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Thursday, March 15, 2012

9:00 a.m. session


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08:57:14 [Sounding gavel]

09:10:48 >>MARY MULHERN: Good morning.

09:10:50 Good morning.

09:10:52 It's great to see all these happy people here today.

09:11:01 Welcome to Tampa City Council.

09:11:03 The chair yield to Councilman Suarez for our invocation.

09:11:08 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

09:11:11 Rabbi Ed Rosenthal is going to do our invocation today.

09:11:16 He's the Executive Director of and campus Rabbi for the

09:11:22 Florida Suncoast, an umbrella organization that works with

09:11:25 college students in Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Sarasota,

09:11:29 Florida.

09:11:29 The Foundation for Jewish Life which is the largest Jewish

09:11:33 campus organization in the world, they work with nearly

09:11:35 3,000 Jewish college students in our region which include

09:11:40 Eckerd college, new college of Florida, Ringling college of

09:11:43 art and design, the University of South Florida, and

09:11:46 university of Tampa.

09:11:48 We are happy to welcome him here today to do an invocation.

09:11:52 He is brought here by our own Councilman Harry Cohen, who

09:11:56 during the time that he was helping to select Rabbi for

09:12:04 traveled up to New York to meet Rabbi Rosenthal who came

09:12:08 from Cornell university, and we welcome you, full come up to

09:12:11 the microphone, and everyone please stand and remain

09:12:14 standing for the pledge of allegiance.

09:12:16 >>> Thank you, Councilman Suarez.

09:12:20 City Council members, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for

09:12:24 the honor and privilege of being with you today.

09:12:27 Let us pray.

09:12:29 Our God and God of our ancestors, we ask your blessing upon

09:12:33 our mayor, our City Council members, and upon our city

09:12:38 officials in whom we put our trust and confidence.

09:12:41 Be with them and guide them, Lord.

09:12:44 Grant them wisdom as they lead our city and inspire them

09:12:47 with compassion for the needs of our citizens.

09:12:51 Watch this great city and all of its inhabitants.

09:12:55 Banish hatred and bigotry from the hearts of our citizens

09:12:58 and may everyone of every race and creed form a bond of true

09:13:03 harmony to form the greatness of Tampa.

09:13:05 We ask this in your name.

09:13:10 Let us -- actually, Lord, while I have you on the line,

09:13:14 there are a few other things I would like to mention.

09:13:17 I know that all can get caught up in the hectic part of life

09:13:22 and the important work but as a relatively new res resident

09:13:27 to the great state of Florida from upstate New York I want

09:13:30 to say thank you for warm sunny days in the middle of March

09:13:34 like today.

09:13:35 It's easy to take for granted we live in paradise.

09:13:38 I'm sorry, we live in a place like paradise, no offense

09:13:42 intended, help us to recognize and not take for granted the

09:13:46 things which brighten our day.

09:13:49 The men's article in -- the article in men's health

09:13:54 argument, we know you have a plan and recognize those who

09:13:57 wrought are just jealous of all that we have here.

09:14:00 At the same time, however, please make sure that those who

09:14:03 are responsible to make Tampa a better place are always

09:14:06 mindful of the fact that while we may feel we live in

09:14:09 paradise there are many in our city for whom it is not.

09:14:13 Continue to remind our leaders of the welfare of all our

09:14:17 citizens is in their hands.

09:14:18 Warm their caring parts hearts, and be with our police

09:14:22 officers and firefighters, Lord, and protect them.

09:14:24 They give so much for so many and make it possible for the

09:14:27 rest of us to sleep at night.

09:14:29 Guard them, please, and keep them safe.

09:14:33 And while you are there, Lord, if you know anybody in the

09:14:35 water department, who knows about watering -- no, forget

09:14:40 about that one.

09:14:40 There is so much to ask for.

09:14:43 Let this suffice.

09:14:45 Inspire us.

09:14:47 Inspire us all city officials and citizens alike to strive

09:14:52 to the best of our ability to make Tampa a beacon to the

09:14:55 rest of our nation, and to be guided in all that we do by

09:14:58 the words of the prophet Micah who said it has been told to

09:15:03 you what is good and what the Lord requires of me only to do

09:15:07 justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with Thy God.

09:15:13 Help us, Lord, to do so.

09:15:14 Amen.

09:15:15 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]

09:15:43 >>MARY MULHERN: Council, since we have such a full morning,

09:15:45 and even four items on our ceremonial activities -- first,

09:15:52 we have roll call.

09:15:53 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:15:58 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

09:15:59 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:16:00 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:16:02 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:16:08 >>MARY MULHERN: If I could have a motion for adoption of

09:16:10 the minutes.

09:16:11 >> So moved.

09:16:13 >> Second.

09:16:13 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

09:16:17 I was going to ask if we could take up -- talk about the

09:16:22 length of the agenda today, the large number of people who

09:16:28 are obviously here to speak, and my question for council is

09:16:39 whether -- there are two items, number 72, I believe, which

09:16:43 is Councilwoman Capin's motion for domestic partnership

09:16:52 ordinance.

09:16:54 I believe that's 72, where I know we have a large number of

09:16:58 people hoping to speak and probably wanting to hear the

09:17:02 vote.

09:17:02 And then item 74, I understand -- and I apologize, because

09:17:08 Councilman Miranda was at the agenda review meeting so I

09:17:13 didn't know I was going to be chairing because he would be

09:17:16 out ill, which I have a memo from him saying he would not be

09:17:20 here today, that he's ill, but I'm bringing this up at the

09:17:24 last minute.

09:17:25 So if council would be willing, a motion to hear item 72 and

09:17:33 74, at the beginning of our ordinances for first reading, so

09:17:41 right before item 6 and 7.

09:17:49 >> So moved.

09:17:50 >> Second.

09:17:50 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

09:17:53 And then I'm seeing so many people here, I'm thinking we

09:17:59 need to think about whether we can afford three minutes for

09:18:04 each speaker.

09:18:05 I don't think there's any way we can do that under 30

09:18:09 minutes.

09:18:10 So perhaps we could ask speakers to have a shorter period.

09:18:15 >> Two minutes?

09:18:18 I make a motion for two minutes.

09:18:21 Per speaker.

09:18:23 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

09:18:24 Okay, so when we get to public comments that will be two

09:18:27 minutes each.

09:18:33 And we'll move on to our ceremonial activities.

09:18:37 Councilman Suarez again has a presentation.

09:18:56 >> Thank you, chair, my colleagues.

09:18:58 It's my pleasure to present a commendation to Herb Fecker.

09:19:08 You can come up, too.

09:19:11 How many staff do we have to help Herb out?

09:19:14 All along the wall?

09:19:15 It's my pleasure to present a City Council commendation to

09:19:19 Herb Fecker for his six years of service to the city.

09:19:28 Herb is uniquely qualified in terms of being able to be

09:19:31 retired.

09:19:32 He's worked hard in a lot of different divisions.

09:19:34 I'm sure you have plans to travel and do some other things.

09:19:40 Having plans are very important especially for Herb.

09:19:43 Herb has worked in our real estate department and has done

09:19:47 several different things concerning his work with the city.

09:19:51 Some of the things that he has done is he did the submerged

09:19:55 land swap with Tampa Port Authority which is very important

09:19:58 for our city, acquisition of the Columbus municipal office

09:20:02 building, completion of the 40th Street, Malcolm McKinley

09:20:07 roadway project, the expansion of the 40th Street stormwater

09:20:10 public works facility, acquisition of fire station number 22

09:20:13 and 23 sites in north Tampa, what we used to call New Tampa,

09:20:20 he acquired the -- helped acquire the property for the

09:20:23 relocation of fire station number 11 and number 19,

09:20:27 disposition of parking lots for USF for the CAMLS project be

09:20:32 project which we all know is a very important economic

09:20:35 project for the city, the FDOT relocation of houses,

09:20:40 specifically blond brick boarding house in Ybor grocery

09:20:46 store project, and the Channelside district park site at

09:20:49 12th street which is our Washington street park.

09:20:51 He has done quite a bit for the city in a very short period

09:20:55 of time.

09:20:55 He was brought in by our previous Mayor Pam Iorio and served

09:21:00 admirably, and I think that we all here in this audience

09:21:04 should congratulate Herb on a job well done and a wonderful,

09:21:08 wonderful retirement to come.

09:21:10 [ Applause ]

09:21:22 >> Thank you, Mr. Suarez, and Ms. Capin, who seconded this

09:21:26 motion, and to all council members who have shown me

09:21:30 courtesies over an extended period.

09:21:33 I can only tell you that it has been a wonderful way to end

09:21:37 a career, and it certainly has enhanced the retirement yet

09:21:43 again.

09:21:44 Need I tell you that none of this would have been possible

09:21:47 without the lady beside me.

09:21:49 She has been my support and guidance and love for more than

09:21:53 33 years, and made not only this venue possible but much

09:21:59 before it so I owe her a deep load of gratitude.

09:22:05 And I must tell you that any manager as now is only as good

09:22:08 as the staff behind him, and I have been very, very

09:22:11 fortunate to have the staff that surrounds me here that has

09:22:16 made all of this possible.

09:22:17 They are the ones that do the work on a daily basis.

09:22:21 I have had two excellent supervisors, Mr. John Archer and

09:22:25 Mr. John Fernandez, and the staff that remains is for your

09:22:33 pleasure.

09:22:34 It may be noted that I was the youngest person in tenure in

09:22:37 the real estate division.

09:22:42 Mr. Wright as you may recall retired with 35 years.

09:22:47 It goes down to Ms. Fails with 28, Ms. Myer with 26 and so

09:22:53 forth, and my six years is minimal compared to the corporate

09:22:57 knowledge that you have in the real estate division, and I

09:23:01 recommend them to you.

09:23:03 They will serve you well and they will not disappoint.

09:23:05 And I would be remiss if I didn't mention as well the good

09:23:10 fortune I had to have certain attorneys appointed to my

09:23:15 assistance.

09:23:17 Early on, I had a couple of months with two different

09:23:21 attorneys, and David Smith then, city attorney, made a very

09:23:26 wise decision, appointing Harvey Martin as counsel for the

09:23:35 real estate division and we have worked so well together.

09:23:37 His direction, guidance and counsel has just been

09:23:41 invaluable.

09:23:41 Of late I have enjoyed the counsel of Ron wig in-hospital

09:23:45 helped with us our lease programs, Maurice Rodriguez who

09:23:49 does much of the work for parks, and parks is very involved

09:23:53 in real estate.

09:23:54 I have indeed been favored by not only this staff but by the

09:23:59 very necessary legal counsel, so I commend all of them to

09:24:02 you, and I thank you for the generosity of showing me and my

09:24:05 family.

09:24:06 Thanks again.

09:24:14 [ Applause ]

09:24:15 >>MARY MULHERN: I want to say thank you, her, for all the

09:24:20 help you have given me and my aide and our constituents over

09:24:26 the last five years.

09:24:27 It's been a pleasure to work with you.

09:24:30 I'm sad to see you are leaving us, but you should be so

09:24:35 proud to know that your staff thinks so highly of you, that

09:24:41 we have confidence that the department will do so well

09:24:44 without you.

09:24:45 But we are really going to miss you, and I really truly,

09:24:49 truly appreciate how forthcoming you and your department

09:24:53 have been, any question I have ever asked.

09:24:55 Thank you, and have fun.

09:24:57 Item number 2.

09:25:17 Is someone from the MPO here?

09:25:24 Ray Chiaramonte.

09:25:25 >> What I wanted to do today as soon as they get the

09:25:28 presentation on the screen is talk to you a little bit about

09:25:32 the work that we have been doing at the MPO regarding the

09:25:35 post referendum analysis.

09:25:37 To give you a little bit of an overview, we spent a lot of

09:25:40 time, and we are still in the process of talking to voters

09:25:46 who voted in the last two elections about their thoughts on

09:25:49 transportation issues, where we should go from here, about

09:25:53 the referendum, and we have gotten a lot of great

09:25:57 information that we are going to proceed with that.

09:25:59 So that is where I plan to go with the presentation, and I

09:26:02 will do it as fast as I can because I know you have a lot of

09:26:05 other things going on.

09:26:06 I don't have to tell you, we are short of money for

09:26:09 transportation.

09:26:12 Again, this presentation is available on our Web site.

09:26:15 Not much I can say about that.

09:26:17 Our multitude of sources for the existing plan, you can see

09:26:21 that the sales tax is a huge part of funding that plan.

09:26:24 We are going to have to look at, number one, revising the

09:26:27 plan in the future.

09:26:28 It's due to be revised in 2014, and also looking for revenue

09:26:32 sources to pay for any plan that we do.

09:26:36 What did the voters say?

09:26:38 I know a lot of people are depressed about the referendum

09:26:42 not passing, but did it pass in the City of Tampa and passed

09:26:45 in Temple Terrace.

09:26:47 I think that's an accomplishment we can be proud of.

09:26:50 In the times we were in, that was difficult to do, and in

09:26:54 most communities they do not have countywide votes like we

09:26:57 do, which I am going to touch on that subject a little later

09:26:59 in the presentation.

09:27:01 Understanding the voters.

09:27:02 Number one reason people said they didn't vote was the

09:27:05 economy of jobs at the time, two different camps, both for

09:27:10 the refuse rep reign dumb thought it would create jobs,

09:27:13 those that were against thought the time was bad, and that

09:27:15 was their prime reason.

09:27:17 So when people say the voters said no to transportation,

09:27:21 that's not the message we are getting.

09:27:23 It was no, it wasn't the right time, no, they didn't

09:27:27 understand things in the referendum, too

09:27:32 This gives sow statistics on the no and yes voters and what

09:27:36 they thought about the whole referendum process.

09:27:40 Transportation is still a top concern.

09:27:44 72% is still a high priority.

09:27:46 They know something needs to be done.

09:27:48 And they think local elected officials should -- only 11% of

09:27:52 the no voters said they voted no because it's not needed.

09:27:56 So again the challenge for us is to come up with the right

09:27:59 mix and in the right plan.

09:28:01 Again the majority of people think we should do something

09:28:03 about the transportation issue.

09:28:05 This isn't an uncommon experience.

09:28:13 It failed two countywide attempts, then passed city by city.

09:28:18 I think an incremental approach is what we need to do.

09:28:21 Again, we have a little bit of experience back in the

09:28:24 1990s where it failed and then passed a year later.

09:28:29 This is typical how business works in these communities.

09:28:31 You have to kind of test the water.

09:28:35 Again, this is something we are looking at.

09:28:37 It's certainly important for Tampa to think about.

09:28:41 It's the idea of separate referendums in different

09:28:44 jurisdictions.

09:28:45 They are exploring that.

09:28:46 Now the MPO AC, a statewide organization, is going to be one

09:28:52 of the top five operators for the 2013 legislative session

09:28:55 to allow cities to have a referendum on their own, by a

09:29:01 certain population cap.

09:29:02 I think it's important.

09:29:06 Demonstration projects are important.

09:29:07 Whether we like it or not, there is a very low understanding

09:29:10 of rail transit in this community.

09:29:12 One of the reasons is that we have a fairly high amount of

09:29:15 native born Floridians population in Hillsborough County

09:29:19 unlike most areas of Florida. 40% of our people were born

09:29:22 in Florida, so you can assume, unless they are over 85 years

09:29:25 old, they have no recollection of the Tampa street car

09:29:28 system, the big 50-mile system that existed in the past so

09:29:37 these are the kinds of things to come up with, is the

09:29:39 educational aspect of it.

09:29:41 People are more frugal than they were.

09:29:44 This isn't the 1950s and we are going to build an

09:29:47 interstate system kind of mentality people are in.

09:29:50 Some of the comments was that they felt that light rail

09:29:53 costs were too high, is there a way to reduce it, maybe with

09:29:59 other technology, and that's what we are going to be looking

09:30:02 into.

09:30:03 Just another thing that came up in the focus groups.

09:30:08 Again, when asked an open ended question 41% said no, but

09:30:16 again did it pass within the city.

09:30:17 So these are all issues that we need to look at.

09:30:20 A lot of confusion about the plan.

09:30:22 When we got into focus groups, it was difficult, because we

09:30:25 are all so close to this, to hear people say, well, I voted

09:30:29 against the high-speed rail, the money for the high-speed

09:30:31 rail.

09:30:32 We are thinking they just didn't get it, it had nothing to

09:30:36 do with the sales tax in Hillsborough County.

09:30:38 It was very complicated.

09:30:40 There were a lot of things on the ballot.

09:30:42 Something we need to think about if and when we do something

09:30:44 like this again.

09:30:45 Do we want it as a stand alone referendum or mixed with

09:30:49 other things?

09:30:50 There's arguments on both sides that are strong but

09:30:52 certainly something we need to think about.

09:30:55 We need to listen to the public again.

09:30:57 There's a tremendous difference in what people want

09:31:01 depending on where -- depending on where people live in

09:31:04 Hillsborough County which again points to maybe the need for

09:31:06 having a separate vote in unincorporated Hillsborough County

09:31:09 and a separate vote in the city.

09:31:12 Will commuter rail technology on existing rail lines or BRT

09:31:18 which is less expensive than light rail work in our

09:31:22 community?

09:31:23 We need to look at that as some cities have done.

09:31:26 Design build ideas for the first segment.

09:31:29 Again we need to look at those kind of public-private

09:31:32 partnerships.

09:31:35 Participants.

09:31:37 Just to let you know who was talked to.

09:31:40 This was done as if a private sector would approach a

09:31:43 product, which I find interesting after going through this

09:31:45 whole process.

09:31:47 Big government doesn't do more of this, because we are

09:31:50 proposing billion dollar projects.

09:31:54 A company would never could the Do that without doing focus

09:31:57 groups but we dot all the time and we need to think about

09:32:00 that.

09:32:00 These are people that voted in the last two elections,

09:32:02 recruited at random, gender, age and political party were

09:32:07 considered, location of where they lived.

09:32:09 Again you can see we went all over the county.

09:32:11 This is a map kind of showing how the vote went.

09:32:14 You can see the parts of Tampa where it passed

09:32:16 overwhelmingly.

09:32:18 Again, we found out traffic congestion by these people, and

09:32:25 a failure to plan ahead, lowering their L government.

09:32:30 Primary popular strategies were to improve local traffic

09:32:34 while on local roads.

09:32:36 It's what they said.

09:32:37 Mass transit was mentioned as part of the mix, but most

09:32:40 often as a way to provide options.

09:32:43 People understand it's not going to make all traffic

09:32:45 congestion go a wait a minute everybody understands we have

09:32:47 a problem with bicycle and pedestrian structure.

09:32:53 A lot of comments from people.

09:32:55 People are very focused on their first mile of this trip and

09:32:58 the last mile of their trip.

09:33:00 They kept wanting to talk about the stoplight that's not

09:33:03 working two blocks from their house, things like that.

09:33:06 Again, this is where they went on their own.

09:33:08 They weren't guided to these discussions.

09:33:10 Again, they understand the problem with the pedestrian

09:33:15 infrastructure and in many areas the gaps in our sidewalks

09:33:19 and things like that, inadequate bicycle structure,

09:33:24 everybody gets it.

09:33:25 I think the media has done a good job of pointing out these

09:33:28 problems.

09:33:29 Some people think that Tampa is too sprawling for mass

09:33:32 transit to work, and a lot of the no voters were on that.

09:33:36 Very few people, when you get out in the larger area and

09:33:41 include the whole county have a sense of the bus system.

09:33:44 If you live in the city you have more of a sense.

09:33:46 But if you live out, you know, the edges of Brandon, other

09:33:50 than -- a lot of people don't use Hart buses and a lot of

09:33:59 people didn't know the name.

09:34:00 It's much less perception again than we would think working

09:34:04 in the arenas that we work in, because people that come to

09:34:07 public meetings usually are aware of things like that, but

09:34:12 people think pretty participation is only to vote, much less

09:34:17 understanding of really how our system works.

09:34:22 Most people were in favor, though, of expanding mass transit

09:34:25 but a very incremental approach.

09:34:28 And that's what we are trying to do.

09:34:31 We are in phase two now where we talk to them about how can

09:34:34 we pay for transportation?

09:34:36 In spite of everything that happened, still favored ones are

09:34:41 the sales tax and gas tax.

09:34:45 They feel everyone pays rather than more specific things

09:34:47 like a utility tax or something of that nature.

09:34:50 They are more positive about scenarios that improve overall

09:34:53 transportation.

09:34:53 One of the problems we have to overcome is lack of trust in

09:34:57 government to be accountable.

09:35:00 Depending on headlines in the paper at a given time, it was

09:35:06 that broad concern, like I would be willing to spend the

09:35:09 penny if I thought that it would really go to what we say.

09:35:14 General agreement, there's a problem that's important for us

09:35:16 to move ahead.

09:35:19 Coming up with the right mix of projects is a complicated

09:35:23 process, and that's what we need to do in the update of our

09:35:26 coming plan, and that we are going to work on.

09:35:29 Again, making our plan local.

09:35:31 In other words, the plan for an area outside of Plant City

09:35:35 can be very different than what we are going to do in the

09:35:37 City of Tampa.

09:35:37 (Bell sounds)

09:35:40 Again, talking about an opinion on sales tax, all these

09:35:47 different things we explored with voters and we have ideas

09:35:50 on where they would like to go.

09:35:51 So we are going to continue with that.

09:35:53 We are going to be talking about our updates of the plan,

09:35:57 trying to get ideas for what projects might gather support,

09:36:02 advocate.

09:36:03 I talked about the legislation for a city sales tax, being

09:36:07 able to be done separately, and that's something that we

09:36:10 could all be doing now.

09:36:11 I know our chairman has talked to legislators about it

09:36:15 already, and at least we have the choice if Tampa wants to

09:36:19 go alone with Temple Terrace or something, that can be done.

09:36:23 Again, this presentation is on our Web site, and I would be

09:36:27 happy to answer any questions you have.

09:36:28 >>HARRY COHEN: I was curious if could you tell us for a few

09:36:35 minutes about what's going on in Pinellas County, because

09:36:37 that is certainly going to be something we are going to want

09:36:39 to watch over the next year or so.

09:36:41 >> Yes.

09:36:43 Pinellas County is moving ahead.

09:36:44 In fact, I spent quite a bit of time kind of telling them

09:36:48 what to do and what not to do, at least staff there,

09:36:52 learning from our experience.

09:36:53 They have a plan for 23-mile light rail system that would

09:36:57 connect St. Petersburg, gateway and Clearwater.

09:37:01 But I will tell you in Pinellas County, the number one place

09:37:08 they really want to connect to is Tampa, and probably would

09:37:10 you get the same thing from the Clearwater side.

09:37:13 Rather than each other.

09:37:15 I mean, Tampa is the employment center of the Tampa Bay

09:37:18 area.

09:37:18 But they have a plan.

09:37:19 They are talking about a referendum in 2013.

09:37:22 Personally, I find it hard to believe they will be able to

09:37:26 put it together that quick.

09:37:27 I know for our circumstance -- and I didn't mention that --

09:37:30 the soonest I think we could do anything again would be 2014

09:37:33 when we have a new plan and kind of know what the projects

09:37:37 are to put together.

09:37:39 I was hoping sooner but that's the reality.

09:37:42 We don't want to go back with something half baked and

09:37:45 neither does Pinellas County.

09:37:46 So they are spending the time to get all the questions

09:37:48 answered, because one of the things they learned from us is

09:37:51 there was tremendous confusion as things were changing in

09:37:54 the year up to the vote as to what actually was being voted

09:37:59 on.

09:37:59 If you remember in the paper every couple weeks, Hart may

09:38:02 have added a new line or done something different to the

09:38:05 study.

09:38:06 They are trying to get all of that done before they have a

09:38:08 referendum so they are clear what their projects are, but

09:38:11 again, it would be a light rail connection between

09:38:14 St. Petersburg, gateway, Clearwater, with the potential

09:38:18 going back to Howard Frankland bridge with some kind of

09:38:20 connection to Tampa, specifically the Westshore area and

09:38:24 downtown are the two most important areas they want to

09:38:26 connect to.

09:38:27 I don't know if you want me to go in more detail.

09:38:31 >>HARRY COHEN: We have been talking about it some at the

09:38:36 MPO, and there was a presentation about it, but just a lot

09:38:38 of people are not aware that Pinellas County is moving

09:38:42 forward with something, and I think what's significant is

09:38:46 they have a referendum and pass something first, they may be

09:38:51 in a situation where they are really pulling the transit

09:38:58 train for the whole region because whatever technology they

09:39:01 choose is going to be by default.

09:39:03 >> That's why it's important that we are involved in their

09:39:06 process and that we work together to make sure whatever

09:39:08 happens is something that we can all live with and work

09:39:12 with.

09:39:12 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilman Suarez?

09:39:15 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

09:39:16 Mr. Chiaramonte, I know that previously it was the other way

09:39:20 around.

09:39:21 We were supposed to be the linchpin for transportation to

09:39:24 take off here in the bay area, but because of the

09:39:26 referendum, it switched plans.

09:39:30 So we know that Pinellas has this plan, but it was a plan

09:39:33 that was essentially being worked on while we were working

09:39:36 on our moving Hillsborough forward.

09:39:39 It wasn't completed until after.

09:39:44 That that was the original intent which was Tampa and

09:39:46 Hillsborough County would have something, Pinellas would

09:39:48 follow suit, and then hopefully some of the other

09:39:51 surrounding counties would join in on what their plans were.

09:39:54 >> A planner's dream would be in 2014, unincorporated

09:40:02 Hillsborough County has a referendum for projects they want,

09:40:05 Tampa has a referendum for projects they want, which is

09:40:08 probably more transit oriented, and Pinellas County has

09:40:10 their referendum, and we all vote on it simultaneously.

09:40:14 That would be a dream.

09:40:16 Whether county happen or not I don't know.

09:40:18 But to me that would be an ideal situation, where each area

09:40:21 understood that they were paying for projects that would

09:40:24 benefit them.

09:40:25 Big thing we hear from people is this idea of fairness.

09:40:28 Big problem in unincorporated county, they felt like they

09:40:31 were paying for something in the City of Tampa.

09:40:33 So whether we like that or not, we have got to address that

09:40:36 issue if we are going to win.

09:40:38 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

09:40:41 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Chiaramonte for this update.

09:40:44 Thanks for your work on it.

09:40:48 Item number 4.

09:40:50 Mr. Shelby?

09:40:52 Oh, wait, I'm skipping ahead.

09:40:54 Item number 3.

09:40:55 >> My name is Braulio Colon for the Florida college access

09:41:09 network to improve college and career readiness, access and

09:41:12 completion for all students in Florida.

09:41:15 We serve as the clearinghouse for data statewide and local

09:41:20 trend and relationships with higher education for any

09:41:23 organization interested in helping students succeed in

09:41:26 post-secondary education.

09:41:28 Together with our partners and support from the Florida

09:41:35 Department of Education, and the University of South

09:41:36 Florida, we are engaged in building a network to Florida's

09:41:43 attainment rate to 06% by the year 2025.

09:41:47 I want to thank Councilman Suarez for his leadership on this

09:41:52 issue and to all members of the council for allowing me to

09:41:55 speak with you today.

09:41:55 As you know, our economy has changed.

09:41:59 Today, more and more jobs require some form of

09:42:02 post-secondary education.

09:42:04 In fact, economic research suggests p that by 2018, 59% in

09:42:10 Florida will require either a two-year or four year college

09:42:14 degree.

09:42:14 Yet only 38% of residents within the Tampa market hold such

09:42:18 a credential.

