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Community Redevelopment Agency
Thursday, March 8, 2012
9:00 a.m.


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>>FRANK REDDICK: Good morning.

09:08:19 I call this Community Redevelopment Agency meeting to order.

09:08:22 At this time, I would like to yield to Councilman Suarez.

09:08:26 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

09:08:28 I would like to introduce our invocation speaker this

09:08:33 morning, somebody that is not a stranger to Tampa City

09:08:36 Council.

09:08:37 It's Deacon Scott Paine, serves at St. Mark, the Evangelist

09:08:46 Catholic Church, served on City Council from 1991 to 1999

09:08:49 and served on several state task forces and commissions on

09:08:53 growth management, transportation, and intergovernmental

09:08:56 cooperation.

09:08:56 He writes a regular column for quarterly city magazine and a

09:09:01 regular blog for Florida League of Cities and worked for

09:09:05 government leadership across the country, Florida league of

09:09:08 cities, leadership institute and was my professor at the

09:09:12 University of South Florida, was a great professor on

09:09:15 constitutional law and Congress, two classes I took with

09:09:19 you, and a wonderful, wonderful teacher. So, please,

09:09:21 everyone stand and remain standing for the pledge of

09:09:23 allegiance.

09:09:24 >> Scott Paine: Loving creator of all things, in recent

09:09:33 days the power of your creation has been brought forth to

09:09:35 our midns, whether it's massive solar flares or powerful

09:09:41 tornadoes. We are conscious of our dependency in this vast

09:09:48 universe on your mercy and your forbearance.

09:09:53 We ask that those of us who have earthly power remember our

09:09:57 own dependency on your mercy, and show mercy and kindness to

09:10:02 those who are dependent upon us, especially those most in

09:10:06 need of our care.

09:10:08 Amen.

09:10:09 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]

09:10:39 >>FRANK REDDICK: Councilman Capin will not be present this

09:10:41 morning.

09:10:43 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:10:45 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:10:46 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:10:47 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

09:10:48 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:10:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:10:55 >> Bob McDonaugh.

09:11:00 Just a brief note before I start. I started my day today at

09:11:02 a breakfast for Meals on Wheels. And, you know, you a tend

09:11:06 something like that and it's another great reminder why it's

09:11:08 such a great place to live.

09:11:10 The room was chock full of people, they were chock full of

09:11:15 volunteers and people willing to help.

09:11:17 And it's just a reminder again that we have a great

09:11:20 community to live in.

09:11:21 Talking about our activity report for the last month, and I

09:11:27 did not know he was deacon Paine, but I have something

09:11:31 similar because he was talking about tornadoes.

09:11:33 Well, this past weekend we had the perfect storm in downtown

09:11:36 Tampa.

09:11:37 Friday night, we had a hockey game.

09:11:40 Saturday morning we had Gasparilla parade from the art show.

09:11:43 Saturday afternoon we had the bulls playing at the St. Pete

09:11:47 Times Forum.

09:11:49 Sunday we had Gasparilla races and the art show. So it was

09:11:53 really a fabulous weekend to be in downtown Tampa.

09:11:56 Saturday, we have the Gasparilla music fest happening, and

09:12:01 the downtown CRA is one of the sponsors and I hope you all

09:12:05 can attend.

09:12:05 They feel there was a gap missing in the activities that we

09:12:09 have in the large music fest for our downtown.

09:12:11 So I'm wishing great success.

09:12:13 I know ticket seals have been brisk.

09:12:17 We attended two and participated in two very important

09:12:20 events in the last couple of weeks.

09:12:22 Actually three.

09:12:24 Ms. Montelione scheduled a meeting of the federal bank and a

09:12:30 lot of our local banks to talk about blitz get some money

09:12:34 back out on the street.

09:12:35 We had the SBA attending.

09:12:38 It was an interesting discourse because on one hand you have

09:12:42 talk about keeping interest rates low to try to keep

09:12:45 inflation at bay, and then the bankers were talking about,

09:12:48 you want us to put money out on the street but we can't make

09:12:51 any money with the interest rates the way they are.

09:12:54 So it was a well participated and a very interesting meeting

09:12:57 that Ms. Montelione chaired.

09:13:01 We also had congresswoman Castor, had a foreclosure workshop

09:13:10 at the Hyatt, and it was amazing.

09:13:13 They filled the ballroom with members, representatives of

09:13:18 just about every bank in the area, mortgage companies,

09:13:21 banks, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and I recognize one of the

09:13:27 law substitutes students that we have on the Channel

09:13:29 District board as a volunteer there, helping people with

09:13:32 issues with their mortgages.

09:13:34 And it was powerful.

09:13:35 A lot of people got help that day.

09:13:37 And then this last Saturday, congresswoman Castor and --

09:13:43 100,000 hats -- had a jobs fair up at the old mall up on

09:13:51 Florida Avenue, and I got there.

09:13:55 It opened at 10:00.

09:13:57 I got there a little before 10:00.

09:13:58 They tulip had a line that wrapped around the building.

09:14:01 The city participated, city of St. Pete was Hillsborough

09:14:07 community college.

09:14:08 They had over 1200 people there in line looking for jobs.

09:14:11 And I think a lot of people were helped.

09:14:14 And it's something I told Ms. Coney we would certainly

09:14:18 participate in again because it was great deal.

09:14:22 What had marginal movement in the rate in our community,

09:14:26 gone from 12% to 10.2 but that's still too high.

09:14:29 So we are continuing to do whatever we can to try to help

09:14:31 people.

09:14:34 A lot of you were at the grand reopening of the Ferlita

09:14:36 Macaroni factory, and the Ybor City CRA had no small part in

09:14:44 that.

09:14:44 As now they had a facade grant but also gave a grant to the

09:14:47 Italian club which helped in the stabilization of that.

09:14:50 So we have a historic building that we saved, and now it's

09:14:53 being put to productive use.

09:14:54 So it was a very nice event.

09:14:59 We had the related groundbreaking, and more than just having

09:15:03 more residential units for our people to live in, also means

09:15:06 we are going to have a new park, and we are going to see

09:15:10 some progress shortly.

09:15:12 And then shortly you will be receiving your East Tampa

09:15:16 newsletter.

09:15:16 And again, it does a nice job of keeping the community

09:15:19 united and talking about things that go on in the community.

09:15:23 Any questions about this month's events?

09:15:33 Thankfully, we have a lot of good things going on.

09:15:36 Now, we had the ULI panel in town, not that long ago, and

09:15:40 there were people from all over the country, and they

09:15:43 remarked about the fact that we seem to be a lot busier in

09:15:47 our community than lots of places that they live.

09:15:49 And I had to agree with them.

09:15:51 Some of them went down just to see what a building crane

09:15:55 looked like, it had been so long.

09:15:57 So it was a positive thing.

09:15:59 Number two is a memo, making a request.

09:16:04 Since December 2008, we had a monthly report, but also had

09:16:10 one of the members of each of the communities come in and

09:16:13 give a report.

09:16:15 It's been a duplication of efforts.

09:16:18 And as you recall, on many occasions we had to continually

09:16:21 reschedule, because of difficulties of people getting away

09:16:24 from work.

09:16:25 And I'm asking the board's forbearance and perhaps

09:16:30 discontinuing this process.

09:16:31 We certainly encourage our CRA advisory board members to

09:16:35 appear in front of the board with questions and concerns

09:16:39 they may have, but this schedule of having the board chairs

09:16:45 became somewhat burdensome to some of the members.

09:16:48 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Do you want to discuss this item or are

09:16:56 we going to wait until it comes up?

09:16:59 >>FRANK REDDICK: Take questions now, Bob?

09:17:02 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Certainly, yes.

09:17:03 >> I do have a concern about that request, Bob, because the

09:17:10 reason that the advisory board exists is so that their

09:17:18 representation of their communities and the folks that live

09:17:20 and do business within those communities have a say in the

09:17:26 activities of the CRA.

09:17:30 And coming to the CRA board and offering opinions about what

09:17:37 is going on or not going on, as the case may be in their

09:17:42 communities, is important to us, and often we don't get to

09:17:46 hear from them other than here at this body all at once so

09:17:52 that we can ask questions of them as a collective exchange

09:17:58 ideas and conversation.

