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Thursday, July 26, 2012

CRA Meeting


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09:08:17 >>FRANK REDDICK: Good morning.

09:08:19 We are going to call this Community Redevelopment Agency

09:08:22 meeting to order.

09:08:23 But before we do that we are going to yield to Councilman

09:08:26 Cohen.

09:08:26 >>HARRY COHEN: Good morning.

09:08:29 Thank you, Mr. Chair.

09:08:30 It is my pleasure to introduce my friend Rabbi Joel Simons

09:08:35 this morning.

09:08:36 He has been the associate rabbi at congregation Schaarai

09:08:38 Zedek, the largest in Tampa and one of the largest in the

09:08:47 southeast United States.

09:08:48 Please join him for the prayer and remain standing for the

09:08:50 pledge of allegiance.

09:08:51 >> In the Jewish religion we read the first five books of

09:08:59 the Bible, general success, exodus, Deuteronomy, on a yearly

09:09:05 cycle, reading the entirety of the five books every year,

09:09:08 and then every synagogue around the world on a given week,

09:09:11 everyone is reading the same section.

09:09:14 This past weekend we finished the book of numbers, and we

09:09:21 recite the Hebrew words.

09:09:26 Be strong, be strong, so that we all may be strengthened.

09:09:32 As we stand here this morning we turn to you, the source of

09:09:35 thanks, to ask that we may be a source of strength for

09:09:39 others.

09:09:40 This past week, our nation faced a great tragedy, and in an

09:09:46 act of violence that seems all too common our safety has

09:09:49 been brought into question as has the goodness of humidity.

09:09:54 We take this as an opportunity to remember, to pray for the

09:10:00 health of those who survived, for the well-being of all of

09:10:03 their families and those who care for them, and to express

09:10:07 our gratitude to those whose job it is to risk their lives

09:10:12 to protect our safety.

09:10:15 Yet we know that in the face of evil we maintain the ability

09:10:18 to do good, in the face of tragedy we maintain the ability

09:10:23 to comfort, and in the face of adversity we maintain the

09:10:27 ability to become stronger.

09:10:30 As we ask for strength and comfort for our country and our

09:10:34 world, we also ask for strength, comfort and wisdom for this

09:10:39 City Council as they work for the safety and well-being of

09:10:42 our city we ask for their safety and well-being as well.

09:10:46 Guide them with the wisdom to make difficult decisions while

09:10:50 remaining fair and compassionate.

09:10:54 And, grant them the strength to be a source of strength for

09:11:01 one another and for this great city.

09:11:02 Blessed are you, O God, the source of strength.

09:11:05 Amen.

09:11:06 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]

09:11:37 (roll call)

09:11:39 (Present: Reddick, Suarez, Cohen, Capin).

09:11:58 >> Good morning and thank you, Mr. Chair.

09:12:03 We are honored today to present a commendation to Tampa

09:12:06 Police Department Officer of the Month for July 2012,

09:12:12 detective Timothy Degusipe.

09:12:23 >> Jane Castor: We have a seasoned detective who comes to

09:12:29 work and works hard every day to reduce crime in our city.

09:12:34 And each month when I come forward, I talk about some of the

09:12:41 larger crimes that our office have been able to fall, and I

09:12:44 wish that I would quantify all of the crimes that he has

09:12:47 prevented.

09:12:48 You know, I can talk about our statistics.

09:12:50 We have reduced crime by over 64% in the city.

09:12:53 We have reduced auto theft by over 90%.

09:12:55 We went from a high of 79 homicides in 1986 to 20 in 2009,

09:13:03 but to be able to come before you and say that these

09:13:06 individuals were not victims of crime because of the actions

09:13:11 of Tim Degusipe and the rest of the men and women of the

09:13:14 Tampa Police Department would be wonderful.

09:13:15 What I am going to do is highlight a few of the cases that

09:13:18 he has been involved in.

09:13:20 He's very, very successful because he has the ability to

09:13:24 easily build relationships and rapport with the citizens and

09:13:28 really anybody and everybody, and then he is incredibly

09:13:32 tenacious.

09:13:33 Once he gets a case he doesn't stop until it's solved.

09:13:37 Somewhat back we had an unfortunate incident where an eight

09:13:40 month old baby died.

09:13:42 The mother was a suspect in that death.

09:13:44 When she was interviewed, the detectives weren't able to get

09:13:47 any information from her.

09:13:50 The detective in charge of that case found out that Tim knew

09:13:55 this individual and had a rapport with her, so he was

09:13:58 brought in to interview her and was able to get her to

09:14:01 confess to abusing that child and ultimately causing the

09:14:05 death of that young baby.

