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Thursday, April 12, 2012

9:00 a.m. CRA Meeting


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09:04:55 >>FRANK REDDICK: Good morning.

09:04:56 We are going to call this community redevelopment meeting to

09:04:59 order. I call on Ms. Montelione.

09:05:01 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I would like to welcome once again Jane

09:05:08 McDonnough, and she is the senior pastor of faith life

09:05:13 church which she founded in 1998. She has been a

09:05:15 full-time -- in the full time ministry since 1989.

09:05:20 Over the course of her career she was preacher, associate

09:05:27 pastor and senior pastor.

09:05:28 She currently serves takes regional director of the

09:05:30 association of faith churches and ministers, the

09:05:33 organization where she was ordained and received her

09:05:35 credentials.

09:05:37 Pastor Jane, welcome to Tampa City Council.

09:05:39 And thank you for taking the time to spend your morning

09:05:43 opening today's meeting.

09:05:43 We are glad to have you with us.

09:05:45 And she came all the way from Wesley chapel so thank you for

09:05:57 making the drive here.

09:05:57 >>> Lord, we come to you today, and we thank you for the

09:06:01 privilege that we have in opening up this council meeting

09:06:03 with prayer.

09:06:05 Father God, we also acknowledge today that you are the

09:06:07 source of all wisdom.

09:06:09 We also acknowledge that your word has instructed to us pray

09:06:12 for those that have to rule over us, to pray for those with

09:06:17 whom you have given authority.

09:06:19 So we lift up the council members today.

09:06:21 We ask that you would impart your wisdom to them, Lord that

09:06:24 all the items that are set before them today give them the

09:06:28 ability to take the knowledge they have and the knowledge

09:06:30 before them and apply in the such a way that they make the

09:06:33 best possible decision, and that that decision ends in

09:06:38 prosperity for the City of Tampa.

09:06:39 And we thank you, Lord, that you continue to prosper, the

09:06:42 city leaders of our city, the people and the businesses, and

09:06:46 we thank you for in Jesus' name.

09:06:51 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]

09:07:09 >>FRANK REDDICK: Roll call.

09:07:10 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:07:14 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

09:07:20 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

09:07:21 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:07:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:07:25 >> Good morning, Board.

09:07:29 Ed Johnson. I'm subbing for Mr. McDonaugh who is out of

09:07:35 town today.

09:07:36 First on the agenda is a congratulations, chairman Reddick,

09:07:41 for another year on CRA, and look forward to working with

09:07:44 you again this year, and another congratulations to

09:07:49 Councilman Suarez, who is our vice chair, also look forward

09:07:54 to another year on CRA.

09:08:04 The introduction of advisory committee chairs that you have

09:08:07 not met that have been appointed over the last couple of

09:08:10 months.

09:08:11 First of all, I will just announce them, and I know there's

09:08:14 a couple of them here that might want to come and say a few

09:08:16 words to you.

09:08:17 Tampa Heights, riverfront, Ms. Young-Green, you will hear

09:08:25 from her in a minute because she will be doing the monthly

09:08:28 advisory committee report.

09:08:29 In Drew Park, Mr. Dwight Stevens.

09:08:34 Channel District, Mr. Mark Alma, who is not able to be with

09:08:38 us, and downtown Mr. Hedges who is out of town today

09:08:44 >> Good morning.

09:08:51 Dwight Stevens, Drew Park chair, Valrico, Florida.

09:08:56 I just wanted to say, I'm thankful for this opportunity to

09:08:59 serve a year as chair for Drew Park.

09:09:03 We have a lot of exciting things going on in Drew Park, and

09:09:07 I hope that my time as chair that we continue to prosper and

09:09:11 keep things moving as the previous chair started.

09:09:16 Other than that I am just ready to go to work, and thank you

09:09:19 for the opportunity.

09:09:33 >> Next up will be Lena Young-Green who will give the

09:09:37 monthly report on the activities in Tampa Heights

09:09:39 riverfront.

09:09:40 Lena?

09:09:44 >> Good morning.

09:09:46 Thank you again for the opportunity to come before you, this

09:09:53 time at the Tampa Heights riverfront.

09:10:01 Our CRA as now is one of the most challenged, but yet from

09:10:06 our perspective one of the ones that has the most

09:10:09 opportunity.

09:10:10 Also, we might have some competition with CRAs.

09:10:18 This year, we have for you knew members, for our four

09:10:27 members that they are replacing, coming in with a lot of

09:10:30 dedication and commitment to trying to make a difference to

09:10:33 our area.

09:10:37 Overall, talking about the challenges that we are facing,

09:10:44 going through the bankruptcies and foreclosures that creates

09:10:50 some additional challenges to us.

09:10:54 We are not sure where that process is going to end, but we

09:10:58 are hoping that that comes to some kind of resolution

09:11:05 shortly.

09:11:05 We are hoping in the process of those changes, though, that

09:11:09 we maintain the desires and the directions that were

09:11:16 previously provided as the guide for our CRA, we got to that

09:11:23 point with years of working together, years of planning, and

09:11:27 years of taking a position in what we hope that CRA will

09:11:32 look like.

09:11:33 So as we come out, or go through the process of foreclosures

09:11:37 and the bankruptcies, we hope that at the end of the day we

09:11:40 will be able to maintain some of those same guidelines that

09:11:44 we have used in the past for our CRAs.

09:11:48 And I know that's going to be an interesting process because

09:11:52 there is so much legal involved in it, but we'll see how

09:11:56 that comes out.

09:11:57 But that's one of our desires.

09:12:02 We are very, very happy and excited about the process that's

09:12:05 happening with our parks and our springs.

09:12:08 Thanks to city staff, Carlos white, rod, Michael -- that

09:12:16 Mike over there -- and everyone coming together under the

09:12:21 guidance of you and the mayor, making those two projects be

09:12:27 as good as it could, and improving what we really have

09:12:32 started and getting it to a point where we think in about a

09:12:36 year or so we will be so happy and excited about what

09:12:40 happens in our park and at the spring.

09:12:45 In addition to that, looking at the water works building and

09:12:49 the new restaurant that we are anticipating coming there, we

09:12:54 again see that as another opportunity for improvement in our

09:12:59 CRA.

09:13:01 The restaurant is going to provide a real answer for the

09:13:07 entire CRA and help to improve that process as well.

09:13:10 We are right now working with the developers, the process of

09:13:17 our parking.

09:13:18 We are really concerned about the parking, want to be sure

09:13:21 that we incorporate not the traditional approach of parking,

09:13:27 but hoping that we could get enough valet parking, enough

09:13:34 on-street, enough other parking in the area that the park

09:13:38 itself would not become a parking lot.

09:13:44 That's really, really important to the residents, important

09:13:46 to this board, to the CRA -- the CAC committee, and we have

09:13:52 been having meetings with the developers and trying to come

09:13:55 to an agreement on that.

09:13:57 That's very important.

09:13:59 The mayor talked about the new approach in hunting and

09:14:08 recognizing our waterways.

09:14:10 Well, that improvement, in our opinion, includes not giving

09:14:13 up much of our park space to parking.

09:14:20 So we are working through that, and I'm sure by the time we

09:14:23 get it before you that we will be -- have come to some

09:14:28 agreement on having some unique approaches to finding the

09:14:33 parking that the restaurant needs.

09:14:43 We have not as a committee taken a position yet on the new

09:14:46 development of the planning for downtown planning and for

09:14:49 the Nebraska-Hillsborough planning area.

