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Tampa City Council

Thursday, May 9, 2013

6:00 p.m. Session


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>>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called into session.

06:03:30 Roll call.

06:03:36 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Here.

06:03:36 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

06:03:37 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

06:03:38 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

06:03:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

06:03:42 Okay, before we start the rezoning procedures, I would like

06:03:47 Ms. Feeley to go over the agenda.

06:03:51 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

06:03:53 I do have a couple items that will not move forward

06:03:57 tonight's either due to imperfect notice or request of the

06:04:01 applicant to a continuance.

06:04:03 The first case item number 1, Z-13-21, 4531-4541 South Dale

06:04:12 Mabry, would like to ask that be reset to July 25th.

06:04:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience want to speak to

06:04:21 the continuation for this item number 1?

06:04:23 Yes, sir?

06:04:29 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: Suite 3700, Bank of America Plaza, requests

06:04:32 a continuance to July 25 for item number 1.

06:04:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: July 26.

06:04:40 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: 25.

06:04:41 At 6 p.m.

06:04:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: One last time.

06:04:45 Anyone in the audience care to speak on the continuance of

06:04:47 item number 1?

06:04:50 Before I go that fast, let me open all the hearings here.

06:04:52 It would be good.

06:04:53 Item 1 through 13.

06:04:56 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Move to open.

06:04:58 >> Second.

06:04:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I need to you make that recommendation

06:05:01 one more time.

06:05:02 All in favor? Opposed?

06:05:05 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:05:06 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Item number 1, I would like to request that

06:05:10 that be reset.

06:05:11 They are adding some other uses.

06:05:13 I would like it reset for July 25th.

06:05:21 >> Motion by Mrs. Mulhern, second by Mrs. Capin.

06:05:24 All in favor of the motion?

06:05:25 Opposed?

06:05:26 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:05:29 July 25th at 6:00.

06:05:30 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Item number 2, Z-13-24, located at 2613,

06:05:38 2615, 2619, 2621 Chipco Street, special use for place of

06:05:46 religious assembly, I would like to ask that that be reset.

06:05:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience like to speak to

06:05:55 that continuation?

06:05:56 Reset then will be June 13th, motion by Mr. Suarez,

06:06:03 second by Mr. Cohen.

06:06:04 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

06:06:07 Opposed nay.

06:06:07 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:06:09 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Item number 3, which is file Z-12-50,

06:06:15 people may be here for this, St. John's Parish.

06:06:19 There is a request for a continuance for that case to June

06:06:22 13th.

06:06:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience care to speak to

06:06:27 the continuance on item 3, Z-12-50?

06:06:31 I see no one.

06:06:33 >>ABBYE FEELEY: That being continued to put 12 items on

06:06:36 your agenda for that evening.

06:06:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And that would be the max.

06:06:42 There's no other continuance for that date?

06:06:46 >> There is a request on item 9 and 10.

06:06:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We'll ask council members in a minute.

06:06:54 Mrs. Capin made the motion for item 3 for, seconded by Mr.

06:07:03 Suarez.

06:07:04 Ayes have it unanimously.

06:07:05 Item number 3.

06:07:07 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Item number 6, which is Z-13-27 located at

06:07:11 113 south -- 116 South Church Street is requesting a

06:07:15 continues answer till July 25th.

06:07:17 >> So moved.

06:07:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Reddick, seconded by Mr.

06:07:26 Cohen.

06:07:27 All in favor?

06:07:28 Before I take a vote, does anyone care to speak on the

06:07:31 continuance of this hearing to the date mentioned? I see no

06:07:33 one. I'll take the vote.

06:07:35 All in favor of the motion indicate by saying aye.

06:07:38 Opposed nay.

06:07:38 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:07:39 Item number 6.

06:07:44 >>ABBYE FEELEY: The last two items 9 and 10, Z-13-30 and

06:07:54 C-1304 requests to be continued --

06:07:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We have three items on that date.

06:08:02 >>HARRY COHEN: We already have an evening session scheduled

06:08:04 on June 20th to do some text amendment work.

06:08:08 I'm wondering if we could do any of these items after.

06:08:10 That we are going to be here anyway.

06:08:11 >>LISA MONTELIONE: June 20th?

06:08:14 >>JULIA MANDELL: As far as I know, there are two items

06:08:17 which have been set.

06:08:20 A comp plan amendment.

06:08:22 Those are the only two items sets and they should not take a

06:08:25 terribly long time.

06:08:26 So that might be appropriate to go ahead.

06:08:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'll ask the petitioner.

06:08:30 Petitioner?

06:08:31 >> And there's an associated development agreements that

06:08:35 will need to go along with this rezoning so that also needs

06:08:38 to be set.

06:08:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let us here from the petitioner.

06:08:42 >> Anne Pollack, Mechanik and Nuccio, we would prefer June

06:08:50 13th, but if you would be willing to add us to the June

06:08:53 20th calendar, that would be appreciated as well.

06:08:57 That would just put us under our deadline that we have in

06:09:00 our contract to actually make this deal work.

06:09:03 So we would appreciate that.

06:09:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me ask the audience, does anyone care

06:09:06 to speak for the continuance on items 9 and 10?

06:09:12 I see no one.

06:09:13 I believe the motion was made by Mrs. Montelione, seconded

06:09:16 by Mr. Reddick on item 9 and 10.

06:09:19 It will be heard on June 20th.

06:09:23 2013.

06:09:25 Okay.

06:09:26 Need a motion to receive and file all the documents

06:09:28 regarding any one of these 13.

06:09:32 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So moved.

06:09:33 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Second.

06:09:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All in favor?

06:09:36 Opposed?

06:09:36 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:09:37 We go to item 4, Z-13-25.

06:09:44 >>HARRY COHEN: I am going to recuse myself from

06:09:46 participating.

06:09:46 My father is a principal in the company that is petitioning.

06:09:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right, sir.

06:09:53 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Before we get into that hearing, Ms.

06:09:56 Feeley, on the items 12 and 13, I believe when I had my

06:10:01 agenda review, I discussed with our city attorney flipping

06:10:06 those two, so hearing 13 first and then 12?

06:10:10 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Yes.

06:10:11 That would be our request also.

06:10:13 And Mr. Cook is here to present on the vacating.

06:10:15 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

06:10:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.

06:10:35 These are all quasi-judicial hearings.

06:10:37 The clerk will now take the opportunity to swear in anyone

06:10:41 who is going to speak on any of these hearings that we have

06:10:44 tonight.

06:10:44 If you are going to speak, be sworn in, please.

06:10:47 (Oath administered by Clerk)

06:10:57 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

06:11:03 Item number 4 on your agenda this evening is the rezoning

06:11:06 request, Z-13-25 located at 4905 and 4907 south Elberon

06:11:15 street.

06:11:15 The request before you tonight is from CG commercial general

06:11:18 to PD planned development for residential multifamily.

06:11:21 >> Good evening.

06:11:28 David Hay with your Planning Commission staff and I have

06:11:31 been sworn.

06:11:36 Our first case we end up down in the South Tampa planning

06:11:39 district.

06:11:40 The subject site is located south of Gandy and west of

06:11:42 Bayshore Boulevard.

06:11:44 As you can see on the map the subject site falls within the

06:11:46 boundaries of the mixed use corridor village along Gandy

06:11:49 Boulevard as defined by the Tampa comprehensive plan.

06:11:52 The site is also located within the Ballast Point urban

06:11:56 village.

06:11:58 Next we have an aerial of the subject site.

06:12:01 As always the subject site is in the center of the map.

06:12:04 You can see the multifamily and single-family attached

06:12:06 development to the east of the subject site.

06:12:09 You can also see the single-family detached residential uses

06:12:12 to the south of the subject site.

06:12:14 Moving west along Gandy Boulevard, you can also see a

06:12:17 mixture of single-family attached and commercial uses.

06:12:22 Onto the future land use map, the subject site is designated

06:12:26 as community mixed use 35.

06:12:28 The tan color to the south is residential 10, which is

06:12:32 developed primarily with single-family detached residential

06:12:35 uses.

06:12:36 To the southeast we have residential 20.

06:12:38 The reddish brown, the residential 50.

06:12:43 And then we even have some right around that Bay Point

06:12:50 Circle.

06:12:50 Overall, Planning Commission staff found the proposed

06:12:53 rezoning to PD is comparable to the existing development

06:12:56 pattern.

06:12:57 The comprehensive plan encourages development of mixture of

06:13:01 housing types in the South Tampa planning districts.

06:13:05 One issue that the Planning Commission staff identified was

06:13:07 within mixed use corridor villages development is encouraged

06:13:10 to locate close to the rights-of-way to create a more

06:13:13 pedestrian-friendly environment.

06:13:14 Planning Commission staff found in this case a number of

06:13:17 large trees would be negatively impact if that building was

06:13:21 placed to the front of the parcel, so, therefore, Planning

06:13:25 Commission staff determined it was appropriate to put the

06:13:29 building in the back even thought was in the mixed use

06:13:31 corridor village.

06:13:32 Based on all that, the Planning Commission staff finds the

06:13:35 rezoning request consistent with the Tampa comprehensive

06:13:37 plan.

06:13:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:13:38 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

06:13:48 As I stated, the request is from CG commercial general to PD

06:13:52 planned development for residential multifamily.

06:13:56 There are four waivers being requested with this application

06:14:00 this evening.

06:14:01 The first is to reduce the required number of guest parking

06:14:04 spaces from two to zero.

06:14:06 The second is to increase the percentage of compact parking

06:14:10 spaces from 65% to 66.7%.

06:14:13 The third is to reduce the required use buffer along the

06:14:17 north from 15-foot with a 6-foot concrete masonry wall to

06:14:21 7-foot with a 6-foot PVC fence and to reduce the buffer

06:14:25 along the west from 15-foot with a 6-foot concrete masonry

06:14:29 wall to 5-foot with 56-foot PVC fence.

06:14:32 The last is to reduce the required area of multifamily green

06:14:35 space from 2100 square feet to 1843 square feet.

06:14:45 The request before you tonight is to construct 6 multifamily

06:14:52 residential units.

06:14:54 The building is being placed in the western portion of the

06:14:56 property with parking in front and access to the west

06:15:00 Elberon street.

06:15:01 This properties does contain several large caliper oak trees

06:15:05 along the perimeter lines including a 37-inch grand oak and

06:15:09 a 31-inch oak along the southern property line.

06:15:12 There is a 33-inch oak along the east and a 29-inch oak

06:15:16 along the north which are being removed.

06:15:18 The maximum building height is proposed at 45 feet.

06:15:24 The setbacks are as follows -- north 7 feet adjacent to a

06:15:28 parking lot.

06:15:29 I'll show you some pictures of that.

06:15:30 South 10 feet adjacent to single-family residential.

06:15:34 West 5 feet residential parking and east 85 feet adjacent to

06:15:38 Elberon street.

06:15:40 One thing I did want to mention with this application is the

06:15:42 zoning on this property is current will you commercial

06:15:44 general.

06:15:45 That allows for multifamily as a special use 1 which is an

06:15:49 administrative review.

06:15:51 The special use 1 would require the RM 24 standard which is

06:15:57 20-foot front, 20-foot rear, 7-foot side.

06:16:01 Given that there are large trees on this site and the

06:16:05 building they could not meet those setbacks under the RM-24,

06:16:10 that's one of the reasons that the PD is coming before you

06:16:13 for the multifamily which would be allowed administratively

06:16:15 as a special use 1 if those criteria were being met.

06:16:20 Total of 11 spaces are required including guests, and nine

06:16:25 spaces are being provided with a waiver for the two and

06:16:28 that's given the 37-inch grand tree along the southern

06:16:31 property line.

06:16:32 You will see one space being proposed outside of the

06:16:36 protective radius there.

06:16:39 But in order to provide proper tree preservation, they

06:16:43 cannot provide additional spaces in that area.

06:16:45 The property is surrounded by residential to the east and

06:16:49 south and commercial to the north and west.

06:16:55 This is the future land use map.

06:16:57 Here is the zoning atlas.

06:17:04 Everything north of my pen and to the back of -- to the

06:17:09 north of the property facing, that's Gandy Boulevard there

06:17:12 in the middle.

06:17:12 That is all commercial general property.

06:17:14 Immediately to the east of this, the commercial general, one

06:17:17 of the things I just mentioned here is multifamily

06:17:19 residential can be developed under the commercial general.

06:17:26 This is single-family attached here, town home style, CG

06:17:31 portion there, planned development here, also our town home

06:17:36 style development.

06:17:39 A small triangle here is zoned PD has open space and I'll

06:17:43 show you some pictures of that also.

06:17:45 So the dividing line here is where the RS-75 continues to

06:17:49 pick up to the south of the subject property shown in green.

06:17:57 Here is the atlas piece.

06:17:59 Again, the aerial site again showing you the site is shown

06:18:05 here in yellow.

06:18:06 There are those four large trees I referred to.

06:18:09 Two along the south.

06:18:10 One along Elberon and one along the north.

06:18:14 This is parking to the north, and that both to the north and

06:18:18 the west side of this property.

06:18:21 I will show you some photos of the site.

06:18:26 This is from Elberon looking directly at the subject

06:18:29 property.

06:18:30 This is the 29-inch that's shown on your site plan.

06:18:35 The parking to the north, moving up toward Gandy Boulevard.

06:18:41 Immediately to the south, moving south on Elberon.

06:18:48 That is at the corner of Elberon and Marlin.

06:18:56 This is from the subject property looking south on Elberon.

06:19:01 From Gandy Boulevard, this is looking south.

06:19:04 This is the eastern corner of Gandy and Elberon.

06:19:12 Sheer looking back south, that try angle PD portion I showed

06:19:16 you.

06:19:17 Elberon.

06:19:20 Another look down pilgrim's pass.

06:19:23 Looking east on Marlin.

06:19:26 And then the south side of Marlin at Elberon.

06:19:33 Also along the south side of Marlin traveling west.

06:19:37 The single-family residential.

06:19:40 Staff did review this application in reference to the Land

06:19:47 Development Code.

06:19:48 There are several modifications that you need to be -- that

06:19:51 do need to be made between first and second reading.

06:19:54 From Land Development Coordination, transportation, and

06:19:58 solid waste.

06:19:59 I'm sorry, solid waste and natural resources.

06:20:03 If those modifications are made between first and second

06:20:06 reading staff does find the request Kintz.

06:20:08 In relation to the PD criteria staff has provided their

06:20:11 analysis on 5 and 6 of your staff report.

06:20:15 >>MARY MULHERN: Is the subject property empty now?

06:20:23 >> Yes.

06:20:25 It has a small structure in the back.

06:20:27 >>MARY MULHERN: And what is that structure?

06:20:34 Garage?

06:20:35 >> It looks like carport or garage.

06:20:39 >>MARY MULHERN: So what was -- what is the history here?

06:20:45 Why is this zoned commercial general?

06:20:49 Was it actually in use, commercial use?

06:20:53 Or was it residential previous to when it got -- whenever it

06:20:57 got that zoning?

06:20:59 >>ABBYE FEELEY: It's my understanding that was residential.

06:21:01 It was a house.

06:21:03 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

06:21:07 When did it receive that commercial general zoning?

06:21:09 >>ABBYE FEELEY: This has always had a low intensity

06:21:23 commercial use, since the original assessment.

06:21:28 If you look at page 8 of your staff report, it was C-1 under

06:21:33 chapter 43 which was the original zoning code of the city

06:21:35 from 1956.

06:21:37 So C-1 would have been low intensity commercial.

06:21:40 And, therefore, from 1956 forward it's been --

06:21:48 >> So it got changed from that classification to CG?

06:21:52 >> There were two kinds of zoning conformance in the city,

06:21:54 '56 and '87, and '87 is when CG came into effect, but

06:21:59 typically if you were a C1, you became CG. If you were CG,

06:22:03 you became CI.

06:22:03 >> It just seems odd because it's surrounded by residential.

06:22:10 I don't quite get -- but at some point there was some kind

06:22:13 of commercial.

06:22:16 >> I'm sure you're very familiar with this intersection

06:22:22 here. There is a mix of uses both commercial and

06:22:24 residential that are functioning within that commercial

06:22:27 general corridor here.

06:22:28 This is residential here as well.

06:22:30 You can tell by the plat that there's town homes there, town

06:22:35 homes here, but that is all still CG.

06:22:38 So you have kind of a mix.

06:22:39 You have parking here for this building.

06:22:41 And then you have Kojaks and some other low density use

06:22:51 along this corridor.

06:22:53 >>MARY MULHERN: Right, but not usually on that side.

06:22:55 Okay, thanks.

06:23:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Petitioner?

06:23:15 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: Suite 3700 Bank of America plaza. I

06:23:18 represent ABC Capital Corporation.

06:23:20 In the application this evening, you have the site plan

06:23:22 before you.

06:23:22 I have one on the board.

06:23:24 I was going to place it on the dais reference this

06:23:30 discussion.

06:23:31 A comment confirming that all that Mrs. Feeley presented are

06:23:48 acceptable.

06:23:51 We'll adjust those in between readings as requested.

06:23:56 There's one demonstrative change that I would like to point

06:23:58 out to you, and this is the solid waste containers that are

06:24:03 located on the northern edge of the sites plan will be moved

06:24:08 to the rear, three on one side, three on the other side, and

06:24:13 then shielded from the right-of-way as required in the solid

06:24:19 waste code.

06:24:20 So that's one demonstrative change that's on there.

06:24:25 What I would like to begin with is the findings of Mr. Hay,

06:24:30 on page 4 of his report, which I think are very instructive,

06:24:34 because we have a commercially zoned property that I submit

06:24:37 to you is legally nonconforming because the zoning line is

06:24:43 consistent going down Gandy to the west, that you have

06:24:47 commercial and multifamily spanning that southerly boundary

06:24:53 of Gandy Boulevard.

06:24:56 Mr. Hay's findings confirm that this area is called the

06:25:00 Ballast Point urban village, and the comprehensive plan

06:25:03 instructs us and says that urban villages contain most of

06:25:07 the following uses, which typically make up what is

06:25:10 considered a traditional and livable communities.

06:25:15 Single-family and multifamily residential,

06:25:19 neighborhood-serving commercial, schools, parks, gathering

06:25:22 places, mass transit, and safe walkable pathways that

06:25:27 connect to all areas of the village.

06:25:31 The works towards creating a mixed placements that works for

06:25:35 the character of the village and creates a vibrants

06:25:39 community settling.

06:25:41 That is what is Ballast Point.

06:25:46 We worked on this sites plan, considered going forward with

06:25:52 an S-1 application which would have been administrative

06:25:55 approval.

06:25:56 We had about a quarter acre.

06:25:58 It would have resulted in six units.

06:25:59 But we would have had to remove several trees and possibly

06:26:04 an easement at the setback.

06:26:07 We elected to come before you in a PD application, still

06:26:11 bringing the six units to you, but recognizing that we could

06:26:15 reset the building toward the rear of the property and salve

06:26:24 the majorities of the trees on the property.

06:26:26 There are two trees at issue.

06:26:28 One tree on the north.

06:26:31 There's one tree that straddles the right-of-way.

06:26:35 We want to keep those trees.

06:26:39 However, we are betwixt and between tree code and parking

06:26:43 code and we have top provide sufficient parking, sufficient

06:26:46 parking space sizes, so we cannot meet the ten foot

06:26:51 protective radius on the north tree.

06:26:56 We are going to strive to keep the tree during construction

06:26:59 anyway, but the Parks Department has construed that tree as

06:27:04 effectively removed.

06:27:09 It's a distinction in the code but it is effectively

06:27:12 removed.

06:27:12 And the right-of-way tree is also effectively removed.

06:27:15 We want to keep those trees to preserve the character of the

06:27:19 site.

06:27:22 It helps with using the site.

06:27:23 We want to come to a site with trees.

06:27:26 The balance of the trees on the south side is a grand tree

06:27:30 which provides a protective radius and one more tree

06:27:34 straddling one parking space on the south.

06:27:38 That parking space is going to be made with pervious

06:27:45 concretes which allows rain waters to percolate down to the

06:27:49 roots and sustain that tree.

06:27:50 So we are going to go into construction aiming to save all

06:27:55 the trees.

06:27:55 Part and parcel the reason we are here before you tonight on

06:27:58 the PD.

06:27:59 By the same token, we need relief on the parking count.

06:28:05 Ms. Feeley explained to you, we are too short on parking,

06:28:10 but I submit to you, if you look at the tree, and the

06:28:17 parking space on the south property line, you will see an

06:28:22 area that you could put three parking spaces in there, but

06:28:29 they would impact the tree.

06:28:31 We have elected to request a waiver or to take that tree,

06:28:36 wanting to preserve the tree.

06:28:37 I submit to you that when the project is depleted that that

06:28:40 area will provide the effective area for three parking

06:28:46 areas, albeit parking on the grass and the dirt, and we will

06:28:49 curb stop that area to at least give the appearance of a

06:28:53 parking area.

06:28:56 We don't get to count it.

06:28:57 But I submit to you that they will probably be used as

06:29:00 parking spaces.

06:29:01 So that makes up the two we are short, plus another one.

06:29:10 Pardon me for one moment.

06:29:17 I want to mention to be you the instructions in the PD

06:29:22 process when you are considering a PD this evening.

06:29:25 It talked about the purpose, to recognize unique conditions,

06:29:29 allow design flexibility, promote planned diversification

06:29:33 and integration of uses and structures, which other zoning

06:29:38 districts cannot accommodate.

06:29:43 The RM-24 district can't accommodate this project.

06:29:46 I submit to you that it is not an ideal property for CG use,

06:29:51 though it could be developed as a CG use, with a 1 .0 F.A.R.

06:29:56 Could you put a variance, a commercial building on that

06:30:00 project today.

06:30:00 You could have a 1.5 F.A.R. if you put 5% of the parking

06:30:04 under the building.

06:30:05 So theoretically you could have an office building slanted

06:30:10 to the back of the house, the back of the property, parking

06:30:13 deck below, office space above, as a matter of right.

06:30:16 I think the PD process is more in tune with what the

06:30:20 comprehensive plan instructs you in the Ballast Point urban

06:30:23 village, and more properties for your approval this evening.

06:30:27 Ms. Feeley also made several findings, particularly number 5

06:30:31 on page 6.

06:30:33 She says the proposed sites configuration retains one grand

06:30:36 tree and two large trees and seeks to provide maximum

06:30:41 protection of the on-site natural resource.

06:30:44 This preservation has resulted in a waiver required for the

06:30:47 two parking spaces I spoke to you about.

06:30:51 She also finds in number 6 to promote and encourage

06:30:57 development where appropriate in location, character and

06:30:59 compatibilities, and she notes that there's a mix of uses

06:31:03 along West Kennedy Boulevard including low intensity

06:31:07 commercial uses and residential.

06:31:10 The Kojaks restaurant is directly diagonal from this

06:31:16 property to the rear.

06:31:18 The parking lots for the ALF across the street on Bayshore

06:31:22 Boulevard is directly to the north.

06:31:26 There are single-family residential to the south, and to the

06:31:29 east there's multifamily residential be, continuing to

06:31:35 Bayshore Boulevard.

06:31:38 In planning treatises, the best transition from commercial

06:31:43 to single-family residential is multifamily.

06:31:47 So if you are proceeding from Gandy Boulevard, the

06:31:51 commercial designation and commercial use, think of Kojaks.

06:31:56 Coming south you reach -- excuse me, coming south you reach

06:31:59 the parking lot that serves as multifamily use across the

06:32:02 street, the ALF.

06:32:04 Then you reach this property which would be multifamily, and

06:32:07 then you reach the single-family, further down Elberon to

06:32:12 Marlin and down to the Ballast Point school.

06:32:16 An excellent transition from commercial to single-family

06:32:18 residential.

06:32:21 Ms. Feeley finds that this is being followed, and she finds

06:32:26 it is consistent with the surrounding area and the built

06:32:29 environment.

06:32:29 The proposed use provides a nice transition from the

06:32:32 corridor back to the project.

06:32:36 There's also architecture involved in providing elevations

06:32:39 to you.

06:32:40 I have those in reduced form if would you like to look at

06:32:44 those.

06:32:44 The building will be consistent with those elevations as

06:32:46 provided.

06:32:51 I have one more note I want to check, and I will wrap up

06:32:55 with you.

06:33:01 Because the two trees are being construed as effectively

06:33:04 removed, the tree table will also have to be revised between

06:33:09 readings to account for that debit and require our client to

06:33:15 make up the credit and/or the contribution to the tree bank.

06:33:19 Those are my remarks this afternoon.

06:33:24 I would respectfully request your approval this evening and

06:33:27 reserve time for rebuttal as necessary.

06:33:30 Thank you.

06:33:33 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Could you explain reason number 3 -- waiver

06:33:39 number 3, the request for waiver number 3?

06:33:46 Explain the reason behind that.

06:33:55 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: To reduce the required use buffer along the

06:33:57 north from 15 feet with a 6-foot concrete masonry wall to 7

06:34:04 feet with a PVC, 6-foot PVC fence, and to reduce the use

06:34:11 buffer along the west from 15 to 5.

