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Thursday, May 10, 2012
CRA Meeting


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09:07:13 >>FRANK REDDICK: We are going to call the Community

09:07:16 Redevelopment Agency meeting to order.

09:07:18 And I turn it over to Councilwoman Montelione.

09:07:21 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I would like to welcome Reverend Dawn

09:07:25 from Forest Hills United Methodist church to council this

09:07:28 morning.

09:07:29 And Pastor Dawn did not start out in the ministry.

09:07:35 For 20 years she was a registered nurse.

09:07:37 But in 1998 she decided to embark upon a second career.

09:07:42 In 2001 she graduated with her masters in divinity at Emory

09:07:48 university.

09:07:49 Since then she has been in the full time ministry.

09:07:52 In July 2006 she became the senior pastor of Forest Hills

09:07:57 United Methodist Church.

09:08:00 Pastor Dawn, welcome to City Council.

09:08:02 And thank you for spending your morning with us.

09:08:04 And if everyone would please rise for the invocation and

09:08:07 remain standing for the pledge of allegiance.

09:08:09 >> Thank you for inviting me here today.

09:08:17 It's a privilege.

09:08:19 Years ago, there was a tiger that escaped from the Bronx

09:08:22 zoo, and the authorities were frantic as they could not find

09:08:25 the great cat anywhere.

09:08:27 They were prepared to blanket the city with a massive

09:08:31 search.

09:08:31 However, they found the tiger not more than two blocks from

09:08:34 the zoo.

09:08:35 He was posing in front of a wire fence around a vacant lot.

09:08:42 All of its life the tiger paced back and forth behind the

09:08:45 bars of its cage.

09:08:47 And here even though it was outside when the animal was

09:08:51 confronted with a fence, all he knew to do was pace.

09:08:55 It didn't know that it was free to run.

09:09:00 When the Israelites were released from Egypt they carried

09:09:04 the burden of fear, hardships so vivid that it became hard

09:09:08 for them to realize that they too were free.

09:09:10 They were outside of bondage.

09:09:13 Most times, we don't know if we are inside the fence,

09:09:16 outside the fence or on the fence.

09:09:20 Most times we don't realize our own potential because we are

09:09:23 so used to pacing back and forth in order to survive.

09:09:27 We don't realize we have the chance to take a great idea and

09:09:31 run with it.

09:09:33 There are people in our city with dreams, but never leave

09:09:37 their ten-block radius because of some imagined fence.

09:09:40 There are people in our city that hope that it will go away

09:09:45 because their health care is a fence ten stories high.

09:09:48 There are people who don't have the support, resources or

09:09:52 means to throw off what binds them.

09:09:55 There are people that have entered the wilderness instead of

09:09:58 finding themselves free they find themselves lost.

09:10:03 God, give us the vision to see through the walls of our own

09:10:06 invention, to see not cages but gate what he's, to see not

09:10:11 dead-ends but doorways of hope.

09:10:16 Help us interpret what are we see not as insurmountable

09:10:19 mountains but as opportunities, someone love high but well

09:10:25 within reach.

09:10:26 Strengthen us to hurdle fences and forge forward with the

09:10:29 courage to create and re-create, to gather up the loss, the

09:10:34 aged and the caged, to see them as you do, and free them to

09:10:39 flourish.

09:10:40 Show us that we are free and changed, that we can step over

09:10:46 lines that were drawn long ago to a new direction and a new

09:10:49 destiny.

09:10:50 Enlighten us when we falter.

09:10:52 Uphold us when we reason.

09:10:57 God he will us.

09:10:58 Enlighten us in the ways that we walk.

09:11:03 In this invocation I had only asked you to Bowe your head,

09:11:06 but to look beyond the fence at what you can accomplish by

09:11:10 working together.

09:11:13 I not only ask you to close your eyes but to keep them open

09:11:16 wide to the problems that we face as a city.

09:11:20 With your talents and insights you can lead this community

09:11:23 to a better future.

09:11:25 As you work together on behalf of all who live in this city,

09:11:28 may you draw strength and encouragement from one another,

09:11:33 through compassion and reason in doing your work.

09:11:38 Amen.

09:11:38 (Pledge of Allegiance)

09:12:03 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:12:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:12:08 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:12:09 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

09:12:14 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:12:16 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:12:18 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Administrator for economic opportunity.

09:12:18 I'm asking if we can move item 4 to the end of the agenda.

09:12:23 I believe there will be a lot of discussion on this item and

09:12:25 if possible we would be able to move some of the other

09:12:27 business items forward rather quickly.

09:12:30 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's fine.

09:12:33 >>BOB McDONAUGH: First is a monthly report from the CAC for

09:12:41 Ybor City, Mr. Dave Scott.

09:12:42 >> Good morning.

09:12:53 Thank you for the invitation.

09:12:55 I always look forward to spending a few minutes to talk

09:12:57 about Ybor City.

09:12:58 The last time we were together and I had a chance to do

09:13:00 that, I mentioned that we had gone through an 18 month

09:13:06 strategic planning effort and came up with six strategic

09:13:09 objectives that are guiding our work in Ybor.

09:13:13 Those are to increase the residential population of Ybor by

09:13:20 increasing available desire housing as well as enhancing

09:13:23 quality of life.

09:13:23 That's number one.

09:13:25 Number two is increase the volume of visitors, which fuel

09:13:29 our business and our merchants.

09:13:31 Number three is to improve the district's image as a safe,

09:13:35 livable and secure community.

09:13:39 Four is to promote a broader ethnic cultural experience

09:13:42 within the district, closely tied to number 5, which is

09:13:45 preserve historic fabric of the city.

09:13:48 And then 6, expand, balance and diverse if I our business

09:13:53 base and retail services.

09:13:56 Six strategic objectives.

09:13:57 I would like to talk a little bit about each of those.

09:14:00 The first one, attracting residents.

09:14:03 I want to pass along our community's appreciation to the

09:14:08 City Council for passing north Ybor restrictive parking

09:14:12 program.

09:14:13 Here we have a population of almost 1,000 residents and 4507

09:14:17 units that occupy three-plus city blocks, and we are under a

09:14:21 nightly attack from folks that are using the free parking

09:14:25 outside their living room and bedroom windows.

09:14:28 So that is a great quality of life improvement, and I thank

09:14:31 you.

09:14:33 Our planning and infrastructure committee is looking hard

09:14:35 right now at the barriers and disincentives for investment

09:14:41 and development, particularly within our residential spaces,

09:14:46 where are the opportunities, and where are we running into

09:14:48 barriers and disincentives, and marketing committee is

09:14:52 looking at the residential promotional material that would a

09:14:57 company development.

09:15:00 We are moving forward with enhancement of the community of

09:15:05 livable district, walkable district, a pleasant district

09:15:08 with an attractive look and feel.

09:15:10 You are well familiar with the facade improvement program,

09:15:14 been very successful.

09:15:15 We have four programs under way.

09:15:17 Recently, we had private artists as well as some community

09:15:21 members, proposed seven individual public art projects that

09:15:27 will dress up some vacant storefront windows and some other

09:15:32 dead space, perhaps plywood coverage on retail space that's

09:15:36 not being used.

09:15:39 This is specifically addressed in the vision plan from 2005

09:15:42 as something that would pass the quality of life in the

09:15:45 district, and it will be ongoing this summer.

09:15:48 We are very much looking forward to the bypass opening up.

09:15:51 As you know, that will cut the intense commercial traffic

09:15:54 down from 21st and 22nd street and allow us to reunify

09:15:59 east and west across that that natural barrier, plus we'll

09:16:03 get to enhance that corridor with sidewalks and greenscapes,

09:16:08 and a little bit more community-friendly atmosphere.

09:16:14 Some things that we do need to address are additional bike

09:16:18 pathways, green space.

09:16:20 We'll work with the other city funding organizations to do

09:16:24 that.

09:16:25 We are also talking to Robin Nigh from the city art

09:16:29 department over the Lights on Tampa project.

09:16:33 We are lighting our bridges, enhancing the look of downtown

09:16:35 with architectural lighting.

09:16:37 We would like to see an addendum to that plan for Ybor City

09:16:43 to light our district and similarly enhance the appeal.

09:16:48 So that is the community engagement and making the place

09:16:52 more attractive for residents.

09:16:54 For visitors, those of us that are spending a lot of time in

09:16:58 Ybor, have had businesses there, are noticing an increase in

09:17:01 traffic.

09:17:02 Don Barco recently wrote an excellent editorial in the Tampa

09:17:09 Trib, that the tide is rising.

09:17:11 We are noticing increasing traffic, different types of

09:17:15 people, different hours of the day, different days of the

09:17:19 week.

09:17:21 Marketing program, we assessed that is working.

09:17:24 We had Nielsen corporation do a pro bono assessment of

09:17:28 online discussion, and the things that used to be

09:17:30 detrimental to the city or negative in perception are less

09:17:35 prominent, and the good aspects like food, night life, fun,

09:17:39 walking in the district, those things are beginning to

09:17:42 register a little bit more strongly.

09:17:46 Our events are drawing large and at times record crowds.

09:17:50 We also have a new publication.

09:17:53 Some Tampa community news is no longer in existence.

09:17:56 The company is dissolved, but many of those who work there

09:18:01 reformed, it's now inside Tampa, they have located in Ybor

09:18:05 City in the upstairs space, office areas, and they are

09:18:08 beginning to publish, and they are promoting our district,

09:18:10 so that's a positive move.

09:18:12 The Adamo Drive project, Barrio Latino gave us a certificate

09:18:17 of appropriateness to move forward.

09:18:18 Final design is being formed.

09:18:20 That will be the largest outside public mural in the State

09:18:24 of Florida.

09:18:25 It will illustrate the heritage and history about the

09:18:28 district, and it will be a lightning rod to attract interest

09:18:33 from the 20,000 people who drive back and forth on Adamo

09:18:35 Drive every day, to look north and come visit.

09:18:40 Our events, I mentioned good numbers, Outback Bowl was

09:18:43 tremendous, knight parade, Siesta, Italiano days, week of

09:18:50 the beer festival are drawing good crowds.

09:18:52 We look forward to tropical heat wave Saturday.

09:18:55 And the Cuban sandwich festival later this month.

09:19:00 We have a committee working actually several committees

09:19:03 among the merchants association, Chamber of Commerce are

09:19:06 working to reinvent Guavaween event.

09:19:09 It will probably be multiple days, multiple events, probably

09:19:13 look a lot like tropical heat wave and we look forward to

09:19:18 seeing that final plan.

