52:01 process with both of those.

10:52:02 Those are the two programs that we have.

10:52:06 >>YVONNE CAPIN: We don't have a program for people who are

10:52:09 jobless?

10:52:11 Or they are having three or four part-time jobs.

10:52:14 But a couple of people that came up that said they are work,

10:52:18 they are barely keep food on the table.

10:52:21 >>TONJA BRICKHOUSE: No, not at this time.

10:52:32 >>SAL TERRITO: We are on the issue dealing with the

10:52:33 franchise at this particular point.

10:52:36 That's item 69 on the agenda.

10:52:37 All you have before you right now is the first reading on

10:52:39 the franchise adjustments.

10:52:43 Not that you don't want to discuss this, but this isn't the

10:52:45 place to be doing that.

10:52:48 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you for clarifying that but I did hear

10:52:52 commercial, residential in the statement.

10:52:54 I apologize if you are residential.

10:52:55 >> I was wondering if we were doing them combined.

10:53:01 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, there is a difference in them.

10:53:09 It's all about money at the end of the day.

10:53:11 And really 5 and 69 go together in some respect because they

10:53:16 are talking about increases.

10:53:17 So the public, be I think we heard both sides, and we are

10:53:23 just discussing both sides.

10:53:25 I don't think any apology is needed by Ms. Capin.

10:53:28 Thank you.

10:53:29 Mrs. Montelione.

10:53:30 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

10:53:32 We did have workshops, and it's unfortunate that maybe it is

10:53:41 our fault for not doing more in the public education area of

10:53:46 when the workshops are being held, and everyone comes down

10:53:51 when the media starts grabbing onto we are going to be

10:53:56 discussing rate increases today when in fact we have been

10:53:59 discussing rate increases for months.

10:54:01 And we did have full blown workshops more than once on

10:54:04 exactly this topic.

10:54:06 So some of this information is going to be repetitive for

10:54:09 those of us who attended those workshops.

10:54:21 When we talked about this privately, we talked about perhaps

10:54:25 having modest increases in the beginning and not front-end

10:54:29 loading the increases so that we have got, you know, a

10:54:32 tremendous increase in years 1 and 2 and then decreases in

10:54:36 years 3, 4 and 5.

10:54:38 When you look at the economy, we are in dire straits right

10:54:41 now.

10:54:42 We are looking at hope and light that things are getting

10:54:46 better in the economy.

10:54:47 But by year four and five, I think people were better

10:54:53 absorbed an increase than they are today, or even in the

10:54:58 next six months or next ten months, a year.

10:55:02 So if you can revisit why we are raising the rates so

10:55:07 drastically in the first two years, and the rate increases

10:55:12 decrease in years three, four and five, because I think that

10:55:16 is a shock to the system when we are looking at our citizens

10:55:22 rate increases for the first two years.

10:55:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Before we go, and just for the record, we

10:55:28 are going to discuss 5 and 6 -- 5 and 69 combined.

10:55:33 I'm sorry for the interruption.

10:55:34 >>SONYA LITTLE: Thank you.

10:55:37 The reason being, councilwoman, is that we have at the end

10:55:44 of this fiscal year, September 30, 2012, under a do-nothing

10:55:49 scenario or anything less than the currently proposed

10:55:51 percentage increase for fiscal year 2012, we will not be

10:55:54 able to pay our debt service, all of our operating

10:55:58 expenditures, and also have any type of fund balance or

10:56:01 reserve on hand.

10:56:03 What we presented is the absolute minimum percentages across

10:56:08 the board that we can charge in those years, and each of the

10:56:13 years in order to satisfy our financial requirement.

10:56:18 >> So in simplistic terms it's what it's going to take to

10:56:22 break even?

10:56:24 >>SONYA LITTLE: Yes, ma'am.

10:56:24 >>LISA MONTELIONE: You had mentioned -- I know one of the

10:56:31 speakers was talking this morning, it was said that there

10:56:34 would be -- it wouldn't be the end of the world for our

10:56:38 bonds to -- for us to default on our bonds, and go to junk

10:56:42 bond status. Can you elaborate on that?

10:56:44 I know were dying to say something.

10:56:46 >>SONYA LITTLE: Yes, ma'am, thank you.

10:56:48 With all due respect to that speaker, it would be close to

10:56:51 catastrophic for us, if you would.

10:56:53 Although it's a self-supporting enterprise, and a default on

10:56:58 our bond would result in a downgrade on our bond, what we

10:57:01 are demonstrating is a lack of will to do what is needed to

10:57:06 keep our enterprise system afloat.

10:57:08 That will transfer over to how we manage our overall city

10:57:13 financial operations.

10:57:15 And when we are talking -- it goes beyond just the solid

10:57:18 waste department.

10:57:19 We are talking city-wide.

10:57:21 Now, I can't go on and say they will hit us over the head

10:57:25 with a hammer and is say you didn't take care of your solid

10:57:28 waste system so we are going to automatically penalize you.

10:57:31 But you can bet if you are not taking care of -- and it's

10:57:34 based on right now the way that it's being used, it is a

10:57:36 management decision.

10:57:38 The people who run the city at this point is what we are

10:57:41 being looked at.

10:57:42 And I can share with you that I have been able to get the

10:57:48 rating agencies to agree to wait until we get to this point.

10:57:52 They have been in touch with me since May coming in and

10:57:54 wanting to review our system and see what we are doing to

10:57:57 address our financial situation with the system.

10:58:03 Last -- two weeks, I received an e-mail from mood Y's where

10:58:07 they have indicated they are watching, keeping track of all

10:58:10 of our workshops and our council meetings to keep track of

10:58:13 where we are.

10:58:15 They indicated that they will be here and would like to meet

10:58:18 with us prior to March 1st.

10:58:21 This is serious.

10:58:22 This is beyond just the solid waste system.

10:58:25 So to even entertain postponing or allowing the bonds to go

10:58:30 into default, it's beyond the solid waste system.

10:58:33 It affects an impacts our entire city credit rating.

10:58:37 >>LISA MONTELIONE: It's interesting to know we are being

10:58:40 watched in New York on Wall Street that moody's is

10:58:43 interested in our council hearings.

10:58:44 I wish people at home were as interested.

10:58:50 The solid waste has had issues, with all due respect to Ms.

10:58:55 Brickhouse.

10:58:55 I know she works very hard.

10:58:57 But some of these issues predate her tenure of the direction

10:59:02 of the solid waste division.

10:59:06 And I'm looking at just one of the audits that was prepared,

10:59:10 this one dated September 28, 2011, and Ms. Brickhouse, some

10:59:14 of these questions are probably directed to you.

10:59:19 This particular audit deals with the compacter and roll-off

10:59:23 containers, so this is commercial service, and part of what

10:59:27 we are talking about is the commercial service to customers,

10:59:29 and some of the small businesses that were hear to talk

10:59:31 about the impact of our raising their rates will do to them.

10:59:37 There were several deficiencies found in this audit report,

10:59:42 several of which were information was not accurate resulting

10:59:47 in billings that were not accurate to our customers.

10:59:51 We had not complied with the state of Florida's department

10:59:54 of environmental protection reporting.

11:00:01 Florida statutes requires that each municipality have

11:00:05 systems, no less than residential -- I am not going to read

11:00:09 the whole statute -- for the full cost of solid waste

11:00:12 management.

11:00:12 We had not done that since 2005, which I know can predate

11:00:19 your tenure.

11:00:20 The estimated completion date on our compliance with that

11:00:22 and putting into place a system for us to comply with state

11:00:26 statute was January 2012.

11:00:28 Have we complied with that?

11:00:32 >> Yes, we have.

11:00:33 We are working with the budget department to make sure we

11:00:35 comply with all the full cost accounting requirements in

11:00:39 accordance with the statute.

11:00:40 The other thing that I would say is that all of the audit

11:00:42 reports, all of the audits that have been conducted since I

11:00:45 have been the director for the department, authorizes used

11:00:50 as tools to correct some of the things that -- some of the

11:00:53 deficiencies that have existed.

11:00:55 And so, yes, and we are aggressively implementing a number

11:00:59 of things, and other things outside of the audit report that

11:01:04 we also find.

11:01:05 >> Some of the other things that were mentioned were

11:01:08 inventory tracking program for our containers, because we

11:01:14 have really not a verification of where these containers

11:01:17 were located.

11:01:18 They were discrepancies with where they are located, how

11:01:21 many of them were they're were, and that also had a

11:01:24 completion daylight of 2012.

11:01:26 Have we located all of our containers?

11:01:29 >>KEITH BRICKLEMYER: We have done a complete inventory of

11:01:32 all of our containers.

11:01:33 We are also moving technology so we are able to capture that

11:01:38 in an automated fashion as opposed to the pencil approach.

11:01:44 >> Excellent.

11:01:44 I know we have old technology in the city, and we are

11:01:46 working on replacing that technology slowly but surely.

11:01:50 We were using an access database that frankly I haven't seen

11:01:55 since probably the late 90s.

11:01:59 The information -- there's a saying in data entry, garbage

11:02:05 in, garbage out, you know, no pun intended but if you are

11:02:10 not entering the information, doesn't matter what technology

11:02:12 you have, whether it's 1980s technology or whether it's

11:02:15 2012 technology, if the individuals responsible for that

11:02:19 data are not inputting the correct information, it's

11:02:22 worthless.

11:02:24 So we can spend $3 million on a system to improve our

11:02:28 technology, but if the information isn't going in

11:02:30 accurately, and efficiently, we are not going to have any

11:02:35 reports that do us any good.

11:02:36 So that was also highlighted in this audit report.

11:02:42 Have we trained our employees?

11:02:43 I mean, I know it's old technology but we still have it for

11:02:47 the time being.

11:02:48 So there were blank fields, missing information.

11:02:52 >> MSS is a system some is what the city uses for the

11:03:00 utilities.

11:03:00 We just completed MSS phase 3 which involved a huge

11:03:04 partnership with the technology and innovation department.

11:03:09 Statistically, we are training from them as it relates to

11:03:12 how we input that or how we use the system.

11:03:18 My team will be briefing at the next IT committee on the

11:03:21 results of the MSS phase three implementation.

11:03:24 >> And understand I am asking these questions because a lot

11:03:26 of the individuals who are here this morning, and the myriad

11:03:30 of e-mails we have all been receiving, have all highlighted

11:03:35 the same thing, and that is they don't have confidence in us

11:03:41 as elected officials, and -- I'm sorry, in you or your staff

11:03:47 as rung this department in the most efficient and effective

11:03:51 way possible.

11:03:52 So trying to communicate that while there have been

11:03:57 problems, the first step in correcting the problems is

11:04:00 acknowledging that they exist, and doing things to correct

11:04:04 those issues.

11:04:06 So for those who feel that we have not been good stewards of

11:04:15 the trust placed in us, I want to inform them through you

11:04:19 that we are working on these issues, and that we are moving

11:04:22 forward with getting our house in order, if you will.

11:04:28 The last item in this audit report was that the commercial

11:04:31 section of solid waste does not have current written

11:04:34 policies and procedures related to daily roll off compacter

11:04:40 operations.

11:04:40 The deadline for putting processes and procedures in place

11:04:43 was November 2011.

11:04:45 Was that completed as well?

11:04:46 >> Yes.

11:04:49 Let me also add to one of the things that I share with my

11:04:52 people, that we are professionals first.

11:04:58 That is the mantra that I have with my people.

11:05:00 That's why we have been intensely developing.

11:05:02 That's why we have been intensely transforming business

11:05:05 property processes.

11:05:07 That's why we have also been aggressive and lag for

11:05:11 opportunities to take advantage of technology to improve how

11:05:15 we do the business in the City of Tampa.

11:05:20 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I just wanted to give you the

11:05:23 opportunity to address some of those concerns that the

11:05:24 citizens have.

11:05:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen and Mr. Reddick.

11:05:27 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much, Mr. Chair.

11:05:36 We have been at this question for quite some time.

11:05:38 There have been a lot of e-mails that have come in recently

11:05:41 regarding this proposed increase.

11:05:43 And one of the common threads that ladies to these e-mails

11:05:47 is that perhaps we should appoint some sort of independent

11:05:51 commission to look at these rates.

11:05:52 And I think what you are going to hear from all of the

11:05:55 council members up here is that every single one of us has

11:05:59 been studying this in every possible way that we can over

11:06:02 the last couple of months.

11:06:03 We have workshopped it.

11:06:05 We have all had private meetings with our financial

11:06:07 department, and with the solid waste department, and because

11:06:12 we answer to the voters, it is our responsibility to

11:06:16 ultimately make these decisions.

11:06:25 None of us are in any way unsympathetic to the public about

11:06:29 the comments we heard today about the hardship in rates, but

11:06:33 it's got to be pointed out that these rates have not gone up

11:06:36 since 2005.

11:06:37 And I know -- I'm sure that the people that sat up here

11:06:40 before, the former mayor, didn't raise the rates because of

11:06:44 the considerations that we heard expressed today.

11:06:48 Our economy has been in distress for quite some time.

11:06:51 And it's my impression that we have held off as long as we

11:06:54 can in terms of looking for additional revenue for precisely

11:07:00 that reason.

11:07:00 And I understand there's sensitivity to that issue.

11:07:04 With that being said, the issue of the bond covenants and

11:07:07 the issue of making sure that this city is being responsible

11:07:12 in terms of its financial stewardship is extremely

11:07:15 important.

11:07:16 And if we don't make the tough decisions to make sure that

11:07:19 our fund balances remain healthy, we will pay a much higher

11:07:23 price because of the loss of confidence in us.

11:07:26 And I see Ms. Little at the podium.

11:07:31 Do you have something you want to add to that?

11:07:33 >>SONYA LITTLE: Yes, sir.

11:07:34 I think you summarize it quite appropriately.

11:07:37 >>HARRY COHEN: I do want to make a couple of comments

11:07:40 specifically in response to some of the things that have

11:07:42 been e-mailed to us, some of the things that were said

11:07:45 today.

11:07:50 In terms of the types of programs that were shown, in terms

11:07:56 of programs like I saw in Israel, water displacement to

11:08:00 separate garbage, there is in a question that we should be

11:08:03 looking at all these things.

11:08:04 We should be plow go ahead trying to figure out anyway we

11:08:07 can to make our systems more efficient.

11:08:10 In terms of recycling, right now, all of the recycling that

11:08:14 we collect, we get a bulk price for.

11:08:16 It does not allow us to take advantage of fluctuations in

11:08:20 prices of different commodities and different markets.

11:08:23 So if we can find a way to separate the recycling and get

11:08:26 individual prices for each commodity, there's no question

11:08:29 that we can maybe close if not eliminate that $3 million

11:08:33 gap.

11:08:33 There's in a question, like one speaker said, that we should

11:08:37 go to some kind of a pay-as-you-go program where people that

11:08:42 need additional favors should pay a surcharge for those.

11:08:47 I have mentioned that numerous times during these meetings

11:08:50 over the crisis.

11:08:54 But the fact of the matter is that all of these things are

11:08:57 really separate than the issue of the fund balances and the

11:09:01 bond covenants.

11:09:03 And the level of irresponsibility, in my view, that we show

11:09:08 workshop meeting show, to not deal with that problem, which

11:09:10 is a very imminent short-term problem.

11:09:13 If we do not deal with it immediately, we will fall out of

11:09:17 the compliance long before we can put these other things

11:09:22 into place.

11:09:23 So it's for that reason that I am supporting this, not happy

11:09:30 about supporting it.

11:09:31 I don't think anyone in the community is happy about having

11:09:34 to pay more money for solid waste pickup.

11:09:38 But in my view, I think it's irresponsible of us not to take

11:09:43 this step.

11:09:43 Thank you very much.

11:09:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

11:09:45 Mr. Reddick.

11:09:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

11:09:50 For the past few weeks, I have been weighing the pros and

11:09:55 cons about the proposed rate increase.

11:10:01 And to echo, and what my colleague Mr. Cohen just stated,

11:10:10 yes, we have not raised the rate since 2005.

11:10:15 But since 2005, gas has gone up to almost $4 a gallon.

11:10:23 Since 2005, unemployment rate in the City of Tampa is almost

11:10:28 10%.

11:10:31 So the people are suffering.

11:10:34 And people are having a tremendous hardship in this

11:10:38 community.

11:10:39 And the problem I'm having with this is anytime I walk into

11:10:49 a grocery store people are coming up to me and saying,

11:10:52 Councilman, if you dot April 1st, you turn around and do

11:10:59 it October 1st, I cannot afford this.

11:11:06 We are going to put a tremendous financial burden on a lot

11:11:11 of people in this community.

11:11:17 We don't know -- and I don't know about anyone else, but

11:11:23 when I come up to the gas tank and I pump the gas, $3.89 a

11:11:28 gallon, that's a hardship to me.

11:11:36 I don't want to be paying $3.89 a gallon.

11:11:38 It used to be when I put $20, it would almost fill my tank.

11:11:43 Now I put $20, it won't even get you halfway.

11:11:47 Just imagine what people that can't afford to put $20.

11:11:52 And when you look-we are not only speaking about the rate

11:12:02 going up, think about other problems people are facing in

11:12:07 their household.

11:12:07 Someone mention dad the phone rates are going up.

11:12:09 Everything is going up except your paychecks.

11:12:15 We are not getting additional money, but we are paying more

11:12:19 and more in fees.

11:12:22 And if that's knot -- and if that's not causing a hardship

11:12:30 for some of these people, I don't know what you call a

11:12:32 hardship.

11:12:33 And when I pull out my driveway this morning, and when my

11:12:36 neighbor tells me that I'm suffering, I don't know if I am

11:12:41 going to be able to pay my light bill, and then April

11:12:46 1st, you know, that's normally April fool's day but

11:12:49 there won't be no fooling that day if this is passed as a

11:12:52 rate increase.

11:12:53 No one will be fooled.

11:12:55 The joke will not be on us.

11:12:59 The joke will be on those people that cannot afford it.

11:13:03 And I think, yes, haven't had a raise since 2005?

11:13:11 But do we have to make such a drastic raise?

11:13:14 I can understand gradual raises but drastic raises, and this

11:13:19 will go up for the next five years.

11:13:21 I don't not about other council members' neighborhoods, but

11:13:25 people in my neighborhood are suffering.

11:13:32 If you look at people, food stamps have increased.

11:13:39 You have more people on food stamps than ever before.

11:13:44 I don't know if you stand in a grocery store lately and look

11:13:48 at the people before you and the people that stand behind

11:13:50 you with that red, white and blue card, and it's not a

11:13:56 credit card, not a debit card.

11:13:59 That's the food stamp card.

11:14:08 And these are people that used to be employed, and bankers,

11:14:14 these people used to be vendors, these people used to be

11:14:18 hospital administrators.

11:14:19 These people are suffering.

11:14:25 And only want to pay you X amount of dollars.

11:14:28 But when you have to look around, your gas rate or paying

11:14:33 additional light bill, phone bill, now you pay your water

11:14:35 bill, people, what is going on?

11:14:49 I can be supportive of this but I cannot be supportive at

11:14:54 such a drastic rate.

11:14:56 And yes, we have got a tremendous amount of e-mail, and we

11:15:02 have gotten a lot of calls.

11:15:03 I got a lost personal calls, e-mails, and it just bothered

11:15:07 me that to support this, and then go face these people.

11:15:16 And if they pay the increases, they are going to live in the

11:15:23 dark and no electricity.

11:15:26 Where do we send them?

11:15:32 They are cutting out social services.

11:15:34 All you have to do is go to neighborhood service centers on

11:15:39 every Monday morning starting at 6:30 in the morning and you

11:15:42 will see a line of people outside that building, around the

11:15:48 wall, and I will take nub on this council to show you at

11:15:54 6:30 in the morning and see the number of people that are

11:15:57 standing out there that cannot even afford to pay their

11:16:00 water bill.

11:16:01 Cannot even pay their light bill.

11:16:03 But these people will see an additional increase starting

11:16:08 April 1st.

11:16:11 I understand solid waste has a problem.

11:16:14 I understand it's been difficult for years.

11:16:18 But we cannot put all of this burden on the average citizen

11:16:22 of this community.

11:16:25 We just cannot do it.

11:16:26 And, therefore, Mr. Chairman, because of that, because of

11:16:31 that hardship, and because of the people that I know that

11:16:34 are suffering, I cannot support 5, nor can I support 69 and

11:16:45 I will not vote in favor of this rate increase.

11:16:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

11:16:48 Mr. Suarez, please.

11:16:49 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.

11:16:52 Mrs. Little, a couple questions four.

11:16:53 You saw a lot of public comment.

11:16:55 And we talked about there was some comment about

11:16:58 privatization.

11:17:01 Have you, in your experience -- obviously you have been

11:17:03 dealing with bond companies for years and years.

11:17:05 That's been your profession.

11:17:06 Have you ever seen a municipality go from doing that you are

11:17:12 own solid waste, or any kind of enterprise fund, to having

11:17:18 it privatized and have the private company take over the

11:17:21 bonding -- excuse me, take over the debt?

11:17:23 >>SONYA LITTLE: In certain circumstances, I have seen where

11:17:28 they have paid an upfront fee, and those proceeds were used

11:17:33 to retire the debt.

