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>> CHAIRMAN CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to


09:06:01 Chair yields to Harry Cohen.

09:06:04 >>HARRY COHEN: Good morning, Mayor.

09:06:08 We welcome this morning Rabbi Joshua Hearshen who comes to

09:06:15 us from Congregation Rodeph Sholom here in Tampa which is

09:06:16 celebrating its 110th anniversary in just a few weeks.

09:06:17 Rabbi Hearshen joined the congregation just this month and

09:06:22 he comes to us previously from the Midway Jewish Center in

09:06:27 Syosset, New York, and before that Herzl Ner-Tamid in Mercer

09:06:31 Island, Washington.

09:06:32 We would like to welcome he and his family to Tampa and

09:06:36 stand for the invocation as well as the pledge of

09:06:38 allegiance.

09:06:39 >> Our Father God that is in heaven, we pray for your

09:06:51 guidance today as our leaders embark on their work on our

09:06:54 behalf.

09:06:55 We have been blessed in America by you and by our ancestors

09:06:59 who had the wisdom to maintain a government for the people

09:07:02 and by the people.

09:07:05 We have been privileged by the presence of people who

09:07:07 receive the call to leadership and who work tirelessly on

09:07:11 our behalf.

09:07:12 Please be with them this morning as they work to make a

09:07:15 better Tampa for us and for our descendants.

09:07:20 Your Tora, your Bible, opens with the word of the creation

09:07:23 of the world.

09:07:25 Early on, one of our ancestors destroyed that world with

09:07:29 violence as he killed his brother.

09:07:32 Your words to him at that time were, where is able, your

09:07:36 brother?

09:07:36 His response in Hebrew was -- (speaking Hebrew) or "I didn't

09:07:44 know that I was my brother's keeper."

09:07:46 While he did not realize the sacred duty of communal

09:07:50 responsibilities and what we are to each other, we need to

09:07:57 be aware and work better at it.

09:07:58 God, we pray that we heed the call to be protectors of all

09:08:02 of our brothers and sisters.

09:08:04 We pray that we realize that our community is filled with

09:08:07 people who are the same as us and who are different than us.

09:08:10 And the similarities and differences are a beautiful cause

09:08:14 to advocate and never something that should be destroyed.

09:08:17 Let us work together to be better protectors of the people

09:08:21 of Tampa and help our leaders to work on behalf of all of

09:08:25 our citizens.

09:08:26 Let us all say "amen."

09:08:31 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]

09:08:32 >> Roll call.

09:08:53 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:08:54 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Presents.

09:08:55 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:08:57 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:08:58 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:08:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:09:00 This is the presentation of the 2014 budget with the

09:09:04 honorable Bob Buckhorn and staff.

09:09:06 >> MAYOR BOB BUCKHORN: That you very much.

09:09:13 I want to recognize somebody who just a mere two hours ago

09:09:17 served his last shift at the Tampa fire department after 28

09:09:21 years of service, driver engineer Sal Ingracia is retiring.

09:09:29 He is somebody we all know and have a great deal of respect.

09:09:32 Thank you for your service to the city.

09:09:35 [ Applause ]

09:09:44 Well, good morning.

09:09:45 And thank you for the opportunity to be here.

09:09:47 It's good to see all of you.

09:09:50 I will tell you in no uncertain terms it has been an

09:09:52 interesting but amazing year for the City of Tampa, and we

09:09:57 could not have done this without your partnership, without

09:10:00 your participation.

09:10:00 I think Tampa stands as a beacon of some pretty troubling

09:10:07 times and we should be proud of the work we have

09:10:10 accomplished.

09:10:10 It is time forts annual budget presentation for fiscal year

09:10:14 2014.

09:10:16 What you see -- and I will walk through these slides as we

09:10:19 go through it.

09:10:21 There's going to be a brief overview with budget highlights,

09:10:24 where we started, some of the solutions, some of the

09:10:26 challenges that we found ourselves facing.

09:10:29 I will walk you through what projected revenues are, what

09:10:32 the projected deficit was, how we dealt with that deficit,

09:10:37 more importantly where we go from here.

09:10:40 Despite the recession it's been a good year.

09:10:42 We have accomplished an awful lot.

09:10:43 I think there is an excitement about Tampa that hasn't

09:10:47 existed in probably decades.

09:10:49 And I couldn't be prouder of the work that you have done and

09:10:51 the partnership that we have established to help get us to

09:10:54 that point.

09:10:56 I think you will be proud particularly when we look at what

09:11:00 is taking place in other jurisdiction as round us as they

09:11:04 struggle with some of the same situations that we have and

09:11:06 some of the steps that they have taken to deal with it which

09:11:09 are very different from some of the steps that we have

09:11:11 taken, and I think you will be excited about the outcome.

09:11:14 Let's walk through a little bit of what has occurred over

09:11:17 the last year.

09:11:19 Largely with your help many of these projects have come

09:11:22 before you and I am very, very thankful for your support of

09:11:25 them.

09:11:25 Downtown Tampa in particular, in our urban core has come

09:11:30 alive.

09:11:31 There is far more demand for residential space in our

09:11:34 downtown than there is, and that is because we have focused

09:11:41 on developing our urban core, developing a place where

09:11:43 people can live, work and play.

09:11:45 The LE Meridian hotel was boarded up, was vacant for ten

09:11:52 years, was dying of benign neglect, and as a result of an

09:11:56 RFP that you all approved, we have a developer that is

09:11:59 investing $23 million of his own money in the renovation of

09:12:03 that what I think is the most significant historical

09:12:06 structure in downtown Tampa.

09:12:08 It will be completed in 2014 and it will be 130 new rooms in

09:12:14 a boutique hotel.

09:12:17 The NOLLE flats in north Hyde Park -- and I know Mr. Reddick

09:12:21 spend as great deal of time there -- you have seen the

09:12:25 development and excitement in the North Hyde Park area.

09:12:31 Expected completion late 2014.

09:12:33 The Encore project the Ella is a 160 unit complex in Central

09:12:39 Park.

09:12:40 That is something that we have partnered with, with the

09:12:43 Tampa Housing Authority.

09:12:44 It is a great partnership.

09:12:45 We were the recipient of the largest grant from the federal

09:12:52 government.

09:12:54 We have two more buildings that will transform that corner

09:12:56 of our downtown.

09:12:58 All of us who drive down Bayshore every day, 367-apartment

09:13:04 complex unit.