06:34:14 We have a buffer matrix in the code that considers what is

06:34:17 the adjacent use.

06:34:19 And we are -- I forgot which use group we are, but since the

06:34:25 parking lot is to the north, we feel it's not necessary to

06:34:29 buffer from a parking lot, and that would allow us to

06:34:32 provide better parking layout and preserve the north tree.

06:34:36 On the west side, the west side adjoins a parking lot behind

06:34:43 Kojaks.

06:34:47 >> The north tree.

06:34:49 And that's where the parking --

06:34:50 >> For the ALF.

06:34:52 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Because we saw this before where they are

06:34:54 masonry walls because of the root system, and then they

06:34:56 asked for PVC.

06:34:58 Is that the reason for this here?

06:35:01 Do you know?

06:35:04 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: No, we are buffering from really a very --

06:35:12 how do you say -- the parking lot is there so it is no use

06:35:20 to buffer from adverse effects.

06:35:23 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I understand.

06:35:24 And the PVC fence as opposed to masonry wall?

06:35:30 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: Could be more aesthetically pleasing.

06:35:32 PCC is easier to repair.

06:35:35 It's also easier on the tree root.

06:35:38 If you consider the north tree.

06:35:42 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And on the west side?

06:35:44 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: The west side is way call the Kojaks side,

06:35:47 and in a parking lot it just doesn't make sense.

06:35:53 It would allow us to push the building further back and give

06:35:56 us some presence.

06:35:58 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

06:36:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Mulhern.

06:36:01 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm looking at these elevations.

06:36:05 And I don't see a south elevation, but I can't figure out

06:36:15 how you get into these.

06:36:17 Are they town homes?

06:36:25 I can't find the entrance.

06:36:27 It's sort of troubling.

06:36:28 Because when you look at it, when you look at the fronts

06:36:32 building elevation, the east elevation, is that center

06:36:36 portion just stairways?

06:36:40 The entrances are inside there?

06:36:43 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: Correct.

06:36:43 Those are the six units facing Elberon.

06:36:46 On the right of the piece I handed to you and also on the

06:36:50 site plan, that's a conceptual north elevation so that's

06:36:54 what it would look like --

06:36:56 >>MARY MULHERN: I have all of this.

06:36:59 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: It's north and south.

06:37:00 They are mirror elevations.

06:37:02 You see it?

06:37:03 >>MARY MULHERN: So there will be all those windows -- oh, I

06:37:06 see.

06:37:06 Okay.

06:37:08 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: And the west is the last one.

06:37:09 >>MARY MULHERN: I don't know.

06:37:10 It seems like instead of looking like -- it looks more like

06:37:20 a hotel or something, the character of it.

06:37:24 It would have been nice, I think, to have the entrance

06:37:28 actually be somebody entrance on the outside of the

06:37:34 building.

06:37:40 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: Let's me mention one item that I failed to

06:37:42 mention to you.

06:37:43 This height will be 35 feet.

06:37:46 The CG code, which we are under right now, is 45 feet in

06:37:50 height, and in a PD you look at the underlying district to

06:37:56 get your height.

06:37:57 We have elected to bring the building to a 35-foot height.

06:37:59 35 feet is the typical height for RS-75, RS 100.

06:38:05 All of the single-family residential districts.

06:38:07 You have a 5-foot building.

06:38:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council members?

06:38:16 Thank you very much.

06:38:17 Okay.

06:38:17 Public.

06:38:17 Anyone in the public care to come speak on item number 4,

06:38:21 C-13-25, please come forward.

06:38:26 >> Mr. Chairman, my name is Jerry Miller.

06:38:48 I live at 2815 Price Avenue.

06:38:51 I'm currently the president of Ballast Point neighborhood

06:38:53 association.

06:38:54 I'm here representing about 250 household and businesses in

06:38:58 Ballast Point.

06:38:59 We met with the developer Mr. Grandoff some time ago, and he

06:39:03 made a presentation, which we appreciated.

06:39:07 After that presentation, our Board of Directors met and made

06:39:10 the unusual step of unanimously approving a resolution that

06:39:15 we vigorously oppose this rezoning and I am here tonight to

06:39:19 speak on their behalf.

06:39:21 What's happening in Ballast Point is we are being slowly

06:39:24 inundated by a number of multifamily projects that exist,

06:39:30 and this does not provide adequate on-site parking.

06:39:33 And I would like if I could to show you a few photographs

06:39:35 here of what's happening right now.

06:39:38 Ballast Point is made up of a number of very delightful

06:39:44 narrow streets.

06:39:44 We love our narrow streets.

06:39:46 And ba what is happening is this.

06:39:48 This is a multifamily project and it's very typical of

06:39:51 what's happening at Ballast Point right now.

06:39:56 This happens to be Pilgrims Pathway.

06:40:01 The project is immediately over here.

06:40:03 You can see basically 9th streets has become a one-way

06:40:08 corridor.

06:40:08 The school bus has to navigate this street, by the way, one

06:40:12 or two blocks from Ballast Point school and you can see

06:40:15 what's happening.

06:40:16 It's continuing.

06:40:18 This is a different day.

06:40:24 No snow storm. (Laughter)

06:40:29 What's happened, you can't very well see it as opposed to

06:40:32 over here but on the left side, some of our neighbors'

06:40:35 trees, they simply cannot back out of their own driveway

06:40:39 because of what's happening here.

06:40:41 The nice sod to the right has been in replaced with leaves.

06:40:49 This one is particularly interesting.

06:40:52 Once I am showing you, by the way, residential projects that

06:40:55 meats or exceed the requirements right now and you can see

06:41:00 what's happening

06:41:05 The problems that we are having with this particular project

06:41:10 is this is a tiny, tiny site for what's happening.

06:41:14 You can see the site here, about 77 feet wide to the

06:41:17 right-of-way of this site.

06:41:18 This building, one building which is actually larger in size

06:41:24 in the site.

06:41:25 So it's not very conducive to market family development.

06:41:34 Sides the and what I would like to points out to you here --

06:41:41 and you can tell -- this is the proposed rezoning right

06:41:47 here.

06:41:49 This is being basically the site plan as you see it.

06:41:53 (Bell sounds)

06:41:54 This is what the develop core do without the rezoning and

06:41:57 you can see what happens.

06:41:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I am going to give you an additional 30

06:42:00 second.

06:42:00 >> The building would actually move farther 20 feet, the

06:42:04 parking would not exist, and would extend out into the

06:42:07 street, the building to be reconfigured a bit but the

06:42:11 parking is simply not there.

06:42:13 The site does not lend itself to enough parking for us to do

06:42:17 what we would like to do here.

06:42:19 Thank you very much.

06:42:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, Mr. Miller.

06:42:21 Next, please.

06:42:23 [ Applause ]

06:42:24 [Sounding gavel]

06:42:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Not one side or the other side.

06:42:31 We are not the gong show.

06:42:32 >> I live at 2808 Marlin Avenue and I live around the corner

06:42:38 from the proposed project.

06:42:39 And I have been a resident of Ballast Point for 22 years.

06:42:42 And I'm speaking in opposition to the proposed project.

06:42:46 There are significant issues with this that will negatively

06:42:50 impact the neighborhood.

06:42:52 Specifically, the setbacks for one thing.

06:42:55 The setbacks are being moved from 15 feet, the rear setback

06:42:59 from 15 feet to 5 feet, 5 setbacks from 15 feet to 7 feet.

06:43:04 That means this building will be right back up in the

06:43:08 backed-up property, overlooking the single-family

06:43:11 residential homes, right behind it.

06:43:14 And that's not fair to these single-family residential

06:43:17 homes.

06:43:18 The parking issue, zero guest parking.

06:43:22 Zero guest parking here.

06:43:27 There are compact size parking spaces instead of regular

06:43:31 size parking spaces.

06:43:32 There's the reduction in the number of parking spaces.

06:43:35 All of that will contribute to what Jerry talked about, this

06:43:39 parking issue on Ballast Point.

06:43:42 We have serious issues in Ballast Point parking, and I will

06:43:46 show you a few examples.

06:43:48 Our Ballast Point park that we are so proud of, you drive

06:43:53 down that street, Interbay on Saturday and Sunday, and

06:43:57 there's cars lined up at Interbay.

06:44:01 The South Tampa church, which is a great church is growing

06:44:06 by leaps and bounds, and we love it right on Bayshore there,

06:44:09 but you go on Sundays and there's cars everywhere in the

06:44:12 rights-of-way.

06:44:13 And this is the type of thing that's going on in Ballast

06:44:15 Point, and we need to stop that when we can.

06:44:19 We are not opposed to development in the neighborhood.

06:44:20 We know that development will occur at this site.

06:44:25 But development concurrent with the zoning which is

06:44:30 commercial.

06:44:30 We did meet with the developer at our request.

06:44:33 We met with them.

06:44:34 We studied the plans.

06:44:35 We talked to staff.

06:44:38 And we suggested ways to make the project a better project

06:44:41 to the neighborhood.

06:44:42 But none of those changes were made.

06:44:44 The project is too good for -- big for the small size of

06:44:49 that property. If they scale back the project, it would

06:44:52 have the appropriate parking on-site parking.

06:44:55 Another thing that Jerry was going to mention, it's not

06:44:59 consistent with our neighborhood plan that we spent years

06:45:02 putting together.

06:45:02 This is inconsistent with the neighborhood plan because we

06:45:05 want on-site parking.

06:45:09 And we are talking about moving the building to a place

06:45:13 where the trees are staying.

06:45:16 It's just not fair for the neighborhood to have to choose

06:45:20 between trees or parking.

06:45:23 These guys knew what they were getting into when they bought

06:45:27 this.

06:45:29 They knew the size. They knew where the trees were.

06:45:31 And it's not fair for us to say, okay, we'll sacrifice the

06:45:34 trees or we'll sacrifice parking.

06:45:37 Scale back the project.

06:45:38 Provide the appropriate parking.

06:45:40 (Bell sounds)

06:45:40 Provide and save the trees, too.

06:45:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:45:46 I'm sorry, but I am not going -- I want to make sure

06:45:51 everybody gets the chance to speak.

06:45:53 Mrs. Montelione.

06:45:54 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I wanted to make sure.

06:45:57 Sir, I'm sorry?

06:45:59 You said that on the west side where the setback reduction

06:46:03 was being requested from 15 feet to 5 feet that in so doing

06:46:10 that the homes would be affected, but I thought that I heard

06:46:13 Mr. Grandoff say that that the west side was the side that's

06:46:19 backed up to Kojaks parking lot.

06:46:24 >> That's correct.

06:46:25 The property directly south is single-family residential.

06:46:28 Mr. James' property will be affected by this building

06:46:33 overlooking into his backyard.

06:46:36 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

06:46:37 I just heard -- so there was a conflict there.

06:46:40 Thank you.

06:46:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, sir.

06:46:42 >> I'm Mike Hurley.

06:46:44 I live at 302 Price Avenue, and we are not opposed at all to

06:46:52 this development team or their representatives.

06:46:55 It's just the project that we are really opposed to.

06:47:00 The parking issue, of course, you will hear many people say

06:47:03 this, we are all concerned about emergency vehicles going

06:47:10 down there.

06:47:11 And they just don't allow for sufficient parking.

06:47:15 Also, just mentioned about the plan.

06:47:19 We did spend a lot of time on this.

06:47:22 And in my opinion, it does not -- it is not consistent with

06:47:26 the spirit of the plan.

06:47:28 Now, these can be interpreted in all kind of ways, but the

06:47:33 spirit of this project, and was approved by the council.

06:47:43 So we as a group are very opposed to this.

06:47:46 Thank you.

06:47:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

06:47:48 Next, please.

06:47:48 >> My name is Frances Gallogly. I live on Price Avenue near

06:47:59 the property in question.

06:48:00 I have lived in my home for 52 years.

06:48:03 I and other members of our community are here tonight

06:48:05 because we are very concerned about the adverse effect of

06:48:10 proposed construction at 4905 Elberon will have on our

06:48:13 neighborhood.

06:48:15 The parking situation which will follow this construction

06:48:19 will be more than an inconvenience.

06:48:22 It will most assuredly become a safety issue.

06:48:26 Please, do not allow this change to take place.

06:48:29 Thank you.

06:48:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:48:31 Next, please.

06:48:32 >> Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Jay deHart Ayala. I

06:48:41 live at 4907 Pilgrims Pathway. I am directly across from

06:48:44 this proposed development.

06:48:49 Why am I here along with all these other good folks?

06:48:52 I submit we should not have to be here tonight, but the

06:48:55 reason we are here is because the developer is trying to put

06:48:59 six units, a six-unit development on a single-family size

06:49:05 lot.

06:49:06 That's what it was before, and we had parking issues then.

06:49:12 Unfortunately, City Council in their wisdom approved the

06:49:19 project that's at the corner of Gandy and Bayshore, which is

06:49:24 right across the street from me, and you saw the pictures up

06:49:27 and down.

06:49:28 There was not adequate parking planned for that.

06:49:31 And I cannot even back out of my driveway most of the time.

06:49:35 Without -- I mean, it's very difficult.

06:49:40 Two vehicles cannot get down the street at the same time.

06:49:44 We can get a garbage truck down there but a car can't come

06:49:49 with it.

06:49:49 So I would say that this is not in keeping with the spirit

06:49:52 of the neighborhood, it's not in keeping with the uses of

06:49:55 the neighborhood.

06:49:56 Now, Mr. Grandoff, my friend, has mentioned many times that

06:50:01 there's parking lot at Kojaks and at the ALF.

06:50:11 Yes, but they provided parking.

06:50:13 This project does not.

06:50:14 That's why they are asking for a waiver of the parking.

06:50:17 But it's not going to work.

06:50:18 What's going to happen is all of these people are going come

06:50:21 with all their visitors.

06:50:23 They are going to park in my backyard.

06:50:25 They are going to park in Steve's backyard.

06:50:27 They are going to park in John's, who live right to the

06:50:30 south of them, in a residence, and it's going to be totally

06:50:33 unsafe, and it's going to be basically a nuisance to the

06:50:37 neighborhood.

06:50:38 I would ask Mr. Grandoff to talk to his clients and ask him

06:50:44 to reconfigure this plan, something that's in keeping with

06:50:47 the neighborhood, and that we can all support.

06:50:49 Thank you very much.

06:50:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. Ayala.

06:50:54 Next, please.

06:50:54 >> My name is Kevin James. I'm at 2805 West Marlin, moved

06:50:59 to this neighborhood, found out two and a half, three years

06:51:01 ago.

06:51:02 Let me show you where I live.

06:51:06 Do I have to do something to turn this on?

06:51:10 So here is the lot, the proposed development.

06:51:16 This is the parking lot that surrounds it.

06:51:18 And I am here in this yellow lot.

06:51:20 So one thing I heard about the parking, and we haven't

06:51:23 really talked about the traffic.

06:51:24 It's right here.

06:51:26 This is Gandy.

06:51:27 Bayshore is always backed up here to begin with. There's a

06:51:32 parking lot here.

06:51:33 Lots of cars already coming in and out of here.

06:51:35 Now we are proposing putting six more units in this small

06:51:38 little lot.

06:51:40 So I just want to show you that. It's catercorner.

06:51:43 This little pink area is the existing garage that's already

06:51:46 there.

06:51:47 I want to show you a couple things.

06:51:50 So I apologize, I didn't put this in color.

06:51:54 You can see it's a pretty small lot.

06:51:56 I wants you to keep in mind this building, a garage, about

06:52:02 15 feet from the back of the property line as it exists

06:52:05 right now.

06:52:07 This is a view of that garage from my backyard.

06:52:15 So you can see right here -- or maybe you can't see it very

06:52:19 well -- that's a window. You can already see what that

06:52:22 garage to the back, and imagine three of these buildings

06:52:27 across from this each.

06:52:28 That's what they are proposing.

06:52:30 It feels like we are trying to do a little too much with a

06:52:33 little tube small of a space.

06:52:36 I want the commission to reconsider that.

06:52:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. James.

06:52:42 Next, please.

06:52:42 >> Russell Rich, 2809 Marlin Avenue.

06:52:48 Been there about six years now.

06:52:51 I agree with most of the people who have been speaking.

06:52:55 Mr. Grandoff mentioned that to the northwest is the

06:53:02 commercial area, the Kojaks restaurants.

06:53:05 Even though it is commercial, we all know that Kojaks looks

06:53:08 more like a 1920s bungalow, and that's keeping more and

06:53:12 has a single-family residential look to it.

06:53:16 I have two little girls, and as mention it earlier about how

06:53:20 the area, the Ballast Point, urban village, I can assure you

06:53:28 that Mr. Miller showed pictures of the cars all lined up.

06:53:33 I very often walk my two little girls down these roads and I

06:53:36 can tell you if they bring the intensity and six units all

06:53:43 do you is bring more cars.

06:53:44 There's not any room for any visitors.

06:53:47 I think from a safety point, and let's scale back the unit.

06:53:55 Thank you.

06:53:56 >> Thank you.

06:53:57 Next, please.

06:53:58 >> Good evening.

06:54:02 My name is Jim Wachtel. I am a resident of Ballast Point,

06:54:08 and I am on the board of the Ballast Point Homeowners

06:54:11 Association.

06:54:12 I see no point in reiterating everything that's been said

06:54:17 other than the fact that it was stated that when they

06:54:21 acquired the property, they clearly understood what the

06:54:24 zoning restrictions were, and clearly understood or should

06:54:29 have understood what the Ballast Point comprehensive plan

06:54:33 was.

06:54:34 So there is no hardship here.

06:54:38 It's just their effort to change the rules to enhance the

06:54:45 return on investment of perhaps six units as perhaps four

06:54:51 which should be the maximum that's on that lot.

06:54:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.

06:54:58 Next, please.

06:54:59 >> Jobe Steele. I live at 5002 South Elberon street, the

06:55:06 corner of Marlin and Elberon.

06:55:08 I want to support all of the people other than the develop

06:55:11 theory have spoken so far, and trying to cram too much stuff

06:55:15 into too small of a space.

06:55:17 They are not providing parking for it.

06:55:20 They are asking for waivers for that.

06:55:21 They are asking for waivers in the amount of green space.

06:55:25 It's changing -- what they are trying to do is change the

06:55:29 neighborhood, and there's not enough parking for the amount

06:55:38 of homes, the number of people they are trying to put on

06:55:41 there.

06:55:42 It's going make the neighborhood more dangerous.

06:55:44 Thank you.

06:55:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

06:55:46 Next, please.

06:55:47 >> Leonard Solie. 5003 South Elberon for eleven years now.

06:55:55 Just want to point out that parking is a big issue on the

06:55:57 street.

06:55:57 When two cars pass each other, very tight, everybody slows

06:56:00 down, get around each other, and that we need to evaluate.

06:56:07 I understand progress is important.

06:56:09 But I can guarantee you, if this was going up next to them

06:56:14 they would be up here with me.

06:56:16 And I want you to ask first this was going up in your

06:56:19 neighborhood, would you feel comfortable with that, with the

06:56:21 situation?

06:56:22 Thank you.

06:56:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.

06:56:24 Next, please.

06:56:25 >> Good evening.

06:56:28 I'm Steve Pralle, I live at 4911 Pilgrim's Pathway way is a

06:56:33 few dozen yards from the proposed development.

06:56:36 The proposal as it exists contains a few objections, but

06:56:40 remediable issues.

06:56:43 The first one has to do with density.

06:56:45 If you look at the density that's proposed, it is six times

06:56:49 as great, six times as dense as the residential units to the

06:56:54 south of us.

06:56:55 There's 2001 residences south, two residents for each lots

06:57:03 so the proposed development is six times as dense takes

06:57:06 adjacent properties.

06:57:07 It's three times as dense as the property across the street,

06:57:10 which is where I live.

06:57:12 So upon the face it seems like an inconsistency with the

06:57:19 existing neighborhood.

06:57:20 Now, along with density comes parking.

06:57:23 There's six units proposed, entirely reasonable to assume

06:57:26 that six units would have two residents, each residents

06:57:29 would probably have a car.

06:57:32 That calls for 12 parking spaces plus the council visitor.

06:57:36 Well, the proposal that exists to the exclusion of one

06:57:39 handicapped spot provides for eight spaces.

06:57:44 So providing for eight spaces where you really need 12, plus

06:57:49 somebody more, for our visitors.

06:57:51 Now, you might say on-street parking.

06:57:53 Well, unfortunately along Elberon, there's no ability for

06:57:59 on-street parking.

06:58:00 The individuals would have to park in somebody's front yard

06:58:02 or backyard.

06:58:03 So Elberon is not really an option.

06:58:06 If you move over one street, the street which I front, I

06:58:13 mentioned before that because of existing parking, cars

06:58:16 currently encroach upon the city streets when they park.

06:58:20 As a result, Pilgrims Pathway is essentially a one-lane

06:58:24 street.

06:58:25 So we would like to avoid any further traffic congestion.

06:58:29 We do appreciate the concessions that the proponents made

06:58:34 with respect to the garbage can.

06:58:39 We appreciate that.

06:58:40 But the final thing I wants to bring up to you is the fact

06:58:46 that while a similar discussion about saving trees, nobody

06:58:52 talked about actual destruction of trees.

06:58:59 This is upside down.

06:59:01 Sorry.

06:59:02 With all the discussion of saving the trees, no one has

06:59:05 mentioned that a 29-inch oak right here is going to be

06:59:09 destroyed, and another 23-inch oak over here is going to be

06:59:14 destroyed, and actually a 14-inch oak.

06:59:20 And then there's a 23-inch here.

06:59:22 I'm sorry.

06:59:23 I don't do this all the time.

06:59:25 There's going to be significant tree destruction.

06:59:28 Now, the great thing is all of these things are remedial,

06:59:32 the developer can redesign the proposal to reconfigure the

06:59:35 land and provide parking.

06:59:36 Thank you for your consideration.

06:59:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:59:39 Next, please.

06:59:47 >> Maria Glyson.

06:59:50 I'm here to oppose.

06:59:52 My main concern is the parking issue.

06:59:55 And the safety of the pedestrians.

06:59:56 Thank you.

06:59:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, Maria.

07:00:00 Next, please.

07:00:00 >> Krystal Solie, and I live at 5003 south Elberon Street,

07:00:08 and I am here to oppose TV rezoning, and I appreciate all of

07:00:12 my neighbors' consideration, and the parking.

07:00:14 I agree with them and the safety issue.

07:00:17 Right now we live in an area where there is only a one-way

07:00:22 street.

07:00:22 There is no room for parking on our streets.

07:00:25 And I want to thank them for bringing about the photos that

07:00:28 they have provided, and talking about the consideration to

07:00:33 there being an issue with getting in and outs of those

07:00:37 trees, and I want to bring about consideration with the

07:00:41 six-story -- or six-party building, six-units building,

07:00:48 there only being nine parking spaces essentially.

07:00:51 I think with guests coming about, if there's going to be

07:00:54 parking on the street, and I think thank my neighbors for

07:00:58 showing the pictures about how there's no parking for each

07:01:03 single-family unit, to bring about two guests, there

07:01:08 wouldn't be room for us to pass through.

07:01:11 And also in leaving 6:30 in the morning I see a lot of

07:01:18 health care workers parking in the lots that's provided now.

07:01:22 And traveling a block away to go to work.

07:01:26 So I know that the lot that's there now is utilized for

07:01:30 people that are there to go elsewhere.

07:01:34 So I think it's going to be more cumbersome in the days to

07:01:37 come, and I'm in opposition to it.

07:01:40 Thank you.

07:01:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:01:42 Next, please.

07:01:43 >> Hello. I'm Mark Flodin. I live at 5010 South Elberon

07:01:50 street.

07:01:50 And I'm a relative newcomer to the neighborhood.

07:01:53 I have been here a little less an year.

07:01:54 It's a beautiful neighborhood, very nice neighbors, very

07:01:58 quiet streets, and I'm also opposed to this project because

07:02:03 I like things to stay that way.

07:02:05 Again, all the issues raised by others, I agree with, with

07:02:10 the congestion and the difficulty in navigating the streets

07:02:13 when there's two vehicles.

07:02:15 And that's all I have to say at this time.

07:02:19 Thank you for listening to me.

07:02:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. Flodin.

07:02:24 Next, please.

07:02:25 >> Good evening.

07:02:26 Julie Stamphill Flodin and I also live at 5010 south Elberon

07:02:31 street.

07:02:32 I have been a resident of south Tampa for the past 43 years,

07:02:35 and I welcome change and opportunity.

07:02:38 I have seen a lot of the neighborhoods change for the

07:02:40 better.

07:02:41 I'm not opposed to any type of real estate development or

07:02:44 project.

07:02:45 My husband and I recently purchased the home at 5010 south

07:02:49 Elberon street.

07:02:50 We love the trees, and the intimacy, and just the

07:02:54 neighborhood.

07:02:54 It's peaceful and tranquil.

