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Tampa City Council

Thursday, January 31, 2013

9:00 a.m. session


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08:41:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called do order.

09:07:43 The chair yields to Mr. Frank Reddick.

09:07:46 >> Thank you, Mr. Chair.

09:07:47 It's a pleasure having Mr. Crum here for the invocation and

09:07:53 lead us in the pledge of allegiance.

09:07:54 Please stand.

09:07:55 >> Frank Crum: To God, the father who has made us all in

09:08:03 all the world.

09:08:04 Thank you for blessing the people of Tampa.

09:08:09 As all city employees carry out the tasks that are allotted

09:08:13 to them, may you use these men and women as instruments of

09:08:17 your good will so that the public welfare will be served.

09:08:21 Father, as we begin this Tampa City Council meeting, please

09:08:25 fortify each City Council member with discernment, patience

09:08:32 to listen, sympathy to comfort, and wisdom to guide.

09:08:36 May your grace make this council and the mayor worthy

09:08:40 stewards of Thy good and perfect gift.

09:08:43 May your righteousness continue to move our city closer to

09:08:48 the model of a beloved community where all people are

09:08:51 embraced, and, in all things, let us take pleasure in the

09:08:56 service of our Lord, for it is in his name that we abound in

09:09:02 work, love and praise.

09:09:03 Amen.

09:09:04 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]

09:09:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: First item on the agenda is the

09:09:39 commendation -- roll call.

09:09:42 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:09:46 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

09:09:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:09:47 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:09:50 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

09:09:51 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:09:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:09:53 First is a presentation for commendation for police Officer

09:09:56 of the Month, and Mr. Reddick will handle that along with

09:10:04 Chief Castor.

09:10:12 >>FRANK REDDICK: Good morning, council.

09:10:13 It's a pleasure to present our officer for January 2013,

09:10:20 detective Raymon Estevez.

09:10:27 I turn it over to the chief.

09:10:28 >> CHIEF JANE CASTOR: It's my honor to bring forward the

09:10:30 best and brightest.

09:10:31 We have Ray Estevez, who I am surprised has not deleted my

09:10:38 number from his cell phone because I call him on a regular

09:10:40 basis.

09:10:41 He is assigned to our criminal justice bureau.

09:10:44 He has been here just a little over 20 years.

09:10:46 And he is our electronics unit.

09:10:50 And I hope he covers his ears but most other jurisdictions

09:10:54 have entire squads that do this.

09:10:56 And Ray is a team of two.

09:10:58 But they hold their own with everybody else.

09:11:01 And I would say do a better job.

09:11:03 Some of his duties include the monitoring of

09:11:08 court-authorized wiretaps, which obviously is quite a task.

09:11:13 He also does the retrieval of video systems for all

09:11:19 investigations which sound pretty simple except when you

09:11:21 consider the fact that he have single video system is

09:11:23 different.

09:11:24 And so they are different and that's a very, very different

09:11:31 process.

09:11:32 He handles all of the phone systems, all of the cell phones

09:11:34 for the city -- well, not for the City of Tampa but for the

09:11:38 Tampa Police Department, and we are all about communication.

09:11:42 So the majority of our supervisors and a lot of our officers

09:11:48 have cell phones.

09:11:49 So he manages that entire system.

09:11:51 And then he also handles all of the cameras, the filming,

09:11:56 and the audio taping of undercover investigations and does a

09:12:00 great job with that.

09:12:02 And that's used on a lot of the quality of life,

09:12:05 prostitution investigations and obviously narcotics

09:12:08 investigations as well.

09:12:09 And then, if that's not enough, we gave know that some of

09:12:15 you don't necessarily agree with the camera system that we

09:12:17 had implemented for the RNC, but you will have to agree that

09:12:22 Ray did an outstanding job overseeing that project.

09:12:25 It was well over a year he was instrumental in writing up

09:12:29 the RFP for bids for that camera is system, and then when

09:12:35 the vendor was decided, he worked hand in hand with those

09:12:38 individuals.

09:12:39 And I would like to say that the project went smoothly.

09:12:44 But it was well over a year getting that system implemented

09:12:47 and working appropriately.

09:12:49 And the only reason that it is is because of Ray's ability

09:12:54 to stay on task, his technical knowledge and his supervisor

09:13:01 expertise.

09:13:02 Now, I know that council wouldn't see themselves as

09:13:05 intimidating, but that's the delusion that I operate under

09:13:08 sometimes as well, that I am not intimidating in my

09:13:11 position, but for Ray to come in as a detective and present

09:13:14 to council and do so as professionally as he did on a number

09:13:18 of occasions is a tribute to him as well and speaks volumes

09:13:22 about his ability as a supervisor.

09:13:26 So it is certainly my honor to name Ray Estevez as our

09:13:33 Officer of the Month, starting out a great year, January

09:13:36 2013.

09:13:37 Congratulations, Ray.

09:13:38 [ Applause ]

09:13:39 >> On behalf of Tampa City Council, we would like to present

09:13:50 you this commendation for being chosen as Tampa Police

09:13:52 Department officer for January 2013.

09:13:56 I congratulate detective Estevez.

09:14:00 Thank you very much.

09:14:00 We have some gifts.

09:14:07 >> Chip Deblock of the Tampa PBA, and Dave Strass insurance.

09:14:16 Congratulations.

09:14:16 On behalf of the Tampa PBA, I would like to present you with

09:14:20 a gift card for $100.

09:14:22 Thank you for a job very well done.

09:14:24 >> I'm Michael Kilroy with the Straz center.

09:14:30 Thank you for all you do for us.

09:14:38 Have a great time.

09:14:39 >> I'm Jill la techy with the theater and we he would like

09:14:46 to present you and your wife with an annual membership to

09:14:49 the theater.

09:14:50 >> Joe Durkin, Bright House networks.

09:14:58 Ray, congratulations.

09:15:00 On behalf of Bright House, we would like to present you one

09:15:05 month free service of all of our BrightHouse Network.

09:15:09 Congratulations.

09:15:09 >> Frank DeSoto with Bill Currie Ford representing Bill

09:15:17 Currie family.

09:15:19 Congratulations to you.

09:15:20 We appreciate everything you do.

09:15:22 Please accept this watch as a token of our appreciation.

09:15:25 >> Steve Stickley representing Stepp's towing service on

09:15:33 behalf of Tim and Judy and Todd Stepp I would like to

09:15:37 congratulate you on a job well done, a small token of our

09:15:40 appreciation, and gift certain to Lee Roy Selmon

09:15:56 >> I'm going to say this in Spanish.

09:16:00 (Speaking Spanish)

09:16:02 Thank you.

09:16:16 >>STEVE MICHELINI: If she smiles, do you smile?

09:16:18 I am going to make her smile then, okay?

09:16:20 All right.

09:16:21 You get to take him to Bern's, is that all right?

09:16:27 Got a babysitter?

09:16:29 >> Yes.

09:16:30 >>STEVE MICHELINI: Okay.

09:16:31 But now you all get to go.

09:16:35 You can take your parents to go get a picture taken.

09:16:42 On behalf of Bern's steakhouse and prestige photos we are

09:16:46 providing you with a gift certificate for those respective

09:16:50 goodies that Councilman Reddick spoke about, and we are

09:16:53 proud that you are here working for us in the City of Tampa.

09:16:57 Thank you.

09:16:57 >> Thank you, council, for taking the time to recognize the

09:17:08 work I did during the RNC, chief, staff.

09:17:13 While I have the mike, I would like to recognize a few

09:17:16 people that were instrumental in that project, our guys that

09:17:19 work just as hard as I do and every day.

09:17:23 Michael Kosis, Andy Vincent, Mike Scanlan from traffic, my

09:17:27 partner Randy Camp, Mike Merritt.

09:17:30 Without the team it couldn't have been done.

09:17:32 We have support from everyone including council, the mayor,

09:17:35 FDOT, TECO, they are partners with us every day, Bright

09:17:39 House, they make everything smooth so we can get our job

09:17:43 done.

09:17:43 Thank you.

09:17:45 [ Applause ]

09:17:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, officer.

09:17:58 We appreciate the work you do for the community and we are

09:18:00 very proud of you and the police department.

09:18:02 In fact Chief Castor might get embarrassed on this.

09:18:06 Gasparilla parade, I borrowed a car and parked it here, and

09:18:09 when I came back, they had towed my car.

09:18:14 That's not the first time I used that car.

09:18:18 I have used that car and many other cars many times.

09:18:21 But that day, they chose to el haulo away the car.

09:18:27 So it disappeared for a while.

09:18:30 But Chief Castor and the fine police department, the

09:18:34 sergeant in charge of the area, came by, and we retrieved

09:18:37 the car.

09:18:38 In fact, it still has the marking with no key and all that.

09:18:45 >> We are just glad you had permission to use it this time,

09:18:48 sir.

09:18:49 [ Laughter ]

09:18:50 >> Well, see if you will be here next month.

09:18:54 [ Laughter ]

09:18:54 Mr. Wars?

09:18:57 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

09:19:01 Ray, you know, the only time he smiled is when they were

09:19:08 talking about your car being towed.

09:19:11 Ray, did you a great job at the time of RNC when we were

09:19:14 discussing the cameras then afterwards.

09:19:16 We really appreciate that because you were very open minded,

09:19:19 very helpful in explaining the way the process worked, and

09:19:22 that was, I think, a testament both to you and to your chain

09:19:26 of command in terms of letting us know exactly what these

09:19:29 cameras do, and how we use it.

09:19:31 And I'm glad to see that the cameras were working and they

09:19:35 filmed whoever parked here and got it towed away.

09:19:38 We really appreciate that.

09:19:40 We are going to have a lot of fun with that for a long time.

09:19:43 >>MARY MULHERN: I want to congratulate you and thank you

09:19:48 for the incredibly forthright discussion and representation

09:19:55 you made when I was the one that was questioning the

09:20:00 efficacy and usefulness of these cameras, and you were

09:20:03 absolutely not just an advocate for them, you really wanted

09:20:08 to make sure we were doing the right thing, and have

09:20:11 absolute trust in you and not only your technical ability

09:20:15 and the way you explained it all to us, but also in your

09:20:18 open mindedness and understanding and support for everyone.

09:20:28 -- everyone's Constitutional rights to privacy.

09:20:30 I really appreciate it.

09:20:32 Congratulations.

09:20:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I appreciate it.

09:20:38 The second item on the presentation is a combination of

09:20:48 firefighter of the quarter.

09:20:49 Mr. Reddick.

09:20:53 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

09:20:55 It's a pleasure to recognize our firefighter for the quarter

09:21:00 for January 2013.

09:21:03 Driver engineer Anthony Perez.

09:21:06 Chief?

09:21:07 >> Good morning, council.

09:21:12 Tom Forward, Tampa fire chief.

09:21:14 Again, it is our pleasure and honor -- and happy new year to

09:21:18 you all as well.

09:21:19 It's our pleasure and honor to present to you Tampa

09:21:22 firefighter of the quarter for the first period of 2013.

09:21:27 Our member Tony Perez has been a member of Tampa fire for

09:21:31 over 15 years, and he is a dedicated fire rescue

09:21:35 professional and is truly one of the best of the best.

09:21:38 He's currently stationed at station number 3, which is here

09:21:41 in Hyde Park, right here at Kennedy Boulevard and New Port

09:21:47 Avenue.

09:21:48 And the significance of that station also houses critical

09:21:51 care transport unit which runs and handles a number of major

09:21:57 emergencies and advanced life support issues that other

09:21:59 rescue units don't typically handle as well as maintain the

09:22:06 interfacility transport from our number of emergency

09:22:08 facilities here in the City of Tampa and Hillsborough County

09:22:11 as well.

09:22:13 Their unit is one of our many manned units.

09:22:18 We run over 80,000 alarms that we dispatch and drivers ran

09:22:25 almost 2500 of those alarms last year.

09:22:28 Tony has an exceptional talent here at Tampa Fire Rescue,

09:22:32 and a very enterprising career.

09:22:35 He's involved in multiple specialty areas of Tampa Fire

09:22:38 Rescue, not only is he a firefighter, not only is he a par a

09:22:44 medic, he's also a hazardous material specialist, critical

09:22:48 care transport person as well, he's also an extrication

09:22:53 specialist, certified state instructor.

09:22:56 He also mentors a number of our brand new recruits when they

09:23:00 come on.

09:23:01 In addition to those duties, he's also a valued member of

09:23:07 our region's urban search and rescue team which is Florida

09:23:10 task force 3, state urban search and rescue team.

09:23:14 Really, Florida task force 3 is the preeminent urban search

09:23:18 and rescue team that anytime there is a man made or natural

09:23:22 disaster in the State of Florida, governor Scott generally

09:23:29 commissions a task force team to respond on those with the

09:23:31 approval of our mayor, Mayor Bob Buckhorn.

09:23:34 In addition to those certifications, he is also certified

09:23:39 crash rescue firefighter, hazardous material, state

09:23:43 instructor, and he also is a lead instructor for our joint

09:23:47 collaboration with Irvin technical center and helps us

09:23:55 continually keep those brave men and women coming through

09:23:59 that to make sure we have the best of the best here at Tampa

09:24:02 Fire Rescue.

09:24:05 In addition to those other specialties, Tony is a major

09:24:08 instructor for our extrication area, whether it's confined

09:24:12 space, auto extrication, entanglement specialties that Tampa

09:24:18 fire responds to on a regular basis, a tactical response

09:24:22 member.

09:24:22 In addition to that, he is also a member of our honor guard.

09:24:27 He's been a member of that organization since 1999 and in

09:24:31 the past 13 or so years has responded to numerous and

09:24:35 provided many services to our fallen firefighters, and to

09:24:38 those members of our department who have either retired or

09:24:43 are deceased, and he's provided those services as well.

09:24:47 And he's also a member of big brothers big sisters of Tampa

09:24:53 Bay and mentors our youth in our community to ensure they

09:24:58 maintain health, fitness, and mentorship in those leadership

09:25:03 initiatives as well.

09:25:04 Tony was also, in addition to the 15 years here, he was also

09:25:08 a member of the San Francisco giants minor league baseball

09:25:13 team as an awesome baseball player, and he wanted me to

09:25:17 apologize to Chairman Miranda for beating one of his

09:25:25 players, but that's because Chairman Miranda was beating him

09:25:30 so bad.

09:25:32 And many, many more attributes.

09:25:34 This is why we recognize driver engineer Tony Perez,

09:25:41 firefighter of the quarter for the year 2013, driver

09:25:46 engineer Tony Perez.

09:25:48 [ Applause ]

09:25:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: Do you have time to do anything else?

09:26:08 Man, all those things he listed.

09:26:10 On behalf of Tampa City Council, we would like to present

09:26:12 you this commendation for being selected as firefighter of

09:26:16 the quarter for January 2013.

09:26:19 Congratulations.

09:26:19 >> On behalf of Bill Currie Ford and Bill Currie family --

09:26:37 and I'm particularly proud of this because this is the first

09:26:41 of the new version of the firefighter watch -- we would like

09:26:44 to congratulate you for your good work.

09:26:46 >> On behalf of Bright House, thank you very much.

09:27:00 >> Michael Kilroy, Straz center.

09:27:12 I hope you have time.

09:27:16 Thank you very much.

09:27:16 >> This is a one year membership for a presentation of your

09:27:29 choice.

09:27:34 >> Tampa firefighters local 734.

09:27:37 On behalf of local 734, congratulations, firefighters of the

09:27:45 city and also your passion for your profession of the.

09:27:47 >> Steve Stickley representing Stepp's towing service on

09:27:55 behalf of Jim, Judy and Todd Stepp, congratulations for a

09:28:02 job well done and a $50 gift certificate to Lee Roy Selmons.

09:28:05 >> Thank you very much.

09:28:06 >> We are going to do this in English.

09:28:12 I usually do it in English for the policemen.

09:28:15 This is not really for you.

09:28:17 It's for your significant other who helps you do your job.

09:28:39 >>STEVE MICHELINI: Just when you thought it was over.

09:28:40 I don't know if everybody is going to fit in this picture

09:28:43 but you can go to prestige photos and have your portrait

09:28:48 taken.

09:28:48 And with Bern's certificate it gives you about $6.50 a piece

09:28:54 for each of you.

09:28:55 The rest of them will have to pick up the rest of the tab.

09:28:58 Is that right?

09:28:59 Okay.

09:29:00 Congratulations.

09:29:00 And we do appreciate what you do and for being such a

09:29:03 shrinking violet.

09:29:04 >> Thank you very much.

09:29:11 Thank you.

09:29:11 >> I want to thank City Council for taking time out of their

09:29:18 busy schedule today to acknowledge the firefighter of the

09:29:20 quarter as well as the police Officer of the Month.

09:29:22 I thank you very, very much on behalf of myself and all the

09:29:25 members of Tampa Fire Rescue.

09:29:27 Also I want to thank all the sponsors who with their

09:29:29 continued support have allowed this to happen he have year.

09:29:32 And we hope we can continue that support.

09:29:34 Thank you for everything that you do for us.

09:29:37 I really do appreciate it.

09:29:38 I want to thank Chief Forward and his executive staff for

09:29:42 continuing to acknowledge his employees as well.

09:29:46 It is an honor.

09:29:47 And I accept this on behalf of my members, Tampa Fire

09:29:50 Rescue, and all of my mentors before me, that have helped me

09:29:56 grow to where I am at today, in this career.

09:30:00 I also want to acknowledge all of my other members, my

09:30:02 station, and captains who showed up today in support.

09:30:08 They are a big, big part of what I do today, and they do

09:30:11 RAZZ me from time to time about, gee-whiz, man, when do you

09:30:14 have time to sit down and relax?

09:30:16 But I have just been very fortunate that when I came on this

09:30:19 job I was surrounded by some people that laid the groundwork

09:30:22 for me to do the job the right way, to leave it better than

09:30:27 how I received it.

09:30:28 So that's what I tried to do. All I am trying to do is

09:30:31 develop a foundation to leave it better for the guys around

09:30:34 me and the guys that are coming up after them.

09:30:36 And if we can create that foundation that we can make it

09:30:39 better for those guys, it's a Domino effect.

09:30:42 We continue to get better day in and day out.

09:30:44 So I want to thank City Council sponsors, fire chief,

09:30:47 executive staff and all of my friend, put up with a lot of

09:30:55 stuff.

09:30:56 Still in the books, leave it alone. I thank her as well and

09:30:59 I thank everyone for acknowledging this award and I will

09:31:03 accept this award and represent Tampa Fire Rescue to the

09:31:06 utmost respect as I have always done.

09:31:08 Thank you.

09:31:11 [ Applause ]

09:31:13 >> Firefighter Perez, let me say, I guess on my confession

09:31:18 day, first the car and now you.

09:31:20 It's like a daily double.

09:31:23 But, you know, I remember that game vividly when one of my

09:31:27 guys, about 104, went down, because you guys threw at him,

09:31:32 and when it was your guys turn to bat the first guy up was

09:31:37 you.

09:31:37 What happened to you?

09:31:38 >> Brushback.

09:31:43 But I got right back in there.

09:31:44 And you gave me that look, that little wink.

09:31:47 >> I said, baby, we're even.

09:31:50 [ Laughter ]

09:31:51 And I just appreciate all of you individuals, ladies who

09:31:56 work for the fire department.

09:31:58 And you guys have outstanding character and morale, not to

09:32:03 mention a very good softball and baseball team.

09:32:06 But we'll get you ready for the big one that's coming up in

09:32:09 the next few months.

09:32:10 >> Well, I have coaches back here, Jason, talk to him and he

09:32:14 will get it all set up.

09:32:15 >> And you talk to him.

09:32:18 He will listen to you.

09:32:20 Well, thank you, guys.

09:32:21 >> Thank you.

09:32:23 Thank you very much.

09:32:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern.

09:32:27 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you for everything you do and

09:32:29 congratulations for this award.

09:32:30 And I thank all of Tampa Fire Rescue who seem to be assigned

09:32:35 to follow me in the MLK parade and make sure that I didn't

09:32:40 get run over, or remind me that I didn't have to talk to

09:32:45 every person and helped me pick up my beads and get me to

09:32:53 keep up with the parade because I was a little slow.

09:32:55 But I thank you for not running me over because I know that

09:32:58 almost happened, too.

09:33:01 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay, thank you all very much.

09:33:02 Appreciate it.

09:33:04 Ms. Capin wants the floor?

09:33:08 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, thank you.

09:33:08 First of all, I want to thank Frank Crum for his

09:33:12 inspirational invocation and leading us in the pledge of

09:33:15 allegiance.

09:33:17 Frank works for the city in the cable communication, and

09:33:21 he's a producer-director with the City of Tampa television.

09:33:25 Therefore, he's off doing his job and making sure we are on

09:33:31 TV now.

09:33:32 But I would like to read a little bit about him, because he

09:33:34 was so gracious to do this for us this morning, as busy as

09:33:38 he is.

09:33:39 Frank Crum is a native of Hillsborough County and grew up in

09:33:42 Seffner, Florida.

09:33:43 Frank earned a bachelor of science degree in

09:33:46 telecommunication from the University of Florida college of

09:33:49 journalism and communication.

09:33:50 His career path led him to the City of Tampa where for the

09:33:54 past 14 years he has worked for the office of cable

09:33:57 communication as a producer-director.

09:34:00 Frank has won numerous awards for his broadcast excellence

09:34:04 and strives to create cable programming.

09:34:07 He likes to call public interest television.

09:34:12 Frank is married to his best friend, Cherelle Crum, serves

09:34:20 as pretty of the Tampa Black History Committee,

09:34:22 Incorporated.

09:34:23 He is a proud member of Beulah Baptist Institutional Church.

09:34:26 And I want to personally thank him for coming this morning

09:34:29 on his very busy schedule to do the invocation and lead us

09:34:34 in the pledge.

09:34:35 Thank you for that.

09:34:35 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you, Councilwoman Capin.

09:34:40 I think you are up again because there are a few

09:34:42 commendations that are going to be presented this morning.

09:34:45 So Councilwoman Capin.

09:35:05 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Good morning again.

09:35:06 It is a pleasure to be here.

09:35:07 We have four commendations this morning.

09:35:16 The assets of Tampa are the people and the organization that

09:35:18 we have here.

09:35:20 And these four organizations represent the best that we

09:35:28 have.

09:35:29 And these are the people that make our lives better.

09:35:34 And I am going to start with our very own and soon-to-be

09:35:44 working at another city, but Roger Strout.

09:35:47 He's an example.

09:35:54 Roger Strout is retiring to assume a similar position in the

09:36:02 city of West Palm Beach.

09:36:03 Mr. Strout served our city as director of internal audit

09:36:07 since 2006.

09:36:09 During his tenure, he refocused staff on auditing practices,

09:36:14 cost saving opportunities and auditing fundamentals

09:36:18 resulting in a hard dollar benefit of over $3 million.

09:36:23 Mr. Strout also identified numerous opportunities to improve

09:36:27 city-wide operating efficiencies.

09:36:30 City of Tampa wishes to -- before I read that, I want to

09:36:35 just -- a personal experience that I had with Mr. Strout and

09:36:42 his staff and their fine auditing performance.

09:36:44 I serve on the board of the Tampa historic streetcar for

09:36:48 almost three years now.

09:36:49 Roger completed an audit on the streetcar in February 2012.

09:36:54 His audit revealed that the streetcar had been losing money

09:36:57 because it was not being appropriately reimbursed from the

09:37:02 Hart one-day pass since August 2002.

09:37:07 Talking with -- I'm sorry -- tracking was not available from

09:37:15 2002.

09:37:16 However, by using this audit, the streetcar was able to

09:37:19 capture reimbursement for 2011 and 2012 which totaled almost

09:37:24 $40,000 coming back to the streetcar.

09:37:30 That's just an example of what he and his staff were capable

09:37:36 of bringing to our city.

09:37:37 Tampa City Council wishes Roger continued success in his new

09:37:42 position and recognizes his fine work on behalf of the city.

09:37:45 And I'm sorry I haven't called you up yet but if you will

09:37:48 come up.

09:37:49 Thank you, Roger.

09:37:50 Thank you so much.

09:37:52 [ Applause ]

09:37:52 And his lovely wife.