09:13:05 Expected completion spring of 2014.

09:13:07 The Epicurean hotel will be an amazing, amazing hotel

09:13:11 associated with the Bern's steakhouse and the laxer family,

09:13:16 137 guest rooms, completed in the fall of 2013.

09:13:20 The water works building, which many of you were there for

09:13:23 the groundbreaking, will anchor the Tampa Heights end of the

09:13:27 river in conjunction with Richard Gonzmart.

09:13:31 We are redeveloping Waterworks Park.

09:13:33 We are going to reclaim a spring at one point provided most

09:13:37 of the water for the City of Tampa in the 1930s and

09:13:39 1940s.

09:13:40 We will create an environments out there that I think will

09:13:43 rival anyplace on the west coast of Florida.

09:13:46 It is going to be an amazing project and we are so thankful

09:13:49 to partner with Richard Gonzmart.

09:13:52 That is the rendering of the Ulele restaurant.

09:13:56 It will not be a Columbia-style restaurant.

09:13:59 It will be a chop house and oyster bar.

09:14:02 There will be boat slips, the continuation of the Riverwalk

09:14:05 will go to the Ulele restaurant and I think help energize

09:14:10 the Tampa Heights project.

09:14:11 Just two weeks ago, under the direction of our own friend

09:14:17 Santiago Corrada who now is the president of visit Tampa

09:14:22 Bay, we attracted national Indian film academy weekend.

09:14:27 I don't think any of us appreciate how big that is.

09:14:29 It's the first time it's been in the United States.

09:14:33 The Indian film industry is huge.

09:14:36 Huge.

09:14:37 Now, I will candidly admit I don't get much about it.

09:14:43 I don't get to watch much TV, although I will watch dynasty

09:14:48 on occasion.

09:14:48 What are you laughing at?

09:14:50 My entertainment.

09:14:52 But the Indian film industry is really going to help to put

09:14:56 Tampa on the map.

09:14:57 We estimate 30,000 visitors.

09:14:59 They estimate $100 million economic impact.

09:15:02 It is a four-day event.

09:15:04 It once again will put Tampa on the map.

09:15:06 Last week was an amazing week for this city.

09:15:08 An amazing week.

09:15:10 COPA airlines, a project we worked on for two and a half

09:15:14 years and now they are going to be establishing four days a

09:15:16 week flights to central and South America.

09:15:18 That is the first time we have had direct connections to

09:15:20 central and South America.

09:15:21 That puts us in a really, really competitive position thanks

09:15:25 to the work of Joe Lopano and the staff at TIA and the

09:15:31 chamber.

09:15:32 That, I think, will be the opening of some very good things.

09:15:36 Last week announced it's adding additional flights to

09:15:40 Europe.

09:15:40 Bristol-Myers Squibb although it will not be in the city,

09:15:45 announced last week, again fortified what we have been

09:15:47 trying to do in developing our health sector client.

09:15:52 Let's talk a little more about economic development.

09:15:54 I think this slide is very, very important.

09:15:59 We have been in the midst of one of the worst recessions

09:16:01 this city and this country has ever faced but I think there

09:16:04 is light at the end of the tunnel.

09:16:06 If you look at this, you will see where we are headed.

09:16:11 The fiscal year 2012 and particularly if you start to go

09:16:16 back beyond that was a pretty devastating time for our

09:16:18 construction industry.

09:16:19 I can tell you now that the construction industry -- and we

09:16:23 see it as we drive around this community -- is alive and

09:16:25 well.

09:16:27 We anticipate 20% increase in permits from the fiscal 2012

09:16:33 actuals to the 2013 projected.

09:16:36 25% increase in residential permits from 12 actual to 13

09:16:42 projections.

09:16:43 All of us know in no uncertain terms that we rely on

09:16:46 property tax revenue to fund our budget.

09:16:48 Home starts, a 46% increase in single-family home starts in

09:16:52 the first quarter of 2013 versus 2012.

09:16:59 The governor tells this story all over the state.

09:17:02 The Tampa Bay area has created more jobs in the last year

09:17:06 than anyplace in the State of Florida.

09:17:09 We are leading the state out of this economic recession and

09:17:13 we are not going to stop.

09:17:14 The Riverwalk which many of you have been involved in, six

09:17:17 mayors, 40 years in the making will be completed by

09:17:21 Thanksgiving of next year.

09:17:22 I mean, that has been something that certainly has been a

09:17:26 labor of love.

09:17:27 It has been a difficult process thanks to the Obama

09:17:29 Administration who gave us a tiger grant.

09:17:33 We will be able to complete that Riverwalk and open up over

09:17:36 two miles of uninterrupted access to the water.

09:17:38 I think, folks -- and I hope you believe this as well --

09:17:41 that will be a game changer for our community, and

09:17:45 particularly for our urban core.

09:17:47 The InVision project that many of you participated in for

09:17:53 the development of our downtown area, something that has

09:17:56 never been done before we are funding some of the projects

09:17:58 already to make sure that that is not a plan that sits on

09:18:01 the shelf but a plan that is living, breathing, and long

09:18:05 outlasts all of us.

09:18:11 All of us certainly take pride in this next slide there.

09:18:18 Were a lot of people in this country who didn't think we

09:18:20 could pull this off.

09:18:21 We were a mid size American market, which is the first time

09:18:24 since 1972 that either convention had come to the State of

09:18:29 Florida.

09:18:30 The world was watching us.

09:18:33 And they were watching us in not just Indiana but India.

09:18:38 We had over 15,000 journalists that were here.

09:18:41 We had over 50,000 guests that were here.

09:18:46 We were performing on the world stage like we had never

09:18:48 performed before, and we were doing it in the face of a

09:18:51 hurricane.

09:18:52 And I can tell you with no uncertain terms that we did it

09:18:55 better than anybody has.

09:18:57 And I know it took us a long time to get to that point, and

09:19:00 there was a lot of discussion, and your advice and your

09:19:03 guidance in that process was invaluable.

09:19:06 But I can I can tell you at the end of the day, there's

09:19:11 never been anybody that hosted an international event like

09:19:13 that and did it as flawless as your city did, and I hope you

09:19:18 are as proud as I am of the people that are here today as

09:19:21 well as our partners that helped pull that off.

09:19:27 10 billion mentions in the worldwide media of Tampa Bay.

09:19:30 You can't buy that.

09:19:32 10 billion mentions.

09:19:36 Equally as important to the construction and the additional

09:19:43 revenues is what we are doing to empower neighborhoods.

