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Thursday, September 26, 2013
9:00 a.m.

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8:44:22AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to order.
9:06:34AM The Chair yields to Mr. Frank Reddick.
9:06:36AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
9:06:38AM It is a pleasure to introduce the area commander for the
9:06:41AM Hillsborough County Salvation Army, Major Chip Hall, who
9:06:44AM will lead us in the invocation and Pledge of Allegiance.
9:06:48AM >> Good morning.
9:06:49AM It is my privilege to be here.
9:06:51AM Let's say the Pledge of Allegiance and then I'll give the
9:06:54AM invocation.
9:06:55AM Let's say the pledge.
9:07:10AM >> You may be seated for the invocation.
9:07:12AM Let us pray.

9:07:13AM Father, I come before you today and I come before you as a
9:07:20AM blessed person to be in this community.
9:07:23AM We are blessed people, father.
9:07:24AM We are blessed to live in a country that provides us so many
9:07:28AM freedoms that we enjoy and opportunities to explore.
9:07:31AM Father, we're blessed to live in a society that values those
9:07:36AM characteristics like honesty and generosity and courtesy and
9:07:41AM kindness.
9:07:41AM Father, we're blessed to live in this community where we
9:07:44AM have leaders that are truly interested in the concerns and
9:07:48AM needs of the people they represent.
9:07:50AM Father, today, I pray that you give them vision and
9:07:55AM inspiration as they make decisions concerning the future of
9:07:58AM Tampa.
9:07:59AM And father, also pray that you give them wisdom, wisdom to
9:08:03AM be good stewards of all the resources that you provided us.
9:08:07AM And let us show you our thankfulness in all the blessings
9:08:12AM you've provided us by also going out into this community to
9:08:15AM spread kindness and generosity and courtesy to those
9:08:19AM citizens among which we live.
9:08:21AM In your name we pray, Amen.
9:08:26AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Roll call?
9:08:28AM [Roll Call]
9:08:31AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.
9:08:33AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

9:08:34AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.
9:08:36AM >>HARRY COHEN: Here.
9:08:38AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
9:08:40AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay, need adoption of the minutes of the
9:08:42AM session held September the 9th, 2013, September the 12th,
9:08:47AM 2013.
9:08:47AM >> So moved.
9:08:48AM >> Second.
9:08:48AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr.-- my good friend Harry
9:08:54AM Cohen.
9:08:55AM Second by my other second good friend -- not in that order
9:08:58AM really -- Mike Suarez.
9:09:00AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
9:09:02AM Opposed nay.
9:09:04AM The ayes have it unanimously.
9:09:05AM Mr. Reddick, you're still my best friend though.
9:09:08AM [ Laughter ]
9:09:09AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No, my best -- see what happens in public
9:09:13AM life?
9:09:14AM It's unbelievable.
9:09:15AM Well, the lady is always my favorite friends.
9:09:20AM [ Laughter ]
9:09:20AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen, you're trying to get the
9:09:22AM chairman in a box here.
9:09:23AM All right.

9:09:24AM First presentation that we have three ceremonial activities,
9:09:27AM Police Officer of the Month.
9:09:29AM And that would be handled by my good best friend, Mr. Frank
9:09:32AM Reddick.
9:09:33AM Got to be careful when you're up here, they take shots at
9:09:36AM you.
9:09:45AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Good morning, Council, and thank you my
9:09:47AM good friends, Mr. Chairman.
9:09:51AM [ Laughter ]
9:09:52AM >>FRANK REDDICK: It's an honor to recognize our officer for
9:09:55AM the month of December.
9:09:55AM Officer Dennis Furby.
9:10:00AM And Chief will introduce him.
9:10:04AM >>CHIEF CASTOR: Good morning, Council.
9:10:05AM Again my pleasure to bring Tampa's finest before you today.
9:10:07AM Officer Dennis Furby works midnights in district three.
9:10:12AM He was actually out on the streets last night protecting our
9:10:16AM city and here he is this morning.
9:10:18AM I always say in police work, midnights would be the best
9:10:19AM shift to work if it wasn't for the hours.
9:10:21AM He really does a great job out there.
9:10:25AM I'll try to condense it down to just a few of the
9:10:27AM outstanding encounters that he has had.
9:10:31AM Sometime back, there was a call of a female screaming for
9:10:35AM help in the area of the 3,000 block of Court Street.

9:10:40AM Officer Furby and some other officers went out there,
9:10:44AM searched a house.
9:10:45AM Were unable to find her.
9:10:46AM He asked that communications call the cell phone number that
9:10:50AM originally reported it.
9:10:51AM And it came to a vacant house.
9:10:54AM They surrounded that house.
9:10:56AM Heard a voice inside.
9:10:57AM Got the male to come out and actually saved the female from
9:11:01AM sexual battery, kidnapping, and various other offenses, and
9:11:07AM the individual that they arrested was also, had warrants on
9:11:11AM him at the time.
9:11:12AM There were two traffic stops that Officer Furby did.
9:11:16AM And this shows his youth.
9:11:19AM Because more experienced officers chase them down in their
9:11:21AM police car.
9:11:22AM But he actually got out and chased them down on foot.
9:11:25AM [ Laughter ]
9:11:27AM >>CHIEF CASTOR: He had a traffic stop out off Adamo Drive
9:11:30AM and the passenger jumped out of the car and ran.
9:11:32AM Officer Furby chased him down Adamo, across the Crosstown
9:11:36AM expressway and was able to take him into custody.
9:11:39AM And he had a warrant for possession of cocaine.
9:11:43AM He had another instance where he did a proactive traffic
9:11:47AM stop.

