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Thursday, April 11, 2013

5:01 p.m. session


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05:06:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to order.

05:06:48 Roll call.

05:06:52 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

05:06:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

05:06:53 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

05:06:54 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

05:06:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

05:06:58 For the record, Lisa Montelione gave us this: I will be

05:07:01 absent from Thursday's meeting April 11th, 2013 council

05:07:05 meeting due to a conference in Washington, D.C.

05:07:08 >> Motion to receive and file.

05:07:11 Motion by Mr. Cohen.

05:07:12 Seconded by Mr. Reddick.

05:07:14 All in favor of the motion?

05:07:16 Opposed?

05:07:16 The ayes have it unanimously.

05:07:18 5:01 is the unfinished business regarding the resolution.

05:07:23 Yes, ma'am.

05:07:23 >>SONYA LITTLE: Finance department.

05:07:28 The item before you is a continuation from last council

05:07:31 meeting where we presented a budget where there were several

05:07:36 items listed, and per your request for further review the

05:07:40 item was deferred to this meeting.

05:07:42 And we took it as an opportunity to fine-tune the backup

05:07:46 information that was provided, and you should have received

05:07:50 that information with it clearly -- clearly shown exactly

05:07:57 what was changed from the prior backup material.

05:08:00 In addition to that, I have had the opportunity to meet with

05:08:03 all of you to give you one on one briefings, but I'm

05:08:06 available to answer any additional questions.

05:08:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members on item

05:08:11 number 1?

05:08:18 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I just want to thank you for making this

05:08:21 City Council member legible.

05:08:26 I know that this is not something we requested, but you took

05:08:31 it upon yourself to make it clearer.

05:08:33 And I appreciate that very much.

05:08:34 >>SONYA LITTLE: Thank you.

05:08:36 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to thank you, too, for the

05:08:41 detail you gave us and for the briefing and I'm fine with it

05:08:44 and I'll move the resolution.

05:08:45 >> Second.

05:08:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern moved the resolution,

05:08:52 seconded by Mr. Reddick.

05:08:53 All in favor?

05:08:55 Opposed nay?

05:08:56 The ayes have it unanimously.

05:08:58 Thank you so much.

05:08:59 We appreciate everything you have done.

05:09:01 We go to item number 2.

05:09:03 It's a quasi-judicial hearing.

05:09:06 So anyone that's going to speak on item number 2, which is

05:09:09 file Z-13-31 shall be sworn in.

05:09:13 We will swear you in now by the clerk.

05:09:14 (Oath administered by Clerk)

05:09:24 >>GLORIA MOREDA: Land development.

05:09:33 The rezoning before you is five areas in the Seminole

05:09:36 Heights vision area, coming before you for a rezoning to the

05:09:43 Seminole Heights zoning district classification.

05:09:47 I just want to briefly tell you the area that we are looking

05:09:49 at right now.

05:09:51 It will be north of Hillsborough Avenue.

05:09:55 You follow the river.

05:09:57 Both on the west and the north side.

05:09:59 Comes down the interstate to Hanna, going west to Florida

05:10:05 Avenue, and then connecting back to Hillsborough Avenue.

05:10:14 The northwest section of Seminole Heights area.

05:10:18 As part of your packet was included the memo that basically

05:10:21 outlines the process for the last four years, where the city

05:10:26 has gone through the visioning process with Seminole Heights

05:10:29 residents, and the adoption of the Land Development Code

05:10:35 related to the districts.

05:10:38 Also in your packet is the copy of the plan, policy, goals

05:10:43 and objectives that basically establishes the community

05:10:47 planning process for the city

05:10:50 And then with the adoption of the Seminole Heights vision

05:10:53 plan and policies related to that area.

05:10:59 City Council has done three of the areas with the southeast,

05:11:05 southwest, and the historic district.

05:11:08 Area, the Seminole Heights area.

05:11:13 At the time when you did the southeast quadrant, or the

05:11:17 southeast quart he, City Council directed staff to do

05:11:22 lateral changes to zoning from the existing 27 designations

05:11:29 to the new Seminole Heights designation.

05:11:31 That is what has been done in this section, except for a

05:11:36 number of properties where property owners contacted Land

05:11:41 Development Coordination and asked for consideration of some

05:11:47 changes of zoning.

05:11:52 There are a few properties close to

05:11:55 Florida Avenue and Sligh Avenue that have been requested for

05:11:58 increased zoning.

05:12:02 One, Monday taking oh -- Juan Monday taking oh requested the

05:12:06 two lots that are at 211 east Sligh Avenue, which is

05:12:11 currently zoned PD to go to the SH-CG district as well as

05:12:20 the property at 6811 north -- from RS-50 to the SH-CG.

05:12:30 Derrick Peters who represents the property owner at 1111

05:12:34 east Sligh Avenue located here at this intersection, they

05:12:40 are requesting from RO 1 to the SH-CG designation.

05:12:48 However, that lot did not meet the minimum requirements for

05:12:51 the CG, so I had indicated that it would be going to the

05:12:57 SH-CN.

05:13:01 The other properties requested are further south on central,

05:13:06 and they are located at 6621 north central as well as 6420

05:13:16 north central, and the request there is to go from the RS-50

05:13:22 as advertised to the SH-CN.

05:13:25 I wanted to elaborate a little on that because Mr. Peters

05:13:29 had asked for the SH-CG on his property.

05:13:33 At the time when I reviewed it, I looked at the minimum lot

05:13:37 size to the SH-CG.

05:13:39 Did he not satisfy those requirements so I had indicated

05:13:41 that the zoning change would go to the SH-CN.

05:13:47 Upon further review with the legal department, they have

05:13:49 indicated that since these are lots of record, Mr. Peters

05:13:53 could, in the future, rezoning the property or apply to

05:13:56 rezoning the property to the CG designation.

05:14:00 However, when I was preparing this, I did recommend the CN

05:14:06 designation, given the lot sizes

05:14:13 The only other property I wanted to call to council's

05:14:15 attention, I told the property owners I would, is at the

05:14:21 very corner of central and Sligh Avenue, the northwest

05:14:26 corner.

05:14:26 It was the subject of a rezoning, to the SH-CG designation.

05:14:34 It's my understanding through that rezoning property owners

05:14:38 were satisfied with going to the SH-CN so I had advertised

05:14:42 that they were going to be down-zoned through this process.

05:14:47 They have contacted me and said they do not want to be

05:14:50 down-zoned, they want to retain their SH-CG designation, so

05:14:55 I have changed that designation to maintain their current

05:14:59 zoning requirements.

05:15:03 For the record, as part of the review, they called to our

05:15:07 attention that the use table for the SH-CN district did not

05:15:11 include retail as a permitted use.

05:15:16 When reviewing the table with Cathy Coyle, she is going to

05:15:20 be pursuing a text amendment because that was an oversight

05:15:23 in the development of the SH-CN designation.

05:15:29 Retail would be a permitted use in that district.

05:15:32 I have for the record just a copy of the use table that I

05:15:35 think Ms. Coyle will be asking for that to be scheduled for

05:15:40 a workshop in your coming schedule for the record.

05:15:54 That's really all I have, if anybody has any questions.

05:15:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members at this

05:15:59 time?

05:16:00 Anyone in the audience care to speak on item number 2?

05:16:03 Item number 2 file Z-13-31.

05:16:10 Come up.

05:16:10 >> I studied this letter that I received quite carefully.

05:16:21 I'm not real familiar with the zoning requirements.

05:16:23 But I live on Lambright street, in the first block east of

05:16:28 Florida Avenue.

05:16:30 And as I can see this map, it doesn't appear that there's a

05:16:34 major change in what's already there.

05:16:39 However, I do have two concerns.

05:16:41 One is that the alleys that were there when I bought my

05:16:44 house 28 years ago have been closed, and the businesses have

05:16:52 very limited parking resources or any kind of entrance

05:16:56 except off of Florida Avenue.

05:16:59 And the other concern is the traffic.

05:17:04 At the entrance to Lambright street at Central Avenue

05:17:07 between central and Florida, it plainly states 25 miles per

05:17:10 hour, and we have all kinds of trucks going through there at

05:17:17 35, 40 miles an hour.

05:17:20 They are tearing up the bricks on the street.

05:17:22 Not only are they tearing up the bricks on the street, but

05:17:25 the city is tearing up the bricks he have time they have to

05:17:28 do any work on the water lines or the sewer.

05:17:31 They don't replace the bricks.

05:17:32 I have a neighbor who has stacks and stacks of bricks in her

05:17:37 yard right now and she says she didn't steal them, she went

05:17:40 and asked them what they were going to do with the bricks.

05:17:42 Instead of replacing them in the streets, they were just

05:17:46 going to grind them up.

05:17:47 So she salvaged them.

05:17:49 And I disagree with that wholly simply because at the

05:17:55 intersection of Florida and Lambright, there's absolutely no

05:17:59 drainage.

05:17:59 He have time we even have a mild rain, it's flooded there.

05:18:03 And those bricks help to drain the street more quickly.

05:18:07 And if they don't do something about it we are going to have

05:18:10 a flood zone there, and it's not supposed to be a flood

05:18:13 zone.

05:18:19 I was questioned was I the last one in.

05:18:22 No, I wasn't.

05:18:23 Don't know if I have to be.

05:18:24 >> I don't know if you were here but I will say again anyone

05:18:26 that's in the audience that's going to speak on item number

05:18:29 2 has to be sworn in.

05:18:31 I said that at the beginning of the meeting when I started

05:18:32 the whole meeting.

05:18:33 But it's all right.

05:18:34 It's my fault.

05:18:36 Blame me.

05:18:36 You get blamed for everything else.

05:18:38 >> It's not your fault.

05:18:39 I went to the wrong place.

05:18:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No problem.

05:18:42 (Oath administered by Clerk)

05:18:43 >> Always, thank you.

05:18:47 My name is Jill Kenny.

05:18:49 I live at 111 east Lambright street.

05:18:57 Thank you.

05:18:59 No comment?

05:19:02 I want you to do something about the traffic, about the

05:19:05 speed limit and also about the drainage, and the alleys.

05:19:08 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.

05:19:12 Is there anyone else from the public that would like to

05:19:14 comment on item number 2?

05:19:16 This is a public hearing.

05:19:20 Okay.

05:19:21 Are there any additional questions or comments by council

05:19:23 members?

05:19:24 Councilwoman Mulhern.

05:19:26 >>MARY MULHERN: Maybe we could hear from -- my Mike wasn't

05:19:33 on.

05:19:33 Can you tell us anything about the brick streets and what's

05:19:36 going on with that?

05:19:38 >> Well, I can tell you that nothing related to the rezoning

05:19:41 will affect the manner in which the brick streets are

05:19:44 preserved in the City of Tampa.

05:19:47 I was kind of surprised to hear how it was being described

05:19:51 myself.

05:19:52 I know that there are regulations that preserve our brick

05:19:55 streets.

05:19:56 So I'm not sure exactly what is being done in the area.

05:19:58 >> Do you have a suggestion for her?

05:20:04 >>GLORIA MOREDA: Contact public works department with any

05:20:06 issues related to the manner in which any type of roadwork

05:20:08 is being done where the bricks are being adversely affected.

05:20:12 >>MARY MULHERN: Thanks.

05:20:19 >>HARRY COHEN: Councilman Reddick.

05:20:21 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

05:20:22 Let me suggest to you instead of contacting public works,

05:20:25 contact my office, because I don't want to see you go

05:20:28 through self layers of people in that department and you

05:20:34 feel like you aren't getting anything done.

05:20:36 So I would appreciate you just contacting my office and

05:20:39 provide us the problems that you are experiencing, and we'll

05:20:44 help you out.

05:20:45 Thank you.

05:20:45 >>HARRY COHEN: Okay.

05:20:50 If there's no one else from the public and no other council

05:20:52 members that wish to speak, I will entertain a motion to

05:20:56 close the public hearing.

05:20:57 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Move to close.

05:20:59 >>HARRY COHEN: We have a motion from Councilman Suarez,

05:21:01 seconded by Councilwoman Mulhern.

05:21:03 All those in favor please indicate by saying aye.

05:21:07 Opposed?

05:21:09 All right.

05:21:09 Councilman Suarez, would you please read the ordinance for

05:21:13 first reading?

05:21:14 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

05:21:15 I present an ordinance for first reading consideration, an

05:21:19 ordinance of the city of Tampa, Florida relating to an area

05:21:22 rezoning, the general location of which is south and east of

05:21:25 the Hillsborough River, north of Hillsborough Avenue, and

05:21:28 west of the boundary running north on Florida Avenue from

05:21:31 Hillsborough Avenue to Hanna Avenue, thence running east on

05:21:35 Hanna Avenue to interstate 275, thence running north on

05:21:39 interstate 275 to the Hillsborough River, in the city of

05:21:43 Tampa, Florida, from zoning district classifications for

05:21:46 residential single-family, RS-50 and RS-60, residential

05:21:52 multifamily, RM-12, RM-16, RM-18, and RM-24, residential

05:22:03 office, RO and RO-1, commercial neighborhood, CN, commercial

05:22:07 general, CG, and commercial intensive, to Seminole

05:22:10 Heights-specific zoning classifications, SH-RS, SH-RM,

05:22:16 SH-RO, SH-CN, SH-CG, and SH-CI, providing for notice,

05:22:26 providing an effective date.

05:22:26 >>MARY MULHERN: Second.

05:22:29 >>HARRY COHEN: We have a motion from Councilman Suarez,

05:22:31 seconded by Councilwoman Capin.

05:22:33 All those in favor please indicate by saying aye.

05:22:35 Opposed?

05:22:38 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Montelione being absent

05:22:40 and Miranda absent at vote.

05:22:42 Second reading and adoption will be on May 2nd at 9:30

05:22:45 a.m.

05:22:46 >>HARRY COHEN: Okay.

05:22:48 We are going to be in recess until 6:00 when we will begin

05:22:51 with item number 3.

05:22:56 >> (Meeting in recess.)

05:23:03 >>

06:00:20 >>HARRY COHEN: Welcome to the evening session of City

06:04:57 Council.

06:04:57 Clerk, can you please call the roll?

06:04:59 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

06:05:01 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

06:05:01 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

06:05:03 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

06:05:05 Thank you very much.

06:05:11 We are going to start on item number 3.

06:05:15 Which is a proposed brownfield designation.

06:05:17 >> Kathy Ginster, assistant city attorney for the city, and

06:05:26 I am here on the first of two scheduled public hearings on a

06:05:29 proposed brownfield area designation for the former Gulf

06:05:34 coast property.

06:05:37 The it follows an application by the property owner

06:05:40 trademark by trademark and on file with the city's clerk's

06:05:53 office and on file with the city clerk's office.

06:05:58 The purpose of the brownfield program is to provide

06:06:02 incentives to property owners to redevelop and remediate

06:06:07 contaminated property in a safe manner, and council is not

06:06:15 required to act at the conclusion of this first public

06:06:19 hearing but will be required or asked to pass a resolution

06:06:21 approving the brownfield area designation after the second

06:06:24 public hearing which is scheduled for May 2nd at 10:30

06:06:28 a.m.

06:06:30 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much.

06:06:31 Given that this is a public hearing, is there anyone from

06:06:34 the public that would like to be heard on this proposed

06:06:36 brownfield designation?

06:06:40 >>THE CLERK: We need to open the public hearing.

06:06:43 >>HARRY COHEN: It's not quasi-judicial.

06:06:46 Do we need to still open it?

06:06:48 Go ahead.

06:06:48 We have a motion from Councilman Reddick, seconded by

06:06:52 Councilman Capin.

06:06:54 All those in favor please indicate by saying aye.

06:06:56 >> Ron Noble, 501 East Kennedy Boulevard representing

06:07:01 applicant Trademark Metal.

06:07:02 With me this evening is Mrs. Brenda Anderson of Trademark

06:07:06 Metal, the corporate environmental manager for Trademark.

06:07:08 We are going to keep our remarks very brief this evening.

06:07:11 I first want to thank the staff, Ms. Ginster and Mr. Fahey

06:07:15 everybody very helpful and very supportive throughout this

06:07:18 process in getting the application before council.

06:07:20 Trademark metals is the largest scrap metal recycler in the

06:07:24 State of Florida in the southeast United States.

06:07:27 They are headquartered here in Tampa.

06:07:28 They have six operating facilities in Tampa and

06:07:30 substantially expanded their footprint in Tampa last year

06:07:33 with the acquisition of Gulf coast metals.

06:07:36 Gulf coast metals is one of the oldest and one of the only

06:07:39 aluminum smelter facilities in the State of Florida.

06:07:43 There's only a couple of them, and the largest one is right

06:07:46 here in Tampa.

06:07:46 Most of the aluminum cans and other aluminum scrap metal end

06:07:50 up right here to be melted, turned into aluminum and then

06:07:54 get recycled throughout the metal industry in the southeast

06:07:57 United States.

06:07:57 Trademark metals has invested already about $1 million to

06:08:01 upgrade and expand the facility and has added about 30 new

06:08:05 employees at the facility.

06:08:07 Through the brownfield designation we'll continue to grow

06:08:10 the facility and implement some environmental remediation

06:08:12 projects resulting from some soil and groundwater impact

06:08:15 that had occurred prior to trademark metals purchase of this

06:08:19 facility.

06:08:24 As Ms. Ginther indicated, we held a meeting at the east

06:08:29 Chelsea Baptist church to take comments from property

06:08:35 owners.

06:08:36 No members of the public came to attend the meeting except

06:08:38 for Mr. Fahey and we thank him for presenting or we would

06:08:43 have been presenting to a completely empty audience. If you

06:08:45 have questions about the environmental issues of the

06:08:47 property, I'm happy to answer that.

06:08:49 Otherwise, that will conclude our discussion this evening.

06:08:51 >> Any questions by council members at this time?

06:08:57 Anyone in the audience care to speak on this public hearing?

06:09:04 Please come forward.

06:09:07 >> Move to close.

06:09:08 >> Second.

06:09:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to close by Mr. Reddick.

06:09:11 Seconded by Mr. Cohen.