09:19:45 I know that's something that council cares about deeply.

09:19:48 I sat there.

09:19:49 I have walked in your shoes.

09:19:50 I know that is what you hear from your constituents.

09:19:53 You are the front line of city government in many cases.

09:19:56 You are the people that they come to, to ask for advice, to

09:19:59 ask for guidance, to help get them through some of these

09:20:02 predicaments that we face as a community.

09:20:05 Neighborhood empowerment, neighborhood involvement is very,

09:20:08 very important to you.

09:20:09 It is to me.

09:20:09 And I know it is to our neighborhoods.

09:20:11 Some of the things that we have done over the last year --

09:20:14 and I know in particular, code enforcement and the issues

09:20:18 affecting our communities regarding blight, regarding

09:20:23 infrastructure, are something that you care about.

09:20:25 I hear it from you.

09:20:26 I see the passion.

09:20:28 It is such a pleasure to be out with Councilman Reddick this

09:20:32 week when we cut the ribbon on that pool, something that he

09:20:34 was very, very passionate about.

09:20:36 And he gave us the guidance and the inspiration to get it

09:20:39 done and to get it done fast.

09:20:41 And each of you in your own ways have done that on any

09:20:44 number of projects.

09:20:45 But I think Councilman Reddick and those were there can see

09:20:49 on the faces of those kids why it is we do what we do.

09:20:53 And Councilman Reddick, thank you for your inspiration on

09:20:55 that.

09:20:55 That was a great day.

09:20:57 That was a fun day because those young people have a place

09:21:00 to play.

09:21:00 But some of the things we are doing in code enforcement --

09:21:03 thank you.

09:21:04 You know, you obviously have read recently been there's been

09:21:07 an increased focus on code enforcement.

09:21:10 We understand why.

09:21:10 We understand how we got in that predicament.

09:21:13 And we are going to make a commitment that we are not going

09:21:16 to be in that situation again because of the extent of our

09:21:18 abilities.

09:21:18 We have made it a priority for us.

09:21:20 We have totally revamped clean city.

09:21:23 It was a department that I was not happy with.

09:21:25 And I was not happy with the leadership.

09:21:28 And so we made some changes.

09:21:37 We made it a one-two punch.

09:21:41 Working with Jake Slater, we are working closely with the

09:21:43 police department and solid waste.

09:21:45 Today I am ready to tell you we are in the fiscal year 13

09:21:48 which we are currently in, filling two vacant positions that

09:21:52 we had in code enforcement.

09:21:53 Next year's budget, we are adding two more positions to code

09:21:56 enforcement.

09:21:57 We are also going to take the five solid waste environmental

09:22:00 inspectors and cross-train them so they will now be in a

09:22:05 position to be able to write code citations as well.

09:22:08 In essence they are doing the same job, just in a different

09:22:11 department.

09:22:12 That will be nine additional bodies that will be involved in

09:22:15 the code enforcement process.

09:22:17 I know it's been a priority for you.

09:22:19 I made it a priority in this budget.

09:22:21 I think our neighborhoods will really appreciate the

09:22:25 additional attention that they are going to be getting.

09:22:28 We are kicking off the landlord training program that will

09:22:32 start in the next month or so.

09:22:34 Our neighborhood university program that we announced a

09:22:37 number of months ago will start in September.

09:22:40 We have had over 70 applicants for the first class.

09:22:46 That moneys in essence we will be able to fill two classes

09:22:48 for the entire next year.

09:22:49 I think that's going to be a great project as we develop the

09:22:52 leadership in our neighborhoods long beyond our tenure here.

09:22:55 I will tell you, when I started in 1987 some of the same

09:22:59 folks that were neighborhood leaders then are neighborhood

09:23:01 leaders now.

09:23:02 We have got to build that next generation of leadership.

09:23:05 We have got to take the wisdom embodied in those exhibiting

09:23:09 neighborhood leaders, people like Margaret Vizzi who live

09:23:12 and breathe empowering their neighborhood and protecting

09:23:14 their neighborhood of the we have to instill those same

09:23:17 values in that next generation of people coming behind them

09:23:19 because I can tell you in no uncertain terms that

09:23:21 neighborhood organization and neighborhood activism has made

09:23:25 a huge difference in our community.

09:23:27 The Nehemiah project Sulphur Springs is a tough area, they

09:23:38 need our help.

09:23:39 Sulphur Springs needs the attention that only city

09:23:41 government can provide.

09:23:43 We had an issue with a contract who couldn't live up to his

09:23:45 obligations.

09:23:46 We fixed it.

09:23:47 We are moving on.

09:23:48 Revitalization of the springs area is part of our agenda.

09:23:51 We have got 86 properties condemned.

09:23:53 We have already demolished 11 of them.

09:23:55 We have 64 properties as a result of our efforts that are

09:23:57 being rehabbed or demolished by the owner.

09:24:00 We have got to find a way to eliminate that blight from

09:24:03 Sulphur Springs and give the folks in Sulphur Springs an

09:24:06 opportunity for the same quality of life that we have.

09:24:10 Our complete streets program.

09:24:14 I know it's a priority for Councilman Montelione and

09:24:19 Mulhern, making our streets safer, more pedestrian friendly,

09:24:22 more bicycle friendly.

09:24:24 I think all of us shared in the success of some of the

09:24:27 things that we have done over the last three years in terms

09:24:30 of making our streets something that we can have both

09:24:34 pedestrians and motor vehicles.

09:24:36 Operation WIN.

09:24:39 The last three years we have taken out 3,000-tons of trash.

09:24:43 3,000-tons of trash out of our neighborhoods, out of our

09:24:46 alleys, working with HSCO, working with offenders working

09:24:51 off their community service hours.

09:24:52 3,000-tons of trash that would be sitting in alleys and

09:24:57 sitting in vacant lots around this community.

09:25:00 Code enforcement sweep that we just announced Sunday.

09:25:04 Block by block, we are going to inspect over 6,000 homes in

09:25:07 some of the areas of this community that we all know need

09:25:10 our attention.

09:25:13 We shifted schedules.

09:25:14 We shifted manpower.

09:25:16 We shifted deployment.

09:25:17 We are going to target some of the most flagrant offenders.

09:25:21 And we are going to bring them into compliance to the extent

09:25:24 that the law allows us to do that.

09:25:26 Long overdue.

09:25:27 It's not easy.