09:18:02 So I understand it might be a scheduling difficulty for some

09:18:09 of them, but certainly there are multi-member boards, and if

09:18:13 the chair cannot make it, then someone else who represents

09:18:17 the community can be here, but only hearing from staff of

09:18:22 the activities going on in the community I think does us a

09:18:28 disservice because we are only hearing the proverbial side

09:18:33 or one perspective.

09:18:35 And I for one would want to continue to hear from them, and

09:18:42 not during a public comment portion of the agenda.

09:18:46 Public comment puts members who have dedicated their time to

09:18:52 their community lumped in with everyone else who wants to

09:18:56 come here and speak to us.

09:18:59 I mean, not that we have a sold out crowd here unlike the

09:19:05 Gasparilla music festival, but I think it's important we

09:19:07 continue to hear from them and hear their opinions, their

09:19:12 gripes, their accolades, whatever the case may be.

09:19:16 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Several of the folks that come in front of

09:19:23 the board, the presidents, generally ask the staff member to

09:19:28 write them a list of things that are going on, which is very

09:19:31 similar to what's in the monthly report.

09:19:33 It's just a concern that there might be duplication.

09:19:35 But if it's the board's pleasure we can --

09:19:39 >> Duplication if they are coming with bullet points by

09:19:45 staff.

09:19:47 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Asked to be created by staff, I mean.

09:19:49 >>LISA MONTELIONE, no I understand.

09:19:52 It puts you in the position of whoever is adviser for that

09:19:57 particular CRA is.

09:19:57 >>BOB McDONAUGH: If it's the board's pleasure, we can

09:20:01 certainly continue on.

09:20:02 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

09:20:06 I agree with Councilwoman Montelione.

09:20:09 And hopefully it shouldn't be too much of a hardship if you

09:20:12 think about we have eight CRAs, right?

09:20:15 So it would only be about once a year that somebody, you

09:20:19 know, we are having individual reports from the different

09:20:25 advisory committees, they can send someone.

09:20:27 As she said, it doesn't necessarily have to be, but share

09:20:31 once a year.

09:20:32 I think if that's too much of a hardship to be able to do,

09:20:38 maybe we need other people on the advisory committee that

09:20:42 would be willing to come.

09:20:43 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Well, we have had the presidents because

09:20:46 in the past the scheduling has been the issue that people

09:20:52 wanted to hear from the president so we would wait until the

09:20:55 president was available and shift the schedule around.

09:20:57 >>HARRY COHEN: One thing that I think has been helpful

09:21:03 about having the representatives from the different CRAs,

09:21:08 here is our chance to meet them and talk to them, and then

09:21:12 we see them somewhere, and all of a sudden, now, that

09:21:18 decision has been made, and that's happened to me a few

09:21:21 times.

09:21:21 >>FRANK REDDICK: Do we need a vote on this?

09:21:26 >>BOB McDONAUGH: If that's the board's pleasure, I will

09:21:28 respectfully withdraw the request.

09:21:30 >> Right now the policy is to have someone come.

09:21:39 The other thing is it okay if someone other than the

09:21:41 president comes?

09:21:42 So you need a motion to address that issue.

09:21:44 >>FRANK REDDICK: I don't think it's a problem if the

09:21:49 president can't come, to send somebody, vice chair, whoever

09:21:51 wants to come and speak.

09:21:53 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'll motion that the language in the

09:21:58 request changed from the president or chair of the CRA

09:22:04 advisory board to "a representative of" and then the board

09:22:12 of that CRA can decide who the representative would be.

09:22:14 >>FRANK REDDICK: Do we have a second to the motion?

09:22:18 >>MARY MULHERN: I wanted to ask a question about this.

09:22:21 I'm not sure.

09:22:25 I would like the advisory boards to really retain their

09:22:30 autonomy, so I think if they make a decision as a board to

09:22:35 do that, they should do that rather than us telling them to

09:22:38 do that.

09:22:42 If an individual CRA advisory committee decides that they

09:22:46 would like to send someone other than the president to our

09:22:53 CRA board meeting, then they can make that decision on their

09:22:56 own.

09:22:56 And I don't know that we really need to change any policy

09:22:59 language to do that, do we?

09:23:04 >>SAL TERRITO: I think right now that's who you have coming

09:23:06 here so you are giving them the autonomy by making a motion

09:23:10 to leave it up to them.

09:23:11 >> Jim Crew, city clerk's office.

09:23:14 I was here when the motion was made in 2008 and the wording

09:23:18 was actually "a representative."

09:23:22 >> We don't really need to change the language.

09:23:24 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's fine P.I was going by what was

09:23:27 provided to us here in the memorandum saying that two

09:23:29 motions regarding monthly reporting CRA activities was made

09:23:32 in 2008.

09:23:33 The first was a motion to have the chairpersons from various

09:23:37 advisory committees appear before the board.

09:23:39 So that was the basis.

09:23:44 >> That has been the practice, knowing there's that latitude

09:23:50 and the board is fine it with, then we'll continue doing

09:23:52 that.

09:23:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Jim.

09:23:54 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Next we have a presentation on Kiley

09:24:00 Gardens.

09:24:01 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

09:24:10 Today we are going to have a presentation from the friends

09:24:17 of Kiley Park, which is a group that started, I think, about

09:24:23 six, seven years ago, when the plans for the new art museum

09:24:28 were out there, and there were a lot of huge support for

09:24:33 preserving this wonderful asset to Tampa, internationally

09:24:40 renowned garden, and in the process of building the new

09:24:49 museum and Kiley Park, the city did a fantastic job of

09:24:54 restoring the vases for the park.

09:25:03 Sadly all the crape myrtle trees were cut down a few years

09:25:08 ago.

09:25:08 But the problems the park was creating with the garage

09:25:13 underneath were all repaired and solved in a way that

09:25:17 allowed the park to be restored.

09:25:19 So Councilwoman Saul-Sena -- I think I can still call you

09:25:26 that, right?

09:25:27 I don't know.

09:25:28 Former Councilwoman Saul-Sena will give us a presentation.

09:25:37 And I hope you read, back before I was in city politics I

09:25:42 wrote a story about Kiley Gardens, because it was very, very

09:25:45 dear to me, and I wanted it to be preserved, so I shared

09:25:49 that with you, and I hope you have a chance to read it.

09:25:52 >> Linda Saul sen A.

09:25:56 Thank you.

09:25:57 Also I want to recognize Vivian SILAGA, who was an original

09:26:03 friend of Kiley, and Vivian put together the slide

09:26:05 presentation.

09:26:06 To do this, do we push the arrow going forward, or do we

09:26:10 push the clicker?

09:26:12 I guess the clicker like this.

09:26:14 What you see before you is an image of Kiley garden as it

09:26:19 was when it was originally created.

09:26:24 Dan Kiley is the most internationally recognized American

09:26:27 landscape architect since the guy who created Central Park.

09:26:32 He is the master of 20th century landscape architecture

09:26:35 in this country, and people actually make pilgrimages to

09:26:40 Tampa to see this garden, it's so outstanding, or they

09:26:44 when it was originally created, we are going to see the

09:26:46 images.

09:26:47 That was the original beauty.

09:26:49 This is the interim period after the trees had been removed.

09:26:55 And this is what it looks like now.

09:27:02 We have one here actually showing Dan Kiley's work.

09:27:10 He's such an outstanding landscape architect.

09:27:18 Recognized all over the world.

09:27:19 The significance of his gardens are universally Herald, we

09:27:25 see the Chicago art institute, Lincoln Center, and I am

09:27:35 going to ask her to speak about the collaboration of Harry

09:27:40 wolf and Dan Kiley.

09:27:42 >> Good morning.

09:27:44 So Dan Kiley is studied by landscape architecture schools

09:27:48 across the country and around the world, and he works very

09:27:51 closely with Harry wolf who designed Rivergate towers as we

09:27:54 know as the round building.

09:27:56 >> Give your name, please.

09:27:58 >> Karen Salaga.

09:28:02 And the design was based on what students of architecture

09:28:07 and landscape architecture know as the perfect ratio, and

09:28:14 the Vinacci sequence.

09:28:17 So this is mathematically the proportions that you find in

09:28:20 nature.

09:28:20 This is what many of the ruins that we see today in Rome

09:28:24 were based off of, and we happened to have one of these

09:28:27 remarkable works by Dan Kiley here in Tampa, and the

09:28:32 building and the garden go hand in hand, and you will see

09:28:34 further in the presentation how they relate to one another.