06:09:12 All in favor please say aye.

06:09:14 Opposed nay.

06:09:14 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:09:16 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Mr. Chairman?

06:09:20 I'm sorry, this is the first public hearing.

06:09:22 The second public hearing will be held on May 2nd, 2013,

06:09:25 10:30 a.m., at which time council will be asked to take

06:09:28 action.

06:09:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:09:30 I appreciate it.

06:09:31 Okay.

06:09:32 We go to item number 4.

06:09:33 I assume all these hearings are open?

06:09:39 >> Move to open 4 through 13.

06:09:42 >> Second.

06:09:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion to open --

06:09:45 >> 14.

06:09:46 Excuse me.

06:09:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:09:47 Mr. Cohen made the motion for 4 through 14.

06:09:49 Seconded by Mr. Suarez.

06:09:51 All in favor of that motion, please indicate by saying aye.

06:09:54 Opposed nay.

06:09:55 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:09:58 The hearing is now open.

06:09:59 Yes, ma'am.

06:09:59 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

06:10:02 Item number 14 never submitted revised plans to Land

06:10:10 Development Coordination.

06:10:12 So I would like to request that that be continued to the

06:10:15 June 13th public hearing.

06:10:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You want item 14 continued to which

06:10:19 hearing again?

06:10:21 >>ABBYE FEELEY: June 13th.

06:10:22 >>HARRY COHEN: So moved.

06:10:24 >> Second.

06:10:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone here on item 14 on the continuance

06:10:27 portion only?

06:10:29 I see no one.

06:10:30 Continuation by Mr. Cohen, seconds by Mr. Suarez, June

06:10:35 13th at 6:00 in the evening.

06:10:38 All in favor of that motion please indicate by saying aye.

06:10:41 Opposed nay.

06:10:41 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:10:42 Also, anyone in the audience who is going to speak on items

06:10:45 4 through 13, please rise and be sworn so the clerk can

06:10:54 swear you in.

06:10:54 (Oath administered by Clerk)

06:11:41 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

06:11:43 I have been sworn.

06:11:44 Item number 4 on your agenda this evening is a continued

06:11:47 public hearing from January 17th.

06:11:51 On that night, I presented the request before you which was

06:11:56 for parking off-street commercial located at 3026, 3028 and

06:12:01 3012 North "A" street.

06:12:04 Also, the applicant presented that evening, but no public

06:12:09 comment was taken that evening as the case was continued.

06:12:15 By the request of the applicant.

06:12:16 So, if I may, I did provide you with a copy of the

06:12:19 memorandum that I issued on the case.

06:12:27 And what I would like to do this evening is go over the

06:12:30 modifications that were made to the site plan.

06:12:31 I have drawn those up for you, in a little color-coded

06:12:36 presentation, and then Mr. Bricklemyer is here on behalf of

06:12:39 the applicant this evening.

06:12:42 And I also do have my photos from the site if you would like

06:12:47 to see that presentation as well.

06:12:49 Let me go ahead and work through the site plan changes.

06:12:51 Then if you would like to see that presentation, if you

06:12:54 would just let me know.

06:12:55 This is the parking lot, proposed parking lot, that was

06:12:58 Miguel's Restaurant off of Kennedy.

06:13:05 this was the original plan.

06:13:08 And what I have shown you here is originally there was an

06:13:11 8.5-foot buffer with a proposed fence, and also an 8-foot

06:13:19 buffer along New Jersey Avenue with a proposed fence.

06:13:23 What I have shown you here in red are the trees that were

06:13:25 proposed for removal.

06:13:31 The new plans has now saved those four trees, increased that

06:13:40 buffer from the 8.5 feet to 28.5 feet, so it took those two

06:13:46 drive aisles and actually created the greater buffer there,

06:13:51 retained the trees, and placed that PVC fence at the rear of

06:13:56 the 8.5 feet all the way around the property.

06:13:59 So it was only located halfway and in the center of New

06:14:04 Jersey.

06:14:04 Now it's actually abutting the spaces, and Outback for the

06:14:10 entire length of the property along New Jersey.

06:14:17 As a result of these modifications, the six original waivers

06:14:20 that went with this application have now been reduced to

06:14:23 three.

06:14:24 Those waivers are to allow commercial property, which the

06:14:30 parking serves, to be separated by an alley, because the

06:14:32 access for this will be on the alley, and that waiver

06:14:38 remains the same.

06:14:40 Beaumont the second is to allow the parking lot extend more

06:14:43 than 100 feet.

06:14:44 When the original buffer on the north was at the 8.5 feet,

06:14:47 then that was 176 feet.

06:14:48 Now that that buffer has been increased, it's 146 feet from

06:14:54 the property.

06:14:55 So there is a waiver.

06:14:57 That waiver has been somewhat reduced.

06:14:59 And then lastly, the prior configuration has 61 spaces, and

06:15:06 some of the drive aisles were much smaller.

06:15:10 Let me back up for a minute.

06:15:13 The drive aisle entering the property was much smaller, and

06:15:18 coming around in this area, now all of the drive aisles have

06:15:22 been moved I'm told with the exception of this one here that

06:15:27 is one foot short.

06:15:28 So that waiver has been adjusted from 24 to 23 just for this

06:15:32 drive aisle.

06:15:38 So my memo goes through the change in those waivers, the

06:15:41 buffering which I just discussed with you, the number of

06:15:44 parking spaces gets reduced from 61 to 53 based on the

06:15:48 additional buffering being provided.

06:15:50 The overall vehicle use area was reduced from 21,903 square

06:15:55 feet to 18,341 square feet, and the overall green space was

06:16:00 increased from 5,000 square feet to 7,336 square feet.

06:16:06 Based on these modifications, natural resources, and

06:16:10 transportation have both removed any outstanding objections.

06:16:15 And in relation to the concerns raised by land development,

06:16:18 given the enhanced buffering, which is now approximately 28%

06:16:23 of the depth of a standard residential lot, and I have no

06:16:31 further revisions or requests.

06:16:34 If you would like to see the photos, I would be happy to do

06:16:39 that.

06:16:39 If not, I can hold off on that unless we needed to see

06:16:43 reference further.

06:16:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Have we seen that before?

06:16:46 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Yes, sir.

06:16:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We will go to the Planning Commission and

06:16:49 then see what we need to do.

06:16:51 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I also did have a letter from Gary peace

06:16:56 who could not be here tonight.

06:16:58 I believe he copied you, several members as well, but I did

06:17:01 want to provide a copy of that for the record as well.

06:17:03 >> David Hay with your Planning Commission staff.

06:17:12 I have been sworn.

06:17:12 We made a presentation at the last meeting.

06:17:14 I can go through that again if you would like.

06:17:16 We are still at this time finding the requests consistent

06:17:20 with the Tampa comprehensive plan.

06:17:22 We found the last former request consistent.

06:17:27 So I can go through the presentation if you like.

06:17:31 >>MARY MULHERN: I would like to hear that.

06:17:37 Thank you.

06:17:38 >> David Hay: Sure.

06:17:41 The site is located within the central Tampa planning

06:17:44 district.

06:17:45 As you all are well aware the central planning district

06:17:50 provides the most opportunity for further intensification

06:17:52 and redevelopment, while also protecting the many historic

06:17:58 neighborhoods within the central planning district.

06:17:59 The site is within close proximity to Kennedy Boulevard,

06:18:02 which has been designated as a transit corridor.

06:18:08 Next, onto the aerial.

06:18:12 You can see the site is in the center of the map.

06:18:17 Immediately to the south we have Miguel's Mexican restaurant

06:18:20 and other uses along Kennedy Boulevard.

06:18:22 To the west we have MacDill Avenue, and there's a number

06:18:26 of office uses that abut the property on the east side of

06:18:30 MacDill.

06:18:31 To the north and east we have residential uses including

06:18:33 some single-family and multifamily uses.

06:18:38 Onto the future land use map, the subject site and

06:18:41 properties to the north, east and west are all designated

06:18:45 residential 10.

06:18:46 To the south along Kennedy Boulevard, properties are

06:18:49 designated urban mixed use 60.

06:18:51 It should be noted that the residential 10 that is located

06:18:55 to the west, those two adjacent properties are currently for

06:19:00 nonresidential uses and are being used as such.

06:19:03 The Planning Commission staff found the proposed rezoning

06:19:06 allows for additional redevelopment opportunities along the

06:19:09 Kennedy Boulevard corridor, due to the requests for

06:19:11 additional parking areas behind.

06:19:15 It does free up some property along the urban mixed use 60

06:19:18 portion for additional intensification.

06:19:24 That would occur in the future.

06:19:31 It is adjacent to two major roadways, Kennedy Boulevard and

06:19:35 MacDill Avenue.

06:19:37 And the Planning Commission staff found that the proposed

06:19:39 rezoning provides an appropriate buffer, buffering and

06:19:42 screening from adjacent residential uses beings and should

06:19:45 not create any negative impacts on those adjacent uses since

06:19:48 all traffic is through the alley, and it's buffered and

06:19:53 screened.

06:19:53 Based on those issues and the policies contained within the

06:19:57 staff report, Planning Commission staff found the request

06:19:59 consistent with the Tampa comprehensive plan.

06:20:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?

06:20:05 >>MARY MULHERN: It looks like it's completely -- it's a

06:20:14 residential street, separated from the properties that are

06:20:20 on the main road, by an alley at this time, and those are

06:20:28 zoned residential, R-10, you, right?

06:20:36 The land use?

06:20:37 >> The land use all on that northern block, that whole

06:20:40 block, that tan cover is all the residential 10.

06:20:43 >>MARY MULHERN: This is what I don't understand, how you

06:20:47 find it consistent to put a parking lot where there are

06:20:53 three single-family lots in a neighborhood full of

06:20:57 single-family moderate income homes in a district that's a

06:21:04 really good school district.

06:21:05 I don't understand that finding of consistency.

06:21:08 >> Well, when Planning Commission staff looks at it, we look

06:21:13 at what the allowable uses within the zoning code are and

06:21:17 uses that could be considered.

06:21:19 An accessory parking lot is a use that currently can be

06:21:22 considered within a residential 10.

06:21:26 When staff looked at it, the site, since it's having no

06:21:32 vehicular access at all to the local street, it's all off

06:21:35 that alley, and that there's existing office uses with

06:21:42 associated parking with that.

06:21:43 Already within that block face, that block face MacDill

06:21:50 are office uses.

06:21:51 >>MARY MULHERN: When you would have the accessory use of a

06:21:56 parking lot in a residential district, then the parking

06:21:59 would normally be for the residences, not for commercial,

06:22:04 which is on another -- in another zoning district across the

06:22:08 alley on a Main Street.

06:22:10 >> There are examples of parking lots currently within the

06:22:13 city that are similar to this configuration of where they

06:22:18 buffered themselves from the residential, and when you look

06:22:24 at the future land use category you would look at it and

06:22:27 say, though it's planned residential 10, it's serving the

06:22:30 adjacent commercial use, it might be where the use is facing

06:22:35 a major roadway, like Kennedy, or one of our other

06:22:38 arterials, and then a parking lot that functions with that.

06:22:45 >>MARY MULHERN: You know, I was around when we rewrote the

06:22:51 comprehensive plan a few years ago, and I didn't envision

06:22:53 that, you know, really stable, moderate income, affordable

06:23:01 residential neighborhoods were to be there to service the

06:23:06 commercial district.

06:23:08 The commercial -- I think of commercial districts as

06:23:13 servicing the residents who live adjacent to it.

06:23:16 I don't understand that philosophy.

06:23:18 >> Again, when staff looks at it, we look at what's allowed

06:23:26 to be considered in the zoning district, and that, you know,

06:23:30 if the applicant was having an access point onto a local

06:23:36 road, that would have impact.

06:23:39 You would have traffic impact and things like that.

06:23:42 This way, with it completely screened, buffered, only

06:23:46 accessing which currently the alley -- commercial uses

06:23:52 already, because there's commercial uses that are adjacent

06:23:55 to it, that the access is limited through that alley, and

06:24:01 Planning Commission staff found that --

06:24:04 >>MARY MULHERN: So you consider just the transportation,

06:24:09 you don't think about the visual or the environmental

06:24:14 effect -- that's not part of what planning --

06:24:19 >> No, overall compatibility with adjacent uses.

06:24:22 I mean, when you look at parcels that have historically been

06:24:27 used as residential, there's nothing when they are in a

06:24:33 situation like this that are adjacent to commercial uses,

06:24:37 it's not that when a planned category of residential is

06:24:41 placed on that parcel that it's always going to be

06:24:44 residential.

06:24:45 There's factors like commercial locational criteria and

06:24:48 things like that that we look at in regards to where those

06:24:51 uses go to.

06:24:53 And the majority of residential districts will remain

06:24:57 residential.

06:24:57 But in the areas that are adjacent to very intensive land

06:25:01 uses, when staff looks at it, it's well screened and

06:25:06 buffered from those residential uses, there's not a lot of

06:25:11 policy direction within the comp plan that goes into, well,

06:25:17 you know, the visual of a car being there is a negative.

06:25:20 There's nothing really in the comp plan that expresses that

06:25:24 concern.

06:25:25 So, you know, we look at --

06:25:28 >>MARY MULHERN: I think -- okay, I understand what you are

06:25:31 saying.

06:25:33 I'll find the things in the comp plan probably.

06:25:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Capin.

06:25:42 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

06:25:42 Two things.

06:25:43 You said that this is adjacent to MacDill, but it's not.

06:25:48 I'm looking at it, and it's New Jersey and North A.

06:26:00 >> I think I referenced the office uses.

06:26:03 These two parcels --

06:26:05 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I understand those are MacDill.

06:26:07 But the parcel that we are talking about are residential.

06:26:10 And when I look at this alley access, you can come out and

06:26:19 go onto New Jersey.

06:26:20 You can go north on New Jersey into the residential area.

06:26:26 Can we see that?

06:26:29 That's what it looked like on here.

06:26:30 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

06:26:37 Let me go back.

06:26:38 There seems to be questions raised.

06:26:39 Here is the area.

06:26:41 The alley right now, you see the south of the property is

06:26:47 actually -- this has access alleys in their commercial

06:26:52 parking which can come right out and go on to New Jersey.

06:26:55 And this is the Miguel restaurant here that has access onto

06:27:01 the alley, also.

06:27:02 This office also has access onto the alley.

06:27:06 So we are not introducing a new commercial access on the

06:27:10 alley that currently is completely not accessing those.

06:27:14 Just to be clear on that.

06:27:18 This PD right here is an office.

06:27:21 And right here is the parking for that.

06:27:23 This RO right here is an office.

06:27:25 And it also was a conversion of a residential structure.

06:27:30 Let me go ahead and show you a picture of the property.

06:27:35 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I know exactly what it wants to look like

06:27:37 unless they want to look at it.

06:27:39 I know MacDill.

06:27:40 Thank you for reiterating it.

06:27:42 But I'm well aware of what it is.

06:27:44 And everything else is residential.

06:27:47 On there.

06:27:52 So we are not introducing any new -- with the alleyway, but

06:27:59 these are two residential lots -- three residential lots.

06:28:09 That we are looking at.

06:28:10 And one of the things with the comp plan -- and we went over

06:28:13 this with Martin Luther King Boulevard and the plan for --

06:28:25 oh, my goodness, not the Heights -- anyway, that big -- what

06:28:30 you are looking at is when you have the commercial, then you

06:28:33 are introducing next to the commercial less intense, but

06:28:39 really when you have a city, and it's all developed, you

06:28:41 have all this residential.

06:28:43 And then you are saying, well, you know, it can serve the

06:28:47 commercial.

06:28:49 We saw that happen.

06:28:51 They were changing that to multiple family right on the

06:28:55 other side, behind MLK onto Ida Street and it was all

06:29:01 residential.

06:29:02 You know, and here is again it's encroaching into

06:29:07 residential.

06:29:08 I can understand -- I see it on MacDill, Kennedy.

06:29:14 But it's going on into -- and that part, I'm having a hard

06:29:22 time with.

06:29:23 So I understand the parameters that this is consistent with.

06:29:34 It is encroaching on the residential.

06:29:36 There's no doubt about it.

06:29:38 It is residential.

06:29:39 And it's being changed.

06:29:40 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Chairman Miranda, if I may for a moment.

06:29:46 What the comp plan says is in R-10 you can consider up to an

06:29:49 RS-50 zoning district.

06:29:50 And I'm sure Mr. Bricklemyer will speak to this a little

06:29:54 further.

06:29:54 But in RS-50 it says you may have commercial off-street

06:29:57 parking as a special use if you meet the following criteria.

06:30:02 Those criteria were provided in your original staff report.

06:30:06 When this application first came in, it had waivers to

06:30:09 chapter 13, which may not be obtained through a special use,

06:30:13 but may be obtained through a PD.

06:30:16 So it was processed as a PD with the special use criteria,

06:30:20 because just because you utilize a PD to get additional

06:30:23 waivers doesn't mean that there's special use criteria can

06:30:28 be disregarded, and they don't travel with the application.

06:30:31 So those criteria are that it is adjacent to the commercial

06:30:36 lot that it serves, which this is separated by an alley, so

06:30:40 they are asking you for a waiver for that.

06:30:43 It does not extend more than 100 feet from the commercial

06:30:47 lot that it serves, which this does, and they are asking you

06:30:50 for a waiver from that.

06:30:55 The third is that in residential zoning districts and RO

06:31:01 districts, the size of the parking lot should be based --

06:31:04 that's 100-foot.

06:31:05 I'm sorry about that.

06:31:07 That the use that it is serving is a legal use in its

06:31:10 commercial district, which the restaurant which this is

06:31:13 serving is, so it satisfies that criteria.

06:31:16 The fourth is that commercial parking of operative vehicles

06:31:20 cannot -- it cannot be overnight parking.

06:31:23 It cannot storage of vehicles, it cannot be anything which

06:31:26 that is.

06:31:27 And the last is that they are screened accordingly to

06:31:29 chapter 27-130, which these are.

06:31:32 So I just want to go over those five criteria that you

06:31:35 travel with this and are on your site plan, some of those

06:31:40 waivers.