09:14:08 Also some months back there was a home invasion in South

09:14:10 Tampa, a woman sitting in her apartment, door was kicked in,

09:14:14 suspect came in, demanding money, she said she didn't have

09:14:17 any.

09:14:18 He beat her pretty severely, was able to get some money from

09:14:22 there and ran out of the apartment and was not apprehended

09:14:26 that night.

09:14:27 In short order, Tim was able to identify the suspect.

09:14:31 He authored a search warrant and went into the individual's

09:14:35 home where he found evidence of the crime, put out a warrant

09:14:38 for him, and the individual had left town and was arrested

09:14:41 in Jacksonville.

09:14:42 The suspect probably found out that Tim was on the case and

09:14:45 decided to get of town quickly.

09:14:48 And then a crime that everyone is familiar with, but

09:14:52 unfortunately went nationwide, and reflect negatively on our

09:14:55 community, because this is not the kind of community that we

09:14:59 are, and that is in may, May 13th to be specific, there

09:15:05 was a robbery in South Tampa that all of you are aware of

09:15:08 where a soldier was attacked by four individuals and

09:15:11 viciously beaten.

09:15:13 Tim took that case on.

09:15:15 He immediately built a rapport with the soldier.

09:15:19 He stayed in constant contact with him.

09:15:22 He was able to reach out to his sources to get some

09:15:24 information.

09:15:25 Coupled with the video that was a little grainy, but at

09:15:28 least it was something to go on, he was able to identify

09:15:33 Jerome Lewis and harm on as potential suspects.

09:15:38 He went and interviewed Jerosh and got him to admit to the

09:15:44 crime and showed the soldier the video and he was able to

09:15:47 identify another one of the suspects out of the video.

09:15:52 He authored a search warrant for Lewis' residence and

09:15:56 recovered the clothing that he was wearing during that

09:15:58 attack, and also in his interview got Lewis to identify the

09:16:03 fourth suspect.

09:16:04 So he was able to identified and capture all of those

09:16:07 individuals in very, very short order.

09:16:10 It's unfortunate that that kind of a crime happened in our

09:16:13 city, because it define Tampa, but Tim, once he caught that

09:16:18 case I'm not sure he even went home but he was able to solve

09:16:22 it and I know the soldier is very, very thankful for all the

09:16:26 efforts as we are in the community.

09:16:27 So for these actions and for everything that he does every

09:16:30 day, it's my honor to name Tim Degusipe as Officer of the

09:16:39 Month.

09:16:40 [ Applause ]

09:16:42 >>FRANK REDDICK: We would like to present this commendation

09:16:47 to you and congratulate you on being selected Officer of the

09:16:49 Month of July 2012.

09:16:54 [ Applause ]

09:16:59 We have some goodies for you.

09:17:00 >> Joe Durkin on behalf of Bright House networks.

09:17:09 From all of us, thank you for the outstanding job that you

09:17:12 do every day.

09:17:13 Congratulations on your selection.

09:17:14 We would like to present you with one month complementary

09:17:17 service of all of our BrightHouse Network services.

09:17:21 Congratulations.

09:17:21 >> Thank you very much.

09:17:23 And I appreciate it.

09:17:23 >> Chip deblock with the Tampa PBA.

09:17:37 Congratulations on behalf of the Tampa PBA, a $100 gift

09:17:42 certificate.

09:17:44 >> Straz center.

09:17:55 Words cannot express our gratitude at the Straz and

09:17:58 especially benefit from great security help when serving

09:18:01 600,000 people a year, and we are truly grateful.

09:18:04 This is a voucher for tickets that haven't even been printed

09:18:08 yet to the coming Broadway season to see the new production

09:18:11 of Jekyll and Hyde.

09:18:14 If you have any trouble with the time or date give us a

09:18:17 call.

09:18:17 >>> Steve Stickley representing Stepp's towing, and Jim and

09:18:24 Judy and Todd step.

09:18:27 Tim, I have known you for how many years it's been.

09:18:30 I'm really happy to be here to present you this token of our

09:18:34 appreciation.

09:18:34 I know how hard you work down there being a resident south

09:18:38 of Gandy.

09:18:39 And I appreciate all you do.

09:18:44 We also have a gift card to Lee Roy Selmon's.

09:18:49 >> Thank you very much.

09:18:50 >> I'm Frank DeSoto with Bill Currie Ford representing curry

09:18:58 family and all of our employees.

09:19:00 Tim, congratulations.

09:19:01 We would like to present you with a watch as a token of our

09:19:05 appreciation for a job well done.

