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August 9, 2012, 9:00 a.m.
CRA Report

10:10:57AM >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.
10:10:58AM Good morning.
10:10:59AM We're going to call this Community Redevelopment Agency
10:11:02AM board meeting to order.
10:11:03AM Roll call?
10:11:05AM [Roll Call]
10:11:07AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.
10:11:08AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.
10:11:11AM >>HARRY COHEN: Here.
10:11:12AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.
10:11:13AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.
10:11:14AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Bob, before we get started, we got a
10:11:17AM special introduction to be made.
10:11:19AM We're privileged to have with us today summer youth program,
10:11:27AM they're celebrating city government day.
10:11:30AM And the purpose of the program they are involved with is
10:11:35AM business and set aside as a community.
10:11:38AM They have designed a business to help provide summer salary
10:11:43AM for themselves.
10:11:44AM Young entrepreneurs and they coordinate this program through
10:11:49AM the CDC of Tampa, under the leadership of Ernest Coney.
10:11:56AM Honor and privilege to have you here this morning.
10:11:59AM And I believe you'll have someone to speak on their behalf?
10:12:05AM You all please stand so everybody can see you.
10:12:09AM [ Applause ]

10:12:15AM >> Thank you so very much.
10:12:17AM We do have our youth.
10:12:19AM There are ten of them.
10:12:20AM Eight of them are present today.
10:12:22AM And they have worked for eight weeks now at youth
10:12:28AM entrepreneurs, as well as mentors for the younger children.
10:12:32AM They are not getting paid a salary.
10:12:35AM They are virtually volunteering.
10:12:38AM We will try to give them a little stipend at the end.
10:12:41AM But we thank you so very much for allowing us to come and to
10:12:46AM have them be involved and look at what government does for
10:12:50AM the community.
10:12:51AM Thank you so very much.
10:12:53AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.
10:12:53AM Anyone of you all like to say something?
10:12:57AM Say hello to mom and dad and all that.
10:12:59AM [ Laughter ]
10:13:03AM >> If we could ask them maybe each individually come up and
10:13:06AM say your name.
10:13:09AM >>FRANK REDDICK: You're on TV now.
10:13:13AM >> My name is Taylor.
10:13:20AM >> Taylor Moore.
10:13:23AM >> Hi.
10:13:24AM I'm Carla Christy.
10:13:26AM I go to Blake and I'm 16.

10:13:28AM [ Laughter ]
10:13:30AM >> Hello.
10:13:31AM My name is Ruth Ann Walsh, and I go to Blake.
10:13:35AM >> Hello.
10:13:37AM John Smythe, I go to Wharton.
10:13:42AM >> Hi, my name is Pam and I go to Chamberlain.
10:13:48AM >> Hello.
10:13:49AM My name is Devonte Hayes, I go to Wharton.
10:13:55AM >> Hello.
10:13:57AM I'm Antonio Middlestein, I go to Memorial.
10:14:04AM >> My name is Diane Middleton and I go to Freedom.
10:14:09AM >> We'd like to thank all of you for coming out this
10:14:12AM morning.
10:14:13AM We wish you the best with your summer program and continue
10:14:16AM the good work as you get prepared to go back to school.
10:14:19AM So congratulations.
10:14:19AM Thank you.
10:14:21AM [ Applause ]
10:14:24AM >> I was paying very close attention to the faces because I
10:14:33AM know I'm going to see them operating either the East Tampa
10:14:36AM CDC or up on the City Council dais.
10:14:39AM One of them is running a clothing store from what I'm going
10:14:43AM tell you.
10:14:44AM >> You'd better watch, because Lavonte was reading the
10:14:46AM budget.

10:14:47AM You may or may not have a job later on.
10:14:52AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: It's a wonderful thing to see the youth
10:14:54AM paying attention to city government and helping to make it
10:14:57AM better.
10:14:58AM It's a great thing.
10:14:59AM Good morning.
10:15:01AM Bob McDonaugh, administrator for economic opportunity for
10:15:05AM the City of Tampa.
10:15:06AM And as we do, we are having a report this afternoon --
10:15:10AM excuse me, this morning, from the president of the East
10:15:13AM Tampa CAC to give an update on activities in our East Tampa
10:15:17AM CRA.
10:15:17AM Mr. Essie Sims.
10:15:24AM >> Good morning.
10:15:29AM Chairman Reddick, good to be back home, I guess as the Mayor
10:15:33AM says, been a long time since I've been here to stand before
10:15:37AM you.
10:15:39AM I come this morning as the chairman of East Tampa
10:15:41AM partnership.
10:15:42AM And to give an update of what's been going on in our
10:15:46AM neighborhood in East Tampa.
10:15:47AM First I'd like to thank Councilman Reddick, and
10:15:51AM distinguished board members for allowing me this
10:15:54AM opportunity.
10:15:55AM Also like to thank my CAC fellow members, them and all that

10:16:00AM they do, makes it easy for me to stand here before you this
10:16:03AM morning.
10:16:04AM Like to thank the East Tampa redevelopment office, with Ed
10:16:08AM Johnson and other staff members that support us in our East
10:16:11AM Tampa initiatives as well as Bob McDonaugh with the east
10:16:15AM development office as well.
10:16:17AM Thanks to our Mayor, Mayor Buckhorn and all the city
10:16:22AM departments that help us out and any time we call them,
10:16:25AM they're willing to step up to the plate.
10:16:27AM I've given you an outline of some of the things that have
10:16:30AM transpired in the last eight months in East Tampa.
10:16:33AM And I promise not to be long.
10:16:35AM And I'll try to get there through as painless as possible.
10:16:40AM First is the public safety initiatives that have been going
10:16:43AM forward in East Tampa.
10:16:44AM Recently when I was first elected to be the chairman, I
10:16:49AM enacted a public safety youth chair.
10:16:52AM The reason was, I felt that we need to be more concentrated
10:16:56AM on the youth initiative that were going on in our East Tampa
10:17:00AM community relating to gang activity, drug use and of those
10:17:04AM things that were causing a lot of major problems.
10:17:06AM As you know last year, Ernest Coney is here also with stop
10:17:11AM the gang violence initiatives, we had a lot of murders last
10:17:15AM year.
10:17:15AM We wanted to do something to get our youth in a setting, in

10:17:19AM a venue where they could be, you know, safe for one.
10:17:22AM And also have fun in doing so.
10:17:24AM On May 29th of this year, I had a vision to put on a safe
10:17:32AM summer 2012 event.
10:17:34AM We put on this event in conjunction with and collaboration
10:17:37AM with 38 other partners.
10:17:40AM Including the City of Tampa, that came alongside of us,
10:17:43AM where we put on events, as a matter of fact, Councilman
10:17:48AM Reddick came out and was part of that event.
10:17:51AM Where we had 6 you hundred or 50 more people that attended.
10:17:55AM We had fire, police and clean city department assisting as
10:17:58AM well.
10:17:58AM We had, we gave away in excess of $2,000 worth of gift
10:18:04AM cards.
10:18:05AM Five bicycles, a free laptop.
10:18:07AM And that was well received by our community.
10:18:11AM Moving forward with this safe summer, 2012, we then had
10:18:17AM phase two, hosted at Jackson Heights NFL YET Center at 3310,
10:18:26AM Tampa, Florida.
10:18:27AM We partnered with Chief Castor.
10:18:29AM She has an initiative that she's trying put forth, how do we
10:18:33AM get our youth of our community to be engaged in helping our
10:18:37AM fine women and men and women from blue to solve some
10:18:41AM murdered that happened in our community, where they may know
10:18:44AM some of the information that needs to come forward.

10:18:46AM With doing that, we put on phase two program called stepping
10:18:50AM crime out of the neighborhood.
10:18:51AM And so Chief Castor also was at that event and she felt that
10:18:55AM that event was really well received.
10:18:58AM And she thought we did an excellent job.
10:19:00AM We had in excess of 150 youth that attended.
10:19:03AM And after we polled them, after the event, they want more of
10:19:07AM it.
10:19:08AM One of the things I'm finding out is, even with my own
10:19:11AM children in past years, youth want boundaries.
10:19:14AM We just got to set them.
10:19:15AM And so, we're going to be putting on different venues as we
10:19:19AM move forward throughout the next year.
10:19:21AM We're also in the phase of three of this event now, where
10:19:25AM we're going to plan on putting on a drama slash dance,
10:19:31AM back-to-school dance in September.
10:19:33AM We'll be hosted again at the Jackson Heights NFL YET Center
10:19:37AM for our youth.
10:19:38AM We want to continue to give them outlets where they can be
10:19:40AM in a safer environment and be able to be kids rather than
10:19:44AM out in the streets trying to emulate what they're seeing out
10:19:49AM there, things that are dangerous to them.
10:19:52AM As far as the 22nd Street initiative, Ms. Best, former
10:19:58AM chairman and many other CAC members before me were pushing
10:20:02AM the envelope to get that initiative about the bus stop fare,

10:20:07AM with that bus stop it created a serious public safety issue
10:20:11AM with us, where we had residents running in front of cars,
10:20:15AM and cars riding part of the bus.
10:20:17AM Near accidents.
10:20:18AM So we asked Dan Rodriguez from the HART, transit authority
10:20:23AM come out, talk with us.
10:20:24AM We gave them what we want to see happen out there.
10:20:28AM He then in turn, with myself Ed Johnson from the East Tampa
10:20:33AM redevelopment office, DOT went out and they saw firsthand
10:20:37AM what the problem was.
10:20:38AM And they were more than willing to help us push the envelope
10:20:41AM to get that done.
10:20:42AM Thanks to Councilman Reddick, we asked him to speak with the
10:20:49AM owner that owned that piece of land right-of-way there, to
10:20:52AM give us an easement where we're able to now and thankful for
10:20:56AM his input and been able to speak to that landowner, she's
10:21:00AM willing to sell us some of that property now, that bus will
10:21:03AM now, when it stops there at the 22nd/Hillsborough Avenue
10:21:07AM location, it will be in a bus bay.
10:21:09AM It will completely get off the street and traffic will flow
10:21:12AM very easy.
10:21:19AM As we move forward, the CDC has helped with a lot of the
10:21:24AM initiatives that we want to put forward.
10:21:26AM And I commend Ernest Coney for his help in doing so.
10:21:31AM We have had several drug marches in our community.

10:21:33AM One Highlands Pine, Rainbow Heights, Eastern Heights and
10:21:36AM there's another one we have planned for this month, but
10:21:38AM we're going to have to push it back to next month due to the
10:21:42AM RNC.
10:21:42AM And we're looking forward to many of you coming out and
10:21:46AM being a part of that as well.
10:21:48AM So you should be getting invitations soon to do so.
10:21:51AM Midnight basketball --
10:21:55AM >>FRANK REDDICK: You're missing Northridge Hill.
10:22:01AM >> Northridge Hills, I'm sorry.
10:22:01AM Thank you for correcting me.
10:22:02AM Don't want to miss nobody.
10:22:06AM But, one of the initiatives was also undertook when it came
10:22:11AM to public safety is I talked with Mayor Buckhorn and Chief
10:22:15AM Santiago when I initially became chairman, and I told them
10:22:18AM about one of the initiatives other people have been talking
10:22:20AM about but never got any traction.
10:22:22AM We want to start a midnight basketball program, where we
10:22:25AM would get is the kids off the streets from 6:00 to about
10:22:28AM 2:00 a.m.
10:22:29AM That was the chief's discussion.
10:22:31AM But right now, it's ongoing.
10:22:33AM We started on June 20th.
10:22:35AM We had about 85 youth come and participate in our midnight
10:22:39AM basketball program.

