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Thursday, October 25, 2012

9:00 a.m. workshop


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10:43:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to order.

10:43:55 The chair yields to Ms. Mary Mulhern.

10:43:56 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

10:43:56 It's my pleasure this morning to welcome reverend Nicole

10:43:57 parson from Palma Ceia Presbyterian church to give our

10:43:58 invocation.

10:43:59 Good morning.

10:43:59 >> Let us take a moment to center our hearts and our minds

10:44:01 for the work of this new day.

10:44:01 Almighty God, thank you for the beauty and the gift of this

10:44:03 new day and for this City of Tampa that we call home.

10:44:04 We ask that you will bless our community with honor

10:44:05 industry, sound learning, and an honorable way of life.

10:44:06 Save us from violence, discord and confusion, from pride and

10:44:08 arrogance and from every evil way.

10:44:09 As the council begins their business this morning, we stop

10:44:10 and pray for all those who hold office in the government of

10:44:11 this city that they may do their work in the spirit of

10:44:12 wisdom, kindness and justice.

10:44:13 Help them to use their authority to serve faithfully and to

10:44:14 promote the welfare of the people.

10:44:15 As high as the mountains, the eagle spreads its wings, may

10:44:16 their perspective be larger than the views from the

10:44:18 foothills.

10:44:18 May this particular council's work be infused with passion

10:44:19 and creativity and have the wisdom to balance compassion and

10:44:20 challenge.

10:44:20 Guide us all, O God, to be good citizens of this city and

10:44:22 nation, helping us to respect neighbors who use, so we may

10:44:23 work out issues that divide us in order to serve the common

10:44:24 good. In your holy name we pray.

10:44:25 Amen.

10:44:26 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]

10:44:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Roll call.

10:44:27 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

10:44:27 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Here.

10:44:28 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

10:44:28 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

10:44:28 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

10:44:28 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

10:44:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

10:44:29 Okay, Mr. Frank Reddick will now do the presentation, the

10:44:31 commendation of police Officer of the Month along with Chief

10:44:32 Castor.

10:44:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: It's my pleasure to introduce to you as

10:44:33 our Officer of the Month of October 2012 detective Brent.

10:44:35 Chief Castor: Thank you very much for the honor of being

10:44:36 the best and brightest TPD has to offer.

10:44:37 This month, Officer of the Month is detective Brent holder.

10:44:38 He and his wife have known him longer than any of us

10:44:40 probably wants to admit but he is getting ready to retire

10:44:41 from the police department in a couple of months after a

10:44:42 very illustrious career.

10:44:43 He has worked in narcotics, robbery, homicide, he's

10:44:44 currently in our intelligence bureau, and he's also been a

10:44:45 long-term member of our dive team.

10:44:46 But even though he is at the end of his career and getting

10:44:48 ready to retire, he volunteered to be the lead Intel gent

10:44:49 generals detective for the RNC.

10:44:49 As have been knows, and larger than anything we have ever

10:44:50 seen in the City of Tampa or the Tampa Police Department,

10:44:52 and he did an incredible job in that assignment.

10:44:53 I told the commander of the intelligence bureau early on

10:44:54 that they would determine the law enforcement's success or

10:44:55 failure during the RNC, and that no one would know because

10:44:56 he's behind the scenes.

10:44:57 But Brent took this task on and did an incredible job.

10:44:58 He was involved for over two years prior to the RNC working

10:45:00 with all the intelligence groups, and once we started into

10:45:01 the planning stage, he organized everyone, and also while

10:45:02 there were set hours assigned to it, he was 24/7.

10:45:04 If he had to be called out in the weekend, middle of the

10:45:05 night, anything that needed to be done, he was out there

10:45:06 doing it.

10:45:06 I got so many accolades from departments throughout the

10:45:07 state about his performance and what a great job he did.

10:45:09 And I'm sure anyone that was at the rank and -- RNC and saw

10:45:10 any of the protest incidents, Brent was there providing

10:45:11 information to not only Tampa Police Department but other

10:45:12 law enforcement agencies that were involved.

10:45:13 And while doing all this, he maintained his regular duties

10:45:14 as a CRB detective, so he really did an outstanding job.

10:45:16 What a way for him to end an already illustrious career.

10:45:18 And while we are sad that he is retiring, he has certainly

10:45:19 left a very, very positive mark on the Tampa Police

10:45:20 Department, and he has provided very positive influence on

10:45:21 all the officers that are coming up behind him.

10:45:22 So I congratulate him on being the Officer of the Month for

10:45:23 October 2012, and more importantly, congratulations on an

10:45:25 outstanding career.

10:45:25 [ Applause ]

10:45:26 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:45:26 On behalf of the Tampa City Council we would like to present

10:45:27 this commendation to you chosen as the Officer of the Month

10:45:29 for October 2012.

10:45:29 Congratulations.

10:45:29 And we have some people that want to present some things to

10:45:31 you.

10:45:31 >> Chip Deblock with the Police Benevolent Association.

10:45:32 >> Good morning.

10:45:33 And on behalf of partnership with the Tampa Police

10:45:33 Department and the great accomplishments that were made here

10:45:35 at the RNC, we would like to present you with a gift card

10:45:36 and thank you for your dedication.

10:45:37 >> Joe Durkin representing Bright House networks.

10:45:38 Congratulations.

10:45:38 Well done.

10:45:39 We would like to leave with you one month of all of our

10:45:40 services.

10:45:40 Congratulations.

10:45:40 >> Steve Stickley representing Stepp's towing service, on

10:45:42 behalf of Jim and Judy and Todd Stepp, this is a token of

10:45:43 our appreciation.

10:45:43 We really appreciate it.

10:45:44 And we also have a certificate to Lee Roy Selmon.

10:45:45 Thank you very much.

10:45:45 >> I'm Frank DeSoto representing Bill Currie Ford and the

10:45:46 Currie family.

10:45:47 Congratulations on a great career and job well done.

10:45:48 We appreciate everything you do.

10:45:48 Please accept this watch with our gratitude.

10:45:49 >> I'm Michael Kilgore with the Straz center, 25th

10:45:51 anniversary.

10:45:51 We have Jekyll and hide but we probably had enough of people

10:45:52 behaving badly, so we have tickets for the musical just in

10:45:54 time for the holiday.

10:45:54 >> Thank you very much.

10:45:54 >> I'm from islands flowers, and these are not for you.

10:45:56 These are for your significant other in her new job of

10:45:57 closely supervising you.

10:45:58 >> Thank you very much.

10:45:58 Appreciate it.

10:45:59 >>STEVE MICHELINI: When are you scheduled to retire?

10:46:00 >> February 8th.

10:46:01 >> Well, I have it on the highest authority that there's

10:46:02 going to be a new application for you to re-up, and it's

10:46:03 going to happen in January.

10:46:04 So there will be no interruption in service.

10:46:05 You can have another 20 years.

10:46:05 [ Laughter ]

10:46:05 I thought I would let you know now so it won't be a surprise

10:46:07 in January. Anyway, on behalf of photos, we are going to

10:46:08 provide you with a photographic package for you and your

10:46:10 family, have your portraits taken.

10:46:11 On behalf of Bern's steakhouse, we are going to give you a

10:46:12 gift certificate to enjoy dinner there, right after you

10:46:13 re-up.

10:46:14 [ Laughter ]

10:46:14 Congratulations. They said to try to embarrass you. I

10:46:15 don't know if I did but I came close, right?

10:46:16 >> Thank you. I appreciate it.

10:46:17 >> Good morning, council, chief, captain, and all those

10:46:18 others.

10:46:18 I'm really humbled by.

10:46:19 This it's been 25 years.

10:46:19 It's been a good run.

10:46:20 It really has.

10:46:20 I have had a great time.

10:46:21 This is absolutely the most humbling experience I can

10:46:22 express.

10:46:22 You know, the RNC was not a success because of what I did.

10:46:23 The RNC was a success because of thousands of people took it

10:46:25 upon themselves to give up their personal lives and donate

10:46:26 all of their time, designate all of their time to making

10:46:27 sure the RNC was a success.

10:46:28 I was fortunate enough to be able to surround myself with

10:46:29 some analysts who absolutely were phenomenal and did

10:46:30 probably 90% of my work for me.

10:46:31 They made me look good and I really appreciate them.

10:46:33 And everyone else who worked on the RNC, it was a group

10:46:34 effort. I think it was very much a success. It's a good

10:46:35 way to end the career.

10:46:36 Council, chief, captain, everyone here -- by the way, Steve,

10:46:37 let me just tell you something real quick, after being on

10:46:38 the dive team for 18 years. Your guys were absolutely the

10:46:39 best.

10:46:40 Our diving on the police department, it's not diving, it's

10:46:41 swimming blindly, feeling with your hands, searching for

10:46:42 whatever you are searching for.

10:46:43 That was enjoyable. I enjoyed the dive team.

10:46:44 I enjoyed everything about this department the last 25 years

10:46:45 and the city.

10:46:46 So I will close by saying this at this point.

10:46:47 My wife and I are moving on to our second phase of our life

10:46:48 starting on February 8th.

10:46:49 And we will actually be moving out of the City of Tampa,

10:46:50 moving out of the State of Florida, but we thank you all

10:46:51 very much. It was a great time. Thank you. I'm humbled.

10:46:53 [ Applause ]

10:46:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern.

10:46:53 We didn't recognize you with your new hair cut.

10:46:54 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to say before law enforcement

10:46:56 leaves, thank you, and congratulations, and also to us for

10:46:57 the great news we read in the paper today about the

10:46:58 reduction in the number of deaths from narcotics, and for

10:46:59 all the great work you did in passing those ordinances and

10:47:01 cracking down on enforcement on the pill mills.

10:47:02 So thank you very much.

10:47:02 >> Chief Castor: Thank you all.

10:47:03 And as Brent alluded to with the RNC and everything we do

10:47:04 that's a success, it's a team effort, and getting everyone

10:47:06 involved, a lot of times it's not the enforcement, it's not

10:47:07 on the front end, it's getting some of these ordinances and

10:47:08 laws passed that allow us to do our job more effectively.

10:47:10 So thank you very much.

10:47:10 We appreciate it.

10:47:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 2 will be by Mr. Mike Suarez

10:47:12 on the waterwise award.

10:47:13 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

10:47:13 It my pleasure to introduce and to present our commendation

10:47:15 to two different groups, one in the award for the

10:47:16 individual, and one for our commercial award.

10:47:17 Steve -- it's pronounced Toenes?-- yard was done by a

10:47:18 landscaper.

10:47:19 By grouping plants with similar water, the use of mulches

10:47:20 that are environmentally friendly, landscape that serves to

10:47:22 retain stormwater runoff and creating great curb appeal, it

10:47:23 was definitely worthy award winner.

10:47:24 So from us here at the City Council, we would like to give

10:47:25 this to you for winning the waterwise award.

10:47:26 We really appreciate it.

10:47:27 [ Applause ]

10:47:27 We have the stepping stone, waterwise 2012.

10:47:29 I didn't realize this was this nice.

10:47:30 It is terrific.

10:47:30 You get to put this in your drought tolerant yard, and

10:47:31 hopefully you will enjoy this for years to come.

10:47:33 >> With the previous detective who received the retirement

10:47:34 honors a few minutes ago, I love the term team effort.

10:47:35 And I wanted to thank all those who have come before us.

10:47:36 This project here was about two years in the making.

10:47:38 And it took a lot more knowledge than what I had.

10:47:39 And it was a great team effort that was undertaken in order

10:47:40 to accomplish what we did.

10:47:40 While it sounds like something that maybe is not of great

10:47:42 consequence, getting away from lawn turf seemed like a great

10:47:43 idea to me because I do my own work and it was a huge effort

10:47:44 to keep it night.

10:47:45 Sometimes profession is acceptable and I found it was too

10:47:46 much effort.

10:47:46 So an alternative was sought.

10:47:47 I want to thank the University of Florida and all those who

10:47:48 have looked into how to do xeriscape and drought tolerant

10:47:49 landscape where you can get away from all the problems we

10:47:50 have here in Florida with our many issues that come up with

10:47:52 lawn care.

10:47:52 So my thanks go to all those that came before us in

10:47:53 designing, coming up with xeriscape plans, with these

10:47:54 agencies that go out and say, hey, they are all part of

10:47:56 this, maybe you could look at that.

10:47:57 And for people who have great expertise like Mr. Sadre whose

10:47:58 ingenuity and the can xeriscape plan to make it tolerable.

10:48:00 I would like to turn it over to him if I may.

10:48:01 >>> Thank you, council, for having us in, definitely for

10:48:02 recognizing this work.

10:48:03 With the current situation with shortage of water, and with

10:48:04 all the fertilizer bans and chemical restrictions and stuff,

10:48:06 over the years, I have seen this industry change.

10:48:07 And in the last decade, I have changed my way of thinking in

10:48:08 design, and I think it's up to the designers.

10:48:09 It's the responsibility actually of the designer to create

10:48:10 something for the community that is an alternative to

10:48:11 cutting grass.

10:48:12 I had a lawn service for several years, and back when I was

10:48:13 doing it, I did realize that the tides are shifting and we

10:48:14 need to start thinking about better use of our water instead

10:48:16 of just dumping it on lawns.

10:48:17 And I think Steve here had a lot of ideas when we got

10:48:18 together, and it was a collaboration efforts to come

10:48:19 together.

10:48:19 I just wanted to thank you again for this recognition, and

10:48:21 it's a very humbling experience and an honor.

10:48:22 Thank you.

10:48:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

10:48:22 [ Applause ]

10:48:22 Ms. Montelione.

10:48:23 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I didn't hear where you live.

10:48:24 Not the address. The community.

10:48:25 >> Oh, "kind of where you live."

10:48:26 I understand. I live in Tampa Palms.

10:48:26 >> In Tampa Palms.

10:48:27 And there's a homeowners association in Tampa Palms,

10:48:28 correct?

10:48:28 >> Yes, that's correct.

10:48:29 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And what we hear a lot about is how in

10:48:30 communities, whether they are gated or not gated, but if

10:48:31 there's a homeowners association in place, that the

10:48:32 restrictions are very difficult to work around, to create

10:48:33 water tolerant landscape or Florida-friendly yard.

10:48:35 So I wanted to highlight that you do live in a community

10:48:36 where there are such restrictions on plantings and the style

10:48:37 and look of what the yard presents itself to the community,

10:48:38 and as a lead, I hope that others, not only in Tampa Palms

10:48:40 but in other areas that are governed by restrictions of

10:48:41 homeowners associations, follow what you have been able to

10:48:42 do, because it is possible, it is beautiful, and it is

10:48:44 definitely worth pursuing.

10:48:44 So thank you so much for taking on the lead role in our

10:48:45 community.

10:48:45 >>> And thank you for that.

10:48:46 I want to point out that there were others before me that

10:48:47 worked hand in glove with the homeowners association to be

10:48:49 able to make the changes that would be required to even

10:48:50 allow that in Tampa Palms.

10:48:50 Thank you.

10:48:51 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Our second winner is WMNF.

10:48:52 I think all of us have either listened to them, passed by

10:48:54 their place over on Columbus drive -- excuse me, on MLK, and

10:48:55 it's a great location.

10:48:56 Paul and Gail Caroll and several others at WMNF used their

10:48:58 hard work in their desire to make the area around the

10:48:59 building Florida friendly and they landscaped it with native

10:49:00 plant, non-native adoptive plant, and their creativity

10:49:02 utilized them to use the parking lots and roof drains to

10:49:03 create a swale in front of the building allowing the rain

10:49:04 water from the roof into the swale, and that kind of

10:49:05 thinking and design is really what we need more of here,

10:49:07 especially, as the chair knows, water is one thing that we

10:49:08 cannot re-create.

10:49:09 So I want to congratulate you all.

10:49:09 Come up here and get your award.

10:49:11 >> I'm the operations manager at WMNF.

10:49:12 And we installed native Florida xeriscape in 2005 when the

10:49:13 new building was built.

10:49:14 And we did it to be responsible with our land use and show

10:49:15 people what was possible.

10:49:16 But the reason that it looks so good today and so much

10:49:17 better than it ever has and that everything is blooming is

10:49:18 the hard work of Paul and Gail and they volunteer hundreds

10:49:20 of hours and cooperated with us with the plant society for

10:49:21 getting these plants, and it's their volunteer efforts that

10:49:22 made it look so fantastic.

10:49:23 We hope it serves as an example for other people that it is

10:49:24 possible.

10:49:24 [ Applause ]

10:49:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you all very much for

10:49:26 participating.

10:49:26 Now we go to the workshop.

10:49:27 The public will be allowed to speak at the end of each

10:49:28 workshop for three minutes per person.

10:49:28 And I need a motion to open the workshops.

10:49:30 Motion by Mr. Reddick, second by Mrs. Capin.

10:49:31 All in favor of the motion?

10:49:31 Opposed nay?

10:49:32 Ayes have it unanimously.

10:49:32 Workshops are now open.

10:49:33 We go to our -- I guess we can start, even though it's 9:25.

10:49:34 It says 9:30.

10:49:35 But we are going to open the workshop with item number 3.

10:49:37 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I would like to introduce Mr. Ron Christaldi

10:49:38 of the citizens advisory committee.

10:49:39 Thank you, Ron.

10:49:39 He's going to report on our last meeting.

10:49:40 >> Thank you, Councilwoman Capin.

10:49:41 Good morning.

10:49:41 My name is Ron Christaldi, an attorney with the law firm of

10:49:43 Shoemaker and Kendrick and I was appointed to the advisory

10:49:44 committee on arts and cultural assets by Councilman Suarez.

10:49:46 I have also been honored to have been elected by my peers to

10:49:47 chair the committee.

10:49:47 I'm here today to report on the progress of the committee.

10:49:48 I want to thank City Council for allowing us the opportunity

10:49:49 to be here today and to report on the progress of the

10:49:50 committee.

10:49:51 As a reminder, the committee was created by resolution of

10:49:52 City Council on October 20th, 2011, and consists of

10:49:54 members appointed by City Council.

10:49:54 The committee's purpose as stated in the resolution is to

10:49:55 serve as a catalyst for recommendations to City Council, in

10:49:57 its determination of municipal needs and planning, in its

10:49:58 consideration of facilitating and supporting Tampa's unique

10:49:59 cultural assets that attract and provide an environment

10:50:00 conducive to economic growth.

10:50:01 I want to acknowledge Councilwoman Capin for her vision in

10:50:02 inspiring the committee and her hard work and is service as

10:50:03 an active member of the committee.

10:50:04 Thank you, Councilwoman Capin.

10:50:05 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

10:50:05 >>> For progress, you all recall that the committee

10:50:06 recommended to City Council a resolution adopting a

10:50:07 designation of the authentic Tampa Cuban sandwich, and we

10:50:09 thank City Council for having adopted that resolution.

10:50:10 In adopting the resolution, the Cuban sandwich designation,

10:50:12 quite a buzz was created.

10:50:12 The mayor of Miami promptly pronounced that cube be a

10:50:13 sandwich was a Miami invention, or designation, which

10:50:15 Councilwoman Capin corrected him on.

10:50:16 [ Laughter ]

10:50:16 And it helped identify this community and bring attention to

10:50:17 our rich history and culture, especially during the influx

10:50:19 of visitors we had during the Republican national convention

10:50:20 here.

10:50:20 And I have with me here very interestingly the latest

10:50:21 addition of national geographic traveler in November of 2012

10:50:22 edition, and on page 35 -- can I put this up where ever can

10:50:24 see it up here?

10:50:25 On page 35, there's a featured article called history of

10:50:26 Tampa's Cuban sandwich.

10:50:27 And able to be recognized through national geographic

10:50:28 traveler magazine, a wonderful article highlighting Tampa's

10:50:29 history and culture.