07:02:56 However, what we have noticed since we have been there is

07:02:59 there is no parking, and traffic congestion is very busy.

07:03:03 In the morning, for example, a lot of people, mothers and

07:03:07 fathers take their children to Ballast Point elementary

07:03:10 school, and it is very congested.

07:03:13 There have been several wrecks that have almost happened.

07:03:17 In addition, this last rain that we had, I couldn't get to

07:03:22 work in the morning because the storm sewers were so clogged

07:03:28 up and our streets flooded.

07:03:30 So with a dense development, that's going to puts even more

07:03:35 stress on our current storm sewers.

07:03:39 So I am opposed to it.

07:03:40 I think everybody -- thank everybody for their time and

07:03:43 efforts that they puts into this.

07:03:45 And I really don't wants to see any neighborhood in South

07:03:47 Tampa destroyed.

07:03:49 Thank you.

07:03:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:03:51 Next, please.

07:03:52 >> Good evening.

07:03:56 Debby Woolfolk, 4911 Elberon, at the corner of Elberon and

07:04:02 Moreland.

07:04:03 John and I have houses next to this project.

07:04:05 And trust me the traffic that goes through there right now

07:04:07 we don't need any more cars.

07:04:11 12 or however amenities going take to accommodate this.

07:04:14 So for safety reasons alone, please reconsider this.

07:04:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:04:18 Next, please.

07:04:19 >> John Genevie.

07:04:27 I live next to this property and I agree with the

07:04:29 Councilwoman and with all of my neighbors and all of the

07:04:31 issues that they presented.

07:04:33 With or without the garbage cans, this is a three-story

07:04:39 motel with a parking lot and I oppose it.

07:04:42 >> Thank you.

07:04:43 Anyone in the audience -- [ Applause ]

07:04:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Please, please, please!

07:04:48 Anyone in the audience who has not spoke or would care to

07:04:54 speak?

07:04:54 I see no one. Mr. Grandoff, you have five minutes.

07:04:58 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

07:04:59 I point out a couple of things that were discussed.

07:05:03 And also remained you of the competent and substantial

07:05:06 evidence rule that is always pending in zoning cases.

07:05:10 First, as Mr. Miller said, that all of the adjacent

07:05:15 properties with multifamily meets or exceed parking

07:05:18 requirements, didn't provide anything to prove that to you

07:05:21 this evening.

07:05:23 Mr. Ennis brings out the south side setbacks adjacent to Mr.

07:05:28 Genevie's properties and he said there's no setback there.

07:05:33 We are planning a ten foot setback which is required in a

07:05:36 commercial district.

07:05:36 If it was a home also would be a seven foot setback.

07:05:39 So that is not competent, substantial evidence.

07:05:41 The setbacks to the rear are being reduced because it backs

07:05:45 up to a parking lot of a commercial building.

07:05:48 Let's me explain to you quickly, the zoning pattern in this

07:05:51 area.

07:06:01 Will this come on?

07:06:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: It's on, yes, sir.

07:06:06 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: I see it now on the monitor.

07:06:07 Here is the property in green.

07:06:09 This is the zoning line between GCG and RS-75.

07:06:14 We are reducing the setback to back up against CG property.

07:06:20 And that's why we are jumping the setback reduction.

07:06:24 And this is testimony not competent, substantial evidence.

07:06:28 The tree in the middle, one of the folks pointed out, is a

07:06:32 Laurel oak that's in decline, and that is classic tree for

07:06:35 removing.

07:06:36 We have to remove the tree -- replace the tree inch

07:06:40 according to the tree table.

07:06:46 We are not held to have a hardship standard.

07:06:48 There was some suggestion we have not met any hardships.

07:06:53 The planned category is 35 dwelling units per acre

07:06:56 commercial community mixed use.

07:06:59 Commercial zoning on the property today.

07:07:03 We can meet the parking code, plenty of room to meet the

07:07:07 parking code but we would have to remove two protective

07:07:10 trees.

07:07:11 Our clients would have the right to remove those at

07:07:13 permitting.

07:07:14 I can return to you often a continued hearing if your

07:07:17 preference is that to come back with a site plan that meets

07:07:19 the parking code.

07:07:20 Competent, substantial evidence.

07:07:23 But to protect the trees, not grand trees -- the grand tree

07:07:26 is not being touched.

07:07:29 But to protect the trees on the south side would be removed.

07:07:33 I have looked at the site.

07:07:35 And I have photographers.

07:07:37 They are marginal oak trees.

07:07:39 But they would be replaced also on the site.

07:07:43 So as for trees being destroyed, trees will be removed,

07:07:47 destroyed, removed, pick your term.

07:07:49 We have to replace them because there can be no net loss of

07:07:53 tree canopy in the city code chapter 13.

07:07:59 Density allows us eight units.

07:08:02 We have scaled down to six units based upon the

07:08:04 comprehensive plan.

07:08:06 One other thing I want to points out is -- excuse me for a

07:08:14 moment.

07:08:15 Let's talk about a CG property.

07:08:23 Commercially general property.

07:08:25 Today under the code, the front yard setback would be 10

07:08:30 feet from Elberon.

07:08:33 Today.

07:08:33 The side would be ten feet on the south.

07:08:36 It could be zero on the north.

07:08:39 We are still providing setback on the north because you have

07:08:42 the ALF parking lot on the north.

07:08:44 Ten feet on the south.

07:08:46 Permittable as of right.

07:08:48 The rear would have a ten-feat feet setback.

07:08:51 The hate can be 45 feet and you can have a building that's

07:08:54 going to be a 1.0 FAR on a 25 -- on quarter acre property.

07:09:01 That's about pretty good building.

07:09:04 And you can go 1.5 finance you put the parking underneath

07:09:07 and we could easily meet code under commercial zoning.

07:09:11 Comprehensive planning encourages this kind of development

07:09:14 with transition from commercial general.

07:09:16 To single-family residential.

07:09:19 I suggest that to you.

07:09:20 We would be willing to continues the application and go back

07:09:24 to the drawing board.

07:09:25 But I think the solution from what I heard tonight is to

07:09:29 provide the parking and replace the trees that will be

07:09:33 removed to provide that parking.

07:09:36 My suggestion was, you already have three more spaces there.

07:09:40 They just won't be paved.

07:09:41 They will be functionally used.

07:09:43 And we could do that the way.

07:09:44 But you have to provide us the waiver this evening.

07:09:47 So those are two solutions we offer.

07:09:49 We are certainly open to continuing and speaking with the

07:09:52 neighborhood further.

07:09:54 We request your approval this evening or whatever you would

07:09:57 prefer.

07:09:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That leaves it wide open for anything.

07:10:01 You covered the world.

07:10:04 Anything else, sir?

07:10:07 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: No.

07:10:08 That's it.

07:10:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:10:09 Any questions by council members?

07:10:12 Ms. Montelione.

07:10:13 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

07:10:18 You mentioned earlier when you first made your presentation

07:10:24 that this could have gone to an administrative review and

07:10:29 they would not have had to file a PD.

07:10:35 Could you explain what would be permitted under the

07:10:40 administrative review process?

07:10:47 What I am trying to get at is what could they zone if not

07:10:56 this PD process?

07:11:00 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Commercial general allows them by right

07:11:03 allows them to build a host of commercial uses on that

07:11:03 property by leaving a ten foot setback all the way around,

07:11:07 as long as they can meet parking and other things.

07:11:11 So commercial general by right allows for medical office.

07:11:15 It allows for general office.

07:11:16 It allows for low intensity retail uses.

07:11:19 It actually allows for vehicle repair minor.

07:11:23 It allows a lot more intensive uses than what you have being

07:11:30 proposed in a residential multifamily use.

07:11:34 What I was referring to was that commercial general allows

07:11:37 for the consideration of multifamily as an S-1.

07:11:42 One of the first criteria is that you meet the RM-24

07:11:45 standards.

07:11:46 So let's me make sure I -- there are some records this

07:11:54 evening and I am not sure all those references were

07:11:56 accurate.

07:11:59 RM-24 requires a front setback of 25 feet, a side setback of

07:12:15 7 feet, and a rear setback of 20 feet.

07:12:18 And that's where we were having an issue of this being

07:12:27 considered that way because of the rear setback.

07:12:34 The rear setback is being driven by the required protective

07:12:37 radius for this 37-inch grand tree, okay?

07:12:44 So he could have turned the building and configured it this

07:12:50 way and had parking.

07:12:51 But you have also the other large specimen trees that we are

07:12:54 referring to on these locations.

07:12:59 Comprehensive plan calls this administrative parking waivers

07:13:01 for the retention of trees.

07:13:03 That was part of your ERA update in the last comp plan

07:13:07 update.

07:13:07 So we could have dealt with the parking issue that way,

07:13:11 because of the large scale of 31-inch, the 23-inch, the

07:13:14 37-inch, 29-inch.

07:13:16 There was an ability there for administrative consideration

07:13:18 of a parking waiver due to the preservation of large

07:13:22 specimen trees, but that wasn't going to help with the

07:13:25 5-foot setback that was also being driven by the trees.

07:13:29 That is why the application is before you tonight as a PD.

07:13:32 It's really that 5-foot right there.

07:13:35 Because that would need to be 20 feet.

07:13:44 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

07:13:46 In that one picture where you showed the garage and also the

07:13:52 gents who lives just to the south, adjacent to the south,

07:13:57 can you show the picture with the garage structure?

07:14:03 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Sure.

07:14:07 And Mr. Grandoff may have to answer this question.

07:14:16 Because I am curious as to what the setback is now on that

07:14:19 garage.

07:14:24 It's obstructed by that tree in the foreground of the

07:14:27 picture.

07:14:28 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Here is a survey of the property.

07:14:35 It's currently 7.4 feet, on a diagonal, 8 feet, 16.2 feet

07:14:42 from the rear property line at the southwest corner and 16.9

07:14:46 feet at the northwest corner.

07:14:49 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So the setback to the house

07:14:53 immediately -- are we still oriented north-south?

07:15:00 I didn't think so.

07:15:02 >> The other north.

07:15:05 >> The other north.

07:15:06 Thank you so much.

07:15:06 >> So the setback that Mr. Grandoff's clients is proposing

07:15:12 ten foot --

07:15:13 >> Is greater than the setback --

07:15:16 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Which is where the garage is right now,

07:15:19 7.4.

07:15:20 Because that in the foreground couldn't be where the

07:15:22 building with the setback was.

07:15:24 Thank you.

07:15:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

07:15:27 Ms. Mulhern, then Mrs. Capin.

07:15:30 >>MARY MULHERN: Mrs. Feeley, when you were answering

07:15:33 Councilwoman Montelione's question about what other types of

07:15:38 uses there could be, when you talk about if it were some

07:15:46 type of commercial use, you mentioned like doctor's office,

07:15:50 and some other things, they would also have to meet parking

07:15:57 requirements, setback requirements, we are still talking

07:16:05 about having limitations on setbacks and trees and parking,

07:16:11 right?

07:16:12 >>ABBYE FEELEY: The site is not over an acre.

07:16:15 So it would not be required to retain 50% of the trees per

07:16:20 code.

07:16:20 The grand tree would require retention.

07:16:23 But other than that, that's a very hypothetical situation.

07:16:28 >>MARY MULHERN: That's what I'm saying.

07:16:31 It is hypothetical.

07:16:32 But we don't just have parking standards and setbacks for

07:16:36 residential.

07:16:37 We have them for commercial buildings, too, correct?

07:16:41 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Yes.

07:16:42 But CG to CG, you may have zero.

07:16:45 So on the north and the west, they could have zero.

07:16:49 >>MARY MULHERN: Oh, zero setback?

07:16:51 Okay.

07:16:52 What about parking?

07:16:54 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Parking is dependent on the use. So a

07:16:57 medical office or general office, you could have a situation

07:16:59 like do you on South Boulevard with Mr. Mechanik's office

07:17:03 where the entire building is elevated because you are

07:17:05 allowed 45 feet by right in commercial general and could you

07:17:08 park it all underneath and have an entryway off of Elberon,

07:17:13 into the building, have double loaded parking spaces there.

07:17:20 75 feet in width.

07:17:21 So you definitely have enough for a double drive aisle that

07:17:25 would meet code.

07:17:30 You can run 100 different scenarios on a property.

07:17:33 >>MARY MULHERN: We are looking at what was proposed today

07:17:35 for this PD, right?

07:17:41 And the waivers they are asking for.

07:17:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Capin.

07:17:47 >> Could you show me the trees we are talking about in order

07:17:51 to meet the parking?

07:17:56 They were removed and then mitigate, correct?

07:17:59 Okay.

07:18:00 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I would assume -- and I have not discussed

07:18:02 this with Mr. Grandoff -- but the only way to put additional

07:18:06 parking on would be to remove this 31-inch, remove this

07:18:11 23-inch --

07:18:36 Probably even if -- Jonathan from transportation here, he is

07:18:43 here so if I am not drawing that properly.

07:18:46 If you remove that, they would pick up three more spaces,

07:18:50 they would actually be overparked by one.

07:18:55 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

07:18:58 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Grandoff, the latter comment that you

07:19:03 made I thought was very appropriate for this occasion here

07:19:07 this evening.

07:19:09 Even though you probably have met all of the requirements

07:19:13 that are necessary for to you move forward on this project,

07:19:16 but I think the key is to have people in the community that

07:19:21 are pleased.

07:19:23 And to me, when we have this many individuals that show up,

07:19:29 and you are not able to work out a solution, a compromise

07:19:32 that they can feel comfortable with, and then you have a lot

07:19:35 of disgruntled people that will cause a lot of headaches for

07:19:41 you down the road or your clients.

07:19:45 I would think -- and the majority of way heard say they have

07:19:52 nothing against the project, they just wants some

07:19:55 adjustments made to accommodate their neighborhood.

07:19:59 And knowing that, and if you think you can make things move

07:20:10 slowly and be able to work with the neighborhood and see if

07:20:12 you can reach some type of compromise and move forward so

07:20:15 that your client would be happier, you have got a bunch of

07:20:18 people who live in that community be happier, and you are

07:20:21 going to have the type of investment project your client

07:20:23 wants in the neighborhood.

07:20:24 So that latter part of your statement that you made, I

07:20:28 think, is appropriate if you are willing to see if you can

07:20:30 work that out with the residents of that community.

07:20:34 I just want to throw that out to you, sir.

07:20:36 >> We are willing to do that, Mr. Reddick.

07:20:38 I appreciate your comments.

07:20:40 Take them very seriously.

07:20:41 But council's pleasure we would request the right to revise

07:20:45 the site plan and return at the July meeting for discussion.

07:20:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any comments, Mr. Suarez?

07:20:53 Back to Mrs. Montelione.

07:20:54 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And Mr. Grandoff, it's only a

07:20:58 suggestion, but looking at the area of where the retention

07:21:03 pond is placed, if there is any ability to attenuate water

07:21:11 some other way, if there's any credits that can be reached

07:21:17 through some kind of what's allowable under our green

07:21:22 ordinance, is there any offset for water retention?

07:21:31 >> We have to treat the first half inch on-site.

07:21:37 We have to provide that on-site.

07:21:39 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Because I'm thinking that your abilities

07:21:47 to reconfigure that retention pond to be son -- some green

07:21:54 type of inclusion in the project?

07:21:56 >> We will certainly look at that.

07:21:58 >> Then maybe you might be able to pick up a couple more

07:22:00 parking spaces.

07:22:01 No?

07:22:02 Abbye is saying no.

07:22:14 Well, you can only pick up three because of the buffer.

07:22:17 >> Well, you solve one problem, you create' oh he oh.

07:22:21 >>LISA MONTELIONE: You would only gets ten.

07:22:23 That's all.

07:22:25 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Mr. Grandoff, you gave us many options when

07:22:27 you came up, and one of them was to continue and look at it

07:22:32 and come back.

07:22:33 And since that is something that you suggested, and Mr.

07:22:39 Reddick was so eloquent in, you know, reiterating what the

07:22:44 neighbors said and what you said, I think that might be

07:22:49 something you may want to ask for.

07:22:54 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: We'll certainly request that right now and

07:22:56 we could come back sooner whatever your agenda provides.

07:22:59 I know you are very crowded in the June hearing.

07:23:01 Or the other hearing that I believe you have on text

07:23:05 amendment.

07:23:06 Whatever is your pleasure.

07:23:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me say this. Let me say this. I

07:23:12 have heard now about continuance and continuance.

07:23:16 You all are here.

07:23:16 Both sides are here, for and against, or against and for,

07:23:20 however you want to put it.

07:23:22 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: I can come up with another idea.

07:23:24 We could come back?

07:23:28 I got an idea. Why don't you meet in this conference room

07:23:30 and let me know what's happening?

07:23:32 Because if you are not going to agree today, you are not

07:23:34 going to agree a month from now, you aren't going to agree

07:23:37 two months from now.

07:23:38 That's just my feeling.

07:23:39 And it's not a bad project -- no, no, no. It's not a bad

07:23:43 project.

07:23:44 I heard scaled down.

07:23:46 I heard different changes.

07:23:47 There's so many scenarios that are out there.

07:23:50 Speak to the neighbors and see walk build now.

07:23:52 I don't nobody but I would like to give you a half hour or

07:23:55 so and then you come back and we'll bring this hearing back,

07:23:58 because you all are here now.

07:24:02 It's like the 8:00 bus is going to leave at 8:00.

07:24:05 And we have been here, and I don't mind being here all day

07:24:09 to satisfy the right thing.

07:24:11 I don't mind taking the votes on the continuation.

07:24:13 >> We could have a first reading this evening conditioned on

07:24:20 the site plan being revised to comply with parking and to

07:24:24 remove the trees --

07:24:25 That's not a compromise between you and the neighborhood.

07:24:28 I understand.

07:24:30 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: I don't want to hold them out all summer

07:24:33 waiting for the next hearing.

07:24:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And I don't blame you.

07:24:37 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: We will be glad to step out and counsel a

07:24:40 little bit.

07:24:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I think there's about eight or nine

07:24:43 chairs here for select members of that organization.

07:24:45 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Maybe even the Mascotte room.

07:24:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Or the Mascotte room downstairs.

07:24:55 That's even better.

07:24:56 >> No charge for that.

07:24:59 [ Laughter ]

07:25:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.

07:25:02 I am going to hold this hearing with council's permission

07:25:04 and all the neighbors here and see what we come back.

07:25:07 You don't want to hold this thing all through the hot

07:25:09 summer.

07:25:10 All right.

07:25:11 We are going to go to item number 5.

07:25:15 Z-13-26.

07:25:47 >>HARRY COHEN: We are going to move on to item number 5.

07:25:50 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

07:25:53 Item number 5 is Z-13-26, located at 3802 west Santiago

07:26:00 street.

07:26:00 The request before you this evening is RS-60 residential

07:26:04 single-family to PD planned development, retail sales,

07:26:08 specialty goods, convenience goods, and office-business

07:26:11 professional.

07:26:11 >> Good evening.

07:26:18 David Hay with your Planning Commission staff.

07:26:21 And I have been sworn.

07:26:22 The site, we continue our number of cases in the South Tampa

07:26:26 planning district.

07:26:27 This one is located along Dale Mabry Highway just south of

07:26:32 Bay to Bay Boulevard.

07:26:33 You can also see that Dale Mabry Highway is designated as a

07:26:37 transit emphasis corridor.

07:26:42 Other than the aerials.

07:26:44 The subject site is in the center of the map.

07:26:47 To the north we have the intersection of Dale Mabry Highway

07:26:50 and Bay to Bay.

07:26:51 South of Bay to Bay along Dale Mabry we have mostly office

07:26:53 uses with some existing commercial use south of Obispo

07:27:00 street about two blocks south, remaining areas are primarily

07:27:05 detached residential in character.

07:27:07 Finally, we have the future land use map.

07:27:10 The subject site and properties running north and south

07:27:12 along Dale Mabry highway are designated residential 20.

07:27:17 The light tan color within the residential neighborhoods is

07:27:20 residential 10.

07:27:21 And the yellow to the north is the residential 6.

07:27:24 Although our Planning Commission staff found the proposed

07:27:27 rezoning to planned development to allow professional retail

07:27:30 uses meets the intent of the commercial locational criteria

07:27:33 as outlined within the comprehensive plan, the proposed

07:27:36 design of the structure which is residential in character is

07:27:39 appropriate for this area, and the use if properly screened

07:27:44 will not create any negative impact on adjacent residential

07:27:47 uses.

07:27:48 Therefore, based on all that and the goals, objectives and

07:27:51 policies of the comprehensive plan, Planning Commission

07:27:53 staff finds the rezoning request consistent with the Tampa

07:27:55 comprehensive plan.

07:27:56 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

07:28:04 As I mentioned, RS-60 residential single-family to PD,

07:28:08 planned development, for retail sales, specialty goods,

07:28:12 convenience goods, and office, business professional.

07:28:15 There are two waivers being requested.

07:28:17 The first is the reduction of the 15-foot residential buffer

07:28:22 requirement to 4-foot with a 6-foot high masonry wall along

07:28:26 the western boundary, and the second is to reduce the south

07:28:30 Dale Mabry highway special street setback, of 45 feet to 35

07:28:34 feet for any building or structure on the property measured

07:28:37 from the center line of the road.

07:28:39 That waiver would need to be added in between first and

07:28:42 second reading.

07:28:43 The request before you is to rezoning from RS-60 to PD for

07:28:49 retail stars as I mentioned.

07:28:51 The Pinellas County application seeks to demolish the

07:28:54 existing single-family residential home and to construct a

07:28:57 two-story, 4400 -- 4,480 square foot building along the

07:29:04 southern portion of the property.

07:29:10 It is oriented towards south Dale Mabry with surface parking

07:29:14 to the north.

07:29:15 The setbacks are as follows -- north 106 feet along west

07:29:20 Santiago street, south 29 feet along Wesleyion, west 9 feet

07:29:26 adjacent to residential, and east 5-foot along south Dale

07:29:30 Mabry highway.

07:29:31 Maximum building height is proposed at 35 feet.

07:29:34 A total of 13 spaces are required and 13 spaces are being

07:29:38 provided including one ADA space.

07:29:41 Site plan shows an optional 4-foot high decorative fence to

07:29:45 be located along the street frontage on south Dale Mabry

07:29:48 highway.

07:29:50 The site is surrounded by residential use, to the west and

07:29:53 to the south, commercial uses to the north and east, and

07:29:57 elevations have been provided.

07:30:02 The zoning atlas, south Dale Mabry highway located to the

07:30:07 east, Santiago to the north, San Juan to the south.

07:30:16 There are two PDs.

07:30:18 There are several PDs along this corridor.

07:30:21 One to the north is office park.

07:30:25 Immediately to the north is Bay to Bay.

07:30:26 Smith and associates, engineering located across the street,

07:30:32 also other business office across the street on the east

07:30:36 side of south Dale Mabry highway.

07:30:42 Really what you have on this one is more of a double lot

07:30:44 towards west Santiago and a single lot on the west San Juan

07:30:49 that owned in common ownership to create one zoning lot.

07:30:55 Go ahead and show you some photos of the site.

07:31:01 Here is the subject property.

07:31:02 For many of you who drive this segment of south Dale Mabry,

07:31:07 this property does have an extensive 6-foot wood fence that

07:31:10 runs from one side to the other side from the north to the

07:31:15 south along south Dale Mabry.

07:31:17 This is where I just told you this would be replaced a 4

07:31:20 foot decorative high fence.

07:31:22 This is west of the site.

07:31:26 It's also west of the site on the south side.

07:31:29 Santiago.

07:31:31 Immediately across the site.

07:31:36 On the north side of Santiago.

07:31:42 This is immediately to the west of the site on San Juan.

07:31:46 This is the southwest corner of San Juan and south Dale

07:31:51 Mabry.

07:31:53 Here is looking north on Dale Mabry from the subject

07:31:55 property.

07:31:58 Immediately east.

07:32:01 Also east.

07:32:07 And this is the southeast corner of Dale Mabry, and San

07:32:14 Juan.

07:32:20 There are a few minor modifications that need to be made.

07:32:27 Given the underlying land use designation of the R-20, they

07:32:33 cannot have general commercial shoppers goods.

07:32:39 So there are some general references to some general

07:32:43 commercial use or retail uses on the site plan.

07:32:46 We would like to have those cleaned up.

07:32:48 The specialty retail use is limited to 2 that you square

07:32:51 feet.

07:32:53 So I'm asking that those corrections be made to the site

07:32:56 plan in between first and second reading.

07:32:58 In addition, there are some comments from transportation.

07:33:01 One is about adding that center setback waiver.

07:33:06 The second is to adjust the fencing proposed for south Dale

07:33:09 Mabry to make sure that it is outside of the site visibility

07:33:12 triangles of that property at the intersection of Santiago

07:33:18 and San Juan.

07:33:19 Those are the minor modifications required between first and

07:33:22 second reading.

07:33:23 Staff did find the request consistent.

07:33:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Abbye.

07:33:28 Petitioner?

07:33:29 >> Good evening.

07:33:33 Dick La Rosa with La Rosa Civil Design.