09:25:28 There are some restraints in terms of the code enforcement

09:25:32 process that we don't control.

09:25:33 But we are really going to aggressively go after some of

09:25:37 these offenders.

09:25:39 Infrastructure is not sexy.

09:25:41 It's hard to cut a ribbon on infrastructure.

09:25:43 You know, it's not a glamorous thing.

09:25:47 But it's the basic foundation of our community.

09:25:50 Some of the things that we have been addressing over the

09:25:52 last year in your respective districts are things involving

09:25:56 water, involving wastewater, involving sewer.

09:25:58 I mean, we have an aging infrastructure.

09:26:01 We have 100-year-old pipes that break.

09:26:04 It happens.

09:26:05 It happens every day.

09:26:06 We have pipes that leak.

09:26:08 We have stormwater issues that everybody with us for 40, 50,

09:26:11 60 years.

09:26:12 We are never going to fix them all.

09:26:16 The day of the federal government funding a lot of these

09:26:18 projects are over.

09:26:19 So we do the very best we can.

09:26:21 We certainly try to stop on -- stay on top of the

09:26:24 maintenance off of it and get grants or loans to do major

09:26:30 projects we will do it.

09:26:31 And we will do it based on the greatest need.

09:26:33 And that's what you are seeing in some of these places.

09:26:36 The duck donut pond will resolve some flooding issues that

09:26:41 have been longstanding for a lot of people around that area.

09:26:44 Drew Park in the chairman's district, Charlie and I know

09:26:47 that flooding in Drew Park has been an issue for as long as

09:26:50 you and I have been around.

09:26:51 We are going to try to do something about it.

09:26:56 In terms of public safety.

09:26:58 Our police and fire department are the best in the country.

09:27:02 The best in the country.

09:27:04 If you think about what our police department has

09:27:06 accomplished over the last decade, I think it's

09:27:10 unparalleled.

09:27:12 I don't think there's a department in the United States of

09:27:13 America that can make the same claims that we do here in

09:27:16 Tampa.

09:27:18 65% reduction in crime over the last decade.

09:27:21 This year alone, it's an additional 9.2%.

09:27:25 That translates to 150 less victims .

09:27:32 That's us.

09:27:33 That's our neighbors.

09:27:34 That's our constituents.

09:27:37 That department has done an amazing job.

09:27:41 We continue to hire.

09:27:44 We continue to stay ahead of the trend.

09:27:46 But I can tell you, we under the leadership of Steve Hogue

09:27:50 and now Chief Castor could not ask for a better, better

09:27:54 police department.

09:27:54 And I know that you are as proud of them as I am.

09:27:58 The guys driving the red truck that are out there right now,

09:28:04 in the port, fighting the fire, from the train that is

09:28:08 overturned, where would we be without them?

09:28:11 And once again unlike other departments that started

09:28:14 shuttering fire stations and cutting firefighters, we

09:28:17 continue to grow that department.

09:28:19 Last year, we hired over 50 new firefighters, and this year

09:28:24 before the year ends we will be up close to 20.

09:28:27 I think those folks deserve a round of applause for doing

09:28:29 for us what we can't do for ourselves.

09:28:32 [ Applause ]

09:28:33 To compliment them, to help make our neighborhoods safer we

09:28:45 launched operation bright light and safe night.

09:28:48 Over the next couple of years we will add 8400 new

09:28:51 streetlights.

09:28:53 In areas of high crime, and high traffic.

09:28:58 That directly correlates to affecting the quality of life of

09:29:01 our community in ways that we can't even measure.

09:29:06 A partnership with TECO. TECO has been an amazing partner

09:29:08 with us over the last couple of years whether it was helping

09:29:10 to fund the Avolusis or whether it's working on this

09:29:15 particular project, they have been a great partner for us.

09:29:18 The new police athletic league that will serve a tough

09:29:22 neighborhood with a brand new state-of-the-art facility,

09:29:24 done jointly thanks to the generosity of John Sykes and his

09:29:28 family.

09:29:29 We have got the RICH House that I know many of you were at.

09:29:35 We have the launch of the Safecop program using technology

09:29:39 to help officers do a better job at what they do.

09:29:43 Our public safety department really has done an incredible

09:29:46 job.

09:29:47 We broke ground on fire station 11, a brand new fire

09:29:51 station.

09:29:52 In May of 2013 it will serve Sulphur Springs, Lowry Park.

09:29:58 The existing station is a dump and those men and women don't

09:30:01 deserve to live in those conditions.

09:30:03 Period.

09:30:03 End of discussion.

09:30:06 We are in the process in Councilman Cohen's district of

09:30:10 wrapping up the plans for station 19 down at Port Tampa.

09:30:13 Another outdated, old station that our firefighters

09:30:17 shouldn't have to endure.

09:30:19 They will have a now station as well.

09:30:20 And I know the residents of Port Tampa will be appreciative

09:30:23 of that.

09:30:26 Some of the other things that we have been investing in.

09:30:31 When we got here, we found out our infrastructure, our

09:30:35 technology contained a lot of challenges.

09:30:40 We had a system that was packed together with legacy

09:30:44 software.

09:30:44 Some of it was 10, 20, 30 years old that had basically been

09:30:50 rigged to work but barely.

09:30:51 We made a commitment early on.

09:30:53 And again this is one of these things that it's hard to cut

09:30:55 a ribbon on.

09:30:56 It's hard to put a press release out on.

09:30:59 It's hard to get reelected on.

09:31:01 But it has to happen.

09:31:03 Our infrastructure in our I.T. is critical to what we do.

09:31:08 It makes us more efficient, makes us more competitive, makes

09:31:11 us certainly in terms of the budget process more able to

09:31:14 provide you with the documentation in realtime and the data

09:31:17 in realtime.

09:31:18 We have embarked on a project with the county, the ERP

09:31:21 project.

09:31:21 First time the city and the county have worked together on a

09:31:24 major investment like this.

09:31:26 It's not without its challenges.

09:31:28 But we are moving forward, and we will be implementing that

09:31:31 over the next couple months.

09:31:33 That will, I think, transform our I.T. environment.

09:31:36 But we need to continue to upgrade.

09:31:38 And we need to continues to add infrastructure in the I.T.

09:31:42 world that makes us more competitive and makes our employees

09:31:45 able to do their jobs better.

09:31:47 Some of those things include excel, which is our permitting

09:31:50 software, cutting edge permitting software.

