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Community Redevelopment Agency

Thursday, April 11, 2013

9:00 a.m.


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>>CHAIRMAN FRANK REDDICK: Welcome to the Community

Redevelopment Agency.

I turn it over to Councilman Harry Cohen.

>>HARRY COHEN: I am pleased to introduce the Reverend

Benjamin Twinamaani of Grace Episcopal Church who will lead

us in the invocation today.

At Grace Episcopal in Tampa Palms, the reverend is known as

Father Ben and has been leading the church the last eight


09:05:56 Father Ben grew up in Uganda and moved to the United States

09:05:59 to study at the University of South Florida.

09:06:02 The church also supports missions and ministries in Uganda

09:06:06 and Father Ben plans to lead his group to Africa this

09:06:10 summer.

09:06:10 Please stand for the invocation and remain standing for the

09:06:13 pledge of allegiance.

09:06:14 >> The invocation this morning is taken from the prayer for

09:06:21 cities in the Book of Common Prayer.

09:06:23 Almighty God, in Your scripture you have given us a vision

09:06:27 of that holy city on the hill to which the nations of the

09:06:33 world bring their glory.

09:06:35 Behold and visit, we pray, the cities of the earth,

09:06:39 especially Tampa which we pray for today, and other cities

09:06:45 in common with us, St. Pete and Clearwater, to Washington,

09:06:48 D.C. And the cities of my hometown country. Renew the ties

09:06:57 of mutual regard which form our civic life. Send us able

09:07:02 and honest leaders, especially these councilpeople here --

09:07:07 Lisa, Mike, Frank, Charlie, Harry, Yvonne, Mary.

09:07:15 Give them strength when there are challenges beyond their

09:07:19 own power and ability to look to you for wisdom, and

09:07:25 eliminate poverty, prejudice, and oppression, that peace may

09:07:30 prevail with righteousness and justice with order and that

09:07:33 both men and women from different cultures and with

09:07:34 differing talents may find in one another the fulfillment of

09:07:43 their humanity.

09:07:44 We ask all this in your name.

09:07:47 Amen.

09:07:47 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]

09:07:52 >> Roll call.

09:08:06 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:08:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:08:11 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:08:13 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:08:15 Lisa Montelione asked to announce that she will be absent

09:08:25 from this meeting.

09:08:25 >> Ed Johnson, East Tampa CRA manager, pinch hitting for Mr.

09:08:42 McDonaugh who is out of town.

09:08:44 Also I would like to congratulate chairman Reddick and vice

09:08:52 chairman Suarez.

09:08:55 First up on our agenda is our monthly Community Advisory

09:08:59 Committee representative report.

09:09:02 And this morning we have Mr. John Tennison who will be

09:09:11 presenting this morning.

09:09:12 >> Good morning.

09:09:19 I have seven items this morning to report to you.

09:09:23 The first and unfortunately the briefest report is on the

09:09:27 Tampa Heights, or the Heights development project.

09:09:31 As you know, the legal and financial dust is pretty much

09:09:37 settled around that project.

09:09:38 However, to my knowledge, and to the knowledge of the

09:09:42 community, there has been no movement on that development

09:09:46 today.

09:09:48 So stay tuned for future information, hopefully.

09:09:52 The second and much better report is the reopening of the

09:09:57 water works spring.

09:10:01 There are two phases on the redevelopment of that spring.

09:10:05 The first phase will begin very shortly, and that is the

09:10:09 recollection of spring water that originally flowed into the

09:10:14 spring to increase the flow

09:10:17 The second phase then would be the expansion and the opening

09:10:23 of the waterways directly into the river.

09:10:26 Right now, the spring flows through a pipe into the river,

09:10:32 and that's going to be reopened.

09:10:34 There will be a large pool developed adjacent to the river

09:10:40 for the specific purpose of creating a Manatee pool, a

09:10:43 Manatee viewing area, natural planning around the spring

09:10:49 will be redone, and that will ultimately become a key part

09:10:56 to the third item that I would like to talk to you a little

09:10:58 about which is the Waterworks Park.

09:11:01 Today, there is a preconstruction meeting for the first

09:11:06 phase of Waterworks Park development, which essentially

09:11:11 entails completing these river walks through the park and

09:11:16 connecting up to 7th Avenue, and in closing the park

09:11:21 with an ornamental fence along with some additional sidewalk

09:11:25 and other items in the park.

09:11:27 The second phase, and completion phase of the park, is under

09:11:34 contract with a design build firm now.