09:19:19 You will notice Segway tour gangs are out, very popular.

09:19:24 And hospitality Vanns from downtown hotels are coming

09:19:28 through the district in larger numbers and more frequently.

09:19:30 We will continue to ask the mayor in our quarterly meetings

09:19:33 to promote the value of Ybor and all its public

09:19:36 presentations.

09:19:36 His weekly newsletter, social media engagement and

09:19:40 specifically within the master planning efforts for

09:19:42 downtown.

09:19:42 Significant decision on the part. Mayor was to allow us to

09:19:48 keep our YCDC administrative offices on 7th Avenue.

09:19:52 That is critical because of the amount of interacts, the

09:19:59 community, business owners and visitors and residences, a

09:20:03 prime spot to come in and engage.

09:20:04 So we thank the mayor for allowing us to stay there.

09:20:07 We also want to thank the Port Authority for living up to

09:20:10 their responsibility to fund the streetcar and keep that

09:20:13 rung.

09:20:14 So those kinds of things are generally positive in nature as

09:20:17 far as attracting visitors.

09:20:19 We just need to keep the momentum.

09:20:22 Perception of safety is a little bit more problematic.

09:20:25 The good news is Tampa Police Department is doing a great

09:20:28 job to keep crime down and keep a handle on our public

09:20:32 safety issues, particularly want to thank officer Shaun

09:20:35 Marbere for his efforts, his crime watch that brings local

09:20:40 business owners together is a great move forward.

09:20:43 We look forward to seeing captain Marc Hamlin again and

09:20:46 working with him.

09:20:48 The most serious problem in our perception right now in YCDC

09:20:54 is the remaining discussion on ways to control clubs that

09:20:59 become a public nuisance.

09:21:01 It was October 2nd last year when the Empire shootings

09:21:05 occurred.

09:21:06 We have been debating what more we might be able to do

09:21:10 proactively instead of reactively to ensure that that does

09:21:13 not happen again.

09:21:14 I will tell you that the community of Ybor and the YCDC has

09:21:18 no tolerance for that kind of behavior from an operator of

09:21:23 an establishment in our community.

09:21:24 It endangers our residents, it destroys all the positive

09:21:28 energy that I have just discussed, and it's our obligation

09:21:34 to do something to prevent it.

09:21:39 We have sent a memo to City Council recommending some

09:21:42 specific actions to be taken.

09:21:45 The key provisions of that memo are charges for operators

09:21:49 whose business activity requires exceptional city services,

09:21:54 police, or clean-up or other damage control.

09:21:57 Better uses of fire marshal's authority to revoke assembly

09:22:01 permits, and review of the finding structure so that it's

09:22:05 more of a deterrent than just an acceptable cost of doing

09:22:09 business.

09:22:11 Significantly, we would like to see large clubs with certain

09:22:18 defined criteria fall under chapter 6 of the city code as

09:22:21 regulated businesses.

09:22:23 It would gives another tool to take action if we think

09:22:26 things are getting out of control.

09:22:29 This area, the perception of public safety in Ybor City, is

09:22:33 the foundation that everything else hinges on.

09:22:37 It's extraordinarily important to us, and we ask for all of

09:22:41 our city officials to help us get something on the books

09:22:44 that we can use.

09:22:45 There is a task force workshop on May 25th where these

09:22:50 topics will be discussed.

09:22:52 And I -- the 24th?

09:22:56 Thank you, ma'am.

09:22:57 On behalf YCDC and the residents of Ybor I would ask that we

09:23:01 come to quick decisions and take action following that

09:23:03 workshop.

09:23:05 Perception of public safety.

09:23:08 Moving on to ethnic and cultural experience.

09:23:13 Councilwoman Capin is among you on the dais podium, the

09:23:18 desk, I'm not sure what you call your position.

09:23:22 Significant in her forming really the inspiration and

09:23:27 cultural -- I should say the committee for cultural assets,

09:23:30 and within that, there has been a task force developed on

09:23:34 cultural and historic tourism.

09:23:38 You got a sense of what the committee is up to, during the

09:23:41 last report in March, some of the immediate outcomes,

09:23:49 recommendations to streamline the event approval and

09:23:51 planning process.

09:23:51 Those are underway.

09:23:52 And the initiation. Great historic Cuban sandwich wars, hit

09:24:00 a very high peak on NPS radio, if you go online and Google

09:24:05 up Cuban sandwich NPR, you will see the discussion.

09:24:13 We will come back.

09:24:14 The committee will come back to you in September or October

09:24:18 with hopefully some specific recommendations on how best to

09:24:22 take advantage of the strategic resource N.our view, as YCDC

09:24:27 now, and we look at our district of Ybor, we get a sense --

09:24:31 we have in our cultural roots and our historic fabric a

09:24:35 natural resource, as much value as Texas, we are just not

09:24:43 drilling it enough and we need to get energy under those

09:24:45 efforts.

09:24:46 Historic fabric, you will notice in February the Ferlita

09:24:50 macaroni factory reopened, the mayor came down, and if you

09:24:54 saw the overhead imagery of that before its restoration, you

09:25:01 cannot overcompliment all of those involved in bringing that

09:25:05 project online.

09:25:07 Great move forward to preserve our historic fabric.

09:25:11 The good news there.

09:25:13 Bad news is there's many other potential buildings that need

09:25:16 renovation, and we just need to find a way to make similar

09:25:21 types of improvements.

09:25:24 Of note, Ybor museum has an architectural tour now that is

09:25:27 becoming very popular, and there are interested parties

09:25:30 right now talking with Barrio Latino, taking stock of how

09:25:34 many street bricks are in our inventory, and seeing whether

09:25:37 or not we can restore the authentic look of 7th Avenue

09:25:45 with its brick paving.

09:25:48 The last challenge is how do we balance and enhance our

09:25:53 business community?

09:25:54 You will note that the national headquarters for college

09:25:59 hunks hauling junk is now in Ybor City, it's bringing jobs,

09:26:03 and populating a 30,000 square foot warehouse on 8th

09:26:06 Avenue which is nothing but good for us.

09:26:08 I mentioned inside Tampa magazine has moved into town.

09:26:13 Small investment continues.

09:26:15 The James Joyce has reopened.

09:26:18 We have stone chef which had a small catering business and

09:26:21 special event, shotgun establishment, moving now to the old

09:26:25 tabernus steak.

09:26:29 Dave Sunday is moving his restaurant over there as well.

09:26:33 That whole half a city block on the opposite end from where

09:26:37 Empire is, is going to get new life breathed into it.

09:26:41 Small investments mean a lot.

09:26:44 There is a very true statement that confidence expressed in

09:26:51 investment by small businesses and the filling up of

09:26:54 storefronts that indicates and ignites movement forward, and

09:26:58 more development.

09:26:58 If you talk to a lot of the communities who have

09:27:00 transitioned as Ybor hopes to do, that's kind of the spark

09:27:04 that starts it.

09:27:06 And I'm doing my part as well as a personal business owner

09:27:09 to promote that kind of confidence.

09:27:13 I will finish this area by highlighting to you the EB-5

09:27:19 enterprise zone initiative that is sparkling all across the

09:27:23 United States right now.

09:27:24 If you haven't gone to Google and EB-5 enterprise zone I

09:27:31 highly recommend you do it.

09:27:32 Several cities including Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Dallas, are

09:27:35 really highlighting this opportunity.

09:27:37 And for us from YCDC, Ybor City, $10 million could probably

09:27:42 completely rebuild the district.

09:27:46 That's 20 new immigrants picked up under an enterprise

09:27:51 program.

09:27:51 Extraordinarily powerful.

09:27:53 For a community that attracted 10,000 immigrants to build it

09:27:56 in the first planning district place, to get 20 now to come,

09:27:59 reinvent it or rebuild it or reenergize, I think is very

09:28:03 doable and something we need to pay a lot of attention to.

09:28:06 So those are my comments on our six strategic objectives,

09:28:09 gives you kind of a state of the union for Ybor and YCDC.

09:28:15 My last comment is to remind you that our Ybor CRA-1

09:28:20 authorization expires in 2015.

09:28:21 We have more work than three years of TIF funding will

09:28:27 finish.

09:28:28 On behalf of the board and our residents and our business

09:28:31 owners, very much request and appreciate your support for

09:28:36 extension of that CRA 1 authorization.

09:28:39 That's the end of my report.

09:28:40 And I stand by for any questions.

09:28:44 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you for that report.

09:28:45 It's quite extensive and very much appreciated.

09:28:48 I'm going to touch on a couple of points that you made.

09:28:52 One of them was on the perception.

09:28:54 And I'm very happy to hear that.

09:28:55 I might share that I was the first retailer to sign a lease

09:29:03 in 1971, I think, or -- '71, and back then, the perception

09:29:10 was that Ybor was a high-crime area.

09:29:14 I can tell you, it was impossible.

09:29:15 There was no one there.

09:29:17 And that was the mantra.

09:29:20 Then I had a retail store on 7th Avenue, same thing, in

09:29:24 the '70s, very wonderful place, people were -- artists

09:29:30 were there.

09:29:31 So the perception has been ingrained for many, many years.

09:29:37 So I'm glad to see this.

09:29:39 And it is changing, very much changing, and to keep up that

09:29:43 work.

09:29:44 As far as the mural on Adamo Drive, I sit on the -- I serve

09:29:53 on the public arts committee, and we had a presentation from

09:29:57 the artists.

09:30:00 It is really something to behold.

09:30:03 It transforms that drive coming in very much.

09:30:07 I actually would love to see if the artist would be willing

09:30:10 to come and make a presentation to City Council and show his

09:30:15 work and progress.

09:30:20 And when you mention the EB-5, as you may know, we are going

09:30:25 to workshop the EB-5 on June 21st and that came about as

09:30:33 a meeting that I had with the mayor of Miami, and I called

09:30:38 it the Cuban sandwich diplomacy because it all evolved from

09:30:42 the Cuban sandwich resolution that we had here.

09:30:46 And we will be work shopping for the City of Tampa, the

09:30:49 EB-5.

09:30:50 And it is a program that this administration, it was started

09:30:55 in 1992, but that this administration is really behind and

09:31:00 making sure that the investments are what they are supposed

09:31:04 to be, and it has been -- there's only two cities in the

09:31:08 United States that are EB -5 region, and that's Dallas and

09:31:13 the city of Miami.

09:31:14 I would very much like to see the City of Tampa be an EB-5

09:31:18 region. So thank you for that.