11:17:34 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Let me ask you a question.

11:17:37 In terms of that, do you know if it's ever affected the rate

11:17:41 so that it would go down when they took on that debt?

11:17:45 >>SONYA LITTLE: Well, one very notable case that I know of

11:17:48 for a different type of enterprise was privatized and the

11:17:53 debt was retired, and the rates associated with the

11:17:56 enterprise were increased beyond what was formally charged

11:18:00 by the governmental entity, by the private company.

11:18:03 So I have seen -- it's very across-the-board, council.

11:18:08 >> Privatization may not necessarily lead to a savings

11:18:11 because if a private company came in and said, we'll retire

11:18:14 the $108 million plus of bonding, we are going to try and

11:18:20 recoup that because they have to make money.

11:18:22 I mean, that's part of privatization.

11:18:29 The second question I have, let's say we took it to have

11:18:31 balance sheet meaning we went somewhere else to pay for this

11:18:34 enterprise fund, which would be, in and of itself, against

11:18:39 the covenant that we currently have, meaning that we are

11:18:41 supposed to pay with rate increases or whatever rates we get

11:18:46 for that bond.

11:18:48 What would happen if we said, we are going to privatize it,

11:18:51 but we are not going to pay it from the enterprise fund for

11:18:54 the rest of the bond that we currently have until 2021?

11:18:59 How would we pay for something like that?

11:19:02 I know I am giving you a scenario that you probably haven't

11:19:05 thought through necessarily, but what would happen then?

11:19:08 >>SONYA LITTLE: As long as our bonds are outstanding,

11:19:11 Councilman, we have a responsibility because of the

11:19:15 resolution associated with those bonds, that we will do

11:19:19 everything in our power to a sure that the net revenues of

11:19:23 the system only were sufficient.

11:19:26 So whether or not we privatize a portion of the system

11:19:31 operations or collection or not, as long as those bonds are

11:19:35 outstanding in the city's name, we have to satisfy the debt

11:19:39 service requirements and the other requirement solely from

11:19:44 the revenues of the system.

11:19:46 And I think I have shared this several times before.

11:19:49 Even if we had $100 million, fortunate enough to have $100

11:19:54 million in which we could grow as a system, that we could

11:19:57 apply toward the system that would keep the system afloat.

11:20:00 However, we would still in default of our bond covenants

11:20:03 because the covenants require that the system is

11:20:05 self-supporting and that it has to be net revenues of the

11:20:08 system that meets all of our financial threshold.

11:20:10 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Well, I could translate based on what you

11:20:13 said, we are going to have to pay that bond no matter what

11:20:16 we do.

11:20:19 This is unfortunate inheritance that all of us have, that we

11:20:23 have this 100 million plus that we have to retear, and this

11:20:27 because it's an enterprise fund, it was covenanted before

11:20:33 any of us were on the council, and that over the years, we

11:20:38 have essentially refinanced, and tried our best to keep that

11:20:43 from raising rates.

11:20:45 The third thing is that, is the county on an enterprise fund

11:20:50 now?

11:20:50 Or do they pay through a general revenue basis?

11:20:55 Or do you know the answer to that?

11:20:56 >>SONYA LITTLE: I believe it's also an enterprise fund as

11:20:58 well.

11:20:59 But as everybody knows, they do privatize collection.

11:21:02 So privatization is not illegal, if you will, but as long as

11:21:09 bonds are outstanding, it has to be, in our case, the

11:21:13 revenues of the system.

11:21:14 >> And as far as we know, they started privatization before

11:21:17 they had a large debt.

11:21:19 I don't know.

11:21:20 I don't know the answer to that.

11:21:21 But they have been doing it for, I think, 18 years,

11:21:24 something like that.

11:21:25 >> They have been doing it for several years.

11:21:27 And I'm not certain, Councilman.

11:21:29 I would have to find that out for you as to what point in

11:21:32 time the debt was issued and when they privatized.

11:21:34 I would have to find that out.

11:21:35 >> Okay, terrific.

11:21:37 I'm going to make a statement. And this is in response

11:21:42 to -- also in agreement with Mr. Cohen.

11:21:48 We have inherited something that we did not create.

11:21:53 The bond situation is extremely important, primarily because

11:21:58 in order for us to continue to do anything as a city, to

11:22:02 provide the kind of services that we have now, even minimal

11:22:05 services, we still have to pay our debts.

11:22:09 I were we didn't have to have any rate increase.

11:22:13 I know that to my colleague Mr. Reddick, I haven't had a pay

11:22:18 increase either.

11:22:20 You know, I have to pay this also.

11:22:24 We all do.

11:22:25 And one of the things that we don't want to fall into, there

11:22:28 are cities across this country, whether it's flint,

11:22:31 Michigan, Detroit, other cities in the midwest, that because

11:22:37 they have not been able to take care of their financial

11:22:40 house, they have fallen where they are, furloughing people

11:22:45 to not have police respond on weekends.

11:22:50 I don't want that to happen.

11:22:52 I know we are not even close to that point.

11:22:54 But if we did the argument we do not do a rate increase, we

11:22:59 do not, you know, help pay down this debt, and eventually

11:23:02 say, now what?

11:23:04 We are not going pay our debts.

11:23:06 We are not going to be able to buy -- excuse me, pay or do

11:23:11 anything in the future.

11:23:14 We can get rid of everybody.

11:23:16 Ms. Brickhouse and her team can be fired today and it's not

11:23:19 going to solve the problem.

11:23:20 We can get rid of everybody that's in there, still not going

11:23:24 to solve the problem.

11:23:25 We still owe the money.

11:23:26 We still have to pay it.

11:23:28 And shifting it, stopping it, not paying it now is literally

11:23:34 just saying, in five years maybe we'll talk about this.

11:23:38 When we have a zero fund balance, the bond ratings

11:23:43 essentially affect every bond that we have in the future.

11:23:46 If we are not going to be able to refinance again at rates

11:23:50 that we are going to find amenable, this is not an usual you

11:23:54 of just the economy.

11:23:56 It is an issue of what our financial stewardship as council

11:24:01 members are.

11:24:02 We have a fiduciary responsibility, and unfortunately we

11:24:06 have to make that decision.

11:24:08 And Ms. Little, I appreciate, because we have gone through

11:24:10 this over the past few months, and Ms. Brickhouse, we

11:24:14 appreciate what you have done, too, trying to find ways that

11:24:17 we did not have to have as much of an increase as we

11:24:24 currently have.

11:24:24 And believe me, if we didn't do this now, and we looked at

11:24:27 some of the things that bond companies want us to do, the

11:24:30 rate increases would have been significantly more.

11:24:32 And I appreciate your help.

11:24:33 And thank you, chair, for the time.

11:24:34 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilwoman Capin.

11:24:42 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay, 5 and 69.

11:24:43 And because I didn't finish my thoughts, because it was

11:24:48 brought up, we are not covering, but it turns out we are.

11:24:52 So on 5, one of the things that, now, we need to look at is

11:25:02 on the commercial end, we are -- all our neighbors around us

11:25:08 are charging way more than we are.

11:25:12 And therefore, we do need to bring it up to what everyone at

11:25:21 that same level in order to keep the commercial part of the

11:25:25 business going.

11:25:27 On the part of the residential -- and to Ms. Montelione who

11:25:37 referred to things being redundant, I will be redundant and

11:25:42 what is perfectly clear to everyone, in my instance.

11:25:48 For instance, I would like to see a rational hardship policy

11:25:55 brought forth, a program for hardship policy brought forth.

11:26:02 Where I would like to make that an amendment to this if

11:26:10 possible.

11:26:18 Also, there were brought many shortcomings of that job.

11:26:22 Mrs. Montelione brought up.

11:26:23 And I want to know if we have had an audit, an independent

11:26:28 audit of waste management.

11:26:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Solid waste.

11:26:37 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I'm sorry, solid waste.

11:26:38 Thank you.

11:26:39 >>TONJA BRICKHOUSE: Tonja Brickhouse again, solid waste.

11:26:45 We have had a number of audits from residential.

11:26:48 We have had commercial.

11:26:49 We have had a number of audits conducted in the department

11:26:52 of solid waste over the last three years.

11:26:56 I hope that answers your question.

11:27:01 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, ma'am.

11:27:01 Thank you.

11:27:02 Then the shortcomings that Ms. Montelione pointed out came

11:27:05 out from the audit?

11:27:09 >>KEITH BRICKLEMYER: As a result of the audit: And there

11:27:12 are a number of things that I have identified and my team

11:27:16 has identified as well outside the audit.

11:27:18 There are other things we are working on as well.

11:27:20 When I talk about business transformation from my

11:27:23 perspective, those are things where when we peel back the

11:27:26 onion, we look at the process, we also look for

11:27:29 opportunities to improve.

11:27:29 So the audits help with that process.

11:27:32 But independent of the audits we also are looking at

11:27:35 business practices internally as well.

11:27:41 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Again, I understand the increase that is

11:27:44 necessary, and that wave not had that increase since 2005.

11:27:49 But I would strongly suggest to this council that a rational

11:27:56 hardship policy be looked at very seriously on the

11:28:03 residential, and whatever I need to do to bring that forth,

11:28:09 I will do.

11:28:12 So if that's a motion, amendment, whatever.

11:28:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Before we get to motions, let's hear all

11:28:17 the council members.

11:28:20 Have you finished, Ms. Capin?

11:28:22 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.

11:28:22 Thank you.

11:28:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern.

11:28:25 I apologize to her.

11:28:26 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

11:28:28 I don't want -- I want to try to be brief.

11:28:31 But I guess we are talking about all of the franchise fee

11:28:37 part.

11:28:37 We are talking about item 5 and 69 now.

11:28:40 We are taking those all right now, is that right?

11:28:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes.

11:28:43 >>MARY MULHERN: First of all, I would like to -- maybe Mrs.

11:28:49 Brickhouse, you are standing there, you can confirm for us.

11:28:52 The situation we are in with our bonds, wand the debt,

11:28:55 is -- outstanding debt is due to the MacKay Bay.

11:29:03 >> The waste management.

11:29:06 >>MARY MULHERN: I think that needs to be said in the

11:29:09 context of this, because the suggestion that, you know,

11:29:13 talking about audit and pointing fingers, I think that's

11:29:16 where the debt is.

11:29:17 >>TONJA BRICKHOUSE: That's correct.

11:29:22 >>MARY MULHERN: Here's what I have to say about this.

11:29:25 We are talking specifically to the -- I agree with

11:29:28 Councilwoman Capin that with franchise fees, we are not in

11:29:32 line, and we are going to need to raise those for the

11:29:36 commercial franchise fee.

11:29:38 So I will support that.

11:29:40 But as far as the raising the rates, you know, we have been

11:29:46 talking about a lot of the things that we can do to be

11:29:52 sustainable, to reduce waste, and to reduce the cost for the

11:29:57 five years I have been here.

11:29:59 And a lot of the great suggestions we have gotten from the

11:30:03 public who were here today to speak, and the e-mails we have

11:30:06 gotten, and we have been hearing and promoting these, and it

11:30:14 was really a priority for me and for other people on

11:30:17 council, when we started five years ago, I should say, and I

11:30:22 haven't seen a lot happening.

11:30:25 And I think that if you are asking this council to put into

11:30:32 effect rate increases that are going to last for five years,

11:30:35 you are asking me to do that as someone who represents

11:30:40 city-wide, the entire city, I am not going to do that today,

11:30:43 because I haven't seen the commitment from the city, from

11:30:48 the administration, to propose some long-term real solutions

11:30:56 to how we can reduce our costs, reduce our fuel usage,

11:31:02 increase our recycling, do some of these things that are

11:31:06 simple.

11:31:07 I mean, I have been asking for five years why we can't just

11:31:10 have once a week pickup.

11:31:12 We heard people here today saying they only need to pick up

11:31:15 every three weeks.

11:31:16 There are ways that we can reduce these costs.

11:31:19 It may not solve all of our problems.

11:31:23 It may not get our revenue up to where we need it to be, but

11:31:28 I need to see some commitment.

11:31:32 And you are going to go to Israel and come back, you know,

11:31:35 go there and see these great ideas, and the rest us talk

11:31:38 about we are traveling around, or talking to people in other

11:31:41 cities, and there are so many things we can do.

11:31:45 I have got to see some commitment from this administration

11:31:47 to doing some of those things.

11:31:48 And I would like to hear people talk about, you know,

11:31:52 reducing our carbon output, reducing our amount of waste,

11:31:57 all of those things.

11:31:58 I am not saying you are not doing it.

11:32:01 In the big picture from the last five years, I want to see

11:32:05 more before I am going to go for a rate increases that

11:32:11 people are just not ready to be able to do.

11:32:13 So I can't support that today.

11:32:17 I need some show of commitment from this administration to

11:32:23 how we are going to really take on these problems.

11:32:27 >>TONJA BRICKHOUSE: If I may, chairman, there have been a

11:32:31 number of initiatives, and I haven't mentioned them today,

11:32:34 but quite honestly since 2009 we have doing a number of

11:32:38 things to improve the operation efficiencies.

11:32:42 So one of the citizens earlier commented about improving the

11:32:46 efficiencies, we did the service day change, we have done a

11:32:51 number of things as relates to improving efficiencies,

11:32:56 saving money, being good stewards of the rate payers'

11:32:59 resources.

11:33:00 The other thing I would add is when we talk about

11:33:02 technology, there are some things out on the street, the

11:33:05 GPS, city-wide GPS, RFP that will go out at the end of the

11:33:10 month to even further enhance the routing.

11:33:13 So there are a number of initiatives.

11:33:15 I agree we will need to make sure that we give you an jut

11:33:18 date on what we are doing proactively to generate more

11:33:23 efficiencies, and hopefully better -- a more effective and

11:33:28 cost efficient manner of delivering services to the

11:33:31 citizens.

11:33:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me say this.

11:33:33 And I'm sorry to interrupt.

11:33:35 I need a full board.

11:33:36 I don't have one.

11:33:40 We have taken public input, have received e-mails, we have

11:33:44 received your cooperation, and staff's cooperation, the

11:33:48 administration's cooperation, the meetings we have had, and

11:33:51 I am trying weigh the things at the same time of the

11:33:54 importance of this issue, 5 and 69.

11:33:59 I don't mind taking 5.

11:34:01 But if we think that the fees are going to go up for private

11:34:06 commercial collectors, and somebody is not going to pay for

11:34:10 it, it doesn't work that way.

11:34:13 When we do that, somebody has got to pay for the fee.

11:34:17 If it's a commercial carrier, whoever they service has got

11:34:19 to pay higher.

11:34:20 So it's a tumbling effect or Domino effect, whatever you

11:34:24 want to call it, that provides.

11:34:25 But what I am hearing -- and I am trying to expedite this,

11:34:28 and again I understand that I don't have enough votes for

11:34:33 69, item.

11:34:35 I may have them for 5.

11:34:36 You don't really know.

11:34:38 But are you finished with your presentation?

11:34:50 >> Yes, sir, Mr. Chair.

11:34:53 One last time if you might allow me to just reiterate the

11:34:55 importance of where we stand right now from a financial

11:34:58 perspective.

11:35:00 Moving forward, do nothing, our system is bankrupt.

11:35:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We know that.

11:35:06 We also know moving forward if you don't change, rates are

11:35:10 going to go higher.

11:35:12 So somebody is going to have to pay through bankruptcy, and

11:35:16 how are you going to pay?

11:35:18 >>SONYA LITTLE: And this is beyond the soiled waste system.

11:35:20 It impacts on everything, all that we do as a city from here

11:35:23 on, our costs will go up.

11:35:26 So it is a snowball effect.

11:35:30 And in putting together the analysis that was done, and

11:35:32 working with our independent rates to come up with the most

11:35:38 reasonable plan where all of our customers, all of our

11:35:44 residents, we all have to share in the burden, but trying to

11:35:47 lessen the burden as much as possible for all.

11:35:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me say this, if I may ask you a

11:35:53 question.

11:35:53 Will one week, if I could move this to next week, even

11:35:56 though it's not a council meeting, to have a special called

11:35:59 meeting, to continue this conversation on 5 and 69, would

11:36:05 that be a burden to the situation of the cost effectiveness

11:36:08 of your bonds?

11:36:10 >>SONYA LITTLE: No, sir, one week.

11:36:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me tell you why.

11:36:14 We have also been working with the administration in solving

11:36:17 an increase in revenues that might be -- I say they are less

11:36:23 of an expense, with the contract, and there was a figure

11:36:29 thrown out yesterday, and I rejected that figure without

11:36:32 council's connection with the council, I should say -- I'm

11:36:37 sorry for the use of the word -- but they are very

11:36:39 concerned.

11:36:39 Now the figure has gone higher.

11:36:43 So Mr. Territo will explain to the council now and then get

11:36:47 right back on this.

11:36:47 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.

11:36:50 As now we are negotiate MST on the ERP.

11:36:54 Weeki Wachee a lot of letters in there.

11:36:57 They are very anxious to get this done.

11:36:58 This quarter which will be the end of this month and they

11:37:02 have come back with a $318,000 discount on the project if we

11:37:05 can get this thing moving so we would like to request at

11:37:08 your workshop if you have a special meeting to address this

11:37:12 issue, so you are going to be somewhat bis busy next week

11:37:16 but they will come back with a discount where they are

11:37:19 anxious for their business plan and obviously we are anxious

11:37:21 to get a discount as well.

11:37:22 They have come back with the $318,000 discount, if you will

11:37:26 hold a special meeting before your workshop next Thursday.

11:37:28 >> We just filed $318,000, and the original offer was 100

11:37:36 grand, I said in a.

11:37:38 It doesn't make me any smarter.

11:37:40 I could have lost 100 grand.

11:37:42 I rolled the dice.

11:37:46 I'm still back on 5 and 69.

11:37:50 >>SONYA LITTLE: If I may also point out that right now we

11:37:53 have an opportunity to refund some of the debt, as I have

11:37:57 mentioned, and this came up just Lac last week with a

11:38:01 written proposal whereby moving forward with this

11:38:06 initiative, we could save as much as $200,000 for the

11:38:11 upcoming payment, and then in the next subsequent years, we

11:38:15 save $300 that you annually as a result of this.

11:38:19 >> Talking about the $109 million debt?

11:38:23 >>SONYA LITTLE: Yes, sir.

11:38:23 Refunding a portion of that.

11:38:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: About $500,000 total.

11:38:27 >>SONYA LITTLE: Over the course of the five years, we are

11:38:29 talking $3 million.

11:38:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I understand.

11:38:34 Yes, sir?

11:38:37 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Just also to remind you that item 6

11:38:39 travels with item 5.

11:38:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I understand that.

11:38:41 That's the ordinance that creates the -- that would also be

11:38:49 I understand that.

11:38:50 >>MARTIN SHELBY: And you were provided this morning with a

11:38:53 calendar in front of you.

11:38:54 For next week the 23rd you can see there are already

11:38:57 three items set for 9:00.

11:38:58 You might want to consider reordering that.

11:39:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I understand that.

11:39:01 >>MARTIN SHELBY: According to your council rules you are

11:39:02 not required to set the special called meeting.

11:39:04 You can set it at the beginning of a workshop.

11:39:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I understand that but I want the public

11:39:08 to have the fullest extent of what we are doing.

11:39:12 Yes, Ms. Mulhern.

11:39:13 >>MARY MULHERN: I was going to make a motion at your

11:39:17 suggestion to continue item 5, 6 and 69 till next week at

11:39:20 9:00.

11:39:24 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Before -- I agree to continue it for one

11:39:28 week.

11:39:29 I would like Mr. Stout to either meet with or to report to

11:39:39 the audit, the details of the audit of the solid waste by

11:39:45 next week.

11:39:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's Roger stout, the fine individual

11:39:50 who does the audit for the city and a very capable

11:39:54 individual.

11:39:54 I appreciate that very much.

11:39:55 And if Ms. Mulhern will incorporate that into her original

11:39:58 motion.

11:39:58 >>MARY MULHERN: Rate.

11:40:00 And to continue those items, and Mr. Stout to appear.

11:40:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Ms. Mulhern on item 5,

11:40:06 6 and 69 along with the motion that was made by Ms. Capin as

11:40:10 an addendum.

11:40:12 Mrs. Mulhern accepted that addendum for Mr. Stout to be here

11:40:15 and present the findings of those facts.

11:40:17 Who was second on that motion?

11:40:19 Be.

11:40:22 >>YVONNE CAPIN: It was to be here but to bring to

11:40:24 individually each of us --

11:40:29 >>MARY MULHERN: Before then.

11:40:30 >>FRANK REDDICK: I just want to state for the record that I

11:40:34 will be absent for the council meeting next week.

11:40:38 I just want to state that for the record.

11:40:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, I really did want to have a full

11:40:44 council.

11:40:48 Mr. Suarez, I give you the floor.

11:40:50 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I'm sorry I look anxious, but obviously the

11:40:56 idea of continuing this might not work because of Mr.

11:41:00 Reddick's absence.

11:41:02 Again, I want to make sure that we vote this one way or the

11:41:05 other so that we can continue on and know what the next

11:41:07 steps are going to be.

11:41:10 On special call meetings we can make it any day of the week.

