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TAMPA Community Redevelopment Agency

Thursday, September 13, 2012
9:00 a.m. Meeting


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09:06:38 >>FRANK REDDICK: Good morning.

09:06:39 We are going to call the community redevelopment meeting to

09:06:43 order.

09:06:43 And we have the pleasure today of having with us Edwin

09:06:55 Lorraine, the president of the student body in 1977-1998 and

09:07:01 one of the university of University of South Florida first

09:07:05 homecoming kings.

09:07:15 >>> Almighty God, we thank you for this morning.

09:07:20 We thank you for waking us up and bringing us here safely.

09:07:24 We ask you to bless this meeting.

09:07:26 Bless have been that is here, God, to make presentations

09:07:28 today.

09:07:28 We ask you, God, to bless our leaders, help them make wise

09:07:33 decisions that will help us make decisions positively.

09:07:36 We ask you to bless those who lost their lives in 9/11 as we

09:07:41 remember that anniversary and we ask you to bless Councilman

09:07:47 Perry Harvey and their loss.

09:07:49 We ask this in your name.

09:07:50 Amen.

09:07:51 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]

09:08:07 >> Before we start -- roll call.

09:08:24 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:08:25 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:08:28 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

09:08:30 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:08:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:08:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me state on the record those we want

09:08:37 to send our condolences to Perry Harvey.

09:08:45 Perry Harvey served on this council for many years, and

09:08:49 served the district that I currently serve.

09:08:52 So condolences to his family.

09:08:54 Thank you.

09:08:54 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Administrator of economic opportunity.

09:09:00 I'm here this morning with a very happy announcement.

09:09:09 We have stricken the word chicken from future meetings.

09:09:13 We no longer use Septima.

09:09:19 We have stricken RNC from the record and it will no longer

09:09:22 be brought up.

09:09:23 We are fortunate to have a Channel District resident and

09:09:25 member of the CAC in the Channel District, mark Holman to

09:09:31 address some things that are going on in the Channel

09:09:33 District.

09:09:33 >> We have the new development with the apartment building

09:09:55 coming along nicely.

09:09:57 I don't know how many of you have driven by to see it.

09:09:59 It's coming along well.

09:10:01 I think it's going to be open in March of next year.

09:10:06 And the new wastewater pump station at 12th Street is

09:10:09 underway with improvements on moving the power lines in the

09:10:13 ground and plans are 90% with that and as you mentioned the

09:10:17 Sugarman sculpture is coming hopefully this month finally.

09:10:21 Some of the things we are working on right now, we just

09:10:24 recently pledged with food trucks.

09:10:28 We have the food trucks every month around the city.

09:10:30 We have a unique one around the state.

09:10:35 She's asking for funding to do a yearly event.

09:10:38 So we are going to start this.

09:10:41 We have given five grand to start this year.

09:10:44 She's going to do it the same time as the streetcar and

09:10:47 hopefully in the Channel District.

09:11:01 All right.

09:11:03 I have been part of the Channel District since Grand Central

09:11:07 came up as one of the first owners.

09:11:09 And it's nice to see it growing and seeing the development

09:11:12 take place.

09:11:14 And some of the things, Stageworks is now in place, which

09:11:18 has been doing well.

09:11:19 It's now in its second year at Channelside.

09:11:23 Channel District, excuse me.

09:11:25 And on the RNC, I have to say, residents and businesses did

09:11:31 their part, and I guess that's all I'll say about that.

09:11:36 And new businesses.

09:11:38 We had a coffee shop, grand stall, a hair salon, courthouse

09:11:45 is a couple years old now, and the drycleaners and rage-in

09:11:51 Cajun.

09:11:52 We have had a couple new coffee shops, not getting the track

09:11:56 they need but they might be running into trouble as well as

09:11:59 we just lost 1120 cafe.

09:12:03 About six months.

09:12:04 And possibly we have got a health network.