09:31:20 And thank you for also mentioning the cultural assets,

09:31:24 economic development committee and its work.

09:31:29 And, again, Ybor -- I started first grade VM Ybor

09:31:35 elementary.

09:31:36 It is part of who I am and part of who all of us are.

09:31:39 So I appreciate your presentation.

09:31:42 Thank you.

09:31:42 >> And if I double your comments, we are making progress

09:31:50 butt today it is still a problem.

09:31:52 I am trying to open a business right now that will be open

09:31:56 until 3 in the morning because liquor will be served.

09:32:01 Two companies turned us down because they said it was too

09:32:04 dangerous, and the crime was out of hand in Ybor City.

09:32:08 In the trip adviser, we still get negative press on the

09:32:11 military base, people are still being advised to stay out of

09:32:15 the district.

09:32:15 So this is a very, very significant fight, and it will not

09:32:19 be helped when the Empire reopens.

09:32:22 We theory application has been made in order to re-fire up

09:32:26 that enterprise.

09:32:27 So this is very much a live fight.

09:32:30 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mrs. Montelione.

09:32:34 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Several things on topic.

09:32:39 And there seems to be a disconnect because you had said that

09:32:42 in the Nielsen poll -- and how nice to do that pro bono for

09:32:46 us -- that the perception was less negative, but then

09:32:54 continuing on in your report, safety issues continue, and

09:33:02 our add campaign, people are getting the perception that we

09:33:06 are doing a good job of stemming the crime in Ybor City, but

09:33:11 yet we continue to have issues?

09:33:15 >> Good question, ma'am.

09:33:16 I think the way I explain it, it's like shifting where the

09:33:20 spotlight shines.

09:33:22 Nielsen did web based research.

09:33:26 They went to all the Internet traffic, and that gives us a

09:33:28 picture of what those who are on the Internet site they are

09:33:33 talking about, and the trending is better.

09:33:35 It's better this year, and they looked over a full calendar

09:33:38 year's conversation.

09:33:39 So we are very happy with that.

09:33:43 On the editorial side, talking about the bar code, generally

09:33:46 upbeat.

09:33:47 The media is giving Ybor a fair coverage these days, which

09:33:50 is a very positive development.

09:33:51 And I mention we are seeing anecdotally life on the street

09:33:56 is coming up and our events, all that are positive.

09:33:59 But if you shine the spotlight on the insurance companies,

09:34:02 on what taxicabs are recommending in the back seat of cars,

09:34:07 what residents in different parts of the Tampa community are

09:34:11 telling their guests who are coming to town, there's still a

09:34:15 latent image of an out-of-control place that's ten years

09:34:19 old, and that's what we need to continuously press to

09:34:23 improve.

09:34:24 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And we talk about the commercial

09:34:26 corridors of Ybor.

09:34:28 But the residential neighborhood areas of Ybor, what is the

09:34:35 status or can you give me an idea of the safety of our

09:34:40 residents and the streets for the neighbors to walk their

09:34:46 dogs or, you know, bring their children out to play, and

09:34:49 those kinds of areas off of the commercial corridors?

09:34:55 >>> I'll represent that as best that I can.

09:34:57 I am the president of the homeowner association Ybor City

09:35:04 and the largest concern was with club goers who park and

09:35:08 then come back at three in the morning and party in their

09:35:11 cars right outside of the strip.

09:35:12 That was a great nuisance factor.

09:35:16 I will tell you that the residents who live in the corridor

09:35:19 enjoy being there, they are telling their friends it's a

09:35:21 good place to live, they are walking their dogs, the ladies

09:35:25 are walking unescorted to and from the district from the

09:35:29 residential areas.

09:35:31 My sense of the areas south of 7th Avenue very close to

09:35:36 the commercial zone is some dissatisfaction with noise

09:35:40 levels code enforcement issues, garbage and things of that

09:35:43 nature, not a real pain point on crime.

09:35:48 TPD is pretty much up on that.

09:35:50 We would like to see more cops on bikes.

09:35:52 We would like to see more horses.

09:35:54 We would like to see less cruiser traffic and more

09:35:57 engagement.

09:35:58 We will work with captain Hamlin on the footprint for that

09:36:01 on the way forward.

09:36:02 We would like to see our Ybor liaison on a 24 hour basis.

09:36:10 Right now we have day shift.

09:36:14 We would like a counterpart working the nights so we have a

09:36:17 24 hour friend of Ybor on the police department.

09:36:21 We have east Ybor.

09:36:24 When you cross that natural barrier of the 21st and 22nd

09:36:29 street, I think Fran Costantino is here in the room with us.

09:36:35 She will have a less sanguine view of the level of comfort

09:36:39 in that area.

09:36:43 It's a much more challenging area and less control, so we

09:36:45 have some issues there to increase the sense of the

09:36:49 community as a safe and secure neighborhood and encourage

09:36:53 people to move in and develop those areas.

09:36:54 >>LISA MONTELIONE: You did mention the workshop for the

09:37:00 24th, and I would encourage you to talk to your

09:37:04 homeowners association, the civic association, the community

09:37:09 to come out and be, at least here in the room, to show

09:37:13 support for controls on that.

09:37:15 And then on a totally different subject, you mentioned the

09:37:20 artists and coming in and doing some of the windows in Ybor.

09:37:26 And I have talked before to probably -- not here in this

09:37:30 room, but behind the scenes to our economic development

09:37:35 staff and talking about pop-up galleries, or pop-up

09:37:40 restaurants, or pop-up history centers in locating into

09:37:48 those vacant spaces.

09:37:50 And I have seen it all over the country when I was in

09:37:55 Washington, D.C. over the summer, last summer, I had the

09:38:00 fortune to visit a few of them.

09:38:03 And it really is a great program.

09:38:05 It's something that is coordinated by the economic

09:38:08 development group in those neighborhoods.

09:38:11 So bringing that idea one step further.

09:38:15 And I'm sorry I don't know the address of it but everybody

09:38:19 is familiar with the building that's just before Walls and

09:38:26 in a interior space, historic preservation.

09:38:28 We kept the facade up.

09:38:30 And you walk by there, and I see people peering into the

09:38:35 gates, you know, behind the building, and perhaps you could

09:38:38 talk to the artists and some of the historians and the Ybor

09:38:42 history museum to maybe put up some placards or photographs

09:38:48 or little maybe informational type boards on why that

09:38:56 building is standing there, why it's like that, with the --

09:39:00 what the history of it is.

09:39:02 And I think for visitors or for tourists, it might be

09:39:08 turning an eyesore into an opportunity for public engagement

09:39:14 and for learning for the community and for our tourists.

09:39:20 I think just having it there and people looking in and

09:39:26 going, hmmm, I wonder what this is about, to an engagement

09:39:30 piece and history piece and art piece I think might be a

09:39:33 good project to work on.

09:39:35 >>> Yes, ma'am.

09:39:37 Thank you.

09:39:37 >>FRANK REDDICK: Anybody else wishing to speak at this

09:39:41 time?

09:39:41 Thank you, Mr. Scott.

09:39:45 This one item almost last the time that our CRA meeting

09:39:50 lasts.

09:39:51 We won't be through in 20 minutes.

09:39:53 Thank you very much for that information.

09:39:57 Bob, what do we have next?

09:39:58 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Just an update on some of the activities

09:40:02 that happened in the past month.

09:40:06 At City Council, you approved a completed lease for the

09:40:09 courthouse, and pursuing his plans right now.

09:40:13 Thank you very much.

09:40:14 I went to a very nice ribbon cutting again in Ybor City at

09:40:18 the U.S. America bank, the old Columbia bank, and they have

09:40:23 done a beautiful job of restoring the building, very

09:40:26 tastefully done, again a 7th Avenue project.

09:40:29 The related companies is underway with construction in the

09:40:32 Channel District.

09:40:33 And remember that's a 356 unit apartment complex under

09:40:37 construction.

09:40:38 And later on today, you will have the opportunity of

09:40:42 providing some approvals for facade grants.

09:40:45 But just as an update, this year we have done 27 of them.

09:40:49 And it's about $141,000 in public money and $921,000 in

09:40:55 private investment.

09:40:56 And so it's proven to be a very positive project.

09:41:04 We have a meeting coming up.

09:41:07 I believe we have agreed on a date and you should get a memo

09:41:10 shortly for the June meeting which will be in the Channel

09:41:12 District, and that will be an evening meeting at 5:30.

09:41:19 To be at the Florida Aquarium or Tampa Port Authority

09:41:21 offices.

09:41:21 We are working out the details now.

09:41:23 So you will get a memo on that shortly.

09:41:27 And as I requested, moving item number 4 to the end of the

09:41:34 agenda, what I would like to do right now is public comment

09:41:37 and then we can go on to the approvals.

09:41:45 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I have a commitment that I have to be at

09:41:48 within the next few minutes.

09:41:50 I did some research on this, and I would like to present it,

09:41:54 and then I have to leave.

09:41:56 Can that be done or not?

09:41:57 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, this pertains to an item on the

09:42:04 floor?

09:42:05 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.

09:42:05 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, does anyone object to it?

09:42:12 All right, go ahead.

09:42:14 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

09:42:15 I did some research.

09:42:15 I went to -- just real brief, in 2005, I spent an extended

09:42:22 period in Spain.

09:42:23 Many people know my husband is from Spain, whats born in a

09:42:27 house that's 400 years old N.2005 in Spain it was a big deal

09:42:32 that was announced that the Spanish academy of Spain

09:42:36 recognized that all Spanish is correct.

09:42:42 Puerto Rican Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Columbian Spanish.

09:42:47 At that time they brought forth a dictionary that is 4,000

09:42:49 pages.

09:42:50 There are 20 words for the word "pen."

09:42:54 Okay?

09:42:54 So I went back, and it piqued my interest because it said it

09:43:01 was found in the Royal Academy of Spain's language.

09:43:05 So I put it in exactly the way it's spelled, which actually

09:43:10 is the pronunciation of the way it's spelled is S-E-T-I-M-A

09:43:17 is -- I'm sorry, Setima.

09:43:24 The way it's spelled, it's pronounced in Spanish is Setima,

09:43:28 because the accent defaults to the second vowel unless you

09:43:32 have an accent on the first vowel.

09:43:34 Therefore, in this research, when I put in Setima it said

09:43:40 there was -- it could not find that.

09:43:42 But they did find Setima with the accent over the E and

09:43:49 corrected it.