09:14:52 I expect that we will be addressing that over the next

09:14:56 several months.

09:14:58 But again knowing that within that planning area, I think

09:15:01 about six of the CRAs are touched by those planning areas.

09:15:06 It's a great opportunity for us to economic development in

09:15:11 all those areas, and South outside of the CRAs to help

09:15:15 make this effort be a great success and really move our

09:15:21 entire Tampa forward in that area.

09:15:29 The trolley barn, which is one of two historic buildings

09:15:32 within our CRA, is again suffering from the foreclosure and

09:15:38 bankruptcy procedure.

09:15:40 We are a little bit worried about that building.

09:15:43 It's an old building, around 100 years old.

09:15:46 If there's no activity going on in that building, absolutely

09:15:51 there will be vagrants, there will be people hanging out

09:15:56 there, and the opportunity to cause fire or destroy that

09:16:01 wonderful building is really a concern for us.

09:16:04 So we are asking that you do all that you can to again work

09:16:10 through the legal process with them, but also help to keep

09:16:14 some activity in that building, that at no point it becomes

09:16:19 just a vacant building and have the sense of being destroyed

09:16:24 just by neglect.

09:16:32 Finally, our challenge again is reflected with our TIF funds

09:16:37 because of the structure of the Tampa Heights riverfront CRA

09:16:42 and the amount of private investments that are a part of

09:16:45 that structure.

09:16:48 We suffered more than the other CRAs because of the

09:16:52 downturn in the economy.

09:16:54 We are very hopeful, though, and we look forward to seeing

09:16:59 the economy turn around and seeing the activities really

09:17:04 gets stimulated and we return to that wonderful plan that we

09:17:07 all were looking forward to several years ago and had

09:17:12 expected by this time that we it would be in place.

09:17:18 Thank you again for the opportunity to come before you.

09:17:20 Thank you for your support.

09:17:21 Thank you for being available for us to talk with you, and

09:17:27 hope you have a good day.

09:17:28 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any questions from the board members?

09:17:31 >>MARY MULHERN: I just heard about this the other day about

09:17:42 the spring and what's happening with.

09:17:44 That could you give us a brief -- about the history and

09:17:47 what's going on with it?

09:17:49 >> Yes.

09:17:50 The spring, that's one project that truly excited about.

09:17:55 A couple of years ago, booth had started finding funds for

09:18:02 the restoration of the springs.

09:18:04 At that time he was able to get a grant for 50,000.

09:18:11 With the work of the parks and rec, that amount has grown

09:18:19 now and with the support of the mayor and yourself, that

09:18:21 amount has grown now to about 700,000, and it's so

09:18:29 beautiful, it doesn't only restore the spring, but there's a

09:18:33 path leading to the river that creates a basin where we hope

09:18:38 the dolphins and the Manatees that we do see in the river

09:18:41 now would swim in at some time and people would be able to

09:18:48 look at them as a fish in that basin from a bridge that's

09:18:51 going to go over the spring as it goes to the water.

09:18:56 Again, the spring is impacted by the astronaut which is

09:19:02 right next to the and we have already worked through an

09:19:04 agreement that we honor the spring from the perspective of

09:19:09 the restaurant because that's on a higher level but people

09:19:11 who come to the restaurant would then enjoy this beautiful

09:19:14 redeveloped spring and be able to just sit outside and

09:19:21 perhaps look at those nice sea animals coming into that

09:19:28 area.

09:19:29 >>MARY MULHERN: That's wonderful.

09:19:31 Thank you.

09:19:31 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any addition comments from anyone?

09:19:36 All right, thank you.

09:19:37 >> Thank you, Lena.

09:19:45 Next on the agenda is our monthly reports, and I will start

09:19:49 with downtown.

09:19:56 The negotiation has been completed for the lease of the

09:19:59 federal courthouse.

09:20:00 The lease will be presented to you as City Council on April

09:20:04 19th for approval, and construction will commence in

09:20:08 December of 2012.

09:20:12 In Channel District, tests are underway at the development,

09:20:16 306 unit apartment complex.

09:20:18 The start-up of construction is imminent.

09:20:22 Over at Central Park, the Tampa Heights just submitted a $30

09:20:27 million choice neighborhoods grant application to housing

09:20:31 and urban development.

09:20:32 If awarded, this grant for funds will be used to construct

09:20:35 the temple apartments complex and a number of neighborhood

09:20:41 revitalization initiatives throughout Central Park, an

09:20:46 Ybor's 1 and 2 CRA which also included a grant application.

09:20:59 In Drew Park, work is underway, consultants are working with

09:21:03 the Drew Park advisory committee towards the completion of

09:21:05 the gateway markers designs for that area.

09:21:12 Over in East Tampa, we are working on the -- the advisory

09:21:17 committee is working on the prioritization and allocating

09:21:21 funding for 2012 neighborhood infrastructure projects.

09:21:25 I know the chairman is very interested in making sure our

09:21:29 neighborhoods are part of that process, and that's one of

09:21:31 the reasons it's taken us a little bit of time because we

09:21:33 are dealing with about 16 different neighborhood

09:21:36 associations that are making recommendations.

09:21:39 Hillsborough and 30th street, stormwater, attenuation

09:21:43 project is moving right along.

09:21:44 They have been doing a lot of work at the pond, regrading

09:21:48 that pond to be able to handle that water that will be piped

09:21:51 from just off of Hillsborough Avenue down 30th street to

09:21:55 the pond, to 30th in Osborne.

09:22:04 In Tampa Heights, we just heard from Ms. Lena Young-Green.

09:22:10 In Ybor, a couple of things of note.

09:22:12 Staff will secure City Council approval, standard for Ybor,

09:22:19 parking lots, which will come very shortly, and also be a

09:22:25 public input meeting on the Adamo mural project.

09:22:30 Hopefully that will be completed later this month.

09:22:32 And overall, departmentwise, a couple of things to note.

09:22:38 We are coming up on the 16th episode of first look at

09:22:43 Tampa's redevelopment, and that's scheduled for shooting

09:22:46 here this month.

09:22:47 Also, Ms. Lena Young-Green works with us on the enterprise

09:22:51 zone board, which also coordinates the enterprise zone board

09:22:57 has developed a survey of small businesses, and we are

09:23:00 compiling the results of that survey.

09:23:02 We surveyed somewhere in excess of about 450 businesses

09:23:08 throughout the enterprise zone, the City of Tampa's

09:23:11 enterprise zone, and those results we will be able to give

09:23:19 you a compilation of those results and some recommendations

09:23:22 before the next CRA board meeting.

09:23:27 That's the monthly reports.

09:23:28 Any questions?

09:23:29 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any questions for Mr. Johnson?

09:23:32 >> If not, we will move to item number 4 which will be the

09:23:39 Ybor marketing campaign update.

09:23:41 And we have Ms. Veronica Swiatek with the Ybor advisory

09:23:50 committee with a report for you.

09:23:52 >> Good morning.

09:23:59 My name is Veronica Swiatek, 33421 West Tampa place, Tampa,

09:24:07 Florida 33611.

09:24:07 Thanks for having us here today.

09:24:09 I am the co-chair of the YCDC marketing committee along with

09:24:13 co-chair Walter, who is also here today.

09:24:18 I would like to introduce our agency of record, Mercury

09:24:20 Productions.

09:24:28 Thank you for having us here today.