09:28:41 You can see the original design of the garden, well planned

09:28:50 and thought through, as the image all the way to the left is

09:28:53 a section showing the building in relation to the garden,

09:28:56 and then moving over to the right are the plans.

09:28:59 And you can see where the original trees were located and

09:29:02 the fountains and how the building and the garden really

09:29:07 related to each other and to the waterfront as well, because

09:29:16 some of the best views are in Tampa standing over the

09:29:18 Hillsborough River.

09:29:20 And a few more images.

09:29:26 And you can see it here.

09:29:28 And in 2007, the garden as we know fell to disrepair, and it

09:29:35 was pretty devastating to see it and what had happened.

09:29:51 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: This shows the dynamic waterfront in

09:29:54 Tampa.

09:29:54 So many things went down, came up, it was a very dynamic

09:29:58 area.

09:29:58 The garden was recognized internationally.

09:30:01 Here we have landscape architecture magazine mourning the

09:30:05 potential demise of the garden.

09:30:07 And here we have it in a state of disrepair.

09:30:12 And the trees which were originally planted were not the

09:30:15 ones that had been specified by Dan Kiley.

09:30:19 They were too big, they weren't maintained.

09:30:21 It was a mess.

09:30:22 It made us very sad.

09:30:23 It made many people sad.

09:30:25 And here we have a modern ruin almost cemetery like.

09:30:31 And here we see the relationship to the 400 north Ashley

09:30:34 known as Rivergate tower.

09:30:36 Now, the good news is, that was originally purchased by

09:30:39 people who are doing a great job restoring the building.

09:30:42 Here we see the Tampa Museum of Art.

09:30:45 The green is the area that's owned by the City of Tampa.

09:30:48 The people who own the Rivergate tower only own the blue

09:30:52 section.

09:30:53 So the people who own the round building sued the city

09:30:59 because the garden was leaking.

09:31:01 It was really a green roof that was leaking into the parking

09:31:04 garage.

09:31:04 So the city spent well over $3 million making good on the

09:31:12 problems with the parking garage.

09:31:13 We had to completely dig up the garden and rebuild and

09:31:17 restructure it.

09:31:19 The presentation we are seeing was created by Ron Sill, a

09:31:23 landscape architect with Reynold and hill.

09:31:28 He presented this to the architectural forum and did a great

09:31:33 job of how we addressed it.

09:31:34 >> Some of the problems we were dealing with were

09:31:38 structural, and the garden now, thanks to the City of

09:31:40 Tampa's first recreation effort, has restored the structure

09:31:45 of the garden, and the base that can actually hold trees.

09:31:52 So you will see a slide coming up about the tree cells and a

09:32:00 little information.

09:32:00 This is some of the technical information about what was

09:32:03 done to structurally preserve the garden and also the

09:32:07 parking structure underneath it.

09:32:11 And you can see, this is some of the -- these are the

09:32:15 original tree cells.

09:32:16 And those original tree cells everybody restored in a way

09:32:20 that they can maintain deeper soil to hold the trees without

09:32:23 it leaking in the future.

09:32:25 So the trees can be replanted and restored to their original

09:32:29 condition without problems coming to pass in the future for

09:32:33 the parking garage beneath it.

09:32:37 It's based on some of the original specifications, and also

09:32:40 new technologies and materials that we now have today that

09:32:44 we didn't in 1988.

09:32:45 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The good news is we have done the

09:32:58 expensive part.

09:32:59 It's always the under-the-ground stuff that you don't see

09:33:01 that's really expensive.

09:33:02 The city has already invested and done a super job of

09:33:05 getting the grass, the leaks all spoken for.

09:33:09 That cost about $3 million.

09:33:11 And it's done.

09:33:12 And now we can bring this park back.

09:33:15 Yesterday, I spoke with Carla Price, and she said ballpark

09:33:20 between 180,000 and 220,000 to restore the fountain, and Ron

09:33:29 silk thinks for 250,000 we can restore the trees.

09:33:33 And this time we'll put in the right kind of trees, right

09:33:35 kind of soil, waterproof planters for them, and so the

09:33:42 internationally acclaimed park can come back for our

09:33:44 community and be a source of pride.

09:33:48 Here are the images of it today.

09:33:49 Why don't you keep clicking?

09:33:51 And you may say, okay, what can we as Tampa City Council

09:33:55 sitting as the CRA do?

09:33:57 And there are two very specific things that are easily

09:34:00 within your power.

09:34:01 One is that we want to protect this park for the future.

09:34:05 Some people have had ideas to do other things with it, and

09:34:10 frankly, it needs to be protected as a world class iconic

09:34:15 image it is.

09:34:16 You have the power at the end this meeting to ask the city's

09:34:20 preservation commission to protect it.

09:34:22 It's not protected at all.

09:34:24 County be protected under a local ordinance.

09:34:26 And all they need to do, because the land is owned by the

09:34:29 city, is have your direction.

09:34:31 >> This is just a little bit about the formal design.

09:34:37 You can actually see the sequence that works as I click

09:34:41 through the slides as to how the garden was designed and the

09:34:45 geometry behind it.

09:34:47 So it's a very sophisticated design, and it's one that we

09:34:51 should be very, very proud of to have it here in Tampa.

09:34:53 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The other thing we divided up improving

09:34:58 the park into two phases.

09:34:59 One phase would be the restoration. Tree canopy which I

09:35:02 think we would all agree that shade is good, and shade would

09:35:07 be good in August when the Republicans come so we are going

09:35:09 to leave this last slide on the park.

09:35:13 So the CRA has some funding, and this would be a very

09:35:16 appropriate source of spending it on the trees to get some

09:35:20 put-back there before August.

09:35:21 Then phase 2 do restoration of the fountain.

09:35:25 For the restoration of the fountain, there are several grant

09:35:28 sources we could go to once the park is protected with local

09:35:31 and national designation as a park that's an icon,

09:35:37 historically designated.

09:35:40 The friends of Kiley are willing to work in tandem with the

09:35:43 city as well as the people in the round building to raise

09:35:45 money to improve this world class image for our city.

09:35:49 >> And as we mentioned, the hard part has been done, and

09:35:55 City of Tampa should really be commended for the job that

09:35:58 was done for preserving it as the way that they did so that

09:36:02 it could be restored fully.

09:36:05 Do you have any questions?

09:36:08 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thanks for the presentation.

09:36:10 I really appreciate it because I remember when this building

09:36:13 first went up and was very interested in the way that the

09:36:16 park is.

09:36:18 I won't say I'm a purveyor of urban parks, but I was in New

09:36:22 York last year, and saw the jai alai park, a great example

09:36:27 of a reuse of something that is no longer being used there.

09:36:32 Were hundreds of people in that park, great park.

09:36:34 But the question I have, we know that architecture is not

09:36:37 only art, but it's art with function.

09:36:42 The original design -- and some of the problems that we had

09:36:45 with the leakages, was that because of the way it was

09:36:48 engineered or the way that it was constructed?

09:36:50 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: There were two problems.

09:36:54 The problems have been addressed.

09:36:56 One was with drainage and the other was walking on some of

09:36:59 the small stones that used to be in the bed of earth that

09:37:03 came up, and if you were wearing high heels it was a real

09:37:08 issue.

09:37:08 Now they have been cemented in and we have the image and

09:37:11 geometry but it's a much more safe level.

09:37:14 >> The facade -- I misunderstood that part.

09:37:18 You are talking about the stones are cemented in now?

09:37:21 >> Yes.

09:37:22 The stones are -- they won't have the settling that

09:37:29 occurred.

09:37:29 Also, the soil that is now in there is a lightweight soil,

09:37:34 more technologically advanced soil than we had at the time

09:37:37 for a green roof.

09:37:38 This is really a green roof garden.

09:37:41 And so the technology that we have now for green roofs is

09:37:44 much improved from what we had in 1988.

09:37:47 This is definitely ahead of its time in terms of its

09:37:50 sinking, and now technology has caught up to it, and the

09:37:53 restoration has used that technology.

09:37:59 I believe there was a slide that showed it's guaranteed for

09:38:03 30 years.

