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City of Tampa

CRA meeting

Thursday, May 9, 2013

9:00 a.m. Session


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09:06:09 >>FRANK REDDICK: Good morning.

09:06:19 We are going to call this Community Redevelopment Agency to

09:06:21 order.

09:06:21 And I yield to Councilwoman Montelione.

09:06:23 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

09:06:25 This morning, our invocation will be delivered by our city

09:06:28 clerk, our esteemed city clerk, Jim Crew.

09:06:34 Please rise and remain standing for the pledge of

09:06:36 allegiance.

09:06:37 >> Actually, I'm just one of the minor clerks.

09:06:46 Let us pray.

09:06:47 Father, we thank you for this beautiful day that you have

09:06:49 given us.

09:06:50 We thank you for your mercies and blessings every morning.

09:06:54 We pray that you will be with us this day as we meet to

09:06:57 consider matters important to our community, that you will

09:06:59 be with these your servants and give them wisdom in

09:07:03 everything said and done, and we thank you for it.

09:07:05 In this name we pray in the name of Jesus whom I call Lord.

09:07:09 Amen.

09:07:10 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]

09:07:31 >>FRANK REDDICK: I'll give you time to catch your breath.

09:07:33 Roll call.

09:07:33 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:07:37 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Here.

09:07:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:07:41 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:07:42 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

09:07:45 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:07:46 And we have a memo from Councilwoman Mary Mulhern that she

09:07:51 will be absent from the meeting this morning.

09:07:54 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Administrative economic.

09:07:57 As is our custom, we have a board chair coming to address us

09:08:00 this morning to talk about updates in their community.

09:08:04 And I'm pleased to have Dave Scott come up this morning and

09:08:07 give his update on Ybor City.

09:08:10 We had some ribbon cuttings yesterday afternoon that Mrs.

09:08:15 Capin was at.

09:08:16 And I said this was not really a ribbon cutting, it was a

09:08:21 meeting of the Ybor City serial investors club, because all

09:08:25 of these people have several businesses and apparently when

09:08:31 you have a business in Ybor City it's like a plate of potato

09:08:34 chips, you can't just have one.

09:08:35 So it was a very pleasant evening.

09:08:38 And Mr. Scott is going to come and talk about some of these

09:08:41 things that are going on in Ybor City.

09:08:47 >>YVONNE CAPIN: The ribbon cutting was in Ybor fiesta.

09:08:50 >> Ladies, great pleasure to be in front of you again to

09:08:56 talk about Ybor City and all the good things that are

09:08:58 happening.

09:08:58 It was a good day yesterday.

09:09:00 When you put three new restaurants into business on one city

09:09:04 block in a place you are trying to get that urban, livable

09:09:08 feel to, it is a very good day indeed.

09:09:10 So I am going to talk to you a little bit about our

09:09:13 progress, last time we spoke I mentioned that we had a

09:09:17 strategic map.

09:09:19 I think we passed that out.

09:09:20 It kind of looks like this and it integrates everything from

09:09:23 vision and broad sense of values and objectives into

09:09:30 specific areas of effort.

09:09:32 And they can be gathered into piles of improving the image

09:09:38 of getting a better community feel and livabilities, and

09:09:42 then promoting development.

09:09:44 So I'll talk about each of the six independent areas very

09:09:47 briefly with you.

09:09:48 The first is to get more people living in the district.

09:09:51 Very popular place.

09:09:53 Hard to find.

09:09:54 A rental unit or a unit for sale in the historic district

09:10:00 footprint.

09:10:01 Densities are low.

09:10:02 We would like to bump that out.

09:10:04 You talk to people who live there, they love it.

09:10:07 Good feel.

09:10:08 They tell their friends to come but it's difficult to find

09:10:10 places to rent.

09:10:11 So we are trying to develop our approach to development.

09:10:16 If I could use the projector.

09:10:20 Now, you are not going to be able to see anything specific

09:10:23 here.

09:10:24 I will just have you note, though, the color.

09:10:27 The committee taking the historic district and their coding

09:10:32 areas for in-fill areas for historic redevelopment and

09:10:37 parcels that could be put together for larger projects.

09:10:41 You will note here on the pink or reddish areas, those are

09:10:45 the areas fairly well open for development.

09:10:49 Great latitude.

09:10:50 Either empty, properties, noncontributing structures, and

09:10:54 the thing that really impresses, you look at all the pink on

09:10:57 the bottom there.

09:10:58 That's the Adamo corridor.

09:11:01 Last time we spoke we mentioned discussion with TECO about

09:11:04 placement of transmission line that would have impeded

09:11:06 options on that corridor.

09:11:08 TECO agreed to relocate those south of the Selmon, which is

09:11:12 great.

09:11:12 So one thing that this effort has done is really focusing on

09:11:16 the areas that go, convince developers, here is a good spot,

09:11:22 and you can help us develop this area.

09:11:28 First priority is multifamily residential housing.

09:11:33 So we are actively trying to find the right targets, right

09:11:36 places and get some projects underway

09:11:38 The next area is not only getting people to live in the

09:11:41 district but get them to visit.

09:11:44 Our marketing efforts, Vince just passed out a copy of the

09:11:48 currents Ybor legend.

09:11:51 Pretty good piece of current events in the districts that

09:11:56 goes out on paper copy like you have got.

09:11:58 It goes out to e-mail, mailing lists.

09:12:01 It is located on the web.

09:12:04 We have a series of flashes that go out, circulating e-mail.

09:12:10 Ybor City online Web site keeps getting improved, and is

09:12:14 getting good feedback.

09:12:15 We have got a Facebook page, our billboards are up, and

09:12:20 Veronica is still prolific in her Ybor flavored television

09:12:25 series highlighting aspects of the district.

09:12:27 Recently, we were informed that the streetcar will begin to

09:12:32 provide free lifts for conventioneers, show your badge and

09:12:37 get a lift to show off the historic district.

09:12:40 That's great for visitors.

09:12:41 We mentioned the multifamily housing, the capacity of the

09:12:45 district from our hotels, the appetites there, the three

09:12:50 that we have high occupancy rates.

09:12:52 The city can certainly use more bed space.

09:12:55 So we will actively and aggressively look for hotel

09:12:57 projects.

09:13:00 Had a visitor come to town staying in a Hilton downtown,

09:13:05 Ybor City to have some lunch and talk about a convention,

09:13:07 and, oh, by the way, that's a good story.

09:13:11 This individual, the chairman of national Geo spatial

09:13:15 intelligence foundation, they sponsor an annual conference,

09:13:19 about 5,000 people, department of defense industry and

09:13:22 government officials.

09:13:23 They had contracted facilities in New Orleans for this

09:13:26 year's conference, and did a feedback from their members

09:13:31 about dangers in New Orleans and bad experiences on the last

09:13:35 event.

09:13:35 They canceled their contract, and after looking around the

09:13:38 country for relocation, chose Tampa.

09:13:42 And the feedback was they were impressed with the engagement

09:13:45 they got from the City of Tampa, and open, welcome arms.

09:13:50 So they are bringing their conference to Tampa.