06:31:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

06:31:43 Any other council members?

06:31:45 Thank you very much.

06:31:45 Petitioner?

06:31:46 >> Good evening, Mr. Chairman, council members.

06:31:55 My name is Keith Bricklemyer.

06:31:57 I'm the attorney for Miguel and Patricia Rodriguez, the

06:32:01 applicants in this case, and the restaurant Miguel's Mexican

06:32:05 seafood and grill, which is at the corner of Kennedy and

06:32:08 MacDill.

06:32:11 The reason that we are here tonight is that there have been

06:32:14 a number of changes in the last several years that have

06:32:19 negatively impacted the parking in this area.

06:32:23 The first of those is the southern seas facility that was

06:32:28 next door to Miguel's which previously provided parking is

06:32:37 now a restaurant which now has its own parking to contend

06:32:40 with, so that overflow parking is no longer available.

06:32:45 The ABC store, which is to the east, also allowed Miguel's

06:32:50 restaurant to use a portion of their restaurant for overflow

06:32:54 parking.

06:32:55 They no longer allow that because of the increased activity

06:32:58 in the area, and because of their own expansion plans.

06:33:02 So what do you do?

06:33:06 You have approximately 50 spaces that were lost in those

06:33:09 overflow lots, and what had happened is there is a negative

06:33:13 impact on the neighborhood, because people are parking

06:33:15 wherever they can find a parking place.

06:33:18 It's done throughout the city.

06:33:20 On Davis Island, people park in front of my house all the

06:33:22 time.

06:33:23 It's the way a city, urban environment operates.

06:33:27 Miguel's has taken responsible and very expensive action to

06:33:32 try to ameliorate that situation.

06:33:36 The lots that we are talking about tonight, which abut the

06:33:39 rear of Miguel's facility as well as Fire restaurant were

06:33:45 not available until recently.

06:33:46 And when they became available, and they have pursued those

06:33:50 lots before, when they became available, they purchased the

06:33:52 lots, and what was on those lots was three structures that

06:34:01 were in bad condition -- and I will give you some

06:34:03 documentation on that later in my presentation.

06:34:07 But he's removed those dilapidated structures to, I think,

06:34:14 the delight of the neighborhood, and he has created a

06:34:18 parking plan which he has repeatedly revised in response to

06:34:23 questions raised by the neighbors and by your review staff.

06:34:29 The plan that you saw last time is very different from the

06:34:31 plan that you have been shown tonight.

06:34:34 It includes fewer parking spaces, but it is a plan that is

06:34:38 supported by your staff, by the Planning Commission staff,

06:34:42 and as I will show you in a graphic by the vast majority of

06:34:46 the neighborhood that is immediately impacted, with the

06:34:50 exception of the three single-family home lots.

06:34:54 The only three single-family home lots on this portion of

06:34:58 North "A" that would be impacted by any change in use.

06:35:03 And as has been stated, the only impact is they are now

06:35:07 going to have a landscape visual and sound buffer from the

06:35:12 commercial uses along Kennedy, and from Kennedy itself, that

06:35:16 never has existed in the past, and that would not exist if

06:35:20 housing were re-created on those lots.

06:35:26 I have a binder of material that I would like to give to you

06:35:29 and briefly walk through with you what I think are salient

06:35:33 items that you should consider in considering this

06:35:36 application.

06:36:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let's move.

06:36:27 Time is running.

06:36:28 >> I'm sorry.

06:36:40 If I could ask you to look behind tab 1, which I think is

06:36:52 probably one of the most important exhibits for you to

06:36:55 consider, because it addresses the character of North "A".

06:37:01 The perception apparently is that North "A" is strictly a

06:37:04 residential street.

06:37:06 What we have done here is go from land street all the way to

06:37:12 Armenia with the sight being approximately in the middle of

06:37:16 this graphic.

06:37:17 To show you what happens along North "A".

06:37:20 North "A" is not a residential street.

06:37:23 Not withstanding there's three lots across from this site.

06:37:27 If you go down starting at the left, you have a condominium

06:37:32 parking lot on the south side of North "A".

06:37:35 You have fox 13 news.

06:37:37 You get close to this site.

06:37:39 You have commercial, office, and parking lot uses

06:37:43 immediately abutting the site, including on the north side

06:37:48 of "A" street.

06:37:49 We are on the south side of "A" street.

06:37:52 That graphic continues.

06:37:54 The second page is more of the same.

06:37:57 And there are commercial and office uses on both sides of

06:38:01 North "A" that have been made to be compatible with the

06:38:06 neighbors, and that have been approved by City Council.

06:38:12 The portion of tab 1 are specific photographs of those uses.

06:38:17 I am not going to spend your time going through those unless

06:38:21 you have some specific questions.

06:38:24 Tab 2 is the comp plan map.

06:38:26 And I will put that in there to show you, as David Hay has

06:38:31 already shown you.

06:38:32 This property abuts 60 along Kennedy Boulevard, and to the

06:38:37 west along MacDill, also UM 60.

06:38:43 It's not on MacDill but those are the intense type of

06:38:45 use that are currently in place and can be put in place.

06:38:50 Tab 3 is a series of comprehensive revisions that this

06:38:54 application is consistent with.

06:38:58 The res 10 category -- and this is very important -- res 10

06:39:03 category if you look at the third bullet allows limited

06:39:05 neighborhood-serving commercial uses consistent with

06:39:08 locational criteria, and all we are asking for in this case

06:39:12 is an accessory use to a commercial area.

06:39:16 David mentioned the central Tampa planning district, the

06:39:21 intense planning district.

06:39:23 It is a -- MacDill and Kennedy are transit emphasis

06:39:28 corridors on the vision map.

06:39:31 And on the following page, there are several additional

06:39:34 policies encouraging in fill, buffering, which we comply

06:39:40 with, and that was designed the parking lots to facilitate

06:39:44 safe and convenient walking to building emphasis which this

06:39:49 does.

06:39:50 Parking is all being internalized to solve this problem.

06:39:57 Tab 4, you see the zoning map, and it reconfirms that the

06:40:00 uses abutting this site on the west are office.

06:40:04 To the northwest is office.

06:40:06 To the south is commercial.

06:40:09 And you do have two lots immediately across the 80-foot wide

06:40:14 North "A" Street right-of-way, and one to the northeast

06:40:16 across the abutting street.

06:40:27 We spoke about the properties -- excuse me, the houses that

06:40:30 were on the site before.

06:40:31 What's included in tab 5 are copies of incident reports from

06:40:38 code enforcement and from the police department that confirm

06:40:43 that these were not good neighbors.

06:40:46 These were three rental properties.

06:40:49 In tab 5-A, repetitive citations for overgrowth, for illegal

06:40:55 uses, for inoperative vehicles, for accumulation of junk.

06:41:01 That is not a good neighbor to the residents across the

06:41:05 street.

06:41:06 Particularly not in comparison to a nicely landscaped area

06:41:10 that will be fenced off and not even visible from those.

06:41:16 Tab B is a listing of the Tampa PD calls to the three sites,

06:41:22 which includes a variety of things including juvenile

06:41:25 violations, domestic disputes, liquor violations and a

06:41:38 number of other issues.

06:41:39 Again I think you will hear from some people in the

06:41:42 neighborhood if you haven't already they were delighted to

06:41:45 see these houses go away.

06:41:46 And what is being proposed is a use that is dramatically

06:41:51 better than what was there.

06:41:53 I included the PD purposes from your code, which basically

06:42:01 say this district should be used to recognize unique

06:42:06 conditions, show flexibility, promote planned

06:42:09 diversification and integration of uses.

06:42:12 That's what we are doing.

06:42:13 We have a neighborhood with a mix of uses, neighborhood in

06:42:17 the greater scale, with a mix of uses, and this is

06:42:19 integrating them in the most positive way that it can be

06:42:23 done.

06:42:24 It's going to take cars out of the neighborhood and put them

06:42:27 in a parking lot, and it's being done at the restaurant

06:42:31 owner's expense, not at the expense of the city.

06:42:37 Also included, tab 7-A, the standards that were referenced

06:42:43 about the 100-foot issue, because it's a very interesting

06:42:46 standard that deals with -- this is a special use

06:42:49 application, has to be within 100 feet of the property

06:42:52 boundary of the district that it serves.

06:42:55 If in fact you are required to have parking in this area,

06:43:00 the next standard, which is 27-241, providing required

06:43:06 parking and loading, and if you go to the second page, above

06:43:11 the table, the off-site parking spaces shall be located

06:43:15 within 1,000 feet of walking distance from the public

06:43:18 entrance of the structure.

06:43:19 So there is a conflict that I certainly haven't resolved in

06:43:23 my mind as to how it came to be so different.

06:43:25 But you can provide required parking within 1,000 feet of

06:43:29 the structure.

06:43:30 This special use requirement is 100 feet.

06:43:34 And we are asking for a waiver of that for an additional 46

06:43:37 feet.

06:43:39 Tab A is a letter written to the notice list for this

06:43:43 rezoning inviting the neighborhood to Miguel's restaurant

06:43:46 for a conversation about what was being proposed so that

06:43:49 everybody would know what in fact was going on this

06:43:52 property.

06:43:53 There was a host of misinformation, particularly after the

06:43:56 first site plan that went out that showed a number of trees

06:43:59 being deleted.

06:44:00 And that's not the case now.

06:44:02 And Miguel wants to have the people in to explain to them

06:44:05 what he was trying to do and see if there was anything else

06:44:08 that could be done to accommodate whatever concerns there

06:44:10 were.

06:44:11 Five people showed up.

06:44:13 None of the opposition showed up.

06:44:15 As a result of the five people showing up we got two

06:44:17 additional petitions in support.

06:44:20 Which is behind the notice list, there are six pages of

06:44:28 names who have specifically supported this application.

06:44:34 And they come from the neighborhood.

06:44:36 They are not from somewhere else.

06:44:39 There are also four letters that were written by commercial

06:44:42 users in the immediate vicinity of the property.

06:44:46 And again, one of the more important first exhibits that I

06:44:50 showed you about the character of North "A" Street and this

06:44:54 last, at tab 9, is a shading in of those people who signed a

06:45:01 petition in support of this application.

06:45:04 And if you look at it, it's virtually the entire

06:45:07 neighborhood.

06:45:08 Obviously, the three lots across the street as indicated --

06:45:14 have indicated their opposition, are not shaded in.

06:45:17 There's one yellow who has indicated, she would rather have

06:45:20 the parking lot than what was there, but it's a neighborhood

06:45:23 issue, and they don't want to get in a fight with the

06:45:26 neighbors, so that's how it got that way.

06:45:28 But if this is a neighborhood referendum, the neighbors have

06:45:35 said, we want this petition approved, because it gets cars

06:45:40 off our street, it puts them on private property, it gives

06:45:44 them a landscape buffer, it gives a visual and sound buffer

06:45:48 from commercial uses from Kennedy Boulevard and that is a

06:45:54 better solution than what was there and what is currently

06:45:57 there.

06:45:58 That concludes my comments.

06:45:59 I will be happy to answer any questions.

06:46:01 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members,

06:46:02 comments at this time?

06:46:05 Ms. Mulhern.

06:46:05 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.

06:46:06 Just a couple questions.

06:46:08 When you say that the only residences on that lot of North

06:46:21 "A" are the ones across the street from the subject

06:46:24 property, before the petitioner purchased that property and

06:46:32 removed the residences that were there, the whole block was

06:46:36 residential, right?

06:46:38 >> And I have explained what kind of residential it was.

06:46:41 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.

06:46:41 You explained what kind of residents were occupying the

06:46:45 residences.

06:46:46 >> And the residences themselves, commissioner.

06:46:51 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

06:46:51 Then my other question is, when you talk about the negative

06:46:54 impact because of the closing up 7 -- and I don't know why

06:47:07 ABC won't let people park there.

06:47:11 That's a huge parking throat me when I drive by there he

06:47:14 have day.

06:47:15 But isn't some of the need for more parking self-imposed

06:47:21 because Miguel's did come here for an expansion and did

06:47:26 receive approval to have a bigger --

06:47:30 >> And those an important point I failed to make.

06:47:32 One of the things that I think the City of Tampa is trying

06:47:35 to do is encourage the business community to be successful.

06:47:39 Miguel's has been successful.

06:47:40 And they have been more successful since the expansion that

06:47:43 you mentioned.

06:47:44 And their overflow parking they previously had is no longer

06:47:48 available.

06:47:49 So what are they doing?

06:47:50 They are being responsible.

06:47:51 We are going out and spending $325,000 to fix the problem.

06:47:55 That's what you want your business community to do, I think.

06:47:59 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

06:48:02 Thanks.

06:48:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other questions, council members?

06:48:06 Okay.

06:48:06 This is a public hearing.

06:48:08 We go to the public.

06:48:10 Does anyone in the public care to speak on this item, item

06:48:13 number 4, Z-12-51, please line up if you care to come and

06:48:17 speak.

06:48:17 And we'll go from there.

06:48:19 Each one has got three minutes.

06:48:20 Yes, sir, you are first up.

06:48:22 You are the leader, sir.

06:48:23 >> I haven't been sworn in.

06:48:28 (Oath administered by Clerk)

06:48:32 >> Yes.

06:48:46 I want to clear up some of the things that I just heard

06:48:48 about what the neighbors think about this, and the ones that

06:48:53 are going to be directly impacted.

06:48:55 I think I just heard three of them that are against it.

06:48:57 There are a lot that are against it.

06:49:00 I'm against it.

06:49:01 I live a block away.

06:49:05 I'm a little confused how a 162-foot-long plastic fence is a

06:49:12 buffer to anything when there could be three new homes

06:49:16 there, and three families living in those homes.

06:49:22 Across the street from us, one block away, we have two empty

06:49:25 lots.

06:49:26 I brought pictures they are being built on today.

06:49:30 Brought a picture from today that shows cement trucks out

06:49:34 there, and there are two homes going up.

06:49:36 Two four bedroom, two-bath homes.

06:49:38 One has a doctor from Tampa General in it and the other

06:49:43 house has a couple with a daughter who goes to plant.

06:49:46 So with my wife and son and I will see will be two homes,

06:49:52 two families.

06:49:53 We'll have new neighbors.

06:49:54 Down the block, one block down, these three ladies that have

06:50:01 lived there 50 years will get a 162-foot plastic fence to

06:50:05 look at.

06:50:08 And the fourth woman behind them, her kids will grow up, and

06:50:11 instead of having neighbors across the street, they'll have

06:50:14 a well landscaped parking lot.

06:50:18 It's a parking lot for one restaurant.

06:50:21 It's baffling to me how in some kind of Tampa planning guide

06:50:30 that a parking lot is preferable to three residential lots.

06:50:38 In a neighborhood that is now selling $325,000?

06:50:44 If those lots went up for sale publicly, they would sell --

06:50:48 somebody would buy them for that, and they would build

06:50:51 houses on them.

06:50:52 The houses across the street from us went for 100, two lots.

06:50:59 And they went quickly.

06:51:00 These three lots were never marketed.

06:51:02 They were never for sale.

06:51:03 The three sisters that owned and rented those houses out, it

06:51:07 was section 8 housing, and that's why they had some

06:51:09 problems.

06:51:10 The problems weren't that serious.

06:51:13 We have pictures of those houses.

06:51:19 I wasn't happy to see those houses go.

06:51:21 So how do I -- okay.

06:51:24 (Bell sounds)

06:51:25 That empty lot across from my house, that was Franky

06:51:37 Medulla.

06:51:38 He refused to sell to the lawyer in front of him to tried to

06:51:41 get it zoned for parking.

06:51:42 So we would have had a parking lot in front of our house on

06:51:45 North "A"

06:51:46 I don't know what he's talking about mixed use.

06:51:48 I lived there 13 years and there's nothing but residences

06:51:51 next to me, all down the street.

06:51:53 Channel 13 is not in our neighborhood.

06:51:54 That's on the wrong side of MacDill.

06:51:58 That this kind of zoning happened on the wrong side.

06:52:00 (Bell sounds)

06:52:02 Can I give my wife three minutes?

06:52:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Your wife is entitled to three minutes.

06:52:06 >> Can she give it to me so I can carry on three more

06:52:14 minutes?

06:52:15 >> You can't get more than one minute.

06:52:16 Well, let me stop you here.

06:52:18 Let me just get my bearings straight here.

06:52:21 I want to be as fair as I can.

06:52:23 If there are individuals here who are not going to speak,

06:52:25 and there's three of them, they can give you a minute each.

06:52:29 I'm trying to be very upfront with you.

06:52:31 So I don't know if the three lovely ladies -- I normally

06:52:35 don't this Do this, but you have got to sign an affidavit

06:52:37 that you waive your right so one minute for each one.

06:52:43 Thank you very much.

06:52:43 >>THE CLERK: If the speaker would put his name on the

06:52:48 record.

06:52:48 >> You have to put your name and address on the record.

06:52:50 >> Jim Morita, 2901 North "A" Street.

06:52:54 >> Lydia Cacciatore, 3007 North "A" Street.

06:53:01 I am not able to talk because I have laryngitis.

06:53:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.

06:53:06 Sign the affidavit and we are going to give him the three

06:53:08 minutes and he will get the three signatures on the thing.

06:53:12 Yes, sir.

06:53:14 Three additional minutes.

06:53:15 >> So here, for instance -- that's catercorner to this

06:53:30 parking lot.

06:53:33 Lived there 60 years.

06:53:39 These are the two houses directly across the street.

06:53:48 That's across the street.

06:53:49 >> Keep on but you only got two minutes.

06:53:56 You only got go signatures, not three.

06:53:58 >> There's another house next to it.

06:54:00 Here is the next house.

06:54:02 Where are all these parking lots?

06:54:05 There's in a parking lots.

06:54:07 And you go down the street.

06:54:08 You see that house.

06:54:09 Go down one more.

06:54:10 There's that house.

06:54:12 There's a new house one block away.

06:54:15 Same thing.

06:54:17 These are RS-50 lots.

06:54:18 That house was built in 2006.