11:41:13 You made the suggestion of doing it next week, on a

11:41:17 different day as opposed to our workshop day.

11:41:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm open to any Monday or Tuesday.

11:41:23 Other than next Monday I'm at Tampa water in the morning.

11:41:26 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And I hate to say this but I will be gone

11:41:30 out of the city on Monday.

11:41:31 So Tuesday the 21st.

11:41:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: If council wishes to have a special

11:41:37 called meeting on Tuesday, I have no objection.

11:41:39 >>MARY MULHERN: I am going to be out of town until

11:41:42 Wednesday.

11:41:49 I'm here on council today and next Thursday.

11:41:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, ma'am.

11:41:52 >>SONYA LITTLE: In light of the proposal that we have, and

11:41:56 in light of the credit review process that we are about to

11:41:58 undergo, on February 29th, beyond that, we are running

11:42:04 into a problem.

11:42:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The 29th is your drop dead date?

11:42:11 >>SONYA LITTLE: To report back to one of the rating

11:42:13 agencies.

11:42:13 >>HARRY COHEN: It's my understanding this will need four

11:42:17 votes to past and Mr. Reddick already indicated he's going

11:42:20 to vote against it.

11:42:21 So he's not here, the same reality as --

11:42:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I understand.

11:42:32 But I'm trying to not disenfranchise anyone.

11:42:38 I'm trying to balance it out.

11:42:40 It makes a difference how the vote is going to end.

11:42:43 But I want all the voices to be heard.

11:42:46 And that's what I am trying to accomplish.

11:42:48 So right now, I don't think I got four votes.

11:42:55 >> How about tomorrow?

11:43:09 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Friday of next week, the day after council?

11:43:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm open to all suggestions in the

11:43:14 morning.

11:43:15 All of them other than Monday because I have a commitment

11:43:17 for the city of Tampa Bay water.

11:43:20 I'm open to all of them.

11:43:23 >>YVONNE CAPIN: What is the date of Friday of next week?

11:43:28 The 24th?

11:43:31 It would be a special called the 24th in the morning.

11:43:33 >>FRANK REDDICK: And I hate to do this, but I have to be in

11:43:41 Tallahassee.

11:43:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No one is questioning your absence for

11:43:45 anything, sir.

11:43:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: I will won't be flying back till Friday

11:43:50 late afternoon.

11:43:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, a suggestion from council members.

11:43:57 I have tried every Avenue I can.

11:43:59 I'll take a vote on it today and see what happens and then

11:44:02 go from there.

11:44:05 I think the public spoke very well.

11:44:07 I think council members have expressed their concerns and

11:44:09 their feelings very well.

11:44:10 I think the administration has brought a plan, like it or

11:44:15 not, explained it very well, and there is where we are at.

11:44:21 So I need items 5.

11:44:23 Let's take item 5 first.

11:44:25 Have we finished with item 5?

11:44:29 All right.

11:44:29 Item number 5 on the agenda, E-2012-8 chapter 26, I need

11:44:39 someone to read that ordinance.

11:44:42 >>HARRY COHEN: I move an ordinance being presented for

11:44:44 first reading consideration, an ordinance of the city of

11:44:47 Tampa, Florida creating article 8, chapter 26, of the city

11:44:51 code pertaining to franchises for commercial solid waste

11:44:55 collection services defining terms, providing authority,

11:44:58 providing for applicability, providing requirement for

11:45:01 franchise and term of franchises, providing general

11:45:04 provision, providing application requirements for a

11:45:07 franchise, providing basis for award of franchise, denial of

11:45:11 franchise application, providing for suspension, or

11:45:13 suspension or revocation of franchise, providing right to

11:45:17 appeal the denial, suspension, or revocation of a franchise,

11:45:20 requirement to execute a franchise agreement with the city,

11:45:23 authorizing and requiring payment of franchise fees,

11:45:26 providing bond requirements, insurance requirements, and

11:45:29 requirements for books, records and reporting, providing

11:45:32 methods of making commercial solid waste collections,

11:45:35 providing for inspections, providing enforcement procedures,

11:45:38 and legal remedies, providing penalties for violations,

11:45:41 providing for repeal of all ordinances in conflict,

11:45:43 providing an effective date.

11:45:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Cohen, I have a

11:45:47 second by Mr. Suarez and Mrs. Montelione, all the avenues

11:45:55 that I wanted to go into.

11:45:58 I want to thank Mrs. Montelione.

11:45:59 This is first reading.

11:46:01 Certainly if it passes it will come to second reading and

11:46:03 then the public will certainly have the rate to speak at

11:46:05 that time.

11:46:06 I have a motion by Mr. Cohen, I have a second by Mr. Suarez.

11:46:09 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

11:46:12 Opposed nay.

11:46:14 Motion passes 6 to 1.

11:46:16 Clerk, you may read into the record.

11:46:18 >>THE CLERK: The second reading of the ordinance will be

11:46:21 held had March 1st at 9:30 a.m.

11:46:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you all very much.

11:46:26 Item number 6 presented for first reading is an ordinance of

11:46:28 the City of Tampa present, in the utilities.

11:46:33 Mr. Cohen.

11:46:34 >> I move number 6.

11:46:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second bid Mr. Cohen.

11:46:39 You have to read it.

11:46:39 >>MIKE SUAREZ: An ordinance on first reading consideration,

11:46:44 an ordinance of the city of Tampa, Florida pertaining to

11:46:47 amendment to chapter 26 City of Tampa utilities ordinance

11:46:50 article 1, administrative provisions, section 26-5-4

11:46:54 administrative authority, providing for repeal of all

11:46:56 ordinances in conflict, providing an effective date.

11:47:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Suarez, I have a

11:47:02 second by Mr. Cohen.

11:47:03 All in favor of that motion please indicate by saying aye.

11:47:05 Opposed nay.

11:47:07 Motion passes 6 to 1.

11:47:09 >>THE CLERK: Second reading of the ordinance will be held

11:47:11 March 1st at 9:30 a.m.

11:47:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I go to staff reports and I am going to

11:47:15 take item number 69.

11:47:19 We have discussed 69 thoroughly, administration, public,

11:47:23 council members all spoke to it one way or the other.

11:47:26 This is a resolution.

11:47:28 I need someone to move the resolution.

11:47:31 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I move 69.

11:47:33 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

11:47:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Suarez, second by

11:47:37 Mr. Cohen on 69.

11:47:38 All in favor please indicate by saying aye.

11:47:42 Opposed nay.

11:47:42 Motion passes 5 to 2, I believe.

11:47:44 >>THE CLERK: With Reddick and Mulhern voting no.

11:47:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's what I heard.

11:47:54 Sometimes I have to question myself.

11:47:55 Thank you all very much for attending.

11:48:00 Thanks again.

11:48:01 Mrs. Montelione made my job much easier.

11:48:04 Ms. Capin had wanted to speak.

11:48:07 And I am going bring it up under information.

11:48:10 She wanted to be heard on information so I am going yield to

11:48:13 public information before I go to the rest of the agenda.

11:48:16 Hopefully that's all right with council members.

11:48:17 And I don't know what the subject matter is.

11:48:19 I have an idea what it is.

11:48:22 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, thank you.

11:48:24 Very quickly.

11:48:25 As you can see, we changed our color on the banner, USF.

11:48:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: A miracle back there.

11:48:34 >>YVONNE CAPIN: We do wonderful things here.

11:48:35 And that is in support of our university and our city.

11:48:40 And one of the things that I would like to bring up is that

11:48:47 since we are all here, some of the work that I have heard in

11:48:50 the media, and quotes from leaders, is the sorry state of

11:49:05 affairs, extreme ideology, and this is in reference to

11:49:11 Senate bill that is being presented.

11:49:14 I want to express my objection to the attacks on our

11:49:18 university, the University of South Florida, and I want to

11:49:23 let everyone know that the University of South Florida is a

11:49:26 cultural asset.

11:49:28 It is the economic engine of central Florida, and it is

11:49:32 under siege, and we need to protect it.

11:49:37 Mr. Suarez indicate that he had wanted to make a motion to

11:49:41 council, and so I will defer to Mr. Suarez on USF.

11:49:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez.

11:49:47 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

11:49:49 I reiterate what Councilwoman Capin has mentioned.

11:49:54 Cuts to education mean something more than just an amount of

11:49:58 money paid to a university.

11:50:00 It means a cut to the kind of-- kind of economic

11:50:04 opportunities that are out there.

11:50:06 The City of Tampa needs a university like USF, like

11:50:11 university of Tampa, HCC, saint Leo, all the other community

11:50:15 colleges and universities around there, and we cannot allow

11:50:20 a vendetta against our city and our universities to go

11:50:24 unanswered.

11:50:25 So with that I would like to make a motion that the council

11:50:29 be requested to prepare a letter to the Hillsborough County

11:50:33 legislative delegation, the board of governors of the

11:50:35 university system, and other interested parties for

11:50:38 signature by chair Miranda to voice our disappointment with

11:50:41 the intended funding cuts and to show our support for USF.

11:50:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Suarez.

11:50:50 Seconded by Mrs. Montelione.

11:50:53 And let me say this.

11:50:56 Very rarely do we have a chance to insult everybody.

11:51:01 Very rarely.

11:51:03 And I mean in a disrespect to anybody in elected office.

11:51:06 But this usual you has insulted everybody.

11:51:09 This is an insult of greatest insults ever.

11:51:13 You don't pick out one university because they didn't give

11:51:16 you what you wanted.

11:51:17 That's what this is all about.

11:51:21 This is about one individual who has taken a personal

11:51:23 vendetta about the University of South Florida.

11:51:27 Why is it that one university is going to reduce by 20

11:51:31 million or 22 million in one bite, 100 million let's say.

11:51:37 Those numbers are not exact but you get the picture.

11:51:39 This is not -- it's about grown up people.

11:51:42 Those days of playing hopscotch, and jacks and fiddle sticks

11:51:48 are over.

11:51:48 This is not about Republican and democrat.

11:51:51 This is about human beings.

11:51:53 You talk about education.

11:51:54 You want to do this when you get elected.

11:51:56 And what happens?

11:51:57 At the end of the day, one individual wants to sit up and

11:52:01 says, I hold the purse strings.

11:52:04 Well, you may hold the purse strings but you the people have

11:52:07 the votes.

11:52:07 The I-4 corridor is the most populated corridor in Florida

11:52:12 which represents an enormous amount of votes, and if you

11:52:15 think that they are not watching what you are doing or what

11:52:19 I am doing and what we are doing, you are wrong.

11:52:22 So wake up and grow up.

11:52:25 Forget who you are and who your family is, and how much

11:52:30 money you have and do the right thing.

11:52:31 And play by the scorecard.

11:52:34 Play within the lines.

11:52:36 All sports have a deadline.

11:52:38 All sports have a playing field.

11:52:40 The ones that don't have deadlines and the ones that don't

11:52:43 have sports fields is the sport of politics.

11:52:47 I hate to put that the way.

11:52:48 We got to that level.

11:52:49 So I have a motion by Mr. Suarez.

11:52:51 I have a second by Mrs. Montelione.

11:52:53 And I have to leave.

11:52:54 I am going try to take this vote.

11:52:56 I got Mrs. Capin and then Mrs. Montelione.

11:53:02 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And to the letter, I would like to add to

11:53:04 address it to the legislature and the governor.

11:53:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

11:53:10 Mrs. Montelione.

11:53:10 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I just want to put this in perspective.

11:53:14 The University of South Florida is the third largest

11:53:17 employer of individuals of our community behind MacDill

11:53:21 Air Force Base, and the school board.

11:53:24 The Senate, if I am correct, the Senate last night passed

11:53:29 that budget with those cuts in place.

11:53:32 The house had previously passed the budget with between 9

11:53:37 and 11% budget cuts to the university.

11:53:41 We are looking at cuts to the University of South Florida's

11:53:44 budget.

11:53:44 There is no doubt about that.

11:53:46 Now it's just a matter of horse trading to find out between

11:53:50 the Senate and the house of the State of Florida how deep

11:53:54 those cuts are going to be.

11:53:58 Everyone, whether you live or work in the area around the

11:54:03 University of South Florida, is touched by this.

11:54:08 You don't think you are, imagine MacDill Air Force Base

11:54:10 closing.

11:54:14 The impact that this will have to the University of South

11:54:18 Florida would equate to the same thing, and many of you have

11:54:22 been in the community for a long time remember the ruckus

11:54:25 caused when the proposed MacDill -- the proposal was to

11:54:29 cut MacDill Air Force Base out of the department of

11:54:32 defense budget.

11:54:33 We have to rise up as a community and contact everyone,

11:54:37 phone calls and e-mails work.

11:54:40 Contact your state representatives in the house, and your

11:54:45 state representatives in the Senate.

11:54:46 I'm not sure that's going to do any good.

11:54:49 But you have the opportunity to have your voice heard.

11:54:53 The third largest employer in the area, essentially cut by

11:55:00 half.

11:55:01 That's a huge impact.

11:55:07 This is in my neighborhood, so I have to say that -- it's in

11:55:12 all our neighborhoods.

11:55:13 I live a few blocks from there.

11:55:16 So it will have a devastating effect on my community.

11:55:19 Thank you very much.

11:55:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

11:55:21 All right.

11:55:22 I have a motion on the floor.

11:55:23 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

11:55:25 Opposed, nay.

11:55:26 The ayes have it unanimously.

11:55:30 I am going to ask the council late earth on to put the RFP

11:55:34 with Mr. Oracle, Mr. Territo to come up and spend if that's

11:55:39 necessary for next week, fanned the administration agrees

11:55:41 with the settlement is this company.

11:55:45 I'm sorry I have to leave but I do have to do what I have to

11:55:48 do at this time.

11:55:50 I leave it in the capable hands of Ms. Mulhern.

11:55:53 Thank you.

11:55:53 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

11:56:00 We have a request of council if you are willing to hear item

11:56:05 number 70.

11:56:08 We have a large number of people hear for that hearing.

11:56:10 So I would like to take that up next.

11:56:15 And we will go back to our regularly ordered agenda after

11:56:19 that.

11:56:20 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Since we are four minutes away from noon, we

11:56:29 may want to extend time.

11:56:33 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, that's what I am asking, how council

11:56:35 would feel about extending it for -- I don't know, half an

11:56:41 hour, an hour?

11:56:44 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Although I did come back, I have to

11:56:46 leave probably by five or six after 12.

11:56:51 You can be back for this afternoon's agenda if council

11:56:54 desires to come back after lunch.

11:56:56 >>MARY MULHERN: Are there other people that can't stay,

11:57:06 delay lunch?

11:57:07 How about if we come back at -- could people be back, and

11:57:12 we'll just come back at 1:30 and that will be the first

11:57:15 thing we hear?

11:57:23 We will move on to our committee reports.

11:57:26 >> Could I say a word about this?

11:57:37 >>MARY MULHERN: On item 70?

11:57:38 >> Yes, ma'am.

11:57:39 >>MARY MULHERN: Are you the petitioner?

11:57:40 >> No.

11:57:41 I represent Southside Baptist church and we are within so

11:57:43 many feet of this location.

11:57:46 And we just have a group of people and most of them cannot

11:57:49 stay.

11:57:49 So I just wanted to be seen and a couple come back but

11:57:56 that's basically what I wanted.

11:57:57 It was on the docket for 10:30.

11:57:59 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, anyone who has ever watched a council

11:58:02 meeting -- but if you are item number 70 it's probably not

11:58:07 going to be heard -- I don't know, what is it you want?

11:58:09 You want people to stand, raise their hands?

11:58:12 >> Yes, ma'am.

11:58:13 I just want you to know that there is they're was opposition

11:58:16 against it.

11:58:16 >>MARTIN SHELBY: This is quasi-judicial, though.

11:58:19 >>MARY MULHERN: We have to object the public hearing.

11:58:21 I'm sorry.

11:58:22 1:30, that's pretty good to be here for.

11:58:28 I'm really sorry.

11:58:29 We just had a really full morning.

11:58:31 >> I understand.

11:58:32 I just want PD you to know that there were people here.

11:58:35 >>MARY MULHERN: We are moving on to our committee report.

11:58:45 Councilman Reddick, Public Safety Committee.

11:58:47 >>FRANK REDDICK: I move item 7 through 14.

11:58:52 >> Second.

11:58:54 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:58:55 Anyone opposed?

11:58:57 Parks and recreation, Councilwoman Montelione.

11:59:00 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I move 15 through 24 for approval.

11:59:07 >> Second.

11:59:08 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:59:10 Anyone opposed?

11:59:12 Public Works Committee, Councilman Suarez.

11:59:14 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I move items 25 to 3.

11:59:18 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

11:59:20 >>MARY MULHERN: 25 through 33.

11:59:23 All in favor?

11:59:25 Anyone opposed?

11:59:31 Finance Committee, Councilman Cohen.

11:59:33 >>HARRY COHEN: Move items 34 through 39.

11:59:36 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Second.

11:59:39 >>MARY MULHERN: Seconded by Councilman Suarez.

11:59:42 Item 34 through 39.

11:59:43 All in favor?

11:59:45 Anyone opposed?

11:59:47 Building and zoning, Councilwoman Montelione.

11:59:49 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I move items 40 through 56 for approval.

11:59:53 >> Second.

11:59:56 >>MARY MULHERN: Items 40 through -- you said 56?

12:00:02 All in favor?

12:00:04 Anyone opposed?

12:00:10 Transportation committee, Councilwoman Capin.

12:00:13 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I move items 57 through 59.

12:00:15 >> Second.

12:00:17 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

12:00:20 Anyone opposed?

12:00:26 Continued public hearing.

12:00:27 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Madam Chair, if I can.

12:00:34 You are coming up upon 12:00.

12:00:36 I wonder -- the other thing I wish to do, Mr. Territo has

12:00:42 asked that before council breaks for lunch, so that that the

12:00:45 administration has with certainty that the item regarding

12:00:47 the ERP requested for next week's workshop be placed on the

12:00:53 next week's agenda following the commendation by motion

12:00:55 before you leave for lunch.

12:00:56 Is that correct, Mr. Territo?

12:00:59 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I'll make that motion.

12:01:01 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

12:01:02 >>MARY MULHERN: That's item number 65?

12:01:05 >>MARTIN SHELBY: No, eights new item.

12:01:07 >>MARY MULHERN: Sowing want to put on?

12:01:11 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.

12:01:12 You know, we have been negotiating with AFT company on this

12:01:16 ERP.

12:01:16 >>MARY MULHERN: Fell us what the letters stand for.

12:01:20 >> Enterprise resource planning.

12:01:22 And this is the large computer program, management programs

12:01:27 we are getting ready to go to partnership with the county.

12:01:30 We have gotten an offer made to us by the company that they

12:01:33 would like to get this done this month for business reasons,

12:01:38 and as incentive to getting it done this month they will

12:01:41 give us a discount of $318,000 from the price they gave us.

12:01:44 So trying to accommodate that and get it done this month,

12:01:48 they are requesting there be a special meeting at your

12:01:51 workshop next week, or on the workshop item to take the vote

12:01:54 on this issue.

12:01:55 >>MIKE SUAREZ: So moved.

12:01:59 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

12:02:00 >>MARY MULHERN: Any discussion on the motion?

12:02:02 It's very interesting how all this happens whale we are

12:02:04 sitting here, and couldn't have been put on the agenda.

12:02:11 All in favor?

12:02:12 Anyone opposed?

12:02:14 That will come back next week at 9:00.

12:02:19 Is that right?

12:02:21 >>SAL TERRITO: Yes, ma'am.

12:02:22 Correct.

12:02:22 Thank you.

12:02:22 >>MARY MULHERN: It looks like we are going to have to break

12:02:25 for lunch, is that right?

12:02:30 I thought we would start with 70, but we can't do that.

12:02:33 And --

12:02:38 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I'm sorry, I didn't hear what you were

12:02:40 saying.

12:02:41 >>MARY MULHERN: I had a question.

12:02:47 I had asked to have number 70 heard, but we probably need to

12:02:54 do -- can we do that before our 9:30 scheduled hearings?

12:03:01 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Yes.

12:03:02 >>MARY MULHERN: Is there any reason we can't do that?

12:03:04 >>MARTIN SHELBY: No reason.

12:03:05 >>MARY MULHERN: Could I get a motion from someone to do

12:03:07 that?

12:03:09 >> So moved.

12:03:10 >> Second.

12:03:10 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

12:03:14 Anyone opposed?

12:03:15 And then council, it looks like we have got people who have

12:03:23 to leaf.

12:03:24 I don't know if we are going to have time to pass any --

12:03:29 >>MIKE SUAREZ: There was a memo given to us by Jan McLean

12:03:32 of the legal department saying we could move item number 65

12:03:34 to another date.

12:03:35 >>MARY MULHERN: Great.

12:03:41 Okay.

12:03:42 So we will do that.

12:03:42 >>MIKE SUAREZ: We can move that to the next scheduled

12:03:48 council meeting which would be March 1st during staff

12:03:51 reports.

12:03:51 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

12:03:54 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

12:03:56 >>HARRY COHEN: Motion to adjourn till 1:30.

12:04:06 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Second.

12:04:08 >>MARY MULHERN: We'll be back at 1:30. We'll first hear

12:04:11 item number 7 and then go onto the 9:30 public hearing.