09:13:53 The reason I bring that up, though, staying downtown at Ybor

09:13:58 City, they said, my gosh, Ybor City is only a mile from

09:14:01 downtown.

09:14:02 We thought it was in another area completely.

09:14:05 And so the message there is we need to work more closely

09:14:09 with Tampa Bay and company and our downtown affiliates so

09:14:14 that the integration of downtown Tampa and Ybor City is more

09:14:19 obvious.

09:14:19 And that is an initiative and a priority for us.

09:14:25 The special event program is growing.

09:14:29 You will notice in your Ybor legend the Cuban festival is

09:14:34 now highlighted.

09:14:35 It's a new cultural festival that will happen.

09:14:40 We all know it's an annual event, very popular, that's next

09:14:43 weekend.

09:14:44 So the special events program is the sidewalk cafe.

09:14:48 You helped us with a new enhanced approval process, or

09:14:53 expanding sidewalk cafe.

09:14:55 Very important, and that's part of that feel and atmosphere

09:14:58 for a walkable community.

09:15:00 So all these things are good for getting more visitors into

09:15:04 the area.

09:15:06 Improving the image as a safe and livable and secure

09:15:09 community.

09:15:13 We have the Tampa Police Department ran an assessments of

09:15:19 crime statistics over the last ten years.

09:15:21 Phenomenal.

09:15:22 The raw numbers ten years ago almost 300 carjackings per

09:15:26 year, down to a half a dozen today.

09:15:29 I mean, really dramatic.

09:15:31 And part 1 crime, the things that are violence against

09:15:36 persons, burglary, rape, murder, those things, 90%

09:15:41 improvement, basically.

09:15:43 We are as safe a community as Hyde Park, and that is an

09:15:48 image that we need to project and overcome years of

09:15:54 anecdotal stories to the opposite

09:15:57 We get, in our businesses, our serial businesses, folks off

09:16:01 the street who haven't been to Ybor City in a while always

09:16:04 say, my gosh, this place has changed, what's going on?

09:16:07 We can feel a difference in the community.

09:16:11 Our number one concern is panhandling.

09:16:14 We were complimented by Tampa Police Department.

09:16:17 When that is your number one concern, that means we have

09:16:20 really made progress in other areas of public safety, but it

09:16:24 is a concern, because the image is difficult to maintain of

09:16:31 a secure community when there's things on the street that

09:16:34 are very uncomfortable for people to see.

09:16:37 So we would ask your help in getting very strong panhandling

09:16:42 ordinances that take that detrimental aspect out of our

09:16:51 community.

09:16:53 You wouldn't want that kind of activity at Tampa

09:16:56 International Airport.

09:16:57 We don't want it downtown in a national historic landmark

09:17:00 district.

09:17:00 We do remain passionate about those in need.

09:17:03 We are working closely with the homeless proponent agencies

09:17:10 and other city solutions for homeless and those in need.

09:17:16 Another aspect of public safety secure atmosphere is the

09:17:23 noise ordinance.

09:17:24 Again, the current item on your agenda.

09:17:27 We communicated via letter that in order to support a

09:17:32 balance between community, residential, peace and quiet, and

09:17:38 reasonable entertainment venues, we thought after years of

09:17:41 adjusting, we got pretty good ordinance on the books for the

09:17:46 overall noise levels and recommended that that not be

09:17:49 changed.

09:17:50 However, there are other irritants that interfere with your

09:17:53 ability to enjoy either the entertainment or the residential

09:17:56 areas, largely in vehicles that roll by that you can't hear

09:18:01 yourself think with the volume of the audio, as well as the

09:18:06 bullhorns.

09:18:07 Free speech is one thing, but deliberately amplifying it to

09:18:11 levels so that you can't conduct otherwise normal business

09:18:14 just isn't fair to us.

09:18:15 So we very much support curbs to those kinds of activities.

09:18:21 The last thing on image.

09:18:23 We have had conventioneers come into the area who have told

09:18:27 us, hey, first of all, Ybor is not so bad.

09:18:30 I wonder why we were told not to come here after dark.

09:18:33 So there is work ahead of us, and work closely with Tampa

09:18:42 Bay and company to make sure the right message gets out to

09:18:46 our conventioneers.

09:18:47 Broader ethnic and cultural experiences to make better use

09:18:52 of our cultural and historic resources.

09:18:56 If you look on our Web site, you can count the annual

09:18:59 events.

09:18:59 There's 33 annual events, roughly 3 to 4 a month.

09:19:03 And there are statistics, and they are cultural and they are

09:19:06 musical.

09:19:07 So that is a good set of attractions.

09:19:12 And it's a family thing, not just one crowd or another.

09:19:17 These are good healthy daytime family events.

09:19:21 We are in our retail arts and public events working groups

09:19:26 looking at the special events ordinance to identify areas

09:19:32 where we think we may facilitate, make easier, more

09:19:35 efficient, encourage types of things that would create focal

09:19:39 points in Ybor City, but beyond that as well in the City of

09:19:43 Tampa, we are working closely with the advisory committee on

09:19:46 culture and arts.

09:19:48 We are looking along similar lines to make recommendations

09:19:50 on the update of that ordinance.

09:19:56 Lastly in terms of our ethnic and cultural experience, food

09:19:59 is a cultural attraction, cultural aspect, and again, if you

09:20:03 look at the Ybor City online Web site there's a listing of

09:20:08 restaurants in the district.

09:20:08 I was surprised this morning when I counted them.

09:20:11 There's 56 just in the footprint of the historic district

09:20:15 listed on that Web site.

09:20:17 Of course, McDonald's p is in there which you may argue is

09:20:20 not a cultural asset, but certainly a variety of different

09:20:23 tastes available within walking distance.

09:20:29 Preserving the historic fabric is another strategic

09:20:32 objective here.

09:20:33 7th Avenue is getting a lot of work.

09:20:35 You will note, if you have looked down the street, all of

09:20:37 the palm trees have been trimmed, the historic lamp posts,

09:20:42 the iconic Ybor lamp posts, we found that there were

09:20:47 different types of lamps in there, that glow different

09:20:51 colors, and some the bulbs were dirty, bugs still in the

09:20:58 globe, those are being addressed.

09:21:00 You get a nice clean line.

09:21:02 We are looking at options to enhance the archway lighting

09:21:05 that goes over the street, down 7th Avenue.

09:21:09 Looking at some options for that.

09:21:11 We are extending the feel, distinctive waste containers and

09:21:20 the lamp posts beyond 22nd street to the east all the way to

09:21:23 24th.

09:21:24 That work is underway.

09:21:26 The facade grant, you are familiar with that.

09:21:28 We have a half dozen projects to improve that area.

09:21:33 And then the Adamo Drive mural project.

09:21:36 You are familiar with that.

09:21:39 It started with a group of individuals.

09:21:46 This is the class from Hillsborough County community

09:21:50 college.

09:21:50 Behind them is the original project site before any work was

09:21:55 done.

09:21:57 About three years ago we started fundraising.

09:22:00 Then the scaffolding went up.

09:22:05 Beginning in September, volunteers erected that, soon

09:22:08 followed by painting, and what the artists did was construct

09:22:14 an image on the computer, printed it out on that piece of

09:22:17 paper that you see, and then created a grid on the wall of

09:22:21 that huge building, 12,000 square feet.