09:38:00 >> I have to do this one last time, because when I have been

09:38:02 before you, I often forget to say I'm Roger Strout your city

09:38:07 auditor for Tampa.

09:38:08 I would like to introduce my very consummate professional

09:38:13 staff members, if they would come forward.

09:38:15 Gary Chapman, Tom Sanchez and Vivian walker.

09:38:19 These are the folks that find the money.

09:38:21 They are the ones that do the work.

09:38:23 And I just want to recognize them.

09:38:24 They found that over $3 million.

09:38:26 I did not.

09:38:27 They are the ones that made us successful.

09:38:29 So I just want to recognize them and thank them for their

09:38:32 tremendous support over the last six years.

09:38:36 [ Applause ]

09:38:37 And one last thing.

09:38:41 You as council members don't realize probably the

09:38:44 motivational support that you supply to us, when we present

09:38:48 our audits to you, the kind words of recognition, your

09:38:52 encouragement, makes us work even harder.

09:38:55 And I just want to thank you for that acknowledgement, the

09:38:59 value that audit brings and being a tremendous supporter --

09:39:02 supporter of this organization.

09:39:04 Thank you to each and every one of you.

09:39:06 [ Applause ]

09:39:09 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you so much for what you just said, to

09:39:11 you and to your staff.

09:39:12 I want to tell you, your audits are clear, they are concise,

09:39:17 they get to the point, they are clearly unbiased, and they

09:39:21 are an enormous tool for us, and we appreciate it, and we

09:39:26 look forward to reading a lot more great work in the years

09:39:28 to come, because it's very, very helpful to us.

09:39:31 So thank you.

09:39:32 >> Thank you, Mr. Chair.

09:39:37 Roger, you know, I haven't discussed audits with each of

09:39:40 you, but I look forward to speaking with all of you, because

09:39:46 echoing Mr. Cohen, the work is very, very helpful to us.

09:39:50 And when I first took office, the first time that I met with

09:39:56 Mr. Strout, I think we spent about three hours together

09:40:00 because I am so interested in every report that is delivered

09:40:04 to us.

09:40:10 I almost look forward to reading the reports, and a lot of

09:40:14 people don't look at audit as an interesting, exciting area,

09:40:22 but the work that you do is so important to us.

09:40:24 And I certainly appreciate it.

09:40:27 And thank you for listening to my suggestions and answering

09:40:31 all my questions and spending the time with me that you have

09:40:34 over this past year.

09:40:35 And I know that the position that you are taking is going to

09:40:42 be so challenging for you, and it's going to really be a

09:40:46 highlight for your career, starting an audit department

09:40:51 almost from scratch, and I know that may not sound exciting

09:40:54 for a lot of people, but it is just a fabulous opportunity,

09:40:57 and I wish you luck.

09:40:59 And I know you will do a tremendous job.

09:41:01 >> Thank you, Councilwoman Montelione.

09:41:06 Let me introduce one person that's really the person that

09:41:08 has driven me and helped me be successful, and that's my

09:41:11 wife, Joanna Strout.

09:41:15 [ Applause ]

09:41:16 She has supported me when I have been working, not very

09:41:21 often you begun on occasion.

09:41:23 I won't mention the audit that we did that required getting

09:41:26 the report out on a Sunday and having it to the mayor on

09:41:28 morning at 7 a.m. but she supported me no matter what the

09:41:33 job required.

09:41:33 >> Can I say something?

09:41:34 I want to give my appreciation to each and every one of the

09:41:37 council people, because each time he would meet with you, it

09:41:40 was like that was the little bright spot in his work day.

09:41:43 Even though -- meeting with you was that little bright spot

09:41:48 so I want to say a personal thank you.

09:41:50 So thank you.

09:41:54 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you, Joanne, for putting that on the

09:41:57 record.

09:41:58 [ Applause ]

09:41:59 >>MARY MULHERN: Can we drag this out a little longer?

09:42:01 This one commendation we have never gotten but thanks.

09:42:05 I think it's an indication of what a great leader you are.

09:42:08 And West Palm Beach is really lucky to have you.

09:42:12 You come up here and you give credit to your staff.

09:42:15 We know how hard you work and we know we wouldn't be able to

09:42:19 do that difficult job of auditing their own employer.

09:42:24 And making sure that, you know, we are doing our job right.

09:42:28 It's a really tough job and we appreciate that, because I

09:42:31 think we partner with you, because we are looking at that

09:42:33 budget, and we are looking at what the administration is

09:42:37 doing, and we are asking those questions.

09:42:39 So I am very sad for us to see you go.

09:42:43 I'm very happy for you and thank you for everything we have

09:42:50 done over these years.

09:42:51 We kind of started over time and it's been really wonderful

09:42:55 working with you.

09:42:55 >> Thank you very much, Councilwoman Mulhern.

09:43:03 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you for all your years of service and

09:43:06 making our job that much better, and our city.

09:43:09 Thank you.

09:43:10 [ Applause ]

09:43:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.

09:43:14 An auditor's job is one that's like correcting the phone

09:43:18 numbers that are wrong.

09:43:19 Your name is there but the numbers aren't there, you call

09:43:21 you get a wrong number.

09:43:23 And fixing those numbers and making sure all the books

09:43:25 balance and all the things that are supposed to be done are

09:43:28 done accordingly.

09:43:30 Thank you very much for your efforts.

09:43:32 Item number 4.

09:43:33 Ms. Capin.

09:43:36 >>YVONNE CAPIN: The next commendation is to the Girl Scouts

09:43:38 of west central Florida.

09:43:41 And I believe Kim Jowell, chief executive officer, and

09:43:48 Rebecca Pruitt is chief development officer.

09:43:52 Are they both here?

09:44:01 This commendation, again, organization, people, make our

09:44:05 city, our area, why people move here and want to stay here.

09:44:09 The Girl Scouts of west central Florida, the City of Tampa,

09:44:13 the City Council, recognizes the outstanding work done by

09:44:17 the Girl Scouts of America and congratulates them on their

09:44:22 100th anniversary.

09:44:23 Nowhere in this commencement to community more evident than

09:44:27 in the works being done by staff at the Girl Scouts of west

09:44:33 central Florida organization.

09:44:34 Encouraging young girls to become involved in community

09:44:38 activities and learning the basics of friendship and

09:44:42 leadership.

09:44:44 Science, exploration and career literacy.

09:44:47 Young people are being prepared for the future in a positive

09:44:50 and productive manner.

09:44:52 Tampa City Council applauds the efforts and results of this

09:44:56 outstanding organization and wishes them continued success.

09:45:05 [ Applause ]

09:45:07 >> Thank you for the opportunity that we have to serve the

09:45:12 community.

09:45:12 Girl Scouts of west central Florida serves approximately

09:45:15 22,000 girls, and to be an organization that's been around

09:45:20 for 100 years and thriving and continues to be at the center

09:45:23 of community is certainly an honor to lead that organization

09:45:27 and thankful for the recognition.

09:45:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much for what you do, and

09:45:36 what the future is to these young ladies who are bright and

09:45:41 want to go forward in leadership that your organization

09:45:45 gives to them.

09:45:46 >> With me, I have a whole team behind me, as you can see in

09:45:52 our official Girl Scout uniform, a little different than

09:45:56 what the girls wear, but our incoming chair, first

09:46:01 vice-president, and April Montez, board committee member and

09:46:05 very important to us.

09:46:05 She chairs our women of distinction events where we

09:46:08 recognize our local leaders.

09:46:11 And we have a woman of promise this year.

09:46:14 Is that the correct title?

09:46:16 Woman of promise this year that we have added to that,

09:46:18 recognizing in our own community from the adult world, the

09:46:21 mentors that we have.

09:46:22 And then I have a whole team back there.

09:46:26 Approximately 84 staff that make it happen.

09:46:28 From Pinellas to Marion and over to Polk.

09:46:35 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Excellent.

09:46:36 Thank you.

09:46:36 [ Applause ]

09:46:39 It is april Montez, vice-president of Chase that I was

09:46:44 sharing lunch with about a month or so ago who brought it to

09:46:47 my attention that it was the 100th anniversary, and I

09:46:51 thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to

09:46:52 recognize the Girl Scouts of west central Florida.

09:46:57 Thank you.

09:47:00 The next commendation, we are honored this morning, two

09:47:07 football coaches from Robinson high school.

09:47:09 Head coach Mike DePue and offensive coordinator Rob Burns.

09:47:19 These two gentlemen are major factors in enabling the

09:47:22 knights to advance to class 5-A state semifinal championship

09:47:26 game this past season.

09:47:28 In addition, coach DePue is concluding his distinguished

09:47:33 30-year career as both a teacher and coach of Robinson.

09:47:37 Gentlemen, I'm pleased to present you both with a

09:47:40 commendation from City Council.

09:47:50 I graduated from Robinson high school.

09:47:52 My goodness.

09:47:54 Thank you so much.

09:47:56 [ Applause ]

09:47:56 >> This is the second time I have been privileged to be in

09:48:00 front of the council, and it's obviously an honor.

09:48:06 This is concluding my 35th year in education here in

09:48:08 Hillsborough County, and 31 years at Robinson coaching

09:48:13 football, and it's been a joy.

09:48:14 South Tampa is a very special, special place.

09:48:16 And Tampa is a great sports community.

09:48:20 We get after it in baseball, football, and all kinds of

09:48:22 things, and done amazing things with the things that you all

09:48:25 have done to facilitate not just from the high school level,

09:48:29 from the youth level, and of course the professional level,

09:48:31 which you all have done to help this community grow and

09:48:35 prosper in the 35 years I have been around here has been

09:48:38 truly an amazing event to watch.

09:48:42 The City of Tampa developed as a sports mecca, and we are.

09:48:46 What we have done at Robinson high school over the years is

09:48:48 developed young men and young women not only in the sports

09:48:53 venue but also in the academic venue, and kids who have gone

09:48:57 from HCC to Harvard and all been very, very successful over

09:49:02 the years.

09:49:02 It's been a great pleasure to have a staff. Rob Burns has

09:49:08 played for me and been a coach with me for over 20 years.

09:49:11 It's not about me, it's about the kids and the staff.

09:49:13 And seven of the guys on my football staff played and were

09:49:18 graduates from Robinson.

09:49:21 The young lady who was the wife of the Officer of the Month,

09:49:24 Robinson graduate.

09:49:25 So you see Robinson graduates everywhere.

09:49:28 And it's really important that we continue to be a vital

09:49:30 part of this community.

09:49:31 And I thank you very much.

09:49:37 Thank you very much.

09:49:38 >>YVONNE CAPIN: It's my honor.

09:49:39 >> Thank you to the council.

09:49:41 And thank you for giving us this award.

09:49:44 Thank you very much.

09:49:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I recall growing up I remember some of

09:49:48 your players, Larry Smith, I believe Randy Smith.

09:49:54 Wonderful guys.

09:49:55 >> There have been some great ones.

09:49:57 We had some great athletes at Robinson and we will continue

09:50:00 to put those out.

09:50:01 We have anywhere from 5 to 15 going to college this year.

09:50:05 National signing day is Wednesday.

09:50:06 And you will see our kids there.

09:50:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Larry was a runningback.

09:50:10 >> Ring of honor, our Hall of Fame a couple years ago at our

09:50:14 banquet.

09:50:15 He's one of the great guys.

09:50:16 He has been a great supporter of Robinson high school.

09:50:19 Thank you very much.

09:50:21 [ Applause ]

09:50:26 >>YVONNE CAPIN: That concludes our commendations for this

09:50:28 morning.

09:50:29 Thank you.

09:50:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

09:50:31 We now go to the workshops.

09:50:32 I need a motion to open 6, 7, 8 and 9.

09:50:40 Motion by Mrs. Montelione, second by Mr. Suarez.

09:50:42 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

09:50:44 Opposed nay.

09:50:45 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:50:47 I'm going to yield to Mr. Cohen.

09:50:49 I have to go to a meeting right next door and he will do

09:50:53 number 6.

09:50:53 I should be back.

09:50:55 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

09:51:03 I'm not sure if I see the staff from the legal department

09:51:06 here.

09:51:06 Oh, there they are.

09:51:10 I will go ahead and introduce this item.

09:51:13 Item number 6 was a discussion actually that I motioned for

09:51:17 a number of months ago, and it's really with the idea of

09:51:21 getting some direction from council on the following issue.

09:51:29 We have electronic signs throughout the city.

09:51:31 And let me just be clear.

09:51:33 We are not talking here about billboards.

09:51:35 We are talking about commercial signage throughout the city,

09:51:39 some of which under our new sign ordinance is electronic.

09:51:43 And as these rules have developed, we have gotten a lot of

09:51:49 feedback from neighborhoods and from different citizens

09:51:52 complaining about different aspects of the code and making

09:51:56 some requests of us that we tweak some of it.

09:52:02 So Ms. Mandell is here today, and Ms. Coyle, and Mr. Slater,

09:52:07 and they are going to just give us a brief background on the

09:52:09 issue, and then talk to us a little bit about what the state

09:52:13 of our code is, and how we can address this.

09:52:16 Thank you.

09:52:16 >>JULIA MANDELL: Legal department.

09:52:18 I thought it would be a good idea to give a very brief

09:52:22 synopsis of the background of how our code came to be as

09:52:27 related to on-site electronic signs, not billboard signs, as

09:52:32 Mr. Cohen has stated.

09:52:37 AP round 2005-2006 time frame the city went through a

09:52:40 significant pro stows revisit our sign code, the amount of

09:52:43 signage each property is allowed to have, the types of

09:52:46 signage that was allowed.

09:52:49 It was about a year and a half process.

09:52:51 There was a committee formed by City Council to review this

09:52:53 issue.

09:52:55 There was a tremendous number of issues reviewed, as I said,

09:53:00 size, location, those kind of issues, and there was a lot of

09:53:03 consensus through that sign committee process.

09:53:06 The one issue that there was not consensus on was the issue

09:53:09 of electronic signage.

09:53:10 The way the code had been previously drafted is there was no

09:53:14 specific allowability for electronic signage.

09:53:17 In fact, it had in a prohibited sign but there had been an

09:53:24 old standing interpretation of our code that if you had a

09:53:26 sign that changed once every 24 hours, whether it was

09:53:29 electronically changed or like the gas stations had, the

09:53:32 movable signage, that that was not considered an electronic

09:53:36 sign, that was considered a changeable sign.

09:53:38 And that could be allowed to be changed once every 24 hours.

09:53:44 I made the recommendation at that time that if that was

09:53:46 going to be the interpretation of the code, then we should

09:53:49 really codify that.

09:53:50 So what came before City Council during that process was a

09:53:54 codification of the once every 24 hour electronic sign

09:53:58 question, so that everybody knew what they had and what they

09:54:01 didn't have.

09:54:02 During the process of ordinance adoption, there was a lot of

09:54:06 discussion of the electronic sign issue and a compromise by

09:54:12 City Council at that time which was to allow electronic

09:54:14 signs, on-site signs to be electronic, under a couple sets

09:54:19 of circumstances.

09:54:20 One, that the signs could only change once every five

09:54:22 minutes.

09:54:23 There was a five-minute duration versus a 24 hour duration,

09:54:27 or other durations that you could have.

09:54:29 And the second provision that was put into the code was that

09:54:32 you could not put electronic signs on nonconforming signs.

09:54:37 The signs either needed to come into conformance, torn down

09:54:41 and rebuilt, or you could get a variance to have a

09:54:44 conforming sign.

09:54:46 I think it's important to understand that at the time that

09:54:49 we revisited this issue with electronic signs, it was not

09:54:52 something that was studied, it was not something that was a

09:54:55 lot of time was put into in terms of the sign committee, or

09:55:00 in terms of any other group.

09:55:02 It really ended up being a compromise that was made as part

09:55:06 of the legislative process.

09:55:07 There's nothing wrong with that.

09:55:08 It's just that I don't think it's inappropriate to revisit

09:55:12 the issue now that we have several years under our belt on

09:55:14 this issue because it wasn't something that we had consensus

09:55:17 on at the time.

09:55:17 >>HARRY COHEN: And before -- Ms. Mulhern has a question.

09:55:23 But the salient points from this, from my point of view are

09:55:27 this.

09:55:28 First of all, the five minute rule is not being enforced.

09:55:31 Well, it's being sporadically enforced and it's being

09:55:36 flouted in some cases, followed in others.

09:55:39 There's a real lack of uniformity and understanding of what

09:55:42 the rules are from my observation.

09:55:44 The second thing -- and I want to make it very clear that

09:55:47 this discussion, anything we do is prospective.

09:55:50 We can't deal with the signs that have legally been approved

09:55:56 in the last five years or so.

09:55:57 But it is my observation that if we don't take some steps to

09:56:02 tighten this up, we are going to look like Las Vegas in a

09:56:05 very short period of time.

09:56:06 So with that, Ms. Mulhern and then Ms. Capin.

09:56:09 >>MARY MULHERN: I have one question.

09:56:12 (off microphone) I wanted to add a little bit.

09:56:21 Is it a right to only change an existing sign to electronic,

09:56:26 an on-site sign?

09:56:28 That's what we have in our code now?

09:56:29 >>JULIA MANDELL: What we have in our code is you have a

09:56:31 conforming sign, meaning the size, locational criteria, or

09:56:40 the variance to our code, then you can change your sign out

09:56:43 to an electronic sign so long as it's no larger than 50

09:56:47 square feet.

09:56:47 And that's actually another one of the changes we made.

09:56:49 There were a few subsequent changes that were made and that

09:56:52 was one of them.

09:56:53 It cannot be larger than 50 square feet per sign space.

09:56:56 You can change that out to an electronic sign.

09:56:59 And then once you have your electronic sign, that sign can

09:57:03 only change once every five minutes.

09:57:05 >>MARY MULHERN: I guess my Q -- and I don't remember how we

09:57:08 voted on this and what happened -- but can someone put in a

09:57:14 new sign that is conforming, and it can be electronic?

09:57:19 >>JULIA MANDELL: That's correct.

09:57:21 >>MARY MULHERN: I don't think we understood that when we

09:57:23 voted for this.

09:57:24 And I just want to let council know, when I first started in

09:57:28 2007 on council, it was actually the end -- there had been a

09:57:35 committee to discuss the sign code.

09:57:38 And Ms. Cole asked me to be on that board, because my

09:57:46 predecessor had served on it.

09:57:48 So I believe at that point -- that was 2007 --

09:57:52 >>JULIA MANDELL: Actually, the change that included the

09:57:55 five-minute change actually occurred prior to you being on

09:57:58 council.

09:57:58 There was another issue that came up subsequent that we

09:58:02 brought back to the sign committee together, and because you

09:58:05 had taken over from your predecessor who had been on that --

09:58:11 >>MARY MULHERN: So all the rules we are discussing today

09:58:13 had already been adopted even before Councilman Miranda and

09:58:18 I started our term?

09:58:19 >> That's correct.

09:58:20 There were some other issues that came up and we

09:58:23 reinvigorated the sign code and because your predecessor was

09:58:27 on there I made the --

09:58:30 >> Right.

09:58:30 I am going to try to be really careful about how I say this.

09:58:33 So when those new issues came up, we had a few meetings, and

09:58:40 I felt that there was a lot of representation from the sign

09:58:48 industry there.

09:58:52 I was new so I wasn't even really that well versed at all on

09:58:56 what the issues were.

09:58:57 But I feel like if we are going to go forward with

09:59:01 revisiting anything, or adding some new regulations to the

09:59:05 code, we have got to make sure that we have better

09:59:10 neighborhood representation on any kind of committee that's

09:59:14 going to be talking about it.

09:59:15 >>JULIA MANDELL: I can go into more detail as to the

09:59:18 committee, and what happened with this issue, because that

09:59:21 was exactly -- the committee in and of itself was actually

09:59:25 relatively well-balanced.

09:59:27 There was just not a lot of -- on this particular issue

09:59:33 there was no consensus.

09:59:34 It was one of the few issues we had in a consensus on.

09:59:37 So the recommendation that came forward to City Council at

09:59:39 that time was to not do anything other than cod I if I the

09:59:42 current practice.

09:59:43 But the legislative process does allow the opportunity for

09:59:47 folks to talk to members of City Council, and for City

09:59:50 Council to do something different.

09:59:53 So the recommendation of the committee was, as a whole, was

10:00:00 there was no consensus on this issue.

10:00:02 So it was really the legislative process that ultimately

10:00:05 determined that five-minute question versus it being from

10:00:10 some other place.

10:00:11 All that being said when it was reinvigorated we didn't have

10:00:15 that same number of folks that got involved.

10:00:17 So I think you are right.

10:00:18 And I think that was something that never got consensus from

10:00:22 the members of the community and the sign industry.

10:00:26 So that's why I think that's important to understand, this

10:00:28 is not something that came out of the committee that have

10:00:31 been agreed to.

10:00:31 It was in fact not agreed to.

10:00:33 >>MARY MULHERN: So I think what we were doing had to do

10:00:38 with the agreement in relation to -- well, I am not going to

10:00:44 get into it.

10:00:46 But what I do want to say is that my understanding at the

10:00:50 time, or my misunderstanding, was that of what we voted on

10:00:59 on the last council, there was not a lot of consensus about

10:01:03 wanting more electronic signs, period.

10:01:07 Even though they were on premises.

10:01:09 But I had the sense that what we were talking about was only

10:01:12 if you had a sign, which was on premises, you could change

10:01:18 that to an electronic sign.

10:01:20 But now what I think we are seeing is that any conforming

10:01:24 on-site sign could be able to be electronic if it's under

10:01:28 that 50 square feet?

10:01:30 Is that what it is?

10:01:33 >> That's true.

10:01:34 >>MARY MULHERN: What's the height limit?

10:01:35 >>JULIA MANDELL: It depends on the setback.

10:01:37 It goes from 10 to 20 feet depending on the setbacks for

10:01:41 right-of-way.

10:01:41 The closer you are to right-of-way, the shorter your sign

10:01:44 needs to be.

10:01:45 The farther away, the taller your sign can be.

10:01:48 And Councilwoman Mulhern is right, there is another issue

10:01:53 that did come up which was as a result of the determination

10:01:56 made by council at the time for the five-minute changeable

10:02:01 sign message, plus the idea that you had to have a

10:02:04 conforming sign, you were seeing a lot of request of

10:02:09 variances, council had seen a lot of requests for variances

10:02:12 for signs, because it's been raise add few times in front of

10:02:16 previous councils, and the idea that you can have electronic

10:02:19 signs or nonconforming signs.

10:02:21 >> I am going to say one more thing.

10:02:23 I don't want to take over this discussion.

10:02:24 But I'm pretty sure that we did vote on that five-minute

10:02:29 thing.

10:02:29 That was the discussion that we had on that last council,

10:02:32 was about the timing.

10:02:33 >>JULIA MANDELL: My recollection of who was involved in

10:02:40 that discussion may be clouding the time frame.

10:02:44 It was around that same time frame.

10:02:46 >>MARY MULHERN: It happened not in five minutes but it

10:02:52 happened very quickly. What happened?

10:02:55 >> The whole process of making the decision to put in the

10:02:57 five minute time frame versus not taking any action on that

10:03:00 issue. Happened at --

10:03:02 >>MARY MULHERN: Oh, at council it happened quickly.

10:03:04 But we were discussing it.

10:03:06 I was discussing it with you and other people on staff for

10:03:11 quite a bit before we voted on it.

10:03:13 >>JULIA MANDELL: I thought that was before you were on

10:03:17 council.

10:03:17 >>MARY MULHERN: No.

10:03:18 What happened, we were in that discussion when the 2007

10:03:23 discussion happened.

10:03:24 That's what happened.

10:03:25 Yeah.

10:03:25 >>JULIA MANDELL: I relate things to when my children were

10:03:31 born anyway.

10:03:31 >>MARY MULHERN: I guess what I am trying to get across to

10:03:34 council is as one of the council people who was here, what

10:03:39 we did vote for and probably I didn't vote yes on it was

10:03:44 about this timing, the five-minute timing, and my

10:03:49 understanding of what we were -- what we were going to be

10:03:53 voting on was different than the way things have turned out.

10:03:56 So whatever we can do to make it a little better and less

10:04:02 disturbing to people in the city, I would like to see us do

10:04:05 it.

10:04:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Ms. Mulhern.

10:04:08 Ms. Capin.