07:33:37 I have been sworn.

07:33:37 3300 North Armenia Avenue in Tampa.

07:33:40 I'm here representing the applicant.

07:33:42 The request tonight is primarily for specialty retail and

07:33:46 use.

07:33:48 The tenants and prime property owner currently lease space

07:33:52 just north of this on Dale Mabry.

07:33:54 It's David Alexander jewelry, and then his wife owns Smarty

07:33:58 Pants which is a specialized kids boutique.

07:34:01 The intents here is to build a two-story residential

07:34:09 infrastructure that David Alexander would occupy the top

07:34:12 floor and the Children's Boutique the bottom floor.

07:34:15 There would be a small office component which would take up

07:34:18 the other 480 square feet of the building which would be an

07:34:21 office for David Alexander holdings, would be a small

07:34:26 business special office.

07:34:27 That is our primary goal here tonight.

07:34:30 What I will do is go through the steps that we have done to

07:34:32 try to fit in with the neighborhood.

07:34:34 We recognize that it is residential area, and we try to take

07:34:40 steps to go ahead and minimize the impacts.

07:34:44 I'll go to the overhead.

07:34:47 What we have done is tried to align our building along with

07:35:06 the face of the residents there that is on champon street.

07:35:16 We did request access to Dale Mabry, but because of spacing,

07:35:20 D.O.T. would not grant it so we do have an right-out and

07:35:24 left-in coming into the property.

07:35:28 The thing to know about specialty retail is that traffic is

07:35:32 very minimal.

07:35:33 And it does not occur at peak hours.

07:35:36 A lot of office use.

07:35:38 You will find they generate more traffic and they also occur

07:35:42 during your A.M. peak hour and your 5 p.m. peak hour.

07:35:47 Specialty retail is a very limited use.

07:35:50 We have also on our plan limited the hours of operation from

07:35:52 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

07:36:00 We are proposing a 6-foot screen wall that will buffer in

07:36:05 between this use and the adjacent residential uses.

07:36:08 We actually walked around the neighborhood to explain what

07:36:12 our intent was and actually we did get surprisingly a

07:36:16 favorable response.

07:36:17 I know there are some people that are, you know, against

07:36:20 having a commercial use into the neighborhood.

07:36:23 And I understand that.

07:36:24 I think here, though, recognizes south Dale Mabry highway,

07:36:28 the 2012 trips, a matter of a round 40,000 trips per day,

07:36:32 heavily traveled.

07:36:33 Roadway.

07:36:34 We spoke to Mr. Hurley who lives here, just west of where

07:36:39 the building is going to go.

07:36:41 Just sold his property.

07:36:43 He felt it would be a good buffer, attenuate the noise

07:36:47 because the building itself would block the noise as well as

07:36:49 the screen wall.

07:36:50 He was in support.

07:36:51 He informed the buyer as well, and it's my understanding

07:36:54 from an e-mail from him today that she had no objections to

07:36:57 it as well.

07:36:59 I'll go ahead and show you the building, what we have here.

07:37:03 What we did was the architect took a look at some of the

07:37:06 structures in the area, and we tried to frame the building

07:37:08 around to kind of match and fit in with the neighborhood.

07:37:14 Again, we have talked to the neighbors, tried to explain

07:37:17 what our use is here.

07:37:19 We feel it's an appropriate fit to the neighborhood.

07:37:21 And we would request your approval.

07:37:24 If you have any questions, please feel free.

07:37:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members?

07:37:28 Thank you very much.

07:37:29 Anyone in the audience care speak to this item 5, Z-13-26.

07:37:33 Please come forward.

07:37:34 Ladies first.

07:37:46 >> My name is Bruce Scott.

07:37:48 I live at 3821 San Juan street, which is the same side of

07:37:53 the street the building will be going on, but towards Church

07:37:58 Street, so maybe three quarters of a block down.

07:38:02 I have got several concerns.

07:38:06 First of all, it's a residential area.

07:38:09 It's been zoned residential since time began, I suppose.

07:38:13 And I see no reason why it can't remain that way.

07:38:18 One of the arguments that I heard is that, well, nobody

07:38:21 wants to put a house that close to Dale Mabry.

07:38:25 And what I would like to do is show you some pictures of

07:38:28 houses on Dale Mabry only two blocks away.

07:38:32 This one here, this is two blocks north of Bay to Bay.

07:38:39 Here is the address.

07:38:42 It's a single lot with a nice two-story home on it.

07:38:47 These others are bigger homes but they are also on like a

07:38:51 lot and a half which would work fine on Santiago.

07:38:54 And I have got several nice homes.

07:38:56 So the argument that you can't put a residential house on

07:39:00 Dale Mabry, here is Dale Mabry right here.

07:39:03 And this house is on Barcelona.

07:39:07 So that argument, I don't think, holds water, that you can't

07:39:10 get by with putting a nice residence on a lot that's already

07:39:16 zoned residential.

07:39:19 To fit the neighborhood.

07:39:21 One other argumentative is, I don't like encroachment.

07:39:27 If this gets rezoned, I'm sure that the property immediately

07:39:30 across the street is going to be down here wanting to do the

07:39:34 same thing for them.

07:39:35 And me along with the other neighbors are concerned about

07:39:43 encroachment.

07:39:44 I guess that's all I can say right now.

07:39:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. Scott.

07:39:47 Next, please.

07:39:48 >> I'm Ruth Scott.

07:39:52 I live at 3821 west San Juan street.

07:39:55 My husband and I have lived in our house for 42 years.

07:39:59 We also own a house at 3816 San Juan street where my mother

07:40:04 lives.

07:40:05 My daughter and her family live across the street.

07:40:09 And we feel like this is a detriment to our neighborhood.

07:40:13 We have been here before to fight the rezoning of this

07:40:16 property, and again we do feel like if someone is willing to

07:40:20 develop it as a residential property that is a viable

07:40:23 option.

07:40:23 Thank you.

07:40:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:40:26 Next, please.

07:40:27 >> Good evening council members.

07:40:31 My name is Kris Landkammer.

07:40:36 I was fortunate enough to have been here in 2007 on the same

07:40:39 issue.

07:40:41 Yes, I know that some of you, one of you may remember that.

07:40:44 We came and responsible about the issue of neighborhoods

07:40:48 then.

07:40:48 And actually, the rezoning from residential to commercial

07:40:52 was not granted.

07:40:57 Now we are here for the same reason, residential to retail.

07:41:01 And it's with the addition of waivers.

07:41:04 Waivers in distance, waivers in use.

07:41:08 I didn't quite understand all of that.

07:41:10 But at the second reading, there will be waivers brought

07:41:14 forth.

07:41:15 I'm here because I don't own the house at 3813 San Juan

07:41:21 anymore.

07:41:22 After that, we won that rezoning, my husband and I felt

07:41:27 comfortable to sell that house to our son and his wife.

07:41:31 We now have a six-month-old grandson that lives at 3813.

07:41:39 It really distresses me that his neighborhood is not the

07:41:43 neighborhood we envisioned.

07:41:46 Encroachment is the word.

07:41:48 That is exactly what is going to happen.

07:41:51 These are nice homes.

07:41:53 This is a wonderful community.

07:41:55 I can't say enough about it.

07:41:57 But you know the streets are narrow.

07:42:00 I feel badly for the people on Santiago that have to take

07:42:04 the traffic in and out of this planned rezoning.

07:42:09 At least on San Juan, we don't have to see that.

07:42:12 But I beg of you to think of the bigger picture.

07:42:15 Think of our city.

07:42:17 Think of our neighborhood.

07:42:18 There are many, many viable retail spaces up and down Dale

07:42:22 Mabry.

07:42:24 Why do we have to go backwards from residential to retail?

07:42:30 We just heard the other rezoning where they want ton gone to

07:42:35 be retail.

07:42:36 It doesn't make sense to me.

07:42:39 Residential in South Tampa is where it is.

07:42:42 That's where people want to be.

07:42:44 That's where the value is.

07:42:47 The real value.

07:42:48 The value of our children, our community, and I have a quote

07:42:54 from what the gentleman on the prior rezoning said.

07:42:57 It's an attempt to change the rules to enhance the return on

07:43:01 investments.

07:43:02 Thank you very much.

07:43:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

07:43:05 Appreciate it very much.

07:43:06 Next, please.

07:43:06 >> My name is Gabriel Bagay, 3820 west San Juan.

07:43:16 I have spoken with both the prior owner now, buying the

07:43:21 property and putting this place in.

07:43:23 They are nice people but still we are residential.

07:43:27 And with the traffic being the way it is, it's already

07:43:30 getting heavy on our street during the afternoon and

07:43:33 evenings where people are cutting down San Juan and Santiago

07:43:37 trying to escape the light at Bay to Bay in Dale Mabry,

07:43:41 cutting through, getting to Church, then trying to go north.

07:43:44 And adding, you know, additional business there and

07:43:49 definitely across the street on the south side of San Juan

07:43:52 is definitely going to try to get rezoning for commercial

07:43:56 development right behind him south on the next street is

07:44:01 already a professional development, a real estate agency

07:44:06 that's there.

07:44:07 So just trying to eliminate the amount of business traffic

07:44:11 that could be coming down our streets.

07:44:14 Thank you.

07:44:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Gabriel.

07:44:16 Next, please.

07:44:17 >> Good evening.

07:44:21 My name is John Landkammer, 3813 west San Juan street.

07:44:25 I have been sworn.

07:44:26 I live three houses down on San Juan from the project.

07:44:34 I know David Alexander jewelers and Smarty Pants.

07:44:37 They already have space.

07:44:39 It's in a well-developed commercial shopping plaza a mail

07:44:44 down the road on Dale Mabry.

07:44:49 There is a traditional space on Dale Mabry for such a

07:44:52 project.

07:44:52 It's already constructed.

07:44:54 It is not in a residential area.

07:44:57 However, for some reason they want to move this project into

07:45:01 an area that's predominated by residential use.

07:45:06 The other commercial structures in the area located right on

07:45:08 Dale Mabry are not retail oriented at all.

07:45:13 They are office space.

07:45:15 There is not traffic flowing in and out.

07:45:17 It is people going to work and generally staying there

07:45:20 throughout the day.

07:45:26 Further, this is a very narrow part of Dale Mabry.

07:45:28 There is not a lot extra room.

07:45:30 There's no shoulder.

07:45:31 This area, if people are stopping and slamming on their

07:45:35 breaks, there is going to be traffic accidents in fronts of

07:45:36 this property.

07:45:38 The streets on San Juan and Santiago are very narrow.

07:45:41 If there's a car parked in the street, which there often are

07:45:44 already, they are going to have to go around them, stop, and

07:45:49 delayed by piles of cars trying to get on the road to get

07:45:52 over to church from Dale Mabry.

07:45:54 Residential areas need a buffer.

07:45:57 The buffer here is the end cap of this property.

07:46:01 Be a residential using of that property is from Dale Mabry.

07:46:07 Maybe that will not get the most value that the property can

07:46:10 obtain, but it maintains a clear residential distinction.

07:46:15 This property has never been developed as commercial.

07:46:20 I do have a six month old child.

07:46:22 I plan on having more.

07:46:23 There's lots of kid on the street.

07:46:24 Many of them play on the street.

07:46:26 This is going to bring additional traffic into a residential

07:46:29 area.

07:46:30 This is not the best use of the property.

07:46:33 This is not necessary development for this area or for the

07:46:36 property.

07:46:38 And then what happens when the building closes and somebody

07:46:42 else wants to move in?

07:46:44 It's not a jewelry store and a child's clothing store but a

07:46:48 lingerie shop or somebody else that wants to move into the

07:46:51 same space.

07:46:52 These are issues that are going to come up.

07:46:54 And the use issues are a huge problem here whereby this is a

07:46:57 residential neighborhood.

07:46:58 Thank you.

07:46:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, John.

07:47:00 Anyone else who has not spoken would care to speak at this

07:47:02 time?

07:47:03 I see no one.

07:47:03 Petitioner, you have five minutes.

07:47:08 >> I would like to address some of the concerns.

07:47:12 When you look at the zoning map and you look at the future

07:47:14 land use, there's a clear divide along those lights that

07:47:20 abuts Dale Mabry to R-20 ends at this property, meaning to

07:47:26 the west of us where the neighborhood is, you get down to

07:47:28 the R-10 which is a lot less intense.

07:47:31 So encroaching further past that, I don't foresee council

07:47:37 doing that. Use of the retail is very limited in traffic,

07:47:40 in fact the parking requirements are about maybe 1.1 or so

07:47:45 spaces per thousand.

07:47:46 They do not generate much traffic at all.

07:47:51 We have done pretty much what we can to fit in with the

07:47:53 neighborhood.

07:47:54 You know, we think this is a perfect transition from Dale

07:47:56 Mabry which is the major arterial road to a neighborhood

07:48:00 itself, and I think the concerns about fought uses and

07:48:04 things of that nature, they will be bound bit by the hours

07:48:07 of operation that weave we put on the PD plan.

07:48:11 There's only certain uses that will be allowed, not

07:48:14 shoppers' goods there, won't be a lingerie shop or anything

07:48:17 would be allowed to go in there.

07:48:19 So I think watch we have done is really tried to kind of

07:48:22 refine this plan to limit specifically what we are here for,

07:48:27 which is specialty retail, you know, to uses do they lease

07:48:33 space down the street, but now they would like to own their

07:48:36 own place of occupancy?

07:48:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.

07:48:42 Any questions by council members?

07:48:43 Mr. Suarez?

07:48:46 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Ms. Feeley?

07:48:50 I haven't talked to you yet so it's my turn.

07:48:52 I assume that the reason why the interest on Santiago is

07:48:57 because of FDOT won't allow an entrance off of Dale Mabry,

07:49:02 correct?

07:49:03 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Correct.

07:49:04 The applicant was denied access by FDOT to Dale Mabry.

07:49:07 >>MIKE SUAREZ: The second question is, with this particular

07:49:13 rezoning, if for some reason this particular type of

07:49:18 business is no longer viable, leaves, what other uses

07:49:25 without rezoning can go into that space based on the zoning

07:49:28 itself?

07:49:28 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Another specialty retail user.

07:49:35 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And they can run the gamut of a lot of

07:49:38 different things?

07:49:41 I mean, specialty can mean a lot of different definitions, I

07:49:46 would assume.

07:49:46 >> Specialty is actually the more restrictive.

07:49:51 It's the convenience goods, the retail sales can be goods

07:49:57 that allows for a little bit, I think, more intensive,

07:50:01 because that, if I can just read the two definitions, the

07:50:05 convenience goods is commercial establishments, commercial

07:50:08 needs of a residential neighborhood, including but not

07:50:11 limited to drugstores, tobacco shops, news stands, bakeries,

07:50:15 confectioneries, delicatessens, stores with less than 10

07:50:21 that you square feet and eating and drinking establishments.

07:50:27 Excluded from this is retail sales, spirits and liquor.

07:50:31 So that would be a liquor store.

07:50:35 Specialty goods would be commercial establishments that

07:50:38 cater to particularized markets such as collectors, and

07:50:43 offering a single type or closely related type of

07:50:45 merchandise oriented toward impulsive, discretionary

07:50:50 purchases rather than satisfaction of regular or recurring

07:50:53 needs.

07:50:53 And that's why David Alexander Jewelry, Smarty Pants, that's

07:51:02 specialty retail.

07:51:03 Now, the way --

07:51:05 >>MIKE SUAREZ: The only reason I ask is because Mr.

07:51:07 Landkammer said about a lingerie shop which would fit

07:51:13 directly into that.

07:51:17 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Yes, sir.

07:51:19 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Go ahead.

07:51:20 >> A cigar shop is also a specialty retail.

07:51:26 Florist.

07:51:28 Let me go back to where I was.

07:51:31 Needs of a community including but not limited -- sorry,

07:51:34 lost my place.

07:51:37 Merchandise oriented towards impulsive, the satisfaction of

07:51:42 regular recurring needs.

07:51:43 Included in this use type is accessory custom manufacturing

07:51:47 which includes on-site sale only of craft, jewelry or

07:51:51 related specialty items.

07:51:52 Individual establishments will have relatively small floor

07:51:55 areas, not more than 2 that you square feet, typical uses

07:51:59 would include storefronts, flowers or plants, gifts,

07:52:05 novelties, souvenirs, beachwear or antiques.

07:52:08 >> One of the problems that we have with this particular

07:52:12 type of zoning is that it's off a major, you know, highway

07:52:17 essentially.

07:52:21 Most -- I know that there is another -- retail spots, but

07:52:29 very small retail usually in conjunction with office space

07:52:34 just south of there, across the street from other spots in

07:52:37 terms where all those PD pieces are.

07:52:40 And of course they usually have access to Dale Mabry and not

07:52:45 to the side street.

07:52:47 Not exclusively but most of them.

07:52:49 And so when I see something like this, I always know that

07:52:54 D.O.T. doesn't like to have ingress and egress off of Dale

07:52:57 Mabry.

07:52:58 But at the same time we have away to balance the rights of

07:53:04 the individual property owners based on their reported use

07:53:09 of the property.

07:53:09 Since there is no way to have been do that, and I'm not sure

07:53:16 where we are going to end up on this, because I know

07:53:19 Santiago very well.

07:53:22 Actually, I looked to try to buy a home, my first home on

07:53:26 that street, and I know how narrow it is.

07:53:29 Funny that they mention Mr. Hurley.

07:53:31 I remember going to his house walking door to door when I

07:53:34 ran for office.

07:53:35 So I know exactly where this location is at.

07:53:38 I appreciate you answering my questions.

07:53:42 And thanks for putting me straight on a lot of this.

07:53:46 Thanks.

07:53:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Other council members?

07:53:48 Mr. Cohen?

07:53:48 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much.

07:53:50 I would like to follow up on where Mr. Suarez was going,

07:53:53 just so I can understand exactly.

07:53:55 And one of our challenges here, when we make a change to be

07:54:03 a piece of property like this, it's not just for the use

07:54:09 that's being proposed now, but this is a change that would

07:54:12 go with the land, and I'm wondering sporting goods stores,

07:54:18 furniture and home furnishing stores, automotive supply

07:54:22 stores, appliance stores.

07:54:26 Are those prohibitive?

07:54:29 Those are all prohibited at this site, correct?

07:54:33 >> Which definition are you reading from?

07:54:34 I'm sorry.

07:54:35 Abbye Feeley.

07:54:37 >> I'm on the first bullet point.

07:54:39 >>ABBYE FEELEY: My revision is to take all of those things

07:54:41 off.

07:54:42 The way the site plan is right now, there is just retail.

07:54:45 It says retail.

07:54:46 And what I am asking is that the retail be revised to state

07:54:51 specialty retail which is the one definition that I just

07:54:54 read, or the convenience goods retail.

07:54:57 So --

07:54:58 >>HARRY COHEN: So all those categories that I am looking at

07:55:01 here are -- things that could be put onto this piece of

07:55:08 property.

07:55:08 >> Correct.

07:55:11 >>HARRY COHEN: Just for clarification's sake, can you just

07:55:13 explain again, what is exactly the types of uses that could

07:55:18 be permitted under this classification?

07:55:23 >>ABBYE FEELEY: What the applicant has requested was either

07:55:27 the specialty retail, which is retail sale specialty goods

07:55:34 which I just read, which is the craft, jewelry, the things

07:55:38 that do not sustain daily needs type of things, that you

07:55:42 have to actually go in and speak out as a specialized retail

07:55:47 purchase, and the other is the convenience goods, which is

07:55:50 the commercial establishments generally day to day, but

07:55:55 including but not limited to drugstores, tobacco shop, news

07:55:59 stands, bakeries, delicatessens, food stores of less than

07:56:03 10,000 square feet, which this only has 4,000.

07:56:11 You can only change to the convenience goods as much as he

07:56:12 could park, because there's no parking waiver.

07:56:16 Okay?

07:56:17 So he's got 4400 square feet, 4480, which at specialty

07:56:22 retail and some office, he adequately parks on the site.

07:56:26 Any changes that are occurring in that shell are going to

07:56:31 need to satisfy parking because he has not requested a

07:56:33 parking waiver from you this evening.

07:56:35 So business, professional office, 3.3,'s spaces per

07:56:44 thousand -- sorry.

07:56:45 The other a 4.

07:56:48 So he would have to configure what's in there.

07:56:51 He couldn't break the bank, so to speak, by doing all 4400

07:56:55 at a full convenience retail, because he wouldn't have

07:56:57 adequate parking, I don't believe.

07:56:59 >>HARRY COHEN: How about a medical office?

07:57:02 >> No medical office.

07:57:03 >>HARRY COHEN: No medical office would fit in.

07:57:05 >> No.

07:57:06 Business, professional office only.

07:57:08 There was not a request for medical.

07:57:10 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.

07:57:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Montelione, then Mrs. Capin.

07:57:16 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

07:57:19 Where I am seeing some conflicting language, Ms. Feeley, is

07:57:31 the part of shoppers goods that general retail is being

07:57:36 stricken in the paragraph.

07:57:41 One of the categories is apparel.

07:57:44 And you said that Smarty Pants was a children's shop, were

07:57:53 not the items being sold at Smarty Pants be apparel?

07:57:58 >> Councilwoman Montelione, thank you for that question.

07:58:01 Earlier in this process, we sat down, the applicant sat down

07:58:05 with Gloria Moreda, the zoning administrator and asked for

07:58:08 an interpretation of use. They did discuss what is made

07:58:11 there, how it is hand made, it's specifically embroidered,

07:58:15 unique to only special orders for those children, and she

07:58:19 did make that determination that she would consider that

07:58:22 specialty retail.

07:58:23 >>LISA MONTELIONE: It's clothing, though.

07:58:29 >> It's specialized clothing that was presented to her in

07:58:32 that manner.

07:58:33 I can't speak on behalf of her determination.

07:58:35 That was the determination that was made.

07:58:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Just a second.

07:58:39 We are everything a little discussion.

07:58:41 Don't get antsy.

07:58:42 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.

07:58:47 I guess, also, as Councilman Cohen pointed out, what we

07:58:53 rezoned, we are looking at not just this use in the present

07:58:56 but also in the future.

07:58:58 So correcting the site data to state retail sales is to me a

07:59:10 very broad --

07:59:15 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I'm having the retail sales come out.

07:59:18 On the revision sheet if you see what's on the building

07:59:20 right now, it says retail.

07:59:22 It also says 2000 specialty retail, which pursuant to code,

07:59:26 the definition of specialty retail is limited to 2000 square

07:59:30 feet.

07:59:30 So, sorry, this is my marked-up one, but this is what I

07:59:35 don't want on there, that I am trying to have been

07:59:38 corrected.

07:59:40 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm looking at the revision sheet and

07:59:42 the third bullet point says correct site data to state

07:59:50 permitted uses, retail sales, comma, convenience goods or

07:59:55 office, comma, professional/business professional up to 2480

08:00:01 square feet and retail sales specialty goods up to 2,000

08:00:05 square feet or residential single-family as existing.

08:00:10 That's telling me you want -- and maybe it's just a typo.

08:00:16 >>ABBYE FEELEY: If you look in the code, that's how retail

08:00:18 sales is called out.

08:00:19 Let me pull the sheet out for you.

08:00:21 And what we do when we put them on-site plans is we do it

08:00:24 exactly as is in the code.

08:00:35 That is how the code recites it.

08:00:37 Retail sales, comma, shoppers goods.

08:00:43 Retail sales, convenience goods.

08:00:45 So I'm asking that the be put on exactly as it is in the

08:00:48 code.

08:00:48 So 20 years from now when Abbye Feeley isn't here anymore

08:00:53 and doesn't remember any of these things --

08:00:59 >>LISA MONTELIONE: She may just not remember.

08:01:01 >>ABBYE FEELEY: And say, okay, these are the two categories

08:01:04 of retail sales that were applicable on this property.

08:01:06 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.

08:01:08 Understood.

08:01:09 It's confusion.

08:01:10 Our code is not written exactly clearly sometimes.

08:01:14 Thank you.

08:01:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Capin.

08:01:19 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you, Councilwoman Montelione.

08:01:22 Very helpful.

08:01:24 So you are saying that these two are applicable on the

08:01:30 retail sales.

08:01:32 Other than that, the rest has been stricken.

08:01:35 >>ABBYE FEELEY: That is where I am at.

08:01:39 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Let's talk about the ingress-egress which is

08:01:42 on the street, on Santiago.

08:01:50 Left in, right out.

08:01:51 No?

08:01:53 How is that keeping that way?

08:01:55 Oh, because of the --

08:02:00 >>ABBYE FEELEY: The proposed curb that would channelize back

08:02:03 toward Dale Mabry.

08:02:06 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.

08:02:09 I just wanted to see that again.

08:02:11 Thank you.

08:02:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other discussion by council members?

08:02:16 Have I given you rebuttal time?

08:02:22 >> A few minutes, yes.

08:02:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I am going to give you another minute

08:02:26 because I don't think you took the full five.

08:02:28 Let's go.

08:02:29 >> Thank you very much.