10:50:30 And we thank City Council for adopting that resolution

10:50:31 allowing us to proceed with that type of very positive press

10:50:32 for us.

10:50:32 As to some of the other projects that the committee is

10:50:33 working on, we are examining chapter 28.

10:50:34 Chapter 28 of the city code which deals with special event

10:50:35 permitting to help streamline the process and foster a

10:50:36 better environment for those types of activity here in the

10:50:37 City of Tampa.

10:50:38 We heard testimony, if you will, from a variety of

10:50:39 stakeholders, and we are in part trying to identify funding

10:50:40 sources and sponsorship opportunities to alleviate any of

10:50:41 the fiscal burdens that might hamper or hold back some of

10:50:43 those festivals from being here.

10:50:44 We intend to come back to City Council with some

10:50:44 recommendations on chapter 28 of the city code.

10:50:45 We are investigating the utility of effectuating an

10:50:46 ordinance change to better foster a bed and breakfast

10:50:48 industry, to better encourage cultural tourism in the city.

10:50:49 Most significantly, the committee hosted a marketing summit

10:50:50 on Thursday, October 11th, in the ballroom of the

10:50:52 historic Centro Asturiano in Ybor City.

10:50:52 The purpose of the summit was to allow smaller cultural

10:50:53 assets in our community an opportunity to engage those in

10:50:53 our community who are the major players by way of regional

10:50:55 marketing efforts, and like the Chamber of Commerce, the

10:50:56 Downtown Partnership.

10:50:56 The goal is to generate a consensus approach to marketing

10:50:58 and branding, the cultural assets in our region, and to

10:50:59 share ideas of how to better promote and package the city's

10:51:01 unique cultural identity.

10:51:01 The event was extremely well attended with approximately 100

10:51:02 representatives of cultural assets from throughout the city.

10:51:03 CTTV was filming.

10:51:04 And a full video of the event is available for public

10:51:05 viewing on YouTube.

10:51:06 I will also mention that Mayor Buckhorn attended and gave a

10:51:07 very inspiring welcoming speech of the summit.

10:51:08 Steven Benson with Tyndall Oliver and Associates, a fellow

10:51:08 committee member of mine, and Steven chairs our marketing

10:51:09 task force which was really responsible for pulling together

10:51:10 the summit.

10:51:11 The summit was the vision of Councilwoman Capin.

10:51:12 Mr. Benson and the marketing task force did a yeoman's job

10:51:14 in getting the summit together.

10:51:14 And he and all the committee members deserve recognition for

10:51:15 their tremendous effort.

10:51:16 I would like to introduce you to Mr. Benson.

10:51:17 He's going to speak a little more on the details of the

10:51:18 summit that was held.

10:51:19 >> STEVE BENSON: Good morning.

10:51:19 As Ron indicated, the summit was what we consider to be a

10:51:21 success.

10:51:21 And some of you were able to attend or send representatives.

10:51:22 And we thank you for that.

10:51:23 For those of you who weren't, I am going to give you a short

10:51:24 recap of what happened, and the take-away points that our

10:51:26 committee is going to be moving forward with investigating.

10:51:27 The summit began with representatives from the nine major

10:51:28 stakeholder agencies, delivering introductions and

10:51:29 presenting their role in marketing Tampa to visitors and

10:51:30 residents.

10:51:31 Attendees were then given the opportunity to ask questions

10:51:32 directly.

10:51:32 And these questions were addressed in the form of a panel

10:51:33 discussion.

10:51:33 Following the Q and A session the audience was asked to form

10:51:35 small groups to engage in round table discussions with each

10:51:36 of the presenters individually.

10:51:36 Members of the CDC were present in each group and they

10:51:38 compiled feedback.

10:51:38 The focus of this feedback was identifying opportunities for

10:51:39 the City of Tampa to support change between cultural assets

10:51:40 and in the promotion of Tampa's cultural identity.

10:51:42 A great deal of information was collected, and the following

10:51:43 ideas and themes were identified that the CDC plans to

10:51:44 investigate further in the next six months.

10:51:45 Number one, survey results indicated that a majority of

10:51:46 participants felt that natural and recreational assets are

10:51:47 very well marketed, and that other types of cultural assets,

10:51:49 and felt that marketing has been lacking or ineffective for

10:51:50 the historic, institutional and educational assets of Tampa.

10:51:51 Efforts of this committee will work to include these assets

10:51:53 of the focus area for consideration as we move forward.

10:51:54 Number two, cultural assets have very limited staff and

10:51:55 marketing capacity.

10:51:56 A channel formed to pool and share marketing resources is

10:51:57 needed.

10:51:57 Perhaps in the form of an online photo bank for high quality

10:51:58 images, of culture being the activities and events, or

10:52:00 simply more interactive process to share and communicate

10:52:01 ideas, stories and digital media that highlights Tampa's

10:52:02 diverse cultural fabric.

10:52:03 Number three, accessibility and access between cultural

10:52:04 assets is lacking.

10:52:05 There is a lot to do in Tampa.

10:52:06 But everything is spread out and disconnected.

10:52:07 Thus, parking is a constant concern and becomes a costly

10:52:08 deterrent.

10:52:09 Consideration should be given to how cultural destinations

10:52:10 can improve connectivity and expand a two-hour visit into a

10:52:11 day-long or multi-day visit.

10:52:12 Number four, it is clear that a cohesive vision that is

10:52:13 coordinated and supported by city resources is needed.

10:52:15 This may be in the form of city staff for an organization

10:52:16 that supports marketing assets within and around the city.

10:52:17 Further investigation and reserve is needed to determine how

10:52:18 other communities satisfy this need.

10:52:19 The consensus of the group is that continued coordination

10:52:20 and facilitation between small community-based asset and

10:52:22 major stakeholders is a key action of this summit and this

10:52:23 is just the start of a greater consideration.

10:52:24 We will work to investigate and refine the ideas brought

10:52:25 forth and develop formal recommendations for council to

10:52:26 review in the coming months.

10:52:27 Thank you.

10:52:27 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

10:52:27 The marketing fact finding task force of the committee, and

10:52:29 he also designed the local of the marketing summit which you

10:52:30 will see up on the stand there, and the survey was

10:52:31 excellent, that even along with when you RSVPed to the event

10:52:32 there was a survey of questions, and that's where we

10:52:34 gathered before the event, and then at the event, also the

10:52:35 question, and that's what we will be working with for the

10:52:36 next six meetings or so, and then come back to council with

10:52:38 some recommendations that maybe we can take action on.

10:52:38 Thank you, Steve.

10:52:39 Thank you, Ron, for all your hard work.

10:52:40 And remember, the citizens advisory committee is volunteer,

10:52:41 and a lot of work, and I really appreciate the efforts.

10:52:42 We have a great, great group of committee members.

10:52:43 Thank you.

10:52:43 >>HARRY COHEN: Councilman.

10:52:44 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Suarez thanks first to Ms. Capin who put

10:52:45 together this group.

10:52:45 We had a great group and it's a great collaborative efforts

10:52:47 both from our side of the -- the City Council side but also

10:52:48 as Councilman Capin just mentioned, having volunteers come

10:52:49 in here and put their time and effort into this.

10:52:50 But I have a specific question, Mr. Benson.

10:52:51 I don't know if this was looked at yet.

10:52:52 But Mr. Christaldi made a comment about bed and breakfasts.

10:52:54 Did you dive into why we don't have more bed and breakfasts

10:52:56 into the city?

10:52:56 Is it because of city code or any issues there?

10:52:57 Has that been looked at deeply?

10:52:58 >> A very astute question, Mr. Councilman, and that's

10:52:59 exactly what we are looking at.

10:53:00 We began to think about the way that cultural tourism is

10:53:01 fostered, and it seems that the bed and breakfast community

10:53:03 is kind of a foundation, a bedrock of that, so we began a

10:53:04 study with what some other communities have done to foster

10:53:06 that.

10:53:06 We do believe there are some things that can be done to help

10:53:07 make the environment from a regulatory and ordinance

10:53:08 perspective more conducive to bed and breakfasts.

10:53:09 We are not prepared yet to make those recommendations but

10:53:10 that's precisely the issue we are looking at.

10:53:11 >> I appreciate that because that is something.

10:53:12 When you mention it, it triggered in my mind, so many places

10:53:14 that my wife and I have been, and we search and look for bed

10:53:15 and breakfasts for lots of different reasons, because you

10:53:16 become part of the community, you get to see that particular

10:53:17 place from the eyes of the people that actually live there.

10:53:18 And I think it's a great way to kind of promote our city,

10:53:20 and I'm glad that's something you are still looking at and

10:53:21 diving into.

10:53:21 So thank you all.

10:53:22 Thank you very much for your work.

10:53:22 >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Mulhern.

10:53:23 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:53:23 Thank you.

10:53:23 This is just wonderful to hear about: I am going to watch

10:53:25 the video. I haven't had a chance to see it yet but I

10:53:26 really thank you for all the great work and all those hours,

10:53:28 volunteer hours.

10:53:28 It's fantastic.

10:53:29 I just wanted to mention that yesterday I went to the Tampa

10:53:30 Bay and company, the tourism bureau lunch.

10:53:31 I don't know, Councilwoman Montelione was there, and their

10:53:32 magazine they gave out for this year, the cover, they had a

10:53:33 picture of canoers, kayakers, I think on the Hillsborough

10:53:35 River. I'll give you credit for that.

10:53:36 >> Thank you. Tampa Bay and company was a participant in

10:53:37 the summit and we have been able to engage them as one of

10:53:38 the eight or so partners that we engaged.

10:53:39 And I would echo, what we are seeing is sort of a ground

10:53:41 swell, grassroots.

10:53:41 Certainly there is philanthropy to support arts and cultural

10:53:42 organizations.

10:53:42 And what this committee has focused on is how to leverage

10:53:44 those things to better foster economic development here, and

10:53:45 we are seeing the entities that support regional growth in

10:53:45 this area, the label that's going off, and we are coming

10:53:46 them together and seeing them come together and do that. So

10:53:47 it's nice to hear that you are also observing the same

10:53:47 thing.

10:53:47 >>MARY MULHERN: And I just love that when we have visitors

10:53:48 come here mostly from the midwest, my husband always takes

10:53:50 them and scares them on the Hillsborough River with the

10:53:51 alligators.

10:53:51 [ Laughter ]

10:53:51 This whole ecotourism, that we could be promoting and we're

10:53:52 not, I'm really glad that you are making that one of the

10:53:53 priorities, among everything else.

10:53:54 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thanks, chair.

10:53:55 The bed and breakfasts, a lot of that has to do with

10:53:56 permitting, as I'm sure you already know.

10:53:57 A client of mine is right now trying to turn one of his

10:53:58 properties -- I believe it's on Bayshore Boulevard into a

10:53:59 bed and breakfast.

10:54:00 And I ran into him downstairs in the hallway, and I asked

10:54:01 what he was doing here, and he said that he was going before

10:54:03 the variance review board in order to move his dream of

10:54:04 turning this property that he had for many, many years into

10:54:05 a bed and breakfast.

10:54:06 And that's a big hurdle not only for folks wanting to go

10:54:07 into the bed and breakfast business, but for anyone trying

10:54:08 to have an event, or art installation, or many other

10:54:09 activities that fall within the realm that this committee is

10:54:11 working on.

10:54:11 And, you know, we have the economic competitiveness

10:54:12 committee to look at the building codes, and the zoning

10:54:13 codes, and make some recommendations there, and there were

10:54:14 several on the committee that kept wanting to talk about

10:54:15 other types of permitting and special event permitting kept

10:54:16 coming up, and, it's not, no, we are not dealing with that

10:54:18 because it wasn't part of chapter 27, but that is a big

10:54:19 hurdle.

10:54:19 So I hope that when you have recommendations for changes to

10:54:20 the code that they get to, you know, the fast track, so to

10:54:22 speak, so that we can make that an easier process for

10:54:23 people.

10:54:23 >> We appreciate that support and encouragement.

10:54:24 We are trying to be as comprehensive as we can in our fact

10:54:26 gathering.

10:54:26 So to the extent that the man or woman that you mentioned

10:54:27 had some anecdotal evidence, and experiences that might help

10:54:28 inform the committee, certainly we would be willing to talk

10:54:29 with them and take those things into consideration.

10:54:30 >> I will give his name and contact information.

10:54:31 >>HARRY COHEN: Let me just add that I did attend the

10:54:33 summit, and it was extremely informative, and really very,

10:54:34 very interesting to listen to all the different players in

10:54:35 the community come together and describe what they do.

10:54:36 I think what would be very helpful for us going forward is

10:54:38 to receive the types of recommendations that you are talking

10:54:39 about and writing, because if they are in writing we can

10:54:40 really act much quicker.

10:54:40 It sort of takes a full step out of the process of us having

10:54:42 to formulate into a written proposal what your ideas are.

10:54:43 And I know we are all very anxious to help you in any way we

10:54:44 can to move things forward in terms of if there's any

10:54:45 ordinances or resolutions that have to be passed by council,

10:54:47 you know, we will be happy.

10:54:48 >>YVONNE CAPIN: We understand.

10:54:48 You would like to see the reports in writing?

10:54:49 Yes, the reports in writing and also what we recommend as a

10:54:50 resolution and as an ordinance.

10:54:51 >>HARRY COHEN: I think if you have a res resolution -- if

10:54:52 you have certain action items that you would like to see, to

10:54:53 give them to us in writing is a way of making it move a lot

10:54:55 faster.

10:54:56 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Very good.

10:54:56 That's very helpful.

10:54:56 >>> The point is very well taken.

10:54:57 And what we have found, the committee, is very anxious, all

10:54:59 the committee members are very anxious to make

10:54:59 recommendations and to have milestones and goals that we are

10:55:00 able to make.

10:55:01 The City Council has set out a sort of two-year term, and I

10:55:02 think you all will acutely appreciate this, but we are not

10:55:04 generally accustomed to being under the sunshine law but we

10:55:05 are, and Marty has been very helpful, and I'm not

10:55:06 complaining about sunshine.

10:55:07 I think it's a wonderful thing.

10:55:07 But it has caused us to move cautiously and study these

10:55:09 things, and Councilman Cohen, your points are well taken.

10:55:10 We will -- our efforts will be resulting in a written report

10:55:11 and written recommendation and maybe even draft resolutions

10:55:12 for the council to consider.

10:55:13 >>YVONNE CAPIN: You sent to the Cindy.

10:55:13 So one, two, and three, send that in and we can get back to

10:55:15 everyone so that we can follow up with what Steven said were

10:55:16 the concerns or the recommendations from that summit.

10:55:17 Again, I want to thank this council for packing the

10:55:18 resolution -- drafting the resolution and allowing this to

10:55:20 get together, and I think we will all be pleased.

10:55:21 And there is an undercurrent going on with these assets that

10:55:22 everybody is recognizing that we have so much to offer here.

10:55:23 And again, I appreciate your volunteer work, and very hard

10:55:25 work.

10:55:25 Thank you so much for doing this.

10:55:25 >>> My pleasure.

10:55:26 I think for Steve and the rest of the committee, we all were

10:55:27 looking for the opportunity to be able to use our volunteer

10:55:28 time to do something like this, and we very much appreciate

10:55:29 City Council's consideration and the consideration of our

10:55:30 recommendations.

10:55:30 So thank you all.

10:55:31 Thank you.

10:55:31 >>HARRY COHEN: If there are no additional questions from

10:55:32 council members, I think it's time for us to hear from the

10:55:33 public.

10:55:33 We have public comment now for this workshop, three minutes

10:55:35 on this topic only.

10:55:35 >>> I'm Ed Tillou from Sulphur Springs.

10:55:36 Okay.

10:55:37 On this topic, cultural assets.

10:55:38 Well, environmental design, which was actually item 2, is a

10:55:39 cultural asset.

10:55:40 I handed some materials around in the past that people mate

10:55:41 not have understood because the three minutes didn't give me

10:55:42 time to get to it.

10:55:42 A book called "design with nature."

10:55:43 When I studied urban planning at Stanford that was one of

10:55:45 our texts.

10:55:45 It might be out of print now, but if you can get it.

10:55:47 I'm not saying there's a lot of environmental consciousness

10:55:48 in Tampa, but there certainly is more than in Pinellas.

10:55:49 I was just about run out of Pinellas because I tried to do

10:55:50 xeriscape, and everybody -- if you didn't have one of these

10:55:52 crab grass lawns --

10:55:52 >>HARRY COHEN: Mr. Tillou, this is discussion about

10:55:53 economic --

10:55:54 >> Economic cultural assets, number 3.

10:55:55 With respect to the residents around Tampa bring attention

10:55:56 to the fact that really more associated with the Hispanic

10:55:57 heritage's black bean.

10:55:57 And black beans are a very valuable asset to the diet.

10:55:59 There's a lot of fiber in the black beans.

10:56:00 So it would be nice to see as much attention to black beans

10:56:01 as there is to Cuban sandwiches, which is nice, but no great

10:56:03 addition to the diet.

10:56:03 With respect to cultural assets, I had a concern about an

10:56:05 article that was in the paper, and it was about

10:56:06 streetlights, adding 8400 streetlights.

10:56:07 And during our problems with streetlights, the turtles, the

10:56:08 astronomers, the people that wants to do amateur astronomy

10:56:09 and such, and one of the neighborhoods was Ybor City.

10:56:10 And the question is whether the ambience of the cultural

10:56:12 asset that Ybor City is would be negatively impacted by

10:56:13 large number of streetlights.

10:56:14 So this is something that's got to be very carefully gone

10:56:15 over in ways that the tree cutting wasn't gone over.

10:56:16 In other words, micromanagement, and some neighborhoods have

10:56:17 crime, and people getting -- pedestrians getting run over.

10:56:18 And, yes, put them there.

10:56:19 But don't just go on the basis this is set in stone adding

10:56:21 8400 streetlights including Ybor City.

10:56:22 Okay, then that's pretty much it.

10:56:23 >> I want to thank this committee.

10:56:24 I was happy to say that I was invited and I regretted not

10:56:25 being able to attend the meeting.

10:56:26 But these kind of resources and we are honored that you

10:56:27 would look at bicycling as part of the big umbrella. Just

10:56:29 so you folks know, I want to make sure that you guys

10:56:30 understand that we are working with the city to put on the

10:56:31 bicycle bash festival coming up, moving our bicycle festival

10:56:32 into downtown Tampa November 4th and I hope you folks

10:56:33 can attend and make it.

10:56:34 November 5th, the next day, we are also having the first

10:56:35 of Tampa Bay bicycle summit from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. at the

10:56:36 history center and I hope that you can attend this as well.

10:56:38 We have the president of the league of American bicyclists

10:56:39 will be coming in. It's a big deal.

10:56:39 We have some out-of-town big guns coming in to talk with

10:56:41 Tampa, to try to improve things.

10:56:41 So I hope you do make an effort.

10:56:42 And I also again want to thank Councilwoman Capin for her

10:56:44 initiative on the committee.

10:56:44 >>FRANK REDDICK: The gentleman, he's tuning up municipal

10:56:45 bike.

10:56:45 >> Councilman Reddick is a great model for the rest of the

10:56:47 City Council.

10:56:47 [ Laughter ]

10:56:47 And I hope that you will be bringing your bicycles to the

10:56:48 bicycle bash.

10:56:48 Seriously, all joking aside, there are literally hundreds of

10:56:50 thousands of residents with bikes in their garages just

10:56:51 sitting there.

10:56:51 And I want to commend the Councilman for taking the

10:56:53 initiative to bring the bike in.

10:56:53 Hopefully did a good job, and hope he enjoys biking on the

10:56:55 street and some new trails in Tampa.

10:56:56 >>FRANK REDDICK: They told me there is a lot of work to do.

