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Thursday, June 28, 2012
9:00 a.m.

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8:48:02AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to order.
9:05:15AM The Chair yields to Mr. Harry Cohen.
9:05:18AM >>HARRY COHEN: Good morning.
9:05:18AM Thank you, Mr. Chair.
9:05:21AM We are very pleased and honored to have with us this morning
9:05:26AM the Reverend Dr. James Harnish, Hyde Park Methodist church.
9:05:36AM He is a native of Pennsylvania who married into Florida when
9:05:39AM he married Marsha, a native of St. Petersburg.
9:05:42AM They have two daughters and two grandchildren.
9:05:44AM Please join him and rise for the invocation, followed by the

9:05:48AM Pledge of Allegiance.
9:05:51AM >> As you prepare us for the onslaught of the events of
9:05:54AM August, the words of John Winthrop written in 1630 seemed to
9:05:59AM be appropriate for us today.
9:06:00AM Now, the only way to provide for our posterity is to follow
9:06:05AM the Counsel of Micah, to do justly, to love mercy, to walk
9:06:11AM humbly with our God.
9:06:13AM For this end, we must be knit together in this work as one.
9:06:18AM We must entertain each other with brotherly affection.
9:06:21AM We must be willing to abridge ourselves of our
9:06:24AM superfluities, for the supply of others necessities.
9:06:29AM We must uphold our commerce with meekness, gentleness,
9:06:33AM patience and liberality.
9:06:35AM We must delight in each other and make other's conditions
9:06:40AM our own.
9:06:41AM Rejoice together, mourn together, labor and suffer together,
9:06:45AM always having before our eyes our commission and community
9:06:50AM in our work.
9:06:51AM For we must consider that we shall be a city upon a hill.
9:06:56AM The eyes of all people shall be upon us, so that if we
9:07:01AM shall deal falsely with our God in this work which we have
9:07:04AM undertaken and so cause him to withdraw his presence and
9:07:08AM help from us, we shall be made a byword through this world.
9:07:12AM May the fear that inspired the prophet, inspire these
9:07:16AM leaders in these days and in the days that are ahead.

9:07:20AM Amen.
9:07:50AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Roll call.
9:07:51AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.
9:07:53AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.
9:07:53AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.
9:07:56AM >>MARY MULHERN: Here.
9:07:57AM >>HARRY COHEN: Here.
9:07:59AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.
9:07:59AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
9:08:00AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay, I need a motion for adoption of the
9:08:03AM minutes of June 7th.
9:08:04AM Motion by Mr. Suarez, second by Ms. Montelione.
9:08:08AM All in favor please indicate by saying aye.
9:08:11AM The ayes have it unanimously.
9:08:11AM We now go to ceremony activities.
9:08:13AM First is a presentation to Patty Mira after 26 years of
9:08:17AM service with the city of Tampa in the real estate division.
9:08:20AM Ms. Montelione will handle that.
9:08:29AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Good morning, Council.
9:08:30AM It's my pleasure to welcome Patty Mira.
9:08:35AM As I enter my second year serving Tampa City Council, I have
9:08:41AM nothing but honor and respect for someone who has served the
9:08:44AM City of Tampa for 26 years.
9:08:48AM >> Thank you.

9:08:50AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: You're welcome.
9:08:51AM It's sometimes a thankless job, as you well know.
9:08:54AM And being in real estate, isn't the shiny sexy thing.
9:09:00AM It's a lot of work, a lot of research.
9:09:02AM A lot of negotiation.
9:09:04AM And a lot of patience, I might add.
9:09:07AM I would venture to say that Ms. Mira has touched many
9:09:12AM projects that often people don't recognize.
9:09:15AM But some of them have to do with transportation.
9:09:18AM Some of them have to do with Tampa Police Department.
9:09:21AM With our parking services.
9:09:23AM With so many things, even the lands that CAMLS from USF sits
9:09:28AM on today, wouldn't be nearly as possible if you hadn't
9:09:32AM forged the way with the purchase of that property many, many
9:09:35AM years ago.
9:09:36AM That enabled us to have that beautiful facility where it
9:09:40AM stands today.
9:09:40AM So, with that I'd like to present you with this commendation
9:09:44AM from City Council.
9:09:45AM And I'm going to read this briefly, so excuse me for reading
9:09:49AM off the beautiful plaque that you'll cherish.
9:09:55AM In recognition of your 26 years of dedicated services, the
9:09:58AM real estate contract specialist for the City of Tampa, you
9:10:02AM may be retiring on June 29, 2012, but your impact on the
9:10:05AM city will continue to be realized long after you are no