09:19:07 >> I'm always the guy that kind of gets a little laugh.

09:19:16 These are not really for you.

09:19:18 They are for the miss us, when you are saying you are late.

09:19:23 >> Not nervous, are you?

09:19:34 Steve Michelini here on behalf of a couple different folks

09:19:36 and I am going to ask my grandson Nicholas to come down here

09:19:40 and help me.

09:19:41 Nicholas, why don't you come over here?

09:19:45 I'm fortunate to have a great helper with me today, and he's

09:19:48 going to help me give you and your wife and your kids

09:19:50 something, I promise you there's something in here for your

09:19:53 kids but I am not going to tell you what it is.

09:19:55 You are going to have to open it up.

09:19:57 Nicholas, why don't you give to the them?

09:19:59 And give it to the mom.

09:20:04 She's going to get to go to Bern's steakhouse.

09:20:07 What do you think of that?

09:20:09 And there's something in in there for the boys.

09:20:12 See, all this stuff is going to mom and dad, and we figured

09:20:15 you guys would like something.

09:20:17 There's something in there for you.

09:20:18 On behalf of David laxer we would like to give you a gift

09:20:24 certificate to Bern's.

09:20:25 And I know how hard it is to get the guys to dress up but

09:20:28 they are going to have to dress up to get their portraits

09:20:31 taken with the rest of the family so prestige photos will

09:20:35 give you a portrait package for you and your family.

09:20:40 And congratulations.

09:20:46 And shake the boys' hands.

09:20:48 Thank you very much.

09:20:49 I couldn't have done it without him.

09:20:50 >> It's always an honor to be recognized in this fashion.

09:21:00 I want to thank Chief Castor, the rest of the staff for

09:21:05 recognizing me for this award.

09:21:07 It's hard to stand here and take credit for incidents like

09:21:11 these that are successful.

09:21:13 It's always about teamwork.

09:21:16 And so there's a lot of officers and other detectives that

09:21:19 have been involved in cases that I want to thank.

09:21:23 We stand here, and it gives you an opportunity to reflect

09:21:28 back and remind yourself why you wanted to be a law

09:21:31 enforcement officer and things you do to help the community

09:21:34 so that I'm more proud of that than anything else.

09:21:39 I want to thank my wife for always supporting me.

09:21:44 For two years with this police department I worked

09:21:48 midnights.

09:21:49 She never complained, always supported me.

09:21:51 I want to thank her for that.

09:21:54 I want to thank her for being down here today for me and to

09:21:57 support me, my two boys mark and John.

09:22:00 Very proud of you guys.

09:22:01 And for Chief Castor and major Katowski, the captain and

09:22:10 other members of the Tampa Police Department for being here

09:22:12 to support me today.

09:22:13 Thank you very much.

09:22:13 I appreciate it.

09:22:15 [ Applause ]

09:22:27 >>FRANK REDDICK: We would also like to take this

09:22:51 opportunity to recognize our firefighter for the quarter of

09:22:56 July 2012, and driver engineer Adam Lee, congratulations.

09:23:05 >> Thank you for being here.

09:23:11 On behalf of Chief Forward and the men and women of Tampa

09:23:14 Fire Rescue, Adam Meid is our firefighter of the quarter.

09:23:18 I know the chief regrets deeply not being here.

09:23:20 He's at the strategic planning conference to help

09:23:23 communities like ours, as well as ours, in evacuation

09:23:26 methods.

09:23:27 So it's something important but he really enjoys doing this

09:23:30 type of stuff to present to you the true heros of Tampa Fire

09:23:33 Rescue.

09:23:37 He's accompanied by his wife.

09:23:38 I have known driver engineer Adam Meid for quite some time,

09:23:43 and everything his supervisors talk about I saw first hand.

09:23:48 He used to work at the West Tampa fire station right next to

09:23:51 our maintenance shop and every time I would go in I would

09:23:54 say driver Meid working on the apparatus, with the and I

09:24:01 would say how can I get a driver like that?

09:24:03 He was usually taken by the other officers.

09:24:06 But this is what highlights many of the stuff that his

09:24:09 supervisors had talked about.

09:24:11 He is currently assigned to fire station number 17 which is

09:24:14 out on Davis Island, protect and covers the area around

09:24:19 Davis Island, and he is the primary operator of the fire

09:24:22 boat patriot.

09:24:23 Since we have gotten that, he has taken a passion to that

09:24:28 vessel, to make sure that not only that he understands how

09:24:31 it works but how each component operates, so if there are

09:24:35 any concerns or any problems, he fixes them.