9:11:48AM The drive got out and ran.
9:11:50AM Officer Furby was able to chase him down and he found
9:11:53AM 15-grams of crack cocaine on the individual.
9:11:56AM So he had a pretty good reason for running.
9:11:58AM There were a couple of burglaries that, there was a
9:12:01AM particular business that had been the victim of some
9:12:03AM burglaries in the past.
9:12:05AM So Officer Furby was doing some proactive patrol around
9:12:08AM there.
9:12:08AM Found an individual that in all likelihood was getting ready
9:12:12AM to break into that.
9:12:13AM He found a pair of wire cutters for the fence.
9:12:17AM And various other tools.
9:12:20AM So he charged that individual with loitering and prowling
9:12:23AM and more than likely stopped this business from being
9:12:25AM another victim of crime.
9:12:27AM Another alert went out, an alarm call at Rodan Fire
9:12:34AM Sprinklers.
9:12:35AM Officer Furby and other officers responded out there, caught
9:12:38AM the burglar in progress and was able to return all of the
9:12:43AM property to attorney, which made him clearly very happy.
9:12:45AM Was another instance of proactive work on his part where he
9:12:48AM saw an individual pushing a motor scooter down the street.
9:12:51AM When Officer Furby stopped to talk to him, he parked the
9:12:55AM scooter and took off.

9:12:57AM Officer Furby caught up with him.
9:12:58AM The scooter was not reported stolen, but he didn't stop
9:13:03AM there.
9:13:03AM He went, researched it and found out that the owner was on
9:13:07AM vacation.
9:13:07AM Contacted him and found out it was stolen.
9:13:10AM So he charged him with the motor vehicle theft.
9:13:12AM And then he was involved, we had some problems at club
9:13:15AM underground.
9:13:15AM And he and some other officers were involved in an operation
9:13:19AM out this that resulted in the seizure of over 50 grams of
9:13:23AM marijuana, a stolen .45-caliber pistol loaded with 12
9:13:28AM rounds.
9:13:28AM And another firearm and several arrests.
9:13:30AM So, he's out there while we are all asleep, making sure that
9:13:34AM our city is safe.
9:13:35AM I can't thank him enough for all that he does.
9:13:38AM He is a great representation of all that is good about the
9:13:42AM Tampa Police Department.
9:13:44AM And it's my honor to name you the Officer of the Month.
9:13:47AM Congratulations.
9:13:48AM [ Applause ]
9:13:58AM >>FRANK REDDICK: On behalf of the Tampa city council, we
9:13:59AM would like to present to you this commendation for being
9:14:02AM chosen for the officer of the month, month of September,

9:14:05AM 2013.
9:14:06AM Congratulations.
9:14:17AM >> Good morning, Council.
9:14:19AM Greg Stout, president of the Tampa Police Benevolent
9:14:22AM Association.
9:14:22AM This officer Harry Angelo, our new secretary.
9:14:27AM You'll be seeing him here month after month.
9:14:31AM David Callan with Star and Shield Insurance.
9:14:34AM >> Officer Furby, on behalf of the Tampa PBA and Star and
9:14:37AM Shield group, thank you very much for your dedicated service
9:14:41AM and your great work for your community.
9:14:43AM Present you with a gift card for $100 and use it as you
9:14:48AM please.
9:14:49AM >> Thank you, sir.
9:14:50AM >> Congratulations.
9:14:51AM [ Applause ]
9:14:59AM >> Good morning, Council.
9:15:02AM Joe Durkin on behalf of Bright House Networks.
9:15:05AM Congratulations.
9:15:06AM Thank you for the job you're doing out there from all your
9:15:08AM friends at bright house, give you one month complimentary
9:15:11AM services of all bright house features.
9:15:13AM Congratulations.
9:15:14AM >> Thank you, sir.
9:15:15AM [ Applause ]

9:15:15AM >> Good morning, my name is Janet Krawczyk.
9:15:21AM I'm here representing the Straz Center for the performing
9:15:24AM arts.
9:15:24AM And I would like to congratulate you and thank you for your
9:15:28AM service and on behalf of everyone at the Straz Center, we
9:15:30AM would like to invite you and your family to join us for a
9:15:33AM performance of radio city Rockettes music spectacular this
9:15:39AM holiday.
9:15:40AM >> Thank you.
9:15:41AM [ Applause ]
9:15:43AM >> Good morning, Council.
9:15:44AM Franco Soto, representing Bill Currie Ford and the curry
9:15:50AM family.
9:15:50AM Officer Furby, we'd like to congratulate you on a job well
9:15:53AM done and present you with this watch with your shield and
9:15:56AM hope you'll continue to serve the midnight crowd.
9:16:00AM [ Laughter ]
9:16:01AM >> Thank you.
9:16:02AM [ Applause ]
9:16:05AM >> I'm from island flowers.
9:16:08AM These really aren't for you.
9:16:09AM They're for your wife who couldn't get off from work today.
9:16:13AM >> Thank you very much.
9:16:13AM [ Applause ]
9:16:18AM >> Good morning.

9:16:19AM Congratulations, Steve stickler, representing Stepp's Towing
9:16:21AM service.
9:16:22AM On behalf of Jim, Judy, Todd Stepp, small token of our
9:16:25AM appreciation for a job well done.
9:16:27AM We really appreciate your service to the community.
9:16:29AM We'd like to offer that to you and a gift card to Leroy
9:16:33AM Selmon's.
9:16:34AM [ Applause ]
9:16:38AM >> Good morning, Council.
9:16:40AM Jared Honeywell representing Vanguard Attorneys.
9:16:43AM Remember me?
9:16:44AM [ Laughter ]
9:16:44AM >> We'd like to give you a certificate for the Cheesecake
9:16:49AM Factory, enough for you and your wife and me.
9:16:55AM [ Laughter ]
9:16:55AM >> Appreciate everything you've done.
9:16:58AM >> Thank you, sir.
9:16:58AM [ Applause ]
9:17:04AM >> I appreciate everything.
9:17:09AM Thank you, Council.
9:17:10AM Thank you, Mayor, thank you, chief.
9:17:12AM Like to thank my supervisor also.
9:17:15AM I didn't do this alone.
9:17:16AM I had other officers out there helping me.
9:17:18AM So they need the credit also.