09:11:39 Parks Department is hoping to have that design done sometime

09:11:43 in June wherein prices will be established and the final

09:11:51 park structure will begin.

09:11:52 So we are very excited about that.

09:11:55 We think this is going to be a big step to getting an

09:12:00 amenity into the CRA areas and will bring neighborhood folks

09:12:06 in and events and so forth.

09:12:11 The next item is the Ulele restaurant which is all part and

09:12:16 parcel to the spring, the park, and that southern end of the

09:12:21 development.

09:12:23 I have been told that Ulele is now under permitting with the

09:12:28 city, and they hope to open sometime at the end of the year

09:12:37 for having a new restaurant in Tampa Heights.

09:12:39 So we are really excited about that.

09:12:45 The next item is not in the CRA area.

09:12:49 It is, however, a piece of work that was done in the Tampa

09:12:55 Heights neighborhood, which was the kaboom park, which was a

09:13:00 terrific event.

09:13:01 We had something like 300 volunteers there on Saturday that

09:13:07 put that playground together completely along with benches

09:13:10 and shade structures and trash containers and so forth, in

09:13:13 about a six-hour period of time.

09:13:15 It was the most interesting piece of construction work that

09:13:17 I have been involved in, in I think probably my whole

09:13:22 career, to get that much work done, with that many people,

09:13:25 in that short of time was really pretty wonderful to watch.

09:13:34 Currently working right now on a playground for the

09:13:37 courtyard behind the new building at Metropolitan

09:13:39 Ministries.

09:13:41 So if you guys want to come out and volunteer for that, I'm

09:13:44 sure they will be happy you have to.

09:13:48 Another item is the Tampa Heights youth and community

09:13:50 center.

09:13:51 As you know, the city two years ago entered into a lease

09:13:57 agreement with the Department of Transportation to lease a

09:14:04 church that had been purchased by the Department of

09:14:06 Transportation for the purposes of subletting that property

09:14:12 to the Tampa Heights junior civic association, an

09:14:16 organization that's been working with neighborhood children

09:14:18 in Tampa Heights for about 15 years and has desperately

09:14:24 needed some additional space.

09:14:26 There were about 60 children enrolled in their program

09:14:29 generally for after-school and summer programs, and that

09:14:36 number has been just overwhelming our space.

09:14:40 There are children on the waiting list that want to join the

09:14:43 organization.

09:14:45 And this new youth center will provide us with an

09:14:48 opportunity to add about 100 kids to that program.

09:14:51 It's a great program.

09:14:53 It is generally free of charge to children, not restricted

09:15:00 to the Tampa Heights neighborhood.

09:15:03 So it's an exciting project, and the neighborhood

09:15:13 association has been financially supporting that.

09:15:17 The city has been helping out, he have time we have an

09:15:23 opportunity to ask the city it's something pretty quickly

09:15:27 forthcoming so we appreciate that very much.

09:15:28 The last item -- and those were all good news items.

09:15:33 The last item is the Metropolitan Ministries versus the

09:15:41 Salvation Army.

09:15:43 We have -- and this is, in fact, an issue that's directly

09:15:46 impacting the CRA and an issue that in my personal belief,

09:15:53 and the belief of almost all, if not all of the residents of

09:15:59 Tampa Heights, is an issue that needs to be addressed.

09:16:06 Metropolitan Ministries about ten years ago changed their

09:16:08 program around to create a family oriented contract program

09:16:14 where they bring people in who are struggling, maybe

09:16:18 homeless, and help them get back on their feet.

09:16:23 Contrary to that, the Salvation Army serves a much broader

09:16:27 population.

09:16:28 They are not contract based.

09:16:31 They simply help people that show up.

09:16:34 Unfortunately, the facilities limited, so the people that

09:16:38 show up that can't be helped through a lack of facilities

09:16:44 line the streets.

09:16:46 They are sleeping in the parks.

09:16:49 Bush Ross, who is one of the chief financial contributors to

09:16:54 our CRA, through their taxes, is plagued daily through

09:17:00 people sleeping in the park adjacent to the building.

09:17:05 Their employees, they come and go.

09:17:12 I have no idea what the solution is.

09:17:14 Metropolitan Ministries seemed to have come up with the

09:17:18 right idea, but there are other populations in the homeless

09:17:21 community that need help.