09:24:38 And as his supervisors, an example he was driving past to

09:24:43 ensure Tampa Fire Rescue vehicles are always ready to

09:24:46 respond.

09:24:46 He spends countless hours working on the various component

09:24:49 of the patriot, and not only understanding how it works but

09:24:52 also fixing those needed elements when others have given up.

09:24:55 And that includes mechanics.

09:24:57 We have mechanics that would just give up, but he continues

09:25:01 to drive to make sure that that vessel is ready to respond.

09:25:05 Driver engineer Meid has given his needs and abilities to

09:25:10 make sure not only the patriot is available for life saving

09:25:12 services for the City of Tampa residents but also all the

09:25:15 other units that he has been assigned to over the years.

09:25:18 Additionally, his drive and passion continue into other

09:25:20 elements, you know, not traditionally seen by many

09:25:24 firefighters, but into the community as bell as his brother

09:25:28 and sister firefighters.

09:25:29 In September 2011, a fellow firefighter was severely injured

09:25:36 at the marine boot camp and he was paralyzed.

09:25:39 From that moment on driver Meid took it upon himself to help

09:25:45 raise money for the family of Nick battles to help offset

09:25:50 some of the medical costs. In December 2011 he organized a

09:25:54 raffle at the Tampa firefighters museum many of you showed

09:25:56 up for raising over $15,000 for the battle family and health

09:26:02 care costs.

09:26:03 Again in April of 2012 driver Meid partnered with the homes

09:26:07 for heros as well as other firefighters in a plan to remold

09:26:13 the battle house in Wauchula so it could be more wheelchair

09:26:20 friendly.

09:26:21 In May 2012 he built a ramp specifically for Nick so he

09:26:24 could come out to the patriot and see the waters of Tampa

09:26:30 Bay, to be able to do that, this was all on his own time and

09:26:36 resources.

09:26:37 Driver Meid is a representation of Tampa Fire Rescue both on

09:26:41 and off duty.

09:26:42 He was the embodiment of what makes fire rescue one of the

09:26:45 nation's finest agencies.

09:26:46 We thank driver engineer Meid for his driver and dedication

09:26:51 and inspiration and we award him the recognition of

09:26:54 firefighter of the quarter for 2012.

09:26:55 >> We would like to present this commendation to you for

09:27:08 being selected as firefighters of the quarter for 2012.

09:27:11 Congratulations.

09:27:14 For doing an outstanding job.

09:27:16 >> Congratulations again.

09:27:41 >> Straz center.

09:27:46 Thank you so much for your service and for making this city

09:27:48 sparkle like it does.

09:27:51 We would like to give you tickets to the Jekyll and Hyde

09:28:01 production.

09:28:01 >> Steve Stickley representing Stepps towing and Jim and

09:28:07 Judy and Todd Stepp we would like to present with you this

09:28:10 token of our appreciation for your hard work out there.

09:28:13 And we also have a gift certificate here to Lee Roy

09:28:17 Selmon's.

09:28:19 >> Frank DeSoto with Bill Currie Ford representing the curry

09:28:27 family and all of our employees.

09:28:28 We would like to congratulate on a job well done.

09:28:32 I would like to present you with this watch as a token of

09:28:35 our appreciation.

09:28:36 >> These are really for you to give to your wife.

09:28:46 >>STEVE MICHELINI: Congratulations.

09:28:57 All he wants to do is say, where is the truck?

09:29:01 On behalf of a lot of different people who come forward to

09:29:05 recognize the firefighters and the police officers of the

09:29:08 month and the quarter, we do appreciate what you do every

09:29:12 day.

09:29:14 Although it may not seem like a lot when you are fixing

09:29:17 equipment to make sure that it gets out on the road safely,

09:29:20 and when it arrives at the scene of a catastrophe of some

09:29:23 kind, we know the equipment is functioning properly, that

09:29:26 the personnel on board are being transported correctly and

09:29:30 if they can help somebody out of a bad situation.

09:29:32 We forget about that sometimes, but some of these companies

09:29:36 and they want to recognize you.

09:29:39 Prestige photos has a portrait package for you and your

09:29:43 family and Bern's steakhouse will provide you with a gift

09:29:46 certificate so that you can enjoy that with your wife when

09:29:49 you are not tinkering with the engines.

09:29:51 Do you want to hand that to them, Nicholas?

09:29:57 And here is a letter for his portraits.

09:30:00 Give that to the mom, okay?

09:30:04 Say thank you and congratulations.

09:30:08 There you go.

09:30:10 This microphone probably works better.

09:30:12 Go ahead.

09:30:14 Well, thank you very much.

09:30:15 And congratulations.