9:10:08AM longer at your desk.
9:10:09AM Your diligence in the field of real estate and acquisitions
9:10:14AM for all city departments has helped define the current
9:10:18AM city's appearance and function and will leave your mark on
9:10:22AM the city's infrastructure.
9:10:24AM You have clearly demonstrated your commitment throughout
9:10:26AM many years of dedicated service.
9:10:28AM Patty, you have always presented yourself as a true
9:10:30AM professional and an asset to the City of Tampa.
9:10:34AM And it is with pleasure that Tampa City Council presents
9:10:36AM this commendation and our best wishes on your retirement.
9:10:40AM >> Thank you.
9:10:41AM Beautiful words.
9:10:45AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: You're welcome.
9:10:45AM [ Applause ]
9:10:50AM >> I'm humbled by those words.
9:10:52AM I can only say that it's been an absolute pleasure to work
9:10:57AM with the city.
9:10:58AM I feel that the city is my home away from home, my family.
9:11:04AM I've been privileged to work transactions in every
9:11:08AM department, so every department, I love all of you.
9:11:11AM Wonderful professional people.
9:11:14AM My real estate division has been my constant -- I love my,
9:11:19AM the people I work with.
9:11:20AM We have a new manager and she's just going to be perfect, I

9:11:26AM know.
9:11:26AM But I couldn't have done anything without the support of the
9:11:29AM real estate division and our department.
9:11:33AM Thank you so much for your kind words.
9:11:35AM I am humbled by this honor.
9:11:37AM Thank you.
9:11:39AM [ Applause ]
9:11:46AM >> Bob McDonaugh, economic development.
9:11:48AM Ms. Mira and I actually worked in commercial real estate
9:11:52AM before she joined the city.
9:11:54AM This was when Donald Trump had real hair.
9:11:57AM >> I had red hair then.
9:11:58AM Or was it blond?
9:11:59AM [ Laughter ]
9:12:00AM >> BOB MCDONAUGH: But one of the things Ms. Maya does, she
9:12:04AM has maintained very strong relationships with the commercial
9:12:06AM brokerage industry.
9:12:07AM And it's helped the City of Tampa through the years when
9:12:11AM they're doing professional transactions with that industry.
9:12:13AM So, that is an extra thing that she brought to the table and
9:12:17AM has maintained all these years.
9:12:19AM >> Thank you, Mr. McDonaugh.
9:12:22AM [ Applause ]
9:12:28AM >> Mr. Miranda.
9:12:29AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me just say I've known Patty for a

9:12:31AM long, long time.
9:12:33AM Her husband Roy has been a friend of mine since we were
9:12:36AM little boys.
9:12:37AM And the only thing that I can say that public may not be
9:12:41AM aware of, is that you weathered Eddie Caballero and Charlie
9:12:45AM Miranda.
9:12:46AM And one thing, we used to play dominoes.
9:12:49AM Don't play dominoes with Patty.
9:12:51AM She'll whip you.
9:12:52AM [ Laughter ]
9:12:53AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So I learned my lessons and I appreciate
9:12:55AM very much the years of service that you have given to the
9:12:58AM city.
9:12:59AM But all your friends and the friendship that you have with
9:13:01AM this community, thank you very much.
9:13:04AM >> Thank you very much.
9:13:04AM And I forgot to say that I started at City Council, didn't
9:13:07AM I?
9:13:08AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, you did.
9:13:09AM You forget some of the good things.
9:13:11AM [ Laughter ]
9:13:13AM >> Thank you again.
9:13:14AM I really appreciate it.
9:13:16AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you so much for everything.
9:13:17AM [ Applause ]

9:13:22AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number two would be a commendation
9:13:25AM for Maya Patel.
9:13:27AM Who is a student here at Liberty Middle School and the
9:13:31AM presentation of this fine award, something that she's done
9:13:35AM that I know that I could never do.
9:13:37AM Ms. Montelione would handle that.
9:13:39AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I can echo those words, chair.
9:13:41AM There's not a chance in the world that I'd be able to
9:13:45AM accomplish what this young lady has at such a young age.
9:13:49AM Maya is an eighth grade student at Liberty Middle School in
9:13:56AM Tampa Palms.
9:13:56AM At the time of her competition, but will now be a freshman,
9:14:01AM she's moving on to Freedom High School.
9:14:03AM She's Tampa very own geography wiz kid.
9:14:07AM Her and her parents, who are here this morning, are here to
9:14:11AM help us celebrate this momentous occasion.
9:14:15AM She on March 30th competed at the state geography bee finals
9:14:22AM in Jacksonville.
9:14:23AM This is the third time in four years that she made it to
9:14:26AM this competition, competing against 99 other students.
9:14:29AM She finally won her first state geography bee.
9:14:33AM Doing see earned her a cash prize and a trip for her and her
9:14:37AM family to the national geography bee in Washington, D.C.
9:14:41AM While in DC, Maya can competed for several days at the
9:14:45AM national geography bee and broadcast live on the national