06:54:23 And then next to that is the new lot.

06:54:27 This is the house directly across the street.

06:54:31 Let me show you what the baby will grow up looking at.

06:54:36 A plastic fence.

06:54:39 There's the other side of the plastic fence up on North "A".

06:54:42 That's on the other side of MacDill.

06:54:44 But this type of zoning has allowed that.

06:54:48 Here is the commercial building.

06:54:53 This is a house, a married couple that use it as an office

06:54:58 during the day.

06:54:59 Here is a law firm.

06:55:06 This is where Miguel has some extra parking now.

06:55:10 And here is the lot.

06:55:13 Here is with the -- one more.

06:55:16 This is across the street from me two hours ago.

06:55:20 And those are two RS-50 lots with two big homes going up.

06:55:24 I would much rather have two big homes in front of me

06:55:27 keeping us from Kennedy rather than a six-foot plastic

06:55:32 fence.

06:55:34 Oh, also we are in the N probably the best school district

06:55:37 in the county.

06:55:38 We have got Mitchell and Wilson and plant, and lots that go

06:55:46 for 100,000 each.

06:55:47 (Bell sounds)

06:55:49 You can't get that anywhere else in Tampa.

06:55:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:55:52 Next, please.

06:55:53 Ms. Capin?

06:55:55 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I want to ask a question.

06:55:56 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You have a question coming to you, sir.

06:55:58 >>YVONNE CAPIN: That picture that you showed the two new

06:56:01 construction, that's on North "A"?

06:56:02 >> That's on North "A" one block over.

06:56:06 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Was this construction which the petitioner

06:56:09 gave us --

06:56:15 >> Okay.

06:56:16 So here is the proposed lot.

06:56:19 All of the houses, all the yellow are houses.

06:56:29 Those houses are right -- the new houses are lots right now.

06:56:35 >>YVONNE CAPIN: That are being built?

06:56:36 >> This one was up in 2005.

06:56:39 >> And then the other two.

06:56:42 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.

06:56:43 >> Here I am.

06:56:43 And here, right here.

06:56:46 And these are the most affected people.

06:56:49 I don't know who the neighbors are that's for the parking

06:56:52 lot because all of the people that are directly around it,

06:56:55 all of these people I'm pointing to are against it.

06:57:01 And I think there's something of about 45 signatures.

06:57:06 So May some people when Miguel and his wife came knocking to

06:57:10 the door and described how pretty the parking lot and how

06:57:13 grateful --

06:57:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Next, please.

06:57:17 Thank you very much.

06:57:19 Next, please.

06:57:19 >> Good evening, Mr. Chairman, members of the city of Tampa

06:57:30 City Council.

06:57:31 I have been sworn.

06:57:32 My name is Morgan, owner at 2023 North "A" Street and I'm

06:57:41 here from Miguel's property limited.

06:57:44 I strongly oppose the rezoning from 60 to PD.

06:57:50 This project is going to be property, the biggest investment

06:57:53 of our lives.

06:57:55 I do not -- of any kind in front of my house.

06:58:00 We enjoy the peace and quiet in our nice neighborhood, and

06:58:05 we like to keep it that way.

06:58:08 We want to raise our family, children and grandchildren,

06:58:13 peaceful in the neighborhood.

06:58:16 That's why we bought our home there.

06:58:18 Most of us, we bought our homes years ago and most of us, we

06:58:25 are retired and we like to enjoy the American dream that we

06:58:28 have worked so hard for.

06:58:32 The quality is not going to be the same by the habitat not

06:58:38 to mention the noise and the litter.

06:58:40 The line of trees that provide oxygen, shade, and wildlife

06:58:50 are going to be removed according to the plan to accommodate

06:58:53 this project, this parking lot.

06:58:56 I am opposed to any grand oak removal.

06:59:03 We have voiced our opinion about this on September 27 -- 28,

06:59:10 2,012,012th, on North Boulevard as well as old City Hall.

06:59:16 The owner of Miguel's property limited does not give the

06:59:22 neighborhood -- on the contrary, he only sees how to expand

06:59:28 his business and disregards the consequences that his plan

06:59:33 brings to our neighborhood, to our homes and to our lives.

06:59:38 If we say yes to the rezoning we give way to development

06:59:42 down the line to other entities south of North "A" Street

06:59:47 and north New Jersey, like restaurants, ABC liquor and other

06:59:52 businesses to the house.

06:59:59 Residents owners say to not rezoning North "A" Street.

07:00:07 We hope that our elected officials will take under

07:00:11 consideration the neighborhood voice on this very important

07:00:15 real estate issue.

07:00:17 Mr. Chairman, members of the city of council Tampa City

07:00:22 Council, we need your vote on this measure.

07:00:27 You have the authority to make the right decision that will

07:00:29 affect every one of us.

07:00:31 (Bell sounds)

07:00:32 The power is within your hands.

07:00:34 The rezoning is going to be a devastating result for the

07:00:37 neighborhood.

07:00:38 Please, save our homes.

07:00:41 Please, save our neighborhood.

07:00:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:00:46 Next, please.

07:00:46 >> My name is Doris Domerico. I live at 3009 North "A","

07:00:54 directly across the street catercorner to MacDill.

07:00:58 My parents bought that home in 1954.

07:01:00 I'm blown away by the description that Mr. Bricklemyer said.

07:01:03 I can tell you I have been living there.

07:01:05 It's not what he said.

07:01:06 It's residential.

07:01:07 These are pictures.

07:01:09 I don't know if you can see it.

07:01:11 These are pictures of a dilapidated plat, those house that's

07:01:15 said were torn down.

07:01:19 Do I turn it?

07:01:20 Okay.

07:01:23 Can you see all three of these are not dilapidated

07:01:28 thousands -- houses that were torn down.

07:01:30 They weren't in the best houses but they were not the

07:01:34 dilapidated structures that you were made to think they are.

07:01:37 This is -- now that those structures are gone, they were not

07:01:43 put on sale to the public.

07:01:44 They were just torn down.

07:01:46 We didn't know anything was going on.

07:01:48 This is the beautiful lot that now stands there.

07:01:51 I tell you, this is prime property and can be made into

07:01:55 beautiful residential homes right here, instead of what he

07:01:58 wants to put there.

07:02:03 You have already seen this.

07:02:04 This is a picture of the new homes that have gone down

07:02:07 exactly one block away.

07:02:08 These types of homes.

07:02:11 Do you see them?

07:02:11 Yes.

07:02:12 These types of homes is what I am hoping will be across the

07:02:15 street from me.

07:02:15 When Mr. Bricklemyer says I am going to have a nice view

07:02:19 looking at that PVC, I don't think so.

07:02:21 I would rather look at this.

07:02:27 When I get up every single morning, I would rather see -- I

07:02:33 would rather it be kept residential.

07:02:36 There is no compelling reason why you should take three lots

07:02:38 that are residential lots that have been here forever, that

07:02:41 my parents came from Ybor City, bought that home, and now

07:02:44 it's my inheritance, my grandson, my daughter went there,

07:02:48 spent it with them, my grandson spent his time with me.

07:02:50 There is no reason except for one person, one person who

07:02:54 wants to continually expand his investment.

07:02:56 He's been getting.

07:02:58 Because of the waivers that he's been getting, we have been

07:03:00 suffering.

07:03:02 When seven seas was there it was at least nice and Dwight

07:03:05 and I didn't have the problems I am everything now.

07:03:07 I would rather those houses be there.

07:03:08 I don't see any compelling reason why one individual who has

07:03:13 a great business, great for him, but why should it be on the

07:03:16 backs of our neighborhood?

07:03:17 No.

07:03:23 A picture of the house that can go there, there's also

07:03:27 another house one block down from the proposed parking lot

07:03:30 on north "B" and New Jersey.

07:03:32 Another house has been torn down.

07:03:34 And another house is being put up at this moment.

07:03:37 This neighborhood is upwards bound. We want to keep it that

07:03:41 way.

07:03:42 It's in the best school district.

07:03:43 This lot can be sold to a contractor who can put the houses

07:03:47 there, have families go into the best school district in

07:03:50 Hillsborough County.

07:03:51 (Bell sounds)

07:03:53 If we -- I am going to ask you, City Council, I have to go.

07:03:58 Would you want to live across the street from that or would

07:04:00 you rather have the homes that has been shown to you there,

07:04:04 the new homes.

07:04:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

07:04:08 >> Would you want to live in this neighborhood or --

07:04:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

07:04:12 I appreciate it very much.

07:04:14 Thank you very much.

07:04:16 Next, please.

07:04:17 >> My name is Phil Ben.

07:04:23 I live in Riverview, Florida.

07:04:25 And I just was at the restaurant.

07:04:28 I'm a patron of Miguel's.

07:04:31 And I probably pass that Mexican restaurant to go there once

07:04:35 in a while when I want to treat myself to Mexican food.

07:04:37 That's the place I choose to go to.

07:04:39 And I really didn't get an idea of what was going on with

07:04:43 the whole thing and I understand everything that's

07:04:45 happening, but when it comes right down to it, when I get

07:04:48 there, if there's not a parking place, I find a place to

07:04:51 park.

07:04:52 So if I have somebody with me, I drop them off at the door

07:04:54 and I drive around the neighborhood.

07:04:56 Once I am on the other side of Kennedy -- and I won't ever

07:05:00 do that again because I had to walk across and walk back

07:05:03 across.

07:05:03 What I do is drive down those streets and find a place to

07:05:06 park on the side of the street.

07:05:08 It's inevitable I am going to go there to eat and I am going

07:05:10 find a place if I can going to eat there.

07:05:13 So to me it's an experience at the restaurants to be able to

07:05:16 park somewhere, park on a street, down the street, walk up

07:05:21 the street, kind of makes sense to me.

07:05:23 Thank you for your time.

07:05:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:05:26 Next, please.

07:05:27 >> My name is Laura Dickerson.

07:05:31 I have been sworn in.

07:05:32 I live at 3025 west North "A" Street with my husband and our

07:05:38 two children.

07:05:40 This is our house.

07:05:42 I think part of the problem is obviously the neighborhood is

07:05:47 upset.

07:05:47 I was one of the five people who went to Miguel's meeting

07:05:50 with my two kids to hear what he had to say, to hear what

07:05:55 his proposal was.

07:05:56 My husband and I kept an open mind through the entire

07:05:59 process.

07:06:00 And our biggest fear, our biggest concern is what is going

07:06:03 to happen?

07:06:04 What will go across the street from us?

07:06:06 Our kids are young.

07:06:07 They play in the front yards.

07:06:09 My and that's what we face.

07:06:13 That's what we see when we are out in our front yard.

07:06:16 For a long time when this process was going on, we didn't

07:06:20 sign anyone's petitions so we could hear both side, we could

07:06:23 hear everything.

07:06:24 And we made the decision that we don't want a parking lot

07:06:27 across the street from us.

07:06:29 We want houses.

07:06:30 We want to keep our neighborhood a neighborhood.

07:06:32 That's our biggest thing with us.

07:06:39 That's where my daughter plays.

07:06:41 My daughter and now my son will.

07:06:44 I think one of the misconceptions from what Mr. Bricklemyer

07:06:48 was saying is the neighborhood on a greater scale.

07:06:50 Yes, North "A" Street goes far in both directions.

07:06:54 We are talking about a small piece of North "A" Street.

07:06:57 We are not talking about down where channel 13 is.

07:07:00 We are not talking about down where other businesses are.

07:07:03 We are talking about where the neighborhood is, where the

07:07:06 houses are.

07:07:07 And he yes, one of our neighbors is a psychiatrist who maybe

07:07:11 has two to three other cars there at a time.

07:07:13 He's one of our best neighbors.

07:07:14 And we have known him since he moved into the building.

07:07:17 So we ask you really to consider what the neighborhood is

07:07:20 asking for, the people who live there, the people who are

07:07:23 there every day, not just on the weekends, not just to go to

07:07:27 a restaurant, the people who live there and are there every

07:07:29 single day.

07:07:30 Thank you.

07:07:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:07:33 Anyone else in the audience?

07:07:34 Please come forward.

07:07:43 >> Council members, my name is Tom Fletcher.

07:07:46 I live at 10016 Kendra drive in Riverview.

07:07:52 Obviously, my input is not going to be based on emotion,

07:07:57 concerns about my neighborhood.

07:08:01 I have had these kind of concerns elsewhere around the

07:08:03 county and other situations.

07:08:05 I know what the neighborhood is going through.

07:08:08 However, looking at it from a person who looks for quality

07:08:16 places to dine, quality facilities to utilize in the

07:08:20 community, one of the things that all of us look for always

07:08:24 is a place to take our family, that's comfortable, that's

07:08:27 safe, and that provides us the quality of life that we are

07:08:32 looking for in this community.

07:08:33 The great place to live.

07:08:36 We all seek the same things, enjoyment, livelihood, we like

07:08:41 to spend our time doing the things that we enjoy.

07:08:45 One of the things that I enjoyed since I come from south

07:08:48 central Texas is a good Mexican dinner.

07:08:50 And there's no place that I can think of in this community

07:08:54 that can equal or even come close to equaling the Mexican

07:08:59 food that's prepared and served at Miguel.

07:09:02 It's a busy, busy place.

07:09:04 I understand that I am coming from this whole thing from a

07:09:07 different perspective.

07:09:09 I share much concern about parking there, because it is a

07:09:14 difficult situation.

07:09:15 And quite frankly, I think some of those children that we

07:09:18 are talking about in the neighborhood might even be more at

07:09:21 risk because of the fact that there is no protection against

07:09:25 people driving around continuously trying to find a parking

07:09:30 lot, maybe even those children, that "A" street community

07:09:33 would be safer if those cars didn't have to traverse around

07:09:38 and try to find a parking place.

07:09:40 I don't know about that.

07:09:41 I don't think I have a crystal ball.

07:09:43 Neither do you.

07:09:44 You have a tough decision to make.

07:09:46 Quite frankly, I think with what I have heard here, as an

07:09:51 unbiased member of the community, I believe that it is a

07:09:54 tough decision, and I believe you will probably come to the

07:09:57 correct decision.

07:09:58 I definitely support Miguel's expansion.

07:10:01 He's done a marvelous job in the community.

07:10:04 He's a small business person.

07:10:05 He deserves some consideration with the expense that he's

07:10:09 gone to already, and the sacrifices that he's made in trying

07:10:12 to attempt to meet the requirements of the neighborhood.

07:10:15 Thank you very much.

07:10:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

07:10:17 Next, please.

07:10:18 >>> Good evening.

07:10:22 My name is Jennifer -- and this is my son.

07:10:26 I'm a homeowner at 3010 west "B" street, behind these

07:10:33 homeowners behind me.

07:10:34 It's a great neighborhood, and definitely disagree on that.

07:10:39 When I purchased my home, I knew that I was one house away

07:10:43 from MacDill and just two blocks north of Kennedy, and

07:10:47 our great city has continued to expand, and unfortunately I

07:10:50 don't think anyone in our neighborhood who lives as close to

07:10:55 two major thoroughfares as we do can expect to not have

07:10:59 commercial businesses wanting to expand, especially in the

07:11:03 climate where the City of Tampa, the zoning of Hillsborough

07:11:07 is getting millions of dollars to get business tows come and

07:11:11 bring their businesses here and create jobs.

07:11:13 We have a local businessman, a local business.

07:11:16 He's employing local people, trying to run his business.

07:11:19 There's just no place to park there, and there's this open

07:11:23 place that he's able to buy that's directly behind his

07:11:26 restaurant to solve that problem to get these cars off of

07:11:29 our street, out from in front of our houses, out from them

07:11:33 going back and forth up and down my alley, trying to park in

07:11:36 my driveway.

07:11:38 He's trying to make it better.

07:11:41 It's not a great plan.

07:11:43 We would love to have a parking lot on Kennedy instead.

07:11:45 But there's just no space.

07:11:47 Our great city is expanding, and this is a very busy area.

07:11:51 So I have to say that I am for the proposal.

07:11:54 I think that it will be a good change.

07:11:57 And I am not directly across from it like these other

07:12:00 homeowners are.

07:12:01 I just feel that anybody who is going to come and build a

07:12:05 house there is going to tear down those trees anyway, and

07:12:08 then they are going to complain that there's too many people

07:12:11 running around in the alleys behind their houses.

07:12:13 When I purchased my home I did not purchase on 8th

07:12:16 street even though I looked at one of those lots, because I

07:12:18 did not wants to be butting up against those businesses on

07:12:21 Kennedy.

07:12:21 Now, I know these people have been here much longer than

07:12:24 those businesses, but unfortunately Kennedy Boulevard is a

07:12:28 grand major thoroughfare in our city, which I love, and it's

07:12:32 just going to expand.

07:12:34 And one of these days, the person who lives next to me is

07:12:37 going to sell their spot on MacDill and there's going to

07:12:40 be a business there, and I knew that when I purchased my

07:12:43 home.

07:12:44 Thank you for listening.

07:12:45 You have a good evening.

07:12:46 And I'm sure the right decision will be made.

07:12:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:12:49 Appreciate it.

07:12:50 Anyone else in the audience who has not spoken who would

07:12:52 care to speak at this time on item number 4, Z-12-51?

07:12:58 I see no one.

07:12:58 Petitioner?

07:12:59 Rebuttal?

07:13:00 You have five minutes.

07:13:06 >> Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

07:13:07 I won't take five minutes.

07:13:10 But I do want to respond to a couple of things that were

07:13:13 said.

07:13:15 The Salaricos said what is the reason for this change?

07:13:21 And that's important.

07:13:22 And the reason is things have changed.

07:13:25 As I explained to you in my opening comment, the 50 spots

07:13:28 that were available immediately adjacent to Miguel's

07:13:31 Restaurant are no longer available.

07:13:35 And you have heard what's happened.

07:13:37 People will find a place to park.

07:13:39 And that has negative impact on the neighborhood that

07:13:43 Miguels is trying to solve at his expense.

07:13:48 All the parking is going to be internalized.

07:13:51 There's going to be no access from that site to North "A"

07:13:55 street or New Jersey street.