09:22:24 It will be the largest mural in the State of Florida.

09:22:27 And in the same method that Michelangelo used when he

09:22:31 painted the Sistine chapel from that small scale up to the

09:22:35 big scale.

09:22:36 So this is the fun picture for me.

09:22:40 You are not going to see in great detail, but if you took

09:22:42 that computer image, that's what you are looking at right

09:22:45 now.

09:22:46 A snapshot of the site is on the bottom.

09:22:52 It's just amazing when you consider one individual basically

09:22:56 is making this happen.

09:22:58 We will finish the majority of the painting this week.

09:23:02 The scaffolding comes down this weekend, if we are on

09:23:05 schedule.

09:23:06 There will be a dedication ceremony on the 21st of May.

09:23:11 I hope everyone here can make it.

09:23:14 We'll have a special pre-event where we bring in a "meet the

09:23:20 artist" type of event.

09:23:22 You all are welcome to that at 2:00.

09:23:24 There will be the dedication on the site.

09:23:26 And then we'll go for an after-dedication social event.

09:23:39 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I'll wait till you are finished.

09:23:43 I'll wait till you're finished.

09:23:45 Okay.

09:23:45 >> Okay.

09:23:48 So this is all to do with historic fabric and preserving

09:23:56 that sense of what Ybor is.

09:23:57 When you look at this image, when it's completed, there are

09:24:01 so many messages relevant to our experience as human beings

09:24:07 to the heritage of Ybor City and the cigar industry and to

09:24:12 Tampa's origins at large.

09:24:14 So it will be a good contribution.

09:24:15 And a point of interest, we hope to bring more people out.

09:24:19 Lastly, in expanding the economy and balancing it, you know

09:24:23 the problem clubs are largely gone.

09:24:27 Those few clubs that create the majority of our distress and

09:24:30 image problems are no longer operating.

09:24:33 The rest of them are collaborating and cooperating fully and

09:24:39 enthusiastically with Tampa Police Department, and our

09:24:43 community.

09:24:47 The ordinance, we are discussing that provides tools that

09:24:52 can be applied to put irresponsible operators out of

09:24:58 business or suspend their privilege to operate when they

09:25:06 endanger public safety or undermine the businesses around

09:25:08 them or work at cross purposes to everything that we have

09:25:10 discussed in our strategic planning.

09:25:15 The remaining business operators that I speak for are very

09:25:20 much in support of that type of a condition, even though

09:25:24 it's another regulation that we will have to deal with.

09:25:28 And when a community comes up with that kind of support for

09:25:31 additional regulation oversight, you have got to believe

09:25:34 it's important.

09:25:35 So we would urge you at the core of this, it is someone who

09:25:41 has clearly operating beyond the best interest of the

09:25:46 community, we need a tool other than protracted legal

09:25:51 struggles that will never be resolved to either put them out

09:25:53 of business or suspend operations for a period of time.

09:25:57 And we stand by to contribute and cooperate and help in any

09:26:00 way that we can with that.

09:26:04 We mentioned at the beginning three restaurants.

09:26:08 Yesterday was a good day in Ybor City.

09:26:11 We also have a new yogurt venue, a new wine bar in Centro,

09:26:17 Florida jeans retailer has moved in, which is a good mix,

09:26:21 sea breeze, the hotdog stand on 17th street.

09:26:25 So we are continuing to grow.

09:26:28 Good news is where a building, retail space, would stay for

09:26:34 years.

09:26:34 We are finding when one goes empty, soon there's another

09:26:38 entrepreneur opening a new business.

09:26:40 We are also getting more businesses, small -- a few people

09:26:43 maybe upstairs in some of the office rental space, to some

09:26:46 larger companies that are looking to relocate 25 to 50

09:26:50 people, and kind of like the feel of Ybor City.

09:26:53 Recently this week, we are talking to people about resource

09:26:58 force small business startups and helping businesses grow

09:27:02 that operate out of the Ybor City area.

09:27:05 So that covers all of the progress, I think, that I see,

09:27:09 anyway, from being a businessman and working with my

09:27:12 counterparts in the YCDC.

09:27:15 Just to wrap it up, the goal here is to create a livable,

09:27:22 active community, a healthy community.

09:27:24 And when you look at the vision of the inside Tampa master

09:27:29 plan, that's really what we want to create in our community

09:27:32 spaces all throughout the downtown area.

09:27:35 So if you can imagine what we have to demonstrate that, you

09:27:40 are sitting in front of the Acropolis, say, on a Saturday

09:27:44 and you are having a little something to eat and you are

09:27:46 watching families going into the Saturday market, and you

09:27:50 hear a guitar being played by some kids that are sitting in

09:27:53 front of the bunker, coffee house, sipping coffee, playing

09:27:57 music, and caterers moving up in front of the museum

09:28:01 courtyard, setting up for a wedding, and here goes a few

09:28:04 chickens by and you can smell the coffee brewing, and cigars

09:28:09 are being made as they were 100 years ago across the street

09:28:14 at the newly renovated, people are getting their pictures

09:28:21 taken, the billboard, kids riding by, a few joggers,

09:28:26 students walking out of their yoga class.

09:28:28 This is what we are all about.

09:28:32 I started with this master plan.

09:28:34 If you look at the focus, the mission, it says we want to

09:28:40 create and enhance a vibrant urban village for residents,

09:28:44 businesses, and visitors oh who live, work and play in Ybor

09:28:48 City, and we are getting there.

09:28:50 So I thank you for your support.

09:28:51 I look forward to our continuing relationship and

09:28:55 collaboration together, and I'll see you on the 21st, I

09:29:00 hope.

09:29:01 Any questions?

09:29:03 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.

09:29:04 I have several as you spoke.

09:29:06 But I'll start with what was really nice about yesterday's

09:29:10 ribbon cutting is that it was three businesses, and it what

09:29:15 there's distinct businesses.

09:29:16 One was a restaurant.

09:29:17 One was a deli.

09:29:18 And the other was a catering with an event center, all

09:29:21 within across the street from each other, in one block,

09:29:26 very, very exciting.

09:29:28 Do you have the numbers from the Cuban sandwich festival,

09:29:31 the attendance?

09:29:32 Do we have any estimate?

09:29:34 I haven't heard that yet.

09:29:35 >> No, I don't.

09:29:43 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.

09:29:45 I know a few of those food trucks sold out.

09:29:48 They sold out.

09:29:49 But, you know, when you say Ybor is a mile from downtown, I

09:29:53 tell people as a child, I grew up in Ybor, I attended first

09:29:58 grade at VM Ybor elementary, and I remember working with my

09:30:04 mother and my sister in the stroller and I held the

09:30:06 umbrella, and we walked from Ybor to downtown.

09:30:10 It is -- a mile is easily walking distance.

09:30:15 One of the other things I want to point out when you talk

09:30:17 about the mayor of Minneapolis was the keynote speaker at

09:30:20 the EBC international town hall meeting, at the first of

09:30:24 March.