9:17:20AM But, like I say, I appreciate.
9:17:22AM I thank my family.
9:17:25AM We all know without them we wouldn't be able to be out here
9:17:28AM doing what we're doing.
9:17:30AM Specially my dad and my mom and my wife.
9:17:32AM Like to thank them and thank you very much for your time.
9:17:35AM Appreciate it.
9:17:36AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Officer Furby.
9:17:38AM [ Applause ]
9:17:42AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm never -- I've never done this,
9:17:46AM officer, from what our chief spoke about, there isn't anyone
9:17:50AM that can youth run you.
9:17:51AM [ Laughter ]
9:17:52AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And thinking of my free spirit way of
9:17:55AM life, I'm going to name you the roadrunner.
9:17:58AM Now you got a new name.
9:18:01AM [ Laughter ]
9:18:02AM >> Sir, a lot of names, but that's never been one of them.
9:18:07AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I was trying to be kind.
9:18:08AM Thank you very much.
9:18:10AM Okay.
9:18:18AM We go now the presentation of the firefighter of the
9:18:21AM quarter.
9:18:21AM Chief Forward.
9:18:25AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me just say for the record, Steve

9:18:27AM Michelini could not be here today.
9:18:29AM So to the officer of the month, and to the firefighter of
9:18:33AM the quarter, he will present that to you a little later on.
9:18:37AM All right.
9:18:39AM It is a pleasure to -- you all family?
9:18:45AM >> Close.
9:18:46AM [ Laughter ]
9:18:49AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Pleasure to recognize our Tampa Fire
9:18:55AM Department firefighter of the quarter for September 2013.
9:18:58AM Captain Patrick Forward.
9:19:01AM Chief?
9:19:03AM >> Thank you, Councilman Reddick, Chairman Miranda and the
9:19:07AM entire Council.
9:19:08AM It is Tampa Fire Rescue's distinct pleasure to stand before
9:19:12AM you this morning and present to you our firefighter of the
9:19:16AM quarter.
9:19:16AM The individual standing to my left, Captain Pat Forward, is
9:19:20AM truly what's good and right and wholesome, not only about
9:19:25AM Tampa Fire Rescue, but just like Chairman Miranda
9:19:29AM communicated on last evening at Council about what's good,
9:19:33AM healthy and fit about this entire community.
9:19:35AM But Captain Forward brings to this department such a
9:19:40AM outstanding presentation with respect to his skills, his
9:19:45AM abilities, his passion to do this great job.
9:19:48AM He's been on the job since 1995.

9:19:50AM And in that time, he's been utilized at every respective
9:19:54AM area of this job.
9:19:55AM He's also an associate advisor with our explorer's group,
9:20:01AM which is where he's really, in addition to all the things he
9:20:03AM does in fire rescue and emergency services, he maintains
9:20:07AM that group of young folks.
9:20:10AM In these days and times, when you're dealing with our youth
9:20:13AM and keeping them motivated and keeping them focused to be
9:20:17AM those potential firefighters and public servants in their
9:20:20AM future years, it's a tall order.
9:20:22AM And he takes it and embraces it with the utmost, utmost
9:20:26AM essence, and puts a lot into that.
9:20:29AM I want to briefly go over with you just some of his
9:20:33AM accomplishments.
9:20:33AM And he never accepts credit for these things because he had
9:20:36AM a former mentor and advisor in retired fire service chief,
9:20:41AM he was then our former supervisor of inspections, Betty
9:20:45AM Coleman.
9:20:46AM So he gives her a lot of credit for his growth and
9:20:49AM development.
9:20:50AM But in addition to all the duties that Pat does, with Tampa
9:20:53AM Fire Rescue and the many hats that he has worn since '93,
9:20:59AM being promoted from firefighter to paramedic, from paramedic
9:21:00AM to lieutenant, from lieutenant to captain, then taking over
9:21:04AM our training department for a number of years, and then

9:21:06AM moving back into the field of working with all of our
9:21:09AM paramedics out there in the field as a paramedic field
9:21:13AM training officer, ensuring the health and fitness of those
9:21:16AM persons, I have materials response guy dealing with all of
9:21:19AM the Haz-mat situations and response that we realize in this
9:21:22AM community.
9:21:23AM In addition to that holding certification as an R
9:21:26AM firefighter responding to aircraft emergencies, both with
9:21:29AM MacDill Air Force Base and with Tampa International
9:21:31AM Airport.
9:21:32AM Paramedic of record riding and doing those things for
9:21:36AM pre-hospital transport.
9:21:37AM Also a state certified inspector ensuring that our venues
9:21:42AM are up to standards with respect to the Florida fire
9:21:44AM building codes.
9:21:45AM He's also one of those responding members for the City of
9:21:47AM Tampa's 400 task force three urban search and rescue.
9:21:53AM So he responds all over the state in the even we have major
9:21:56AM catastrophic events where we have to do search and rescue
9:21:59AM activities as well.
9:22:00AM And he also holds certification as critical care transport,
9:22:05AM which is Tampa Fire Rescue's rescue unit unlike any other
9:22:09AM service delivery in this community and emergency response,
9:22:12AM where they deal with very, very critical patients that
9:22:15AM require many, many automated adjuncts.