09:42:19 That's nearly the same degree attainment rate in our country

09:42:24 during the 1970s.

09:42:25 Part of the reason for that, that's the attainment rate we

09:42:28 have been comfortable with as a country.

09:42:29 We have been able to out-compete the rest of the world

09:42:33 during the last several decades with about a 40% college

09:42:36 degree attainment rate.

09:42:37 In fact we used to lead the world in this.

09:42:41 However, as you know, things have changed.

09:42:43 We have fallen behind.

09:42:44 We have fallen behind 14 other countries in terms of the

09:42:47 percentage of our younger workers who hold degrees.

09:42:51 Now, this drop in our linking highlights in terms of

09:42:56 economic growth and the vital role that human capital plays

09:42:59 in economic development, we are no longer just competing

09:43:02 with Orlando, Raleigh, Durham, or with Atlanta, but we are

09:43:08 now competing with South Korea, Japan and the merging

09:43:14 economies in China, India and Brazil.

09:43:17 So 2025, increasing to at least 60% is a goal required to

09:43:25 grow our economy.

09:43:26 While this council has no direct responsibility over our

09:43:29 system of higher education, you certainly have a stake in

09:43:33 ensuring that the quality of our institutions such as USF,

09:43:36 HCC, UT, and others remain high, and that Tampa residents

09:43:42 continue to have access to these institutions and can afford

09:43:46 the cost of attending our colleges and universities.

09:43:50 You have a stake in making sure these

09:43:53 everything they can to produce graduates who can think

09:43:55 critically, communicate effectively, and who can create jobs

09:44:00 and new industries right here in Tampa.

09:44:03 A resolution in support of goal 2025 would be a powerful

09:44:06 statement in acknowledging that cities have an important

09:44:09 role to play in supporting higher education.

09:44:11 Whether it's by serving as a convener, to build support for

09:44:15 increased state investments in our education, whether it's

09:44:19 encouraging local businesses to offer tuition reimbursements

09:44:22 to their employees, starting a scholarship within Tampa, or

09:44:28 allowing the new city parks and recs program for college and

09:44:35 career services.

09:44:36 These are just a few ideas.

09:44:38 I want to thank Ferlita Ederino, chair of the college access

09:44:52 network, a group of community leaders in the bay area to get

09:44:55 engaged in this work and to spur local action to help meet

09:44:59 goal 2025.

09:45:00 I invite the appropriate City of Tampa department heads to

09:45:03 participate in their quarterly meetings.

09:45:07 Finally, I want to applaud the City of Tampa for the work

09:45:11 you have already done.

09:45:14 Your role in supporting the Tampa Bay partnership and the

09:45:16 CEO of city's national competition is a great initiative.

09:45:23 In fact, your work in supporting the upcoming launch of

09:45:28 graduate Tampa Bay which focuses on working adults that have

09:45:33 some college credits and encourage them to obtain their

09:45:38 degrees, and something the Florida network looks forward to

09:45:42 supporting.

09:45:42 Thank you again for allowing me to speak with you today and

09:45:45 your partnership in supporting goal 2025.

09:45:47 On behalf of Florida CAN, I look forward to help you improve

09:45:54 efforts for Tampa residents and to lead in our global

09:46:01 economy.

09:46:02 I can answer any questions.

09:46:03 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Mr. Colon, thank you so much for being here

09:46:06 and presenting this.

09:46:08 What's incredibly important is that people have to

09:46:11 understand that college education is the next step and the

09:46:17 gateway to being successful in the 21st century.

09:46:21 We, all of us here, are not elitists.

09:46:25 We understand the only way we are going to obtain that is

09:46:30 make sure that every part of the community participants.

09:46:34 Not everyone is going to go to college, but we do want to

09:46:37 make sure that they understand that there are opportunities

09:46:39 out there, and I really appreciate your work and your help

09:46:42 in making sure that we are doing everything we can to

09:46:45 promote it.

09:46:46 We can't build strong economic base without a strong

09:46:50 educated society.

09:46:52 And thank you very much for your help.

09:46:55 MARISSA, thank you very much for your help.

09:46:58 You are doing so much.

09:46:59 I don't even know how you get time to sleep at night.

09:47:02 But I want to thank you all again for being here and

09:47:04 presenting this to us.

09:47:06 And if there's anything else that we can do on our end,

09:47:09 please make sure that you call on each and every one of us.

09:47:13 Thank you.

09:47:13 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you for the great work you are doing.

09:47:24 Mr. Shelby.

09:47:25 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Pursuant to your motion for your approval

09:47:28 is a resolution supporting the Florida college access

09:47:34 network, and their goals.

09:47:43 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Make a motion to approve the resolution.

09:47:48 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Second.

09:47:49 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion by Councilman Suarez, seconded by

09:47:53 Councilwoman Capin.

09:47:54 All in favor?

09:47:55 Anyone opposed?

09:47:57 And thank you for the green pen for St. Patrick's day.

09:48:00 >>MIKE SUAREZ: We knew that any mention of green would you

09:48:14 think of St. Patrick's Day.

09:48:15 >>MARY MULHERN: Item number 46789 Mr. Shelby.

09:48:17 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Item 4 is the resolution it.

09:48:24 I did not present it but it is part of your packet and it is

09:48:27 available in the clerk's office and online.

09:48:32 >>MARY MULHERN: Item number 5.

09:48:35 We have a presentation from the Ybor City merchants

09:48:37 association.

09:48:38 >> My name is Richard boom, 1929 East 7th Avenue.

09:49:00 I have "the dirty shame" on 7th Avenue.

09:49:03 A group of merchants in Ybor got together at the Don Vincent

09:49:09 to discuss a Guavaween event and how it affect us as a

09:49:12 business group.

09:49:14 And we had the media that it was a wonderful positive event,

09:49:22 and we quickly decided amongst ourselves that it was less

09:49:25 than wonderful.

09:49:26 We determined, in fact, it was quite detrimental to our

09:49:29 businesses individually and Ybor collectively.

09:49:34 To give a better sense of what that impact was, we did a

09:49:43 survey of some of the businesses in Ybor and asked the

09:49:45 simple question, how was your business impacted?

09:49:52 Was it normal as for a Saturday night?

09:49:55 Was it better or was it worse?

09:49:58 The range of comments that I got were anywhere from it was

09:50:06 acceptable to it was catastrophic and people were very eager

09:50:09 and vehement to speak about the Guavaween event.

09:50:12 I compiled -- tried to get a sense of what that meant

09:50:18 economically and easily, quickly ran into the tens of

09:50:23 thousands of dollars of revenues that were lost to

09:50:26 businesses in Ybor.

09:50:28 So we decided as a group to form a merchant's association,

09:50:32 which we subsequently did, and form a petition that we can

09:50:38 get signatures from local businesses, and also residents and

09:50:43 employees that were impacted by this.

09:50:46 I collected 240 signatures on the petition, which I would

09:50:49 like to present to the chamber and ask for your support.

09:50:56 Essentially we feel that the negative aspects of Guavaween

09:50:59 have been offensive to the entire district, feel it

09:51:06 represents a negative impression to the district and also

09:51:08 the wet zoning of the district, putting the party in the

09:51:13 street.

09:51:16 And in this petition you will find signatures in the first

09:51:20 handful of collectively well over 200 years of doing

09:51:25 business in Ybor City, many of the names you recognize, a

09:51:28 lot you won't, just resident and patrons and people that are

09:51:34 affected.

09:51:34 We felt there was a way to improve the Guavaween event

09:51:38 without the fence.

09:51:42 We presented a petition to the Ybor Chamber of Commerce.

09:51:46 I think at first it was met with just disbelief, and we

09:51:51 urged them to consider dropping the fence and wet zoning and

09:51:57 urged them also to have conversations with our merchants

09:52:03 association to see if we couldn't work out a new MODIS, a

09:52:10 knew model for Halloween.

09:52:11 I would like to present the petition to you at this time and

09:52:13 ask for your support and not permitting the fencing of the

09:52:18 entire entertainment area and the wet zoning, blanket wet

09:52:23 zoning of the street.

09:52:33 To the petition itself, it's not a highly scientific

09:52:40 document.

09:52:41 It's meant more to convey just the feeling that Ybor

09:52:50 businesses and residents have about the numbers themselves.

09:52:53 The numbers cannot be clearly representative because they go

09:52:56 in multi-folds of the numbers represented on there.

09:53:01 It would be wonderful to see a study and there will be a

09:53:11 surprising amount of revenues that will be lost during the

09:53:14 event.

09:53:14 We want to move forward as a community.

09:53:18 We would like to make at little more family friendly, and

09:53:23 accentuate the entertainment aspect of it.

09:53:32 We made a presentation to the YCDC.

09:53:35 We have given a letter of recommendation to City Council

09:53:40 supporting our group and the petition, and we also have now

09:53:45 entered into conversations with the Guavaween subcommittee

09:53:50 from the chamber, and we are currently working on a new

09:53:53 model that would not include the fence.

09:53:58 So at some point going forward, the chamber will, I'm

09:54:03 certain, come to City Council and ask for approval and

09:54:05 possible permitting of a new event that would include the

09:54:11 fence and the wet zoning, so that means we are working in

09:54:14 cooperation and it's a happy day, we are moving forward, and

09:54:17 also I'm sure at some point we would like to discuss with

09:54:20 the city the possibility of any co-sponsorships of such an

09:54:23 event.

09:54:25 So I will keep it brief.

09:54:26 And those are my comments for now.

09:54:28 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

09:54:31 Councilman Reddick?

09:54:33 >>FRANK REDDICK: Madam Chairman.

09:54:39 It's my understanding the merchant association, the

09:54:46 Development Corporation, you all have reached a compromise,

09:54:48 to my understanding, to resolve this issue.

09:54:52 Is anyone from the chamber here?

09:54:54 All right.

09:54:57 If you will come up and explain your position.

09:55:02 >> Good morning all.

09:55:06 I'm mark Homburg on the executive board of the Ybor Chamber

09:55:11 of Commerce.

09:55:12 I'm also the Guavaween committee chair.

09:55:16 I'm here today, of course, on behalf Ybor City Chamber of

09:55:20 Commerce.

09:55:21 Our organization is a 400-member strong and represents a

09:55:25 diverse group of individuals and businesses that cover a

09:55:28 wide spectrum including but not limited to law, engineering,

09:55:33 marketing, media, consulting, real estate, I.T., real

09:55:38 estate, retailers, clubs and restaurants.

09:55:40 We pride ourselves on being inclusive, and to that end

09:55:43 working diligently to lead our Guavaween event to a

09:55:48 different event as possible.

09:55:51 Guavaween is one of the top 10 Halloween events and a

09:55:56 economic generator for Ybor and Tampa, 20,000 visitors

09:56:00 annually.

09:56:01 This one night generates 22,000 hotel room nights each year

09:56:05 and provides much of the revenue for full-time hard working

09:56:08 staff that is responsible for promoting and marketing Ybor

09:56:11 City year round along with producing successful events

09:56:15 throughout the year such as Oktoberfest and others.

09:56:20 Ybor chamber stands for not only helping secure multiple

09:56:25 business relocation as long with resurgence in economic

09:56:28 activity.

09:56:28 Ebb chamber markets activity year round and responsible for

09:56:34 travel articles and for Ybor's historical designation.

09:56:40 It's been meeting with the newly formed merchants

09:56:43 association and presented its position today.

09:56:46 We have had productive discussion and have recently formed

09:56:49 the Ybor City Chamber of Commerce, Ybor merchants

09:56:51 association, Guavaween improvement committee.

09:56:54 We are working together in a collaborative effort to retool

09:56:57 the Guavaween event model to operate without a fence.

09:57:01 The retooling of this event will require a lot of additional

09:57:03 work and a long-term financial investment by all parties.

09:57:08 To be successful, we will also need the council support as

09:57:13 sponsor of the City of Tampa and YCDC grant assistance.

09:57:17 We are not presenting applications for permits at this time,

09:57:20 but would appreciate that you provide your support of the

09:57:23 City of Tampa sponsorships in a YCDC grant.

09:57:27 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:57:32 I don't see Mr. Scott here.

09:57:38 Do you want to share the letter he submitted to you?

09:57:42 >>VINCE PARDO: Yes.

09:57:43 It's a letter from chair of the YCDC supporting the

09:57:46 petition.

09:57:48 I am a member of the chamber board, member of the committee

09:57:51 working with the joint group, and actually very pleased with

09:57:54 the progress that we have made jointly doing that.

09:57:56 I will submit this for the record.

09:58:11 I think this adversarial issue has grown into something very

09:58:17 positive.

09:58:18 There's a lot of work to be done.

09:58:19 We have an agreement to work forward on a model that we

09:58:22 agree upon.

09:58:22 We want to be successful for the chamber.

09:58:25 This is one of the largest -- in fact when I was the

09:58:30 president of chamber, the largest event the Ybor Chamber of

09:58:34 Commerce has had so we want this to be effective for the

09:58:37 chamber as well as all the merchants in Ybor City.

09:58:39 >>FRANK REDDICK: Do you plan on providing council an update

09:58:50 on you all's discussion for the permit application?

09:58:55 Let me just request that.

09:58:57 >>VINCE PARDO: In a problem.

09:58:57 >> I'll second that if that's a motion.

09:59:01 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion by Councilman Reddick, second bid

09:59:05 Councilman Cohen.

09:59:06 All in favor?

09:59:12 And then I believe --

09:59:14 >> I'm sorry, just a short comment.

09:59:16 I know that the media -- this is not so much an issue of

09:59:26 heavy confrontation as much of one of just working through a

09:59:30 process and getting to where we needed to be.

09:59:33 We recognize that the chamber does many good things for Ybor

09:59:35 City, and again at the end of the day it's a pretty happy

09:59:39 scenario, we know we are going forward together.

09:59:41 Thank you.

09:59:41 >>MARY MULHERN: Mr. Keating.

09:59:44 >> Hi.

09:59:47 Tom Keating, president of the chamber, reside 1800 east

09:59:52 9th Avenue.

09:59:53 I would like to provide our brand new directory fresh off

09:59:58 the press in case you want to call anybody in Ybor City and

10:00:00 see what they are doing, and also give you a flyer on our

10:00:07 Ybor aficionados.

10:00:21 We are a big family in Ybor City and sometimes it takes

10:00:23 awhile to get each other's attention.

10:00:26 But I would like to say this on the issue of safety which

10:00:28 has always been very important for us in Ybor City and for

10:00:30 everybody who is here, is that over the past decade, it's

10:00:38 improved substantially and steadily with, excellent support

10:00:41 from the Hillsborough County sheriff's office.

10:00:45 For the production last year we increased security by

10:00:50 security firms, and most of our bay area events are major

10:00:57 venues and we had a terrific year last year from that

10:01:00 perspective.

10:01:01 And in the past seven years, we have gone a long way in

10:01:05 improving the crime rate in the community and particularly

10:01:07 the public perception of Ybor City as a safe place to visit.

10:01:11 Our improved reputation is paramount to business and

10:01:20 residents.

10:01:21 I look forward to working with the team.

10:01:22 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you to all the Ybor City merchants,

10:01:26 business owners, residents for working this out together so

10:01:30 you can have a good celebration that everyone can agree on.

10:01:34 I hope that continues.

10:01:39 Oh, Councilwoman Capin.

10:01:42 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I definitely look forward to the new plan

10:01:45 and look forward to the chamber and the merchants

10:01:53 association progress.

10:01:54 Thank you.

10:01:54 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:01:58 We will move on to the approval of the agenda.

10:02:02 >> So moved.

10:02:07 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

10:02:08 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

10:02:12 Aye.

10:02:12 And it is now time for our public comments.

10:02:20 As we voted earlier, we will allow each speaker two minutes.

10:02:28 If you could line up on both sides, and we'll take one from

10:02:35 each side and be ready to walk up there when the next

10:02:37 person's minutes are up, we can maybe expedite this and get

10:02:43 through the morning.

10:02:50 Mr. Johnson?

10:02:57 >> Pete Johnson, 510, Harrison street.

10:03:10 I want to thank you for bringing up domestic partnership.

10:03:13 That is something that is a no brainer.

10:03:15 We should have done it years ago.

10:03:17 I appreciate it very, very much.

10:03:18 It does not just handle one specific group of people.

10:03:21 It covers a multitude of people that live together.

10:03:25 You don't have to be married anymore in this lifestyle.

10:03:30 The second thing I want to talk to you about is the chicken

10:03:34 debate.

10:03:36 What I have given you is a package of information that I

10:03:40 pulled up on the Internet all about backyard chickens.

10:03:46 Good points, bad points, everything else.

10:03:50 They do have diseases.

10:03:53 They do spread the west Nile disease.

10:03:56 They do spread mites, all sorts of problems.

10:04:02 Being an HIV patient, I am very, very careful of this type

10:04:07 of a situation, and I do feel that it is a public health

10:04:11 situation.

10:04:12 The problem that we are going to have is if you lower the

10:04:16 distance, many houses only have maybe 30 feet width, okay.

10:04:23 So fur going to let everybody have chickens, you are going

10:04:26 to have four or five chickens here, four or five chickens

10:04:30 here.

10:04:31 They do get loose.

10:04:32 They do fly away.

10:04:35 There are roosters out here that they are going to mate

10:04:41 W.portland Oregon had to have open season on chickens Ba

10:04:45 because they multiplied so much.

10:04:46 Another thing is, how is code going to enforce it?

10:04:52 Are they going to climb over the fence and count chickens?

10:04:55 How are they going to tell if a chicken is a chicken or a

10:04:59 rooster?

10:04:59 They are going to go to a class and learn how to tell the

10:05:02 difference?

10:05:04 We can't enforce the codes we have got now.

10:05:06 So I think we need to really be concerned about making this

10:05:11 change.

10:05:11 (Bell sounds).

10:05:13 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:05:13 Next.

10:05:17 I am going to go to every other side.

10:05:19 I forgot to say please, preference is given first in line

10:05:24 people speaking to items on the agenda.

10:05:25 So if you are speaking on something not on the agenda, go to

10:05:28 the back of the line.

10:05:29 >> My name is Ed Lally, 2621 south Brian circle, Tampa.

10:05:38 My spouse and I have been together for 34 years.

10:05:42 We moved to Tampa 33 years ago.

10:05:45 We chose Florida like most people choose our state, for the

10:05:49 beaches and the sun.

10:05:52 We chose Tampa because it was a city not yet too big and has

10:05:56 most of the elements we were looking for.

10:05:59 We have watched Tampa grow from one high-rise downtown to

10:06:03 more than a dozen and three beautiful new museums.

10:06:07 But more importantly, we have seen Tampa grow as a city

10:06:11 willing to embrace diversity and fairness at every

10:06:15 opportunity.

10:06:19 We went to Canada in 2006 to get married because we couldn't

10:06:22 get married anywhere in this country.

10:06:24 As you know, our country, our state, our city, doesn't

10:06:27 recognize our union.

10:06:32 And because of that, we do not have the protections and

10:06:39 benefits that are allowed to married people in this country,

10:06:41 and that is why I stand before you today and ask you to

10:06:45 adopt a registry that will give Phil and me access to a

10:06:49 handful of crucial protections so we don't have to worry

10:06:54 about that we will be denied access to one another in an

10:06:56 emergency.

10:06:59 Take our city to the next level.

10:07:00 Show that this is one of the most inclusive cities in the

10:07:04 country and approve domestic partnership registry.

10:07:08 Thank you again for your past and continued leadership in

10:07:12 making the City of Tampa the city that welcomes and embraces

10:07:16 all.

10:07:17 Thank you.

10:07:17 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:07:19 Next.

10:07:19 >> I would like to speak on behalf of the domestic partner

10:07:26 registration.

10:07:27 I'm happy to be standing before you in being able to make

10:07:31 this appeal in favor of the legislation for the domestic

10:07:34 partner registry.

10:07:36 It would be worse if I were here physically unable to be

10:07:41 standing here.

10:07:42 I was thinking who would speak for me?

10:07:45 Who knows best, lawyers, social workers who never knew me to

10:07:49 determine my well-being?

10:07:50 I live alone. I moved to Florida from the northeast.

10:07:53 My siblings and children did not move with me.

10:07:56 As I grow older we visit less and less.

10:07:58 My family don't know my every day ways. They don't know the

10:08:02 people who are most important to me here.

10:08:04 Awhile ago my mother died.

10:08:06 She's Alzheimer's.

10:08:07 It was a very slow debilitating illness.

10:08:11 Others who H to make life choices because she hadn't

10:08:14 prepared for something like.

10:08:15 That before my mother died she and I were very close.

10:08:18 We had conversations of her final wishes.

10:08:19 She wanted to be cremated, her ashes be released over the

10:08:24 beach where we all enjoyed some of the best times of our

10:08:26 youth.

10:08:27 Unfortunately, she now rests in a box buried in the cold

10:08:30 earth, her final wishes unfulfilled.

10:08:33 My family didn't get it right.

10:08:34 My fear of Alzheimer's is it's hereditary and I don't want

10:08:38 to be buried in a box either.

10:08:40 This proposed legislation is important so we can communicate

10:08:43 our wishes to our partners who may know us better than our

10:08:46 family.

10:08:50 Florida is like a magnet for people to move to.

10:08:52 (Bell sounds)

10:08:57 Starting a life to meet new people, my brothers and sisters

10:09:01 who are 1200 miles away don't understand me or how I live

10:09:03 today.

10:09:04 As I grow older, I don't want to be a burden to any of my

10:09:07 family.

10:09:08 They in a longer know me.

10:09:10 Sometimes accidents happen and we may find ourselves

10:09:13 unprepared.

10:09:13 If Pi were to have a sudden serious accident my closest

10:09:17 child is in Seattle, Washington and she's not always

10:09:20 available.

10:09:20 If I were to become immediately incapacitate add registered

10:09:24 domestic partner could ensure timely care.

10:09:26 Otherwise might withhold treatment because they couldn't

10:09:30 find a relative, even though there were some who knew me

10:09:34 best right in the waiting room.

10:09:35 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:09:36 Can you give us your name?

10:09:38 We need a name and address.

10:09:39 >> My name is Stephani Nichols, I live at 16114 gardendale

10:09:47 drive, Tampa.

10:09:48 >> Thank you.

10:09:49 >> Good morning.

10:09:52 My name is Philip been ton, 2621 south Bryant circle in

10:09:56 Tampa.

10:09:57 I would like to thank Councilwoman Capin for your leadership

10:10:00 in bringing domestic partner registry up for discussion at

10:10:05 council.

10:10:06 Domestic partner registry is very important for thousands in

10:10:09 our city.

10:10:11 It is going to be a lifeline in times of crisis, and it also

10:10:16 adds dignity to domestic partner relationships throughout

10:10:20 our city.

10:10:21 It's also going to serve as an important message to

10:10:24 businesses as they continue to look to Tampa to move,

10:10:28 businesses that we want are the ones that appreciate

10:10:31 diversity and welcoming of all employees, makes people feel

10:10:36 valued, and I would certainly encourage your support of

10:10:40 domestic partner registry and vote in favor today.

10:10:43 Thank you.

10:10:43 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:10:45 Next.

10:10:49 >> My name is Fried, in Tampa, Florida, partner and my

10:10:59 partner and I are 32 years and counting.

10:11:02 Both support domestic partners registry.

10:11:05 I am particularly touched because I was in a car accident,

10:11:10 and when it came down to taking me to the hospital and --

10:11:15 they called us to come down.

10:11:17 When he got there, there was confusion as to what they could

10:11:20 tell him, what they couldn't tell him.

10:11:23 He knew I was in bad shape.

10:11:25 It is very important that domestic partners for couples in

10:11:29 Florida, in Tampa, have the ability to make decisions for

10:11:32 their partners with domestic registry is crucial, because if

10:11:36 you put yourself in their position, go to a hospital and be

10:11:41 told they are there but they won't tell you anything.

10:11:44 There are decisions to be made that I cannot make and my

10:11:46 partner knows what my decision is.

10:11:48 He cannot make it.

10:11:49 I know you will support this.

10:11:51 I have faith in you.

10:11:53 Thank you, Yolie.

10:11:55 Thank you forgiving me this opportunity.

10:11:56 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:11:58 >> My name is Sally Phillips and I live at 7736 Jebulin

10:12:09 Drive, Tampa.

10:12:10 I would like to thank you Councilwoman Capin as a friend,

10:12:13 and actually a friend of all of you.

10:12:17 I so do appreciate the fact that you all are bringing, have

10:12:21 brought this domestic partnership registry up.

10:12:26 I know, Councilwoman, you just became a new grandmother and

10:12:30 I am extremely happy, and I know I heard you say that you

10:12:33 want Tampa to be a place where your grandson can live, and

10:12:38 we all certainly believe that, too. By doing this, you are

10:12:42 bringing Tampa to a level of fairness and equality for all

10:12:46 of us.

10:12:48 A lot of you know I have a partner also, and actually the

10:12:53 31st of this month we'll celebrate 24 years.

10:13:00 We have gotten all the legal things we need to do to protect

10:13:03 each other.

10:13:03 But you never know when something is going to happen.

10:13:07 And that's what this registry will protect us from.

10:13:12 You never know when one of us is going to get hurt.

10:13:15 You never know when we need a protection the most.

10:13:19 This is what this will do.

10:13:21 So I so appreciate what you all are doing.

10:13:24 I know this is going to pass.

10:13:26 I know it is.

10:13:28 And I'm very touched by the fact that all of you have done

10:13:33 this.

10:13:33 Thank you very much.

10:13:34 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:13:38 >> Good morning.

10:13:42 Thank you, council, and thank you, Councilwoman Capin.

10:13:46 Thank you very much.

10:13:50 Tampa is a great city.

10:13:52 And there are other great cities.

10:13:54 To make it even greater, what we have to do is take a step

10:13:57 forward.

10:13:59 I am in a domestic partnership relationship with 34 years

10:14:03 with my partner Mark.

10:14:05 By the way, my name is Carrie West, 1901 north "A" street in

10:14:10 Tampa.

10:14:12 The Tampa domestic partner registry, the ordinance itself is

10:14:18 not just black, white, Hispanic, old or young, disabled

10:14:27 and/or healthy, rich or poor, it is for all the citizens and

10:14:33 residents of Tampa, and we have to take note of them.

10:14:36 The ordinance itself can be fair and equal to all cities

10:14:41 that have stature and bring economic commerce into the area

10:14:44 but it's good for all residents, good for all the people and

10:14:47 it's good for Tampa.

10:14:50 Besides Tampa, by showing what you do as leaders of our

10:14:54 communities that have been elected, it's going to also show

10:14:56 our county officials where to stand and what position they

10:15:00 need to be, and they need to understand where the people are

10:15:03 of Tampa and all of Hillsborough County.

10:15:10 We appreciate the time of you taking the opportunity to go

10:15:12 and look at this possible being and change to making Tampa a

10:15:17 greater city than it already is, and I appreciate this time.

10:15:21 Thank you very much.

10:15:21 >>MARY MULHERN: Could you give your name for the record?

10:15:27 >> Terry west.

10:15:29 >>MARY MULHERN: Oh, you did.

10:15:31 Thanks.

10:15:31 Next.

10:15:31 >> Tim every line, and I'm a new resident of the City of

10:15:37 Tampa, just moved 24 east brierson Avenue.