08:02:31 What I would like to do because there seems to be concerns

08:02:33 about the use, we would go ahead and restrict our uses to

08:02:36 specialty retail and take out the convenience shoppers goods

08:02:39 off, so it would be business professional office and

08:02:42 specialty retail.

08:02:43 That's it.

08:02:44 We would take the other convenience shoppers off the plan.

08:02:47 Then to address about the specialty retail, about the

08:02:50 apparel, if you look at the definitions we were kind of

08:02:52 confused as well. A jewelry shop falls into both

08:02:56 categories, fanned you go to a jewelry shop, say, in the

08:02:59 mall that's more of a retail use.

08:03:01 This is -- the jewelry shop here, is specialty jewelry,

08:03:06 custom made.

08:03:07 I think that's where the difference lies.

08:03:08 The clothes at Smarty Pants are custom made and that's what

08:03:12 pushes them into the specialty retail category.

08:03:15 As I say we will just ask for specialty retail, special

08:03:18 office, that's it, and we'll make that change before the

08:03:20 second reading.

08:03:21 Thank you.

08:03:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

08:03:23 Okay.

08:03:26 Anything else by council members?

08:03:27 Need a motion to close.

08:03:29 Motion made by Mrs. Montelione, seconded by Mr. Reddick.

08:03:32 All in favor of the motion to close please signify by saying

08:03:35 yay.

08:03:36 Opposed nay.

08:03:37 The ayes have it.

08:03:38 The hearing is now closed.

08:03:40 What's the pleasure of council?

08:03:44 Mrs. Montelione.

08:03:45 Month Montelione I move to approve -- hang on a second here.

08:03:53 The rezoning.

08:03:57 Sorry about that.

08:04:00 Looking at my agenda because my draft agenda is hard to

08:04:02 read.

08:04:05 Number 5.

08:04:07 Okay.

08:04:08 An ordinance being presented for first reading and

08:04:10 consideration, an ordinance rezoning property in the general

08:04:12 vicinity of 3802 west San Diego street in the city of Tampa,

08:04:16 Florida and more particularly described in section 1 from

08:04:19 zoning district classification RS 16 residential

08:04:22 single-family to PD, planned development, retail sales,

08:04:26 specialty goods, convenience goods and office, business,

08:04:30 professional, providing an effective date, with the revision

08:04:33 sheet as estimated by Ms. Feeley and also to include the

08:04:37 revision that the applicant has stated to restrict the sales

08:04:41 to the two categories that you mentioned.

08:04:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion do. I have a second?

08:04:46 >> Second.

08:04:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a second by Mr. Cohen.

08:04:49 Motion by Mrs. Montelione.

08:04:50 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I'm sorry, I need to interrupt.

08:04:56 I understand since the application is now really being

08:04:59 amended to remove convenience goods, it did remain in the

08:05:03 title, so I am going to need to ask you to read that title

08:05:06 again without the convenience goods and then go ahead and

08:05:08 substitute that ordinance for second reading.

08:05:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Montelione, would you read that

08:05:16 again?

08:05:18 >> An ordinance being presented for first reading and

08:05:20 consideration, an ordinance rezoning the property in the

08:05:23 general vicinity of 38072 west San Diego street in the city

08:05:27 of Tampa, Florida more particularly described in section 1

08:05:29 from zoning district classifications RS 16 residential

08:05:32 single-family to PD planned development, retail sales,

08:05:34 specialty goods and office, business professional, providing

08:05:38 an effective date including the revision sheet submit bid

08:05:41 Mrs. Feeley.

08:05:42 >> Second.

08:05:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a second by Mr. Cohen.

08:05:48 Any discussion by council members?

08:05:49 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

08:05:52 Opposed nay.

08:05:54 Nay.

08:05:54 >>THE CLERK: May I ask for a voice?

08:05:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You got it.

08:06:00 Voice vote.

08:06:01 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Nay.

08:06:06 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yay.

08:06:09 >>FRANK REDDICK: Yay.

08:06:10 >>MARY MULHERN: No.

08:06:12 >>HARRY COHEN: Yes.

08:06:13 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes.

08:06:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Nay.

08:06:15 >> Motion carried with Suarez, Mulhern and Montelione voting

08:06:23 no.

08:06:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No, no, no.

08:06:25 >> Miranda voting no.

08:06:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No.

08:06:30 Motion fails.

08:06:30 >>YVONNE CAPIN: No.

08:06:32 >> 4-3. Motion carried with Suarez, Mulhern and Miranda

08:06:37 voting no.

08:06:38 Second reading and adoption will be on June 6th at 9:30

08:06:40 a.m.

08:06:41 Thank you.

08:06:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me ask a question here.

08:06:49 And I apologize for asking this.

08:06:51 But I thought the motion was for approval.

08:06:53 >> It was for approval.

08:06:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion and second.

08:06:58 But it came out, if it's approval, you have four nays and

08:07:01 three yays.

08:07:02 How can it be approved?

08:07:04 >>THE CLERK: There was three nays and four yays.

08:07:12 The motion carried with Suarez, Mulhern and Miranda voting

08:07:15 no.

08:07:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.

08:07:17 I'm sorry.

08:07:18 I just want to make sure I had the record clear.

08:07:21 Thank you very much for attending.

08:07:28 We go to -- let me go back.

08:07:30 I'm sorry.

08:07:31 Good people here from the neighborhood and the attorney were

08:07:34 kind enough to meet.

08:07:36 And counselor and the neighborhood president, Mr. Miller, I

08:07:41 believe.

08:07:45 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: Mr. Chairman, we met and I have some

08:07:46 considerations to discuss with my client.

08:07:48 We respectfully request a continuance at the board's

08:07:52 pleasure.

08:07:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a continuance agreement on item

08:07:58 number 4 -- not number 4.

08:08:02 Number 5.

08:08:03 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No, you were right.

08:08:05 We're right.

08:08:05 >> You are getting me in trouble.

08:08:10 Item number 4.

08:08:11 We'll get that right.

08:08:13 Need a motion to that effect.

08:08:18 What date?

08:08:24 >>LISA MONTELIONE: June 3rd, I think.

08:08:25 The date, Mr. Grandoff?

08:08:28 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: I believe your agenda is open July 25.

08:08:31 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Move to continue at the applicant's

08:08:33 request to the public hearing on July 25th.

08:08:35 >> Second.

08:08:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mrs. Montelione.

08:08:40 Second by Mr. Reddick on a close vote with Mrs. Capin for

08:08:44 this item to be continued to July 25th.

08:08:46 And we'll try to put it number 1 at 6 p.m.

08:08:53 All in favor of the motion?

08:08:55 Opposed nay?

08:08:57 The item passes.

08:08:58 Thank you very much for attending.

08:09:03 Item 8.

08:09:18 I mean 7.

08:09:18 >>LISA MONTELIONE: We are on a roll.

08:09:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item 7 which is right before 8.

08:09:24 >> I am going to recommend --

08:09:27 >>JULIA MANDELL: Legal department.

08:09:29 I am going recommend you open 7 and 8 together, the DRI with

08:09:32 the rezoning application.

08:09:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We'll listen to both 7 and 8.

08:10:06 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

08:10:08 Items number 7 and 8 deal with a development of regional

08:10:16 impact which is undergoing a notice of proposed change, and

08:10:20 an associated rezoning to reflect those changes.

08:10:24 This is the Tampa Technology Park west DRI, and what is

08:10:28 before you tonight is to add a land use equivalency matrix

08:10:32 to that DRI, to allow for potential conversion of office

08:10:36 and/or commercial square footage to either an assisted

08:10:40 living facility, and/or skilled nursing facility, to a

08:10:45 maximum of 150 beds for each facility type, to increase the

08:10:50 number of permissible hotel rooms from 160 rooms to 300

08:10:54 rooms, and then to update map H of the master plan with a

08:10:59 copy of that is attached to the MLPC.

08:11:05 Planned development alternative located up in New Tampa,

08:11:08 5302 Primrose Lake Circle, and the request before you, the

08:11:14 associated rezoning is PDA, PDA, to reflect those changes

08:11:19 that I just read out to you in the NLCC.

08:11:22 In addition, there is a wetland setback reduction that is

08:11:29 being requested from 15 feet to 10 feet at places identified

08:11:36 on the site plan, but overall the project will maintain the

08:11:42 30-foot setback which is required.

08:11:45 So 74.4-acre site.

08:11:48 The entire site is over 86 acres for the flex B portion.

08:11:58 And since we are doing this in kind of odd fashion let David

08:12:03 give you the land use stuff and then we can come back and

08:12:06 talk about how this is changing.

08:12:08 Remember PDA to PDA is a master set of entitlements with a

08:12:12 master set of uses, drawn down administratively through the

08:12:15 incremental site plan process that's administered by Land

08:12:17 Development Coordination.

08:12:20 I actually review those incremental site plans against the

08:12:23 master plan, ensure that those are meeting all

08:12:26 qualifications, and not all entitlements are justified

08:12:29 through the draw downs of the administrative process.

08:12:33 >> Good evening, council members.

08:12:38 David Hay with your Planning Commission staff and I have

08:12:40 been sworn.

08:12:41 While we move up to the New Tampa planning district north of

08:12:46 Bruce B. Downs, the site is located north of Bruce B. Downs

08:12:49 located along commerce park Boulevard, and the subject site

08:12:53 is just south of the new Tampa Bay Boulevard bridge over

08:12:57 I-75.

08:12:59 Next we have the aerial, the large subjects site is in the

08:13:03 center of the map, to the west of the subject site.

08:13:06 You can see the campus of freedom high school and liberty

08:13:08 middle school.

08:13:09 The surrounding area basically is a mixture of office and

08:13:13 late commercial uses, environmental land, and some single

08:13:17 and multifamily residential. This aerial appraise dates the

08:13:21 completion of that New Tampa Bay Boulevard Bridge, which is

08:13:25 up in this area up there.

08:13:27 Finally, we have the future land use map.

08:13:31 The subject site and properties to the north, west and east

08:13:33 across I-75 are all designated suburban mixed use 6.

08:13:37 The red to the south centered around the I-75 Bruce B. Downs

08:13:41 interchange, designated community residential 35, and the

08:13:45 light green is the environmental land.

08:13:48 Planning Commission staff found the proposed rezoning to PDA

08:13:51 would allow for greater flexibility in the overall

08:13:53 development by allowing more comparable uses and introducing

08:13:56 a trade-off mechanism between those uses.

08:13:59 Planning Commission staff has determined the site will still

08:14:00 be consistent with the underlying mixed use category and the

08:14:04 further development on the site would not creates any

08:14:06 negative impacts on those adjacent uses, and therefore based

08:14:10 on the goals, objectives and policies of the comprehensive

08:14:12 plan, Planning Commission staff finds the rezoning

08:14:15 requesting consistent with the Tampa comprehensive plan.

08:14:19 Ever? Thank you very much.

08:14:19 Petitioner?

08:14:22 Oh, city?

08:14:34 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Unfortunately, I did not make it out to

08:14:48 flex -- sorry.

08:14:50 Anything with MX into the new Tampa area the underlying land

08:14:55 use requires that it is either a PDor PDA.

08:14:59 PDA requires 50 acres or more.

08:15:02 This also had the development of regional impact that ran

08:15:05 with it.

08:15:06 That controlled this master entitlements that can be

08:15:09 allocated a long this property.

08:15:12 And over time, those needs change, and what is happening

08:15:16 tonight is the DRI is being amended.

08:15:21 Minor modifications.

08:15:23 And then the rezoning is being amended to reflect that, so

08:15:27 that the development order and the rezoning of the property

08:15:30 are not consistent with one another.

08:15:33 If I am wrong in any way, shape or form I'm sure that Ms.

08:15:37 Zellman will correct me.

08:15:38 What you will see here is this whole thing is flex B that 89

08:15:45 acres, and in my staff report it talks about the master

08:15:48 entitlements that goes with flex B, wand they are asking for

08:15:52 tonight, the one thing I talked to you about is a waiver for

08:15:55 the wetlands setback reduction, and it's specific to the

08:15:59 lots on the property, on the site plan.

08:16:04 Overall, the overall 74 acres will have to maintain a

08:16:09 30-foot average on those wetland.

08:16:12 The other thing is to increase hotels.

08:16:15 Hotels use was allowed.

08:16:17 They are increasing the cap from 1606 rooms to 300 rooms and

08:16:22 then also they are adding a trade-off be allowed to do a sis

08:16:27 tough living facility or congregate living facilities.

08:16:30 So those are the changes related for you tonight.

08:16:35 Did I forget one?

08:16:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Kathy, can you explain the wetlands

08:16:44 change being requested?

08:16:56 >>ABBYE FEELEY: This is what's in front of you.

08:16:59 What the code requires right now is that you have a 15-foot

08:17:03 setback from the wetlands.

08:17:05 So overall, project wide, you keep an average of 30.

08:17:09 So they are asking that on specific parcels which are called

08:17:13 out on your plan that they be able to go down to ten feet in

08:17:19 some of those areas for the wetlands.

08:17:21 >>MARY MULHERN: But they would still maintain an average of

08:17:25 30 feet?

08:17:27 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Over the whole 74 acres.

08:17:28 >>MARY MULHERN: So is that outlined here so that we see

08:17:32 where they are providing less of a setback, that that is

08:17:38 offset somewhere else?

08:17:41 >>ABBYE FEELEY: No. They will exercise that at the time

08:17:43 they pull the development on that property.

08:17:45 So when they come in and do the incremental site plans, they

08:17:48 will be outlying that.

08:17:49 They will show us where the wetlands setback line is.

08:17:52 If there are any encroachments in that area, and we'll check

08:17:55 that at that time, and also coordinate.

08:17:58 They'll coordinate with EPC at that time.

08:18:00 >>MARY MULHERN: What you just said about -- they are only

08:18:06 asking for a change from 160 to 300 hotel rooms?

08:18:10 Is that what you said?

08:18:12 That sound kind of familiar to me.

08:18:18 That seems like a significant change.

08:18:20 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I mean, they had those uses permitted.

08:18:28 When they do the development of regional impact they get a

08:18:31 set of entitlements and they mitigate and all those

08:18:35 entitlements at that time.

08:18:36 Many of them have a trade-off mechanism that say if you take

08:18:39 a thousand feet of office you can have a hotel room. If you

08:18:41 have this -- because it really all relates back to the trips

08:18:44 and the traffic generation.

08:18:45 Everything that's coming out of those 84 acres onto the

08:18:48 surrounding area.

08:18:49 So in the original one there was a cap to 160.

08:18:55 They are asking to bump up that cap but remember they will

08:18:58 have to trade off something else to be able to exercise

08:19:01 that.

08:19:01 >>MARY MULHERN: All in that permitting?

08:19:06 >>ABBYE FEELEY: They go through an incremental site plan

08:19:08 first with land development. We check everything and then

08:19:10 it goes to permitting.

08:19:11 >>MARY MULHERN: I don't even know if we have ever -- we

08:19:15 haven't done one of these in a really long time.

08:19:18 >>ABBYE FEELEY: We did a PDA, I think, the year before last.

08:19:21 They don't come often, now that they require 50 acres.

08:19:24 We don't have much of that available.

08:19:31 Everybody? Petitioner?

08:19:36 >>ANDREA ZELMAN: Fowler White, 501 East Kennedy, and yes, I

08:19:39 have been sworn.

08:19:40 And I know you have along night.

08:19:42 I am going make this very short and sweet.

08:19:44 And Abbye has done a really good job, I believe, of

08:19:48 explaining.

08:19:48 But let he me quickly introduce our team tonight, my client

08:19:53 from great American corporation who is the developer, and

08:19:57 Cohen and company our planner traffic consultant, and helper

08:20:01 extraordinaire.

08:20:02 And I also want to very quickly thank the staff. This is --

08:20:06 because of the DRI has been relatively involved and

08:20:09 particularly Susan Johnson, Abbye Feeley and Rebecca Kert

08:20:16 and Julia Mandell.

08:20:18 As Abbye and others said the property is located between

08:20:21 Commerce Park and I-75.

08:20:23 This is as she said an MLPC and a rezoning.

08:20:28 The Tampa Technology Park DRI was originally approved in

08:20:32 1986 and was over 1700-acre project that had a mix of

08:20:37 commercial office, high technology, light industrial

08:20:40 development.

08:20:41 It has been amended many, many times over the years, I

08:20:44 believe 15.

08:20:46 And in 2006 it was actually bifurcated into Tampa Technology

08:20:50 Park east, which is essentially built out to purchase

08:20:56 student a 2006 agreement and Tampa Technology Park west

08:20:59 which is what we are a part of, and as was previously noted,

08:21:03 taint we are actually talking, the changes we are proposing

08:21:06 apply to actually just 12 acres of a much larger project.

08:21:12 And these are within the an area known as flex B which is

08:21:16 south of 86 acres but again the changes we are talking about

08:21:19 apply only to 12.

08:21:21 Just to reiterate once again, the changes are very simple.

08:21:26 There is already a trade-off mechanism in place.

08:21:30 And so we just want to add to that of the uses, congregate

08:21:34 living facility, and skilled nursing facility, and each of

08:21:38 those would be limited to no more than 150 beds each, again

08:21:44 increases a cap on the hotel rooms from 160 to 300.

08:21:47 And as Abbye noted with both of these, these are new

08:21:50 entitlements per se.

08:21:51 These are entitlements that we would have to trade off

08:21:54 existing entitlements for the provision of the flexibility

08:21:59 with the wetlands setbacks, a reduction from 15 feet to 10

08:22:03 feet, only in certain places, and that would have to be

08:22:07 compensated for elsewhere.

08:22:08 And then also, just to modify the build-out date in the DRI

08:22:15 development order because several of those have been

08:22:17 extended due to legislative recent bills that the

08:22:20 legislature has passed allowing for extensions.

08:22:26 In front of tonight has been reviewed not just by your city

08:22:30 staff and Planning Commission but because of the Tampa Bay

08:22:33 Regional Planning Council, the Florida Department of

08:22:34 Transportation, ECC, and numerous other reviewing agencies.

08:22:42 The changes were found consistent --

08:22:44 >> Is that part of the DRI?

08:22:51 >>ANDREA ZELMAN: No.

08:22:51 And also your staff found as long as we make the

08:22:54 modifications that Abbye has suggested to the site plan

08:22:56 which we have agreed to make between first and second

08:22:59 reading that it would then be consistent with the Land

08:23:01 Development Code.

08:23:03 And so we are therefore asking that you approve these

08:23:06 changes.

08:23:07 And we are glad to answer any questions that you may have.

08:23:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members at this

08:23:10 time?

08:23:11 Anyone in the audience care to speak on this item, item

08:23:14 number 7 and 8?

08:23:16 Please come forward.

08:23:20 Come on now.

08:23:21 Don't be embarrassed.

08:23:24 One more time.

08:23:25 Anyone care to speak to 7 and 8?

08:23:27 I need a motion to close.

08:23:29 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Motion to close.

08:23:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to close by Mrs. Montelione,

08:23:32 seconded by Mr. Cohen.

08:23:33 All in favor of the motion?

08:23:35 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:23:37 Need to reopen number 7, the DRI for the rezoning.

08:23:42 Mr. Cohen?

08:23:43 >>HARRY COHEN: Move an ordinance being presented for first

08:23:46 reading consideration, an ordinance of the city of Tampa,

08:23:48 Florida approving an amendment to a development order

08:23:51 rendered pursuant to chapter 380 Florida, statutes, the

08:23:56 Tampa Technology Park west development of regional impact, a

08:24:00 previously approved development of regional impact, DRI, DRI

08:24:03 number 139, in response to a notice of proposed change,

08:24:08 filed by great American corporation, providing an effective

08:24:10 date.

08:24:11 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Second.

08:24:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: A motion by Mr. Cohen, second by Mr.

08:24:15 Suarez on a close vote with Mrs. Montelione.

08:24:18 All in favor?

08:24:19 Opposed?

08:24:20 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:24:21 Mrs. Montelione?

08:24:22 >>THE CLERK: Second reading and adoption will be on June

08:24:25 6th at 9:30 a.m.

08:24:26 Motion carried unanimously.

08:24:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Care to take number 8?

08:24:29 >> Off microphone)

08:24:33 An ordinance rezoning property in the general vicinity much

08:24:39 5302 Primrose Lake Circle in the city of Tampa, Florida and

08:24:42 more particularly described in section 1 from zoning

08:24:44 district classifications PDA planned development,

08:24:47 alternative commercial, office, hotel, high tech, light

08:24:50 industrial, government services, to PDA planned development,

08:24:53 alternative commercial offices hotel, high tech, light

08:24:56 industrial, government services including the revision sheet

08:25:00 submitted by staff for application Z-13-29.

08:25:05 >>HARRY COHEN: Second.

08:25:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Montelione, a

08:25:10 second by Mr. Cohen.

08:25:11 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:25:12 Thank you all very much for appearing.

08:25:15 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.

08:25:17 Second reading an adoption at 9:30 a.m.

08:25:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We go to item number 11.

08:25:48 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Item number 11 is Z-13-33 located at 7601

08:25:55 south DeSoto street.

08:25:57 The request before you tonight is from CN neighborhood

08:26:02 commercial to RS-50 residential single-family.

08:26:04 This is a Euclidean rezoning request.

08:26:07 So there are no site plans.

08:26:09 There are no waivers.

08:26:11 They must meet all City of Tampa regulations for residential

08:26:15 single-family lot, 50.

08:26:24 >> David Hay with your Planning Commission staff and I have

08:26:27 been sworn.

08:26:28 I will be really brief on this one.

08:26:30 We are in the South Tampa planning district within the Port

08:26:33 Tampa city, just north of MacDill Air Force Base.

08:26:38 The aerial shows a very tiny subject site, right in the

08:26:45 center there.

08:26:46 You can see the redevelopment that has been occurring within

08:26:48 the last 15 years, mostly single-family detached residential

08:26:53 development utilizing the existing street grid.

08:27:02 Here is the future land use map.

08:27:03 The subject site was the site of a recent plan amendment.

08:27:07 You could see in the map there actually designated the old

08:27:12 land use, heavy industrial.

08:27:15 There was a plan amendment.

08:27:17 Plan amendment 1204.

08:27:22 Actually, and that was effective May 5th.

08:27:26 So it just became effective to the residential 10.

08:27:29 So the site is now the same color as everything within the

08:27:31 surrounding area.

08:27:32 So basically, Planning Commission staff found the proposed

08:27:36 rezoning would be comparable and compatible with surrounding

08:27:40 development pattern.

08:27:40 With that said, it was found consistent with the Tampa

08:27:43 comprehensive plan.

08:27:43 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.

08:27:52 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Thanks, David.

08:27:58 As David just mentioned, this is 7601 south DeSoto.

08:28:03 It is requesting from neighborhood commercial to RS-50

08:28:06 residential single-family, minimum lot requirement 50 by

08:28:09 100, setbacks are 20-foot front, 20-foot rear, 7-foot side.

08:28:15 This was interesting, kind of telling.

08:28:20 It was the only piece at the corner of tarpon and DeSoto

08:28:23 that was zoned CN.

08:28:25 Everything surrounding the property is RS-50.

08:28:28 You have industrial general, also to the south, and there's

08:28:31 MacDill Air Force Base.

08:28:36 Here is an aerial of the site.

08:28:39 You know much of this area.

08:28:40 We have done a lot around Shamrock and saint Patrick for

08:28:47 single-family residential.

08:28:49 The development is down here, predominantly single-family

08:28:52 residential.

08:28:52 When this came in for the RS-50, in a land use, it could not

08:29:00 be processed.

08:29:01 The land use had to be changed.

08:29:03 You all changed the comprehensive plan amendment.

08:29:06 To allow for consideration of residential.

08:29:12 Here is a picture of the site.

08:29:13 Looking south.

08:29:17 Another photo looking east.

08:29:21 This is south of the property.

08:29:25 Here is across the property to the east.

08:29:28 This is from DeSoto looking back northwest.

08:29:31 This is from the subject looking to the west.

08:29:35 And also from the subject looking to the west.

08:29:40 This is further south down on DeSoto.

08:29:42 This is a retention area over to the east.

08:29:46 Based on the surrounding property, staff did find the

08:29:50 request consistent, and I am available for any questions.

08:29:54 >> Scott Steady, suite 3200, Tampa City Center.

08:30:03 Years ago, we rezoned this area from what was originally

08:30:07 residential.

08:30:08 It was industrial.

08:30:09 We put it back to residential.

08:30:10 This is just finishing out.

08:30:12 The city actually owned this property.

08:30:14 We acquired it and are putting it back into residential use.

08:30:18 Any questions?

08:30:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience care to speak on

08:30:22 this item, item number 11?

08:30:23 Need a motion to close.

08:30:25 Seeing no one.

08:30:26 Motion by Mr. Reddick.

08:30:27 Second by Mr. Cohen.

08:30:28 All in favor of the motion? Opposed?

08:30:31 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:30:32 Mr. Reddick or Ms. Mulhern.

08:30:34 Excuse me, I am left to right.