9:22:20AM And that unit to ensure the health, the safety and delivery
9:22:22AM of critical patients to other specialty hospitals throughout
9:22:26AM our community.
9:22:26AM Pat does that.
9:22:27AM He holds associate degrees in EMS and fire science.
9:22:30AM And a bachelor of business administration as well.
9:22:32AM But along those same lines, the number of things that he
9:22:36AM does in the community, ensuring these young folk, our fire
9:22:40AM explorers, who oftentimes when you see them out there, at
9:22:44AM more than 800 events that Tampa fire rescue and City of
9:22:46AM Tampa engage in each year, those young explorers who are
9:22:50AM members of the Florida boy scouts of America are also
9:22:53AM members of that organization and you would never be able to
9:22:56AM tell that they are not professional firefighters because of
9:22:59AM their poise, their professional delivery, the way they dress
9:23:02AM and their appearance out there.
9:23:04AM And they are generally young persons in high school that are
9:23:08AM working and have great aspirations of being public servants
9:23:12AM in this community as well.
9:23:13AM In addition to that, when those kids are struggling in
9:23:16AM school, Captain Forward sets up mentor programs to assure
9:23:22AM and help them with their studies, with their education.
9:23:24AM In addition to that, every Thanksgiving and Christmas, he
9:23:28AM takes his own time and many of his own resources to go out
9:23:32AM and secure food baskets and things for members in our

9:23:36AM community who wouldn't otherwise have a good and decent meal
9:23:41AM or dinner on Thanksgiving and Christmas.
9:23:44AM And he does that, he started way back when with Ms. Izzy
9:23:47AM Norton, that many may know were Project H and now Izzy's
9:23:52AM Angels.
9:23:53AM He takes the time off his schedule, resources from his own
9:23:57AM funds to purchase baskets and do those things for our
9:23:59AM community.
9:23:59AM He clearly and truly epitomizes the true servant to this
9:24:03AM community.
9:24:04AM Not only as fire rescue, not only as mentors, and if you
9:24:08AM look behind me, there are mentors that he mentored from high
9:24:11AM school that are now members of Tampa Fire Rescue.
9:24:13AM Continually gives service to this community as well.
9:24:16AM So, with that and so many other things, being Tampa Fire
9:24:20AM Rescue clearly and is honored to present to Council and to
9:24:24AM this community, our firefighter of the quarter, Captain Pat
9:24:27AM Forward.
9:24:29AM [ Applause ]
9:24:29AM >> If you would allow me to indulge, he also has a brother
9:24:43AM who is a captain with Hillsborough County fire rescue.
9:24:46AM And because of the funeral services that they are having for
9:24:48AM one of their fallen today, Kenneth couldn't be here and he
9:24:51AM asked me if I would be so dutiful to present and read his
9:24:55AM card.

9:24:56AM He says Pat -- it's great to know you have something new to
9:25:11AM smile about.
9:25:12AM A special reason to be proud.
9:25:14AM Please accept my sincere and heart felt apology for missing
9:25:20AM this well-deserved time of recognition for your many
9:25:24AM accomplishments.
9:25:24AM Words cannot begin to express how proud of you I am and to
9:25:32AM be able to call you my brother.
9:25:35AM And the fire service and at home.
9:25:40AM I love you, man.
9:25:41AM Keep up the good work and continue always to make us proud.
9:25:45AM Congratulations, Ken Forward, Captain, Hillsborough County
9:25:48AM Fire Rescue.
9:25:50AM [ Applause ]
9:25:56AM >> In addition, Pat is joined this morning by his mother,
9:26:00AM Eva, my great aunt sweetheart of a jewel.
9:26:03AM His sister and husband, Mavis and Jackie brown.
9:26:07AM His sister Sophia, his niece, Mia.
9:26:10AM His aunt Belinda and husband Captain Jimmy Thomas, who is a
9:26:14AM captain with us as well.
9:26:15AM His nephew, JJ Bunt, who is a firefighter with Tampa Fire
9:26:18AM Rescue.
9:26:19AM His mentee, Luigi, who was an explorer, who is now a
9:26:22AM firefighter with Tampa Fire Rescue.
9:26:24AM And his mentor, retired fire inspector supervisor Betty

9:26:29AM Coleman.
9:26:30AM Thank you again for that.
9:26:31AM [ Applause ]
9:26:41AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Congratulations.
9:26:42AM And on behalf of the Tampa City Council we would like to
9:26:45AM submit this commendation to you for being chosen firefighter
9:26:49AM of the quarter for September 2013.
9:26:51AM Keep up the outstanding work.
9:26:56AM God bless you.
9:26:56AM >> Thank you, sir.
9:27:02AM >>FRANK REDDICK: We got a fire truck for you.
9:27:04AM [ Laughter ]
9:27:10AM >> Good morning again, Frank Cassotto with Bill Currie Ford.
9:27:14AM Congratulations.
9:27:16AM It's obvious that you're very deserving and we appreciate
9:27:19AM everything you do.
9:27:20AM Like to present you with this watch with our appreciation.
9:27:23AM >> Thank you.
9:27:31AM >> Again, Janet Krawczyk from the Straz center.
9:27:36AM I want to thank you for everything you've done.
9:27:38AM Again, I'd like to extend an invitation to you and your
9:27:41AM family to join us for the Radio City Rockette's Music Hall.
9:27:44AM I don't think I brought enough tickets.
9:27:47AM So I hope you'll be able to divide those up fairly.
9:27:50AM >> Yes, ma'am.