10:56:57 [ Laughter ]

10:56:57 >>HARRY COHEN: Anyone else on that topic?

10:56:58 Councilwoman Capin.

10:56:59 >>YVONNE CAPIN: In reference to the bed and breakfast, one

10:57:00 of the things, I just visited with the Tampa Chamber of

10:57:01 Commerce benchmark, annual benchmark in Baltimore, and one

10:57:02 of the things that came up with the bed and breakfast, they

10:57:03 talked about St. Augustine and different little towns in

10:57:04 Florida.

10:57:04 And the question came up, Tampa is a large city compared to

10:57:06 the smaller.

10:57:06 So what we looked at, are going to be looking at, is

10:57:07 Baltimore is twice the population of Tampa.

10:57:08 And it is filled with bed and breakfasts.

10:57:09 That's one of the cities we will be looking at and studying

10:57:10 how they passed their ordinances.

10:57:11 We have a pretty good ordinance when it comes to Ybor City.

10:57:12 But outside of that, it's pretty restrictive.

10:57:14 So that's what we will be looking at, areas that may want to

10:57:15 join in the bed and breakfast.

10:57:16 And that's just a snippet of what we found so far.

10:57:17 So thank you again.

10:57:17 And thank you, chairman Christaldi and chair of marketing

10:57:18 Steve Benson for being here today and sharing with us.

10:57:20 Thank you.

10:57:20 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much.

10:57:20 Okay.

10:57:21 We are going to move on to item number 4, which is the

10:57:22 official presentation and discussion of the results obtained

10:57:23 through the enterprise zone development agency small

10:57:24 business survey that was conducted this year.

10:57:25 >> Ed Johnson, I'm the City of Tampa enterprise zone

10:57:26 coordinator.

10:57:27 And with me this morning are two of the members of your

10:57:28 enterprise zone agency, the chair, Lakita Armstrong and the

10:57:30 vice chair Dr. Jason Wilson, and also with us is Lynn Shultz

10:57:31 who is from the Hillsborough County small business

10:57:32 information center, and who is our partner in administering

10:57:33 the enterprise zones for the City of Tampa and for

10:57:34 Hillsborough County.

10:57:34 These folks will be doing the formal presentation this

10:57:35 morning.

10:57:36 I just wanted to make sure that you understand that the

10:57:37 survey that we are presenting here today was actually mailed

10:57:38 out to a little over 4,000 small business owners within the

10:57:39 enterprise zone.

10:57:40 And the questionnaire that was presented to them was to try

10:57:41 to get a better understanding from the small business users,

10:57:42 small business entities in our community that are using the

10:57:43 enterprise zone tax credit programs, how it's working, what

10:57:45 are the challenges that are out there, so we can have a

10:57:46 better picture of what we would like to present at the

10:57:47 legislature in this next coming cycle.

10:57:48 So I'm going to turn it over to Lynn Shultz who will start

10:57:49 off the presentation, along with Rita Armstrong.

10:57:51 >> Good morning, council.

10:57:52 Lakita Armstrong with the city and we are here to bring you

10:57:53 our findings.

10:57:54 >>HARRY COHEN: Do you think you could move the microphone

10:57:55 up so we can hear a little better?

10:57:55 Thank you.

10:57:56 >> Currently there are 56 enterprise zones within the state.

10:57:57 Two here in Hillsborough County considered urban -- urban.

10:57:58 And also the City of Tampa has an enterprise zone, and we

10:58:00 are currently serving different communities.

10:58:00 We serve Channelside, East Tampa, Ybor City, Sulphur

10:58:01 Springs, and also areas that have been determined to be

10:58:03 distressed as far as economically.

10:58:03 One of our goals is to build up those areas, and also to

10:58:05 homeowners to take advantage of tax incentives and also

10:58:06 rebates that they can give for making improvements to the

10:58:07 real property.

10:58:08 So we teamed up together with Hillsborough County.

10:58:08 We worked on a lot of our work through the small business

10:58:10 service center, administrative services as well.

10:58:11 So we will go ahead and go forth and give you some

10:58:12 information and also details on the surveys that we

10:58:13 received.

10:58:13 >> Lynn Shultz, business development coordinator for

10:58:14 Hillsborough County.

10:58:14 As Kita said we developed a partnership with City of Tampa,

10:58:16 Hillsborough County did, in 2010.

10:58:17 On the map now, you will see the additional enterprise zones

10:58:18 throughout the State of Florida.

10:58:18 The City of Tampa was one of the first enterprise zones to

10:58:20 be established back in the 90s under the Clinton

10:58:20 Administration.

10:58:21 Additionally, there's 56 enterprise zones now throughout the

10:58:22 State of Florida.

10:58:22 Hear is the City of Tampa enterprise zone being displayed on

10:58:23 the map.

10:58:24 We have a total of 20 square miles and it consists of three

10:58:25 noncontiguous areas which is what you are permitted under

10:58:26 the enterprise zone.

10:58:27 The next map will be Hillsborough County's enterprise zone.

10:58:28 As it is right now, we have a perfect square, unlike the

10:58:29 City of Tampa, that appear here, there and everywhere.

10:58:30 When I came to the City of Tampa it became quite a challenge

10:58:31 to determine who was in the zoning and who was not.

10:58:33 Our zone is --

10:58:33 >> Council woman Mulhern has a question.

10:58:34 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm looking at the map.

10:58:35 >> The city map?

10:58:36 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.

10:58:36 It seems like it might be easier for you -- or for me to

10:58:37 understand if you can tell us the parts of the city that are

10:58:38 not included.

10:58:39 I can see South Tampa is excluded.

10:58:40 And then just before that, what is that, the airport?

10:58:41 And then what's this square?

10:58:42 >> The perfect little square in the center of downtown.

10:58:43 >> Yes, that rectangle.

10:58:44 What's that?

10:58:44 Sulphur Springs is not an enterprise?

10:58:45 >> Seminole Heights.

10:58:45 >>MARY MULHERN: Oh, Seminole Heights.

10:58:46 >> That was one of the options when the enterprise zones

10:58:47 were first created, when you are establishing your

10:58:48 boundaries through the public hearing process, certain

10:58:49 neighborhoods, if they chose not to be in the enterprise

10:58:50 zone could opt out.

10:58:51 >>MARY MULHERN: When would they opt out?

10:58:52 >> Ed Johnson: Back in the 90s.

10:58:53 Back in the 90s.

10:58:53 The idea behind the enterprise zone tax credits that were

10:58:55 available at that time and certainly of the programs that

10:58:55 were funded, the original funding from the federal

10:58:56 government had about $1 million a year that was for

10:58:57 neighborhood products, and I believe at the time Seminole

10:58:58 Heights were not included in that, and that is one of the

10:58:59 reasons why they opted out.

10:59:00 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:59:00 >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Montelione.

10:59:01 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I have a follow-up question to Mrs.

10:59:02 Mulhern's.

10:59:02 The area between Hillsborough and just north of Sligh --

10:59:04 well, to the river -- is that the same case, they opted out

10:59:05 or that area did not qualify?

10:59:06 >> That's an area that's going to run into the county, and

10:59:07 one of the things I was going to state next -- am I looking

10:59:08 at the same area?

10:59:09 I want to make sure.

10:59:09 The Hillsborough River along 56th street.

10:59:10 >> I'm looking just west.

10:59:11 Yeah, right in there.

10:59:12 There you go.

10:59:12 That big white spot.

10:59:12 >> It did not qualify.

10:59:13 >> But there is an area.

10:59:14 One of the things I was going to say about the county zone,

10:59:15 we are in the process of amending our boundaries because we

10:59:17 only used that -- one of the things we are doing as the

10:59:18 amending boundaries is we are making sure that our new

10:59:19 boundaries are additional noncontiguous areas are backing up

10:59:20 so we'll have a more contiguous boundary between the city

10:59:22 and county which will be beneficial to the businesses and

10:59:23 the residents in both of those areas.

10:59:23 >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Capone.

10:59:24 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Hi. Hello.

10:59:25 >> Hi there.

10:59:26 >>YVONNE CAPIN: To qualify, is there an employment ratio?

10:59:27 Or is that something that's in the --

10:59:27 >> Actually we are going to get into that in the next slide,

10:59:29 what the incentives are and how to qualify.

10:59:30 The incentives are offered to the businesses located in the

10:59:31 enterprise zone as well, for residents in that zone, and

10:59:32 anyone that rehabilitates real property in the enterprise

10:59:33 zone.

10:59:33 Some of the incentives that are available, the financial

10:59:35 incentives, are the enterprise zone tax credit.

10:59:36 And just a synopsis on that, for businesses that are in an

10:59:37 enterprise zone, if they hire residents of an enterprise

10:59:39 zone -- and that could be any enterprise zone -- if they are

10:59:40 in Ybor City they can hire through the West Tampa zone, even

10:59:41 a county zone.

10:59:42 Any zone.

10:59:42 And what happens when this business hires these employees

10:59:43 who are residents of the zone, they are now able to take a

10:59:44 20% tax credit on their sales and use tax credit or their

10:59:46 corporate income tax.

10:59:46 It's 20% of their employees are residents they can take up

10:59:47 to 30% and they can do that for two years on each of those

10:59:49 employees that are residents.

10:59:49 It has to be full-time employees which is defined as 36

10:59:51 hours per week.

10:59:51 >>YVONNE CAPIN: What you are explaining is how a business,

10:59:52 and how you qualify.

10:59:53 But what I want to know is how was the zone designated?

10:59:55 What was the criteria for these zones?

10:59:56 >> It has to meet a certain unemployment level which has to

10:06:23 be higher than the state average.

10:06:25 They also have to reach a certain poverty level.

10:06:27 They have to be 20% or more, and then 50% of that block

10:06:32 group have to be 30% or more of poverty.

10:06:40 They also have to display distress, crime, building

10:06:44 vacancies, blight, and a strategic plan must be submitted

10:06:48 for those areas.

10:06:48 >> Okay.

10:06:56 Would you say that -- the unemployment comes into it?

10:07:05 >> Yes.

10:07:06 It has to be higher than the state average.

10:07:08 And it's based on the currents -- what is it now?

10:07:16 8.7.

10:07:20 Based on the census.

10:07:22 And it has to be higher than that in the entire area.

10:07:26 >>YVONNE CAPIN: It doesn't matter, just higher.

10:07:27 >> Just higher.

10:07:29 The entire area designated has to be higher.

10:07:33 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

10:07:34 >>> Any other questions on the tax credit?

10:07:36 Okay.

10:07:36 The next one is the building materials.

10:07:37 This is businesses who are rehabilitating their buildings,

10:07:43 their construction, new buildings.

10:07:45 They are able to get 97% of their sales tax refunded on any

10:07:48 property that's been permitted.

10:07:50 The business equipment, business owners who are purchasing

10:07:54 equipment, that have a business located in the zone, are

10:07:56 able to receive 97% of their sales tax that they pay on that

10:08:00 business equipment.

10:08:01 However, the business equipment has a restriction attached

10:08:04 to it.

10:08:05 The price has to be a minimum of $5,000 per unit which is

10:08:09 restricted a lot of our business owners in the zone of

10:08:12 taking advantage of that particular incentive.

10:08:14 That one is unlimited.

10:08:16 So one business could take advantage of that incentive

10:08:18 multiple times.

10:08:20 If each unit is more than $5,000.

10:08:23 The enterprise zone property tax credit, it's for expanding

10:08:28 or new construction within the enterprise zone.

10:08:30 It's also attached to job creation.

10:08:32 It has to have a minimum of five jobs in order to take

10:08:34 advantage of that tax credit on the Florida corporate income

10:08:39 tax.

10:08:39 And the property tax exemption for child care facility.

10:08:46 I already briefly touched on the partnership that was formed

10:08:48 in 2010 between Hillsborough County and the City of Tampa,

10:08:51 and Kita went on to inform you of some of the services we

10:08:55 have collaborated on.

10:08:57 The main thing has been the outreach.

10:08:58 We also review all the applications and we complete all the

10:09:01 state reports that are submitted on a quarterly and an

10:09:03 annual basis.

10:09:08 Just an idea of the points of assistance N.2010, we took

10:09:12 over the zone, it was kind of a late process.

10:09:15 We didn't get in until January. It took some time for the

10:09:17 interlocals to be approved, but in 2010, 70 points were

10:09:23 provided to businesses within the city of Tampa enterprise

10:09:24 zone.

10:09:25 In 2011, when the county took over the enterprise zone, the

10:09:29 administration of it, we provided 2,847 points of the

10:09:33 system.

10:09:33 This included business workshops, business consulting,

10:09:37 outreach in the area, applications processed, phone calls

10:09:39 made, e-mails responded to.

10:09:42 In 2012, rescued over 6600.

10:09:46 That included the surveys that were mailed out that Ed

10:09:49 talked about.

10:09:49 We mailed out over 4,000 surveys to business centers in the

10:09:53 enterprise zone to identify their needs.

10:09:58 As far as job creation, 2010, this wasn't totally completely

10:10:02 accurate, because we didn't profess a process of obtaining

10:10:07 the business tax receipts from the city side until mid 2011

10:10:11 but you can see the growth, between 2010 and 2012, business

10:10:16 businesses and jobs created.

10:10:18 This does include home-based businesses.

10:10:20 >>HARRY COHEN: Mr. Reddick.

10:10:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: Would you tell me where those jobs were

10:10:26 created at?

10:10:28 >>> We could identify that very specific.

10:10:31 I can provide that information.

10:10:32 I don't have that readily available for today's

10:10:33 presentation, but it is City of Tampa enterprise zone.

10:10:37 But we can identify more specific, East Tampa or whatever

10:10:40 other areas.

10:10:40 >>FRANK REDDICK: I would like to have that information.

10:10:42 And could you also share with us in dollar value, the

10:10:49 estimated dollars generated?

10:10:53 >> We can definitely pull that number on the county side.

10:10:58 I believe we can do that as well.

10:11:00 >>FRANK REDDICK: I would like for the city side.

10:11:02 >> Well, technically the businesses in the city are county

10:11:08 and city.

10:11:08 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I have a question.

10:11:16 The numbers that I am looking at here, 5,425 new businesses

10:11:24 created?

10:11:24 >> Yes.

10:11:26 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And 7,681 jobs created?

10:11:30 >>> And how that is calculated, when the businesses pull

10:11:33 their business tax receipt, they report the number of

10:11:35 employees that have either hired or expect to hire.

10:11:40 >> I'm a little curious about that number, because two

10:11:44 things.

10:11:44 One, that's a lot of new businesses.

10:11:47 And a lot of new jobs created.

10:11:51 But secondly, the jump is so significant from 2011 and 2010.

10:11:57 And I am just a little bit amazed in terms of the number.

10:12:00 And I would like -- at some point, you can give some

10:12:03 specifics about that, because it seems like a large number.

10:12:08 >> It's off the business tax list that I received.

10:12:11 >>MIKE SUAREZ: No, I understood what you said.

10:12:13 Again, when you say it's business tax list, meaning they

10:12:18 have to file and pay the business taxes themselves they just

10:12:23 filed for, it doesn't mean that -- it doesn't create a job.

10:12:29 >>> Correct.

10:12:30 >> Walk us through that because that's an important

10:12:32 distinction.

10:12:33 Because I can set up a business with having one employee,

10:12:36 meaning myself, and I can say I created a job, okay.

10:12:40 And, again, I'm just saying, what numbers are we looking at

10:12:44 here?

10:12:44 Because when we are looking at this type of number -- and

10:12:47 that's a huge jump, okay.

10:12:50 I'm just curious on the specifics of it.

10:12:53 You don't have to answer specifically now because I know you

10:12:55 are up here doing this.

10:12:56 But I would like to get that information, if possible,

10:12:59 because the number seems pretty skewed.

10:13:01 I'm not saying you are skewing them.

10:13:03 I'm saying there's something in the process.

10:13:07 There is something missing in my mind, because that's such a

10:13:10 difference in terms of the number.

10:13:12 >>> Okay.

10:13:13 I'll be glad to provide the list and we can kind of see

10:13:16 where the bigger numbers are and who identifies the hiring.

10:13:20 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And the second question will come on the

10:13:23 second slide.

10:13:24 Not only do you have a good helper over there, one of the

10:13:28 most well educated page turners -- [ Laughter ]

10:13:34 You know, you have the application submitted, and 2010, I

10:13:43 think, is 406 and then 2012 is 24, so that's kind of a

10:13:47 disconnect, too, which is applications submitted and then we

10:13:50 have this huge jump from 2012.

10:13:53 I'll let you talk about that in a second.

10:13:54 But I want to tell you before I ask it.

10:13:57 That's what I was going to ask, is second question.

10:13:59 I apologize.

10:14:00 Thank you very much.

10:14:00 >>HARRY COHEN: We have two other council members with

10:14:03 questions.

10:14:06 >>YVONNE CAPIN: When I looked at that 2012, but this is

10:14:09 anecdotal, but really, I have talked to business owners have

10:14:13 been in business for a very long time, restaurateurs, 25

10:14:19 years in this city, talked to a painting contractor that has

10:14:23 been in the city for 20 years, that 2011 was devastating,

10:14:30 and 2012 has totally turned around on a business that was

10:14:35 able to keep their doors open.

10:14:38 They have hired new employees.

10:14:39 And again, when I see these numbers, what I'm hearing from

10:14:46 just business people, the difference between '11 and '12 is

10:14:51 monumental.

10:14:52 So that number, it does seem high, but I kind of understand

10:14:57 it, because it was such a difference, that they have noted

10:15:02 it.

10:15:03 As a matter of fact, bring it to my attention, the

10:15:06 difference between '11 and '12.

10:15:08 I just wanted to put --

10:15:12 >>> Hope it continues that way.

10:15:13 >>LISA MONTELIONE: The chart represents new businesses and

10:15:19 new jobs created as a result of Councilman Suarez's

10:15:25 questions.

10:15:26 I'm assuming one is in with the other so it is not jobs

10:15:30 created by existing businesses that were already designated

10:15:34 enterprise.

10:15:35 These are absolutely totally new businesses, doesn't account

10:15:38 for those existing businesses?

10:15:40 >>> That's correct.

10:15:41 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So there's a couple of things that maybe

10:15:45 we can work on tracking in the future.

10:15:47 And maybe you already do this.

10:15:49 But businesses open all the time.

10:15:53 The key is to keep those businesses open and to extend the

10:15:59 longevity of the entrepreneur who, you know, has a great

10:16:03 idea, pulls that business' tax license with all the great

10:16:09 intentions they have of being successful.

10:16:10 But as Councilman Suarez pointed out, you can pull a

10:16:16 business' tax license and you can create your company within

10:16:20 LLC or partnership, however you want to do that through the

10:16:25 corporation, through the department of corporations at the

10:16:28 state level, but do we know how many of these new

10:16:31 businesses, do we track these new businesses, the pulling of

10:16:37 that initial license that remain in business?

10:16:40 Because what I have been working on, and you have been a

10:16:43 part of, is trying to help the small businesses stay in

10:16:46 business.

10:16:48 So that's very important to me.

10:16:52 And the other is that if a business goes to -- I'm sure the

10:16:58 small business information center or the small business

10:17:00 development center, the HBIS, BBIS, is getting the

10:17:04 information, hey, you know, you are in an enterprise zone,

10:17:07 you can qualify for all these other tax credits and you can

10:17:10 take advantage of all these other programs, but how is a

10:17:14 business owner who just shows up, pulls a tax license, to

10:17:18 know that they qualify or are located in a special zone,

10:17:23 whether it's an enterprise zone or any other program?

10:17:29 >> What we do based on the business tax license, because we

10:17:32 obtain a complete address and their contact information, we

10:17:36 reach out to them, either on foot or by mail to let them

10:17:38 know the enterprise zone is available.