10:22:40AM And it's ongoing every Friday night at the Jackson Heights
10:22:45AM site.
10:22:45AM And we have 40 to 50 kids that are safe and are enjoying
10:22:49AM themselves and they're acting like kids.
10:22:51AM We have the Tampa Police Department assisting us as well.
10:22:54AM They come in, they mingle with the children.
10:22:56AM They talk with the kids.
10:22:57AM And then at the end of the night, as they're dispersing,
10:23:00AM they're out on the street to make sure that our youth are
10:23:03AM going home and they're safe.
10:23:04AM We also, we had a financial seminar that we put on with
10:23:11AM collaboration with the black history committee.
10:23:17AM What we want to do is bring awareness to our residents of
10:23:20AM our community the importance of becoming a financial
10:23:24AM healthy.
10:23:25AM One of the things they talked about was how to reinvest in
10:23:28AM the stock market.
10:23:29AM How do we spring into affordable housing?
10:23:33AM So we talked about those things.
10:23:35AM We brought that forum to the community.
10:23:37AM One of the things that we saw in that is, a lot of times we
10:23:40AM don't prepare for rainy days.
10:23:43AM It's sad every time I see a Florida, family members in need
10:23:48AM to help build their youth or family members.
10:23:52AM So we want to bring awareness, how do we prepare ourselves

10:23:56AM better going forward to leave inheritance to generations of
10:24:00AM kids to come.
10:24:00AM We also have an environmental program that is vibrant.
10:24:04AM Officer Pruett has done a wonderful job, to catch illegal
10:24:14AM dumpers.
10:24:15AM He's brought a lot of data, pictures back to us where he's
10:24:18AM actually done that.
10:24:19AM And we're very excited about that.
10:24:21AM To deal with the blight conditions that we find that line
10:24:26AM the many streets in our East Tampa community, the
10:24:30AM partnership has partnered with keep Tampa Bay beautiful.
10:24:34AM Many city departments like solid waste, clean city and code
10:24:37AM enforcement, where now we have had two clean-up initiatives,
10:24:41AM with our community and other business organizations that
10:24:45AM have come out to help us deal with the litter abatement
10:24:50AM issue that we see as we go through our East Tampa
10:24:53AM communities.
10:24:54AM And it's been successful and we continue to do more of those
10:24:58AM things.
10:24:58AM It's scald operation pride.
10:25:01AM The thought that I had early on when I was elected, but come
10:25:06AM to find out, a pioneer that many of you know, Ms. Wiggins
10:25:09AM had already developed a program called operation pride.
10:25:13AM So I just feel honored to just be in a position to move her
10:25:16AM agenda forward.

10:25:16AM So I thank her for that.
10:25:18AM I'll be from the partnership, we will be submitting a letter
10:25:25AM to City Council and in the future for some of those cameras,
10:25:29AM if possible, after the RNC leaves to help in our illegal
10:25:33AM dumping initiative, to stop some of the crimes of illegal
10:25:36AM dumping.
10:25:37AM Through our social and recreation initiative, again, we
10:25:41AM thank Mayor Buckhorn and Chief Santiago for all their
10:25:46AM support.
10:25:47AM As a result, we have a vibrant senior program that is going
10:25:50AM on right now, the every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at NFL
10:25:53AM YET Center, again at Jackson Heights.
10:25:56AM The program kicked off on May 5th of this year.
10:26:00AM We called it a red hat tea social, where we had about 70
10:26:05AM seniors come out and participate.
10:26:07AM On average, they have between 30 and 40 seniors that come
10:26:10AM out and participate Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
10:26:12AM As a result of this, some of our other parks within our East
10:26:16AM Tampa boundaries have already started a senior program.
10:26:19AM This program is not just contain, confined to the East Tampa
10:26:22AM area.
10:26:23AM We welcome all the seniors of all over Tampa that want to be
10:26:27AM a part of what we're doing.
10:26:29AM This morning, we're excited about kaboom bill that is going
10:26:33AM on right now at Reagan park.

10:26:36AM I was over there early this morning to get them, be a part
10:26:39AM of that kickoff.
10:26:40AM And excited about getting back over there to be with them as
10:26:44AM they do a prep date.
10:26:46AM That bill will culminate and complete itself this Saturday.
10:26:50AM I know many of you have had invitations to come out and be a
10:26:53AM part of that.
10:26:54AM Looking forward to seeing you as well.
10:26:57AM This will be the second kaboom that I've been a part of in
10:26:59AM our East Tampa community since I've been chairman of East
10:27:03AM Tampa.
10:27:04AM And real excited about that.
10:27:05AM Moving forward with our infrastructure.
10:27:08AM Our CAC committee has recently approved and allocated
10:27:11AM $300,000 to do street pavements within the borders of the
10:27:17AM rainbow Heights and College Hill area, we're excited about
10:27:20AM those improvements as well.
10:27:21AM And thank the city also, they've been going through many of
10:27:25AM our neighborhoods around the Fairoaks, and also been doing
10:27:31AM some greatly needed improvements and road repavement.
10:27:36AM 22nd Street, we're now nearing the second, end, finish
10:27:42AM of that second phase.
10:27:43AM What we're looking forward to the completion of that entire
10:27:48AM process, because I think that is going to be one. Major
10:27:51AM gateways that the Mayor talked about that's going to be

10:27:54AM entryway into East Tampa.
10:27:57AM We're still an unpolished jewel.
10:28:03AM But getting there very soon.
10:28:04AM Our Nebraska corridor, as you well know, the Mayor has and
10:28:09AM DOT has launched different corridors that they want to
10:28:11AM enhance and bring to fruition as far as the beautification
10:28:15AM and many other things, where jobs will be created.
10:28:19AM We had groundbreaking, thank you, Councilman Suarez.
10:28:22AM And commissioners that also came out this past Monday, where
10:28:26AM there was a groundbreaking over on MLK and Nebraska, where
10:28:31AM now HART, Hillsborough Area Regional Transportation
10:28:35AM authority, are now getting ready to bring in metro rapid
10:28:39AM transit for transportation.
10:28:41AM And I'm excited about that.
10:28:43AM I went out to a couple seminars, or charettes they put on,
10:28:48AM to see what they're going to invest in our community, East
10:28:51AM Tampa.
10:28:51AM It will please our residents very greatly.
10:28:54AM So with that, we're excited about that.
10:28:57AM We also have a social media, where you can find us now on
10:29:02AM Facebook at East Tampa community revitalization partnership.
10:29:06AM We encourage you to go and see some of the pictures and
10:29:10AM dialogue as to what things we have been doing in our
10:29:12AM community in the last few months.
10:29:14AM We also senior in the process with the assistance of Ralph

10:29:19AM Johnson with computer mentors.
10:29:23AM Developing East Tampa initiative that also that our former
10:29:27AM chair Ms. Best pushed the envelope on to first to have an
10:29:32AM East Tampa web site as well.
10:29:34AM With that, I tell you and excited about it.
10:29:36AM We're a community on the move.
10:29:38AM And we're looking forward to many more venues and events
10:29:43AM that we want to put on in our community to include all our
10:29:46AM residents.
10:29:47AM One of the things I'll be coming and talking with some of
10:29:50AM you, hopefully we can converse about it, and in the future,
10:29:53AM one of the things I'm telling our communities that East
10:29:55AM Tampa is very diverse in many cultures.
10:29:57AM And one of the things I'm looking forward to, working with
10:30:01AM many of our residents about a Hispanic cultural day.
10:30:05AM I have a lot of traction of late from members of our
10:30:11AM Hispanic community.
10:30:12AM With that said, if there are any questions?
10:30:15AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Any questions for Mr.-- Mr. Cohen?
10:30:19AM >>HARRY COHEN: Just, Mr. Sims, thank you very much.
10:30:21AM I wanted to point out to you that we have a workshop
10:30:23AM scheduled on September 20th at 10:00 a.m. to discuss what we
10:30:28AM are going to use the RNC cameras for after the convention.
10:30:32AM So if you have an interest in them, I think that would be a
10:30:34AM perfect time to talk to us about it.

10:30:38AM >> Count me in.
10:30:38AM [ Laughter ]
10:30:42AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Any other questions?
10:30:44AM >> Thank you again for your audience and allowing me to
10:30:47AM speak before you today.
10:30:48AM Thank you.
10:30:52AM >> I don't know about you, I'm exhausted.
10:30:54AM [ Laughter ]
10:31:01AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: Just a monthly update.
10:31:03AM First of all, I'd like to extend an invitation for this
10:31:07AM Friday evening at 8:15 at Curtis Hixon Park, we're going to
10:31:09AM be lighting the bridges.
10:31:21AM And some folks have a misunderstanding.
10:31:23AM This is a permanent installation.
10:31:24AM This is not something that's just happening just this
10:31:28AM weekend or through the RNC.
10:31:29AM This is a permanent improvement for our downtown.
10:31:32AM And I think it's going to make a great impact.
10:31:35AM Some updates quickly.
10:31:40AM >> Is this photograph accurate?
10:31:41AM Is this actually what that bridge is going to look like?
10:31:45AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: No, I actually made that painting myself.
10:31:48AM [ Laughter ]
10:31:50AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: Actually, they are going to cycle in
10:31:52AM changes.

10:31:52AM It will not be a static display. It will change several
10:31:55AM times over the period of the evening.
10:32:01AM One of the images are stars and stripes.
10:32:03AM It will continue to change and make it interesting.
10:32:05AM Because I think as you see the same thing all the time, it
10:32:08AM disappears from view.
10:32:10AM So it will not be a static display.
10:32:13AM I saw some of you last Saturday night at Floridan.
10:32:19AM If you have not been in, I certainly recommend you go in.
10:32:22AM It is open.
10:32:23AM The bar upstairs is open for guests, have checked in.
10:32:27AM And it is -- it's a testament to what Mr. Markopolos, two
10:32:32AM men on a truck can do.
10:32:35AM He bought that property in 2006 and the little train that
10:32:38AM could has worked steadily since then and it's worth a stop
10:32:42AM by.
10:32:43AM >>FRANK REDDICK: We're still waiting on the invitation.
10:32:46AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: I think I just stepped in something.
10:32:49AM [ Laughter ]
10:32:56AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: I think we're going to move on to number 3
10:32:58AM now.
10:32:59AM [ Laughter ]
10:33:01AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: Congratulations to the Ybor City folks.
10:33:07AM They have been able to convince TECO that there's a better
10:33:10AM way of stringing the power lines.

10:33:12AM And so those power lines will not be replaced and put along
10:33:16AM highway 60 along the mural location.
10:33:21AM As Essie was talking about, we're looking forward to phase
10:33:27AM three of 22nd Street.
10:33:28AM Which is the next one to come.
10:33:30AM I believe we have a contract signed and should be seeing
10:33:32AM some work proceeding shortly.
10:33:34AM Questions?
10:33:39AM Your invitation, I had no control over that.
10:33:48AM It's not my hotel.
10:33:49AM [ Laughter ]
10:33:51AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: It is beautiful.
10:33:52AM From the outside.
10:33:54AM [ Laughter ]
10:33:57AM >>FRANK REDDICK: We're going to count on Mr. Cohen to tell
10:34:02AM us about it.
10:34:05AM >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.
10:34:06AM Any questions for Mr. McDonough?
10:34:08AM All right.
10:34:10AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: We move on now to our presentation on the
10:34:15AM 2013 budget.
10:34:16AM I would like to just give one caveat, is that there are
10:34:21AM still some numbers out there which can change to a small
10:34:25AM degree, based on what happens with the budget of the
10:34:28AM children's board and the port authority.