09:38:03 >>MIKE SUAREZ: In terms of the -- two questions I have

09:38:07 about cost, which is the types of trees that are going to be

09:38:12 put in there, or we want to put in there, and what the

09:38:16 maintenance costs are going to be going forward.

09:38:18 Have you all done a study of how much it will cost as we go

09:38:22 forward?

09:38:24 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The cost of the trees which are cabbage

09:38:27 palms and crape myrtle is really modest.

09:38:30 The real cost, the liners, what the expression is,

09:38:35 suspenders and a belt.

09:38:37 The park -- will also put the trees into planters that are

09:38:42 waterproof.

09:38:43 The long-term maintenance costs, they do require more

09:38:47 maintenance.

09:38:48 And that's why we are talking to the people in the round

09:38:51 building, because in many cases, where city properties have

09:38:56 been planted adjacent to private investments, the private

09:38:59 investments have had their maintenance people take over

09:39:03 because it's to their good to have the higher level of

09:39:05 maintenance.

09:39:06 And one of the things that Kiley didn't do is give you a

09:39:10 book along with it called how to maintain this, and nowadays

09:39:14 evidently landscape architects provide that, because it is

09:39:17 more sophisticated than the Mo and below operation.

09:39:24 >> I'm glad you mentioned that with sort of partnering with

09:39:26 the owners of the adjacent property, because it does

09:39:29 essentially enhance their property, too, and in terms of

09:39:33 other private donors, have you already identified either

09:39:36 people pledged or know any amount, or figure you are just

09:39:41 getting off the ground?

09:39:42 >> Actually, the organization has been around for a while

09:39:44 but we just started talking about how much would you pay for

09:39:49 a tree with a little plaque in front of it.

09:39:52 In the day of conversation we came up with ten people who

09:39:54 are willing to pay $500 each.

09:39:56 And it's not just people.

09:39:58 It's downtown organizations, the Optimists, Rotarians, and

09:40:02 some people don't know, many, many people don't know that it

09:40:06 exists.

09:40:06 But for the people who have looked down on it over the

09:40:09 years, they recognize that restoration will be a huge value

09:40:14 to our community, and they would like their family's name

09:40:17 associated with it.

09:40:18 >> And by also doing a national historic designation for the

09:40:23 garden and local designation for the garden as well, that we

09:40:26 can actually apply for matching grants in order to help with

09:40:30 the restoration effort.

09:40:31 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

09:40:40 Councilwoman Mulhern had provided us copies of the article

09:40:44 that she had written for creative loafing back quite some

09:40:48 time ago, 2005?

09:40:53 And I have a relationship with that garden as well, because

09:40:57 I worked for NCNB in property management acquisition and

09:41:02 development when we built that building.

09:41:05 And the building just to the other side is where we sat and

09:41:11 watched the construction.

09:41:13 And we had we had a great perch for overseeing the

09:41:19 construction of the building.

09:41:21 When we talk about restoration of the fountain, are we

09:41:25 talking about the reflecting pools?

09:41:26 Okay, so from my recollection back in the day, those were

09:41:32 the areas that gave us the most trouble.

09:41:36 Being in the property management division, that was constant

09:41:41 heartache as well as a headache for us, because they were

09:41:44 beautiful.

09:41:46 But the reflecting ponds were the source of many, many of

09:41:50 the problems, and it may have had something to do with the

09:41:54 failure of some of the other structural elements, because

09:41:58 the weight of the water in those reflecting ponds caused

09:42:03 some of the concrete structures that were connected to the

09:42:07 to fail.

09:42:11 And from almost the second or third month that the

09:42:15 reflecting ponds were in place, they began to leak, and, you

09:42:19 know, there were more people in there cleaning out the algae

09:42:22 and trying to fix the stones that were underneath, and

09:42:25 Vivian is laughing.

09:42:26 She remembers that we spent a lot of time on that.

09:42:33 The trees, they did grow to be very, very tall.

09:42:37 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: They were the wrong species.

09:42:39 The species that Kiley had designated were different.

09:42:43 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Because if you saw the park you saw how

09:42:51 out of scale those trees had become.

09:42:53 When they were first planted everything was beautiful

09:42:55 because they were the right size and scale, but over time as

09:42:58 they grew larger and larger, it was even to someone who is

09:43:02 not a landscape architect.

09:43:04 And I don't understand that whole thing, the relationship of

09:43:07 the geometry at all.

09:43:08 But I know way like and what I see.

09:43:11 But could tell it was completely out of scale.

09:43:14 >> You are absolutely right.

09:43:15 They were out of scale.

09:43:17 And they were more of a traditional crape myrtle that was

09:43:20 planted, and what was specified was a dwarf crape myrtle

09:43:23 which has also a smaller root ball, and so that was also

09:43:26 part of the problem with the structure and with the water

09:43:28 features, is that the root balls were so large, as the trees

09:43:33 got bigger, those roots began to penetrate the structure,

09:43:36 and so a lot of settling and unevenness and the leaking of

09:43:41 the fountains was also a result of having the wrong -- too

09:43:47 large of a tree in the planting.

09:43:48 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.

09:43:51 And the cost is a concern.

09:43:55 I do speak a lot about grants and using outside funding to

09:44:00 support the things that we do within the city.

09:44:02 And having the ability to leverage the designation to

09:44:11 receive grant funding, to restore the fountains within the

09:44:17 park is a wonderful idea.

09:44:21 The question I have -- although I know that we have a job

09:44:27 opening for a grant writer, we don't currently have one on

09:44:31 staff, and the grants that would be written, would that fall

09:44:36 to the responsibility of someone here at the city?

09:44:40 Or would we be able to prevail upon --

09:44:45 >> Friends of Kiley would be able to write the grants but we

09:44:48 need the city to sign off on it.

09:44:50 That's what was keeping us back previously.

09:44:51 The city didn't move ahead with the designation.

09:44:54 You need the designation before you write for the grant.

09:44:56 We are willing to do the work.

09:44:57 The city has to agree to accept the money.

09:45:00 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Excellent.

09:45:01 Now we have that on record.

09:45:05 That's wonderful.

09:45:07 Finally, and this is outside of the cost, but you can see

09:45:12 the amphitheater there, and I love that amphitheater, and I

09:45:20 would love to have the programming.

09:45:23 We talk about all the programming that's been going on at

09:45:27 the top of the hour by Mr. McDonaugh, if we can have

09:45:32 additional programming there, bring more people into the

09:45:34 park, maybe have more citizens who realize the benefits of

09:45:39 it and the beauty of it and contribute to the friends.

09:45:42 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: One of the cool things is people are

09:45:46 getting married in the museum, and I think if we had trees

09:45:49 people would also get married in the park and amp theater.

09:45:51 And somebody asked about putting a placard in front of the

09:45:54 tree in honor of their marriage.

09:45:56 That's really special.

09:45:57 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to say a few things.

09:46:05 With regard to the crape myrtles, it was not only that they

09:46:10 were not the right species, they were too big, they were

09:46:15 never pruned.

09:46:17 And if now anyone who actually takes care of their crape

09:46:19 myrtles -- we have a neighbor, and every winter, every

09:46:25 spring, I guess, they completely prune them.

09:46:28 And this was never once done in the gardens over 20 years.

09:46:32 I don't know how many years it was.

09:46:33 They weren't maintained.

09:46:34 So Linda brought up the point that now when you have a

09:46:39 garden, you have a maintenance manual for it.

09:46:42 And the great thing is we have still got landscape architect

09:46:49 who worked on this project, and Ron Sill, who worked on

09:46:53 repairing this, just has complete understanding of what

09:46:58 needed to be corrected in there.

09:47:01 I think where we are now, I was just thinking about it.

09:47:04 Since 2005, what happened, I think the reason the historic

09:47:10 designation never got passed in a previous council was

09:47:14 because there was so much change going on around Ashley and

09:47:17 the museums, that we are now on a third mayor, and a

09:47:23 question about what to do with Curtis Hixon and Kiley Park

09:47:26 and the museum and all of that.

09:47:28 So no one was ready to make that commitment to this park.

09:47:32 But many while, Mayor Iorio and the last administration did

09:47:39 put all that money toward this restoration.

09:47:42 So I think it would be a pity for us not to follow through

09:47:45 with the smaller investment.

09:47:47 We need to find ways to do. I think that historic

09:47:52 preservation is really important, and I think we are ready

09:47:56 to go it with.