09:17:26 I would just like to see -- and I think the Tampa Heights

09:17:30 neighborhood would like to see that help come so that we

09:17:39 don't see the neighborhood burdened unfairly, quite frankly,

09:17:43 of all the other neighborhoods in the city with that

09:17:45 particular issue.

09:17:46 I have nothing else to report to you.

09:17:48 Happy to answer any questions if I could.

09:17:49 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Tennison, let me just be clear on one

09:18:01 thing.

09:18:01 When you said Metropolitan Ministries and Salvation Army,

09:18:05 are you speaking in terms of the neighborhood is not willing

09:18:10 to have both?

09:18:15 >> No, sir, I am not saying that the neighborhood is not

09:18:18 willing to have either.

09:18:19 What I am saying is that there is a distinct difference

09:18:22 between the programs that are being offered, these social

09:18:25 services programs, between those two organizations.

09:18:28 I think every community -- and I believe Tampa Heights, at

09:18:34 least as a neighborhood association, is not against having

09:18:38 some social network, social services network in the

09:18:41 neighborhood.

09:18:42 Our concern is that there is little response from the

09:18:47 Salvation Army in terms of addressing the community's

09:18:50 interest relative to addressing the interests of their

09:18:58 constituency.

09:18:58 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

09:19:04 Mr. Tennison, I will follow up with what Reddick said a

09:19:08 moment ago, but first about the community center, how well

09:19:11 are they doing in terms of construction?

09:19:13 I know that in terms of trying to get both volunteers and

09:19:17 dollars donated, what do you see?

09:19:21 And obviously, you know, you have some experience with

09:19:23 building.

09:19:24 And I know you have been there.

09:19:29 What do you think is necessary to get that thing completed

09:19:32 and up and running?

09:19:37 >> We have this year partnered with the rebuild together

09:19:40 Tampa Bay corporation which has been granted a fairly

09:19:42 substantial grant from Wells Fargo to rehabilitate

09:19:48 structures, predominantly residential structures.

09:19:51 I think they are committed to, I think, 25 structures within

09:19:54 the Tampa Heights neighborhood.

09:19:57 They also were asked by Wells Fargo when they submitted the

09:20:02 grant to get a community nonresidential effort as part of

09:20:10 that grant application, and they came to the community

09:20:15 center and asked if we would be willing to allow them to

09:20:19 participate in that project.

09:20:20 Bringing those guys in as partners has been a huge help.

09:20:26 We are very, very appreciative of that, and looking forward

09:20:28 to it.

09:20:29 In fact, I met yesterday with representatives of that

09:20:33 company, along with a group of people who represent NAWIC,

09:20:41 the national association of women in construction, who have

09:20:45 also brought us onboard as a partner and are scheduling

09:20:55 right now subcontractors and trades people and so forth to

09:21:00 augment our relatively unskilled volunteer labor force that

09:21:04 we have been working with for the last two years.

09:21:06 So it's a very slow process.

09:21:09 Right now, we are looking, however, with the help of rebuild

09:21:14 together and NAWIC of actually trying to get this building

09:21:21 done by the end of the summer.

09:21:24 And there's a lot less work than it looks like he would you

09:21:27 walk in the building, which is a good thing, but right now,

09:21:31 we continue to struggle with raise dollars, as have been is

09:21:38 these days, but we are very, very optimistic about

09:21:48 reasonably quick.

09:21:50 >>MIKE SUAREZ: In terms of the question of the Salvation

09:21:51 Army, do they have a process of trying to get folks off the

09:21:57 sidewalks and the street after they serve?

09:21:59 I mean, I have been there to serve with the cafe and, you

09:22:02 know, the problem is not feeding folks.

09:22:07 The number of beds that they have there, the folks that make

09:22:12 reservations to be there, and then you have people trying to

09:22:14 get in and they can't.

09:22:15 And then you have a loitering problem, both after food is

09:22:21 served and after the doors are closed in terms of the

09:22:24 housing

09:22:26 Have you talked to them about how they go about trying to

09:22:29 help disburse some of these folks, get them into other areas

09:22:32 that they might be able to get some help?

09:22:36 I know that with our own officer that deals with the

09:22:41 homeless issue, I know that it's a very difficult problem

09:22:44 with some folks that are chronically homeless that, you

09:22:47 know, don't wants to get help.

09:22:49 But do they have any kind of plan or anything that you know

09:22:52 of?

09:22:57 >> I personally do not know.

09:22:59 I individually have not spoken with them.