10:34:30AM Some of those budgets have not been finalized, but I'm quite
10:34:33AM comfortable that this is very close.
10:34:35AM So we'll have our presentation today and then on
10:34:39AM September 13th, we'll be looking for an approval of the
10:34:42AM budget and the service agreement.
10:35:03AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: All right.
10:35:04AM I guess I'm just going to have to do.
10:35:07AM >> Vince Pardo is here.
10:35:08AM He always fixes it for us.
10:35:10AM [ Laughter ]
10:35:30AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: You know it was just having him near me
10:35:32AM that made it work.
10:35:33AM Just a brief overview of economic conditions.
10:35:35AM Again, this is no different from the presentation you heard
10:35:38AM a couple of minutes ago.
10:35:40AM Several of our CRAs have, going to experience another year
10:35:47AM of difficult times.
10:35:48AM The sole bright light was the Channel District, which
10:35:51AM experienced an 8.2 increase in its TIF.
10:35:54AM A lot of that has to do with the fact that they have had an
10:35:57AM uptick in their occupancy rates in all of their buildings
10:36:01AM and some new projects.
10:36:04AM Downtown Ybor City, Tampa Heights, Drew Park, all had
10:36:07AM revenue reductions.
10:36:09AM And East Tampa and Central Park will receive no TIF funds

10:36:11AM this year.
10:36:12AM We have some debt and pre-committed expense obligations.
10:36:18AM And continuing the program.
10:36:20AM Again, this is consistent message that we have had for a
10:36:23AM period of time.
10:36:24AM And again, the positive note is the fact that most of the
10:36:29AM CRAs have saved for a rainy day and will continue to offer
10:36:33AM services and continue on with programs in the CRAs.
10:36:37AM We are continuing to pursue nontraditional TIF funds,
10:36:45AM As you saw, we have gotten EPA grants recently for
10:36:49AM Brownfields work and will continue to apply for that.
10:36:52AM Working on regulatory and incentive initiatives, making
10:36:56AM itself easier for people to do business.
10:36:58AM It doesn't cost us money but it does attract businesses to
10:37:00AM our industry.
10:37:01AM We are streamlining administrative costs.
10:37:04AM I know there was a question that Ms. Montelione had in the
10:37:07AM last presentation.
10:37:09AM Our overall cost of administration is four percent for
10:37:12AM administering the CRA funds.
10:37:13AM We run a fairly lean and efficient organization.
10:37:16AM Here is a quick look at the total dollars.
10:37:23AM As you can see, we have almost stabilized from last year.
10:37:26AM And I am comfortable in the fact future years are going to

10:37:31AM see an uptick.
10:37:32AM But one of the things again, depending on which district
10:37:35AM we're speaking of, downtown and the Channel District and
10:37:40AM Ybor are mostly commercial properties.
10:37:42AM And under current tax code, they don't have a tax.
10:37:46AM Excuse me -- a limit on how quickly the property taxes can
10:37:51AM rise.
10:37:52AM But places like East Tampa, which is mostly residential, has
10:37:56AM the save our homes cap.
10:37:57AM And so, it fell relatively quickly.
10:38:01AM It's going to be a long time back.
10:38:03AM As far as the residential TIF income.
10:38:05AM That's why we're encouraging some more commercial
10:38:08AM development, because that is something that can build a more
10:38:10AM robust budget for these districts.
10:38:13AM This is where we stand for fiscal year '13 in income.
10:38:22AM A lot of red numbers.
10:38:33AM The allocation.
10:38:37AM Again, as I said, 4% for operations, administration.
10:38:41AM Redevelopment investment probably deserves an explanation.
10:38:45AM The downtown TIF pays for the convention center bonds.
10:38:49AM That's $13.5 million.
10:38:51AM So that is a lion's share of money that goes towards that.
10:38:54AM The other large item number in that is the repayment of the
10:38:58AM bank loan that the Channel District took out to build their

10:39:02AM stormwater.
10:39:02AM So I am going to have each of the managers talk about their
10:39:15AM different districts.
10:39:16AM Michael Hatchett.
10:39:21AM >> Thank you, Bob.
10:39:22AM My name is Michael Hatchett, manager for the Downtown,
10:39:25AM Channel District, Tampa Heights Riverfront and Central Park
10:39:28AM CRA.
10:39:29AM So I'll walk you through each of these four neighborhoods
10:39:33AM for FY13.
10:39:35AM Starting in downtown.
10:39:38AM Back to the presentation, again, just the boundary depiction
10:39:42AM about the downtown CRA.
10:39:43AM Was a great year in FY12 for downtown.
10:39:48AM A lot of excitement and activity and new things on the
10:39:51AM horizon for us.
10:39:52AM The USF CAMLS center opened.
10:39:56AM Had its grand opening this year.
10:39:59AM Also Sage Partners was able to complete and open the Metro
10:40:02AM 510 workforce housing development, which is completely
10:40:06AM leased and is doing well.
10:40:08AM Development services group was selected to redevelop the
10:40:12AM classic federal courthouse into a boutique hotel.
10:40:15AM Also had a lot of fun activities in downtown this year,
10:40:19AM represented here by the picture of the river rain river

10:40:24AM green event, where we painted the river green and had a good
10:40:27AM time on St. Patrick's.
10:40:29AM Looking forward into '13, redevelopment activities.
10:40:37AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Do we flow how much it cost to turn the
10:40:39AM river green?
10:40:40AM Because I know we had to hire a chemist.
10:40:43AM >> I am not aware of a figure.
10:40:47AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I just was wondering.
10:40:48AM Thank you.
10:40:49AM >> Thank you for the question.
10:40:50AM Looking forward to the new year, as mentioned about the
10:40:53AM classic federal courthouse.
10:40:55AM We would certainly facilitate the redevelopment of that
10:40:58AM project going forward.
10:41:00AM We will also be facilitating the redevelopment of some
10:41:03AM city-owned property that's immediately west of John Germany
10:41:07AM public library.
10:41:08AM We have issued an RFP for that recently and received a
10:41:12AM proposal just a few days ago when that RFP closed.
10:41:15AM We will continue to assist the activation of Curtis Hixon
10:41:19AM Park.
10:41:21AM And will also continue investing in community improvement
10:41:25AM projects and in downtown activities throughout the
10:41:29AM neighborhood.
10:41:30AM >> Mr. Hatchett, if I could ask a quick question.

10:41:33AM The city-owned property you're talking about west of John
10:41:36AM Germany, where are you talking about?
10:41:40AM >> It's a little less than a one acre piece of land that is
10:41:43AM situated immediately west of the library and between Tyler
10:41:47AM street and Cass Street.
10:41:49AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: All right.
10:41:49AM Thank you.
10:41:50AM >> You're very welcome.
10:41:52AM Looking at the assessed value trends for downtown over the
10:41:56AM past couple of years, you can see that the trend has been
10:42:00AM going downward.
10:42:01AM And this year we experienced a point 2% decline in the
10:42:06AM assessed values for the neighborhood.
10:42:11AM A snapshot of our budget history, the red line across the
10:42:16AM bars indicating the amount of funds that's necessary each
10:42:18AM year to meet our obligation for the convention center bond
10:42:23AM payment.
10:42:23AM And as you can see for again in fiscal year '13, the TIF
10:42:27AM revenues will fall short of that obligation and will be
10:42:32AM receiving assistance from the city to cover that obligation.
10:42:35AM Looking back at our budgeted history, this is for fiscal
10:42:41AM years '09 through present.
10:42:45AM You can see majority of dollars being invested in the
10:42:48AM convention center, paying down that debt.
10:42:50AM A number of other dollars going towards capital projects,

10:42:54AM district programs and services and administration within the
10:42:56AM CRA.
10:42:56AM The bottom chart represents to you the balances that exist
10:43:01AM at present.
10:43:01AM The lion's share of that is in district programs and
10:43:05AM services.
10:43:05AM Those are dollars that are used to fund, cosponsorship
10:43:10AM applications and other activities in Curtis Hixon and in
10:43:13AM other areas within the CRA.
10:43:15AM Looking specifically at the FY13 budget, again, the majority
10:43:24AM of the dollars going to meet the obligation for the
10:43:26AM convention center.
10:43:28AM Capital improvement projects that we would be able -- excuse
10:43:33AM me, that's the prior year's balance.
10:43:35AM And also for '13, our streetcar allocation that we do on an
10:43:39AM annual basis.
10:43:40AM And the necessary staff and operating for the office.
10:43:45AM Looking at the prior year's balances, we'll be reprogramming
10:43:48AM some prior year balances to be able to continue to fund
10:43:52AM cosponsorship applications, activities and community
10:43:56AM improvement projects throughout the district.
10:43:59AM So what you'll see in FY13 will be very similar to '12.
10:44:03AM Meeting our financial obligations and still being able to
10:44:07AM keep our parks and downtown funded as an activity center.
10:44:11AM So that's what we're anticipating for downtown.

10:44:14AM I'll pause for questions and move on to the Channel
10:44:16AM District.
10:44:17AM Very well.
10:44:21AM Graphic of the Channel District boundaries over on the Ybor
10:44:24AM channel.
10:44:25AM Exciting year in Channel District, as it was in downtown.
10:44:29AM We had the Washington Street park opened.
10:44:32AM And has been the success in the neighborhood.
10:44:36AM The big deal project for us in FY12 of course is the start
10:44:40AM of construction of related developments, 356 unit apartment
10:44:45AM complex in linear park.
10:44:46AM On Meridian and Whiting.
10:44:48AM And so that, a lot of activity has taken place on that site
10:44:53AM since construction broke ground.
10:44:55AM Also very active and having a lot of fun in the Channel
10:44:58AM District.
10:45:00AM Flicks and food trucks is an event that takes place on
10:45:03AM Thursdays per month.
10:45:05AM Where food trucks come out and enjoy the food and a movie.
10:45:09AM They're at the Grand Central at Kennedy.
10:45:11AM And we're also able to complete the median there on Kennedy
10:45:16AM Boulevard, right in front of Grand Central at Kennedy
10:45:19AM between 11th and 12th.
10:45:21AM And also not represented here but worthy mentioning is the
10:45:24AM one year anniversary of Stageworks Theater, which was a

10:45:27AM project that the CRA played a big role in.
10:45:31AM So they've had a successful year.
10:45:33AM A lot of great performances there and we wish them a happy
10:45:37AM one year anniversary.
10:45:38AM Looking forward in the Channel District would be
10:45:47AM facilitating the construction of related department
10:45:52AM apartment complex.
10:45:52AM We want to see that come to completion successfully.
10:45:55AM As you know, the Tampa Port Authority has been in
10:46:00AM conversation with Jeff Vinik and company on the possibility
10:46:05AM of that group restructuring and refinancing, redevelopment
10:46:09AM the Channelside mall, which would be a big boost to the
10:46:13AM neighborhood once that's completed.
10:46:15AM We are at about -- yes?
10:46:20AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Do we know when there will be some kind
10:46:21AM of announcement about the, about Mr. Vinik's either
10:46:26AM successful or unsuccessful bid for that property?
10:46:30AM >> My last conversation with the representative from the
10:46:33AM port, which was last week, was that they are still in
10:46:36AM negotiations and discussing the concepts and Mr. Vinik's
10:46:42AM plans for that area and getting --
10:46:47AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: They haven't indicated when they might be
10:46:49AM making a move?
10:46:50AM >> No the representative indicated to me we probably would
10:46:53AM not hear anything until after RNC.

10:46:56AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I guess that's everybody's marker now.
10:46:59AM I guess we only have another 20 days.
10:47:06AM >> Back to the Whiting street improvements.
10:47:10AM The plans for the Whiting Street improvements are at about
10:47:14AM 30% completion and the goal of this project is to just make
10:47:19AM a number of interim improvements that coincide with the
10:47:22AM related developments project.
10:47:25AM Largely making some sidewalk installations and being able to
10:47:28AM take care of some stormwater drainage issues along Whiting.
10:47:32AM Also looking forward to FY13 is the relocation and
10:47:38AM reconstruction of the 12th street wastewater pump station,
10:47:42AM so we'll be budgeting funds for that.
10:47:45AM The plans for that project are at about 90%.
10:47:48AM We'll continue to support activities in Washington Street
10:47:54AM park.
10:47:54AM We currently fund twice a month.
10:47:58AM Small musical program, jazz ensembles and other types of
10:48:02AM performances there.
10:48:04AM So we want to continue to do that and we want to continue to
10:48:06AM encourage additional retail and residential development in
10:48:11AM the area.
10:48:11AM The good news funding-wise is in the Channel District, as
10:48:18AM Bob had mentioned.
10:48:18AM The assessed values are up this year, nearly 7%.
10:48:23AM And so we're very thankful for that.