09:30:24 And within his talk, the second sentence was the first time

09:30:30 I came to Tampa, I went to Ybor, and I thought, wow, what

09:30:34 city wouldn't give to have that in their city?

09:30:39 That was the second statement from the mayor of Minneapolis.

09:30:43 One of the things, when you talk about the panhandling,

09:30:48 definitely it is a quality of life, and that is important to

09:30:51 our economic development.

09:30:54 Very important to our economic development.

09:30:55 And you know that that is something that the economic impact

09:31:00 of cultural assets is very involved in.

09:31:04 We are also looking at special events ordinance which, by

09:31:07 the way, Mr. Scott chairs that committee that we have.

09:31:17 And one of the things I will share with you -- and when we

09:31:21 talk about culinary -- and the reason I wanted -- I was

09:31:24 hoping the numbers from the Cuban sandwich festival was

09:31:27 because a friend sends me an e-mail, and it was about a

09:31:34 gentleman that said he had to defend his City of Tampa.

09:31:40 And it was written about in the newspaper.

09:31:43 And if you read that, his first or second sentence he talked

09:31:50 about the foods of Tampa,

09:31:54 And his first sentence was the Cuban sandwich and then he

09:31:57 talked about his favorite traditional and nontraditional.

09:32:01 That was never in the vocabulary of Tampa until this body

09:32:03 passed a resolution naming the Cuban sandwich our signature

09:32:08 sandwich.

09:32:08 And now you hear people talking about traditional and

09:32:12 nontraditional, which again adds to the culture and the

09:32:19 flavor of our city

09:32:20 I wanted to ask you -- you don't have the numbers -- let me

09:32:27 see, there was one here.

09:32:28 Oh, I noticed -- and I don't know -- I know that your

09:32:31 business on 7th Avenue -- not your wife, your

09:32:34 business -- that you have the doors folded back.

09:32:39 I don't know that there's any other business that has that.

09:32:44 Is there -- do you know of another one?

09:32:48 >> The Green Iguana opened, and their old building is now --

09:32:56 those doors functionally can be opened.

09:33:00 >>YVONNE CAPIN: The reason I said that is because it

09:33:01 reminded me of New Orleans.

09:33:03 That's exactly how it works in New Orleans.

09:33:05 And you do not hear the music.

09:33:07 It's inside, until you walk in front of that establishment.

09:33:13 And that's really important to remember when we are looking

09:33:16 at noise and we are looking at amplified music, because here

09:33:24 the doors are wide open and you do not hear it unless you

09:33:27 walk in front of it.

09:33:28 And I think it's very important.

09:33:30 I noticed that with your business the other day when I was

09:33:33 there. Anyway, I want to thank you.

09:33:36 Yes, Ybor is really the vibe that's there.

09:33:42 I'm very excited about what's going on.

09:33:44 Thank you.

09:33:44 >>FRANK REDDICK: What's the content in those Cuban

09:33:55 sandwiches?

09:33:58 How many calories?

09:34:00 [ Laughter ]

09:34:00 >> I think --

09:34:03 >> You don't count calories.

09:34:05 You are definitely a proponent of Ybor City, then you can

09:34:08 say the caloric amount that we expend eating a Cuban

09:34:15 sandwich as opposed to actually intaking.

09:34:19 Just a really quick question.

09:34:21 You actually did something that contradicts yourself a

09:34:25 little bit, which is you showed those sections of Ybor City

09:34:28 that are ripe for development, and it actually is right

09:34:32 where the mural is going up, the question I have is that if

09:34:35 someone comes in and says, you know, we want to develop that

09:34:38 section of Adamo, you know, what's going to happen to me?

09:34:42 Well, I tell you what, that mural has more to do with the

09:34:45 development and rediscover Ybor message, and let's

09:34:49 celebrates and appreciate and explore beyond what is now

09:34:53 kind of a hard looking light industrial area.

09:34:57 Ultimate success here is to develop that entire corridor

09:35:00 with the right kind of stuff that makes us healthy and

09:35:05 integrates us with downtown

09:35:06 The contract, it's a six year no molestation so that mural

09:35:12 is going to be on that spot for the next six years.

09:35:15 So we'll prioritize what happens.

09:35:17 I think that mural -- we are going to put the ultraviolet

09:35:20 coding on it.

09:35:21 It will be a 15 year life span before any retouching is

09:35:25 required .

09:35:25 If for whatever reason before that life span is -- that

09:35:30 building is repurposed, that corrugated feel, county come

09:35:37 off that structure easily.

09:35:39 You can put that anywhere.

09:35:40 Cost relocated.

09:35:42 >> I was expecting to you say that.

09:35:44 I was pretty sure that looking at that building, there's no

09:35:47 reason why you could not redo it.

09:35:49 And by the way, Mr. McDonaugh, Mr. Johnson, an excellent way

09:35:53 of answering on economic development issues.

09:35:58 He completely deflected my question, answered it the way he

09:36:02 wants to answer it.

09:36:03 Please take notes.

09:36:04 I want you to note that.

09:36:06 Well, one other aspect of what's going on in Ybor City.

09:36:11 In terms of the -- I rode the streetcar to go to lunch in

09:36:18 Ybor City, and riding back, there were two -- and this I did

09:36:23 not even know that people from Switzerland come here for

09:36:26 vacation.

09:36:27 I never even thought about it.

09:36:30 I have seen people from lots of other places but not from

09:36:33 Switzerland.

09:36:34 First time ever.

09:36:35 And I asked them what they were doing, and they said they

09:36:38 were going to end up in Pinellas County at some point.

09:36:40 And I said, well, you know, you should eat here in Tampa.

09:36:44 We have got a lot of different restaurants.

09:36:45 I named quite a few in Ybor City.

09:36:50 What is the sense of the YCDC in terms of the streetcar

09:36:55 currently?

09:36:55 I mean, what is your sense of how successful or unsuccessful

09:36:59 you are in terms of promoting Ybor in relation to that?

09:37:03 I know you mentioned the conventioneers being able to get on

09:37:07 for free whenever they come here.

09:37:08 That's going to be for the next year, any conventioneers are

09:37:13 going to be able to do that.

09:37:14 What's your sense of what else is going on with the

09:37:17 streetcar?

09:37:17 >> We have a representative from YCDC, Sean Robinson, the

09:37:25 president, who sits on the board with Hart looking at

09:37:28 streetcar operations.

09:37:29 Our recommendations have been to incentivize ridership,

09:37:35 during periods of low ridership, give the rides away, and

09:37:39 the convention incentive, it's a good thing in our view.

09:37:44 We are unsatisfied with the volume of service, the time

09:37:49 between the stops.

09:37:52 We understand that a practical measure has to be done for

09:37:57 keeping operating costs in balance.

09:38:00 We would prefer it, extend through the morning commuting

09:38:04 time frame as well.

09:38:05 So I think from our perspective, we like the look and feel

09:38:09 of it.

09:38:09 You can feel your chair rumble when it goes by.

09:38:12 When it's ridden, it's a good thing in bringing people

09:38:15 around.

09:38:15 But hours of service and the in-between service, we would

09:38:22 like to see it improved.

09:38:25 I understand the chicken and egg.

09:38:27 Need more revenues coming in to provide the extra service.