09:24:35 The purpose of this presentation is to give you an overview

09:24:37 of this past year's marketing and communication efforts.

09:24:47 The agenda today, we are going to go ahead and go over the

09:24:50 goals and objectives.

09:24:51 The approach that we have taken, the tools used for that

09:24:55 approach, the metrics, and then we are going to end with any

09:24:58 questions that you might have.

09:25:01 Marketing goals and objectives.

09:25:03 Drive business to Tampa's historic landmark districts.

09:25:07 This has not changed over the past six years.

09:25:09 We have taken different approaches and we have involved the

09:25:13 marketing campaign but are here to establish awareness of

09:25:16 the unique features of Ybor City which we all know we have

09:25:20 very unique features.

09:25:21 We want to create a positive image of Ybor City.

09:25:25 We have gone through some circles where we had some negative

09:25:28 press, positive press, and we feel we are on a positive

09:25:31 incline.

09:25:32 Of course, we want to promote this, I think all the

09:25:36 merchants would agree with that, and to draw tourists coming

09:25:39 into Tampa Bay and let them experience Ybor City.

09:25:43 Also we have to improve and increase media relations in the

09:25:47 coverage of positive stories that really talk about the

09:25:50 personality that we have to offer in our historic district.

09:25:58 Now, the marketing tools used for this approach are --

09:26:02 there's a lot of them.

09:26:04 Let's start off with Ybor which is our Web

09:26:08 site launched approximately four years ago.

09:26:11 This evolved over the past year.

09:26:15 This year we added a lot.

09:26:16 We updated our merchant section.

09:26:18 We have an area for residential, bringing new people down

09:26:22 there.

09:26:22 There is a page for developers, giving them information on

09:26:25 how they can create businesses in Ybor City.

09:26:28 Along with that, we have expanded into the digital and

09:26:31 online world.

09:26:33 Some of our online ads added in addition to our traditional

09:26:40 advertising which includes radio ads, digital billboard, and

09:26:44 we have also partnered with the streetcar, and we now have a

09:26:47 billboard basically on top of the streetcar and interior

09:26:51 signage promoting people to use the streetcar when going to

09:26:56 downtown, Ybor City, events, parking, et cetera.

09:27:00 We have a monthly show that is in our third year called Ybor

09:27:04 flavor, and it is showcasing Ybor City, the history, special

09:27:09 events, and the flavors of different restaurants, different

09:27:13 events, and different things we have down there.

09:27:18 That is also posted on City of Tampa TV.

09:27:21 Public relations into the outreach.

09:27:23 That is going to be our main focus because reporters, the

09:27:29 press, they are the ones who are communicating to Tampa.

09:27:32 We want to make sure they have correct information, and that

09:27:36 they know about all the positive things that we are doing

09:27:38 with the YCDC board along with the other organizations.

09:27:43 Special events, this is a partnership with special events

09:27:46 that are new, and also existing partnerships that we can go

09:27:50 ahead and maximize the events and the marketing for them.

09:27:56 Facebook.

09:27:57 This is something new in the past year.

09:27:59 And this is just another way to communicate with people

09:28:03 within the community.

09:28:05 Some people are avid TV watchers.

09:28:09 Some people listen to the TV.

09:28:11 There are fans that are loyal fans that follow businesses

09:28:16 and friends on Facebook.

09:28:17 So what we are trying to do is have a comprehensive program

09:28:19 that hits most of the audience in Tampa Bay.

09:28:33 Part of our events will be a campaign to drive people to

09:28:38 Ybor City so they can experience Ybor City for themselves.

09:28:40 And any goal of marketing should be positive word of mouth.

09:28:45 When you have that, if you have a good experience in Ybor

09:28:48 City, they are going to tell friends, and they are going to

09:28:50 tell friends.

09:28:51 And in the past we have found many people in the community

09:28:57 have not been down in Ybor City for years so they don't know

09:29:01 how it changed, they don't know the increase in safety

09:29:03 records, they don't know the new businesses and everything

09:29:05 that Ybor has to offer.

09:29:07 So with that said, almost every four to six weeks, we have a

09:29:12 promotional campaign to again drive people to Ybor City to

09:29:16 experience this.

09:29:17 Here are a couple of examples.

09:29:20 In October, it was mystery, history and ghosts.

09:29:23 This is really fun because we have a lot of historic

09:29:25 buildings in Ybor City.

09:29:26 It's right before Halloween, in conjunction with Guavaween,

09:29:31 and so we partnered up with some of the hotels, the key

09:29:35 hotels in Ybor City.

09:29:37 We have the ghost tours.

09:29:39 And we combined all of those to create this promotion.

09:29:45 We are online, radio, banner ads, and our Web site to

09:29:50 promote.

09:29:51 That we also did a film on Ybor flavor, again just trying to

09:29:54 create this comprehensive marketing campaign for all of our

09:29:57 promotions.

09:30:01 Everybody has to eat.

09:30:02 We want them to come down to Ybor City and experience some

09:30:04 of the great diverse restaurants that we have.

09:30:08 Most people don't realize that we have Greek, Italian,

09:30:11 Cuban, sushi, we have a new restaurant that just opened up,

09:30:21 con yes. There are so many opportunities for new flavors.

09:30:24 Romantic Ybor.

09:30:25 This was one of our popular promotions because we had a Toon

09:30:29 of feedback.

09:30:32 Use Facebook to interact with customers, how did you find

09:30:38 Ybor City?

09:30:40 And then have their own experience for Valentine's day?

09:30:43 We also did promotions at Ybor arts and also staycations.

09:30:49 The economy for the past couple of years, most people have

09:30:52 not been traveling far for vacation.

09:30:54 They are staying within the state, within a 120-mile radius.

09:31:01 So we are encouraging people to come down, have their

09:31:04 staycation in Ybor City at the multiple hotels, boutiques,

09:31:09 and visit the resorts and restaurants as well.

09:31:13 Now, we talk about metrics, and this is very important.

09:31:17 We have monthly marketing meetings.

09:31:19 We also present to the YCDC board on a monthly basis, and

09:31:24 metrics are important because it gives us the feedback and

09:31:27 the approach.

09:31:28 Are we on the right direction?

09:31:30 Did people embrace the promotions that we did?

09:31:35 Or is there room for improvement?

09:31:36 I truly believe that marketing is an evolution.

09:31:39 Any plan that we present is not going to be in stone five

09:31:44 years from now, two years from now, because Facebook, I

09:31:47 mean, four years ago, who used Facebook?

09:31:50 Now because of the popularity of that, we have included it

09:31:54 into our advertising campaigns.

09:31:56 Advertising impressions.

09:32:00 This is from August to February.

09:32:02 And what this talks about is digital impressions which is

09:32:05 the traditional impressions that come from traditional

09:32:11 media.

09:32:12 Every month, all of our partners that we have within the

09:32:16 advertising community, for example, our radio partner,

09:32:19 online partner, if we advertise on TV, we know how many

09:32:29 impressions we reached with that campaign.

09:32:31 As you see we have different sites depending on what our

09:32:34 goals are for that campaign.

09:32:38 Ybor City online.

09:32:39 Now, this is our own internal metric of how we are doing.

09:32:43 So if you take a look at a marketing funnel, if T first

09:32:47 thing is awareness.

09:32:48 And we are doing that with radio, some of our online, and

09:32:53 then people who are not familiar with Ybor City, you go

09:32:55 ahead and our goal is to bring them to Ybor City online so

09:32:59 that they can find out information.