09:47:57 All the research was done, we are ready to do that

09:47:59 designation.

09:48:00 So I think a motion from us might move that forward.

09:48:04 Then I guess I had a couple questions -- one question maybe

09:48:09 for Bob.

09:48:10 I know that there was funding from the RNC for landscaping

09:48:16 Ashley.

09:48:17 Is there anything left?

09:48:18 >> The city is not receiving any money from the RNC for

09:48:22 landscaping.

09:48:23 >> We are not?

09:48:24 Oh, the CRA did?

09:48:25 No?

09:48:27 >>BOB McDONAUGH: The city has been funding improvements in

09:48:28 some places where there were other cities.

09:48:33 If the host committee had moneys left over at the end of the

09:48:36 convention they had offered moneys to the city.

09:48:38 But there's in a money going to the city.

09:48:41 >>LISA MONTELIONE: The host committee didn't offer us any

09:48:44 money for that?

09:48:46 Who is paying for the landscaping we are doing?

09:48:49 >>BOB McDONAUGH: The city is.

09:48:51 >> We are?

09:48:53 Out of the general fund?

09:48:54 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Yes, out of budgeted funds.

09:48:56 The whatchamacallit, the stories of the city receiving money

09:49:02 was after the fact if there were moneys left over from the

09:49:05 convention, sometimes the host committees, whether that be

09:49:08 Republican or Democratic, would give the city some money to

09:49:12 pay back.

09:49:13 But it's all dependent upon whether or not there was a

09:49:16 balance left.

09:49:19 >>MARY MULHERN: And it's after the convention.

09:49:21 Okay, thanks.

09:49:22 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: It's my understanding the city hasn't

09:49:25 allocated all the money they set aside to spend on

09:49:28 landscaping.

09:49:29 So I think it would be appropriate to ask parks if there are

09:49:31 some funds they could put towards this.

09:49:33 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any more questions?

09:49:43 >>MARY MULHERN: No.

09:49:43 I'm good.

09:49:44 Thank you so much.

09:49:44 >>FRANK REDDICK: Just two things.

09:49:47 One, have you gone to the city administration to speak with

09:49:52 them pertaining to funding, whether it comes from the parks

09:49:56 or not?

09:49:57 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.

09:49:58 We spoke with the mayor two weeks ago, and he was very

09:50:01 enthusiastic, and he was the one that asked for us to find

09:50:03 out what the costs for restoring the fountains would be.

09:50:07 I think the thing that appealed to the mayor was the

09:50:09 international level of recognition that this park would

09:50:14 glean for the city. In terms of urban design, it's the most

09:50:17 by far sophisticated thing we have to offer.

09:50:19 And their level of investment, the bulk of it, the 3 million

09:50:25 to redo the garage has already been made.

09:50:27 This is like the icing on the cake, and this is what would

09:50:30 get people there, because it's no fun when it's too hot.

09:50:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: Secondly, have you spoken with

09:50:36 preservation people about designating this for the historic?

09:50:40 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Yes.

09:50:41 Yesterday, I spoke with Dennis Fernandez.

09:50:43 He said that the best way to move this up on the list was

09:50:46 have City Council ask the Historic Preservation Commission

09:50:50 to designate it.

09:50:52 I mean, they can do it on their own, but if you all ask it

09:50:56 they will put it at the top of the list.

09:50:57 >>FRANK REDDICK: The last question is from my calculation

09:51:01 it seems like almost half a million dollars to do what you

09:51:04 need to do.

09:51:08 Are any of these funds going to be paid to start some type

09:51:12 of private financing for this type of project?

09:51:16 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Chairman Reddick, great idea.

09:51:19 Yes.

09:51:20 That's what friends of Kiley has already organized as a

09:51:24 501(c)3 but what we need in order to do that is the

09:51:27 designation, so that we know that the money that's collected

09:51:36 will be directed to redoing the trees.

09:51:39 And we don't have to do the whole half million.

09:51:42 Phase one would be the trees.

09:51:43 Phase two the fountains. If we could get phase one done on

09:51:46 the sooner side then we have the opportunity to apply for

09:51:48 grants to do the fountain restoration.

09:51:50 >>FRANK REDDICK: Council, anything further?

09:51:54 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, I wanted to ask either Bob or

09:51:59 yourself, as far as the historic preservation request, can

09:52:03 we do that as a CRA board or do that as a council?

09:52:10 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I would like also the opportunity to talk

09:52:12 to the mayor to see if the administration is supportive of

09:52:14 that because it's the first I have heard of that, that he

09:52:16 was supportive of that issue.

09:52:18 Not that he was not or he positively was.

09:52:21 It's just I'm unaware of the administration's position on

09:52:25 that.

09:52:25 I would like to check that out and get back with City

09:52:27 Council on that.

09:52:28 >>FRANK REDDICK: Is it possible, Bob -- are you planning on

09:52:33 being at this evening's meeting?

09:52:35 >> If you like me, to I will be there.

09:52:37 >> If you will meet with the mayor.

09:52:39 >> He's in Washington, D.C. right now.

09:52:42 I'm not sure if he will be back, but I'll check.

09:52:44 >> Okay.

09:52:45 Get him on his cell phone.

09:52:48 [ Laughter ]

09:52:57 >>MARY MULHERN: I think we as council can vote for that. I

09:53:00 hope the mayor will support that. I don't know. But we can

09:53:02 do it tonight if we have a chance.

09:53:04 So what I would like to do as a CRA board, I make a motion

09:53:08 to have a report from the downtown CRA about whether there

09:53:17 is a possibility, and maybe the downtown partnership could

09:53:23 let us know if they can help with finding funding for

09:53:27 purchasing trees.

09:53:28 So if there's any money in the CRA budget --

09:53:34 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: The partnership has so many --

09:53:38 >>MARY MULHERN: We'll leave them out of it but I would like

09:53:40 to hear from the downtown CRA if there's any money in the

09:53:42 budget this year for purchasing some of the trees, if

09:53:47 there's money in there for that.

09:53:48 >>LISA MONTELIONE: The trees and the fountains, the two

09:53:59 phases, I believe 250,000 was the -- to replace all the

09:54:05 trees.

09:54:06 There's also the possibilities if we have one and a quarter,

09:54:08 we put back half the trees, but it would be nice to have all

09:54:11 the trees.

09:54:11 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So the target number is 250,000 for the

09:54:14 trees, and this would be needed sometime probably June.

09:54:19 And I don't know what the schedule is for planting trees.

09:54:23 There are certain trees at certain times of year, things are

09:54:27 done with certain types of trees. Anyway, the point is that

09:54:37 the counting of how much we need to come up with, our CRAs

09:54:41 have limited funds, but with the friend's contribution, with

09:54:44 possibly a contribution from the folks at Rivergate towers,

09:54:48 and --

09:54:50 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: They won't give us money.

09:54:51 I spoke to them.

09:54:52 But they will consider maintenance.

09:54:54 They haven't committed.

09:54:57 It's a big chunk.

09:54:58 But just.

09:54:59 >>LISA MONTELIONE: But just the purchase of the trees,

09:55:01 trying to work down from the 250,000.

09:55:03 We think don't need a designation to go ahead and start that

09:55:06 process?

09:55:09 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: No.

09:55:09 In fact that action would help the designation because it

09:55:12 would indicate that the city is committed to the restoration

09:55:15 of the park.

09:55:16 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm sorry, we have to get sign put from

09:55:21 parks and recreation.

09:55:25 They are very enthused about getting the 250,000 raised or

09:55:28 figuring out exactly how much it costs.

09:55:29 >>MARY MULHERN: My motion at this point, I just want to

09:55:34 hear from the downtown CRA about, now, what they, you know,

09:55:38 even for them to say -- but it is their money.

09:55:45 >> The downtown CRA has less than $20,000 in capital

09:55:48 improvement.

09:55:48 We are a million dollars short of paying the convention

09:55:52 center bond this year.

09:55:53 So we have reminders from some other years but it's less

09:55:56 than $20,000 for capital improvement dollars.

09:55:58 >> If we could hear from parks.

09:56:04 >>MARY MULHERN: I would like to have the CRA advisory board

09:56:09 take it up at their meeting, and then come back to us.