09:12:09 They signed alert of intent but still working on getting the

09:12:12 capital needed to open.

09:12:14 And then we have got saint Leo university doing well in our

09:12:17 community.

09:12:19 And then, finally, obviously we have heard this a million

09:12:25 times.

09:12:25 We are still looking for a grocery store.

09:12:27 I know that we are still working on a grocery store.

09:12:31 And then Channel District.

09:12:32 The Channelside mall.

09:12:33 I don't know if you are aware.

09:12:35 I'm sure you probably are, that stumps and howl with the

09:12:39 moon have announced they are closing this weekend.

09:12:41 So it's two more places leaving.

09:12:43 And so whatever we can do to try to help expedite getting

09:12:47 some growth in there would be great.

09:12:50 And finally, I wanted to talk -- I thought about whether I

09:12:54 was going to bring it up or not, but I searched for a --

09:12:58 served for a brief time on the streetcar board.

09:13:00 And I'm perfectly aware, painfully aware of the financial

09:13:03 problems we are facing with every year we come to the CACs

09:13:07 and the Port Authority asking for money, and we are starting

09:13:10 to hear everybody saying, this is it, the last year, we are

09:13:14 not going to give money anymore.

09:13:16 The streetcar, in my opinion, is a valuable asset to the

09:13:18 city, and we need to keep it.

09:13:21 But I think we need to look at some long-term goals of how

09:13:24 it's going to be funded so we don't have to worry about this

09:13:27 year of everybody saying this is it, we are not going to put

09:13:30 the money in this year, and where are they going to be

09:13:32 without the money?

09:13:33 And that's pretty much it.

09:13:35 Any questions?

09:13:35 >>HARRY COHEN: I have a question for Mr. McDonaugh.

09:13:42 It's in reference to what your presentation is about.

09:13:48 Both what you said regarding the uncertainty of the future

09:13:51 of the streetcar and also I think the comments that were

09:13:55 made by the owners of howl at the moon and stumps about the

09:14:00 uncertainty of the future of the complex and who is going to

09:14:03 own it, I wondered if you could give us a sense of the

09:14:11 timetable of there being some resolution of who is going to

09:14:13 own Channelside, and the complex there, and what the plan is

09:14:18 going to be for it.

09:14:19 >> The long and short, it was an assignment of the lease,

09:14:25 OSCANABIE of New York, stopped paying its rent, went into

09:14:31 bankruptcy.

09:14:32 The bank which is one of the Irish banks became insolvent,

09:14:36 was taken over by the Irish government, and therein lies the

09:14:42 problem.

09:14:42 One of the things they did in the settlement agreement with

09:14:45 OSCANABIE was he had the right to match any offers, a new

09:14:50 owner.

09:14:50 So Mr. Vinik and his group were probably the best known,

09:14:56 went out there and made an offer, and the tri-party

09:15:00 agreement between the Port Authority -- it's a ground lease,

09:15:04 not a fee simple ownership.

09:15:05 So there have been continuing conversations, negotiations

09:15:11 between the Port Authority, the Anglo Irish bank and Mr.

09:15:15 Vinik's group, and really, I thought it would have come to a

09:15:18 conclusion by now.

09:15:20 But I had a conversation with Charles Kleug not that long

09:15:27 ago and they were still going back and forth with

09:15:29 negotiations about -- again, the issue was that the Port

09:15:32 Authority does not want to waive their rights.

09:15:36 They were owed money.

09:15:37 The Anglo Irish bank is trying to get a complete release.

09:15:42 And Mr. Vinik's group has been attempting to get some

09:15:45 concessions from the Port Authority.

09:15:47 And so it's a rather involved negotiation.

09:15:52 With the specter of OSCANABIE in the background having a

09:15:56 right that was previously granted by the bank.

09:16:00 So it's more complicated than a normal -- and then you

09:16:03 forward to the fact that they went into bankruptcy, and --

09:16:12 >>> Thank you.