09:31:53 Eventually folks will be able to access their permits when

09:31:56 they interact with our departments from their smart phones,

09:31:59 again making us more competitive, making it a user friendly

09:32:04 environment.

09:32:05 As you know we put out an RFP to Wi-Fi city-wide, and

09:32:09 hopefully with free Wi-Fi in targeted areas in the urban

09:32:13 core.

09:32:14 We have got the new pay for parking using park mobile.

09:32:19 I can't tell you how many people came up and stopped me and

09:32:21 said, we love that AP.

09:32:23 We love that abilities to be able to pay for parking using

09:32:27 our smart phones.

09:32:29 Now, getting on to the proposed budget.

09:32:34 Since the year 2013 our budget was $804 million.

09:32:38 Fiscal year 2014, our budget is $830.9 million.

09:32:44 It's an increase of about 3.3%.

09:32:47 The increase is primarily due to some of the things that you

09:32:50 see listed here.

09:32:51 Some of these things are just the inevitable cost of doing

09:32:55 business.

09:32:57 For example, personnel cost, fuel cost.

09:32:59 We all know, we live in an uncertain environments when it

09:33:01 comes to fuel cost.

09:33:03 None of that we control.

09:33:04 But we are affected by every time the price of gasoline goes

09:33:08 up, we budget for it.

09:33:09 We try to anticipate it.

09:33:11 But that market fluctuates so much that we can't possibly

09:33:13 have an accurate gauge at the time we prepare the budget.

09:33:17 Electrical costs have gone up.

09:33:20 Health care and worker's comp, we have done better.

09:33:26 As a result of the clinics, and that we slowed the rate of

09:33:29 increase.

09:33:30 Those clinics are loved by our employees, and are taken full

09:33:36 advantage of.

09:33:36 The number of our employees that are using the clinic for

09:33:39 preventive care really has been astounding to me, and I

09:33:43 think it translates directly to the bottom line because our

09:33:46 increase is less than similar jurisdictions around us.

09:33:50 The choice that you see here is where the money goes.

09:33:54 As all of you know, we basically have two pots of money of

09:33:57 the we have enterprise funds and we have general revenue.

09:34:00 Enterprise funds are separate from general revenue funds.

09:34:05 The enterprise departments largely fund themselves through

09:34:08 fees.

09:34:09 And we expect that on occasion.

09:34:11 We have an enterprise department that did not.

09:34:13 We are all fully aware of who they are.

09:34:16 Fortunately, hats gotten better.

09:34:18 But we continue to work on it.

09:34:20 As you can see there, the breakdown of how your money is

09:34:25 spent, how the taxpayers money is spent, this is an

09:34:29 interesting choice.

09:34:30 When I chart.

09:34:32 When I started in 1987 the last City of Tampa millage rate

09:34:36 increase was 1988 and I think that's something he would all

09:34:39 should be proud of.

09:34:40 1988 was the last time we raised the millage rate in this

09:34:44 community.

09:34:45 All of the mayors that have come before me have done an

09:34:47 amazing job making sure that we ran a conservative budget,

09:34:53 and I'm happy today to tell you that we are not going to

09:34:55 raise the millage rate this year as well.

09:34:58 Contrary to some of the other jurisdiction as round us, we

09:35:02 read in the paper today, that are really having to raise

09:35:05 their property rates.

09:35:07 The next chart shows you the impact on the average

09:35:10 single-family house in this community.

09:35:11 Fiscal year 13, property tax assessment for a house valued

09:35:14 at $180,000, minus the homestead exemption, tax bees about

09:35:20 $130, taxable value, millage rate is a tax of $745.

09:35:27 That will remain the same this year as well.

09:35:30 I think demonstrating, if you look at 2008, the average

09:35:39 assessed value in the City of Tampa was $237,000 per house.

09:35:47 2013, that's $180,000.

09:35:50 So you can see that precipitous decline in evaluations would

09:35:54 directly translate to this chart.

09:35:58 Since the year 2007 property tax generated $166.2 million.

09:36:06 Fiscal year 2013, last year, $115 million.

09:36:14 Fortunately, the numbers are heading in the right direction.

09:36:18 This year, fiscal year 14 forecast, we anticipate property

09:36:22 tax revenues because of the increase in valuation increasing

09:36:26 to $123 million.

09:36:30 Fiscal year 10-11 we had successive annual increases in

09:36:35 evaluation of 12%.

09:36:37 Fiscal year 12, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

09:36:40 We only had 1.4 million.

09:36:43 Fiscal year 13 it went to 1.1.

09:36:46 Fiscal year 14, this year we have seen a 6% increase in the

09:36:50 valuation of properties within the City of Tampa.

09:36:52 That is the highest valuation in the Hillsborough County

09:36:54 area, is right here in the City of Tampa.

09:37:02 $166 million down to 123.

09:37:05 That's a reduction of $43 million.

09:37:07 That's money that we use to run the government.

09:37:10 That's money we use to provide services.

09:37:11 That's money that we use to pay our employees.

09:37:14 That is a huge, huge reduction in our ability to do our job.

09:37:18 But yet these employees in this city government have

09:37:21 continued to maintain the pace.

09:37:24 We have not dropped the ball at all.

09:37:26 We have just been doing it with less money and less people.

09:37:31 This is one of the most telling statistics that I can

09:37:34 probably show you.

09:37:35 For the folks watching this, I hope they understand it.

09:37:37 We generate $123 million in property tax every year.

09:37:41 The cost of public safety alone, just the police and fire

09:37:45 departments, $212 million.

09:37:49 What we raise in property taxes doesn't even cover the cost

09:37:53 of running the police department.

09:37:56 I mean, you see how big these challenges are.

09:38:01 This chart shows you the expenditures.

09:38:05 63% of the general revenue is public safety.

09:38:09 That's the men and women who wear the uniform.

09:38:12 It's largely personnel, because they are personnel-driven

09:38:15 departments.

09:38:16 But as you can see, that takes a huge chunk out of the

09:38:21 general revenue fund.

09:38:23 The remainder is divvied between parks and recreation,

09:38:26 public works, economic development, and central government

09:38:29 for a total general revenue budget of $354 million.

09:38:35 When we started this process six, eight months ago, and when

09:38:39 we came to you to give you revenue projections on where we

09:38:42 were, we were still in a very, very significant definite

09:38:45 position.

09:38:46 We made it very clear from day one that the city was still

09:38:49 in the red, largely circumstances outside of our control.

09:38:55 That $19.2 million shortfall was very real.