9:27:51AM Thank you.
9:27:52AM I appreciate it.
9:27:53AM We'll be there.
9:27:55AM [ Laughter ]
9:27:57AM >> Good morning, counsel, the Joe Durkin on behalf of Bright
9:28:00AM House Networks.
9:28:01AM Captain, congratulations.
9:28:03AM You are a great representative of an outstanding fire
9:28:07AM department.
9:28:07AM On behalf of all your friends at Bright House Networks,
9:28:12AM three months of complimentary services.
9:28:16AM >> Thank you.
9:28:22AM >> Good morning.
9:28:23AM Congratulations.
9:28:23AM Steve stickler representing Stepp's Towing service.
9:28:26AM And Jim and Judy Stepp, Todd Stepp, an on behalf of the
9:28:30AM Stepp family, would like to present this trophy to you for
9:28:33AM the job very well done.
9:28:35AM It's well deserving and also a gift card to Leroy Selmon.
9:28:40AM >> Thank you very much.
9:28:47AM >> Good morning again.
9:28:48AM -year-old Honeywell, vanguard attorney.
9:28:50AM Congratulations.
9:28:52AM And you have a big last name because everything the chief
9:28:57AM said about you, you pay it forward.

9:28:59AM So you're a teacher, trainer and mentor.
9:29:02AM That means you help rebuild America.
9:29:05AM So, on behalf of vanguard attorneys, we'd like to give you a
9:29:09AM gift certificate to the cheesecake factory.
9:29:12AM But you brought so many people, I can't go.
9:29:14AM [ Laughter ]
9:29:15AM >> Thank you for your service.
9:29:16AM >> Thank you, sir.
9:29:22AM >> Good morning, captain.
9:29:25AM >> Steve Suarez, vice-president, local Tampa firefighters
9:29:29AM local 754, on behalf of all the members of the local as well
9:29:32AM as Tampa Fire Rescue and the officers, like to present you
9:29:35AM with this plaque for firefighter of the quarter.
9:29:38AM And also a gift card for merchant of your choice.
9:29:42AM >> I do appreciate it.
9:29:43AM Thank you.
9:29:48AM >> Again, aim Mario from island flowers in Ybor City.
9:29:51AM These roses are for you, but just go ahead and hand them to
9:29:55AM the chief.
9:29:55AM [ Laughter ]
9:30:04AM >> I give you a hint.
9:30:05AM I heard it's going to be 70 fire trucks as the party in
9:30:08AM October.
9:30:09AM And you if get up there with some elbows, you can beat the
9:30:12AM chief to one of them.

9:30:13AM [ Laughter ]
9:30:14AM >> Thank you, sir.
9:30:23AM >> Good morning everyone.
9:30:29AM First of all, I'd like to thank my Lord and saviour Jesus
9:30:36AM Christ for making all this possible.
9:30:38AM Chief, I said I wasn't going to spend any tears.
9:30:43AM I'm going to give it my best shot.
9:30:44AM I'd like to thank Mayor Bob Buckhorn, members of the City
9:30:49AM Council, thank you all for your time this morning.
9:30:51AM As chief said, I'd like to extend my condolences to my
9:30:59AM brother and sister firefighters with Hillsborough County.
9:31:01AM As well as brother and sister firefighters with Pasco
9:31:04AM County.
9:31:05AM For their loss.
9:31:06AM And again, I'd just like to thank you all.
9:31:11AM These gifts and awards and recognition this morning, I feel
9:31:15AM like I should have 600 plus firefighters come and stand at
9:31:20AM this podium with me, because I'm not going to by myself.
9:31:24AM My brother and sister firefighters of Tampa Fire Rescue are
9:31:27AM by my side through the thick and thin.
9:31:29AM And I appreciate it.
9:31:30AM Thank you guys and gals for doing what you do out there and
9:31:33AM providing the service to the citizens of the city.
9:31:36AM I was born and raised here in the City of Tampa.
9:31:38AM And right now the fire station at station 18, which is on

9:31:42AM the east side of the city, the house that I was, my mother
9:31:47AM and father took me to the house from Tampa General Hospital,
9:31:51AM it's in the neighborhood that I protect right now, engine
9:31:55AM 18.
9:31:56AM Thank you for everything.
9:31:57AM Chief Forward, I love you, man.
9:32:04AM >> My brother firefighters here, my family, I can't thank
9:32:08AM everyone enough for what you've done for me.
9:32:11AM And I ask you support me in the future.
9:32:15AM I'll always be there for you guys as well.
9:32:17AM Again, guys, gals, thank you for your time today.
9:32:20AM Thank you for everything you've done for us.
9:32:23AM God bless you all and God bless the City of Tampa.
9:32:31AM [ Applause ]
9:32:34AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Captain Forward, I'm not sure.
9:32:35AM In your crib, did you have, you know, a fire hat and -- I
9:32:40AM mean surrounded by all these, not only your brother
9:32:42AM firefighters, but your family that have been part of the
9:32:45AM Tampa firefighters, Hillsborough County firefighters, it's
9:32:49AM a, we see people who dedicate themselves to public service
9:32:54AM that are here.
9:32:54AM Your name sounded familiar to me.
9:32:56AM I wasn't really sure who you might be related to.
9:32:58AM But, nonetheless, I'm glad to see that you know, won once
9:33:02AM you get named Forward, you have to be in the fire

9:33:05AM department.
9:33:05AM [ Laughter ]
9:33:07AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you again for your service.
9:33:08AM There was another guy with a last name I can't remember who
9:33:11AM came up and gave you something.
9:33:12AM I think might have been Suarez.
9:33:14AM He's another one of those guys that might be related to
9:33:17AM somebody I know.
9:33:19AM [ Laughter ]
9:33:20AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you for your service.
9:33:21AM I appreciate it.
9:33:22AM >> Yes, sir, thank you for the recognition.
9:33:23AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:33:24AM Thank you very much, really appreciate very much and your
9:33:27AM sincerity certainly shows.
9:33:29AM >> Yes, sir, thank you.
9:34:01AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay, we go to item number 3, which is
9:34:04AM Lynn Marvin Dingfelder.
9:34:06AM And it relates to item 54 on the agenda.
9:34:25AM >> Good morning.
9:34:26AM Mr. Chairman, City Council members, Madam Clerk, my friends,
9:34:33AM thank you very much for giving me this opportunity.
9:34:36AM My name is Lynn Marvin Dingfelder.
9:34:38AM Many of you knew me as a reporter in this market some years
9:34:41AM ago.