09:33:02 We have been known in the past for not having easy parking.

09:33:06 We have great parking facilities.

09:33:09 We have parking on the streets, we have the two-hour

09:33:12 garages, and then we also have just private parking spaces.

09:33:16 So this is a resource for people to say, hey, I want to go

09:33:21 down to Ybor City, what do you have to offer?

09:33:23 Where do I park?

09:33:24 Where do I go?

09:33:25 What events are going on?

09:33:27 And also there's a page for the retail, and also developers

09:33:31 as well on the merchant page.

09:33:34 As you can see, we continue to have an increase of the

09:33:37 people visiting Ybor City online.

09:33:47 Okay.

09:33:48 Digital billboards.

09:33:50 This is a partnership with some of the current events that

09:33:54 have already been existing in Ybor City. For example,

09:33:59 Guavaween, the partnership with the chamber.

09:34:03 They did their own advertising and marketing campaign.

09:34:05 We wanted to provide additional support for that.

09:34:08 So these digital billboards, we have had some great feedback

09:34:12 from them.

09:34:13 Usually we have three to five digital campaigns, digital

09:34:16 billboards placed on high traffic interstate areas.

09:34:19 And they are usually one week prior to the event, just to

09:34:24 add that additional awareness, and that call to action.

09:34:29 Guavaween is this weekend, make sure you get there.

09:34:37 Our historic holiday festival, this is our second year.

09:34:41 This is an example of that.

09:34:44 Fiesta day and flan fest, a partnership with the chamber.

09:34:52 I guess the clicker is not my friend today.

09:34:54 And then the last one we did was a partnership with the

09:34:58 Rough Riders, St. Patty's day parade, and this one a couple

09:35:04 weeks ago was festa Italiano which was a three day

09:35:09 celebration celebrating the Italian history in Ybor City.

09:35:13 All of our partners were extremely happy.

09:35:15 Of course anybody is happy when they can go ahead and get

09:35:18 additional advertising and marketing support.

09:35:21 Community outreach.

09:35:22 This is another tactic that we have within our marketing

09:35:25 campaign.

09:35:26 Outback Bowl, we have been a sponsor for the past three

09:35:29 years.

09:35:30 The Outback Bowl has a huge, tremendous impact on the Tampa

09:35:34 Bay area, on different areas within the community,

09:35:38 especially Ybor City.

09:35:40 We have the Ybor City, the Outback Bowl parade, we have

09:35:43 several events that are helping that, but this is what the

09:35:49 merchants wanted.

09:35:50 It was about three and a half years ago.

09:35:52 We said, how do we capture those people?

09:35:55 When the teams are announced, we put out an aggressive

09:35:59 marketing campaign, partnered with the Outback Bowl to get

09:36:02 them down to experience Ybor City.

09:36:03 Personally it's one of my favorite parades with all the

09:36:06 marching bands.

09:36:10 Concierges' event. This is a smaller grassroots program.

09:36:13 We invited all the concierges to come down and experience

09:36:17 Ybor City themselves.

09:36:18 This is really important.

09:36:19 If you have not been to Ybor City and have not experienced

09:36:22 it, how can you go ahead and recommend to the somebody that

09:36:27 would potentially go down to Ybor City?

09:36:31 This was, I believe, our third year and again was a great

09:36:34 success.

09:36:36 We received a lot of additional press talking about the

09:36:39 benefits.

09:36:41 Facebook as I mentioned, this is a new program that we

09:36:44 started several months ago, and the main focus of this is to

09:36:47 have fans, but we want the businesses to be able to promote

09:36:56 the events they want on the Facebook page.

09:36:58 We also have a lot of information that is on our Web site on

09:37:01 our Facebook page.

09:37:02 So it is a resource.

09:37:04 And then also fans are able to interact.

09:37:06 And we want that conversation going on.

09:37:10 And we have been pleasantly surprised with the interacts,

09:37:14 the fan comments, and the segment that people have had about

09:37:18 being able to interact with our Facebook page.

09:37:22 The streetcar partnership.

09:37:23 This is something that's really exciting.

09:37:25 You know, the streetcar goes, as you are aware, from

09:37:28 downtown to Ybor City.

09:37:30 Not only are we able to put the billboard on top of the

09:37:33 streetcar, have the internal communication, but we are

09:37:37 partnering with them for different events.

09:37:39 So you can park and ride, by partnering with the lightning,

09:37:47 park in Ybor City, go down to the lightning, and so the

09:37:54 streetcars, increase traffic in Ybor and also increase in

09:37:57 the ridership.

09:38:09 Public relations.

09:38:10 Public relation have always been an important factor in our

09:38:13 marketing plans.

09:38:15 We want proactive, consistent media outreach, and that is

09:38:19 established by having positive media react on relationships.

09:38:25 One of the things that we had challenges in the past, that

09:38:28 sometimes the media did not know the boundaries, the

09:38:31 historic boundaries of Ybor City, so if something happened,

09:38:34 and it was outside that boundary, it was basically not

09:38:40 reported.

09:38:40 Being able to educate the media, and call and tell them that

09:38:45 there was a mistake or error and have them fix it.

09:38:48 That is so important especially with the crime rate,

09:38:53 different number of statistics.

09:38:55 Along with that, we want to go ahead and give them positive

09:38:59 reasons and positive stories to promote.

09:39:02 You know, the media is always looking for stories, good, bad

09:39:07 indifferent, so any events that we do, if we have, you know,

09:39:10 some great news, ground breakings, new business openings, we

09:39:16 now have those relationships where we can give that to them

09:39:19 and if they want to publish it or not, but it's been a great

09:39:23 success.

09:39:24 Again, media reception, positive stories, that's what we are

09:39:27 looking for.

09:39:30 As part of our PR program, I am going to show some examples

09:39:34 of some of the articles that have been published.

09:39:36 I am going to show some specifics in just a bit.

09:39:40 But gallery back with new owner.

09:39:44 Our chair of the YCDC, his wife opened this gallery on

09:39:48 7th Avenue next to the old cafe if you are familiar with

09:39:53 that, and this really enhances Ybor City known as an arts

09:39:57 district.

09:39:57 It brought new life down to that end of Ybor City.

09:40:02 The more businesses that are open, the more people that are

09:40:05 going to come down, because they are going to be able to

09:40:07 experience more things.

09:40:12 Public relations.

09:40:15 I'm not sure.

09:40:16 Can we play this?

09:40:18 This was a TV -- one of the stations came down, the holiday

09:40:29 spirit in Ybor City.

09:40:29 It actually snowed in Ybor City over several days.

09:40:34 We are in Florida.

09:40:34 I'm from Buffalo. I'm not sure I wanted to see the snow.

09:40:37 But it was amazing.

09:40:39 We had a parade.

09:40:40 We had -- it started off with Santa.

09:40:43 Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

09:40:47 Went down 7th Avenue on a fire truck while it snowed.

09:40:50 This is the first year we did the parade but this is the

09:40:53 second year of the holiday spirit celebration which was

09:40:55 started by members of the GaYbor coalition.

09:41:01 So the partnership with that just increased positive press

09:41:05 immensely, a great event, and I hope you will be able to

09:41:09 come next year.

09:41:12 Our community outreach, our concierge program, we got some

09:41:16 tremendous press.