10:15:42 I am speaking on behalf of the Tampa coalition today and I

10:15:48 want to thank Councilwoman Capin in bringing this forward,

10:15:51 and very proud when the coalition was brought before us that

10:15:57 we were very supportive of this, about a dozen plus

10:16:02 organizations representing thousands of residents in Tampa

10:16:04 as well as the county area who would be essentially

10:16:06 utilizing this registry.

10:16:09 So I want to emphasize this is not just an issue same gender

10:16:15 utilizing this but couples who are in domestic partner

10:16:22 relationships who would be potentially utilizing this

10:16:24 service.

10:16:24 This to me is an issue of fairness, an issue of human

10:16:29 dignity, as well as being allowed dignity to have those

10:16:36 rights which I think make this city in particular great, and

10:16:41 I'm very glad that the council is hearing us today.

10:16:45 Thank you.

10:16:45 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:16:46 >> Good morning.

10:16:49 My name is Don Rhode, located at 412 Madison street.

10:16:52 Good morning, council, Mr. Shelby.

10:16:54 I speak in favor of the adoption of the domestic partnership

10:16:58 registry because I believe it will take some of the sting,

10:17:03 embarrassment, out of the other effects that are caused by

10:17:08 the general ban on same sex marriage in the State of

10:17:11 Florida.

10:17:13 It will also have a positive impact on people who aren't

10:17:16 affected negatively by the ban on same sex marriage in

10:17:20 Florida.

10:17:21 Also, in reference to item number 74, it's disappointing to

10:17:26 me that there's such a fuss raised over the issue of

10:17:34 chickens and another free speech issue has been completely

10:17:38 ignored by this board who prefers to think of itself as

10:17:41 being something other than a rubber stamp on issues of free

10:17:45 speech, assembly and so forth.

10:17:48 I urge you to do everything you can to take all the

10:17:51 deliberate speed like we are seeing for licensing domestic

10:17:57 chickens in the City of Tampa.

10:17:58 Thank you.

10:18:00 >> My name is Fred Schwartz, 117 South Westland Avenue.

10:18:12 That is the oldest house in Hyde Park.

10:18:14 I'm here to talk about Club Manila.

10:18:20 This is written by the oldest black newspaper in the city --

10:18:27 actually in the United States of America.

10:18:32 I am really tired of the city, tired of the police

10:18:45 department.

10:18:50 I have an 83 year old business.

10:18:53 There is nobody older than the Manila.

10:18:55 Anybody who is African-American or black knows the Manila.

10:19:00 Ma'am, do you know Manila?

10:19:02 Have you ever heard of the Manila before?

10:19:04 Yes, ma'am.

10:19:04 No?

10:19:05 Then you are not from the city.

10:19:07 Mr. Reddick, have you ever --

10:19:09 >>MARY MULHERN: You are here to speak, not to ask

10:19:13 questions.

10:19:14 This is the opportunity for public speaking.

10:19:18 We are not going to interact.

10:19:19 >> I had to listen to Fran Cosentino.

10:19:24 Not a one of you said a word.

10:19:27 Fran Cosentino is a fraud.

10:19:32 She's broke.

10:19:32 She has no money.

10:19:33 She had a house repossessed.

10:19:35 >> Excuse me, chair.

10:19:38 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.

10:19:39 Sir, we prefer that you not use this opportunity to say

10:19:44 negative things about people who are not here.

10:19:47 >> I can prove it.

10:19:49 I have all the documentation on me to prove --

10:19:51 >> Madam Chair?

10:19:53 >> She lives in a condo --

10:19:55 >>MARY MULHERN: Is this on the agenda?

10:19:56 Are you speaking to an item on the agenda?

10:19:59 >> Well, would you make me an item on the agenda at another

10:20:04 time?

10:20:05 >>MARY MULHERN: You can request that council do that.

10:20:08 It might be taken up in new business at the end of the

10:20:11 meeting.

10:20:11 But we are not going to add something to the agenda this

10:20:14 morning.

10:20:14 >> Not this morning.

10:20:16 I'm asking for another date.

10:20:18 Can I please have another date to plead my case?

10:20:22 >>MARY MULHERN: Someone may take that up under new

10:20:24 business.

10:20:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: Madam Chair, let me make a suggestion that

10:20:29 when everyone has a chance to speak, if he wants to speak in

10:20:32 an off-agenda item --

10:20:37 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.

10:20:38 You can -- I think he has taken up a minute.

10:20:40 You can have a minute at the end of the public agenda item

10:20:45 comments.

10:20:45 >> I'll move to the back of the bus. Is that --

10:20:47 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, that's what I said a few minutes ago.

10:20:50 So if you could.

10:20:51 >> Always at the back of the bus.

10:20:57 And we are not in Ybor City.

10:20:59 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Excuse me, may I make one just one comment?

10:21:06 Sir, if you going to speak to this council, you direct it to

10:21:09 this council.

10:21:10 Secondly, you do not come up here to defame or say anything

10:21:13 negative about another person.

10:21:15 You are here to talk about an issue, then talk.

10:21:18 We will listen to you and we will hear what you have to say.

10:21:20 But you are not to come up here and defame anyone, not

10:21:24 anyone on this council, and not anyone in the audience, and

10:21:26 not anyone outside.

10:21:28 We are not a party to whatever problem you have with this

10:21:32 individual.

10:21:33 Remember that when you come up here again for your one

10:21:36 minute.

10:21:37 This is not a forum for your personal vendetta against

10:21:40 someone.

10:21:42 Sir, you are not to speak right now.

10:21:44 We are talking.

10:21:49 You will go to the back of the line if you are going to get

10:21:51 a minute.

10:21:52 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Suarez.

10:21:53 >> I'll wait to the end of the meeting.

10:21:58 >>MARY MULHERN: Next.

10:22:02 Please let us know what item you are speaking on.

10:22:04 >> Good morning.

10:22:06 I'm speaking about domestic partner registry.

10:22:09 My name is John Desmond, the president of the Tampa chapter

10:22:12 of PFLAG, family and friends of lesbians and gays.

10:22:19 It speaks for the tens of thousands of fathers and mothers,

10:22:22 sisters and brothers and sons and daughters, at least one

10:22:29 LGBT member, a loved one.

10:22:31 My wife and I have, we have a son, our only son, and his

10:22:35 partner, we consider them to be our family.

10:22:37 And like every proud mom and pop we want the very best for

10:22:42 them.

10:22:43 Our LGBT loved ones deserve special recognition of their

10:22:48 relationships.

10:22:49 We have far too many of them.

10:22:52 They lack basic rights, protections, rights that the rest of

10:22:57 us take for granted.

10:22:59 All too often, we hear about painful experience our loved

10:23:02 ones have endured, not being notified of an emergency

10:23:06 involving a partner or partner's child, to not being able to

10:23:11 make end-of-life decisions for a partner.

10:23:14 This registry is a huge step in the right direction for

10:23:17 Tampa for our loved ones. We thank City Council members to

10:23:23 approve the domestic partnership registry ordinance.

10:23:28 My address is 30154 Tamarack drive, Plant City.

10:23:34 >> I'm Cathy James, 11803 Rossmane drive, Riverview,

10:23:45 Florida, and here as a member, a resident of the county to

10:23:48 thank you all for your leadership in regard to equality, for

10:23:54 your leadership in regard to fairness, and I'm also here

10:24:00 representing my partner of 17 years and our son who is 12.

10:24:05 And would like to hope that your leadership and this body

10:24:12 will rub off a little bit on other in the county.

10:24:16 Thank you.

10:24:16 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:24:18 >> Good morning.

10:24:26 I'm John Dingfelder, senior staff attorney for the American

10:24:29 Civil Liberties Union of Florida.

10:24:32 My cohort regional director could not be here but I speak on

10:24:40 her behalf as well.

10:24:41 We are so proud to speak in favor of the domestic

10:24:44 partnership registry, and again, Councilwoman, Yolie Capin,

10:24:49 thanks for your leadership and all of you hopefully for your

10:24:53 support.

10:24:53 I also want to recognize some other groups that we have been

10:24:55 working with including equality Florida, the LGBT caucus,

10:25:02 GaYbor alliance, et cetera.

10:25:05 We seem to like labels as human beings.

10:25:08 Are you gay?

10:25:08 Are you straight?

10:25:09 Are you young?

10:25:10 Are you old?

10:25:11 But at the end of the day, what are we?

10:25:13 We are human beings.

10:25:14 And we all deserve equal human rights.

10:25:17 And that's what we are committed for.

10:25:20 We all know probably very, very well young, old, gay,

10:25:26 straight folks who are in committed long-term relationships.

10:25:30 And regardless of what label we put on them, each one of

10:25:33 those folks and each one of those partners deserves the same

10:25:36 type of human rights and human dignity that hopefully you

10:25:40 will be addressing today.

10:25:42 You know, as council members, we go out and speak to the

10:25:46 fact that it's an honor and a privilege to serve this

10:25:48 community.

10:25:49 And I would hope that when you vote yes today that you

10:25:52 recognize that it's an honor and a privilege to be doing so.

10:25:55 Thank you very much.

10:25:56 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:25:58 >> Jacob Hero, 14826 Lake Magdaline Circle, Tampa, and I'm

10:26:11 speaking on domestic partner registry.

10:26:16 Gender is a very complicated thing.

10:26:18 And some of us, myself included, have transitioned from one

10:26:24 gender to another in my lifetime and this whole domestic

10:26:29 partnership thing is so important for those of us who are

10:26:32 legally unable to marry at all.

10:26:36 If you transition from one sex to another, then in the

10:26:40 federal government you might not be allowed to change your

10:26:43 sex and in state government you can.

10:26:47 That means if I were to want to marry someone in another

10:26:50 country, that would be impossible in terms of immigration.

10:26:55 And I just think that looking beyond the gender of one's

10:27:01 spouse and the other spouse is essential.

10:27:04 The basic human rights issue, we should be able to have all

10:27:08 of the same human rights as everyone else.

10:27:11 Thank you.

10:27:11 >>MARY MULHERN: Next.

10:27:15 >> I'm Amanda Matthews, I live at 6401 north Marin Avenue,

10:27:22 here to speak to number 74 about the backyard chickens.

10:27:26 I am in favor of residents keeping backyard chickens.

10:27:29 They make great pets.

10:27:31 They are intelligent and very entertaining.

10:27:33 They are relatively inexpensive to keep and care for

10:27:36 including proper veterinary and vaccinations.

10:27:39 They are great natural pest control.

10:27:41 They are wonderful for our gardens, providing fertilizer and

10:27:44 tilling our. So they are a great source of more nutritious

10:27:47 and humanely produce eggs and they are a great opportunity

10:27:50 to teach our children about where their fad comes from,

10:27:54 responsibility and stewardship it.

10:27:57 As the proposed language in any ordinance, Pinellas County

10:28:01 or any of the other counties, I would please ask for fewer

10:28:04 restrictions of the state's requirements, number of birds

10:28:09 and constant confinement.

10:28:11 The Rabbi shared with us in the invocation about the simple

10:28:14 things which brighten our day, and I would say for a lot of

10:28:17 Tampa residents our backyard chickens are one of those

10:28:19 things.

10:28:20 Thanks very much.

10:28:20 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:28:23 >> I'm Mary Kennedy, 10524 chambers drive, Tampa.

10:28:32 I'm here to speak about the domestic partnership registry.

10:28:35 I'm president of the board of the Tampa Bay business skills,

10:28:40 LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

10:28:46 We do not support certain candidates but we feel it's

10:28:49 important to speak out on this issue.

10:28:51 Our association is mostly business owners.

10:28:55 We care about the business climate in Tampa Bay, we care

10:28:57 about jobs and making it easier to do business.

10:29:00 We want to see businesses expand in and to Tampa, start up

10:29:05 in Tampa, and transfer their employees here.

10:29:08 Domestic partnership registries are not only essential for

10:29:11 the citizens of Tampa but also for businesses that wish to

10:29:14 expand.

10:29:15 Corporations ought to take this into account when

10:29:22 establishing the registry is a way of ensuring that Tampa is

10:29:26 attract top talent and high paying jobs.

10:29:29 We often compete with Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami-Dade

10:29:32 for that talent and those jobs.

10:29:34 Domestic partner registries simply put us back on even

10:29:38 footing and in this economy we need to be on even footing

10:29:41 everywhere we can.

10:29:42 The domestic partnership registries also make it easier for

10:29:45 business tows do business.

10:29:46 The domestic partnership registry cuts down on paperwork and

10:29:50 time for the employer.

10:29:52 Many large companies offer domestic partnership benefits,

10:29:55 but in order for the employees to prove that they are in

10:29:57 fact in a committed relationship, there can be forms,

10:30:01 interviews, discussions, affidavits and more.

10:30:04 With the registry, one form will suffice and doing business

10:30:08 just got easier in Tampa.

10:30:09 The establishment of a domestic partnership registry brings

10:30:13 little risk, virtually no cost and amazing rewards to our

10:30:16 community and businesses.

10:30:18 Supporting the rights of all citizens with domestic

10:30:21 partnership registry will send the right signal to your

10:30:23 constituents, to our state, and to the nation that Tampa

10:30:27 means business.

10:30:28 Thank you for your time.

10:30:29 >>MARY MULHERN: Council, our rules say we have 30 minutes

10:30:34 for public comment.

10:30:35 We have got another six left.

10:30:39 >> Motion to extend 15 minutes.

10:30:41 >> Second.

10:30:42 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

10:30:44 And if people in the audience could be aware that we are

10:30:48 getting short on time, so keep your comments brief, and

10:30:54 consider that we probably heard it and you can probably take

10:30:57 less time.

10:30:58 Thank you.

10:30:58 Next.

10:30:58 >> Good morning.

10:31:02 Phyllis hunt, minister, metropolitan community church in

10:31:06 Tampa.

10:31:06 I live at 6706 north central in Tampa.

10:31:11 And I just want to thank you for your consideration on this

10:31:15 decision and the direction of leadership that you are

10:31:19 bringing to our city.

10:31:21 My spouse and I are celebrating 20 years this year, and our

10:31:25 Marge in Toronto doesn't have any value here.

10:31:27 We certainly can fill out forms for health care surrogate

10:31:31 and living will, but domestic partner registry brings value

10:31:36 to the city because it brings value, validity and quality to

10:31:42 its residents, which in turn will bring back value to the

10:31:45 city.

10:31:46 Thank you so much for all you do.

10:31:48 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:31:52 Next.

10:31:52 >> My name is Russell, Tampa.

10:32:01 I am here speaking about the domestic partner registry.

10:32:03 My partner would be here also but he's recovering from

10:32:06 surgery.

10:32:08 He's recovering at home right now. During the week that he

10:32:10 was in the hospital I was not denied access to him.

10:32:14 I was able to be in proximity of him with medical decisions.

10:32:20 Doctors talked to me sometimes first because weighs sedated

10:32:23 or he was altered because of medications he was on.

10:32:26 This was allowed because I had a medical Sur a gas I for

10:32:31 him.

10:32:31 I also made all the medical decisions at that point.

10:32:36 We had that registered through a lawyer.

10:32:37 That cost us a large chunk of cash.

10:32:40 That is something not everybody has access to. The domestic

10:32:43 partner registry that you are proposing, thank you first of

10:32:45 all.

10:32:46 Thank you very much for that.

10:32:48 It's going to be able to give more people access to things

10:32:51 that I had, that I had to pay for.

10:32:58 We have been together 15 years.

10:32:59 And I don't see that ending anytime.

10:33:08 Thank you.

10:33:08 Thank you.

10:33:09 >> My name is Frank Roder, 908 east Louisiana Avenue in

10:33:19 Tampa.

10:33:19 And many of you may know me as the chair of the CDBG

10:33:23 citizens advisory board.

10:33:24 As a life-long citizen of Tampa, I have watched our city

10:33:27 grow.

10:33:28 I was in the audience right here when Tampa revised the

10:33:30 human rights ordinance that includes sexual orientation back

10:33:33 in the early 1990s.

10:33:35 Back in the 1990s, I also celebrated with Hillsborough

10:33:37 County including sexual orientation in the human rights

10:33:41 ordinance and participated in the protest when Hillsborough

10:33:42 County took those protection as way.

10:33:45 At that time I was extremely proud to be living in the city

10:33:48 rather than in the county.

10:33:50 When the debate occurred over the display of gay pride in

10:33:54 2005 I was once again ashamed to live in Hillsborough County

10:33:58 but proud I live in Tampa.

10:33:59 In 2009, as a member of the City of Tampa human rights

10:34:03 board, I stood before this council and spoke about sexual

10:34:07 identity to our human rights ordinance.

10:34:10 I stood as pride as City Council approved that legislation.

10:34:14 Again Tampa is recognized as a city that recognizes

10:34:17 diversity of its citizens.

10:34:19 Today I am here to speak in favor of the domestic partner

10:34:22 registry.

10:34:22 I have been with my partner Michael for 29 years.

10:34:25 And to make sure we make decisions for each other in case of

10:34:28 emergency, we have met with our attorneys three separate

10:34:31 times over the years.

10:34:32 It was the only way we could make legally binding decisions

10:34:35 for each other.

10:34:35 By having a domestic partner registry it would be easy for

10:34:39 dedicated couples to make health care decisions for their

10:34:42 partners.

10:34:42 No committed couple should ever have to worry about their

10:34:45 relationship being questioned in an emergency or whether

10:34:49 their partner is in a life threatening accident.

10:34:51 It's time for Tampa to join the growing list of communities

10:34:54 across the country and state in providing protections for

10:34:57 our family.

10:34:59 This will enhance Tampa's reputation.

10:35:04 Thank you.

10:35:06 >> In regard to item number 75, I was hoping to ask that my

10:35:12 comments and Mr. Muse's comments be reserved at that time

10:35:15 when you hear it for three minutes, please.

10:35:19 This report from your legal staff on the digital billboards.

10:35:30 We would just like to reserve comment at that time to three

10:35:33 minutes.

10:35:33 >>MARY MULHERN: It's actually staff reports.

10:35:36 I think probably now would the time to do that.

10:35:38 >> We are asking -- we would prefer to dot at the item.

10:35:46 >> I would like to move we allow his comments be part of

10:35:52 item 75.

10:35:53 >> And Mr. O'Neills as well, please.

10:35:57 >> And Mr. O'Neill's, too.

10:35:59 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

10:36:01 Anyone opposed?

10:36:10 >> Good mornings.

10:36:11 My name is MINA Oregon, an animal rights lawyer and have

10:36:18 recently represented pet chickens before the Code

10:36:22 Enforcement Board.

10:36:23 I would like to thank you all for reconsidering the chicken

10:36:27 ordinance which is antiquated and out of step with all the

10:36:31 other communities in Florida.

10:36:32 The Code Enforcement Board seems to rest their rulings

10:36:38 against my client that raised by hand and kept for two years

10:36:42 because they used the poop from the chickens for recycling

10:36:46 in the Seminole Heights community gardens, and because they

10:36:51 occasionally ate the eggs from the chickens and gave them to

10:36:55 neighbors.

10:36:55 For that reason they seemed to believe these were not pets

10:36:58 even though they followed my clients around.

10:37:01 Any ordinance we have needs to build into something related

10:37:04 to a public nuisance.

10:37:07 My clients lost their chickens simply because they have one

10:37:11 delusional neighbor who is brain damaged.

10:37:15 And I'm not saying this -- I believe this man actually

10:37:18 thinks that he will have epileptic fits because there are

10:37:23 chickens next door to him.

10:37:24 But just because one neighbor has a mental problem should

10:37:29 not deprive people of their pets.

10:37:34 Nuisance laws worked very well for dogs barking for years,

10:37:38 and for odors coming from next door for years.

10:37:42 I have represented dogs and cats throughout Tampa for the

10:37:45 past five years.

10:37:47 And I would like to see if you would consider making it a

10:37:50 requirement that two neighbors from different addresses

10:37:53 complain before someone loses their pets.

10:37:56 Thank you.

10:37:56 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:37:59 Next.

10:37:59 >> Good morning.

10:38:06 Kurt King, 1014 emerald creek, Valrico, Florida,

10:38:11 vice-president of GaYbor.

10:38:12 I'm here today about the domestic registry.

10:38:16 My partner was on life support in September, and on three

10:38:20 different occasions I had to go home and get power of

10:38:25 attorney paperwork to take him back to the hospital.

10:38:27 With the domestic registry, I wouldn't have had to do that.

10:38:31 And please support this.

10:38:32 Thank you.

10:38:33 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:38:40 >> Hi name is Susan Shannon, west north "B" street in Tampa.

10:38:45 I'm here to speak on two issues, the domestic partner

10:38:49 registry.

10:38:49 I want to know that is something that will benefit me in an

10:38:53 opposite sex relationship of 23 years, not married until my

10:38:59 brothers and sisters in the LGBT community can marry as

10:39:04 well.

10:39:04 I want you to know that will benefit a lot of other people

10:39:07 than just LGBT community.

10:39:10 I want to speak to resolution 81.

10:39:15 And I just want to bring to your attention in case you don't

10:39:17 already know, one of the forces that's starving our cities

10:39:20 and our counties is the corporate agenda, that is sucking

10:39:27 all public money into the private sector, and that if we

10:39:30 want to have vibrant and vital cities and counties, we need

10:39:34 to stop the corporate agenda, and listen more to the

10:39:38 citizens than to the giant corporations that don't care if

10:39:41 we have public services that don't care if we have

10:39:43 education, health care, and all the other benefits, clean

10:39:47 water, the things that public employees provide and public

10:39:51 services provide.

10:39:53 Thank you.

10:39:53 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:39:54 >> Grace Bengy, 7109 north 18th street, Tampa.

10:40:05 I just want to say, there seems to be a lot of support for

10:40:08 backyard chickens.

10:40:09 I'm all for it.

10:40:12 Mine are just as much pets as cats and dogs.

10:40:16 I spend just as much money on veterinary care for them as I

10:40:19 would for any of my pets.

10:40:24 They are pets.

10:40:25 They are not food.

10:40:26 And I am all for lifting restrictions.

10:40:29 The good outweighs any sort of bad that anyone can come up

10:40:32 with.

10:40:34 Also, I support the domestic partnership registry.

10:40:37 >> My name is Scott Spar, 1120 East Kennedy Boulevard, here

10:40:49 to talk on the domestic partner registry.

10:40:53 I'm the marketing director for the statewide LGBT

10:40:57 publication the largest in the state and I would love

10:40:59 nothing more to report on our Web site that Tampa, Florida

10:41:04 has joined the many, many cities who approved the domestic

10:41:08 partner registry.

10:41:09 I thank you so much for voting yes on this very, very

10:41:12 important matter.

10:41:13 Have a good afternoon.

10:41:14 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:41:21 Please come up if you are going to speak.

10:41:22 Anyone else?

10:41:31 All right.

10:41:32 Thank you.

10:41:32 At this time, are there any requests by the public for

10:41:37 reconsideration of legislative matters?

10:41:46 None.

10:41:47 We will move to our ordinances.

10:41:50 First we will move to item number 72.

10:42:05 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Madam Chair.

10:42:09 Before I move the motion, may I say something?

10:42:12 >>MARY MULHERN: Sure.

10:42:13 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

10:42:17 I took some notes while we were talking.

10:42:22 I want to say how pleased I am at the positive response that

10:42:27 we have received, and it reinforces my believer that we live

10:42:32 in a good, compassionate and very strong city.

10:42:38 It further reinforces our diversity.

10:42:41 Tampa was born of diversity.

10:42:43 And that is what makes Tampa the economic and cultural

10:42:47 engine of central Florida, a super region.

10:42:54 It's a great place to live, and I'm proud that we, all of

10:42:57 us, in this community, have made this place that is great,

10:43:05 hopefully now better for my two-week-old grandson to be

10:43:17 raised in.

10:43:18 Thank you.

10:43:18 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilman Reddick, and then Councilman

10:43:21 Suarez.

10:43:21 >>FRANK REDDICK: I want to raise a question with Mr.

10:43:35 Dingfelder.

10:43:38 How many municipalities throughout this city have this

10:43:43 domestic registry partner?

10:43:48 >> John Dingfelder: Hold on one second.

10:43:52 Throughout the state, we have about five or six

10:43:59 municipalities and about three or four counties.

10:44:01 Of course, most recently was the city of Orlando back in

10:44:04 December.

10:44:04 >>FRANK REDDICK: Do you know outside of Orlando?

10:44:10 >> Gainesville, Miami Beach, Broward, Key West, Orlando,

10:44:18 Ft. Lauderdale, Orange County is considering.

10:44:24 >> Broward County, Palm Beach County, Gainesville, Key West,

10:44:29 Miami Beach, West Palm Beach, and of course Orlando.

10:44:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:44:38 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilman Suarez?

10:44:43 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair. When this idea was first

10:44:45 presented to all of us, one of the things that I thought

10:44:49 about is, you know, where is it based in law?

10:44:53 And once we got through that, I felt this was a great idea.

10:44:57 Some way that the city can participate and making a

10:45:00 quality -- equality an important aspect of our city life.

10:45:05 But the second part I started thinking about almost eleven

10:45:09 years ago, Lois Morero, a city police officer, was killed in

10:45:16 the line of duty.

10:45:17 She was a gay officer and had a domestic partnership at that

10:45:23 time and I believe they were together ten years at the time

10:45:26 of her death.

10:45:27 And there was quite a fight between the pension board and

10:45:31 her about what was available as a domestic partner.

10:45:37 Unfortunately that was something that took a long protracted

10:45:43 basis.

10:45:43 Later on another council was able to approve benefits for

10:45:48 domestic partners in this city, which is unusual in the rest

10:45:52 of the State of Florida.

10:45:54 I'm proud to know that we are going to do one small part of

10:45:58 making this a more equal city.

10:46:00 I know that there are people out there that will take shock

10:46:05 and attack us and attack the people in the gay community

10:46:08 saying that this is a slippery slope towards marriage.

10:46:12 The ordinance itself specifically says this is not marriage.

10:46:16 The city does not have the right, legally, to say who gets

10:46:21 married and who does not get married.

10:46:23 But we do have, I think, a moral right to provide the kind

10:46:28 of services that the people in this city expect.

10:46:32 We are, as Councilwoman Capin so eloquently said, the

10:46:37 economic engine of this part of the state, we are a leader

10:46:42 in so many different areas, and I think it's a great thing

10:46:46 that she was able to introduce this, and I am going to

10:46:50 wholeheartedly support this once we get this passed.

10:46:54 And we appreciate the support that we have seen from the

10:46:56 community for this type of ordinance.

10:46:58 And I want to thank you all for doing that, and let's

10:47:01 remember the people that serve this city, Chief Castor, and

10:47:07 of course police officer Morero who lost her life and didn't

10:47:13 have a chance to see this to fruition.

10:47:15 Thank you.

10:47:15 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.

10:47:22 I also want to thank and compliment Councilwoman Capin for

10:47:26 her leadership on this issue.

10:47:29 Tampa is a great city.

10:47:31 And if you want to be a great city, you have to open your

10:47:34 arms to everybody in the community.

10:47:36 And we want to be known as a place that's friendly, that's

10:47:41 open, that's diverse, and that treats people with dignity

10:47:45 and respect.

10:47:46 If I were looking to relocate a business someplace, I would

10:47:49 never want to go to a place that was close minded and

10:47:53 discriminatory, and had policies that were unfair, or a

10:47:58 government unfair policies.

10:48:04 I am going vote for this ordinance and I hope at this time

10:48:06 first in a long line of things that we do that add to the

10:48:11 moral and social and economic fabric of our community.