09:38:30 >> Well, you got the chickens in Ybor so maybe you can

09:38:33 provide some eggs for us to run it more often.

09:38:35 But thanks.

09:38:37 I appreciate it.

09:38:37 >> My pleasure.

09:38:40 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you very much.

09:38:41 I have a totally different tact to take and I'm not sure if

09:38:45 this is for you or Mr. McDonaugh.

09:38:47 The front page of the newsletter, it got great information

09:38:53 in it, and the first article is about the film festival.

09:38:57 And I was aware and had read about commissioner Ken Hagan

09:39:04 bringing back the zone commission.

09:39:07 Many years ago we had a zone commission and then it

09:39:09 dissolved.

09:39:10 I'm glad to see it's coming back.

09:39:12 Do you know what the makeup of that commission will be, and

09:39:15 if the city will have representation on that committee, or

09:39:18 if anyone from Ybor is going to be involved in the film

09:39:23 commission?

09:39:24 Because we have a couple of really great film festivals, and

09:39:29 one of them takes place right in Ybor City, which is the

09:39:32 lead article in your newsletter.

09:39:34 I was wondering if you had information about it.

09:39:36 >> I personally don't.

09:39:38 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Administrator economic opportunity and

09:39:44 member of the film commission.

09:39:47 Yes, the city does have a member.

09:39:50 The city has agreed to fund part of the salary of the person

09:39:54 that will be selected.

09:39:56 Tampa Bay company is involved, EDC, and Hillsborough is

09:40:06 involved, and that's the makeup.

09:40:08 And there will be an advisory committee informed on people

09:40:11 of interest and people that have the expertise to aid in

09:40:14 that.

09:40:14 But, yes, that's something that has been recognized that

09:40:17 could bring more money and more activity into our community.

09:40:20 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And the film festival.

09:40:26 The other was when it comes to mind is the gay and lesbian

09:40:30 film festival that has been brought to Tampa for many years,

09:40:33 and hugely successful and brings in many millions of dollars

09:40:37 in tourism money.

09:40:39 And I wanted to be sure, since this is a Hillsborough County

09:40:43 commission on film, that someone from the gay and lesbian

09:40:50 transgender community was involved because of their

09:40:52 tremendous film festival and their activity surrounding the

09:40:58 film festival.

09:40:58 I mean, it's more than just the one-day film.

09:41:02 So I just wanted to be sure that someone from the GLBT

09:41:10 community is involved.

09:41:10 >> And from the Gasparilla film festival it looks like we

09:41:13 are going to have a couple of projects.

09:41:15 People that came to celebrate the Gasparilla film festival

09:41:17 are looking right now to do a couple projects.

09:41:19 And for the past several years the downtown CRA helped

09:41:23 support the Gasparilla film festival as well.

09:41:25 >> Thank you.

09:41:27 >>HARRY COHEN: Just a very brief comment regarding one

09:41:31 thing that you mentioned, and that is people not realizing

09:41:35 that Ybor City is part of Tampa and thinking that it's sort

09:41:38 of a separate place, and I think that's understandable given

09:41:42 that the word "city" is part of Ybor City.

09:41:45 I notice on your branding materials, Ybor City, national

09:41:52 historic landmark district, those letters are very, very

09:41:55 small.

09:41:56 And it might be that you may want to enlarge the word

09:42:01 Tampa's national historic landmark district so that people

09:42:05 visiting Tampa realize that it's a part of Tampa rather than

09:42:08 a separate place that might require a separate trip.

09:42:12 Just a thought.

09:42:13 But if I were visiting and didn't know the area, I would

09:42:15 think it was somewhere on the way to Orlando rather than a

09:42:18 part of the city itself.

09:42:22 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I concur with Councilman Cohen.

09:42:24 When I saw that, cultural heritage tourism is big dollars.

09:42:31 And that is very important.

09:42:34 So, yeah, that would definitely be on there.

09:42:37 And one of the things you brought up on my list was here was

09:42:42 the image of Ybor having high crime.

09:42:47 It's been like that for years and years and years and years.

09:42:50 It's just something that keeps moving on, and it really

09:42:56 isn't.

09:42:57 I'll tell you, in 1971, I opened a business on 7th

09:43:01 Avenue.

09:43:02 Literally there was no one there except artists and that was

09:43:06 a lot.

09:43:10 And there was no crime.

09:43:13 It still had the image.

09:43:14 And because the media, if anything happened anywhere near

09:43:18 Ybor, it was labeled Ybor.

09:43:21 And that was something that we fought very hard to bring

09:43:27 down that image.

09:43:28 So we are talking 1971, when there was no one there, there

09:43:32 was absolutely no crime because there was nobody to commit a

09:43:35 crime, or victim.

09:43:41 So I understand that part.

09:43:42 But, you know, being the economic impact or cultural aspect

09:43:49 we discussed many times how heritage tourism and the dollars

09:43:52 that come with that is some of the statistics were at the

09:43:58 education level, the income level of those tourists.

09:44:03 >> If I could comment on that.

09:44:08 When you spend as much time in the district as I do, you

09:44:11 pick up on subtle changes.

09:44:12 I'm seeing a lot of balance returning to the type of people

09:44:16 in the streets.

09:44:17 Families.

09:44:19 You mentioned Swedish.

09:44:21 I have had Finns, poles, Danes, had a New Zealander in.

09:44:30 We are picking up a lot of the military folks that never

09:44:32 came to the district.

09:44:33 They were told by their chain of command to stay away or

09:44:36 they were going to get in trouble.

09:44:39 It's dangerous and there's my hem in place.

09:44:41 I see a lot of suits.

09:44:43 Throws a lot of ties.

09:44:44 Professional people.

09:44:45 So it's a long campaign.

09:44:49 And one of the things that I hope the mural does is it

09:44:52 creates a point of interest.

09:44:54 What's that?

09:44:55 Why is it there?

09:44:57 What's going on?

09:44:58 And now the mind is open for new message and new

09:45:02 impressions.

09:45:02 Because you say it's an image.

09:45:07 90% of the people think of Ybor as a certain type of place.

09:45:13 They find stories that are out of date.

09:45:15 So I'm 100% with you on this issue.

09:45:18 >>YVONNE CAPIN: This is anecdotal but I have to bring it up

09:45:23 because Cindy, who I work with, is a super lightning fan and

09:45:26 she was at a game and sitting next to her, the game was

09:45:29 Philadelphia, and there were two gentlemen that were

09:45:32 supporting Philadelphia, and she asked if they came here

09:45:37 specifically for the game, and they said, no, we are at the

09:45:41 convention center.

09:45:42 We are here for a trade show.

09:45:43 And she told them, well, you need to go down to Ybor, you

09:45:46 need to go to the Columbia, you need to go to -- you know,

09:45:49 she was telling them, and they said, where is that?

09:45:53 And she said, it's Ybor.

09:45:55 And they said, well, where is it?

09:45:57 She said, right down the road.

09:45:58 They were at our convention center, and they did not know

09:46:02 what people -- but here is the best part.

09:46:04 He told her that him and his family have been coming down

09:46:08 here for years for vacation, they stayed at the beach, they

09:46:12 have never come to Tampa, until this trade show.