09:41:17 Not only were we able to bring concierges down from their

09:41:20 hotels, he's these are people all the way from the beach,

09:41:24 the Don Cesar and other properties, and it gave them a

09:41:28 flavor of Ybor City.

09:41:30 And then we also had some reporters there that were like,

09:41:34 wow, this is awesome.

09:41:35 And then as a result of that, we got some positive press.

09:41:39 And there's another example of an article.

09:41:46 Columbia bank.

09:41:47 We have had that corner over the years, multiple banks, it's

09:41:51 been vacant for several years.

09:41:53 It's ground break.

09:41:54 We have a bank there, it brings more people and more

09:41:57 business to Ybor City.

09:42:00 Again, historically it was a bank.

09:42:04 It's been empty.

09:42:09 The important thing about press is you can go ahead, open a

09:42:12 business, but if you don't tell people it's there or if you

09:42:14 don't promote, they are not going to know it, or it's going

09:42:17 to ab very slow process.

09:42:19 So the faster you educate the community the faster and more

09:42:25 successful the businesses will be.

09:42:31 Don Barto, owner of -- in Ybor City, this is such a great

09:42:39 success story.

09:42:39 He has been in business like I said 19, 20 years.

09:42:43 He has had the best business success over the past two

09:42:47 years.

09:42:49 He has been quoted, and testimonials from the merchants I

09:42:54 think is one of the most wonderful things and one of the

09:42:56 most positive things that a marketing community can receive.

09:43:01 Here he was talking about a program that we did.

09:43:05 This is a second year that we have done.

09:43:09 It's called cigars to soldiers.

09:43:12 The community got together and collected cigars.

09:43:15 We all wrapped them up.

09:43:16 We had a big party.

09:43:17 And then we sent them overseas.

09:43:20 Amazing, this was something that I did not know, that cigars

09:43:25 are in the top three requests from the soldiers that are

09:43:28 overseas.

09:43:29 So that was a great success story.

09:43:33 And here is the article to go along with that.

09:43:36 As you can see, some people rolling, some people packaging,

09:43:41 and the end result is we were able to go ahead and help the

09:43:45 soldiers giving them one of their needs.

09:43:47 The Adamo mural project, this is something very exciting,

09:43:51 and this is something that is starting right away.

09:43:56 It's an idea that came up with YCDC chair Dave Scott.

09:44:00 Maybe a year and a half ago.

09:44:02 And so what this is doing, it's on Adamo Drive, the main

09:44:08 corridor.

09:44:09 So when you see this old building that is not very

09:44:12 attractive that is the perception that some people have of

09:44:15 Ybor City.

09:44:16 So to take this project, and to be able to work with the

09:44:20 community, work with artists, work with different

09:44:23 partnerships, the YCDC board, HCC, downtown Tampa, some of

09:44:30 these members in the community are volunteering.

09:44:32 This project is on its way within the next month.

09:44:35 And to create the beautiful work of heart that looks almost

09:44:41 like a gateway to Ybor City.

09:44:44 Here is another example of just some additional PR we got.

09:44:49 Not only are we getting traditional PR and press on TV,

09:44:53 radio stations, and newspaper, we are also getting a lot of

09:45:00 positive press online.

09:45:02 Here we go.

09:45:04 We have Mayor Buckhorn for ribbon cuttings.

09:45:08 And the great thing about that is the community coming,

09:45:11 celebrating the grand opening and getting additional press

09:45:14 for awareness.

09:45:18 Ybor rising.

09:45:19 The potential that we have is going to draw future

09:45:23 businesses and development to Ybor City.

09:45:27 Developers do not want to go somewhere where they feel is

09:45:32 declining, so the positive business news, the ribbon

09:45:36 cuttings, are all positive, so it has an effect on future

09:45:40 businesses and developers interested in Ybor City.

09:45:43 And if you come down to the YCDC offices, they can go ahead

09:45:49 and district.

09:45:50 We have actually put together packages for developers in

09:45:54 business.

09:45:55 The easiest, the best way to go ahead and enter Ybor City.

09:45:59 We feel that the easier it is for people to come into the

09:46:02 district, the more they are going to want to.

09:46:10 We have additional stories.

09:46:12 I can't see the top of this form. All right, Tom Keating, a

09:46:26 continuation of working with the Tampa Bay Times to increase

09:46:31 the interest and the trends of Ybor City, so this is the

09:46:41 project and programs that we seem to get continued press on.

09:46:48 The Lion Eye Institute.

09:46:53 A positive story on that. And some additional metrics,

09:46:57 talking about the news coverage of Ybor City.

09:46:59 Approximately 761 of the news stories from May 2011 to March

09:47:06 2012 are positive and neutral.

09:47:14 That is a huge increase of what we had the past years.

09:47:16 So on average 22% are negative in tone.

09:47:20 We have had a couple spikes.

09:47:23 But you can see -- it's a little hard to see.

09:47:28 But in August that was our lowest percentage of negative

09:47:31 stories in Ybor.

09:47:32 There have been a couple of fluctuations, but moving

09:47:35 forward, the trend is, I think, very positive and we are

09:47:38 very happy with that.

09:47:41 In summary, our advertising has reached had .5 million

09:47:50 people.

09:47:51 And that is -- 4.5 million people, from August to March of

09:47:55 2012.

09:47:56 Nearly 30,000 visitors to Ybor City online Web site.

09:48:01 News coverage reached over 240 million people.

09:48:06 And when you talk about metrics, I think the real results

09:48:11 are typical.

09:48:13 Ybor City businesses are expanding.

09:48:16 They are moving into the district.

09:48:17 And they are having great success.

09:48:19 Just like Don Barto was talking about, the success of his

09:48:24 business.

09:48:25 And really, to have merchants talk about, now, the success

09:48:30 and positive and give feedback, that's what we are looking

09:48:33 for.

09:48:42 So that is everything that we wanted to cover today.

09:48:45 If you have any questions.

09:48:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Suarez.

09:48:49 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

09:48:52 On those online visitors is there a way to track if they are

09:48:55 coming from out of town or in town?

09:48:57 Do you have any kind of statistics to show, you know, out of

09:49:03 town visitors, to the Web site, to Ybor City to these

09:49:07 events?

09:49:08 >> Yes.

09:49:09 We have access to all that information.

09:49:12 So not only are they in town, out of town, what search

09:49:14 engines they use, are they using Yahoo, are they using

09:49:14 Google, and what pages are they visiting?

09:49:29 >> Do you show anything that shows out-of-towners or out of

09:49:33 the area?

09:49:34 Do you have anything like that?

09:49:35 >> Yes, I do, and I don't have it with me.

09:49:39 Any information, additional information that would you like

09:49:41 to see in support of these numbers.

09:49:43 >> The second question I have is how much of an effort is

09:49:49 done to advertise outside the area either within the state

09:49:51 or outside of the state to advertise Ybor City, and the

09:49:55 uniqueness of Ybor City to the rest of the country?

09:49:58 >> These are a couple of different partners.

09:50:11 Also, part of the YCDC marketing committee.

09:50:16 We do work closely with them.

09:50:21 The Ybor City Chamber of Commerce, their marketing

09:50:26 responsibility is to advertise a 50-mile area outside of

09:50:34 Ybor City.

09:50:34 So there are boundaries.

09:50:36 So you have Steve Hayes doing more of a national.

09:50:42 And tough chamber that is actually outside of the area, and

09:50:46 the way we have worked together is stay within the Tampa Bay

09:50:52 area, and also the tourists that are in the area, staying at

09:50:57 hotels, conventions, whatever, would then visit Ybor City.