9:14:48AM geographic channel.
9:14:49AM While we have our little TV show here every week in the City
9:14:53AM of Tampa, we have an actual national TV star with us this
9:14:56AM morning.
9:14:57AM She was on the air with host Alec Trebek.
9:15:02AM And he was the moderator on that final night Maya graciously
9:15:06AM represented her school and our great City of Tampa at the
9:15:10AM competition.
9:15:11AM Now, we need to give credit to Mya's parents, because if it
9:15:16AM weren't for them, we may not have been there today.
9:15:18AM Mr. and Mrs. Patel started her love of geography when she
9:15:21AM was just in the fourth grade and she began competing the
9:15:24AM following year in the fifth grade.
9:15:26AM During her lead-up, to nationals, she spent at least 25
9:15:30AM hours a week.
9:15:32AM >> At least.
9:15:33AM >> At least.
9:15:33AM After school, studying maps and going through geography and
9:15:37AM history books at home.
9:15:38AM She spent four hours a day during the week and seven to
9:15:41AM eight hours on the weekends.
9:15:43AM Talk about being focused and disciplined.
9:15:46AM Now, it is my pleasure to commend you with this
9:15:51AM presentation.
9:15:52AM It really, compared to this beautiful little --

9:15:57AM >> This is the choker you got in Jacksonville.
9:16:00AM >> Well, we have this nice plaque.
9:16:02AM I want to say today we recognize you outstanding academic
9:16:05AM accomplishment in competing in and winning the Florida state
9:16:08AM geography bee the countless hours you spent studying and
9:16:11AM preparing for this competition and the grace with which you
9:16:14AM represented the City of Tampa.
9:16:15AM You exemplify academic excellence and inspire others with
9:16:20AM your tireless work and demonstration.
9:16:21AM Your trait reflect your true character and will ensure your
9:16:24AM success through high school and beyond.
9:16:26AM On this day, Thursday, June 28th, 2012, it is with great
9:16:31AM pleasure that Tampa City Council presents to you this
9:16:35AM commendation honoring your great accomplishment and wishes
9:16:37AM you well in the future endeavors and competitions.
9:16:41AM >> Thank you.
9:16:42AM [ Applause ]
9:16:49AM >> Just before our Council meeting started, mark gust Garcia
9:16:54AM and I were talking with Maya and her family about what the
9:16:58AM most difficult question was.
9:16:59AM I dare say I'm not sure many could answer this question.
9:17:02AM So Maya, what was your question and how did you study for
9:17:08AM this competition?
9:17:09AM >> Well, the final question that I had that's pretty much
9:17:13AM sealed the state chime win was what is the newest country to

9:17:17AM join the Eurozone.
9:17:18AM A Baltic nation.
9:17:20AM We had only 12 seconds to come up with the answer.
9:17:22AM The correct answer was Estonia.
9:17:26AM My second runner up said Lithuania.
9:17:33AM The answer was Estonia.
9:17:35AM That's how I won.
9:17:36AM The best part, my love for traveling and visiting new places
9:17:39AM is what got me started with geography.
9:17:42AM From then on, the competition is easier for me.
9:17:46AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's wonderful.
9:17:47AM I know that you'll continue on and just have a beautiful
9:17:51AM bright future.
9:17:52AM I just wish that all students could take Maya as an example
9:17:56AM and just show what hard work can do and focus can do for
9:18:01AM your academic career.
9:18:03AM I know I was tweeting about it, so I think a lot of us were
9:18:07AM watching you on TV.
9:18:09AM >> The final finishing I got was 13th place in the nation.
9:18:14AM >> That's phenomenal.
9:18:15AM Thank you, Maya.
9:18:17AM And thank you Mr. and Mrs. Patel for being here this
9:18:21AM morning.
9:18:23AM [ Applause ]
9:18:29AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay, let me just make an announcement

9:18:31AM that today will be our last meeting.
9:18:33AM We go in recess until July the 19th.
9:18:35AM And we're going to try to stick