09:56:12 I mean, any kind of seed money, whatever is out there, any

09:56:15 kind of commitment, any kind of help we can get I think is

09:56:18 worth it.

09:56:19 And then that's a motion for the downtown CRA, to look at if

09:56:26 there is any funding that they can contribute.

09:56:29 And I can add also that they come back at our next CRA

09:56:34 meeting along with the Parks Department to give us their

09:56:37 input about costs and budget.

09:56:42 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

09:56:47 All in favor say aye.

09:56:48 Opposed?

09:56:49 Okay.

09:56:49 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you.

09:56:54 And tonight -- great, great.

09:56:56 And I just want to say, Adam, Karen's husband, had a

09:57:00 creative idea if we only got a bit of money that we would

09:57:03 plant in the original sequence to really visually identify

09:57:07 how dramatic that is, and use that again as a selling tool

09:57:11 for grants and additional fund-raising.

09:57:13 Thank you.

09:57:13 >>HARRY COHEN: I didn't say anything during the discussion

09:57:18 but I wanted to tell you, I think that this would be such a

09:57:22 phenomenal addition to the riverfront.

09:57:24 It is such a wonderful project.

09:57:25 And it's just going to add so much beauty to the work that's

09:57:31 already been done.

09:57:32 So thank you very much for a wonderful presentation.

09:57:34 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Thank you very much.

09:57:37 We are going to be speaking to the editorial board of the

09:57:39 papers as well.

09:57:40 Thank you.

09:57:40 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right, Bob.

09:57:42 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I was asked to give an update on the arts

09:57:51 program.

09:57:52 And the consultant that the city hired or the CRA had hired

09:57:56 actually made 16 suggestions.

09:57:58 It's a very long, comprehensive plan, and during that period

09:58:03 she interviewed almost 100 stakeholders in the city.

09:58:06 And shortly afterwards, she gave a final report with 15

09:58:11 suggestions.

09:58:15 Policy and practice was the first one.

09:58:16 So even in difficult economic times the City of Tampa has

09:58:20 retained the public art component in building codes.

09:58:23 In other words, the county and other folks put aside their

09:58:27 code about providing money for public art, or having people

09:58:31 to construct to put money in.

09:58:34 The city did not.

09:58:34 We continue to require that, construction projects.

09:58:37 So the port garage is a good example, the public art

09:58:42 component.

09:58:43 The art that the related group will be putting in the park

09:58:46 and the related groups project in the Channel District.

09:58:49 The Zack Street Avenue of the arts.

09:58:52 Again even though we have some difficult economic times, the

09:58:54 city is still pursuing the ideas from that plan.

09:59:00 We actually brought a group of stakeholders together.

09:59:03 We call it the Intown arts plan because just calling it the

09:59:07 Channel District arts plan is really too constrictive and

09:59:11 did not get enough stakeholders involved.

09:59:13 So I have Christine Burdick here who has been actively

09:59:16 involved with me in this process, and I will give her an

09:59:19 opportunity to speak after I just run through the

09:59:21 suggestions.

09:59:22 Let's do it together.

09:59:24 The arts group is comprised of public and private entities,

09:59:27 and one of their suggestions was to get the private

09:59:30 companies involved, and we have.

09:59:32 I think a very good example is TECO peoples gas providing

09:59:35 funding to light the bridges.

09:59:37 As Ms. Saul-Sena was talking about, enroute, which is the

09:59:41 name of the company that owns the Rivergate tower, we talked

09:59:44 to them.

09:59:44 He's very enthusiastic about the local arts theme, and I

09:59:47 think probably the best example of that as you can see if

09:59:52 photographic museum of traffic arts is moving in there with

09:59:56 some great graphics.

09:59:57 And coming back into the museum's district, it's a great

10:00:01 plus.

10:00:02 So that's an indication of public-private partnerships.

10:00:06 Ensuring quality.

10:00:07 So we continue to use the jury selection for public art and

10:00:11 Lights on Tampa.

10:00:12 Dedicated staff.

10:00:14 We still have Robin Nigh work withing us, Kimberly, Michael

10:00:20 Kilgore from the Straz center, Christine Campbell.

10:00:25 Recognize and celebrate Tampa's cultural assets.

10:00:29 Now, this last few weeks, it's been a pretty good example.

10:00:32 We had Fiesta Italian.

10:00:35 We had the Gasparilla music festival.

10:00:37 Our community is a paella of lots of different national

10:00:42 eights, so combined to continue that heritage.

10:00:48 Our market downtown channel Ybor as a major urban center,

10:00:52 and again that's why we call it the Intown arts group, again

10:00:56 to celebrate all of these folks together.

10:00:59 Establish around the clock community to attract new

10:01:04 employers and residential housing, tone sure this.

10:01:07 I don't not if you saw it, but Richard Flora recently wrote

10:01:12 an article that Tampa is one of the hotbeds of attracting

10:01:15 more jobs in the creative class of 17.2% increase in the

10:01:19 number of jobs.

10:01:20 So what we are doing is apparently working.

10:01:24 Create sustainable creative industries.

10:01:28 So supports for the arts organization.

10:01:30 An example of that was the money that this CRA board agreed

10:01:34 to contribute to Stageworks.

10:01:37 Again, a great asset to the community.

10:01:40 Encourage linkages and collaboration.

10:01:44 And that's where we have the downtown partnership, we have

10:01:47 the YCDC, Art Kibo, Michael Kilgore, the Straz center.

10:01:54 We have a cumulative art calendar which is not just Tampa

10:01:58 but also has Pinellas County.

10:01:59 We are inviting everybody to participate in this.

10:02:03 Establish wider dialogue with other cities.

10:02:05 And again it started here, but again as I mentioned we do

10:02:08 reach out to Pinellas County and other communities and

10:02:11 invite them to our arts calendar.

10:02:17 Counter perception of isolation.

10:02:19 When that was written, the Channel District was totally

10:02:21 different than the way it is right now.

10:02:23 And we have done streets and sidewalks.

10:02:27 We have a community park.

10:02:29 You go down there in the evenings, there's lots of

10:02:31 pedestrians, no feeling of isolation there.

10:02:34 Activate streets and storefronts.

10:02:36 We have some examples of that.

10:02:37 Ybor is working right now with HCC on an arts program for

10:02:41 their storefronts.

10:02:42 We have someone from Seattle we are talking to, Kristina and

10:02:47 I from the downtown partnership about activating

10:02:49 storefronts.

10:02:49 We have trucks in the Channel District on the third Thursday

10:02:54 of the month.

10:02:56 Starting yappy hour in the Channel District park again to

10:03:00 activate the streets and storefronts.

10:03:03 Then a large future traffic congestion.

10:03:04 Again this was specific to the Channel District in our

10:03:08 neighborhood, and it said one of the things that when heart

10:03:11 was pulling in their horns, and cutting bus lines, one of

10:03:15 the things they wanted to drop was the wheel trolley which

10:03:19 operates in downtown.

10:03:20 The City of Tampa funds that to keep people out of cars and

10:03:25 offer them an alternative.

10:03:26 As you all know, the CRAs pay a big part of funding the

10:03:30 streetcar, again giving people another alternative to

10:03:35 transportation, and hopefully with some help, we can bring

10:03:37 back the electric cars, which are really gaining some strong

10:03:41 traction in our urban area.

10:03:43 Eyesores into icons, I think lighting bridges are probably

10:03:46 the best example of that, the redo of Cotanchobee, the new

10:03:52 Curtis Hixon parks and the rebuilding we are going to do

10:03:55 shortly of Waterworks Park.

10:03:58 Open for virtual business.

10:03:59 Again that's where I talk about the creative class.

10:04:02 Our cooperation with the Tampa Bay technology forum, again

10:04:07 making sure that we offer jobs to people that want to be

10:04:11 wired.

10:04:12 Keeping it real.

10:04:13 What makes us unique?

10:04:15 One of the things you might have seen this week was the

10:04:18 introduction.

10:04:19 We are going to put along the riverwalk of keeping our

10:04:22 culture alive.

10:04:24 Again, the community being a paella.

10:04:28 So we have reached out to the community and have embraced

10:04:33 this plan.

10:04:33 And I would like to invite Christine up for a couple of

10:04:37 minutes to maybe talk about her view on this subject.

10:04:39 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Could I ask a question, Mr. McDonaugh?