10:04:10 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

10:04:11 I agree, the five minutes is not being enforced.

10:04:15 But at the same time, I will tell you as a small business

10:04:19 owner that had a business for nearly 25 years on Dale Mabry,

10:04:28 I see there are signs, and they are digital signs, and I do

10:04:32 see them, and they don't change.

10:04:36 They don't change within the five minutes.

10:04:41 They are pretty much complying, is way want to say.

10:04:45 And then there are those that don't, and that's an issue

10:04:49 that we always had and maybe we have to readdress.

10:04:53 But the fact that you can change your sign digitally as

10:04:59 opposed to putting letters up on those signs makes a huge

10:05:05 difference to the owners of those small businesses.

10:05:09 So I tend to think that the digital helps the small owner --

10:05:14 the small business owner when they advertise their special.

10:05:19 Again, those flashing signs are not keeping it within five

10:05:22 minutes.

10:05:23 But I have been driving through a lot of the neighborhoods,

10:05:25 and I noticed the digital signs, and I noticed they were not

10:05:29 changing.

10:05:30 And I checked again the next day beings and it's the same

10:05:34 lettering on there.

10:05:35 So there are people that are following the rules.

10:05:37 And, again, you know, as a former small business person, I

10:05:42 can see the advantage of being able to, from inside your

10:05:46 business digitally change your advertising.

10:05:50 So that part of it, you know, there's two sides to every

10:05:53 story.

10:05:53 Thank you.

10:05:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Ms. Capin.

10:05:56 Ms. Montelione, then Mr. Cohen.

10:05:58 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Ms. Cole?

10:06:02 Ms. Mandell, sorry.

10:06:03 A few questions.

10:06:04 You had mentioned that we have a few years under our belt

10:06:08 now, and maybe better educated to make some changes or

10:06:13 evaluate how this is affecting our city.

10:06:18 Do we also have examples from other cities of similar size,

10:06:24 and maybe this is a question for Ms. Coyle.

10:06:26 >>JULIA MANDELL: I can tell you that the sign committee

10:06:30 process, we pulled up codes from --

10:06:35 >>LISA MONTELIONE: During the process you said it was still

10:06:38 new.

10:06:38 >>JULIA MANDELL: I don't have that information that I have

10:06:41 already pulled together at a more recent time but it's not a

10:06:45 complicated question.

10:06:46 I can tell you in reviewing this issue as I have on and off

10:06:50 for many years, jurisdictions don't handle these questions

10:06:53 much differently, and it's still evolving as well.

10:06:57 I think as the technology he involved and a lot more

10:07:00 businesses are making efforts to go to the electronic signs,

10:07:03 they have done this.

10:07:06 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I guess after the end of this we will be

10:07:08 looking for some staff report, and that is something I would

10:07:11 like to see in whatever motion is made or carried forward is

10:07:13 that we look at cities of similar size, and this way we may

10:07:21 not have to reinvent the wheel.

10:07:23 We can take the best in what's happened in other places.

10:07:26 And also I see Ms. Coyle coming up here.

10:07:29 I'm sure there's lots of academic literature from ULI, or,

10:07:35 you know, other planning magazines and sources that

10:07:39 recommend types of legislation on electronic signage.

10:07:45 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Yes, I believe there are.

10:07:46 And I think if there is a staff report back or even another

10:07:49 workshop in the future, certainly hear from the public, but

10:07:52 you may actually want to hear from some of the industry

10:07:56 side, too.

10:07:57 And Ms. Cole -- Ms. Mandell is right.

10:08:00 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you for doing that.

10:08:03 >> I actually prefer Mandell so our names don't get

10:08:06 confused.

10:08:09 Over the years, too, we have looked into it to look at the

10:08:12 change in technology.

10:08:13 And it has changed very, very rapidly.

10:08:15 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Certainly.

10:08:18 >>CATHERINE COYLE: And they have gotten these LED signs down

10:08:20 to a science, and gotten more and more science and more

10:08:24 crystal clear, more than the range of the blue or green.

10:08:31 More like a TV screen.

10:08:32 But what I do understand from some of the industry folks and

10:08:35 looking at the technical manuals, there are controls on

10:08:38 these.

10:08:39 There are dimmer switches.

10:08:40 And sometimes when they are very bright, and maybe they --

10:08:44 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I was going to ask about the lumens.

10:08:46 >>CATHERINE COYLE: They are also prefabricated boxes that

10:08:50 you insert and take out.

10:08:52 Then there's custom made boxes that you have to actually

10:08:54 alter sign to actually put in.

10:08:57 So we have seen the ones that are just pre-fab that pop in

10:09:00 and out which are actually pretty straightforward and they

10:09:02 come in two sizes.

10:09:03 They are mass produced and very inexpensive.

10:09:06 They are programmed from the inside.

10:09:07 You can tell you like from the gas station perspective -- I

10:09:11 used to work at a gas station, would go out and change the

10:09:14 things.

10:09:14 If you are not instant with that, those prices change very

10:09:17 quickly.

10:09:18 And program them from the inside is a lot easier and much

10:09:22 more straightforward but they don't change that often.

10:09:24 Versus the ones that are full of TV programs on these signs.

10:09:29 But what we do understand is that there are controls that

10:09:32 can be put in place to control the illumination, brightness.

10:09:37 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And to look at the colors?

10:09:44 They have to get very specific in whatever ordinance or

10:09:46 something we come up with down the road.

10:09:48 Another is that locational criteria.

10:09:51 So whether or not these are on arterial collector or local

10:09:55 roads, and also looking at the intersection.

10:09:58 So if you have a collector and an arterial at a corner, I

10:10:03 don't want to be so restrictive as to say you can have it on

10:10:06 the northwest side but you can't have it on the southeast

10:10:09 side, because when someone is developing a site, placing a

10:10:13 building, looking at where the sign is going to say, you

10:10:19 know, there are a lot of entry Cass to look at.

10:10:23 So I want to make sure that locational criteria is addressed

10:10:26 within that report that comes back, and I know on certain

10:10:34 road we have had this happen where the sign is mounted on

10:10:38 the building versus a free standing pole versus a monument

10:10:44 sign.

10:10:45 So all of the different types of signs have the ability to

10:10:50 have a panel inserted in it.

10:10:53 So I think we need to look at the type of signs and where

10:10:57 those signs are, whether it's building mounted, free

10:10:59 standing pole or monument.

10:11:05 And I might invite one or both of you to come to our livable

10:11:10 roadways committee, livable roadways, because there are many

10:11:15 people who sit on that committee who might have an interest

10:11:19 or be able to offer some information from their perspective.

10:11:28 Because that way we can look at it from a total Hillsborough

10:11:30 County point of view.

10:11:31 >> And Hillsborough County does it differently too.

10:11:34 They have a different time window for changing.

10:11:38 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So maybe I will schedule you to come and

10:11:40 speak at livable roadways MPO committee and work with

10:11:45 Hillsborough County and come up with some uniform type of

10:11:47 ordinances.

10:11:47 Because what also happens is people get frustrated, in the

10:11:54 county it's this regulation and in the city it's this

10:11:56 regulation.

10:11:56 I understand us being a city and more urbanized area have a

10:11:59 different perspective on a lot of things, but there are

10:12:03 locations in the county that also mirror our urban areas.

10:12:07 So I want to make sure that especially up in the district I

10:12:10 represent, you can be in the city on one side of the street

10:12:13 and the county on the other.

10:12:16 I think we need to be consistent.

10:12:17 And those are the things that I would like to be see if a

10:12:20 report is coming back, to be included in that.

10:12:23 Thank you.

10:12:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Ms. Montelione.

10:12:27 Mr. Cohen.

10:12:27 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much Ms. Montelione and thank

10:12:30 you Ms. Capin and Mulhern for your comments.

10:12:33 I think after listening to that discussion, it is clear that

10:12:39 we can make some progress in that area.

10:12:41 And let me be forthright.

10:12:43 I am not advocating banning these signs wholesale.

10:12:46 I'm advocating taking a look at our code and having it

10:12:51 conform better to the way that we want to see things look.

10:12:57 Councilwoman Montelione mentioned the locational criteria.

10:13:02 I think that is a key element of any report that comes back.

10:13:07 They are absolutely at the place for small businesses.

10:13:10 And on commercial thoroughfares for this type of

10:13:14 advertising.

10:13:14 At the same time, we want to make sure to protect the

10:13:17 integrity of some of the more residential areas of the city.

10:13:23 I would like to make a motion that we have a staff report

10:13:27 that incorporates the elements of this discussion, elements

10:13:32 including locational criteria, color and brightness

10:13:39 regulation, size regulation, and that we hear back on March

10:13:47 21st at 10 a.m.

10:13:50 That's a little less than two months away.

10:13:53 But it could give us some time to look at it.

10:13:55 >> Second.

10:13:56 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We have a motion by Mr. Cohen, second by

10:13:58 Mrs. Montelione on a close vote with Ms. Capin.

10:14:01 All in favor of that motion please signify by saying aye.

10:14:05 Opposed nay.

10:14:05 The ayes have it unanimously.

10:14:07 Any other council member that would like to speak?

10:14:10 If not we'll go to the public on this.

10:14:12 You have three minutes, each individual who would care to

10:14:14 speak on this item, item number 6.

10:14:16 >>STEVE MICHELINI: One of the key components here is

10:14:21 existing buildings where you cannot comply with the

10:14:24 setbacks.

10:14:26 And as a consequence, it is extremely expensive for small

10:14:29 businesses.

10:14:32 A large corporation entered into an agreement with a city

10:14:36 which did not include any on-site signs for small

10:14:38 businesses, and that's where the problem is currently.

10:14:41 Those are the ones that are coming before the VRB asking for

10:14:44 relief.

10:14:45 And I think with the locational criteria that you spoke of

10:14:49 and brightness and those kind of elements, it's a great step

10:14:53 forward.

10:14:53 But if also add in there the positioning of the signs in

10:14:56 terms of setbacks for existing signs, not to build a new

10:15:01 sign, but when these buildings were built, and the signs

10:15:05 were placed, they were placed in accordance with the code.

10:15:08 And so now the sign code is coming in and telling you you

10:15:11 have got to move it, and it becomes very expensive for a

10:15:14 small business to do that.

10:15:16 So if you could look at that portion of the code as well,

10:15:20 that would be also extremely important in terms of how you

10:15:24 address this.

10:15:27 Again, these are for on-site small businesses that cannot

10:15:31 afford to be moving them into the parking spaces where as we

10:15:37 know parking is a critical element for the most of the

10:15:42 developments so we have a choice.

10:15:44 Either move the pole into the parking space or drive aisle

10:15:47 and making it nonfunctional to meet the current code, or you

10:15:50 seek a variance and those are extremely difficult.

10:15:53 And I know council is looking at that carefully.

10:15:57 We would appreciate you looking at that.

10:16:01 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Montelione?


10:16:04 >>CATHERINE COYLE: I'm glad Mr. Michelini raised that issue

10:16:07 because Mrs. Mandell raised the nonconforming sign issue and

10:16:10 that is something we talked about internally, because you do

10:16:12 see variances and sometimes they are granted, sometimes

10:16:16 aren't reviewed at City Council to overturn the VRB where

10:16:19 someone is asking for variances to height and setback.

10:16:24 Once those variances are granted the sign becomes

10:16:26 conforming.

10:16:27 And then they can just do what they want to with whatever is

10:16:30 allowed to happen with the conforming sign.

10:16:33 The rub with that is that the sign may be three or four

10:16:38 hundred square feet in size.

10:16:39 It may be 35 feet in height because it met the old sign

10:16:42 code.

10:16:45 So the rub we have internally thinking about that is, in

10:16:49 theory, the whole purpose of the is to get rid of

10:16:53 nonconforming signs, not prolong their life.

10:16:56 But when those variance are granted, they are there forever

10:16:59 more and they can change out the sign anyway.

10:17:01 >>LISA MONTELIONE: As part of the list of things that I

10:17:07 asked on the staff report, if we can look at the variance

10:17:11 cases that have been brought before the VRB, and if there is

10:17:17 a consistent pattern, because you know how I feel if we are

10:17:21 granting variances on a regular basis, then it's really no

10:17:25 longer a variance an it should become part of the code,

10:17:28 because it's granted so often, it actually is becoming not a

10:17:32 variance.

10:17:33 It's becoming the norm.

10:17:34 So if we could include as part of that report what types of

10:17:38 variances are granted on a regular basis, and maybe why,

10:17:44 that would help to guide us in how to create an ordinance

10:17:48 that would do what you are saying, not continue the life of

10:17:53 a nonconformance, achieving the balance between our older

10:17:59 urban, you know, developed areas where there are a lot of

10:18:02 existing buildings, there are a lot of existing signs, and

10:18:06 they are not sites that are going to be redeveloped or areas

10:18:09 that are not likely to be redeveloped.

10:18:11 So we can address that at that time.

10:18:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mrs. Montelione.

10:18:17 This is on number 6 on signs only.

10:18:20 Anyone who wants to speak on item number 6 on signs, please

10:18:23 come forward.

10:18:23 >> Ed -- Ed Tillou.

10:18:29 I live in Sulphur Springs.

10:18:31 And I wanted to speak about this for a long time, that I

10:18:38 actually worked with signage when I was a student.

10:18:43 I worked on a planning exercise in my hometown, and allowed

10:18:49 50 square feet whereas my hometown only allowed 32.

10:18:53 The City of Tampa, I know of at least one electronic sign.

10:19:00 I think the police department, one of the problems was that

10:19:03 this was put in Sulphur Springs, and said lock your car up,

10:19:08 put everything out of sight, you know.

10:19:10 That really helps our neighborhood.

10:19:14 It's not a bad neighborhood but it's not the worst either.

10:19:17 And it would have been better applied, although this is more

10:19:20 a county problem, is at the bus stops, where the buses pull

10:19:23 off and they are supposed to be able to pull back on.

10:19:26 Now, you miss your connection because the bus is sitting

10:19:29 there pulled off and can't get back on.

10:19:31 The law is that a bus has the right-of-way over a car.

10:19:35 So it might be good to put that message on the electronic

10:19:38 sign so that people know that instead of lock up your doors

10:19:42 and your car and everything because you are in Sulphur

10:19:44 Springs.

10:19:46 Okay.

10:19:47 I don't know if this is working.

10:19:50 Oh, okay.

10:19:51 I know how you are, because -- okay, I don't know how to

10:19:57 zoom it in.

10:19:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: It's working fine.

10:20:00 >> Okay, get focused.

10:20:04 Okay.

10:20:04 The thing of it is, the electronics, the key word is

10:20:07 electronics.

10:20:08 Electronics is a big part of a prosperous way of life.

10:20:12 You have to realize what's going to happen if electronics

10:20:15 isn't there?

10:20:16 All of a sudden electronics isn't there?

10:20:18 Because vehicles are to a large extent electronic these

10:20:25 days.

10:20:26 And this thing, you see electronic ignition.

10:20:33 So if electronics is gone, downtown have any police cars.

10:20:37 Maybe this is something that it could be applied to. They

10:20:43 used to use crown Victorias, and now they use something

10:20:47 else.

10:20:47 It's not a case of sending that out to New Mexico to be

10:20:51 tested, because you have a situation wherein --

10:21:00 (Bell sounds).

10:21:02 Okay.

10:21:05 The Achilles heel of America.

10:21:08 No cars, in a water supply, no wastewater treatment plant.

10:21:11 This is in your realm.

10:21:13 You can't just turn around and say, oh, this is office of

10:21:19 emergency management concern.

10:21:21 It's your concern.

10:21:23 And the thing is you have got to start looking at that.

10:21:26 And the thing is, it's starting to be loot at on a state and

10:21:32 federal level but it's just starting.

10:21:33 (Bell sounds).

10:21:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:21:36 I'm talk to the Koreans.

10:21:39 Next, please.

10:21:40 >> My name is Jerry Miller, 2815 Price Avenue.

10:21:52 I'm here for Ballast Point neighborhood association.

10:21:54 On behalf of the association first of all I want to thank

10:21:56 you for taking a look at this and being proactive, because

10:22:00 frankly the cost of this technology is coming down, and

10:22:03 proliferation is inevitable unless we do something very

10:22:05 strongly.

10:22:06 I happen to be an architect.

10:22:08 And I want to tell you that every commercial plant we have,

10:22:10 I think without exception, is talking to us about electronic

10:22:13 signs, either on the building or streets, and limitation is

10:22:19 a good thing for business, because this becomes an arm's

10:22:23 race.

10:22:23 If I'm a business and my neighbor puts a large sign, I have

10:22:27 to do the same thing to some extent.

10:22:31 So I wish we would look at it as a business-friendly

10:22:35 approach, because it is.

10:22:36 And I would even hope maybe the Chamber of Commerce could

10:22:39 out take a position on this because we are going to find

10:22:42 businesses in Tampa spending a lot of money on signage

10:22:44 simply because they have to.

10:22:46 A second point I would like to make is that street side is

10:22:50 not the place for advertising, a place for information.

10:22:54 If I am driving a 2,000-pound at 40 or 50 miles per hour I

10:22:57 don't need to know the price of coke on every street corner.

10:23:00 So I would hope that we he would approach those kind of

10:23:03 things in mind.

10:23:04 Also, a lot of people are looking to move to this community

10:23:08 want to know what kind of community we are, and how we

10:23:11 approach our citizens, how we approach our neighborhoods

10:23:15 I want to -- the sign at the 3300 block of Gandy.

10:23:20 Not to pick on it, because that sign is so intrusive, and in

10:23:28 kind of a neighborhood area.

10:23:29 If a sign of that size, that brightness, that movement is

10:23:32 now permitted, then we have got a big problem, because if

10:23:36 you will see that sign and imagine that sign in every

10:23:39 business along Gandy Boulevard, that's not a good thing to

10:23:43 imagine.

10:23:44 If a sign is permissible they need to change the code F.the

10:23:47 sign is not in compliance, they need to take a stronger

10:23:51 commitment to enforcement.

10:23:54 The final thing I would like to say, I have heard you talk a

10:23:57 little bit about what other cities are doing and I

10:23:59 appreciate that needs to be done.

10:24:01 But I don't know on this issue if maybe Tampa could set the

10:24:05 standard.

10:24:06 I know if you are willing to step out on this or have

10:24:08 support of many neighborhoods, including our neighborhood,

10:24:10 Ballast Point, I appreciate it.

10:24:12 Up that.

10:24:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:24:13 For the public's information I believe the 3300 block is

10:24:16 about five blocks east of Dale Mabry.

10:24:17 Am I correct?

10:24:18 >> That sound right.

10:24:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So we can see the sign.

10:24:23 All you good people that want to see what we look at, go by.

10:24:26 >> I promise you won't miss it.

10:24:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:24:29 Next, please.

10:24:38 >> Pete Johnson, 510 Harrison street.

10:24:43 This sign program, or what we have been working on, I

10:24:46 understand it's been taking quite a long time.

10:24:52 A number of people, Susan Long and other neighborhood

10:24:56 people, were working on this for a very long time.

10:24:59 The whole point of the sign ordinance was to improve the

10:25:04 look of Tampa.

10:25:08 Yes, there are variances.

10:25:10 Yes, it does create maybe a cost to a property owner or a

10:25:15 business.

10:25:15 But the whole idea was to improve the look of the City of

10:25:19 Tampa, not just stay the way it was.

10:25:26 Mr. Cohen, you mentioned enforcement.

10:25:28 Enforcement is the problem.

10:25:31 I talked about this he have time I come down here.

10:25:33 The department is understaffed, they are underfunded, they

10:25:39 do not have the equipment to do the enforcement that they

10:25:44 need.

10:25:47 You guys he have year approve the budget, but you cut the

10:25:52 department, code enforcement, and never say anything about

10:25:55 it, yet all year long, complain about code enforcement, that

10:26:01 they can't seem to get it going.

10:26:03 Code enforcement has got a lot of problems.

10:26:05 An awful lot of problems which I have listed there.

10:26:11 But the problem is that the department needs the income to

10:26:18 properly train their people in investigative work and supply

10:26:25 them with the equipment that they need to do the job.

10:26:28 I mean, this has been going on now -- I have been working on

10:26:32 this for four administrations, and we never seem to correct

10:26:36 the problem.

10:26:38 And it's fine to tear down houses in Sulphur Springs, but if

10:26:43 you enforce the code, you don't have that problem.

10:26:48 So people, please, the process that has been working for the

10:26:52 last 30 years does not work.

10:26:57 We need to change the process.

10:26:59 I would love to see a workshop on code enforcement and other

10:27:05 processes that other cities use in the State of Florida.

10:27:10 So that we can get a better idea of what's going on.

10:27:13 We spend all this time, all this money, with the legal

10:27:16 department, making these rules and regulations.

10:27:22 What for?

10:27:23 Why do we have these workshops?

10:27:26 Thank you.

10:27:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone else on number 6, electronic

10:27:36 signs, that has not spoken?

10:27:38 >>HARRY COHEN: I think in the interest of being perfectly

10:27:41 clear, I would like to make a motion to amend the staff

10:27:45 report to include the issue of the positioning of signs that

10:27:48 Mr. Michelini addressed during his public comments.

10:27:56 And I think that was the only one that wasn't actually

10:27:59 included in that.

10:28:01 So that was it.

10:28:02 Thanks.

10:28:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion to amend the original

10:28:04 motion by Mr. Cohen.

10:28:05 Seconded by Ms. Mulhern.

10:28:10 Discussion?

10:28:12 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I wanted to make sure that the

10:28:14 examination of the variance applications and the VRB was

10:28:18 included in that, because looking at my list to see what was

10:28:22 left off, and I think in addition to the positioning of

10:28:25 signs, it was the VRB.

10:28:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen, you accept that?

10:28:29 That's accepted by the maker and that is included in the

10:28:32 motion and a second by Mrs. Mulhern.

10:28:34 Motion made by Mr. Cohen.

10:28:35 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

10:28:38 Opposed nay.

10:28:39 The ayes have it unanimously.

10:28:41 Thank you for item number 6.

10:28:42 I am going -- 7 is going to be a little lengthier than what

10:28:47 I originally expected.

10:28:48 We are going to take 8.

10:28:50 So I can have Mr. Jake Slater go back to work.

10:28:54 We are going to do item number 8 regarding the vendor

10:29:02 ordinance.

10:29:02 Would you gentlemen care to come up?

10:29:12 >>JAKE SLATER: Neighborhood services, City of Tampa.

10:29:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Now, the reason for this, my office, we

10:29:22 have had conversations with these gentlemen.

10:29:24 We had a lengthy discussion on vendor ordinance and things

10:29:28 that started out one way and in essence have gone a

10:29:30 different way.

10:29:31 And I think Mr. Slater is just going to speak on it very

10:29:34 briefly.

10:29:34 >>JAKE SLATER: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

10:29:38 The department of code enforcement has the responsibility

10:29:40 for the enforcement of the vendor ordinances here in Tampa.

10:29:44 Currently, we have five classifications for vendors.

10:29:51 They are annual vendors, special event vendors, sports and

10:29:54 entertainment vendors, temporary vendors, and Ybor Historic

10:29:57 District vendors.

10:30:00 Right now, in the City of Tampa, we did a survey about a

10:30:03 month ago, where we have over probably about 150 what we

10:30:07 call permitted vendors.

10:30:09 I don't have that list currently with me.

10:30:11 But I would be happy to make it available to you.

10:30:17 For the vendor enforcement, what I think needs to be overall

10:30:20 further discussion is some type of more immediate

10:30:25 enforcement.

10:30:27 If code enforcement goes out and sees a violation, I would

10:30:30 like to have more of an immediate impact, once we determine

10:30:38 they are not actually meeting all of the requirements.

10:30:40 Right now, we don't have that.

10:30:42 We use the civil citation warning, with the exception of the

10:30:46 special events around the stadium, and that's about the only

10:30:50 thing that we can do in about an hour's time.

10:30:54 But for the permitted vendor, if they violate the rules of

10:30:57 the vendor ordinance, we have to issue a warning, and a time

10:31:01 factor.

10:31:02 That's what I would like to see, Mr. Chairman.

10:31:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

10:31:04 And I riles what you are saying, the ones that you talk

10:31:07 about you can do something about especially around the

10:31:10 stadium and so forth.