09:30:16 We appreciate what you do for us.

09:30:18 >> I just want to say thank you very much.

09:30:24 It's a great honor.

09:30:29 Thank you.

09:30:29 [ Applause ]

09:31:12 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Economic Development, city of Tampa.

09:31:12 Originally, Harry Hedges, chair of the downtown group was

09:31:19 supposed to address you and give you an update on downtown,

09:31:21 and anybody that knows Harry knows he's boring.

09:31:25 So Harry was called away today and we have Brenda Dohring to

09:31:30 give an update on downtown activities.

09:31:31 >> Good morning.

09:31:42 Nice to see you all.

09:31:44 How can anybody fill Harry's shoes?

09:31:49 The shoes are too big and too expensive.

09:31:51 But let me give you the update.

09:31:53 I'm proud to still be on the CRA for downtown Tampa and it's

09:31:57 amazing the things that that CRA is doing to support you and

09:32:01 all of the efforts that are going on down there.

09:32:03 Primarily over the past, I would say, quarter, the

09:32:09 improvements continue to happen North Franklin Street,

09:32:14 improving that walkway and making it a safe place for people

09:32:17 where there's more activity down closer on the Franklin

09:32:19 Street than there is up on the north end by fly bar,

09:32:22 et cetera.

09:32:24 The martini republic bar is slowly but surely trying to get

09:32:28 the venue going and those guys have more energy through our

09:32:32 permitting system and getting that new facility open.

09:32:35 I understand they are doing okay, so that's kind of a good

09:32:37 thing.

09:32:38 We continue, the CRA, to support activities in downtown.

09:32:42 I think that this CRA is a good steward of the funds that it

09:32:46 does have.

09:32:47 We try to fund things to give them kind of the start-up, if

09:32:51 they come back repeatedly we make sure that they have

09:32:54 progressed in their efforts and showed us their business

09:32:57 plan, that they are making those good efforts, so we are not

09:32:59 just giving out that money to fund a project.

09:33:02 We are really treating it like a business opportunity.

09:33:05 And if they come to us with a solid plan, they show us they

09:33:08 have performed on that plan, then this CRA is willing to

09:33:11 support their efforts.

09:33:12 And that's how we tend to work.

09:33:14 We can't say that we did a lot but the landscaping at our

09:33:27 east entrance to downtown and our west entrance are nothing

09:33:29 less than astounding.

09:33:30 So I drive in every single day from north Tampa, and I get

09:33:34 to see oh -- and sometimes downtown in the middle of the

09:33:39 night for my company over the past couple of weeks and to

09:33:42 seep our city workers out there in the middle of the night

09:33:44 putting that landscaping in, putting the sand down on the

09:33:47 bricks, brushing it up and making it look incredible, I

09:33:51 don't know where that effort comes from, but I think we all

09:33:53 know we have a big event coming up and our entrances on the

09:33:57 east side and the west side of downtown are nothing less

09:33:59 than spectacular.

09:34:01 So the downtown CRA supports that, and we are thrilled to

09:34:04 see this, be a small part of it.

09:34:08 We have continued as men members on this board.

09:34:10 It pretty active so the envision Tampa that is going on, the

09:34:14 members there that are active, if they are going to all

09:34:16 those meetings and making certain, the city can be and will

09:34:20 be over the next few years, you know, we are lucky to have

09:34:23 members on our CRA advisory to you that are active there.

09:34:26 And I see many of you there as well.

09:34:28 So thank you for that support that we get.

09:34:32 We have a planned project coming up.

09:34:34 There's a gentleman in our Tampa Bay area that has written a

09:34:38 book "for the love of our city" and Peter offered to come

09:34:43 work with the CRA and put together like a brainstorming

09:34:47 program where we go why do we love our city and what can we

09:34:52 do, and for nominal amounts of money put together these

09:34:56 ideas that blossom through the city.

09:34:58 So Peter has come and made a presentation to our CRA, and we

09:35:02 hope to join with some others.

09:35:04 And once we get some of the envision stuff out of the way at

09:35:07 RNC, then we'll bring him in and do this workshop.

09:35:11 That's probably one of the things we'll talk to you about.

09:35:14 Other than that things are looking good downtown, don't you

09:35:17 think?

09:35:17 Thank you.

09:35:17 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any questions from the council or the

09:35:21 board?

09:35:27 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I noted how beautiful the exempts are at the

09:35:32 ramps.

09:35:32 It's like at my home when we have a party we mow the lawn,

09:35:38 water the plants.

09:35:39 It's really looking great.

09:35:40 >> I had an opportunity to talk to some reporters the other

09:35:43 day about it.