10:04:46 Channelside, what's going on with the litigation?

10:04:48 How far are they with that, what's happening?

10:04:51 >>BOB McDONAUGH: The Port Authority has started to take

10:04:55 depositions, and amazingly at the same time they started to

10:04:58 take depositions, the bank found some money to start doing

10:05:01 some repairs.

10:05:01 But they are scheduled to go to trial next month.

10:05:06 And positively, there is a seafood restaurant that is

10:05:10 looking to go into the old Gallagher space, and there's

10:05:13 actually a couple of retails that the neighborhood could use

10:05:16 that are looking at space as well.

10:05:17 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.

10:05:19 And I see the City of Tampa more as a Cuban sandwich than a

10:05:26 paella, but we appreciate your paella references.

10:05:32 >>> Good morning.

10:05:33 I'm Christine Burdick with the Tampa downtown partnership.

10:05:39 Bob did a great job of sum up the current existing

10:05:42 conditions and all the things that have happened.

10:05:45 This study was one that the whole community got the chance

10:05:51 to participate in, and when the study was released, we all

10:05:56 realized that the things that the consultants recognized as

10:06:04 distinctive and as opportunities in the Channel District

10:06:09 really matched and couldn't be easily separated from all of

10:06:11 the areas around the Channel District.

10:06:15 There were things that were common and actually connective

10:06:20 in the Channel District for Ybor and even Tampa Heights and

10:06:22 the downtown core, Hyde Park even.

10:06:26 So it was an action of the CRA agency in October, I believe

10:06:33 it was, of '08 to change the name of this Channel District

10:06:37 arts plan to the Intown arts program.

10:06:40 But the intent was still always to strengthen and to make

10:06:45 sure that the Channel District had a chance to realize and

10:06:48 build its cultural heritage.

10:06:50 And with all the things that have happened in the Channel

10:06:52 District and surrounding it, that has happened.

10:06:57 We established a committee that met bimonthly with YCDC

10:07:02 representatives and private sector cultural individuals both

10:07:08 from downtown, the Channel District, and from the arts

10:07:12 council, and from YCDC, and we were able to highlight things

10:07:18 that were culturally compatible but still maintained the

10:07:22 uniqueness and the autonomy of each of those districts.

10:07:25 So we offered ideas for tours on solid days that you could

10:07:30 do activities, cultural activities in Ybor, downtown, back

10:07:34 to Ybor for the evening, and never leave -- I mean never use

10:07:38 your car.

10:07:38 You can do it on the streetcar.

10:07:40 You can do it with connectors.

10:07:41 And so we in our Monday morning memo which we had 6500

10:07:47 people every week always have a section of that that's

10:07:49 called Intown collaboration, and that's where we, from the

10:07:54 Monday morning, can highlight those kind of activities that

10:07:57 are happening around downtown, and with the collaboration of

10:08:01 the organizations that we work with.

10:08:03 So I think we can be really pleased with the progression of

10:08:10 growth in the Channel District, both culturally as well as

10:08:14 in the areas surrounding it and that's evidenced by the

10:08:17 retail that's being now just discovered, and you build a

10:08:21 snowball.

10:08:22 And in the Channel District, the retail, and the other

10:08:25 community activities are really rolling now.

10:08:29 So I think this study has been a very good handbook and

10:08:35 guide book and I think it will continue to have value, and

10:08:39 things that we can do to add to it in order to kind of

10:08:44 reinforce the cultural heritage there.

10:08:48 Thank you.

10:08:48 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Any questions?

10:08:54 >>MARY MULHERN: Is there anyone from the Channel District

10:08:56 advisory -- could you hear me?

10:08:59 Sorry.

10:08:59 >> No.

10:09:02 It was just an update on what's going on.

10:09:06 Again we have the entire community involved in this.

10:09:09 Not just the neighborhood.

10:09:10 And I should have mentioned the fact that probably within

10:09:12 the next month we'll see the -- I spoke to her and she's

10:09:22 getting some plans.

10:09:23 I think that was easier to take apart than put back

10:09:27 together.

10:09:27 We also have the sea grass sculpture.

10:09:31 So, yes, we are following the steps.

10:09:36 Item number 5, we had had discussions concerning the

10:09:38 acceptable language for the makeup of the various CACs,

10:09:43 and so working with council, we have come back with some

10:09:47 suggested language, which hopefully the board finds

10:09:50 pleasing.

10:10:16 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I was just going to suggest, originally I

10:10:20 had talked to staff about this.

10:10:23 I find that the language is satisfactory to alleviate some

10:10:27 of my fears in making sure that we had people who had

10:10:30 legitimate business or residential interests in CRA were

10:10:35 taken care of.

10:10:36 And do we have to make a motion, Mr. Territo?

10:10:41 I would like to move we accept this language as part of our

10:10:45 community advisory committee composition, and as we look at

10:10:50 at-large members, and members within a CRA, that it's

10:10:56 included in the application process.

10:10:57 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

10:11:00 And may I just say that I think the best thing about this

10:11:03 language is it provides clarity.

10:11:04 This way people will know exactly what the expectation is,

10:11:09 and there will be no misunderstandings about it which is the

10:11:13 problem last time.

10:11:14 >>FRANK REDDICK: Further discussion in the motion?

10:11:18 All in favor?

10:11:21 All right.

10:11:21 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Item number 6.

10:11:25 As they say on television, this is the fun part of the show.

10:11:28 We have a grant application.

10:11:31 >>FRANK REDDICK: Excuse me, do we do public comments?

10:11:38 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Oh, I'm sorry.

10:11:39 >>FRANK REDDICK: Anyone wishing to speak to any item on the

10:11:45 agenda can come forward now.

10:11:47 You have three minutes.

10:11:47 Please state your name for the record.

10:11:49 >> My name is Vivian Salaga, I am here this morning

10:11:57 representing American Institute of Architects Local Heritage

10:12:00 Committee, not only to say thank you very much for the

10:12:05 direction you are going to go with the Kiley Park

10:12:09 designation, but also to thank you profusely for the work

10:12:13 that this CRA has done in the restoration of the Ferlita

10:12:21 Macaroni factory.

10:12:22 I think that project alone demonstrates how successful

10:12:25 public-private partnerships can be in the heritage

10:12:29 community, and how important heritage is in economic

10:12:33 redevelopment for the City of Tampa.

10:12:36 Again, thank you very, very much.

10:12:38 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:12:43 Okay.

10:12:43 >> Mr. Chairman and other members of the Community

10:12:52 Redevelopment Agency, I'm Al Davis of the East Tampa area.

10:13:01 And I'm here, Mr. Chairman, at this moment to seek a little

10:13:08 clarification as a leader.

10:13:14 There are about three items that I wish.

10:13:22 Number one, are you an HC or an acronym called CRAB?

10:13:44 Throughout the document I see this acronym called CRAB.

10:13:48 But when I read it, the creation of this body, it refers to

10:13:59 the Community Redevelopment Agency.

10:14:03 So if you want to be a CRAB, that's all right.

10:14:08 I will be guided by that.

10:14:10 But I think it's more properly to be that you refer to

10:14:16 yourself as an agency.

10:14:25 In your acceptance of the suggested language of that last

10:14:31 item, it would be my recommendation that you review the

10:14:39 entire agency policy of CAC, and simplify the language, and

10:14:54 not refer to this agency as a crab.

10:15:02 The other -- Mr. Chairman, there's two resolutions that is

10:15:07 coming before you for your approval.

10:15:11 And I would like to understand the implementation of those

10:15:16 resolutions.

10:15:19 Does it involve any funding?

10:15:22 And, if so, what sorts of funding is budgeted, what year

10:15:32 budget, and what items would apply?

10:15:37 Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

10:15:42 I look forward to a response.

10:15:43 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Davis, in reference to your comments

10:15:47 pertaining to an agency or board, I think legal responded to

10:15:52 your inquiry that you submitted to staff requesting them to

10:15:57 respond, and I believe that legally responding to you gave

10:16:01 you a definition of the agency or the board, so I think

10:16:07 that's been resolved.

10:16:08 And I don't know if you still have an issue with that but

10:16:11 from my understanding that's been clarified and resolved.

10:16:13 >> I have not received that clarification, Mr. Chairman.

10:16:17 >>FRANK REDDICK: Do you want to speak to that, Sal?