10:17:42 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Every business -- it pulled?

10:17:49 >> Yes.

10:17:50 We visit them personally or do a mail-out.

10:17:52 So if it's a home-based business, we do a mail-out, go to

10:17:56 people's homes.

10:17:57 >> That is very impressive.

10:17:59 So looking at those numbers of tax licenses that were

10:18:01 pulled, you have been busy.

10:18:04 >> Yes.

10:18:08 The whole team.

10:18:11 The next slide is on the applications submitted.

10:18:15 And that looks pretty bad when looking at 2010 down to 2012

10:18:19 but there is a reason for that.

10:18:20 In 2010 there was 406 applications submitted, 395 of those

10:18:25 were building materials.

10:18:27 What happened in 2010, there was -- in the state law they no

10:18:33 longer allowed condominiums to take advantage of the

10:18:37 building material.

10:18:37 So that huge number you are seeing in 2010 reflects the

10:18:40 condominiums in the Channelside area.

10:18:42 So that's what happened and that's why that number has

10:18:44 drastically gone down.

10:18:45 So between -- if you subtract out that number, you can get a

10:18:50 better idea of what the number of applications were for

10:18:54 2010.

10:18:56 In 2011 with 29 and 2012 is 24.

10:19:00 And I broke it out in each section and what type of

10:19:02 applications were actually submitted.

10:19:09 At this point I turn it over to Jason Wilson, unless there's

10:19:12 any other questions for me on the partnership with

10:19:14 Hillsborough County or the services that are provided in the

10:19:16 enterprise zone.

10:19:17 >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Montelione.

10:19:20 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Can you give us an update on where the

10:19:22 SBIC and SBDC are -- because I know that the SBIC was

10:19:28 becoming also certified under the state as SBDC and you

10:19:34 would enhance even more the collaboration that you already

10:19:37 have.

10:19:37 >> Thank you for asking that because technically that was in

10:19:40 my introduction.

10:19:42 We are now the SBDC of Hillsborough County.

10:19:47 >>YVONNE CAPIN: When you use the acronyms, please, for our

10:19:50 audience and the people at home, so that they know what we

10:19:52 are talking about?

10:19:58 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thanks.

10:20:04 I have been working with them for so long.

10:20:08 The SBIC which no longer would apply --

10:20:11 >>> Actually, SBIC will still oversee our minority business

10:20:15 program.

10:20:15 The enterprise zone program, although the enterprise zone is

10:20:18 receiving the incentive and our job creation program will

10:20:22 still be under the SBIC.

10:20:24 >> So the SBIC is Small Business Information Center, which

10:20:27 was always housed under the Hillsborough County office of

10:20:32 economic development where I used to work, so that's why I

10:20:35 so easily say SBIC since I worked there.

10:20:39 But then the SBDC is the Small Business Development Center,

10:20:44 which has always been a part of the University of South

10:20:47 Florida.

10:20:47 >>> Right.

10:20:48 >> So that is the translation of those acronyms.

10:20:53 >>HARRY COHEN: Dr. Wilson.

10:20:59 >>> Good morning, City Council. I come to you this morning

10:21:00 as the vice chair of the Enterprise Zone Development Agency.

10:21:03 I want to go over the survey results of a survey we did this

10:21:08 past fall and winter.

10:21:13 The job of page turner.

10:21:15 I still can't manage to get them straight on the Elmo.

10:21:18 >>HARRY COHEN: You're not the only one.

10:21:21 [ Laughter ]

10:21:22 >>> I want to say first of all thank you for pointing me.

10:21:24 This agency has been a great experience and a great honor to

10:21:27 be part of the agency as an example of city-county

10:21:30 partnership that works really well together.

10:21:33 It allowed me to learn about the great small businesses that

10:21:35 we have in this city and what drives them and how our local

10:21:40 government can really help them out.

10:21:41 And sort of spur economic growth.

10:21:44 We decide to put together a survey last fall to reach out to

10:21:47 the businesses in the enterprise zone and sort of do a needs

10:21:51 assessment and figure out what it was that they wanted out

10:21:54 of their enterprise zone and what we could do better for the

10:21:58 enterprise zone.

10:21:59 So we included an eleven page survey that was mailed out to

10:22:05 all of them and going to 4400 different businesses.

10:22:08 But then every commissioner at the enterprise zone

10:22:10 development agency took on themselves to go door to door to

10:22:15 these businesses, each pick ten businesses to go door to

10:22:18 door to solicit surveys ourselves.

10:22:21 And we had great feedback from those conversations.

10:22:24 Those are probably the most useful conversations we had and

10:22:26 the most valuable feedback that we got, and those were in

10:22:30 personal conversations to go back the survey itself, and

10:22:35 wide range of discussions.

10:22:37 So in total we had 148 responses.

10:22:39 Of course, that's a fairly low number, not surprising from a

10:22:42 mail-out survey to have a fairly low response rate.

10:22:45 And we sort of started with a broad question of what do you

10:22:49 know about the enterprise zone?

10:22:50 Do you know the enterprise zone exists? Do you know the

10:22:53 different programs are in the enterprise zone?

10:22:55 And then move to a little more detail in asking what kind of

10:22:59 things would you like to see that might make you access the

10:23:02 enterprise zone programs more?

10:23:04 First of all, we have a little bit of work to do in terms of

10:23:06 getting people to understand what the enterprise zone is.

10:23:12 There are businesses within an enterprise zone boundary.

10:23:14 The majority of businesses still don't know that there is an

10:23:17 enterprise zone.

10:23:19 64% of the businesses we surveyed do not realize they are in

10:23:23 an enterprise zone at all.

10:23:29 And I apologize for my voice.

10:23:31 I had a night visit so I'm about 30 hours awake and my voice

10:23:36 is going.

10:23:37 So I apologize for my voice.

10:23:39 But out of those businesses that we surveyed, the ones that

10:23:42 knew about the enterprise zone, we asked them if they knew

10:23:48 of the specific programs of the enterprise zone, and the

10:23:51 jobs credit, building credits and the equipment credits and

10:23:54 the property tax credits.

10:23:56 Part of the tax credit was the most popular program that

10:23:59 businesses seemed to know about it.

10:24:04 And we asked which ones did you use?

10:24:08 And again the tax credits were the most used programs that

10:24:14 we see right now.

10:24:17 And one of the things that we are very interested when we

10:24:21 did this survey is if you knew about a program, why were you

10:24:25 not applying to use the program?

10:24:27 What was the barrier that kept you from the use of that

10:24:30 program, utilization of that program?

10:24:32 One of the hypotheses that we had was there was too high a

10:24:38 minimum threshold.

10:24:40 For example, the equipment purchase of $5,000 might have

10:24:42 been too high of a threshold for most businesses for a

10:24:47 single piece of equipment, or the building credit might have

10:24:49 been too high building cost to obtain access to that

10:24:53 program.

10:24:58 One of the most useful things that we got from the surveys

10:25:01 was in the comment section.

10:25:03 For people who said there was another reason why they did

10:25:05 not access these programs, we had "other" box and comments

10:25:10 for those "other" box.

10:25:12 I won't go through them all now.

10:25:13 You are going to get a copy of this.

10:25:15 I didn't have it quite yet, but you will have a copy of it

10:25:18 coming to you so you can look over these comments.

10:25:23 The majority of the businesses, actually we surveyed were

10:25:26 not new businesses.

10:25:27 There were a large number of new businesses, the majority

10:25:31 that we interviewed were businesses that were established in

10:25:34 the enterprise zones for a long period of time.

10:25:36 And to echo Councilwoman Capin's point earlier, I think what

10:25:40 we heard over and over again, we asked businesses that story

10:25:44 that things are better this year than they were last year.

10:25:47 We are hiring more this year than they were two years ago.

10:25:53 >>YVONNE CAPIN: The point I was trying to make was because

10:25:55 of that atmosphere, you can see the results of new business,

10:26:01 even though these are existing, that lends to people taking

10:26:06 on maybe wanting to go ahead and start a new business, where

10:26:13 the atmosphere was not as conducive in '11 or they felt not

10:26:18 the confidence, and that's what I was trying to say.

10:26:22 Thank you.

10:26:22 >>> One of the things we also wanted to get out was the

10:26:27 structure, what the businesses looked like.

10:26:29 Are they large businesses, small businesses, are they mom

10:26:32 and pop businesses?

10:26:33 What do the businesses look like in the enterprise zone?

10:26:36 We asked about how many employees you have.

10:26:37 And I report the mean and median.

10:26:39 The reason for this is that a large number of programs that

10:26:42 take advantage of the enterprise zone credit are businesses

10:26:45 that are fairly large, and they have franchises, or the

10:26:51 larger corporation that has entities outside of Tampa.

10:26:54 So those are usually businesses that are very skilled, and

10:26:59 take advantage of these credits.

10:27:00 And I don't know if I can -- I think anecdotally it takes

10:27:09 most advantage of these compared to other businesses.

10:27:12 So the mean number of employees at 13 is by these larger

10:27:19 companies but the average company out there is much smaller

10:27:22 mom and pop type of business with average about five

10:27:25 employees.

10:27:27 One owner.

10:27:32 So again, the same type of question.

10:27:35 Again, the larger companies are going to have a lot of

10:27:38 employees driving that mean up, but really what the

10:27:41 structured businesses look like are smaller businesses that

10:27:44 probably have about four employees working for them.

10:27:46 And there may be two or three part-time employees.

10:27:50 Most of these have hired one employee in the past. The

10:27:51 larger businesses are hiring five, six or more.

10:27:58 And then we asked the question about hiring the next year.

10:28:01 And you remember these are established businesses, and under

10:28:07 established businesses, 55, 47, whether or not they are

10:28:13 going to be hiring more employees over the next year.

10:28:16 And then the question about how many employees you will be

10:28:21 hiring next year.

10:28:22 Two is about the average for smaller businesses.

10:28:26 Six for larger businesses.

10:28:30 And these are comments that are answered to how these

10:28:36 businesses could see themselves grow more.

10:28:38 And I won't go through all these comments here, but there is

10:28:41 a theme that seemed to come up over and over again, and it

10:28:45 was really access to capital.

10:28:46 That's the main thing, which I don't think is a surprise to

10:28:49 anybody that businesses really, you know, are looking for

10:28:52 the way to access capital.

10:28:54 There's a hint of another theme in there as well.

10:28:57 And it was access to skilled employees.

10:29:01 An enterprise zone, a little bit of research this next year

10:29:05 is whether the problem of skilled employees within the

10:29:08 enterprise zone, which is outside the enterprise zone,

10:29:13 hiring certain employees within the enterprise zone or not.

10:29:15 We will be looking at that.

10:29:17 And so you will have all these comments.

10:29:32 People are very interested in the enterprise zone once they

10:29:35 hear about it.

10:29:35 Once you tell them about it they want to know more about it.

10:29:40 They ask questions.

10:29:42 We have 188 in our database.

10:29:44 Our plan is to follow those businesses, not lose them.

10:29:53 We'll follow up with those businesses an make sure they are

10:29:55 able to make to the workshops, Lynn will post the number of

10:29:59 workshops throughout the year and these citizens are invited

10:30:02 to, through mailers, special emphasis on these businesses to

10:30:04 attend.

10:30:05 And again, question 13 specifically asked what the barrier

10:30:12 was, and again access to capital was number one.

10:30:18 And these, at the very end of the survey, one of the most

10:30:22 interesting parts of the survey was just a broad open-ended

10:30:25 comment section.

10:30:28 This is through discourse that we had in conversation, and

10:30:30 then also in writing that you see here.

10:30:33 Again, I think the themes that come up are employees and

10:30:40 finding access to capital.

10:30:43 And I want go through all of these right now, but I will

10:30:49 make sure I provide all of these comments to you.

10:30:52 The thing I wanted to close on was sort of the future

10:30:56 direction that we could collaborate more with the City of

10:30:58 Tampa.

10:31:00 What we would like to see is that the enterprise zone

10:31:03 efforts for economic growth are synergistic within the other

10:31:06 economic efforts going on in the City of Tampa that overlaps

10:31:09 the enterprise zone.

10:31:10 So any emphasis individual council members might have for

10:31:15 economic growth or the efforts that the City of Tampa might

10:31:17 have for economic growth we would like to be a part of and

10:31:20 we are working together to synergize those efforts for our

10:31:23 businesses in the enterprise zone.

10:31:24 And the only other thing I would ask is at the state level

10:31:27 we are working hard to make sure that legislation that we

10:31:29 advocate for legislation that comes back to our enterprise

10:31:33 zone businesses.

10:31:34 For example, trying to advocate for looking at the $35,000

10:31:39 barrier to equipment, making a lower barrier, $2500 or maybe

10:31:43 two pieces of equipment add up to $35,000, and sort of is

10:31:48 change that.

10:31:49 But this is the future direction we would like to take and

10:31:51 ways we would like to go in the future.

10:31:54 >>HARRY COHEN: Council ma'am Montelione.

10:31:56 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

10:31:57 And I appreciate, you know, in the slides we saw, the

10:32:01 information that you gave, I'm not sure that anyone really

10:32:04 appreciates how much work went into all of the data

10:32:08 gathering and reaching out, and it's just a tremendous

10:32:13 number of hours.

10:32:14 And thank you, Dr. Wilson, for adding this task to your

10:32:18 already busy schedule.

10:32:21 Those of us who know you wonder when you actually sleep.

10:32:24 >> I didn't sleep.

10:32:25 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And you still look good, so it's

10:32:30 amazing.

10:32:31 But the access to capital is something Lynn was shaking her

10:32:36 head, and ed is also shaking his head, because they are two

10:32:40 of the team that have been working with me and the federal

10:32:43 reserve, the FDIC and many of the banks in town to move the

10:32:52 communities of the bankers, the regulators, and the

10:32:57 technical advisors, which are the small business development

10:33:00 and small business information centers, to providing that

10:33:06 information to the businesses who really need it, and to try

10:33:09 and work with them to get them creditworthy and to get them

10:33:13 credit ready.

10:33:14 And I think that we are close to having a product or system

10:33:21 by which we can facilitate that.

10:33:26 And I would love for you to join us, if you have time to

10:33:32 attend some of those meetings and join us on the conference

10:33:34 calls.

10:33:35 We have them about once every two weeks now.

10:33:37 And we have one this afternoon, as a matter of fact.

10:33:39 So it would be a great element to add, because I know Lynn

10:33:43 is already on the conference calls.

10:33:46 And so is Ed.

10:33:47 But we talk about a lot of things, and sometimes the

10:33:51 enterprise zone is just the third or fourth hats that those

10:33:56 two are wearing and maybe your voice can really isolate

10:33:58 those businesses that are in the enterprise zone and speak

10:34:01 for them and how we can help those businesses.

10:34:06 And I really appreciate your work, and looking also at the

10:34:10 access to skilled employees because that is another hurdle

10:34:13 that we in the Tampa area have heard from time to time that

10:34:19 we can look at Hillsborough community college, USF and all

10:34:22 the other fine universities.

10:34:25 Saint Leo is here.

10:34:26 We have got a lot of accredited programs available, and how

10:34:30 to reach the students who are in high school with the

10:34:35 opportunity that maybe a four-year college isn't the stuff

10:34:38 they want to -- step they want to take right now but there

10:34:42 are a lot of certifications out there that may be

10:34:45 appropriate and we can get them into that pipeline and try

10:34:48 to use that as an incentive even to increase our graduation

10:34:52 rate, because our graduation rates, kids coming out of high

10:34:56 school, is not where it should be.

10:34:59 And having conversations with representative Reid just this

10:35:03 week, and working on trying to increase the number of high

10:35:07 school graduates and meeting those top two, if nothing else,

10:35:12 if we can work on those top two barriers, to expanding our

10:35:17 business community, it would be wonderful.

10:35:19 And, you know, when I heard about this survey during another

10:35:23 one of our workshops, I really wanted to hear the results,

10:35:27 because that's what we can address.

10:35:32 And these are all points of various details, bullet lists,

10:35:38 that we can each take under our own wing and try to move

10:35:41 forward in finding solutions to those, you know, problems

10:35:44 that the small businesses are facing.

10:35:45 >>HARRY COHEN: Are there any other additional comments or

10:35:51 questions from council members?

10:35:52 If not, thank you very much.

10:35:53 We are now going to go to public comment.

10:35:56 Three minutes per speaker on this topic only.

10:36:01 And just to remind everyone, we are talking about enterprise

10:36:04 zone development agency and small business.

10:36:08 >> Good morning.

10:36:10 Diane Hart, 2912 north 26th street.

10:36:13 I am familiar with the enterprise zone.

10:36:16 Many, many years ago, I interviewed for the enterprise zone,

10:36:20 were actually awarded a $25,000 grant for education for

10:36:24 students coming out of school to get them ready to move on

10:36:29 because you don't know what you need in school to actually

10:36:30 go out into a real business.

10:36:35 A beauty shop.

10:36:36 But I would really like to get a little more information on

10:36:39 how the housing affects our enterprise zone.

10:36:42 I must be missing something because I have been around for

10:36:45 25 years.

10:36:45 I thought I knew all about the enterprise.

10:36:49 I just was very surprised to hear you say that there's a

10:36:52 homeowner tax credit.

10:36:58 >> I'm not an expert but I was just reading the flyer while

10:37:03 the presenters were speaking, and it looks like if you have

10:37:07 employees who live within the enterprise zone, then there is

10:37:12 an additional tax credit for that.

10:37:13 Is that what you are talking about?

10:37:15 >> No.

10:37:16 There was a homeowner tax credit, homeowners could take

10:37:23 rehab or something when they first started talking about it.

10:37:26 Because I was writing it down as they were going along.

10:37:29 >>HARRY COHEN: Councilman Reddick.

10:37:34 >>FRANK REDDICK: Do we have one of the representatives

10:37:35 here?

10:37:36 Maybe they can clarify this.

10:37:37 >> But it's definitely a good program.

10:37:40 However, it sunsetted in East Tampa and there were no fund

10:37:47 available through the enterprise zone.

10:37:49 Thank you.

10:37:49 >>> I will give you the flyer.

10:37:52 There is a building material tax credit that applies to real

10:37:55 property.

10:37:56 So it's very possible --

10:37:59 >> Real property, talking about homeowners.

10:38:05 Thank you very much.

10:38:05 >>HARRY COHEN: Anyone else?

10:38:10 >> Ed Tillou: This is respect to economic development, and

10:38:39 I'll come to the enterprise zone.

10:38:45 With respect to economic development, I think I mentioned

10:38:50 I'm intending to go to the university of north Florida to

10:38:53 study transportation logistics, but there's a situation

10:38:56 about Tampa that you don't have to do that to appreciate.

10:39:00 My friend in Baltimore is an artist, and he looks at a

10:39:04 map --

10:39:05 >>HARRY COHEN: Mr. Tillou, this is a workshop on the

10:39:07 enterprise zone.

10:39:08 >> On economic development, Mr. Cohen.

10:39:14 My friend in Baltimore is an artist, and he looks at a map

10:39:17 and he says Tampa is economically never going to amount to

10:39:21 anything until there's improvement in relations with Cuba.

10:39:24 Now, there's one of you that addresses that from time to

10:39:26 time, and that shouldn't be the case.

10:39:29 Now --

10:39:30 >>HARRY COHEN: This is really far afield from our topic and

10:39:34 now what the rules are.

10:39:35 >> Okay.

10:39:36 With respect to the enterprise zone, within that enterprise

10:39:38 zone, there was an article in the paper recently about

10:39:41 Con-Agra, the Con-Agra flour facility.

10:39:45 Now, one of the things that goes with economic development,

10:39:48 it was prior mentioned was transportation, and

10:39:53 transportation used to be maritime transportation and access

10:39:56 to the water.