09:16:21 A comment about the streetcar, believe me we are looking at

09:16:24 every conceivable way of trying to finance it.

09:16:27 As you know, the streetcar has been funded primarily through

09:16:31 the special assessment CRA.

09:16:35 There's been some talk of now assessing those people that

09:16:38 live there as opposed to just businesses.

09:16:40 That's an idea.

09:16:41 Another idea is, you know, one of the problems with the

09:16:45 streetcar is that we have federal dollars sunk into it.

09:16:50 So we have to run it.

09:16:51 If we don't we owe that money back to the federal

09:16:54 government.

09:16:55 It's one of those things that a lot of people don't know

09:16:57 when they report on the streetcar, about it going out of

09:17:01 business or losing money.

09:17:03 For us, it is a very important asset, but at the same time

09:17:07 it is something that we have to continue to run and continue

09:17:09 to be part of the city.

09:17:12 Where that money can come from, we don't know yet.

09:17:15 I know that we are trying to shore up from the expense side.

09:17:18 >> Can I add to that?

09:17:22 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Sure.

09:17:23 >> It taking away the home equity because we are homestead.

09:17:29 That's going to be a can of worms and I think you guys

09:17:32 aren't prepared for it.

09:17:33 >>MIKE SUAREZ: That's part of the reason why it hasn't been

09:17:35 brought up.

09:17:36 >> Yes.

09:17:36 Because the feedback I get from the community is they don't

09:17:39 care.

09:17:39 They are really getting tired of the streetcar because they

09:17:42 think the streetcar isn't there for them because the hours.

09:17:45 This is a fact we have to deal with.

09:17:46 I want it there and will do everything I can to keep it

09:17:49 there.

09:17:53 But that's when people will come up and not support it.

09:17:55 >> That's part of the reason why on the board I have made

09:17:58 comments about how the service has to match whatever we are

09:18:02 providing to folks.

09:18:03 And the problem is that in order to provide that service, we

09:18:06 need more money in order to continue to do it.

09:18:08 So it's a chicken-or-egg argument that we keep getting into.

09:18:14 So it is one of those things that is not going to be easy,

09:18:18 if we are going to really make it a true asset, and make it

09:18:21 truly part of the entire transportation network.

09:18:23 So we are dealing with that on a weekly basis in terms of

09:18:28 where the money is going to come from.

09:18:30 And we are trying to find as many creative ways as possible

09:18:33 of the.

09:18:33 >> It seems unfortunate it's several years off.

09:18:41 That's just the way it is.

09:18:43 In the meantime I think we need to have declared somehow

09:18:46 it's part of the history, that it's got to be part of the

09:18:48 community until the latter growth comes.

09:18:52 >> Believe me, it's very valuable because we owe $55 million

09:18:57 if we don't continue to runt.

09:18:58 We can't just get rid of it.

09:19:00 But I appreciate your comments.

09:19:02 And I'm on that board, and we are dealing with this thing

09:19:04 all the time.

09:19:06 Thanks for your comments.

09:19:07 >>HARRY COHEN: I just have one follow-up question for Mr.

09:19:11 McDonaugh.

09:19:12 So just hypothetically, let's say that no one comes to terms

09:19:18 on a purchase agreement of this thing.

09:19:22 What happens then?

09:19:24 >> The Port Authority foreclosures on the interest of the

09:19:27 Anglo Irish bank, they take ownership and then they either

09:19:31 bid it or fix it up and sell it.

09:19:32 >> And the ported authority itself could end up owing it

09:19:36 understand that circumstance?

09:19:37 >> Absolutely.

09:19:38 Yep.

09:19:42 And what happened --

09:19:43 >> They own it now, actually.

09:19:45 It's a ground lease.

09:19:46 But they could --

09:19:48 >> They have not perfected their ownership.

09:19:50 And on two occasions, they filed suit to go ahead to

09:19:54 foreclosure against the Anglo Irish bank to take back the

09:19:57 ownership, because they are as concerned as anybody.