09:35:43 And what I explained to them it's kind of like when we go to

09:35:46 a subdivision outside the city limits and you pull up to

09:35:49 that subdivision and just behind that entrance by what you

09:35:53 see at that entrance.

09:35:54 So now I think it's going to be really good for retail and

09:35:58 also policing in downtown Tampa.

09:36:00 So there's a long-place, much more than getting ready for a

09:36:05 party.

09:36:05 Now when people come to downtown they are going to see this

09:36:10 entrance and be a little more excited about what's on the

09:36:12 other side of that entrance.

09:36:13 >> For an update on some of the activities going on in the

09:36:25 various CRAs, we get to celebrate a birthday.

09:36:29 Stageworks, the theater that we helped fund, is now

09:36:31 one-year-old, and it has proven to be a strong economic

09:36:35 engine in the Channel District, providing great professional

09:36:39 stage, performances for the people that come to visit, but

09:36:42 also it has triggered some additional investment as far as

09:36:45 restaurants restaurants and nighttime activity in the

09:36:48 immediate area.

09:36:48 So that was a fun thing that worked.

09:36:52 The 28th is the grand opening of the Floridan hotel

09:36:55 downtown, which is a long-awaited occasion.

09:36:59 Mr. Markopoulos has been working on his project now for six

09:37:03 years so we'll see that open this weekend.

09:37:07 We have a completion of the median on Kennedy Boulevard in

09:37:10 the Channel District which is funded with CRA funds.

09:37:14 Again, that stretch of Kennedy, very wide, lots of traffic,

09:37:19 and it was difficult for people to get across Kennedy

09:37:22 Boulevard.

09:37:23 And so we have constructed landscape median.

09:37:27 It's now open and completed.

09:37:31 But also it was a boring stretch of roadway, added some

09:37:40 green, also widened the sidewalk along Kennedy, to provide

09:37:44 more areas for pedestrians to walk to make it safer.

09:37:47 So it was an important project that's been completed.

09:37:53 We had last month, we got to celebrate a new restaurant here

09:37:56 in town, the chop house in Ybor.

09:38:00 I have been back to eat there several times.

09:38:02 It's very good and successful.

09:38:03 Again, more and more businesses finding their way into Ybor

09:38:06 and enjoying the success that that part of our city is

09:38:10 enjoying.

09:38:11 We are getting ready to begin the Grady Avenue project in

09:38:14 Drew Park, which is a very important repaving,

09:38:19 reengineering, only to get rid of lake Grady in Drew Park so

09:38:26 the drainage will be greatly improved.

09:38:29 This afternoon, this morning, rather, we will be celebrate

09:38:32 the appointment of a new slate of candidate for the East

09:38:35 Tampa group, which as you know always brings out a lot of

09:38:40 folks to participate in the process.

09:38:43 And we'll talk about budget beings, but as now the last few

09:38:50 years have been bleak and have challenged all of us to get

09:38:53 more out of our money.

09:38:54 And one of the things we need to celebrate today is a

09:38:56 suggestion from the Ybor group, and they found a great way

09:39:00 to stretch dollars.

09:39:04 They have actually made three streets out --

09:39:09 >>FRANK REDDICK: Not again!

09:39:11 [ Laughter ]

09:39:12 -- out of one.

09:39:18 I couldn't help myself.

09:39:20 I'm sorry.

09:39:20 >>MARY MULHERN: I have been away, so I missed out on some

09:39:29 of this very local news about Septima, 7.

09:39:35 Are we auctioning --

09:39:38 >> Yes, ma'am.

09:39:39 >> So there's another money maker for us.

09:39:41 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Yes.

09:39:43 And from what I understand there's a lost interest as well.

09:39:45 >> See what you did?

09:39:51 [ Laughter ]

09:39:52 >> You know, we are all proud of that dollar stretching and

09:40:00 penny watching that we do.

09:40:01 But I want you to know that we had a citizen that came

09:40:04 forward, and is donating $2,000 for a commemorative plaque,

09:40:18 and it all came about because he knew we saved a a lot of

09:40:22 money on those signs.

09:40:23 >> Next.

09:40:28 [ Laughter ]

09:40:29 >>BOB McDONAUGH: You have a quarterly TIF report in your

09:40:36 system for filing.

09:40:37 Please, if you have any questions or concerns, please give

09:40:40 me a call.

09:40:40 I will be happy to answer that.

09:40:51 We have public comment.

09:40:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: Anyone wishing to speak from the public?

09:40:55 Come forward, identify yourself.

09:40:57 You have three minutes to speak.

09:41:00 Any item on the agenda.