10:39:57 Now, one of the things that wasn't mentioned about Con-Agra

10:40:01 was that it has access to rail, but channel, I think that's

10:40:10 part of why that was put there.

10:40:11 And therefore, you have the possibility instead of

10:40:16 liquidating that facility, and turning it into a sports

10:40:20 facility, which a few people are pushing, so you have really

10:40:24 good job selling hotdogs, picking up the trash afterwards.

10:40:28 You can have clean, industrial jobs.

10:40:31 Now, if corn syrup goes south and is replaced with sugar --

10:40:41 >>HARRY COHEN: Mr. Tillou, with all due respect, please.

10:40:45 >> This is a huge economic development thing.

10:40:47 In other words, they might want to buy things that would go

10:40:54 through the port of Tampa.

10:40:55 And the thing is they need some money to pay for it.

10:40:57 And therefore one of their main exports is sugar.

10:41:01 So this is part of a very big thing.

10:41:05 And Pepsi-Cola is starting to move toward putting sugar

10:41:10 instead of high fructose corn syrup in their soda.

10:41:16 >>HARRY COHEN: This isn't a discussion for today.

10:41:18 >> But people need to be developing that, looking at these

10:41:21 kind of things.

10:41:22 And you don't see it.

10:41:24 And it's a big part of it is the misrepresentation of the

10:41:28 city seal with the ship on it.

10:41:31 You have this tremendous land lubberization that doesn't

10:41:36 appreciate the maritime resource that Tampa is.

10:41:38 And that goes very much to Cuba and the trade to not go

10:41:45 through New Orleans, to not go through Miami, about you to

10:41:47 go through here.

10:41:47 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.

10:41:48 (Bell sounds)

10:41:51 Is there anyone else from the public that wishes to speak

10:41:53 about enterprise zone development?

10:41:58 Okay, I don't see anyone.

10:41:59 So we are going to move on to our fifth item on the agenda

10:42:02 today, and I believe Mr. Snelling is here from the planning

10:42:07 and development department.

10:42:26 >>THOM SNELLING: Director of planning and development.

10:42:30 We were asked here to participate and update council on the

10:42:33 changes in the housing program in the City of Tampa and

10:42:36 specifically the owner occupied rehabilitation program.

10:42:40 As you know, the city as part of its one-year plan and

10:42:44 five-year plan identified owner occupied rehabilitation as

10:42:47 something the city would like to participate in and conduct

10:42:50 and provide to the citizens of Tampa.

10:42:54 We intend to do that and continue to intend to do that.

10:42:57 One of the reasons for the shift, if you will, that took

10:43:01 place -- in May, we had a representative from HUD, Housing

10:43:10 Urban Development, come down from Jacksonville and do a

10:43:12 monitoring visit, and that's a normal thing. They come down

10:43:15 and monitor us twice a year with the housing program to

10:43:18 identify where our strengths and weaknesses and potential

10:43:23 concerns are.

10:43:24 One of the items that they found was the way that we had

10:43:26 been spending CHDO, Community Housing and Development

10:43:30 Organization money was that we were doing an ineligible CHDO

10:43:43 money.

10:43:43 >> The acronym?

10:43:45 >> I did say it. Community Housing and Development

10:43:48 Organization.

10:43:49 CHDO. To use community housing development organization

10:44:01 money, that organization actually has to take ownership and

10:44:04 possession of the house, rehab it, and then resell it.

10:44:08 That's the primary eligible activity that you can use with

10:44:11 that money.

10:44:12 What the city was doing for a couple, two, three years, was

10:44:16 using that money to provide for owner occupied

10:44:19 rehabilitation, which is not an allowable use.

10:44:21 The HUD finding told us that.

10:44:24 The fortunate thing is that our cumulative activities for

10:44:30 HOME kept us compliant with our overall goals but as to

10:44:36 going forward we can no longer use that money for that.

10:44:38 We received that letter --

10:44:44 >>MARY MULHERN: Relating to this.

10:44:45 The problem was the City of Tampa was using that money for

10:44:50 owner occupied, but the city actually had to own the

10:44:54 property?

10:44:56 >> The community housing development organization themselves

10:44:59 would have to take ownership.

10:45:01 And then they would have to do a rehabilitation, and then

10:45:05 they would then sell it to a buyer.

10:45:07 >> So, for instance, what are the organizations?

10:45:15 >>THOM SNELLING: The organizations current community housing

10:45:18 development organizations are the Coach foundation, East

10:45:21 Tampa business, East Tampa organization, the CDC of Tampa,

10:45:27 and that's it.

10:45:30 Those three.

10:45:32 And all three of those organizations we are using CHODO

10:45:37 money to do owner occupied rehab.

10:45:40 We had to no longer use that money for that purpose, and

10:45:44 only use actual HOME money.

10:45:47 Part of the HOME requirement is that 15% of what you are

10:45:51 awarded goes to that CHDO activity.

10:45:55 So we can no longer use that big chunk of money.

10:45:57 The second primary reason why the program is being revamped

10:46:01 and revised is that, as you know, as we said many times, we

10:46:08 are talking about the money in the five-year plan, is that

10:46:11 HOME money took the largest hit and is now shows 37% less

10:46:18 money.

10:46:19 Overall our housing dollars, you have seen the figures many

10:46:21 times.

10:46:27 The largest resource we lost was from the HOME money,

10:46:31 upwards of 37% reduction.

10:46:33 So those are the two reasons why the program hasn't changed.

10:46:36 We are going to continue.

10:46:37 We are continuing to do owner occupied rehab.

10:46:40 We had to revamp it.

10:46:41 We are trying to leverage our resources with other people.

10:46:48 So as it is now, as you recall, you know, adopted in the one

10:46:53 year and the five year plan to do that, the city is going to

10:46:56 continue to do that.

10:46:57 And currently we are partnering with the center for women

10:47:01 and Habitat for humanity as the two agencies, and those two

10:47:06 agencies were selected through the RFP process, they were

10:47:13 ranked and move forward, and the two that scored the

10:47:16 highest, we are the ones that decided where to put the

10:47:18 money.

10:47:19 The other thing is as we go forward to try to increase our

10:47:22 participation in the owner occupied rehabilitation business,

10:47:26 if you will, is we have recently been meeting with

10:47:30 Congresswoman Kathy Castor in her office.

10:47:33 She is trying to coordinate efforts with not only the City

10:47:36 of Tampa participants but also the Hillsborough County.

10:47:39 We just had a very long presentation with how you can

10:47:42 leverage county and city as they both go in the same

10:47:47 direction.

10:47:47 In this effort we are approaching it in the same fashion.

10:47:50 So many of the people that are in the audience today have

10:47:53 been invited to those meetings, and unfortunately the second

10:47:56 meeting that was scheduled has been canceled by Congressman

10:48:01 Castor's office, but I suspect the next meeting will take

10:48:04 place shortly.

10:48:07 So we are going to continue.

10:48:09 And that's one of our primary efforts to try to leverage our

10:48:13 limited resources for everybody to try to expand and involve

10:48:16 as many people as possible.

10:48:21 The basis of our awards is, like I said, through an RFP

10:48:25 process, through transparent linking and scoring process,

10:48:28 and that's how we have continued to do that.

10:48:31 The other program that we are going to try to do is in

10:48:34 partnership with Wells Fargo and the neighborhood with down

10:48:39 payment assistance program and continue to provide

10:48:41 affordable housing.

10:48:43 You know, that's a process where right now we are developing

10:48:47 the contract that will come before council within the next

10:48:50 four to six weeks, and those contracts will be approved and

10:48:55 we can start to get that ball rolling.

10:48:56 That's where we are in trying to engage as many of our

10:48:59 previous housing partners as possible.

10:49:03 We recognize that the Holme ownership market is tough, but

10:49:07 you have to remember that during the MNF dollars, for the

10:49:16 variety of projects, we did participate very strongly in an

10:49:20 acquisition and rehabilitation and resell program.

10:49:23 We sold over 30 houses in that time using that money.

10:49:26 And that was actually a bit of a worse economic turn.

10:49:30 I could tell you now for a fact that permitting activity,

10:49:34 with my office, is up somewhere near 10%.

10:49:38 It's held strong for the last quarter.

10:49:41 I fully expect to the continue to move in that direction.

10:49:43 I read an article in the paper this past week that housing

10:49:46 starts are up.

10:49:47 So there is hopefully a light at the end of the tunnel, and

10:49:50 we are starting to climb back up, and we can reengage and

10:49:54 continue to provide additional affordable housing, which is

10:49:57 one of the primary goals that you identify in your five-year

10:50:00 plan.

10:50:01 So I will answer any of your questions.

10:50:02 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

10:50:07 Mr. Snelling, let me thank you for agreeing to come.

10:50:16 Thank you.

10:50:16 We have had some discussion about this program.

10:50:21 And there are several questions I want to raise.

10:50:27 And I did invite the representatives from East Tampa

10:50:31 business civic association to be here as well as the Coach

10:50:35 foundation, and I want to be able to hear from them to see

10:50:39 how this affected their program.

10:50:41 And you mentioned that the Habitat for humanity will be ones

10:50:48 that will be doing the rehab of those houses.

10:50:52 >>THOM SNELLING: Yes, sir.

10:50:53 >>FRANK REDDICK: Are they receiving any of these CHDO fund?

10:51:00 >> No.

10:51:00 They are receiving HOME money.

10:51:04 HUD prevents us from using money in that fashion.

10:51:08 >>FRANK REDDICK: The CDC, Coach foundation, and the East

10:51:11 Tampa business civic association, they are not eligible to

10:51:15 receive the same funding --

10:51:18 >> They applied for the funding, Councilman, but going back

10:51:21 to the RFP process and the review team and the review

10:51:24 committee, I have ranked and scored the processes, Habitat

10:51:28 for humanity and the centers scored the highest.

10:51:31 And we chose the people who scored the highest based on this

10:51:34 morning and the criteria that was in the RFP.

10:51:37 >> Let me mention that you were informed in May that HUD was

10:51:47 no longer going to fund this program.

10:51:50 >> We were actually informed, and we received the actual

10:51:54 signing letter in July.

10:51:55 The site visit took place in May.

10:51:58 So we didn't realize that some of the activities that we

10:52:02 were doing, based on when they were here like the end of

10:52:05 May, the last week in May, they go back, they typically have

10:52:09 45 days to write up their report which is what they did, and

10:52:12 on July 3rd we received a letter from Gary Crosby.

10:52:18 >> Let me just ask you, because I understand the process.

10:52:25 Perhaps you notify those agencies that they are no longer

10:52:29 eligible for these funds.

10:52:31 They had received their letter of communication from the

10:52:34 city and informed them that they met all the criteria and

10:52:37 they that they were eligible for receiving.

10:52:40 Then you had to reverse that because the finding from HUD,

10:52:47 correct?

10:52:48 Now, knowing that, how long has CDC, the Coach foundation,

10:52:55 as well as the East Tampa business civic association been

10:52:57 receiving funding from the City of Tampa?

10:52:59 How many years?

10:53:02 >>THOM SNELLING: I don't know how many.

10:53:06 >>FRANK REDDICK: More than three?

10:53:10 >>THOM SNELLING: More than three, but using CHODO, and they

10:53:14 have been participating with us for a number of years, as

10:53:17 long as I can recall.

10:53:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: Each time they receive that funding they

10:53:21 have to go through RFP and through a scoring process,

10:53:23 correct?

10:53:25 >>THOM SNELLING: Yes, sir.

10:53:26 >>FRANK REDDICK: So when these funds all of a sudden became

10:53:29 limited, based on HUD, no longer funding this CHDO program,

10:53:36 now you are saying to these organizations, you choose the

10:53:46 organization.

10:53:46 Let me ask this.

10:53:51 I think some consideration should have been given to these

10:53:53 organizations, once you found out that HUD was no longer

10:53:57 going to fund this program, after they had been notified

10:54:02 they were going to receive these funds, they have a waiting

10:54:08 list over 100-some people that were depending on these homes

10:54:13 to be rehabbed.

10:54:14 Let me ask you this.

10:54:15 Are the centers and Habitat going to pick up for those

10:54:22 organizations?

10:54:23 >> We got the waiting list for center from East Tampa, from

10:54:26 Coach, and we are scrubbing those and comparing them now,

10:54:29 and at this time what we are finding is that approximately

10:54:32 upwards of 50% of their waiting list are duplicative, so

10:54:41 someone who shows up typically, someone will call East

10:54:43 Tampa, they'll call Coach, they'll call Habitat, they'll

10:54:47 call Center, they will get on all three of those lists.

10:54:51 We are scrubbing them down to find out how many people there

10:54:54 are out there to do that.

10:54:55 >> Do you have any rough number of how many of those are

10:55:03 duplicates on those lists?

10:55:07 >>THOM SNELLING: Right now we are seeing about 50%.

10:55:10 >>FRANK REDDICK: 50%?

10:55:12 Okay.

10:55:16 >>THOM SNELLING: That's where we are now.

10:55:16 We are finishing that up now.

10:55:18 Michelle is working on that.

10:55:19 >>FRANK REDDICK: I don't think you answered my question

10:55:23 whether you gave any consideration to the Coach foundation

10:55:26 or the East Tampa business civic association once you found

10:55:31 out that they were no longer eligible for those fundings.

10:55:35 >>THOM SNELLING: Yes, the considerations we gave, we are

10:55:37 working towards -- and I kind of referenced in my opening

10:55:40 remarks -- we are working towards increasing participation

10:55:44 and increasing our funding in ineligible activities of home

10:55:48 ownership, rehabilitation acquisition rehab dollars.

10:55:52 We are pushing hard back in that direction.

10:55:55 We are funding with additional -- doing additional funding

10:55:58 there.

10:55:58 And we are asking them.

10:55:59 We have already asked them to resubmit a letter, if they are

10:56:04 interested in doing that, rather than go through another

10:56:06 whole process of review.

10:56:07 I believe they received letters from all three of those

10:56:11 organizations.

10:56:11 Trying to partner with them in our acquisition and

10:56:15 rehabilitation program, and we can use that CHDO money for

10:56:18 that, and we set aside somewhere $800,000 for the CHDO money

10:56:25 for that, putting in an additional 200,000 in HOME, and a

10:56:30 million, so we are putting out about a million dollars for

10:56:33 acquisition and rehab for the partners.

10:56:39 We knew that they had done that service, and wanted to

10:56:43 continue to work with them in the future.

10:56:46 We reemphasized owner occupied -- excuse me, acquisition and

10:56:51 rehab program.

10:56:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: How much money would the Center for Women

10:56:55 and Habitat for humanity?

10:57:00 >>> Habitat will receive $100 that you and the center is

10:57:03 receiving $400,000.

10:57:05 Habitat, the center had asked for of $620 that you.

10:57:09 That's what they requested.

10:57:10 We couldn't give them that.

10:57:12 And Habitat for Humanity asked for 580,000 and we could only

10:57:17 give them 100.

10:57:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: And the final question I have, Mr. Chair,

10:57:24 at this time being, and I would hope to hear from council if

10:57:28 other councilmen wish to say something, hope to hear from

10:57:31 the Coach foundation and East Tampa Business Association,

10:57:37 but this is what I can't understand, what bothered me.

10:57:44 If an organization going through the RFP process for so many

10:57:48 years in the City of Tampa, and receiving funding based on a

10:57:56 scoring process, and then all of a sudden the funding will

10:58:01 be competitive, where we have minimum funds, and then now

10:58:11 there's a problem with the scoring.

10:58:15 Are you being more critical of the applications?

10:58:21 >>THOM SNELLING: No.

10:58:22 >>FRANK REDDICK: If they didn't do it the I or cross this

10:58:25 T, you reduce from their scoring?

10:58:27 I just can't understand it.

10:58:29 >>> We don't take off for grammar but what we do take off

10:58:34 for is if they are not meeting the criteria that's asked

10:58:37 for.

10:58:37 I do not sit on the committee.

10:58:39 >>FRANK REDDICK: Who sit on the committee?

10:58:42 >>THOM SNELLING: We have members from the neighborhood.

10:58:43 We have members from the economic development group.

10:58:45 We have members from the housing group. I don't sit on the

10:58:49 committee specifically because it's a conflict of interest.

10:58:51 My personal feelings can't enter into it.

10:58:53 The process is painfully transparent.

10:58:56 We go through.

10:58:57 Its ranked by members who live in the community that we are

10:59:00 talking about.

10:59:00 >> Doesn't a member of your staff sit on the committee?

10:59:04 >>THOM SNELLING: One member does, yes.

10:59:05 One of my planners.

10:59:07 >>FRANK REDDICK: One of the members of your staff sits on

10:59:10 that committee.

10:59:10 And one of the members of your staff is part of the

10:59:14 recommendation that comes back to you, I guess, eventually

10:59:17 comes back to you?

10:59:19 >>THOM SNELLING: Well, yes, it comes back to me, comes back

10:59:21 to the administration, comes back through the budget process

10:59:23 and they rank the scoring, and how people are scored is how

10:59:28 we evaluate whether or not we participant.

10:59:30 >>FRANK REDDICK: Downtown feel that's a conflict of

10:59:32 interest having a staff member?

10:59:34 >>THOM SNELLING: No.

10:59:34 It's been that way since -- that's why we have diversity on

10:59:39 the committee that we have in terms of areas of different

10:59:42 expertise.

10:59:43 It's to offset and balance that.

10:59:45 All of our RFP processes do that.

10:59:49 >>FRANK REDDICK: I understand.

10:59:51 I'm just lost, because someone that's receiving funding and

10:59:57 scoring for so many years and then you turn around, and this

10:59:59 person --

11:00:02 >>> We haven't changed the criteria. The criteria is

11:00:04 essentially the same from year to year to year.

11:00:07 We use a similar group of criteria.

11:00:11 >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Montelione.

11:00:17 >>LISA MONTELIONE: How many people are on that committee?

11:00:22 >>THOM SNELLING: A total of five.

11:00:28 There are five.

11:00:28 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And how do you get to be on the

11:00:31 committee?

11:00:31 What's the process for selecting those five individuals?

11:00:38 >>THOM SNELLING: I simply ask the same group that was on

11:00:40 last year and how those five people got selected last year,

11:00:44 I don't know.

11:00:45 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Do you know how they were selected last

11:00:47 year?

11:00:48 Come to the mike, please.

11:00:49 >>> The committee is typically appointed by the

11:00:54 administration.

11:00:55 And it's made up from the diversity and the criteria that is

11:01:01 put in place in terms of putting them on the committee.

11:01:06 Two of the members were on the citizens advisory committee.

11:01:08 >> You have to say your name.

11:01:10 I'm sorry.

11:01:11 >>> Stuart Campbell with City of Tampa housing office.

11:01:15 >>LISA MONTELIONE: There are five people on the committee.

11:01:17 One of them is a member of the staff of the housing and

11:01:22 development department?

11:01:25 I heard Thom say a planner.

11:01:27 >> Yes, community development division.

11:01:29 >>LISA MONTELIONE: But not of the affordable housing staff.

11:01:33 Because --

11:01:36 >>THOM SNELLING: Housing community development, my plan

11:01:38 theory works in that division.

11:01:39 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Is it someone who works in the

11:01:41 affordable housing department of your division?

11:01:46 >> Yes.

11:01:47 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's what I was trying to get at

11:01:50 because there are a lot of planners throughout a lost

11:01:53 different departments within your division.

11:01:57 So I guess I'm a little concerned that we don't know how

11:02:00 they are appointed.

11:02:01 >> Well, as Stuart said, they are appointed by the

11:02:04 administration.

11:02:07 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's pretty nebulous, though, the

11:02:09 administration.