10:31:11 Those are usually on the right-of-way, the property of the

10:31:13 city.

10:31:14 >>JAKE SLATER: That's correct.

10:31:16 Or we go into the private property issue, we have to

10:31:19 determine what the conditions are, are we going to site the

10:31:26 property owner, which we do, and then -- I give notice to

10:31:32 the vendors also.

10:31:32 >> I appreciate it very much.

10:31:34 And this is a collaborative effort between the land

10:31:36 development that soon will be involved, code enforcement and

10:31:40 the legal department, so you can have all three agencies

10:31:42 working together as one.

10:31:46 One does the citing, the other does the application, and in

10:31:49 the end legal decides what is happening, working together, I

10:31:53 think in, due time and they will make mention of another

10:31:55 meeting that we should have to discuss these things, should

10:31:58 work out to the betterment of the blighted areas that we see

10:32:02 throughout parts of this city, great numbers.

10:32:05 And I have some photographs in a second when Mr. Mueller is

10:32:08 finished.

10:32:09 >>ERNEST MUELLER: Just following up with what you were

10:32:12 saying, Mr. Chair, yes, we would like to work together to

10:32:18 tray to have uniform treatment of the vendors as well as

10:32:22 treatment of businesses that are not vendors but do similar

10:32:27 type of stuff.

10:32:28 I think recognize unintended consequences, and I think

10:32:31 working with land development, I think we can create -- try

10:32:37 and develop a uniform, reasonable, effective enforcement

10:32:41 method that's also quick.

10:32:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I want to thank you for spending all that

10:32:46 time.

10:32:46 I think we met for about an hour and a half that day, and we

10:32:49 are coming to a conclusion that we need a lot more work to

10:32:52 determine to get these things moving on immediate citation.

10:32:57 We are going to show you now, this is what I envision as a

10:33:00 vendor B, 10 by 10, back to the corner in the West Tampa

10:33:05 area, nice location.

10:33:08 Gentleman was there.

10:33:09 Flip the page to the next one.

10:33:11 Here is what you get.

10:33:12 And another example location.

10:33:14 You start getting refrigerated trucks, banners, you keep

10:33:18 turning them, Mr. Slater, and we'll go from there.

10:33:21 And this is on the corner of Braddock and Armenia. They are

10:33:25 no longer there.

10:33:26 The code enforcement did such a good job they finally left.

10:33:29 And as it turns out, it looks like the circus is coming,

10:33:32 because they had everything there, almost sloping quarters

10:33:38 just about.

10:33:38 And this is the site.

10:33:41 It becomes larger and larger.

10:33:42 And here is a problem.

10:33:43 We have many good people.

10:33:45 And I'm not against vendors per se but when you start this

10:33:49 type of operation, somebody is paying sales tax, somebody is

10:33:52 paying electricity, somebody is paying water, somebody is

10:33:55 paying maintenance, somebody is paying rent, somebody is

10:33:59 paying a lot more, and all of a sudden the neighborhood ends

10:34:02 up with what you are looking at now, with tow trucks, semi

10:34:06 coolers, and running the neighborhood down to some degree,

10:34:12 to my looks anyway is unacceptable.

10:34:15 This is North Armenia up around the northern part of Sligh,

10:34:18 a little north of Sligh.

10:34:20 And this is what you get.

10:34:22 It looks like, you know, the Clampetts are coming in or

10:34:29 leaving, own or the two.

10:34:31 I don't am not trying to be funny but I don't know what

10:34:35 other words to use because it's certainly not what the

10:34:37 neighborhood fiber is.

10:34:39 And we are working, and do you have any suggested dates that

10:34:43 we can come back in due time, 60 days or so, maybe have some

10:34:48 more uniformity and some more ideas and have something in

10:34:51 writing possibly?

10:34:58 >>ERNEST MUELLER: Talking with city input from Ms. Coyle,

10:35:01 maybe you want to continue it to the end of March?

10:35:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And at that time, we will have a much

10:35:07 more understanding in a workshop setting where we'll get

10:35:11 that date in a second here for you.

10:35:13 But where land development, code enforcement and legal get

10:35:16 together and try to draw up the right things to protect the

10:35:20 vendors but also protect the property owners, and the site

10:35:26 that you see that is not acceptable in my opinion in

10:35:29 neighborhoods.

10:35:29 >>ERNEST MUELLER: And, Mr. Chairman, we want planning to be

10:35:33 involved, too.

10:35:36 I think last year, I think -- I live in last year --

10:35:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I always live in last year.

10:35:45 That way I don't get any older.

10:35:47 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I think that would be March 28th at

10:35:50 10 a.m.

10:35:51 Would you like me to make a motion?

10:35:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, ma'am.

10:35:54 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So I will motion that on March 28th,

10:35:59 10 a.m., we schedule a workshop to further discuss the

10:36:02 vendor ordinance of temporary vendors and planning and code

10:36:06 enforcement to be available, to provide the report and

10:36:15 answer questions.

10:36:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second I by Ms. Capin.

10:36:19 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I would like to add something.

10:36:20 The photos that were shown, that is not legal, and that is a

10:36:23 matter of enforcement.

10:36:25 Correct?

10:36:26 That is not allowed.

10:36:27 >> That's correct.

10:36:30 >>YVONNE CAPIN: So that is separate from what we are going

10:36:31 to be talking about.

10:36:32 I understand that they grow into supermarkets, but that is

10:36:37 illegal, what they are doing.

10:36:39 No matter what the code is today.

10:36:41 I mean, no matter where we move, the code today says that's

10:36:44 illegal.

10:36:46 So I second it.

10:36:47 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I want to make sure that annual vendors

10:36:54 are included in that discussion of what our code is.

10:36:56 And I think it would be appreciated by all council members,

10:37:00 Ms. Coyle, if you can provide to all the council members the

10:37:06 copies of the ordinances that are currently in effect, or I

10:37:09 see Mr. Mueller making notes.

10:37:11 If you could provide us not just a temporary vendor

10:37:16 ordinance but the annual vendor ordinance as well.

10:37:21 It's all in the same.

10:37:24 >>CATHERINE COYLE: Special use criteria so they are all

10:37:26 together.

10:37:27 Vendors at the very end of 27 --

10:37:30 >>LISA MONTELIONE: If we could see that in advance it would

10:37:32 be very helpful.

10:37:34 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

10:37:39 Before you stated that you requested us to give you the

10:37:43 tools to do your job.

10:37:46 >> Yes, sir.

10:37:47 >> This being an enforcement issue, and I just read where

10:37:53 you have three code enforcement officers assigned to Sulphur

10:37:58 Springs area.

10:37:59 >> Yes, sir.

10:38:01 >>FRANK REDDICK: Would that take away from your regular

10:38:04 staff, those new officers that you are hiring?

10:38:10 Or is this part of your regular routine?

10:38:13 >> Those code enforcement officers, which you are going to

10:38:15 have actually dedicated to in the springs, current officers.

10:38:19 We are not hiring any new officers.

10:38:21 >> Okay.

10:38:21 Saying that, are you saying that would this limit your

10:38:26 ability to enforce this because you will be short three,

10:38:36 manpower?

10:38:36 >> I don't think that's the case, sir.

10:38:38 I would just like to have some more immediate tools to deal

10:38:43 with the vendors on a more immediate basis instead of having

10:38:49 to go issue warnings and wait 21 days and come back.

10:38:53 I would like something more of an immediate overall type of

10:38:57 solution.

10:38:57 But I feel very strongly that we can do it with what our

10:39:01 current manpower, if we have some additional tools.

10:39:05 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:39:07 And the reason I asked that question is because when we do

10:39:11 have the workshop, and we discussed this, one of the things

10:39:18 I am going to suggest to this council, we write a letter to

10:39:26 the mayor to increase your budget as well as increase your

10:39:29 manpower, and we want to do it without being accused of

10:39:37 micromanaging his department, the administration.

10:39:42 So I want to make sure, putting council on notice now, that

10:39:48 when we have this workshop, that we have the workshop

10:39:55 discussion, because one of the bigger issues, all across we

10:39:58 see the majority of them is about code enforcement.

10:40:01 And I think if anybody's budget needs to be increased,

10:40:04 anybody's staff needs to be increased, it's your staff and

10:40:07 your department.

10:40:07 So I am going to suggest that in this workshop, and I just

10:40:13 want to make sure it doesn't take away from your manpower,

10:40:17 but hope the administration will take heed to the fact that

10:40:20 you need additional staff, and additional resourcing in the

10:40:24 department.

10:40:25 So I just want to put that in the motion.

10:40:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

10:40:30 Ms. Capin and Mrs. Montelione.

10:40:32 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Very quickly, I agree with Councilman

10:40:36 Reddick's sentiment.

10:40:39 It is an issue.

10:40:40 We have everything from alcoholic beverage to vendors that

10:40:44 are under your purview.

10:40:47 The one thing that when you said the tools that you need, I

10:40:51 would imagine it would be similar to the fire marshal

10:40:54 where -- I mean, that is public safety.

10:40:58 But when they are in violation, they are taken down

10:41:01 immediately.

10:41:02 Since the establishment is closed, there is no -- it is

10:41:10 done.

10:41:11 We need to look at that, have your enforcement have some

10:41:18 teeth.

10:41:19 Thank you.

10:41:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

10:41:21 Ms. Montelione.

10:41:22 >>LISA MONTELIONE: (off microphone)

10:41:26 And the motion on the floor, I want to add the legal

10:41:32 department because I didn't specify legal, so planning,

10:41:35 enforcement and legal to address the temporary and annual

10:41:38 vendor ordinances as one workshop.

10:41:42 And I would like to take a vote on that.

10:41:44 But I also want to say that I want to schedule an additional

10:41:47 workshop so the points that Mr. Reddick brought up -- and I

10:41:51 will follow that up with a second motion.

10:41:53 If we can vote on that.

10:41:54 >> That includes land development also.

10:41:56 >> Planning, land development and legal.

10:42:00 So if we could vote on that motion.

10:42:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mrs. Montelione, second by Mrs.

10:42:06 Capin.

10:42:07 All in favor?

10:42:08 Opposed?

10:42:09 The ayes have it unanimously.

10:42:10 Yes, ma'am.

10:42:10 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And now I would like to make a second

10:42:13 motion, because I believe that the issues that Councilman

10:42:16 Reddick brought up and the other things that we touched upon

10:42:20 are really outside of that vendor ordinance.

10:42:22 So I would like to schedule, make a motion for a second

10:42:26 workshop to occur the same day, to make it easy on staff.

10:42:30 The 28th at 10 a.m., March 28th at 10 a.m.

10:42:35 And that workshop would be to discuss the code enforcement

10:42:41 division, additional staff coverage, and where the problems

10:42:47 are, and what is currently underway.

10:42:52 Because probably I would say very few of us know the extent

10:42:59 of the work that's going to be done in Sulphur Springs.

10:43:01 So I would like to have a report, a staff report during that

10:43:06 workshop on what the scheduled work is currently in Sulphur

10:43:12 Springs.

10:43:15 And I would also like to discuss the ongoing efforts in

10:43:20 different areas.

10:43:24 So the concern that Mr. Reddick has is something that I also

10:43:27 echo, and I'm sure many of our citizens do, if we are

10:43:32 spending additional manpower and resources in Sulphur

10:43:35 Springs, not saying that they don't need it, they certainly

10:43:39 do, and it's good to see those things happening in

10:43:42 conjunction with the new recreation center, and other

10:43:47 programs in Sulphur Springs.

10:43:50 But I'm sure Drew Park has needs.

10:43:53 I'm sure, you know, university -- it's not part of the

10:43:58 motion, I'm just explaining what the workshop, you know,

10:44:03 what you should be prepared to discuss, the information I'm

10:44:06 looking for.

10:44:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Montelione,

10:44:08 second by Mr. Reddick.

10:44:10 Further discussion by council members?

10:44:11 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

10:44:14 Opposed nay.

10:44:14 The ayes have it unanimously.

10:44:16 Thank you very much.

10:44:23 Anyone in the audience care to speak on item number 8 before

10:44:26 I make a move to go to item number 7?

10:44:30 I see no one.

10:44:31 We go to item number 7.

10:44:43 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

10:44:45 This workshop is to discuss the economic development of West

10:44:50 Tampa neighborhood Main Street and old West Tampa.

10:44:54 And the west bank of the river which is the east side of

10:44:59 West Tampa.

10:45:00 So we have here several neighborhood associations

10:45:08 representatives.

10:45:09 We have representatives from the Tampa Housing Authority,

10:45:12 West Tampa Chamber of Commerce, on the economic and

10:45:15 community development plan, along with, I do believe, Dr.

10:45:23 Marvis is here and Dr. Beverly Ward.

10:45:27 She is here.

10:45:28 Thank you.

10:45:31 A former professor and now consultant on planning.

10:45:38 So I am going to go in order of what is on here.

10:45:51 Beverly Ward, if she would start us off.

10:45:53 This is a dialogue and a conversation.

10:45:56 West Tampa, one of the things that you will look at is that

10:46:00 they have drawn -- or it has been drawn a line on Howard

10:46:05 Avenue, and West Tampa goes way beyond Howard Avenue.

10:46:09 It is an entire neighborhood that goes.

10:46:12 So that's one of the things we will be discussing today.

10:46:15 Thank you for being here.

10:46:16 And of course Dr. Greenbaum, thank you for being here.

10:46:19 >> He was unable to be here this morning.

10:46:24 I am in his stead.

10:46:28 I am his dissertation adviser and I know him well and I am

10:46:32 familiar with all the work including the general topic that

10:46:34 we want to address.

10:46:36 I'm not sure the best person to go first.

10:46:40 It might be easier to get it out of the way.

10:46:45 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Excuse me.

10:46:46 I just want to let everyone know, other than there's a

10:46:49 couple of presentations.

10:46:51 It is five-minute presentation.

10:46:54 Yes, ma'am.

10:46:54 >> I will be brief.

10:46:56 I am a professor, but --

10:47:00 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I know.

10:47:00 We are politicians.

10:47:01 We understand.

10:47:02 >> Our purpose in addressing you is to call attention to

10:47:07 what we think will be -- oh, Susan Greenbaum, I am a retired

10:47:15 professor at USF, former director of the office of community

10:47:19 engagement.

10:47:23 I also have considerable experience with the housing

10:47:26 relocation, previously the housing authority, and that's

10:47:32 really the basis of our suggestion.

10:47:34 We have a two-page handout that I believe you have.

10:47:40 We are concerned from our past experience that the residents

10:47:44 of North Boulevard homes will experience a number of

10:47:48 difficulties in the relocation process that could be

10:47:51 anticipated and could be prevented, and that's really why we

10:47:56 are here, to offer suggestions on that.

10:48:16 We had a natural science grant to study relocation into

10:48:20 Sulphur Springs and the Nuccio neighborhood, and we have

10:48:24 done a lot of work with Heights estates, we did a project

10:48:28 over there.

10:48:29 We have been very closely associated with these issues

10:48:33 through the years.

10:48:36 In 2007, we collaborated with Tampa Housing Authority on the

10:48:41 relocation planning for Central Park Village.

10:48:45 We had a grant from the university at that time, and we went

10:48:51 to the relocation meetings, we developed a number of

10:48:53 materials, and we learned a great deal from that about how

10:49:00 extremely difficult it is to real estate large numbers to

10:49:06 very low-income families in a short period of time.

10:49:09 And what we are proposing, based on our hearings with the

10:49:15 Housing Authority collaboration in 2007, is to replicate

10:49:18 that for North Boulevard homes, with some new things that we

10:49:23 have learned about how to do it even better.

10:49:29 We are not challenging the Housing Authority in any sense.

10:49:31 They do a good job.

10:49:32 They know what they are doing.

10:49:33 We want to help.

10:49:35 Because we know that once people get dislocated they have a

10:49:45 number of problems, and the relocation process itself is

10:49:49 fraught with a lot of difficulties.

10:49:50 There needs to be rather exclusive coordination with a

10:49:54 number of agencies.

10:49:57 The health department, the school board, parks and

10:50:01 recreation, all need to have a role in making sure that kid

10:50:08 and families that move into other areas don't suffer gaps in

10:50:13 services, don't have problems with engagement.

10:50:20 Another issue that has come out in literature and is also

10:50:23 very concerning is declining health status of people who are

10:50:27 relocated, particularly elderly people.

10:50:29 So we want to work with the college of public health, the

10:50:33 college of education, USF, and agencies that we have worked

10:50:37 with in the past to develop the kind of coordination plans

10:50:42 and the kind of follow-up that will ensure that this whole

10:50:45 process moves smoothly, it does not occur as a detriment to

10:50:50 low-income people who live in North Boulevard homes or

10:50:56 people who move into the neighborhood which is a than

10:50:59 additional concern.

10:51:00 I am going to turn this over now to Dr. Ward who was very

10:51:05 much involved with the Central Park planning, did a lot of

10:51:09 materials for the Housing Authority and who knows a lot

10:51:13 about problems.

10:51:14 >> My name is Beverly Ward.

10:51:18 And it in interest of full disclosure I am already

10:51:21 collaborating with the Tampa Housing Authority on this

10:51:23 process.

10:51:26 And Dr. Greenbaum stated, we wish to extend our concern

10:51:33 around the social or human impact of relocation.

10:51:35 And while we are focusing on the North Boulevard homes,

10:51:39 there are self other communities surrounding North Boulevard

10:51:43 homes that will be impacted by this, and we want to think

10:51:46 about what are the direct impacts on communities, and

10:51:50 further the indirect impacts that will affect all of

10:51:54 Hillsborough County, but particularly in the past what we

10:51:58 have learned is that a number of relocations have occurred

10:52:02 in the past, do have a serious impact on the City of Tampa

10:52:05 and other institutions, some of which Dr. Greenbaum

10:52:09 mentioned.

10:52:09 I know that in some of the meetings that have been going on,

10:52:12 for example, in West Tampa, Hartline, or Hart now, is very

10:52:18 concerned in terms of providing access, and continuing to

10:52:20 provide access to low-income communities and others.

10:52:24 So as we think about this, as we think about economic

10:52:29 development, let's not lose sight of the people, and to have

10:52:33 an idea of insuring that all communities in Tampa benefit

10:52:38 from this development initiative.

10:52:40 I am going to stop there.

10:52:41 I would like to reserve some time as we go through this

10:52:47 workshop, if you have additional questions for me.

10:52:49 But as Dr. Greenbaum mentioned, I do the technical stuff.

10:52:54 I do the demographics, GIS, that I want to bring to this

10:53:00 process that we have learned from in the past.

10:53:02 So thank you again.

10:53:03 >> Dr. Ward, you don't need to reserve your time.

10:53:08 Questions are not timed.

10:53:09 So thank you so much for the presentation.

10:53:14 This came about in August.

10:53:15 I brought this forth because of my July visit to West Tampa

10:53:22 with law enforcement.

10:53:24 But since then -- and I himself met with the mayor back in

10:53:27 June of '12 -- I'm sorry.

10:53:31 Yes, June of '11.

10:53:34 And we talked about West Tampa because I have always had a

10:53:37 very keen interest in West Tampa.

10:53:39 It is where my grandmother was born in 1908 and my great

10:53:45 grandfather, her father, had a business across the river on

10:53:48 fortune street in downtown.

10:53:50 So because of that, things have evolved, and it's become now

10:53:58 we are here for a conversation and a dialogue, and I think

10:54:01 it's very important that everyone come to the table.

10:54:05 Our next guest, I see Jerome Ryan is here from the Tampa

10:54:12 Housing Authority.

10:54:14 Along with -- is Leroy here?

10:54:20 I see you there.

10:54:21 If you both want to come up, or whoever you decide that will

10:54:25 be doing the presentation.

10:54:30 >> Good morning.

10:54:39 On behalf of Jerome Ryan, I'm Leroy Moore, chief operation

10:54:44 officer of Tampa Housing Authority.

10:54:48 And I would like to sort of talk briefly about the planning

10:54:51 process, and also introduce you to a partner for the

10:54:55 redevelopment of the North Boulevard community.

10:55:00 The Housing Authority has collaborated with the City of

10:55:03 Tampa, and going out and seeking what we consider the best

10:55:07 partner available in the U.S. for us to create a partnership

10:55:13 with and redevelopment this community in an exceptional

10:55:17 manner.

10:55:18 And we selected McCormick Salizar in St. Louis.

10:55:25 We have with us the leader for Salizar, and he may have 30

10:55:37 seconds of comments for you.

10:55:39 The Housing Authority, City of Tampa, school district and

10:55:44 Hillsborough County all came together to form a selection

10:55:47 committee.

10:55:49 Went out for national advertisement, selected this firm

10:55:51 through a competitive process.

10:55:53 This firm is incredibly well-known and respected throughout

10:55:57 the country.

10:56:08 The Housing Authority redevelopment efforts.

10:56:10 And we see the North Boulevard redevelopment as being as

10:56:13 innovative and as exciting, and as challenging of a project

10:56:19 as our Encore redevelopment has been.

10:56:22 So we wanted to ask them to come up at this point and

10:56:26 introduce his company.

10:56:29 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

10:56:29 >> Good morning.

10:56:33 After that introduction, I'm a little underwhelming, I know.

10:56:36 But I'll do my best.

10:56:38 And next time I will remember a tie.

10:56:40 My name is Stan, with Salizar.

10:56:47 Just briefly our firm is one of the leading mixed income

10:56:51 house developers in the United States.

10:56:52 We are very, very excited to be in Tampa, working with the

10:56:56 Tampa Housing Authority.

10:56:58 But I also wanted to emphasize a couple of things that I

10:57:01 have already heard this morning.

10:57:02 Number one, we are extremely respectful of the adjoining

10:57:09 neighborhoods, as well as residents that we are trying to

10:57:14 address in West Tampa in the North Boulevard homes.

10:57:17 It is very, very important that we get that aspect of our

10:57:20 redevelopment correct.

10:57:24 The second part is we are also going to need to involve much

10:57:27 larger conversation within Tampa, both with the school

10:57:30 district, with many other agencies, as you have mentioned,

10:57:34 Councilwoman, that are preeminent in terms of human capital

10:57:40 development of watching the developments of families, and

10:57:43 how that works.

10:57:45 We don't want to just simply move folks around and end up

10:57:49 with something, and we are going to have to ramp up very,

10:57:52 very carefully.

10:57:52 So without going on any longer, I'm here to listen today.

10:57:56 And delighted that we are here.

10:58:01 Thank you.

10:58:01 >> To continue with my last two, the planning process is --

10:58:08 we don't at this moment have a signed contract.

10:58:11 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I don't mean to interrupt you, but I do

10:58:13 believe that the Tampa Housing Authority is a very important

10:58:18 component of what is going to happen, and is happening as we

10:58:23 speak.

10:58:23 So if you need more time, or you need to bring others up,

10:58:28 please do so.

10:58:28 I want as much information disseminated as possible.

10:58:32 >> I appreciate that.

10:58:34 Thank you so much.

10:58:35 The planning process is just beginning.

10:58:38 We hopefully this week will be signing the planning

10:58:41 contract, which is the first of many contracts that we will

10:58:43 be instituting with Salizar and that will kick off the

10:58:49 planning process, to identify the right master plan for this

10:58:52 area, formerly known as the ULI study, the West Tampa study

10:58:58 area.

10:58:58 And this planning process evolved out of the year long

10:59:07 program that the mayor selected three members from this

10:59:10 community, two members from his staff and myself, to work

10:59:13 with him as well as the technological, knowledge, and truly

10:59:22 world spanning experience that ULI brings to the table when

10:59:25 you are planning major redevelopment efforts like this.

10:59:28 We went through a year-Longfellowship program with ULI to

10:59:31 identify what some of the major opportunities are in

10:59:35 redeveloping this part of West Tampa.

10:59:39 And as part of that, one of our first implementation efforts

10:59:42 is to, for the Housing Authority at least, for the acres

10:59:46 that we own, is to bring in our prospective partner and

10:59:49 start our specific master plan for the 44-acre area. In

10:59:54 terms of just looking at that 44-acre area, the ULI study

10:59:58 process showed us that we really should not only plan for

11:00:00 that 44 acres that we own but those immediate contiguous

11:00:05 parcels totaling some 140 acres is the study area that we

11:00:12 need to cover in terms of scoping the master plan.