10:48:16 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:48:19 I want to also thank you, Councilwoman Capin, for thinking

10:48:22 to bring this ordinance to us.

10:48:26 And I have to say, for something that could have been

10:48:30 controversial, this was not controversial.

10:48:35 It is really heartening for me, and I think for all of us in

10:48:39 this room to realize that we didn't have one -- not one

10:48:46 negative comment about this.

10:48:48 We didn't get e-mails.

10:48:49 We didn't have people calling us.

10:48:52 This community realizes that this is the right thing to do

10:48:57 and it's just really wonderful, as Councilwoman Capin says,

10:49:02 to see that we have compassion and tolerance in this

10:49:06 community, and we are well coming and progressive.

10:49:08 >>HARRY COHEN: I want to say my office, and I think

10:49:12 everyone did, received almost 900 e-mails on this topic.

10:49:16 We did not get one negative anti- e-mail of the entire 900.

10:49:36 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Someone in the audience said we are adding

10:49:38 value to our city.

10:49:42 That is definitely where we are heading.

10:49:44 We are joining the 21st century in our city.

10:49:48 And with that, I would like to read the ordinance.

10:49:53 I would like to move the ordinance.

10:49:55 An ordinance being presented for first reading

10:49:57 consideration, an ordinance of the city of Tampa, Florida

10:50:01 making comprehensive revisions to the City of Tampa code of

10:50:04 ordinances, chapter 12, human rights, creating article V,

10:50:09 domestic partner registry, section 12-120 through 12-126,

10:50:16 providing for repeal of all ordinances in conflict,

10:50:21 providing for severability, providing an effective date.

10:50:24 >> Second.

10:50:27 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion made by Councilwoman Capin, seconded

10:50:29 by Councilman Suarez.

10:50:30 All in favor?

10:50:33 Anyone opposed?

10:50:34 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda and Montelione

10:50:37 being absent.

10:50:38 And the second reading of the ordinance will be held April

10:50:42 5th at 9:30 a.m.

10:50:47 [ Applause ]

10:51:01 >>MARY MULHERN: I believe we have staff here to speak to

10:51:18 item number 74.

10:51:30 If not we will move onto the other items.

10:51:33 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Planning manager for the city.

10:51:41 I am going to be saying that.

10:51:42 We did receive the packet of the Pinellas County regulations

10:51:45 that came through from the last meeting, and the code

10:51:50 enforcement, Sal Territo and the legal department, all met

10:51:55 on the items we already have in the code dealing with

10:51:57 animals in chapter 19, which is property maintenance, the

10:52:03 code enforcement chapter.

10:52:04 We do recollect nice initially that in reading what is in

10:52:07 chapter 19, the regulations that are in chapter 19 really

10:52:12 are land development regulations so we do need to move them

10:52:15 into the Land Development Code.

10:52:16 They are actually in the wrong part of the code.

10:52:18 There is a section dealing with farm animals, and there are

10:52:21 some definitions that do need a little bit of clarification.

10:52:24 The piece that deals with farm animals is section 19-76, and

10:52:30 it basically says it is unlawful for any person to keep,

10:52:33 harbor or maintain farm animals except under these

10:52:35 conditions.

10:52:37 You can have farm animals within the city.

10:52:41 There are specific requirements for them.

10:52:43 I'll just tell you briefly what they are.

10:52:46 For cattle and swine you have to have an acre.

10:52:50 Sheep or goats is half acre per animal.

10:52:52 Fowl, which would include chickens, 5,000 square feet of

10:52:55 land for each five fowl or fraction thereof, essentially

10:53:01 1,000 feet per bird.

10:53:02 Then bees, 10,000.

10:53:08 The first requirement in land per animal, do you have to

10:53:11 have a separation distance from an adjacent residential

10:53:14 structure of 200 feet.

10:53:15 So if you think about the 5,000 square foot lots that we

10:53:18 have in the city, and we have five setbacks of seven feet,

10:53:21 you will never -- very rarely achieve a 200 fat distance

10:53:25 separation.

10:53:27 So basically what we would be looking to for council at this

10:53:31 point is potentially in the future scheduling a workshop to

10:53:36 discuss what parameters you would actually like.

10:53:41 There are a couple of questions that we would have that

10:53:43 would need to be answered, and I think in having a workshop

10:53:46 you would be able to hear from a number of different sources

10:53:48 as opposed to just a staff report situation where it's a

10:53:52 limited amount of time.

10:53:53 There's going to be, I believe, comments on both sides of

10:53:57 the aisle, whether to have chickens, whether to not.

10:54:02 There's a movement for bees are for goats, for all different

10:54:06 types of urban agriculture.

10:54:08 I have been gathering a lot of different resources and

10:54:11 research on urban agriculture.

10:54:12 It's happening all over the country.

10:54:14 So this is not something new.

10:54:16 It would just be fairly new to Tampa, at least in this

10:54:19 current time.

10:54:23 If you read through the Pinellas County regulations they did

10:54:26 give information of the different communities as well, the

10:54:28 different cities, and certain cities allow them and certain

10:54:32 don't.

10:54:33 One of the big questions is whether or not to coop the

10:54:35 chickens or allow them to run free in your backyard if it's

10:54:40 fenced in.

10:54:41 Certain communities actually require that there are coops

10:54:45 and others allow them to run free. Those are just some of

10:54:48 the things in the workshop that would come up and be

10:54:51 discussed and ultimately looking to council to direct what

10:54:53 it is you thought would be appropriate.

10:54:55 We do, like I said, we do in chapter 19 have dimensional

10:54:58 standards for them.

10:54:59 They do need to be moved to chapter 27 because they really

10:55:02 are a land development regulation.

10:55:04 It just whether or not you want to keep the numbers that we

10:55:06 have, because it is fairly impractical unless you have a

10:55:09 very large piece of land to actually house these types of

10:55:12 animals.

10:55:15 With that, if there's any comments.

10:55:17 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Madam Chair.

10:55:26 I'm highly in favor of having a workshop to discuss this,

10:55:32 because I truly do not want to waiver off the current rule,

10:55:38 code that we have, residential within 200 feet, and to hear

10:55:44 comments back from individuals who talk about a chicken as a

10:55:47 pet is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard of.

10:55:52 Chickens running loose, any chicken that's running loose

10:55:56 through the neighborhood is a public nuisance.

10:55:59 And I have experienced chickens, and that is the worst

10:56:08 headache I had in my life.

10:56:09 I don't know where that chicken came from, but that chicken

10:56:12 would come and stroll down the sidewalk like he owned the

10:56:16 neighborhood.

10:56:19 And then got the nerve to come and kick all the mulch out of

10:56:24 my flower bed, and I had to go back in and sweep it back,

10:56:28 clean it up the next morning, the chicken out there doing

10:56:30 the same thing over.

10:56:32 And he was just a neighborhood nuisance.

10:56:35 And I mean he just strolled down the street like he owned

10:56:40 it, all the way down on the sidewalk.

10:56:43 And then he comes knock out your flower bed.

10:56:47 We got calls now where neighbors complain about a chicken.

10:56:52 Got a vegetable garden.

10:56:57 And if I had any joy of that chicken being around in almost

10:57:01 three months is that I lost five pounds rung behind that

10:57:06 chicken trying to catch it.

10:57:07 >> A wellness program.

10:57:13 >> Until it got to the point that animal service came out,

10:57:18 and they eventually, you know, they tried to set up a trap

10:57:23 to catch the chicken.

10:57:24 And that chicken strolled by the chap, don't even go in the

10:57:30 cage.

10:57:30 And they waited till night when it would go up in a tree.

10:57:35 I didn't know a chicken would fly at that time.

10:57:38 But the chicken flew up in the tree and they eventually shot

10:57:44 him down or got away.

10:57:46 But the problem is, I'm in favor of having a workshop,

10:57:49 because I think it's not good to have chickens in your

10:57:55 backyard.

10:57:55 I understand people talking about their eggs and all of

10:57:58 that.

10:57:58 That's wonderful.

10:58:02 Out in the unincorporated areas, have chickens in the

10:58:07 backyard.

10:58:07 But I'm willing to have a workshop, and I know that

10:58:15 Councilman wants to speak, but madam characters I would

10:58:17 suggest that we have a workshop scheduled for May 24th

10:58:23 at 9 a.m. to further discuss this to change the code

10:58:30 regulation.

10:58:30 >> Second.

10:58:34 >>CATHERINE COYLE: The only thing I would suggest about May

10:58:36 is we would be looking -- we are shortly having a memo

10:58:41 through, requesting May as the text amendment cycle for the

10:58:44 workshop, and it's a fairly hefty text amendment cycle.

10:58:48 In order to stay on track before summer vacations and

10:58:51 everything else.

10:58:53 I believe April is fairly light, if I recall.

10:58:55 >>FRANK REDDICK: Change to April 26th at 9 a.m.

10:59:01 >>MARY MULHERN: Seconded by Councilman -- Mr. Shelby?

10:59:07 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I direct your attention to the April

10:59:08 calendar for the workshop.

10:59:12 You have something at 9 a.m.

10:59:13 And I just noticed that the workshop for the solid waste

10:59:17 audit has not been set by time, so I just want to know

10:59:20 whether council wanted to correct that, too, if you make a

10:59:25 motion.

10:59:26 >>FRANK REDDICK: 9 a.m.

10:59:28 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

10:59:30 Aye.

10:59:30 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Do you want to set a time for that

10:59:40 workshop?

10:59:42 >>FRANK REDDICK: 9 a.m.

10:59:44 >>MARY MULHERN: Oh, for solid waste?

10:59:47 >>YVONNE CAPIN: 9:30.

10:59:48 >> Second.

10:59:49 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

10:59:51 Aye.

10:59:52 Okay.

10:59:52 So we will be back with a workshop to discuss the chickens.

11:00:10 Back to our regular general. Item number 6.

11:00:14 Number 6.

11:00:19 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Cathy Coyle, I want to thank you for your

11:00:24 diligence on ordinance 2011-124 which is the placard.

11:00:31 Thank you so much for that report.

11:00:33 And I know you have a very, very busy schedule, so I

11:00:36 appreciate that staying on schedule.

11:00:38 >>CATHERINE COYLE: No problem.

11:00:42 I had a lot of assistance and the team is working very hard.

11:00:44 I appreciate it.

11:00:46 >>YVONNE CAPIN: But I wanted to let you know before you

11:00:48 left.

11:00:48 >> Thank you.

11:00:49 That's very nice.

11:01:07 >>MARY MULHERN: We have more ordinances.

11:01:12 Item number 6.

11:01:15 >> I'm here on item 6 which are revisions to the cemetery

11:01:30 ordinance.

11:01:32 We briefed all of you and it's housekeeping we would like to

11:01:36 lay to rest.

11:01:37 I'm here to answer any questions you may have.

11:01:38 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I would like to move the ordinance.

11:01:41 >> Second.

11:01:41 >>MIKE SUAREZ: An ordinance being presented for first

11:01:49 reading consideration, amending or restating chapter 8 City

11:01:52 of Tampa code of ordinances, cemeteries, providing for

11:01:56 repeal of all ordinances in conflict therewith, providing an

11:01:59 effective date.

11:01:59 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion made by Councilman Suarez, council

11:02:05 seconded by Councilwoman Capin.

11:02:08 All in favor?

11:02:10 Anyone opposed?

11:02:11 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda and Montelione

11:02:14 being absent.

11:02:15 Second reading of the ordinance will be held April 5th

11:02:18 at 9:30 a.m.

11:02:20 >> Item 7.

11:02:24 >> I didn't introduce myself last time.

11:02:28 I'm Luis Rodriguez with the legal department, here on item

11:02:32 7, revisions to chapter 14.

11:02:36 Outside of some general housekeeping, I think significant

11:02:40 revision to that section of the code deal with the excludes

11:02:45 zone, slow speed minimum wake zones and the no-wake zones.

11:02:50 I have officer Luis Vasquez here who has spent a significant

11:02:57 amount of time in working with the state to bring our code

11:02:59 into compliance.

11:03:01 >> I will go over the distance zones.

11:03:06 We have the idle speed zonings and I can show you the

11:03:11 pictures, show you aerials.

11:03:15 Basically we are trying to keep all the vessels out of the

11:03:19 marked areas of our beaches to keep the boats and the people

11:03:22 separate.

11:03:31 Start off with the Courtney Campbell causeway.

11:03:37 We are noticing that people are actually venturing out of

11:03:51 that area.

11:03:52 We are trying to keep the boats away from swimmers.

11:03:55 We have had a few accidents at the Courtney Campbell

11:03:57 causeway involving jet skis and boats striking swimmers in

11:04:00 that area.

11:04:01 We extended the area west towards frontage road.

11:04:13 We found more people are swimming in that area.

11:04:15 We wanted to make it safe.

11:04:19 Cypress point park doesn't have an area but we are trying to

11:04:30 make this area a vessel exclusion ozone.

11:04:33 Again all these zones we allow for boats to pull up to the

11:04:36 shoreline, different areas that you can see on the outside

11:04:39 of it.

11:04:40 The boats, kayaks can utilize.

11:04:42 This is an area we want just swimmers, and this is cypress,

11:04:48 the park they just redid.

11:04:57 Picnic Island.

11:05:04 Picnic Island north and Picnic Island south, two different

11:05:07 sections.

11:05:10 North is by the pier and by the boat ramp.

11:05:12 That's an area where we have a lot of people taking the dogs

11:05:14 to go swimming in that area and so forth.

11:05:20 An exclusion zone because parking is so long.

11:05:24 A lot of people utilize this area also.

11:05:36 What we have done is extended it a little bit, also.

11:05:45 Again there's more people using it.

11:05:47 This is going to be a vessel exclusion zone, keeping

11:05:52 investigate will he wills out.

11:05:53 This shows the north beach and South Beach.

11:05:58 And in the center, there's a launch for Hobie cats and

11:06:06 kayaks so people can still use that area for boats and other

11:06:09 things they want to do there.

11:06:11 And then we have the boat ramp north of that, power vessel

11:06:16 to go and utilize.

11:06:25 You

11:06:29 Again we are making this area exclusion to keep vessels out.

11:06:34 We have used it for years as a beach area to go swimming and

11:06:38 so forth.

11:06:46 The idle speed zone.

11:06:48 Basically the vessels in the water, just enough maintain

11:06:53 power, we want to do this at all boat ramps.

11:06:56 We have five boat ramps in and out that are not protected.

11:06:59 And people are trying to launch their vessels and so forth.

11:07:02 If you have a who foot or 23-foot boat going fast through

11:07:08 there, you have people, children, kids on the floating

11:07:11 docks, and if you have the boat moving and the dock moving

11:07:15 and people trying to get on, it's a hazard.

11:07:19 So we are trying to slow the boats down just in that small

11:07:21 area.

11:07:23 It's 500 feet east and west of the boat ramp, and it's just

11:07:27 a short time that they have to come up slowly and then come

11:07:32 back off of plane.

11:07:33 It's going to benefit the boaters that are putting in a lot

11:07:36 of these ramps.

11:07:37 The first one is the Courtney Campbell causeway.

11:07:39 You can see it's mainly in the channel itself.

11:07:51 Salty Sol, again entering that area, we want them to be at

11:07:58 idle speed.

11:08:00 There's a lot of boats coming and going in N that area.

11:08:04 It also creates a hazard in that area there

11:08:12 Picnic Island, small boat ramp.

11:08:17 We don't want people -- take the boat off the trailer and

11:08:21 just go fast from that trailer out in the open water when

11:08:23 there's other boats trying to put in.

11:08:36 Ballast Point.

11:08:37 City just redid that, dredged it, put new docks.

11:08:42 It's such a great boat ramp to use.

11:08:45 But again, that's going to be an area there that we want to

11:08:48 keep people slow.

11:09:06 This gets used quite a bit.

11:09:08 Again that's going to be an idle speed zone in that area.

11:09:26 And we have a seaplane basin.

11:09:31 And people putting boats in.

11:09:34 And the moored vessels that are out there, with airplanes

11:09:37 and boats together we want to keep them at slow speed so

11:09:41 they are not colliding into each other.

11:09:45 And land outside this area, it will come in slowly to that

11:09:48 boat ramp, the actual ramp is a seaplane ramp to go to Peter

11:09:52 O. Knight airport.

11:09:55 So we want time to retract if there is a boat or plane

11:09:59 coming through.

11:09:59 That's the only one we are doing for slow speed.

11:10:02 And it's just enough power creating a small minimum wake

11:10:08 they are allowed to have.

11:10:12 That's the last one.

11:10:13 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

11:10:16 Spring break, I feel like we should be out there sailing,

11:10:22 and at the beach.

11:10:26 Any questions, council?

11:10:29 Thank you for all the hard work you have done on this.

11:10:32 I know you have been working on this for years and dealing

11:10:34 with the Tallahassee and the Department of Transportation.

11:10:41 >> Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

11:10:44 >>MARY MULHERN: You have done a great job.

11:10:46 Thank you so much.

11:10:46 >> You're welcome, you're welcome.

11:10:48 >> Move the ordinance.

11:10:50 >> Second.

11:10:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move an ordinance presented for first

11:10:56 reading consideration, city of Tampa, Florida amending city

11:10:59 of Tampa, Florida ordinances, chapter 14, offenses, article

11:11:04 V, boats, docks and waterways, providing for severability,

11:11:08 providing for repeal of all ordinances in conflict,

11:11:11 providing an effective date.

11:11:11 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

11:11:13 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion made by Councilman Reddick, second

11:11:16 bid Councilman Cohen.

11:11:17 All in favor?

11:11:18 Anyone opposed?

11:11:19 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda and Montelione

11:11:21 being absent.

11:11:22 Second reading of the ordinance will be held April 5th

11:11:25 at 9:30 a.m.

11:11:27 >>MARY MULHERN: Item number 8.

11:11:34 >> Ron VILLA, planner for historic preservation.

11:11:43 Item 8 is for an ad valorem tax exemption for the address of

11:11:47 16 North Franklin Street.

11:11:50 This is part of the North Franklin downtown multiple

11:11:54 properties.

11:11:57 On the monitor, photo from the 1920s, we get a lot of

11:12:04 information as to when we come forward with the renovations

11:12:07 and restoration of the properties in question of how to

11:12:10 proceed.

11:12:15 These photos aid greatly.

11:12:18 You see down to the south, the property in question here.

11:12:21 We see the street and the abundance of historic fabric at

11:12:27 that time.

11:12:28 We have another photo.

11:12:29 This is looking down Franklin to the north.

11:12:32 You see some of the trolley tracks first that were in place

11:12:35 and the brick street.

11:12:36 Once again the property in question is here.

11:12:43 This is how the property looks prior to rehabilitation, in a

11:12:54 deteriorated state.

11:12:57 Once again using the front facade off of Franklin Street.

11:13:04 Moving forward, this is the completed storefront.

11:13:11 Which faces Franklin and the alley. Moving around to the

11:13:17 other elevations prior to rehabilitation.

11:13:23 And then after rehabilitation, this is the portion of the

11:13:28 storefront and the alley elevation.

11:13:33 Then moving down the alley elevation.

11:13:37 To conclude, some interior photos, with the water damage.

11:13:48 And then how it looks today on the interior.

11:13:52 You see the storefront looking back down.

11:13:54 It does contribute now to Franklin.

11:13:56 It appears that that area is really coming up.

11:14:00 The building is now ADA accessible as indicated in that

11:14:03 photo.

11:14:04 And this is the workshop portion of it showing off the

11:14:11 ceilings still at about 13, 14 feet.

11:14:13 So this request does meet all the criteria in the ordinance

11:14:17 for the ad valorem.

11:14:18 Thank you.

11:14:18 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

11:14:27 Great continuation of North Franklin Street.

11:14:30 >> We need to move item number 8.

11:14:32 I move an ordinance being presented for first reading

11:14:34 consideration, an ordinance approving the historic

11:14:36 preservation property tax exemption application relative to

11:14:39 the restoration, renovation or rehabilitation of certain

11:14:43 property 1613 North Franklin Street LLC located at 1613

11:14:50 North Franklin Street, Tampa, Florida in the North Franklin

11:14:53 downtown multiple properties historic district based upon

11:14:56 certain findings, providing for notice to the property

11:14:59 appraiser of Hillsborough County, providing for

11:15:01 severability, providing for repeal of all ordinances in

11:15:03 conflict, providing an effective date.

11:15:05 >> Second.

11:15:08 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion made by Councilman Cohen, seconded

11:15:11 by Councilman Reddick.

11:15:12 All in favor?

11:15:14 Anyone opposed?

11:15:15 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda and Montelione

11:15:16 being absent.

11:15:18 Second reading of the ordinance will be held April 5th

11:15:20 at 9:30 a.m.

11:15:22 >>MARY MULHERN: Item number 9.

11:15:25 >> Number 9 is also coming in for ad valorem tax exemption.

11:15:33 On the monitor we have a photo prior to rehabilitation once

11:15:37 again.

11:15:37 This structure is a 1916 craftsman style, 711 S. Willow

11:15:45 Avenue, and the owners are Brad and Danielle Campbell.

11:15:50 There you see the porch was enclosed, the house in

11:15:56 disrepair, and below, you see the porch was opened up, and a

11:16:02 lot of repair work, renovated at that time.

11:16:12 There you have two photos on the top, prior to

11:16:14 rehabilitation.

11:16:14 And the enclosure of the front porch.

11:16:17 And after rehabilitation.

11:16:19 The porch was opened up and all the woodwork brought to

11:16:26 current standards.

11:16:29 This is just another angle looking at that porch internally

11:16:33 from the front.

11:16:34 And then looking at it currently unobstructed.

11:16:41 After the rehabilitation, here you are looking through the

11:16:50 porte-cochere, and at that same shot from the street you are

11:16:54 looking at the same porte-cochere, in the two story to

11:17:00 structure in the rear.

11:17:03 Internally, defining feature, to complete it at the top.

11:17:11 And how it appears today.

11:17:17 And the main dining room had these copper ceilings that were

11:17:21 falling down, and the owner took the measures to repair it.

11:17:27 And the last photo that I have is showing the stairs leading

11:17:35 to the second floor.

11:17:36 They were falling down, was very difficult to maneuver to

11:17:39 the second floor.

11:17:40 It is in a long area safety hazard.

11:17:42 And this request also meets all the criteria in the

11:17:47 ad valorem process.

11:17:48 Thank you.

11:17:49 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

11:17:53 Councilman Reddick?

11:17:55 >>FRANK REDDICK: I move ordinance being presented for first

11:17:58 reading consideration, an ordinance approving a historic

11:18:01 preservation property tax exemption application relative to

11:18:04 the restoration, renovation or rehabilitation of certain

11:18:08 property owned by Bradley W. Campbell and Danielle M.

11:18:12 Campbell located 711 south Willow Avenue, Tampa, Florida in

11:18:16 the Hyde Park historic district, based upon certain

11:18:19 findings, providing for notice to the property appraiser of

11:18:22 Hillsborough County, providing for severability, providing

11:18:24 for repeal of all ordinances in conflict, providing an

11:18:27 effective date.

11:18:27 >> Second.

11:18:29 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion made by Councilman Reddick, seconded

11:18:31 by Councilman Suarez.

11:18:33 All in favor?

11:18:35 Aye.

11:18:35 Anyone opposed?

11:18:37 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda and Montelione

11:18:39 being absent.

11:18:40 Second reading of the ordinance will be held April 5th

11:18:43 at 9:30 a.m.

11:18:44 >>MARY MULHERN: We will move on to our committee reports.

11:18:54 Councilman Reddick, Public Safety Committee.

11:18:56 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move item 10 and 11.

11:18:59 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

11:19:01 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:19:04 Anyone opposed?

11:19:10 Councilman Reddick, could you do parks and recreation, too?

11:19:15 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move 12 through 21.

11:19:17 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

11:19:19 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:19:21 Anyone opposed?

11:19:25 Public works, Councilman Suarez.

11:19:26 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I move 22 through 36.

11:19:29 >> Second.

11:19:32 >>MARY MULHERN: Seconded by Councilman Cohen.

11:19:34 All in favor?

11:19:40 Anyone opposed?

11:19:42 Finance Committee.

11:19:44 >>HARRY COHEN: I move items 37 through 42.

11:19:47 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Second.

11:19:50 >>MARY MULHERN: Seconded by Councilman Suarez.

11:19:52 All in favor?

11:19:57 Anyone opposed?

11:19:59 Building, zoning and preservation.

11:20:01 Councilwoman Capin.

11:20:03 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I move items 43 through 51.

11:20:05 >> Second.

11:20:07 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion made by Councilwoman Capin, seconded

11:20:10 by Councilman Suarez.

11:20:11 All in favor?

11:20:13 Anyone opposed?

11:20:17 Transportation, also Councilwoman Capin.

11:20:20 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I move item 52 through 56.

11:20:22 >> Second.

11:20:23 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion made by Councilwoman Capin, seconded

11:20:26 by Councilman Suarez.

11:20:28 All in favor?

11:20:30 Anyone opposed?

11:20:42 Councilman Cohen, could you move the items set for public

11:20:46 hearing?

11:20:50 57 and 5.

11:20:51 >>HARRY COHEN: I think I just need to move the items,

11:20:55 correct?

11:20:55 I move item number 57.

11:20:57 >>FRANK REDDICK: Second.

11:20:58 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:21:01 Anyone opposed?

11:21:02 >>HARRY COHEN: And I move item number 58.

11:21:04 >>FRANK REDDICK: Second.

11:21:06 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:21:08 Anyone opposed?

11:21:10 Okay.

11:21:12 We will now move on to our public hearings.

11:21:17 Item number 59.

11:21:20 Mr. Shelby?

11:21:21 >>MARTIN SHELBY: You can move to open those.

11:21:24 >>HARRY COHEN: Move to open 59 through 62.

11:21:31 >> Second.

11:21:32 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:21:34 Anyone opposed?

11:21:40 Item number 59.

11:21:43 Does S there anyone wishing to speak on item number 59?

11:21:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move to close.

11:21:49 >> Second.

11:21:49 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:21:51 Aye.

11:21:52 Councilman Suarez, could you read that, please, 59?

11:21:55 >> An ordinance being presented for second reading and

11:21:58 adoption, an ordinance of the city of Tampa, Florida

11:22:00 amending City of Tampa code of ordinances chapter 15,

11:22:03 parking, section 15-104, residential parking permit only

11:22:09 area, repealing all ordinances or parts of ordinances in

11:22:11 conflict therewith, providing an effective date.

11:22:14 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

11:22:17 >>MARY MULHERN: Seconded by Councilman Cohen.

11:22:20 Please vote and record.

11:22:31 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Capin being absent at vote

11:22:34 and Montelione and Miranda being absent.

11:22:37 >>MARY MULHERN: Item number 60. Is there anyone wishing to

11:22:44 speak on item number 60?

11:22:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move to close.

11:22:50 >> Second.

11:22:50 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:22:52 Anyone opposed?

11:22:56 Councilwoman Capin, could you read item number 60?

11:23:04 >>YVONNE CAPIN: An ordinance being presented for second

11:23:05 reading and adoption, an ordinance of the city of Tampa,

11:23:09 Florida amending City of Tampa code of ordinances, chapter

11:23:12 15, parking, section 15-125, penalties for failure to appear

11:23:18 or to pay fines as directed by the court, amending said

11:23:22 section to comply with state department of motor vehicles

11:23:25 DMV, regulations, repealing all ordinances or parts of

11:23:30 ordinances in conflict therewith, providing an effective

11:23:36 date.