12:04:14 (City Council meeting in recess)


12:04:25 >>MARY MULHERN: City Council is called to order.

01:39:58 We are going to start with agenda item number 70.

01:40:02 >>THE CLERK: Roll call.

01:40:08 Suarez, here.

01:40:12 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

01:40:17 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

01:40:26 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

01:40:28 I wish to bring to council's attention and the petitioner in

01:40:31 this case, is petitioner here?

01:40:35 I just wish to bring to council's attention, I don't know if

01:40:37 other council members are expected back or when they are

01:40:40 expected back, but just for the purposes of quasi-judicial

01:40:43 hearing, rule 60 states if at a quasi-judicial public

01:40:47 hearing only four members of City Council present to take

01:40:52 action then the petitioner shall have the right to request

01:40:55 continuation.

01:40:55 If there is less than a full City Council, then the

01:40:59 petitioner may request to continue the matter but not as a

01:41:02 matter of right.

01:41:03 So that being the case, I just wish to bring to your

01:41:07 attention that if petitioner does wish to have City Council

01:41:13 here with four members, City Council can certainly do that.

01:41:17 But per council's rule, it would require a unanimous vote,

01:41:21 which is why council has this rule.

01:41:23 >>MARY MULHERN: I don't know if Councilwoman Montelione is

01:41:29 coming back.

01:41:34 She is?

01:41:34 Okay, because she said she was leaving.

01:41:36 So I don't know either.

01:41:40 I believe Councilwoman Capin is going to be back.

01:41:43 >> I would go ahead and reschedule.

01:41:50 I want to reschedule it if possible.

01:41:52 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, you know, we moved you to the first

01:41:55 hearing.

01:41:58 We moved this to hear it first.

01:42:00 >> I didn't ask for the.

01:42:02 >>MARY MULHERN: I think it was the -- it was the other.

01:42:09 Maybe it was the neighborhood.

01:42:10 Okay.

01:42:11 So you want to ask for a continuance?

01:42:15 They might be back if you want to wait if six people is

01:42:19 enough.

01:42:19 >> That's fine, you can wait.

01:42:20 >> Do you want to wait and we'll go back to the regular

01:42:24 order.

01:42:24 >> Okay.

01:42:26 >>MARY MULHERN: So that would bring us back to item, I

01:42:28 believe, item 61.

01:42:34 No, item 60.

01:42:35 >> Land development.

01:42:49 Plans have been certified.

01:42:51 Staff is here to answer any questions in that case.

01:42:52 >>MARTIN SHELBY: With regard to item 60 and 61 those are

01:42:56 both quasi-judicial.

01:42:57 However, those are second readings and they were unanimous

01:43:00 the first time around.

01:43:01 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.

01:43:02 So item number 60, if we could have a motion to open the

01:43:06 public hearing.

01:43:07 >>MIKE SUAREZ: So moved.

01:43:09 >>FRANK REDDICK: Second.

01:43:10 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

01:43:11 Anyone opposed?

01:43:12 >> I was sworn earlier.

01:43:21 I don't know whether that expired.

01:43:24 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.

01:43:25 If anyone is wishing to speak on any public hearing, please

01:43:28 stand and be sworn in.

01:43:30 Anyone wishing to speak on any hearing today.

01:43:35 (Oath administered by Clerk)

01:43:38 >> Truett Gardner, 400 North Tampa Street.

01:43:52 We have three items for clarification between first reading

01:43:54 and now.

01:43:55 Those were done.

01:43:56 Second one has been certified.

01:43:57 We would ask for your continued support for our project.

01:44:00 And it's been a month since our last case.

01:44:05 I want to remained you again that we have the personal

01:44:08 letters from six adjacent property owners support as well as

01:44:11 a petition which was signed by 433 additional people.

01:44:16 I would appreciate your support.

01:44:18 Thank you.

01:44:18 >>MARY MULHERN: Mr. Gardner, what were the three items that

01:44:23 needed to be certified?

01:44:26 >> Sure.

01:44:26 One was at the suggestion of council member Suarez, which

01:44:29 was clarifying the hours of operation to make them more

01:44:33 stringent than code.

01:44:34 That was done.

01:44:35 There was a conflicting reference to code as well as more

01:44:38 stringent hours.

01:44:40 So that was done.

01:44:42 Transportation had a couple comments, they didn't like the

01:44:45 dimension of the handicapped space and wanted the three

01:44:48 other on-site spaces to be categorized as compact.

01:44:53 That was done.

01:44:53 And lastly was the parking count.

01:44:58 Leases have been approved but the parking count had not been

01:45:01 determined, and that was done.

01:45:02 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

01:45:06 Thank you.

01:45:08 Anyone else wishing to speak on this?

01:45:10 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move to close.

01:45:15 >> Second.

01:45:15 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

01:45:21 Aye.

01:45:21 A motion?

01:45:23 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I will move this item.

01:45:26 >>MARY MULHERN: Read it.

01:45:27 >> Ordinance presented for second reading and adoption, an

01:45:31 ordinance approving a special use permit S-2 for alcohol you

01:45:33 can beverage sales, but lounge, on premises only, and making

01:45:37 lawful the sale of beverages regardless of alcohol you can

01:45:40 content, beer wine and liquor, on that certain lot, plot or

01:45:43 tract of land located at 421 South MacDill Avenue, Tampa,

01:45:47 Florida as more particularly described in section 2, that

01:45:52 all ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict are

01:45:55 repealed, providing an effective date.

01:46:00 >>FRANK REDDICK: Second.

01:46:02 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion made by Councilman Suarez, seconded

01:46:05 by Councilman Reddick.

01:46:08 Please vote and record.

01:46:09 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Capin, Miranda and

01:46:19 Montelione being absent.

01:46:20 >>MARY MULHERN: Item number 61.

01:46:35 The petitioner was here this morning and was not able to

01:46:40 stay but wanted it to be noted in the record that he was

01:46:43 here all morning hoping to be here for the second hearing.

01:46:54 So staff?

01:47:10 This is second reading.

01:47:12 Is there anyone from the public wishing to speak on this?

01:47:16 Item number 61.

01:47:21 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move to close.

01:47:22 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

01:47:23 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

01:47:25 Aye.

01:47:28 Councilman Reddick, could you read this ordinance?

01:47:33 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move an ordinance for second reading and

01:47:35 adoption, an ordinance vacating, closing, discontinuing,

01:47:38 abandoning that alleyway lie east of North Boulevard, west

01:47:44 of north Woodrow Avenue, south of west Braddock street and

01:47:48 north of west Alfred street in excels your subdivision, a

01:47:53 subdivision in the City of Tampa, Hillsborough County

01:47:55 Florida, the same being more fully described in section 1

01:47:58 hereof providing an effective date.

01:48:04 >>HARRY COHEN:

01:48:06 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion by Councilman Reddick, seconded by

01:48:09 Councilman Cohen.

01:48:10 Please vote and record.

01:48:15 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Montelione and Miranda

01:48:18 being absent.

01:48:18 >>MARY MULHERN: Item number 62.

01:48:29 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.

01:48:32 I had submitted for your review and approval a proposed

01:48:36 resolution for the complete street.

01:48:41 You took the language from that resolution from several

01:48:44 source, worked with transportation, department of public

01:48:46 works, put in some specifics, and as showing City Council

01:48:53 support of moving towards that as the city goes to redevelop

01:48:58 or do any type of infrastructure work within the public

01:49:02 rights-of-way.

01:49:04 I'm prepared to answer any questions that you may have.

01:49:08 >>MARY MULHERN: Any questions from council?

01:49:11 >> Move resolution 62.

01:49:20 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion by Councilman Reddick, second by

01:49:24 Councilman Suarez.

01:49:25 All in favor?

01:49:27 Anyone opposed?

01:49:29 Motion passes.

01:49:36 Item number 63.

01:49:38 >> Jean Duncan, transportation division.

01:49:47 Go Bulls.

01:49:49 Here to share some fabulous news that we received through

01:49:52 working with the county, the MPO, this board, of course, and

01:49:58 others.

01:49:58 The county has made arrangements to take a look at their

01:50:04 researching program and funds available to that program to

01:50:10 resurface from Bayshore from Rome to Gandy.

01:50:15 This was an initial tough that I know this board was very

01:50:17 much a part of and good news that was something that was

01:50:20 able to be coordinated through these different agencies.

01:50:23 I'm here to answer any questions.

01:50:24 I think Mr. Cohen might have some input on that as well.

01:50:28 >>HARRY COHEN: Yes, thank you, Ms. Duncan.

01:50:33 I would like to, on behalf of all the citizens of the City

01:50:36 of Tampa, thank the Board of County Commissioners,

01:50:41 particularly commissioner Murman, who spearheaded the effort

01:50:44 to use some excess money that had been saved off of another

01:50:49 county project to do a resurfacing of the asphalt on

01:50:54 Bayshore Boulevard from Rome to Gandy.

01:50:57 If you remember, when this issue first came up, there were

01:50:59 really three items that we talked about.

01:51:03 This was one of those.

01:51:05 Another was the landscaping in the median on the north half

01:51:09 of the street.

01:51:10 The mayor released a plan not too long ago showing that the

01:51:15 Parks and Recreation Department was going to do a very

01:51:19 robust landscaping on those medians.

01:51:21 And then the third issue was the concrete on the north

01:51:25 stretch of Bayshore, and before Mr. Daignault left the city

01:51:31 we had the opportunity to talk at some length about that,

01:51:34 and he educated me that that was really a much more

01:51:37 complicated project than these other two.

01:51:41 And while it's something that we are going to look at

01:51:44 finding some solutions for, it's not something that can be

01:51:47 done quickly or unexpensively.

01:51:49 But the other two portions of the improvement projects are

01:51:53 going ahead.

01:51:54 I think the resurfacing is going take place in April.

01:51:57 And I believe that the landscaping project is going to start

01:52:00 anytime.

01:52:01 >>> Yes.

01:52:04 There's planning underway.

01:52:05 I know that's an initiative the Parks Department is working

01:52:08 on to get done before August.

01:52:11 So it will add a lot of value to that portion of Bayshore

01:52:17 and will continue on into the future as well.

01:52:19 >>FRANK REDDICK: I just want to ask you a question while

01:52:24 you are here.

01:52:27 I read, I believe this morning in the paper, about

01:52:30 Hillsborough Avenue and Department of Transportation is

01:52:35 looking that I think you are supposed to come back to us

01:52:39 with a report.

01:52:39 >> Yes, sir.

01:52:40 >>FRANK REDDICK: Can you tell me -- and can you tell me

01:52:44 when you plan on coming back with that report?

01:52:46 >> I don't know that it's scheduled, but it's on radar to

01:52:51 come back in the very near future.

01:52:53 If you would like me to come back I am ready to come back

01:52:56 and give you a report on that.

01:52:57 >> Because I was impressed with what I read this morning.

01:52:59 >> Yes, got some good information on that.

01:53:01 >> I just want to see --

01:53:03 >> We can come in in the next couple council meetings and

01:53:06 give a full summary of everything that we have done on the

01:53:11 request that you all made when that happens.

01:53:13 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The 15th.

01:53:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: How about March 15th?

01:53:20 I make that motion.

01:53:21 >>MARY MULHERN: Seconded by Councilman Suarez.

01:53:27 All in favor?

01:53:30 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mrs. Duncan?

01:53:34 >> Yes, ma'am.

01:53:35 Item number 64.

01:53:49 We have a memorandum from Thom Snelling indicating there are

01:53:58 no new developments.

01:54:07 Council, any comments?

01:54:14 Councilwoman Capin.

01:54:17 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I did get an opportunity to speak with

01:54:19 whatever the person that's involved in the group that is

01:54:25 trying to bring forth the chronic homeless to shelters.

01:54:35 And they are working very diligently.

01:54:38 And that does happen.

01:54:42 You have to put it to work, as we have seen.

01:54:44 But the information was pretty optimistic.

01:54:51 And that was a good sign.

01:54:55 As far as, you know, coming forth with ideas, I think we

01:55:00 have come forth with ideas.

01:55:02 I know I have.

01:55:03 And this was one of them which was to try to see if there

01:55:08 were any properties in the city that we could look at.

01:55:16 I'm hopeful or more than hopeful that by next month's

01:55:20 meeting we will have a report on this, but I'm not sure.

01:55:26 I don't know if we want to continue it.

01:55:30 >>HARRY COHEN: I believe it's supposed to be a monthly

01:55:33 report, so I think it's going to be coming back to us in a

01:55:36 month.

01:55:37 I would just like to say this.

01:55:40 We listened to an awful lot of public comment this morning

01:55:43 about the Trinity Cafe issue.

01:55:47 And certainly, no matter where you fall on that, no matter

01:55:52 what your opinion is on where it belongs or doesn't belong,

01:55:56 the fact of the matter, there is a need out there, and the

01:55:59 need is growing, and the need continues to build up as the

01:56:04 economy continues to flounder.

01:56:06 And, you know, we have expressed our frustration before that

01:56:12 we haven't been able to come up with adequate answers to do

01:56:16 about this problem, and, you know, we need to just continue

01:56:21 to talk about this I think regularly, and again, come back

01:56:27 with some additional ideas in terms of the ways to deal with

01:56:34 it.

01:56:36 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I agree.

01:56:37 If nothing else, coming back, talking about it regularly and

01:56:41 bringing it forth.

01:56:42 So I appreciate Councilwoman Montelione's motion to bring

01:56:49 this forth.

01:56:49 And we do have to talk about it on a monthly basis until a

01:56:57 resolution.

01:57:02 >>MARY MULHERN: I just want to be say since we did listen

01:57:07 for a good at least an hour this morning to residents that

01:57:14 don't want to have a facility for feeding people in their

01:57:22 neighborhood because of, you know, the reason that we need

01:57:31 Trinity Cafe is because we have people who have no food, and

01:57:36 a lot of people have nowhere to live.

01:57:39 So, you know, we heard this morning about the problem that

01:57:44 is so vast, and I'm very proud of this council for

01:57:52 continuing to ask for the city to help us find solutions for

01:57:56 this problem.

01:57:57 And I have to say that, you know, this discussion got

01:58:01 started with a push for us to ban panhandling, and whatever

01:58:07 is going on with this group, I have reached out to this Ybor

01:58:12 group, not to mention any names, who won't even talk to me

01:58:17 or speak with me.

01:58:19 So, you know, as City Council, we know that we have all

01:58:23 those properties, which Councilman Reddick, you know, spoke

01:58:28 about at our last meeting.

01:58:29 Let's do something about it.

01:58:31 I mean, let's do something about this problem that we have.

01:58:37 We have properties.

01:58:38 You know, we have some really interesting proposals.

01:58:41 I mean, mostly it was sad to hear people say, I don't want

01:58:45 this in my neighborhood, I don't want this in my

01:58:47 neighborhood, and I totally understand it, and people have,

01:58:50 you know, worked really hard to make their neighborhood a

01:58:54 better place.

01:58:55 I know we are going to talk about this later.

01:58:57 But I think in the context of the fact that we have asked

01:59:01 the city to help find some places, or a place for people,

01:59:08 and we have the question of whether we need a comprehensive

01:59:11 center, centralized center, or as somebody proposed today,

01:59:16 it needs to be more centralized.

01:59:18 What do we have that we could offer?

01:59:23 This city has all of those properties.

01:59:24 And we need to start working.

01:59:27 We better be working with this group.

01:59:30 And since we can't talk to each other as council people,

01:59:36 hopefully my colleagues are having some discussions with

01:59:39 people in the county or whoever is behind whatever this

01:59:44 proposal is, and we will hear something concrete about it.

01:59:59 I guess we'll be talking about this again next month.

02:00:02 Item number 65 has been continued.

02:00:11 Item number 66.

02:00:13 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Zoning administrator.

02:00:14 You asked me to report on the status of Trinity Cafe and

02:00:17 their restaurant.

02:00:18 They are in the permitting process to remodel the structure

02:00:21 for a restaurant at 2801 Nebraska.

02:00:24 They had originally come in for an alternative design

02:00:26 exception to potentially reduce parking that was based on a

02:00:30 canopy structure that they had attached to the building.

02:00:33 Basically to give coverage to people that might be waiting

02:00:38 outside.

02:00:39 They actually came back and withdrew that request at the end

02:00:42 because they chose to remove the canopy.

02:00:44 The canopy installed was triggering and additional occupant

02:00:48 load which triggered additional parking.

02:00:50 Once they took the canopy off, based upon the occupant load

02:00:54 they had sufficient parking on-site so they withdrew the

02:00:56 request.

02:00:57 So today, they are going through the permitting process to

02:01:00 remodel the site and the building as a restaurant.

02:01:04 And the property is zoned CG commercial general.

02:01:07 >>HARRY COHEN: So for the benefit of the people that have

02:01:12 been following this all morning, all the people that came in

02:01:16 to speak to us today during public comment were not really

02:01:20 here to address the specifically land issue that we are

02:01:24 going to take up.

02:01:24 They were, in fact, speaking with administrative decisions

02:01:31 being made by the city, correct?

02:01:33 And because, as I understand it, this whole process, under

02:01:37 our code, is taking place outside of the office of City

02:01:42 Council.

02:01:43 Correct?

02:01:45 >>CATHERINE COYLE: I would say yes because you have already

02:01:47 adopted the regulations, the use table, classifying use

02:01:50 across the city.

02:01:51 They came in and asked the question and they were classified

02:01:53 as a certain use and are going through the permit process.

02:01:56 >> And the use classified as a restaurant?

02:02:00 >> Correct.

02:02:01 Based upon historical interpretation as well.

02:02:06 Many years ago on Kennedy and Dale Mabry, right near that

02:02:09 intersection.

02:02:11 Under a previous ad zoning administrator that was treated as

02:02:15 a restaurant with preparation and service food, essentially,

02:02:18 by a private entity, not a public entity.

02:02:21 And as a restaurant.

02:02:23 Quite frankly, the restaurant, you have much more

02:02:25 restriction and regulation for parking and landscaping,

02:02:28 signage, and there's much more regulation on where they can

02:02:30 go in the city, which districts can have a restaurant,

02:02:33 obviously in residential district.

02:02:36 So the most similar use was by operation of the use was a

02:02:39 restaurant at that time.

02:02:40 That's how it was treated.

02:02:41 This one came in, similar type use.

02:02:45 It was asked a parking question, what the parking ratio

02:02:48 would be, and we went with the historic petition.

02:02:52 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilman Suarez.

02:02:55 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Ms. Coyle, I guess question we are going to

02:03:00 have to have -- because this is part of what's going on with

02:03:02 the neighborhood -- is it a restaurant?

02:03:04 And as I read what the definition, our definition of a

02:03:07 restaurant is, is that it is selling food for money.

02:03:12 It is not just an operation of giving food.

02:03:15 Now, obviously that's not something that we necessarily

02:03:17 contemplate when we write this that we are going to check

02:03:20 and make sure that you are, quote-unquote, a restaurant.

02:03:24 Okay, you come here, we go by the base us of I'm starting a

02:03:29 business and I want to make money, so yes, obviously, I'm

02:03:32 selling food.

02:03:35 Having said that it also says in here it needs to meet a

02:03:38 certain use from the State of Florida, if that's correct.

02:03:41 And what are the definitions in terms of what the State of

02:03:43 Florida requires you to be as a restaurant?

02:03:46 What are the criteria that they look at that is separate

02:03:52 from what we look at in terms of what defines a restaurant?

02:03:57 >>CATHERINE COYLE: The interesting part is restaurant is not

02:03:59 an actual classification, it's a public food service

02:04:02 establishment.

02:04:03 We use the generic term restaurant and define what that is.

02:04:06 Under the circumstances essentially service of food to the

02:04:08 public.

02:04:09 I can actually get the definition if you want to see what it

02:04:12 is.

02:04:12 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I'm looking at the definition now, and what

02:04:16 it says, one part of it, all restaurant shall be

02:04:19 appropriately licensed as a restaurant or similar food

02:04:21 service type use by the State of Florida.

02:04:25 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Right.

02:04:25 I was talking about the state definition.

02:04:30 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I don't know what the state definition is,

02:04:32 that as long as they are -- they can give food outside of a

02:04:37 restaurant without charging.

02:04:38 What does that mean now?

02:04:39 If you follow what I'm saying.

02:04:41 What criteria does the state use to characterize you as a

02:04:45 restaurant as opposed to what we use when we have it as food

02:04:49 preparation and selling.

02:04:52 >>CATHY COYLE: Right.

02:04:53 >>MIKE SUAREZ: So I think we all have been to -- Trinity

02:05:00 Cafe, some of the other places hour, do they justify being a

02:05:04 restaurant if they are not selling food?

02:05:05 >> For me the selling part is just part of the definition.

02:05:09 We debated this, actually Ms. Cole and I, is it selling it

02:05:13 for a penny?

02:05:14 Or is it the actual cost of the meal?

02:05:17 Lofts restaurants have giveaways where they give away free

02:05:20 meals at certain times of the year, whatever else.

02:05:23 It's something we can certainly look into.

02:05:25 And in our discussions with Mr. Reddick, we agreed we could

02:05:29 do additional research for it.