09:20:00 The idea of the urban market right there was an add-on.

09:20:08 And so they felt that it was an important component of that.

09:20:10 And on two occasions the Anglo Irish bank said, look, we'll

09:20:15 figure it out, and you are not going to have to go through a

09:20:18 foreclosure.

09:20:18 But I think that if they do not reach an agreement at some

09:20:21 time in the near future, the Port Authority will go ahead

09:20:24 and foreclosure and perfect their interest, and then move on

09:20:28 with another owner.

09:20:29 Another operator.

09:20:30 >> Also something that happened in Channelside, a friend had

09:20:44 brought to my attention and sent me pictures last night

09:20:46 of -- I would assume it's CSX right-of-way along Meridian.

09:20:53 Apparently during the RNC, a train that was brought in

09:20:58 either as part of an advertisement for a party that was held

09:21:04 there along the center, and quite a number of trees were

09:21:12 removed.

09:21:12 I would assume in order for the logo on the train to be

09:21:16 prominently displayed.

09:21:19 >> No.

09:21:21 >>LISA MONTELIONE: You know where I am talking about?

09:21:23 >> It's along Meridian and the landscaping.

09:21:25 They had gotten permission from the Crosstown authority who

09:21:29 is key ownership of the property to remove those.

09:21:32 And one of the things that the CSX railroad did was see

09:21:38 4,000 people -- feed 4,000 people, first responders at that

09:21:42 facility.

09:21:43 It was an entertainment venue.

09:21:44 They had brought in pullman cars from the 40s and 50s

09:21:48 and entertained people.

09:21:49 But, yes, it will be restored.

09:21:51 >> I guess in the photograph I have where the trees were

09:21:56 removed is a train with a big --

09:21:58 >> They had a stage there.

09:22:00 >> It might have been coincidental that it was parked that

09:22:03 way. So the trees will be replanted?

09:22:05 >> Yes.

09:22:06 Per the agreement with the Crosstown. Uh-huh.

09:22:08 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I see some citizens out there that ho

09:22:13 were concerned.

09:22:14 >> No. That was the agreement with the Crosstown.

09:22:17 And I will talk to Bob Greer who is the maintenance guy from

09:22:20 the Crosstown to find out how quickly that will be done.

09:22:23 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

09:22:25 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Sure.

09:22:26 Just an update on some of the activities.

09:22:28 The Tampa Housing Authority received notice that they have

09:22:31 been short listed for choice neighborhoods grants which

09:22:34 would help fund their next project, and people from HUD will

09:22:38 be in town next week

09:22:53 Last night the ARC approved a plan with the federal

09:22:57 courthouse so it is moving forward.

09:22:59 They are continuing work with the federal service because

09:23:03 they need federal approval, they need state approval.

09:23:06 There's a lot of work.

09:23:07 They are about 30% done with the construction plans.

09:23:09 And they are working with the federal agencies to get

09:23:13 approvals to move forward with the construction.

09:23:16 The YCDC is holding a development workshop on the 19th

09:23:19 at the Ritz theater.

09:23:21 And what they are doing is encouraging residential

09:23:24 developers come on back down to Ybor, see what we have, and

09:23:30 we'll have people from the city's housing department for

09:23:36 financing, but it's the kick start of the residential

09:23:39 development in Ybor again.

09:23:40 We have a lot of satisfied residents.

09:23:42 That effort kind of stopped with the financial crisis.

09:23:45 But we are seeing new development start in other parts of

09:23:49 the city and the YCDC is going to kick start that.

09:23:53 So if you have an opportunity to come by, please do and

09:23:55 cheer lead the people for more residential in Ybor.

09:24:02 We have some activity in two of our larger CRAs.

09:24:07 The 22nd street from 26th to lake.

09:24:10 We will see construction commence on that project probably

09:24:13 in the next couple weeks.

09:24:15 The contractor is mobilizing.