09:43:49 Then I went further, and clicked onto Setima with the accent

09:43:54 over the E and it came up to Setima which means 7th, so

09:44:04 it is in the dictionary except it is wrong because in

09:44:07 Spanish the accent is extremely important in how you

09:44:09 pronounce the word.

09:44:10 So when people look at that sign, they are reading, if they

09:44:14 read Spanish, and this is high school Spanish on where your

09:44:18 accent is, is they are reading Setima.

09:44:24 So, therefore, from the research of the Royal Academy, and

09:44:29 Spain is the one that invented this language, and because if

09:44:35 the language is organic, the Spanish academy acknowledged

09:44:40 this, and therefore in 2005, declared that all Spanish was

09:44:46 correct, not just the Castillion, and I did some research

09:44:54 and found on the Web site -- and I just told you what I

09:44:56 found on there.

09:44:58 For instance, Texas, T-E-X-A-S, is the old Spanish word for

09:45:07 tiles.

09:45:07 In the new dictionary it's T-E-J-A-S.

09:45:16 Mexico is the same; it's the old Spanish. So you have many

09:45:17 versions of the word.

09:45:18 So Setima is correct except the accent is not there.

09:45:22 Therefore, it is read in Spanish Setima.

09:45:29 So that's the research.

09:45:30 And I have to leave now.

09:45:31 And I thank you forgiving me this time.

09:45:34 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you for educating us.

09:45:37 >>HARRY COHEN: Can I ask her a question?

09:45:40 Are you leaving us with any recommendation?

09:45:45 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

09:45:45 The recommendation, it is correct according to the -- I will

09:45:50 read in the Spanish.

09:45:51 (Speaking Spanish)

09:45:54 The last word on the Spanish language, except that the

09:45:58 accent, it needs to have that accent in order to be

09:46:02 pronounced correctly.

09:46:03 >>HARRY COHEN: So either way you would want to replace the

09:46:07 street sign with either the accent or the other letter?

09:46:13 >>YVONNE CAPIN: If Spanish speakers come and read it, it is

09:46:15 red Setima without the accent over the E as I said before.

09:46:19 So, yes, it is needed, in my opinion.

09:46:23 >>MARY MULHERN: I just want to say one thing. Don't know

09:46:31 if you need to hear this.

09:46:32 But Yolie, one question before you run out.

09:46:35 Does it say anything with that definition?

09:46:38 Is that a variation?

09:46:40 I don't know what the royal Spanish dictionary, but if you

09:46:42 look at the English dictionary, they'll tell you if it's the

09:46:49 common spelling or variation.

09:46:52 >>YVONNE CAPIN: No, it is not a variation.

09:46:53 They acknowledge all the Spanish.

09:46:55 Like I said, there's 20 words for the word ball point pen.

09:47:00 So that was done in 2005 and it was a real big deal in

09:47:04 Spain.

09:47:04 So thank you.

09:47:05 >> May I ask the board's pleasure?

09:47:13 If we can do the facade grants because some of those folks

09:47:16 are here right now, and then have the public comments.

09:47:18 Because I have a suspicion that perhaps the public comments

09:47:21 might have something to do with item number 4 on the agenda.

09:47:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: You have someone that wants to make a

09:47:32 comment about the facade grant?

09:47:34 >>BOB McDONAUGH: If that's the board's pleasure, please.

09:47:37 Item number 5, which wags -- we would do the approvals, and

09:47:41 then have the public comments, if that please it is board.

09:47:44 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's fine?

09:47:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Chairman, do you want them

09:47:53 individually?

09:47:54 I November resolution, 5.

09:47:59 >>MARY MULHERN: Second.

09:48:02 >>FRANK REDDICK: Item number 5.

09:48:03 All those in favor?

09:48:05 Approved.

09:48:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I move resolution number 6.

09:48:09 >>FRANK REDDICK: Seconded by Mrs. Mulhern.

09:48:11 All in favor of the resolution?

09:48:13 Opposed?

09:48:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move resolution number 7.

09:48:16 >>FRANK REDDICK: Same.

09:48:18 All those in favor?

09:48:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Move resolution number 8, Mr. Chairman.

09:48:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second bid Mrs. Mulhern.

09:48:25 All in favor of the resolution?

09:48:29 Okay.

09:48:29 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Thank you very much.

09:48:31 >>FRANK REDDICK: Public comments.

09:48:35 Does anyone want to speak?

09:48:37 Please come forward at this time.

09:48:39 State your name.

09:48:39 You have three minutes.

09:48:40 >> I'm Linda Saul-Sena from 157 Biscayne, here to speak

09:48:46 about the CRA districts that have riverfront.

09:48:50 So downtown, Tampa Heights, and Channel District.

09:48:56 Tampa has a beautiful river.

09:48:59 Thank goodness this mayor is talking about how important it

09:49:01 is, and previous mayors putting in the riverwalk, it's one

09:49:07 of our best assets.

09:49:08 One of the things that I want to encourage you all to do as

09:49:11 a CRA is to not put parking on the river.

09:49:15 It seems so obvious.

09:49:17 When I was on council we actually voted to protect the

09:49:20 riverfront by not putting parking on it.

09:49:22 But as you move forward, and as we become a more urban

09:49:26 place, what I want to encourage you to do is to make sure

09:49:29 that if there's valet parking provided that perhaps people

09:49:34 don't have to create the surface parking, and that whatever

09:49:36 you do, don't put the parking on the water.

09:49:39 We have done a good job on Harbor Island in terms of not

09:49:43 having parking on the water, done a good job with where the

09:49:47 history center is and our park there, and where our Straz

09:49:51 center and the Tampa Art Museum are.

09:49:54 But moving forward, I want you to be keenly aware of this,

09:49:57 because it's such a rare and special resource we have, and

09:50:02 we used to say that the parking structure next to the Straz,

09:50:05 if you want to have a meal and look at the water, that you

09:50:08 should get a cheeseburger and go up to the roof.

09:50:11 That we now know better. We won't do that in the future.

09:50:14 I want you all to stand firm and not put any parking on the

09:50:17 water.

09:50:18 Thank you.

09:50:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:50:19 Next.

09:50:23 Jim Shark, 8705 Cove Court in the county, and I'm here to

09:50:28 talk about the issue of parking along the river as well.

09:50:31 I have something from a few years ago.

09:50:34 Riverwalk T-shirt.

09:50:36 Just want to remind everybody that it doesn't say river

09:50:38 parking T-shirt.

09:50:40 It says riverwalk.

09:50:42 I would like to encourage the city to consider bicycle

09:50:45 parking to be the equivalent of parking spaces for cars.

09:50:48 The riverwalk area is a marvelous present and future amenity

09:50:54 for the city.

09:50:55 And if it's accessible by bicycle it's even better.

09:50:58 So I would like to encourage the City of Tampa to consider

09:51:01 bicycle parking to be at least a partial equivalent to

09:51:05 surface parking.

09:51:06 Thanks very much.

09:51:07 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:51:09 Next.

09:51:09 >> Robert Orbeck, 3306 West Palmira.

09:51:19 I am a senior environmental scientist in the west central

09:51:22 Florida area.

09:51:24 And I have advanced certification in MPDS storm water

09:51:30 inspection through the Florida Department of Environmental

09:51:32 Protection.

09:51:34 And adding on to what's already been said, building

09:51:39 additional impervious parking spaces in close proximity to

09:51:43 the Hillsborough River will contribute to adverse effects on

09:51:47 the water quality of an already impaired river system that

09:51:52 flows directly into Tampa Bay.

09:51:54 Numerous studies have been conducted to identify the various

09:51:57 types of toxic chemicals and their effect on the environment

09:52:01 that occur when untreated runoff from impervious surfaces is

09:52:06 allowed into the stormwater system.

09:52:08 Some of the worst pollution comes from vehicles sitting in

09:52:11 parking lots as evidenced by the dark spot that's often seen

09:52:15 in the center of parking spaces.

09:52:18 Oil, grease, antifreeze, transmission fluid, drip onto the

09:52:23 pavement and are collected between rain events.

09:52:27 In a process called atmospheric deposition, automobile

09:52:31 exhaust and power plant emissions also settle on the parking

09:52:36 lots and the surrounding land where heavy metal such as

09:52:39 copper, zinc, lead, chromium, cadmium, Mercury and other

09:52:45 toxic dust are accumulated.

09:52:47 During a rain event, our stormwater runs off into the -- off

09:52:51 the impervious surface in the parking lot in the adjacent

09:52:53 landscape.

09:52:56 The entrainment of these heavy toxic chemicals, microbial

09:53:00 contaminants, sediment and other debris occurs.

09:53:04 Ultimately discharging into the nearby aquatic habitats

09:53:09 negatively impacting water quality and the stream function.

09:53:15 Therefore, in the spirit of sustainable environmental

09:53:19 stewardship, the addition of untreated stormwater should be

09:53:22 eliminated rather than promoted.

09:53:25 Thank you.

09:53:26 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:53:27 Next.

09:53:50 >>SAL TERRITO: We have a sign-in sheet.

09:53:55 Let me call the names and see if they are here.

09:53:59 (off microphone)

09:54:01 This gives you an additional minute for each of those, a

09:54:08 total of six minutes.

09:54:10 Follow the same rules as City Council.

09:54:12 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

09:54:15 You have six minutes.

09:54:16 >> Good morning, council.

09:54:18 Thank you very much.

09:54:19 I want to thank Mike Suarez especially forgiving the people

09:54:24 a chance to have their voices heard.

09:54:25 I want to thank Mr. Reddick for seconding that motion.

09:54:29 I sent you all a package yesterday which gave a oh lot of

09:54:35 glory, a lot of the history of what we have been fighting

09:54:38 since 2008.

09:54:39 But in that package you had endorsement letters from

09:54:42 La Gaceta newspaper, traced tall way back to the early

09:54:45 1920s and found no reference to the spelling on those

09:54:49 signs.

09:54:50 We have a letter from the USF library and a letter from the

09:54:53 Tampa Bay history center all supporting the change of the

09:54:56 signs to the correct spelling.

09:54:58 Now, I brought books for you to see.

09:55:01 And if somebody can help me with the Elmo, please.

09:55:09 Here is a book by Amelio Delrio

09:55:17 Fundaores de Ybor City.

09:55:22 In the back we have the honorable FM Ybor.

09:55:30 It shows a picture of 7th Avenue.

09:55:32 And then way down, it says, Septima with a P.

09:55:46 On the other side we also have another picture of 7th

09:55:49 Avenue, Septima with a P.

09:55:59 So there are the books that we have representing that.