11:02:11 >>THOM SNELLING: Prayer to me, it may have been Cynthia

11:02:13 Miller that appointed them.

11:02:15 And this year, previously acting director at that point.

11:02:19 >>LISA MONTELIONE: When you stay administration you are

11:02:21 talking about the director of the department, not

11:02:22 necessarily the mayor?

11:02:24 >>THOM SNELLING: It's not mayor, no.

11:02:25 No.

11:02:25 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I was just trying to clarify when you

11:02:30 say the administration.

11:02:34 I guess at least in my view -- I don't know how the rest of

11:02:38 council feels -- but I think there should be some formal

11:02:43 application process to become a member of that committee,

11:02:45 just like we have an application process to serve on

11:02:50 citizens advisory committees that we have, so that if you

11:02:55 have members of the community who want to sit on that

11:02:59 committee, or -- and I'm not saying it should be a committee

11:03:05 appointed by us.

11:03:06 I'm just saying that there should be some sort of formal

11:03:09 application submitted and reviewed so that -- since it is a

11:03:16 small committee of five, and how much money in the whole

11:03:20 program is being spent?

11:03:21 >> This year, HOME is $8, 000,000.

11:03:30 >> So we have five people determining which nonprofits or

11:03:34 which agencies get a portion of that $800,000.

11:03:38 That's a big responsibility.

11:03:39 So I just want to make sure that the individuals who are

11:03:42 sitting on that committee are representative of different

11:03:49 groups that can manage, or properly score, really -- I don't

11:03:54 know, I think that that process needs a little bit of

11:03:57 defining.

11:04:06 >>THOM SNELLING: Scoring in the criteria of the RFP so it

11:04:10 spelled out in the actual RFP that says you shall be

11:04:13 evaluated on the six or seven or eight criteria, and it

11:04:17 details what each of those criteria are, and you fill it

11:04:19 out.

11:04:20 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That may very well be, but the five

11:04:24 individuals --

11:04:25 >> How they are --

11:04:29 >> That's what I am getting at, what the application

11:04:31 process, and whose final decision it is as to who sits on

11:04:36 that committee.

11:04:37 >> Okay.

11:04:41 And I know you didn't do it.

11:04:43 You inherited it from previous directors.

11:04:46 >> And make something more transparent.

11:04:49 >> That would be a wonderful idea, Mr. Snelling.

11:04:51 >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Capin.

11:04:59 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

11:05:00 Were these five people there last year?

11:05:03 >> Yes.

11:05:04 >> Were they there the year before?

11:05:07 >>THOM SNELLING: The year before I don't know.

11:05:08 But one of the reasons we did keep them from last year is so

11:05:11 that it was the same group looking at similar information

11:05:15 and evaluating based on similar -- very similar backgrounds,

11:05:20 and to add a level of continuity from year to year.

11:05:22 I would imagine if I go back the three years and find out

11:05:27 who those folks were that I would find many of them

11:05:30 continuing to serve in that capacity.

11:05:31 >> Last year and this year, but the criteria, did that

11:05:38 change for the nonprofits to apply?

11:05:41 >> I don't believe -- no, the criteria that was in the RFP

11:05:45 did not change.

11:05:46 I do want to point out, I hear what council is asking and

11:05:49 saying.

11:05:52 And I will use the name, McDonald training center.

11:05:55 Two years ago, McDonald training center filled out their

11:05:58 application.

11:05:58 They applied.

11:05:59 They applied for helping their program to move forward.

11:06:03 They got zero funding.

11:06:06 They ranked very low.

11:06:07 They came back.

11:06:08 They looked at the applications that had been approved

11:06:10 because of public records.

11:06:11 They looked at it.

11:06:12 They reapplied.

11:06:13 Again, I don't look at them.

11:06:15 This year they ranked high enough and they got awarded

11:06:17 funding.

11:06:18 So getting funding one year is not an automatic guarantee

11:06:21 that you are going to be funded the next.

11:06:23 One of the people that is sitting in the audience, he did

11:06:26 forget a huge piece of the application, and he ranked very

11:06:30 low in that.

11:06:32 The process is set up to make it as fair as possible.

11:06:36 If we go back and we look at trying to make the selection of

11:06:39 the committee members more transparent, more diverse, more

11:06:42 representative, that's absolutely something I agree to it

11:06:45 and what we can do.

11:06:47 But that process has to be what selects and ranks and

11:06:52 scores, not me, not Stuart Campbell, not Mayor Buckhorn.

11:06:56 But that committee has to rank them as independently and as

11:07:00 transparent as possible and that's how we approach it.

11:07:03 And that's the process we work on.

11:07:04 That's the sees I have been bringing to you with the five

11:07:07 year plan and one year plan for the past year.

11:07:09 We have been relying on that.

11:07:10 >> Okay.

11:07:13 Tell me a little more about the acquisition and

11:07:16 rehabilitation where it's a million dollars in there, and --

11:07:25 >> Now the acquisition and rehab, the easiest way to

11:07:31 categorize what that is, if you remember the neighborhood

11:07:34 stabilization program, that program had the caveat that said

11:07:39 if you are going to acquire a piece of property, that piece

11:07:41 of property has to be abandoned for 90 days, or foreclosed

11:07:46 upon, or in some stage of foreclosure.

11:07:49 That narrowed and limited your potential population of

11:07:54 available properties to only foreclosed, abandoned --

11:07:58 there's a lot of foreclosures, unfortunately, but still was

11:08:01 an artificial limiting on where you can find these

11:08:03 properties.

11:08:04 Why we think this is going to be a stronger program is

11:08:07 because we are not using NFP dollars for that.

11:08:11 We are using HOME, and using some of the HOME money, and we

11:08:20 will not have the requirement of abandonment or foreclosed,

11:08:23 which means you can -- if you want to sell your house and

11:08:27 it's kind of in bad shape, less expensively, they can own

11:08:31 it, rehabilitation, turn around and sell it.

11:08:34 It doesn't have to have that foreclosure on it.

11:08:36 That opens the market up quite a bit.

11:08:38 And it opens it up city-wide.

11:08:42 That is primarily the biggest difference, why we think this

11:08:46 program is going to have more success than even the NSP

11:08:51 program did, plus the market turning around, I feel like

11:08:54 there's legitimate opportunity to take advantage of those

11:08:59 dollars.

11:09:00 >>YVONNE CAPIN: The rehabilitation can be reused and then

11:09:02 resold?

11:09:04 >>THOM SNELLING: Yes, ma'am.

11:09:05 That's the whole point.

11:09:06 You buy property, rehabilitate it.

11:09:10 And if it's been boarded up, vandalized, or otherwise

11:09:17 salvaged and robbed by scofflaws going in and stealing

11:09:21 things out of houses, these houses -- we are hoping won't be

11:09:26 in as bad a shape so the amount of rehabilitation money

11:09:30 going into houses will be smaller, therefore you could sell

11:09:33 them for less and still have the administrative kinds of

11:09:35 things that you need to have in order to have the bottom

11:09:38 line work for whoever is implementing them and processing

11:09:42 those programs.

11:09:42 >> And all these nonprofits have been invited that were

11:09:48 interested in the housing or had worked in the housing

11:09:50 before, have been invited to apply?

11:09:53 >>THOM SNELLING: They will be, yes, ma'am.

11:09:56 >>YVONNE CAPIN: They will be invited.

11:09:57 They have not.

11:09:58 You mentioned neighborhood stabilization.

11:10:01 I did talk to the mayor ba B this back in January of last

11:10:06 year, June. Anyway, because it was drought brought to my

11:10:10 attention by a constituent in West Tampa.

11:10:12 And what happened there, there was a home that was sold that

11:10:16 was by neighborhood stabilization program, was rehabbed and

11:10:25 sold.

11:10:26 The home was sold for $70,000 in a neighborhood that sells

11:10:29 for 125.

11:10:31 The issue here was that the appraisers do not know that this

11:10:40 is not an arms-length transaction, and that is an issue that

11:10:49 was brought up to me.

11:10:52 And how are we going to work on that?

11:10:54 When you are selling a property for less than they are

11:10:57 selling in the neighborhood -- in a neighborhood that really

11:11:01 didn't need stabilization, but nonetheless they were in

11:11:03 there, and it was brought to my attention over a year ago,

11:11:09 January or so.

11:11:13 And, you know, again, this is not an arms-length

11:11:17 transaction, and they are not aware of it.

11:11:24 >>THOM SNELLING: The exact marketing and real estate resell

11:11:27 on how the houses are sold and what the prices are,

11:11:30 guidelines, there will be guidelines in what you have to

11:11:33 sell it for, whether it's 120 or 80% of the area median

11:11:37 income.

11:11:37 You have to make it, from our perspective, those are the

11:11:43 numbers that drive our overseeing of those programs.

11:11:47 >> This is the change?

11:11:51 >>THOM SNELLING: There's still going to be the caveat it has

11:11:54 to be affordable housing.

11:11:57 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Affordable housing, understand.

11:11:58 But is it 80%?

11:12:02 >>THOM SNELLING: I think we are going to allow up to 120% of

11:12:05 the area median income.

11:12:08 Exactly how that's going to break down, how many of those

11:12:11 houses you want to be made available for housing -- because

11:12:15 you have to remember, I hate to bring it up because I am

11:12:20 going get hit here, in preventing homelessness, and the more

11:12:27 you can do that, the less that you yell at me down the road

11:12:30 when I bring some other programs to you because I'm helping

11:12:35 prevent homelessness.

11:12:37 So all of this is related to one another.

11:12:43 That's the challenge in front of us is that balancing act

11:12:46 and that's what we try to do.

11:12:47 >> It definitely is a balancing act.

11:12:49 Thank you for being here today.

11:12:50 >>HARRY COHEN: Any council member that hasn't spoken yet

11:12:55 that would like to speak?

11:12:56 If not, Councilman Montelione asked to be recognized again.

11:13:00 Mr. Reddick as well.

11:13:01 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Just in the interest of getting out and

11:13:06 looking at this program, because the item was providing

11:13:12 update on the changes in housing and rehab program.

11:13:14 So if there is maybe a succinct bullet list that you can

11:13:23 rattle through to say this is the program, this is who is

11:13:31 how to apply, because folks who are watching, who are

11:13:33 interested in this item on housing and rehabilitation

11:13:37 programs, really want to know that.

11:13:41 I'm sure that when they came in that's what they were

11:13:44 expecting to hear.

11:13:45 We have got a lot of citizens out there with a lot of needs,

11:13:48 and very little money.

11:13:49 And that's probably why they are applying to all of the

11:13:52 programs, and being named on duplicate lists.

11:13:57 Because I know one woman who called my office in my district

11:13:59 has a leaking roof, and she's on all of those lists, because

11:14:06 my staff called your department and asked, how can she get

11:14:08 help?

11:14:09 And we were given, tell her to call these four nonprofits.

11:14:15 And she called all four and now is waiting on that waiting

11:14:19 list.

11:14:21 So if you can just answer that, that would be great.

11:14:27 >>THOM SNELLING: Giving you an actual break down of the

11:14:29 budgets, I can't do that right now.

11:14:30 I can put that on a web page in terms of what --

11:14:35 >>LISA MONTELIONE: A lot of our folks aren't as computer

11:14:37 savvy.

11:14:38 But a lot of the information who need this help, the good

11:14:42 majority of these folks are senior citizens.

11:14:45 >>THOM SNELLING: Correct.

11:14:46 Then what we can do, or what I can say here now is that,

11:14:50 one, is to contact our office directly.

11:14:53 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And the phone number for people to call?

11:14:56 >> 813-274-7992.

11:15:03 That's the housing office that's actually to my desk.

11:15:10 >> You will get Thom Snelling.

11:15:16 >> You might.

11:15:16 But that will get into my office and will direct them to

11:15:19 whatever is appropriate.

11:15:20 Because people are always calling that in.

11:15:22 And plus we are putting more of that information on our Web

11:15:25 site as we speak.

11:15:27 But understood, I understand what you are saying that a

11:15:31 segment of our population don't even own computers.

11:15:35 I get that.

11:15:39 So they can phone, call us, and we'll try to direct them.

11:15:43 That's one of the reasons we are scrubbing that waiting

11:15:46 list.

11:15:48 One of the other --

11:15:50 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Before you go on, how long will it take

11:15:52 before that list is scrubbed, as you said, cleaned up, and

11:15:57 the individuals who are on that waiting list will get phone

11:16:00 calls?

11:16:00 Because that's another complaint that I receive all the time

11:16:02 is that they call, and they don't hear back.

11:16:05 And, you know, then they call me again, and we are calling

11:16:08 the agency.

11:16:11 >>THOM SNELLING: I hope to have that list, and the person

11:16:14 I'm sure is watching, and hope to have that done within the

11:16:17 next two weeks.

11:16:18 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So in two weeks we are going to have a

11:16:21 list --

11:16:22 >>THOM SNELLING: Should have a validated list of the people

11:16:24 who have shutdown on each of the three lists.

11:16:26 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And once we have that in two weeks, how

11:16:30 long before each of them gets a phone call?

11:16:34 >>THOM SNELLING: Two weeks and an hour.

11:16:36 We don't call them back.

11:16:38 I mean -- and we have had a meeting with one of our not for

11:16:41 profits that is going to do this, and talking about this

11:16:44 very thing, someone calls up and says, okay, we are throwing

11:16:48 you on a list that's like five or six years, and when they

11:16:52 hear that, they think, oh, my gosh.

11:16:55 But I did the math and if we took $4 million and the money

11:16:59 from HUD and everybody, I still wouldn't be able to help

11:17:02 every single person that's on that current list right now.

11:17:05 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I guess there's maybe another

11:17:09 conversation that we need to have about how much assistance

11:17:13 people can get.

11:17:14 Because I tell you, being in the construction business, I

11:17:16 know that when you show up at a house, and maybe the

11:17:20 original problem is -- and I'll use this woman as an

11:17:27 example -- her roof is leaking.

11:17:29 So she needs her roof fixed.

11:17:33 But someone goes and takes a look at the roof and finds out,

11:17:37 termite damage has caused the rafters inside the attic to

11:17:45 start to decay.

11:17:46 >> And just water damage.

11:17:50 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And water damage from the leaking roof.

11:17:52 So now you are not just looking at fixing the leaking roof.

11:17:59 It might have been a few hundred dollars.

11:18:00 But now if you are looking at some of the attic support, now

11:18:04 you are looking at a few thousand dollars.

11:18:06 As you get into fixing all of the other things that are --

11:18:09 that come to light, and I guess it snowballs.

11:18:14 So how does the program qualify?

11:18:17 How much money does an individual get?

11:18:23 Because you can easily have one applicant go through a lot

11:18:30 of your funding.

11:18:32 >>THOM SNELLING: One of the things that we do do,

11:18:34 Councilwoman, for the money that we supply to the

11:18:38 individuals doing owner occupied rehab. We put a cap on

11:18:42 that of $20,000.

11:18:44 Now, exactly as you say, you get into the Josh, you start

11:18:47 removing this, removing that, and it needs insulation, and

11:18:50 it needs wiring, and it needs plumbing, et cetera,

11:18:53 et cetera, a lot of the people who are currently working in

11:18:55 the business recognize that, and they have actually

11:18:59 leveraged -- and that's one of the thinks things, one of the

11:19:03 topics of conversation can with Congresswoman Castor and the

11:19:06 individuals there, how the not-for-profits can continue to

11:19:10 leverage and partner with each other, because, you know, one

11:19:13 group can say being do $20,000 worth of roofing and some

11:19:17 plumbing and that's the cap, but they still need new windows

11:19:21 and maybe weatherization program through one of the other

11:19:25 non-not for profits.

11:19:26 I can put in the windows.

11:19:28 And in fact I know for a fact that some of the

11:19:30 not-for-profits are already doing that.

11:19:33 They are looking at that.

11:19:34 >> Is there a system for ranking priority for emergency

11:19:37 work, so telling about a roof leak is going to cause further

11:19:43 damage, you want to get to that work first, so that there's

11:19:48 not further complication?

11:19:49 >> There is not a clean ranking system or clean

11:19:53 prioritization system.

11:19:55 We are currently looking at that to try to come up with

11:19:58 exactly that, because having been there, a roofer for many

11:20:03 years, once the roof goes, it leads to way more problems.

11:20:11 You stop a lot of deterioration beforehand.

11:20:14 So we are trying to identify legitimate, transparent ranking

11:20:19 system as to who needs the kind of attention first.

11:20:24 Previously, they haven't really done that.

11:20:26 Because it's a very difficult things thing to say, you know,

11:20:31 your problem is worse than your problem.

11:20:33 So we are going to take you in front of these others.

11:20:36 And of course sitting at position number one, so to speak,

11:20:41 the person sitting at position number 25 or 35 --

11:20:47 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.

11:20:49 >>THOM SNELLING: I understand your point.

11:20:50 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Just a couple of things that I am going

11:20:52 to follow up with you on.

11:20:54 And those are two of them.

11:20:55 And the only final statement I would like to make is that

11:20:58 I'm glad you mentioned the homeless issue.

11:21:01 And I know you are shaking your head, because you opened

11:21:04 that door for me.

11:21:07 Well, it is something that's very important because, you

11:21:10 know, if we can stem the number of people entering the world

11:21:16 of homelessness, and some of the programs we are using and

11:21:20 talking about today, to keep people in their homes, that we

11:21:25 are not adding to the rolls of homeless individuals, and

11:21:31 with the other initiatives that are going on currently in

11:21:33 the city by many groups that are working, and HUD has now

11:21:37 come in to assist the homeless coalition and the

11:21:40 corporations of supportive housing and all of the on the

11:21:43 wonderful programs that exist, everyone seems to be coming

11:21:46 together, it seems like there's a ground swell now of

11:21:52 efforts focused on the people who are already in the system.

11:21:54 So I think it's a two pronged approach.

11:21:57 We have groups working on moving the people who are in the

11:21:59 system now out of the system, and we have groups who are

11:22:02 looking at like the city and the county, stopping people

11:22:06 from entering the system.

11:22:08 So maybe, hopefully by what was stated by secretary Donovan

11:22:14 at HUD that we will end homelessness the way we know it

11:22:18 today by 2015 is a doable goal.

11:22:22 But it's going to take everybody working, all end of the

11:22:26 system, to achieve that goal.

11:22:28 So thank you for bringing that up, Mr. Snelling.

11:22:29 >>HARRY COHEN: Councilman Reddick.

11:22:33 >>FRANK REDDICK: One final question, Mr. Chair, and that

11:22:37 is, I want a copy of the score sheet, all of the applicants,

11:22:44 those who receive an award, and those who did not, with any

11:22:51 notations you might have.

11:22:56 Hopefully I can get that and look at it in the next few

11:22:59 days.

11:23:01 >>THOM SNELLING: Yes.

11:23:01 >>HARRY COHEN: We also have representatives from the East

11:23:03 Tampa business and civic association, the Coach foundation,

11:23:07 and the CDC of Tampa that were invited to participate today.

11:23:11 And if any of those representatives would like to make their

11:23:13 way to the podium, now would be your time to speak on this

11:23:17 topic.

11:23:23 >> My name is Diane Harden, 2912 north 26th street.

11:23:52 I am the CEO from East Tampa business and civic association.

11:23:58 We have been providing the homeowner rehab for the past

11:24:00 three years with the City of Tampa.

11:24:04 Scoring the threshold was 75.

11:24:06 You made it 75 or better, that was part of the RFP.

11:24:11 We're a part of the program.

11:24:12 So as long as you score better than 75, gout into the

11:24:15 program.

11:24:15 That's the way it's always been.

11:24:19 When this RFP came out and we all applied, not knowing that

11:24:23 HUD had already been -- or maybe they didn't know yet that

11:24:28 HUD was going to come change the criteria for the program.