08:30:37 Would you kindly read the ordinance?

08:30:40 >>MARY MULHERN: Number 11.

08:30:42 I move an ordinance presented for first reading

08:30:45 consideration, an ordinance rezoning property in the general

08:30:47 vicinity of 7601 south DeSoto street in the city of Tampa,

08:30:51 Florida, and more particularly described in section 1 from

08:30:55 zoning district classifications CN commercial neighborhood

08:30:59 to RS-50 residential single-family providing an effective

08:31:02 date.

08:31:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Mulhern.

08:31:06 Second by Mr. Reddick on item number 11.

08:31:08 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

08:31:11 Opposed nay.

08:31:12 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:31:13 Thank you very much.

08:31:14 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Capin and Montelione being

08:31:17 absent ath at vote.

08:31:19 Second reading will be on June 6th at 9:30 a.m.

08:31:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me ask the clerk -- he wants a

08:31:26 3-minute recess.

08:31:27 That's what he said so I am going give him a 37-minute

08:31:30 recess.

08:31:33 We are going to give him a 3-minute recess so we can get the

08:31:37 record straight.

08:31:38 Three minutes.



08:31:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called back into session.

08:39:22 Roll call.

08:39:22 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

08:39:25 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Here.

08:39:28 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

08:39:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

08:39:32 Okay, we go to items 12 and 13.

08:39:47 They are all here.

08:39:51 >> Item 13 first.

08:39:53 I'm James Cook, Land Development Coordination.

08:39:55 I have been sworn in.

08:39:56 The city is requesting to vacate the Tyler east of W.C.

08:40:07 MacInnes -- I'm sorry, I got it backwards. The arial, the

08:40:13 area to vacate highlighted in yellow, Hillsborough River to

08:40:15 the west, W.C. MacInnes to the east, Straz and John F.

08:40:22 Germany library to the east.

08:40:27 It consists of approximately half an acre in size.

08:40:32 And we have a couple photos.

08:40:34 This is Tyler looking east.

08:40:39 When you come across the Straz to go across Cass.

08:40:46 This is Tyler looking east towards MacInnes.

08:40:53 Tyler looking west towards Cass and the apex.

08:40:59 Here is Tyler, Cass Street apex looking west towards the

08:41:03 bridge approach.

08:41:06 This is the Cass Street bridge.

08:41:10 Here is Tyler street, the apex looking south at the turn

08:41:13 lane that goes to Cass.

08:41:18 And that is the eastern boundary of the vacating limits,

08:41:21 this curved area right here.

08:41:25 This is Tyler Cass apex looking east from Cass towards the

08:41:32 library.

08:41:36 Photo looking north towards the median, across to the Straz.

08:41:45 Here is a shot of Tyler Cass Street looking toward the Straz

08:41:49 Center.

08:41:50 This is an overview, shot from atop the parking garage,

08:41:54 basically the area that we are seeking to vacate.

08:41:57 Curb line right here going across, Tyler, on the other side

08:42:05 of the sidewalk and coming up along Cass Street.

08:42:09 It's about half an acre.

08:42:12 As you are aware, the city the past seven years we have been

08:42:16 two-waying an converting tall one way streets in the

08:42:19 downtown area to two-way streets, and in lane with the Tampa

08:42:28 envision plan.

08:42:29 Staff has no objections.

08:42:30 We are reserving easement.

08:42:32 And that concludes my presentation.

08:42:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any council remarks?

08:42:36 Ms. Mulhern?

08:42:38 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wonder, I did come in here a minute

08:42:41 late, but did you have any photographs that show the view

08:42:45 towards the river across the river facing west?

08:42:51 >> The closest I have, this is towards the river.

08:42:59 You can't see it because of the trees.

08:43:01 The river is approximately 280 feet on the other side of

08:43:04 those trees.

08:43:04 >>MARY MULHERN: Yeah, I mean, it's too bad because when you

08:43:09 walk around over there at the site, you see it's a river.

08:43:16 >>JAMES COOK: With the aerial, the closest thing I have.

08:43:19 >>MARY MULHERN: It doesn't quite give you the effect of

08:43:22 seeing the river and the U.T. and the minarets and

08:43:26 everything.

08:43:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any others? Continue with the

08:43:34 presentation.

08:43:34 This is item 13, which is actually we are taking it as 12

08:43:38 but it's 13.

08:43:38 This is the vacating portion.

08:43:41 >>JAMES COOK: This is the vacating portion.

08:43:45 Act on this one, close it, then they can swap.

08:43:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience care to speak on

08:43:50 item number 13 which is 12 for us?

08:44:01 >> I have been sworn in.

08:44:04 I ask that you not vote for this tonight.

08:44:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I know who you are.

08:44:08 >> I'm Jan Platt.

08:44:11 [ Laughter ]

08:44:14 And it's an honor to be in front of you, Charlie.

08:44:17 >> We got together in 1974.

08:44:20 >> I know. I sat beside you, and I'm in front of you.

08:44:27 Three of us in the class of '74.

08:44:30 And during those years, you know I was in public office, I

08:44:33 was involved with construction of the Straz Center, and also

08:44:38 with TV Museum of Art.

08:44:42 And we have a cultural district than is so important to

08:44:46 Tampa and Hillsborough County.

08:44:48 And it brings people to downtown.

08:44:51 And so we have got to be very cautious about wharf we do in

08:44:54 that particular area so that it's easy for people to have

08:44:58 access to that area.

08:45:01 And so I'm really here to ask you to not vote for this today

08:45:06 and not to vote for the development that's coming before you

08:45:09 in a few minutes.

08:45:11 There really needs to be an updated cultural plan for the

08:45:15 City of Tampa before anything else is done.

08:45:17 Please, in the past several years, the past four years I

08:45:21 have been president of the volunteer for the Friends of the

08:45:24 Library, and we meet at the John Germany library.

08:45:28 And on more than one occasion we would have to cancel a

08:45:32 meeting or reschedule it because there was not parking

08:45:35 available because the Straz was having some big event.

08:45:40 There is a horrendous need for decent parking and streets in

08:45:46 that particular area.

08:45:47 So please do not approve what is being suggested tonight

08:45:51 until there is an overall plan for that small cultural area.

08:45:58 I called Jim Genowyne the other day.

08:46:01 He was the architect for the Poe garage.

08:46:04 And I said, Jim, is it possible to add floors to that

08:46:08 garage?

08:46:09 And he said, no, it's not structurally possible.

08:46:12 There is a dire need for more parking in that particular

08:46:16 area.

08:46:17 If you look at your envision plan, not only is there a new

08:46:21 high-rise right in the middle of the cultural district,

08:46:24 which is absurd, but now there's also -- and look at that

08:46:27 plan -- there's also another highrise just across Ashley in

08:46:32 that parking lot that is vacant right now but is used for

08:46:36 parking for the Straz.

08:46:38 That's going to be a parking lot.

08:46:40 Is that all you all can envision, are high-rises? There has

08:46:45 got to be decent parking in downtown for everyone who wants

08:46:47 to come.

08:46:48 And so I'm asking you, do not approve what your staff is

08:46:53 asking you to do tonight for these roads.

08:46:57 And also don't vote for this high-rise.

08:47:00 You need to wait and have been a decent plan for all of us.

08:47:03 We have a lot of invested public money and private money in

08:47:07 those buildings that are down there, and they are attracters

08:47:11 for tens of thousands of people to downtown.

08:47:15 And you don't want to spoil that.

08:47:17 And you can't very easily with parking in these roads.

08:47:21 Thank you.

08:47:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thanks very much.

08:47:24 Next, please?

08:47:34 >> My name is Mike Miller.

08:47:36 I live at 777 north Ashley drive.

08:47:38 And I have been sworn in.

08:47:40 I thank you.

08:47:43 You had a lot of great points.

08:47:44 I would also like to bring up that I factored the envision

08:47:48 plan and although the buildings and changes were in there I

08:47:51 did not feel they were put in there as true visions of

08:47:54 downtown but by did.

08:47:55 I don't have true facts on that but I don't know many cities

08:47:58 that won put a giant high-rise in between museums and all

08:48:02 their cultural parts of our city.

08:48:04 I would like to bring up Ms. Mullen, you mentioned you will

08:48:14 not see the river with it in place and the envision plan is

08:48:19 every road should see the river from any part of the city.

08:48:22 So that fact is not correct, and I'm sure we can go back to

08:48:27 that.

08:48:27 I want to talk about the perfect storm is how I call it.

08:48:30 There's an event at Curtis Hixon park.

08:48:32 There's an event at the Straz center and maybe there's a

08:48:35 hockey game.

08:48:36 There is no way in and out of that city, and in particular

08:48:38 in that area.

08:48:39 There are cars parked -- not parked, but using all these

08:48:44 side streets that you are trying to get rid of.

08:48:46 And I would be happy to come with video next time of these

08:48:50 cars going around in loops trying to get through the city,

08:48:53 going to the Poe parking garage, parking at Straz Center,

08:48:57 and I believe that should be a factor.

08:48:59 I'm not sure if there are any road studies put in place but

08:49:03 I'm sure those would find that you should not close down and

08:49:05 remove these roads.

08:49:07 And that is it for this point.

08:49:09 And I will save the rest of my time.

08:49:12 Thank you.

08:49:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me make a statement.

08:49:14 There is no more time.

08:49:15 You got three minutes.

08:49:17 I want to make that clear to you.

08:49:21 Oh, the next one you got three minutes but not for this one.

08:49:26 If we get that far.

08:49:29 >> Jeff Zampitella.

08:49:33 I also reside at 777 north Ashley drive, although it's known

08:49:37 as SkyPoint.

08:49:38 SkyPoint condominium towers.

08:49:39 SkyPoint condominium to you certifies a 308 units

08:49:43 condominium, 501 parking spaces.

08:49:46 I am also the president of the board, and I am addressing

08:49:48 you here.

08:49:50 I would like you to reconsider vacating the right-of-way.

08:49:53 Based upon our historical knowledge, and I think the first

08:49:58 speaker and Mike also mentioned about traffic.

08:50:02 I think it's very important.

08:50:03 If we have not -- the city has not done a comprehensive

08:50:07 traffic plan, I ask that you reconsider and deny this

08:50:10 request based on that.

08:50:12 I can tell you that as of today, our counter showed -- we

08:50:18 have been in operation for six years.

08:50:19 We have 685,935 exits.

08:50:23 That would be 114,000 annual exits from our building which

08:50:27 is similar to the proposed building that's going to go on

08:50:30 that small parcel of land.

08:50:32 So when you consider that you will be getting rid of one

08:50:37 access road and putting 115 plus movements per year in

08:50:43 there, I'm concerned, and my question is, have we done a

08:50:47 thorough traffic analysis to be able to move forward?

08:50:53 And the other point, in one of the slides, there is a

08:50:56 connector bridge that is over the top of the easement, that

08:51:01 load.

08:51:02 I don't know what the state of that will be, but I would

08:51:04 like to you consider that.

08:51:07 We use that to get to the Straz from SkyPoint through the

08:51:10 Poe garage, and I presume that that would be demolished with

08:51:14 that right-of-way.

08:51:15 So I ask that you reconsider and not grant this based upon

08:51:20 those two items.

08:51:22 Thank you.

08:51:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.

08:51:24 Next, please.

08:51:24 >> Bob McDonaugh, economic development for the City of

08:51:34 Tampa.

08:51:36 The last couple of comments I think are very probably

08:51:38 appropriate concerning traffic, because that is what we are

08:51:43 strafing to do is to improve the traffic situation.

08:51:46 If we can put this up on the Elmo, it would be the ultimate

08:51:52 traffic redesign of that area.

08:51:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Stop the clock.

08:51:57 If you are going to be presenting the case later on, you

08:52:00 have got 15 minutes.

08:52:01 You only got three this way.

08:52:03 >> I understand, sir.

08:52:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You only want three?

08:52:07 >> I'm good.

08:52:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right, let's go then.

08:52:09 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Right now there are several mitigating

08:52:12 factors.

08:52:12 One is the fact that if you want to gone across the Cass

08:52:16 Street bridge your only choice right now is to go through

08:52:19 Tyler.

08:52:20 Tyler is also the street that serves the Straz.

08:52:22 So there's a conflict there.

08:52:24 One of the things that the Straz center which is an

08:52:26 important cultural asset for our city had difficulty with is

08:52:31 traffic and the size of their arrival plaza. So one of the

08:52:34 things than we would be able to achieve through this

08:52:37 vacating is redesigning the traffic flow for Tyler and for

08:52:42 Cass.

08:52:42 We would two-way them much the same way we have done to

08:52:46 other streets in downtown Tampa.

08:52:47 So unless you were specifically going to the Straz Center,

08:52:52 would you not have to go down Tyler.

08:52:54 You go down Cass and across the bridge. If you were going

08:52:58 to the performing arts center, you could go straight down

08:53:01 Tyler into the performing arts center.

08:53:03 So we would rid ourselves of one of those conflicts.

08:53:06 And contrary to removing streets, we are actually adding

08:53:10 streets and reinstalling a street grid in that neighborhood.

08:53:14 So what we would have is east-west streets and north-south

08:53:18 streets, two-way streets which are able to handle more

08:53:20 traffic.

08:53:21 We also will have a protected bike lane which is part of the

08:53:24 envision plan.

08:53:26 We will be slowing down traffic.

08:53:28 The traffic lanes will be narrowed and that will improve

08:53:33 pedestrian safety.

08:53:34 We will have protected crosswalks at all of those

08:53:37 intersections, again, to make it safer for pedestrians.

08:53:41 I'm not going to talk about -- I'm talking specifically

08:53:46 about the vacating which will allow the city to go ahead and

08:53:49 change street grid into something that is safer for

08:53:53 pedestrians, more efficient for automobiles, and also

08:53:57 provide a recreational trail for bicycle efforts.

08:54:01 And in the envision plan that would start at Howard Avenue

08:54:03 and go all the way to Ybor City.

08:54:05 And this is the first leg of the plan, which has been very

08:54:10 dramatically and enthusiastically enjoyed by our citizens.

08:54:15 Thank you.

08:54:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

08:54:17 Ms. Mulhern.

08:54:17 >>MARY MULHERN: I am just trying to understand what the

08:54:23 process is tonight.

08:54:24 So are you making the case right now for you are petitioning

08:54:30 us for this vacating?

08:54:33 >>BOB McDONAUGH: The City of Tampa is the petitioner,

08:54:35 correct.

08:54:36 >>MARY MULHERN: You just made the case.

08:54:38 We have public comment and then you.

08:54:40 I just feel like we are not doing it in a logical order.

08:54:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's why I asked the question.

08:54:46 He refused.

08:54:47 I only gave him three.

08:54:49 >>MARY MULHERN: But since you are here, I have some

08:54:50 questions.

08:54:54 Because you are asking us to vacate a couple of streets, the

08:55:00 center of downtown, and the center of our cultural district

08:55:05 and Riverwalk, I feel like we need -- we haven't had the

08:55:12 information, and what people were talking about traffic

08:55:16 study, parking studies, Jan Platt is right, we need a

08:55:22 cultural plan.

08:55:23 I know in the time that I have been paying attention to the

08:55:28 cultural district downtown for the last 15 years, we had

08:55:33 Skidmore, Owings and Merrill do a downtown plan. We had

08:55:41 Tindale-Oliver do a plan for Ashley.

08:55:43 We had several -- we had Viniolli, the architect, design the

08:55:53 new museum, and the parks, and Curtis Hixon park, then we

08:55:56 had a competition for the museum, the actual art museum that

08:56:01 we had built and we had the design. So we have had all of

08:56:04 this community public process to develop it downtown.

08:56:10 But now we are being asked to vote on something that's going

08:56:14 to affect all of this, without any kind of -- I guess my

08:56:21 question for you is, is the sale of the land and the

08:56:28 proposal to put residential tower there, that's what is

08:56:34 driving us to vacate this?

08:56:37 Or are we doing this because it's part of an overall plan?

08:56:44 >> I can answer you honestly that I have had conversations

08:56:47 with the Straz in the five years they've worked at the city

08:56:51 where they have come to the city on numerous occasions

08:56:53 saying we need help.

08:56:55 This current road configuration does not work.

08:56:58 Our arrival plaza does not work.

08:57:01 And during this five-year period, we have two-wayed many of

08:57:06 the downtown streets.

08:57:07 This is a continuation of the two-waying of the downtown

08:57:10 streets.

08:57:12 What has perhaps changed is the flavor from the envision

08:57:15 plan which added more importance to pedestrians and bicycle

08:57:20 efforts.

08:57:20 So I don't think that this is a departure, or solely driven

08:57:24 by this.

08:57:25 I see a representative from the Straz, but I think that this

08:57:30 is something that we have looked at for a number of years.

08:57:34 >>MARY MULHERN: I do not feel like we have enough

08:57:40 information at all, and that there has been any public

08:57:47 opportunity for public input for this, for us to be able to

08:57:51 vote to vacate these important places today.

08:57:58 I don't understand that.

08:57:59 And that's my other question for you.

08:58:03 How did we arrive at awarding this sale, the sale of this

08:58:13 land?

08:58:14 Was there an RSQ or --

08:58:17 >> There was an RSP printed in the newspaper, that's

08:58:20 correct.

08:58:21 >>MARY MULHERN: When was that?

08:58:22 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Last summer.

08:58:23 >>MARY MULHERN: And then when did the response come in?

08:58:27 >>BOB McDONAUGH: 30 days after the --

08:58:29 >>MARY MULHERN: And only one responded?

08:58:31 >>BOB McDONAUGH: That's correct.

08:58:32 >>MARY MULHERN: So we had -- was it an RSP or RSQ?

08:58:39 >>BOB McDONAUGH: It was an RSP, request for proposal.

08:58:42 >>MARY MULHERN: And what were the parameters for that?

08:58:45 >> It was for redevelopment of a piece of land which was

08:58:48 identified as loosely this site right here.

08:58:50 >>MARY MULHERN: And what newspaper was the ad printed in?

08:58:58 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I believe Florida Sentinel, which is where

08:59:00 we publish most of our legal ads.

08:59:03 Excuse me?

08:59:09 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

08:59:13 That's all my questions for now.

08:59:15 I do have to say that I have always been an advocate and

08:59:18 supported two-waying of the streets and returning the street

08:59:24 grid to a grid.

08:59:25 But I think it needs to happen in a more considered and

08:59:33 responsible public process that hasn't happened in this

08:59:38 case.

08:59:40 >> I have Mr. Reddick and Mrs. Montelione.

08:59:42 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

08:59:47 Bob, let me ask you, I feel like we are boxed in.

08:59:55 And the reason I say that, because I agree, you know, I

09:00:00 would love to see improvement with Cass and Tyler.

09:00:05 I definitely think you need to see some configuration to

09:00:10 allow traffic to flow more freely in a direction with the

09:00:14 two-way street but here is my problem.

09:00:20 If I'm satisfied with seeing improvements, for Cass and

09:00:24 Tyler, and a basis to develop the right to go ahead and move

09:00:32 forward, and then there should be zoning.

09:00:39 The next is a zoning issue.

09:00:41 So let me ask you a question.

09:00:50 From my understanding, the developer will not present to us

09:00:53 a development plan until he's assured that this project is

09:01:00 going to move forward.

09:01:01 Correct?

09:01:02 >>BOB McDONAUGH: No, sir.

09:01:03 Actually, the next step after -- if he receives zoning a

09:01:07 approval, the next step would be to complete a development

09:01:11 roadway development agreement with the City of Tampa, and at

09:01:15 that point, the disagreement would come to City Council,

09:01:18 which would have a site plan, which would have obligations

09:01:21 of the City of Tampa, obligations of the developer, and than

09:01:26 would be something that a contract would come to City

09:01:29 Council, for City Council approval.

09:01:30 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

09:01:39 Has --

09:01:43 >>BOB McDONAUGH: There is an example of it.

09:01:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: And it did with Tyler and Cass Street.

09:01:50 I think I agree with Councilwoman Mulhern is saying and I

09:01:56 agreed with someone already this morning.

09:01:57 It seems for me to be comfortable with a project of this

09:02:02 magnitude moving forward that I would like to see the

09:02:06 traffic plans and see the developer's plans because there

09:02:14 seems to be plenty of questions that need to be raised, and

09:02:17 based on what I have read in gnaws print, there's a lot of

09:02:23 people didn't seem to have a -- seemed to have a lot of

09:02:25 concerns and based on the e-mails and phone calls I

09:02:29 received, there seem to be a lot of questions that have not

09:02:32 been answered.

09:02:33 And I would hate to see us rushing into something.

09:02:38 What is our time lane for this?

09:02:40 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Well, normally what would happen is this

09:02:43 would be a first reading.

09:02:45 And the rezoning and the vacating of the roadway would come

09:02:50 back at the next council hearing.

09:02:52 And along with than would be a development agreement between

09:02:56 the developer and the city as far as the improvements and

09:02:59 the streets.

09:03:00 Now, I will tell you that this road configuration has been

09:03:04 vetted by the transportation department of the City of

09:03:06 Tampa.

09:03:08 There was a transportation study done by a civil engineer

09:03:12 with traffic counts, and that was coordinated with the Straz

09:03:16 to make sure it was done, traffic counts are nice, that they

09:03:19 had an activity that generated lots of cards.

09:03:22 It was not done on a night when things were not going,

09:03:24 because this is about improving the traffic flow in this

09:03:27 neighborhood.

09:03:28 >>FRANK REDDICK: My last question to you, Bob, is will we

09:03:36 hear tonight from a representative from the Straz Center

09:03:39 will be --

09:03:47 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Sir?

09:03:48 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay, will we hear from someone from the

09:03:51 library board that they agree to the city asking us to --

09:03:57 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Ms. Platt is actually representing -- was

09:04:03 actually representing friends of the library.

09:04:08 There are representatives of the library board as well.

09:04:10 Yes, sir.

09:04:10 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:04:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Montelione.

09:04:15 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, sir.

09:04:18 The reason at the beginning of the night that I had asked

09:04:21 Mrs. Feeley to go ahead and state clearly that we were going

09:04:26 to hear item 13 first before 12 is because during agenda

09:04:32 review when I discussed this with our city attorney was this

09:04:37 realignment of roads really does not mean that we have any

09:04:44 obligation to item 12, which is why I wanted them reversed,

09:04:49 and heard 13 first for the vacation.

09:04:52 Because this vacation and realignment of roadways is a smart

09:04:57 thing to do, the city, as Mrs. Mulhern said, is establishing

09:05:01 the grid.

09:05:02 Many people who sat at this dais before have all talked

09:05:07 about restoring the grid, the street grid of the City of

09:05:10 Tampa.

09:05:13 And I feel that these are two very separate decisions.

09:05:20 These things are being heard -- these items are being heard

09:05:26 separately because we can realign the road, and we can not

09:05:32 move forward with the next item.

09:05:36 They could come back.

09:05:37 They can continue it.

09:05:39 We can, you know, deny it.

09:05:42 There are a variety of things.

09:05:43 But I think the realignment is something that needs to

09:05:46 happen.

09:05:47 I mean, I have driven this many times.

09:05:48 I know many of you have driven it many times.

09:05:51 Mr. Reddick, I'm sure you have.

09:05:53 And it's confusing.

09:05:55 Especially for people who are going to the Straz Center for

09:05:59 the first time or are trying to visit the children's museum,

09:06:02 or even going to the Sykes building, river day plaza,

09:06:09 because I used to work in that building, and getting around

09:06:12 into the parking lot, and going underneath, it's a very

09:06:16 confuse alignment the way it is now, and in Tampa some folks

09:06:20 will say, we are known for our crazy configuration of

09:06:24 roadways.

09:06:24 Streets that end and then pick up a quarter mile down the

09:06:28 road.

09:06:30 It's something that needs to be done.

09:06:32 And the transportation study, I'm surprised that we don't

09:06:35 have anyone here from transportation presenting that.

09:06:39 There was someone here from transportation earlier.

09:06:43 But I'm surprised we don't have anyone here that it was

09:06:46 anticipated we wanted to hear from transportation, and is

09:06:53 there a date?

09:06:55 Do you remember when that transportation study was done?

09:06:58 Was it this year?

09:06:59 Was it last year?

09:07:02 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Yes, actually had to wait until a date

09:07:05 that the Straz had a relatively large event at more than one

09:07:09 of their theaters was going to be activated to make sure

09:07:11 that was a true casting of a busy night.

09:07:17 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And do we have anybody here to speak

09:07:19 about the transportation study?

09:07:20 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I believe there's a civil engineer from

09:07:25 horn and I believe he will be able to address it.

09:07:29 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And maybe the fine people that are

09:07:31 standing waiting to speak, maybe we should hear from them

09:07:35 but I would like to hear from the engineer that performed

09:07:37 the traffic study.

09:07:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen.

09:07:40 >>HARRY COHEN: I also want to reserve comment until we hear

09:07:44 from everyone, hear from the public, but I want to follow up

09:07:47 on something that Councilwoman Montelione said just so we

09:07:50 are clear.