09:56:03 We have a book written by Gary GORMILO.

09:56:12 He refers in his book to the word Septima with a P.

09:56:16 We have a book written by Frank CORSO who I believe passed

09:56:22 on but he also was a native, and in his book he referred to

09:56:25 Septima with a P.

09:56:28 I must have loaned out some of my books.

09:56:31 >>HARRY COHEN: Excuse me.

09:56:39 I just want to point out that other than this one, they all

09:56:44 also have the accent that Councilwoman Capin was talking

09:56:47 about.

09:56:47 Just as an observation, with the exception of that one.

09:56:51 >> In his book, I they think these came to have Internet

09:56:58 because I lent my books to somebody.

09:57:00 And, also, there was one written by our famous historian

09:57:04 Tony PISO.

09:57:12 We are selling stationery in the Ybor museum book store that

09:57:16 refers to La Setima.

09:57:21 We have the famous restaurant in Brandon that it was spelled

09:57:27 the way the signs read which obviously that is not.

09:57:33 When people Google, you will see this came from Google from

09:57:36 Tampa, and it has 7th Avenue, La Septima, but they are

09:57:46 also -- they are admitting it's misspelled.

09:57:53 These they are just saying it's a colloquialism, whatever

09:57:56 that means.

09:57:56 But I wish Yolie would have been here for this.

09:58:01 Someone did research in the middle of the night sent this to

09:58:03 me at 5:08 this morning and he went to the Royal Academy,

09:58:08 here it is, the Spanish Royal Academy dictionary, who refers

09:58:12 you to another site, and on that site it says --

09:58:21 (Speaking Spanish)

09:58:24 So it's saying actually that Septima and Septimo are not

09:58:33 words.

09:58:33 Depending on which side you're on, you can find backup for,

09:58:37 I guess, whatever.

09:58:40 My point is that this is not meant in any way to demean or

09:58:43 disrespect Mr. Lastra.

09:58:49 According to -- Fernando had a conflict.

09:58:58 I saw him yesterday.

09:58:59 But he also wanted to come to represent us.

09:59:01 But Amiliano does state that Frank's book is one of the best

09:59:06 books ever written on the history of Ybor City.

09:59:09 He actually wrote the forward to the book.

09:59:14 And he said that the only one issue that he has with the

09:59:18 book is that you will see -- and I don't know where they've

09:59:25 one -- and it's so strange that I don't understand how Mr.

09:59:30 Lastra can have in his -- I'm going to go to it -- can

09:59:43 have -- that you can write 488 pages and not one

09:59:50 reference -- I have highlighted it on the other but you can

09:59:54 see from here to here, in a book of 688 pages, never once is

10:00:00 the correct spelling of Septima with a P in a book compared

10:00:05 to all those.

10:00:06 This is the only book ever that I can find, the only

10:00:10 reference ever to Ybor City that does not have Septima

10:00:13 spelled with a P.

10:00:14 (Bell sounds)

10:00:17 Just to show you the signs on 7th Avenue, and there are

10:00:20 some that are blown out that we have to do something with

10:00:22 them anyway, I'm just asking that we honor him in a

10:00:32 different way.

10:00:32 I'm not trying to disrespect him but we can put a plaque for

10:00:35 him and the Ybor museum state park, or honor him in a

10:00:41 different way. He does deserve the honor.

10:00:42 But I don't feel it's right to make the record from the

10:00:46 natives appear illiterate and uneducated.

10:00:49 And just one last thing.

10:00:51 There's a thing that they sent me, that you can see Setima

10:00:56 and the phone number was only 914.

10:00:58 So I just ask that I feel like if you make the decision to

10:01:02 support the change to LA Setima you don't have to feel

10:01:09 embarrassed, downtown have to feel ignorant.

10:01:12 This is the only reference out of all the books that has it

10:01:15 spelled that way.

10:01:16 And of all the documentation, I feel like you can have a

10:01:19 clear conscience if we vote to change out the signs -- signs

10:01:22 are minimal -- that we will not look embarrassed in the

10:01:29 media .

10:01:34 The thank you.

10:01:36 >>FRANK REDDICK: Next.

10:01:37 >> Good morning, City Council members.

10:01:39 My name is Miguel Baluha, Jr, 611 north Lincoln Avenue in

10:01:44 Tampa.

10:01:45 I was born in Ybor City at Gonzalez clinic.

10:01:48 My father Miguel Sr. was employed by the Columbia restaurant

10:01:54 for 29 years and was a maitre d' there until his death in

10:01:57 1987.

10:01:58 My mother was raised in Ybor City where her family owned a

10:02:01 produce market on 7th Avenue.

10:02:03 My uncle Andreas MINO were fruit truck vendors who drove

10:02:10 the streets of Ybor City for many years.

10:02:12 Although I was raised in West Tampa, my roots are in Ybor

10:02:15 City.

10:02:15 The reason I am here today is to show my support for the

10:02:17 changing the street signs on 7th Avenue to reflect the

10:02:22 correct spelling of La Septima with the P included.

10:02:27 I have a great deal of respect for those who have chosen to

10:02:30 refer to it as La Setima, and I understand it is a show of

10:02:35 affection towards our multicultural forefathers who may have

10:02:38 pronounced it that way but I think most of us would agree if

10:02:41 we all went by the wait we POMPANOS pronounced our word we

10:02:48 would have a new and distinct language host bid a -- with a

10:02:52 host spelling conflicts and literal misinterpretations.

10:02:57 La Setima is the most widely used selling of 7th Avenue

10:03:06 and why I want our street signs spelled that way.

10:03:08 If you want to argue it will cost the city too much money

10:03:11 make the change I can empathize with that argument but you

10:03:14 can't argue that the current spelling continually raise it

10:03:17 is question in everyone's minds, why are the signs on

10:03:21 7th Avenue spelled incorrectly?

10:03:24 Sooner or later, the correction needs to be made and I would

10:03:27 like to see it come sooner than later.

10:03:29 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:03:31 Next.

10:03:31 >>> I too have extra minutes.

10:03:45 >>SAL TERRITO: (off microphone).

10:03:48 >> Five minutes.

10:03:51 >> My name is Mario Nunez. I reside at 15019, Rocky Ledge

10:03:57 Drive in Tampa 33625.

10:03:58 Thank you for hearing our voices today.

10:04:00 As the co-host of the Tampa Native Show, the only show of

10:04:03 its kind on TV or the Internet anywhere, that has dedicated

10:04:06 itself to preserving the memories and history of Tampa, I

10:04:09 come to you today to ask for your support.

10:04:11 My great grandmother came to Tampa as a young girl from Cuba

10:04:14 in 1895.

10:04:16 My grandmother was born in Ybor City in 1901.

10:04:19 Her son, my father, who is here today, was born in Ybor City

10:04:23 at 2408-15th Street in 1928.

10:04:27 I was born in the old St. Joseph hospital in 1958 and my

10:04:31 oldest son Alex was born here in 1983.

10:04:33 That's five generations.

10:04:37 My roots run deep and my pride is unshakeable. I stand

10:04:39 before you as a member of a group of ardent supporters of

10:04:42 item number 4 on the CRA agenda today to replace the

10:04:45 misspelled signs along 7th Avenue.

10:04:48 Let's not allow our brethren from the south to pick us apart

10:04:51 for being so boorish that we can't even spell la Septima

10:04:58 correctly.

10:04:58 The nation's eyes will soon be upon us this August as the

10:05:01 RNC conducts their business in Tampa, not Tampa Bay.

10:05:04 Not only will Miami take full liberty to embarrass us for

10:05:09 our ignorance, but Texas, New York, New Jersey, and all

10:05:12 across this great land will be confused by this egregious

10:05:15 error.

10:05:16 To consider placement of signage to explain the intentional

10:05:18 misspelling of la Septima is hoolhardy at best.

10:05:26 The time to act is now. In my life I have never heard

10:05:29 anyone refer to 7th Avenue in Ybor City as anything

10:05:32 other than la Septima.

10:05:37 If we don't care enough for what's accurate and correct

10:05:41 what's next?

10:05:41 A motion before City Council to change the name of our city

10:05:44 from Tampa to Tampa Bay?

10:05:45 When I grew up here, Tampa Bay was a place you went fishing

10:05:48 and crabbing.

10:05:51 La Septima is where you went with your dad to get a suit, or

10:05:56 to watch them make Cuban sandwiches, not Sangwiches in the

10:06:02 window of the Silverine.

10:06:02 Where you went to make banking business at the Broadway

10:06:06 bank.

10:06:07 La Septima is where my mom worked at Martin Uniforms and

10:06:09 where my dad worked at the Columbia restaurant for 25 years,

10:06:12 and where my abuela worked at alagria restaurant.

10:06:17 When will this foolishness stop?

10:06:19 Lastly on a personal note this flag I am holding was given

10:06:22 to me by the late Marselo Macella.

10:06:31 We lost that Tampa legend but weeks later -- and I'm sure

10:06:34 he's guiding our efforts today -- Marcella, this is for you.

10:06:39 And I'm so glad to be hold with my friend Fran Costantino.

10:06:45 I have never met with anyone with more pride to help people.

10:06:50 She's a shining example of the very best Ybor City has to

10:06:53 offer.

10:06:54 We love you, Frannie, and we will always have your back.

10:06:58 Quickly from a colleague of mine, Steve Conolla and

10:07:03 co-founder of the Tampa natives groups and my co-host on

10:07:06 tonight's Tampa native show.

10:07:07 He writes: Dear members of Tampa City Council, I fully

10:07:10 support the correct of la Septima street signs in Ybor City.

10:07:14 The other day I found an old photograph from my great

10:07:17 grandfather -- this is a picture that Fran showed you -- and

10:07:21 the picture backing showed the address to Adams Catz

10:07:28 photography, a street of address of Septima Avenue, Tampa,

10:07:34 Florida.

10:07:34 Also going back to the original spelling.

10:07:36 Thank you.

10:07:37 Steve CANELLA.

10:07:40 I have a minute and 16 seconds left.

10:07:42 Man, I went fast.

10:07:43 Let's say this.

10:07:44 Thank you, Mr. Chairman and fellow council members, we

10:07:46 appreciate your time and your consideration.

10:07:48 I just wrote these notes down here in clogs.

10:07:51 I have a minute.

10:07:52 I will utilize the time to extend my comments to my remarks.

10:07:55 You know, oh some would have you say the sign should stay

10:07:59 the same, that it is important and it's only a colloquialism

10:08:05 anyway.