07:13:57 It's all going to come off the alley which primarily means

07:14:00 Kennedy and MacDill and the alley.

07:14:04 So that is the reason.

07:14:06 We have an issue that needs to be addressed and the property

07:14:09 owner who can help address it is trying to.

07:14:14 The comment was made that we could build houses there.

07:14:16 Well, maybe you could build houses there.

07:14:18 But that's not the petition before you.

07:14:20 The petition before you is we have a parking issue we are

07:14:24 trying to solve.

07:14:25 We have a solution that is supported by all the staff

07:14:28 members.

07:14:28 And as I showed you, the vast majority of people in the

07:14:33 neighborhood matched the names with the lots on the graphic

07:14:37 at tab 9, that's who is in support.

07:14:39 And you know people in support typically don't show up at

07:14:42 public hearings.

07:14:43 The opposition shows up at public hearings.

07:14:45 And there are very, very few blank spaces on that graphic at

07:14:50 tab 9 of people who are in opposition.

07:14:53 So the "we" that's being talked about, you need to think

07:14:58 about it in terms of what that graphic demonstrates.

07:15:07 The Morgans presentation, she made a comment which I think

07:15:11 is instructive to council about the trees being removed.

07:15:14 She doesn't want the trees being removed.

07:15:16 That's old information.

07:15:17 And that is the basis on which many of the signatures on

07:15:20 that petition in opposition would -- it doesn't say anything

07:15:24 about petition in opposition, it doesn't say what it's

07:15:27 opposed to.

07:15:27 That's the basis for many of the signatures on that

07:15:30 petition.

07:15:31 It was a conversation with Ms. Morgan, and either based on

07:15:39 old information, which is out of date now with the new site

07:15:41 plan, or misinformation.

07:15:46 Mr. Wordes said this is not a mixed use neighborhood.

07:15:49 I showed you the zoning graphic.

07:15:52 You have office to the north.

07:15:54 Office to the west.

07:15:56 Commercial to the south.

07:15:57 Multifamily to the east.

07:15:59 The only one of four boundaries of this property that abuts

07:16:06 single-family residential is the north.

07:16:09 The other three do not abut single-family residential.

07:16:11 So if you want to have an aggregate neighborhood look at the

07:16:15 first graphic I showed you.

07:16:17 The aggregate neighborhood has commercial and office on the

07:16:19 north and south of "A" street.

07:16:22 This immediate block, three of the four boundaries do not

07:16:27 front on single-family residential.

07:16:31 Take your pick.

07:16:32 The character of the neighborhood is where is this lot

07:16:35 situated on a small scale or on a grand scale?

07:16:38 I think this application has been modified to satisfy all of

07:16:43 the concerns that were addressed by staff.

07:16:51 They have done a tremendous job working on this attempting

07:16:53 to satisfy their neighbors as well as their needs for

07:16:56 additional parking, and we would request your approval.

07:17:01 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:17:01 Mrs. Capin.

07:17:04 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I was here, some of the council members may

07:17:08 not have been here, when this came forth for expansion, and

07:17:13 I voted against it because it didn't have adequate parking.

07:17:20 And it lost that parking.

07:17:23 Now we are dealing with parking.

07:17:33 I was in the minority.

07:17:35 And here we are today.

07:17:39 Thank you.

07:17:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That you much.

07:17:40 Anyone else?

07:17:41 Mr. Suarez?

07:17:42 >>MIKE SUAREZ: A quick question.

07:17:44 Ms. Feeley?

07:17:45 I always like talking to you at these land use hearings.

07:17:48 Quick question.

07:17:50 If this petition is denied in order to allow the parking --

07:17:55 and let's just do a hypothetical -- what can that property

07:17:58 be used for?

07:18:07 I thought you knew this stuff off the top of your head.

07:18:10 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Many of the uses within the 50 district I

07:18:14 do know off the top of my head but I want to be accurate in

07:18:17 the information that I give you.

07:18:19 Normally, I can rattle them right off for you.

07:18:36 Residential single-family 50, minimum of 50 by 100 lot,

07:18:41 would allow -- and let me just go ahead, I guess, and read

07:18:44 for you both the special uses and the permitted uses.

07:18:48 A cemetery would be a special use.

07:18:52 Congregate living facility, would be a permissible use.

07:18:57 A small group care which would be larger than six units

07:19:00 would be an F-1.

07:19:02 Single-family detached is permissible.

07:19:04 >> And permissibles are those that do not need any kind of

07:19:13 waivers or special use for us to come before City Council.

07:19:16 So what are the ones that are permissible right now?

07:19:20 Besides single-family homes.

07:19:22 >>ABBYE FEELEY: A public use facility such as like a pump

07:19:26 station or something that the city might need the properties

07:19:28 for.

07:19:34 That would be it.

07:19:35 >>MIKE SUAREZ: So really a pump station or single-family

07:19:40 homes.

07:19:42 Multifamily.

07:19:42 All the other special uses would have to come before us

07:19:45 before something else changed?

07:19:51 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Correct.

07:19:52 Let me just go back to the residential uses, because I

07:19:56 skipped that.

07:19:57 Yes.

07:19:58 Single-family detached is permissible.

07:20:01 A home occupation which would occur inside a residence.

07:20:07 Community garden is a special use.

07:20:09 A daycare is a permissible use by right.

07:20:12 Five children or less.

07:20:13 Place of religious assembly.

07:20:15 A church or temple or such would be a special use 2 which

07:20:20 would come back before you.

07:20:21 And then a school would come back before you as well.

07:20:23 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.

07:20:25 That's all I have.

07:20:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council members?

07:20:29 Okay.

07:20:31 I heard all this.

07:20:32 In fact, let me ask the council before we close this

07:20:34 hearing.

07:20:35 I am going to ask for a motion for all items received, to be

07:20:38 received and filed, items 4 through 14.

07:20:42 And that is e-mail, faxes or brought in today as petitions.

07:20:49 >> So moved.

07:20:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen, second by Mr.

07:20:52 Suarez.

07:20:52 All in favor of that motion?

07:20:54 Opposed?

07:20:55 The ayes have it unanimously.

07:20:56 I need a motion to close the hearing.

07:20:57 >> So moved.

07:20:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Reddick.

07:21:01 I have a second by Mr. Cohen.

07:21:02 All in favor of that motion please indicate by saying aye.

07:21:05 Opposed nay.

07:21:06 The ayes have it unanimously.

07:21:07 What's the pleasure of council?

07:21:13 Ms. Mulhern?

07:21:19 >>MARY MULHERN: I make a motion to deny this petition based

07:21:27 on these findings of fact and the inconsistency with our

07:21:31 comprehensive plan.

07:21:34 I am going to cite section 27-272 to allow the parking lot

07:21:43 to extend more than 100 feet approximately an additional --

07:21:49 I can't remember what the number was, but 130 feet, but it

07:21:57 was well over 100 feet, and then I would look at the general

07:22:01 requirements of our code, pursuant to section 27-2697,

07:22:10 general standards, waivers -- and this is the staff report

07:22:17 actually -- staff finds the request inconsistent.

07:22:20 Staff finds that the subject request does not satisfy the

07:22:22 following -- due consideration shall be given to potentially

07:22:26 adverse effects generally on adjoining and nearby

07:22:29 properties, the area of the neighborhood or the city.

07:22:32 I this I we heard a lot of testimony tonight about the

07:22:35 adverse effects of allowing residential single-family lots

07:22:43 in a stable residential neighborhood to be turned into a

07:22:47 commercial use, specifically a parking lot.

07:22:50 People were concerned about having a parking lot instead of

07:22:55 having neighbors.

07:22:57 And concerned about the precedent that it set and the fact

07:23:03 that this is a neighborhood, the reality is it's an up and

07:23:07 coming neighborhood and housing is being built, better

07:23:11 housing stock, and the values are going up.

07:23:13 So it would adversely affect their neighborhood and even

07:23:17 their own property value.

07:23:19 I am going to cite section 27-321-1 on the extension of the

07:23:26 parking lot -- I'm sorry -- 6.

07:23:34 This does not promote and encourage development where

07:23:37 appropriate location in character and compatibility with the

07:23:40 surrounding impact to neighborhood, environment and existing

07:23:44 geography.

07:23:45 Absolutely not compatible based on the fact that he have

07:23:49 other lot on North "A" Street in that block and the

07:23:58 adjoining block to the east of MacDill are all

07:24:01 single-family residential.

07:24:03 And I would like to read into the record one e-mail we got

07:24:06 from a neighbor who said: I purchased my home based on the

07:24:11 tree lines and quiet residential neighborhood.

07:24:15 Please, City Commissioners, do not take our neighborhood

07:24:17 away.

07:24:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.

07:24:29 You have a motion.

07:24:29 >> Second.

07:24:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion for denial by Mrs.

07:24:32 Mulhern.

07:24:32 I have a second by Mrs. Capin.

07:24:34 Any further comments?

07:24:35 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

07:24:38 Opposed nay.

07:24:39 >>THE CLERK: Motion failed with Suarez, Reddick, Miranda

07:24:46 and Cohen voting no.

07:24:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.

07:24:49 I need a motion from another council member.

07:24:51 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I move the ordinance.

07:24:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez moves the ordinance.

07:24:56 Item number 4, Z-12-51.

07:24:59 Am I correct, sir?

07:25:00 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Yes.

07:25:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Seconded by Mr. Reddick.

07:25:02 >> Move an ordinance for first reading, can an ordinance

07:25:09 rezoning property in the general vicinity of 3012 through

07:25:14 3028 North "A" Street in the city of Tampa, Florida and more

07:25:17 particularly described in section 1 from zoning district

07:25:20 classification RS-50 residential single-family to PD,

07:25:25 planned development, parking, commercial off-street,

07:25:27 providing an effective date.

07:25:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Suarez.

07:25:31 I have a second by Mr. Reddick.

07:25:32 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

07:25:35 Opposed nay.

07:25:36 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Capin and Mulhern voting

07:25:41 no and Montelione being absent.

07:25:43 Second reading and adoption will be on May 2nd at 9:30

07:25:45 a.m.

07:25:47 >> Thank you all very much for attending.

07:25:49 All right.

07:25:50 We go to item number 5.

07:25:52 File V-13-55.

07:25:55 >> Item number 5, V-13-55.

07:26:23 Abbye Feeley, Land Development Coordination.

07:26:26 This special use application is located at 327 North Dale

07:26:28 Mabry highway.

07:26:31 The T request before you this evening is for a drive-in

07:26:33 window in a CG zoning district.

07:26:36 >> David Hay from Planning Commission staff.

07:26:46 I have been sworn.

07:26:47 Our next case we move over to the Westshore planning

07:26:49 district, as you all well aware the Westshore planning

07:26:53 district is Florida's largest office district and has an

07:26:55 employment base of a round 800,000 employees.

07:27:02 Next onto the aerial.

07:27:04 As usual, the subject site is in the center of the map.

07:27:08 You have the Dale Mabry commercial corridor running

07:27:10 north-south, to the center of the map.

07:27:14 The Dale Mabry corridor is one of the more intensive

07:27:18 corridors within the City of Tampa.

07:27:19 You can still see the predominantly single-family detached

07:27:22 residential development found within the north Bon Air, a

07:27:26 neighborhood to the west in the Oakford park, neighborhood

07:27:30 to the east.

07:27:30 You can also see Kennedy Boulevard, and its associated

07:27:34 commercial development at the bottom of the aerial.

07:27:39 Onto the future land use map.

07:27:41 The subject site and property is located to the southwest

07:27:44 and north are all planned at regional mixed use 100.

07:27:48 The light brown color to the east of the subject site is the

07:27:51 residential 10, reflecting that single-family development

07:27:55 found within Oakford park.

07:27:57 The Planning Commission staff found that the proposed

07:27:59 special use would support the redevelopment of the site,

07:28:03 which is formerly the hops restaurant and has been vacant

07:28:06 for a number of years.

07:28:07 The applicant has provided for an appropriate buffer to the

07:28:09 existing residential to the east greater than what was

07:28:13 previously provided when the restaurant was in operation.

07:28:16 Overall the Planning Commission staff did find the special

07:28:18 use request consistent with the Tampa comprehensive plan.

07:28:21 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Thank you, David.

07:28:31 The application before you tonight is requesting a special

07:28:34 use for the property at 327 North Dale Mabry highway for a

07:28:37 drive-in window associated with a bank.

07:28:40 There are no waivers being requested with this special use

07:28:43 application.

07:28:44 The property contains a half acre and the proposed

07:28:47 commercial structure is currently under construction as a

07:28:51 bank is a permissible use in this district.

07:28:54 The property in its current configuration has access on east

07:28:58 Gray Street.

07:28:58 The proposed remote drive through will be located on the

07:29:01 eastern portion of the site, and the subject is located

07:29:03 within the Westshore overlay district.

07:29:06 A design exception was granted pursuant to DE-1-13138 for

07:29:11 reduction in the front yard setback along North Dale Mabry

07:29:14 from the required minimum of 10-foot under the district, to

07:29:17 4-foot to the building location as shown on the plan.

07:29:21 That was given on March 19, 2013.

07:29:26 I will show you the zoning atlas.

07:29:28 The site shown here in green, to the north is the Wawa.

07:29:37 North Dale Mabry is located to the west, Marie to the east,

07:29:40 north "B" to the south and Gray Street to the north.

07:29:49 Here is an aerial of the site.

07:29:50 This aerial has the old, if you will remember, there were

07:29:53 two lots, and then this became Giordanos, this became the

07:29:59 second to the house on Gray that has been demoed and a new

07:30:02 bidding is under construction.

07:30:07 I will go ahead and show you some photos of the site now.

07:30:10 This is a view from Dale Mabry looking back to the

07:30:15 southeast.

07:30:17 This is from the south of the site looking back northeast.

07:30:21 This is the property to the south.

07:30:25 Property to the north.

07:30:29 To the north at Columbus.

07:30:32 This is a view back down.

07:30:37 The rear of the property.

07:30:38 This is from the rear of the property on Marie looking west

07:30:41 toward Dale Mabry.

07:30:42 This is to the south of the property on Marie looking back

07:30:47 toward Dale Mabry.

07:30:48 This is immediately across from the property on the east

07:30:51 side.

07:30:53 This is also on Marie.

07:30:55 This is looking further down Gray to the east.

07:31:03 This is the property immediately to the east of the WAWA.

07:31:07 You can see part of the WAWA was constructed there.

07:31:14 This is immediately north of the property on Gray.

07:31:20 Also to the north and back toward Dale Mabry.

07:31:23 This is immediately -- this is west it property on Dale

07:31:27 Mabry from the subject property.

07:31:29 This is also west on Dale Mabry across from the property.

07:31:41 The building setbacks are north 10-foot, south 10-foot, west

07:31:44 4.3, 4.03 and east 20.

07:31:48 The proposed request requires 17 parking spaces and 20

07:31:52 spaces are being provided.

07:31:53 The maximum building height is proposed at 39 feet.

07:31:58 There are a few modifications that do need to be made

07:32:01 between first and second reading.

07:32:02 I have provided those modifications to you on a site plan

07:32:06 revision sheet that's dated with today's date.

07:32:09 I'm happy to go through those.

07:32:12 But they really are minor modifications in relation to the

07:32:15 site layout and configuration and a couple things that have

07:32:18 been handled through permitting.

07:32:21 Staff is available for any questions.

07:32:22 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.

07:32:25 Petitioner?

07:32:26 >> Good evening.

07:32:31 Gina Grimes with the law firm of Hill, Ward, Henderson, 101

07:32:35 Kennedy Boulevard, suite 3700, and I have been sworn and I

07:32:39 have some presentation material.

07:32:42 As you heard, the location of the proposed drive-through

07:32:52 window is at the corner of Gray and Dale Mabry Highway.

07:32:57 And it was the location of the former hops restaurant now

07:33:00 being converted to a bank, an including this drive-through

07:33:04 window.

07:33:05 I want to begin by emphasizing that this proposal requires

07:33:08 no waivers.

07:33:10 None at all of this special use criteria.

07:33:12 And sometimes that's rare that we have no waivers.

07:33:15 But in this instance we do.

07:33:17 I want to quickly go through the special use criteria.

07:33:26 The first one requires direct access onto an arterial or

07:33:29 collector.

07:33:32 Dale Mabry Highway, but FDOT does not allow exits onto Dale

07:33:37 Mabry Highway so the access will be off of Gray Street which

07:33:41 is a local road.

07:33:42 That does not require a waiver because even though we are on

07:33:44 the major arterial, Dale Mabry Highway, we are not allowed

07:33:47 access to Dale Mabry Highway.

07:33:50 The second special use criteria requires there to be

07:33:52 adequate on-site for queuing of the vehicles.

07:33:58 We have approximately 175 feet of queuing a, provided for

07:34:02 the site.

07:34:03 We have about 100 here, about 50 here, and then about

07:34:07 another 25 more to where the drive-through windows are in

07:34:11 the rear of the site.

07:34:13 The third and final special use criteria requires that the

07:34:17 queue lane and the window be at least 50 feet from property

07:34:21 where there's a residential use.

07:34:23 You see back here, I have parked the site plan that there is

07:34:27 68 feet from our property line to the residential that's

07:34:30 directly to the east.

07:34:31 So that's more than meets the 50-foot requirement.

07:34:35 As far as GTE impact to the neighborhood, it's easy to see

07:34:39 that when we have a bank versus a restaurant, you actually

07:34:42 are decreasing the impact to the neighborhood.

07:34:45 And important to the neighborhood are the hours of

07:34:47 operation.

07:34:48 You have a bank that's going to be open from 8:00 to

07:34:52 6:00 p.m. maximum.

07:34:55 We are open nights and weekends which does have an impact on

07:34:58 the neighborhood.

07:34:59 So it's actually less than the impact on the neighborhood.

07:35:02 I also spoke to both neighborhood association presidents,

07:35:06 Mr. Chevaria from the Oakford Park neighborhood association,

07:35:12 and Richard Levis representing North Bon Air.