10:48:25AM And it also leads to us having a little bit of a TIF budget
10:48:30AM increase in FY13.
10:48:31AM This is our history.
10:48:32AM You can see just a slight bump-up for fiscal year '13.
10:48:37AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Question from Mr. Suarez.
10:48:40AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Mr. Hat Chet, on this increase, is it
10:48:42AM primarily commercial or have you guys done any study to
10:48:44AM break it down in terms of, you know, how much is residential
10:48:48AM versus commercial or -- I assume most of it is commercial?
10:48:52AM No?
10:48:56AM >> It's virtually all residential.
10:49:00AM Grand Central was, when the market softened, they went from
10:49:03AM a for sale to a for lease property.
10:49:07AM When the market started to firm up, they went back to a for
10:49:10AM sale facility.
10:49:10AM And they've been selling 10 to 15 units a month.
10:49:13AM So that comes directly onto the tax role, a greater
10:49:16AM increase.
10:49:17AM For Channelside, the apartment complex sold.
10:49:19AM Sold for about $200,000 a key.
10:49:22AM So that was a residential project.
10:49:23AM Both of those boosted values in the district.
10:49:26AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Terrific.
10:49:27AM Thanks.
10:49:27AM Appreciate it.

10:49:29AM >>MICHAEL HATCHETT: Looking back at our budgeted funds
10:49:35AM history, in the Channel District, as you know, we have had a
10:49:39AM lot of dollars invested over a number of years and the
10:49:42AM design and construction of the infrastructure systems, part
10:49:46AM of the strategic action plan in the neighborhood.
10:49:49AM In the last couple of years, a number of funds being used to
10:49:54AM repay the bank loan on the York Street stormwater vault.
10:49:59AM And then the balances at the bottom of the chart.
10:50:04AM Again, dollars that we still have in prior fiscal years for
10:50:08AM the funding of those engineering and infrastructure systems
10:50:12AM that we still continue to fund over a number of years.
10:50:16AM And also dollars that we have in prior years to fund
10:50:23AM cosponsorship applications, neighborhood amenities incentive
10:50:26AM program and activities such as what we do in Washington
10:50:29AM Street park.
10:50:29AM Looking at the FY13 budget, under capital improvements,
10:50:39AM you'll see roughly a million dollars being recommended in
10:50:44AM the FY13 budget.
10:50:45AM This would be for the construction of the Whiting Street
10:50:48AM interim improvements.
10:50:51AM And also for the construction of the 12th street wastewater
10:50:55AM pump station.
10:50:55AM Would also make our payment for the vault loan and our
10:51:02AM allocation to the streetcar and staff and operating.
10:51:07AM And then using prior year balances, reprogramming some of

10:51:11AM that to continue to fund the engineering and design of the
10:51:15AM infrastructure improvements for districting action plan and
10:51:19AM the neighborhood community improvement projects and other
10:51:23AM community activities.
10:51:24AM Again, as in downtown, the Channel District programming in
10:51:28AM FY13 would be very similar to what it was in '12.
10:51:32AM Moving on to CRA number three.
10:51:37AM If there are no questions.
10:51:38AM Okay.
10:51:39AM Tampa Heights Riverfront.
10:51:42AM Mayor mentioned it earlier this morning.
10:51:44AM The redevelopment of the Waterworks Building into a
10:51:49AM restaurant is exciting for us and we're looking forward to
10:51:56AM be able to complete that lease, get the building in to
10:51:59AM Mr. Gonzmart's hands, to be able to make that transformation
10:52:04AM on that historic structure.
10:52:06AM Another positive thing for us this fiscal year is
10:52:10AM Hardeman-Kempton working with our recreation department.
10:52:16AM Able to complete updated master plan for Waterworks Park.
10:52:19AM And thank you for sitting on City Council and approving
10:52:23AM $4.7 million towards the construction of that park.
10:52:26AM We certainly appreciate it and looking forward to waterworks
10:52:29AM being what we all know it can be.
10:52:30AM Looking forward into '13, again, will support Mr. Gonzmart's
10:52:39AM severities into redeveloping the Waterworks Building as a

10:52:42AM restaurant.
10:52:42AM We will be completing the Waterworks Park segment of the
10:52:47AM Tampa Riverwalk that would extend across the park from Doyle
10:52:52AM Carlton to seventh and also start and hopefully complete the
10:52:56AM spring expansion project that we have been looking for to
10:53:00AM for sometime.
10:53:01AM Also the Mayor had mentioned this morning following the
10:53:04AM bankruptcy proceedings and the decisions to be made
10:53:08AM regarding the heights development agreement to revisit,
10:53:12AM redevelopment priorities in the area and reset our focus for
10:53:17AM what we would do in the area there once the bankruptcy
10:53:20AM proceedings have come to a close.
10:53:23AM Nearly 17% decline in assessed values in the neighborhood
10:53:31AM this year, leading to a reduction in the TIF revenues for
10:53:38AM FY13 from FY12.
10:53:41AM Looking back at past year budgets, we have had a number of
10:53:50AM dollars in capital improvement projects.
10:53:52AM These are largely been allocated for the park.
10:53:57AM And then some other smaller projects in the neighborhood.
10:53:59AM The balances, we're doing very well in timely expenditures
10:54:04AM of our funds in the Heights.
10:54:05AM The dollars that you see remaining are committed towards the
10:54:11AM spring expansion and park improvements there in the
10:54:17AM neighborhood.
10:54:18AM The '13 budget, capital improvement projects, again, just

10:54:25AM anticipating the need for additional improvements for
10:54:29AM funding for the spring or for park improvements or possibly
10:54:33AM to assist with other capital small scale capital projects
10:54:38AM that might be identified over the course of the year.
10:54:40AM And then the staff and operating.
10:54:43AM So we're looking forward to a new restaurant, a new park,
10:54:47AM and a lot of activity in Tampa Heights in the years to come.
10:54:51AM Number four, Central Park.
10:54:55AM Ideally situated between downtown and Ybor City and of
10:55:00AM course the story here remains to be Encore.
10:55:04AM Represented by the aerial.
10:55:07AM You'll see to the right, construction of Ella, which is
10:55:11AM nearly completed.
10:55:12AM And the housing authority is very excited about being able
10:55:16AM to open that and get residents moving into Central Park
10:55:20AM again.
10:55:20AM Included a couple of photos here just to show you some of
10:55:23AM the green and sustainable and energy saving elements of the
10:55:28AM project.
10:55:29AM At the bottom left is the chiller plant and the large
10:55:33AM containers that are packed with ice and then water is
10:55:36AM circulated through those and then sent out through lines
10:55:38AM across the project that would be able to chill for air
10:55:44AM conditioning.
10:55:44AM And then the solar panel, which is there at the bottom right

10:55:49AM to collect solar energy that would be used to operate the
10:55:53AM streetlights within the project.
10:55:55AM So they're very energy minded and taking a lot of steps
10:56:01AM within the project to use energy wisely.
10:56:06AM Looking ahead, continue to support the construction at
10:56:15AM Encore, both nearing completion of the infrastructure now
10:56:19AM and they are hoping to be able to break ground on two more
10:56:23AM residential projects by the end of the year.
10:56:25AM That being the tree oak and the LEED.
10:56:30AM Kimley-Horn and associates is designing master plan for
10:56:35AM Perry Harvey Park.
10:56:36AM That is progressing nicely.
10:56:38AM And they hope to be completed with that project within the
10:56:42AM next couple of months.
10:56:43AM And then would be able to go to design and build that
10:56:46AM project.
10:56:49AM Couple of months ago, we had a ceremony celebrating the
10:56:53AM relate of a $400,000 EPA assessment grant for some
10:56:58AM redevelopment activities along north Nebraska, just south of
10:57:03AM St. Peter Claver church.
10:57:05AM So we'll be implementing that grant.
10:57:07AM And as always, supporting private sector initiatives that
10:57:11AM may come forward.
10:57:12AM Bob had mentioned earlier that the Central Park would not
10:57:17AM the receiving any TIF revenue in '13.

10:57:20AM In addition to that, the cause of that being near 12%
10:57:26AM decline in the assessed values.
10:57:30AM And again, the sad news in FY13, no TIF revenue dollars at
10:57:39AM all.
10:57:39AM And this would illustrate to you that there are no dollars
10:57:48AM to reprogram for an FY13 program.
10:57:52AM There's simply has not been a history of TIF revenue
10:57:57AM generation in Central Park.
10:57:58AM And so, all dollars have been expended and will not be
10:58:03AM receiving any more this year.
10:58:04AM Any questions for Central Park?
10:58:09AM Okay, very well.
10:58:10AM I'll invite Vince Pardo up to speak to you about Ybor.
10:58:14AM Thank you.
10:58:17AM VINCE PARDO: Thank you, Michael.
10:58:22AM Vince Pardo, Ybor development.
10:58:24AM Ybor boundaries, as we talk about the boundaries of Ybor and
10:58:38AM some of the projects that we have for this past year,
10:58:43AM seventh avenue is our commercial spine.
10:58:45AM Always trying to keep it looking good, bright, hazard free.
10:58:50AM We have replaced several blocks of hex pavers this part of
10:58:52AM year.
10:58:53AM Every bench on seventh avenue has been replaced and upgraded
10:58:56AM in fact over the benches that have been there since
10:58:59AM approximately 2000 when the last streetscape project was

10:59:03AM completed.
10:59:03AM We continue to partner with other promoters and special
10:59:09AM events in Ybor by furthering their ability to advertise
10:59:13AM themselves in the joint program on billboards.
10:59:17AM Been very successful.
10:59:18AM We do this with not only the ones through the cosponsorship
10:59:22AM but also ones we can't fund, we can help in this particular
10:59:25AM area.
10:59:26AM The Ferlita Macaroni Factory was a great example, not only
10:59:30AM of facade improvement program, but also emergency dollars to
10:59:35AM stabilize that building so we could in fact get the right
10:59:38AM players together to actually get the building to it today.
10:59:41AM And the Ybor neighborhood watch program, neighborhood
10:59:46AM watches in a lot of places around the city.
10:59:49AM This is very specialized.
10:59:51AM We have the ability now if an incidents occurs on one side
10:59:53AM of the district, within minutes everyone who signed up for
10:59:56AM that program has picture of a problem individual, regards
11:00:01AM what the nature is.
11:00:03AM Been extremely successful.
11:00:04AM Business people are also tweeting back to the police
11:00:07AM department so they can further that message as well.
11:00:09AM As we look to the redevelopment objectives for '13,
11:00:16AM extension of Ybor one TIF remains number one priority.
11:00:21AM Without an extension, that will expire in 2015.

11:00:25AM We have no TIF, Ybor definitely will have no TIF without the
11:00:29AM extension of that.
11:00:29AM So the community and administration are working with that
11:00:32AM with City of Tampa and taxing authority.
11:00:34AM So we being very favorable with that objective.
11:00:39AM We continue to utilize the Ybor task force and the Ybor
11:00:43AM business watch program.
11:00:46AM We have had a dramatic reduction in crime.
11:00:48AM Again, this past year, in the last seven years, about 85%
11:00:52AM reduction.
11:00:53AM More actually than the overall city.
11:00:55AM We're very pleased with that with our cooperation with the
11:00:58AM neighborhood watch program, our community getting more
11:01:00AM activated and obviously with TPD.
11:01:02AM Also creating jobs and reducing vacancies in the district
11:01:07AM continues.
11:01:08AM We continue to use specialized program through our
11:01:11AM partnership with the small business information center.
11:01:16AM With our facade program and promotions as much as possible
11:01:19AM through not only marketing the district, but marketing some
11:01:21AM things by special events that bring revenues and cash
11:01:25AM registers ring in the district.
11:01:27AM We continue to monitor and operate the special events
11:01:32AM cosponsorship program.
11:01:32AM That committee met this week.