09:51:02 So we are creating a comprehensive campaign hopefully to

09:51:04 cover everybody.

09:51:06 Does that answer your question?

09:51:07 >> Somewhat.

09:51:08 I'm curious as to how we partner with the state and when

09:51:11 they are advertising outside of our state to specific areas.

09:51:16 I know that they do specific campaigns for Florida in

09:51:19 general, but how many specific campaigns we have towards

09:51:24 Tampa and Ybor City in particular?

09:51:26 The second thing is that are we coordinating with some of

09:51:29 the economic development organizations out there?

09:51:32 I mean, awed great graphic up there which is, you know,

09:51:35 commercial and Ybor City as a home for commercial businesses

09:51:39 also.

09:51:40 And how much of that is getting outside to the rest of the

09:51:43 country in terms of our specific needs in Ybor?

09:51:49 I know that we always generate lots of activity for the City

09:51:55 of Tampa, but how much of what you do and what the YCDC does

09:52:00 is directed towards outside of that 50-mile radius to draw

09:52:05 both visitors and businesses down here?

09:52:07 So you didn't exactly get my question answered but that's a

09:52:13 more specific numbers-driven thing and we could get that, if

09:52:16 you don't mind, getting some of the numbers and over to me.

09:52:19 I would appreciate it.

09:52:20 >> Absolutely.

09:52:20 And one of the numbers that we can provide, for example, we

09:52:23 have had some tremendous press articles throughout the

09:52:26 country.

09:52:27 We have had some tremendous articles in the airline

09:52:30 magazines.

09:52:31 Or when we have done cigars for soldiers, we have actually

09:52:35 taken local press stories and then sent it out to different

09:52:39 media outlets throughout the country.

09:52:41 So we are able to track if we go ahead and get coverage with

09:52:46 that.

09:52:46 The Outback Bowl is going to be, you know, a very specific

09:52:50 example of how many people bring in.

09:52:53 Now, the marketing committee, this is our sixth year and

09:53:00 unfortunately our fund have dwindled because of decrease in

09:53:05 TIF funds but there are so many opportunities we would like

09:53:08 to do. What we are trying to do is put together the most

09:53:10 efficient comprehensive campaign possible.

09:53:12 So, for example, with our PR stories that we already have,

09:53:17 how do we duplicate those and spread those throughout the

09:53:20 country?

09:53:21 And we do have specifics.

09:53:26 That I can get to you.

09:53:27 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right, any other questions?

09:53:30 Thank you for your report.

09:53:31 >> I don't know if Walter, co-chair, has any last comments.

09:53:37 >>FRANK REDDICK: You need to come to the mike.

09:53:43 >> I'm Walter Hayes, I'm the vice chair of the YCDC and the

09:53:48 co-chair, actually the underchair with Veronica on the

09:53:53 marketing committee.

09:53:54 And I think you did a great report, and I think it really

09:53:59 shows that under your leadership, we have been make

09:54:01 something great strides, both in terms of what we are doing

09:54:05 to market and the success rate that we have had down there.

09:54:08 We have had people go down to Ybor City.

09:54:11 I know we met with a group yesterday, and took them on a

09:54:15 little walk.

09:54:19 The last time I was down here there were nowhere near as

09:54:22 many people and the streets were full of people.

09:54:24 They were shopping, they were going to lunch and that sort

09:54:27 of thing.

09:54:28 So I think we have had a great success, and you should pat

09:54:31 yourselves on the back as well.

09:54:33 Thank you.

09:54:33 >> VERONICA SWIATEK: This is our newsletter that highlights

09:54:42 a lot of the positive things that we have been doing in Ybor

09:54:44 City.

09:54:46 So this will give you some additional flavor for what we are

09:54:49 doing.

09:54:51 And then lastly, we are working with limited resources.

09:54:55 I cannot tell you how happy we are with marketing

09:55:01 productions and our limited resources with Vincent, which

09:55:07 everybody on the board does and everything that you do. A

09:55:11 thank you so much for this opportunity.

09:55:13 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:55:18 >> Ed Johnson: Thank you, very on cat. Up next, item

09:55:24 number 5 on the agenda, you have the downtown CRA and Parks

09:55:29 Department to appear and provide a report of remaining funds

09:55:36 for the parks.

09:55:37 I defer to Michael Hatchet in Parks Department to give you a

09:55:41 report on that.

09:55:42 Michael.

09:55:42 >> My name is Michael Hatchet, manager for the downtown CRA.

09:55:48 Responding to your motion to provide a report on funds that

09:55:52 might be available for the station of Kiley Garden.

09:55:59 If I may speak directly on funding and then a couple of

09:56:02 other items to bring to your attention; the main points of

09:56:08 discussion on this topic.

09:56:09 First directly on the funding looking at the FY 12 budget,

09:56:13 our FY 12 CRA TIF budget has been fully extended, and the

09:56:19 programming that we were able to fund with CRA dollars in

09:56:22 downtown is being drawn from prior year funds.

09:56:28 Looking forward at the FY 13 budget and opportunities there,

09:56:38 another year of funding again, a difficult thing to

09:56:41 determine.

09:56:41 As you know, the majority of the downtown CRA TIF dollars

09:56:46 are dedicated to our debt service on the convention center,

09:56:50 and in FY 13 it's projected that the CRA will fall about

09:56:55 $1.4 million short of being able to meet that obligation.

09:56:59 We also have an obligation to the streetcar, and so we would

09:57:04 be tapping into city funds to assist with the convention

09:57:09 center.

09:57:09 Also funding again in FY 13 would be difficult for us.

09:57:15 At our April meeting with the downtown community advisory

09:57:19 committee, this was a topic that was on our agenda, and I

09:57:26 think the general direction and conversation of the

09:57:28 committee and the recommendation is a bid to have a full

09:57:36 discussion of the appropriate use of Kiley Gardens going

09:57:39 forward.

09:57:41 It would be a broad-based discussion, but they do recognize

09:57:44 the importance and the historical significance and

09:57:48 architectural significance of Kiley, and their

09:57:52 recommendation to us was to provide for a conversation where

09:57:56 we could discuss not only Kiley, but also Curtis Hixon and

09:58:00 opportunities that might be available for both of those

09:58:02 areas, particularly in terms of providing shade, so they

09:58:07 have asked us to work with the Parks Department and looking

09:58:10 at various shade structures, portables, retractables, and

09:58:16 other types of structures that could be used in either of

09:58:20 those locations that would provide much needed shade in the

09:58:23 evening.

09:58:23 But that would also allow for both of those spaces to be

09:58:26 used as activity centers, and their concern would be that a

09:58:34 large number of permanently placed trees might be restricted

09:58:38 to activities, that that is starting to grow and want to use

09:58:43 that space in our downtown.

09:58:44 So that being said, the department feels that you sitting as

09:58:50 City Council on April 5th set up the motion in the right

09:58:54 direction by calling for a workshop in June, for us to have

09:59:01 that conversation about the appropriate long-term use of

09:59:04 that space.

09:59:05 I believe our parks director would be onboard by that time

09:59:09 and could be a part of the conversation.

09:59:11 And so that would be our recommendation to you from the

09:59:14 department, is to hold that workshop, let there be a full

09:59:18 discussion and vetting of the issues.

09:59:19 And once

09:59:38 Next is item 6 so I will move right to that.