02:05:30 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I think that's really the nexus of this

02:05:33 particular discussion, which is we can -- you can fall into

02:05:40 lots of different categories and do lots of different things

02:05:42 by calling yourself a restaurant.

02:05:44 But aren't actually doing that.

02:05:46 Now, if you are not serving alcohol and some of the on the

02:05:48 things that we have ordinances to protect us against someone

02:05:52 doing, but in this case, it does kind of fall within a

02:05:56 crack, within our ordinances, and I would like to see what

02:06:00 the State of Florida -- since we do mention the State of

02:06:02 Florida's criterion here, what do they determine as a

02:06:06 restaurant?

02:06:07 Because I don't want to see someone actually outside the

02:06:11 scope of our ordinances saying they are a restaurant for the

02:06:14 only purpose of repermitting and having a use there that

02:06:18 they want and saying, well, you know what?

02:06:21 We are just going to call ourselves a restaurant and be able

02:06:23 to use it.

02:06:24 And I know that you try to avoid that, too.

02:06:26 But sometimes your hands are tied more than mine are.

02:06:29 In terms of me asking questions.

02:06:31 You have to follow the ordinances.

02:06:32 I can look at the ordinances and make a determination as to

02:06:35 whether or not our council should change an ordinance.

02:06:39 So I'm just asking if you can give us some more detail on

02:06:43 that, because I think that's an important part of this whole

02:06:47 discussion with Trinity Cafe.

02:06:49 So thank you.

02:06:49 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilman Reddick.

02:06:53 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me just follow up with some questions

02:07:01 by Councilman Suarez.

02:07:02 It's my understanding that Trinity, they have people that

02:07:05 come in between 6:00 and 6:30 in the morning, prep the meal,

02:07:10 prepare the food, and then they serve to the those people in

02:07:17 the morning time.

02:07:18 And once they serve the food, they shut down.

02:07:20 Is that correct?

02:07:22 >> Yes, actually, if I could clarify, some of the

02:07:25 information that was relayed to you by the neighborhood

02:07:27 folks said was related to them by Trinity is actually

02:07:31 different than what Trinity directly related to us.

02:07:35 We understood from Trinity it was approximately 250 meals a

02:07:37 day.

02:07:37 There was no discussion of box lunches.

02:07:43 Essentially they said they have a chef which comes in with

02:07:46 his employees, they are actually employees, they come in and

02:07:49 they prep and cook the food, they have some type of

02:07:52 ticketing system or something elsewhere they actually have

02:07:54 the people that have invitations or tickets or something to

02:07:59 the lunch.

02:07:59 And the way it was described, they actually wanted to have

02:08:02 tables, with tablecloths, they wanted to have real porcelain

02:08:07 ditches, have an environment where people sit down and

02:08:10 actually are served a meal.

02:08:12 And they are going to have waiters essentially and bus

02:08:15 people.

02:08:15 And the way the function was described to us, short of them

02:08:20 not paying for the meal, it literally sounded just like the

02:08:23 definition of a restaurant.

02:08:26 The chef in the kitchen, they had the employs, they had

02:08:28 people serve the tables, cooking the preparation, after the

02:08:31 lunch is done, then they do close down.

02:08:36 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, that goes back to Councilman Suarez.

02:08:44 If you read this definition of a restaurant, they specify

02:08:50 that the restaurant consists of selling food.

02:08:56 And based on what you just explained, they are not selling

02:09:00 anything, they are just serving, and once they finish

02:09:05 serving is 250 people, they shut their doors until the next

02:09:08 day.

02:09:11 And you said they are in the process of applying for

02:09:14 permits.

02:09:15 >> They have applied for permits.

02:09:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: Is it possible that you can clarify the

02:09:23 definition of a restaurant as it pertains to selling?

02:09:28 Because if I read this definition that I am looking at, that

02:09:36 was passed out to us, 27-545, is this state or city policy?

02:09:43 >>CATHERINE COYLE: It's the city.

02:09:44 >>FRANK REDDICK: And it makes it clear hear that they must

02:09:49 be selling as part of the restaurant.

02:09:51 So Trinity is not selling, they are just serving.

02:10:01 They classify themselves more as like a soup kitchen, or a

02:10:06 legitimate restaurant, and if we can get some clarity on

02:10:10 that, I would appreciate that, because this is very

02:10:15 confusing to me as far as selling.

02:10:20 If we can get some clarity on.

02:10:22 That and I think I would like to get it prior to Trinity

02:10:29 submitting their permits.

02:10:31 When we discuss that before council.

02:10:33 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Already have --

02:10:42 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Actually looked it up.

02:10:44 I apologize.

02:10:45 >> Mrs. Kert has wonderful technology available.

02:10:51 >> COLE: The definition of food service establishment means

02:10:54 anyplace where food is prepared and intended for individual

02:10:57 portion service and includes the site at which the

02:10:59 individual portions are provided.

02:11:01 The terms include such place regardless whether consumption

02:11:05 is on or off premises and regardless whether or not there's

02:11:08 a charge for the food.

02:11:10 From a state level perspective the fact that you might be

02:11:12 charged or you might not be charged would then have the

02:11:16 effect of the regulation of that establishment as a

02:11:19 restaurant.

02:11:19 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

02:11:23 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilman Cohen.

02:11:25 >>HARRY COHEN: It may not be under the state, but

02:11:27 Councilman Suarez and Councilman Reddick are absolutely

02:11:30 right, under the definition that the city has.

02:11:33 The city's definition says "and selling of food."

02:11:39 It does not say "or selling of food."

02:11:41 If it said "or selling of food" it would be optional but

02:11:46 "and" makes it compulsory. And I have served at the Trinity

02:11:49 Cafe, Councilwoman Capin and Mulhern have served there with

02:11:53 me.

02:11:53 I think it is one of the most marvelous organizations that I

02:11:56 have ever seen in this city.

02:11:58 I can't tell you how supportive I am of their mission.

02:12:01 But the code, and what it says, is what it says.

02:12:04 And a restaurant under the city's rules includes selling of

02:12:09 food.

02:12:10 And Trinity Cafe does not sell food even for a penny.

02:12:14 They don't.

02:12:15 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilman Reddick.

02:12:22 >>FRANK REDDICK: I don't want to prolong this, but where

02:12:28 does this lead us?

02:12:29 Because if the state is saying one thing and the city --

02:12:38 where does this lead us as it relates to Trinity?

02:12:42 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.

02:12:45 It creates -- and I understand council's issue.

02:12:50 And the way our definition reads the way the state's reads,

02:12:56 keep in mind this particular establishment is in a

02:12:59 commercial general district.

02:13:01 And I can get up and read to you all of the different uses

02:13:05 and intensity of uses that are allowed in a commercial

02:13:09 general district, regardless of whether or not we can truly

02:13:14 classify this as a restaurant or one of the other uses, you

02:13:17 can't make any kind of zoning or land use decision on the

02:13:20 basis of who that user is.

02:13:23 It is an establishment that has groups gathering together to

02:13:27 eat a meal, and have them leave.

02:13:32 So what you want to look at are what are all the particular

02:13:35 uses allowed in CG, and since we don't have a definition of

02:13:39 soup kitchen within our code or something similar, what

02:13:44 would be a similar use based upon not the use but the

02:13:50 intensity of the use.

02:13:51 And I think that that is one of the issues that we face when

02:13:54 you look to regulate any particular use, but when you are

02:13:59 looking to regulate a use which part of that regulation is

02:14:02 based upon the user is, it becomes somewhat easily

02:14:08 complicated because you start to have issues relating to

02:14:13 religion land institutions act which limits how you regulate

02:14:16 any church based or religious based organization, you have

02:14:19 ADA requirement, you have equal protection requirements, and

02:14:23 you have to be very cognizant and careful that you don't

02:14:25 treat a similarly situated use differently because of who

02:14:30 the user is.

02:14:31 And I think it would be important to understand the types of

02:14:35 needs and uses that are allowed in CG -- Ms. Coyle, I think,

02:14:39 has that information, and allow her to use that.

02:14:43 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Just to relay, in a different kind of

02:14:49 way what Mrs. Cole just said, on a regular basis people come

02:14:53 in for permitting and I don't necessarily mean our office,

02:14:56 permitting, build, remodeling a specific building.

02:15:00 There are any infinite amount of uses anyone can think of.

02:15:05 Our use table will not probably cover every possible

02:15:08 scenario of use.

02:15:09 And we have a provision in our code which really speaks to

02:15:13 at administrative level when someone comes in and asks for

02:15:16 certain use in a sixth certain district that's not

02:15:19 specifically in there, and we have looked to what are the

02:15:21 other uses allowed in a district, county be equal allowed

02:15:26 and applied in that district?

02:15:29 On its face in this particular location if the user happens

02:15:32 to be homeless or working for or is receiving a meal for

02:15:35 free, and you look at the function of what it is, they are

02:15:38 cooking food, they are serving food, they are cleaning up,

02:15:41 it's food service, that's the nature of that particular use

02:15:45 we were looking at.

02:15:46 What are other similar uses in the CG district?

02:15:50 A clinic is allowed.

02:15:51 And our clinic definitions is not specified whether or not

02:15:54 it's a free clinic or any other type of clinic, a paid

02:15:59 clinic or otherwise, but you could have a large amount of

02:16:02 queuing in a clinic facility.

02:16:03 A fraternity, sorority.

02:16:05 A hospital is allowed in CG.

02:16:07 A place of assembly, which is an arena, a stadium, a

02:16:11 theater.

02:16:12 A hotel or motel or church or rooming house, retail, such as

02:16:17 big box retail, very, very large uses are allowed in CG.

02:16:22 So in classifying this type of use, looking at the nature of

02:16:25 the use and how it operates, it seems logical in a general

02:16:32 commercial district.

02:16:32 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilman Suarez.

02:16:34 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Ms. Coyle, you protest too much.

02:16:37 If it's not in the ordinance -- I mean, we are not singling

02:16:42 out anyone that's in the ordinance.

02:16:45 I understand the argument that Ms. Cole makes and I

02:16:48 understand what you are saying.

02:16:50 Yes, it is for different things.

02:16:53 But looking at the language, the language says selling.

02:16:55 What is the definition of selling in our ordinance?

02:16:59 That's the question to ask.

02:17:00 I am not asking going to ask you to answer it right now but

02:17:03 that is a question to ask.

02:17:05 If I went downtown to a place similar to Trinity and asked

02:17:08 to be fed, would they feed me?

02:17:10 Sure they would, right?

02:17:11 But you just mentioned ago somebody is going to have tickets

02:17:14 and everything else.

02:17:15 Again, is it selling, is it not selling?

02:17:17 If it's not selling, then we understand that.

02:17:19 Maybe they don't fit into the ordinance.

02:17:20 And that's a discussion that legal and everyone else will

02:17:23 have to have.

02:17:24 But really the driver of this is whether or not they sell

02:17:27 food and whether or not the ordinance allows that as a

02:17:31 quote-unquote selling.

02:17:32 And I think that's enough of it right now.

02:17:35 I don't think there's any other issue in terms of the

02:17:39 intensity of use, when it's allowable if you have a regular

02:17:44 restaurant, meaning one that was for profit.

02:17:47 So we are not trying to situate them differently because one

02:17:52 charges and one doesn't.

02:17:53 The only reason we are doing it, it's in the ordinance,

02:17:57 period.

02:17:57 I mean, there's a reason why the ordinance was created to

02:17:59 begin with, with selling as part of it.

02:18:02 I'm not sure what that reason was.

02:18:03 You probably weren't here when this was written.

02:18:06 At least I don't think you were.

02:18:12 (multiple conversations)

02:18:15 When you wrote the ordinance, probably got a mold ordinance

02:18:18 somewhere else, you looked at different sources.

02:18:20 I know how you all work.

02:18:22 And again, we are not trying to make it, at least in my

02:18:25 mind, I'm not trying to make it in terms of Trinity, just

02:18:28 whether or not the definition is met in terms of what the

02:18:30 use is, period.

02:18:31 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Really we were treating them as a

02:18:40 restaurant, figuring out what the parking ratio is.

02:18:44 It was really that particular case.

02:18:47 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Point is well taken.

02:18:48 Again, you have a tough job because you have all these

02:18:52 ordinances.

02:18:53 You are always trying to figure out where they would fit.

02:18:55 And because part of the ordinance is something that's been

02:19:00 brought up, that is something we may have to look at to

02:19:06 figure out whether it does fit under the ordinance.

02:19:09 >> And I think we would agree with that.

02:19:11 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilwoman Capin.

02:19:13 >>YVONNE CAPIN: So, therefore, a cafe could come in and

02:19:19 charge a penny for meal and someone could pay 250 pennies

02:19:25 and that would fit according to -- "a cafe," I said, a penny

02:19:35 is paying.

02:19:36 There's in a limit.

02:19:37 It says the sale.

02:19:38 But it doesn't say how much.

02:19:42 And I heard about a penny.

02:19:44 So I'm thinking --

02:19:53 >> I was looking at a definition of sale.

02:19:56 We in the city don't regulate how much things cost or how

02:19:59 much they charge.

02:19:59 If they charge at a loss, that's a bigs business decision.

02:20:06 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

02:20:08 >> No problem.

02:20:09 >>MARY MULHERN: Ms. Coyle, you might have addressed this at

02:20:16 the beginning.

02:20:17 But the reason that Trinity Cafe is moving -- why are they

02:20:26 moving?

02:20:29 >>CATHERINE COYLE: I can't say.

02:20:30 I don't know. I don't know why people do what they do.

02:20:33 They just come in and apply.

02:20:35 >>MARY MULHERN: It wasn't for any -- they made the decision

02:20:41 to move.

02:20:41 Okay.

02:20:46 This is what I think is going on.

02:20:49 We are quibbling over these definitions because the

02:20:52 neighborhood feels that there is a use that's too intense

02:20:57 for them, that they are not happy with, and if we had

02:21:03 clearer definition somewhere in our code for this, then they

02:21:07 might have some ability to have a hearing before it comes

02:21:14 into your neighborhood.

02:21:15 So I think that's what needs to be addressed.

02:21:22 When a place of religious assembly is requested, I think it

02:21:25 needs to come to council, right?

02:21:30 >> Not in CG.

02:21:32 >>MARY MULHERN: Not in CG?

02:21:34 So daycare, and as it halls been that way?

02:21:41 >> General commercial district is a broad district.

02:21:47 You have everything coming to you that was in a commercial

02:21:49 general district uses Luke just mentioned, you would have

02:21:53 tens of thousands.

02:21:54 >> They only come to us if --

02:21:56 >> To the residential districts.

02:21:58 >> If it's in residential.

02:21:59 Okay.

02:22:00 Okay.

02:22:06 Well, this is what strikes me about this.

02:22:08 We are in a terrible time now, where there are more and more

02:22:11 people who are hungry and have nowhere to eat or sleep, and

02:22:17 we are fighting over where to put people.

02:22:19 And we have got to penny up and help here.

02:22:26 The city has to.

02:22:27 And, you know, I think this council passed hiring a

02:22:34 consultant just to deal with our CDBG funding, did we?

02:22:40 Did we pass that?

02:22:44 >> It wasn't to hire a consultant.

02:22:46 I had invited the individuals coming to the federal reserve

02:22:50 workshop, the national Development Corporation, to come and

02:22:53 speak to us, because one of the functions that the

02:22:55 corporation does is on CDBG issues.

02:23:01 We don't have the authority to enter --

02:23:04 >> No, I'm not talking about that.

02:23:10 This council, we mapped out appropriation for that.

02:23:14 So this was my problem.

02:23:15 And I think -- I don't remember if I voted for that or not.

02:23:19 But the problem is, we are shirking any responsibility for

02:23:25 this type of thing, for the kinds of -- you know, what are

02:23:35 we going to do?

02:23:36 So we end up with people in here who want, you know, don't

02:23:39 want their neighborhood poorly impacted, and where are our

02:23:45 hungry and our, now, starving -- where are the poor people

02:23:49 supposed to go?

02:23:51 And this city can't come up with some help for that, we are

02:23:55 going to be having people every single week coming here with

02:23:58 these problems.

02:23:59 So I think that we need to have -- you know, if we had some

02:24:09 staff people whose job it was, or one person, or one

02:24:12 department at least whose job it was to deal with all these

02:24:16 kinds of issues, we might be able to work on these things,

02:24:22 in a better way.

02:24:23 So, you know, rather than hiring someone to work on some of

02:24:26 the very limited funding we can get, to have somebody in the

02:24:30 city or a department that is dedicated to helping to solve

02:24:35 some of the problems of poverty, homelessness, joblessness,

02:24:43 foreclosure, all those things are huge.

02:24:44 I think rather than having an entire neighborhood take their

02:24:49 kids out of school to come here and discuss it, maybe bee

02:24:52 should be putting a little of their taxpayers dollars

02:24:56 towards getting the professionals to solve it.

02:24:59 And I'm not talking about consultants, because the problem

02:25:02 is not going to go away.

02:25:04 Councilwoman Montelione.

02:25:06 >>LISA MONTELIONE: This is an issue that isn't going away.

02:25:10 Probably this is from the beginning of time and it's

02:25:14 exacerbated by certain events in our city at this time is

02:25:19 the economic crisis and the downturn of the economy which

02:25:22 has exacerbated a problem that already existed.

02:25:28 We are told on many occasions that the City of Tampa doesn't

02:25:31 engage in social service programming.

02:25:33 However, we do provide funding to other agencies that do

02:25:37 provide social services to the citizens.

02:25:41 Our budgets are constrained as is everyone's, and we are

02:25:46 seeing reduction in the federal dollars coming in, that's

02:25:50 the CDBG funds, we are going to see very large reduction in

02:25:54 those fund, so it is difficult.

02:25:56 And, yeah, I agree with you, we need to have a more

02:26:00 proactive role in establishing or coordinating or somehow

02:26:06 assisting the citizens, but I don't know that one person is

02:26:09 going to dot.

02:26:10 I think that's a team job and we have to have all the

02:26:14 department as cross city function, putting their heads

02:26:18 together, because there's a lot of different departments

02:26:21 that could possibly play a role in assisting those less

02:26:28 fortunate of our community.

02:26:32 And it was said earlier -- and I am not sure if this is

02:26:38 research or anecdotal information, that when you

02:26:42 decentralize social services, it has a negative impact on

02:26:45 programs.

02:26:46 I do know that programs that are holistic and treat many of

02:26:51 the causes of the problems of homelessness and poverty are

02:27:00 needed to be offered in conjunction with one another.

02:27:03 However, I think that because of the individuals that are

02:27:08 waiting out side the establishment such as Trinity cafe or

02:27:13 the Salvation Army, the pictures that we saw this morning of

02:27:16 individuals waiting for the doors to open at various

02:27:19 establishments, and to get services, is a sign that we don't

02:27:23 have enough of these establishments around.

02:27:26 If we had ten Trinity Cafes in ten different neighborhoods,

02:27:32 then one neighborhood wouldn't be impacted to the degree

02:27:35 that they are.

02:27:37 We would have, as many mentioned this morning, an equal

02:27:42 distribution of services across neighborhoods, and not have

02:27:44 them all fall on the shoulder of the individuals who live in

02:27:50 VME Ybor or who live in Tampa Heights.

02:27:53 So that's one of the things, I think that is a challenge we

02:28:00 need to find an answer to.

02:28:01 How do we create additional services, how do we create

02:28:06 places in great numbers so that there aren't hundreds of

02:28:13 people waiting for the limited services of one program that

02:28:21 offers meals to individuals?

02:28:24 And you are right, there are many, many more people on the

02:28:26 streets.

02:28:27 We were dealing with a number of 17,000 last year.

02:28:31 I was at a rehearsal for the homeless coalition and the

02:28:35 numbers were up to 18,000.

02:28:37 That's the new number we are using.

02:28:39 So somewhere in the past six months we added another

02:28:42 thousand people to the homeless rolls in Hillsborough

02:28:48 County.

02:28:49 So I'm not sure we are going to be able to arrive at an

02:28:52 answer today.

02:28:53 I'm not sure that preventing Trinity Cafe from opening in

02:28:58 this location is a solution to the problem that we already

02:29:03 have or we'll exacerbate the problem we already have, but I

02:29:08 do know that we are required to follow the code and

02:29:13 procedures and policies that we have in place.

02:29:16 And as several of my colleagues have pointed out, it says

02:29:22 "and restaurants" and we do have a restaurant of what a

02:29:25 definition is, and I am a believer in following our code and

02:29:31 affording equal opportunity to those establishments,

02:29:36 businesses, individuals who follow the letter of the law of

02:29:40 our code.

02:29:41 >>MARY MULHERN: I don't know, Ms. Coyle, lacking someone

02:29:53 else, since we don't have someone who were in a department

02:30:00 who deals with this sort of thing, who is it that if this

02:30:04 Trinity Cafe opens, who is it that is going to address the

02:30:08 adverse impacts that this neighborhood is worried about?

02:30:15 >>CATHERINE COYLE: If there are any issues with this

02:30:17 establishment as with any, debris, literally, noise,

02:30:24 vagrancy, any of that type of issues, there are a whole list

02:30:27 of miscellaneous offenses and things in the code that code

02:30:31 enforcement or TPD can deal with.