09:07:51 If we approve the vacation, and then do not approve item

09:07:56 number 12 after it, my understanding is that the vacation

09:08:01 and the reconfiguration of the roadways will not ultimately

09:08:03 happen, because my understanding was that the money that is

09:08:08 to be used for the reconfigure ration of the street grid is

09:08:14 coming from the development.

09:08:17 The developer doesn't have -- the development doesn't

09:08:19 happen, the reconfiguration of the streets is a moot point

09:08:23 at least for now.

09:08:24 >>BOB McDONAUGH: For the immediate future, yes.

09:08:26 But will it happen?

09:08:28 Yes.

09:08:28 Just the same way that every downtown street has been two

09:08:31 wayed with the exception now of the northern section.

09:08:33 This makes an immediacy again so we can get it done by the

09:08:38 Straz's next fundraiser that was kind of the driving force,

09:08:44 but it would wait for a budget cycle.

09:08:47 >> Any other council members?

09:08:51 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

09:08:51 I also -- that's exactly what came to mind, that the

09:08:55 realignment is depending on the sale of that property and

09:09:01 the dollars.

09:09:01 To say it would happen anyway.

09:09:05 >>BOB McDONAUGH: It will happen eventually.

09:09:09 >>YVONNE CAPIN: With or without the apartment building.

09:09:10 >> That's correct.

09:09:14 It gives the city the funding to do it immediately.

09:09:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern.

09:09:20 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, I asked you earlier and I thought you

09:09:26 said that the rezoning is actually being driven by the

09:09:30 development plan.

09:09:32 I mean, not rezoning, the vacation.

09:09:36 That's what you said few minutes ago, that because of this

09:09:40 plan, this RFP and the sale of this land, and the plans to

09:09:47 develop this tower, that is what caused you to come to us

09:09:53 and ask us to vacate the street.

09:09:56 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I believe I said that I have had

09:10:00 conversations with the Straz for the last five years

09:10:02 concerning this reconfiguration of the street.

09:10:04 What has brought it to the immediate future, to now, is the

09:10:09 desire of someone to redevelop this land which will give the

09:10:11 city funding to produce that.

09:10:14 >>MARY MULHERN: Here is what isn't clear to me, is how do

09:10:21 we know that this exact alignment -- I guess we do need to

09:10:27 hear from the traffic engineer -- that this a line.

09:10:30 You are talking about isn't just particular to the

09:10:36 development proposal?

09:10:39 How do we know if we do this vacation now that actually if

09:10:45 the development doesn't come through that this is really --

09:10:49 this is really the vacation that needs to happen?

09:10:53 I mean, we are vacating public streets.

09:10:56 If we don't have this -- if the development were not to

09:11:00 occur, we might not need to vacate the same places that we

09:11:05 are vacating.

09:11:06 We might have a different plan if something else came up

09:11:09 later.

09:11:10 I have a problem with really believing that there are two

09:11:15 separate issues.

09:11:19 Than there is a reason -- that there is any reason to

09:11:23 approve this vacation if, today, you know, if the rezoning

09:11:38 isn't approved.

09:11:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Capin?

09:11:47 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I understand.

09:11:47 That but this configuration may not the same configuration,

09:11:51 even though the streets may be vacated, if this project does

09:11:56 not go through.

09:11:58 So this configuration may not be the same configuration when

09:12:01 the budget funds come through.

09:12:08 That I can understand.

09:12:08 Because if that block of land -- if you don't --

09:12:16 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Sure.

09:12:18 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Keep it up for this discussion. If this

09:12:19 block of property is not developed, then the configuration

09:12:23 may or may not be exactly that.

09:12:27 I could see the two waying of Cass street.

09:12:29 I agree with that.

09:12:30 But we should two-way.

09:12:32 But the configuration could very well be different.

09:12:35 And may very well be different should this project not go

09:12:38 through.

09:12:41 There's a lot of questions.

09:12:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Montelione, then I am going to stop

09:12:48 and go to the audience which has been sitting at attention.

09:12:51 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's what I asked a few minutes ago

09:12:53 that we hear from everyone else.

09:12:55 And then I do want to hear from -- is it Mr. Grummage?

09:13:02 That's what I asked before.

09:13:04 I just want to remind you of that.

09:13:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Next, please.

09:13:12 >> Good evening.

09:13:13 I'm Judi Lisi, the CEO of the Straz center.

09:13:16 And indeed it's true, we have petitioned the city over the

09:13:20 years to reconfigure the streets, because there's no doubt

09:13:24 it's very dangerous.

09:13:25 It's not pedestrian friendly.

09:13:27 It inhibits us to get to every side of the arts district.

09:13:32 However, this is the case of be careful what you wish for,

09:13:36 because it is true, we know the city doesn't have the

09:13:43 funding to do.

09:13:44 This but we are very concerned about the scale of this

09:13:47 project and what it is going to do to that area.

09:13:50 And how it is going to really be a barrier between the Straz

09:13:55 Center, and the arts district, and how it's going to affect

09:13:59 all of our patrons.

09:14:01 And I certainly agree that we do need land.

09:14:07 The public sector, the private sector has invested so much

09:14:10 in what is potentially one of the greatest districts in

09:14:14 Florida.

09:14:15 And I don't think we can give it up because we have so much

09:14:23 at stake here.

09:14:24 So that is what I wanted to say.

09:14:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Ms. Lisi.

09:14:29 Next.

09:14:29 >> Thank you.

09:14:32 I am John Mullen, and I have been sworn in. I live at 841

09:14:37 South Dakota Avenue.

09:14:37 Not downtown but nearby.

09:14:39 I have been a member of the Board of Directors of the

09:14:42 friends of the John F. Germany library for more than ten

09:14:46 years and everybody authorized to speak on behalf 69 boards

09:14:49 tonight.

09:14:50 The friends have significant concerns about this project and

09:14:53 I will make three points.

09:14:54 First, the proposed scale of this project was so massive

09:14:57 that it seems to us not only incompatible but aggressively

09:15:01 incompatible with our riverfront and the community

09:15:04 institutions we have there, from the Curtis Hixon park to

09:15:08 Tampa Museum of Art, the testimony glazier museum to the

09:15:12 John F. Germany library we have a precious riverfront

09:15:17 resource and arts district that this apartment tower is

09:15:20 incompatible. With second, we are in particular very

09:15:22 concerned about the planned destruction of the sky bridge

09:15:25 walkway that connects the Poe garage to the library's west

09:15:29 entrance and the Straz center.

09:15:31 >> Can I interrupt?

09:15:32 I am getting a little bit concerned here.

09:15:34 Julie Mandell, legal department.

09:15:37 It was made clear at the beginning that all we were talking

09:15:39 about now is the vacation petition.

09:15:42 Any comment as relates to the pending rezoning really needs

09:15:45 to be reserved for that public hearing and not for this

09:15:48 public hearing.

09:15:49 And I would hate to have us confused for the purposes of the

09:15:53 record.

09:15:53 So I want to reiterates that point.

09:15:55 >>MARTIN SHELBY: And if I could follow up.

09:15:59 There's an additional reason for having it separate is

09:16:01 because your decision criteria for each case is different,

09:16:06 and therefore it should be considered differently and

09:16:08 separately based on the competent substantial evidence in

09:16:11 the record.

09:16:11 >>> The sky bridge issue does relate to the planned --

09:16:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, I am going to just say that you

09:16:19 have to speak on the item 13 which is really 12.

09:16:23 It's about the street.

09:16:24 It's about the ordinance closing and discontinued,

09:16:27 abandoning a portion of the right.

09:16:29 That's what we are talking about now and that's what we are

09:16:31 limited to.

09:16:32 >> And I will zero right in on.

09:16:34 That right now public access to the John F. Germany library

09:16:38 is very dependent on that sky bridge because of the traffic

09:16:40 configuration, Cass, Tyler and Ashley surround our library,

09:16:45 are very busy street and a lot of people need that sky

09:16:49 bridge to access Ashley because it's a very busy street.

09:16:52 The planned reconfiguration does not help with the traffic

09:16:55 flow.

09:16:55 I think I need to rebut some of the comments made by Mr.

09:16:58 McDonaugh. Right now what we have is three lanes of

09:17:00 traffic on Tyler leading to the two lanes of the bridge.

09:17:04 On Cass, we have two lanes off the bridge that go into four

09:17:07 lanes at Ashley.

09:17:10 Those are seven lanes of traffic right now in that one top

09:17:12 two-block radius.

09:17:14 That would be reduced to 4 under the traffic configuration.

09:17:17 Two with way, two lanes each on Cass Street.

09:17:19 Reducing seven lanes to four combining that with adding an

09:17:23 apartment structure that would have more than 600 parking

09:17:25 spaces in it, adding a whole 600 new parking spaces in that

09:17:31 particular area overwhelms the traffic flow in that area.

09:17:35 It's not a good solution to configure the traffic.

09:17:38 I agree the Straz Center could benefit from a new access

09:17:42 point.

09:17:42 But what's proposed to take those seven lanes, reduce them

09:17:46 to four, does not solve the traffic flow problems at all.

09:17:49 And it particularly harms public access to the library and

09:17:53 the whole riverfront that we have.

09:17:55 We request that the council deny the rezoning request for

09:17:59 this project as it stands.

09:18:01 At a minimum, we would request --

09:18:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: This is not the rezoning.

09:18:05 This is the vacating.

09:18:06 >> Thank you.

09:18:08 At a minimum we request that the council postpone deciding

09:18:10 this issue for a month or two at least to allow the

09:18:14 developer, the city and other interested stakeholders time

09:18:16 to see if a better solution can be devised.

09:18:19 Thank you.

09:18:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.

09:18:22 Next, please.

09:18:22 >> I'm Karen McClure, and I have been sworn in, and I live

09:18:29 at 217 South Hale and a 20 year volunteer at the John F.

09:18:36 Germany library and had a lot of experience getting into and

09:18:40 out of that building. My concern is just total vacating of

09:18:44 the streets and what that does to the skywalk.

09:18:47 I have tried at street level to cross the street to get to

09:18:50 the library, and you are taking your life in your hands.

09:18:54 That skywalk is just so necessary.

09:18:59 I understand that there is an pedestrian crosswalk there.

09:19:03 Apparently nobody understand was that means as they zip

09:19:06 around that curve and, you know.

09:19:14 Mrs. Platt as friends of the Tampa library Hillsborough

09:19:18 County sent a letter to the mayor back in January expressing

09:19:20 on behalf of the friends of the library a concern about

09:19:23 reconfiguring those streets, and never got a response to her

09:19:28 request to be invited to sit at the table to talk about it.

09:19:32 So I would ask us also that we take a step back, look at

09:19:38 what we are really doing with the traffic pattern there with

09:19:40 all of the additional people we are going to ask and revisit

09:19:45 when we look at it more closely.

09:19:47 Thank you.

09:19:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:19:49 Next, please.

09:19:49 >> Good evening, council.

09:19:53 I'm Christine Burdick with the downtown partnership and I

09:19:56 apologize but I have not been sworn.

09:20:02 >>THE CLERK: Anyone else who needs to be sworn?

09:20:04 (Oath administered by Clerk)

09:20:05 >> I do.

09:20:10 And I appreciate your time and your attention to this.

09:20:16 I just want to reiterate and spend one minute, not more,

09:20:20 reiterating and further enhancing the discussion about this

09:20:26 traffic improvement being a benefit and helping to recommend

09:20:30 very quickly one of the strong effort and most appealing

09:20:33 recommendations from the envision plan.

09:20:36 We have all been involved in that planning process.

09:20:38 And as Mr. McDonaugh said, it involves thousands of people

09:20:43 across the city looking at things that can make our the

09:20:47 larger City Center area better.

09:20:49 One of the most concrete and appealing opportunities

09:20:52 presented in the initial recommendations was the east-west

09:20:55 green spine, an attractive and safe cross-city multi-purpose

09:21:00 trail that links -- and I'm quoting here from the study --

09:21:06 links the eastern and western City Center city to

09:21:10 neighborhoods, to the Riverwalk, and to each other.

09:21:13 It proposes a link using multimodal travel from the armory

09:21:19 on Howard, through downtown, past Encore, to the gates of

09:21:25 Ybor City, and with a path up to Cuscaden park.

09:21:29 As completed the traffic improvements -- and that was

09:21:32 something that 12 hours ago you were sitting as a CRA were

09:21:36 talking about the connections between Ybor and downtown and

09:21:39 how important that was.

09:21:41 And I think the recommendations from the envision plan give

09:21:45 us a couple ways to accomplish this.

09:21:48 As completed this traffic improvement will enable a large

09:21:51 part of the Intown neighborhood and the recommendation to be

09:21:56 accomplished, facilitating good access to all road in the

09:22:01 neighborhoods and tying together the City Center area.

09:22:03 So we in downtown -- and I have got five more seconds --

09:22:09 there isn't much that happens downtown that isn't affected

09:22:11 by circulation access, mobility, and we are constantly

09:22:17 studying it and proposing Hepp and supporting change for

09:22:22 that.

09:22:23 And we want to continue to be your partner in that and make

09:22:26 the good things happen downtown that need to.

09:22:28 Thank you.

09:22:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Next, please.

09:22:32 >> Good evening.

09:22:37 My name is John Hoppe. I am the resident architect and

09:22:40 consulting planner to the Straz Center, and I have been in

09:22:43 that role for about the past 19 years.

09:22:45 And I wanted to let you know a few things about this

09:22:49 vacation idea.

09:22:50 This did grow from planning by the Straz over the past six

09:22:56 or seven years.

09:22:57 The idea of two waying Tyler, two waying Cass, and tieing

09:23:02 the streets together, did come from an idea and desire the

09:23:08 Straz Center had to create a buildable plot of land, not as

09:23:13 large as the one presently shown and to build a buildable

09:23:17 plot of land that could be used for a development process

09:23:20 and also to allow us to clarify and simplify arrival into

09:23:25 and exit out of the arrival plaza for our patrons, because

09:23:28 as you recall we do serve schoolchildren, buses, we have

09:23:34 visitors coming and going, some of whom are handicapped or

09:23:38 require accessible drop-off and pickups, locations,

09:23:41 et cetera, and we had the idea that -- I don't know if you

09:23:46 can still see this -- than the street alignment would work

09:23:50 with the full garage plan and make a lot more sense in terms

09:23:54 of how the sites and how the area developed.

09:24:03 We do supports cleaning up and rectifying the problems we

09:24:05 have with access.

09:24:06 So we do think you should consider that.

09:24:08 But we also think you need to consider the bigger picture

09:24:15 with the scale of the project I have other comments when we

09:24:19 get to the rezoning.

09:24:21 Thank you very much.

09:24:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, job. Ms. Capin?

09:24:26 Turn the mike on.

09:24:29 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

09:24:30 I'm going to talk about the parking spaces, which is 600,

09:24:35 because that affects the street.

09:24:37 And the number that came up, 100,000 car exits at SkyPoint,

09:24:43 over 100,000, it doesn't affect the street.

09:24:46 >>JULIA MANDELL: Legal department.

09:24:47 I would like to take a moment and step back and remained

09:24:51 council what we are doing at this must be hearing for the

09:24:54 vacation.

09:24:55 You have a situation where you have a road, a right-of-way,

09:25:02 but those roads are also owned -- the Jon Gruden lying piece

09:25:05 of the roads is owned by the city.

09:25:07 In order for any form of reconfiguration to occur, you would

09:25:11 need to vacate the right-of-way portion of what is happening

09:25:15 there in terms of that interests.

09:25:18 The city still owns the underlying -- that's what's in front

09:25:24 of you right now.

09:25:25 The question of whether or not in another appellate there's

09:25:26 too many cars coming out onto the street as it exists today

09:25:30 or the streets that could be created is really a rezoning

09:25:33 question.

09:25:33 But this question is really simply related to vacating the

09:25:37 right-of-way interest in this property to allow the

09:25:40 opportunity for the recreation of the street.

09:25:46 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I would like to ask Mr. Greminger from

09:25:54 Kimley-Horn and our own transportation -- you might want to

09:25:58 get up.

09:26:02 So much has been said about the transportation study and the

09:26:07 performance of that.

09:26:09 And I have got a few specific questions about things that

09:26:12 may or may not everybody considered.

09:26:15 Mr. Greminger, when you do the study in, any transportation

09:26:20 study, the number of trips, exam the number of trips, and

09:26:25 I'm interested in knowing how many trips terminated either

09:26:30 at the Straz, the Poe garage, or, in other words, did not go

09:26:37 over the bridge.

09:26:38 The reason I ask that is because one speaker we heard from

09:26:42 earlier said you are taking seven lanes and reducing it to

09:26:45 four.

09:26:46 But I think if you are separating the number of trips that

09:26:51 are ending at one of those venues from the trips that are

09:26:56 actually going over the bridge, you are effectively

09:27:02 spreading out those seven lanes, and there is capacity there

09:27:06 on the four.

09:27:09 >> First let me thank you, chairman and City Council.

09:27:13 My name is Keith Greminger, the urban design director for

09:27:17 Kimley-Horn.

09:27:18 I appreciate your time tonight.

09:27:20 What I would like to do, if it's appropriate, to walk you

09:27:22 through the transportation plan.

09:27:25 I know Mr. McDonaugh had kind of briefed you on it but I

09:27:30 would like to walk you a little more thoroughly, if this is

09:27:32 the appropriate time.

09:27:33 >>LISA MONTELIONE: If I may just ask another question so

09:27:36 this way when you are giving that presentation the answer to

09:27:38 this may be contemplated.

09:27:42 And as you came up before, it's whether or not this is the

09:27:46 ideal, the plan that Mr. McDonaugh had on the overhead, is

09:27:51 that the ideal configuration for those streets?

09:27:54 So if we do the vacation of the current right-of-way that we

09:27:59 have, would that be the typical best use street grid in that

09:28:07 area?

09:28:08 And to me, you know, a grid is a grid.

09:28:11 >> I think I can answer that as we through this.

09:28:16 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you very much.

09:28:26 >> Mr. McDonaugh walked you through the street configuration

09:28:29 is shown, and the regrigged of the urban network is put back

09:28:34 in placing.

09:28:35 Largely the development is contemplating things from Ashley

09:28:38 Boulevard to the west, with the reconfiguration of Tyler

09:28:43 street from a one-way to two way, Cass Street from a one way

09:28:47 to two way, and reintroducing the grid MacInnes and new

09:28:55 arrival street directly west of the development, and as we

09:29:01 look at the grid development there are a lot of

09:29:03 opportunities that take place.

09:29:04 And let me push that a little bit further by showing you,

09:29:09 this plan here begins to identify -- I know it's hard to see

09:29:12 on the Elmo here -- the existing street grid.

09:29:15 Tyler street has a one way coming to the apex here.

09:29:19 At Cass.

09:29:20 And then Cass Street is a one-way proceeding onto Ashley.

09:29:25 What we are looking at is further extending Tyler street

09:29:28 into a new arrival plaza, for the Straz Center, and again a

09:29:32 new arrival court on the west side of the development off of

09:29:37 Cass Street, with much improved access for the pedestrians

09:29:42 and other uses.

09:29:46 To development complete streets, it may be a little easier

09:29:49 to see, and it's super imposed with the plan over the

09:29:54 aerials.

09:29:57 Here we go.

09:30:02 Here we go.

09:30:03 Okay.

09:30:08 Here we go.

09:30:11 So the two waying of Tyler street allows four lanes on Tyler

09:30:16 street to come further west, two west, two east, and three

09:30:22 lanes on Cass Street, with one lane east, one lane west, and

09:30:28 a center turning lane.

09:30:29 With that center turn lane really does help provide a better

09:30:33 pedestrian experience.

09:30:34 So if I can go back to now sort of the hybrid of the two,

09:30:44 now the proposed plan with the existing infrastructure.

09:30:47 This regridding has very limited opportunities.

09:30:53 I don't know if than the regrid cog occur much differently

09:30:56 because of the west facade of the library, the north

09:30:59 boundary of the Straz center, and Cass Street and Tyler as

09:31:05 they currently exist.

09:31:06 The alignment of the new western arrival is the overline, is

09:31:13 going back to an earlier grid pattern and grid size that

09:31:17 helps arena force development.

09:31:18 So this grid pattern, I believe, would be the outcome of any

09:31:24 further looking into this development.

09:31:26 I think it supports going back to an earlier grid and the

09:31:29 two waying.

09:31:32 The other thing that's important to understand is the

09:31:34 turning movements.

09:31:35 And the unit section that are being created.

09:31:37 We are basically looking at intersection improvements from

09:31:40 Ashley, Tyler and Cass, at Tyler and north MacInnes, and

09:31:48 anew unit section there and a new arrival plaza in Cass

09:31:51 Street with a new lighted intersection there.

09:31:54 This will provide much better improvements for both

09:31:57 vehicular and pedestrian movement.

09:32:00 So we contemplated what we think those movements will be.

09:32:11 So the red represents what we believe the Straz patrons will

09:32:15 be doing.

09:32:16 Coming from the north or the eastern part of the urban core,

09:32:20 they would travel west on Tyler street to the new Tyler

09:32:24 extension to the arrival plaza of the Straz Center.

09:32:29 It can also come from the west over on this side across Cass

09:32:34 street, taking an arrival street and coming here, or

09:32:38 continuing to proceed to the east and to the north off of

09:32:42 the interstate.

09:32:44 We perceive the blue as residential patron movement.

09:32:49 Residential patron movement we believe could come from the

09:32:51 north or the east down Tyler street, into the new south

09:32:55 MacInnes and access their drive there.

09:32:59 They could also come around the front for a drop-off here

09:33:02 and proceed west on Cass Street or east on Cass Street and

09:33:06 penetrate the city, much like coming from the west and

09:33:09 making the same movements.

09:33:11 The green represents what we believe is the daily commute.

09:33:13 The commute that will be seen entering into the district.

09:33:17 That movement, we believe, coming from the north or the east

09:33:20 would come down Tyler street, and again, have the ability to

09:33:25 go further west and circulate through the arrivals.

09:33:28 We think once transportation patterns will be established.

09:33:32 Those who are commuting would either come in and go north

09:33:35 and penetrate the new north district or come south from Mac

09:33:40 MacInnes and travel east on Tyler.

09:33:42 They have the opportunity to move around but we don't

09:33:45 believe that will be a typical pattern.

09:33:47 Likewise coming from either the east or the west of the

09:33:50 city, transversing Cass Street to Ashley either go north to

09:33:53 the interstate or into the urban core.

09:33:56 That's what we anticipate the traffic patterns to be

09:33:59 established over time.

09:34:02 The most important aspect of this, though, is really

09:34:04 recognizing what it does to the pedestrian movement.

09:34:10 This represents either the Straz, the Riverwalk, the arrival

09:34:15 plaza, and again, this plaza is not just a vehicular plaza.

09:34:21 We see this plaza as being a multi-functional plaza that

09:34:24 supports activities within the urban core.

09:34:31 Of the movement from the parks, the Poe garage and the two

09:34:34 access points to the library.

09:34:35 This pedestrian movement will be much improved through this

09:34:39 layout, three lane for Cass, four lanes on Tyler, and

09:34:43 improved intersections allow safe movement.

09:34:47 As the woman discussed earlier, trying to cross Cass at the

09:34:52 current location is very, very dangerous.

09:34:56 And the addition of the red streak here which is the cycle

09:35:01 tracks.

09:35:02 That has been offered bitten vision plan and this would be

09:35:08 the first opportunity to implement this plan.

09:35:09 Not only from the greenway spine, but also we believe the

09:35:15 start of the whole district.

09:35:17 And the reason why that improvement, we think, makes a big

09:35:23 difference is if you look at this.

09:35:25 This is the existing right-of-way of Cass Street.

09:35:28 50 feet from curb to curb.

09:35:30 Very dangerous, one-way movement of high-speed traffic.

09:35:34 Converting to the two-way and adding a cycle track allows

09:35:38 for a 12-foot sidewalk, an 8-foot two-way cycle track, a

09:35:43 two-foot raised curb separating and protecting that cyclist,

09:35:48 an 11-foot eastbound travel lane, a 107-fat turning lane, an

09:35:54 117-foot westbound travel lane, and a 7-foot parallel

09:35:58 parking lane.

09:35:59 All total, this really reduces -- enhances the streetscape

09:36:06 and also protects the pedestrian.

09:36:08 And let me show you how.

09:36:14 Let me zoom in on this a little bit.

09:36:19 Again, the same cross section.

09:36:21 The sidewalk and the street plantings provides again the

09:36:24 green space and improvements, the eight foot cycle track

09:36:28 with the two foot curb protecting the cyclist, and eleven

09:36:31 foot eastbound, and then 10-foot turning lane and also a

09:36:36 pedestrian refuge.

09:36:37 So as you are crossing the street, they have an opportunity

09:36:41 to be protected in traffic.

09:36:45 An 11-foot westbound lane and 7-foot parking lawn which so

09:36:52 now instead of crossing a 50-foot unit section, they are

09:36:55 crossing two 11-foot lanes.