10:16:24 >>SAL TERRITO: You are a board of the agency.

10:16:26 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

10:16:33 So that should clarify that position.

10:16:35 >> So you all are a board of the agency and not an agency

10:16:41 board?

10:16:46 In other words, you are not a crab?

10:16:49 >>FRANK REDDICK: No, we are a lobster, but I am going to

10:16:51 eat some in a minute since you brought it up.

10:16:53 Thank you, Mr. Davis.

10:16:56 And in reference to your resolution, the two items of the

10:16:59 resolution, Bob will come up in a minute and we'll move

10:17:05 forward.

10:17:05 But some wonderful crab, I'll tell that you.

10:17:10 So thank you.

10:17:11 We appreciate it, sir.

10:17:12 >>BOB McDONAUGH: The resolution concerning a facade grant,

10:17:24 I believe that Mr. Davis looks at this online, and section 3

10:17:29 that the funds for payment of services provided shall be

10:17:32 paid by account.

10:17:33 There's an account number East Tampa park CRA 2009 funds not

10:17:38 to exceed $50,000.

10:17:40 So it is spelled out in the item.

10:17:44 What I like to do, with your permission to ask the

10:17:48 applicants to come up for a second and talk a little about

10:17:50 this project, if that would be okay.

10:17:52 >> My name is Jason Dickens, I'm a partner with design

10:18:04 styles.

10:18:05 We are an architectural firm, have been in business since

10:18:08 1998, providing architectural services throughout the State

10:18:11 of Florida.

10:18:13 In that time we have been operating in the office in

10:18:16 Clearwater.

10:18:16 Just recently purchased a building at 1708 east Columbus

10:18:20 drive and looking forward to moving in there.

10:18:25 We will be moving all of our staff.

10:18:26 We have currently 14 employees, all of which are excited.

10:18:34 Some of them USF graduates.

10:18:35 They are going to be reducing their drive to work

10:18:37 significantly.

10:18:40 We found this project is a great opportunity.

10:18:43 We are moving into a community that's growing.

10:18:46 We are very excited to be a part of that.

10:18:49 And in May looking forward to moving in.

10:18:53 We are looking to invest roughly $300,000 of our own cash

10:18:58 into the building, and looking for a facade grant to help us

10:19:06 on the outside of the building.

10:19:08 Thank you for the opportunity and really excited to move in.

10:19:10 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Yes, Mr. Dickens, how many square foot is

10:19:15 that building?

10:19:16 >> It's roughly 5,000 square feet.

10:19:18 >>MIKE SUAREZ: What was the reasoning that you all decided

10:19:23 to move from Clearwater to Tampa in order to continue your

10:19:26 business?

10:19:27 >> Well, again, we think it's a great opportunity.

10:19:30 One, employee retention.

10:19:32 Half of our staff already living in Tampa.

10:19:34 It's easier to get new employees, retain employs.

10:19:38 The other is we really see East Tampa, and Tampa in general,

10:19:41 as a growing community, and in the business that we are in

10:19:46 we feel this is a great opportunity for us to grow.

10:19:48 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Are you a resident of Clearwater?

10:19:53 > No, I live in Tampa.

10:19:54 >> Terrific.

10:19:55 In the city limits?

10:19:56 You can also move in here.

10:19:59 [ Laughter ]

10:20:00 We appreciate your faith in our city and getting involved in

10:20:04 this program.

10:20:05 We think this is exactly the kind of development that we

10:20:08 want people that want to put a stake in the ground and say

10:20:12 this is way want to do and this is write want to keep my

10:20:15 business, primarily to make sure that our employees are

10:20:17 happy, but also to help grow our own business, and we

10:20:20 appreciate you doing that.

10:20:23 Thank you.

10:20:23 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, sir.

10:20:31 Need a motion.

10:20:33 >> Move the resolution.

10:20:34 >> Second.

10:20:35 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Mr. Miranda and seconded by Mr.

10:20:38 Suarez.

10:20:39 All those in favor of the motion say aye.

10:20:42 Opposed?

10:20:43 Thank you.

10:20:43 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Item number 7 is asking for a

10:20:49 subordination agreement to be executed for an existing

10:20:52 facade grant program, doing a refinance where the CRA is

10:20:56 currently in second position.

10:20:58 They will refinance, will remain in second position.

10:21:01 So our position does not change the financial institution

10:21:04 that they are working with will change.

10:21:07 And in the future, I believe I'm working with Mr. Territo,

10:21:10 that items like this will not have to come back to the board

10:21:13 as long as our position does not change.

10:21:17 Just as a reminder to the board, there's a five year

10:21:20 obligation because of this facade grant, and I think it's a

10:21:23 very powerful one to make sure that someone maintains that

10:21:25 building.

10:21:26 We have invested in it.

10:21:28 Again it's to improve the community.

10:21:30 And they have to keep up with that.

10:21:32 And so there's a warranty for us.

10:21:39 >> Move the resolution.

10:21:40 >> Second.

10:21:40 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Mr. Cohen, seconded by Mr.

10:21:46 Suarez, with Mr. Miranda coming in.

10:21:49 All in favor? Opposed?

10:21:50 Thank you.

10:21:51 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Item number 8 is one of our changes again

10:21:58 as we tell council every month that because of declining

10:22:00 revenues we will be shifting money around to keep the

10:22:03 programs up, and this is a program change in Ybor City.

10:22:09 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Move resolution number 8.

10:22:13 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

10:22:14 >>FRANK REDDICK: Is this information?

10:22:22 >>MIKE SUAREZ: It's a request for resolution.

10:22:30 So we need to approve this change?

10:22:33 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Yes, please.

10:22:33 >> Move to approve it.

10:22:35 >> Second.

10:22:36 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Mr. Suarez, seconded by Mr.

10:22:41 Miranda.

10:22:41 All those in favor? Opposed?

10:22:45 >>BOB McDONAUGH: That will conclude my presentation.

10:22:47 Questions or comments?

10:22:48 >>FRANK REDDICK: What is the annual report?

10:22:52 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Excuse me, I believe you received one on

10:22:54 Wednesday of this week that was distributed in your boxes.

10:22:56 And we were not completely happy with the quality of the

10:22:59 printing.

10:23:01 The graphics were not as sharp as they could be.

10:23:03 And I just want to let you know we are going to have

10:23:06 additional copies printed that graphics will be improved.

10:23:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Chairman, that's the one with the

10:23:16 picture of downtown Tampa, Bob Buckhorn, the mayor,

10:23:20 honorable Frank Reddick, the chairman.

10:23:22 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Yes, sir, the problem was when I got it

10:23:26 back from the printer, I thought I need to have had my

10:23:29 prescription checked.

10:23:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Maybe. Do you.

10:23:31 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I probably do.

10:23:33 But we will get some more copies with graphics a little bit

10:23:36 sharper.

10:23:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: If I may, Mr. Chairman, it's really

10:23:41 energizing to see the block of Columbus drive, growing up in

10:23:49 that vicinity, I remember the old factory on 16th, L&M

10:23:57 grocery store, and the cafe, and that neighborhood is coming

10:24:05 back, and thank you all for working so diligently to do

10:24:08 that.

10:24:08 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Just to remained the board that in another

10:24:12 60 days I'll come back with more photographs of more of

10:24:17 these facade grants as they come into fruition.

10:24:19 I'm very happy with the program the way it's worked, and

10:24:22 will see some great results.

10:24:23 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any additional comments?

10:24:30 All right. Any new business, Mr. Suarez?

10:24:32 >>MIKE SUAREZ: No.

10:24:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No, sir.

10:24:39 >>MARY MULHERN: No.

10:24:42 >>HARRY COHEN: I have a few items.

10:24:44 They are City Council business.

10:24:46 Can I set City Council items now or not?

10:24:53 >>SAL TERRITO: If it's procedural matters, we have done that

10:24:55 before.

10:24:55 >> I'll wait until tonight.

10:24:59 >>FRANK REDDICK: New business, Mrs. Montelione?

10:25:03 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Nothing.

10:25:07 >>FRANK REDDICK: Anything else to come before the crab

10:25:09 board at this time?

10:25:10 >> Move to receive and file.

10:25:11 >> Second.

10:25:11 >>FRANK REDDICK: We stand adjourned. Thank you.

10:25:17 (Meeting adjourned.)



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