07:35:14 Neither of those neighborhood associations had any

07:35:17 objections. So given that we do meet the criteria for no

07:35:20 waivers, we have staff recommendation for approval.

07:35:25 We request your approval this evening.

07:35:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:35:27 Any questions by council members?

07:35:28 Thank you.

07:35:29 Anyone in the audience care to speak on this file, file

07:35:32 number 5, V-13-55?

07:35:38 I see no one.

07:35:39 Motion to close by Mr. Cohen.

07:35:41 Seconded by Mr. Suarez.

07:35:42 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

07:35:44 Opposed nay.

07:35:49 Unanimous.

07:35:49 Mr. Reddick, would you kindly read that ordinance?

07:35:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move an ordinance for first reading

07:35:54 consideration, an ordinance approving a special use permit

07:35:57 S-2 approving a drive-in, in a commercial general zoning

07:36:03 district in the general vicinity of 327 North Dale Mabry

07:36:05 highway in the city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly

07:36:08 described in section 1 hereof providing an effective date.

07:36:10 >> Second.

07:36:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Reddick.

07:36:13 I have a second by Mr. Suarez.

07:36:15 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

07:36:18 Opposed nay.

07:36:18 The ayes have it unanimous.

07:36:21 Thank you very much for attending.

07:36:22 Item number 6.

07:36:22 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Capin and Mulhern being

07:36:26 absent at vote and Mulhern being absent.

07:36:28 Second reading and adoption will be on May 2nd at 9:30

07:36:30 a.m.

07:36:31 Thank you.

07:36:34 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

07:36:35 Item number 6 this evening is a request for a rezoning at

07:36:39 3117 West Swann Avenue.

07:36:42 The request before you this evening is from PD planned

07:36:45 development, office business professional, to PD, planned

07:36:48 development, residential single-family attached.

07:36:51 >> Good evening.

07:36:57 David Hay from the Planning Commission staff.

07:37:00 I have been sworn.

07:37:01 We move back to the central Tampa planning district for our

07:37:04 next case, which is located along Swann Avenue at the

07:37:06 northeast corner of Swann Avenue and south Matanzas Avenue,

07:37:11 just north of the Parkland Estates neighborhood.

07:37:15 Transit is provided along Swann Avenue, even though it has

07:37:20 not been designated transit corridor, connecting the subject

07:37:24 site Britton plaza, Tampa General and downtown Tampa.

07:37:29 Next we have the aerial.

07:37:31 The subject site is in the center of the map.

07:37:34 Swann Avenue is running east-west, basically divides the

07:37:39 area into two halves.

07:37:40 North of Swain we have single-family attached, multifamily

07:37:43 commercial and office uses.

07:37:45 Those primarily are on South MacDill Avenue.

07:37:48 South of Swann Avenue we have the large lot single-family

07:37:52 detached neighborhood of Parkland Estates.

07:37:55 To the west of the subject site you can make out the

07:37:57 11-store Parkland condominium building, which is right next

07:38:00 door.

07:38:03 Next onto the future land use map, you see the subject site

07:38:06 in the majority of parcel located to the north, east and

07:38:09 west are designated residential 35 with the exception of the

07:38:13 Parkland condo building immediately to the west, which is

07:38:16 designated residential 83, the highest residential land use

07:38:21 category within the City of Tampa.

07:38:23 Planning Commission staff found that the request to planned

07:38:26 development zoning district to allow six single-family

07:38:29 attached residential units would be comparable and

07:38:32 compatible with the existing development pattern found on

07:38:35 the north side of Swann Avenue.

07:38:38 It would allow for additional housing choices with access to

07:38:41 convenient transit service.

07:38:43 The units closest to Swann Avenue are oriented toward Swann

07:38:47 providing additional eyes on the street which is encouraged

07:38:50 within the Tampa comprehensive plan.

07:38:52 Therefore, based on all that and the goals, objectives and

07:38:55 policies of the comprehensive plan, Planning Commission

07:38:57 staff finds the rezoning request consistent with the Tampa

07:39:00 comprehensive plan.

07:39:01 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Thanks, David.

07:39:11 What's interesting about this property is actually it went

07:39:13 from RM-24 to PD, office for business professional, was

07:39:17 never constructed, and now it's back before you as a PD to

07:39:21 go back to a residential multifamily.

07:39:24 So this was RM-24, back before it was rezoned in 2007.

07:39:30 I rezoned it to be an office and now it's back again.

07:39:33 There are two waivers being requested.

07:39:35 The first is to reduce vehicle use area buffer along the

07:39:37 west from 8 to zero, and you will see on the site plan that

07:39:41 that's where the two guest spaces are being provided, and

07:39:44 then to reduce the required use buffer along the east from

07:39:47 15-foot with a CMU wall to 13.5-foot with no fence or wall.

07:39:54 One thing I did hear from the applicant today is that they

07:39:57 would like to add a fence to the north and west in between

07:40:02 first and second reading, a 6-foot PVC fence so I do need to

07:40:08 add that to the revision sheet that was provided to you.

07:40:18 Zoning atlas shows the site in green, at the northeast

07:40:21 corner of Matanzas and Swann.

07:40:24 PD to the west, as David mentioned is the Parkland

07:40:28 condominium.

07:40:29 Immediately to the east and the north is all RO-1 which is

07:40:33 residential office.

07:40:35 Zoning district to Gino eye center is to the east of this

07:40:42 property.

07:40:42 Parkland estate is to the south on swan so within this

07:40:45 segment there is mostly fences at the rear of the property,

07:40:50 single-family residential properties that are located.

07:40:57 I believe it is shown here.

07:40:59 Again, the Parkland condominium, there is some single-family

07:41:04 attached also located within immediate proximity of the

07:41:09 subject property.

07:41:17 Here is a view of the property from Swann looking back

07:41:21 north.

07:41:24 Another view.

07:41:28 On the site plan, all of these lovely trees are in the

07:41:33 right-of-way.

07:41:34 Staff is asking to be retained.

07:41:36 This is moving up Matanzas moving east.

07:41:42 Toward the back of this site.

07:41:43 Again a view from Matanzas looking east.

07:41:46 This is just to the north of the subject property.

07:41:51 Back on Swann, looking east.

07:41:55 There's the general oh eye center looking west.

07:41:59 Looking south.

07:42:01 And looking south across Swann, is immediately to the west

07:42:05 of the property.

07:42:06 This is the west side of Matanzas moving north.

07:42:12 The entry to the parking, the single-family attached to the

07:42:18 north.

07:42:19 This is two lots to the north on the east side of Matanzas.

07:42:28 Couldn't get them in this picture.

07:42:29 This is a very similar comment to what's being proposed.

07:42:31 It does have a central drive with the exception of the

07:42:35 project that's before you tonight will have entrances on

07:42:37 Swann, to the units with garages in the back, and then the

07:42:42 north set will be similar to use with the garage facing the

07:42:49 drive.

07:43:00 Here is that elevation that's being presented for the Swann

07:43:03 Avenue side of the property.

07:43:09 Staff did have some minor modifications in between first and

07:43:12 second reading.

07:43:13 One of them I mentioned to you about adding additional

07:43:16 fencing.

07:43:16 The proposed setbacks are north 20-foot, multifamily

07:43:20 residential, south 10 feet to Swann Avenue, west 8.5 feet

07:43:25 and east 13.5 feet.

07:43:26 The total of 14 spaces are required and 14 will be provided

07:43:30 through a combination of two spaces in each of the garages

07:43:33 and two surface spaces located O on the west of the

07:43:36 property.

07:43:37 The elevation is a Mediterranean revival architectural

07:43:40 style.

07:43:43 The modifications staff is requesting are on pages 2 and 3,

07:43:47 and the comment was provided by stormwater that no credit

07:43:51 will be given for any existing impervious.

07:43:55 There is none on the property.

07:43:56 It's vacant.

07:43:57 It's one of the last vacant pieces along this segment of

07:44:01 Swann.

07:44:01 As stated, it does meet the comp plan.

07:44:03 And staff has findings of the PD on pages 4 and 5.

07:44:07 We do find the request consistent.

07:44:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Petitioner?

07:44:32 >> I'm Kevin Mineer with the Genesis Group and 1317 Swann

07:44:39 LLC on the northeast corner of Swann and Matanzas.

07:44:43 The request is for six very attractive Mediterranean style

07:44:47 single-family detached dwelling units townhouses, and

07:44:51 there's a picture on the Elmo.

07:44:53 the request is fully consistent with the comprehensive plan,

07:44:56 and all agencies are recommending approval.

07:44:59 Comprehensive plan can consider density of up to 35 units

07:45:03 per acre.

07:45:05 Ten dwelling units on our site, and our request for six

07:45:08 units is well below the maximum allowed.

07:45:11 We have accommodated all parking on-site including visitor

07:45:14 parking.

07:45:15 While it's currently approved for a 5,000 square feet office

07:45:19 building, today, in comparison our proposal generates less

07:45:24 traffic and saves more trees, and these part of the reason

07:45:28 the whole issue, the buffer on the east side.

07:45:31 Some of these trees kind of straddle the line.

07:45:33 If we were to build a masonry wall we would kill those

07:45:36 trees, and the trees are the major force in this project on

07:45:41 how we move the buildings around, and get the projects

07:45:44 approved.

07:45:46 There are similar projects all around us, and we believe

07:45:48 that we are compatible with the neighborhood.

07:45:51 Our neighbors include an 11-story condominium to the west,

07:45:59 immediately to the west of us.

07:46:01 Several town home developments to the north.

07:46:07 A doctor's office to the west.

07:46:09 Given the built environment we believe our project is

07:46:12 consistent and compatible, and we believe it will fit nicely

07:46:16 into the surrounding neighborhood.

07:46:18 With that, I would request your approval.

07:46:20 If you have any questions.

07:46:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:46:23 Any questions by council members?

07:46:25 >>FRANK REDDICK: I have one.

07:46:26 Thank you, chair.

07:46:28 I just want to know, what are the established costs for one

07:46:35 of these units?

07:46:38 [ Laughter ]

07:46:40 >> 300,000.

07:46:42 >>FRANK REDDICK: Oh, okay.

07:46:44 Thank you.

07:46:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience care to speak on

07:46:52 this item?

07:46:55 Item number 6?

07:46:57 Z-12-39.

07:46:59 Anyone in the audience care to speak?

07:47:01 Need a motion to close.

07:47:02 >> Motion to close.

07:47:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to close by Mrs. Capin, second by

07:47:06 Mr. Suarez.

07:47:06 All in favor?

07:47:07 The ayes have it unanimously.

07:47:09 Mr. Cohen, would you kindly take number 6, please?

07:47:14 >>HARRY COHEN: Move an ordinance being presented for first

07:47:16 reading consideration.

07:47:17 An ordinance rezoning property in the general vicinity of

07:47:21 3117 West Swann Avenue in the city of Tampa, Florida and

07:47:25 more particularly described in section 1 from zoning

07:47:28 district classifications PD planned development, office,

07:47:31 business/professional to PD, planned development,

07:47:35 residential, single-family attached, providing an effective

07:47:37 date.

07:47:37 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Second.

07:47:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a second by Mr. Suarez.

07:47:41 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

07:47:44 Opposed nay.

07:47:45 Motion passes unanimously.

07:47:47 Thank you very much.

07:47:47 And thank you for allotting the time very properly.

07:47:50 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Mulhern being absent and

07:47:54 Montelione being absent.

07:47:57 Second reading and adoption will be on May 2nd at 9:30 a.m.-

07:48:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 7.

07:48:08 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

07:48:30 Item number 7 on the agenda this evening is Z-13-20, located

07:48:35 at 3908 east 10th Avenue.

07:48:38 The request before you this evening is from CG commercial

07:48:41 general to CI commercial intensive.

07:48:44 There are no waivers as this is a Euclidean zoning request.

07:48:48 >> David Hay with the Planning Commission staff and I have

07:48:56 been sworn.

07:48:57 We stay in the central Tampa planning district for our next

07:49:00 case, which is located in the east Ybor historic

07:49:04 neighborhood at the northwest corner of north 39th

07:49:07 street and east 11th Avenue.

07:49:10 Next we move onto the aerial.

07:49:14 The subject site as always is in the center of the map.

07:49:17 As you can see the surrounding area is predominantly

07:49:20 industrial in character, and you have interstate 4 running

07:49:23 east-west at the top of the aerial and East 7th Avenue at

07:49:27 the south end of the aerial.

07:49:29 It is hard to see on the aerial, but there are some

07:49:31 scattered single-family detached uses located north and west

07:49:35 of the subject site and the few remaining residential.

07:49:41 Next onto the future land use map.

07:49:44 You can see the subject site and parcels, all designated

07:49:48 transition al use 24, which allow for a wide range of

07:49:52 intensive uses.

07:49:54 The light Gray south of the subject site are properties

07:49:58 designated as light industrial.

07:50:00 Planning Commission staff finds the request to a planned

07:50:02 development -- excuse me, to a CI zoning district to allow

07:50:08 for those uses would be comparable and compatible to the

07:50:12 intensive nonresidential uses found within the surrounding

07:50:15 area.

07:50:16 Existing CI uses are located immediately to the north of the

07:50:19 subject site, while the property immediately to the west is

07:50:22 zoned industrial general.

07:50:24 Based on all that and the goals, objectives and policies of

07:50:27 the comprehensive plan, Planning Commission staff finds the

07:50:30 rezoning request consistent with the Tampa comprehensive

07:50:33 plan.

07:50:33 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Thanks, David.

07:50:45 The applicant is proposing to rezoning the property at 3908

07:50:48 east 10th from commercial general to commercial

07:50:51 intensive to allow for commercial sales and leaguing on the

07:50:55 property as well as other permitted commercial uses.

07:50:57 The subject property is approximately 37,164 square feet is

07:51:03 .85 of an acre.

07:51:04 There's a mix of zoning districts and uses surrounding the

07:51:08 property including industrial general to the west and south,

07:51:11 commercial general to the east and north, and small amount

07:51:13 of residential multifamily scattered along 10th Avenue.

07:51:17 Uses within close proximity to the site include warehousing,

07:51:21 very light manufacturing, and vehicle storage and repair.

07:51:25 Minimum qualifications for a CI district is 10,000 square

07:51:29 feet with a minimum lot width of 100 feet.

07:51:32 Setbacks, 10-foot, front and corner, zero foot side rear

07:51:37 yard.

07:51:37 In the CI zoning district the maximum height is 45 feet.

07:51:41 And the development must adhere to all City of Tampa

07:51:43 regulations.

07:51:45 The property as shown here in green -- Mr. Cook made this

07:51:52 one.

07:51:54 This is 39.

07:51:58 11.

07:52:02 To the north.

07:52:03 And 10 to the south.

07:52:05 There is industrial general abutting the property

07:52:08 immediately to the west.

07:52:12 There's an aerial of the property.

07:52:23 There are some photos of the property.

07:52:28 That's from 39th looking back west.

07:52:31 This is from 11th.

07:52:35 This is north of the property.

07:52:37 North side of 11th.

07:52:39 Here is will go back.

07:52:43 This apex here with the billboard.

07:52:50 Another view down 40th and 11th.

07:52:54 This is to the east of the property.

07:52:59 This is moving down 11th to the west.

07:53:02 This is immediately north of the property.

07:53:05 Moving west.

07:53:07 Still moving west.

07:53:08 You can see I-4 in the back.

07:53:10 To the north.

07:53:13 This is another view down 11th.

07:53:16 This is the south side of 11th moving back toward the

07:53:18 subject property.

07:53:20 This is the subject property.

07:53:23 Approaching the subject property.

07:53:26 This is also the subject property.

07:53:33 This is immediately to the west of the subject property on

07:53:35 10th.

07:53:38 And this is also on 10th.

07:53:41 That's the same building.

07:53:46 Staff found the request consistent.

07:53:48 And I'm available for any questions.

07:53:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:53:51 Any questions by council members?

07:53:52 Okay.

07:53:53 Petitioner?

07:53:53 >> Good evening.

07:53:59 I'm the property owner and we purchased this property in

07:54:02 December, and we are rezoning from general commercial to

07:54:05 general industrial and all around the area were shown.

07:54:10 It is general industrial.

07:54:11 We just wanted to rezoning it.

07:54:13 We have a used car lot.

07:54:15 And we moved from Howard to this new property that we

07:54:17 purchased.

07:54:17 .

07:54:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:54:25 I don't have any questions.

07:54:26 Any questions by council members?

07:54:27 Anyone in the audience care to speak on this item number

07:54:30 Z-13-20?

07:54:32 Mr. Reddick.

07:54:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: I don't know if petitioner had a chance to

07:54:36 receive the letter we received.

07:54:38 >> Yes, I saw the letter.

07:54:41 We are addressing it.

07:54:43 We are doing that with the zoning now.

07:54:46 We are applying for that, yes, sir.

07:54:48 >>FRANK REDDICK: I just wanted to go on record saying we

07:54:51 received this.

07:54:52 >> Yes. You gave me a copy.

07:54:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: A letter by Sherri and Gary Hosier, the

07:54:57 concern is proper drainage be installed and not affect their

07:55:01 property.

07:55:01 >> Yes.

07:55:02 They own the building right behind.

07:55:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I understand.

07:55:04 Thank you very much thank you.

07:55:06 Anyone else?

07:55:07 Need a motion to close the hearing.

07:55:08 I have a motion by Mr. Suarez.

07:55:10 I missed the Reddick.

07:55:11 Mr. Reddick seconded.

07:55:13 All in favor?

07:55:15 Opposed?

07:55:16 The hearing is now closed.

07:55:17 Mr. Suarez, would you kindly read the ordinance, please?

07:55:19 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Move an ordinance for first reading

07:55:21 consideration, an ordinance rezoning property in the general

07:55:23 vicinity of 3908 east 10th Avenue in the city of Tampa,

07:55:28 Florida and more particularly described in section 1 from

07:55:31 zoning district classification CG commercial general to CI

07:55:35 commercial intensive, providing an effective date.

07:55:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a second by Mr. Reddick.

07:55:41 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

07:55:43 Opposed nay.

07:55:44 The ayes have it unanimous.