11:01:35AM They allocated the 40,000-dollar proposed in the next year's
11:01:41AM budget.
11:01:42AM Those projects, some again are October 1.
11:01:45AM So we have ten projects we'll be cosponsoring with local
11:01:48AM non-profits and others to put on valuable special events in
11:01:53AM the district.
11:01:54AM Continue to partner with DOT and city departments on the
11:01:57AM design and the future of 21st, 22nd Street as it relates
11:02:01AM from Adamo Drive up to I-4.
11:02:05AM And we do have a Nexus obviously with East Tampa, you'll
11:02:10AM hear as a continuation of 21st and 22nd Street beyond
11:02:13AM the interstate.
11:02:14AM As we look to the assessments, again, a decline 1.2% for
11:02:23AM Ybor one.
11:02:24AM Which when looking at our budget as between the current year
11:02:31AM and next year, we're looking about 1.7% reduction.
11:02:34AM As Bob said, thankfully this particular CRA is more
11:02:37AM commercial than residential, so the impact has not been as
11:02:40AM low and hope of recouping would not take as much time as
11:02:44AM Ybor two.
11:02:45AM Our budgets for '13, we're proposing no capital projects.
11:02:52AM Reinvestment and the investment of the district, 181,000.
11:02:56AM That is both the facade program as well as the payment on
11:03:01AM the 108 loan that has been going on for sometime, since the
11:03:07AM change of ownership with central Ybor.

11:03:09AM District programs and services, slight increase there
11:03:14AM because of shifting some of that money from the prior
11:03:17AM category.
11:03:18AM And operations and administration.
11:03:20AM As we look into how this factoring as far as our programs,
11:03:26AM again, no capital improvement projects are slated at all.
11:03:29AM Redevelopment investment again with the facade and the debt
11:03:33AM transfer for the 108 loan.
11:03:36AM Our cosponsorships remaining at 40,000.
11:03:38AM That's been very successful.
11:03:40AM A lot of leveraging of resources on that.
11:03:44AM We continue to partially pay between Ybor one and Ybor two
11:03:48AM an evening code enforcement officer in the district.
11:03:53AM Promotions remain at 1715.
11:03:56AM Pressure washing has been reduced, but that's 28,000.
11:03:59AM Landscape, streetscape signage, this is my fix-it budget.
11:04:03AM Anything that breaks, a bench or something fell by a car,
11:04:06AM that's what we repair within the district.
11:04:08AM And the allocation again split with the Ybor two is the
11:04:14AM allocation for the streetcar.
11:04:16AM And the other programs.
11:04:18AM Other programs there is allocation. Parking department for
11:04:21AM improvements to lots and garages in Ybor City.
11:04:24AM Going on to Ybor two, major objectives there is again the
11:04:31AM implementation of the vision plan.

11:04:34AM We revised or updated our vision plan a couple years ago to
11:04:39AM more specificity on residential development, residential
11:04:43AM goals.
11:04:44AM And working steadfastly on those particular ones for the
11:04:47AM vision plan.
11:04:48AM The facade CRA facade improvement program, neighborhood
11:04:52AM amenity program will continue.
11:04:53AM We have monies left from this year that will be spending
11:04:56AM next year in that program.
11:04:58AM It's again been very successful.
11:05:00AM I think you've seen, had a special report on that.
11:05:03AM Developing and promoting target residential development.
11:05:07AM We came over this originally to target for people to market
11:05:11AM people to come and live in Ybor.
11:05:13AM And realized that wasn't a good use of funds because we
11:05:16AM didn't have many vacancies.
11:05:18AM What we needed is for market to developers to do more infill
11:05:22AM and rehabilitation of existing structures.
11:05:25AM So we are planning, in fact will have immediately after the
11:05:29AM RNC, will be having a reception for residential developers,
11:05:34AM both for single-family as well as multi-family in the
11:05:37AM district.
11:05:38AM That will be our focus along with the new campaign we're
11:05:41AM operating.
11:05:42AM Again, crime prevention strategies continue with the

11:05:45AM neighborhood as well as the commercial as the year before.
11:05:49AM Again, the importance of 21st and 22nd Street and those
11:05:53AM arenas.
11:05:54AM Ybor two, reduction in the assessments of 7.6%.
11:05:58AM As you see with some of the other CRAs, realization here
11:06:02AM is that 33% reduction from current year into next year for
11:06:06AM the fiscal year 13 TIF.
11:06:10AM Over all, from the figures you see here, but I think more
11:06:18AM importantly, looking at the programs, again, no capital
11:06:20AM projects, no redevelopment investment.
11:06:23AM There was very difficult, only thing we had any latitude to
11:06:26AM cut in this budget was in fact Epstein services.
11:06:30AM We had to shave those back again.
11:06:32AM We continue with code enforcement officer, evening and
11:06:35AM weekend code enforcement officer.
11:06:36AM The street car assessment and again the yes team have seen
11:06:41AM reductions in that particular area.
11:06:44AM And unless you have any questions, Ybor one, Ybor two?
11:06:52AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
11:06:53AM There are a couple things in the report that I'd like more
11:06:58AM information on, or maybe you can elaborate on.
11:07:00AM And I have a question, something that's not included here.
11:07:04AM So for the included things, you have staff continues to work
11:07:09AM with businesses, community members on the regulation of
11:07:13AM nightclubs and related businesses.

11:07:15AM Can you give us an idea of how those -- I attended one,
11:07:22AM maybe two of those meetings, and I haven't been able to
11:07:26AM attend others since then, so, can you give us a brief
11:07:30AM summary of how those meetings are going and what the
11:07:33AM business community is feeling about those regulations?
11:07:38AM >> Sure.
11:07:39AM After the workshop that was held with Council, Bob
11:07:44AM coordinated two workshop with the industry and with staff
11:07:47AM here in this room.
11:07:49AM I think you attended both of those.
11:07:51AM I can't speak for the rest of the city, but in Ybor, we have
11:07:56AM had two discussion points on this as far as work sessions,
11:08:01AM we invited the industry in.
11:08:02AM Went over all the testimony that was given by anyone,
11:08:05AM whether it be Ybor related or non-Ybor related at those two
11:08:08AM workshops as well as your workshop.
11:08:10AM And we have a document.
11:08:12AM We're trying to schedule another meeting before the next
11:08:14AM YCDC meeting.
11:08:16AM Has been kind of difficulty, especially with the RNC.
11:08:19AM So I have a public safety, regular scheduled public safety
11:08:23AM committee meeting next Thursday.
11:08:24AM A week from today.
11:08:25AM That will be on that agenda, but I had hoped to have at
11:08:29AM least one more intensive work group session before then.

11:08:31AM But they are progressing in Ybor, I can tell you there is a
11:08:34AM lot of consensus by the industry that they want us to do
11:08:38AM appropriate amount of additional regulation to keep any
11:08:42AM neighboring business from affecting their business.
11:08:44AM But of course it's always a caution about overregulation.
11:08:47AM And we try to balance that.
11:08:49AM But I think majority of the leadership of that industry, at
11:08:52AM least in Ybor City, is very supportive of having regulations
11:08:55AM to keep problem businesses next door to them out of the
11:09:00AM district.
11:09:01AM And give us and you tools to actually deal with them.
11:09:05AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Are there suggestions on what they have
11:09:09AM as defined as appropriate?
11:09:12AM >> Appropriate, yes.
11:09:13AM It's a good concept not to get more meat on the bones.
11:09:18AM We have -- one of our things we're going back on is that it
11:09:22AM may not be centered strictly on night clubs.
11:09:24AM We have had comments from industry people saying night club,
11:09:27AM we're trying to narrowly define as a late night, nonfood
11:09:31AM kind of place that has a dance floor and what we
11:09:34AM conceptualize.
11:09:35AM Trying to define on paper is a little more difficult.
11:09:37AM We could have a problem bar, you know, not a club, no cover
11:09:43AM charge.
11:09:43AM None of those things.

11:09:44AM How are we going to deal with that?
11:09:46AM So you can imagine the industry people saying one person is
11:09:48AM saying this, if I have a problem bar, I want to get rid of
11:09:52AM that one as easy as you do a nightclub.
11:09:54AM The regulations came out with nightclubs because when we
11:09:57AM talked about this before, those seemed to be the highest
11:10:00AM risk, if you will, because they're the largest numbers of
11:10:03AM people being sometimes in multi-level places and it's hard
11:10:06AM to keep your eyes and ears everywhere.
11:10:09AM We have one club, in fact one of our club founder for
11:10:13AM example, has over 60 employees.
11:10:16AM Over 60 employees.
11:10:17AM And that one business, not only hiring that many people,
11:10:21AM those people are in facts therefore not only working with
11:10:25AM Tampa Police Department as far as monitoring them.
11:10:27AM So that's one of the economy we'll look at the next meeting.
11:10:30AM The other one was what kind of infractions, what kind of
11:10:34AM infractions should be appropriate for revocation,
11:10:38AM suspension, or nonrenewal of the business operating permit.
11:10:42AM But going along with the business operating permit under
11:10:45AM chapter 6 seems to be a consensus that I've seen with my
11:10:51AM people.
11:10:54AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: The meeting I attended was almost 99.99%,
11:10:58AM because there was one business owner from Seminole Heights
11:10:58AM there, but everybody else in the room was from Ybor City.

11:11:02AM And I don't know if maybe each of our offices could help
11:11:06AM with this, or TPD or business regulation Jake Slater can
11:11:11AM help with this, but to get the message to all of the other
11:11:16AM club and bar owners, restaurant owners throughout the city,
11:11:21AM to know when those meetings are and to encourage them to
11:11:25AM attend.
11:11:26AM Because as you pointed out, this isn't just going to affect
11:11:29AM businesses in Ybor City.
11:11:30AM It's going to affect, this is a city-wide proposal.
11:11:35AM So I really would like to see some more encouragement.
11:11:38AM Mr. McDonough is about to address that, the I'm sure.
11:11:42AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: The intention was, we had those open
11:11:44AM meetings, Vince formed a committee that was going to distill
11:11:47AM some recommendations, and the idea was then, once we had a
11:11:52AM general guideline, to again open it up to get more people
11:11:56AM from outside of just the Ybor community, to look at here's a
11:12:00AM guideline, this is what industry people have agreed to.
11:12:04AM Because I have talked to several of the SoHo people.
11:12:08AM Again, a concentration of places where it seems to cause the
11:12:13AM most concern for people.
11:12:14AM But we will do that.
11:12:15AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I don't know.
11:12:16AM I know Mr. Reddick will probably address this as well, but
11:12:19AM some of the reason we brought up the regulations are that
11:12:26AM the concern that we had was that there were places in my

11:12:31AM district and this were places in Mr. Reddick's district that
11:12:35AM were causing problems in our neighborhoods.
11:12:38AM So it's not -- you know, this is something that I really
11:12:45AM feel strongly about, that these recommendations just don't
11:12:48AM come out of the entertainment district, so to speak,
11:12:51AM Channelside, Ybor City, downtown, or I think Howard Avenue
11:12:56AM is one who came up last time, as what's becoming an
11:13:00AM entertainment district.
11:13:02AM But that other clubs in other parts of the city -- they're
11:13:08AM all going to be affected.
11:13:10AM Even those in New Tampa close to the Pasco County border are
11:13:13AM going to be affected.
11:13:14AM >> I completely understand.
11:13:15AM The idea was that we spent, I don't know, six hours with the
11:13:23AM fairly animated crowd.
11:13:25AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Oh, I know.
11:13:26AM I was there.
11:13:27AM >> So the idea was to distill it to a sense of things that
11:13:30AM people in the business think make sense.
11:13:32AM And then go out and reach out and get more people involved.
11:13:35AM People were invited to the first meetings and they chose not
11:13:38AM to come.
11:13:39AM But here we'll have hopefully save a little brain damage and
11:13:42AM have a set of recommendations that are a little more easy to
11:13:46AM understand, so when we invite other people from the industry