11:00:15 (Bell sounds)

11:00:16 So this master plan will cover land that we don't own and

11:00:19 cannot develop, but we hope to inspire some best practice

11:00:24 redevelopment opportunities and ideas for the adjoining

11:00:28 property owners.

11:00:34 That planning process will likely take four to six months.

11:00:37 It will be an incredible amount of community engagement

11:00:42 opportunity for both residences, business owners, adjacent

11:00:46 property owners, of course residents of our property to

11:00:51 participate in, and lend their opinions about what the needs

11:00:55 of the community are.

11:00:56 We go through this type of planning process before any major

11:00:59 redevelopment.

11:01:00 We plan on over the next six months bringing in all of that

11:01:04 knowledge and support.

11:01:05 We have, as Dr. Ward mentioned, already reached out to her,

11:01:10 to tap into her expertise, GIS mapping and identifying some

11:01:15 of what we believe on this particular redevelopment will be,

11:01:21 a unique component that we will be dealing with, which is a

11:01:26 very struggling at this point but a very clear business

11:01:30 corridor that runs right through the middle.

11:01:32 So we have asked her to start gathering data for us that

11:01:36 will be utilized in the planning process to try to advise,

11:01:42 bring participation from the business community, and

11:01:44 hopefully sustain those businesses during this relocation

11:01:48 and redevelopment process, to sustain them throughout the

11:01:53 redevelopment process, and keep them in the community and

11:01:56 hopefully have them along with this redevelopment area that

11:02:00 we actually own.

11:02:03 And control.

11:02:03 The first opportunity for us to seek funding, and right now

11:02:06 the only funding we have for this redevelopment is for

11:02:11 planning.

11:02:11 We don't have any funding for relocation.

11:02:17 We will possibly be going of a funding this year, depending

11:02:20 on the relocation, master planning as well as the funding

11:02:29 opportunities.

11:02:29 Most likely the first opportunity for seeking funding would

11:02:32 be next year.

11:02:34 So you can see we are at least a year and a half,

11:02:37 potentially two and a half years away from starting

11:02:41 relocation activity in the North Boulevard.

11:02:45 That's one of the things we have been impressing upon our

11:02:46 residents the last year and a half.

11:02:48 We have been having weekly meetings with the families for

11:02:53 over 18 months now building by building, advising them of

11:02:57 the planning process at the start, and what to expect, and

11:03:02 approximately when they may be impacted in terms of being

11:03:07 relocated.

11:03:08 To ensure that there's ample opportunity for them to start

11:03:11 preparing, you know, for choices that they will have to make

11:03:15 in terms of where they would like to be relocated to.

11:03:19 Our relocation plan is what we call a Trungation plan.

11:03:26 We have a obligation to relocate families, not just displace

11:03:31 them, into either housing that we own which is public

11:03:34 housing, or give a section 8 voucher to them so they can

11:03:38 actually rent on the section 8 market.

11:03:41 Our experience shows about 6% of our families actually

11:03:44 choose to go to the section 8 program, and they actually

11:03:48 become renters on the private market, with the Housing

11:03:50 Authority still subsidizing their rent.

11:03:53 No relocated member can have an increase in rent that they

11:04:00 are paying as a result of this relocation.

11:04:03 There may be increases, but it's due to increases in incomes

11:04:06 that they will actually report or generate.

11:04:10 The only way a public housing section 8 resident income

11:04:14 would increase as a result of relocation is because of more

11:04:17 income that they are earning.

11:04:21 They are made whole on all relocation expenses.

11:04:24 They are counseled on the relocation process extensively and

11:04:31 full array of services from job training, family life

11:04:34 skills, tuition assistance, you name it, we try to customize

11:04:42 case plans to each individual family so as we are

11:04:45 redeveloping the community, the physical community, they

11:04:47 have the opportunity to participate in programs that allow

11:04:51 them to rebuild their family life during that same process.

11:04:57 So it's a very involved process.

11:04:59 And we have got a lot of data and a lot of partnerships that

11:05:02 we have already built that we hope to continue to strengthen

11:05:06 those partnerships.

11:05:07 I appreciate Dr. Greenbalm's comments about us starting on

11:05:11 the 2007 model that we were able to go into partnership with

11:05:17 USF and their expertise on Central Park relocation, and

11:05:22 improving it for the North Boulevard.

11:05:23 That's what we have always been about from the location of

11:05:28 our 1700 units in East Tampa, back in 1999 and 2000.

11:05:31 We have always learned from each relocation and made the

11:05:35 next relocation and the next redevelopment a lot less

11:05:40 impacting to the families in terms of personal life.

11:05:48 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

11:05:48 If there's any questions.

11:05:51 Oh, hold them until we hear from -- I would like to ask the

11:05:55 president CEO Jerome Ryan if he would come up.

11:05:59 He so graciously is here today.

11:06:03 And talk to us about how the Tampa Housing Authority works,

11:06:09 and the part HUD plays, the federal government, the city, so

11:06:12 that people understand that this has many moving parts, if

11:06:18 you will.

11:06:18 >> Thank you.

11:06:20 Jerome Ryan, president, Tampa Housing Authority.

11:06:24 That's a lot.

11:06:26 In this short period of time.

11:06:28 The Housing Authority is structured and developed in public

11:06:31 law 422, State of Florida.

11:06:35 And within that law itself, it allows the city, the mayor to

11:06:40 appoint the board members.

11:06:41 And we operate under HUD's rules and regulations governing

11:06:45 the Housing Authority itself.

11:06:46 All of our funding generally comes from HUD.

11:06:48 And this is where the foundation grants or other public

11:06:53 grants that might be available to us.

11:06:54 So all of our funding comes from that location.

11:07:00 We have got a $40 million operation.

11:07:03 We have 250 employees.

11:07:07 We have relocated to new office space because we found they

11:07:10 are overcrowded and people not having privacy, and started

11:07:14 getting a lot of complaints from residents that they didn't

11:07:16 have privacy to meet with counselors, social workers,

11:07:20 whatever the case may be, and that's been a good thing for

11:07:22 us, a tremendous, positive impact, and that's always

11:07:25 important.

11:07:28 We have a group of board members that set policy for the

11:07:31 Housing Authority.

11:07:33 Our funding comes from HUD primarily, and of course right

11:07:37 now we are going through neighbor sequestration, it's kind

11:07:42 of hard to pronounce that, whatever that really means, but

11:07:45 we are not sure what our funding is going to look like next

11:07:48 year. We planned for that kind of thing. We made decisions

11:07:50 years ago that HUD funding, we are going to end up being

11:07:55 short on the funding anyway, and we started planning a

11:07:58 number of years ago.

11:07:58 So we don't anticipate, now, some of the issues that are

11:08:01 going on in Washington, have a negative impact on us.

11:08:04 However, you know, even though saying that, it don't does

11:08:07 not necessarily mean it may or may not happen.

11:08:10 But I will say this to you, and Leroy did a heck of a job in

11:08:13 giving you an overview of where we are.

11:08:15 We are very sensitive to the needs of our Rebs residents.

11:08:19 It's important to us that relocation is handle correctly.

11:08:22 And as you said earlier, I think it's the most important

11:08:25 part is that we learned from the T relocation process.

11:08:28 We got into this business of relocating.

11:08:30 And we relocated probably 4 or 5,000 families over the last

11:08:34 several years.

11:08:34 And I think that as we got more and more into this, we found

11:08:38 out that there was more and more that we needed to learn.

11:08:41 And we started doing that.

11:08:44 We have become developers.

11:08:46 We are not just a housing authority.

11:08:48 As a matter of fact, I wish we could change our name.

11:08:51 Because I really think we are more of a redevelopment

11:08:53 authority than anything else to be quite honest with you,

11:08:56 and housing is just part of that.

11:08:58 We are doing other things.

11:08:59 Right now, we also have a statewide contract for section 8.

11:09:04 The it's close to other 100 developments over the State of

11:09:09 Florida.

11:09:09 So we are doing a lot in the community.

11:09:11 We have a tremendous economic impact on the city.

11:09:14 I also think it's important, too, just to say to you that

11:09:18 while we go through relocation, it's extremely important to

11:09:21 us that residents have an opportunity to come back.

11:09:27 And those rules are outlined early in the process.

11:09:29 We found out nationally that less than 15 to 20% of

11:09:33 residents want to come back.

11:09:34 And some of the reasons happen to be that I have moved, I

11:09:37 don't want to move again.

11:09:38 My kids are in the right school.

11:09:39 I like my neighborhood.

11:09:41 So I don't really need your help in any area.

11:09:44 But one of the good things about our process, we continue to

11:09:48 provide supportive services to our residents who moved out.

11:09:52 It been a five-year process now.

11:09:54 Some housing authorities around the country chose a short

11:10:01 term basis.

11:10:01 We chose a long-term basis.

11:10:03 We feel it's very important for our residents to have an

11:10:06 opportunity to move back or every opportunity to move out

11:10:08 and purchase their own home, and I think it's important that

11:10:13 whatever we do, and however we do it that we maintain

11:10:16 sensitivity to the people that we serve, and it happens to

11:10:19 be our residents.

11:10:20 Our board has made it very clear to us that that's priority

11:10:24 for them, too.

11:10:25 And we have a representative on our board.

11:10:28 And I think that's important.

11:10:29 I think at the end of the day, over the last -- it's

11:10:33 interesting, we talked about this the other day.

11:10:35 I have been around almost 15 years.

11:10:37 Gosh, time goes by fast.

11:10:40 Seems like I just got here.

11:10:42 But as you can see I have got gray hair.

11:10:44 I didn't have any gray hair.

11:10:46 And I hadn't lost it before I moved here.

11:10:48 But I will say this to you.

11:10:50 That we have a great group of people that work for us, and

11:10:55 it's very sensitive, and has taken us 14, 15 years to

11:11:00 assemble the right team in this community, to do the kind of

11:11:02 things that we want to do. And we are very pleased with.

11:11:05 That we are moving in the right direction.

11:11:07 HUD has announced us a high performing agency.

11:11:11 There's not a lot in the country.

11:11:13 There's 4,000 in the country and we are one of the 3 or 400

11:11:18 high performance that scored 90 and above in evaluations and

11:11:21 all of that.

11:11:21 I'm very pleased with that.

11:11:22 (Bell sounds)

11:11:23 So I'll say to you that, you know, in my opinion, and not

11:11:28 just in my opinion, but I guess in my opinion the way I see

11:11:31 this is, we are probably the best Housing Authority in the

11:11:34 country.

11:11:34 I make no bones about this.

11:11:36 I think we have the best group of people in the country to

11:11:39 do what needs to be done.

11:11:40 So, you know, to that end, we are going to make sure that

11:11:44 residents are served properly, going to make sure the

11:11:47 community is served properly, and do everything by the book.

11:11:49 So I just thank you for allowing me to be here.

11:11:52 I hadn't planned on speaking.

11:11:55 I was leaving that up to Leroy.

11:11:57 This is his thing.

11:11:58 But I it's important that you know we do operate as a team.

11:12:01 And Leroy is like my right hand person.

11:12:04 And I'm comfortable leaving town and leaving him in charge.

11:12:09 I'm just comfortable with it.

11:12:11 We have been together for a long time. We go all the way

11:12:13 back -- as a matter of fact I gave him his first job in

11:12:16 Memphis.

11:12:16 We have been together ever since, you know.

11:12:18 By the way, I hear a lot in the community that I am not from

11:12:24 Tampa but I pay my taxes here.

11:12:26 I want everybody to know that.

11:12:27 I pay my taxes here, I always have, and I am a member of

11:12:30 this community, and a guy said yesterday, he's not from

11:12:41 Tampa.

11:12:41 I am from Tampa.

11:12:43 Spent as many money in this community.

11:12:46 And I want to let you know that we are here to do what needs

11:12:48 to be done.

11:12:49 We'll work with anybody we need to work with to make at

11:12:52 smooth transition.

11:12:53 Again, thank you.

11:12:53 >> Thank you.

11:12:55 Councilman Reddick has a question.

11:12:56 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's the reason I wanted to call you up

11:13:03 here.

11:13:03 I was not going to a let you to sit there and not be heard.

11:13:07 It's not often that I have a fraternity brother stand before

11:13:10 council.

11:13:11 So I wasn't going to let that go by.

11:13:14 Mr. Ryan, you praised a lot of people.

11:13:18 I want to give some praise to your board.

11:13:22 Done an outstanding job working with you.

11:13:24 >> Absolutely.

11:13:24 We couldn't do the things that we do without our board.

11:13:27 We have -- one of the things, in this business, you know,

11:13:31 boards can be a hindrance.

11:13:33 I will be very honest with you about that.

11:13:35 But we have the most supportive board in this community.

11:13:38 And I talk to housing authorities around the country and

11:13:43 they always talk about boards being a hindrance.

11:13:46 We have a great board and providing the guidance and

11:13:49 protection we need and give us the flexibility to do what we

11:13:52 do.

11:13:52 That doesn't necessarily mean they are always happy about

11:13:54 the things that we do.

11:13:55 But I will tell you this, the group that we have now is a

11:13:59 tremendous group, and they give us the support that we need

11:14:02 and allow us the flexibility to do what needs to be done in

11:14:04 the community and that's important to us.

11:14:10 It's just one of those siss.

11:14:12 I'm fortunate to have the board that I have.

11:14:15 >>YVONNE CAPIN: It is obvious that the board -- you arrived

11:14:19 in 1999, was it?

11:14:22 >> Yes.

11:14:23 Close to '99.

11:14:26 I guess '99.

11:14:28 >> There may be some people even on this board, with the

11:14:34 exception -- well, the Housing Authority and the -- prior to

11:14:39 your arrival was in incredible disarray, incredible

11:14:48 disarray, and I have to say I had the pleasure of touring

11:14:51 all of the housing authority projects, rentals, and was so

11:15:01 impressed with the look of making these places look like all

11:15:10 the other places you would rent.

11:15:12 It does not screen out low-income or -- and it's very

11:15:19 important to the residents there, that they are just like --

11:15:22 and they are just like everyone else.

11:15:25 They are just in a situation where they have less money at

11:15:29 this time in their life.

11:15:31 So I want -- I do have to commend you on that, because I

11:15:38 particularly was aware of the Housing Authority prior to

11:15:40 your arrival.

11:15:42 My husband worked there for a short time, and it was, as

11:15:52 many people know, the prior president went to prison, and

11:15:59 rightfully so.

11:16:00 So what you inherited and what we have today is a -- I

11:16:05 cannot tell you.

11:16:05 And I don't know that many people can appreciate or realize

11:16:11 where we were and where we have come to today.

11:16:14 So I want to just commend you on that.

11:16:16 >> Thank you.

11:16:20 We have been very fortunate.

11:16:20 We have a good group of people, a great board, and I'm not

11:16:24 going to say a great group of people but a great group of

11:16:28 honest people.

11:16:29 And there is a difference.

11:16:30 You can have a great group of people.

11:16:31 But they are not honest.

11:16:34 You will end up in the same boat that you have ended up

11:16:36 before.

11:16:36 And I will simply say this to you, that when whether I'm

11:16:40 here or whether Leroy is here or not, we are trying to set a

11:16:43 standard in this community.

11:16:44 And you are right.

11:16:44 We have got some beautiful properties out there.

11:16:47 We still have two more properties, North Boulevard and

11:16:49 Robles Park.

11:16:50 Once we take care of those, we'll feel pretty good about

11:16:53 that.

11:16:53 But I think the real deal, we want people to come to this

11:16:56 community and not recognize public housing in this

11:16:59 community.

11:16:59 And that's always been our goal.

11:17:02 You drive through this community.

11:17:04 We don't want you to be able to point to something and say

11:17:08 that's public housing.

11:17:09 We have property all over the community.

11:17:13 But that's always been our goal and will continue to be our

11:17:16 goal.

11:17:16 That's the goal of our board.

11:17:17 And that's always been our goal.

11:17:19 We will continue to do that.

11:17:20 We will continue to make a difference in this community.

11:17:22 And we will always, always, as long as I'm sitting there,

11:17:26 you know, continue to do things the right way.

11:17:29 And that doesn't mean we won't make mistakes because it

11:17:35 will.

11:17:35 But if you do things the right way you can be successful.

11:17:39 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you for that.

11:17:40 Thank you for being here in Tampa.

11:17:41 >> Jerome Ryan: Thank you.

11:17:46 >>YVONNE CAPIN: With that, we will go on.

11:17:49 And we have the West Tampa Chamber of Commerce.

11:18:01 Mr. Ed Turanchik, and the president of the chamber.

11:18:06 Is he -- no, he's not.

11:18:08 Bob Garcia.

11:18:09 Thank you.

11:18:10 >> City Council members, thank you very much for this

11:18:14 opportunity to talk about West Tampa.

11:18:16 We do have a PowerPoint presentation to go through quickly.

11:18:22 If you will give me some instructions about how to queue

11:18:26 that up.

11:18:26 Oh, very good.

11:18:27 My name is Ed Turanchik, a board member of the West Tampa

11:18:31 Chamber of Commerce, and chairman of the economic and

11:18:33 development committee.

11:18:37 We are appreciative.

11:18:41 Frank Reddick sits as an ex-officio member on the board of

11:18:43 directors. Mr. Suarez is a member of the Chamber. With me

11:18:47 here today is also Executive Director Mr. Bob Garcia. And I

11:18:51 will introduce one other person as we go through this

11:18:54 presentation.

11:18:55 The mission of the West Tampa Chamber of Commerce is to

11:18:59 promote West Tampa chamber -- excuse me, West Tampa, as a

11:19:03 great place to live and work and do business.

11:19:07 About a year ago, our board came to the conclusion that we

11:19:11 are tired of being -- where people have driven to West Tampa

11:19:16 for decades and said, why such great potential?

11:19:22 Why is it still this way?

11:19:24 And he have one of you, I know personally, and everyone

11:19:27 around here, everyone that lives in West Tampa, what's going

11:19:33 on here?

11:19:34 Why can't this be better?

11:19:36 So we started an internal process to gather up the different

11:19:40 efforts and different ideas that have been accumulated over

11:19:42 the last ten years and put them together in what is a draft

11:19:46 economic development community plan.

11:19:48 It's really a strategy.

11:19:50 And we presented this to our membership in October.

11:19:56 I think Councilman Reddick and Councilman Capin were both at

11:20:00 that meeting.

11:20:01 We had a town hall meeting in September where there's a lot

11:20:03 of people in this audience that participated and listened to

11:20:07 us, that I think people were excited and encouraged about

11:20:10 the direction there.

11:20:12 And we are standing here today kind of in advance whereof we

11:20:16 really want to be.

11:20:17 But it's a really good idea to kind of present to council at

11:20:21 least what we have shown, talking about is a way for a

11:20:26 strategy forward that has this as its goal.

11:20:30 Five to seven years from now, West Tampa is the most

11:20:36 thriving, economically exciting and robust and most diverse

11:20:40 urban neighborhood on the west coast of Florida.

11:20:44 It should be.

11:20:46 It can be.

11:20:48 You know, we are trying to put in place the tools and

11:20:51 strategies to allow it to get there, in part by doing the

11:20:56 things that encourage people to want to live there, want to

11:20:59 be there, wanted to do business there, want to visit there,

11:21:01 and want to invest there.

11:21:02 So I think we will go through this presentation very

11:21:06 quickly.

11:21:08 this is a draft plan.

11:21:13 We are going to talk about our outreach.

11:21:16 It has three elements, marking, economic development,

11:21:20 transit activity.

11:21:21 Our notion is to talk about and come back and working with

11:21:29 council and the city and everyone else, say here what we

11:21:31 have found.

11:21:33 And it's just our particular view.

11:21:35 We start off, though, where is West Tampa?

11:21:37 When I was doing Intown home and selling homes in West

11:21:42 Tampa, we are in West Tampa, people think it's town and

11:21:45 country.

11:21:46 People in Pinellas County think it's Oldsmar.

11:21:48 Well, you know, where is West Tampa?

11:21:51 We generally define it as the area of Kennedy, up Dale

11:21:54 Mabry, south of Hillsborough, and east of the river.

11:21:58 And there's been some confusion.

11:22:01 We are stepping into stuff that the Housing Authority is

11:22:04 doing.

11:22:04 We are not.

11:22:05 That's very important to us as we'll get to.

11:22:08 We are talking about the broader West Tampa community.

11:22:10 Whatever parts of the branding approaches, the signage

11:22:13 program and entryway program, you are in West Tampa.

11:22:16 This is not to take away from neighborhoods.

11:22:18 South Tampa has a lot of neighborhood.

11:22:20 East Tampa has a lot of neighborhood.

11:22:21 But there are places called East Tampa and West Tampa.

11:22:24 So we would like to figure out a signage program.

11:22:27 By the way, Alvarez will lead up that working committee.

11:22:31 We would like to create a historic building and illumination

11:22:35 program.

11:22:35 There's five or six really astounding, magnificent historic

11:22:40 structures.

11:22:40 Let's figure out a way to highlight them.

11:22:42 One of them is, as you will see, is the Alvarez cigar

11:22:49 company, a bell tower with a clock on it.

11:22:52 We would like to figure out a way to get that illuminated,

11:22:55 working and chiming.

11:22:57 The bells go off.

11:22:58 It's part of creating place.

11:23:00 You can see it from everywhere.

11:23:02 We have also want to do a eating guide to West Tampa.

11:23:10 There are more independently owned small business, ethnic

11:23:13 restaurants in West Tampa than anyplace in the west coast of

11:23:16 Florida.

11:23:17 But no one knows it.

11:23:18 (Bell sounds)

11:23:19 When businesses come in to town they should say, I can go to

11:23:23 ARCOs, I can go to West Tampa sandwich shop.

11:23:27 It should be part of the grid talent of opportunities and

11:23:31 things that you can do in Tampa.

11:23:32 >>HARRY COHEN: Let me just say, Mr. Turanchik, all of these

11:23:38 are going over the five minutes and I am trying to allow

11:23:40 leeway.

11:23:40 I want to point out to everyone that it is 11:20.

11:23:44 >> We have two University of South Florida students, Jacob,

11:23:53 pat Anderson Jordan corrales who is going to be working on

11:24:00 this.

11:24:00 There's an economic development strategy that has to do with

11:24:03 creating value.

11:24:04 The West Tampa riverfront redevelopment project, Mr. Moore,

11:24:10 Mr. Ryan talked about, we think it's very exciting, very

11:24:14 port pore for the future of West Tampa.

11:24:16 We do have some specific objectives that we think should be

11:24:19 created.

11:24:20 You need to understand in the 352 acres boarded by the

11:24:24 Hillsborough River, Columbus, Armenia, and the interstate,

11:24:29 the total tax-assessed value is $57 million this year.

11:24:35 There are two apartment complexes being built a half mile

11:24:38 and a mile south of that property which have a construction

11:24:41 value of $100 million.

11:24:44 This whole area between downtown, airport on the river, is

11:24:51 everyone is talking about increased tax base, increased tax

11:24:54 base.

11:24:54 This is a great opportunity where you can do some

11:24:57 spectacular stuff.

11:24:58 We do have some standards we are recommending, the Housing

11:25:02 Authority, the city and everyone else, Riverwalk, open the

11:25:07 river to the neighborhood to the west.

11:25:08 It should be mixed use, mixed income.

11:25:12 Don't think about -- and this may be a difference of opinion

11:25:14 between the different constituencies -- just because there

11:25:17 are 821 low-income units, household there now, doesn't mean

11:25:23 all 821 need to be rebuilt on 40 acres.

11:25:26 West Tampa has a lot of low-income in it before you even

11:25:29 talk about the Housing Authority.

11:25:32 West Tampa is very interested in having an economically more

11:25:35 diverse community where we also totally have the Housing

11:25:40 Authority's goals, 100% replacement in doing it in a sound,

11:25:44 efficient way.

11:25:44 We think the community redevelopment district has to be

11:25:50 grated, figure out how to handle parking in West Tampa.

11:25:53 What's circled there is the Sicilian club, the sister of the

11:25:56 Italian club in Ybor City.

11:25:58 Now how much land it has for parking?

11:26:01 Nine inches.

11:26:02 How can you ever economically get that going unless there is

11:26:06 a parking strategy?

11:26:08 And we think there needs to be a parking utility created.

11:26:11 There's a lot of different components to this program.