09:23:01 However, the neighborhood association has had numerous

09:23:04 occasions where the Board of Directors, neighborhood

09:23:07 associations, on which I also sit, has contacted on any

09:23:16 number of occasions, and the basic response that we get is

09:23:20 it's not our problem.

09:23:24 They have people out on the street.

09:23:25 We do what we do.

09:23:26 We feed.

09:23:27 We house who we can.

09:23:28 And if they are on the sidewalk, that's somebody else's

09:23:36 problem.

09:23:36 And that's a very sad commentary, I believe, towards an

09:23:42 organization that is really very beneficial and worthwhile

09:23:45 organization.

09:23:46 I mean, there's nothing wrong or bad to say about the

09:23:53 Salvation Army.

09:23:53 I just think that their program should be in some manner,

09:23:58 somehow, augmented to be able to reduce the number of people

09:24:03 that are left out of the program and left on the street.

09:24:06 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

09:24:09 >>FRANK REDDICK: Anything else?

09:24:17 Let me just say this before you leave, and I'm going to be

09:24:24 contacting you to facilitate a meeting with the Salvation

09:24:28 Army, and see if we can address some of these concerns.

09:24:31 >> Thank you very much.

09:24:38 Ed Johnson: Continuing on with the extra area, in downtown,

09:24:51 during the last reporting period, we had various activities

09:24:54 and events, including Cigar City, the street festival,

09:25:01 mayor's river green fest, and the Gasparilla art beings

09:25:06 music and international film festival which a tracked

09:25:09 thousands of visitors to our downtown.

09:25:11 Currently, the downtown CRA is working with the Parks and

09:25:16 Recreation Department in developing a landscape and shade

09:25:21 structure for Kiley Gardens.

09:25:24 Over in Ybor, the staff is continuing to meet with

09:25:28 contractors approved by the City Council for the East 7th

09:25:33 Avenue streetscape project.

09:25:36 Plans and time lines are being monitored weekly.

09:25:41 In the Channel District, the related development group

09:25:44 anticipates a May opening of Pier House Channelside

09:25:50 apartments.

09:25:51 The Novare group submitted a rezoning petitioner for the

09:25:54 Skyhouse Channelside residential mixed use development to be

09:25:57 constructed on 12th Street at the Washington Street park.

09:26:03 and Drew Park.

09:26:13 The electric supply company in Drew Park is under expansion

09:26:16 extending their operation there.

09:26:20 They are going to have a grand opening of that expansion on

09:26:23 May the 1st.

09:26:25 Also, the final design and review for the Lois Avenue

09:26:33 streetscape is out to bid and that's expected to come back

09:26:36 in on April 16th.

09:26:39 Over in East Tampa, we are currently advertising for six

09:26:46 vacant positions that will come up on our advisory committee

09:26:52 through our East Tampa TCRP election process for filling

09:26:57 those vacancies by October 1st.

09:27:01 And, of course, our 22nd street enhancement project is

09:27:04 moving right along, and we are hoping to be completed here

09:27:07 by the early fall.

09:27:12 I'll skip Tampa Heights, because you just heard from Mr.

09:27:19 Tennison.

09:27:21 Over in Central Park, the Parks and Recreation Department

09:27:22 anticipates that the Perry Harvey Park community meeting

09:27:24 will begin more than likely early May.

09:27:29 Also, construction of the Trio Apartment complex, the next

09:27:33 development in Encore, continues to be developed.

09:27:38 And overall in our CRAs we recently taped our 20th

09:27:45 episode of the first look at Tampa's redevelopment featuring

09:27:48 Central Park, downtown and the Channel District.

09:27:50 >>FRANK REDDICK: When you say taped, what do you mean by

09:27:59 taped?

09:28:00 >> They filmed the 20th episode of our redevelopment we

09:28:04 have on CTTV.

09:28:06 This is the 20th episode.

09:28:08 Since we started that production, that's gone very well.

09:28:11 >>FRANK REDDICK: I didn't even know you had the first 19.

09:28:15 That's what I'm saying.

09:28:18 [ Laughter ]

09:28:20 >> We have the production engineer right here.

09:28:22 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

09:28:28 >> That's all I have to report.

09:28:30 >>FRANK REDDICK: You mentioned something about the meetings

09:28:34 that are starting to take place over in -- I think I heard

09:28:38 you right, you said the meetings to start taking place over

09:28:41 in the Encore area?

09:28:43 >> Central Park.

09:28:47 Michael can give you a little more detail.