09:38:59 So once again like we have done for the last three years, we

09:39:03 set about finding ways to bring that down so that we could

09:39:06 come to you today with a balanced budget.

09:39:07 It's not easy.

09:39:13 It's fruit picked.

09:39:14 Some of those low hanging fruit that were available to me in

09:39:17 2011 when all of us got here don't exist anymore.

09:39:20 And so literally, you are cobbling together nickels and

09:39:26 dimes and pushing projects out if need be, you are looking

09:39:30 at escrow accounts, trying to find efficiencies in the

09:39:33 government.

09:39:34 You are not filling vacancies.

09:39:36 You are doing everything that you can to maintain the same

09:39:39 level of service, and yet get this budget balanced.

09:39:43 Because unlike the federal government we don't get to kick

09:39:46 the can down the road.

09:39:47 We have to live within our means, and we have to submit to

09:39:49 you, and you have to rule on a balanced budget.

09:39:53 So some of the issues that we dealt with, obviously the red

09:39:59 light program is working.

09:40:01 We are getting less money which is what we all hoped

09:40:06 happened.

09:40:07 We hoped if we would change behavior we wouldn't have to

09:40:10 issue tickets and that's what you are starting to see.

09:40:12 Convention center revenues -- and this has been an example

09:40:14 of what happens at the federal level effect, because of

09:40:18 sequestration, we lost a number of conventions that were

09:40:22 directly tied to military, and military vendors, and our

09:40:27 bottom line, the convention center took a hit.

09:40:29 And so for anyone to say that what happens in Washington is

09:40:32 irrelevant, it affects us every day.

09:40:35 Some of the increased expenditures that we had, obviously

09:40:38 personnel costs go up.

09:40:40 Electrical costs go up as well.

09:40:44 So here is how we are going to fix it.

09:40:48 Thanks to these departments and these department heads

09:40:52 behind me as well as our staff, I asked them to give me a 5%

09:40:57 reduction.

09:40:59 I did the same thing I have done ever year since I have been

09:41:02 here.

09:41:02 The first year we started at 15 and I asked them for 15, 10

09:41:05 and 5% reductions, to give us the scenarios, who they would

09:41:11 affect, how much it would cost, what level of service would

09:41:13 be affected by it, and let us make the decision as to where

09:41:18 we would pick and choose.

09:41:20 I chose to use a scalpel and not a sledge hammer because I

09:41:25 think it's important we prioritize what we do.

09:41:27 This year I asked the departments for the same thing.

09:41:29 I said I know we hit you hard.

09:41:31 I know you have been scraping by.

09:41:33 I know you are doing more with less but I need you to give

09:41:35 me 5% more.

09:41:36 Give me the options.

09:41:37 Give me the playbook that I can make the decisions as to

09:41:40 where we would cut, where we wouldn't.

09:41:42 They stepped up again as they have for the last certainly

09:41:46 three years that all of us have been here, and gave us those

09:41:48 reductions.

09:41:49 We have had an increase of property tax valuations

09:41:53 translating to $7.3 million to the good.

09:41:56 We have reduced our subsidy to the parking department, the

09:41:59 enterprise department that I talked about earlier.

09:42:02 We have total reductions out of that 19.2 million of

09:42:06 $11.7 million, leaving a deficit of about $7.5 million,

09:42:14 which we will transfer from the fund balance.

09:42:17 Our fund balance is secure.

09:42:21 Our fund balance is in good financial shape.

09:42:25 Fund balance as all of you know is our rainy day fund

09:42:29 designed for circumstances just like this.

09:42:31 None of us could have predicted ten years ago the recession

09:42:34 that we would find ourselves in, and I will tell you in no

09:42:37 uncertain terms that I am grateful that I followed Mayor

09:42:43 Iorio that is cable of absorbing these periodic fund

09:42:48 transfers.

09:42:49 We would not be in the good financial position we are today

09:42:51 without the leadership of Mayor Iorio, and those of you that

09:42:55 have served with her, I am grateful for her leadership

09:42:59 because it makes our job today that much easier.

09:43:05 Last year, we anticipated using about $8.3 million in fund

09:43:09 balance.

09:43:09 I'm happy to tell you because of efficiencies, because of

09:43:12 the conservative spending of the men and women that you see

09:43:16 behind me, our actual use of fund balance is only going to

09:43:19 be $5.5 million.

09:43:21 That will accrue to the good.

09:43:23 That is very, very good news, and it is because of the

09:43:26 people behind me that chose not to spend when they could

09:43:30 have, and instead did what we asked them to do, which was to

09:43:35 be conservative.

09:43:36 Our fund balance currently contains $95 million.

09:43:42 The rating agencies and the wall Street folks generally

09:43:45 recommend that you have about 20% coverage.

09:43:48 I'm happy to tell you that we today are sitting with 25%

09:43:52 coverage in our general revenue fund balance.

09:43:54 That is a very, very healthy fund balance.

09:43:57 And again, I am thankful for the leadership of Mayor Iorio.

09:44:02 Our pensions.

09:44:05 Despite what you read around the country, our pensions are

09:44:08 in great financial shape.

09:44:09 As a matter of fact, I think they ought to be the model for

09:44:11 the nation.

09:44:11 If you look at this, our general employee pension fund is

09:44:14 funded at 98.9%.

09:44:18 You look at places like the state of Illinois, you look at

09:44:21 situations like we find in Detroit, you look at pension

09:44:25 funds in California and some other jurisdictions, those

09:44:29 pension funds are severely at risk.

09:44:32 They are funded to be set up 30, 40%, which obviously puts

09:44:36 that city in very, very precarious financial positions.

09:44:40 Fire and police pension funded at 92.5%.

09:44:44 The folks in Tallahassee ought to take a look at how we run

09:44:48 our country, particularly police and fire.

09:44:50 Police and fire is the model for fire and police pensions

09:44:54 all over the country, and I think Governor Scott would be

09:44:56 wise to adopt this model as opposed to what they are

09:45:00 embarking on in Tallahassee.

09:45:04 This is the playbook.

09:45:06 This is where the money will be spent.

09:45:08 From investing in strong neighborhoods all the way down to

09:45:11 the water department, this is our capital improvement

09:45:14 program.

09:45:15 This is a slide that I am particularly proud of.

09:45:18 This is our investment in our neighborhoods.

09:45:20 This is the nitty gritty stuff that our neighborhoods deal

09:45:24 with every day from potholes to parks and recreation.