07:55:46 Thank you all very much for attending.

07:55:47 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Mulhern being absent at

07:55:49 vote.

07:55:50 Montelione being absent.

07:55:51 Second reading and adoption will be on May 2nd at 9:30

07:55:54 a.m.

07:55:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You got that, the second hearing where it

07:56:00 is?

07:56:00 Okay.

07:56:00 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Item 7, Z-13 ---no,.

07:56:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You just didn't did that one.

07:56:21 If you want to do it again.

07:56:22 I guarantee we'll get the same result.

07:56:24 It was unanimous.

07:56:26 >>ABBYE FEELEY: The next item on your agenda is Z-13-21

07:56:29 located at 4531, 4541 South Dale Mabry Highway.

07:56:34 Mr. Grandoff is here representing the applicant this

07:56:36 evening.

07:56:36 And I believe he would like to address the council.

07:56:39 >>HARRY COHEN: I will be abstaining from participating in

07:56:46 this matter and I will file form 8-B with the clerk as my

07:56:50 father is involved with the petitioner.

07:56:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.

07:56:57 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: Good evening.

07:56:58 My name is John Grandoff.

07:57:01 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Before you make your statement,

07:57:02 understand we have four council members.

07:57:05 It's your prerogative to say "yes" or "no."

07:57:06 Do you want to hear it?

07:57:09 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: We would prefer to have a full board, if at

07:57:11 all possible.

07:57:13 And we also have an objection letter from CSX railroad that

07:57:16 we would like to talk to them about.

07:57:18 We received it just this week.

07:57:20 We have not had an opportunity to show our site plan.

07:57:24 We would prefer to continue.

07:57:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: To what date?

07:57:29 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: May 9.

07:57:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: 29th of --

07:57:35 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: No, May 9.

07:57:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience that wants to

07:57:38 speak to the continuation of item number 8 to May 9th

07:57:42 I see no -- I got one at 6:00.

07:57:45 I think I promised earlier, didn't I?

07:57:48 Anyway, I make promises that I break once in a while.

07:57:51 Only once in a while.

07:57:53 All right.

07:57:53 We'll put you right there in the top, first or second.

07:57:59 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: We'll probably have everything resolved by

07:58:00 then.

07:58:01 Thank you very much.

07:58:01 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion for continuation?

07:58:05 I have a motion by Mrs. Capin.

07:58:06 Second by Mr. Suarez on number 8.

07:58:08 Z-13-21.

07:58:10 All in favor of the motion?

07:58:11 Opposed?

07:58:12 The ayes have it unanimous.

07:58:13 Thank you very much, sir.

07:58:16 Item number 9.

07:58:16 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Item number 9.

07:58:26 Land Development Coordination.

07:58:27 Case Z-13-22.

07:58:30 It's located at 6807 east Adamo Drive.

07:58:33 The request before you this evening is from IH and IG, which

07:58:38 is industrial heavy and industrial general, to IG beings

07:58:42 industrial general, for commercial and light industrial

07:58:44 uses.

07:58:59 >>David Hay: David Hay, Planning Commission staff, and I

07:59:01 have been sworn, back in the central planning district for

07:59:04 this next one.

07:59:11 It is hard to imagine today but Adamo Drive is classified as

07:59:14 a transit emphasis corridor in the comprehensive plan

07:59:17 connecting the two downtown and Brandon activity center.

07:59:23 As you can see on the aerial, the subject site is in the

07:59:26 center of the map.

07:59:26 You can see the predominant industrial uses along the

07:59:29 corridor.

07:59:30 You can see the cross Crosstown expressway and the Palm

07:59:32 River on the south.

07:59:34 And you can see the rail yard on the north side of the

07:59:38 aerial.

07:59:39 And then onto the future land use map.

07:59:42 Most of it is all black.

07:59:44 That signifies the heavy industrial land use categories, and

07:59:48 the Gray represents the right for the cross Crosstown to the

07:59:52 south.

07:59:53 Planning Commission staff found the proposed zoning is

07:59:57 comparable with the surrounding plan development pattern so

08:00:01 that portion of Adamo Drive, and therefore based on those

08:00:06 issues, in the policy direction provided in the Tampa

08:00:10 comprehensive plan, Planning Commission staff finds the

08:00:12 rezoning request consistent with the comprehensive plan.

08:00:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.

08:00:15 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Thanks, David.

08:00:24 The request before you this evening as I stated is from IG

08:00:26 and IH to IG, as it is all one zoning lot.

08:00:31 The Euclidean zoning request and no waivers may be requested

08:00:35 or permitted.

08:00:36 The IG district permit itself light industrial uses such as

08:00:40 manufacturing, processing, assembly, warehousing, related

08:00:43 uses.

08:00:44 As I mentioned, this does have a split zoning, so they are

08:00:48 going to make it all one zoning in the IG district.

08:00:53 The site contains approximately four acres, and it's

08:00:56 surrounded by heavy industrial zoning to the east and west

08:00:59 and to the north across Adamo.

08:01:12 Adamo Drive to the north, the subject property shown in

08:01:15 green.

08:01:15 As you can see the front portion of this is IG.

08:01:17 The remaining is IH.

08:01:21 I believe there is a use in the IG portion that is seeking

08:01:25 expansion but cannot expand as it is not a permitted use in

08:01:28 the IH.

08:01:28 So we are going to move that IG line all the way back to the

08:01:32 end of the property.

08:01:33 IG also to the south across.

08:01:41 As you can see on the aerial, there is an existing building

08:01:45 there.

08:01:47 The rear portion is the warehousing kind of use.

08:02:02 Here is a picture of the subject site from Adamo looking

08:02:05 south.

08:02:06 A little bit closer up.

08:02:10 This is the side and rear of the property.

08:02:15 That is the east side of the property.

08:02:18 This is the use to the west.

08:02:23 This is also moving westbound Adamo.

08:02:26 To the east is good year.

08:02:31 This is west down Adamo.

08:02:33 On the north side of Adamo, there are different warehousing

08:02:36 and industrial uses in that area.

08:02:44 Staff found the request consistent.

08:02:48 >> Could you show the front of the property again, please?

08:02:50 Thank you.

08:03:00 Thank you.

08:03:19 >> Petitioner?

08:03:20 >> Good evening, Mr. Chairman, members of council.

08:03:23 My name is Mark Bentley, 201 North Franklin Street, Tampa

08:03:27 33602.

08:03:28 In light of the fact that all the agencies have unanimously

08:03:31 supported the petition, we would simply request that council

08:03:34 approve same, and if you have any questions I will gladly

08:03:38 attempt to answer those.

08:03:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members?

08:03:40 Anyone in the audience care to speak on this item, item 9,

08:03:44 Z-13-22?

08:03:45 I see no one.

08:03:46 I need a motion to close.

08:03:48 Motion to close by Mrs. Capin beings seconded by Mr. Cohen.

08:03:51 All in favor?

08:03:52 Opposed?

08:03:52 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:03:53 Hearing is now closed.

08:03:57 Thank you very much.

08:03:59 Ms. Capin, item number 9, please.

08:04:06 >>YVONNE CAPIN: An ordinance being presented for first

08:04:08 reading consideration.

08:04:10 An ordinance rezoning property in the general vicinity of

08:04:13 6807 and 6815 east Adamo Drive in TEH city -- how do you

08:04:25 pronounce that, T-E-H?

08:04:28 Oh, "the."

08:04:30 I never heard of that.

08:04:32 [ Laughter ]

08:04:34 "the city."

08:04:42 Okay.

08:04:43 Do you want me to start from the beginning?

08:04:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No, I got to that point.

08:04:48 >>YVONNE CAPIN: In the city of Tampa, Florida, and more

08:04:53 particularly described in section 1 from zoning district

08:04:56 classifications IH industrial heavy to IG industrial general

08:05:01 to IG industrial general, commercial/light industrial use,

08:05:06 providing an effective date.

08:05:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Capin.

08:05:09 I have a second by Mr. Reddick.

08:05:10 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

08:05:13 Opposed nay.

08:05:14 Yes, ma'am.

08:05:14 >> Legal department.

08:05:17 I apologize for the misspelling in the title.

08:05:21 We will have that fixed between first and second reading and

08:05:23 I would not consider that as language that would prohibit

08:05:26 this from going forward.

08:05:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

08:05:29 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Montelione being absent.

08:05:32 Second reading and adoption will be on May 2nd at 9:30

08:05:34 a.m.

08:05:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item 10.

08:05:38 Z-13-23.

08:05:40 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

08:05:51 What I would like to do, if I may, Mr. Cohen, is open both

08:05:57 10 and 11 together.

08:05:59 They are related.

08:06:00 And --

08:06:02 >>HARRY COHEN: They are both already open so go ahead.

08:06:04 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I will explain a little bit about that

08:06:07 momentarily.

08:07:28 Let me just explain if I may for a moment your zoning atlas.

08:07:33 The piece here in green is item 11, which is the next item.

08:07:37 But what's most important here is that PD here is actually

08:07:42 this top piece, and this piece here.

08:07:45 This is the water walls church piece.

08:07:48 And let me show you now on the PD that that PD actually

08:07:54 represents.

08:07:58 That's that piece on Columbus there.

08:08:00 And the piece to the south there.

08:08:01 And then this is the OP-1 that was not included in this

08:08:13 original PD.

08:08:14 So that leaves a piece to the PD that is kind of an orphan.

08:08:19 So what we are going to do in these next two applications is

08:08:22 we are going to address the whole bottom piece and also the

08:08:25 top piece.

08:08:26 So we'll talk about both of those.

08:08:34 The 23 is the south piece located at 2511 north Grady Avenue

08:08:39 and 3860 west Columbus drive.

08:08:44 There's just one other piece to all those pieces, and that

08:08:47 is that in that OP-1 portion, a special use was already

08:08:52 granted for multifamily residential.

08:08:53 So what the PD before you tonight is doing is doing a

08:08:57 comprehensive development plan with that bottom piece of the

08:09:00 PD, and the OP-1.

08:09:04 And the OP 1 is somewhere where the special use is granted

08:09:07 for multifamily units, and then they acquire the property to

08:09:11 the north, the PD piece.

08:09:12 This is really phase 1 and phase 2 of the multifamily

08:09:15 development.

08:09:16 We are doing one PD in order to make it one comprehensive

08:09:19 development plan for that entire property.

08:09:22 Okay?

08:09:25 The second application you are going to hear is the PD to CI

08:09:28 for the north piece of property, back to CI, just lake the

08:09:32 piece to the east of it.

08:09:37 That south piece, the request before you tonight is from

08:09:41 OP-1 office professional and planned development to PD

08:09:45 planned development for residential multifamily.

08:09:47 And there are a couple of waivers associated with that.

08:09:51 David says lay this out and keep going and come back for the

08:09:57 content part.

08:09:58 Sorry about that.

08:09:58 There are four waivers being requested.

08:10:00 The first is to reduce the required use buffer along the

08:10:03 east, which on that east side is a recent rezoning you did,

08:10:07 which was the Green Iguana and days INN that went back to CI

08:10:13 zoning and also Jerry Ulm dodge is located over there.

08:10:16 On the east side they are asking for 15-foot from 6-foot

08:10:20 high masonry concrete wall to 8-foot and on the staff report

08:10:23 it says no fence or wall, but I have been told by Mr. Horner

08:10:27 that they are going to have a six-foot PVC fence that will

08:10:32 run that eastern side.

08:10:34 For that waiver, I adjusted on the revision sheet with

08:10:38 handwriting to correct that.

08:10:40 Also, a small portion of that eight foot goes down to four

08:10:44 foot where the solid waste truck needs to turn around.

08:10:47 The second waiver is to reduce the required multifamily

08:10:50 green space from 350 a unit to 175.78 square feet a unit for

08:10:57 parcel 1, which is that northern parcel.

08:11:00 The third is to increase the maximum building setback along

08:11:03 north Grady because it is within the Westshore overlay

08:11:06 district, which gives them a maximum of 20-foot for their

08:11:09 setback on Grady.

08:11:11 But there is a utility easement there that doesn't allow

08:11:13 them to be up to 20 feet, so they are increasing that to 32

08:11:17 feet.

08:11:18 And lastly, it's to increase the percentage of protected

08:11:21 trees removed from the property from 75%, which is what the

08:11:24 Westshore overlay allows to 80%.

08:11:29 The petitioner -- it is a 10.78-acre site and they are

08:11:35 requesting in total 557 multifamily units, 300 units on the

08:11:41 north and 257 units on the south, or what we are referring

08:11:45 to the north and south parcels.

08:11:49 I did indicate the special use to be 12-259, the units on

08:11:55 the south.

08:11:56 Let me go ahead through my presentation.

08:12:02 I think you all are familiar now with -- talking about here,

08:12:19 the large PD, that west development is a mixed use

08:12:24 development.

08:12:25 As many of you are familiar with that, Pricewaterhouse

08:12:32 Coopers, and over here to the east beings which I just

08:12:35 talked to you about, this PD is now CI.

08:12:39 This is the old Green Iguana, days INN, a PD, and we have

08:12:45 commercial uses also in between them.

08:12:47 Residential single-family is located to the immediate south

08:12:51 of here.

08:12:57 Here is the aerial of the site.

08:13:00 You will see the existing sanctuary building does scan both

08:13:06 those pieces, administrative here and there was parking that

08:13:10 surrounded the property.

08:13:12 There is no access from Grady south.

08:13:16 And I'll show you some pictures of the newly completed

08:13:19 garage here.

08:13:21 So the main entrance ingress and egress to the property will

08:13:24 be office Grady Avenue.

08:13:27 There is also no access to the east.

08:13:29 Everything will center on

08:13:39 I have a lot of pictures for you.

08:13:41 I will try to go quickly through them.

08:13:43 Let me show you very quickly how I did, and there will be

08:13:49 reference how we are moving.

08:13:50 I am going start back at the southern-most portion of the

08:13:53 site.

08:13:53 I am going to work my way up.

08:13:56 I am also going to oh show you some pictures from this side

08:14:01 looking north and also look back toward Dale Mabry.

08:14:04 I will also show you some pictures from that west portion.

08:14:08 And then I also show some pictures of the church and the

08:14:12 multifamily residence.

08:14:17 This is at the south end of Grady looking over toward Dale

08:14:19 Mabry.

08:14:20 And I'm moving north along Grady.

08:14:32 Is still moving north along Grady east toward Dale Mabry.

08:14:51 Moving north.

08:14:55 This is the site of the sanctuary building.

08:14:57 Still moving north toward Columbus.

08:15:01 And that would be the front of the property on Columbus

08:15:04 looking toward the east.

08:15:08 So this will be the portion that will become IC in the next

08:15:16 application.

08:15:17 Again looking east toward Dale Mabry.

08:15:19 Now on Columbus looking south back toward the property.

08:15:26 D.O.T -- It's a little difficult.

08:15:34 Going back down into this section of the property, this is

08:15:40 the southeast corner looking north.

08:15:44 This is the southeast corner looking back west toward the

08:15:49 west.

08:15:50 This is at that southeast corner looking east toward Dale

08:15:54 Mabry.

08:15:59 This is where Columbus starts to turn into boycott and that

08:16:03 west property.

08:16:03 This is also looking back east toward -- you see the Water

08:16:10 Walls sign there.

08:16:11 This is at the south end, where this garage has just been

08:16:18 finished as part of their development.

08:16:28 The PD setbacks are as follows.

08:16:30 The north would be 25 feet.

08:16:31 30-foot east.

08:16:33 75-foot south which would be adjacent to single-family

08:16:37 residential, and west 32 feet.

08:16:40 There are four-story buildings being proposed at the maximum

08:16:43 height of 51 feet.

08:16:45 Total parking of 963 spaces is required for the 557 units

08:16:51 beings and 980 space are being provided through a

08:16:55 combination of two structure garages, one on the north and

08:16:58 one on the south as well as some surface spaces that are

08:17:00 going to be located on that main interior entry drive as you

08:17:04 come into the project.

08:17:06 We do have some minor modifications that are being

08:17:10 requested.

08:17:11 And I have provided those on a revision sheet, as well on

08:17:16 the bottom of your revision sheet you will see that the

08:17:18 applicant is requesting to add some things to the site plan

08:17:23 per discussion with their neighbors.

08:17:27 So that being said, Planning Commission, David.

08:17:34 >> David Hay again with your Planning Commission staff.

08:17:45 Abbye has gone through a lot of the aerial.

08:17:47 We will just quickly hit on the Westshore planning district.

08:17:51 It also falls within the mixed use urban village, defined

08:17:59 within the comprehensive plan, and also within the Westshore

08:18:04 business center.

08:18:05 Onto the future land use map.

08:18:08 The subject site and parcels to the north, east and west are

08:18:11 all designated regional mixed use 100.

08:18:14 The most intensive land use category outside the central

08:18:18 business district.

08:18:19 This is the map of the first case.

08:18:21 The second case is this parcel right here.

08:18:23 Again, that's in the regional mixed use 100.

08:18:26 The blue to the north is the public quasi-public, Tampa

08:18:30 International Airport.

08:18:31 And to the south, we have the residential 10 reflecting the

08:18:36 single-family detached development pattern within this

08:18:38 portion of the Carver City, Lincoln Gardens neighborhood.

08:18:43 Planning Commission staff found the proposed two rezonings

08:18:48 to allow for the development multifamily residential and the

08:18:52 CI on the northern piece would be comparable and compatible

08:18:56 to the division understood the mixed use 100 future land use

08:19:00 category.

08:19:01 The plan development would provide for residential within

08:19:04 close proximity to planned employment center and commercial

08:19:08 services, proposed residential development would also be in

08:19:12 close proximity to existing transit service along Columbus

08:19:15 Boulevard.

08:19:15 That's also for the CI.

08:19:18 Which connects the transit service connects this site to the

08:19:20 international mall and Westshore mall.

08:19:24 The CI used on the northern piece would allow for bide range

08:19:29 of commercial uses within an area of the city which is

08:19:32 envisioned for those type uses, and based on all those

08:19:35 issues and the goals, objectives and poses within the

08:19:38 comprehensive plan, the Planning Commission staff find both

08:19:41 rezoning applications consistent with the Tampa

08:19:44 comprehensive plan.