11:26:13 We won't go into those here.

11:26:15 But we are going to come back with a full program.

11:26:17 Housing.

11:26:19 The housing problem in West Tampa and East Tampa and have

11:26:22 been else is people are underwater.

11:26:24 And the housing values have gone down.

11:26:31 You can't build new.

11:26:32 So you have many bank owned properties that are driving

11:26:35 values down.

11:26:35 We think a strong program with a home ownership program with

11:26:40 a lot of people to buy, these bank owned industrial

11:26:44 properties, home owners to buy them, rehabilitate them and

11:26:47 move them and pay less than they have to pay in rent.

11:26:49 So we are going to pursue that option.

11:26:51 We also want to look at relaxation of government fees, at

11:26:56 least temporarily, the housing prices come down.

11:27:00 Last piece is transit and community connectivity.

11:27:03 And I would like to also acknowledge that Ahib Amib is here

11:27:04 and Jacob Lee from the University of South Florida Community

11:27:11 Development Plant will be working on this effort.

11:27:16 USF has two sets of students that are going to be helping

11:27:19 the West Tampa effort.

11:27:20 This last piece goes to really creating transit village that

11:27:23 connects all the great assets between the airport and

11:27:27 downtown.

11:27:28 Shown here on the red a major redevelopment area, large or

11:27:34 larger parcels where there's a lot of economic interest of

11:27:39 doing things.

11:27:41 Our goal -- and we talked about this in 2006 -- and started

11:27:46 to push it but it all got caught up in the back wash of the

11:27:51 big county tax program.

11:27:52 It's the thing called midtown shuttle to provide exemplary

11:27:57 transit service from the airport to Channelside.

11:28:02 Wi-Fi, that could you actually build transit oriented signs

11:28:10 around.

11:28:11 Let me go through this very fast.

11:28:12 This is just a concept we are working with Hart on.

11:28:16 We are going to work with property appraiser on funding

11:28:18 aspects.

11:28:19 But shuttles.

11:28:21 You can see the yellow line goes from Channelside.

11:28:24 Next a line shown here, it's the last point connects the

11:28:30 hospital complex at Tampa General, to the HCC complex.

11:28:35 The end result of this is that anyone who lives, works or

11:28:39 visits in this area would have within five blocks of

11:28:43 wherever they are a transit service that is running all the

11:28:47 time, and the other good part is it provides great internal

11:28:52 service for Westshore and dewpoint where buses would be

11:28:54 going by every five to six minutes.

11:28:56 Talk about making connections between the Westshore

11:28:59 restaurants and the convention center, tying all these

11:29:02 assets together is one of the consents.

11:29:05 The funding issues related to it, how do you pay for it?

11:29:09 Possible county sales tax, municipal sales tax referendum, a

11:29:14 special assessment district with the notion that it will

11:29:17 also be supported with a transit TIF, which the city of

11:29:20 Gainesville used effectively.

11:29:21 I can provide details as we go you go through this.

11:29:27 We are just giving you an overview.

11:29:32 Another component is bus rapid transit, the notion of this

11:29:35 blue line, between 2016, 2018, the median of the interstate

11:29:41 is going to be available.

11:29:42 They have some roadways there.

11:29:43 What a great opportunity to provide high frequency bus

11:29:46 service between downtown, Westshore and the airport.

11:29:50 The last thing is start doing transit oriented sites around

11:29:57 it.

11:30:00 That end up, ladies and gentlemen, if we can do this, this

11:30:05 is where people want to be, this is where the market will

11:30:08 be, unparalleled in Florida, that you can grow on, you can

11:30:12 live on, and meets some of the goals, getting residents to

11:30:17 go live and work.

11:30:18 And we are going to try to work a very detailed business

11:30:21 plan with the help of our USF students.

11:30:27 By the way, he's a Ph.D. student at University of South

11:30:30 Florida.

11:30:31 Finally we are going to try to do as much neighborhood

11:30:33 outreach as we can.

11:30:34 We have a volunteer working.

11:30:38 Natashi is here on the committee.

11:30:42 Tray to reach out as much as we can.

11:30:44 And come back in the sum we are some detailed

11:30:46 recommendations.

11:30:46 Thank you very much.

11:30:48 Sorry I took so much time.

11:30:50 I think a lot of people have seen this.

11:31:10 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Tampa is right in the center continue.

11:31:13 Do we need to ask for an extension?

11:31:15 >>HARRY COHEN: No.

11:31:16 But we are at 11:30 and we have one more workshop after this

11:31:19 one.

11:31:20 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.

11:31:21 We have from the neighborhood association, we have Steven

11:31:30 Vanetta from old West Tampa neighborhood association.

11:31:36 If he would like to come up and say a few word.

11:31:38 >> Mike Vanetta, old West Tampa neighborhood association.

11:31:42 >> All right.

11:31:47 >> Steven Michael.

11:31:48 >> Steven Michael.

11:31:49 Thank you.

11:31:50 >> Kind of changing the subject a little bit.

11:31:53 I thought this workshop -- I knew it was going to be on

11:31:57 redevelopment, but we also have a noise problem in the

11:31:59 neighborhood which you are aware of.

11:32:03 I think you mentioned that you came to our neighborhood with

11:32:06 the police department to do a little survey, and they had to

11:32:09 rush you back to the car because of gunshots at the time.

11:32:20 I have been talking to Tampa PD on a regular basis and what

11:32:23 we have noticed is this year the noise on the weekends is

11:32:26 actually slowed down.

11:32:27 It's become fairly quiet.

11:32:42 Normally because I'm the president of the association people

11:32:44 call me at 2:00, 3:00 in the morning.

11:32:46 And normally what's happening when people leave the bars on

11:32:49 Main Street, they get into their cars, or they go through

11:32:52 the parking lot and they continue to drink and they open

11:32:57 their car doors and they play the music so the music is

11:33:00 actually not coming from the bars, it's coming from the cars

11:33:03 that are in the parking lots.

11:33:06 I know Tampa PD has changed the way that they are patrolling

11:33:11 the area.

11:33:12 It seems to have slowed down.

11:33:14 I did get a phone call this week, that said Sunday at 3:00

11:33:20 in the morning that there was one car that was on union,

11:33:24 which would be just north of Main Street that was playing

11:33:29 really loud music there up until about 4:00 in the morning.

11:33:36 The trash is another problem that we have.

11:33:40 It seems like the bars -- we find a lot of red cups where I

11:33:49 think the patrons there are taking their drinks beings and

11:33:52 they are leaving the bars and they are going out and

11:33:57 necessity just throw the cups on the ground when they are

11:33:59 done.

11:34:02 It seems like about 10:00 in the morning, though, the bars

11:34:06 have cleaned up the streets at that point.

11:34:08 It was really bad.

11:34:10 And I have sent pictures to City Council a couple of years

11:34:14 ago, I think it was, with the station lounge.

11:34:19 And then it was shut down for a short amount of time.

11:34:22 And now it's opened back up.

11:34:24 It seems to be better over there.

11:34:28 The other thing that we seem to have -- and I'm not sure

11:34:31 what they are doing out there -- but we have a bunch of

11:34:34 loitering on Main Street, where they just sit out, or in

11:34:40 most cases instead of people staying inside the bar and

11:34:47 drinking, they are on the sidewalk.

11:34:49 And I don't really see too many people out there drinking,

11:34:53 with drinks in their hand, but they are just outside kind of

11:34:58 meandering around.

11:35:00 A lot of times walk across the street in front of you.

11:35:03 And it gets a little dangerous there because they are not --

11:35:06 they won't stop for you.

11:35:08 You have to stop for them.

11:35:12 And so I kind of thought that's what this part of what this

11:35:17 discussion was.

11:35:18 >> Councilman Reddick.

11:35:19 >> Absolutely.

11:35:22 It is about the neighborhood.

11:35:23 You're right.

11:35:23 >>FRANK REDDICK: What hours of the day are you speaking of

11:35:27 when you speak -- what hours of the day?

11:35:33 >> Well, pretty much all day.

11:35:42 4:30, 5:00 it seems like it gets, you know, a little bit

11:35:46 more, until, you know, until they close.

11:35:52 >> During the time you are speaking, the bar is open during

11:35:57 those hours?

11:35:58 >> Yes.

11:35:59 It seems like the bar gets busier around 4:00.

11:36:04 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's Monday through the weekdays?

11:36:06 >> Most days, yes.

11:36:07 >> Thank you.

11:36:12 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you for your time.

11:36:16 Next we have -- I have to get this in order here.

11:36:21 Oh, I missed.

11:36:24 I'm sorry.

11:36:25 Ruth McNair from the West Tampa riverfront neighborhood.

11:36:29 You know, I'm in denial, and I sometimes refuse to put my

11:36:32 reading glasses on, so I apologize.

11:36:34 >>MARY MULHERN: I what was going to say I don't know how

11:36:39 you missed her with her beautiful purple colors.

11:36:41 >> Good morning.

11:36:46 I'm happy to be here.

11:36:48 I'm Ruth McNair, and a resident of West Tampa since 1947.

11:36:54 And it has been 54 years, will be 55 years this coming May.

11:37:05 And I definitely love West Tampa.

11:37:07 And I am excited about the new things, but I'm hoping it's

11:37:15 going to be new things for our neighborhood.

11:37:19 I'm not going anywhere. I want you to know I will be

11:37:23 watching everything that goes on and I will be a part of it.

11:37:26 But I want to see all the good things down to where I live.

11:37:30 Thank you very much for having us here today.

11:37:33 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you for being here.

11:37:37 And next we have Jerry Scaglione representing MacFarlane

11:37:43 park neighborhood association.

11:38:01 >> Good more than, afternoon.

11:38:03 Jerry Scaglione with MacFarlane park.

11:38:06 First I would like to thank have been for helping us fund

11:38:09 our gazebo roof.

11:38:10 Really appreciate.

11:38:11 That we are really concerned about getting that done.

11:38:13 Thanks to you guys we got it done.

11:38:15 Thank you.

11:38:18 I want to echo vanetta's thing about noise.

11:38:23 Is there any way we can look -- I know when TPD tells me

11:38:27 that the noise ordinance was struck down by the Supreme

11:38:29 Court.

11:38:31 Is there any way we can look at addressing the loud music at

11:38:35 night?

11:38:37 Maybe up to 10 or 11 you can live with.

11:38:41 >> Councilman Suarez wanted to break in for a second.

11:38:44 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thanks for bringing that up.

11:38:46 We are going to be discussing that coming up.

11:38:49 The attorneys are looking at how we can craft some type of

11:38:53 ordinance in relation to what the Supreme Court has already

11:38:57 said, and how we can enforce some type of noise ordinance.

11:39:01 So we are trying to fit it into what state laws now said by

11:39:05 virtue of the Supreme Court decision.

11:39:07 And we are going to be discussing that.

11:39:10 I think in the March 28th workshop.

11:39:15 So that will be coming up.

11:39:16 So we are already starting to look at that.

11:39:18 But we appreciate you mentioning that, and Mr. Vanetta

11:39:24 bringing that up, too, because now that they made a

11:39:26 decision, now we can move forward and try to figure out how

11:39:30 our ordinance can fit into state law so it don't get thrown

11:39:33 out of court.

11:39:34 >> Maybe a time span would work better.

11:39:38 I don't know.

11:39:39 But whatever you can do on that we certainly would

11:39:41 appreciate.

11:39:41 Because like him, I hear music from miles away.

11:39:45 The other thing I wanted to talk about beings and I have

11:39:48 seen all these plans about the west bank and everything.

11:39:51 I live in this area.

11:39:52 And even now traffic is a huge problem.

11:39:55 Our neighborhood getting in and out, going north and south

11:40:00 on Columbus.

11:40:05 Main and Howard.

11:40:06 I would like to get out to where we can handle this traffic

11:40:09 or at least be addressed, before we start redevelopment.

11:40:14 You are talking about possibly doubling the number or

11:40:18 tripling the number of people in that whole area.

11:40:20 And right now, it's getting out of there between four and

11:40:24 six on Columbus drive.

11:40:26 It's crazy.

11:40:27 We used to have a traffic light on Fremont and Columbus that

11:40:31 was activated when somebody had to get across.

11:40:34 I think that's critical.

11:40:38 And I would like to thank you for having us over.

11:40:42 I appreciate everything you all do.

11:40:43 Thank you.

11:40:47 >>YVONNE CAPIN: That's the three neighborhood associations

11:40:48 that were invited.

11:40:50 And not only, I would suggest, that you come back for the

11:40:54 noise ordinance March 28th, but February 28th we are

11:40:57 having a workshop on alcoholic permitting.

11:41:00 And I think that's a very important component to what you

11:41:02 all are referring to here.

11:41:05 So I would suggest -- as a matter of fact, I will invite a

11:41:10 few of you back.

11:41:15 Now, we are -- Ernest coney of CDC of Tampa along with Joe

11:41:27 Robinson and Michael Randolph and Dwight bolden is here of

11:41:30 the West Tampa CDC.

11:41:33 So I understand that you all are collaborating.

11:41:36 So I would like for you all to come up together, please.

11:41:55 >> Enest Coney, president and CEO of City of Tampa.

11:42:00 >> And Michael Randolph, West Tampa CDC economic development

11:42:04 director.

11:42:04 >> Mr. Bowman had to leave. My name is Zachary Johns.

11:42:09 I'm actually standing in for him for his group.

11:42:11 >> I wanted to quickly kind of bring some of the components.

11:42:18 The neighborhood associations kind of outlined the problems

11:42:21 that are plaguing the neighborhood currently.

11:42:23 And the chamber kind of showed a vision of what it could be.

11:42:27 The theme that's in between that is the CDC and why that's

11:42:31 important to really gain that focus and traction to get to

11:42:35 that vision where you want to go to.

11:42:37 So I want to quickly show you a couple PowerPoint slides.

11:42:41 Number one, CDC helped transform and stabilize community.

11:42:46 Some of the characteristics, number one, it's community

11:42:48 driven.

11:42:48 Actually have board members who are residents on the

11:42:50 community so we are invested in the communities both

11:42:53 long-term.

11:42:54 There is a study of 23 cities, and showed that you have a

11:42:57 CDC that focused on the neighborhood, the property values in

11:43:00 that neighborhood went up.

11:43:02 And also some of the economic development programs that are

11:43:04 contained within.

11:43:07 This shows some of the assets of community development

11:43:09 organization.

11:43:10 One thing you really want to have is an anchor for building

11:43:14 community wealth so that programs can continue, home

11:43:17 ownership can continue, everything job training and

11:43:20 placement programs continue in our neighborhood.

11:43:22 Sometimes when you give all the money to the private sector,

11:43:25 downtown have an opportunity to have an anchor in the

11:43:27 community.

11:43:31 This shows some of the programs that we have outlined.

11:43:34 You talk about job training, we brought over $240 million in

11:43:39 job salaries to the City of Tampa.

11:43:43 Talk about disposable income, that's over $100 million of

11:43:46 disposable income.

11:43:47 Technical assistance, home ownership, having over 600 people

11:43:51 have mortgages which represent property taxes, over 1.3

11:43:57 million in property taxes between home ownership center and

11:44:00 foreclosure preferential service.

11:44:05 Some community building and organizing.

11:44:08 Of course, Councilman Reddick was really industrial in

11:44:11 helping us with our gun buyback program.

11:44:14 These are initials tiffs that the community talked about and

11:44:17 we can galvanize community support around.

11:44:20 These are some pictures of the single-family homes

11:44:23 development.

11:44:23 If you make $8.40 an hour, you have two people in that

11:44:27 household, you can afford new home ownership.

11:44:31 And that's really central and really making sure the

11:44:33 neighborhoods are stabilized.

11:44:37 Commercial development.

11:44:39 36,000 square feet.

11:44:42 It's really important to make sure you have retail.

11:44:44 The CDC helped other nonprofits, DACO, leased to banks,

11:44:52 leased to other staffing companies to really help stabilize

11:44:57 communities.

11:45:00 This shows a tale of two cities.

11:45:02 On the left-hand side is before and on the right is the

11:45:05 after.

11:45:05 You can imagine the impact the CDC has in the neighborhood.

11:45:10 These are some of the other commercial developments.

11:45:12 We talked about having vendor issues with people outside

11:45:15 just selling stuff.

11:45:16 At the top right is our open air market.

11:45:18 You bring all those vendors under one location to sell their

11:45:21 goods.

11:45:24 This is just an example of how you do projects.

11:45:30 Once you get going, other investments start happening.

11:45:33 We helped bring in Fifth Third Bank, partnership with the

11:45:37 City of Tampa and Ed Johnson in our CRA TIF district.

11:45:42 We are getting ready to do a grocery store as well.

11:45:47 Multifamily development.

11:45:50 One of the first housing projects that really anchored East

11:45:52 Tampa.

11:45:53 After that Hope VI AIM came to the Housing Authority and

11:45:57 then HUD units were brought into the private sector but

11:45:59 before that was built in a one wanted to build new in East

11:46:01 Tampa.

11:46:04 This is just a picture of some of the housing, affordable

11:46:07 housing.

11:46:09 Decent and affordable but it's beautiful.

11:46:11 You can't tell it's low income, or it sits in a very rich

11:46:15 neighborhood.

11:46:18 This is just another picture of some of the other housing

11:46:21 development projects.

11:46:22 And we just encapsulate all of this in sort of a Nehemiah

11:46:26 approach, that East Tampa, West Tampa, Sulphur Springs can

11:46:30 be rebuilt, and that we be know more reproach in the city.

11:46:42 >> So the presence of West Tampa, I'm trying to show the

11:46:50 West Tampa Community Development Corporation, Columbus, down

11:46:57 to Kennedy, over to the Hillsborough arrive, over to Himes.

11:47:09 West Tampa is very unique in that there are self types of --

11:47:16 I think I sent you a presentation.

11:47:18 You probably can see this better.

11:47:21 Em fa citing economic development to expand in West Tampa.

11:47:24 One is the unified accident. The unified zone in West Tampa

11:47:28 is limited.

11:47:29 If we could explain it more, we can increase the

11:47:31 redevelopment in West Tampa.

11:47:33 Also in West Tampa, there is what's known as a tax free

11:47:39 impact zone that we need to expand to bring businesses into

11:47:43 West Tampa.

11:47:49 I realize folks have been around all day.

11:47:53 This is a initiative called the Main Street initiative that

11:47:56 the CDC wants, and the whole commercial district.

11:48:04 Related to critical issues in West Tampa, we have

11:48:09 unemployment, underemployment, we have limited things to do

11:48:17 in West Tampa.

11:48:20 Last year, there was a meeting that the mayor gave.

11:48:27 (Bell sounds)

11:48:30 Some of the conversations going on there was what is needed

11:48:34 to make the deal work, and emphasize importance of the CDC

11:48:38 as partner strategy.

11:48:40 As a matter of fact, the federal government has a special

11:48:45 definition for CDCs because they see them as a separate

11:48:48 entity.

11:48:49 And this is the definition that the federal government has

11:48:52 as relates to CDC.

11:48:54 We believe the community development you need to talk about

11:49:01 economic development, social development, and fiscal

11:49:06 development.

11:49:06 All these strategies at the same time to have economic

11:49:09 development in a particular community.

11:49:14 Economic development has a three part strategy.

11:49:23 Related to economic development, we are looking at

11:49:24 commercial revitalization, core development,

11:49:27 entrepreneurship.

11:49:36 This particular slide talks about the highlights of West

11:49:40 Tampa, economic development.

11:49:46 I realize that I don't have much time left for me.

11:49:51 So I am going as fast as I can.

11:49:55 How do we really do economic development in West Tampa?

11:50:01 Asset mapping.

11:50:02 Asset mapping includes economic development, community

11:50:06 organizing, combined together to increase -- and combined to

11:50:14 a strategy through economic development.

11:50:23 One of those strategies is to do neighborhood inventory.

11:50:26 For example, is it people who that have electricity?

11:50:39 We want to have all these people named so when jobs come to

11:50:44 West Tampa we can connect the jobs.

11:50:46 Yesterday, we had a meeting for West Tampa.

11:50:59 Put together to say, these are the jobs we have, or if a

11:51:06 business comes to West Tampa, whatever the case might be, we

11:51:15 want to have jobs in West Tampa to identify skill sets when

11:51:21 a business comes to West Tampa, we can refer those people to

11:51:24 the jobs.

11:51:26 The other thing we want to do is properties in West Tampa

11:51:33 and type of things.

11:51:35 What we have been able to do so far with the help of the

11:51:37 city is to identify, commercial as well as residential.

11:51:50 Okay, I'm going to speed it on up.

11:52:01 The City of Tampa has the social compact, to look at what is

11:52:06 the true value of a neighborhood?

11:52:13 Moving right along.

11:52:16 These are some of the tax incentives for folks to come into

11:52:25 West Tampa.

11:52:26 >>HARRY COHEN: Sir, now what?

11:52:28 We have the full handout here from your presentation.

11:52:32 And I can see that in each of these different areas it goes

11:52:36 into a great deal of detail.

11:52:38 I think it would be best for us to actually read this

11:52:41 offline rather than go through all the slides.

11:52:44 >> The only thing I want to conclude --

11:52:48 >>HARRY COHEN: Sure.

11:52:51 Let me finish.

11:52:52 Councilwoman Montelione, a question.

11:52:54 >> The thing I wanted to talk about real quickly.

11:52:59 Whenever you are doing a project, it always comes down to

11:53:03 the money.

11:53:09 The community grant.

11:53:12 From the federal government it comes out -- the Community

11:53:18 Development Corporation for any type of development in a

11:53:21 distressed neighborhood.

11:53:22 One of the things to do that is come up with things in West

11:53:27 Tampa, especially for small businesses that come to my

11:53:31 office, they say, Mike, I need $1,000, $2,000 in order to

11:53:35 get a refrigerator.

11:53:39 With this here, we can actually provide them with dollars to

11:53:43 do that particular project.

11:53:45 >>HARRY COHEN: Let me ask Councilwoman Montelione ask her

11:53:48 question, if you don't mind.

11:53:49 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

11:53:55 I had the pleasure to speak with Mr. Randolph the other day.

11:54:00 And I have spoken with Ernest, Coney many times about.

11:54:05 This actually, this is the combination question for both of

11:54:09 you.

11:54:09 Enest, how many CDFIs exhibit within the Tampa area?

11:54:13 >> I don't know exactly how many but I think there's at

11:54:17 least two that I know of, neighborhood lending is one,

11:54:21 Florida community loan fund, of course, is another important

11:54:24 one.

11:54:24 But we are a CDE so we can apply for knew market tax credits

11:54:29 in the CDE.

11:54:30 >> Okay.

11:54:31 And the community loan fund from what I know that is a

11:54:34 residential-based lending.

11:54:37 So really in the business market, small business market, we

11:54:40 only have one CDFI, neighborhood funding partners, and your

11:54:49 CDE -- this is alphabet soup -- and is there any way --

11:54:57 because there's a workshop and I'm always looking to see

11:54:59 what action we can take.

11:55:01 Is there any way that we can help bring attention to how to

11:55:11 achieve loans from the CDFI, and how to work with the CDE?

11:55:19 Because a lot of people don't know these opportunities are

11:55:21 there for them or how to get in touch with them.

11:55:24 So is there anything that we can do that would help

11:55:30 businesses who need the help, in touch with those who

11:55:34 provide it?

11:55:34 >> I think that we can probably look at creating a

11:55:37 collaborative -- one of our organizations, we actually do a

11:55:43 lot of lending to small businesses.

11:55:45 So it's both the CDFI, new market fund, as well as Small

11:55:50 Business Administration as well.

11:55:51 >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Capin just asked if she could

11:55:55 make a comment.

11:55:57 >>YVONNE CAPIN: (off microphone) if I can ask your

11:56:01 indulgence there is one more speaker and I want to make sure

11:56:04 we get that speaker in.

11:56:05 I want to make sure you answered your question, Councilwoman

11:56:08 Montelione.

11:56:09 But we do have a speaker.

11:56:10 And there are questions.

11:56:11 And I do believe the gentleman who was representing the

11:56:16 company that is helping with the planning at the Tampa

11:56:21 Housing Authority is no longer here.

11:56:23 And I hope that he stayed because it's really important for

11:56:28 them to -- the conclusions that we are going to come to, a

11:56:32 few of the -- to move on.