11:13:49AM and they can take a look at that and say yeah, it makes
11:13:52AM sense.
11:13:53AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: And maybe if you the contact the various
11:13:56AM chambers, you know, the East Tampa chamber, the New Tampa
11:14:01AM chamber, you know, that they could get the information to
11:14:05AM their members and we might see a little more participation
11:14:10AM from that direction.
11:14:13AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: We will.
11:14:13AM We were just waiting for distillation of ideas.
11:14:17AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I guess a good dovetail to that is, the
11:14:20AM two points following that is the discussion of late night
11:14:23AM economies.
11:14:24AM And particularly interested in internationally broadcasted
11:14:29AM webinar on impact of public policy on Ybor's late night
11:14:33AM experiences.
11:14:34AM That sounds very intriguing.
11:14:36AM >> Does it?
11:14:37AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes, it does.
11:14:38AM Internationally broadcasted.
11:14:39AM It is a struggle with late night.
11:14:43AM I mean, recently I was, I was up north and you know in an
11:14:49AM area where any time of night, you can wake into a
11:14:52AM restaurant.
11:14:52AM It could be 3:00 in the morning and it appears as if it's
11:14:56AM 7:30 in the evening because the amount of people who are in

11:15:00AM the restaurant and having a good time without considering it
11:15:05AM a disturbance of the peace.
11:15:08AM And I know we recently extended Mr. Cohen's suggestion, the
11:15:14AM hours during the RNC that establishments can remain open.
11:15:18AM And I'm sure that's going to be very popular.
11:15:22AM Can you explain a little bit about late night experiences
11:15:25AM and what you found in that seminar?
11:15:28AM >> As a followup, in last month I was invited and attended a
11:15:32AM late night economy summit, as it was termed in Washington.
11:15:37AM And served on the panel with people from London, several
11:15:42AM communities, cities in Canada.
11:15:45AM All talking about where we're going.
11:15:47AM Believe me, every city is going through this.
11:15:49AM If you have any emergence of any business after 6:00,
11:15:53AM they're going through the same kind of life issues that
11:15:56AM we're going through with businesses and our neighborhoods
11:15:58AM living with these adjoining.
11:16:00AM So, as a follow-up to that, Captain Marc Hamlin from TPD and
11:16:04AM I led a webinar last week which was broadcast into Canada
11:16:13AM and a contact in London.
11:16:15AM And was able to describe -- I'll be glad to show it, the
11:16:20AM PowerPoint presentation really talks about the evolution of
11:16:23AM seventh avenue, from its original venue from my great
11:16:30AM grandparents used to do what they call the evening stroll
11:16:33AM after you get out of the house with the dinner, no air

11:16:36AM conditioner, was too hot.
11:16:39AM From that environment being a commercial spine, going
11:16:42AM through urban renewal, the interstate, lean times when
11:16:45AM everybody was fleeing out of Ybor City, to kind of the spark
11:16:48AM of the '90s.
11:16:49AM So very interesting.
11:16:50AM That pattern, I'm finding districts like this have a life
11:16:53AM cycle.
11:16:54AM And spines like seventh every are kind of the barometer, if
11:16:57AM you will.
11:16:58AM So that was pretty much the presentation.
11:17:00AM If you are interested, I'd be glad to give you hard copies
11:17:03AM of the PowerPoint just to take a look at it and some of the
11:17:06AM facts.
11:17:06AM It mainly centers on public policy.
11:17:09AM What the city did, sometimes it worked, sometimes it worked
11:17:12AM too well, like wet zonings.
11:17:13AM And how you react.
11:17:15AM Sometimes it's a message, be careful what you asked for, you
11:17:18AM may get it.
11:17:21AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
11:17:22AM I know that Councilwoman Capin has talked about this a lot.
11:17:26AM We are moving into a 24/7 economy.
11:17:30AM And especially in Ybor, where I know there are a lot of
11:17:33AM businesses, folks in the graphic arts and I.T. and those

11:17:37AM types of businesses, where there aren't regular working
11:17:41AM hours.
11:17:42AM So the ability to catch a movie at midnight or grab a bite
11:17:49AM to eat in a restaurant at 2:00 a.m. is becoming more
11:17:52AM important.
11:17:53AM And I don't think our, what may be considered sometimes
11:17:58AM suburban regulations are adequate to address that new
11:18:02AM economy that's emerging in Ybor City as well as other parts
11:18:05AM of the city.
11:18:06AM >> All over the city.
11:18:08AM >> Thank you.
11:18:09AM >> Thank you.
11:18:10AM >>FRANK REDDICK: People not sleeping any more?
11:18:12AM [ Laughter ]
11:18:15AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: That would be a no.
11:18:19AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Ms. Capin?
11:18:20AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.
11:18:21AM Mr. Pardo, one of the things I was privileged to look at the
11:18:27AM Neilson report, moving forward, a visitor survey.
11:18:33AM Very interesting on Ybor.
11:18:34AM And one of the things they found is that the people that
11:18:38AM found it the most interesting were foreigners.
11:18:41AM And that is really important to know.
11:18:46AM Also, I wanted to tell you that among that, yes, that is
11:18:52AM something that cultural assets, economic development task

11:18:56AM force permitting is looking at, because we are -- it is no
11:18:59AM longer a 9:00 to 5:00.
11:19:01AM People are working on projects, they work from home.
11:19:03AM And the one that gets it and I read this over a year ago in
11:19:07AM the economist.
11:19:08AM And it was just published in one of the newspapers recently,
11:19:11AM McDonald's.
11:19:12AM McDonald's is open 24.
11:19:16AM 7-Eleven, that used to be a big deal, they were open from
11:19:19AM 7:00 to 11:00.
11:19:20AM It's 24 hours.
11:19:21AM And that is how people live.
11:19:23AM And it has nothing to do with, you know, the carousing.
11:19:27AM It has to do with their lifestyle.
11:19:30AM And I agree with Councilwoman Montelione, that that is the
11:19:34AM new economy.
11:19:35AM This is the new normal.
11:19:37AM This is where we're heading.
11:19:39AM People work on projects.
11:19:40AM People are more free-lancing.
11:19:45AM And that's -- especially in the I.T. and the graphics and
11:19:50AM Ybor is set for that.
11:19:52AM I had a tag here and I just wanted -- one of the reasons in
11:19:57AM the survey, and I thought this was really interesting.
11:20:00AM That they would return the preference, their life was the

11:20:05AM good food in Ybor City.
11:20:06AM It was a very big number.
11:20:09AM And the other was the -- was a need for improvement was
11:20:15AM better parking.
11:20:16AM I found that -- and improved safety.
11:20:21AM And I think we're all working on that.
11:20:23AM On a side note, I'd like to ask, and this is not -- since
11:20:29AM you're here, and Mr. Paris is waiting with his $2,000 to
11:20:34AM give us on the, for the historic marker, he was going to
11:20:39AM give, contribute it to the signs, but he has agreed to a
11:20:45AM historic marker.
11:20:46AM What is happening with that?
11:20:48AM >> We did track down the interview is handling that historic
11:20:52AM marker program, not only Ybor but throughout the city.
11:20:55AM With Liz Dunham, through the Tampa Bay History Center.
11:21:00AM When she left there, it was kind of a void.
11:21:03AM We did identify, actually county attorney that we talked
11:21:06AM with just a couple days ago.
11:21:07AM And they did identify that they are in charge of that
11:21:10AM program if it's state.
11:21:11AM This will maybe a little different.
11:21:13AM Maintaining was, actually we could produce one of those
11:21:17AM markers today is about $2,400.
11:21:20AM So very close in the budget. Donation that you had, were
11:21:27AM able to secure.

11:21:30AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay, thank you.
11:21:43AM >> Good morning, board.
11:21:44AM Ed Johnson, East Tampa redevelopment manager.
11:21:47AM As a reminder, our boundaries in East Tampa, to the north,
11:21:57AM Hillsborough Avenue, to the south, interstate four, to the
11:22:00AM west, interstate 275 at Talfar avenue, and to the east along
11:22:06AM 50th street and 56th street.
11:22:09AM Highlights of the, from the current year reflected on the
11:22:16AM photo that are in front of you on the top left-hand corner,
11:22:21AM you'll see a nice big pond there with water.
11:22:27AM That's not a new lake.
11:22:29AM That's actually a retention bond located at Osborne and
11:22:32AM 30th street.
11:22:33AM And it's actually been regraded to be able to handle the
11:22:39AM stormwater, waters that were coming off of Hillsborough
11:22:42AM Avenue at 30th that had been a constant flooding problem for
11:22:46AM many years.
11:22:46AM We're piping that water down to this particular pond and
11:22:49AM then it will get, once the project is completed, by the end
11:22:53AM of the summer, will regrade that whole area around that
11:22:58AM pond.
11:22:58AM As you can see, it's already starting to take the water.
11:23:02AM Previously that pond was kind of dry.
11:23:04AM And we haven't heard in the news, with our past rains, we
11:23:09AM haven't seen Hillsborough and 30th street highlighted in the

11:23:13AM news media, so that what we do know water is starting to
11:23:16AM flow down to that pond off of Hillsborough Avenue.
11:23:20AM On the right-hand side, that's compliments of our facade
11:23:24AM program.
11:23:24AM That is the city pharmacy and clinic located on Dr. Martin
11:23:29AM Luther King Boulevard.
11:23:32AM Recipient of one of our earlier facade grants.
11:23:35AM Bottom left, that is a build-out of the last pad that was in
11:23:39AM the Tampa festival center plaza on Hillsborough Avenue, just
11:23:43AM east of 22nd Street.
11:23:45AM That is a 12,000 square foot build-out.
11:23:50AM 8500 square feet has already been committed to a medical
11:23:53AM office development.
11:23:54AM And then the rest of the space will be offered up for
11:23:56AM additional retail.
11:23:57AM On the right-hand side on the lower side, that's another one
11:24:00AM of our facade programs.
11:24:02AM That's the oriental fish company, owned by Mr. Marvin Knight
11:24:06AM at Lake Avenue and 15th street.
11:24:08AM That took advantage of our program.
11:24:12AM And in the center, that is an opening of the country pumpkin
11:24:17AM diner.
11:24:17AM It is located right next door to the yummy house bistro.
11:24:23AM And as the sign indicates, they're now open for three meals
11:24:27AM a day.

11:24:28AM They started serving dinner a couple months ago because of
11:24:32AM the acceptance of the restaurant in the community.
11:24:34AM So it's gone very, very well for us.
11:24:36AM FY13 redevelopment objectives.
11:24:45AM Want to continue to maintain commitment to our programs that
11:24:47AM are improving East Tampa's curb appeal.
11:24:50AM As an example, our clean city team.
11:24:52AM We have, we're funding our own clean team and we also have
11:24:56AM an environmental crimes unit that's been working for the
11:25:00AM last several years on eliminating the illegal dumping in
11:25:02AM East Tampa.
11:25:03AM Complete construction of phase two of our 22nd Street
11:25:07AM enhancements project, we have just completed phase two A,
11:25:12AM which was from 21st, or 23rd avenue north back up to 26th.
11:25:18AM That segment has already been opened.
11:25:20AM Has been completed.
11:25:21AM We're ready to start on phase 2-B.
11:25:24AM Just waiting for the RNC to be over with and DOT will
11:25:28AM release the permits to start construction on that particular
11:25:31AM phase.
11:25:32AM And then the following phase on 22nd Street will be the
11:25:35AM roundabout at 23rd avenue that will start construction at
11:25:40AM the end of the year.
11:25:41AM As Vince mentioned earlier, our 22nd Street enhancement
11:25:46AM project has also been linked to the Crosstown connector

11:25:49AM project as it relates to the amenities that will be added
11:25:54AM once the Crosstown connector is finished on 21st and
11:25:57AM 22nd Street.
11:25:58AM So from the interstate, interstate four going north, up to
11:26:03AM connect to our project, which ends as 23rd avenue, we will
11:26:08AM be recipients of some enhancement work on both 21st and
11:26:12AM 22nd Street that coincides with the project.
11:26:14AM We'll also continue to fund TIF funded programs for
11:26:19AM rehabilitation of single-family homes.
11:26:21AM As you recall, we still have roughly about $400,000 in the
11:26:28AM acquisition of foreclosed properties that we committed to
11:26:33AM under the neighborhood stabilization program.
11:26:35AM We're going to continue to use those funds in partnership
11:26:38AM with the housing department to fund, continuing to fund
11:26:41AM acquisitions, rehabilitation and hopefully get some new
11:26:44AM homeowners in some of these properties in East Tampa.
11:26:49AM We're goes to complete construction of the Hillsborough
11:26:52AM Avenue and 30th street stormwater.
11:26:56AM And continuing to support private investment.
11:27:01AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Johnson, on the first phase, where
11:27:05AM 22nd and 26th avenue, one you just completed, 22nd
11:27:08AM street and 26th avenue.
11:27:11AM When they put the red lights back up, what was the purpose
11:27:16AM of that camera they put on top of them lights?
11:27:20AM >> That's a DOT requirement.