9:34:41AM We won't say how many.
9:34:43AM I'm now a documentary and TV producer with my company visual
9:34:49AM communications marketing and media.
9:34:51AM As many of you know, we have a very special and joyous day
9:34:56AM coming up next month.
9:34:59AM Actually the month of November.
9:35:00AM On November 18th it marks the 50th anniversary of a great
9:35:05AM day in Tampa's history.
9:35:07AM That was the day that our freshman congressman Sam Gibbons,
9:35:12AM some 50 years ago, brought president John F. Kennedy to our
9:35:17AM fine city.
9:35:18AM It was the very first time a sitting president over came to
9:35:25AM ever came to the City of Tampa.
9:35:26AM And for the past two years I've been working on a
9:35:30AM documentary for PBS.
9:35:32AM It's been a labor of love.
9:35:34AM I've talked to many of you about it and many of you have
9:35:37AM helped.
9:35:37AM This will air on the presenting station, which is WUSF,
9:35:42AM which is a PBS station here.
9:35:45AM And it will air statewide, which I'm also very proud of.
9:35:50AM It's been an honor to collect here and preserve the memories
9:35:55AM of the people of Tampa from that day.
9:35:58AM And I want to thank the Mayor, Bob Buckhorn, certainly City
9:36:05AM of Tampa City Council, our city clerk, Shirley Foxx-Knowles

9:36:11AM has been so helpful.
9:36:12AM Thank you so much, Shirley.
9:36:13AM The Hillsborough County historic Cal advisory Council
9:36:15AM approved historic marker.
9:36:18AM And I'm going to tell you a little more about that, that
9:36:20AM we're going to have a dedication for.
9:36:22AM I'm thrilled.
9:36:24AM So it's not just a documentary.
9:36:26AM It's kind of evolved into several events that I wanted to
9:36:31AM tell you about so you can save the dates.
9:36:33AM I wanted to also thank partners besides WUSF, the Tampa Bay
9:36:37AM Times, the Tampa Bay history center, which will have a
9:36:40AM companion JFK exhibit the whole month of November.
9:36:44AM We have been collecting artifacts and photos, so that should
9:36:47AM be exciting.
9:36:48AM It will also have its own special video.
9:36:50AM The people who couldn't make it into the one hour
9:36:52AM documentary because I interviewed like 55 people or so.
9:36:56AM One hour documentary, it's like, what was I thinking?
9:37:01AM All the stories were so good.
9:37:02AM So, there will be a lot of those stories that didn't make it
9:37:05AM into the documentary, but will be on a special video at the
9:37:08AM history center as well.
9:37:11AM The City of Tampa, so they would air the documentary as
9:37:15AM well, which I'm very honored.

9:37:17AM It's been a lakes of love.
9:37:19AM I wanted to present some handouts to you so that you asking
9:37:23AM save these dates.
9:37:25AM And I will turn this around.
9:37:41AM >> Basically what started as a documentary evolved into some
9:37:44AM wonderful other public events.
9:37:46AM I wanted this to be inclusive because this is our story.
9:37:50AM It's Tampa's story.
9:37:52AM And there are just really fascinating stories out there.
9:37:56AM One was better than the next.
9:37:58AM So, we're still collecting vintage photos and home movies,
9:38:04AM if anyone has any.
9:38:07AM And if people want more information, or like more details,
9:38:10AM there is a web site where we can be contacted.
9:38:13AM Which is JFK in
9:38:16AM So, thank you so much for allowing me to tell you about this
9:38:22AM event.
9:38:22AM I hope you will attend these events.
9:38:25AM The first one is the premier at the Tampa Theatre.
9:38:28AM Which is on November 7th.
9:38:30AM Then as you can see, the documentary airs that Sunday.
9:38:34AM It will have a second airing, actually they're going to
9:38:37AM repeat it a lot.
9:38:38AM Which I'm very blessed.
9:38:39AM Very grateful for.

9:38:40AM The museum exhibits, the history center people have been
9:38:44AM just terrific.
9:38:44AM And we're going to have something really neat there, where
9:38:47AM the people who, maybe I didn't hear from them, they didn't
9:38:50AM e-mail, I didn't get their stories.
9:38:52AM We're actually going to be able to record stories of people
9:38:54AM who come to the history center.
9:38:56AM So there's another oral archives.
9:38:59AM I think the whole point of this is preserving history.
9:39:02AM I was lucky enough to talk to congressman Sam Gibbons.
9:39:05AM So we have his wonderful stories.
9:39:07AM As you know, he was the convertible with John Kennedy and
9:39:11AM drove him around -- yep, that's a great picture.
9:39:16AM That's Al Lopez field.
9:39:17AM So we got to hear congressman Gibbons' stories as well.
9:39:22AM So, it's just been a wonderful experience.
9:39:27AM And something that I hope that everyone will love and
9:39:30AM appreciate as much as I have.
9:39:31AM It will be archived at the hisser to center at USF and the
9:39:35AM City of Tampa.
9:39:37AM And one of the things I'm very proud of is thank you to the,
9:39:44AM I want to get the name right, Shirley.
9:39:46AM Let's see.
9:39:46AM It's the Hillsborough County historical advisory Council did
9:39:51AM approve the historic markers.