09:24:21 In Drew Park we have the contract mobilizing.

09:24:24 And it's nice to see the CRA dollars have been leveraged

09:24:28 with other dollars.

09:24:28 In one case it's FDOT.

09:24:30 In another case it's City of Tampa dollars.

09:24:32 So those projects will commence shortly.

09:24:35 And again, moving on, the very important correctional, the

09:24:40 22nd street project.

09:24:47 That is my report for today.

09:24:49 Any questions?

09:24:54 >>HARRY COHEN: On the Meridian project downtown, if things

09:24:57 go according to schedule, when is the projected opening

09:25:00 date?

09:25:03 >>BOB McDONAUGH: They would commence construction January,

09:25:06 February, about an 18 month construction period, so June

09:25:09 2014.

09:25:10 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.

09:25:11 >>FRANK REDDICK: Other questions from the board?

09:25:16 All right.

09:25:16 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I have a question on number 3.

09:25:22 The CRA board has meetings within the community.

09:25:25 The next one up is the Channel District -- excuse me,

09:25:28 downtown.

09:25:28 And normally, in the normal progression of schedule it would

09:25:32 be October.

09:25:33 And coming to seek the board's pleasure if you would like to

09:25:39 conduct a meeting in October.

09:25:40 If that is the case, then we'll have our folks work with

09:25:44 your assistants to find if we can find a mutually agreeable

09:25:47 date.

09:25:49 Is that the board's pleasure?

09:25:51 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any objection to October? Okay.

09:25:56 >>BOB McDONAUGH: We'll work with your group.

09:26:00 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right. Public comments.

09:26:03 Anyone wishing to speak, you have three minutes.

09:26:07 Come forward and please state your name.

09:26:09 >> I'm Al Davis, 3717 East Wilder Avenue. And I'm a

09:26:27 participant and an investor in the Tampa redevelopment area.

09:26:37 Before I proceed, Mr. Chairman, I would like to take note

09:26:47 that while we all mourn the passing of former council member

09:26:52 Perry Harvey, there's much to be celebrated as far as his

09:26:58 life is concerned.

09:27:03 I remember Perry Harvey very well.

09:27:08 Mr. Chairman, my comments are going to be very brief,

09:27:12 because I do note that when you put on your other hat as

09:27:17 council member, you have the first public hearing on the

09:27:26 property tax.

09:27:31 So I hope you are rested well because there will be a lot of

09:27:38 comments, conversation about it.

09:27:42 The thing that I want to make specific note on this

09:27:48 occasion, at this time, is that I think it's item 6 or 7

09:27:55 that gives the agreement between this agency and the City of

09:27:59 Tampa.

09:28:04 And it's the first time, end of the year, that East Tampa

09:28:13 does not have any TIF dollars.

09:28:21 Because our revenue went below the baseline that it has

09:28:26 created in 2004.

09:28:34 I don't know where we are going to get the money to continue

09:28:42 for redevelopment in East Tampa, but I do believe that they

09:28:45 found the record of some reallocation.

09:28:51 I also would like in that connection to see what happens and

09:28:55 how we are using the interest that it has earned, and I do

09:29:11 understand that even though the agency is most likely to

09:29:15 approve the agreement, I know ultimately it has to go before

09:29:23 you as the City Council.

09:29:27 I'll come back next month, and I will be able to respond

09:29:34 more specifically to what the agreement does, wording, but

09:29:42 keeping it in East Tampa.

09:29:43 Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

09:29:44 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:29:48 Anyone else wishing to speak at this time?

09:29:49 Seeing none, Bob.

09:29:54 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Item number 4 is some program changes.

09:30:01 And basically as we told you, we will be coming back as

09:30:08 often as necessary to shift program dollars to make sure

09:30:11 that the programs continue to work.

09:30:13 In the case of several of them, specifically like the

09:30:16 Channel District, the stormwater basin, community park

09:30:22 movement, these are projects that were done, money set aside

09:30:26 for the project.