09:41:01 >> Ed Tillou.

09:41:12 Until recently it was advertised that there was an evening

09:41:15 meeting of the City Council tonight, and somehow it gets

09:41:19 changed to a CRA meeting in the morning.

09:41:21 But, anyway --

09:41:26 >> We still have an evening meeting tonight.

09:41:28 >> Oh, okay.

09:41:30 Well, maybe I will be able to come back. Anyway, with

09:41:33 respect to community development, I don't really have a

09:41:35 problem talking to that because I'm not specifically say

09:41:40 4415 Lois but about what community development is about.

09:41:49 Now it was mentioned earth day.

09:41:52 It's very important to realize what happens in the next

09:41:54 decade in Siberia in the next 20 years, two decades, in

09:41:59 north Canada and Alaska is going to have major impact here

09:42:03 in Tampa in 2060.

09:42:06 There might not be enough food after the climate increases

09:42:12 eleven degrees Fahrenheit.

09:42:15 Agriculture cannot adjust to that.

09:42:17 And then over the next 115 years, Tampa will be under 23

09:42:22 feet of water.

09:42:23 So there's got to be something other than lip service to

09:42:27 earth day, not just something to do once a year.

09:42:33 But what community redevelopment is, there's an element of

09:42:37 economic development to it.

09:42:41 For instance, North Carolina.

09:42:44 North Carolina still has an industrial base that provides

09:42:47 jobs for people, and for some reason that is labeled --

09:42:53 people can ignore North Carolina only if because there are a

09:43:00 lot of states about that size, and, you know, economic

09:43:06 development, I mean, North Carolina seems to work, whereas

09:43:08 Tampa just seems to have mostly tourism.

09:43:11 And the other dimension is planning.

09:43:15 Now, I study planning mostly at Stanford which is in

09:43:20 California, and I would say there are a lot of Mormons in

09:43:23 California.

09:43:24 I knew one personally.

09:43:25 And when with Florida up in the air, the point is that

09:43:31 community redevelopment, you have to have two game plans

09:43:34 depending on who wins this election, because I think this

09:43:39 election is up in the air.

09:43:40 And on the basis of gay marriages, there's a trade-off of 4%

09:43:45 of the electorate as core constituency.

09:43:52 It isn't going to vote for Mr. Romney but a half a percent

09:43:58 of increase.

09:43:59 There's got to be a better scrutiny that Tampa has which is

09:44:02 the partners registry because county be 180 Drees.

09:44:05 Oh, this is what I mean meant.

09:44:07 I didn't mean gay marriages.

09:44:09 I meant partners registry.

09:44:11 (Bell sounds).

09:44:14 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, sir.

09:44:17 Next.

09:44:27 Al Davis, east Wilder Avenue.

09:44:30 I live in the core of the East Tampa redevelopment area.

09:44:36 And Mr. Chairman, I want to commend you as the chair,

09:44:44 because I think you was around when the redevelopment area

09:44:49 of East Tampa was created.

09:44:53 And you are in a different position now.

09:45:04 Appreciate you because, you know, '04, that's about eight

09:45:09 years ago, and I got a long ways to go yet, and I want to be

09:45:13 here when East Tampa redevelopment area really produces its

09:45:21 objectives.

09:45:23 Already you can see some wonderful changes.

09:45:31 I will be looking at your reports and reflecting on the

09:45:34 history of the redevelopment of East Tampa, and I won't

09:45:38 belabor your time this morning or the other side, but I want

09:45:45 to give good wishes to you for continuing your work.

09:45:50 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Davis.

09:45:55 Item 4, if there's no one else wishing to speak at this

09:45:58 time.

09:46:02 Do you want to speak?

09:46:03 >> The agenda is the budget.

09:46:08 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's coming up.

09:46:10 >> I have noticed --

09:46:16 >> Please state your name and address.

09:46:18 >> Thomas FELECCI, Ybor City, 2700-12th Avenue.

09:46:24 I wanted to state that there should be consideration, if you

09:46:28 did the budget, more funds being allocated to the water,

09:46:31 mainly to the water department so far as drainage.

09:46:33 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me interrupt you for a second.

09:46:36 Once we finish this meeting here, then we are going to go

09:46:41 into a special meeting to address the budget.

09:46:45 It might be time during that time where you can speak.

09:46:48 >> There will be public comment then?

09:46:50 >> There will be public comment.

09:46:51 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to say this is specifically

09:46:56 in regard to your neighborhood in Ybor City.

09:47:00 That is one of the Community Redevelopment Agency areas.

09:47:03 So if you wanted to speak on that specifically about Ybor

09:47:07 City, this would be --

09:47:09 >> If I could.