9:39:53AM So we're going to have a marker commemorating John Kennedy.
9:39:58AM We will dedicate it on November 22nd, which as you know
9:40:01AM is a sad day in our history.
9:40:03AM But we're going to make this positive.
9:40:05AM We're going to remember our president and put the marker in
9:40:07AM on Franklin Street and Kennedy at noontime.
9:40:10AM And I'm hoping you all can join us for the unveiling of
9:40:13AM that.
9:40:14AM And that dedication.
9:40:15AM Which will be the culmination of our JFK events.
9:40:19AM Thank you for allowing me to share this with you.
9:40:21AM I'd be glad to entertain any questions you might have.
9:40:24AM And thank you so much for your help and the city's
9:40:27AM partnership in this wonderful project.
9:40:30AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, Ms. Dingfelder.
9:40:32AM Mr. Suarez?
9:40:34AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: You know, I never called her police
9:40:36AM Dingfelder.
9:40:37AM If you want to go by that, Lynn.
9:40:39AM >> I'm proud of that name.
9:40:40AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I know you're no stranger to being in this
9:40:42AM chamber.
9:40:44AM >> It goes back some.
9:40:45AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I will tell you, this is a great project.
9:40:48AM You know, a lot of people had talked about it for many

9:40:51AM different reasons, which is it's really the last happy time
9:40:55AM and happy memories we have of the president prior to what
9:40:58AM happened on November 22nd.
9:41:00AM >> Four days later.
9:41:02AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Four days later.
9:41:04AM You know, there are so many people that I know, my parents
9:41:07AM and a lot of other people that lived here at that time that
9:41:09AM have memories of that day.
9:41:11AM That you're right, we didn't have an archive or place to put
9:41:15AM this, to make it a cohesive kind of seamless piece of
9:41:20AM history and historical, you know, the people making.
9:41:24AM I'm very appreciative that you've put this together.
9:41:27AM You were mentioning when we were talking about the other
9:41:30AM day, that the only place I had over seen any kind of
9:41:34AM information about Tampa in terms of the, of the visit on
9:41:38AM film was the days of, I think it was days of lightning, days
9:41:43AM of drums is the name of the film.
9:41:46AM Which was produced in the '64 I believe, or '65.
9:41:50AM It showed, you know, people and characters from Ybor City
9:41:53AM like Marcelo March seta presenting a doll, his daughter
9:41:58AM presenting a doll.
9:42:00AM >> I talked to her.
9:42:00AM She's in the documentary.
9:42:02AM We're going to have a sample of the doll.
9:42:04AM She got one just like the one she gave at the Caroline.

9:42:07AM It's going to be at history center along with pictures.
9:42:12AM There are some wonderful children out there.
9:42:13AM You're right, Councilman Suarez.
9:42:16AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: This is something I'm so glad you were able
9:42:18AM to put together, had the idea to do and the fortitude and
9:42:22AM time to put all this together because it is not easy.
9:42:25AM Thank you for doing this for the City of Tampa and thank you
9:42:27AM for coming here and telling us what's coming next.
9:42:31AM >> Thank you.
9:42:31AM I hope you'll join us for these events.
9:42:33AM It's very special and would be an honor to have you with us.
9:42:36AM So thank you for your time.
9:42:37AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:42:38AM We really appreciate it.
9:42:39AM Okay, continuing, we're at the approval of the agenda and
9:42:45AM the addendum to the agenda.
9:42:47AM >> So moved.
9:42:48AM >> I have a motion by Mr. Reddick, second by Mr. Suarez on
9:42:51AM that item.
9:42:52AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
9:42:53AM Opposed nay.
9:42:55AM The ayes have it unanimously.
9:42:55AM We usually, we were -- with the approval an changed in the
9:43:04AM addendum, we're going to go into staff reports.
9:43:09AM So that the public can speak on the staff reports because if

9:43:12AM we speak to the, if we speak now, they'll never hear the
9:43:15AM staff reports.
9:43:16AM That's what the approval of the changing of the item is.
9:43:18AM So, what is it we have so I can take care of it.
9:43:22AM >> Public comments.
9:43:25AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, we'll do it for -- because we are
9:43:29AM going to change this agenda permanently, I hope.
9:43:31AM So that the public can speak after the staff speaks because
9:43:34AM if they speak before, they don't know what the staff is
9:43:37AM presenting.
9:43:37AM That's what we're doing.
9:43:38AM But come on, Mrs. Saul-Sena.
9:43:42AM >> I hadn't looked at the agenda.
9:43:44AM I just remembered the public comment used to be at the
9:43:47AM beginning.
9:43:47AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I understand.
9:43:48AM It's my apology, not yours.
9:43:50AM >> Very quickly.
9:43:51AM Linda Saul-Sena, 157 Biscayne.
9:43:54AM I'm here today with a piece of art on loan.
9:43:57AM It's not my creation.
9:43:58AM This wonderful painting is by tailor Ike in, it's of the
9:44:05AM Jackson house.
9:44:06AM The title is Ella slept here.
9:44:09AM I thought we could put this in the foyer of City Council,

9:44:12AM where we have art to remind everybody of how important the
9:44:15AM Jackson house is and that we all desperately want to help
9:44:19AM Mr. Robinson get the resources to fix itself up.
9:44:22AM On another preservation note, just up the street.
9:44:24AM Tampa union station, friends of Tampa union station would
9:44:27AM like to be able to rent that to generate funding to keep the
9:44:29AM place looking good.
9:44:30AM It's owned by the City of Tampa but friends have always been
9:44:33AM helpful caretakers and investors in it.
9:44:35AM So two quick words on behalf of historic preservation in
9:44:38AM Tampa.
9:44:38AM Thank you.
9:44:39AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:44:40AM I would remiss to say, in order to keep this rightly, if we
9:44:44AM speak now shall -- I'm not speaking is about you
9:44:47AM Ms. Saul-Sena.
9:44:49AM I'm speak in general termites.
9:44:50AM If you speak now on items either on or off the agenda, then
9:44:53AM you're using that time before and you can't speak after the
9:44:56AM staff speaks.
9:44:57AM Whoever wants to speak now can.
9:45:02AM >> Good evening.
9:45:03AM My name is Willie Robinson, I'm the owner of the Jackson
9:45:06AM house.
9:45:07AM I'd just like to give you a brief little history of it.