11:27:22AM As you recall, these streets are still FDOT.
11:27:26AM We do not control those streets yet.
11:27:28AM The city has agreed to take ownership of 22nd Street
11:27:32AM once our enhancement projects are finished.
11:27:35AM But any rehabilitation on any state highway now, DOT is
11:27:39AM installing those cameras at those major intersections like
11:27:43AM that.
11:27:43AM You recall when we finished phase one at Martin Luther King,
11:27:47AM a camera was installed at that location too.
11:27:51AM They're using it for traffic obviously to be able to
11:27:54AM determine the viability of safety along those corridors.
11:27:58AM That's the only reason they're using this.
11:27:59AM Not intended for spying on neighbors in the community, that
11:28:03AM kind of thing.
11:28:05AM >>FRANK REDDICK: I noticed it was different from what you
11:28:07AM see the red light cameras.
11:28:08AM It's different from what you see the type of red light
11:28:12AM cameras.
11:28:13AM So I was just wondering.
11:28:15AM See that camera sitting up top there.
11:28:18AM >> They operate the same way.
11:28:20AM Operate the same way.
11:28:22AM They're actually traffic.
11:28:23AM They can be controlled and monitored at traffic locations.
11:28:28AM So they're requiring any work that's done on their roads,

11:28:31AM that they install those cameras at major intersections like
11:28:34AM that.
11:28:35AM Moving along, PowerPoint, as you heard from some of my
11:28:45AM teammates, we're also experiencing declines in revenue.
11:28:49AM As you can see here, our TIF refuse in your now is actually
11:28:53AM below the base year that was established in 2004.
11:28:56AM At 492 million.
11:28:58AM We're down to about $253 million.
11:29:01AM So, as a consequence of that, we will have zero dollars in
11:29:05AM TIF coming to us in 2013.
11:29:07AM In the next slide shows our history of our TIF revenues.
11:29:15AM As you can see, we had at one point a high of $7 million in
11:29:18AM FY09.
11:29:20AM Down to where we are today.
11:29:22AM And I just want to make sure that folks understand.
11:29:25AM We have not turned off the lights in East Tampa.
11:29:27AM We are still operating.
11:29:29AM Because we have had those run-ups in dollars in those
11:29:32AM previous years, we still have dollars available that we have
11:29:37AM been using to reprogram, to be able to continue to carry on
11:29:41AM our business as usual and support our significant projects.
11:29:45AM As you'll see in the following slide, our budget numbers
11:29:50AM from FY09, on the top portion, the actual budgeted dollars
11:29:55AM and the bottom portion reflects the balances as they are of
11:29:59AM today will and reflects some reallocations that have already

11:30:02AM taken place in previous years to be able to continue to fund
11:30:05AM the programs.
11:30:06AM And we'll continue to do that for this year, FY12 and FY13.
11:30:11AM And the final page is a reflection of obviously of FY13,
11:30:20AM which we cannot show any dollars there.
11:30:23AM However, the column to the right, prior year balances, as
11:30:26AM you can see, we have $4.7 million that we're still
11:30:29AM utilizing.
11:30:30AM Majority of that obviously has gone towards our 22nd
11:30:34AM enhancement project and Hillsborough and 30th street.
11:30:37AM And also to continue to fund our major programs.
11:30:40AM So that's my presentation.
11:30:44AM If you have any questions, I'd be glad to answer them.
11:30:49AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: This is more a forecast question, I
11:30:54AM suppose.
11:30:54AM A good deal of the activities of the CRA are to make those
11:31:02AM infrastructure improvements to encourage business
11:31:05AM development, to bring companies to an area and to enhance
11:31:11AM the experience of the neighborhood and the citizens who live
11:31:14AM there.
11:31:15AM And we have got, you know, we had done a lot of work in all
11:31:20AM of the neighborhoods and all of the CRAs.
11:31:24AM Have, with what we had seen, what the Mayor talked about
11:31:27AM this morning is an uptick in the commercial permitting.
11:31:33AM Have we seen more businesses moving into the East Tampa

11:31:41AM area?
11:31:41AM We're got quite a few very, very heavily commercial
11:31:44AM districts within East Tampa.
11:31:46AM So are we seeing those commercial projects come to fruition?
11:31:50AM The permits being pulled and hopefully a rise in that TIF
11:31:54AM funds going forward?
11:31:56AM >> We have.
11:31:57AM Unfortunately, the area is so large.
11:32:00AM Being seven and a half square miles and majority of it is
11:32:03AM residential.
11:32:05AM The commercial developments that have taken place kind of
11:32:07AM get lost in the, lost in those numbers because of the major
11:32:11AM reduction in the residential side.
11:32:13AM But yes, along Hillsborough Avenue, for instance,
11:32:16AM Hillsborough Avenue still remains a viable corridor for
11:32:20AM redevelopment.
11:32:22AM We have a couple of projects that are being teed up as we
11:32:28AM speak.
11:32:28AM One is major, I'm not at liberty to talk about that yet.
11:32:32AM But, there is a lot of interest.
11:32:34AM I continue to get phone calls daily from commercial brokers
11:32:39AM that are pounding the streets for deals that are working
11:32:43AM with potential folks.
11:32:45AM And we just have our fingers crossed that that doesn't die.
11:32:48AM And we're going to do everything that we can as a, you know,

11:32:51AM as a development office to be able to continue to market
11:32:54AM ourselves and to be able to tell our story that East Tampa
11:32:58AM is still a viable place to do business.
11:33:00AM We're seeing a little bit along the 50th street, near
11:33:04AM interstate 4, you know, we had the Quality Inns and Suites
11:33:08AM that was done there several years ago.
11:33:10AM But we're now seeing several of the owners of some of those
11:33:15AM hotels now that are finally starting to invest in their
11:33:18AM facilities and do some upgrades.
11:33:20AM I think it's quite positive.
11:33:22AM And I think you'll see once the market starts inching
11:33:27AM upwards again, you'll start seeing a lot more activity take
11:33:31AM place.
11:33:31AM So just keep your fingers crossed and we're still continuing
11:33:34AM to invest our TIF dollars in land acquisition.
11:33:39AM We still believe that land acquisition is the key to it all.
11:33:43AM Still working on the grocery store that was in the newspaper
11:33:46AM sometime ago.
11:33:47AM So, we believe those things are still positive and will come
11:33:51AM to light soon.
11:33:53AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
11:33:53AM I was looking for some good news after hearing most of those
11:33:56AM presentations.
11:33:59AM >> Any other questions?
11:34:00AM If not, I'll turn it over to Ms. Jeanette Fenton from Drew

11:34:09AM Park.
11:34:10AM >> I was almost going to say good afternoon.
11:34:12AM It is still morning.
11:34:13AM Finally the end, getting there.
11:34:15AM Jeanette Larusa Fenton, manager of the Drew Park CRA.
11:34:19AM We'll start with our boundary area, which most of you are
11:34:22AM familiar with.
11:34:23AM But for the viewing audience, Hillsborough Avenue on the
11:34:26AM north, Tampa Bay Boulevard on the south, Dale Mabry on the
11:34:29AM east and Hesperides on the west. Happy to share with you
11:34:37AM some of the, first one there on the left is the Hyundai
11:34:43AM dealership on Hillsborough Avenue just off Dale Mabry.
11:34:44AM They have -- Courtesy Hyundai has demolished their existing
11:34:48AM dealership and they are building a brand new over 15,000
11:34:51AM square feet, two-plus-million-dollar facility.
11:34:54AM The center shows the front of our Drew Park streetscape and
11:35:00AM beautification master plan that you approved last November.
11:35:03AM We were also very honored to receive an award of excellence
11:35:06AM from the Planning Commission.
11:35:07AM And as by through my presentation, you'll hear about
11:35:10AM projects that were actually implementing now from that plan.
11:35:14AM To the right is one of our facade projects on Hesperides.
11:35:20AM Fronting Air Cargo Road.
11:35:23AM Almost $15,000 grant that was highly leveraged by
11:35:27AM significant investment from the owner that did both internal

11:35:29AM and external improvements.
11:35:31AM And then finally, at the bottom is stadium Toyota of on Dale
11:35:37AM Mabry.
11:35:38AM You've itself noticed they're undergoing some substantial
11:35:41AM external renovations, they're not increasing square footage,
11:35:45AM but making improvements in energy efficiency and
11:35:48AM functionality.
11:35:49AM And the good news is, there are a number of other auto
11:35:55AM businesses that are going to be making some substantial
11:35:58AM improvements, both expansion and new construction.
11:36:00AM I'm not at liberty to talk about them publicly yet.
11:36:03AM But in terms of good news, you'll be hearing more good news
11:36:07AM fairly shortly about that.
11:36:08AM In terms of our key redevelopment objectives, you've been
11:36:17AM hearing a lot about the stormwater projects and the Mayor
11:36:20AM mentioned it this morning in his presentation.
11:36:22AM We are moving forward with the Henry avenue pond.
11:36:25AM The large expansion of that, which will be, would've done by
11:36:30AM now, but some of the bad weather has delayed it a bit.
11:36:33AM We expect that that project will be completed in September.
11:36:35AM And then followed very shortly by the groundbreaking for
11:36:39AM Grady avenue.
11:36:40AM And that we expect will occur probably around September is
11:36:45AM when wool actually see construction starting.
11:36:48AM And that will be huge because there are many people that

11:36:51AM thought we would never see the day that those stormwater
11:36:54AM projects would actually happen.
11:36:55AM And they are happening and we couldn't be prouder and
11:36:58AM happier and the community is very pleased about it.
11:37:01AM And following closely will be Lois Avenue.
11:37:05AM So hopefully by this time next year, Grady will be done and
11:37:09AM we will be on our way to doing the Lois Avenue stormwater
11:37:13AM improvements.
11:37:14AM Along with the stormwater improvements will be significant
11:37:17AM streetscape improvements.
11:37:18AM And those are the ones that were conceptualized in our
11:37:25AM streetscape plan and will become reality as we do stormwater
11:37:28AM improvements.
11:37:30AM Another project we're excited about, community gateway
11:37:33AM markers along Dale Mabry at Alva, Cayuga south and Osborne.
11:37:37AM We have had good conversations with FDOT, because Dale Mabry
11:37:41AM is a state road and we need to get clearance from them
11:37:44AM before we proceed with this.
11:37:45AM So of course like everything else, with RNC and the other
11:37:48AM activities, we are expecting a response from them fairly
11:37:52AM soon.
11:37:52AM And then we'll move forward with that.
11:37:54AM And then finally, the Aviation Authority is updating their
11:38:00AM master plan.
11:38:01AM One of their key focus areas is their east area development