09:28:49 >>> Yes, the Parks and Recreation Department is beginning to

09:28:52 schedule the community meeting for the concept plan, of

09:28:59 Perry Harvey Park, will be presented to receive input as the

09:29:03 design and construction documents are being put together.

09:29:06 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:29:14 All right.

09:29:14 Public comment.

09:29:15 Anyone wishing to speak at this time.

09:29:17 You have three minutes and speak on any matter on the

09:29:19 agenda, which I know is not going to be true.

09:29:19 >> I'm Ed. Ed Tillou.

09:29:47 And I thought today was the economic development meeting, so

09:29:55 I have had to edit a lot of my material.

09:29:59 Okay.

09:30:07 I put this around, an article in the paper about the

09:30:10 planting facilities, it's in East Tampa, I think, and I

09:30:18 think that's along the line of the kind of businesses that I

09:30:25 think should be to attract.

09:30:26 That's item 2, economic development.

09:30:29 And as I say, I was a planner, so it's not always that

09:30:39 difficult to speak about planning matters.

09:30:41 Mr. Schecter said good planning is livable, affordable, and

09:30:51 sustainable.

09:30:52 So I think the food industry is a big part of that.

09:30:55 And that's part of what I want to extract from my overall

09:31:01 presentation which is this.

09:31:06 Basically, this book is not big picturewise, this is an

09:31:11 important thing.

09:31:13 It's very hard to get enough protein.

09:31:16 The book is wrong.

09:31:20 Meat and milk have a lot of fat which is the problem.

09:31:23 Except for the fat there's really no problem with meat, but

09:31:31 its processing.

09:31:32 And where this bears on community redevelopment, the

09:31:35 Con-Agra flour mill, that is a fantastic resource that Tampa

09:31:39 has because -- I sometimes regress -- this matter -- well,

09:31:54 you know.

09:31:57 Okay.

09:31:58 Beans.

09:31:59 Beans have problems.

09:32:01 Very serious problems.

09:32:04 There's very high likelihood -- I mean, I am flabbergasted,

09:32:08 from a medical background like I have, I am just

09:32:11 flabbergasted, all the things that could be wrong about

09:32:16 beans, and when we consider that -- this is soy, soy protein

09:32:22 in everything.

09:32:23 So the formulation of a lot of these foods has got to

09:32:25 change.

09:32:26 But the fundamental idea of protein to raise it from one

09:32:33 third protein to possibly two-thirds which the rest of the

09:32:36 world has, well, what do you do?

09:32:39 So I researched this.

09:32:43 (Bell sounds)

09:32:44 I can't quite make it out.

09:32:46 But the thing is, it's very good.

09:32:51 It's about 14 or 15% protein whereas beans are oftentimes

09:32:55 about 20%.

09:32:56 But wheat is the best thing you have.

09:33:02 So as I say, more pasta, more bread, and that flour mill is

09:33:09 a fantastic resource for Tampa to have.

09:33:11 (Bell sounds)

09:33:12 So I will be speaking in the future about the problems with

09:33:16 Cuban sandwiches.

09:33:17 >>FRANK REDDICK: I am going to eat some this afternoon.

09:33:29 Thank you.

09:33:32 Next.

09:33:44 >>Al Davis, Community Redevelopment Agency.

09:33:47 For the record, Al Davis.

09:34:04 The community at-large citizen patrol.

09:34:19 You may have observed his attendance at the meeting.

09:34:34 And the agency to take into consideration some activities

09:34:37 that vary tremendously on the need -- it is open to the

09:34:51 subject, but I guess it still relies upon you as their

09:34:59 representatives in dealing with this matter of redevelopment

09:35:05 of the various communities in the city.

09:35:15 I will be coming back to you later with the specific

09:35:19 proposals or a couple of areas that I think for the business

09:35:32 of the operation of the Community Redevelopment Agency, and

09:35:35 the staff as well as the people of the community.

09:35:40 I wish you well, Mr. Chairman.

09:35:46 Best wishes to you all.

09:35:48 Thank you.

09:35:48 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:35:54 That end public comment.

09:35:57 Mr. Johnson.

09:35:57 >> Ed Johnson: Next up on our list are two items required

09:36:05 for your approval this morning.

09:36:06 The first one is reallocation of TIF funds from several of

09:36:14 the CRA areas to kind of clear up some of the negatives

09:36:18 fallacies reflected in each one of our CRA budgets, taking

09:36:22 dollars from our operating and transferring to capital

09:36:25 programs to collect those negative dollars.