02:30:33 >>MARY MULHERN: Is there someone here who can address some

02:30:37 of these questions that people had?

02:30:38 We had so many people here this morning.

02:30:41 With questions about how this is going to impact their

02:30:43 neighborhood and wanting us to stop it from happening.

02:30:46 And you are telling us, even if we wanted to, which I am not

02:30:50 saying I do --

02:30:53 >>CATHERINE COYLE: I would imagine that anybody that would

02:30:54 be able to address an enforcement question probably is not

02:30:57 present given the motion which was for me to report back on

02:30:59 the status.

02:31:01 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, yes.

02:31:03 >>HARRY COHEN: I would like to ask that we ask neighborhood

02:31:07 relations to come to our next regularly scheduled meeting so

02:31:11 we can talk to them about setting up something to deal with

02:31:16 all of the issues that were raised this morning.

02:31:19 I mean, it's a huge number of people that were here to

02:31:24 express concern.

02:31:24 I think that's something that office should be working on.

02:31:32 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Knowing the function of neighborhood

02:31:34 services, I'm not sure that's the appropriate department.

02:31:39 Neighborhood services right now is two people, and I'm not

02:31:42 sure that that's one of their charges.

02:31:44 But code enforcement certainly, it would be one of their

02:31:50 charges and I think it's code enforcement that should be

02:31:53 invited because they are going to be the ones who are

02:31:55 checking up and making sure that the regulations of our code

02:31:58 are being adhered to and whether or not they are being

02:32:01 violated.

02:32:01 So I think it would be code enforcement that would be

02:32:06 invited.

02:32:08 Both usually get involved.

02:32:09 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilman Reddick, then Councilwoman

02:32:14 Capin.

02:32:15 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me go back to the original intent of

02:32:18 why people were here this morning.

02:32:20 They came because they are concerned about Trinity opening

02:32:25 up as a restaurant.

02:32:28 That was the main focus.

02:32:29 And then they contacted me and wanted me to put that on the

02:32:36 agenda, because of their concern.

02:32:37 Now, that's the issue, to address or not to address about

02:32:48 the restaurant, and that's what they don't want.

02:32:50 Secondly, the pictures that you saw this morning, those

02:32:55 pictures reflect, once that place is closed at 12:00 or 2:00

02:33:01 in the afternoon, those people hanging around, they don't

02:33:04 leave.

02:33:04 And that's why you saw the people sitting down, why you saw

02:33:08 some of them laying down.

02:33:09 They have nowhere else to go.

02:33:12 And so those are pictures that they are hanging around in

02:33:15 the neighborhood, and that's where the neighbors are

02:33:19 complaining, because once that place closes, once they feed

02:33:23 them, they close shop, and they are out of there by 12:00,

02:33:26 no later than 2:00 in the afternoon.

02:33:28 So those people, they are fed, they have nowhere else to go,

02:33:32 they just congregate around, and this is where -- if you

02:33:38 pass by there -- and I have done that numerous times just to

02:33:42 see what was going on -- you see them walking up and down

02:33:48 that neighborhood all day.

02:33:51 So I think the focus, whether it's going to be a restaurant

02:33:56 or not, and whether we have authority to approve it or deny

02:34:08 to put a restaurant there.

02:34:11 So how we address that.

02:34:12 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilwoman Capin.

02:34:14 >>HARRY COHEN: I guess my intent here is to make sure this

02:34:20 gets back onto our agenda as quickly as possible.

02:34:26 I recognize what everyone is saying.

02:34:29 Multiple parts of city government that may be able to help

02:34:32 us work through this.

02:34:34 But without specific action being in front. Us to too on a

02:34:38 land use issue, I think all we can really do is bring the

02:34:41 staff in here from various different departments to try to

02:34:44 get a dialogue going.

02:34:46 But neighborhood relations, code enforcement, maybe TPD.

02:34:50 If you can think of anyone else that ought to come, we

02:34:53 should have them, and then maybe we can bring everyone

02:34:55 together in one place.

02:34:56 >>FRANK REDDICK: I second your motion.

02:35:03 >>MARY MULHERN: The motion is?

02:35:04 >>HARRY COHEN: On March 1st under staff reports to ask

02:35:07 neighborhood relations, code enforcement, TPD, and any other

02:35:14 area, Ms. Coyle, from land development, to ask these and

02:35:24 anyone else that would have some jurisdiction over helping

02:35:28 us deal with this problem, perhaps the city attorney's

02:35:32 office as well, to come in here and be here so we can have a

02:35:38 wide ranging discussion on the issues that were raised today

02:35:41 by the people in public comment.

02:35:43 >> Could I ask budget and finance to that?

02:35:55 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Adding the different parts which is not just

02:35:57 one, but it is all of them together.

02:35:59 And I'm glad that it was seconded.

02:36:04 But it shows the level of frustration that we feel here with

02:36:11 this issue.

02:36:15 I have been on council almost two years, and it's from the

02:36:18 beginning two years, and it's just worse.

02:36:21 We have a thousand more.

02:36:24 It is beyond frustrating.

02:36:26 But at least a dialogue, and we don't stop the blowing is

02:36:31 what we can do.

02:36:32 Thank you.

02:36:32 >>MARY MULHERN: We had another different department.

02:36:36 Tell us.

02:36:41 Motion by Councilman Reddick, seconded by Councilman Cohen.

02:36:45 Or the other way around?

02:36:47 Motion made by Councilman Reddick, seconded by Councilman

02:36:50 Cohen -- did I say it again?

02:36:52 [ Laughter ]

02:36:57 All in favor?

02:36:59 Mr. Shelby, March 1st?

02:37:03 Staff reports?

02:37:04 >>MARTIN SHELBY: The question was, in terms of framing a

02:37:06 motion, when the administration looks at the action agenda,

02:37:10 and looks at what your expectations are, and how they can

02:37:14 formulate their expectation, this broad range discussion, I

02:37:21 would ask that you give more specific direction, because of

02:37:24 the fact that, first of all, staff report on a regular

02:37:28 meeting day, and secondly, what expectation you have of each

02:37:32 department in preparation for presentation to City Council.

02:37:36 And that's the kind of discussion that goes on.

02:37:39 >>HARRY COHEN: I would say a public comment this morning

02:37:45 could be a guide as to the types of questions that we are

02:37:47 looking to have answered.

02:37:48 There were an awful lot of people that came up here today

02:37:51 that asked questions of us.

02:37:53 And I think a review of the transcripts might be in order to

02:37:58 look and see what some of those questions were.

02:38:00 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I can be specific as to why I think

02:38:06 finance and budget should be here.

02:38:09 We need to evaluate, and they could probably do this on

02:38:13 hopefully our automated systems, where we provide reports on

02:38:18 what the cost is to the various departments, TPD included,

02:38:25 code enforcement included, solid waste included, for the

02:38:33 impacts for permitting the impacts.

02:38:35 So each of those departments budgets, the three I just

02:38:39 mentioned, are impacted by having to respond to clean up

02:38:42 streets when there's trash laying around, for code

02:38:45 enforcement to go out and look at those. If we look at how

02:38:48 much money we are spending on the back end to address

02:38:51 problems that neighborhoods are seeing, then maybe we can

02:38:55 turn this around, put money into programming so we can

02:38:59 prevent those things from happening and spend money to

02:39:01 prevent issues coming up that we are later back going and

02:39:10 cleaning up.

02:39:11 So I'm looking at the fiscal impacts that the social

02:39:13 services has on neighborhood.

02:39:18 So what is it costing us to enforce the regulations that

02:39:24 pertain to the special service programs we have?

02:39:27 And perhaps find the budget, starting to look at next year's

02:39:34 budget already, so where are we going to find the money to

02:39:37 create pro programs?

02:39:38 That's what I want finance and budget to come forward with.

02:39:45 >>MARY MULHERN: Did we vote?

02:39:50 All in favor?

02:39:51 Anyone opposed?

02:39:57 Let's go to item number 70 now.

02:40:08 Do we need to open the public hearing?

02:40:16 Can I have a motion?

02:40:18 >> So moved.

02:40:20 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Second.

02:40:22 >>MARY MULHERN: For that and all remaining public hearings

02:40:24 for today.

02:40:24 All in favor?

02:40:25 Opposed?

02:40:31 >> Joel Sousa, land development.

02:40:35 Application number V-12-73, property address is 6117 South

02:40:39 Dale Mabry Highway, development and review committee has

02:40:44 reviewed the application and find it consistent with the

02:40:46 applicable City of Tampa development regulations.

02:40:49 The current zoning district is CG commercial general.

02:40:53 Proposed special use being requested is alcoholic beverage

02:40:56 sales, beer wine and liquor, package sales offpremises

02:41:01 consumption only.

02:41:05 The request, I think you all have passed out the overlays.

02:41:11 The site plan four.

02:41:13 Special use again for alcoholic beverage sales, beer wine

02:41:18 and liquor, the site plan is being occupied by retail

02:41:21 convenience store, the past 27 years.

02:41:25 The application, a convenience store, liquor store,

02:41:31 encompasses 2,411 square feet indoors only.

02:41:37 The site utilizes parking which totals nine spaces.

02:41:41 I will show you photographs of the site.

02:41:50 This should be in your packet.

02:41:52 Dale Mabry Highway running south towards MacDill Air

02:41:56 Force Base.

02:41:57 This is the location.

02:41:58 The avenue.

02:41:59 Home Depot to the north.

02:42:09 This is what the site looks like right now, front of the

02:42:17 building.

02:42:19 This is looking from the south.

02:42:21 South looking northwest.

02:42:24 The corner lot.

02:42:30 Looking at it from the north.

02:42:31 Looking south wards towards the Air Force Base.

02:42:34 This is the subject property.

02:42:35 A car wash next door.

02:42:43 Running down Dale Mabry over here.

02:42:46 Your staff report shows three waivers.

02:42:56 Change of use from retail to retail.

02:42:59 Adding to the component of liquor sales alone does not make

02:43:03 any change of use in intensity of the property.

02:43:06 So the waivers they are requesting is section 27-272, reduce

02:43:12 the required minimum distance separation from 250 feet to

02:43:15 1607 feet.

02:43:17 Further establishment selling alcohol you can beverages.

02:43:19 And the second is section 27-272, reducing separation from

02:43:25 250 feet to 8 feet to residential uses.

02:43:28 They are not required a parking waiver.

02:43:32 And they are not changing.

02:43:40 >> Ducks you liberty.

02:43:44 I'm the representative for jet in jet out.

02:43:48 My client is requesting a 3 PS.

02:43:51 He wants to turn a convenience store into a parkage store,

02:43:58 not on premises, everything has to go.

02:44:03 My client has been at this location for about five months.

02:44:06 He hasn't had any issues with the police department or as

02:44:11 far as I know anything else.

02:44:14 He owns the property directly across the street XL, also a

02:44:19 convenience store.

02:44:19 He has been there for ten years.

02:44:21 No issues over there.

02:44:24 He understands that there is residential behind, but he is

02:44:29 commercially zoned.

02:44:30 And wherever you go on Dale Mabry, it's all homes behind

02:44:34 there.

02:44:36 I did go to the church across the street.

02:44:39 I spoke to the pastor over there on Zion and he stated he

02:44:45 has in a issues with it whatsoever, that he understands that

02:44:47 everybody is trying to make a living today.

02:44:50 He says if there was any issues that he would definitely go

02:44:53 to Omar, the owner of the store and ask him whatever the

02:44:58 issues were, ask him to try to resolve it.

02:45:02 If that doesn't work, then he said he would come to city.

02:45:05 He is willing to do anything that he can to make this happen

02:45:10 for himself, for the business, for the community.

02:45:12 He went into N that story about -- store about five months

02:45:16 ago.

02:45:16 It the store was run down, dirty.

02:45:18 He came in.

02:45:19 He paved the parking lot.

02:45:20 He put a new roof on for the owner of the store.

02:45:23 He painted -- he cleaned up and put new flooring down, some

02:45:29 new equipment inside.

02:45:31 He wants to make it good for the community to where it's not

02:45:35 rundown looking.

02:45:37 He doesn't want any transients outside.

02:45:39 He doesn't want people hanging out.

02:45:44 He has told me over and over, I just want to do whatever

02:45:48 they want me to do.

02:45:49 He is going to spend a lot of money, well over $300 that you

02:45:54 to put this in the community.

02:45:57 He's just willing to do anything.

02:46:02 I did go to the homeowners association meeting.

02:46:04 The only person that that I see here from the homeowners

02:46:08 association is the vice-president.

02:46:13 He's the only one here today.

02:46:15 The rest of the people I have not had the opportunity to

02:46:17 speak with.

02:46:20 Any questions?

02:46:25 >> My name is Joe Booher.

02:46:40 I have been sworn in. I live on South Westshore circle I am

02:46:44 the treasurer of the Sun Bay South, sometimes known as Gandy

02:46:50 Civic Association.

02:46:51 You all probably have a coast e-mail that was sent to each

02:46:55 and every one of the council members regarding the position

02:46:58 of the association.

02:47:00 Weighed two meetings on this matter.

02:47:06 This month we invited Mrs. Libuti to come make her

02:47:10 presentation and I won't read the whole thing.

02:47:12 You can do that yourself.

02:47:13 The bottom line was on last Monday night when I was actually

02:47:19 chairing the meeting for the association, and I'm sure he's

02:47:20 here with me in spirit, and I asked if anyone changed their

02:47:30 mind from their original vote, which was taken in January.

02:47:40 The answer was no, we did not have any changes of opinion.

02:47:43 So we stand against these waivers in particular, and in

02:47:49 addition to that, we have some other items that I will say

02:47:53 very quickly if I have time.

02:47:56 In addition to the concerns, A and D regarding precedent and

02:48:01 compatibility, those are references in my e-mail and I hope

02:48:04 you have them.

02:48:05 The staff report supports our concerns for the reduction in

02:48:10 separation of 250 feet to 8 feet from residential as well as

02:48:14 separation from the churches.

02:48:18 About a thousand foot separation are therefore reason and I

02:48:21 hope the council will stand that you are ground on that.

02:48:26 This block of Dale Mabry has been a source of 39 police

02:48:28 calls in three years, this one particular address.

02:48:33 That's one every month.

02:48:35 That's excessive in my idea.

02:48:39 Last night I drove by the property three times, very slowly,

02:48:41 and observed what was going on, and I saw no loitering in

02:48:47 the convenience store to their credit but next door in the

02:48:50 car wash there were three people and two cars parked in the

02:48:55 car wash bay, one with the trunk open, and I have never seen

02:49:01 anybody wash a car with the trunk open.

02:49:06 We feel like a big store would exacerbate the problem that's

02:49:10 existing at that site for years.

02:49:14 Again, we have access to package liquor on Gandy, on Gandy

02:49:20 Boulevard.

02:49:22 You know the area, the grocery store and the ABC liquor.

02:49:30 They have to drive up -- it does not meet a necessity for

02:49:36 public good.

02:49:37 And I wish that the association hereby opposes this request

02:49:43 for waiver.

02:49:44 Thank you.

02:49:55 >>FRANK REDDICK: I just had a question for you.

02:49:57 I'm not sure I heard you correctly.

02:49:59 You said there was 39 calls to this establishment in three

02:50:05 years or three months?

02:50:06 >> Three years, sir.

02:50:07 >> Do you know the nature of those calls?

02:50:13 >> Well, sir, they are listed in the reporting documents,

02:50:18 report on special use.

02:50:21 I think if you have that in front of you.

02:50:24 But I'll read future don't.

02:50:25 >>FRANK REDDICK: I just wondered if you knew.

02:50:28 >> It was in the report where it says that number was

02:50:35 mentioned.

02:50:35 >>FRANK REDDICK: I'll get it.

02:50:37 >> They were police calls.

02:50:41 I don't know what they were all about.

02:50:45 They were addressed to that specific address.

02:50:52 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Just real quick.

02:50:54 On the police calls, I have had this happen before.

02:50:56 I have heard this before.

02:50:57 A lot of times.

02:50:58 And maybe we can clarify as to exactly what the calls were.

02:51:03 But when there's an auto accident, they attribute it to

02:51:09 either the southwest corner or southeast corner, the closest

02:51:12 business that is to that corner is attributed to that call,

02:51:17 whether it happens there or not.

02:51:19 So we need really clear -- I would like to know exactly, 39

02:51:27 calls and what they were.

02:51:28 >> Well, I have no background.

02:51:34 According to a report on special use 2 request, and it's

02:51:40 specifically Tampa Police Department, intelligence bureau,

02:51:43 page 45 under item Roman numeral 3, police calls for

02:51:48 service.

02:51:49 There were 39 calls for service at this location 2009.

02:51:57 And furthermore, on item V, an on-site inspection same

02:52:09 concerns takes civic association.

02:52:11 This location is known to be a local hangout spot for the

02:52:14 local youth.

02:52:15 That's all I have.

02:52:23 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Officer Miller, do you know the rule that I

02:52:25 am trying to refer to?

02:52:26 >> Officer Don Miller, City of Tampa police department.

02:52:34 The specific calls for service, I don't think there was

02:52:39 really anything egregious.

02:52:41 They were alarm calls.

02:52:42 Everything was for that particular property there.

02:52:44 Were no property crash calls that you are referring to.

02:52:52 Most were alarm calls.

02:52:53 >> Alarm calls.

02:52:54 Thank you.

02:52:54 >> Kerry Nance.

02:53:03 I'm a pastor at south side Baptist church, also a chaplain

02:53:07 for Tampa PD.

02:53:08 Our church is located 3911 west Bay Avenue, literally 416

02:53:13 feet from this establishment, and according to code

02:53:16 violation, I believe that it has to be within 1,000 feet.

02:53:20 So this obviously is something serious that needs to be

02:53:26 considered in this, for this taking place.

02:53:33 I would also say that I am not sure if we are supposed to

02:53:38 receive certified mail of this situation, but our

02:53:41 establishment did not.

02:53:42 I checked with our staff, and our secretaries, and we did

02:53:45 not.

02:53:46 Our congregation is about 300 on an average Sunday of

02:53:50 worshipers that come from the South Tampa area.

02:53:53 Earlier, we had about 35 to 40 that were here expressing

02:53:58 their sentiments.

02:53:59 Most of those were not able to stay.

02:54:01 But I do have 120 letters that have been signed by members

02:54:08 of our congregation stating their approval of this.

02:54:10 I would just like to remind the council that I am all in

02:54:16 favor of businesses being established.

02:54:18 But as a church and as a pastor, we are trying to help the

02:54:21 integrity of the family situation.

02:54:25 This last year, 34,638 DUI convictions for the State of

02:54:32 Florida.

02:54:32 For Hillsborough County alone there was over 4,100.

02:54:35 That's quite a lot of DUI convictions for our state within

02:54:41 the last four years.

02:54:43 We have had a total of 4,140 deaths attributed to drunk

02:54:49 driving.

02:54:49 And we pick up quite a bit of beer bottles and things like

02:54:53 that already from the neighborhood.

02:54:55 Our church is located in the neighborhood.

02:54:57 This establishment is on the corner of bay and South Tampa.

02:55:02 But I would give you more of a closer view and just say we

02:55:06 are trying to help in many ways in our church.

02:55:09 We have programs to help recovering alcoholics, and some

02:55:13 call it a disease.

02:55:14 I will tell you a man in our neighborhood literally walking

02:55:17 dibs tans from our church and establishment that I tried to

02:55:20 help with this, and he lost his business because of drink,

02:55:24 he lost -- he had a lawn service business.

02:55:28 And so now he has to walk in order to obtain this substance.

02:55:32 And now this will be very convenient for him to do that.

02:55:36 >>MARY MULHERN: Are you in support of this petition?

02:55:42 >> I'm against it.

02:55:44 >>MARY MULHERN: Against the petition.

02:55:45 Okay.

02:55:45 I must have not heard you correctly when you talked about

02:55:48 your petitioners signed --

02:55:51 >> Yes, in opposition.

02:55:53 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

02:55:54 I'm sorry.

02:55:54 Councilman Capin.

02:55:58 >>YVONNE CAPIN: You may not be aware of this but along mixed

02:56:01 use corridors which is where this is the separation distance

02:56:04 is 250 feet from residential use, 250 feet from other

02:56:09 alcohol you can beverage sales establishments.

02:56:11 They do not refer to churches.

02:56:13 Therefore it does not pertain.

02:56:14 >> Okay.

02:56:16 So what is the limit?

02:56:18 If it was like a school --

02:56:23 >>YVONNE CAPIN: There is none.

02:56:23 If it's not mentioned here, there is none.

02:56:26 It's not mentioned here.

02:56:26 >> Okay.

02:56:34 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Obviously you weren't aware of that.

02:56:35 >> Yes.

02:56:36 I was under the impression it had to be within 1,000 feet.

02:56:44 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, that changed recently.

02:56:46 Mr. Shelby?

02:56:50 >>REBECCA KERT: Legal department.

02:56:52 In some applauses in the city, based upon what City Council

02:56:55 had previously adopted in their comprehensive plan, and then

02:56:59 applied to the alcohol, it is 1,000 feet.

02:57:01 But this is a mixed use corridor.