08:19:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

08:19:51 Petitioner?

08:19:52 >> Michael Horner for the record, 14502 North Dale Mabry

08:20:01 highway, suite 200, Tampa 33608.

08:20:03 I have been sworn representing applicant. With me this

08:20:05 evening is Lucas Carlos from Hampton Engineering as well.

08:20:14 I know it's getting late.

08:20:21 And I think Abbye did a very thorough presentation, and

08:20:24 David.

08:20:24 We have been working on this project for well over a year.

08:20:28 As Abbye mentioned this went through an S-1 special use

08:20:31 approval for, I think, 259 apartments on the south portion.

08:20:37 This section, the south phase.

08:20:39 That now has come into unified PD for the additional

08:20:43 apartments for a total of 557.

08:20:45 My client was not aware that without walls was going to sell

08:20:51 their entire holdings and an opportunity came up late last

08:20:54 year.

08:20:54 We grabbed that opportunity, placed that property understood

08:20:57 contract.

08:20:57 We advised the city we would be amending this plan.

08:20:59 Abbye said put it all together as one unified PD.

08:21:03 We think it came together well.

08:21:04 This is an urban village design.

08:21:07 About half the density of the RMU 100 regional mixed use,

08:21:11 one of the most intensive if not the most intensive plans in

08:21:15 your city plan.

08:21:16 These are multi-story buildings, four and five stories.

08:21:20 These will be luxury apartments.

08:21:23 These will only take access to Grady Avenue.

08:21:27 It will have no connectivity to the south, which is a

08:21:30 concern of Carver City and Lincoln Gardens.

08:21:36 Also, Mr. Ulm to the east did not want to have an

08:21:39 opportunity for any potential cross access to the east.

08:21:42 I did have a meeting with Jerry yesterday.

08:21:45 He sent us a letter of approval.

08:21:47 We agree to a 6-foot high fence, also additional tree

08:21:51 plantings along our entire eastern boundary.

08:21:55 That's within the buffer area beings proposed phases

08:21:58 continuously.

08:22:00 Council members, this is a well-deserved project in terms of

08:22:06 the marketing timing.

08:22:08 This is an urban mixed use village concept.

08:22:15 Marketed to the upper income.

08:22:17 Double income, no kids, families, who want three bedrooms as

08:22:21 well, and do not want to buy a house, and want to have the

08:22:24 opportunity to live where they work.

08:22:25 This is an employment center corridor with the primary

08:22:29 transit corridor.

08:22:30 We have the airport nearby.

08:22:32 These units will range from 557 square feet for a studio up

08:22:36 to 1400 square feet, rent ranges from 1100 a month to $2300

08:22:43 a month.

08:22:44 Full resort amenity, full clubhouse, Wi-Fi business center.

08:22:50 Also use sod opportunities for landscape, hardscape features

08:22:53 along Grady Avenue.

08:22:55 We are working with city landscape and park section to do

08:22:58 additional plantings.

08:22:59 We will be replacing 156 trees on-site.

08:23:02 That does not include the additional trees proposed along

08:23:08 the east side.

08:23:14 I have for the record as well, a pro forma package from rich

08:23:18 man group of over 15 years.

08:23:21 Over 18,000 units under management.

08:23:24 They are one of the top ten developers for park communities

08:23:27 in the country.

08:23:28 We have reached out to the community.

08:23:30 We have worked closely with staff.

08:23:32 We do have a few waivers as Abbye mentioned.

08:23:34 One of those because of the reference to the trash compacter

08:23:41 access which is here, we have to bury this waiver

08:23:47 approximately four feet and back up to a 15-foot that we are

08:23:52 proposing.

08:23:53 I woulds also add what we call phase 1, this is only going

08:23:58 to be an emergency access for fire vehicles.

08:24:02 This will not be a drive-through, paved asphalt pavementway,

08:24:06 and therefore it will appear to be pervious, but stabilized

08:24:10 surface for emergency vehicles.

08:24:12 We appreciate working with staff.

08:24:16 We would be happy to answer any questions.

08:24:21 >>YVONNE CAPIN: To the south, where the property abuts the

08:24:23 residential, what is there?

08:24:26 What is proposed for there?

08:24:28 How close are those houses?

08:24:31 They look very close.

08:24:32 I just want to know what your planning to do.

08:24:38 >> There is a drainage beings stormwater right-of-way that

08:24:50 City of Tampa has.

08:24:52 We have not had any discussions specifically.

08:24:55 The discussions I have had with Mr. Harvey of Carver City

08:24:58 Lincoln Gardens, no one asked for, requested any additional

08:25:02 screening.

08:25:02 We are certainly amenable and receptive to that.

08:25:05 But we will have some planting description on the -- strips

08:25:09 on the south side.

08:25:11 We have not completed our formal landscaping plan yet.

08:25:13 So that will be a green space.

08:25:15 Then they have their backyard with their fence proposed as

08:25:18 existing and they have a rear yard orientation inward.

08:25:21 They don't have access to the north.

08:25:23 Access to the south.

08:25:27 >>YVONNE CAPIN: There's a drainage culvert between the

08:25:30 property and the residents?

08:25:32 >> Yes.

08:25:36 We could not get any closer to that area.

08:25:39 It's about 50 feet in total that will not be built upon.

08:25:45 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.

08:25:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other questions by council members?

08:25:47 Anyone in the audience care to speak on this item?

08:25:50 Mr. Reddick?

08:25:51 >>FRANK REDDICK: I just want to make sure I am clear

08:25:54 because one of the biggest concerns Rayed to me about Grady

08:25:57 Avenue, did I hear you correctly that you will not be

08:26:02 traveling through Grady Avenue adjacent to their property?

08:26:09 >> Yes.

08:26:09 We terminate at the south property line of Grady Avenue,

08:26:14 right here.

08:26:15 >>FRANK REDDICK: And the last question, one of the big

08:26:20 concerns I had -- and I think it was mostly towards the

08:26:22 property where Dr. Harvey lives, where they wanted some type

08:26:27 of wall.

08:26:30 I don't know if you all reached agreement, but an issue of

08:26:34 concern -- --

08:26:39 >> To the east?

08:26:42 >> To the south, where --

08:26:46 >> We have not entered into any of those discussions or

08:26:49 negotiations.

08:26:49 Mr. Harvey has not indicated that in his e-mail or phone

08:26:52 call with me.

08:26:53 Again we are receptive of talking to them.

08:26:55 But we have not received any requests made.

08:26:58 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

08:27:00 Thank you.

08:27:01 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience care to speak on

08:27:03 this item?

08:27:04 I see no one.

08:27:05 I need a motion to close.

08:27:06 >> Move to close.

08:27:19 >> I just want to be clear so Councilman Reddick understands

08:27:22 the plan does not -- a wall locate on the southern property

08:27:26 line.

08:27:26 In order to add a fence or wall in a PD situation must be

08:27:29 placed on the plan now.

08:27:30 So that is not one of the modifications being requested in

08:27:35 between first and second reading by the applicant, or by

08:27:39 staff at this time.

08:27:40 So I just want to be clear.

08:27:42 Thank you.

08:27:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I had a motion to close, I believe, by

08:27:47 Mr. Suarez.

08:27:48 Seconded by Mr. Cohen.

08:27:49 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

08:27:51 Opposed nay.

08:27:52 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:27:54 I believe Ms. Mulhern, would you kindly read number 10,

08:27:58 please?

08:27:59 >>MARY MULHERN: I move an ordinance being presented for

08:28:04 first reading consideration, an ordinance rezoning property

08:28:07 in the general vicinity of 2511 north Grady Avenue and 3860

08:28:12 west Columbus drive in the city of Tampa, Florida and more

08:28:15 particularly described in section 1 from zoning district

08:28:18 classifications OP-1, office professional, and planned

08:28:22 development, PD, to PD, planned development, residential,

08:28:26 multifamily, providing an effective date.

08:28:27 >> Second.

08:28:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Mulhern, a second

08:28:31 by Mr. Suarez.

08:28:32 All in favor of the motion?

08:28:33 Opposed?

08:28:34 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:28:36 Thank you all very much collect clerk motion carried with

08:28:38 Montelione being absent.

08:28:40 Second reading and adoption will be on May 2nd at 9:30

08:28:43 a.m.

08:28:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 11.

08:28:46 File Z-13-24.

08:28:58 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

08:29:00 Item number 11 is that northern piece we just talked about,

08:29:03 the PD portion.

08:29:04 That would remain, so we need to put it back to another

08:29:09 zoning district to allow future development.

08:29:10 The request before you tonight is from PD to CI commercial

08:29:13 intensive.

08:29:14 It does meet all the minimal qualifications, 10 that you

08:29:19 square foot lot with a minimum lot width of 100 fat.

08:29:22 There are no waivers being requested.

08:29:25 I did show you the photos of this site, and the last

08:29:33 northern piece, Columbus to the north, Grady to the west,

08:29:36 Dale Mabry oaf to the -- staff is available for any

08:29:40 questions.

08:29:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

08:29:45 I believe the Planning Commission spoke about that.

08:29:47 We spoke just a few minutes ago.

08:29:49 Petitioner?

08:29:50 >> Mike horner, 14052 Dale Mabry Highway.

08:29:55 I have been sworn.

08:29:56 No waivers.

08:29:57 Going to be a future restaurant upscale.

08:29:59 Some of the corridor uses out there that will relate

08:30:01 directly to the multifamily residence proposed.

08:30:04 Be happy to answer any questions.

08:30:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

08:30:06 Any questions by council members?

08:30:08 Anyone in the audience care to speak on this item, item

08:30:10 number 11, file Z-13-24?

08:30:13 I see no one.

08:30:14 I have a motion to close by Mrs. Capin, seconded by Mr.

08:30:17 Cohen.

08:30:17 All in favor of the motion?

08:30:19 Opposed?

08:30:19 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:30:20 Mr. Cohen, would you kindly take number 11, please.

08:30:23 >> Move an ordinance being presented for first reading

08:30:26 consideration, an ordinance rezoning property in the general

08:30:28 vicinity of 3860 west Columbus drive in the city of Tampa,

08:30:34 Florida and more particularly described in section 1 from

08:30:37 zoning district classifications PD planned development to CI

08:30:43 commercial intensive providing an effective date.

08:30:44 >> I have a motion by Mr. Cohen, a second by Mr. Suarez.

08:30:48 All in favor of the motion?

08:30:49 Opposed?

08:30:50 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:30:53 Number 12 cannot be heard.

08:30:55 We did that earlier.

08:30:56 Item number 13.

08:30:57 >>THE CLERK: On item 11, motion carried with Montelione

08:31:05 being absent.

08:31:07 Second hearing will be on May 2nd at 9:30 a.m.

08:31:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item 13.

08:31:13 Z-13-43.

08:31:18 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

08:31:19 Item number 13 is the last case before you this evening

08:31:22 located at 1502, 1508 and 1510 North Westshore Boulevard.

08:31:27 The request before you this evening is from OP-1 office

08:31:30 professional to CI commercial intensive.

08:31:34 This is the Euclidian rezoning request, and no waivers may

08:31:37 be requested or granted.

08:31:39 >> Good evening, council members.

08:31:43 David Hay with your Planning Commission staff.

08:31:46 We stay over in the Westshore planning district again for

08:31:49 this one, which is slightly to the west, further over onto

08:31:53 Westshore Boulevard.

08:31:57 We have the aerial.

08:31:59 The last case was over here to the right.

08:32:01 You can see Tampa international, Westshore Boulevard, and

08:32:05 all the commercial uses to Jefferson high school.

08:32:09 Finally, onto the future land use category.

08:32:15 The pinkish color is all the regional mixed use 100, and

08:32:19 then we have the airport compatibility planning, future land

08:32:25 use designation to the west.

08:32:28 Overall Planning Commission staff found the proposed

08:32:30 rezoning to commercial intensive would allow for the uses

08:32:33 that are comparable and compatible to the development

08:32:35 pattern envisioned understood the regional mixed use 100

08:32:38 future land use category.

08:32:39 The rezoning would not create any negative impacts on

08:32:42 adjacent uses and would promote a greater mixture of uses

08:32:45 within the Westshore business center.

08:32:47 Therefore based on those issues and the goals, objectives

08:32:49 and policies within the comprehensive plan, Planning

08:32:51 Commission staff finds the rezoning request consistent with

08:32:54 the comprehensive plan.

08:32:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

08:32:58 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Thanks, David.

08:33:09 This property is located at the northwest corner of Laurel

08:33:14 and Westshore Boulevard.

08:33:16 Many of you are familiar with this.

08:33:23 This is the fidelity building.

08:33:24 Fidelity is located here.

08:33:26 And then Starbuck's and the laser eye center is also located

08:33:30 in that area.

08:33:32 The applicant came to us.

08:33:36 The property is shown here.

08:33:39 It's OP 1 to the south.

08:33:40 PD to the north.

08:33:42 PD to the north.

08:33:45 The container store.

08:33:47 It recently opened.

08:33:49 M.A.P. 4 to the immediate west of this property.

08:33:52 The applicant came to us, and they are looking for a new

08:33:55 tenant fortify dealt building on there, looking at a retail

08:33:59 center, and retail is not an allowable use in the OP-1

08:34:03 zoning district.

08:34:04 So what is before you tonight is to go from OP-1 which is

08:34:08 office professional to CI, commercial intensive, to allow

08:34:11 for retail use on the property.

08:34:15 Which office is an allowable use of CI, but retail is not an

08:34:19 allowable use in OP.

08:34:21 So here is -- you have the subject property.

08:34:24 I gave you this shot because it is difficult to take a photo

08:34:32 trying to look back at the actual structure.

08:34:35 So there is a shot.

08:34:36 Here is my photo.

08:34:40 This is the northern part of the property.

08:34:44 There.

08:34:48 Look down -- Main Street.

08:34:59 This is moving west along Laurel.

08:35:04 There's parking, office building immediately behind, moving

08:35:08 west, the restaurant, and there's a hotel at the end.

08:35:14 This is immediately to the south.

08:35:17 And this is looking north on Westshore of the property.

08:35:23 And then this is across the street.

08:35:29 Also on the east side of Westshore.

08:35:31 And this is immediately across the street on the east side

08:35:34 of Westshore.

08:35:38 The application meets all of the minimum criteria. Staff

08:35:40 did find the request consistent.

08:35:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

08:35:43 Petitioner?

08:35:44 >> I'm the petitioner, Hamilton hunt.

08:35:56 I represent the partnership of the property.

08:35:58 I live at 307 in the harbor circle here in Tampa, Florida.

08:36:03 I think Abbye basically stipulated what we have.

08:36:06 The original zoning on that property was C-2.

08:36:10 The original use on that property, if you might remember

08:36:13 from Tampa way back, it was King's furniture store and the

08:36:20 proposed use now is another furniture store.

08:36:22 So we are just bringing it back to what it originally was.

08:36:25 Actually, I think that's a more appropriate use of the

08:36:28 property than the office building, because of some parking

08:36:30 issues that they had there in the past with the furniture,

08:36:33 we are going to need less parking intensive.

08:36:36 All the particular neighbors are of the same type of uses.

08:36:40 You have Kress which abuts the property.

08:36:42 Actually our building with the Starbuck's center, M.A.P. 4

08:36:46 which would allow -- it's sort of an inconsistency there on

08:36:50 the front.

08:36:53 You have the restaurant, et cetera.

08:36:55 I think you are familiar with that area and we are very

08:36:58 consistent with that.

08:37:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members?

08:37:01 Anyone in the audience care to speak on this item, item

08:37:03 number 13, Z-13-43?

08:37:06 I see no one.

08:37:07 I need a motion to close.

08:37:10 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Motion to close.

08:37:11 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Second.

08:37:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All in favor?

08:37:14 Opposed?

08:37:15 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:37:16 Mr. Suarez, would you read the ordinance, please?

08:37:18 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I present an ordinance for first reading

08:37:21 consideration, an ordinance rezoning property in the general

08:37:24 vicinity of 1502, 1508, and 1510 North Westshore Boulevard

08:37:30 in the city of Tampa, Florida, and more particularly

08:37:34 described in section 1, from zoning district classification

08:37:39 OP-1, office professional, to CI, commercial intensive,

08:37:43 providing an effective date.

08:37:44 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

08:37:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Suarez.

08:37:48 I have a second by Mr. Cohen.

08:37:49 All in favor of the motion?

08:37:51 Opposed?

08:37:52 Motion passes unanimously.

08:37:55 Second reading?

08:38:00 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Montelione being absent.

08:38:03 Second reading an adoption will be will be on May 2nd at

08:38:08 9:30 a.m.

08:38:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: 14 was continued.

08:38:11 Information reports from left to right.

08:38:12 Mr. Cohen?

08:38:13 >>HARRY COHEN: No, thank you.

08:38:15 >>MARY MULHERN: I have nothing.

08:38:17 >>FRANK REDDICK: No, Mr. Chairman.

08:38:25 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I don't have anything today.

08:38:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's all right.

08:38:27 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

08:38:32 This morning, I had mentioned in our CRA meeting about the

08:38:35 passing of judge Don Castor.

08:38:38 Mr. Cohen had made a suggestion that we bring it up tonight,

08:38:41 and maybe send a letter from council to the caster family on

08:38:47 behalf of us for a great public service, great judge, great

08:38:50 gentleman.

08:38:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Great humanitarian.

08:38:54 Very nice guy.

08:38:55 Second by Mr. Reddick.

08:38:56 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

08:38:59 Opposed nay.

08:39:00 Motion passes unanimously.

08:39:01 I need a motion to receive and file.

08:39:03 >> So moved.

08:39:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Suarez, second by Mr.

08:39:06 Cohen.

08:39:07 All in favor of the motion?

08:39:08 Opposed?

08:39:10 Motion passes unanimously.

08:39:11 Anything else?

08:39:12 Any of you 500 people like to come up one at a time?

08:39:17 We stand adjourned.



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