09:36:58 A much, much, much improved pedestrian movement.

09:37:01 And, again, like I said, this is the cycle track and

09:37:08 envision green spine.

09:37:09 And Ms. Burdick took my thunder a little bit but there it is

09:37:18 how the center city will have a safe crossing at multiple

09:37:22 trails that link the eastern and western center city

09:37:25 neighborhoods to the river and to each other.

09:37:28 So our goal is to improve upon what is there, the changing

09:37:34 the dynamics, much improving the grid, and pushing forward.

09:37:39 And if I could read the summaries from the envision plan,

09:37:44 it's center city Tampa will be a community of livable

09:37:47 places, connected people, embrace and celebrate its river

09:37:52 and its waterfront.

09:37:55 Tampa is now define being its future.

09:37:57 The downtown and neighborhoods, the past for the 21st

09:38:04 century model for livability, economic vitality on five

09:38:10 building blocks.

09:38:11 Those building blocks are:

09:38:13 A reimagined, refocused waterfront, exact lit what we are

09:38:16 doing with that new arrival for the Straz, it's going have a

09:38:23 valet service that will also be a public plaza for the

09:38:26 community.

09:38:26 Livable connections.

09:38:28 Exactly what the street grid is doing, putting that back

09:38:30 together.

09:38:31 And urban pattern to support the transit, regriding the

09:38:35 community, putting it back to some of its original form.

09:38:40 Strong, livable center city neighborhoods, the residential

09:38:46 will be 350 new units to support that neighborhood.

09:38:49 And --

09:38:52 And walkable downtown.

09:38:55 That's what we are really after.

09:38:57 Mixed use, walkable downtown.

09:39:00 Tampa will be the model for the 21st century community,

09:39:04 progressing to realize its potential, always focusing on

09:39:08 connection to the diverse people, unique places, and

09:39:13 relationships with the water.

09:39:14 This transportation plan and these rights-of-way vacations

09:39:20 support the plan that you all will have before you soon.

09:39:23 And this is the first step of that implementation.

09:39:27 To get to the traffic aspect of this, we do a variety of

09:39:34 traffic analyses.

09:39:37 A.M. peak, p.m. peak and event peak.

09:39:41 Now, we have met with the transportation department.

09:39:44 We have met with the Straz.

09:39:45 We have met with the library.

09:39:48 To be get a blessing on the consensual layout of this plan,

09:39:53 the turning movement. We need to complete that traffic

09:39:55 study to be able to bring to you what those numbers and

09:39:58 configurations are, to be able to tell you, numbers of cars

09:40:05 that will be making certain movements, but until we have the

09:40:08 endorsement of the right-of-way vacation, we are not going

09:40:13 to be able to complete that.

09:40:14 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

09:40:18 A few follow-up questions.

09:40:19 Who commissioned Kimley-Horn to do the traffic study?

09:40:27 I wanted a full disclosure.

09:40:29 I wanted to put that on the record, that your traffic study

09:40:31 was commissioned by and I'm assuming paid for by the

09:40:38 applicant in the next petition.

09:40:39 >> Yes, ma'am.

09:40:40 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay, thank you.

09:40:42 And now traffic Zigs division?

09:40:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I am going to have to speed it up.

09:40:47 I have council members that have not spoken yes, it is.

09:40:50 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm sorry, I have only asked three

09:40:52 questions. I'm sure my three questions did not take up five

09:40:56 minutes.

09:40:57 Thank you.

09:40:57 The traffic study that Mr. Greminger walked us through, is

09:41:03 that at the end not a full-blown traffic study with traffic

09:41:06 counts?

09:41:08 Did you or anyone else from the staff in our traffic

09:41:11 division review the work that was performed by Kimley-Horn?

09:41:15 >> Jonathan Scott, transportation planning.

09:41:18 Our folks have been looking at this configuration.

09:41:21 Now, as far as official traffic study, they are required to

09:41:26 do one.

09:41:26 But it's not going to be required until the time of

09:41:29 permitting for the development.

09:41:32 >>LISA MONTELIONE: My question was, did you review the

09:41:35 traffic study that Mr. Greminger just walked us through?

09:41:39 >> I haven't been involved in that, that much.

09:41:43 >>JULIA MANDELL: Again we was talking about was more from

09:41:47 the vacation of the right-of-way --

09:41:50 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Right, right.

09:41:51 >>JULIA MANDELL: Jonathan is here to talk about

09:41:55 transportation as relates to individual projects.

09:41:57 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Hang on.

09:42:03 The purpose of my question was to determine whether or not

09:42:06 this -- which was my first question -- whether or not this

09:42:10 would be appropriate grid, and whether or not this vacation

09:42:16 is to institute a grid that no matter what happens is the

09:42:23 appropriate establishment of a street grid.

09:42:26 And since we have been two waying streets and we have been

09:42:29 as a city over time realigning roads within the city, I'm

09:42:33 trying to establish whether or not this particular vacation

09:42:37 is appropriate at this time, because from the sound of what

09:42:41 I am hearing from my fellow board members is of this is

09:42:46 going to go nowhere unless we can determine that this

09:42:49 vacation is the appropriate one, no matter what happens with

09:42:53 that parcel.

09:42:54 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Economic development.

09:42:57 I would ask council, let's put this on another agenda. I

09:43:02 will bring people from the city transportation department

09:43:04 and have more conversation so that obviously there's not a

09:43:09 comfort level here, and I would like to make sure that the

09:43:12 council is comfortable with the information presented.

09:43:15 And I have people from the transportation department.

09:43:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I got council members asking for the

09:43:21 floor, and I'm trying to keep up with what I have got.

09:43:26 Hold that for one second.

09:43:28 I am going to give the order and call on them.

09:43:30 Mr. Suarez, Ms. Mulhern, Ms. Capin.

09:43:33 And those are the one that are going to speak next.

09:43:37 Go on.

09:43:37 I'm sorry.

09:43:38 >>BOB McDONAUGH: No, sir.

09:43:40 I sense that I have not enough information for you.

09:43:43 And again this was about a vacation.

09:43:44 I should have had someone -- Melanie, probably, from the

09:43:50 transportation department who has been more involved in

09:43:52 this.

09:43:52 Obviously, I am not a transportation engineer.

09:43:54 I'm uncomfortable with council being uncomfortable with what

09:43:57 we are talking about tonight.

09:43:59 And so I would like to be, because I am the petitioner, is

09:44:02 ask council to reschedule this for another day.

09:44:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The city is not the petitioner, not you.

09:44:10 >> Yes, sir, I am the representative.

09:44:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I understand.

09:44:12 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Excuse me.

09:44:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez?

09:44:18 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Aid couple questions for Mr. Greminger, if I

09:44:21 could.

09:44:26 Mrs. Montelione asked one of the questions I was asking

09:44:29 going ask. I won't ask that one.

09:44:30 But in terms of the vacation, when you are looking at --

09:44:34 when you were asked to look at this specific vacation, and

09:44:38 the traffic patterns -- and I know you look at a lot of

09:44:42 different things in terms of how does this create traffic

09:44:44 calming, how does this institute itself within the

09:44:49 Riverwalk, within what the arrival pad is going to be for

09:44:56 the Straz and so on, was there any discussion about the

09:44:58 pedestrian bridge that comes from Poe across to the library

09:45:04 being eliminated?

09:45:05 >> As we looked at this we tried to understand, and again

09:45:11 through our conversation with the Straz, we met -- excuse

09:45:14 me, with the library --

09:45:18 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Excuse me.

09:45:20 This is not a petition about -- I am asking a question about

09:45:23 his study concerning the traffic flow.

09:45:24 >> Which just did.

09:45:27 And I think if could you finish your answer so I can hear

09:45:32 again.

09:45:32 >> Okay.

09:45:34 We met with the library board earlier this week.

09:45:38 And we heard their concern.

09:45:42 The idea of whether the bridge would remain, be removed, is

09:45:48 still under debate, as we are trying to understand this

09:45:51 traffic grid, realignment, and how that has impacted with

09:45:55 the current bridge location.

09:45:57 There is -- I guess it would be just a service road that

09:46:01 currently sits behind the western side of this library, and

09:46:07 whether or not that can become a new right-of-way that we

09:46:10 can serve the city with this grid.

09:46:12 >> So the answer based on what just said there was really no

09:46:18 discussion dug this plan progress sees of either eliminating

09:46:21 or not eliminating the pedestrian bridge.

09:46:23 Is that correct?

09:46:24 >> Correct.

09:46:24 >>MIKE SUAREZ: So in terms of traffic patterns, I know

09:46:28 because you are trying to make this particular area a more

09:46:30 walkable area by vacating these streets, calming the

09:46:34 streets, doing some other things, and it may not have been

09:46:37 in your portfolio to either eliminate or continue to keep

09:46:40 the particular pedestrian bridge, correct?

09:46:43 >> Correct.

09:46:44 >>MIKE SUAREZ: That was an important aspects for me,

09:46:46 because many of the people that are here are talking

09:46:48 specifically about that in relation to the vacation of the

09:46:53 streets.

09:46:53 And that's why to me it was an important factor.

09:46:57 Mr. McDonaugh -- thank you.

09:47:02 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Yes, sir?

09:47:05 >>MIKE SUAREZ: What would the cost of doing the vacation --

09:47:08 excuse me, doing regrigged of the streets, short of any

09:47:12 other source of revenue, just the amount that weighed talked

09:47:18 about some time before.

09:47:19 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Engineer estimates are somewhere around $2

09:47:22 million.

09:47:22 >> So $2 million to regrid.

09:47:25 To do some of the plan as Mr. Greminger had put forward to

09:47:30 connect our Riverwalk with Hixon Park and make the area

09:47:35 around the Straz more presentable for the arrival of patrons

09:47:41 and so on, correct?

09:47:44 >> Correct.

09:47:45 >> Depending on the complexity of the expansion of the

09:47:50 arrival area, it could be considerably more.

09:47:53 $2 million was basically the street grid itself.

09:47:55 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.

09:47:58 Thank you, chair.

09:47:59 That's all I have.

09:48:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have Mrs. Mulhern and Mrs. Capin.

09:48:02 >>MARY MULHERN: I think my questions were for Ms. Cole.

09:48:09 Did she leave the room?

09:48:10 Okay.

09:48:12 Mr. McDonaugh, you can probably answer this question.

09:48:16 The purpose of vacating -- we are vacating the city's

09:48:21 right-of-way.

09:48:23 That's whereby what we were being asked to do on this item,

09:48:27 right?

09:48:28 >> That's correct.

09:48:29 >>MARY MULHERN: And the reason we have to do that subpoena

09:48:33 in order to allow for private development to happen in that

09:48:40 area.

09:48:40 Correct?

09:48:42 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Some of that, yes.

09:48:43 >>MARY MULHERN: So my point is -- and this happens often,

09:48:52 every time we have a vacating and a rezoning at the same

09:48:55 time.

09:48:56 We are told we cannot, you know, we are not supposed to mix

09:49:01 the issues.

09:49:02 But the reality is that the only reason to vacate these

09:49:07 streets, if the city just wanted to do have redo street grid

09:49:11 and we hadn't sold the property, would we -- why would we be

09:49:18 vacating anything?

09:49:19 We would just be putting out our original street grid back

09:49:23 in.

09:49:23 >> Actually, Tyler was never configured correctly going that

09:49:30 way. So we would still be vacating portionings of Tyler

09:49:34 where it's currently configured.

09:49:35 So, no, we would be required to vacate it, because we are

09:49:40 reconfiguring the streets.

09:49:42 Tyler, which goes to the north and to the south.

09:49:48 >> Would you be vacating -- what would you be vacating?

09:49:53 Your rights to the current configuration of the streets?

09:49:57 >> When you change where the current streets end, you are

09:50:02 actually vacating.

09:50:03 It has nothing to do with the fought use for that property

09:50:07 will be but you are saying this piece of land is no longer

09:50:10 part of the street.

09:50:11 It is no longer a thoroughfare.

09:50:13 This is the new thoroughfare. So there are parts of it that

09:50:17 regardless of whether or not it was going to be parts of the

09:50:20 development would be vacated because it would no longer be

09:50:23 part of that street.

09:50:24 >>MARY MULHERN: Parts of it.

09:50:26 >>BOB McDONAUGH: That's correct.

09:50:28 >>MARY MULHERN: But parts of it need to be vacated in order

09:50:30 to put, build a building where there is currently a street.

09:50:35 >>BOB McDONAUGH: In this instance, yes.

09:50:39 But the Tyler where it crosses the parcel, if we were to --

09:50:46 let me put this up.

09:50:47 >>MARY MULHERN: I understand. You answered my question.

09:50:49 You answered my question.

09:50:51 That's fine.

09:50:52 But I have to say that you were asked -- I'm sorry, I turned

09:50:58 my mike off -- you were asking us to perhaps continues this?

09:51:04 I'm not going to be comfortable, and I don't even think we

09:51:08 should bother continuing it unless every stakeholder,

09:51:15 including the public, becomes part of this discussion.

09:51:19 And that we don't have, you know, the mayor and a few city

09:51:27 employees, and a few people who do studies for us, deciding

09:51:34 what to do, without asking every stakeholder.

09:51:38 We have got all those museums, the art museum, the

09:51:44 children's museum, the Straz Center, the library.

09:51:51 >> The --

09:51:52 >>MARY MULHERN: So if we are going to come back here, I'm

09:51:54 just saying there will be a lot of public input before

09:51:58 council ask is asked to do anything.

09:52:01 >> Agreed.

09:52:03 >> Mrs. Capin?

09:52:04 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, I agree -- I move to table, because

09:52:08 this request -- and moving forward on this depends on the

09:52:15 sale, the dollars coming from this property.

09:52:19 And the word you used, Mr. McDonaugh, is that it would

09:52:22 happen eventually.

09:52:23 So eventually we can vacate it.

09:52:27 Why do we do this now?

09:52:30 Is there a purpose?

09:52:31 And the gentleman stated that he could not finish the study

09:52:35 or the counts.

09:52:37 I believe we put the cart.

09:52:39 We have the order right in the first place, 12 and 13,

09:52:43 because without those numbers, how can we make a decision

09:52:50 that I agree, there's not enough information, and definitely

09:52:55 I am not comfortable with this at all.

09:53:01 So I move that we table this.

09:53:02 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Chair, a point of clarification.

09:53:11 About rescheduling.

09:53:12 >>MARTIN SHELBY: I just wanted a clarification there's a

09:53:18 distinction between a motion to table and a motion to

09:53:20 continue.

09:53:20 >>FRANK REDDICK: If we vote to continue this, this will go

09:53:30 with both 13 and 12?

09:53:33 >>BOB McDONAUGH: That would have to be done separately,

09:53:35 sir.

09:53:36 I am not the petitioner for number 12.

09:53:38 >>FRANK REDDICK: If we move to continue this, how often

09:53:42 time are you looking at?

09:53:44 To continue the public hearing?

09:53:45 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Well, sir, obviously you would like me to

09:53:48 spend some more time with the various stakeholders, and we

09:53:53 have had several meetings with the art museum, children's

09:53:57 museums, the Straz and the library, but apparently not

09:54:00 enough to give people a comfort level that council would

09:54:03 like to see.

09:54:04 So let me see how quickly we can get with folks and see if

09:54:10 we can't come to some kind of agreement between the parties.

09:54:15 I will come back for a request to council.

09:54:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, I think give a time.

09:54:28 Mr. Chair, I would like to move to continue.

09:54:32 >> I will be looking while they are talking.

09:54:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Montelione, are you looking?

09:54:47 >>LISA MONTELIONE: While he's looking, July 25th?

09:54:50 >>HARRY COHEN: Let me just say we have already rescheduled

09:54:53 at least four items taint for July 25th.

09:54:56 And before we get into a discussion or debate of when we are

09:54:59 going to talk about this again, I have a question.

09:55:06 I'll defer to Councilwoman Montelione but then I have a

09:55:09 question before we come up with a date.

09:55:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Montelione.

09:55:12 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

09:55:15 It looks like we are going to continue.

09:55:16 This and one of the things that I would ask you to do to

09:55:19 bring back -- and this was a question asked by Councilman

09:55:23 Suarez, was about the cost on regriding, reestablishing that

09:55:29 grid in the street, and it was about 2 million.

09:55:32 And I would just ask that you bring back comparisons of how

09:55:36 much we spent, because I know, you know, as a CRA we just

09:55:41 spent quite a bit of money on 22nd streets, and we spent

09:55:45 quite a bit of money on other areas of the city.

09:55:47 So to me, 2 million to regrid this area is a drop in the

09:55:52 bucket.

09:55:53 And if the mayor wanted to find, you know, a way to make a

09:55:57 buildable parcel, whether or not it's this group or another

09:56:02 group, that's that $2 million would surface and we would

09:56:07 have that grid reestablished and we would have a buildable

09:56:09 parcel.

09:56:10 I mean, it's just, you know, just a suggestion that I have

09:56:17 when you come back that you make that part of the

09:56:19 presentation.

09:56:19 >> I shall.

09:56:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Reddick.

09:56:26 >>FRANK REDDICK: And Mr. Chair that motion is to --

09:56:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: To continue?

09:56:32 All right.

09:56:32 Now we are going to debate the continuation of a

09:56:34 continuation.

09:56:34 >> Whatever.

09:56:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Whoever wants to make the motion, let's

09:56:38 make the motion.

09:56:38 Let's go.

09:56:42 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I move to --

09:56:44 >>: Turn your make on.

09:56:46 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I move to continue to August 8th, number

09:56:48 13.

09:56:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, we had July 25 on the table.

09:56:51 Then we had a discussion by Mr. Cohen that we put four items

09:56:54 into that date.

09:56:55 That doesn't mean we don't have enough time. I don't know

09:56:58 how many others there are.

09:57:00 >> Mrs. Feeley?

09:57:05 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I believe I do have all the caseload.

09:57:08 Based on what you did tonight, and what I have in this

09:57:12 cycle, I believe that you only have seven cases.

09:57:16 >>HARRY COHEN: For July 25th.

09:57:18 So we could do it --

09:57:20 >> And we have seven for August 8th.

09:57:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me ask both parties, is July 25th

09:57:25 applicable for bother parties, acceptable?

09:57:36 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Just for clarification you are talking

09:57:37 about item 13, contemplating 12 as well later on?

09:57:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm just contemplating about 13 and then

09:57:44 12 will come after this one.

09:57:46 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Thank you.

09:57:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.

09:57:50 I have a motion by Mrs. Capin.

09:57:52 State the motion.

09:57:54 >>YVONNE CAPIN: August 8th.

09:57:55 >> August the 8th is my motion.

09:58:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Do you have a second on that motion for

09:58:02 August 8th?

09:58:03 I have a second by Mrs. Mulhern.

09:58:04 All in favor to continue signify by saying aye.

09:58:08 Opposed nay.

09:58:08 >> Nay.

09:58:11 >>THE CLERK: I believe the motion carried with Reddick,

09:58:16 Mulhern and Montelione voting no.

09:58:19 >> Reddick, Miranda and Montelione.

09:58:23 >>THE CLERK: Call for a voice roll call, please,

09:58:25 Mr. Chairman?

09:58:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Voice roll call.

09:58:29 >> CLERK: Thank you.

09:58:30 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Yes.

09:58:35 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.

09:58:35 >>FRANK REDDICK: No.

09:58:39 >>MARY MULHERN: Yes.

09:58:40 >>HARRY COHEN: Yes.

09:58:42 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No.

09:58:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No.

09:58:46 >>THE CLERK: The motion carried with Reddick, Montelione

09:58:49 and Miranda voting no.

09:58:50 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Just for clarification, that's set for

09:58:57 6 p.m., is that correct?

09:58:59 >>YVONNE CAPIN: 6 p.m.

09:59:01 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.

09:59:01 August the 8th of the year 2013.

09:59:05 Don't go on vacation.

09:59:06 Stay tuned.

09:59:07 All right.

09:59:08 We go to item number 12, which is item 13 that we had but we

09:59:14 are now at 12.

09:59:17 >>FRANK REDDICK: Chair, I move to continue this to --

09:59:29 >> Marilyn Healey, 101 East Kennedy Boulevard, I represent

09:59:34 Intown who is your applicant on the next item and we are

09:59:38 fully amenable to continuing.

09:59:40 I did want to say, because you know these fellows, Greg

09:59:44 Minder and Floyd Smith, they have done quite a few

09:59:47 developments in the city and they have long dialogues with

09:59:50 the Straz, and starting with the library, and we are going

09:59:54 to continue to do that, because this project is very good

09:59:57 for the city, and we would be like buy-in.

10:00:00 So that's what we are with all of that. We want to move

10:00:03 forward.

10:00:03 And we will be back on the 8th and hopefully everything

10:00:06 will be good.

10:00:09 And we are not removing the connection across Poe.

10:00:13 That kind of got in and out of there left and right with all

10:00:16 the discussion.

10:00:17 I know a lot of people feel very dearly about that.

10:00:21 And we want a very safe, good environments for everybody.

10:00:26 We have our jewels with the art and the Straz.

10:00:31 We wants to keep that the way.

10:00:34 Thank you.

10:00:34 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move to continue the item number 12 to

10:00:39 August 8th at 6 p.m.

10:00:41 >> Second.

10:00:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a second by Mr. Cohen.

10:00:43 Further discussion by council members?

10:00:45 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

10:00:47 Opposed nay?

10:00:48 Eyes have it unanimously.

10:00:50 Okay.

10:00:50 Information reports from right to left.

10:00:54 Mr. Suarez.

10:00:55 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

10:00:59 Would like to make a motion for commendation for Judy

10:01:05 Genshaft, the USF president.

10:01:07 She's going to be named as the 203 recipient of the Betty

10:01:10 Castor lifetime achievement award for her significant

10:01:13 contributions as an academic leader in the global

10:01:16 communities to be presented on May 14th, next week by

10:01:21 the World Trade Center of Tampa Bay.

10:01:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Second by Mrs. Montelione.

10:01:26 All in favor?

10:01:28 Opposed?

10:01:28 The ayes have it unanimously.

10:01:30 Thank you, sir.

10:01:31 That's it.

10:01:31 Thank you.

10:01:33 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Nothing.

10:01:34 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

10:01:36 [Sounding gavel]

10:01:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Please speak outside.

10:01:39 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Chair, requesting a commendation from

10:01:48 the City of Tampa celebrating May 25th.

10:01:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Reddick.

10:01:56 Seconded by Mrs. Montelione.

10:01:57 All in favor of the motion?

10:01:58 Opposed?

10:02:01 Carries unanimously.

10:02:01 >>FRANK REDDICK: The last personal commendation to be

10:02:05 presented to the former Hillsborough County director June

10:02:09 6th, 2013.

10:02:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Reddick, seconded

10:02:13 by Mrs. Montelione.

10:02:14 All in favor of the motion?

10:02:16 Opposed?

10:02:17 Motion passes unanimously.

10:02:21 Mrs. Mulhern?

10:02:23 Mr. Cohen?

10:02:24 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

10:02:26 Just on a personal note but also a note for our greater

10:02:30 Florida community.

10:02:33 Lydia Gardner, who was the clerk of the court in Orange

10:02:35 County, passed away this morning at the age of 68.

10:02:39 She had been battling cancer for a number of years and she

10:02:43 was just an outstanding public servants.

10:02:45 She served in that offers since 2001.

10:02:48 Prior to that she had been a member of and chairman of the

10:02:51 Orange County school board, and she was a very, very hard

10:02:57 working ethical, honest, public servant who was everything

10:03:01 good about politics in the state.

10:03:03 She was always a good Republican.

10:03:05 We had many spirited discussions over the years.

10:03:08 And she's going to be greatly missed.

10:03:10 And I just wanted to mark her passing.

10:03:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

10:03:13 Mrs. Montelione.

10:03:14 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I have one item.

10:03:17 I am requesting that council prepare and provide a

10:03:20 commendation to the Tampa Bay fibro friends for Tampa Bay

10:03:29 fibro day and fibromyalgia awareness month.

10:03:33 The commendation for their events this Saturday on May

10:03:36 11th and will be delivered there at the event.

10:03:40 I do want to say that it's a disease that is getting more

10:03:44 and more prevalent, and people are becoming more aware of

10:03:48 it.

10:03:48 And it affects people of all ages.

10:03:50 My son's very first girlfriend at the age of 14 suffers from

10:03:54 fibromyalgia.

10:03:56 It was very difficult and very painful.

10:03:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Montelione.

10:04:00 I have a second by Mr. Cohen.

10:04:01 Further discussion by council members?

10:04:03 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

10:04:05 Opposed nay.

10:04:06 The ayes have it unanimously.

10:04:07 Need a motion to receive and file all the documents.

10:04:09 Motion by Mr. Reddick, seconded by Mr. Cohen.

10:04:12 All in favor of the motion? Opposed?

10:04:13 The ayes have it unanimously.

10:04:15 Any other business?

10:04:16 Anyone in the audience care to address the council, all 500?

10:04:19 We stand adjourned.

10:04:21 >> (Meeting adjourned)



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