09:45:27 These are what our neighborhood leaders are concerned about.

09:45:30 This is what you hear about every day.

09:45:32 If you look at the increase since 2011, when I got here we

09:45:39 were investing about $10 million.

09:45:41 We are now investing $15.5 million in neighborhood projects.

09:45:47 That's a total increase over the last three years of 65%.

09:45:52 Investment in our neighborhoods projects, the quality of

09:45:56 life issues that all of us know make a great deal.

09:46:00 We are increasing this budget alone of upwards of half a

09:46:03 million dollars for strong neighborhoods.

09:46:05 Some of those projects, complete streets, neighborhood

09:46:09 parks, sidewalk reconstruction, street resurfacing, and

09:46:12 transportation.

09:46:15 Again those are the little things that make a difference in

09:46:17 a city.

09:46:20 Some of the major capital projects, Perry Harvey park,

09:46:25 obviously subject to some debate.

09:46:28 Council members, Bob McDonaugh is up in Tallahassee right

09:46:31 now fighting the good fight.

09:46:33 We can accommodate folks but we need to be more respectful

09:46:37 to the history of Central Park and Perry Harvey park, and

09:46:40 you have my commitment that I will do whatever it takes to

09:46:43 make sure that we can get that park done.

09:46:46 We can accommodate the skaters.

09:46:48 It will be at a different location.

09:46:49 But that history is too significant to this community.

09:46:53 And we thank all of you for stepping up, for that park as

09:46:56 well.

09:46:58 Swann park.

09:46:58 Mr. Cohen's district .

09:46:59 A great public-private partnership with the residents, who

09:47:03 committed half a million dollars to Swann park.

09:47:06 I committed a like amount.

09:47:07 Those are the types of projects that we like doing, because

09:47:10 the neighbors are invested as well.

09:47:11 It's not just government coming to the rescue.

09:47:14 The Wayne Papy recreation center.

09:47:17 We have got the Greco sports renovation in Councilman's

09:47:24 Montelione's district.

09:47:25 We are in that same district looking at setting aside money

09:47:28 for David West as well as the Takomah Trail park.

09:47:32 I think for the neighborhoods around there, they should be

09:47:35 very happy.

09:47:37 In Councilman Reddick's district again, flooding in the

09:47:40 north Hyde Park area has always been a challenge.

09:47:42 We are will go at doing a Cypress Street outflow which

09:47:48 hopefully -- outfall which hopefully will alleviate some of

09:47:53 that flooding along Rome and cypress avenues.

09:47:57 Those will be a step forward in alleviating some of that as

09:48:00 well.

09:48:01 The donut pond again in council member Montelione's

09:48:05 district.

09:48:06 Drew Park stormwater in the chairman's district are all

09:48:09 projects that are nitty gritty things that need to get

09:48:12 fixed.

09:48:14 All of us saw the success of Steve Otto's pond.

09:48:21 [ Laughter ] The Alline Avenue area drainage improvements,

09:48:25 which really was a pretty cool project.

09:48:26 For those of you that aren't familiar, that is a stormwater

09:48:29 facility inside that nice house that really has been a great

09:48:33 job of alleviating what has been a long-time problem.

09:48:36 43rd Street drainage outfall, district 5, as well as

09:48:41 additional stormwater improvements in the South Tampa area

09:48:46 represented by council member Cohen and where a number of

09:48:50 our council members, Mulhearn and Suarez, live as well.

09:48:57 Again, not sexy but need to happen.

09:48:57 Transportation projects.

09:48:58 Obviously sidewalk, city-wide, street resurfacing.

09:49:01 We have some issues with some of our bridges that are old

09:49:04 that need a lot of help.

09:49:06 Those are expensive projects but have to get done.

09:49:09 There's no getting around it.

09:49:11 New Tampa bridge extension was completed to great acclaim.

09:49:16 Even from some of the residents in West Meadows who thought

09:49:19 it was going to be a bad thing.

09:49:21 And Charlie and I remember this.

09:49:22 Those meetings were not pleasant a decade ago when we were

09:49:26 talking about that bridge going through West Meadows.

09:49:28 And I have not heard anybody that hasn't admitted that they

09:49:34 were wrong.

09:49:35 And that bridge has been a great addition to alleviating

09:49:39 some serious traffic problems up in the New Tampa area.

09:49:42 Sidewalks will receive $6 million.

09:49:44 Street resurfacing total of about $41 million.

09:49:50 Again I am going to walk through some of these.

09:49:52 Wastewater.

09:49:53 Louisiana pump station.

09:49:57 Don't ask me where it is.

09:50:00 It's in Louisiana.

09:50:05 [ Laughter ] we have city-wide water main transmission.

09:50:08 We have work at the David Tippin water treatment facility.

09:50:11 North Tampa pressure enhancement.

09:50:16 Now, I highlighted for each of you -- and you can't see it

09:50:19 very well.

09:50:20 We are going to give you a much larger map in each of our

09:50:22 districts where some of this money is being spent.

09:50:24 So for council members that are at large, you get credit for

09:50:32 all of these, but this is where the money is being spent in

09:50:34 your respective districts.

09:50:36 I recognize it's hard to see but we will give you much

09:50:39 bigger maps.

09:50:41 Here we are in district 5, council member Reddick's

09:50:46 district.

09:50:47 Again a lot of these things are nitty gritty nuts and bolts

09:50:49 that we cannot discount.

09:50:51 This is where a lot of money goes to maintain our aging

09:50:54 infrastructure.

09:50:56 District 6, the chairman's district, and district 7, council

09:51:02 member Montelione's.

09:51:07 Let me tell you a little bit about sort of where we are

09:51:13 headed.

09:51:14 I think all you have to do is look at this chart and

09:51:18 recognize that this city is poised on the verge of an

09:51:21 explosion in a very positive sense.

09:51:23 I mean, just in the last year, I mean, look at what is on

09:51:28 that screen, and look who is recognizing us, and, you know,

09:51:32 to know that we are the second most pro-equality city in the

09:51:42 State of Florida.

09:51:43 Most of those young people that we are trying to attract to

09:51:45 this community, the best and brightest that you hear me talk

09:51:49 about incessantly, those young people that we want to come

09:51:52 here and live in our downtown and make us more creative.

09:51:57 The 9th best city for starting business.

09:52:00 One of America's 50 best cities.

09:52:03 And Brookings among the Florida metros Tampa is performing

09:52:08 among the best if not the best.