09:46:14 And he was blown away about how beautiful Tampa was, and how

09:46:20 wonderful, and they had no idea.

09:46:23 But for years their family had been coming, and this just

09:46:27 happened a month ago.

09:46:28 And this is the message again.

09:46:31 And we hope that Tampa Bay and company and our new president

09:46:38 helps us all get the message out.

09:46:40 Thank you.

09:46:40 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right, any additional questions?

09:46:43 Any closing comments?

09:46:45 >> Thank you very much for your time, and I look forward to

09:46:48 seeing you in Ybor City.

09:46:49 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:46:50 >> Good morning.

09:46:55 Just an update on some of the events that have happened

09:46:58 recently or going to happen in our different CRAs.

09:47:02 Last weekend, Tampa, we had the film fest downtown and we

09:47:08 learned a couple things, that people do not like sound

09:47:14 checks at 7:30 in the morning and if you are it takes a

09:47:17 little more than a regular concert.

09:47:22 But it was very well attended.

09:47:24 People had a good time.

09:47:25 And I believe we'll see that next year.

09:47:28 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mr. McDonaugh, I have a comment that

09:47:34 isn't maybe under your purview but maybe you can speak for

09:47:37 those who are sending out these alerts.

09:47:40 But the day before, I got three --

09:47:47 >> The Parks Department and our transportation department.

09:47:50 >> And TPD.

09:47:52 Make that four.

09:47:53 And I received things on social media.

09:47:56 I received things in my e-mail address as a city, I receive

09:48:00 things in my e-mail address at home because I subscribe to

09:48:03 alert Tampa.

09:48:09 I am not sure that is the best method to encourage people to

09:48:13 come downtown and enjoy the downtown when four different

09:48:15 sources are telling you, don't come downtown because of the

09:48:20 traffic, you know.

09:48:23 Don't take Ashley street.

09:48:24 Don't take Tampa street because of the traffic.

09:48:26 And, you know, two things come to mind.

09:48:29 A, that's not a great way to promote the downtown when but

09:48:36 there are other venues that still operate such takes

09:48:38 children's museum and the art museum and the photographic

09:48:42 museum.

09:48:43 So that's one concern.

09:48:44 And the other is, wouldn't it be something if we had a

09:48:50 train, if we had alternative transportation so that we

09:48:52 wouldn't have congestion problems, that we wouldn't have,

09:48:55 you know, all these alerts coming out about, you know, you

09:48:58 are not going to have a place to park, you are not going to

09:49:00 be able to get downtown.

09:49:01 So it's a big concern of mine that we find another way of

09:49:07 messaging that.

09:49:07 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I think it could be phrased better.

09:49:11 I was downtown and traffic was okay.

09:49:14 You are darned if you do and darned if you don't.

09:49:17 But I think it could be phrased better.

09:49:19 I think you are correct.

09:49:20 And I will talk to the people involved with that.

09:49:23 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me just say this.

09:49:29 I was involved with bringing it to Tampa and I was involved

09:49:40 Friday and Saturday.

09:49:41 I was out there both nights.

09:49:44 As a matter of fact, I was out there during the daytime with

09:49:46 the promoter making sure everything was done right.

09:49:49 And I'm pleased to announce that speaking with law

09:49:53 enforcement on both days, there was no arrests, that

09:49:56 everything was smooth, the traffic was good, and we did have

09:50:01 a packed house.

09:50:04 So speaking with the promoter, on Sunday, speaking with the

09:50:08 promoter yesterday, he was pleased, even though there were

09:50:14 some internal issues with the city that needed to be

09:50:17 addressed, but overall he was pleased.

09:50:20 And the people are requesting from the e-mails that we

09:50:25 received and the phone calls, people are requesting that

09:50:28 this event come back to Tampa, being here for the first

09:50:34 time.

09:50:34 So I am just excited that there was no problem, and I

09:50:38 received those alerts, too, and I shared it with the

09:50:42 promoter, and that's why we were out there Saturday morning,

09:50:45 trying to work with law enforcement and make sure that

09:50:49 everything went smooth and advise the people on how they

09:50:53 should get to the Poe garage and park, and even though the

09:50:58 trolley we were supposed to have to take people from the Poe

09:51:02 garage to the event was delayed and took a long time getting

09:51:05 there.

09:51:06 But overall, we had a decent time there.

09:51:13 I just want to share that with you, that the event was very

09:51:20 good and I agree, when I got those alerts, the first thing I

09:51:23 did was contact the promoter and say, hey, we are getting

09:51:26 these alerts, and I hope it don't frighten people not to

09:51:30 come down here and have people trying to find other ways to

09:51:35 get around to get there.

09:51:39 But I think working with law enforcement, and TPD did a

09:51:43 wonderful job both days in helping us with the traffic, and

09:51:47 monitoring the traffic at Copeland park.

09:51:50 >>HARRY COHEN: I also got the alerts.

09:51:52 And they didn't say what was going on downtown.

09:51:56 They just said that it was going to be congested.

09:51:59 So it actually compounded the problem because you had no

09:52:04 idea -- it was you could have had a gas leak that caused

09:52:09 that type of an alert.

09:52:12 And it may help to explain what the event is so that, you

09:52:15 know, people have a little more information.

09:52:17 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

09:52:22 Two things.

09:52:22 One, I don't think that any meeting I have ever had is as

09:52:26 exciting as when you say Tampa brought the funk.

09:52:32 I think that just coming out of your mouth --

09:52:34 >>BOB McDONAUGH: It was so natural.

09:52:35 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I thought I was watching someone else when I

09:52:39 heard you say it.

09:52:45 Well a couple things.

09:52:46 One, Hart was trying to do as best as possible to try to

09:52:51 coordinate what was necessary, because there were so many

09:52:54 events.

09:52:55 I agree with my colleagues that the alert language was

09:52:59 probably a little bit too excessive in terms of what was

09:53:05 going on.

09:53:05 So maybe tweak it a little bit and offer a little better

09:53:11 assessment of alternatives as to where parking was, how it

09:53:15 was being coordinated.

09:53:16 I know that Hart was coordinating a parking-specific ride

09:53:22 with, I think, the downtown trolley to the Intown trolley, I

09:53:27 guess, for rides to Hicks on, so as you said it's just a

09:53:34 matter of wording it properly so that we don't cause people

09:53:38 to not show up for an event that we want them to show up

09:53:41 for, and it doesn't become excessive.

09:53:44 One of the problems that we do have with Hicks on, as you

09:53:46 know, is that with the parking, when it comes to both the

09:53:52 Straz Center and Hicks on having an event at the same time,

09:53:55 it does become a little bit of an issue, because when you

09:53:58 start looking further south in downtown, it's more

09:54:04 scattered, our parking, other than fort Brooks.

09:54:08 So, you know, there's that aspect of, you know, I am going

09:54:11 to be five blocks away, seven blocks away, whatever, and I

09:54:14 think we need to just coordinate that Intown trolley better

09:54:18 for those types of events and in the future the alert Tampa,

09:54:21 I know you will pick the right language next time.

09:54:25 >> I am going to say next time Tampa has something going on.