11:24:31 Once that was done, it was several months before we really

11:24:33 found out that we were not going to get housing rehab

11:24:36 dollars.

11:24:37 Therefore, we continued to put people on the list to wait to

11:24:43 find out when their houses would be rehabbed.

11:24:45 And I hear what they are saying.

11:24:46 They are saying that 50% of duplicates.

11:24:49 Even if 50% are duplicates, there is currently a three-year

11:24:54 waiting period.

11:24:55 But you take my 30%, combine 50% and add it to centers for

11:25:00 women, we are probably talking about years from now before

11:25:02 the 50% added to the list will make.

11:25:07 My other comment is, how does Habitat for humanity, which I

11:25:10 have MOU --

11:25:16 >> MOU being?

11:25:17 >> Memorandum of understanding.

11:25:20 Excuse me.

11:25:20 We did have that memorandum of understanding with Habitat.

11:25:23 Habitat applications included East Tampa throughout the

11:25:28 application.

11:25:29 However, we are not a participate in the housing rehab.

11:25:33 So I would like to know how they up hold their part what

11:25:37 they agreed to do with Tampa because we are not part of that

11:25:40 process.

11:25:43 The other part, with the city of than the Tampa housing, the

11:25:47 purchase rehab, if that's ba HUD says the money has to be

11:25:52 used on we understand that.

11:25:53 However, understand we are just coming off a neighborhood

11:25:55 stabilization.

11:25:57 I'm still currently working with Hillsborough County on

11:25:59 their neighborhood stabilization.

11:26:01 And the city's neighborhood stabilization, we were unable to

11:26:04 find a single house because maybe in the foreclosed,

11:26:06 abandoned requirement, and get through it with the banks.

11:26:10 Now, when we talk about doing purchase rehab, our

11:26:14 organization has two houses.

11:26:16 We do have clients in them.

11:26:18 They are what we call a needs purchase program because most

11:26:23 folks don't have that seven-something credit score to

11:26:27 qualify for a loan.

11:26:28 So we know when we buy these houses and rehab them, we are

11:26:31 still going to be stuck with some of these houses.

11:26:35 What I really would like to see the city undertake, we have

11:26:42 millions of down payment assistance dollars in sitting

11:26:45 everywhere.

11:26:45 We need to go out and find our houses that we have all of

11:26:51 these dollars in, and see if we can get those banks to

11:26:53 donate those vacant houses back to the city nonprofits so we

11:26:58 can then rehab some of those houses without the expense of

11:27:03 buying houses.

11:27:04 When we go out and buy a house, we are going to pay whatever

11:27:07 the market bears, whatever the house has to go for.

11:27:10 Then we don't know what we are going to put in it.

11:27:13 I understand it may be upward of 60,000 maximum that you can

11:27:16 rehab it.

11:27:18 We could actually rehab three HUD owned houses for that one

11:27:24 we are going to rehab, not including the dollars that we are

11:27:26 going to spend to purchase that one house.

11:27:29 So even if we do the purchase rehab, we need to find a

11:27:33 better way to do.

11:27:34 This we are talking about property for maybe a million

11:27:38 dollar.

11:27:39 We cannot make impact, not in East Tampa, because if anybody

11:27:42 knows what East Tampa looks like, we have hundreds of vacant

11:27:45 homes in East Tampa.

11:27:47 And many of those properties are houses that were built

11:27:50 either in the Sandy Freeman area or the Dick Greco era and

11:27:55 now the mayor just got it, since he's been the mayor.

11:27:59 But those houses were built in the past two, three

11:28:02 administrations and they are standing everywhere. But we

11:28:08 need to look at this a little different and just taking a

11:28:11 million dollars and going out we have got to do something a

11:28:15 little better.

11:28:16 >>> I'm Rev. Dixon with the Coach Foundation. I'm glad to

11:28:24 be here.

11:28:24 I did miss a personal appointment with the President of the

11:28:31 United States yesterday [ Laughter ]

11:28:37 But this is important because I come to speak on behalf of

11:28:39 those who cannot speak for themselves.

11:28:41 First of all, I would like to bring to your attention, if

11:28:45 you would show, on the projector, the scoring process.

11:28:52 It's amazing that we have the same score every time.

11:29:00 The same score.

11:29:01 And if you look at the two recipients of the grant, I think

11:29:08 they have some problems in the rehab.

11:29:11 And I have not had any problems that did not satisfy.

11:29:17 Also, I think some of them were put on the side out of the

11:29:21 program.

11:29:22 But so I'm kind of concerned how we were left out of the

11:29:26 process.

11:29:29 I guess the process was served, and also when I filled out

11:29:34 my application, I filled it out the way I was told to fill

11:29:37 it out.

11:29:38 And I would like to make a correction.

11:29:44 HUD did not change their rules.

11:29:48 HUD did not change the rules.

11:29:50 But HUD -- what I did was follow the rules that I was given.

11:30:01 And I don't believe that the 123 people that I hold right

11:30:07 here who can't speak should be penalized for something they

11:30:11 had no control over.

11:30:12 And I gave my word and told those people whenever we get the

11:30:15 new money, we are doing the housing, even if I didn't get

11:30:19 enough money from the city, I was going to go to Lowes, I

11:30:23 would go to Home Depot and try to negotiate with them

11:30:28 through some type of bargaining, to buy all my supplies from

11:30:32 them if they would donate some supplies.

11:30:35 I have been doing houses since 1956.

11:30:39 I know how to sell houses.

11:30:40 And I have two houses.

11:30:45 We paid a contractor $150,000 to build those houses.

11:30:51 And they are appraised now at 75,000.

11:30:54 And we still cannot get the homeowners approved.

11:30:58 And you should have a copy of this.

11:31:02 The economy is not getting any better.

11:31:04 It might appear that way, but the people that we serve do

11:31:08 not have a score of 680 or 700.

11:31:14 And if they had a score of 580, they would have to put 10%

11:31:19 of their own money down.

11:31:21 If you sold a house for $80,000, 10% is $8,000.

11:31:28 I know people out there cannot come up with it.

11:31:30 So we need to find a way that we can help those people that

11:31:33 need help.

11:31:34 >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Montelione.

11:31:43 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I agree with you with the 10% down.

11:31:48 I know I couldn't come up with that.

11:31:50 But are these individuals with the low credit scores able to

11:31:58 apply and receive down payment assistance?

11:32:01 Because I know with the housing market being slow, these

11:32:06 days, the money and the down payment assistance program sits

11:32:11 there for a while.

11:32:12 Whereas in years past, if you weren't the first person to

11:32:15 call the day that money was released, you didn't get it.

11:32:19 So I know that money went really fast.

11:32:21 But lately there's been money in the funds remaining.

11:32:25 >> I don't think any company will let you borrow the

11:32:35 money -- you have to have some of your own personal money

11:32:38 involved in the down payment.

11:32:39 You didn't leverage with deferred money.

11:32:42 So, therefore, they are going to need their personal money.

11:32:47 You take money that's coming out of a bank.

11:32:50 So we need to find a way to help those people that need

11:32:53 help.

11:32:53 Because, I mean, I got people, I'm 81 and I got people older

11:32:59 than I am saying the roof is leaking.

11:33:01 And I feel the need of these people.

11:33:04 And these people, they have been living in these houses for

11:33:09 20 and 30 years.

11:33:10 They need help.

11:33:11 And we cannot compete with the investors.

11:33:16 And you have the person from the county.

11:33:19 I turned back counties to the houses for less than I could

11:33:22 sell them.

11:33:23 I told them I would not maintain houses that I cannot sell.

11:33:25 And when I had a million dollars going from the city, and if

11:33:29 you go back in the record, what you did as a council, you

11:33:35 changed those dollars into home-owner rehab, because I would

11:33:40 not maintain houses that I cannot sell.

11:33:43 And I know how can you as a buyer come up with a remedy?

11:33:55 There has to be some way to help these people.

11:33:58 Because when the roof leaks, mildew comes in.

11:34:01 And we are supposed to provide safe and sanitary in these

11:34:07 homes.

11:34:07 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's why I asked about prioritizing

11:34:09 the list, because if we can get the folks with the roof

11:34:12 leaks, those serious issues in first, then it will prevent a

11:34:16 lot of the on the things from happening.

11:34:17 >> And I have another problem.

11:34:21 Why should we take all these calls, and then turn our list

11:34:27 over to somebody else?

11:34:31 I mean, we have already worked.

11:34:33 This cost me money in my office to take these phone calls

11:34:37 and I'm giving it to somebody else?

11:34:42 You know, I mean, let's be realistic.

11:34:48 Myself, I'm trying to create jobs. I get retirement check,

11:34:53 I get Social Security, and I'm debt-free. I'm trying to

11:34:54 help other people.

11:34:56 So what can you do to help the people that don't have a

11:35:00 voice to come down and speak?

11:35:03 What can you do?

11:35:04 What can you do?

11:35:06 >> Well, I don't get Social Security.

11:35:11 I'm not like Mr. Dixon.

11:35:13 I work two jobs.

11:35:14 And I feel his passion.

11:35:16 I personally go to every single house that comes through our

11:35:19 office.

11:35:20 I physically drive to that property to look at it myself.

11:35:25 I asked my contractor to take pictures of every single

11:35:28 property.

11:35:29 So I included some before and after things in your packet so

11:35:33 you can see what we are really looking at when we go out

11:35:37 into our community.

11:35:37 Because this is real for us.

11:35:39 And I understand that there are guidelines, and I understand

11:35:42 all of that.

11:35:42 But somehow, we as a city, we have got to protect those that

11:35:47 cannot help themselves.

11:35:49 And most of all, our seniors.

11:35:51 We separated our list for everybody and put all of our

11:35:55 seniors on one and the other folks that are not seniors are

11:35:57 not elderly, we call them elderly and non-elderly and

11:36:01 disabled.

11:36:02 And we take our list and divided it for you so you can

11:36:06 actually see.

11:36:06 We took one list and just people that -- we made a list of;

11:36:14 and you will see that we have over 85 seniors on our roof

11:36:18 list.

11:36:18 When I say roof, believe me, we are talking about people

11:36:21 with no ceilings in the houses, because it was rained so

11:36:24 bad.

11:36:25 One lady couldn't sleep in the bed.

11:36:29 When you go out and you have to look at this stuff, it tears

11:36:32 you apart.

11:36:33 So we don't know what the answer is.

11:36:35 But we know there's got to be a better way.

11:36:37 >> Will you put this on the screen?

11:36:40 Look at the score.

11:36:41 >>HARRY COHEN: Mr. Reddick.

11:36:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

11:36:47 And I'm looking at the score.

11:36:52 And I want Mr. Snelling to explain to me, and explain to the

11:36:57 council, when I see center for women, 83.8, Habitat for

11:37:05 humanity 88.2, Coach foundation 83.8, I mean, what decisions

11:37:16 went into -- and you mentioned earlier it's the score.

11:37:20 Now you have some of the scores.

11:37:23 >>THOM SNELLING: Planning and development.

11:37:24 Reverend Dixon applied for his funding through the CHDO

11:37:27 which is the ineligible activity.

11:37:29 That's why his score has always been the same number.

11:37:32 They applied for money through the CHDO money and not the

11:37:37 HOME money.

11:37:38 Habitat for Humanity, Center for Women applied for HOME

11:37:39 money. They did not apply for CHDO money.

11:37:42 Reverend Dixon applied for CHDO money.

11:37:44 That's why his score is based against the HOME money was

11:37:49 disqualified because applied for CHDO not for HOME.

11:37:53 >> You can bring that to his attention.

11:37:56 (Speaking from the floor.)

11:37:56 >>HARRY COHEN: Let's have one person at a time speak so we

11:38:12 can have a record.

11:38:13 >> It showed CHDO/HOME.

11:38:20 You can apply for one or both but when it came out it said

11:38:25 CHDO/HOME and we were already a CHDO, and we have to

11:38:28 recertify as a CHDO, and I wouldn't have thought based on

11:38:35 the application on the other pot of money.

11:38:37 We have a designation that stopped you from being able to

11:38:39 move forward.

11:38:40 It's crazy.

11:38:41 >> Are there any other questions or comments by council

11:38:47 members?

11:38:48 If not, I think there are some members of the public that

11:38:50 would like to speak to this issue.

11:38:52 So we have three minutes per person.

11:38:57 Please come to the microphone and identify yourself.

11:38:59 And please let us know your address for the record.

11:39:01 >>> Good morning.

11:39:05 How are you all doing?

11:39:07 My name is Megan Lucas.

11:39:09 My address is 3214 north 44th street.

11:39:14 I'm there in the Highland Pines subdivision, East Tampa.

11:39:20 I have a leak, a roof problem.

11:39:23 And I have a list here of organizations that I have called.

11:39:31 Every bit of -- every one of them told me that they were out

11:39:39 of funds and they could not help me.

11:39:44 To me, it's a slap in my face because I pay taxes just like

11:39:48 anybody else does.

11:39:49 And it's a slap in my face because -- and I have got to go

11:39:54 through all of these organizations, and to you, sir, if you

11:40:00 have these lists, and you are saying that they are

11:40:03 duplicates, the way modern technology is now, there's no

11:40:08 reason for duplication.

11:40:10 Because your organization, you can get together and get

11:40:14 these two names on one list.

11:40:17 And furthermore, to me, there needs to be a number that

11:40:21 people like me -- I'm handicapped, too.

11:40:24 I have a problem.

11:40:27 People like me should not have to go to number to number to

11:40:31 number to get the same answers.

11:40:33 To me, that's a waste of our taxpayer money, because we

11:40:40 don't solve anything, and on the than, Ms. Lucas, I'm sorry,

11:40:45 we are out of money, we can't help you.

11:40:48 And then when he says they only get $100,000.

11:40:57 If you do a roof just like you said, and it's $20,000, how

11:41:01 many people can you get off the list?

11:41:04 You can do the math.

11:41:06 How many people on that $100,000 did K get off the list?

11:41:14 Not five people.

11:41:15 So I might be dead by the time they decide they can get

11:41:18 around to my roof.

11:41:21 There's a lot of people like me who -- we are we are waiting

11:41:30 for somebody to call us.

11:41:33 Some of them we don't even get answers.

11:41:35 We don't pay for that as citizens to not get answers.

11:41:38 And he's talking about calling his office and getting a no

11:41:45 answer also.

11:41:46 That's not fair to the senior citizens and us.

11:41:49 It's not fair to me.

11:41:50 And I'm very upset about this.

11:41:52 Because somebody, there's no money.

11:41:56 And then when you said you are going to take this money to

11:41:58 rehab, where people can't even afford the houses, just take

11:42:04 this money and some of these 80-some-odd people that's on

11:42:07 the list that need our help.

11:42:09 You can take some of that money and put on a roof.

11:42:13 Thank you.

11:42:13 >>> Hello.

11:42:20 I'm Sarah Benson, and I'm here to represent the CDC of

11:42:24 Tampa.

11:42:25 There's a couple of things that I wanted to just modify in

11:42:28 your notes.

11:42:31 One is, yes, the CDC of Tampa did receive CHDO dollars in

11:42:40 the past.

11:42:40 I thought it was the CDC of Tampa in 2003.

11:42:44 And they had received CHDO for new construction.

11:42:47 That is what they used their new dollars for.

11:42:49 New construction.

11:42:50 Not rehab.

11:42:51 CDC of Tampa has never participated in any owner rehab

11:42:55 program.

11:42:56 And I believe that was insinuated earlier.

11:43:06 We selected to participate.

11:43:07 And receive another grant from 2007 for new construction.

11:43:11 And as you all know, you know, the housing market situation,

11:43:16 no one in this room created that problem.

11:43:19 So we have to find solutions.

11:43:21 And so I expect whatever the city is doing to stabilize the

11:43:27 market, that there is another council person that said she

11:43:31 mentioned about the price and the resale.

11:43:37 Well, just because you have someone than is going to be

11:43:40 purchasing a home anywhere from 80 to 120% of the area

11:43:46 median income, that has nothing to do with the sales price

11:43:48 of the home.

11:43:49 And so what she was talking about was suppressing the

11:43:54 market.

11:43:54 She didn't say that.

11:43:55 Because that's what she was talking about. And those are

11:43:58 things that we all have to be aware of, because the housing

11:44:01 market, the sales prices, you know, during the housing boom,

11:44:07 as they were determined, were overlay inflated.

11:44:13 So now the prices have come down.

11:44:15 So it's like a tough situation.

11:44:18 I sympathize for everybody that's participating in that

11:44:22 program.

11:44:23 And even Thom's office, because it's a tricky situation and

11:44:30 there's no easy answer.

11:44:31 And you are not going to solve this situation using the old

11:44:37 solution, because it's a new and totally different animal.

11:44:43 So just looking -- and I know I have to hurry up -- but in

11:44:51 terms of using CHDO dollars the people that submitted their

11:44:54 response to the RFPs submitted what was asked of them, in

11:45:00 terms of how to use those CHDO dollars so I suggest you use

11:45:05 the RFPs that were submitted.

11:45:07 As an example, the Coach foundation can't ask for rehab

11:45:10 dollars.

11:45:10 He's only following the use of it or noncompliant use.

11:45:16 He's only following what was requested in that package.

11:45:23 He didn't make it up.

11:45:24 Those are the only things I want to say and just make that

11:45:27 correction.

11:45:27 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.

11:45:32 >> Good morning.

11:45:38 My name is Betty Lewis, and I live at 3716 east Clifton

11:45:45 street, Tampa, Florida, and when you was talking about

11:45:52 somebody calling you about your roof leaking, I thought you

11:45:55 was talking about me.

11:45:57 [ Laughter ]

11:45:58 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No, she was much older than you.

11:46:01 >> Well, I'm almost 70.

11:46:03 And I have worked all my life.

11:46:06 I have never been on -- I raised my kids by myself and

11:46:12 taking care of myself but I'm retired now and live on a very

11:46:16 fixed income.

11:46:17 And I have been on the waiting list, and I was just so

11:46:24 grateful that my time has finally come just to find out they

11:46:31 didn't get the money, and I'm on all those lists, but some

11:46:38 list, there's 500 people ahead of me, so I am going to the

11:46:43 bottom.

11:46:45 That's what one organization told me.

11:46:46 The other one told me it was 200 something people ahead of

11:46:50 me.

11:46:51 The next one told me they didn't have no funding.

11:46:56 And it's like there's nowhere for me to turn but to find a

11:47:02 way, I have got to find a way to pay for it.

11:47:07 And as he was speaking about buying houses and fixing up

11:47:14 houses, and then it's costing him more to fix it up than

11:47:22 he's going to be selling it for.

11:47:24 That just doesn't make sense to me.

11:47:32 It didn't make sense to me.

11:47:34 Like now, what is there for us?

11:47:46 We are falling through the cracks.

11:47:49 There's nowhere for us to turn.

11:47:50 And I would just like to know, where can I go?

11:47:59 Because write go, they turn down 500.

11:48:04 Everybody who is on Coach list goes to the bottom of the

11:48:07 list and there's 500 people, and they wait for two years,

11:48:11 three years.

11:48:12 Thank you.

11:48:12 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.

11:48:14 >> My name is Williams, I live at 3402 north 29th

11:48:24 street. And I just want to say that I'm disabled. I'm on

11:48:30 dialysis at this point. I'm an insulin dependent diabetic.

11:48:37 I'm living and taking care of them that home since I came to

11:48:44 take care of my aunt. I buried her in '89.

11:48:48 And the house was built around 1905.

11:48:51 And the roof was caved in, and my two children that I have

11:48:58 were staying there, and we had the SHIP program come in and

11:49:03 they said it was to work on the house.