11:23:36 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

11:23:38 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion made by Councilwoman Capin, seconded

11:23:40 by Councilman Cohen.

11:23:42 Please vote and record.

11:23:43 >>> Motion carried with Miranda and Montelione being absent.

11:23:53 >>MARY MULHERN: Item number 61.

11:23:58 Is there anyone wishing to speak on item number 61?

11:24:04 Suarez.

11:24:05 >> Motion to close.

11:24:06 >> Second.

11:24:06 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:24:08 Anyone opposed?

11:24:09 Councilman Reddick, could you please read item number 61?

11:24:12 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move an ordinance being presented for

11:24:14 second reading and adoption, an ordinance of the City of

11:24:16 Tampa relating to parking lot personnel, making revision to

11:24:23 the City of Tampa code of ordinance can, chapter 27, zoning,

11:24:29 amending section 27-180, alternative parking requirements,

11:24:33 repealing all ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict

11:24:36 therewith, providing for severability, providing an

11:24:39 effective date.

11:24:39 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

11:24:41 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion made by Councilman Reddick, seconded

11:24:44 by Councilman Cohen.

11:24:46 Please vote and record.

11:24:46 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda and Montelione

11:24:57 being absent.

11:24:58 >>MARY MULHERN: Item number 62.

11:25:01 Is there anyone wishing to speak on item number 62?

11:25:04 >> Motion to close.

11:25:10 >> Second.

11:25:11 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:25:12 Anyone opposed?

11:25:13 Councilman Cohen, would you read 62?

11:25:17 >> I move an ordinance being presented for second reading

11:25:19 and adoption, an ordinance amending ordinance number

11:25:22 2011-107 passed and ordained by the City Council of the City

11:25:27 of Tampa on September 1st, 2011 correcting a scrivener's

11:25:30 error by providing exhibits A, B, C and D for section

11:25:34 27-463, Westshore overlay district development standards,

11:25:39 providing for repeal of all ordinances in conflict,

11:25:42 providing for severability, providing an effective date.

11:25:43 >> Second.

11:25:47 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion made by Councilman Cohen, seconded

11:25:49 by Councilman Reddick.

11:25:52 Please vote and record.

11:25:52 >> Motion carried with Miranda and Montelione being absent.

11:26:00 >>MARY MULHERN: We move to our public hearings.

11:26:12 >> Move to item number 63.

11:26:13 >> Second.

11:26:14 >> All in favor?

11:26:16 Aye.

11:26:17 If there is anyone here wishing to speak on item 63 and 64,

11:26:26 please stand and be sworn in.

11:26:27 >> Just 6 p.

11:26:42 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

11:26:42 Item number 63.

11:26:43 >> Move to close.

11:26:44 >> Second.

11:26:45 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:26:49 Aye.

11:26:49 Councilwoman Capin.

11:26:52 Would you read that?

11:26:54 >>YVONNE CAPIN: An ordinance being presented for second

11:26:55 reading and adoption, an ordinance amending ordinance number

11:27:00 2011-146 passed and ordained by the City Council of the City

11:27:05 of Tampa on December 1, 2011, correcting a scrivener's error

11:27:10 by substituting a corrected legal description for the

11:27:14 previous legal description that was provided in error,

11:27:19 providing for severability, providing an effective date.

11:27:20 >> Second.

11:27:22 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion made by Councilwoman Capin, seconded

11:27:25 by Councilman Suarez.

11:27:26 Please vote and record.

11:27:27 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda and Montelione

11:27:36 being absent.

11:27:37 >>HARRY COHEN: Move to open the public hearing on item 64.

11:27:44 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Second.

11:27:45 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:27:48 Item number 64.

11:27:53 >>SAL TERRITO: I'm here to answer any questions if you have

11:27:55 any questions on this item.

11:27:57 It's not an ordinance, it's a resolution.

11:27:59 >>MARY MULHERN: An explanation?

11:28:11 >>SAL TERRITO: If you would like, sure.

11:28:12 >>MARY MULHERN: Just a brief explanation.

11:28:13 >>SAL TERRITO: This is the daycare health systems.

11:28:19 They are asking us to issue bonds for them, a-through bond,

11:28:23 which our name is on but we are not responsible for any of

11:28:26 the fees.

11:28:26 We do get paid a fee for doing this.

11:28:33 >>MARY MULHERN: And this is a new bond issue?

11:28:35 >> A new bond issue.

11:28:36 A refund for some of the existing bond and also to take on

11:28:40 some existing projects.

11:28:43 >>MARY MULHERN: Is there anyone from the public wishing to

11:28:46 speak on this?

11:28:49 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Motion to close.

11:28:51 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

11:28:51 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:28:53 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I move item 64.

11:28:55 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

11:28:56 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:29:00 Anyone opposed?

11:29:08 We move on to our 10:00 a.m. public hearings.

11:29:11 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Move to open item 65.

11:29:14 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

11:29:16 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:29:18 Okay.

11:29:18 >>SONYA LITTLE: Revenue and finance department.

11:29:29 We are here to present to you the 2011 comprehensive annual

11:29:36 financial statement, also known as CAFR, and just wanted to

11:29:42 give you a brief overview of our financial condition as it

11:29:46 relates to the fiscal year 2011 and the audit findings.

11:29:51 First of all to begin with, in accordance with Florida

11:29:53 statute and the auditor general's office, we are required to

11:30:00 prepare CAFR on an annual basis.

11:30:03 Part of that requirement is that we also have to have our

11:30:06 CAFR audited by a qualified independent certified public

11:30:12 account and.

11:30:13 We have done so, and our accountant, we for the first time

11:30:23 have used this accounting firm and they have done a very

11:30:28 superb job through the RFP process, we hired this firm last

11:30:32 year, and in December of 2011, we had our first entrance

11:30:40 interview with the representative of the firm came in and

11:30:44 spoke with Councilman Cohen who serves as finance chair for

11:30:47 the City Council as well as representatives from the revenue

11:30:50 and finance department, representatives from our internal

11:30:55 audit department as well.

11:30:57 We laid out our timetable in which we would meet our

11:31:01 requirements to file our CAFR prayer to April 1, 2012, and

11:31:08 laid out the approach in which the accounting firm would

11:31:10 take in doing this audit on behalf of the city.

11:31:15 We provided council with a draft of the CAFR last week and

11:31:22 delivered to you this morning the final printed copy of the

11:31:24 CAFR.

11:31:25 And with that I would like to go over a couple of the

11:31:29 financial highlights as it relates to the CAFR.

11:31:32 But first of all, to give you a little bit more about

11:31:35 background on our accounting firm, they are a top ten firm

11:31:42 and they have 27 offices across the state -- across the

11:31:46 country.

11:31:47 One of those offices being actually in the City of Tampa.

11:31:52 Our accounting department or division is responsible for

11:31:56 heading up all of the processes, analyzing financial data,

11:32:00 and reporting on everything as it relates to the finances of

11:32:03 the city.

11:32:05 Included in this decision is over 58 staff members.

11:32:11 We have operations managers, accountants, supervisors,

11:32:18 technicians and analyst.

11:32:19 All of them take care of the day-to-day activity and work

11:32:22 very hard, and put in a tremendous amount of hours in order

11:32:25 to bring this CAFR to completion and final delivery.

11:32:29 Along with our group, our internal auditor commit add

11:32:36 tremendous amount of time and worked with us.

11:32:38 They committed in excess of 400 hours towards the completion

11:32:42 of this CAFR, and actually it goes beyond just having them

11:32:45 involved.

11:32:45 It actually translated into dollar savings for us because we

11:32:49 were able to get a credit on the fees charged by the

11:32:52 external auditor because of the work that Roger astronaut

11:32:56 did group did.

11:32:58 I mentioned that we had the entrance audit, and we had our

11:33:01 final exit audit this past Tuesday, last Tuesday, with the

11:33:06 same group members that I mentioned, and in doing so, went

11:33:14 through with us and delivered salient features as it relates

11:33:22 to the final audit.

11:33:23 I wanted to point out to you that it was a quite challenging

11:33:28 this year for a number of reasons.

11:33:30 The primary reason that we had a few challenges as it

11:33:34 relates to newly adopted accounting principles that we had

11:33:39 to implement, it had to do with the governmental accounting

11:33:42 standards, boards requirements, also known as Gatsby 54.

11:33:47 This requirement required us to redefine and classify over

11:33:52 $30 million of our existing accounts, and took quite a bit

11:33:56 of time but we were able to actually get through and bring

11:34:00 ourselves to compliance with the new requirements of Gatsby

11:34:09 354.

11:34:09 And although this was very cumbersome to implement it will

11:34:12 certainly help us for our reporting as we move forward in

11:34:16 future fiscal years.

11:34:17 From a financial perspective, we obviously continue to

11:34:22 experience the effects of a downward economy.

11:34:27 It's no secret.

11:34:28 For example, our property taxes continue to decline, and as

11:34:31 a result of this decline, we lost in excess of $17.4 million

11:34:37 just in our property tax revenues alone over the prior year.

11:34:41 In 2010 we lost $20.6 million.

11:34:44 So we are continuing to decline, but we are hopeful to see

11:34:48 moving forward that at some point that decline will

11:34:50 eventually level off.

11:34:54 Even though our revenues continue to decline, the city took

11:34:59 several measures to manage the expenses.

11:35:02 We continue to reorganize departments.

11:35:05 We froze hiring, increased efficiencies by implementing

11:35:10 various cost saving measures.

11:35:13 As a result of that we reported mixed but fairly consistent

11:35:20 financial results for fiscal year 2011.

11:35:25 Some of the financial highlight include our net assets,

11:35:31 total city assets, in excess of $3 billion, our liabilities

11:35:35 are just over 1 billion, for net assets of 1.96 billion

11:35:43 dollars.

11:35:43 And just to give you the perspective for you, our city-wide

11:35:48 net assets grew $25 million to 1.3% over the prior year, and

11:35:54 that's primarily due to capital improvement projects,

11:35:59 projects that came online during fiscal year 2011.

11:36:04 The majority of them were within water and wastewater

11:36:07 system.

11:36:08 We also had some bond proceeds that counted as net assets as

11:36:14 well directly related with the water and wastewater system.

11:36:19 In 2011, our actual revenues fell short of budgeted revenues

11:36:23 by $4.7 million, and in light of the economic environment,

11:36:30 it could be expected, but it was a decline of $4.7 million.

11:36:34 It was under the budget.

11:36:36 Our expenditures, on the other hand, cost saving measures

11:36:40 that were undertaken by the city, we came under budget on

11:36:43 our expenditures in the amount of $13.2 million.

11:36:48 On the revenue side again, when you look at the total

11:36:51 picture of all of our revenues, they were down $32.1 million

11:36:55 over the prior year.

11:36:58 And of course as I previously mentioned we had a

11:37:00 $17.4 million decline in our property tax revenues over the

11:37:04 2010 year.

11:37:06 Again, our expenditures were a mixture of increases and

11:37:11 decreases for the entire year.

11:37:14 Our total expenses were up just over $11 million.

11:37:18 But the bottom line is, we also were able to realize some

11:37:23 savings because we had a couple of bond issues where we did

11:37:26 refunding for savings where we lowered our interest rate,

11:37:29 and therefore lowered the amount of required annual debt

11:37:34 service payment.

11:37:37 Our fund balance for the year, which primarily includes for

11:37:42 the governmental activities, excluding our enterprises, our

11:37:46 governmental funds balance for the year primarily consisting

11:37:51 of general fund and utility tax funds decreased

11:37:55 $10.5 million to 3% over the 2010 year.

11:38:00 However, we ended the year with a bottom line healthy fund

11:38:05 balance of $127 million.

11:38:07 And you are all aware that our internal policy is to

11:38:11 maintain a fund balance of at least 20% of our total

11:38:15 expenditures, and we are well within that minimum guideline

11:38:20 in our policies for 2011.

11:38:24 The auditors came up with quite a few recommendations that

11:38:28 will be helpful to us as we move forward with our reporting

11:38:31 requirements.

11:38:33 As a part of the CAFR, they do provide what they call

11:38:37 findings, and these findings were directly related to

11:38:41 providing additional backup documentation as we go through

11:38:45 the reporting process, suggestions on improving our internal

11:38:50 controls, and also suggestions on making adjustments to

11:38:56 correct irregularities, all of which we have already begun

11:39:03 and are very deep in the process or have made adjustments to

11:39:06 our existing policies and procedures.

11:39:08 So, in summary, we do have good news as it relates to our

11:39:13 CAFR.

11:39:13 We received an unqualified opinion, and unqualified might

11:39:18 sound like that's a bad thing, but actually ifs it is a good

11:39:22 thing.

11:39:22 It actually means that our independent auditors feel that

11:39:25 the city has fairly represented the 2011 financial condition

11:39:31 of the city.

11:39:34 And that entails primarily the highlights of the audit.

11:39:39 But if I may, Madam Chair, I would like to recognize a few

11:39:43 of the people that really work hard long hours through the

11:39:47 week, coming in on weekends, to get this accomplished.

11:39:53 And we had a lot of -- we had over 58 people in our county

11:39:58 division, not only did the accounting staff work very hard,

11:40:02 but we also received support from our division within

11:40:05 revenue and finance.

11:40:09 Of course we have the department for any backup information

11:40:12 we need.

11:40:13 But I would like to recognize just a few people, if I may.

11:40:16 >>MARY MULHERN: Please do.

11:40:17 >>SONYA LITTLE: In light of all the hard work that was

11:40:19 done.

11:40:19 If I can ask them to stand, our chief accountant Mr. Lee

11:40:24 Huffstutler.

11:40:25 Also Mr. Bill Spinelli, who is not here, one of our managers

11:40:34 he rolled up his sleeves and worked really hard to implement

11:40:37 the new requirements that were imposed upon us.

11:40:41 Mr. Mike Fitzgerald, Sabrina McA doo is here.

11:40:47 Pam McCarter.

11:40:52 All of our accounting -- Mr. Daniel Rosenberg.

11:40:56 And I think I have everybody here from the accounting

11:40:59 division who worked so very hard.

11:41:01 And again, I don't want to leave out our internal auditors,

11:41:06 Roger Strout, Tom Sanchez, Vivian Walker, Christine Dever,

11:41:15 Gary Capman who also gave a tremendous effort in getting

11:41:18 this done for us, and Councilman Cohen who committed quite a

11:41:21 bit of time and really listened to us as we muddled through

11:41:24 and briefed him on the whole process and all of our

11:41:27 financial data.

11:41:29 I would like to thank him as well.

11:41:30 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much for such a thorough job

11:41:36 on this, everyone.

11:41:37 I do know how much hard work it was.

11:41:39 There is some good news, in addition to what Ms. Little

11:41:44 said, and that is that the enterprise wide financial system

11:41:47 that we approved along with Hillsborough County not too many

11:41:50 weeks ago is going to make this process easier in the years

11:41:53 going forward.

11:41:54 And a lot of the hard work that was done may get easier once

11:41:59 we implement that program.

11:42:01 >>SONYA LITTLE: Absolutely.

11:42:02 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilwoman Capin.

11:42:05 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you, Ms. Little.

11:42:07 As much as it may seem odd, I always enjoy when you come up,

11:42:13 and you explain to us, and to our public, our citizens,

11:42:19 exactly what we are doing, and you are very specific, and I

11:42:23 truly appreciate all your efforts and your leadership.

11:42:27 >>SONYA LITTLE: Thank you.

11:42:28 I appreciate that.

11:42:29 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilman Suarez.

11:42:32 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

11:42:35 Ms. Little, I'm going to reiterate what Ms. Capin said.

11:42:39 I think you and I both know that we have quite a bit of

11:42:43 enjoyable discussions about the budget.

11:42:45 I don't know how you can have enjoyable discussions about

11:42:47 the budget but we do.

11:42:49 One question that I did have is -- and this may be included

11:42:53 as part of the audit.

11:42:54 I know we got a copy of it this morning.

11:42:56 I haven't had a chance to go through it.

11:42:59 Where were we in relation to our target in terms of where we

11:43:06 ended up for 2011?

11:43:09 Because I know that you like all of us were part of a new

11:43:13 team coming in, and using the numbers that were left over

11:43:17 from the previous administration, figuring out where we were

11:43:20 going to go.

11:43:20 Where do we end up based on our projections from back when

11:43:24 we first started looking at the budget?

11:43:29 Were we close?

11:43:29 Were we way off?

11:43:31 Were we --

11:43:34 >>SONYA LITTLE: We were somewhat off on our projections for

11:43:37 revenues.

11:43:37 We were $4.3 million, I believe it was, below our total

11:43:42 revenue projections.

11:43:43 But the good news is that we came under budget on the

11:43:47 expenditure side, having roughly $13 million less in

11:43:52 expenditures than what we budgeted for.

11:43:54 >> That's terrific.

11:43:57 As you know with budget numbers you want to make sure you

11:43:59 are not sandbagging when you are looking at some of these

11:44:01 numbers and make sure that we try to be as close as we can.

11:44:04 I think that's a terrific testament to you and your team

11:44:08 that we came in so well on our expenditure side.

11:44:12 We understand the complexities of trying to keep revenue

11:44:16 coming in on a consistent basis, and we appreciate our work

11:44:20 that you and your team provided.

11:44:23 Thanks.

11:44:23 >>SONYA LITTLE: Thank you.

11:44:25 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you very much.

11:44:27 All you number crunchers for doing this, especially for

11:44:32 getting us a hard copy of that book, because even though I'm

11:44:36 looking forward to all the new computer integrated software

11:44:41 we are getting, it's nice to get your little pencil and

11:44:45 highlighter out.

11:44:46 Thanks for getting that to us.

11:44:48 Thanks a lot.

11:44:48 >>SONYA LITTLE: Thank you.

11:44:50 >>MARY MULHERN: Do we need to receive and file?

11:44:54 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Motion to receive and file.

11:44:55 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

11:44:56 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:44:59 Okay.

11:44:59 >>HARRY COHEN: Motion to close the public hearing.

11:45:03 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Second.

11:45:04 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:45:06 Anyone opposed?

11:45:07 Thank you.

11:45:07 >>MARY MULHERN: We will, in a moment, have Ms. Foxx-Knowles

11:45:37 with our committee appointments.

11:45:38 Board appointments.

11:45:40 Sorry.

11:45:40 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: City clerk.

11:45:45 I'm here to present the applicants for -- I'm here regarding

11:45:53 items number 66, 67 and 68.

11:45:57 I wanted to note that for item 67, which is Ybor AC and for

11:46:17 68, that wanted to be reappointed.

11:46:22 For 66 we have ballots.

11:46:23 >>MARY MULHERN: Why don't we do this?

11:46:26 Start with 67.

11:46:31 And just to reappoint.

11:46:34 And there are an equal number of applicants and open?


11:46:41 >>MARY MULHERN: If we could have a motion on 67.

11:46:43 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Could we have the names, please, for the

11:46:46 record?

11:46:47 And which position?

11:46:48 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: For 67 the individuals wanting to

11:46:53 be reappointed, Reginal Tim and Jerry Mason.

11:46:59 >>MARTIN SHELBY: That's for which position?

11:47:06 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: They currently serve on the Ybor AC

11:47:13 in the at-large position.

11:47:19 Also, we still have a vacancy for ethnic minority citizen.

11:47:24 We didn't have an application for that one.

11:47:27 But the incumbents really want to be reappointed.

11:47:33 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Move to accept the applications for at-large

11:47:38 position of equal business opportunity advisory council.

11:47:41 >> Second.

11:47:43 >>MARY MULHERN: All of in favor?

11:47:45 Anyone opposed?

11:47:45 Okay.

11:47:46 That was item 67.

11:47:48 And then item number 68 is the Variance Review Board.

11:47:51 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: And those individuals, Mr. Randy

11:47:54 Baron and Mr. Nicholas Bradford, want to be reappointed.

11:48:00 >> Motion to reappoint Mr. Barren and Bradford.

11:48:10 >> Second.

11:48:11 >>MARY MULHERN: Seconded by Councilwoman Capin.

11:48:13 All in favor?

11:48:14 Anyone opposed?

11:48:15 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: On item number 66, the Code

11:48:19 Enforcement Board, we have ballots. We have two incumbents

11:48:27 wanting to apply for the full member position.

11:48:31 We have Mr. MARSINA, the incumbent who currently serves

11:48:38 takes chairman of the Code Enforcement Board wanting to be

11:48:41 reappointed.

11:48:42 And we have Mr. Edmond wonders also wanting to be appointed

11:48:48 for the full member.

11:48:53 And we have a ballot for that one.

11:48:54 They are not here.

11:48:55 >> I was just going to ask a question of Ms. Foxx-Knowles.

11:49:02 We have two position that are available.

11:49:04 One is the full member position, which it sound like the

11:49:07 alternate and the incumbent both want.

11:49:11 The other two applicants, are they applying for either/or,

11:49:18 or for one of?

11:49:20 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: They are applying for the alternate

11:49:21 position.

11:49:22 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.

11:49:24 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: I can give you the ballots for the

11:49:28 full positions.

11:49:29 >>MARY MULHERN: Are any of the -- are there four?

11:49:50 For the full member.

11:49:52 >>HARRY COHEN: Oh, I see, we are doing them separately.

11:51:38 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Council, Mr. BARCENA has been

11:51:43 reappointed, selected as the full member.

11:51:45 So your next ballot will be for Mr. Wonder, you a bush and

11:51:54 MANICALO for the alternate member.

11:52:06 >>MARY MULHERN: I see Mr. Maniscalco is here.

11:52:13 I don't know if the other applicants are here.

11:52:15 But if would you like an opportunity to speak.

11:52:16 >> My name is Guido Maniscalco, 3608 West Gray Street. I'm

11:52:32 a life-long Tampa resident, small business owner, member of

11:52:37 various different community organizations and clubs, also

11:52:40 belong to the MacFarland Park neighborhood association.

11:52:43 I care very deeply about this city and I understand the

11:52:47 concerns of our residents, businesses and neighborhoods.

11:52:49 And I ask for your support today.

11:52:51 Thank you.

11:53:09 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Council, I also want to note that

11:53:11 Mr. Auburn was hear earlier but toad leave.

11:53:13 Council, Mr. Maniscalco received three votes.

11:54:36 Mr. Wonder one vote.

11:54:41 Mr. Wonder two votes.

11:54:42 So it's 3 to 2.

11:54:51 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Just as a remainder per council's charter

11:54:54 that action requires a vote of four.

11:55:05 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: We need to prepare a ballot if you

11:55:08 want to continue.

11:55:08 >>MARY MULHERN: (off microphone) motion made by

11:55:37 Councilman -- second bid Councilman Suarez.

11:55:43 Anyone opposed?

11:55:48 Item number 70.

11:55:49 I think this is the request to continue this?

11:55:56 Partial, okay.

11:56:04 This was the motion made by Councilman Montelione who is not

11:56:07 here.

11:56:10 I don't know if she's going to be here today.

11:56:12 Do you want to give us just a brief report?

11:56:19 >>DAVE VAUGHAN: Director of contract administration.

11:56:21 We asked for a continuance on the part that related to

11:56:23 revising the boilerplate.

11:56:25 On the part that where you requested a revision to the

11:56:29 protest ordinance extending the time from three days to five

11:56:32 days, legal is here, they have prepared that.

11:56:34 There is no objection from contract administration or

11:56:38 purchasing to do that.

11:56:39 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

11:56:40 >> I'm just here for the protest procedure.

11:56:48 Marcie Hamilton with legal department.

11:56:50 I have provided you with a draft ordinance for the revisions

11:56:54 from three days to five days for the protest procedure.

11:56:59 I believe you received a memo last week.

11:57:02 If you have any questions.

11:57:11 Councilwoman Capin.

11:57:14 >>YVONNE CAPIN: We are addressing part B.

11:57:16 >> Part B only with regard to the protest procedure.

11:57:19 >> The date and time line from three to five days.

11:57:25 We are addressing part B, number 2 only?

11:57:32 >> That's correct.

11:57:39 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Part A and part B.

11:57:41 All of part A and then part B, number 1.

11:57:47 Be requested to continue.

11:57:47 >> I believe that's correct.

11:57:51 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you for pointing that out for me.

11:57:55 I move part B, number 2.

11:57:58 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Question, if I may, Madam Chair.

11:58:03 >> I believe if you wish to request a first reading for the

11:58:11 ordinance next meeting, whenever.

11:58:16 >> Second.

11:58:19 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion for first reading on --

11:58:24 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Part B and number 2.

11:58:26 >>MARY MULHERN: On April 5th.

11:58:30 Motion by Councilwoman Capin, second by Councilman Cohen.

11:58:35 All in favor?

11:58:36 And then could I have a motion for continuance for --

11:58:42 >>MIKE SUAREZ: So moved.

11:58:44 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Second.

11:58:47 >>MIKE SUAREZ: A continuance for 45 days.

11:58:51 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

11:58:54 Aye.

11:58:54 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Just for clarification purposes, the

11:58:58 ordinance that's being submitted is in your packet today has

11:59:03 "draft" written on it.

11:59:05 And therefore it's not ready to be heard at the first

11:59:11 reading unless a clean copy is issued.

11:59:14 Therefore council has made the motion to have it set for the

11:59:16 next regular meeting.

11:59:16 >> I do have clean copies, if you desire.

11:59:24 >>MIKE SUAREZ: May I make a suggestion?

11:59:28 Two things.

11:59:29 One, since Councilwoman Montelione was one of the people

11:59:32 that was the person that made the motion to begin with, and

11:59:36 since I don't think all of us have had a chance to look at

11:59:39 the clean copy of the ordinance, my suggestion is to

11:59:43 continue that to when we are looking at both parts A and B-1

11:59:47 so that we can clean it all up at the same time.

11:59:56 >>YVONNE CAPIN: As the council person who seconded her

11:59:57 motion, I would agree with that exactly.

11:59:59 Thank you.

12:00:00 >>MARY MULHERN: Wait, what?

12:00:03 >> Second.

12:00:04 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm sorry.

12:00:05 Run that by me again?

12:00:10 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Since Councilwoman Montelione is not here to

12:00:12 listen to part B-2 of this particular discussion, I suggest

12:00:15 that part B-2 also be moved with part A-1 and part B-1.

12:00:22 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

12:00:25 Mr. Shelby?

12:00:26 >>MARTIN SHELBY: (off microphone) and there is no date

12:00:36 certain on the continuance but I think it was 45 days so

12:00:38 maybe we ought to set a date certain.

12:00:40 >> I would appreciate that.

12:00:43 Thank you, Mr. Cohen.

12:00:44 >> May 17th.

12:00:49 That sounds fine.

12:00:50 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion by Councilman Suarez.

12:00:57 All in favor?

12:01:03 Oh, we have our ballots.

12:01:04 We'll do this.

12:01:11 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I apologize for interrupting but I was

12:01:23 notified that council member Montelione is not available

12:01:25 today because of illness.

12:01:29 I wish to have that noted for the record.

12:01:31 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

12:01:54 Council, we have three minutes before noon.

12:01:59 I'm wondering what we would like to do.

12:02:06 >>MIKE SUAREZ: We do have still a pretty full general. I

12:02:13 would suggest after Ms. Foxx-Knowles finds out where we are

12:02:16 on the vote that we would continue after lunch.

12:02:19 Thank you.

12:02:20 >> Councilwoman Capin, there was item number 71?

12:02:32 >>YVONNE CAPIN: 71.