11:56:34 But --

11:56:37 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me move this thing to 12:30.

11:56:40 >> Second.

11:56:42 >>HARRY COHEN: We have a motion to extend till 12:30.

11:56:45 All in favor?

11:56:47 Opposed?

11:56:49 Councilwoman Montelione was -- let me just make a comment

11:56:54 before we continue on.

11:56:57 There is another workshop still scheduled on the Internet

11:57:01 sweepstakes cafe.

11:57:02 Councilwoman Mulhern indicated she has to leave.

11:57:05 At the pleasure of council I'm wondering if anyone is

11:57:07 interested in postponing that workshop until another day so

11:57:10 that this is the only thing that we finish the day with.

11:57:15 But I'll leave that to all of you.

11:57:17 >> I can make a comment on.

11:57:23 That being that the Internet cafe basically is a business

11:57:26 that is on the wean that we can postpone this.

11:57:37 >>HARRY COHEN: Is that a motion?

11:57:42 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I'm sorry?

11:57:43 Do we have time next week?

11:57:48 It has to be a workshop.

11:57:49 So February 28th we decided not to put anything else.

11:57:52 That is the alcoholic beverage.

11:57:54 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Council, I'm sorry.

11:58:00 I know that there is a moratorium in place.

11:58:06 If this is time sensitive --

11:58:09 >>HARRY COHEN: We are going to have to get to that.

11:58:11 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

11:58:12 I was going to point that out.

11:58:15 I actually was thinking about this.

11:58:18 The best way to move forward.

11:58:20 I was going to be asking City Council for some direction

11:58:22 today to prepare an ordinance.

11:58:23 I will tell you, I don't believe the Florida legislature is

11:58:25 going to take any action this year.

11:58:26 So as a result of that, if we are planning to take action we

11:58:30 should go ahead and take action.

11:58:32 If you would like, you can direct me to bring back an

11:58:34 ordinance within 30 days, put that under staff reports.

11:58:38 to get that ordinance to you all well ahead of time so that

11:58:42 you can take a look at that ordinance, and we can discuss it

11:58:45 at that time.

11:58:45 >>HARRY COHEN: I would like to go ahead and finish this

11:58:48 workshop and then we'll address that.

11:58:50 Councilwoman Montelione did have the floor.

11:58:52 So let's return to her.

11:58:53 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

11:58:55 Ernest.

11:59:00 Mr. Randolph.

11:59:05 Again, because I am looking for how we can help and what

11:59:09 action we can take, and I'm very interested in economic

11:59:12 development aspect of this, and the ability for people and

11:59:16 small businesses to locate throughout our city.

11:59:22 So CED is what is embedded within the Community Development

11:59:29 Corporation of Tampa.

11:59:30 >> Correct.

11:59:32 We are a community development entity.

11:59:35 CDE.

11:59:35 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So can you tell me a little bit about

11:59:42 what you do so that people who are watching can know whether

11:59:45 or not they can access your services?

11:59:48 >> Basically what the new market tax credits, you can create

11:59:52 a loan pool and actually do lending to small businesses and

11:59:57 himself use to the build facilities as well.

11:59:59 So you have a couple of options.

12:00:00 You can partner with SBA.

12:00:02 You can partner through the new market tax credit initiative

12:00:05 as well as some of the federal grants as Michael outlined.

12:00:09 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

12:00:11 And now because I was interrupted, I don't remember my other

12:00:13 question.

12:00:15 Because there was a reason I asked that, and with the

12:00:20 interruption I lost my train of thought.

12:00:22 So maybe I'll think about it.

12:00:23 That's to do --

12:00:28 >>YVONNE CAPIN: That's to do with West Tampa?

12:00:32 >> Can I emphasize one point that's critically related to

12:00:35 the CDC, related to the economic development plan?

12:00:40 Between now and June, we have the opportunity to bring in

12:00:44 over a million dollars in terms of economic development.

12:00:48 It is so key, the West Tampa CDC, to be part of the overall

12:00:57 plan.

12:00:58 It's time sensitive.

12:01:04 It deals with workforce development.

12:01:06 And then you have the state plan, the economic development

12:01:08 plan with $600,000 comes out.

12:01:12 So it critical as we begin to move forward that the

12:01:16 strategies that we have, because it's on job creation, is

12:01:19 part of the overall plan.

12:01:20 So we are talking about dollars that come in -- we don't

12:01:28 want to close it.

12:01:30 >> Thank you, Mr. Randolph.

12:01:31 Thank you very much.

12:01:33 It's a complete report.

12:01:36 I am going to ask for your indulgence, because there's

12:01:41 someone here that was on the list, which is Mr. Joe

12:01:48 Robinson.

12:01:49 And I would like to hear from him as a representative of

12:01:55 West Tampa.

12:01:56 >>HARRY COHEN: I don't see him.

12:01:59 Oh, there we go.

12:02:02 >>YVONNE CAPIN: He was hiding.

12:02:04 Thank you, Mr. Robinson.

12:02:05 >> Thank you.

12:02:08 My name is Joe Robinson.

12:02:10 I have been in West Tampa since 1962.

12:02:13 I own property there.

12:02:14 I have been involved with it.

12:02:17 Since 1980 with the original West Tampa revitalization plan.

12:02:23 And the reason I want to bring that up -- and it's not that

12:02:28 I just got in West Tampa yesterday.

12:02:30 I have been in West Tampa since 1962 when it was segregated,

12:02:34 before the civil rights act.

12:02:35 So that's another issue.

12:02:37 And I just want to show you -- and it's almost the most

12:02:44 impoverished area.

12:02:47 I happen to a consultant engineer.

12:02:51 I'm located in the heart of it.

12:02:52 Since 1980, if you look at the overhead, you will see I have

12:02:56 a lot of gray hair.

12:02:58 That's standing by the west central Espanol, the most

12:03:02 significant building that we saved after it caught fire and

12:03:04 now we have in there the Hillsborough education foundation.

12:03:08 I am coming out of retirement because I have been working

12:03:10 over at the school board.

12:03:11 I have pretty much got them straightened out.

12:03:14 I had to take a break from them.

12:03:16 But I will be coming back to City Council.

12:03:17 And I just wanted to say that everybody is asking about what

12:03:20 can we do?

12:03:22 Ms. Mulhern asked that.

12:03:23 What we can do as we need to start the City of Tampa looking

12:03:28 into the property sees of establishing the CRA TIF district.

12:03:33 And I'll tell you why.

12:03:34 There is no way West Tampa is going to be without any money.

12:03:40 There was no way West Tampa could be without CRA and not

12:03:45 having a money stream.

12:03:46 It's not going to happen.

12:03:47 That's why we have all these plans sitting on the shelf and

12:03:53 all the people with historic preservation back in the day

12:03:55 and age 30 years ago.

12:03:57 So I'm saying the West Tampa CDC, and we mention it, that we

12:04:02 teamed up with East Tampa because they have been expertise,

12:04:06 they have money, they have been doing it for a long time.

12:04:08 We have been around actually from 1999.

12:04:11 I was one of the incorporators of it and right now we're

12:04:14 redoing our board. Just to give some name, Dr. Margaret

12:04:17 Fisher, the chair; I'm the vice chair. Leroy Moore sits on

12:04:21 our board. Walter Smith, III. An environmental scientist.

12:04:25 We have got Quincy Robinson.

12:04:31 He was in here.

12:04:33 We have got Henry ballot, Jr.

12:04:35 We have got Ken Paley.

12:04:38 We have Rodriguez.

12:04:39 We have Jackson. Those are the people bringing in, and as

12:04:43 advisors we have Manny Rivero from USF, we have Janet Wild,

12:04:49 and I just want to say that's where we are, and where we

12:04:55 want to go is to the future.

12:04:57 Now, one thing that's happening in West Tampa is even back

12:05:02 in the 80s, we could never define the boundaries of West

12:05:05 Tampa.

12:05:06 It's very confusing.

12:05:07 You have the racial divide.

12:05:12 You have the Hispanic.

12:05:13 You have the African-American community.

12:05:16 It's a dividing line.

12:05:17 It's called Armenia Avenue.

12:05:18 That is what is causing some of the redevelopment not to

12:05:21 occur.

12:05:22 But we have been able to get some buildings restored, some

12:05:28 housing put in there, we have been able to get companies to

12:05:32 locate there, okay?

12:05:34 And we haven't had a CRA.

12:05:35 So if we can get the process moving, multi, long-term

12:05:40 process, to get the county and all of that.

12:05:43 So if you ask me what can you do, you can -- two, start

12:05:53 supporting the grant application was your planning

12:05:55 department and your other areas.

12:05:57 Three, support the economic incentives that are already

12:06:00 there and expand.

12:06:03 I have created every one of those maps.

12:06:05 I have been the most outspoken and vocal critic in west and

12:06:10 will do so until I am dead and in the grave.

12:06:12 So I am not going away.

12:06:13 My job is to do the complete oversight oaf the Housing

12:06:18 Authority is doing, what we are doing, what the old West

12:06:21 Tampa neighborhood is doing, what anybody is doing in West

12:06:25 Tampa.

12:06:26 I'm going to be overseeing.

12:06:28 So you can expect me to start coming down.

12:06:31 I'm through beating up on the school board.

12:06:33 And I'm ready to come down here, and I hope I don't have to

12:06:37 run for office down here, okay?

12:06:42 I want to thank Ms. Capin and definitely Frank Reddick, and

12:06:46 you are my city-wide representative, along with the other

12:06:49 guys up there.

12:06:50 You guys know me.

12:06:51 I'm not scared.

12:06:51 I'm not going anywhere.

12:06:53 And I want to say this, Mr. Reddick.

12:06:55 You asked the question about the steward foundation.

12:06:59 I was involved with the negotiations of the stored

12:07:04 foundation agreement at Riverfront Park.

12:07:09 The development came to me to figure out, we want to take

12:07:14 some property from that park.

12:07:15 That pool is underutilized.

12:07:18 Back in that time, Ruth McNair and myself, I met with him.

12:07:22 And the deal was this -- this was the deal.

12:07:24 One, we would have play time schools on the river, being

12:07:28 able to having club.

12:07:34 They had plant.

12:07:36 They had Hillsborough.

12:07:37 They had the other club.

12:07:38 I said we need a club for Blake that's on the river.

12:07:42 Don't know if Blake ever took advantage of.

12:07:44 That the building was supposed to be built.

12:07:46 It was costing 12 to 15,000 to have a rowing club.

12:07:52 So providing opportunity for fundraising.

12:07:56 The other component that we negotiated was that Mrs. McNair,

12:08:00 the old West Tampa group, would have a community location to

12:08:02 meet and have their meeting.

12:08:04 And also, they would be able to have fundraising events.

12:08:09 So that was the deal.

12:08:10 That's what the lawyers are asking.

12:08:13 We went back and forth with that agreement.

12:08:14 And that's how that agreement got done.

12:08:16 What they failed to do, what you guys found out, they never

12:08:19 built the building, okay?

12:08:21 And that was a default.

12:08:22 However, based upon that, default has not been enforced.

12:08:29 But that's how that got started and that's how they got

12:08:31 involved.

12:08:32 So with that I just want to say, I want to thank you for

12:08:34 doing this, and this was not -- and everybody, black, white,

12:08:44 Hispanic, Latino, all come together because this community

12:08:47 has been divided for years and years and years.

12:08:49 Even the line through district 5.

12:08:52 It used to be district 6 was all around this drugstore

12:08:57 because he never wanted an African-American to represent him

12:09:03 on City Council.

12:09:04 That's why that went behind Eagle drugs.

12:09:08 And because he's dead now, and because we moved that line,

12:09:14 so it didn't break up the community by race.

12:09:16 And we sort of got that straightened out.

12:09:19 So I am here to help.

12:09:21 I don't get paid.

12:09:22 Never got paid for anything I have done in West Tampa.

12:09:24 But I own property there.

12:09:25 I pay taxes there when I can.

12:09:27 And I'm not going away.

12:09:28 I want to move forward.

12:09:32 So thank you, Mr. Reddick, Mrs. Capin, and City Council

12:09:35 people for allowing to us get to this point.

12:09:37 Let's get this going, okay?

12:09:41 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.

12:09:43 I'll finish up after him.

12:09:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Robinson.

12:09:50 The way we speak on the CRA, and I was part of that process

12:09:55 in East Tampa, when this got started, and I'm looking at

12:10:03 three different entities in West Tampa.

12:10:06 And somehow, got an agreement with those three entities,

12:10:12 because someone is going to have to -- the head like East

12:10:20 Tampa partnership beings where the CRA is functioning.

12:10:24 So are you suggesting that the CRA function through the CDC?

12:10:33 >> That was my question.

12:10:34 >>FRANK REDDICK: Now you are making me lose my turn.

12:10:45 CDC of West Tampa, and you got West Tampa chamber, and West

12:10:50 Tampa merchants group.

12:10:53 So we got three different entities.

12:10:55 And I think if CRA is going to work over there, work in West

12:10:59 Tampa, has to be a collaborative effort where they come

12:11:03 together and CRAs.

12:11:06 >> Having dealt with CRA in Tampa myself, Channelside, Drew

12:11:15 Park, East Tampa, downtown, even when Greco -- the way it

12:11:19 should be, and you guys have developed that.

12:11:23 Some of the City Council people that are on there.

12:11:25 One of the problems is, what some of you guys did is you

12:11:32 finally got a committee that you guys appoint.

12:11:34 So this CRA will be no different than any other, than the

12:11:39 other seven.

12:11:40 It will be set up where you have people that City Council

12:11:42 will put on it and they will oversee the funding and all of

12:11:45 that, bring it to you for recommendation, at your CRA board

12:11:49 meeting, and you guys approve it up and down.

12:11:51 It will operate much like he have other CRA in Tampa.

12:11:54 It would have to be structured just like that.

12:11:56 Because that's the law.

12:11:57 So I would suggest that you can then, maybe from those

12:12:01 entities, have someone of those particular entities sit on.

12:12:05 That but it must be governance the same way the governance

12:12:09 is for all the other CRAs because that's successful

12:12:12 because the early on CRA, they had issues, they had the

12:12:17 things going on, and there was a lot of things that I don't

12:12:20 want to talk about here because everybody knows, I have been

12:12:25 here since 1990 and I am one of the guys that helped if get

12:12:28 the Housing Authority guy in trouble, and also here in the

12:12:32 city.

12:12:34 >>YVONNE CAPIN: He got himself in trouble.

12:12:35 >> Yes.

12:12:36 So Mr. Reddick, it would have to operate just like every

12:12:39 other CRA in the city.

12:12:40 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, I will be talking with our CRA

12:12:46 economic development coordinator, and I will see how we can

12:12:51 initiate this process.

12:12:52 >>HARRY COHEN: Mr. Reddick, thank you.

12:12:56 Councilwoman Montelione and then --

12:13:00 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Well, I'm sorry.

12:13:02 I thought were leaving, Mr. Reddick.

12:13:03 I would like to motion that we bring the staff, economic

12:13:09 development, to our CRA board meeting, because that is a

12:13:13 subject that is complicated.

12:13:16 It requires the coordination and approval of Hillsborough

12:13:19 County.

12:13:19 And it's a process that I have been looking into myself.

12:13:24 So I believe it's probably February 14th will be too

12:13:32 soon.

12:13:32 So if we could look at March 14th CRA meeting to have

12:13:43 Mr. Robinson, Ed Turanchik, it looks like he's already left,

12:13:48 and economic staff come to our CRA meeting on the 14th

12:13:52 of March to discuss that.

12:13:59 I'm suggesting because we couldn't -- I couldn't do this out

12:14:02 in the hallway beings as Mr. Reddick did.

12:14:06 So I have to do it in public because of the sunshine law.

12:14:09 So I would just ask that we do that on the 14th of

12:14:12 March.

12:14:12 >> (off microphone) their time is very valuable.

12:14:31 I want to thank Annette Fenton and Randy Goers for being

12:14:35 here in case any questions arose.

12:14:39 That needed their expertise.

12:14:41 And, you know, this is the first in a conversation, in a

12:14:46 dialogue.

12:14:47 And for everyone to be here today is truly appreciated.

12:14:51 I want to make a couple of comments.

12:14:53 One of the things that, you know, West Tampa's center is

12:14:57 Howard and Main Street.

12:14:59 But Tampa defines the boundary ending at Howard, and it

12:15:04 split the neighborhood in half, which was brought up.

12:15:06 So you have two representatives in there.

12:15:14 District 5 and district 6.

12:15:19 I think also we want to look at the present plan is an

12:15:23 extension of downtown into West Tampa.

12:15:28 When the mayor speaks, and he said, the river is going to be

12:15:32 the center of downtown, then that means that the other side

12:15:37 of the river is going to be downtown.

12:15:40 So that needs to be clarified.

12:15:42 That's a neighborhood.

12:15:46 And maybe it would be a downtown neighborhood, but the

12:15:50 development that is going to happen there, who need to be

12:15:55 looked at very closely, it is a whole neighborhood issue,

12:15:58 defined and delineated.

12:16:00 It needs to be defined and delineated.

12:16:05 MacFarlane park is in there, and I think that when one was

12:16:12 brought up, the Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of

12:16:13 Commerce, the CDC, their maps showed a much wholer

12:16:21 neighborhood there.

12:16:22 We had a number of, you know, addressed the needs of West

12:16:24 Tampa, is very important.

12:16:26 There's a need for comprehensive plan that encompasses the

12:16:30 entire neighborhood.

12:16:31 It was mentioned that the plan will take -- that's being

12:16:36 paid for -- and is the gentleman still here?

12:16:38 I'm sorry, I don't -- I'm sorry -- that is working with the

12:16:42 Tampa Housing Authority.

12:16:45 Do you know when that plan will be -- what that time is?

12:16:49 If it's four to six months, did it start already?

12:16:52 And obviously, because this will affect the neighborhoods

12:16:56 around it.

12:16:57 And in some ways, this project again is an extension of

12:17:01 downtown into a neighborhood, and that has to be watched

12:17:04 very carefully.

12:17:05 A comprehensive plan that addresses this.

12:17:08 An extension of downtown on the west side of the river.

12:17:11 Again, I keep emphasizing that because that is what the

12:17:14 mayor says it is.

12:17:19 And the key to redevelopment is to inform and make aware the

12:17:23 direction that this will take us to make us a better city,

12:17:27 and a better neighborhood.

12:17:28 So I would like to hear what the time line is for that plan,

12:17:32 and what components -- who is involved in that plan from the

12:17:38 neighborhoods, from the businesses.

12:17:41 >> Tampa Housing Authority again.

12:17:45 The plan that I am speaking of is the master plan of what we

12:17:47 are defining as the West Tampa area which is 140 acres south

12:17:53 of Columbus, for the most part north of the free way, east

12:17:58 of Rome, to the river.

12:18:03 44 acres in the middle of that represents the Tampa Housing

12:18:06 Authority site, North Boulevard homes.

12:18:09 That contract is being executed hopefully this week, is in

12:18:14 final draft form now.

12:18:15 We have been negotiating for the last few weeks.

12:18:17 And that will start our four to six-month planning process.

12:18:23 In the next few days, we are going to be sitting down and

12:18:26 actually coming up with dates for public engagement

12:18:29 opportunities, identifying the neighborhood association, the

12:18:33 business representation, the other citizen groups, and civic

12:18:36 groups that we want to invite to a number of public meetings

12:18:41 that we will be having as we start the planning process.

12:18:47 >>YVONNE CAPIN: So that time line, do we have -- is it fall

12:18:49 of '13?

12:18:51 Is it --

12:18:52 >> I would say four to six months.

12:18:55 We are doing a master plan of the entire area.

12:18:58 And within the next three to four months we want to have

12:19:00 enough of that plan completed that should we decide to

12:19:04 pursue federal grant funding from HUD this year, we will

12:19:08 have enough of that plan contact already identified.

12:19:13 Sufficient enough to allow competitive application.

12:19:16 But it will take, I think, a full six months before we have

12:19:22 a full master plan of the West Tampa area.

12:19:29 >>YVONNE CAPIN: So the fall.

12:19:30 Okay.

12:19:32 Maybe this is for the city.

12:19:34 Has there been a survey of the citizens and review the

12:19:38 results of the citizens of the neighborhood?

12:19:43 >> Randy Goers, planning division.

12:19:45 There hasn't been a survey of citizens.

12:19:48 We embarked on the plan for the center city area last year,

12:19:55 with an outreach that involved four large community

12:19:58 meetings, eight neighborhood walking audits and neighborhood

12:20:05 charrettes.

12:20:06 We have a very active online dialogue with the community.

12:20:09 So we engaged the community directly.

12:20:11 And during the exercises, they participated in exercises.

12:20:16 We got written comments back.

12:20:18 So a survey, were you able to tabulate?

12:20:21 On our online forum, we received 326 people, I think, that

12:20:27 participated online.

12:20:27 We received over a thousand comments, that we do have all

12:20:31 that information in a database.

12:20:33 So it wasn't a traditional survey, but we did go out and

12:20:36 talk with people and asked them to participate in exercise

12:20:39 and do have written comments back from the residents.

12:20:44 If I can respond to a couple comments you raised earlier.

12:20:46 The Hillsborough River is the center of our community, and

12:20:49 in a longer the edge of our downtown.

12:20:50 That's what the planar tick ultimates.

12:20:52 It's a center of our community and not the downtown.

12:20:55 The plan itself is a plan for the central business district

12:20:59 and the neighborhood that A joins the central business

12:21:03 district so it isn't making downtown bigger.

12:21:05 It is making the -- looking at the area from integrated

12:21:08 urban core where you have a central business district, and

12:21:11 neighborhoods surrounding that central business district,

12:21:13 and the plan stresses that we want to respect the character

12:21:17 and the diversity and the direction of each neighborhood.

12:21:20 And connect those neighborhoods together.

12:21:24 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I appreciate you bringing that forth because

12:21:26 that is the perception.

12:21:27 And I wanted to Clare it.

12:21:29 Because what I envisioned was neighborhoods just lake Hyde

12:21:35 Park and Davis Island, and the Heights are a part of the

12:21:40 core around -- the core of downtown.

12:21:45 So will West Tampa be.

12:21:46 And that's what I brought forth when people asked me.

12:21:51 But I wanted it to be clear.

12:21:53 So I appreciate you telling us that, and also telling us

12:21:56 about the interview, because many people don't know that

12:21:58 that took place.

12:22:00 So that is very important.

12:22:01 And I did have you here on my list, Kansas City set up a CRA

12:22:06 and that has been discussed.

12:22:07 >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Mulhern wanted to say

12:22:12 something.

12:22:12 And remember we do have to take public comment on this.

12:22:14 >> Thank you.

12:22:18 >>MARY MULHERN: Then I will be quick.

12:22:19 Because I believe I know before we have public comment, but

12:22:22 I wanted to add, I really appreciate you bringing that issue

12:22:25 up.

12:22:26 It's great to see so many West Tampa community act visits

12:22:30 here.

12:22:31 It's great.

12:22:32 But as far as the definition and the idea of extending

12:22:36 downtown, and Mr. Goers just said you talked about

12:22:41 respecting the history -- no, you didn't say history.

12:22:45 You said character and diversity.

12:22:47 And I think history should be part of that, because too many

12:22:49 times, what we want to redevelop and rebrand and change a

12:22:55 neighborhood, the history is what makes it and what brand.

12:22:59 And West Tampa, of all the places in the city, is a place

12:23:04 that doesn't need a new grant.

12:23:06 West Tampa has a great wonderful rich brand.

12:23:11 And I would hate to see it not totally respected.

12:23:14 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much, Councilman Mulhern.

12:23:18 That was very well said.

12:23:20 And I agree.

12:23:22 We do want to take public comment now on this workshop.

12:23:25 Three minutes for anyone from the public who has not spoken

12:23:30 who wishes to address the council regarding the West Tampa

12:23:34 redevelopment.

12:23:35 Please give us your name and address for the record.

12:23:37 Thank you.

12:23:37 >> Good afternoon.

12:23:40 City Council.

12:23:40 My name is pat and I come to you as a community organizer.

12:23:45 My address is 3201 east north Bay Street.

12:23:48 And unlike Joe Robinson I haven't been in West Tampa all my

12:23:54 life.