09:54:30 I would be remiss in not mentioning the fact, I am not going

09:54:34 to compare this to anything that Michel Angelo has done like

09:54:41 the Ybor folks did, but if you happen to be by the aquarium,

09:54:44 the sculpture is being painted now and will be finished

09:54:46 shortly, and I think it looks great.

09:54:48 I would like to reinforce the fact that the paint job is

09:54:51 being done by the painting contractor of Mote Marine has

09:54:54 volunteered for this.

09:54:56 So it's very much a community effort.

09:55:02 It's fun.

09:55:03 It's going to be a great place to be.

09:55:05 We had a neighborhood meeting last night which was hosted by

09:55:08 Michael hatchet for the folks who were talking about going

09:55:12 to the Port Authority to get the lease on the Channelside

09:55:19 mall.

09:55:20 It was well attended and people apparently excited about

09:55:22 what they heard so that's a very positive development.

09:55:25 Pure health Channelside will have their first residence

09:55:29 occupy in the first of June, and there will be an official

09:55:33 ribbon cutting towards the end of June because they would

09:55:35 like to wait -- and that is going to be spectacular.

09:55:42 Hopefully by the end of the month or early next month we'll

09:55:45 have the issuance of an RFP a community center in Randall

09:55:51 Heights in East Tampa, and that's in the works.

09:55:53 Before that, there will be a real estate contract to come to

09:55:57 City Council for the last piece that's necessary.

09:56:01 But a very positive development.

09:56:02 One of the phases that 22nd street should be done by the end

09:56:06 of June, so we have seen real progress there.

09:56:09 We had a neighborhood meeting at the children's board last

09:56:11 week which was very well attended, talking about the

09:56:14 Nebraska corridor.

09:56:15 And something that was very fun is that they had several

09:56:19 groups of students from Middleton who presented real estate

09:56:23 projects, what they thought would work in their

09:56:25 neighborhood.

09:56:26 And, you know, we talk about economic development.

09:56:29 It starts in our schools.

09:56:31 And the success of our children in our schools leads to

09:56:34 successful adults.

09:56:35 And, you know, one of the bright facts that we had recently

09:56:38 is the fact that Middleton is a "B" school.

09:56:42 They had successive Ds for several years and they have a

09:56:46 great principal.

09:56:47 They have a great faculty and we are seeing really great

09:56:50 results.

09:56:51 They came second in the world in the robotics competition

09:56:53 this year.

09:56:54 And the teacher who leads that group was pooh-poohed, said

09:57:01 not a big deal.

09:57:03 Said you were second in the world.

09:57:05 He said, yeah, but a couple years ago we were first in the

09:57:08 world.

09:57:08 So it's a big deal.

09:57:09 And that concludes my presentation.

09:57:14 >>YVONNE CAPIN: When you mentioned the robotics, my heart

09:57:18 pitter pattered.

09:57:19 I very much followed that.

09:57:21 I also attended both the neighborhood meeting on Nebraska

09:57:26 Avenue and the Channelside, and they were both very well

09:57:30 attended, and it's really wonderful to see the community so

09:57:34 involved and helping us, you know, with how we are going to

09:57:42 move forward on both of those.

09:57:43 And it was very nice, especially Channelside withstanding

09:57:49 room only, and the questions were very good, and it was

09:57:53 pretty informative.

09:57:54 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Next month there will be meetings and

09:57:59 asking developers for proposed residential projects to come

09:58:02 and talk to the neighborhood.

09:58:04 We try to get out in front so people are always curious.

09:58:07 And CRA board has always pushed the fact that the

09:58:11 neighborhood needs to be involved and to be an historic

09:58:14 community, everybody needs to be part of it.

09:58:16 And the CRA managers feel very strongly about that as well.

09:58:20 I would like something quickly that is not on the agenda.

09:58:23 We have some very good news.

09:58:26 Mr. Brownfield himself, ed Johnson, has brought home some

09:58:34 bacon from Washington and I would like him to talk about it,

09:58:36 please.

09:58:37 >> Ed Johnson, East Tampa redevelopment manager.

09:58:42 What he's referring to is the mayor received a call

09:58:45 yesterday late yesterday afternoon on another successful

09:58:50 grant application that we applied earlier in the year to

09:58:53 federal EPA for a brownfield assessment dollars, and we were

09:58:59 fortunate enough this year to be awarded two grants, one for

09:59:05 hazardous waste for $200,000 and one for petroleum sites of

09:59:09 $200,000.

09:59:10 So again it's another $4, 000,000 on the federal EPA that

09:59:15 will be used for phase 1 and phase 2 assessments of

09:59:19 properties, and this grant that we applied this year, is for

09:59:25 a city-wide use.

09:59:26 So developers, I am sending the message to you out there

09:59:30 that if you have sites that have the potential to be

09:59:33 contaminated or have some petroleum sites out there that

09:59:37 want to redevelop them and have these utilize these funds to

09:59:40 be able to complete your phase 1 and phase 2, our doors will

09:59:44 be open.

09:59:46 Unfortunately, the funding doesn't come immediately.

09:59:48 We have to go through a cooperative grant agreement

09:59:52 acceptance.

09:59:52 So as soon as we get that documentation from the EPA, we go

09:59:56 through a formal acceptance process which comes to the City

10:00:00 Council before we can actually go out and actually release

10:00:06 dollars for the public to be able to utilize.

10:00:08 But again, another $400,000, and since actually 1999 when we

10:00:14 first started in the brownsfield program, we brought back to

10:00:18 the community a little over $2 million of this program since

10:00:22 1999.

10:00:24 I believe our seventh award of brownfield grant dollars.

10:00:29 Thank you.

10:00:30 Good news for us.

10:00:43 >>HARRY COHEN: Maybe 300,000.

10:00:44 >> In fact, our consultant who assists us with writing these

10:00:51 grants were very successful around the country.

10:00:55 They actually had nine applications in, and they were

10:00:58 awarded seven of the nine around the southeast.

10:01:01 So very good work for cardinal TB corporation.

10:01:11 >>FRANK REDDICK: Very good.

10:01:13 Bob, number 3.

10:01:14 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Do we have public comment before that?

10:01:18 Am I confused?

10:01:21 >>FRANK REDDICK: No.

10:01:22 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Excuse me.

10:01:29 Last month you received copies of the quarterly TIF report.

10:01:33 I asked for comments.

10:01:34 And there were no comments.

10:01:36 So I am asking council to please receive and accept the

10:01:42 report.

10:01:42 >>FRANK REDDICK: So moved by Councilwoman Montelione,

10:01:45 seconded by councilman Cohen.

10:01:47 All in favor of the motion say aye.

10:01:49 Opposed?

10:01:51 Motion carried.

10:01:51 >> Second.

10:01:58 >>FRANK REDDICK: Public comments.

10:02:00 Anyone wishing to speak at this time, you have three

10:02:02 minutes.

10:02:03 And please speak to the matters on the agenda.

10:02:07 I know that's going to be hard.

10:02:31 >> Okay, I'm Ed -- Ed Tillou, Sulphur Springs.

10:02:36 I actually came to more address a planning concept of urban

10:02:42 sprawl, and maybe I'll get to that.