10:08:05 But I say to you, some of these people that are making these

10:08:09 claims aren't even from Ybor City, or from Tampa, and they

10:08:13 don't even speak Spanish.

10:08:14 They are not tied to the soil, they are not tied to the

10:08:17 story.

10:08:18 What is their motivation?

10:08:20 Opportunists is the only word that comes to mind.

10:08:22 I have 33 seconds left.

10:08:24 I'm all done.

10:08:25 Sorry for getting emotional.

10:08:27 My name is MARIO, and the Tampa native show is on tonight at

10:08:32 7:00 if anybody wants to tune in.

10:08:34 Thank you.

10:08:40 Loft.

10:08:40 >> I'm Marlene Museda.

10:08:43 I'm here on behalf of my father, Marcella, who had been

10:08:48 speaking with Fran Costantino on this issue.

10:08:51 Even though he grew up in West Tampa, I spent most of my

10:08:55 childhood in Ybor City.

10:08:58 My daughter now lives in Ybor City.

10:09:00 I still spend a lot of time down here.

10:09:03 I belong to lozalmos.

10:09:08 So Ybor City was very close to our hearts.

10:09:10 And I am just ask on behalf of my father that you do the

10:09:15 right thing and correct the signs to have what they grew up

10:09:19 knowing la Septima with the P.

10:09:23 Thank you.

10:09:24 >> Good morning, chairman Reddick, Mr. Territo. My name is

10:09:31 Don Rhode, located at 412 Madison street. In reference to

10:09:34 item 2 and 4, 4 coming first, I guess, just for a movement

10:09:42 when a mistake is made -- and anybody can make one, and

10:09:46 sometimes their proofreader can miss the mistake -- you just

10:09:50 admit you made a mistake and go on to the next thing.

10:09:54 I truly hope that based upon not just the emotion but also

10:09:57 the fact of it being blatant and incorrect that you will fix

10:10:02 those signs in short order because they make us look bad.

10:10:09 And unless you are going to thumb tack the Capin memo to

10:10:17 each one of those signs so people can drive by and look at

10:10:20 it and say, oh, now I get it, it could have been an

10:10:22 alternative spelling.

10:10:24 Fix the signs, it's not worth the hassle.

10:10:26 Just like when somebody mistakes six inches for six feet but

10:10:30 first takes great pains to explain six inches.

10:10:35 It's foolish to carry on that way.

10:10:37 And we have heard that from this podium before, too.

10:10:40 Fix the signs.

10:10:41 In reference to item number 2, economic opportunity, because

10:10:47 council will have on its agenda again soon an item dealing

10:10:51 with keeping poultry inside the city limits of Tampa in a

10:10:55 manner much more extensively than allows for that practice

10:10:59 now, we wanted to start floating the notion that economic

10:11:03 development and economic opportunity, particularly if your

10:11:07 ordinance pursuant to Councilman Cohen's suggestion, is

10:11:10 going to require --

10:11:12 >>FRANK REDDICK: We need to stay on topic here.

10:11:14 >> I'm on economic opportunity development.

10:11:15 >>FRANK REDDICK: We don't want to get into where you are

10:11:20 heading.

10:11:20 We don't want to talk about that.

10:11:22 >> Don't want to talk about what, sir?

10:11:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Chickens.

10:11:25 You lose your minutes.

10:11:26 >> If you allow me to continue I will keep my remarks to the

10:11:32 clean zone.

10:11:33 >>FRANK REDDICK: The clean zone is not on there.

10:11:35 >> A clean subject matter, of course, in reference to that.

10:11:39 You have an opportunity with the economic -- an economic

10:11:43 opportunity of all things relative to chicken cooping to

10:11:46 create jobs for people who would make the chicken coops.

10:11:53 If just 5 percent of the homes, residences that might be

10:11:58 permit to have had them, have a decent chicken coop,

10:12:02 manufactured by somebody who now perhaps does not have a

10:12:05 job, it would represent economic opportunity and perhaps not

10:12:11 damage the delicate ears of the seven sleeping sombreros on

10:12:16 this council.

10:12:17 Thank you.

10:12:17 Fanned I am offended you, Mr. Reddick, a thousand pardons.

10:12:21 >>FRANK REDDICK: A thousand chickens.

10:12:27 >> Good morning, council.

10:12:30 My name is Charles Bass.

10:12:31 I'm here also in reference to the chicken coops.

10:12:39 >>FRANK REDDICK: To who?

10:12:41 >> Chicken coops, allowing chickens to be kept in the City

10:12:44 of Tampa .

10:12:45 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's not an agenda item.

10:12:46 You only can speak to items on the agenda.

10:12:48 >> Okay.

10:12:50 And that would be an economic opportunity.

10:12:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, economic opportunity has nothing to

10:12:56 do with chicken coops.

10:13:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Because it goes CRA staff activities.

10:13:02 You can speak on that.

10:13:03 >> I can talk about what?

10:13:06 >>FRANK REDDICK: It's talking about items on the agenda

10:13:07 pertaining to CRA.

10:13:10 Chicken coops is not on the agenda with CRA today.

10:13:14 You can come back to regular council next week when we talk

10:13:17 about chickens.

10:13:18 But today it's not on the agenda.

10:13:20 >> So I can't mention the economic --

10:13:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: Not related to chickens.

10:13:26 >>MARY MULHERN: We heard some other comments already that

10:13:37 weren't on agenda items, but if it relates to the community

10:13:40 redevelopment area, at least at the end of our agenda, do we

10:13:45 normally do that during our CRA meetings?

10:13:49 We heard about parking which wasn't on the agenda.

10:13:51 >>FRANK REDDICK: Go ahead, sir.

10:13:56 >> I can continue?

10:13:58 All right.

10:13:58 Thank you.

10:14:01 Allowing chickens to be kept in the city.

10:14:04 As long as chickens are kept in a nice clean cope with the

10:14:09 health of the chickens being observed, this will be to

10:14:14 create jobs, in a sense, and nothing to do with these people

10:14:24 would have something to do.

10:14:27 Thank you very much.

10:14:27 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:14:32 Next.

10:14:33 >> Good morning.

10:14:41 My name is Mary Alvarez, 4603 Wishart Boulevard, Tampa,

10:14:47 Florida 33603.

10:14:49 Kind of funny to on this side of the podium.

10:14:52 But so be it.

10:14:54 I'm here to support the changing of the sign. Plain and

10:15:03 simple its misspelled.

10:15:06 I think that should be changed.

10:15:12 I am not an Ybor City native.

10:15:15 I lived in West Tampa all my life but I have kind of adopted

10:15:17 Ybor City.

10:15:20 My moniker for the e-mail is Mrs. Ybor, so I kind of feel

10:15:24 that I have a little bit of -- that I can talk about Ybor

10:15:29 City.

10:15:33 I love Ybor City.

10:15:34 I have been doing a lot of things for Ybor City.

10:15:37 But I had a conversation with Frank many years ago about

10:15:41 this, I believe in 1996-97 when he was talking about it.

10:15:46 And I questioned him about the spelling of the la and he was

10:15:54 very adamant that that was a correct spelling.

10:15:57 Well, I knew when I was growing up, and my mom was taking me

10:16:01 to Ybor City, it was always la Setima, not la Septima.

10:16:07 So I am respectfully asking you all to go ahead and rescind

10:16:11 the resolution that was signed on April 9th, 1998, by

10:16:17 Mayor Dick Greco, and do the right thing.

10:16:21 That's what we want.

10:16:22 I think we have got a lot of support.

10:16:24 I commend Fran for doing her job, and she's tenacious, as

10:16:31 you all know, but she's right.

10:16:33 And when she's right, I really believe in her and I support

10:16:37 her.

10:16:38 So do the right thing, council.

10:16:40 Let's change the spelling.

10:16:41 Thank you.

10:16:41 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:16:43 Good to see you: Next.

10:16:45 >>> My name is Kenneth Garcia, I was born in Ybor City, and

10:16:51 currently live at 2553 east 11th Avenue.

10:16:56 My grandparents emigrated from Spain in 1908, and 1909, one

10:17:06 settling in West Tampa, one in Ybor City. My father wags a

10:17:09 merchant on 7th Avenue.

10:17:11 He was general manager of the Fernandez and Garcia store

10:17:17 which is the largest department store in Ybor City on

10:17:19 7th Avenue and 15th street.

10:17:21 There was a lot of talk in the house about the store, about

10:17:26 Ybor City, and the references were always to la Septima or

10:17:36 to Broadway, never la Setima.

10:17:40 Jose Iglesia was a prominent author born and raised in Ybor

10:17:50 City and moved away to New York at middle age.

10:17:55 He wrote 15 books.

10:17:57 He also wrote for the New York Times, and contributed

10:18:02 stories to New Yorker magazine and Esquire.

10:18:07 Last night I picked up one of my very prized positions

10:18:11 possessions because it's a book that belonged to my father,

10:18:13 that Jose gave him, "Awake in Ybor City" which he wrote in

10:18:18 the early '70s.

10:18:19 And in the inscription, he wrote to victor Garcia, mayor of

10:18:26 la Septima.

10:18:34 I skimmed the book and hadn't read it in a long time and

10:18:35 found a reference to la Septima with a P.

10:18:40 I also have a copy of the script to the Pulitzer prize

10:18:45 Broadway play, which is Ybor the locale and could find one

10:18:50 reference to la Septima again with a P.

10:18:55 My suggestion is if City Council wishes to keep la Septima

10:19:05 without the P, I heard a rumor there was a proposal to

10:19:09 provide sign markers that explain the colloquialism, but I

10:19:17 might suggest putting parenthesis (sic) after it which

10:19:24 editors always do in something they quote that's misspelled

10:19:28 or grammatically incorrect.

10:19:30 These about it.

10:19:31 And thank you.

10:19:31 >> Thank you.

10:19:35 Next.

10:19:35 >> Mr. Chairman and other members of the Community

10:19:43 Redevelopment Agency, I'm Al Davis, a community policy

10:19:54 advocate, and I'm from East Tampa.

10:20:00 Mr. Chairman, I have a communication in the style of a

10:20:06 petition that I sent to you all earlier, and I would like to

10:20:10 present this one for the record.

10:20:36 And I ask that you receive it for file and for subsequent

10:20:40 action.

10:20:41 The petition, Mr. Chairman, is to ask that the auditor of

10:20:59 the City of Tampa to take a look at East Tampa CRA.

10:21:07 That is the area.

10:21:10 I won't belabor the time.

10:21:15 I think the petition kind of speaks for itself.