11:49:05 Well, I just want you all to know that East Tampa Civic

11:49:10 association, they bought this contractor, he came here, put

11:49:17 that roof on, the rafter was rotten, there was mildew set

11:49:22 in, I was getting sicker and sicker, and this happened

11:49:26 approximately, I want to say, almost two years ago.

11:49:30 So I just think that's a good program, and you all, if you

11:49:35 can, continue to fund these programs in East Tampa.

11:49:40 I have been on the East Tampa action group.

11:49:42 And I'm a volunteer at the hope center with brother Daniel

11:49:47 Dean, and I spoke with him about this situation, and said,

11:49:54 well, can you help me?

11:49:56 I need a roof, you know.

11:49:57 And he said, well, maybe you can speak to some of these

11:50:04 organizations.

11:50:05 And I you want all to know that it's a relief on me that I

11:50:11 still have my house.

11:50:12 I remember staying up all night, my great uncle fixing the

11:50:16 floor, repairing the floor in that house, 29th street

11:50:21 dirt road.

11:50:22 Well, okay, thanks for listening.

11:50:24 God bless.

11:50:29 >>HARRY COHEN: Okay.

11:50:30 Is there anything additional from council members before we

11:50:33 close the workshop?

11:50:34 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I have been making a list of all the

11:50:38 things that we need to follow up on.

11:50:40 So Thom, you might want to get out your notepad.

11:50:43 And thank you to all of the people who came to speak today

11:50:47 from the public.

11:50:48 I know it's not easy to get down here and share your

11:50:50 stories.

11:50:53 Some of the follow-up items are two weeks till this gets

11:50:58 scrubbed.

11:51:00 Prioritizing the applicants that are on that list.

11:51:04 The follow-up on how the committee of five for review of the

11:51:07 applications are selected and appointed to that committee.

11:51:12 And that there's a $20,000 cap per applicant, and then

11:51:21 referral to on the programs.

11:51:22 And I think looking at how that referral works is an issue.

11:51:26 And then, you know, we need to find more money.

11:51:29 And I was thinking that it would probably be good to have a

11:51:33 central phone number.

11:51:35 One of the speakers brought up that you have to call each

11:51:37 and every one of those programs.

11:51:39 And if we would have one central number, and then that way

11:51:43 people wouldn't have to call each and every program.

11:51:48 They would call one number.

11:51:50 And then someone from our staff would then call the others

11:51:54 for them.

11:51:54 So those are the things that I would like to see followed up

11:51:57 on.

11:51:58 So I'll make -- can I make a motion to have a follow-up with

11:52:03 Thom on those items that I just mentioned?

11:52:06 >>HARRY COHEN: Would you like to set a date and time for

11:52:09 that?

11:52:10 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes, I would.

11:52:12 I'm looking at a month -- maybe a month from now, November

11:52:18 15th.

11:52:19 We have council regular session, which is November.

11:52:22 Then we are into the December cycle.

11:52:24 So, Thom, would November 15th be enough?

11:52:28 Okay.

11:52:28 I would ask for staff report then on November 15th at 10

11:52:32 a.m.

11:52:32 >>HARRY COHEN: Do I hear a second?

11:52:39 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I can is second it but I will not be here.

11:52:41 >>HARRY COHEN: Are you asking for a different date?

11:52:48 >>YVONNE CAPIN: If there's something else that will work.

11:52:50 >>LISA MONTELIONE: November 1st was pretty packed.

11:52:55 We have December.

11:52:57 December 6th.

11:53:01 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I would appreciate that.

11:53:01 I second it.

11:53:02 >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Mulhern.

11:53:04 >>MARY MULHERN: (off microphone) I would like to see how

11:53:19 the process for the RFP, the people that were applying

11:53:22 thought they were applying for certain fund, didn't know

11:53:24 they were, so I want some clarification about these

11:53:33 organizations, if the actual process worked, and if they

11:53:37 actually knew what they were applying for, and we need to

11:53:42 revisit how the whole RFP process happens, when people

11:53:46 thought they were applying for something, and the forms

11:53:50 looked like they were applying for something and then they

11:53:52 found out after they turned it in that they hadn't filled it

11:53:55 out right or that the form wasn't right. So we need some

11:53:58 explanation of that.

11:53:58 >>HARRY COHEN: Will you accept that amendment?

11:54:04 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes, I accept that amendment.

11:54:05 Thom, if you can answer a question for me.

11:54:07 Does that mean that is contract administration involved in

11:54:10 this process?

11:54:12 Because I want to make sure that I specifically -- because I

11:54:14 have run into this problem before -- I want to make sure

11:54:16 that I specifically mention the departments who are needing

11:54:19 to appear so that they are here to answer our questions.

11:54:26 >>THOM SNELLING: All of the questions, the early referral

11:54:28 systems to coordinate candidate placements on the list,

11:54:34 that's within my department.

11:54:35 >>LISA MONTELIONE: All of the things I mentioned.

11:54:37 And Councilwoman Mulhern?

11:54:40 >>THOM SNELLING: The process on that, our staff --

11:54:44 >>LISA MONTELIONE: It only your staff?

11:54:46 >>THOM SNELLING: Purchasing takes them, they really don't

11:54:49 have a role, and actually they help us evaluate them.

11:54:54 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So we want to have members of Mr.

11:54:56 Spearman's staff, whoever the appropriate person.

11:55:00 >>THOM SNELLING: I expect they have a very small role.

11:55:04 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Whatever role, we would want them to be

11:55:06 here too

11:55:08 And I would like this before we actually get to December

11:55:14 6th.

11:55:14 If we can have in writing the responses so that we are not

11:55:20 just looking at and evaluating if the information when we

11:55:23 are sitting here that day, as well as the actual application

11:55:28 for or the RFP that was given out so that we can see how it

11:55:32 was worded.

11:55:35 Because it seems to be some discrepancies on the actual

11:55:38 wording of the RFP, and whether or not it was clear that

11:55:41 people were applying for CHDO or people were applying for

11:55:45 HOME funds.

11:55:46 So if I can see that as well.

11:55:50 >>THOM SNELLING: We can have it all in a packet.

11:55:52 >>HARRY COHEN: We have a motion on the floor by

11:55:54 Councilwoman Montelione, seconded by Councilwoman Capin, and

11:55:57 that is to have the staff report at 10 a.m. on December

11:56:03 6th.

11:56:04 All those in favor please indicate by saying aye.

11:56:06 Opposed?

11:56:11 Mr. Reddick.

11:56:12 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

11:56:13 I want to take this one step further, Mr. Chair.

11:56:20 I look at it as the seriousness of this issue, and as stated

11:56:28 before, people are hurting.

11:56:30 And I think that there's some issues that came before us

11:56:37 that seem to be misleading to several people.

11:56:43 So I am going to reach out.

11:56:46 And I don't know if I am doing this -- I am not doing it in

11:56:49 the form of a motion but I am just going to reach out and

11:56:51 make a plea to the chief of staffs to review this program,

11:57:06 review how the system can be divided for some of these

11:57:10 people sitting on the waiting list, that need assistance,

11:57:16 need help, and not go through a process of waiting for

11:57:19 another year or two years and not have to come back and wait

11:57:21 for staff to give us a report back in November, December,

11:57:25 whenever they are coming back.

11:57:26 I want to ask that the chief of staff review this, because

11:57:34 what I heard today, and the pleas that I am hearing,

11:57:39 something is wrong.

11:57:41 And something is wrong with this process.

11:57:46 And I don't wanted a managers who are involved in this

11:57:49 process to come back and give me a report.

11:57:51 I want the chief of staff to review this.

11:57:54 And I expect chief of staff find a way through the mayor to

11:58:01 bring some revenue for these people that are suffering.

11:58:03 And I am just making a personal plea as a council member and

11:58:07 a person in this community to ask something be done

11:58:13 assisting these families because I don't want to see these

11:58:18 people waiting for five years when you have a waiting list

11:58:22 for the centers for women, got a waiting list for Habitat,

11:58:28 humanity, and they say duplicates, and not going to do

11:58:31 anybody good. So this is a personal reach-out to the chief

11:58:34 of staff, to consultant with the mayor and see how this

11:58:38 program is being reviewed, and so implementation through a

11:58:44 process, implementing assistance to these families for

11:58:52 revenue.

11:58:52 That's what I'm saying.

11:58:53 >>HARRY COHEN: And I would like to add to Councilman

11:58:56 Reddick's comments that the tragedy of this is that it's

11:58:59 like a chronic health situation.

11:59:01 A roof that is leaky is like a human body that's not getting

11:59:07 medical attention for chronic conditions.

11:59:10 And the longer it goes on, the more the entire structure

11:59:13 starts to deteriorate.

11:59:15 And what today is just a roof, you know, two or three years

11:59:20 from now will be an uninhabitable house or something that

11:59:24 costs a lot more money to fix.

11:59:25 And that's really the truth of it.

11:59:33 So thank you very much.

11:59:35 Everyone that participated today.

11:59:37 And we will look forward to continuing this discussion not

11:59:40 just on the 6th but also hopefully hearing from the

11:59:44 chief of staff after he conduct that review.

11:59:53 It's not a motion.

11:59:53 >> I want to say one more thing.

11:59:58 >> Give us your name again for the record?

12:00:01 >> My name is Betty Lewis.

12:00:03 And with the roof, my insurance penalty, so I can't get

12:00:15 housing insurance.

12:00:16 Then my mortgage company is on me because I have got to have

12:00:21 housing insurance.

12:00:22 So I had to go and find a way to get my ref fixed, because I

12:00:32 can't afford not to have house insurance.

12:00:37 That's all.

12:00:38 Thank you.

12:00:39 >>HARRY COHEN: Okay.

12:00:41 We are -- Councilwoman Capin.

12:00:51 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Just someone alluded to, to what I commented

12:00:55 earlier.

12:00:55 Sorry you are leaving, but it had to do with the appraisal.

12:00:59 And with the taxes it's distorting, and I want this on the

12:01:02 record, it's distorting the markets.

12:01:05 That was the issue.

12:01:06 So I want to make sure that that was clear what I meant.

12:01:09 >>HARRY COHEN: Okay.

12:01:11 We are at the point in the meeting where we will go to new

12:01:14 business and reports.

12:01:16 We will go from left to right.

12:01:17 Councilwoman Montelione.

12:01:18 >> I was going to motion to extend for five minutes --

12:01:25 >> That's a good idea. Can you an additional five minutes?

12:01:27 We have a motion from Councilwoman Montelione, seconded by

12:01:31 Councilman Suarez.

12:01:32 All in favor?

12:01:34 Opposed?

12:01:35 Okay.

12:01:35 Councilwoman Montelione.

12:01:37 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Well, the only thing I have under new

12:01:41 business is that this is Florida cities week, and our clerk

12:01:48 is very involved in the Florida League of Cities.

12:01:53 So I am going to -- she gave me these buttons to distribute

12:01:56 to everyone so that we can show that it's my city, I'm part

12:02:03 of it, I'm proud of it.

12:02:06 I have a bumper sticker.

12:02:08 Contact my office and we will be happy to get one to you.

12:02:11 >>HARRY COHEN: Councilman Reddick.

12:02:17 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you, Shirley Ann.

12:02:18 >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Capin.

12:02:22 >>YVONNE CAPIN: A couple of things.

12:02:23 On the overhead I asked Marty to put the national geographic

12:02:27 traveler magazine on again.

12:02:28 And really, one of the things that was brought up was that

12:02:32 the gentleman that said, you know, Hispanic cuisine and

12:02:36 black beans.

12:02:37 This has nothing to do with Hispanic cuisine.

12:02:43 And one of the reasons that they went ahead and wrote about

12:02:45 it was that it was original, therefore unique to us.

12:02:51 Our heritage and the city's diversity.

12:02:55 And I want to make that clear.

12:02:56 That's the only reason that that came up in that magazine.

12:03:01 And I just want to make sure that everyone was clear on

12:03:05 that.

12:03:09 I would like to make a motion to continue the planning and

12:03:13 development -- with planning development and legal to report

12:03:17 on how the city can create an animal rescue.

12:03:20 And I would like to bring that to January 24th regular

12:03:25 session.

12:03:25 >>HARRY COHEN: So right now that is scald for November 1.

12:03:29 Would you like to move to the January 24th at 10 a.m.?

12:03:34 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.

12:03:35 >>MIKE SUAREZ: We have.

12:03:37 >>HARRY COHEN: Seconded by Councilman Suarez.

12:03:39 All those in favor please indicate by saying aye.

12:03:42 Opposed?

12:03:44 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And I would like to also, as a public

12:03:46 announcement, the SS American victory is relive history

12:03:54 cruise, America victory, cultural asset, and this cruise is

12:03:58 not only significant on veterans day weekend but also to

12:04:03 raise fund.

12:04:04 You can see the flyer.

12:04:05 And this was brought to my attention by retired general Dave

12:04:09 Scott.

12:04:10 So please tray to attend.

12:04:13 I have toured that ship.

12:04:14 It is quite interesting.

12:04:16 And they actually use it for training.

12:04:21 Pinellas County sheriff, and it provided free to them.

12:04:26 So it's very important.

12:04:28 The last thing I have on here, I would like a report.

12:04:36 It was my motion back in -- goodness, I don't know when that

12:04:41 was -- for us to have a strategic planning meeting.

12:04:44 And I would like a report from our City Council attorney on

12:04:49 that meeting, if you will allow that.

12:04:53 >> Of course.

12:04:56 The retreat that's been scheduled.

12:04:57 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Yes, that was your motion Dwight awhile

12:05:05 ago.

12:05:06 And due to logistics it's taken awhile.

12:05:08 But I am happy to report that coordinating with your aides

12:05:12 and the calendar that we have chosen a date, time and

12:05:15 location, and I'm happy to report that the facilitator who

12:05:21 has worked with City Council for the three previous

12:05:26 strategic planning meetings, I have provided to your office

12:05:33 her resumé and her contact information.

12:05:37 After council finalizes this by a motion, and to announce it

12:05:42 publicly, it will be a posted notice public meeting, and the

12:05:47 clerk will be there to record it and take minutes.

12:05:51 What I would like to do is just pass it out.

12:05:55 >>HARRY COHEN: Mr. Shelby, to be clear, are you asking for

12:06:00 a motion now to formally set this meeting?

12:06:03 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Yes, I am.

12:06:06 Thank you, Councilman Cohen.

12:06:07 The date is Wednesday, November 28th of 2012.

12:06:11 The time will be from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

12:06:15 Lunch for City Council members is included.

12:06:18 It will be a working lunch.

12:06:20 It will be provided for you.

12:06:21 The location will be the City of Tampa development services

12:06:25 center at 1400 North Boulevard in Tampa in the third floor

12:06:30 training room. Again, the meeting is open to the public.

12:06:32 It is a sunshine noticed meeting.

12:06:36 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I move that we set that date for the

12:06:39 strategic planning meeting.

12:06:40 >>FRANK REDDICK: What is the financial cost for this

12:06:46 session?

12:06:47 >>MARTIN SHELBY: It will cost the city and the taxpayers

12:06:51 nothing.

12:06:53 And the agreement I have for this to have happened is an

12:06:58 agreement I have with Chairman Miranda.

12:07:01 Because it is important for everyone on this council for it

12:07:06 to be successful to attend.

12:07:09 And for that reason, Chairman Miranda has assured me if

12:07:14 there is no cost to the city, he will attend that.

12:07:17 Therefore, I am able to provide -- in order to make it

12:07:20 successful, and a sure everyone's attendance, especially the

12:07:24 chairman of this board, that there will be no cost to the

12:07:27 city whatsoever.

12:07:27 >>FRANK REDDICK: Including the food?

12:07:33 >>MARTIN SHELBY: That's correct.

12:07:35 >>YVONNE CAPIN: When I brought this forth, because when I

12:07:39 was appointed, I saw that the year before, that was 2010.

12:07:44 In 2008, 2009, they had the strategic planning, and I read

12:07:50 the transcript.

12:07:51 And it was very informative.

12:07:53 So I asked in 2010 when I was here about it and they

12:07:59 thought, well, we won't set one this year because it was

12:08:03 already half the year was gone, but maybe when the new

12:08:06 council in 2011, therefore I brought it forth because it's

12:08:10 an opportunity again, and that it costs nothing, is

12:08:16 excellent, but should it have cost something?

12:08:18 I think it was worth it.

12:08:19 >>HARRY COHEN: The Board of County Commissioners does do

12:08:23 these types of retreats, workshops, on a regular basis, and

12:08:28 obviously they find it useful.

12:08:30 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If I can add one more thing, Mr. Chairman.

12:08:33 And it's very important to state.

12:08:36 These last strategic planning meetings shortly before the

12:08:40 election, and unfortunately several council members were not

12:08:44 able to attend.

12:08:45 And judging from the effectiveness of that meeting, compared

12:08:49 to the other meetings when we had a greater participation,

12:08:53 it was striking to me.

12:08:55 As your City Council attorney, I have seen the benefits that

12:09:00 this board reaps when they come together to work together

12:09:03 with a facilitator to work through its issues to make you

12:09:07 better serve your constituents, which is why it is so

12:09:10 important that each of you attend.

12:09:12 And I am truly, personally, very pleased that Chairman

12:09:17 Miranda, who is the chairman of your board, will be able to

12:09:20 be there and participate, especially when you work through

12:09:24 things like your rules of procedure and how you do business.

12:09:26 I think you will get a lot of value from it.

12:09:29 And I want to thank this board to its commitment to this

12:09:32 process.

12:09:32 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you, Mr. Shelby. Anything else, Ms.

12:09:35 Capin?

12:09:37 Mr. Suarez?

12:09:38 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I have a couple items.

12:09:40 >>HARRY COHEN: I'm sorry, I apologize.

12:09:49 All in favor to the motion to set the retreat, proposed by,

12:09:53 I think, Councilwoman Capin, seconded by Councilwoman

12:09:56 Montelione, all those in favor please indicate by saying

12:09:58 aye. Opposed?

12:10:00 Okay. I'm sorry. Mr. Suarez.

12:10:02 >>MIKE SUAREZ: That's no problem.

12:10:04 We have to get business out of the way before we do this

12:10:07 other new business.

12:10:08 I have two commendations I would like to have voted on.

12:10:16 A motion to have a commendation to Martin Bootley who has

12:10:23 served on the benefits board which is a nonprofit that

12:10:26 benefits seniors for the last 18 years, presented by chair

12:10:29 Miranda at the annual TECO arts show and reception on

12:10:32 Friday, November 9th.

12:10:33 >>HARRY COHEN: Motion from Councilman Suarez, seconded by

12:10:40 Councilman Reddick.

12:10:41 All those in favor?

12:10:42 Opposed?

12:10:42 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I also have a motion to have a commendation

12:10:47 prepared and presented to Mark Yarnald for obtaining his

12:10:49 Eagle Scout award. He's a member of Christ the King troop

12:10:56 here in Tampa.

12:10:57 His Eagle Scout Code of Honor will be held on Saturday,

12:11:00 November 10th.

12:11:01 >>HARRY COHEN: Seconded by Councilwoman Capin.

12:11:06 All those in favor please indicate by saying aye.

12:11:09 Opposed?

12:11:10 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Lastly, everyone have a happy Halloween.

12:11:14 We won't be with you till November 1st.

12:11:16 Be safe. Be careful. Enjoy your candy.

12:11:18 If you see any of us coming to your door, we are not

12:11:21 collecting taxes, we just want candy with the kids we are

12:11:25 with.

12:11:25 >>HARRY COHEN: Before we adjourn may I please have a motion

12:11:28 to receive and file?

12:11:29 Motion by Councilman Reddick, seconded by Councilwoman

12:11:34 Capin.

12:11:34 All in favor?

12:11:35 We are adjourned. We'll see you on November 1st.

12:11:39 >> (Meeting adjourned.)


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