09:47:10 >>FRANK REDDICK: Go ahead.

09:47:11 >> All right.

09:47:12 What it is, I have noticed at least some in the area have

09:47:18 told me, for example, when we had that rainstorm last week,

09:47:21 there's sometimes in excess of two and a half feet of water

09:47:24 so it's making a hazard, at least 7th Avenue, 8th

09:47:28 Avenue, and anywhere between 22nd street and 27th Street

09:47:33 that there's a massive amount of water building up over

09:47:36 there.

09:47:37 It's very poor storm drainage.

09:47:38 I don't know if they are working on those lines over there,

09:47:41 but it's something that kind of needs to be addressed

09:47:43 especially now when it's the rainy season but at least for

09:47:47 the next fiscal year if projects are consideration by the

09:47:51 water department could be to improve that.

09:47:54 Members of the community told me that, it would be something

09:47:56 that would be nice and I would at least see -- if I see a

09:48:01 car go into that much of water it's kind of a scary thing

09:48:05 and this is one of the best water departments, the

09:48:07 desalinization plant and so forth.

09:48:11 And I don't know, I presume it's 100, 120 million gallons a

09:48:17 day, but at least those pipes over there need to be dealt

09:48:20 with or some of the needs, stormwater drainage.

09:48:24 Thank you for your time.

09:48:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:48:29 Anyone else wish to speak at this time?

09:48:32 Under public comment?

09:48:33 Item number 4.

09:48:34 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Item number 4 is the consideration,

09:48:39 affirmation of a slate of candidates for the East Tampa CAC.

09:48:43 You should have a list of them.

09:48:47 And basically what function they serve as a part of their

09:48:52 community.

09:48:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: Do we have a motion?

09:48:58 >> Move approval of the site.

09:48:59 >> Second.

09:49:00 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Mr. Cohen, seconded by Mr.

09:49:05 Suarez.

09:49:07 Discussion on the motion?

09:49:08 All those in favor say aye.

09:49:10 Opposed?

09:49:12 All right.

09:49:12 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Item number 5 is a facade grant program

09:49:17 application for Drew Park.

09:49:20 A nominal amount of money to dress up the facade of the

09:49:23 building in Drew Park.

09:49:24 >> Need a motion for resolution.

09:49:28 >> Move the resolution.

09:49:29 >> Second.

09:49:30 >>FRANK REDDICK: Motion by Mr. Cohen, seconded by Ms.

09:49:35 Capin.

09:49:35 Discussion on the motion?

09:49:36 All those in favor?

09:49:38 Opposed?

09:49:39 Motion carried.

09:49:39 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Items 6 and 7 have already been approved

09:49:48 by City Council.

09:49:48 They are modifications of an agreement that the city has

09:49:50 with Encore, and their development agreement.

09:49:54 >>HARRY COHEN: Move items 6 and 7.

09:49:58 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Second.

09:50:00 >> Any discussion on the motion?

09:50:03 All those in favor say aye.

09:50:05 Opposed?

09:50:06 Motion carried.

09:50:07 >>BOB McDONAUGH: That conclude my report.

09:50:10 Any questions or concerns that I can address?

09:50:12 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any comments?

09:50:16 >>YVONNE CAPIN: About those signs.

09:50:18 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I don't know what you are speaking of.

09:50:22 [ Laughter ]

09:50:24 >> The ones on Channelside.

09:50:26 [ Laughter ]

09:50:31 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I'm just kidding.

09:50:32 Thank you.

09:50:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:50:40 Any new business, information?

09:50:43 Mr. Suarez.

09:50:43 >>MIKE SUAREZ: None at this time.

09:50:45 >>YVONNE CAPIN: None at this time.

09:50:47 >> No.

09:50:48 >>HARRY COHEN: No, thank you.

09:50:50 >>FRANK REDDICK: Anything else?

09:50:52 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Again to acknowledge receiving and filing

09:50:54 the quarterly report.

09:50:56 >> Move to receive and file.

09:50:59 >> Second.

09:50:59 >>FRANK REDDICK: All in favor?

09:51:02 >>THE CLERK: Motion to receive and file other items?

09:51:08 >>FRANK REDDICK: Is that part of your motion, too?

09:51:10 >> Yes.

09:51:10 >>FRANK REDDICK: Motion by Ms. Capin, second by Mrs.

09:51:15 Mulhern.

09:51:16 All in favor?

09:51:17 Opposed?

09:51:17 Anything else?

09:51:18 We stand in recess for ten minutes.

09:51:19 (CRA meeting adjourned)