10:21:17 And I hope you will give it just consideration.

10:21:21 Thank you very much.

10:21:23 And best wishes to you all.

10:21:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, sir.

10:21:27 Next?

10:21:27 >> Good morning.

10:21:31 My name is Joe Chillura, I'm an architect.

10:21:34 And our family has had businesses in Ybor City for over 50

10:21:38 years.

10:21:38 My dad was a builder, they owned Fifth Avenue builders

10:21:44 supply and also Gulf mill works.

10:21:46 I'm a stockholder in U.S. Ameribank, and we made a

10:21:54 contribution at the old Columbia bank.

10:21:56 So our interest in Ybor City has been long and very sincere,

10:22:01 and the only thing I would like to say is, how do you spell

10:22:04 relief?

10:22:06 Septima.

10:22:10 Change the sign to make it correct, because I think

10:22:12 everything Fran said is correct, and it's not a major

10:22:19 imposition.

10:22:19 It certainly would be in the community and Ybor City's

10:22:21 historic interest to have the correct spelling.

10:22:23 Thank you for your time.

10:22:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you very much.

10:22:29 Mr. Pardo?

10:22:32 I want to ask you one question.

10:22:33 And then throw the conversation -- when you are finished to

10:22:39 everyone, feedback on what direction we want to go.

10:22:42 Do you have a cost associated with the T signs replacement?

10:22:48 >>VINCE PARDO: In the staff report that was submit towed,

10:22:51 there were some quotes that were given.

10:22:53 And what I did was attach the 2009 staff report that

10:22:57 provided to council and attached to that were some price

10:23:00 quotes for certain options and modification of the signs.

10:23:05 And more recently, the public works department has submitted

10:23:09 another cost estimate, immediately behind the staff report.

10:23:16 We have an e-mail from Mr. Carter, and as far as changing

10:23:20 out the signs at a cost of $171.507 per sign.

10:23:28 171.57.

10:23:30 That would be the cost of actually change the name so it

10:23:35 would be on there.

10:23:35 >>FRANK REDDICK: How many signs are on there?

10:23:39 >> As of this morning, we had one felled by a car.

10:23:41 As of this morning there are ten standing signs that carry

10:23:44 this particular name.

10:23:45 Anyone that is not standing, there are some blanks out there

10:23:49 now, that we will be replacing, so that replacement cost

10:23:53 would have workshop meeting happen anyway.

10:23:56 So ten signs would be modified.

10:24:01 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:24:01 Mr. Chairman, I sat here and listened to all that came up

10:24:07 and made some wonderful points.

10:24:09 And in essence I was recommend in addition about my whole

10:24:13 life, how we got, where are we, where do we come from, how

10:24:19 do we evolve to where we are?

10:24:21 It's because of those immigrants who came more than likely

10:24:25 will never happen in the whole world.

10:24:28 It happened to happened in a place called Ybor City because

10:24:31 of people like MARCELLA mer said a, the Nunez family, and

10:24:39 his father and uncle worked at the Columbia, and then his

10:24:42 uncle oh worked at cafe PEPE.

10:24:47 It happened because we had our own language.

10:24:49 It was never written, it was never explained, it was never

10:24:52 even thought of being a language.

10:24:55 Most of my friends, I never knew their names, although I

10:24:58 grew up with them.

10:25:09 (Speaking Spanish)

10:25:10 What in the world did I say?

10:25:11 That is in no book. I don't care if it's from Spain, Italy,

10:25:16 down Chile.

10:25:17 It's unexplainable what happened there.

10:25:21 For instance, the Ford was never a Ford.

10:25:22 It was a papingo. The Chevrolet was never a Chevrolet.

10:25:28 It was a cheviloco. The curb was never a curb.

10:25:31 (Speaking Spanish)

10:25:34 These are the things that I remember growing up.

10:25:40 And a tear went Mr. Nunez's eyes.

10:25:49 I understand why. Because he was talking from the heart and

10:25:49 how he was brought it in and saw something that will never

10:25:54 be seen again in my estimation.

10:25:57 It is a group of people that wanted to come here and do

10:25:59 something better, not for themselves but for their families.

10:26:03 And to have them have a better opportunity.

10:26:05 And that's what brought all of this together.

10:26:08 What happened to the Barcelona restaurant?

10:26:14 What happened to the Cuba cafe?

10:26:17 What happened to QUEBLOS whereof a mayor named Nuccio would

10:26:25 hold court there at 5:30 and people would get up to see the

10:26:29 mayor at 5:30.

10:26:30 They would walk.

10:26:31 There was no money for transportation.

10:26:34 They had a streetcar system through the whole city second to

10:26:37 none in the world.

10:26:40 All these places meant something to a lot of us.

10:26:44 They are not there now due to time changes, and different

10:26:47 things that have happened.

10:26:50 It leads me to believe in my own mind that La Septima and La

10:26:57 Setima -- and it's hard to understand when you say Septima

10:26:59 and Setima.

10:27:01 It really means 7.

10:27:03 And if you ask anybody in Ybor City -- not many of us are

10:27:06 still around my age -- they would tell you that it means

10:27:13 7th.

10:27:15 Columbus Drive used to be Michigan Avenue.

10:27:18 There was only one problem.

10:27:19 They couldn't say Michigan.

10:27:21 So they named it la Michiga.

10:27:26 So we had a system of communication that was second to none.

10:27:31 My house number, telephone number was 44-4064.

10:27:36 I memorized everything about Ybor City.

10:27:38 Fernandez and Garcia was one of the largest department

10:27:41 stores in the City of Tampa at that time.

10:27:45 The Floridan Hotel was the tallest building in the City of

10:27:51 Tampa.

10:27:53 Things have come around.

10:27:57 A lot of people say, people would say, is this guy crazy?

10:27:59 Some of you know what la arga was.

10:28:04 It's Channelside now, where the rats were bigger than the

10:28:09 cats.

10:28:09 These are things that you have to live here, be born here to

10:28:12 understand where you come from, and, you know, I see all

10:28:17 these things, and you know Nick Nuccio spoke three

10:28:23 languages: English, Spanish, and Spanglish, whatever it

10:28:28 was.

10:28:29 It was more likely one of the greatest mayors.

10:28:35 And it's incumbent to us to understand right or wrong, I

10:28:39 don't know who is right and I don't know hop is wrong, but

10:28:43 it's sog just something that takes an enormous amount of

10:28:48 understanding, why is it that way?

10:28:52 No one will ever know why.

10:28:54 Ybor City is so unique and so special, and so different.

10:28:58 And if you look at the people who come from there that have

10:29:02 become great doctors, scientists, lawyers, engineers,

10:29:07 without their parents ever having an education in some

10:29:10 degrees, to some aspect, it's just an amazing thing the

10:29:15 amount of talent in sports that come out of the housing

10:29:19 projects and areas where the parents couldn't speak any

10:29:24 language, because they had a second or third-grade

10:29:28 education.

10:29:28 And that was my family and your family, in most part.

10:29:32 Not all of us.

10:29:33 Don't get me wrong when I say that.

10:29:35 But I look at this.

10:29:37 And it's not the cost.

10:29:38 We paid $50 a brick to do something.

10:29:42 Put your name on a brick.

10:29:53 I can't support the changing of a sign that makes Ybor City

10:29:56 even more unique, more mystique, more intriguing as the time

10:30:03 goes, because those characters that I grew up with are no

10:30:06 longer there.

10:30:07 When you talk about the Columbia and the families of Baluha.

10:30:14 I will never for get one guy, and I asked the fellow who

10:30:18 introduced me, I said you never told me his name.

10:30:21 He said I don't know his name but we call him quad row PELO,

10:30:27 and translated that means four hairs.

10:30:29 He had one hair here, two, three and four.

10:30:32 And this was his name.

10:30:33 I worked with all the fellows in the Columbia in the 50s.

10:30:37 I didn't know their names.

10:30:38 I knew them by a nickname.

10:30:40 And that's how they would respond.

10:30:44 In the kitchen, all those individuals.

10:30:48 They would work 60 to 70 hours a week.

10:30:51 And you think now working 40 is tough?

10:30:54 Try living how they lived and what they had to do to make

10:30:57 your life and their live better and the sacrifices they made

10:31:00 and what they would do today in this issue you are.

10:31:04 Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman.

10:31:05 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Suarez.

10:31:07 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.

10:31:09 Thank you, Mr. Miranda.

10:31:10 Because one of the things that we know about the City of

10:31:12 Tampa is that chair Miranda is the only person on this

10:31:18 council that was born and raised in Ybor City, and it's

10:31:22 interesting about the history of Tampa.

10:31:24 We have so many different things.

10:31:27 I was laughing probably louder than anyone on the council

10:31:29 when he was mentioning all the names and people that we

10:31:32 know, our father's best man in his wedding was Manga Mocha.

10:31:41 And we still call him that.

10:31:43 There are lots of things that our colloquialisms and unique

10:31:47 parts of Tampa that are not going to go away.

10:31:49 Not as long as we have folks like Charlie Miranda, like Mary

10:31:54 Alvarez and Joe Chillura and some of the other people here.

10:31:57 I'm very proud to know we had three of our former council

10:32:01 people come here today to talk, and very happy with the

10:32:03 turnout that we had from the people that want to change the

10:32:06 signs.

10:32:08 To paraphrase Shakespeare, you know, a street by any other

10:32:12 name is still a street.

10:32:14 But it means more than that.

10:32:15 And I think that the point made by all the proponents of

10:32:19 this particular change are very clear that the Spanish

10:32:24 language is something that there is a line drawn between

10:32:28 what is correct and what is not correct.

10:32:31 Ms. Capin, who had to leave early, made a very good point

10:32:34 that all Spanish is accepted by the Royal Academy of Spanish

10:32:38 in Spain.

10:32:40 But we pronounce words differently than people in Spain, as

10:32:43 do people in Puerto Rico and people in Mexico and that the

10:32:48 amalagram of all these different ascents and places still

10:32:55 come up to something other than what it was meant to be,

10:32:58 the Castillion in Spanish is not the same here as it is in

10:33:06 other parts of the world.

10:33:06 Sicilian is the only Italian language that is spoke here --

10:33:09 something a lot of people don't know -- that it's the only

10:33:09 place in the world that true Sicilian is spoken.

10:33:13 I learned this from a linguist at the University of Tampa.

10:33:16 I was shocked when I heard that because my grandmother, who

10:33:19 was Sicilian and my mother, they spoke a language that was

10:33:23 pure and not a bastardization, or at least I thought was,

10:33:29 until I heard from this linguist.