09:59:40 In keeping with your community meeting policy, to provide

09:59:43 opportunities to you to go out into the various CRAs, the

09:59:48 next CRA on the rotation schedule would be Channel District,

09:59:53 and staff is currently targeting Wednesday, May 2nd, in

09:59:58 that evening, that two night that the advisory committee

10:00:02 would regularly meet.

10:00:03 We would like to just have you in their place.

10:00:06 And so if it please it is board, we will continue to target

10:00:09 that date.

10:00:10 Again that would be May 2nd.

10:00:11 >>FRANK REDDICK: What time?

10:00:16 >> Generally starting at 5:30 but if it please it is board,

10:00:21 if 6:00 or 6:00 30 is a necessary start time we can do that.

10:00:26 >>FRANK REDDICK: Is 5:30 fine?

10:00:29 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I have a conflict on that particular day,

10:00:31 that I am a part of a round table, but again I'm sure if you

10:00:35 have a quorum you can continue.

10:00:36 >>HARRY COHEN: I also have a conflict that night.

10:00:43 Mine doesn't start till 6:30 so it's possible I could do it

10:00:46 if it's early enough.

10:00:47 >> What was the date?

10:00:52 >> May 2nd which is a Wednesday.

10:00:54 We typically start at 5:30.

10:00:56 >>FRANK REDDICK: I don't know, with Ms. Capin not being

10:01:04 here.

10:01:04 >> Maybe another date?

10:01:09 >> Later into the month?

10:01:11 >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes.

10:01:13 See if they can come back with another date that maybe

10:01:16 everybody can fit in.

10:01:17 >>HARRY COHEN: And maybe just a few more weeks' notice so

10:01:24 we can block it out, and then we won't have already things

10:01:27 scheduled for then.

10:01:28 >> We will target a date for later in May.

10:01:30 >>FRANK REDDICK: Sounds good.

10:01:33 Thank you.

10:01:35 Public comments?

10:01:42 Anyone wishing to speak on any matter on the agenda, you

10:01:46 have three minutes.

10:01:48 Please come forward and state your full name and address at

10:01:51 this time.

10:02:02 Mr. Davis, your time is running out.

10:02:04 >> Al Davis: Good morning Mr. Chairman, and members of the

10:02:10 Community Redevelopment Agency.

10:02:12 My name is Al Davis.

10:02:16 And I am a community policy advocate.

10:02:39 And invested citizen.

10:02:42 The other day, I listened to the mayor's state of the city

10:02:48 message.

10:02:53 I became inspired to do more than just sit in my rocker and

10:03:05 do nothing.

10:03:08 I am intending to present to this agency a state of the

10:03:18 community redevelopment area about the three months. I will

10:03:35 be reviewing the documents and other resources to let this

10:03:44 agency get an insight of the reality of what's really

10:03:49 happening in those redevelopment areas.

10:03:55 You have 70-some volunteers to serve on your committee, that

10:04:06 is the community advisory committee.

10:04:13 Are they being used effectively?

10:04:15 Is there a good relationship -- when I say relationship, I'm

10:04:20 not talking about, you know, etiquette, protocol, but we are

10:04:29 talking about the effectiveness of implementing the what the

10:04:39 particular plans for those areas is to present.

10:04:44 Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

10:04:45 Best wishes to you all.

10:04:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: Anyone else wishing to speak at this time?

10:04:52 >> Good morning.

10:05:02 Carter Aniston here on behalf of the board of the Gasparilla

10:05:05 music festival.

10:05:06 I have a couple of quick comments about the -- and a

10:05:10 question about the proposed station at Kiley Gardens, Mr.

10:05:15 Hatchet pointed out.

10:05:18 We are part of the community that has a large event in Kiley

10:05:24 and we hope you will keep that in mind as this project moves

10:05:30 forward.

10:05:30 And we have about 6,000 people in Kiley Gardens on March

10:05:35 10th, our first year festival.

10:05:37 We are a nonprofit, all volunteer run event, all locals

10:05:41 working to bring more people downtown, and we were pretty

10:05:45 successful doing that our first year.

10:05:47 Then I have one question that you hold a workshop with the

10:05:54 Parks Department S.that definitely going to happen, on is

10:05:58 there a date for that?

10:05:59 How does that work?

10:06:00 >> We have a workshop scheduled here for, I think, June

10:06:07 20th.

10:06:08 I don't know what time maybe.

10:06:11 >> The workshop on the historic designation, is that the

10:06:15 same or different workshop?

10:06:17 >> It's to talk about Kiley Park.

10:06:19 Eights workshop that will be a good time for to you come and

10:06:22 speak.

10:06:23 >> Okay.

10:06:25 Thank you.

10:06:25 >>FRANK REDDICK: Anyone else wishing to speak at this time?

10:06:31 All right, thank you, Mr. Johnson.

10:06:36 >> Ed Johnson: Number 7 and 8 are approval items.

10:06:44 We have Drew Park and Channelside recommendations for your

10:06:49 consideration for selection of the advisory committee

10:06:52 members.

10:06:53 And first up will be Drew Park.

10:06:55 And I am going to refer to Janett Fenton to talk a little

10:07:00 more about the policy that was changed recently and how it

10:07:03 affects her particular area as you select candidates.

10:07:08 Jeanette?

10:07:09 >> Jeanette LaRussa, Drew Park CRA manager.

10:07:13 I am very pleased that we have nine applicants for four

10:07:17 vacancies on our advisory committee.

10:07:19 You will recall that last month you passed a new policy that

10:07:24 required that a majority of the members of each CAC need to

10:07:29 be either business owners, property owners, residents, or

10:07:33 associated with some group that has a business interest in

10:07:36 the area.

10:07:37 So in order to comply with that new policy, let me just give

10:07:41 you a break down.

10:07:44 Our CRA has nine members.

10:07:46 So a majority would be five.

10:07:48 We have current board members that meet that policy

10:07:51 criteria.

10:07:52 So we have three existing advisory committee members that

10:07:56 meet that criteria. So in appointing the four vacancies

10:08:02 two, of those have to meet that criteria so we would have

10:08:05 the majority of members do that.

10:08:07 So of the four people that you will be selecting, you need

10:08:11 to either be residents, property owners, business ordinance.

10:08:14 And you have your ballots before you.

10:08:18 I do want to point out that we do have one person, existing

10:08:24 advisory committee member that is up for reappointment.

10:08:26 And we also have two people, I believe, pat and Megan that

10:08:33 are here.

10:08:33 I don't know if there are any other candidates that are here

10:08:36 that might want to address you about their qualifications.

10:08:39 >>FRANK REDDICK: Those two individuals, do they want to

10:08:43 come forward and speak at this time?

10:08:45 >> Good morning, board. My name is Pat Cuervo.

10:08:55 My family has a business in Drew Park. It owns property

10:08:57 there. Thank you for allowing me to serve on the committee

10:09:00 for the past two years. I appreciate it.

10:09:03 And I ask you at this time to please reconsider -- please

10:09:07 consider my reappointment. Thank you.

10:09:18 >>YVONNE CAPIN: What is your family's business, Ms. Cuervo?

10:09:24 >> Nebraska bis printing company on Tampa Bay Boulevard.

10:09:29 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

10:09:29 >> Good morning.

10:09:31 I'm Randy Coen.

10:09:33 I do not reside in Drew Park at this point.

10:09:35 I do not have a business in Drew Park.

10:09:37 However, I gruyere grew up in Drew Park.