12:23:55 However

12:24:00 Today I would like to discuss with you something that

12:24:02 councilwoman Mary Mulhern said.

12:24:04 As a redevelopment of West Tampa begins to occur, in one of

12:24:08 the oldest communities in the city, we want to make sure

12:24:11 that the history is maintained.

12:24:14 So I come before you today having the support of business

12:24:17 owners and residents.

12:24:20 We are not into the community and discuss with them, and

12:24:22 this is in reference to main street.

12:24:25 I spoke to Councilwoman Yolie Capin last month and told her

12:24:30 I would be coming at this time.

12:24:31 She advised me to come during the workshop.

12:24:33 The reason why I mention this is important to me as I stayed

12:24:35 before is because it's an area that I was raised in, and

12:24:38 also where I was in public housing on North Boulevard homes.

12:24:43 I would like to maintain that I would like -- the community

12:24:46 would like to maintain Main Street's history by asking for

12:24:49 the historic designation, if it does exist for Main Street,

12:24:53 and as Mr. Joe Robinson said.

12:25:01 If there is historic designation that exists for Main Street

12:25:05 I would like to the be extended or the community is asking

12:25:07 for it to be extended and the proclamation be offered, or be

12:25:11 given by the Tampa City Council.

12:25:13 So that is what I am here for today.

12:25:16 And I believe that extending destination to MacDill is

12:25:23 in the best interest of the Hispanic and African-American

12:25:27 community.

12:25:28 So please consider that in the whole process for

12:25:30 redevelopment.

12:25:31 And as investors come in we want to make sure we maintain

12:25:35 that history by extending any historic designation that

12:25:38 currently exists.

12:25:39 >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Montelione.

12:25:41 >>LISA MONTELIONE: This is a question for staff.

12:25:50 The boundaries of the historic district, Mr. Goers, does it

12:25:54 currently include all or part of the area?

12:26:00 >>RANDY GOERS: I'm not that familiar with the actual

12:26:03 boundaries of the historic district.

12:26:04 I can find out and provide council with that information.

12:26:07 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That would be helpful.

12:26:11 Because the historic district isn't just a proclamation from

12:26:13 City Council.

12:26:14 It has to go through the federal government.

12:26:15 And --

12:26:18 >> I am it's for the historic Main Street, not a district.

12:26:24 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Can we as council --

12:26:31 >> I can get with Councilwoman Capin for clarification on

12:26:34 that.

12:26:34 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If council is interested in inquiring, you

12:26:37 can make -- if Mr. Goers is able to do that.

12:26:43 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Randy, could you get with Mr. Fernandez

12:26:48 and find out about the process of doing this?

12:26:50 Because I am not familiar with such a process.

12:26:52 Thank you.

12:26:52 >> I wanted to also say coming from asking for a

12:27:03 proclamation, because as was explained to me, the City

12:27:06 Council or the mayor can offer a proclamation.

12:27:08 >>LISA MONTELIONE: A proclamation comes from the mayor's

12:27:13 office.

12:27:14 Commendations come from council.

12:27:17 But what I thought I heard you say was to ask for a

12:27:21 historic --

12:27:25 >> Designation.

12:27:26 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Designation, and historic designation

12:27:30 actually is -- actually, I think Ms. Mulhern is more

12:27:36 familiar with the process than I am.

12:27:38 But the designation, the word designation actually has a

12:27:41 definition.

12:27:41 >>MARY MULHERN: I just want to hear from the public, and

12:27:49 you all can talk about that of a public comment on this

12:27:53 issue.

12:27:53 >>HARRY COHEN: Let me just call on Councilwoman Capin

12:27:58 because she's leaving.

12:28:00 >>YVONNE CAPIN: You did come to me, and I said bring it

12:28:03 here, and we will look into it.

12:28:05 And that is exactly what we are going to do.

12:28:07 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.

12:28:15 Is there any other public comment?

12:28:18 You have already had yours.

12:28:21 I just need to hear from the public that hasn't spoken.

12:28:25 Please, three minutes each.

12:28:26 Thank you.

12:28:26 >> It's been a long day so thanks for holding this.

12:28:29 And feel free to enforce the three-minute comment.

12:28:32 I know you want to.

12:28:33 My name is James chitten, west chestnut street, about two

12:28:38 blocks away from the intersection of Howard and main.

12:28:41 I have lived there since 2007 but like Mr. Ryan I grew up in

12:28:45 Memphis, Tennessee, also so I feel right at home with a red

12:28:49 shack just a few blocks away.

12:28:51 It's one of the nice things about West Tampa.

12:28:53 But we are here to talk about bad things about West Tampa

12:28:56 and what need to be changed.

12:28:57 And what I am going to say is probably not going to be very

12:28:59 popular but let's talk about the North Boulevard projects.

12:29:02 Not only do I live in West Tampa but I also have rental

12:29:05 property in Tampa Heights.

12:29:06 And so I really have a vested interest in this whole area.

12:29:10 The North Boulevard project is a concentration of a lot of

12:29:13 our communities' worst socioeconomic problems.

12:29:18 We talk about lack of social services, lack of

12:29:22 transportation, talk about the difficulties of relocating

12:29:24 these people.

12:29:24 But in a one talks about the contagion of crime that happens

12:29:29 there, how one person might fall into a bad crowd and

12:29:32 another bad crowd and it spread across blocks and it spreads

12:29:35 across generations, and it also spreads into adjoining zip

12:29:40 codes.

12:29:42 I know that downtown Tampa has problems with, Tampa hates

12:29:48 has problems, North Hyde Park has problems, with people who

12:29:53 leave the projects and then go and commit crimes and thefts

12:29:57 in other areas.

12:29:58 And this is an area let's not forget is practically within

12:30:01 walking distance of where we are now.

12:30:03 It's a big redevelopment priority.

12:30:05 So I would like to, you know, as far as tearing down the

12:30:08 North Boulevard projects, I hope it happens sooner rather

12:30:11 than later.

12:30:12 I would like for that to be sped up.

12:30:14 If that happens, I think that would result in a renaissance

12:30:18 in that whole area.

12:30:19 And it's going to happen as soon as the whole plan gets

12:30:21 implemented.

12:30:22 I would just like to see it sped up.

12:30:24 Now I would like to talk about the three Ls which refer to

12:30:27 the quality of life problems that we have.

12:30:29 The first L is loitering.

12:30:32 On Main Street, in front of all the, you know, the Sansabar,

12:30:40 people standing around asking for change of anybody coming

12:30:43 into the stores, everybody coming out of the stores.

12:30:45 They usually stand right in front of the big old Tampa

12:30:49 Police Department anti-loitering sticker.

12:30:52 And then they collect enough money to go inside and buy some

12:30:55 alcoholic beverage and then, you know, back out to collect

12:30:58 more money.

12:30:59 The second L is littering.

12:31:02 Anyone who lives in West Tampa knows what it's like to have

12:31:05 to walk out and pick up wrappers that say Trojan,

12:31:10 McDonald's, you know, Frito Lay, whatever.

12:31:13 And the third one is loud music.

12:31:17 I can't wait until there is a loud music ordinance, because

12:31:22 I might like classic rock and jazz but that doesn't mean

12:31:24 that all my neighbors want to hear it at three in the

12:31:27 morning.

12:31:27 It's exactly, as they said on Main Street, the party breaks

12:31:31 up, the music -- people drive off with the loud music.

12:31:35 And so I know that my three minutes are up.

12:31:37 (Bell sounds)

12:31:38 But you.

12:31:40 >> You did volunteer to be the first person to be --

12:31:46 >> I did.

12:31:46 So even if it's Rudy Giuliani style, broken window law

12:31:51 enforcement, and would definitely improve the quality of

12:31:54 life for all of us.

12:31:55 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.

12:31:57 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I think we need to move to increase the

12:32:03 time.

12:32:07 We have a motion.

12:32:08 >>HARRY COHEN: We have a motion from Mr. Suarez.

12:32:11 Second by Mr. Reddick to extend the time to 12:50.

12:32:14 All those in favor please indicate by saying aye.

12:32:16 Opposed?

12:32:17 Okay.

12:32:17 Thank you.

12:32:17 >>> Good afternoon, council.

12:32:22 Men and women.

12:32:23 I appreciate being before you today.

12:32:25 First, I want to commend you on your efforts, and the one in

12:32:30 regards to criminal records.

12:32:31 I think that is a positive move for the City of Tampa

12:32:35 because of the residents that returned to our community from

12:32:38 incarceration.

12:32:39 I don't have any complaints.

12:32:43 I just want to speak about my upbringing in West Tampa and

12:32:46 the history that I have.

12:32:47 So I would like to see a designation or proclamation given

12:32:54 to Main Street itself.

12:32:57 You know, so the term is actually used throughout America as

12:33:01 Main Street USA, and I don't want to see Main Street lose

12:33:07 its vitality, when redevelopment takes place in West Tampa.

12:33:12 So the expansion actually a designation or reaction exists,

12:33:17 and exists under the name of Moses White.

12:33:19 So Main Street actually has two names.

12:33:21 So an expansion from North Boulevard down to MacDill is

12:33:26 actually something that can be implemented because it's

12:33:28 something we have done before.

12:33:29 So we just want to encompass the diversity that West Tampa

12:33:33 has had over the decade.

12:33:37 There's been studies done on Afro Cuban, residents of West

12:33:41 Tampa, as well as African-Americans being residents of West

12:33:45 Tampa.

12:33:46 I don't believe that we should lose the history like we lost

12:33:50 some of the history of Centro Avenue which was our black

12:33:53 community here in Tampa at one point.

12:33:55 But they are bringing those things back through the Encore

12:33:58 project and renaming some of the buildings after the history

12:34:01 that had taken place there.

12:34:03 So I would like to see some of those things take place when

12:34:07 redevelopment moves forward.

12:34:09 I think it's vital that he have community be engaged in

12:34:14 diversity.

12:34:15 And I would hope that that is the mayor's concern as well

12:34:18 when these things to arrive in our community.

12:34:20 >>HARRY COHEN: May we have your name in.

12:34:22 >> Quintin Robinson and I'm here as a concerned citizen.

12:34:26 But self things that I sit on but I am not going to mention

12:34:29 that today because my heart today is for West Tampa.

12:34:31 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much.

12:34:33 Is there anyone else from the public on this particular

12:34:35 item?

12:34:35 >> Delfine Jones, crime watch group.

12:34:46 I just want to emphasize during this process, currently, we

12:34:51 were the last people to learn about a whole lot of things

12:34:54 going on in our community.

12:34:55 And as now we are west riverfront and impacted by the river.

12:35:00 As a matter of fact they gave it another name that I never

12:35:02 heard of.

12:35:03 About W that being said just like Joe Robinson said, we have

12:35:06 to put tax dollars back in in order for this to work.

12:35:09 And also the CDC of West Tampa, with Mr. Randolph, that's a

12:35:14 very important component.

12:35:17 Just like the gentleman was saying about loitering and all

12:35:20 that, CDC is going to provide hopefully moneys to retrain

12:35:24 people for jobs, and also new construction come in, so

12:35:29 people can be utilizing, that will change the whole picture.

12:35:34 So I just want to emphasize that.

12:35:35 Thank you.

12:35:36 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much.

12:35:40 Well, that appears to be the close of this workshop.

12:35:43 Councilwoman Capin, you are the next workshop as well on

12:35:46 Internet cafe.

12:35:49 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I want to again thank you everyone for being

12:35:51 here, their patience, and at the end of this meeting I am

12:35:54 going to propose a motion for the fall for it to come back

12:36:01 to us, because it's a very big project and a very big part

12:36:06 of our city.

12:36:07 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.

12:36:09 I apologize.

12:36:11 I misread it.

12:36:12 It was a joint motion.

12:36:13 I see there were two motions.

12:36:16 One by you and one by Mr. Suarez on this topic.

12:36:19 So I know Ms. Mandell is here.

12:36:21 >>JULIA MANDELL: Legal department.

12:36:28 I believe -- I can going to ask if I can grab one from Mr.

12:36:37 Shelby.

12:36:38 What I am hoping we can do very quickly today, just go

12:36:40 through those bullet points, and figure out the best option

12:36:44 going forward, and suggest that you just direct me to bring

12:36:48 back an ordinance in approximately 30 days on these

12:36:52 particular issues.

12:36:55 We could either go through these today, and you can give me

12:36:58 direction on these, or I can just come back with some

12:37:01 suggestions.

12:37:03 I was hoping we would have a little more time but it's been

12:37:06 a long day.

12:37:06 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Ms. Mandell, in terms of some of the

12:37:10 questions you have here, you have questions as to the number

12:37:12 of business permits we mate want to have?

12:37:16 >>JULIA MANDELL: Yes.

12:37:17 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And I guess we are not the best purveyors of

12:37:23 wondering how many permits to allow per year, per month.

12:37:27 >>JULIA MANDELL: When we discussed this previously, the

12:37:30 city of Jacksonville has a total number of 20 permits.

12:37:34 A limitation throughout the city.

12:37:37 There was some discussion based on our population, some

12:37:41 discussion of basing it on other factors.

12:37:44 So that was really the intent of that question.

12:37:47 There is no requirement that you just limit the number of

12:37:49 permits, that that is something that we had discussed.

12:37:53 So I wanted to have a further discussion if we wanted to

12:37:56 limit the number of permits I.adopt believe that there is

12:37:58 that many of these Internet cafes that are housing aren't

12:38:06 Swope stakes.

12:38:06 I think there's maybe 10 to 12 right now in the city.

12:38:10 There may be more at some point in the future.

12:38:12 There may not be that.

12:38:13 We don't know the answer to.

12:38:14 But all that being said, that is one of the points.

12:38:18 And the city of Jacksonville does limit to the 20.

12:38:20 >> If we use the total number that are out there, is that

12:38:27 defensible legally?

12:38:29 >> City of Jacksonville has been upheld.

12:38:31 >>MIKE SUAREZ: If you could put the number that's already

12:38:34 listed as Internet cafes as a total number, I think it's the

12:38:38 best way of going.

12:38:39 It would be my suggestion.

12:38:40 >>JULIA MANDELL: The intent from our discussion last time

12:38:43 was create a business operation permit.

12:38:45 This wouldn't be in our code.

12:38:47 This would be a business operation permit.

12:38:49 We limit the number of permits per year that we would grant.

12:38:52 We have tographer in the ones that are already there, and I

12:38:55 think it's really a question of moving forward and how many

12:39:00 additional permits to allow, and all the permits from there

12:39:03 will be on an annual basis.

12:39:05 So if it's council's will --

12:39:10 >>MIKE SUAREZ: My point is that if we have ten currently

12:39:14 that are licensed, and one goes out of business, we are only

12:39:18 going to allow one more to continue to come back in beings

12:39:21 correct?

12:39:21 >> Well, I was thinking the ones that exist, exist, they

12:39:25 become grandfathered, nonconforming.

12:39:27 If they go out of business, they lose that right to be there

12:39:29 but we wouldn't incorporate those into this number.

12:39:32 The number would be a number starting today.

12:39:33 So any new permits starting today, if you limited to 20, it

12:39:38 would be 20 per year.

12:39:39 Those that exist aren't going to be obligated to come in for

12:39:42 a business operating permit.

12:39:43 They are going to exist in their location.

12:39:46 We do know where they are per our business tax division.

12:39:52 I have had this conversation with Jake solitary.

12:39:55 So those wouldn't be part of that number.

12:39:59 But those are -- I think I do need to make this clear

12:40:02 because I have gotten some questions on this.

12:40:05 That's per the premise they are at at the location they are

12:40:08 at today.

12:40:09 If they move locations, that's a new establishment.

12:40:12 >> okay.

12:40:14 Okay.

12:40:15 I would suggest that we would limit to what the total is

12:40:18 now, so that we are not -- we are not adding any more

12:40:25 significantly larger number.

12:40:27 I mentioner I would go with five, let's say, or something

12:40:30 like that, or total limitation.

12:40:34 Obviously, we are looking at trying to regulate but also

12:40:37 limit.

12:40:38 So that's the T way I would go.

12:40:40 Some of the other questions that you had on here, I think

12:40:42 that -- and if you don't mind, colleagues, I will go through

12:40:47 these really quick, and maybe we can all --

12:40:51 >>HARRY COHEN: Both Councilman Reddick and Councilman Capin

12:40:57 wanted to say something.

12:40:58 Why don't we do that and then come back?

12:41:01 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Sure.

12:41:03 >>FRANK REDDICK: I think this is a critical issue that we

12:41:05 are discussing.

12:41:06 And I would feel more comfortable if we had a full council

12:41:11 to make changes so they could have the input.

12:41:14 We have two missing.

12:41:15 And I think there's a lot of questions.

12:41:17 And in a previous council, when we have something major like

12:41:25 this we always make sure the full council has input.

12:41:28 And that's all I'm suggesting.

12:41:29 And I previous that.

12:41:30 >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Capin, did you want to comment?

12:41:37 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, I did bring the original motion in

12:41:39 September.

12:41:39 A lot has taken place.

12:41:42 Time is of the -- essence.

12:41:45 >> In March.

12:41:50 So it just takes two readings.

12:41:53 To do an ordinance, two to three weeks depending on

12:41:57 council's schedule.

12:41:58 We don't need to take it to Planning Commission.

12:42:01 That doesn't have to go in a particular cycle.

12:42:03 Now that we have couched this as a business operating permit

12:42:06 I am comfortable we can move that forward.

12:42:08 I am simply looking at some direction on these particular

12:42:10 items and then can bring back and ordinance.

12:42:14 If it's council -- you are short on time.

12:42:16 Now that you have the list in front of you maybe Kuhl this

12:42:20 out in two weeks for a staff report and go through this list

12:42:22 because everybody will have a better idea, and if anybody

12:42:25 has any questions they can certainly contact me and I would

12:42:27 be happy to go through it.

12:42:30 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I think that would satisfy Mr. Reddick's

12:42:34 concern.

12:42:35 This is an issue.

12:42:37 We have been looking at.

12:42:37 This we have been waiting for a court decision and all of

12:42:42 this.

12:42:42 So, yes, I would make that motion to revisit in two weeks

12:42:51 for staff report.

12:42:53 >>HARRY COHEN: February 7th is pretty busy.

12:42:55 >>JULIA MANDELL: If we do the 21st, you give me

12:43:03 direction, we can schedule first reading.

12:43:06 >>HARRY COHEN: We have a motion from Councilman Capin

12:43:08 beings seconded by Councilman Reddick, to bring this up

12:43:11 under staff reports on February 21st at 10 a.m.

12:43:14 All those in favor please indicate by saying aye.

12:43:17 Opposed?

12:43:18 Okay.

12:43:19 Thank you very much.

12:43:22 We are going to go ahead now and move on to new business and

12:43:25 reports.

12:43:26 Mr. Suarez.

12:43:26 >>MIKE SUAREZ: None for me, sir.

12:43:30 >>HARRY COHEN: Ms. Capin?

12:43:36 >>YVONNE CAPIN: (off microphone) ... on the workshop on West

12:43:39 Tampa.

12:43:40 I would venture to say that report is going to be done in

12:43:42 the fall.

12:43:44 The study.

12:43:46 In the fall.

12:43:47 So I would like to bring back this workshop in a much

12:43:53 smaller scale because today we heard from -- because it new,

12:43:57 and we don't need to repeat what was said.

12:44:00 But I think that from October we can schedule -- I would

12:44:06 like to schedule, along with -- I have a list here -- law

12:44:11 enforcement.

12:44:12 And if you would like -- oh, great.

12:44:15 Here it is.

12:44:17 To come back to City Council -- sorry again.

12:44:26 This is a lot today.

12:44:28 Here it is.

12:44:28 Okay.

12:44:31 Along with -- I'd like to have the Tampa Housing Authority

12:44:37 and that study to come back to us, law enforcement, code

12:44:40 enforcement, parks was not addressed today, economic

12:44:44 development, community -- I mean, transportation, housing

12:44:48 and real estate.

12:44:50 >>HARRY COHEN: Okay.

12:44:52 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And have a written report and then we can

12:44:54 discuss it.

12:44:55 >>HARRY COHEN: If I could suggest, perhaps before the

12:44:58 workshop, you will delineate for us exactly who will be

12:45:01 speaking at the workshop?

12:45:03 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.

12:45:04 I will do that.

12:45:04 That would be October workshop.

12:45:07 >>HARRY COHEN: October 24th at 9 a.m.

12:45:11 >>YVONNE CAPIN: At 9 a.m.

12:45:12 >> Second.

12:45:14 >>HARRY COHEN: We have a motion on the floor for a workshop

12:45:16 discussing West Tampa October 24th at 9 a.m.

12:45:20 Motion from Councilwoman Capin, seconded by Councilman

12:45:23 Reddick.

12:45:24 All those in favor indicate by saying aye.

12:45:26 Opposed?

12:45:28 Okay.

12:45:29 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

12:45:31 That's it.

12:45:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: One item, Mr. Chair.

12:45:34 And that is I believe February 21st, we have legal

12:45:42 department going to respond to draft ordinance pertaining to

12:45:53 drugs.

12:45:54 The legal department has put the draft ordinance together

12:45:56 where they are going to go February 6th to implement

12:46:01 this draft ordinance.

12:46:02 So I am just going to ask that Julia Mandell come on the

12:46:10 21st and be prepared to discuss this draft ordinance

12:46:16 pertaining to first reading.

12:46:18 >>HARRY COHEN: As part of the staff report that's already

12:46:20 scheduled.

12:46:22 I don't think we need a motion for that, do we, Mr. Shelby?

12:46:26 Or would you feel better if we did?

12:46:27 It's already on the calendar.

12:46:28 >>MARTIN SHELBY: It's on the calendar.

12:46:31 I guess that will be communicated with Mrs. Mandell so she

12:46:35 will be prepared to do that.

12:46:36 >>HARRY COHEN: I would like to hand the gavel to

12:46:40 Councilwoman Montelione for a moment.

12:46:42 I would like to make a motion to schedule a workshop on May

12:46:47 the 23rd at 9:00 a.m. to discuss the city's code of

12:46:52 ethics and ethics policy.

12:46:54 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I have a motion on the floor.

12:46:57 Do I have a second?

12:46:58 Second by Mr. Suarez.

12:46:59 All those in favor of the motion?

12:47:02 All those opposed?

12:47:04 Thank you very much.

12:47:04 Motion passes.

12:47:05 >> That has nothing to do with any of us.

12:47:15 Councilwoman Montelione.

12:47:16 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I have actually two pieces of new

12:47:20 business.

12:47:20 I would like to ask for some time on our February 7th

12:47:26 calendar, immediate five-minute presentation, to immediately

12:47:31 follow the Westshore Alliance presentation, Ed Johnson from

12:47:38 economic development division, Yanina Rosario from SPDC, and

12:47:41 Janine Salmon, regional risk manager for Chase Bank to come

12:47:46 and discuss the conference that I am hosting which was on

12:47:51 February 15th, on the project that we are working on to

12:47:57 assist small businesses and their access to credit.

12:47:59 >>HARRY COHEN: We have a motion from Councilwoman

12:48:06 Montelione, seconded by Councilman Reddick.

12:48:09 All those in favor?

12:48:11 Opposed?

12:48:11 >>LISA MONTELIONE: The second one is for the remembrance of

12:48:19 connect Tampa Bay, which includes Brian Seel, Kevin Thurman,

12:48:23 Brian Willis and Brandie Miklus to come and advise council

12:48:28 on their work on transportation initiatives.

12:48:31 There's a new group headed by some very dynamic young

12:48:35 people, and I think they are deserving of some type to tell

12:48:38 us about their new endeavor.

12:48:41 And I would like to that to take place at the February

12:48:45 21st council meeting at 10 a.m.

12:48:47 >> Second.

12:48:51 >>HARRY COHEN: We have a motion from Councilwoman

12:48:53 Montelione, seconded -- by Councilman Suarez.

12:48:57 All those in favor please indicate by saying aye.

12:49:00 Opposed?

12:49:01 Okay.

12:49:02 And we need a motion to receive and file.

12:49:05 We have a motion from Councilman Reddick, seconded by

12:49:08 Councilwoman Montelione.

12:49:10 All those in favor?

12:49:12 And we are adjourned.

12:49:15 (City Council meeting adjourned at 12:50 p.m.)



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