02:57:03 And I believe Mrs. Capin correctly stated that it's 250 feet

02:57:09 from residential and 250 feet from other alcoholic beverage

02:57:11 establishments, because this location is on what City

02:57:15 Council designated as a mixed use corridor.

02:57:18 >>MARY MULHERN: Is that recent, comp plan changes that we

02:57:21 made?

02:57:21 >> Well, recent in respect to -- it's a year or so ago.

02:57:26 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, that's recent. In city Council time,

02:57:29 a year is recent.

02:57:29 >> So a year ago it would have over a thousand?

02:57:36 >>MARY MULHERN: A year or two, yes.

02:57:41 So you didn't have the current information.

02:57:43 >> Well, I would just hope that the City Council would use

02:57:45 wisdom and discretion, and as representing the people, you

02:57:49 know, I'm here representing a congregation of 300 more in

02:57:55 South Tampa and I hope that you will listen to our voice of

02:57:58 concern.

02:57:58 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

02:58:00 >> I would say good morning, but good afternoon.

02:58:07 My name is Charlie Schenk, youth pastor at South Side

02:58:11 Baptist Church.

02:58:12 We have a youth group about 500 people from Robinson high

02:58:15 school, Monroe middle school, and even Plant High School.

02:58:18 So work them is a great opportunity, but where the next

02:58:26 generation will do and where they will be led, and having

02:58:28 the store approved there with alcoholic beverages, I think

02:58:31 it only drives them to do more wrong.

02:58:34 I was just working with the boy by the name of restus and

02:58:41 struggling with alcohol and marijuana.

02:58:43 And I said, would you go back to doing it again?

02:58:45 He said actually once I go off probation I'm having a big

02:58:49 party and doing it.

02:58:50 So I don't think it's going to be a good influence for our

02:58:53 neighborhood.

02:58:53 We actually have teen activity there.

02:58:55 So within 400 feet, we have 60 teenagers that are once a

02:59:00 month, twice a month actually that will have an activity out

02:59:03 there on the property, and has that opportunity of being in

02:59:06 danger by drunk driving.

02:59:09 Just this past week, we actually had our mailbox ran over,

02:59:13 in our parking lot and our timbers, railroad ties.

02:59:18 I'm sure that person probably was -- probably was under the

02:59:23 influence or they would have seen those thing. But I just

02:59:26 saw some things on the Internet, mothers against drunk

02:59:29 driving.

02:59:29 The past five years, subsidy of drunk driving fatalities was

02:59:37 21.5 billion dollars.

02:59:40 That's the past five years.

02:59:41 And I am sit you go here this morning thinking about how can

02:59:45 we save money, how can we work on putting more money back

02:59:48 into the people's pocket or keeping them from spending their

02:59:51 money.

02:59:51 And all I know is that we try to spend $21 billion the past

02:59:55 five years to bring the rate of fatalities of DUIs down.

02:59:59 So they are going to make things happen in another liquor

03:00:02 store in the South Tampa area only will increase that cost

03:00:06 that we as the people would have to pay as taxpayers and you

03:00:09 would have to pay yourself.

03:00:13 Also, she mentioned no one really hangs out there.

03:00:16 I drive by there every day.

03:00:20 There's always people hanging out there.

03:00:21 I have actually been in the store.

03:00:23 I'm not against it.

03:00:25 I have bought things from them.

03:00:26 I actually bought gas across the street.

03:00:29 I'm not against it at all.

03:00:30 But going in the store, there's actually not many things on

03:00:33 the shelves, just what is already there, liquor consumption

03:00:36 and alcoholic beverages is already there.

03:00:39 But I have two say this.

03:00:41 Me and my wife actually moved here about seven months ago.

03:00:44 We live in the north part of Tampa.

03:00:46 And I'm excited.

03:00:47 I'm a new father to be.

03:00:48 And she's right here.

03:00:54 And we are looking to move to South Tampa and to come down

03:00:56 here.

03:00:57 But it makes me think twice to move to South Tampa knowing

03:01:00 that a place like that is so close to where we'll live and

03:01:04 where I will work and my wife will work and our child will

03:01:07 play.

03:01:08 Thank you.

03:01:08 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

03:01:12 Next.

03:01:12 >> Good afternoon.

03:01:14 I'm Jerry Lambert, 4113 treasure circle, which is right down

03:01:19 the street from this store that they want to sell package.

03:01:25 There's a package store on Gandy as you all know, a store on

03:01:30 MacDill.

03:01:30 I almost lost my wife to a drunk driver several years ago.

03:01:35 I have been there since 1961.

03:01:37 I have seen the neighborhood deteriorate a little bit in

03:01:40 years past, and only think this store if it's capable of

03:01:47 selling package goods will help our neighborhood to

03:01:49 deteriorate again.

03:01:50 I'm also a member of Southside Baptist church.

03:01:54 I worship there.

03:01:55 I go by the store every day.

03:01:57 I see people standing out there.

03:01:59 And one other thing I want to say then I'm done, this

03:02:03 off-site consumption, that's a general. A guy buys beer by

03:02:07 the bottle, goes to his car, opens it and has a district.

03:02:11 Okay?

03:02:11 Thank you.

03:02:11 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

03:02:17 Next.

03:02:17 >> My name is Dave Young, and I have been a resident of

03:02:23 South Tampa for 45 years.

03:02:26 I am currently employed with Hillsborough County school

03:02:29 system.

03:02:29 I have been employed for 38 years with them.

03:02:34 And I can only echo what's been stated.

03:02:38 I know there's two schools within five or six blocks of this

03:02:43 establishment.

03:02:44 And I cannot see any good that can come out of this.

03:02:48 And I know the ordinance, what's been stated and so on.

03:02:53 But I echo what is wise, what is prudent, what is good for

03:02:57 us, in that area.

03:03:01 Thank you very much.

03:03:01 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

03:03:06 Next.

03:03:06 >> My name is Ruben Nance.

03:03:20 I pastored a church, in this area, for almost 40 years.

03:03:25 My name is again Ruben Nance, 1817 south Valrico road.

03:03:31 And I'm privileged to stand here before you, because what I

03:03:36 hear, you all changed the ordinance.

03:03:39 And what we see today is a product of your decision making.

03:03:43 And it saddens me today to be able to stand here and hear

03:03:48 you say there's a good possibility that what the folks of

03:03:52 the community there want will not be brought to pass.

03:03:56 I remember a few months ago standing in the jailside site on

03:04:03 orient road of a young man who we had ministered to.

03:04:06 His name was guy Harris.

03:04:09 Guy Harris was a young man that was brought up on alcohol.

03:04:14 He said, I used to drink my alcohol, get in the car, and see

03:04:17 how many policemen I could jut run.

03:04:21 This young man, as a result of that, asked me, said, pastor

03:04:26 Nance, would you just one more time sung me a song, when I

03:04:35 get to prison, I won't have any song books, I won't have any

03:04:38 family visiting me.

03:04:40 And there we took and I held his hand, and I sang with him

03:04:45 "amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like

03:04:50 me, I once was lost but now I'm found, was blind but now I

03:04:57 see."

03:04:58 That young man, through his life that addition, is in the

03:05:03 state penitentiary today because of his use of alcohol.

03:05:09 And I believe this establishment will increase the folks in

03:05:15 South Tampa of being able to participate in the guzzling

03:05:20 down of alcohol and changing their hearts and lives for a

03:05:24 long, long time.

03:05:28 Wish we could go back and see him today.

03:05:30 He's up in north Florida.

03:05:31 He's been there for many, many years.

03:05:33 But I say to that, you have an opportunity to change the

03:05:37 lives of many, many other people today if you will vote

03:05:42 against this decision that's being made.

03:05:44 Thank you very much.

03:05:44 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

03:05:52 Councilwoman Montelione, did you have a question?

03:05:56 I'm sorry I didn't give you the opportunity if you want to

03:05:58 ask a question of one of the speakers?

03:06:02 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes. Did I it was a few speakers ago.

03:06:05 And it may be less of a question and more a statement.

03:06:11 I appreciate all your views about this potentially harming

03:06:18 individual by the sale of package liquors.

03:06:23 But, again, referring back to something I said in the last

03:06:27 hearing about Trinity Cafe, we have a code of ordinances,

03:06:30 and those are rules and regulations that we have to abide

03:06:37 by, and when we have quasi-judicial hearings we have to look

03:06:40 at the body of evidence that's presented, and in accordance

03:06:44 with our rules and regulations.

03:06:46 We can't penalize a business for potential harm.

03:06:55 It's a business that is allowable under the rules, not only

03:06:59 this city but the county, the state, as a federal

03:07:02 government, that you can have a liquor store, and if you

03:07:04 meet the locational criteria according to the code in which

03:07:07 you are looking to open, then that's the evidence that we

03:07:11 have to look at and weigh.

03:07:20 We can't regulate people's behavior.

03:07:22 When we hear things on the radio or television shows, you

03:07:25 can change the channel.

03:07:27 Individuals who have alcohol problems can choose to get into

03:07:30 treatment and they can choose not to go to establishments

03:07:34 that sell alcohol.

03:07:35 We can't regulate people's behavior.

03:07:38 There's a lot of social ills we have.

03:07:41 But we have to stick to what our code of ordinances say when

03:07:44 we are looking at these type of petitions.

03:07:49 >>MARY MULHERN: Is there anyone else from the public

03:07:53 wishing to speak on this?

03:07:55 Petitioner, rebuttal?

03:07:57 Mr. Shelby?

03:07:58 >>MARTIN SHELBY: What I was going to say, council, there

03:08:05 was discussion about the fact that is not a waiver anymore,

03:08:11 the 1,000 feet.

03:08:12 I want to bring to council's attention, a remainder, that

03:08:15 this is a special use request that is coming before City

03:08:18 Council, and like all other special use requests, section

03:08:22 27-269 provides general standards for which you apply to

03:08:29 determine whether or not to grant the special use.

03:08:32 And those remain for your review.

03:08:37 I want to bring that to your attention.

03:08:38 >>MARY MULHERN: Mr. Shelby, you are saying it's not a

03:08:42 waiver, but it is one of the general standards for us to

03:08:44 consider?

03:08:46 >>REBECCA KERT: Legal department.

03:08:48 There are two waivers being requested.

03:08:56 Let me take a quick step back and I know City Council knows

03:08:58 this but for record purposes and so the people out here

03:09:01 understand what your role is, the state regulates the

03:09:03 business.

03:09:04 The county makes a determination about whether or not

03:09:07 alcohol sales are allowed generally.

03:09:08 They if it's a dry county which it's not.

03:09:14 It's not whether alcohol use is allowed in general, but

03:09:17 whether it's an allowable use at this specific location.

03:09:20 And in this particular case alcohol is already allowed on

03:09:23 the sale on the premises.

03:09:25 The question here is whether or not the addition of liquor

03:09:29 still complies with your code requirement.

03:09:32 At this time, they legally sell beer and wine.

03:09:34 There is no change.

03:09:37 This request is merely the addition of liquor.

03:09:40 Now, they are requesting the two waivers, and pursuant to

03:09:43 your code, it is the applicant's burden to demonstrate that

03:09:49 they continue to meet the general standards which are found

03:09:52 on page 2 through 4 of your code granting those waivers.

03:09:59 And so that is really the only thing that City Council is to

03:10:04 look at, and there are other issues about whether alcohol

03:10:07 should be allowed is for the county to determine.

03:10:09 >>MARY MULHERN: You might want to wait.

03:10:11 Councilwoman Capin.

03:10:13 >>YVONNE CAPIN: That was my next question because I didn't

03:10:16 see -- so they are right now selling beer and wine.

03:10:21 Correct?

03:10:23 That is alcohol.

03:10:24 But it's being sold in this establishment.

03:10:26 >>MARY MULHERN: I just have to say that I didn't realize

03:10:32 that until now, we are a half an hour into this hearing.

03:10:39 That needs to be made clear to us in the none presentation.

03:10:47 Land use in these cases, if they already have the special

03:10:52 use permit for selling beer and wine I.didn't know that

03:10:57 until just now.

03:10:57 So thank you, Ms. Kert.

03:11:01 Councilman Cohen.

03:11:02 >> I really find myself just having to echo what

03:11:07 Councilwoman Montelione and Capin both just said.

03:11:12 We do not have an ability to make a judgment about whether

03:11:17 or not we like this use or not.

03:11:20 That is not our role.

03:11:22 And if we try to do that, we will find ourselves being

03:11:26 overturned in court.

03:11:27 We have to make a decision based on the evidence that's

03:11:30 presented and whether or not what we are looking at here

03:11:34 fits into our already preexisting criteria and code.

03:11:40 Thank you.

03:11:41 >>MARY MULHERN: Petitioner.

03:11:44 >> I would just hope after listening to everything that I

03:11:50 have told you about -- the owner of the property want to do

03:11:56 everything right by following all the laws and the rules

03:11:59 that you would grant him his 3 PS package store.

03:12:03 Also, that I pulled from the county building all of the

03:12:09 notices from the county that has to be certified through the

03:12:12 post office, and they go one by one, and they check

03:12:15 everything off.

03:12:15 So whoever was on that list, which you had 250 feet, they

03:12:19 were notified.

03:12:21 And I did not receive one back.

03:12:24 In the mail.

03:12:25 Or one phone call.

03:12:26 >>FRANK REDDICK: I have a question four.

03:12:35 This is a package store, right?

03:12:38 >> At the present time it's a 2(APS) which is a convenes

03:12:41 store.

03:12:42 He sells beer and wine off premises.

03:12:47 You go in, you get your beer or wine, you leave.

03:12:50 That's the way this is going to be.

03:12:52 It's a 3 PS which goes to the substitute regulated for the

03:12:55 beverage department.

03:12:56 He purchases a liquor license with X amount -- a lot of

03:13:01 dollars, and he goes ahead and he put it at that location.

03:13:04 >>FRANK REDDICK: So at a convenience store, sells beer and

03:13:13 wine or liquor.

03:13:14 You can sell up to 2 a.m.?

03:13:18 >> He's knot going to do that.

03:13:20 His hours, I asked him his hours. And Monday through

03:13:23 Thursday he's open 10:00 in the morning -- I'm sorry, 9:00

03:13:29 in the morning to 10:00 at night.

03:13:31 And then Friday and Saturday, he's opening up at 9:00 in the

03:13:35 morning to 11:00 at night.

03:13:36 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, not according to --

03:13:39 >> No, I know, that was incorrect.

03:13:43 He does not want to go later hours.

03:13:45 He doesn't want -- he want to make sure there's in a

03:13:50 problems in the area.

03:13:51 He doesn't believe that after hours like that that he should

03:13:55 be selling.

03:13:56 It just creates problems and he does not want that.

03:13:58 >>FRANK REDDICK: So he will not be going from 9 a.m. to

03:14:05 2 a.m --

03:14:07 >> The surveyor did that.

03:14:11 He put it down on the paperwork.

03:14:15 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, if we pass that --

03:14:18 >>MARY MULHERN: You can ask for that between first and

03:14:20 second.

03:14:20 >> I do agree to make those changes between first and second

03:14:23 reading.

03:14:23 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

03:14:24 >> Move to close the public hearing.

03:14:33 >> About the notification thing --

03:14:46 >>MARY MULHERN: I think that you have had your opportunity.

03:14:49 Mr. Shelby?

03:14:51 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, that would require a change in

03:14:54 the way you normally proceed with your hearing.

03:14:59 Normally, the opportunity allows a person one opportunity to

03:15:04 speak and then allows the petitioner to have the last word

03:15:07 on rebuttal.

03:15:08 There is an opportunity if this should could go forward, a

03:15:11 remained they are does go to second reading and public

03:15:14 hearing.

03:15:14 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, I'm sorry, you will have to -- if it

03:15:19 passes, then there's a second reading, you can speak then.

03:15:27 All in favor?

03:15:28 Anyone opposed?

03:15:32 Pleasure of council?

03:15:33 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Madam Chair, I will move to approve on

03:15:43 first reading and set for second public hearing petition of

03:15:47 jet in jet out requesting SU-2 sale of alcoholic beverages

03:15:53 at 6117 South Dale Mabry Highway.

03:15:55 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Read the ordinance.

03:15:58 >>HARRY COHEN: I'll read it.

03:16:02 I move an ordinance being presented for first reading

03:16:04 consideration, an ordinance approving a special use permit

03:16:06 S-2 for alcohol you can beverage sales, small venue package

03:16:11 sales, offpremises consumption only and making lawful the

03:16:14 sale of beverages regardless of alcoholic content, beer wine

03:16:17 and liquor, at or from that certain plot, lot, or tract of

03:16:21 land located at 6117 South Dale Mabry Highway, Tampa,

03:16:25 Florida as more particularly described in section 2, all

03:16:30 ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict are repealed

03:16:34 peeled providing an effective date and including a revision

03:16:36 mentioned earlier by Mr. Reddick of the times and hours of

03:16:40 operation between first and second reading.

03:16:47 Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Saturday and

03:16:50 Sunday 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., although I don't think they can

03:16:54 start at 9:00 in the morning --

03:16:59 >>MARY MULHERN: I think we need --

03:17:01 >> Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

03:17:03 Friday and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., and Sunday is 10 to

03:17:15 11.

03:17:16 >>MARTIN SHELBY: 11 a.m. to --

03:17:20 >> And incorporating the provisions in the revision sheet

03:17:22 D-12-73.

03:17:24 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion made by Councilman Cohen.

03:17:29 Seconded by Councilwoman Montelione.

03:17:36 I just want to say that I am going to support this on the

03:17:41 first hearing, but I do want to at least let the

03:17:48 neighborhood know that I do feel that these questions would

03:17:53 be coming in front of us if we didn't have to make our own

03:17:57 determination of whether these are compatible use within the

03:18:00 neighborhood.

03:18:05 These questions don't come in front of council unless we

03:18:08 have to make a determination.

03:18:12 And because this was already disowned for beer and wine

03:18:18 sales, didn't realize that at the beginning, and in order

03:18:22 for there to be a case to deny it, I would have had to have

03:18:26 heard some additional adverse effects to the neighborhood

03:18:32 that would have happened, because of adding liquor sales.

03:18:37 So I am going to support it.

03:18:38 All in favor?

03:18:41 Anyone opposed?

03:18:43 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda and Suarez being

03:18:52 absent and Reddick voting no.

03:18:57 Second reading of the ordinance will be held March 1st

03:18:59 at 9:30 a.m.

03:19:01 >>MARY MULHERN: We are going to move back to item number

03:19:12 67.

03:19:19 Is someone from legal ready?

03:19:23 >>REBECCA KERT: Legal department.

03:19:26 I am here on item 67 which is the request of the legal

03:19:30 department to appear and inform council whether it's false

03:19:33 advertisement to strip clubs be removed from signs and

03:19:36 buildings.

03:19:40 If you mean when you say can be removed you mean can be

03:19:43 required to be removed by the city, and assume for purposes

03:19:46 of this discussion that there is in fact false

03:19:49 advertisement.

03:19:50 The short answer is no.

03:19:51 The city itself does not regulate false advertising.

03:19:55 However, for informational purposes, the county and the

03:19:58 state prohibit unfair, deceptive trade acts or practices.

03:20:02 So if an individual was concerned that there was fraudulent

03:20:05 advertising or fraudulent -- something fraudulent with the

03:20:09 sign to entice people to come into the business, they could

03:20:12 report that to the county's protection agency which has the

03:20:17 ability to both mediate and/or refer to the state attorney's

03:20:23 office for criminal sanctions and the state attorney's

03:20:27 office is also for state regulations.

03:20:30 And I am available if there are any other questions.

03:20:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: I just want to say to you that I don't

03:20:38 know who owns that club or who is running that facility, but

03:20:45 they seem to be playing a game, and I am going to tell you

03:20:48 why.

03:20:48 Since we had the last meeting, the last discussion, and show

03:20:53 the pictures that they had a strip club out there, about

03:20:56 three days later, they covered that up.

03:21:03 They took paper over it.

03:21:05 But it doesn't say strip club anymore.

03:21:08 They have just dancers wanted.

03:21:10 Now you go by there, and they have taken the paper off,

03:21:14 repainted, they have gentleman's club.

03:21:17 Now, I don't know what the difference between a strip club

03:21:21 and a gentleman's club, but somebody is playing games over

03:21:23 there.

03:21:24 Because I think I know what a gentleman's club is.

03:21:33 But I don't know what they are doing, and I have had people

03:21:40 to tell me, gentlemen who have gone there, that they had a

03:21:44 wonderful time.

03:21:46 >>MARY MULHERN: Now you are giving them free advertisement.

03:21:51 [ Laughter ]

03:21:57 >> You are right.

03:21:58 I don't know what they are doing there.

03:21:59 But if they can change it to strip club and then you go by

03:22:06 there and they have it all covered up, now you go back out

03:22:09 there, and they have gentleman's club, so I don't know

03:22:12 what's going on.

03:22:13 Andovers Miller and I can go there and take a look at

03:22:20 something.

03:22:20 But there's something going on there.

03:22:21 I don't know.

03:22:24 >>REBECCA KERT: I as well haven't been inside so I can't

03:22:27 speak with specify about what they are doing, but I have

03:22:30 been with the captain of the district as well as the captain

03:22:32 in charge of Krewe D and they are aware of this

03:22:35 establishment and they are monitoring it.