10:09:41 I went to Lois elementary school which was located in Drew

10:09:45 Park, so the first through sixth grade, then moved across

10:09:48 the street.

10:09:51 That's my primary interest in Drew Park.

10:09:53 I continue working relationship with friends and former

10:09:57 classmates whose parents live in Drew Park, although that

10:10:00 number is getting unfortunately very slim at this particular

10:10:02 point.

10:10:03 I continue to do business with various entities in Drew Park

10:10:05 and always try to select them when I can.

10:10:08 And I was the chair of the Drew Park CAC from '08 to '09,

10:10:13 and obviously my background is in infrastructure and land

10:10:17 development planning so I think I bring a great deal of

10:10:19 technical expertise.

10:10:20 I have also served as consultant to a number of CRAs in

10:10:23 the past including both Drew Park and East Tampa.

10:10:26 So I thank you very much for your consideration.

10:10:28 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:10:35 All right, members, cast your ballot for Drew Park.

10:10:42 Madam clerk?

10:11:00 While the clerk counts the ballots, tell bus Channel

10:11:27 District.

10:11:28 >> Ed Johnson: In the Channel District you have two

10:11:37 position that are available, and you have three

10:11:39 applications.

10:11:40 And I believe one individual is here, Mr. Jason Collins.

10:11:45 Do you want to come forward, please?

10:11:51 >> Good morning.

10:11:52 My name is Jason car roll and I am a resident in the Channel

10:11:59 District and work in the Channel District so I am one of

10:12:02 those few people that get to walk to work every day.

10:12:05 My gas tank and my wallet thanks me.

10:12:07 But what's great about living and working -- thank you -- is

10:12:12 that I actually walk through the neighborhood every day, and

10:12:15 I am talking to the neighbors and talking to the business

10:12:17 owners and I have first-hand sight of what's great and what

10:12:20 maybe needs some improvement in the area.

10:12:22 I have also recently start add Facebook page for residents

10:12:25 of be Channel District, and actually got some great coverage

10:12:28 this past Friday in the Tampa Bay times.

10:12:30 And they have called it the community newsletter, which was

10:12:34 my intent because when I moved to the district I found it

10:12:37 very hard to find information about anything.

10:12:38 So I have taken it upon myself to compile information to

10:12:42 promote the destination.

10:12:45 I met with the owners, general managers of businesses and

10:12:48 promoted them on that site and I continue to keep doing that

10:12:51 so I hope you will consider appointing me to the CAC.

10:12:53 Thank you.

10:12:53 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:12:55 >> Michael Hatchet again.

10:13:00 I wanted to point out to you a policy clarification to bring

10:13:04 to your attention that all three of the applicants before

10:13:07 you today are residents.

10:13:09 So from a policy perspective, would be an excellent

10:13:13 candidate and I wasn't sure personally if the candidates

10:13:16 were here.

10:13:17 I wanted to make sure that are we did provide the

10:13:19 opportunity for them to come and speak if they so chose.

10:13:21 >>FRANK REDDICK: Are you a candidate?

10:13:24 Okay, come on.

10:13:27 >> Good morning.

10:13:29 My name is Bob Bartello, 1227 east Madison street, 333602.

10:13:36 I want to express my appreciation for this opportunity to

10:13:38 show my interest and desire to be a part of the continuing

10:13:42 development and renovation of Channelside district.

10:13:45 I have deep roots in Tampa.

10:13:46 And a strong passion to see development and expansion while

10:13:50 preserving the unique and cultural, I did verse cultural

10:13:53 foundation of the Tampa community.

10:13:56 I recently settled in Channelside after eight years of

10:13:58 active duty in the United States marines.

10:14:01 As a current resident, and Tampa native, as well as my roots

10:14:06 in the community.

10:14:08 I will be an asset in the growth and development of

10:14:11 Channelside district.

10:14:13 I have a variety of different and international

10:14:15 metropolises.

10:14:18 Some of my duties included critical structure analysis, deep

10:14:21 water port assessments, and establishing ongoing liaisons

10:14:24 with security and local municipalities.

10:14:26 On my current position of the human and private contractor

10:14:31 in the United States central command includes Geo spatial

10:14:35 analysis and rural urban development.

10:14:37 Population dispersion and predictive analysis.

10:14:40 I'm confident each of these skill sets will be of

10:14:42 significant value to the CRA as we continue to implement the

10:14:45 future action plan.

10:14:46 Thank you for consideration.

10:14:47 I look forward to the opportunity to work closely with you.

10:14:51 Thank you.

10:14:51 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:14:53 All right. We have the ballots?

10:15:06 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Good morning, CRA members.

10:15:11 The individual selected for the Drew Park CRA community

10:15:15 advisory committee includes Travis Allred, Randy Coen,

10:15:22 Patricia Cuervo, and Humberto Garcia. Thank you.

10:15:28 Shirley Foxx-Knowles, city clerk.

10:15:33 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:15:37 While she's counting the other board, do you want to do

10:15:43 number 9, Mr. Johnson?

10:15:44 >> The last item on the agenda is the presentation of the

10:15:49 quarterly report for financial, CRA as of March 31st, I

10:15:55 believe it has been present towed for consideration and

10:15:58 approval.

10:16:08 >> We need a motion for approval.

10:16:24 Moved by Mr. Miranda, seconded by Mr. Cohen.

10:16:27 Any discussion on the motion?

10:16:29 All in favor say aye. Opposed? Motion carried.

10:16:35 All right.

10:16:38 Information and reports. Mr. Suarez.

10:16:40 >>MIKE SUAREZ: None at this time, sir.

10:16:44 >>YVONNE CAPIN: None at this time.

10:16:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No.

10:16:49 >>MARY MULHERN: No.

10:16:50 >>HARRY COHEN: No.

10:16:51 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No, sir.

10:16:51 >>FRANK REDDICK: I thought I would have something from

10:17:02 somebody.

10:17:03 [ Laughter ]

10:17:04 Okay. All right, Mr. Johnson, anything else you want to add

10:17:12 or say anything till we get through?

10:17:17 >> Ed Johnson: Maybe just expand a little bit more?

10:17:28 We are just excited to present to you some of the wonderful

10:17:30 activities that have been going on in our CRA, and this

10:17:33 morning is a testament to that. You heard some great

10:17:35 presentations. A lot of great work from our volunteers.

10:17:42 Directly stating that we got over 70 volunteers out there on

10:17:45 the CRA board, and they are all engaged very thoroughly in

10:17:49 the activities of the CRAs, and we are very appreciative

10:17:53 of their help.

10:17:53 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:18:01 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: City clerk.

10:18:03 The individual selected for the Channel District CRA

10:18:07 community advisory committee include Jason car roll and Brad

10:18:13 Rick Allen Capello. Thank you.

10:18:17 >>FRANK REDDICK: Congratulations.

10:18:19 >>HARRY COHEN: I want to congratulate Mr. Capello.

10:18:24 I have known him since weighs a teenager and I had no idea

10:18:27 he turned out to be so accomplished.

10:18:29 [ Laughter ]

10:18:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Chairman, he just told me the same

10:18:37 thing.

10:18:38 [ Laughter ]

10:18:39 >>FRANK REDDICK: If there's no other business, motion to

10:18:45 receive and file?

10:18:45 >> So moved.

10:18:46 >> Second.

10:18:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: We stand adjourned.

10:18:50 Thank you.

10:18:52 >>



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