09:36:31 >>FRANK REDDICK: Item number 3.

09:36:32 Do we have a motion?

09:36:34 >>HARRY COHEN: So moved.

09:36:36 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Second.

09:36:38 >>FRANK REDDICK: All those in favor?

09:36:39 Opposed?

09:36:39 Motion carried.

09:36:40 >> Ed Johnson: The last one is the CRA resolution number

09:36:46 2013, resolution approving the acquisition of properties in

09:36:49 the East Tampa community development area located at 2925

09:36:53 north 21st street and 2924 north 21st street, Tampa,

09:36:59 Florida by the City of Tampa from Linda Dixon for $85,000

09:37:04 payable from the East Tampa CRA funds together with closing

09:37:07 costs in the approximate amount of $5,000.

09:37:11 >> All right.

09:37:13 Do we have a motion?

09:37:14 >> So moved.

09:37:14 >> Second.

09:37:17 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

09:37:18 Moved by Councilman Suarez, seconded by Councilman Cohen.

09:37:21 All in favor of the motion say aye. Opposed?

09:37:23 Motion carried.

09:37:24 >> We are not totally broke yet.

09:37:42 It's still a growing TIF.

09:37:44 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

09:37:53 Would you give a brief description of the progress?

09:37:57 >> We are actually on track on 22nd street.

09:37:59 The phase 2, which is actually the segment between 26th

09:38:05 Avenue going north to lake, they will be switching sides

09:38:10 here probably next week and starting the east side of the

09:38:13 construction and be able to complete that here in the next

09:38:17 couple of months.

09:38:18 And at the same time, the contractor wanted to move forward

09:38:22 with phase 3, and that's the roundabout.

09:38:25 And most of you have been out in that area and seen the

09:38:30 progress.

09:38:30 The roundabout in phase 3 is also under construction.

09:38:33 And the format is pretty laid out.

09:38:36 Some of the sidewalks are in, the circular motion of the

09:38:40 roundabout.

09:38:41 It's going to be pretty astounding when folks see the

09:38:46 completion of this project.

09:38:47 So we are hoping to have it all completed before the end of

09:38:49 the year.

09:38:49 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

09:38:52 Any questions?

09:38:54 Thank you, sir.

09:38:54 We appreciate the report.

09:38:59 All right.

09:39:02 Information reports.

09:39:03 Mr. Cohen?

09:39:04 >>HARRY COHEN: No, thank you, Mr. Chair.

09:39:08 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I just want to remind everyone, we have had

09:39:10 and are having a very busy six-week from mid March where we

09:39:17 had saint paddy's celebration and the river green.

09:39:22 And then a couple of weeks ago the sandwich festival.

09:39:26 And then last week the Italian festa.

09:39:30 And this weekend we have the 16th annual Islamic charity

09:39:36 festival and then not too far away is the Cinco de Mayo, so

09:39:46 we are virtually in the City of Tampa a United Nations.

09:39:48 Thank you.

09:39:49 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

09:39:51 I just have one point that I wanted to make.

09:39:53 This past week, Judge Don Castor had passed away, and I had

09:39:59 a chance both as a younger person and recently to get to

09:40:05 know judge Castor, and as a non-lawyer it was a great

09:40:09 pleasure to know him.

09:40:09 Very intelligent, funny person, and I mentioned last night

09:40:13 that he's the only guy that I can think of that could be at

09:40:17 a dinner table with both his wife and ex-wife describing how

09:40:22 he met his first wife.

09:40:23 So anybody that has that kind of personality and that type

09:40:28 of guts deserves to be remembered.

09:40:31 A great guy. A great member of this community.

09:40:35 Of course, you know, the father of our Congresswoman Kathy

09:40:40 Castor.

09:40:42 Hopefully the knowledge of how he has been seen in this

09:40:45 community will alleviate their loss.

09:40:49 Thank you, chair.

09:40:49 >>HARRY COHEN: Might I suggest, Councilman Suarez, tonight

09:40:54 in your regular meeting perhaps make a motion that we send

09:40:57 condolences to the family as City Council.

09:40:59 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I shall.

09:41:02 Thank you.

09:41:02 >>FRANK REDDICK: Motion to receive and file?

09:41:04 >> So moved.

09:41:06 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

09:41:09 All in favor? Opposed?

09:41:10 All right. Any business to come forward at this time?

09:41:12 We stand adjourned. Thank you.

09:41:17 >> (Meeting adjourned)


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