03:22:37 So in the event that they are doing more than saying that

03:22:41 they are a gentleman's club or a strip club, and actually do

03:22:45 something that violates our adult use regulation, TPD has

03:22:48 told me that they will let me know if there's a violation,

03:22:52 and I know they are monitoring it.

03:22:55 >>FRANK REDDICK: I just wanted to bring that to your

03:22:58 attention.

03:22:58 And tomorrow they might have something else up there.

03:23:00 I don't know.

03:23:01 I think somebody is playing a game.

03:23:04 I just want to say that.

03:23:05 >>MARY MULHERN: Item number 68.

03:23:14 >>KEITH BRICKLEMYER: Environmental program management.

03:23:23 I am standing here to question approval of item number 68.

03:23:27 As I mentioned earlier today, we are doing a number of

03:23:30 initiatives as relates to business transformation and happy

03:23:33 to report that this agenda item is in addition to

03:23:38 standardizing our fleet and helping them with the

03:23:40 maintenance of our fleet in terms, so the first five

03:23:48 vehicles that will be using compressed natural gas.

03:23:53 It will significantly reduce the costs associated with fuel

03:23:57 for our refuse collection fleet, and also deal with

03:24:01 improving greenhouse gas emission as well.

03:24:05 So support approval of this agenda item.

03:24:06 >> Thank you, Madam Chair.

03:24:14 Ms. Brickhouse, there are five trucks in total for

03:24:17 1,500,000.

03:24:20 >> We did have a lengthy discussion this morning and maybe

03:24:26 it's poor timing that the two issues should come up on the

03:24:29 same agenda that we are authorizing 1.5 million in

03:24:33 purchases, but these will be operating on natural gas?

03:24:39 >>KEITH BRICKLEMYER: Compressed natural gas.

03:24:44 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Will that represent a savings for us so

03:24:46 the 1.5 million must be mitigated by the amount of money we

03:24:50 are saving in fuel?

03:24:52 >>KEITH BRICKLEMYER: Yes.

03:24:54 In fact, Tampa International Airport is going to be opening

03:24:56 the first gas fueling station in the City of Tampa probably

03:25:01 in the next month or so.

03:25:02 You will probably hear more on that.

03:25:04 And with that, that gives us an opportunity to now reap the

03:25:09 benefit of reducing fuel costs, and also the admissions

03:25:13 issue.

03:25:14 And yes, the answer is it will be significant in terms of

03:25:20 fuel cost and operation.

03:25:22 >>LISA MONTELIONE: You don't know what cost savings we will

03:25:23 be able to realize?

03:25:25 >>KEITH BRICKLEMYER: The last time that I looked at the

03:25:27 compressed natural gas, it was probably about a $3

03:25:32 difference in the cost per gallon.

03:25:34 For fuel.

03:25:35 And you can get that information back to you to find out

03:25:38 exactly what the difference is now.

03:25:41 Between diesel and compressed natural gas.

03:25:44 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's good news.

03:25:46 One last question, we want to use other people's money when

03:25:53 we can to supplement our budget.

03:25:54 But being compressed natural gas is seen as a clean fuel,

03:26:00 did we receive any grant funds either from local or federal

03:26:04 agencies to offset the cost of these trucks?

03:26:08 Because I think the EPA offers some grants for clean fuel

03:26:13 technology.

03:26:16 >>TONJA BRICKHOUSE: We explored that but there were none

03:26:18 available at this time.

03:26:19 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I want to make sure we are out there

03:26:22 looking for grant money at every turn.

03:26:24 Thank you.

03:26:25 I will move approval of item number 68.

03:26:27 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

03:26:32 Aye.

03:26:32 Thank you, Ms. Brickhouse.

03:26:39 Item 71.

03:26:47 >> Joel Sousa, land development.

03:27:02 You should have quite a package in front of you.

03:27:05 You have a revised staff report.

03:27:07 This process, worked closely with the applicant the last two

03:27:15 weeks and things have been changing quite a bit.

03:27:16 I want to explain that to you before I give my report.

03:27:19 Publication V-12-78, application, property address 310 south

03:27:26 Armenia Avenue, CI commercial intensive.

03:27:29 The proposed special use is alcoholic beverage sales, beer

03:27:32 wine and liquor associated with a restaurant, on premises

03:27:35 consumption only.

03:27:37 The applicant is requesting special use approval to allow

03:27:39 the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages, beer, wine

03:27:42 and liquor, consumption off premises with a restaurant.

03:27:47 The site is occupied by one-story commercial strip center.

03:27:52 At one point in time, probably since 1959 was at one time a

03:27:57 warehouse type use like in the manufacturing.

03:28:01 The past few years it has been changing and is now

03:28:03 considered a strip center.

03:28:06 There's already an existing restaurant on one side.

03:28:08 This is a new restaurant.

03:28:10 One on the other side of the subject building.

03:28:12 The proposed alcohol sales of this particular proposal

03:28:15 encompasses 2,971 square feet of which 465 square feet is

03:28:21 outside seating area.

03:28:23 The site utilizes surface parking for this site which totals

03:28:26 currently 29 spaces.

03:28:29 The applicant is requesting a parking waiver from 45 to 28.

03:28:32 The reason being it's going to 28 now is because they are

03:28:35 required to landscape aisle for parking and landscape

03:28:40 requirements.

03:28:46 Let me show you pictures of the site.

03:28:52 This is the subject location right here.

03:28:53 It's a through lot that goes through moody and Armenia.

03:28:57 This is Swann Avenue.

03:28:59 You have Memorial Hospital over here to the west, and Hyde

03:29:04 Park also to your east and south.

03:29:13 This is going north on Armenia. This is the subject

03:29:19 building in question. It appears to abut up to Armenia

03:29:22 right-of-way.

03:29:26 This is a closer look at the building.

03:29:34 This is a look on the moody side here, south on moody.

03:29:40 Looking south on moody.

03:29:43 There's a tight access from moody side, angled parking along

03:29:49 the north side of the property.

03:29:55 They are asking for numerous waivers.

03:30:04 Section 27-272, reduced the required minimum distance

03:30:08 separation from 250 feet to 80 feet, from other

03:30:12 establishments selling alcoholic beverages.

03:30:14 Section 27-272 reduced the required minimum distance

03:30:17 separation from 250 to 32 feet for residential uses.

03:30:24 Section 27-272, reduced the required number of parking

03:30:28 spaces from 45 to 28 spaces.

03:30:32 Section 27-246, to increase the percent of a loud compact

03:30:37 parking from 65 to 79%.

03:30:42 Section 46 allowed for maneuvering of solid waste vehicle in

03:30:50 the right-of-way during the collection process.

03:30:54 246, to allow reduction in the aisle width of 11 feet to 10

03:30:58 feet.

03:30:58 Section 27-246 to allow access to South Moody Avenue, a

03:31:04 local street.

03:31:06 Staff funds the current project inconsistent with current

03:31:10 codes basically due to parking and maneuvering process.

03:31:16 The issue is before you today.

03:31:17 More importantly, section 27-241 for consideration of

03:31:21 off-site parking as required parking, must submit any

03:31:25 off-site parking agreement.

03:31:28 The alternative design, application process.

03:31:32 As to date we have received such an agreement but has not

03:31:35 yet been approved by staff and/or the legal department.

03:31:39 Section 27-237 and 242 in all district at the time of any

03:31:45 increased intensity or any on the use or change of uses,

03:31:49 offstreet parking spaces shall be provided in accordance

03:31:52 with current code.

03:31:53 Based on the current occupant load, indicated on a site

03:31:56 plan, 93.

03:31:58 23 parking spaces are required.

03:32:01 The site maintains 29 spans currently, which do not comply

03:32:06 with current standards.

03:32:08 In addition, there's an existing restaurant and beauty salon

03:32:10 on-site.

03:32:11 Land development has not yet received a detailed floor plan

03:32:15 in order to confirm the stated occupant load.

03:32:19 Finally, section 227-269, potentially adverse effects

03:32:25 generally.

03:32:26 In addition to the consideration detailed elements indicated

03:32:29 above, as appropriate in the particular class or special use

03:32:32 permit, and the circumstances of the particular case,

03:32:37 consideration shall be given to potentially adverse effects

03:32:42 on adjoining and nearby property, the area, the neighborhood

03:32:45 or the city, of the use of the past proposed where it

03:32:50 location construction design, character of scale or manner

03:32:53 of operation.

03:32:55 Potential adverse are found consideration be given to

03:33:00 remedial measures, appropriate, and the particular

03:33:03 circumstances including buffering, landscaping, control,

03:33:08 hours of operation, proposed design of cop instruction of

03:33:12 buildings, relocation of proposed open space, alteration of

03:33:15 use of such space, such other measures as are required to

03:33:21 ensure effects will be harmonious with other developments in

03:33:24 the area.

03:33:25 >> Don Miller, City of Tampa police.

03:33:39 City of Tampa police have no objection to this special use

03:33:44 2.

03:33:44 >>MARY MULHERN: Petitioner?

03:33:46 >> My name is Todd Pressman, 54 East Lake Road in Palm

03:33:55 Harbor, Florida.

03:33:57 I'm here today with Mr. Jeff Gland and Mr. John Crusoe, and

03:34:04 the engineer put together a very nice plan.

03:34:07 What I would like to say to you is of course that this is a

03:34:11 request for restaurant sales, and a number of the issues

03:34:15 that Joel presented in his report to you, we have already

03:34:20 had the test of time here.

03:34:22 This site has already received variances in the past to

03:34:25 reduce parking to 25 spaces, to reduce the separation to 20

03:34:30 feet to residential, and also to reduce the distance between

03:34:34 establishments.

03:34:36 That's one of the other units at the site.

03:34:37 So what we can tell you is by the test of time, the parking

03:34:43 elements have worked.

03:34:44 We can tell you that the separation outlets have worked.

03:34:46 Now, what proposed here is -- if we can go to the overhead,

03:34:53 please.

03:34:56 What's proposed by Jeff and John who had 20 years in the

03:35:02 business, a nice neighborhood upscale place, this is just a

03:35:06 conceptual of the menu that they are planning. Of all the

03:35:10 critical aspects is the type of uses that are at the center

03:35:14 now, and this is the site plan that's in your packet.

03:35:18 So what you will see here is that the building is this

03:35:23 structure here, and vehicles enter the site here, come back

03:35:27 into this area.

03:35:29 So there are a number of unit here which proposed here is

03:35:32 indoor restaurant.

03:35:33 But in terms of the uses that are existing, what you have is

03:35:38 a big part of the building is existing warehouse.

03:35:41 A part of just existing utility area.

03:35:44 And part of it is existing beauty salon.

03:35:47 So parking needs, which is a very strong mixed outlet,

03:35:51 particularly in evenings, actually those uses are not

03:35:54 operating.

03:35:56 We find very come very close to just a few parking spaces

03:36:00 off to what's required.

03:36:01 And of course Joel and the staff do a great job but we felt

03:36:05 it was something very important for your consideration.

03:36:07 In regard to the specific area, this is clearly a use that

03:36:13 will depend upon a number of residential developments that

03:36:18 are located close by.

03:36:20 They expect to have a lot of walk-through traffic rather

03:36:23 than car traffic.

03:36:24 It's designed to be -- it will operate in the local

03:36:29 restaurant, a little area for folks and there were a large

03:36:35 number of notices sent out.

03:36:36 And since we appear to be about less folks here today, I

03:36:39 don't think there's anybody really here in opposition.

03:36:43 So this is a request that comes before you as a nice little

03:36:46 neighborhood restaurant.

03:36:47 There have been prior variances approved that help support

03:36:50 this quite well.

03:36:51 In that sense we believe it had the test of time.

03:36:56 They are two young men who are experienced operators to run

03:36:58 nice restaurant in the area, and with regard to the

03:37:01 concerns, we believe there are a number of points that

03:37:04 support that position or support the position staff has

03:37:09 present towed.

03:37:09 We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

03:37:11 >>MARY MULHERN: Is there anyone from the public wishing to

03:37:16 speak on this?

03:37:21 Any questions?

03:37:22 Councilwoman Capin?

03:37:24 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Your hours of operation are six days a week

03:37:26 from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m., and on Sunday 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.?

03:37:34 >> That is correct, Councilwoman.

03:37:42 >>YVONNE CAPIN: On the outdoor seating area, I don't see the

03:37:52 outdoor indication on here.

03:37:54 >> Would you like me to point it out to you, Councilwoman?

03:38:00 So the building being this part here, it's very small, 460

03:38:05 square feet, very small area there.

03:38:14 >>YVONNE CAPIN: This is commercial intensive.

03:38:16 >> That's correct, it is joined CI commercial intensive.

03:38:19 Thank you, Councilwoman.

03:38:21 It is very high and is designed for uses that are higher

03:38:27 than typical commercial use.

03:38:28 >>MARY MULHERN: Other questions?

03:38:43 A motion to close?

03:38:45 >> Move to close.

03:38:46 >> Second.

03:38:47 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

03:38:49 Aye?

03:38:49 Pleasure of council?

03:39:04 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Let me be sure to do it right this time.

03:39:09 Move an ordinance, asset for second here, public education,

03:39:14 entertainment LLC John Crusoe, MGRM, requesting an SU-2 sale

03:39:22 of alcoholic beverages, beer wine liquor consumption on

03:39:25 premises only associated with a restaurant, 610 south

03:39:29 Armenia Avenue.

03:39:30 I'm sorry.

03:39:35 This is rolled off into the second page.

03:39:37 Ordinance presented for first reading consideration.

03:39:40 Ordinance approving special use permit S-2 for alcoholic

03:39:43 beverage sales, restaurant on premises only and making

03:39:45 lawful the sale of beverages regardless of alcoholic

03:39:48 content, beer, wine and liquor on that certain lot, plot or

03:39:52 tract of land located at 610 south Armenia Avenue Tampa,

03:39:56 Florida as more particularly described in section 2 that all

03:39:59 ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict are repealed,

03:40:02 providing an effective date.

03:40:02 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

03:40:08 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And any revision dated February

03:40:14 16th, 2012.

03:40:16 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion seconded by Councilwoman Capin.

03:40:19 All in favor?

03:40:20 Anyone opposed?

03:40:21 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda and Suarez being

03:40:25 absent at vote.

03:40:27 Second reading of the ordinance will be held March 1st

03:40:29 at 9:30 a.m.

03:40:31 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's it.

03:40:49 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I would propose -- and I am going to

03:40:57 make this as a motion -- that we have a report come under

03:41:06 staff report in one year, whatever the closest council

03:41:12 meeting is to that date, a report on the fee increase that

03:41:19 we passed this morning, and for solid waste, and that we do

03:41:25 that annually during the five-year period, that the rate

03:41:34 increases will be in effect, so that would provide us the

03:41:37 opportunity to review the rates that are being charged, and

03:41:43 whether or not an just to those rates would be in order as

03:41:48 time goes by, and we experience efficiencies in the solid

03:41:53 waste division.

03:41:56 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Second.

03:41:56 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Oh, wait, I do want to pass these out.

03:42:07 Sorry about that.

03:42:08 On February 29th, the university square community at

03:42:15 Taras park community plan will begin the process.

03:42:23 This is a process that will last about a year.

03:42:26 And it will be Wednesday, February 29th from 5:30 to

03:42:31 7:30 at Busch Gardens.

03:42:35 It is the first time the Planning Commission is undertaking

03:42:38 a community plan within the Tampa city limit.

03:42:40 I'm very excited.

03:42:41 The planning area is from the Temple Terrace city line, 275,

03:42:48 between Busch Boulevard and Fowler Avenue.

03:42:51 So it encompasses almost all of north Tampa district that I

03:42:56 represent.

03:42:58 So it's very exciting that a vision plan for the area will

03:43:02 be beginning, and it will be a good night, and we have 50

03:43:09 open house participants, will receive a free ticket to the

03:43:12 Renaissance festival at MOSI as a little bit of incentive to

03:43:17 attend.

03:43:17 And I will pass these out.

03:43:19 There are more available.

03:43:19 You can share them with any of your constituents who are on

03:43:24 a business between those boundaries or live.

03:43:31 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

03:43:32 Congratulations.

03:43:33 >>HARRY COHEN: I have three items of new business.

03:43:43 First I would like to make a motion to send alert of welcome

03:43:46 to the Shen Yun Performing Arts troop who is returning to

03:43:50 Tampa for three shows at the Straz center during its 2012

03:43:54 world tour.

03:43:55 This group celebrates the excellence and grandeur of

03:43:59 classical Chinese dance and music.

03:44:01 >> Second.

03:44:03 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

03:44:06 Aye.

03:44:06 >>HARRY COHEN: I'll just welcome them.

03:44:16 The second item is I would like to acknowledge the fact that

03:44:18 Mayor Buckhorn has issued a proclamation declaring that

03:44:24 February 16th, 2012, will be medical transportation

03:44:29 services day in the City of Tampa, and urge all citizens to

03:44:32 join us in congratulating the crisis center of Tampa Bay for

03:44:36 the dedication and service that they provide to our

03:44:39 community.

03:44:42 And third, just on a note of personal observation, I noted

03:44:50 with the same sadness that I'm sure everyone else felt the

03:44:53 passing of Whitney Houston this past week.

03:44:56 And I was out of town when I heard the news, and like many,

03:45:01 I turned on CNN or MSNBC or one of the 24 hour news

03:45:07 stations, and in the coverage I saw her rendition of the

03:45:14 Star Spangled Banner at Tampa stadium at Super Bowl 25 in

03:45:19 1991, and I have to tell you, I think it may have been one

03:45:23 of the great renditions of that song that I have ever heard.

03:45:26 And it reminded me that that event happened hear in Tampa.

03:45:30 And sometimes when you witness something like that, you

03:45:35 don't even notice the significance of it until many years

03:45:38 later.

03:45:39 But it was with a great sense of pride that I watched the

03:45:43 people of Tampa react to her singing that song, and I hope

03:45:49 if the media covers her funeral in the coming days they will

03:45:52 go back and replay that singing of the national anthem

03:45:54 because it truly may be the most beautiful rendition of the

03:45:57 song they've ever heard.

03:45:59 Thank you.

03:45:59 >>MARY MULHERN: It gives me the chills just thinking about

03:46:05 it.

03:46:05 Incredible.

03:46:09 Councilman Reddick.

03:46:10 >>FRANK REDDICK: I have two items.

03:46:12 And one is, ask the finance department to report to us on

03:46:19 June 7th at our regular council meeting, on a staff

03:46:25 report, and update on proceeds generated from the red light

03:46:34 cameras, and also any disbursements that have been made from

03:46:39 the proceeds.

03:46:40 >> Second.

03:46:41 >>FRANK REDDICK: I would like a report on June 7th,

03:46:45 10 a.m. staff report.

03:46:47 >>MARY MULHERN: If you wouldn't mind, Councilman Reddick, I

03:46:51 would like to ask also from them for a report on any of

03:46:55 the -- well, actually a map whereof all the red light

03:46:59 cameras that were put in are and a report if any of the

03:47:03 timing of those lights was changed.

03:47:05 >>FRANK REDDICK:

03:47:13 All in favor?

03:47:14 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

03:47:14 And the second part is that we lost a sports icon in this

03:47:20 community this past Monday, and I would just like for this

03:47:25 council to extend a resolution to the Freddy Solomon family

03:47:31 on his passing.

03:47:33 He was one of my former neighbors, and it's real sadness to

03:47:39 see him go, and he was well liked and well respected in his

03:47:43 community.

03:47:44 If we can have a resolution done from the council.

03:47:49 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

03:47:53 Aye.

03:47:57 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, Freddy Solomon, university of Tampa

03:48:01 football team.

03:48:03 And a lot of people don't realize that football --

03:48:09 university of Tampa had a football team.

03:48:12 I was there when they had a football team.

03:48:21 So, yes, I have to agree, we have lost a giant in our

03:48:24 community.

03:48:25 So sad.

03:48:28 I just have one item of new business, and I would like to

03:48:31 make a motion to present a commendation on March 1st,

03:48:35 2012, to the focus on female education foundation.

03:48:42 This foundation will be holding its seventh annual woman's

03:48:47 symposium on Saturday, March 31st at Tampa Convention

03:48:50 Center.

03:48:52 It is free and open to the public.

03:48:55 This is the Web site so that you can go to it.

03:48:59 And register to attend.

03:49:00 Again it is free. It is

03:49:06 Thank you.

03:49:06 >>MARY MULHERN: Anything else?

03:49:13 Oh, all in favor? Aye.

03:49:20 >>YVONNE CAPIN: There is one more thing.

03:49:21 I'm sorry.

03:49:22 Yes, I would also ask that the foundation on woman's health

03:49:27 care make a presentation also on March 1st, ten-minute

03:49:31 presentation.

03:49:32 This is woman's history month.

03:49:36 And I think it would be very appropriate to have this

03:49:39 presentation, which is focus on females health care.

03:49:45 Thank you.

03:49:45 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor? Aye.

03:49:51 Next? We are adjourned.

03:49:54 >> Move to receive and file.

03:50:02 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor? Aye.

03:50:05 Now we are adjourned.

03:50:08 >> (Meeting adjourned)



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