09:52:10 I think that's something we should all be proud of.

09:52:13 And the reason we are as good as we are is because of the

09:52:16 people who work for us.

09:52:18 we are in the midst of negotiating with three of our

09:52:23 bargaining units, the ATU, Tampa fire, as well as PBA.

09:52:31 We struck a two-year deal when I first got here.

09:52:35 I am interested in potentially and hopefully striking a

09:52:41 three-year deal coming out of this negotiation.

09:52:43 I think for both the unions and for the city, it gives far

09:52:46 more security and more certainty if we can create an

09:52:49 environment where they know what increases are going to

09:52:52 occur over the next three years .

09:52:54 In this budget, and all of you know that we haven't been

09:52:58 able to pay our employees an increase over the last four,

09:53:02 sometimes five, six years.

09:53:05 With the exception of the bargaining units to get their step

09:53:08 or merit increases every year, many of the folks that you

09:53:12 see behind me that get up every day to make us look good and

09:53:16 make this city run efficiently have not had a pay increase

09:53:19 in a long time, either merit or anything above that.

09:53:23 What I am proposing in this budget -- and I hope that you

09:53:25 would agree -- is that we continue -- and understand that we

09:53:28 are still in negotiations, and I am respectful of the

09:53:31 bargaining process, and many of these negotiations will

09:53:34 continue probably for another month or so.

09:53:36 The labor agreements don't expire until October.

09:53:40 But we want to get this done, and we want to get it done

09:53:43 fairly, and I want to treat the employees with the respect

09:53:47 that they deserve.

09:53:49 So what I am proposing in this budget is a continuation of

09:53:52 the merit and step increases for all of the bargaining unit

09:53:57 employees.

09:53:58 Merit increases for every other employee.

09:54:04 That's professional, that's managers.

09:54:06 We didn't do it last year.

09:54:07 We did it the first year that I was here.

09:54:10 I want to make sure that everyone gets an opportunity to get

09:54:13 a merit increase and also for a 2% pay increase for all

09:54:21 employees.

09:54:22 All employees.

09:54:24 Our folks have not gotten a pay increase or merit step in

09:54:29 five or six years.

09:54:31 It's time.

09:54:31 And I am going to take some heat for it but it's worth it.

09:54:36 And I am willing to take the heat for it because they

09:54:39 deserve it.

09:54:39 I hope you would agree that they have done Yeoman's work in

09:54:42 spite of some very, very difficult time.

09:54:45 They have done it with less employees.

09:54:47 They have done it with more work on their plate.

09:54:50 And they have not missed a beat.

09:54:52 They have not complained.

09:54:53 They have not slacked.

09:54:58 They have pushed forward and made us proud and they deserve

09:55:01 an opportunity to keep ahead of this economy.

09:55:07 So in conclusion, we are changing Tampa's economic DNA.

09:55:12 There's never been a more exciting time in this community.

09:55:14 Our streets are safer.

09:55:16 Our neighborhoods are stronger.

09:55:17 Our fund balance is secure.

09:55:20 We are retaining and hopefully rewarding our employees.

09:55:25 Our budget is balanced.

09:55:26 There is no property tax increases.

09:55:29 It is conservative.

09:55:31 And I will tell you in no uncertain terms that our best days

09:55:34 are ahead of us.

09:55:35 We couldn't do it without the folks that are here today that

09:55:38 prepared this budget.

09:55:39 I am eternally grateful to them as I know you are.

09:55:42 But I will tell you, there is light at the end of the

09:55:45 tunnel.

09:55:45 And we are absolutely going to get there.

09:55:47 This is going to be an amazing ride, and we are going to

09:55:52 transform this city in ways that none of us could have

09:55:54 imagined a decade ago so when all of us leave office, some

09:55:58 sooner, some later, this city is going to be a different

09:56:01 place.

09:56:02 This budget lives within our means but it makes the

09:56:05 investments necessary for us to be competitive.

09:56:07 That is why we are leading this state out of this recession

09:56:12 and that is why ten years from now this is going to be the

09:56:15 city of destiny, the city we all knew it could be.

09:56:18 I can't do it without you.

09:56:19 I thank you.

09:56:20 I look forward to your support to this budget.

09:56:22 I recognize that there will be significant public discussion

09:56:24 over the next month and a half.

09:56:26 The public hearings are scheduled for the 9th and the

09:56:29 25th of September.

09:56:30 I look forward to your guidance.

09:56:33 Council, thank you for being my partners on this journey.

09:56:35 This is not the end. This is just the beginning.

09:56:39 Thanks, everybody.

09:56:40 [ Applause ]

09:56:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. Mayor, for that fine

09:57:09 presentation.

09:57:09 It was a wonderful presentation.

09:57:11 And we are certainly happy to receive every comment that you

09:57:14 made, and to your staff, all your managers and all your

09:57:19 supervisors and all the individuals that work for us,

09:57:22 especially the finance department.

09:57:24 You have done an excellent job in making this presentation.

09:57:26 And hopefully in the months to come before we have that

09:57:29 first budget hearing, I'm sure that council members will be

09:57:32 much more prepared than we are now, because we haven't

09:57:35 looked at this document yet, but we will as we go on to the

09:57:39 future of this city.

09:57:41 I think we are marching in the right direction.

09:57:42 I think we have not only this mayor but previous mayors set

09:57:49 us not for failure but for success.

09:57:51 I think you have done an excellent job in the presentation

09:57:54 and making a comparison really with yourself, not any other

09:57:57 city.

09:57:58 And I we respect each and every one of you for the job that

09:58:03 you have done.

09:58:03 I'm sure that any council members that would like to make

09:58:06 any comments at this time, certainly will do so, and I'm

09:58:10 very appreciative of all the work you have all done.

09:58:12 Any other council members?

09:58:15 Thank you so very much.

09:58:16 We appreciate it.

09:58:17 Need a motion to receive and foil all the documents.

09:58:20 I have a motion by Mrs. Montelione.

09:58:22 Seconded by Mr. Cohen.

09:58:23 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

09:58:26 Opposed nay. The ayes have it unanimously.

09:58:28 Anything else to come before this council?

09:58:30 We stand adjourned till 6:00 tonight.

09:58:33 >>MARTIN SHELBY: CRA.

09:58:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: This is the council, not the CRA.

09:58:46 The council is adjourned until 6:00.

09:58:48 We will recess for five minutes also.

09:58:54 (City Council adjourned).


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