12:02:33 >>MARY MULHERN: Is that a receive and file?

12:02:35 Or do we need to take that up?

12:02:38 >>YVONNE CAPIN: No, receive and file.

12:02:40 I complimented Catherine Coyle earlier.

12:02:43 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And I second your receive and file.

12:02:47 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

12:02:49 Anyone opposed?

12:03:12 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: City clerk.

12:03:16 Mr. Guido Maniscalco has been unanimously selected as the

12:03:21 alternate member of the Code Enforcement Board.

12:03:24 Thank you.

12:03:24 >>MARY MULHERN: And there's another "C" in his name.

12:03:29 Maniscalco.

12:03:38 Congratulations.

12:03:39 Thank you.

12:03:40 Motion to receive and file?

12:03:44 >> Move to receive and file.

12:03:45 >> Second.

12:03:45 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

12:03:47 Aye.

12:03:48 And we will adjourn till 1:30.

12:03:52 >> 1:30.

12:03:59 (City Council meeting recess.)

01:35:59 (Meeting reconvened.)

01:41:16 >>MARY MULHERN: We will continue with item -- roll call.

01:41:19 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

01:41:22 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Here.

01:41:23 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

01:41:24 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

01:41:26 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

01:41:31 Back to our agenda.

01:41:32 We were on about to take up number 73.

01:41:35 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Madam Chair, item 73 is a companion to

01:41:43 item 59, and it is a resolution amending the schedule C per

01:41:48 council's rules, those are placed under staff reports.

01:41:52 I don't know if anybody is here to discuss that.

01:41:56 If council has any questions about that.

01:41:57 >> I would like to move item 73.

01:42:05 >>MARY MULHERN: If you will bear with me for a minute.

01:42:16 I want to look at what that item was.

01:42:25 Okay, motion made by Councilman Suarez, seconded by

01:42:29 Councilman Reddick.

01:42:31 All in favor?

01:42:34 Anyone opposed?

01:42:39 Item number 74.

01:42:41 We heard.

01:42:44 Item number 75.

01:42:51 >>JULIA COLE: Legal department.

01:42:52 Before I start my presentation, I do have a handout.

01:43:05 You had asked Land Development Coordination and legal

01:43:18 department to give a report relating to the electronic

01:43:20 billboards and what has occurred, the request by Mr. Cosman

01:43:28 to City Council to consider the idea of increasing the

01:43:31 number of allowable electronic billboard signs.

01:43:34 What I have handed out is a copy of our existing regulation

01:43:38 for electronic billboard signs, and also for electronic

01:43:43 billboard signs, and on the last page of my handout is the

01:43:48 list of the approved billboards to date which shows the

01:43:53 number of electronic signs permitted to the two billboard

01:43:58 sign companies, CBS and Clare channel.

01:44:01 I am going to give the presentation today, and Mr. John

01:44:06 Derrickson is here, and there is a department that tends to

01:44:12 be than Land Development Coordination.

01:44:15 There's a number of billboards in the city and I am not

01:44:17 going to go through the entire history because we could be

01:44:19 here all day well into the next day talking about it.

01:44:23 But just so City Council is aware, prior to about 2007,

01:44:30 2008, we were in litigation with the two major billboard

01:44:34 companies, CBS and Clare channel, and as part of the attempt

01:44:38 to settle that litigation, two things were done.

01:44:41 The first thing was we entered into a settlement agreement

01:44:44 with each one of those billboards which in essence

01:44:46 recognized existing billboards that were permitted per

01:44:50 previous agreements and provided the methodology under which

01:44:56 billboard signs could be relocated, they could be taken

01:44:58 down, put back up, et cetera.

01:45:01 As part of the settlement of that litigation, there was a

01:45:04 provision in the settlement agreements which says that if

01:45:07 City Council so chose to amend and adopt in their sign codes

01:45:13 a provision which would allow electronic billboard signs,

01:45:17 then the settlement agreements would go into effect and the

01:45:20 litigation would be settled.

01:45:22 As a result of what was in the settlement agreement, City

01:45:24 Council at that time -- and that was through 2009, I think,

01:45:29 in early 2010 -- went to a very long process of looking at

01:45:34 the idea of permitting electronic billboards, how they would

01:45:40 be permitted locationwise, whether or not there would be any

01:45:43 form of limitation on the electronic billboards, and the

01:45:46 billboard sign face.

01:45:50 We are not just talking about the structure.

01:45:52 We are talking about each face, one side or the other

01:45:55 individually, and I would like to throw that out there so

01:45:58 that we understand we are all talking about faces, not the

01:46:02 actual structure.

01:46:03 During that process, which again we took a long time,

01:46:07 several months to go through the process of drafting an

01:46:09 ordinance, putting in specifics of provisions relating to

01:46:12 both operation of those signs as well as where they should

01:46:17 go.

01:46:18 One of the issues was whether or not there should be a

01:46:21 limitation on the number of electronic billboard signs faces

01:46:25 which would be permitted, and also if there was going to be

01:46:28 a trade-out mechanism, meaning a certain number of regular

01:46:32 sign faces, not electronic sign faces would be removed in

01:46:36 order to have the benefit of the limited number of

01:46:38 electronic sign faces.

01:46:40 What was ultimately adopted by City Council was exactly

01:46:44 that.

01:46:45 There was a limitation on the number of electronic signs,

01:46:49 billboard sign faces that each company could have.

01:46:54 It was on an FAI or FAP roadway, major highways, and two

01:46:59 non-FAI or FAP roadways, smaller roadways.

01:47:04 In addition specific roadways.

01:47:08 And there was an obligation that each billboard company

01:47:11 would have to trade in ten billboard sign faces for each one

01:47:16 of these electronic billboard sign faces.

01:47:19 And there was even an appointment of whether or not those

01:47:23 were signs that actually were up and had to be removed or

01:47:27 whether or not signs that needed to be trade in from a list

01:47:30 of allowable signs.

01:47:31 During that process, which again we had many meetings on,

01:47:34 there were many different ordinances that came forward, many

01:47:39 different discussions that did include a lot of members of

01:47:41 the community, and ultimately what was decided was the

01:47:46 limitation on the number of sign faces.

01:47:49 That was something that was at that time also agreed to by

01:47:51 the billboard sign companies, and we did go ahead and settle

01:47:54 that litigation.

01:47:56 But I do want to let this City Council know that at the time

01:47:59 that that number what come to you, that final number of six

01:48:04 for each company, there was a lost discussion about whether

01:48:06 or not City Council would be willing to take up at some

01:48:09 later date increasing that number.

01:48:11 Everybody understood at the time that that is something that

01:48:15 certainly a new City Council could consider, and that would

01:48:17 be up to a new City Council to consider that, but it would

01:48:20 have no impact on the litigation, meaning that there is

01:48:23 nothing that ties a request to increase the number of

01:48:26 electronic sign faces to that previous litigation.

01:48:29 That litigation is settled, put to bed, and at this point it

01:48:33 is purely a policy decision on the part of City Council,

01:48:37 legislative decision on the part of City Council, as to

01:48:39 whether or not you want to increase the number of sign

01:48:41 faces.

01:48:42 Again, that was something that was discussed and it was

01:48:45 contemplated that that possibility could occur and that City

01:48:47 Council could consider that at some point in the future but

01:48:51 it would not tie to litigation.

01:48:55 I have given you the report of basically where we stand in

01:48:57 terms of the number of electronic billboard sign faces which

01:49:00 have been approved, and at this point, Clear Channel has

01:49:07 utilized and been approved for electronic sign faces which

01:49:10 they have been allocated under the ordinance.

01:49:13 CBS has only one that is remaining.

01:49:16 And I wanted to just say that we have -- when we first went

01:49:20 through the process of settling the litigation and dealing

01:49:24 with how we were going to permit these electronic sign

01:49:27 faces, a T companies as well as myself went through a very

01:49:31 long process of creating a standard operating procedure so

01:49:34 that when the permit process was occurring, we weren't going

01:49:36 to have a lot of issues with staff and how these things have

01:49:39 been dealt with.

01:49:40 And I want to say that everybody have been very cooperative

01:49:44 including the billboard sign companies and the process has

01:49:46 been quite smooth.

01:49:48 I really haven't talked about billboards now in over a year

01:49:51 which has been amazing because I basically spent my entire

01:49:54 career with the City of Tampa talking about billboards.

01:49:56 So this has been a refreshing year not to talk about

01:49:59 billboards but it tells me the process we have in place is

01:50:02 doing very well.

01:50:03 In addition, I don't believe -- I have not heard any

01:50:06 complaints about the electronic billboards that have gone

01:50:09 up, haven't even gotten a call, how that happened,

01:50:13 et cetera.

01:50:13 I don't believe staff has gotten any complaints over what

01:50:15 has been approved so far and I want to let you know that the

01:50:18 process has run smooth.

01:50:19 We have not really had a lot of complaints about what has

01:50:21 been approved to date.

01:50:24 But it really is a question for City Council as to whether

01:50:26 or not you want to increase those numbers, and if that is

01:50:29 something that City Council does want to look at, and

01:50:32 consider, we can talk about how when do that.

01:50:36 I know that Mr. Pressman is here, there's a representative

01:50:39 from Clear Channel here who also wants to speak to that

01:50:42 issue, and I'm available for any additional questions.

01:50:44 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilman Reddick.

01:50:47 >>FRANK REDDICK: Based on this handout that you gave us, at

01:50:53 this current date, CBS, they have one -- available for one

01:50:59 electronic sign from the FAI/FAP roadway, and they still are

01:51:09 eligible for, I guess, two on a non-FAI/FAP roadway?

01:51:19 >> I apologize.

01:51:20 I said they had used every one but one.

01:51:23 CBS has two electronic sign faces that they are eligible to

01:51:26 use on the non-FAI/FAP roadways and one that they are

01:51:32 allowed to use on the FAI/FAP roadways.

01:51:39 So they have three.

01:51:40 >> There are three.

01:51:41 And Clear Channel, they have utilized their allotment,

01:51:47 correct?

01:51:48 >>JULIA COLE: That's correct.

01:51:50 >>FRANK REDDICK: War they requesting to expand to?

01:51:54 >>JULIA COLE: I believe the request is from Clear Channel

01:51:57 and I don't know that they have given a specific number they

01:51:59 would like.

01:52:00 Certainly you can ask that question of them.

01:52:01 I think this is really more of a procedural background

01:52:04 discussion and to let you know how the process has been

01:52:09 running.

01:52:10 Again I want to make it very clear that is a policy decision

01:52:12 on the part of City Council, and we can consider the best

01:52:15 process for that to move forward, if that's City Council's

01:52:19 desire, or if they want to talk about this further I can let

01:52:22 you know what that process is.

01:52:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: I'll wait for the presentation then.

01:52:28 Thank you.

01:52:28 >> Todd Todd Pressman, here with Tom O'Neill.

01:52:46 I would ask you to consider moving forward with one change

01:52:48 to the ordinance, and bring it back for public hearings.

01:52:50 We are not seeking to open up every nut and screw in this

01:52:55 ordinance.

01:52:55 That's not why we are here.

01:52:56 The only change we are requesting is to allow eight

01:52:59 additional faces.

01:53:01 Same ratios, same rules, same regulations.

01:53:04 So everything that's worked for the last two years -- and

01:53:08 the characterization -- and Julie is great to work with, but

01:53:11 it clearly was communicated at the council meeting -- I have

01:53:14 the record here -- once was approved to come back and look

01:53:18 at this in two years.

01:53:19 I referred this record to you previously.

01:53:21 It was very clearly communicated to come back in two years

01:53:24 and see how it works and we are here to tell you it's worked

01:53:26 great.

01:53:27 We are not aware of one single complaint presented to the

01:53:30 city, either from the prior administration, this

01:53:33 administration, and the six boards that have been up on

01:53:38 Clear Channel and the boards from CBS have resulted in

01:53:45 thousands and thousands of square footage of existing static

01:53:49 boards that have come down.

01:53:50 And that's city-wide.

01:53:51 It's been a great achievement.

01:53:52 It's worked beauty Friday. It's worked great with the city.

01:53:56 I also have walked through, it is open up for the first time

01:54:00 to small business.

01:54:00 The small businessman can advertise on these signs for days

01:54:04 or half days, per hour.

01:54:05 It's been a great success for that market.

01:54:08 Before they would have to buyer an entire month's time and

01:54:11 pay for the paper.

01:54:12 They can be up in half a day and it's great for them.

01:54:15 They have also been a partner with the city.

01:54:17 Just finished a free campaign for the city for the mayor's

01:54:20 greenways.

01:54:21 On my way into council this morning, I saw, this was posted,

01:54:25 if we can go to the overhead for a second, please.

01:54:31 This was posted up on I-275, as I came from Pinellas County.

01:54:38 This was a billboard put up by the FBI, one of the digital

01:54:42 boards.

01:54:42 That was just this morning on a continual basis.

01:54:45 In regard to the direction by the prior council to look at

01:54:50 this in two years, try this as a test, it's been successful.

01:54:53 We are not seeking to make any major changes to the

01:54:56 ordinance.

01:54:56 We have met and talked with some of the community

01:54:58 representatives.

01:54:59 We have been a partner to the city.

01:55:00 And we would ask you to consider moving this forward, ask

01:55:06 for the small change in terms of the amount.

01:55:08 And I'm sorry, Councilman Reddick, we are requesting eight

01:55:11 additional faces.

01:55:12 Ford record that would mean eight for Clear Channel, would

01:55:15 also mean eight for CBS, and we ask you to move forward for

01:55:18 public hearing so we can discuss in the depth and have the

01:55:21 public have a chance to speak as well.

01:55:23 Thank you, madam chairman.

01:55:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me just say this.

01:55:30 I have been here, I think, almost a year now, and I don't

01:55:33 think I have never seen nobody use a cell phone on the Elmo.

01:55:43 That was the first time.

01:55:46 [ Laughter ]

01:55:46 >> I was driving over and saw it and thought I would show

01:55:51 these folks just what happened today.

01:55:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: So basically you are asking for eight more

01:55:56 in addition to the six you already have.

01:55:59 And Clear Channel.

01:56:00 >> That's correct, sir.

01:56:01 >> Okay.

01:56:07 I notice that you utilize those billboards for public

01:56:11 service calls, I think when the officers that got shot or

01:56:16 something, and they was out looking for --

01:56:19 >> They converted every board from hear to Orlando to that

01:56:22 effort.

01:56:23 Yes, sir.

01:56:23 That's correct.

01:56:23 >> I remember seeing that on TV.

01:56:28 So Ms. Cole, I guess the question comes back to you now.

01:56:38 If we were to add these eight additional spaces for CBS and

01:56:45 Clear Channel, what would the progress?

01:56:47 >>JULIA COLE: You would have to amend chapter 20.5, the

01:56:50 section that relates to electronic billboards which has a

01:56:53 limitation on how many signs each company can have.

01:56:55 That would be an amendment to that code.

01:56:58 The code is technically part of Land Development Code, so

01:57:00 that means we are going -- I would have to think about

01:57:03 whether or not we have to process that in our regular

01:57:05 chapter 27 cycle or whether or not it can go separately, and

01:57:11 ask Mr. Shimberg the best process for that but it would be

01:57:14 an ordinance adoption process, which you typically would

01:57:17 workshop as well, which is something I would probably

01:57:19 recommend that you would consider doing in this instance.

01:57:26 Since it is part of Land Development Code and that is

01:57:28 typically how we handle those matters.

01:57:29 >>FRANK REDDICK: If I were to make a motion today to have

01:57:35 legal pursue reviewing and drafting that ordinance, would

01:57:43 present to council at a later date, would that be proper?

01:57:47 >>JULIA COLE: That would be an acceptable motion.

01:57:49 I would just want to know whether it's City Council's intent

01:57:54 to workshop that process or not.

01:57:56 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilwoman Capin.

01:58:02 >>YVONNE CAPIN: My question refers to for eight new ones,

01:58:06 the guide lanes would stay the same, where they give up ten

01:58:11 for each face?

01:58:12 Or is it ten for each billboard?

01:58:16 I was looking for it again and I couldn't remember.

01:58:18 >>JULIA COLE: It is section -- subsection D, exchange rate.

01:58:33 And the way it works --

01:58:36 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.

01:58:36 >>JULIA COLE: Page 5.

01:58:41 You would be -- what would happen then is there would be ten

01:58:46 billboard signs would need to be removed either from the

01:58:53 list of signs that each company has, or the actual signs in

01:59:01 place would need to be removed, trade and exchanged for each

01:59:06 billboard sign space.

01:59:07 The only question I would want to have and discussion I

01:59:10 would want to have with Mr. Pressman is whether or not the

01:59:13 intent was to have the billboard signs, additional billboard

01:59:16 sign faces on the FAI/FAP roadways or on these smaller

01:59:22 roadways, but everything else would stay the same, the

01:59:27 locational criteria, operational criteria, from the request

01:59:31 from Mr. Pressman, the setback limitations, the limitations

01:59:36 from residential properties.

01:59:39 And I didn't get into a lot of detail because literally we

01:59:43 could be here all afternoon.

01:59:44 That's why I don't know if there would be some best to also

01:59:47 work shopping this issue so there's some additional time.

01:59:49 >>FRANK REDDICK: Madam Chair, I would like to move that we

01:59:54 schedule a workshop for the 24th, with legal come back,

01:59:59 reporting to us the process of producing an ordinance.

02:00:15 Are you suggesting April?

02:00:17 >>JULIA COLE: Yes.

02:00:18 And we would know if it's something that needs to go to the

02:00:20 Planning Commission as part of our chapter 27 cycle so we

02:00:23 could schedule that.

02:00:24 And after talking to the city attorney we may decide that's

02:00:27 not necessary.

02:00:28 >> (off microphone).

02:00:44 >> I have just been wanting to say all day talking about the

02:00:48 birds and the bees.

02:00:50 I have been wanting to say that all day.

02:00:59 Your May workshop, there will be a request to put all of the

02:01:02 significant land development changes, and Ms. Coyle

02:01:06 mentioned that earlier, and that is going to be a fairly

02:01:08 significant amount of revisions.

02:01:10 So I didn't know if your April was pretty well taken up or

02:01:15 not.

02:01:15 >> (off microphone) this is a request from the billboard

02:01:24 company.

02:01:25 Are you representing CBS?

02:01:27 >> I apologize.

02:01:28 Yes, ma'am.

02:01:28 I am here for Clear Channel, yes.

02:01:31 >> (off microphone) and I think we are kind of already

02:01:39 jumping ahead with this, the way that you presented this is

02:01:48 this is supposed to be a staff report, not a --

02:01:52 >> Well, if you want to do workshop, we have to do workshop,

02:01:55 whatever you are comfortable with.

02:01:56 >>MARY MULHERN: I don't think that we have -- if we have to

02:01:59 put it off longer, I don't see --

02:02:07 >>HARRY COHEN: I would suggest we dot in April and everyone

02:02:09 be cognizant of the fact we now have four items on the April

02:02:12 workshop and we need to not continue to add things to it.

02:02:15 >>MARY MULHERN: So maybe put it at the end.

02:02:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes, April 26th.

02:02:21 And say 10:30.

02:02:23 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion by Councilman Reddick, seconded by

02:02:30 Councilman Cohen.

02:02:31 All in favor?

02:02:32 Anyone opposed?

02:02:33 >> Just 20 seconds.

02:02:34 As Julia said, I think we went through I think one

02:02:38 pregnancy, I think maybe two pregnancies with Julia.

02:02:42 No more?

02:02:44 But I do want you to know they have been great to work with.

02:02:49 Julie really headed this up and I really wanted to tell you

02:02:52 that she's been super.

02:02:55 She's been great to work with and we have taken a lot of her

02:02:59 time and we appreciate that.

02:03:00 Thank you.

02:03:00 >>MARY MULHERN: Item number 76.

02:03:09 Is Jean here?

02:03:10 >>JEAN DUNCAN: Transportation manager.

02:03:20 I'm here to provide a report on the action to improve the

02:03:26 safety of Hillsborough Avenue as a result of the directive

02:03:29 of the council.

02:03:30 A memo was submitted which I believe is in your packet.

02:03:33 I do have extra copies if necessary.

02:03:41 Again, at the direction of this board, the City of Tampa

02:03:55 transportation division contacted the Department of

02:03:57 Transportation to evaluate Hillsborough Avenue, particularly

02:04:02 in the area between 22nd and 34th street to determine

02:04:07 what safety improvements could be done to this portion of

02:04:10 the roadway.

02:04:12 The FDOT was extremely cooperative.

02:04:15 They assembled a disciplinary team to perform what's called

02:04:19 a pedestrian road safety audit which looked at all factors

02:04:23 related to roadway safety.

02:04:26 The team consisted of the Department of Transportation, City

02:04:29 of Tampa, Tampa Police Department, administrators from the

02:04:33 school board, and as well as representatives from the

02:04:37 Middleton high school.

02:04:42 The essentials to roadway are safety are what we call the

02:04:45 three E's, education, enforcement, engineering.

02:04:49 We have laid out the actions that were put into place under

02:04:51 these three categories, if you look in the memo here.

02:04:56 Under education, the Department of Transportation, the City

02:04:59 of Tampa, and the walkwise program sponsored by the centers

02:05:06 for urban research as well as D.O.T., these three agencies

02:05:11 worked together to do outreach to community groups as well

02:05:16 as the school to share pedestrian safety information.

02:05:22 There was a multimedia pedestrian safety campaign that was

02:05:25 launched back in November that put out information through a

02:05:29 Web site called see the blind spots.

02:05:32 A lot of statistics and information, very easy read,

02:05:35 attention-grabbing statistics to give motorists and

02:05:40 pedestrians though, information as they are out on the

02:05:46 roadway.

02:05:47 Another item that got a lot of media coverage and newspaper

02:05:50 articles on this, we invited two national safety

02:05:54 transportation organizations, the American traffic safety

02:05:59 services association and the national organization for youth

02:06:03 safety.

02:06:04 These two groups came down, worked with officials from

02:06:08 Tallahassee, federal highway administration, Department of

02:06:10 Transportation, and conducted a training program.

02:06:16 There were ten students selected at Middleton high school

02:06:21 that will now the roadway safety ambassadors for their

02:06:24 school.

02:06:25 They were selected to participant in this program which

02:06:29 included on-site road safety audit with various officials,

02:06:34 school administrators.

02:06:36 It was a real interactive experience for everyone,

02:06:39 particularly the students who got to go out on the roadway

02:06:41 and see some of the issues associated with the road itself,

02:06:46 with personal choices that people make, whether they are a

02:06:49 pedestrian or motorist, and thought it was very well

02:06:53 received by the students.

02:06:57 And so the Middleton high school staff is planning to use

02:07:00 this opportunity and the appointment of these students to

02:07:05 have additional assembles at their school to get the

02:07:09 education to the students about crossing the roadway

02:07:12 properly and using the roadway responsibly and safely to try

02:07:17 to help with safety school.

02:07:21 On the enforcement side of the equation here, our TPD is

02:07:25 well aware of roadway safety issues.

02:07:27 They continue the enforcement.

02:07:30 The district chief and the traffic safety squad have been

02:07:34 very helpful and they continue to seek grants for additional

02:07:38 moneys to try to beef up the enforcement that they are

02:07:40 already doing out on Hillsborough and our other city

02:07:44 streets.

02:07:45 Under the engineering side of this, the City of Tampa and

02:07:49 the Department of Transportation both have initiated various

02:07:55 projects and improvements.

02:07:57 The City of Tampa is responsible for the traffic signals on

02:08:01 our state roads.

02:08:02 We have gone out and looked at the taming to make sure they

02:08:07 are correct and appropriate.

02:08:08 We have actually made some improvements to some of the

02:08:12 pedestrian buttons on some of the signals.

02:08:14 We want to encourage people to use crosswalks, use the

02:08:17 pedestrian buttons, making sure those are working properly

02:08:20 is very important to us because we want to get positive

02:08:24 feedback, and if people take the time to use the buttons we

02:08:28 want to make sure they are working properly.

02:08:29 (Bell sounds)

02:08:30 We also contacted TECO to report some outages on

02:08:35 streetlights to make sure the lighting is in place.

02:08:39 And they have made those repairs as well.

02:08:42 The Department of Transportation has a number of things that

02:08:48 they are either done or planning to do. They are going to

02:08:50 be putting signage out at all of the signalized

02:08:53 intersections to warn motorists that it's state law that

02:08:57 they need to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalks.

02:09:01 I have actually gone out to this location a number of times

02:09:04 recently, and every single time, motorists continue to make

02:09:10 turns and not yield to the pedestrians.

02:09:12 Pedestrians are jumping back on the curb.

02:09:14 It's a problem all over the city, and we are hopeful that

02:09:18 with signage and education, we can encourage our motorists

02:09:24 to respect state law and respect the pedestrians that are

02:09:27 entering the crosswalk and yield to those pedestrians.

02:09:31 Some other things we are going to speak to the Department of

02:09:36 Transportation, improving walks, again if the pedestrian --

02:09:45 if there are no ramps or sidewalks are broken people will

02:09:49 find another course for their path and that could ab path

02:09:52 that's not a safe one.

02:09:54 There is a problem with the CSX railroad, student and others

02:09:59 like to walk along that right-of-way.

02:10:01 It's open, it's convenient.

02:10:03 There is a piece where there is in a fence, which students

02:10:06 tend to walk through to the back of the school.

02:10:09 The Department of Transportation is working to see if that

02:10:11 can be corrected.

02:10:13 In the meantime, no trespassing signs will be put up to

02:10:16 discourage folks from walking along that right-of-way.

02:10:22 One of the key improvements that will be made on

02:10:24 Hillsborough is to establish a pedestrian zone.

02:10:27 There is a picture of the flashers that will be placed on

02:10:30 the roadway, just to give you a visual.

02:10:33 These will be flashing and will have the fluorescent signage

02:10:38 within the zone from 22nd street to 30th street.

02:10:43 People do tend to cross that road without using the actual

02:10:46 crosswalk.

02:10:46 And so with the establishment of this pedestrian zone, we

02:10:50 feel that that's just another road safety feature that can

02:10:53 be put in place to highlight to the motorists that are

02:10:57 coming along Hillsborough Avenue that this is an area that

02:11:00 maybe take caution, that there is heavy pedestrian movement

02:11:02 in this area.

02:11:04 The D.O.T. is committed to this.

02:11:08 Their practice programming improvement, hope to have

02:11:12 everything in place by the summer of 2012, this year, and we

02:11:16 will continue to work with the Department of Transportation,

02:11:20 all of the other transportation agencies, to improve the

02:11:23 safety on Hillsborough Avenue and all of our streets within

02:11:25 the City of Tampa.

02:11:28 If you have any questions I will be glad to answer those.

02:11:31 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Ms. Duncan, for the report.

02:11:39 And I'm happy to see that progress has been made, in regard

02:11:48 to Hillsborough Avenue.

02:11:54 One of the biggest mistakes the Department of Transportation

02:11:56 made is when they started to make correction or additions to

02:12:03 the median on Hillsborough.

02:12:07 They eliminated the left turn lane.

02:12:11 And so what you are seeing now, when people driving west or

02:12:16 east on Hillsborough Avenue, they have to make U turns.

02:12:21 And if you want to pull off and turn into one of the

02:12:24 businesses there, you have to go down, for example, you want

02:12:30 to pull into the supermarket, the plaza on Hillsborough next

02:12:37 to where the railroad track is at, and you have to go all

02:12:40 the way to 22nd, and then turn, make a U-turn and come back,

02:12:46 and they eliminate a lot of the left turn signals where

02:12:51 people just turn off, and that's where they started to run

02:12:54 into the problem, because cars, no one making a U-turn if

02:13:02 they have to sit at the light.