10:02:44 But a few things left out during the presentation about Ybor

10:02:48 City. Okay.

10:02:53 And that combination on urban sprawl, what the handout is

10:02:58 about, but whether I will get to it, I don't know.

10:03:02 The first thing is integration of Ybor City with the

10:03:07 downtown.

10:03:08 Now, item 1 that was mentioned, and the thing of it is that

10:03:18 all of these neighborhoods should be integrated, and there

10:03:22 should be more CRAs.

10:03:25 So I think that's all important.

10:03:27 With respect to the trolley, it's a very important part of

10:03:31 that, and it's too late to save Mr. Vinick's investment in

10:03:37 Channelside, but I think the fare structure needs to be

10:03:41 changed like make at dollar to Channelside and maybe a lot

10:03:44 of people will start using to the Channelside because you

10:03:47 have to kind of sign up to go all the way to Ybor and get

10:03:50 off halfway.

10:03:51 So I think some sort of arrangement would help with that

10:03:56 trolley

10:03:57 One thing is that you need to stop cruising.

10:04:00 That contributes to the traffic in Ybor City.

10:04:05 And I don't know how you would do it, but that should be a

10:04:08 priority, because get these people out of the cars into the

10:04:11 places, the businesses, spending money instead of just

10:04:15 keeping other people from doing that.

10:04:19 There is no chance sitting at the Acropolis and adulating

10:04:27 about how it's going rather than the content of Ybor City.

10:04:34 But one thing that people should be thinking along the lines

10:04:36 of those doors, like what makes it nice, these ideas that it

10:04:42 can be moved somewhere else, and I am not thinking so much

10:04:44 of the European tourists, I am thinking of people from here

10:04:47 seeing nice ideas in Ybor City, because like, for instance,

10:04:51 shelter from the sun and the rain.

10:04:52 That's a part of the Hispanic architecture.

10:04:58 With respect to the crime problem, across the street from

10:05:02 the Acropolis, you know, you go across 7th and you have

10:05:06 the new Tropicana, but across the other street, 19th, I

10:05:12 this I it is, is the old Tropicana, and there should be a

10:05:16 placard about Santo Trafficante, Jr. because he was sort of

10:05:21 the co-godfather.

10:05:22 I mean, this was a historic person, and to represent them as

10:05:25 a businessman or whatever.

10:05:26 But somehow to get a plaque on the site of the old Tropicana

10:05:33 where Santo Trafficante used to hold events

10:05:41 With respect to panhandling there should be more warnings

10:05:43 because these people are victims of a process.

10:05:46 Actually, their parents should be put in jail if you could

10:05:49 find them. Somebody said they were all dead.

10:05:52 But then you bring up robotics and that was the jobs of

10:05:55 yesteryear.

10:05:56 So all these things integrate.

10:05:58 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you. Thank you.

10:06:01 >> So maybe I will get to speak about urban sprawl.

10:06:05 >>FRANK REDDICK: Next time.

10:06:06 Thank you.

10:06:07 All right.

10:06:10 Bob, anything else?

10:06:11 >>BOB McDONAUGH: No, sir.

10:06:13 That concludes my presentation for today.

10:06:15 >>FRANK REDDICK: Before our next CRA meeting, could you

10:06:19 just give us an update on the time line and process with the

10:06:24 West Tampa CRA request?

10:06:26 >>BOB McDONAUGH: We had met with the Hillsborough County

10:06:31 and had conversations with them about forming new ones and

10:06:36 extending some of our existing ones, and -- Sal, can you

10:06:43 give me a handle with that?

10:06:50 >>FRANK REDDICK: You can wait till the next meeting.

10:06:52 And I didn't want to put you on the spot today.

10:06:55 Just next meeting.

10:07:01 Mrs. Montelione.

10:07:01 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

10:07:03 That's an excellent segue.

10:07:06 I was going to do this under new business but since you

10:07:08 brought up the CRA and meeting with Hillsborough County, I

10:07:11 have been also speaking with Hillsborough County.

10:07:13 And that was Chip Fletcher, the county attorney, and with

10:07:18 commissioner victor Crist who has an interest in the area of

10:07:22 surrounding USF, and most of that discussion centered on the

10:07:31 county's desire to look at CRAs themselves in several

10:07:35 areas throughout the county.

10:07:37 And one of the areas they are looking at is the USF area,

10:07:41 which would be north of the university, that actually would

10:07:45 be north and west of the university.

10:07:48 And about almost exactly a year ago, there was discussion

10:07:52 that the EBC had opened up regarding a joint city/county CRA

10:08:02 for the area so that we would encompass not only the north

10:08:05 side of the university north and west but also the south

10:08:08 side of the university and the west.

10:08:10 So it would be cohesive approach.

10:08:15 And it would really help to elevate the area by having

10:08:21 city/county cooperation, because so many activities cross

10:08:25 boundaries there.

10:08:27 We have got city roads. We have got county roads.

10:08:29 We have got state roads that all run throughout that area,

10:08:33 and people have asked me many times, why hasn't there been

10:08:37 more interest in developing the area and elevating that, you

10:08:41 know, research, biotech, and even a retail center for the

10:08:47 students and faculty, not only of USF but Moffitt cancer

10:08:52 center, and Florida hospital, and the V.A.

10:08:56 I could go on but everybody is very familiar with the work

10:09:01 that goes on in that area.

10:09:06 >> As being the third largest employment center in the

10:09:10 county.

10:09:10 So I am going to ask in the form of a motion, I have already

10:09:12 supplied Mr. McDonaugh and sew of his economic development

10:09:16 staff with information from the property appraiser's office

10:09:19 that they had put together for me on the parcels that are in

10:09:23 the area as far as their values, and I had given them a

10:09:28 couple of different boundaries and scenarios.

10:09:31 And when I talked to county attorney Fletcher, he said there

10:09:36 are multiple ways that it could be approached, but it would

10:09:40 need legal staff to start looking into the process of how

10:09:44 that could be accomplished, whether it has to be two

10:09:47 separate ones or whether there is something in the enabling

10:09:50 state statutes that would allow for a cooperative agreement

10:09:55 between CRAs here and at the county, and an interlocal

10:10:00 agreement session.

10:10:01 So I would like to make the motion to direct our legal

10:10:04 department to work with county leaders, department staff,

10:10:08 probably doing research on our own before we even discuss

10:10:11 with the county legal department, and for Mr. McDonaugh and

10:10:14 economic development to begin looking into the structure and

10:10:18 format that a CRA would take if we were to enter into a

10:10:23 joint city/county project.

10:10:26 >>FRANK REDDICK: Discussion on the motion?

10:10:32 A motion by Mrs. Montelione.

10:10:33 Seconded by Mr. Miranda.

10:10:37 No further discussion? All in favor? Opposed? Okay.

10:10:46 Mr. Miranda?

10:10:47 Mr. Suarez?

10:10:49 >>MIKE SUAREZ: No new business.

10:10:51 >>FRANK REDDICK: Motion to receive and file?

10:10:53 All those in favor? Opposed?

10:10:54 All right. Thank you.

10:11:07 (CRA meeting adjourned)



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