09:30:26 The contract had been zeroed out.

09:30:28 So we are transferring the money back into community

09:30:31 projects.

09:30:32 So it's basically bookkeeping to balance out the various

09:30:37 accounts within the districts.

09:30:39 >> Any discussion from the board?

09:30:53 >> So moved.

09:30:54 >> Second.

09:30:57 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Mr. Miranda, seconded by Mr.

09:30:59 Cohen.

09:30:59 Any further discussion on the motion?

09:31:00 All those in favor say aye.

09:31:02 Opposed?

09:31:05 Number 5.

09:31:10 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Item number 6 --

09:31:14 >>FRANK REDDICK: Number 5.

09:31:15 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Number 5.

09:31:18 Excuse me.

09:31:19 I have met with each of the council about this particular

09:31:23 item.

09:31:24 We are preparing for the ERC, consolidation of accounts to

09:31:28 make sure when we make the transfer to the new accounting

09:31:31 system that we are able to do that seamlessly.

09:31:34 Two important facts is that moving forward when we come back

09:31:39 for approvals of spending that we will be telling you what

09:31:42 year they are coming from, specific requests, and secondly

09:31:48 we are not changing any of the designated funds.

09:31:50 They will be spent in the same areas that they were approved

09:31:55 by council.

09:31:55 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Move item number 5.

09:31:58 >> Second.

09:31:58 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Mr. Cohen, seconded by Ms.

09:32:05 Montelione. All in favor? Opposed?

09:32:08 Motion carried.

09:32:09 >> Number 6 is the annual contract between the city and the

09:32:16 CRA for providing services in the management of the various

09:32:20 CRAs.

09:32:21 >> Move the resolution.

09:32:24 >> Second.

09:32:25 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Mr. Cohen, seconded by Ms. Capin.

09:32:29 Discussion on the motion?

09:32:30 All those in favor? Opposed? Thank you.

09:32:33 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Item number 7 is the fiscal 13 CRA program

09:32:41 allocations budgets to the various CR As, showing the

09:32:46 areas in which they will be spent, and I believe you all

09:32:49 received budget books.

09:32:50 These numbers are consistent with what you have been shown

09:32:52 in the past.

09:32:54 One of the rationals for waiting to this point was there

09:32:57 were some changes in the Port Authority allocation tax

09:33:03 dollars, with some slight shifts.

09:33:05 So these are the final numbers.

09:33:07 >> How are you going to put gas in your car?

09:33:21 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Exactly.

09:33:22 Again with East Tampa, the reminder is the fact that when

09:33:26 they had their boom years they did save money for a rainy

09:33:29 day.

09:33:30 And the other positive effect is for the 22nd street

09:33:34 project, they have come in considerably under engineer's

09:33:38 estimates in each of the construction projects, so there

09:33:40 will be additional moneys spent or available for projects in

09:33:45 East Tampa.

09:33:47 >> So moved.

09:33:49 >> Second.

09:33:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Moved by Mr. Miranda, seconded by Mr.

09:33:51 Suarez.

09:33:52 Discussion on the motion?

09:33:53 All those in favor say aye. Opposed?

09:33:55 Motion carried.

09:33:56 >>BOB McDONAUGH: That concludes my presentation.

09:34:01 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any questions to Mr. Bob?

09:34:07 Thank you, sir.

09:34:10 All right.

09:34:11 Mr. Suarez, any new business?

09:34:13 >>MIKE SUAREZ: No, sir.

09:34:16 >>YVONNE CAPIN: No, sir.

09:34:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No, sir.

09:34:19 >>MARY MULHERN: No, sir.

09:34:29 >> No, sir.

09:34:30 [ Laughter ]

09:34:31 >> If there's no further business we stand adjourned.

09:34:37 >> Motion to receive and file.

09:34:38 >> Second.

09:34:39 >>FRANK REDDICK: All those in favor?

09:34:43 Thank you.



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