02:13:04 Everybody say they turn on 22nd Avenue but they make a

02:13:06 U-turn and people are crossing, walking across, and that's

02:13:12 where the problem curse.

02:13:13 Same on 34th.

02:13:15 Same on 30th.

02:13:17 Hillsborough.

02:13:17 They all have to make that U-turn.

02:13:20 So people walking across the street thinking they have the

02:13:22 right-of-way because they can get across.

02:13:25 Here is a car making a quick U-turn.

02:13:27 And they get stuck.

02:13:30 And we are going to see an incident take place on that

02:13:38 street just because of that.

02:13:39 So I'm glad to see that there's some improvements been made

02:13:43 on that, a collaborative effort in making some progress.

02:13:48 But until they eliminate those U turns, it's going to

02:13:55 continue to be a problem.

02:13:56 And if you notice on 22nd and Hillsborough, where that bus

02:14:03 stops, that's a big problem.

02:14:06 And then you are making all these ewe turns.

02:14:08 And I watched just the other day, somebody low pressure got

02:14:13 hit because here is a person walking across the street,

02:14:16 going to the Walgreen's, and that quick U-turn came and they

02:14:21 almost got hit.

02:14:22 So it's a traffic problem there.

02:14:26 But I'm just happy to see some progress being made, and

02:14:30 secondly, I would like to personally thank you for meeting

02:14:37 with me on a similar problem.

02:14:50 >> Yes, sir.

02:14:52 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

02:14:57 Ms. Duncan, some of the things -- and you didn't mention

02:15:00 this in your report about lighting.

02:15:03 I have a question for you, because you and I had this

02:15:06 discussion before in terms of the tragedy that happens over

02:15:09 on Hillsborough Avenue.

02:15:10 In my mind a lot of it had to do with light, and not only

02:15:14 just sidewalks, which we are taking care of one issue but

02:15:17 there's another issue out there.

02:15:19 Typically whenever there is a lack of light, is it similar

02:15:23 to the way we do code enforcement where someone has to

02:15:26 report a light out in order for TECO to then respond for

02:15:30 fixing that light?

02:15:33 >>JEAN DUNCAN: Yes, that's the main mechanism is reporting

02:15:36 the outage and asking TECO to correct that outage.

02:15:40 >> Is there any monitoring of lighting at all either on our

02:15:47 part or on Teco part in terms of knowing whether or not

02:15:50 something is not working in terms of electricity not going

02:15:54 through it, a broken circuit, something like that?

02:15:57 >>JEAN DUNCAN: Yes, there is monitoring, and we work very

02:15:59 well with TECO and we continue to try to improve that

02:16:04 monitoring.

02:16:04 For example, TECO recently finished a very thorough

02:16:08 inventory of our downtown Ybor area at the request of the

02:16:12 city.

02:16:13 So there is monitoring.

02:16:15 It's the same challenge we have with most things, the

02:16:17 resources available to do these things.

02:16:19 But we continue to work with TECO on that and try to improve

02:16:24 using the resources we have to do that monitoring.

02:16:26 >> Is there a map of lighting systems throughout the city?

02:16:30 I know wee you just mention board of director Ybor.

02:16:33 Is there something for the rest of the city also that has

02:16:36 already been in place and knowing where these lights are at?

02:16:40 >> We do have an inventory of the lights that's available.

02:16:45 As far as future monitoring plans, I have to get back to you

02:16:48 on.

02:16:48 That.

02:16:50 >> I apologize, I was asking make sure that there is a map

02:16:55 available for these particular locations.

02:16:58 >>JEAN DUNCAN: Oh, yes.

02:17:00 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And as we coordinate with TECO to know

02:17:04 something is out either through a report of the citizen or

02:17:06 through their knowledge of electricity not going through or

02:17:09 something else is going on with that particular light, I

02:17:11 just want to know if we do have a detailed map of where all

02:17:15 these things are at.

02:17:15 >> We have a location map of those lights.

02:17:18 TECO has certainly a lot more since they manage and operate

02:17:23 the system.

02:17:24 But, yes, that information is available.

02:17:26 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Lastly that report you just mentioned about

02:17:30 lighting in Ybor, what was the cost to us, if anything, to

02:17:34 do that particular assessment?

02:17:38 >> That is part of the service that they provide under our

02:17:41 agreement with them.

02:17:44 The lighting that we pay to our streetlighting budget.

02:17:47 >> And do they do that on a quarterly basis? Do they look

02:17:51 at different sections of the city?

02:17:53 >> As far as I have seen so far, having recently been

02:17:56 involved with this program --

02:17:58 >>MIKE SUAREZ: A lot has changed recently.

02:18:01 >>JEAN DUNCAN: I am not aware of how somatic the monitoring

02:18:04 is laid out.

02:18:05 But again like I say, we are working with them to keep

02:18:10 responding and improving on that.

02:18:11 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And if you don't mind maybe getting some

02:18:16 knowledge on looking at lights in terms of our partnership

02:18:19 with TECO, when and if -- what's that process, how do they

02:18:26 do it, however they do it and so on.

02:18:28 >> Okay.

02:18:30 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

02:18:32 >>MARY MULHERN: Other questions?

02:18:33 Thank you.

02:18:37 Item number 77.

02:18:50 I have a memo.

02:18:52 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Motion to receive and file.

02:18:53 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilwoman Capin?

02:19:01 >>YVONNE CAPIN: (off microphone).

02:19:03 >>MARY MULHERN: 77.

02:19:16 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

02:19:17 (turning on microphone) which I appreciate very much.

02:19:20 >>MARY MULHERN: We don't have anything to file.

02:19:24 >> There's a memo.

02:19:28 >>MIKE SUAREZ: There is a motion.

02:19:35 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

02:19:41 Item number 78.

02:19:43 Mr. Hart.

02:19:44 >> Gregory Hart, small business and minority business

02:19:51 development office.

02:19:56 On number 78 is the equal business opportunity program.

02:19:58 We do have a short overhead PowerPoint, if we can bring that

02:20:03 up.

02:20:06 Again, item 78, equal business opportunity program.

02:20:11 I am buff today to submit the administration's policy

02:20:14 changes and initiatives designed to address the findings

02:20:19 reported in the 2011 equal business opportunity annual

02:20:23 report.

02:20:26 It was presented to City Council at the January 26th

02:20:29 workshop.

02:20:31 As a matter of background if I could just review the process

02:20:38 and steps.

02:20:39 We have covered to date, that brings us to today's action

02:20:44 item.

02:20:49 The minority business office as you recall come paled four

02:20:52 years of diversity management data for the disparity

02:20:56 analysis in the 2011 report.

02:20:58 The women business and minority business enterprise findings

02:21:02 were presented to City Council, as well as to the equal

02:21:05 business opportunity advisory committee.

02:21:08 Mayor Buckhorn convened the small local business enterprise

02:21:11 committee.

02:21:13 He discussed the findings and shared his proposed

02:21:15 initiatives.

02:21:17 The SLBE committee is a senior management advisory group

02:21:21 that works within the city administration.

02:21:25 The administration is here today.

02:21:29 And advice City Council of the two new initiatives being

02:21:34 proposed and submitted by the mayor.

02:21:37 And following today's meeting, of course, City Council will

02:21:40 consider scheduling a public hearing or hearings.

02:21:46 Subsequent to that, the MBD office will implement the city's

02:21:53 initiatives.

02:21:53 I want you to go through the processing steps we have been

02:21:56 through to date.

02:21:57 In terms of a process schedule, just for quick reference, so

02:22:01 that we can visualize the time frame, particularly if you

02:22:05 look at the center there -- and this schedule is stipulated

02:22:08 by city ordinance.

02:22:09 So, of course, we have conducted our annual report.

02:22:12 We continuously involve the equal business opportunity

02:22:16 advisory committee.

02:22:17 In the center, where we kind of are, and we are concluding

02:22:21 that is the 45 day administrative review and time frame.

02:22:24 And so we are here before you today.

02:22:27 Again I mention that pursuant to ordinance, council will

02:22:31 consider holding a public hearing within 30 days of this

02:22:35 meeting, and then again subsequent to that the ordinance

02:22:41 does allow and understand that the administration will need

02:22:44 the appropriate time to reaffirm the process internally,

02:22:51 updating any boilerplate and that kind of thing so that we

02:22:56 in 60 days of your confirmation of these initiatives, this

02:23:02 fall, August, September, we will be in a position to begin

02:23:04 rolling out these policy changes initiatives.

02:23:07 So let get to the --

02:23:11 >>MARY MULHERN: Mr. Hart, I'm sorry to interrupt.

02:23:13 Do we have this, or are we just seeing this?

02:23:15 Do we have this in hard copy?

02:23:21 >>GREGORY HART: Do you have it.

02:23:22 It was forwarded to you electronically but we can certainly

02:23:25 get you additional hard copies.

02:23:26 >>MARY MULHERN: I don't see in the my book.

02:23:32 >>GREGORY HART: It was transmitted --

02:23:35 >>MARY MULHERN: Oh, I'm sorry.

02:23:37 Thank you.

02:23:37 I don't do Vermont.

02:23:38 I'm sorry.

02:23:39 It's right here.

02:23:44 I've got it.

02:23:46 Sorry.

02:23:46 I'm sorry.

02:23:47 It wasn't in color so I didn't think it was the same thing.

02:23:49 Sorry.

02:23:56 >>GREGORY HART: This first matrix is an extract from the

02:23:59 annual report covering the four-year cumulative statistical

02:24:04 analysis of the disparate.

02:24:06 So I have essentially taken what we provided you on the

02:24:08 26th and just pasted it so we can just refer to it.

02:24:14 Very quickly, horizontally at the top of that chart, we have

02:24:19 the five industry categories of procurement.

02:24:21 Construction, construct related, professional services,

02:24:24 nonprofessional, and goods.

02:24:26 Virtually to your far left are the ethnic and gender groups.

02:24:32 And the statistics, full, again, let me be mindful that

02:24:39 these statistics that you see are the availability

02:24:42 percentage parking.

02:24:43 They reflect expressed as a percentage what our target

02:24:48 should be in terms of inclusion of the various groups

02:24:52 represented here as minority women-owned businesses.

02:24:57 (Bell sounds)

02:25:01 On the color chart it's indicated in yellow.

02:25:04 That being the overall annual goal.

02:25:06 This is an expression of the cumulative target, if you will,

02:25:12 under the respective industry category procurement, that at

02:25:17 the end of the year, given all procurement we do, we would

02:25:20 anticipate and hope to reach that target.

02:25:24 For example, here in construction it's 19.5% are everything

02:25:35 we, do we are striving to hit that goal.

02:25:37 Now, this is for women owned and minority owned initiatives.

02:25:50 This initiative allows goals to be set for women and

02:25:53 minority businesses identified as underutilize in the 2011

02:25:58 disparate analysis report.

02:26:00 Again the annual overall goals are established for each

02:26:03 industry, category based upon the women and minority

02:26:05 business availability.

02:26:08 So specific goals are set on a project by project basis in

02:26:12 an effort to obtain annual goals.

02:26:15 So going left to right across this matrix, all the brown

02:26:21 there, or for those who perhaps this is being projected in

02:26:24 black and white, all of these categories are subject to

02:26:28 subcontract goal setting.

02:26:33 What we also propose to do is not only address the

02:26:36 underutilization of the narrowly tailored, specifically

02:26:40 identified ethnic group or women business, but we are going

02:26:46 to also ensure that our small local business exclusion

02:26:49 continues by establishing goals for all other subcontract

02:26:53 fields that the ethnic minority or woman business group

02:26:58 lacks the availability to fulfill.

02:27:00 So we will be setting essentially dual goals.

02:27:09 Under the construction related and professional services

02:27:12 category, you will see where we have indicated that ten

02:27:16 grading points will be assessed for proposals that include

02:27:28 consultants that are affected by the women and minority

02:27:30 groups.

02:27:31 This initiative will increase the weighted values assigned

02:27:35 to the women or minority enterprise consultant groups that

02:27:42 are underutilized and will become a factor in the request

02:27:47 for proposal or request for qualification.

02:27:50 The base you can city criteria for evaluating proposals is

02:27:54 based on a rating scale of 100 points.

02:27:56 Previously, it's been five points.

02:27:58 So what this is essentially saying is that up to nine points

02:28:04 will be awarded to a noncertified prime proposal that

02:28:06 utilizes a woman, a minority business enterprise, that is in

02:28:11 one of the affected or underutilized subconsulting groups.

02:28:22 Now we are going to look at the formal contract category of

02:28:25 work.

02:28:28 Again, the same contained of matrix in terms of the layout

02:28:33 here, horizontally, vertically, entered in the same manner.

02:28:37 Prior contract utilization is identified if you remember in

02:28:40 the primary study of disparity.

02:28:43 So with the inclusion continues to be a challenge for us.

02:28:47 It's stagnant.

02:28:48 And these initiatives will hopefully bring about some

02:28:51 opportunity for increased inclusion.

02:28:55 Now, what's different about formal contracts as well as

02:28:59 informal contracts, which I will get to after this, is we

02:29:02 have an opportunity to do sheltered market, invitation to

02:29:09 bids, and request for proposal.

02:29:12 To include not only our small local businesses but our now

02:29:17 our women and minority owned businesses that have been

02:29:20 underutilized based on a four year analysis.

02:29:23 >> Can I ask you for some clarification?

02:29:25 When you say the charts with formal contract and informal

02:29:31 contract, are these still subcontractors we are talking

02:29:33 about?

02:29:35 >> No.

02:29:36 We are now moving to the prime contract level of

02:29:38 procurement.

02:29:38 >>MARY MULHERN: Can you then define for me what a formal

02:29:44 contract versus an informal contract is?

02:29:46 I haven't heard that terminology used before.

02:29:50 >>GREGORY HART: Subcontract, of course, are the specific

02:29:53 disciplines and trades that a general contractor, prime

02:29:58 contractor would need to amass, to execute elements of the

02:30:04 work.

02:30:04 So a prime contract, i.e., a formal contract is essentially

02:30:08 the vendor who the city engages one on one.

02:30:12 There, the general contractor, they are the construction

02:30:14 manager.

02:30:16 They are the big guy who hires all the little guys to do the

02:30:19 work.

02:30:20 And typically your formal contract is going to have a value

02:30:23 of $25,000 or above.

02:30:28 Anything that's $25,000 in value and above has to go through

02:30:32 a formal procurement process, meaning it has to be

02:30:35 advertised, it needs not only local, statutes, state

02:30:40 statutes, et cetera.

02:30:42 And a minimum number has to be opened publicly and

02:30:48 competitively awarded.

02:30:49 >>MARY MULHERN: So the informal is anything above 25,000?

02:30:56 It doesn't necessarily have to go through bidding?

02:31:03 >>GREGORY HART: It goes through a bidding process, but there

02:31:05 are less restrictive requirements placed on smaller dollar

02:31:08 purchases, and so those don't necessarily get advertised

02:31:14 through the traditional print media and those kind of

02:31:17 outlets.

02:31:17 >>MARY MULHERN: Thanks for clarifying that.

02:31:19 >>GREGORY HART: Looking at the formal contract initiatives,

02:31:24 I had mentioned sheltered market is a principal opportunity

02:31:28 here.

02:31:29 The sheltered market procurement process allows for us to

02:31:32 compete among their peer groups for formal prime contracts.

02:31:36 And it promotes level playing field and capitalizes on the

02:31:42 abundance of expertise and capacity for women and minority

02:31:46 owned businesses as well as our small local business firms.

02:31:53 The invitation to bid at the formal level will include the

02:31:56 respective ethnic or agenda are group reported as

02:32:00 underutilized in our disparate analysis report.

02:32:05 Only procurement estimated, as I just mentioned, Ms.

02:32:08 Mulhern, from 25,000 to 300,000 in this particular case,

02:32:13 shall be eligible for sheltering.

02:32:16 So the sheltering procurement process is going to be limited

02:32:22 to only those contracts that have a value of 25,000 to

02:32:29 300,000.

02:32:32 Okay?

02:32:33 That's the eligibility criteria applying to sheltering.

02:32:38 So if we have three or more SLBEs that are available, then

02:32:46 that pool of available firms will be expanded to include

02:32:51 that particular women-to be underutilize.

02:32:58 In the past, we have simply been doing sheltered market for

02:33:01 the small local businesses.

02:33:03 Now we have four years of statistical data that indicates

02:33:07 there are certain women-owned businesses under certain

02:33:09 categories of work as well as certain ethnic minority owned

02:33:13 businesses in the various industry categories of work that

02:33:16 we are going to fold into the market.

02:33:23 So we'll have both the small local businesses pooled with

02:33:25 those underutilized and ethnic minority owned businesses to

02:33:30 compete amongst themselves for those prime contracts that we

02:33:33 have estimated to have a value between 25 and $300,000.

02:33:40 One exception will be in the construction-related work order

02:33:45 category.

02:33:47 These are your CCNA, your consultant competitive negotiation

02:33:53 driven procurement for engineers, architects and those types

02:33:57 of services.

02:33:58 That will have a lower threshold.

02:34:01 Construction related contracts will be limited to a

02:34:04 threshold of $100 that you for only prequalified CCNA firms

02:34:09 selected under the current contract.

02:34:15 Each year the City Council approves a list of CCNA firms

02:34:20 that have been vetted through the state statute for CCNA and

02:34:25 prequalified based on their qualifications, et cetera.

02:34:33 So under that procurement process, sheltered market will be

02:34:37 limited to a threshold of 100,000.

02:34:40 Also, one of the initiatives under formal contracts will be

02:34:44 the bid preference.

02:34:47 This is a bid discount, which allows evaluation of price,

02:34:52 whereby the woman-owned or ethnic minority owned quote can

02:34:57 be within 5% of the lowest bid.

02:35:02 But cannot exceed $20,000.

02:35:04 And this initiative applies to construction, not

02:35:07 professional services and goods.

02:35:11 This cannot apply to sheltered market, nor an RFP process,

02:35:16 because those kind of procurements are selected based on

02:35:19 qualifications, not price.

02:35:21 That's why we will never consider a contract valuable for

02:35:26 bid preference.

02:35:27 However, now, under the RFP evaluation, we are increasing

02:35:35 the points from 5 to 10.

02:35:38 Increased rating points awarded to the woman owned business

02:35:42 or the ethnic minority owned business that has been deemed

02:35:46 to be underutilize, there's initiative increase it is

02:35:51 weighted value assigned to that inclusion as a factor in the

02:35:55 selection of RFPs and RFQs.

02:35:59 I mentioned a second ago that the city's fundamental

02:36:02 criteria for evaluating proposals are based on a rating

02:36:05 scale of 100.

02:36:08 WMBE inclusion is one of only several factors in that

02:36:11 selection process.

02:36:12 And the mayor has proposed increasing that from what has

02:36:18 been a 5% to a 10% value in the selection process.

02:36:26 On your chart, again it's in color.

02:36:29 I do want to note that the brown indicates under the formal

02:36:35 contract process where we are implementing the sheltered

02:36:40 initiative.

02:36:41 The orange kind of goldish color is where we can consider

02:36:46 bid preference.

02:36:47 And the purple colored box indicates where the ratings

02:36:54 value, points, must apply.

02:37:01 Now to look at the informal contract level of procurement,

02:37:05 once again, Ms. Mulhern, as you pointed out is $25,000 and

02:37:09 below category procurement.

02:37:12 Informal contracts require only electronic quotes.

02:37:15 As you know, we rely heavily upon the demand star system.

02:37:21 And it is not considered a formal bid process.

02:37:24 Informal contract as I mention add louse the least

02:37:26 prohibitive conditions for making awards.

02:37:33 And you will recall from the 2011 annual report, over 95% of

02:37:37 all of our procurement at the prime level occurred at a

02:37:42 value of $25,000 and less.

02:37:49 The dollars, the number of contracts, and the activities

02:37:53 that occur in the informal category is tremendous and we see

02:37:57 this as an opportunity.

02:37:58 Again, the sheltered market procurement process will allow

02:38:01 firms to compete among their peer groups, the prime

02:38:04 contract, procurements estimated from 2,000 to $25,000 shall

02:38:11 be eligible for sheltering, and in this particular case,

02:38:15 there's three or more of the woman-owned businesses or the

02:38:18 ethnic minority-owned businesses in the respective

02:38:21 categories underutilized, then the sheltered market

02:38:25 solicitation will be targeted to that group through the WMBE

02:38:30 group.

02:38:31 We will also be considering bid preferences under the

02:38:35 informal process.

02:38:37 Again, this is considered a discount, allowing the

02:38:39 evaluation of price, and the quote can be within 5 to 10 of

02:38:46 the bid.

02:38:47 We have had solicitations under the normal process where

02:38:52 either one of our small businesses or woman or ethnic

02:38:56 minority owned business may have been within, believe it or

02:39:00 not, within a couple hundred dollars or even $50 of the low

02:39:04 bidder.

02:39:04 But being small and having to compete among the bid boys,

02:39:10 they didn't get it.

02:39:11 So that's essentially what the bid process allows to us

02:39:15 account for.

02:39:17 Understood the RFP and --

02:39:21 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilman Reddick.

02:39:23 >>FRANK REDDICK: Could you state what you just said?

02:39:28 If a business might be within 100, 200 short or something

02:39:32 like that, did you say bid preference?


02:39:37 >>GREGORY HART: Yes, sir.

02:39:37 >>FRANK REDDICK: Are you referring to that?

02:39:40 You give consideration to that, small business, that might

02:39:45 be just 100 or $200 short of meeting the requirements?

02:39:52 >> That's correct.

02:39:53 >>FRANK REDDICK: Would they come in as subcontractors?

02:39:56 >>GREGORY HART: No, we are talking about prime contract

02:39:59 procurement under the informal award process.

02:40:04 In this particular case, as with the high level, the formal

02:40:10 prime contract.

02:40:13 If a woman or ethnic minority owned business, a small

02:40:16 business, wherein the procurement isn't sheltered, just open

02:40:21 market solicitation, if their bid comes in at 5% less than

02:40:25 the lowest bid, and oftentimes it's a few dollars, then we

02:40:29 are in a position to award that contract to the WMBE or SBE.

02:40:36 >> Wouldn't that bring about a challenge from a person who

02:40:47 rightfully won, met all the requirements and won that

02:40:51 bidding process?

02:40:53 Hart heart it could, but I don't believe they would have any

02:40:56 standing.

02:40:57 This is a perfectly acceptable method of inclusion that's a

02:41:04 best practice, that's been vetted by legal system, it's used

02:41:08 by other jurisdictions, it's still a very competitive

02:41:11 process, it recognizes that there's compelling interest in

02:41:16 ensuring that your local, small, woman-owned and minority

02:41:20 owned businesses have a level playing field, and they are

02:41:22 competing against companies much larger than they are, with

02:41:26 a lot less overhead, and it's a position in which the city

02:41:32 can always make a decision not to award, if they think any

02:41:39 bid is excessive, without regard to whether it has a bid

02:41:42 preference or not.

02:41:43 So that's the gist of it and that's the logic behind it.

02:41:56 As with the large formal contracts under the informal prime

02:42:02 contract that has a value of 25,000 and below, RFP and RFQ

02:42:10 evaluation points will also be applied and so we will be

02:42:16 using the 10 points in assessing whether the prime proposals

02:42:22 is an SLBE or WMBE.

02:42:28 The sheltered market process will also include our SLBE.

02:42:32 This allows continuation of the small business initiative,

02:42:37 while satisfying the women and minority business as well.

02:42:43 So with that I have more or less given you a nutshell

02:42:50 overview, and be happy to answer any questions or clarify

02:42:57 any of these initiatives, and ask that council do consider a

02:43:04 schedule for the public hearing as required by ordinance.

02:43:07 >>FRANK REDDICK: I just have one question.

02:43:17 When I look at all of these minority business programs, and

02:43:26 some of the boards I served on, and they have this WMBE

02:43:30 program, every program, every board, I always see when I

02:43:38 look at goods and services, and nonprofessional services,

02:43:45 the numbers are so low.

02:43:50 Why is that?

02:43:53 >>GREGORY HART: I would have to say there are probably a

02:43:55 number of variables.

02:43:56 One in particular would be availability.

02:43:59 To what extent are there available firms with the discipline

02:44:05 that, for example, the City of Tampa may require for its

02:44:08 type of professional service contract versus another entity.

02:44:15 We do a lot of utility work.

02:44:20 We don't do a lot of new building construction, for example.

02:44:26 I mean, there are a number of reasons.

02:44:28 But I would have to say you first look at the availability

02:44:31 of those firms that have the requisite discipline to meet

02:44:34 the needs of our particular type of contracting.

02:44:38 If that helps answer the question.

02:44:40 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me just ask you this question.

02:44:51 Let me say on a good -- female, 5.28% that equals what in

02:45:03 the total dollar value?


02:45:07 >>GREGORY HART: I'm sorry, where are you, sir?

02:45:09 >>FRANK REDDICK: I am just looking at informal contract.

02:45:12 I am just pulling those numbers.

02:45:15 Caucasian female, on a good 5.28%.

02:45:21 That equals -- and total dollars, how much that equates to.

02:45:25 >> Well, first of all the 5.28% represents the percent of

02:45:32 women owned companies in a pool of 100.

02:45:35 So if we had 100 companies, it essentially means that 5% of

02:45:40 those companies are women owned.

02:45:46 So that percentage reflects an availability.

02:45:51 Now, to try to transfer that or apply that to what it means

02:45:56 in dollars, we would have to look at, for example, what the

02:46:02 city spends in -- let's say goods.

02:46:07 >> What is your total budget of goods?

02:46:13 >>GREGORY HART: I don't know off the top of my head.

02:46:15 I have to look into the budget.

02:46:16 But that's essentially what you could do if you wanted to

02:46:18 get some sense of what 5.2% equates to in terms of

02:46:23 women-owned businesses receiving contracts for goods.

02:46:28 I mean --

02:46:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me just ask you this so we won't

02:46:34 protract this.

02:46:38 I'm going to request from you the total allocated dollars

02:46:45 for each one of these and amount of dollars up to this point

02:46:49 that have been awarded to each one of these categories.

02:46:56 >>GREGORY HART: And I do believe that you have that, and we

02:47:00 can provide with that.

02:47:06 Do you recall from the January 26th workshop?

02:47:09 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

02:47:09 In our book?

02:47:11 >>ANNIE HART: It's in this PowerPoint presentation.

02:47:13 But now that you mention it, I would like to today, however,

02:47:21 provide you with copies of the supplemental reports during

02:47:25 the 26th of January workshop, this was in draft form.

02:47:32 This is a compilation of various information over the years,

02:47:37 City Council has asked, interested in some of the ad hoc

02:47:44 reports, so we have this today and I certainly want to make

02:47:47 that available to you.

02:47:48 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

02:47:50 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

02:47:52 Any other questions?

02:48:00 Mr. McDonaugh, I was going to say this is great to hear this

02:48:04 after all these years because it's been since I was elected

02:48:08 the first tame five years that we have been working on

02:48:11 trying to get to this point to actually implement some of

02:48:14 these changes.

02:48:14 So it's great.

02:48:18 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Your new administrative person on economic

02:48:24 opportunity.