11:38:05AM parcels along Air Cargo road that front Drew Park.
11:38:08AM So we expect that we will be an able to partner with the
11:38:12AM airport on some strong economic development projects that we
11:38:14AM think will benefit both the airport and Drew Park and the
11:38:18AM entire community.
11:38:19AM Of course following in the pattern of all the other CRAs,
11:38:25AM we are experiencing another decline.
11:38:27AM And we hope that this is the bottom and that when we come
11:38:30AM back next year, we'll have even if it's slight, that we'll
11:38:33AM have an uptick.
11:38:34AM Showing our history as well, down to 4, little over 406,000
11:38:41AM for FY13.
11:38:42AM And then like many of the other CRAs, we are continuing
11:38:46AM operations based on prior year balances.
11:38:49AM In fact, I like to refer to our current year's budget as
11:38:53AM almost a place marker budget, because virtually everything
11:38:57AM wool be doing this year will be coming from previous years'
11:39:01AM budgets.
11:39:01AM And we have some significant balances in FY09 and 10 because
11:39:06AM the stormwater project was delayed.
11:39:08AM But as that moves forward by the time we commit our funds
11:39:12AM along, luckily, we have SWFWMD and city funds, that will
11:39:16AM virtually wipe out the FY09 and 10 funds and we'll be back
11:39:21AM on track with our expenditures.
11:39:22AM So we are continuing doing a lot of good things in Drew

11:39:25AM Park.
11:39:26AM I think you're going to see over the next two years more
11:39:29AM changes than you have seen in the probably the 20 years
11:39:31AM past.
11:39:32AM And I'm going to be pleased to come back and keep you
11:39:35AM updated with future progress.
11:39:52AM >> Thank you, board.
11:39:53AM That concludes the budget presentation.
11:39:54AM Any questions?
11:39:56AM Prior to going to public comment?
11:40:04AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Anyone wishing to speak at this time public
11:40:06AM comments?
11:40:07AM You have three minutes.
11:40:08AM Come forward.
11:40:15AM >> Mr. Chairman and other members of the Community
11:40:28AM Redevelopment Agency, I'm Al Davis.
11:40:31AM I'm at 3717 East Wiser Avenue.
11:40:37AM And I'm nested between the East Tampa community relevant
11:40:43AM area and the city Council district five.
11:40:49AM It's a fascinating kind of a thing, but what I want to
11:40:55AM comment this morning about is the proposed budget.
11:41:01AM I'm a little disturbed that East Tampa does not have any TIF
11:41:09AM dollars for year '13.
11:41:11AM Do you know how that happened?
11:41:18AM I would like to know.

11:41:19AM I'm thinking it happened because East Tampa, while it is
11:41:28AM socially correct in terms of its capability and resources,
11:41:40AM but is so poor in its economics.
11:41:46AM Maybe we ought to take another look at how the redevelopment
11:41:50AM of East Tampa is being programmed.
11:41:53AM And I know Florida Statute 163, part 3, I know the East
11:42:00AM Tampa redevelopment area plan.
11:42:04AM I know the strategic accident plan has an impact on what is
11:42:11AM being done in East Tampa, as far as the restructuring of the
11:42:17AM redevelopment of the area.
11:42:19AM But Mr. Chairman, what I would like for this agency to
11:42:24AM consider is whether or not this baseline that has been
11:42:29AM established, move the baseline, and give all the money that
11:42:33AM East Tampa can generate from whatever source, to
11:42:36AM redevelopment East Tampa.
11:42:39AM Maybe you will hinder it from doing so because of the stack.
11:42:46AM Maybe you're hindered from doing so because of other
11:42:49AM political reasons.
11:42:51AM But East Tampa is the largest CRA you got in this city.
11:42:56AM Yet is the poorest.
11:42:58AM What I call that dire and negligent.
11:43:03AM I'll be back next month.
11:43:05AM And by that time, this RNC thing will be over with and maybe
11:43:08AM we can give some of our attention to actually the needs for
11:43:12AM this community.

11:43:13AM And that is the redevelopment of East Tampa.
11:43:15AM Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
11:43:20AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Anyone else?
11:43:26AM >> I'd just like to take a moment to thank Angelica Barrios,
11:43:31AM Stephanie Stanton and Michael Hatchett for the work they did
11:43:35AM in preparing the budget document.
11:43:36AM And again if we have any significant changes between now and
11:43:39AM our next meeting, I'll certainly alert you.
11:43:41AM Again, the final numbers were not in from the children's
11:43:44AM board and I believe the port authority and a couple other
11:43:47AM folks.
11:43:47AM But this should be relatively accurate.
11:43:50AM And again, not glad tidings, but we are continuing with our
11:43:55AM mission.
11:43:55AM And look forward to this year.
11:43:57AM Thank you very much.
11:44:00AM >>FRANK REDDICK: One thing I can say is that, next month --
11:44:07AM one thing I can say, next month we can no longer use the RNC
11:44:10AM for an excuse.
11:44:12AM >> No more excuses.
11:44:13AM [ Laughter ]
11:44:14AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Everybody is centering around RNC.
11:44:16AM So it will be over with, can't use that any more.
11:44:20AM >>MR. McDONAUGH: I've got 30 days to find a new excuse.
11:44:23AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Bob.

11:44:24AM All right.
11:44:25AM Mr. Suarez, anything?
11:44:27AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: No, sir.
11:44:30AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Mrs. Capin?
11:44:31AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Offering this up now.
11:44:32AM Because we had the report from Ybor.
11:44:36AM And I wanted, actually the August survivors group that is
11:44:40AM putting together the start of 1990, the Cuban sandwich show,
11:44:44AM which runs from August 1 to August 31 this year, is having a
11:44:50AM history of Tampa food on Saturday, the 11th.
11:44:54AM And they have Dr. Mormino, history professor at St. Pete
11:45:02AM college and at USF.
11:45:03AM And -- I'm sorry, at USF St. Pete.
11:45:05AM E. J. Saul-Sena, retired judge of second district court, a
11:45:10AM local historian, and Andrew Hughs, author and history of the
11:45:14AM Columbia restaurant and instructor of USF honors program.
11:45:17AM Myself, I'll be on that panel also discussing Tampa's foods
11:45:24AM and how it evolved and impacted the state of Florida.
11:45:26AM Tom Scherberger is going to be the moderator.
11:45:31AM There will be a film at 1:30, "Living in America, a hundred
11:45:37AM years of Ybor."
11:45:38AM And I understand that's real interesting.
11:45:40AM And at 9:00 a.m. -- this is 10:00 a.m., the food panel.
11:45:43AM At 9:00 a.m., there will be Cuban coffee and Cuban toast.
11:45:48AM It's at the HCC Ybor campus theater, which is on

11:45:53AM 15th street.
11:45:54AM And I hope to see a lot of everyone there.
11:45:57AM Thank you.
11:45:59AM >>FRANK REDDICK: That's 6:00 p.m. tonight, are they going to
11:46:02AM be feeding us?
11:46:05AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: 2340, this -- 6:00 p.m.?
11:46:07AM Oh, here?
11:46:10AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.
11:46:10AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I've got a plan.
11:46:11AM Not tonight, but we're working on it.
11:46:14AM >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.
11:46:15AM Anything else?
11:46:16AM Okay.
11:46:16AM Mrs. Mulhern?
11:46:18AM >>MARY MULHERN: No, I have nothing.
11:46:19AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Cohen?
11:46:21AM >>HARRY COHEN: No.
11:46:22AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Ms. Montelione?
11:46:24AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: No, sir, the but I just noticed Mr. Snow
11:46:27AM walked in.
11:46:27AM The CRA meeting, and we just went through the agenda and
11:46:33AM public comments, so if you want to speak, now...
11:46:41AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Even though we passed that you all want to
11:46:43AM grant that?
11:46:44AM Up to the Council.

11:46:45AM All right.
11:46:47AM Go ahead.
11:46:48AM You got three minutes.
11:46:51AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: You use missed the call for public
11:46:53AM comments.
11:46:54AM >> I was stopped at the read light.
11:46:56AM I wasn't going through it on my bike.
11:46:58AM [ Laughter ]
11:47:00AM >> I just want to let you guys know --
11:47:03AM >>FRANK REDDICK: State your name.
11:47:04AM >> I'm Allen Snow.
11:47:05AM I'm representing Southwest Florida Bikes United Dealers
11:47:13AM today.
11:47:13AM I wanted to remind you guys that we have a, moving our
11:47:17AM annual bicycle festival into downtown Tampa.
11:47:19AM And I want to thank Councilman Frank Reddick for showing is
11:47:23AM up last week.
11:47:24AM We actually had our bicycle bash kickoff party at one of our
11:47:27AM member bike stores in Seminole Heights.
11:47:29AM And it was really successful.
11:47:31AM I want to also commend your transportation director Jean
11:47:35AM Duncan, who is doing -- not sure what you're aware she's
11:47:43AM doing behind the scenes.
11:47:44AM But she's extremely conscience and aware of the importance
11:47:47AM of bicycling development in our city.

11:47:49AM And the City of Tampa is a cosponsor of the bicycle bash.
11:47:54AM I invite all your folks to be there.
11:47:56AM Again, I want to thank Councilman Reddick, who revealed that
11:48:00AM he has a bicycle in his garage with two flats that we hope
11:48:04AM to fix and get him back on the road.
11:48:06AM [ Laughter ]
11:48:09AM >>FRANK REDDICK: I didn't want you to make that public.
11:48:10AM [ Laughter ]
11:48:12AM >> Whether you know it or not, City of Tampa is a bicycle
11:48:15AM town.
11:48:15AM This is an amazing statistic.
11:48:17AM The City of Tampa ranks number nine in the country in bike
11:48:22AM commuting rate.
11:48:23AM According to the 2010 census.
11:48:25AM And that is despite the fact that we have some challenge
11:48:30AM infrastructure.
11:48:32AM And issues with motorists and bicycle education.
11:48:36AM An amazing statistic.
11:48:38AM People want to ride their bicycles.
11:48:39AM It's not a cause, actually it's a public policy, it's in
11:48:42AM your comp plan.
11:48:43AM You're supposed to be a bicycle friendly city.
11:48:46AM That's not me here asking you to support a cause.
11:48:48AM It's part of your public policy.
11:48:50AM And I obviously we also need Mayor Buckhorn to be a strong

11:48:55AM advocate and partner with us as well.
11:48:57AM And I'm happy to say that the city is a co-sponsor of the
11:49:01AM bicycle bash.
11:49:02AM They have agreed -- we had it in Hillsborough County the
11:49:05AM last two years and the city has agreed to basically match
11:49:09AM Hillsborough County, the Mayor's office has agreed to match
11:49:12AM what Hillsborough County provided and basically being a
11:49:14AM co-sponsor of the bicycle bash festival.
11:49:18AM And we're going to have it in Cotanchobee Park next to the
11:49:22AM history center and Marriott Waterside hotel.
11:49:25AM All kinds of events.
11:49:26AM Also organizing a Tampa Bay bicycle summit the day after on
11:49:30AM November 5th.
11:49:31AM And the league of American bicyclists president will be down
11:49:36AM here for the bike bash.
11:49:37AM Again, I've invited Jean Duncan to be one of the speakers.
11:49:42AM And we're going to make Tampa a great story.
11:49:44AM It's going to be a turn around story.
11:49:46AM And we need you folks to buy into it because just saying
11:49:49AM you're for biking is not enough.
11:49:51AM You really have to step up and help us.
11:49:53AM So, we look forward to working with you.
11:49:57AM >>FRANK REDDICK: I plan to ride my bike down there.
11:49:59AM [ Laughter ]
11:50:01AM >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

11:50:02AM Anything else, Bob, before we wrap up?
11:50:05AM >> No, sir, that concludes my presentation.
11:50:08AM >>FRANK REDDICK: All right, can we get a motion to receive
11:50:10AM and filings.
11:50:11AM >> Motion to receive and file.
11:50:15AM >> Second.
11:50:15AM >> All right.
11:50:16AM We stand adjourned till 6:00 p.m.

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