10:33:30 So there's a lot of things that we don't know about what has

10:33:33 transpired in the history of Tampa in terms of our language.

10:33:36 None of us are linguists here.

10:33:39 None of us are going to be able to argue the finer points of

10:33:43 Septima---or Setima.

10:33:57 I think it is not an unreasonable request.

10:33:59 I used to like the colloquialism of Setima, not because I

10:34:07 knew it was right because I knew it was something born out

10:34:09 of Ybor City, something unique and something that was

10:34:11 different than other cities.

10:34:12 And I still feel that way.

10:34:14 And I wish that there is -- and maybe we can talk about this

10:34:17 at some other date -- a way to recognize the fact that the

10:34:21 languages that made up this melting pot in Ybor City can be

10:34:27 celebrated, that those things that Mr. Miranda talked about

10:34:33 is what makes Tampa unique.

10:34:36 It's not just one part of it.

10:34:38 It is all of it.

10:34:39 When we talked earlier about the Cuban sandwich -- and you

10:34:44 are right, Mr. Nunez, it is sandwich and not sangwich.

10:34:52 I found out early in my college life that it is not theater

10:34:59 but theater.

10:34:59 So there are lofts things we say and do why we don't realize

10:35:03 why we say and do them.

10:35:04 I am going support changing the name.

10:35:06 I think that the hardest part for us is finding those

10:35:10 dollars either within our CRA budget or somewhere else to

10:35:13 try to change these.

10:35:14 I know that with some of the changes that we are going to

10:35:18 do, I think it's important.

10:35:20 History is written by the winners of wars.

10:35:24 This is not a war.

10:35:26 We want a Cuban sandwich war but we won't go there.

10:35:30 And this is much more, I think, civil than a war.

10:35:35 It's about where we want to go as a city in the future.

10:35:38 But I don't think that this has anything to do with

10:35:43 destroying our past.

10:35:44 And I think that all of us recognize that.

10:35:46 And those people who are third, fourth and fifth generations

10:35:51 like myself understand that the history is still going to be

10:35:54 there.

10:35:54 The history lives in our minds and in our hearts, in the way

10:35:57 thatch we look at our parents and our grandparents and our

10:36:00 children, and that won't change.

10:36:02 And that hopefully will never change.

10:36:05 Thank you, chair, nor time.

10:36:06 >>MARY MULHERN: I voted on this a few years ago, in support

10:36:14 of change to the what I believe is the common and correct

10:36:16 spelling in Spanish.

10:36:20 From my 8th grade Spanish that I had, I had one semester

10:36:24 of Spanish in my life, which I regret of a everything moved

10:36:30 here.

10:36:30 I think that pronunciation is individual and different and

10:36:37 colloquialisms, and so I think continue to say Septima and

10:36:46 that's fine.

10:36:47 Mr. Miranda, if you have a Tampa native show, you should be

10:36:51 a future guest and talk about that.

10:36:54 But I think it doesn't present the problem which all of the

10:37:00 people who came and spoke today made.

10:37:02 You can't really -- a street sign is a street sign so you

10:37:10 can't reference it and say why you are presenting something

10:37:14 which looks like a misspelling and which to me is a

10:37:18 misspelling.

10:37:19 I support changing it.

10:37:20 And while we are at it hopefully it won't cost any more to

10:37:23 add the accent to the E which appears to be the correct

10:37:28 spelling, if we are going to look it up and make sure

10:37:32 that -- once we change it, then we are spelling it

10:37:36 correctly.

10:37:36 >>HARRY COHEN: I actually completely concur with

10:37:44 Councilwoman Mulhern.

10:37:45 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

10:37:55 Bob, let me ask you a question.

10:37:59 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Yes, sir.

10:38:03 I'm a little surprised with the way that Mr. Suarez is very

10:38:06 impressed by my Spanish accent.

10:38:09 He has not asked my opinion.

10:38:10 Mr. Miranda, when I speak to him in Spanish, basically

10:38:13 ignores me until I go a wait a minute but Mr. Suarez is more

10:38:15 than happy to correct me and humiliate me.

10:38:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well --

10:38:22 >>MIKE SUAREZ: You say paella.

10:38:26 >> Where would the funds come from here?

10:38:29 >> I'm assuming from the Ybor City CRA.

10:38:31 >>FRANK REDDICK: And do we have a total bottom line dollar

10:38:36 cost?

10:38:37 >>BOB McDONAUGH: From what has been said it sounded like

10:38:41 around $2,000.

10:38:42 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Pardo, ising that that something the

10:38:48 CRA has or can achieve if that's case?

10:38:52 >>VINCE PARDO: We have a signage line item.

10:38:54 I have a whole punch list for transportation department and

10:38:57 public works as far as signs.

10:39:02 The saltwater produce, a truck hit it and broke it so we are

10:39:06 doing a lost repairs to signs that have been damaged in some

10:39:08 way.

10:39:13 One comment.

10:39:20 It was pretty lengthy.

10:39:22 One of the recommendations, you heard the same kind of

10:39:26 discussions at that point plus some other views, and votes

10:39:31 are as good as who is at the table, just like elections.

10:39:37 At that time the chamber did support the last proposal as

10:39:40 the museum society did.

10:39:41 As you are aware in the staff report, I didn't write

10:39:43 anything new.

10:39:45 I Jay Feaster gave you the 2009 staff report which had all

10:39:48 the opinions and every e-mail that I had in my office.

10:39:51 I'm sure there's more.

10:39:52 This is what we had on record in our office.

10:39:55 But one thing that I think is important to go forward, and

10:40:00 your vote is fine, an Ybor City native from Ballast Point,

10:40:05 I'm here as city staff person, and my report is as objective

10:40:08 as I can make that report.

10:40:09 I want to make that clear.

10:40:10 But I just want you to know at no time was there any

10:40:13 discussion to create bilingual signs in Tampa or Ybor City.

10:40:19 It was only a proposal of how the community referred to

10:40:24 7th Avenue.

10:40:25 Okay.

10:40:25 There are no reference of signs for second Avenue, third

10:40:29 Avenue, fourth Avenue, anything up to Columbus drive for

10:40:32 doing that.

10:40:32 It was strictly a reference of a place, okay, not a

10:40:37 bilingual sign as far as I would deal with that kind of

10:40:39 thing.

10:40:40 One of the proposals you saw in 2009, those options were

10:40:44 just remove it.

10:40:46 The reference was a place, and how the majority, who was at

10:40:50 the table at the time, the 2009 with the YCDC.

10:40:54 So there is an option of actually replace it with nothing

10:40:57 other than 7th Avenue.

10:40:59 So we will carry on with.

10:41:03 This money to me is a negligible issue.

10:41:08 We are preparing signs.

10:41:09 So if we are going to do it, now is the time to do it as a

10:41:12 contract is going forward.

10:41:13 >>FRANK REDDICK: Do we have a motion?

10:41:15 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mr. Chair, I'll motion that we go with

10:41:18 option 2, that it was provided in Mr. Pardo's staff report,

10:41:24 that is to remove la Setima from the lower portion of the

10:41:31 street Ft. Myers and a blank containing the same line design

10:41:35 that appears on the other signs with the correct spelling.

10:41:39 In la Septima on the P and the accent on the E to make it

10:41:48 correct in spelling.

10:41:48 And having a mixed marriage, my mother is Neapolitan, my

10:41:57 father is Sicilian and the language was subjective in my

10:42:00 household.

10:42:02 So I would motion that we replace those blade signs with the

10:42:09 correct spelling for the amount indicated in the report.

10:42:13 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I'll second.

10:42:19 >>VINCE PARDO: Option 2 of the 2009 report is not to

10:42:22 replace.

10:42:26 It is to insert a blank.

10:42:32 The report which is very recent as far as the cost of doing

10:42:35 that.

10:42:35 I want to make sure we are clear.

10:42:36 The blank would not appear anywhere.

10:42:38 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Right.

10:42:40 We are replacing what's there now, in some cases, it's

10:42:44 mission, so there is a blank there.

10:42:46 So it's to replace all the signs, those that are blank and

10:42:50 those that are there with la Septima.

10:43:02 >> On one side it reads this way.

10:43:04 On the other side it's here so we don't have a single blade

10:43:07 and double blade.

10:43:08 So the correction of the upper right, with the insertion of

10:43:16 Septima.

10:43:24 >> Right.

10:43:24 With the accent.

10:43:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Further discussion on the motion?

10:43:28 All in favor?

10:43:29 Opposed?

10:43:32 The motion passes 5 to 1.

10:43:37 [ Applause ]

10:43:45 Anything else, Mr. Pardo?

10:43:47 >>BOB McDONAUGH: That's the conclusion. Report but I'm

10:43:50 assuming this action would have to go to City Council for a

10:43:53 change in the ordinance.

10:43:53 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

10:43:55 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Thank you.

10:43:57 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

10:44:00 Any other business?

10:44:02 Mr. Suarez?

10:44:03 >>MIKE SUAREZ: No new business.

10:44:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: None, sir.

10:44:06 >>MARY MULHERN: No.

10:44:08 >>HARRY COHEN: No.

10:44:10 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No, sir.

10:44:12 >>FRANK REDDICK: I just want to introduce and announce to

10:44:16 everybody that the intern that I had my office working with

10:44:21 me, she graduated from the University of South Florida this

10:44:23 past few days ago, and she is here, and Karen, would you

10:44:29 stand and come and say a word or two before we adjourn?

10:44:37 Sarah Lambert, University of South Florida intern just

10:44:40 graduated this last Tuesday or Wednesday.

10:44:43 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I think it was last Thursday.

10:44:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: So Sarah, congratulations and we thank you

10:44:54 for the time that you assisted us down here at City Hall.

10:44:59 And you know you have got a bright future.

10:45:01 Would you like to say a word or two?

10:45:03 >> Thank you very much for the opportunity to do the

10:45:05 internship.

10:45:06 I know that all of us really enjoyed it especially

10:45:09 considering many of us were not actually political science

10:45:12 majors.

10:45:12 I think we also learned a lot about the legislative process

10:45:15 during our time here.

10:45:17 Thank you.

10:45:17 >>FRANK REDDICK: And we finally got you on TV.

10:45:24 Receive and file.

10:45:25 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Motion to receive and file.

10:45:27 >> Second.

10:45:28 >>FRANK REDDICK: All those in favor?

10:45:30 We stand adjourned for five minutes.

10:45:37 >>> (CRA adjourned)


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