02:48:25 And I think Greg's message is economic opportunity for

02:48:31 everyone.

02:48:33 Mr. Reddick's question is why are the numbers so small?

02:48:36 Based on the study again, wanted to have a lot of data to

02:48:39 make these decisions.

02:48:41 That's why these steps are being taken, why these steps are

02:48:43 being asked of City Council, because the city is no stronger

02:48:47 than its weakest link and we want to give everybody the

02:48:50 opportunity.

02:48:50 We talked about an open city in number 72.

02:48:53 We talked about inclusion, how it makes the city a stronger

02:48:56 place.

02:48:56 And that's the whole message behind this program, is that

02:49:03 the previous programs we had apparently did not dig deep

02:49:07 enough to offer opportunities to some of the smaller

02:49:10 companies, and some of these other folks that want a little

02:49:12 bit of the city's pie, some of that business.

02:49:15 And so that's the whole message here.

02:49:17 But this is reaching out a little further and making another

02:49:20 attempt to get to these people and make sure that they have

02:49:22 the opportunity to do business with us.

02:49:24 But we can offer some prosperity for our whole community.

02:49:28 And that's our goal.

02:49:31 And thank you for your vote of confidence earlier.

02:49:33 >>MARY MULHERN: Do we know when you are asking us to

02:49:37 schedule the hearing?

02:49:49 >>ANNIE HART: I would think up to your schedule, the

02:49:51 ordinance simply says you are expected to attempt to do that

02:49:54 within 30 days of the date on the mayor's initiative.

02:50:02 >>MARY MULHERN: To hold the hearings within 30?

02:50:05 >> Hold them within 30.

02:50:06 >> Well, if we are to hold them within 30 it would seem to

02:50:12 me the only day that's even available for us to do them is

02:50:14 April 5th.

02:50:16 Otherwise, we would have to wait until April 19th, which

02:50:19 I think is like 34, 33 days from now.

02:50:23 >> I'll defer to Mr. Shelby.

02:50:27 >> Our agenda on the 19th is a lot lighter than it is on

02:50:34 the 5th from what I can see.

02:50:42 This is business days?

02:50:49 >> It doesn't speak to that.

02:50:51 >> Reading of the ordinance says council shall hold a public

02:50:57 hearing or hearings within 30 days of the mayor's

02:50:59 recommendation as shall be necessary for it to confirm a

02:51:04 substantial basis and evidence of such findings and to

02:51:06 ensure that the remedies recommended are sufficiently

02:51:11 narrowly tailored, and shall implement the program within 60

02:51:18 days of City Council's confirmation of the evidence approval

02:51:22 of the goals.

02:51:26 Ms. Hargrett is here.

02:51:27 Do you have a different interpretation if council were to do

02:51:31 it on the 19th?

02:51:32 Would you believe that it would be as shall be necessary to

02:51:35 confirm -- because the 5th being too short a period of

02:51:38 time?

02:51:42 >>HARRY COHEN: The chair just indicated we could do it on

02:51:44 the night meeting of April 12th.

02:51:50 Which puts us in the window. So maybe we ought to just do

02:51:53 that and then there's in a question about the interpretation

02:51:55 of it.

02:51:56 >> It would be my recommendation based upon the ordinance.

02:52:00 >>HARRY COHEN: I make a motion to set the meeting for the

02:52:04 12th.

02:52:05 We are starting at 5:30 p.m.

02:52:08 Why don't we do it at 5 p.m. and then we'll get it.

02:52:12 >> Second that.

02:52:13 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion by Councilman Cohen, seconded by

02:52:17 counsel Councilman Reddick.

02:52:21 All in favor?

02:52:22 >> Councilman Reddick, I believe your question is answered

02:52:26 on page 15 of the supplemental.

02:52:28 >>FRANK REDDICK: I just noticed that.

02:52:32 >>ANNIE HART: Do let us know if you have any other

02:52:34 questions.

02:52:35 >>FRANK REDDICK: I noticed that.

02:52:36 Thank you.

02:52:37 >>MARY MULHERN: Item number 79.

02:52:57 This is the resolution.

02:53:01 >> I don't see anyone here from risk management to discuss

02:53:04 it.

02:53:05 >>MARY MULHERN: It's over a million dollars.

02:53:12 Okay.

02:53:12 >>FRANK REDDICK: I move the resolution.

02:53:18 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

02:53:20 I was given some briefing on this.

02:53:21 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay, good.

02:53:25 So motion by Councilman Reddick, seconded by Councilman

02:53:31 Cohen.

02:53:32 All in favor?

02:53:34 Aye.

02:53:34 Opposed?

02:53:38 I would like to ask the clerk, there were a number of these,

02:53:41 that I think they are under staff reports because of the

02:53:45 dollar amount.

02:53:46 Maybe if could you put the dollar amount in the agenda item

02:53:52 so we know why they are there.

02:53:56 Okay.

02:53:56 Item number 80 Chief Castor, are you ready?

02:54:08 >> Chief Castor: Good afternoon.

02:54:11 We are purchasing the hand held radios for the RNC.

02:54:17 We are going to utilize these radios for the officers that

02:54:21 we are bringing from other agencies so that everyone will be

02:54:24 able to communicate on the same frequency.

02:54:27 After the RNC, these radios will be Utah lids by the

02:54:31 Hillsborough County sheriff's office on a permanent basis.

02:54:36 Some of the equipment, as you have seen in the request for

02:54:40 purchase, is being used, backup for the Tampa Police

02:54:46 Department and some also for Hillsborough County sheriff's

02:54:49 office but the lions share of the equipment is going to the

02:54:52 Hillsborough County sheriff's office.

02:54:53 >>MARY MULHERN: Any questions?

02:55:01 I'm glad that you explained that because I was curious.

02:55:08 They are going to be used -- some of them will be used by

02:55:14 TPD?

02:55:16 >> I'll give you a long story.

02:55:21 I know you have all been here for a while.

02:55:22 But we have a five year plan, interoperability plan for the

02:55:27 URB area, the urban area security initiative.

02:55:30 Pinellas County, Hillsborough County, St. Pete, Clearwater

02:55:32 and Tampa are in that -- St. Pete and Tampa are in that URB

02:55:36 group.

02:55:36 The five year plan is in its fifth year.

02:55:39 The very first year, five years ago, many of you remember we

02:55:41 came forward with the Tampa Police Department's radio

02:55:44 system, and we integrated with Hillsborough County sheriff's

02:55:48 office on their system.

02:55:51 We have upgraded all of Pinellas County.

02:55:55 Hillsborough County is the last agency to be upgraded so

02:55:57 these radios will be utilize for them to upgrade, and Tampa

02:56:00 and Hillsborough will go from analog to digital.

02:56:05 >>MARY MULHERN: I remember that.

02:56:08 So I thought that we were upgrading to be in conformance

02:56:13 with Hillsborough County.

02:56:13 >> No, we already have.

02:56:17 We were the first group to be able to do that.

02:56:19 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.

02:56:20 But then this is an additional upgrade.

02:56:24 >> This can get very confusing.

02:56:29 There's the analog system, which is the old type of system,

02:56:33 and that's what we have gone to with the sheriff's office.

02:56:36 They remain analog.

02:56:39 Our radios, it's a matter of changing the Chip in the radio

02:56:42 to change it from digital from analog so our officers

02:56:47 already have the state of the art radio. They will just be

02:56:50 changed to the digital system once the sheriff office

02:56:52 receives these radios.

02:56:53 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

02:56:57 Just from what I read in the paper, it sounded like -- so,

02:57:04 for instance, the $6 million, how many radios does that buy?

02:57:09 >> I believe it's 1400.

02:57:13 1765 radios.

02:57:14 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

02:57:16 So is every officer going to have a radio?

02:57:21 >> Yes.

02:57:22 All of our officers, all law enforcement are assigned, will

02:57:26 utilize these for the officers that are come in town to work

02:57:30 that may have a system that's not compatible with ours in

02:57:34 Hillsborough County.

02:57:35 We'll use those during the RNC.

02:57:37 After it's over they will go to the sheriff's office for

02:57:40 their daily use of their deputies out on the street.

02:57:42 >> Thank you for explaining that about how they are going to

02:57:51 be used in the future, because that was starting to become

02:57:54 one of my big questions, is that we are getting so much

02:58:00 using and accepting so much federal tax money for this

02:58:03 two-week convention.

02:58:06 So knowing that at least these will be used on a regular

02:58:11 basis in the county is reassuring.

02:58:17 And then just because this is the opportunity to talk about

02:58:23 this publicly and because this is really been my concern,

02:58:27 and I think a lot of people's concern about all of the

02:58:32 technology, equipment and riot gear, and pepper spray, all

02:58:41 these things that we are purchasing and spending all this

02:58:44 money on, and I just want -- I don't know, I guess not to

02:58:53 hear from you right now but maybe we could schedule for you

02:58:55 to come and talk to us about the training that's happening.

02:58:59 Because it's not about -- I don't New York City just about

02:59:04 how some of the problems that have happened at other huge

02:59:12 conventions like this, and I don't know, I guess it's

02:59:19 concerning that, yeah, we are going to have all of this, but

02:59:21 for you to reassure us on how the training of our officers

02:59:27 is going to be also given with enough time and with enough

02:59:34 emphasis on only, now, arresting those who are actually a

02:59:45 threat and violent as opposed to, you know, some of the

02:59:50 things we have seen happen elsewhere.

02:59:56 I guess I sent you several reports from other cities where

03:00:02 they had problems, and some of the things that they came to

03:00:06 learn from how they dealt with, you know, the bad actors in

03:00:12 a big public demonstration.

03:00:16 I don't know.

03:00:17 >> Our officers are highly trained.

03:00:19 They are continuing to be trained all the way up until --

03:00:26 >>MARY MULHERN: Yeah, I have great confidence in TPD and in

03:00:28 you.

03:00:29 I think it's great.

03:00:32 And that we are the ones that are going to be hosting this

03:00:37 frightening event.

03:00:38 But the question was about how you are going to share that

03:00:43 training with the people that are coming in from out of

03:00:45 town.

03:00:46 I guess I didn't say that very well but that's what I was

03:00:49 trying to get to.

03:00:50 How are we -- what are the plans for making sure that the

03:00:53 people who, you know, the contractors that come in, law

03:01:00 enforcement people coming in from elsewhere, are on the same

03:01:04 page?

03:01:07 >> We have taken care of that and everyone is going to

03:01:09 receive the same level of crowd management training that the

03:01:12 local officers get.

03:01:14 Everyone that comes in to the city to assist us will be

03:01:17 provided and afforded the same level of training that we

03:01:21 will receive.

03:01:21 >> And so what does that mean in terms of how much time?

03:01:29 >> Well, I can set an appointment with you and, you know,

03:01:33 show you step by step the training that the officers will go

03:01:36 through.

03:01:36 That will give you a level of --

03:01:38 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes, and I mean I think the public would

03:01:41 feel better to know that that's how much -- not exactly what

03:01:47 the training is but how much time is being allotted for

03:01:51 this, so that when the convention gets here, and the

03:01:57 protestors and everyone is here, that they know that the

03:02:04 people who are not from here know, you know, have that

03:02:11 contained of training, how much time, I guess, is the

03:02:13 question.

03:02:13 >> Okay.

03:02:15 >>MARY MULHERN: Councilman Suarez.

03:02:19 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Chief, to kind of get some answers in terms

03:02:23 of training, I know police forces like military forces, a

03:02:30 lot of times we fight the last war as being prepared, more

03:02:33 prepared for what may be coming.

03:02:35 I know that from what I understand -- and this is from the

03:02:38 newspapers and not from any other sources -- that we are

03:02:42 trying to be more cutting edge in terms of what protestors

03:02:46 versus those anarchists or bad actors that will be out

03:02:52 there, what the tactics are of those folks, and in terms of

03:02:57 try to integrate and be prepared to pop up and cause damage.

03:03:02 Obviously that is a result of some of the world trade things

03:03:08 that they had in Seattle, some of the things in Minneapolis

03:03:11 during the last Republican national convention, and I would

03:03:14 assume that based on knowing you and how you trained folks,

03:03:19 that you are going to start looking at or have already

03:03:21 looked at best practices in terms of those types of

03:03:24 controls.

03:03:25 Secondly, I think that secret service is going to provide a

03:03:27 lot of information as to having to deal with a highly

03:03:33 secured public event as opposed to what we may typically do.

03:03:38 Now, this is not a Gasparilla parade or Super Bowl even.

03:03:42 It is much more of a public but yet privately controlled and

03:03:48 publicly secured type of event, and a lot of times it's hard

03:03:53 to measure and balance out what the public can know and what

03:03:57 we are able to do as a City Council to make sure that you

03:04:00 have all the tools available to protect both the people that

03:04:04 are here for the convention and all the regular citizens

03:04:07 that are in the downtown area.

03:04:11 Go ahead, I'm sorry.

03:04:12 >> The majority of individuals that will be coming to

03:04:15 express first amendment rights, peacefully demonstrate, and

03:04:20 this is our expectation.

03:04:22 We also expect that there will be a small number of those

03:04:24 individuals that are bent on causing disruption and in some

03:04:28 cases damage, and those individuals will be dealt with

03:04:32 swiftly so that we can remove them from the crowd and allow

03:04:36 the peaceful demonstrations to continue.

03:04:39 And that's the end that we will train all of our officers

03:04:44 towards.

03:04:45 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I know this purchase is an important part of

03:04:47 making sure that -- and I think would you agree,

03:04:50 communication is so important to make sure that we do not

03:04:52 have any issues in which those folks that are peacefully

03:04:57 organized versus those people that are out to cause damage,

03:05:02 either property or bodily harm to people, that we can

03:05:05 communicate that to other officers on the ground and make

03:05:08 sure that we are not going to have any problems out there.

03:05:11 Obviously, we can't guarantee anything, but at the same time

03:05:15 we trust that you are doing everything you can to train our

03:05:18 officers and make sure that those other entities that are

03:05:21 going to be involved and partnering with us to protect the

03:05:25 city understand that also.

03:05:26 So we appreciate what you are doing.

03:05:30 Thank you.

03:05:30 >>HARRY COHEN: Just one additional comment on this topic.

03:05:35 Isn't it the case that there are some law enforcement that

03:05:37 are going to be working at the convention that are going to

03:05:40 have actual real life training this summer in Chicago at the

03:05:44 NATO summit that's occurring there?

03:05:47 >> Chief Castor: Yes, we are going to take a group of

03:05:50 officers from the Tampa Bay area that represent a number of

03:05:52 disciplines up there to see exactly first-hand what has

03:05:57 occurred, and obviously you have to look historically at the

03:06:00 large scale events and specifically the NFSB event to see

03:06:07 what problems they encounter, the good with the bad, and we

03:06:10 have done that.

03:06:11 We have been into that process for over a year now.

03:06:14 >>FRANK REDDICK: Chief, those seven cameras, we might need

03:06:28 them, because somebody is going to get lost getting down

03:06:30 here.

03:06:31 But hold seven back.

03:06:35 [ Laughter ]

03:06:36 Madam Chair, I move the resolution.

03:06:39 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

03:06:40 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion made by Councilman Reddick, seconded

03:06:43 by Councilman Cohen.

03:06:44 All in favor?

03:06:46 Anyone opposed?

03:06:48 Thank you, chief.

03:06:48 >> Thank you.

03:06:51 I appreciate your time.

03:06:51 >>MARY MULHERN: Item number 81.

03:07:00 Mr. Shelby.

03:07:01 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, you have distributed from chair

03:07:08 pro tem Mulhern's office a substitute resolution that is, I

03:07:17 believe, consistent with the intentions of the chair pro

03:07:19 tem, and it is being offered for your consideration.

03:07:29 Chair pro tem?

03:07:33 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

03:07:37 I just want to say that I hope council will support this

03:07:40 resolution.

03:07:40 And the one thing I thought was important about us doing

03:07:43 this is that we are contained of closest to the people as

03:07:46 opposed to the corporations when it comes to running for

03:07:50 office and campaigning.

03:07:53 Tampa City Council -- a local office like ours, I don't know

03:07:59 about my colleagues, but I didn't have any super PACs

03:08:02 helping me when I ran for City Council.

03:08:05 So I think it's important that we show to our constituents

03:08:12 that we are not owned and don't feel that politicians and

03:08:20 our representatives should be subsidiaries of corporations.

03:08:25 And I just want to point out that there is a poll.

03:08:30 Washington Post did a poll in January, late January, that

03:08:35 revealed -- I'm trying to find -- 72% of the public,

03:08:45 Republicans, Democrats and independents, overall 72% were in

03:08:50 disagreement with the idea that corporations should have

03:08:55 personhood.

03:08:57 So I think the public is behind us on this.

03:09:00 So I move the resolution.

03:09:02 >> Second.

03:09:06 Do you reed need to read it?

03:09:07 >>MARY MULHERN: I am going to move the substitute

03:09:11 resolution, and the wording isn't correct on the agenda but

03:09:13 I move the resolution supporting an amendment to the U.S.

03:09:16 Constitution to provide that corporations are not entitled

03:09:18 to the entirety of protections or rights of natural persons,

03:09:23 specifically so that the expenditure of corporate money to

03:09:26 influence the electoral process is no longer a form of

03:09:29 Constitutionally protected speech, and calling on Congress

03:09:32 to begin the process of amending the Constitution, providing

03:09:35 an effective date.

03:09:37 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Second.

03:09:38 >>HARRY COHEN: We have a motion by Councilwoman Mulhern,

03:09:42 seconded by Councilwoman Capin.

03:09:43 Are there any council members that would like to discuss it

03:09:47 or make any statements?

03:09:50 Seeing no one, with that -- oh, Councilwoman Capin.

03:09:58 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I just have to -- I want to thank

03:10:00 Councilwoman Mulhern for bringing this forth, for us to

03:10:05 bring forward, and she is absolutely correct in that we

03:10:08 are -- the close toast government officials and it would be

03:10:17 very important that our citizens know that we also feel that

03:10:27 corporations have no conscience, no beliefs, no feelings, no

03:10:30 thoughts, no desires, and they themselves, they are not --

03:10:36 and I love this part.

03:10:37 If you don't mind I will read it -- but they are not

03:10:40 themselves member of we the people by whom and for whom our

03:10:44 Constitution was established.

03:10:46 Thanks for letting me say that.

03:10:47 And thank you, Councilwoman Mulhern.

03:10:50 >>HARRY COHEN: With that, all those in favor?

03:10:52 Opposed?

03:10:53 Motion passes unanimously.

03:10:55 >>MARY MULHERN: Can I have a motion to receive and file all

03:11:06 documents?

03:11:06 >> So moved.

03:11:07 >> Second.

03:11:07 >>MARY MULHERN: All in favor?

03:11:09 Anyone opposed?

03:11:10 And we will go to new business.

03:11:12 Councilwoman Cohen.

03:11:13 >>HARRY COHEN: No new business, thank you.

03:11:15 >>FRANK REDDICK: No new business.

03:11:26 >>YVONNE CAPIN: (off microphone).

03:11:28 >>MARY MULHERN: Is your mike on?

03:11:30 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I'm sorry.

03:11:31 The schedule for next week, I would like to ask for maybe

03:11:34 changing the order a little bit, as soon as I can find it.

03:11:42 Thank you.

03:11:44 Thank you.

03:11:52 Thank you.

03:11:57 All right.

03:11:59 We have on here the commendation.

03:12:06 And then we have a second commendation.

03:12:08 But I would like to bring in the report from the citizens

03:12:13 advisory committee first.

03:12:19 And in order or county be last, either way, so that when we

03:12:23 have the commendation for Hispanic advisory grant plus the

03:12:29 presentation from the Florida humanities, together, I am --

03:12:39 I also would like to ask for permission to bring Judge E.J.

03:12:46 Salcines to speak for five minutes right after the Florida

03:12:54 humanities.

03:12:55 So I am trying to put those three together because we have a

03:12:58 workshop in between them on sidewalks code.

03:13:04 >>HARRY COHEN: Why don't we move the sidewalk thing to the

03:13:06 end, and then it will all be contiguous.

03:13:11 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.

03:13:11 And we can move the citizens advisory so that everything can

03:13:13 be -- all the presentations can be together at the

03:13:17 beginning.

03:13:17 >>HARRY COHEN: I think if you move the sidewalks to the end

03:13:28 it will flow in exactly the order that you are proposing.

03:13:31 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Oh, thank you.

03:13:31 Then that's my motion to move the sidewalk workshop to the

03:13:34 end -- yes, to the end.

03:13:38 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council member Capin, did you want that

03:13:43 then 10:00 presentation moved up to 9 a.m.?

03:13:47 Is that your intention?

03:13:50 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.

03:13:50 Or 9:30 because the workshop is at 9:30.

03:13:53 9 a.m. would be perfect.

03:13:55 It will fit right in.

03:13:56 I think 9 a.m. would flow.

03:13:58 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

03:14:00 >>MARY MULHERN: Motion made by Councilman Capin, seconded

03:14:03 by Councilman Cohen.

03:14:04 All in favor?

03:14:06 Anyone opposed?

03:14:10 Is that it?

03:14:11 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And that's it.

03:14:12 And to ask Judge E.J. Salcines to the presentation right

03:14:18 after the Florida humanities.

03:14:22 Five minutes.

03:14:22 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

03:14:26 >>MARY MULHERN: I thought that was part of it.

03:14:28 All in favor?

03:14:28 Anyone opposed?

03:14:29 Okay.

03:14:29 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

03:14:31 I have several things.

03:14:33 First, over the past few months, my office and I have been

03:14:40 working on trying to persuade the United States Navy to name

03:14:45 a combat ship after our city, the USS Tampa.

03:14:52 We have a very rich history in the military, and we had a

03:14:58 USS Tampa that was sunk during World War I, the only ship

03:15:02 sunk during World War I, a Coast Guard cutter.

03:15:05 There was a class of ships, Tampa class ships in the Coast

03:15:09 Guard, but we wanted to name a naval ship after Tampa.

03:15:15 We have over the course of the last few months gotten

03:15:17 several members of the congressional delegation, the

03:15:21 legislative delegation, county commission, myself, the

03:15:25 mayor, and a few others, and I would like to ask council for

03:15:29 a letter of support to the department of the Navy and the

03:15:33 Navy secretary to name a ship after the USS Tampa.

03:15:38 We have a letter that just went out on Monday from both

03:15:44 senators Nelson and Rubio to the department of Navy asking

03:15:47 just that.

03:15:48 So I would like to include us in that particular process so

03:15:52 that we can get a ship named here and hopefully have it

03:15:57 christened here in Tampa.

03:15:57 >> Second.

03:16:00 >>MARY MULHERN: Seconded by Councilman Cohen.

03:16:03 All in favor?

03:16:04 Aye.

03:16:05 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Secondly, and this is sad news, Joe VILLA

03:16:11 died yesterday.

03:16:12 Joe is one of seven brothers, all who served in the

03:16:15 military.

03:16:16 Joe served in the marines and participated in the

03:16:19 Guadalcanal campaign, which was the 1942, really the first

03:16:24 land-based battle that we fought against the Japanese and

03:16:29 luckily we won that.

03:16:31 He was in the marines, and it was horrible, horrible battle.

03:16:36 And luckily, he survived.

03:16:41 He's survived by his wife Olga. They have been married 56

03:16:44 years.

03:16:44 They have three daughters, eleven great grandchildren and

03:16:47 two great-great grandchildren.

03:16:50 We named a park in 2005 after he and the rest of his

03:16:54 brothers right across the street from the old Fort Homer

03:17:00 Hesterly armory.

03:17:03 He's a West Tampa icon.

03:17:04 He will be greatly missed.

03:17:06 We just wanted to say that our thoughts and prayers are with

03:17:08 his family.

03:17:11 And passing somebody from our greatest generation.

03:17:14 Lastly, last night, maybe somebody noticed that the USF

03:17:19 bulls won their play-in game against California.

03:17:24 Excuse me, we didn't win, we actually annihilated

03:17:28 California, and we are going to be playing on Friday nature.

03:17:32 Since there's St. Patrick's day on Saturday, I would like to

03:17:35 encourage everyone to wear green, not only in celebration of

03:17:39 St. Pattys day.

03:17:42 But also in terms of USF.

03:17:45 So Go Bulls.

03:17:46 Thank you, chair.

03:17:47 >>MARY MULHERN: Go Bulls.

03:17:51 I have some new business.

03:17:55 I would like a motion to ask -- actually, first I would like

03:18:02 to ask that one of our MPO numbers -- you are on the MPO --

03:18:13 I would like -- I was going to ask Councilwoman Montelione

03:18:16 because she's on livable roadways but she's not here.

03:18:20 So if one of you could bring up at the next MPO meeting a

03:18:25 question about what is happening with the bicycle safety

03:18:31 action plan.

03:18:33 I don't know if you all got this e-mail, but I got an e-mail

03:18:37 mess message from Jose Menendez at the end of February

03:18:42 talking about the number of bicycle fatalities that

03:18:46 happened, and within a week, there was another one in

03:18:51 Hillsborough County.

03:18:52 So I know that over the last couple of years when I was on

03:18:58 the MPO we were work on these and we were working with TPD

03:19:02 on how they were going to help with the lights, and TPD I

03:19:14 know are gone, but apparently Hillsborough County lost some

03:19:18 funding, they thought they had in the program.

03:19:20 So if someone could ask the MPO what's happening with that.

03:19:25 >> I'll do that.

03:19:27 >>MARY MULHERN: And my motion is to ask our transportation

03:19:31 department to come back on April 19th with a staff

03:19:34 report, and in that time we can hear perhaps someone from

03:19:40 the -- actually, ways going to ask Councilwoman Montelione

03:19:49 to ask from the livable roadways.

03:19:52 Maybe if one of you from the MPO would report what the MPO

03:19:54 is doing, but I want to hear from transportation and TPD on

03:19:58 the 19th about what's happening with it.

03:20:01 I want to read the statistics because it's just very sad.

03:20:10 43-year-old Humberto FAIZE was struck and hit, and this was

03:20:18 on February 28th and died the next morning, and that was

03:20:22 after we had heard that there had been three fatalities in

03:20:25 the last month previous to that.

03:20:31 And trying to find the totals here.

03:20:34 Despite the fact that the Board of County Commissioners and

03:20:37 City Council voted to create a bicycle safety action plan

03:20:39 more than a year ago, to 12 could easily surpass not only

03:20:43 the 12 Hillsborough County bicycle fatalities but also the

03:20:50 16 fatalities back in 1996 so we are not on a good place.

03:20:56 >> So you are going to make a motion?

03:21:01 >> My motion is April 19th, TPD and transportation give

03:21:07 us a report on bicycle safety action plan and what we are

03:21:10 doing.

03:21:10 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I'll second that.

03:21:13 >>HARRY COHEN: Motion by Councilwoman Mulhern, seconded by

03:21:16 Councilman Suarez.

03:21:17 All those in favor?

03:21:18 Opposed?

03:21:19 >>MARY MULHERN: That's it for me.

03:21:22 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Chair, if I could, Ms. Mulhern, we have an

03:21:26 MPO meeting next week, so we can probably get that

03:21:28 information.

03:21:30 >> The policy committee next week, I think MPO --

03:21:34 >> I stand corrected.

03:21:35 >> Two weeks after that.

03:21:37 >> I stand corrected.

03:21:39 >>HARRY COHEN: I will take it to the policy committee.

03:21:42 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Absolutely, thank you.

03:21:53 >>

03:21:53 (Meeting adjourned)



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