9:45:10AM The painting I would like to say I'm very humbled by
9:45:14AM Ms. Linda Saul-Sena and the artist who did the painting.
9:45:20AM I would like to thank them very much.
9:45:22AM A brief history of the house, yes, sir, during time of
9:45:27AM segregation, Billy Holiday, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald,
9:45:31AM Count Basie and also during the time of segregation,
9:45:34AM integration, Dr. Martin Luther King visited that house.
9:45:38AM That is just a little brief history as again, I would like
9:45:41AM to say I'm very humbled.
9:45:43AM I'm very thankful and I'm very blessed.
9:45:46AM Thank you very much.
9:45:47AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick?
9:45:48AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Robinson, I know you're trying to -- I
9:45:56AM understand the roof, the chimney has been taken care of at
9:46:01AM the house?
9:46:02AM >> Yes.
9:46:03AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Just provide us a status report on where
9:46:06AM you're at because I understand that a few are working with
9:46:11AM you.
9:46:12AM >> Mr. Doug Beldman has volunteered.
9:46:17AM That's before you here, because he has stepped up to the
9:46:20AM plate.
9:46:21AM Also the theater, I would like to thank them.
9:46:27AM They have also stepped up.
9:46:28AM As you know, code enforcement has removed the chimney.

9:46:31AM With this recent rain that we're having now, over these past
9:46:34AM three days, the house is really, really getting into bad
9:46:39AM shape.
9:46:40AM And to me, it would need immediate, immediate help to shore
9:46:48AM up the place.
9:46:49AM But we're going to have an open meeting, Mr. Belden is
9:46:52AM running it.
9:46:53AM He's going to have an open meeting with the city and
9:46:57AM hopefully we can -- the date we don't have a date yet.
9:47:02AM At least I have not been told of a date yes.
9:47:06AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me ask you.
9:47:07AM Are you still under those restrictions by the city code
9:47:11AM enforcement?
9:47:12AM Because I think they've given you 30 days or something like
9:47:14AM that.
9:47:14AM >> Well, the fines are accumulating now.
9:47:19AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Are the code enforcement fining you at this
9:47:21AM time?
9:47:22AM >> Yes, it is.
9:47:23AM >>FRANK REDDICK: So you're still under those restrictions?
9:47:26AM >> Yes, I am.
9:47:27AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Belden or no one has met with code
9:47:31AM administration to see if they can work out some agreement
9:47:34AM since you seem to get the public help now.
9:47:37AM >> Not to my knowledge.

9:47:39AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.
9:47:40AM All right.
9:47:41AM I'm going to see if I can talk to Mr. Belden and code
9:47:47AM enforcement and see if we can work out something.
9:47:50AM >> Thank you very much.
9:47:51AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Capin?
9:47:52AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Mr. Robinson, you probably don't remember
9:47:55AM me.
9:47:56AM But we met at Martin Marsao a few years ago.
9:47:59AM And I remember talking to you about the house.
9:48:02AM And your family and your mother.
9:48:07AM Back when, a couple months ago, I did have a prepared
9:48:11AM statement that I wanted to make about the house.
9:48:15AM Circumstances were otherwise, so I was not able to.
9:48:17AM But I'm heartened to see that the community is getting
9:48:21AM behind you.
9:48:22AM But we need a lot more.
9:48:23AM I'm sorry that there is no funding or was allow -- allotted
9:48:30AM in our budget to help with this historic home.
9:48:33AM To me, that is very sad statement about, about how important
9:48:42AM our history is to us in our city.
9:48:45AM And we really need to take that into consideration.
9:48:48AM I'm glad that we're going, Councilman Cohen recommended a
9:48:52AM workshop for January, so that we can take care of things
9:48:58AM like that way ahead of time.

9:49:00AM I hope that we can also work with code enforcement and the
9:49:07AM help -- when you say that Doug BELDEN is meeting with the
9:49:17AM city, the city who?
9:49:19AM The administration?
9:49:20AM The Mayor?
9:49:21AM >> Well, from my knowledge, I don't know exactly -- I think
9:49:28AM the city players, I spoke to Mr. Slater last night.
9:49:34AM He had informed me also that, that Mr. BELDEN was trying to
9:49:43AM get the city leaders and stuff together.
9:49:45AM I can't say who because I don't have that knowledge right
9:49:48AM now.
9:49:49AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Since you are here and we are on TV, do you
9:49:54AM have an estimate as to what it would take to bring this
9:49:59AM house up to, to secure it so that it would still stand and
9:50:06AM that we can work on it later?
9:50:09AM >> No.
9:50:11AM I have an estimate in my head of 80 -- eight hundred
9:50:22AM thousand dollars.
9:50:23AM Been working with me every since the beginning.
9:50:27AM Usually keep those numbers and they know exactly what's
9:50:29AM going on.
9:50:30AM And they, I usually have Mr. Mack.
9:50:34AM But I'm here with Mrs. Saul-Sena for the painting.
9:50:38AM So I'm a it bit unprepared.
9:50:42AM I can also say if you get in contact with Bracken

9:50:45AM Engineering, Mr. Matt Depin, he will let you know all the
9:50:50AM finances and anything that needs to be done.
9:50:54AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I think it would be very helpful to let the
9:50:56AM public know.
9:50:57AM We at the cultural assets as economic engine committee are
9:51:02AM working on a way of collecting funds for such things, such
9:51:05AM as what's, as historic preservation.
9:51:09AM So, we can't move fast enough on that.
9:51:11AM But do I want to know about those finances and what it will
9:51:14AM take to help you.
9:51:15AM And keep our history.
9:51:17AM It's not just you.
9:51:18AM It's the history of our city.
9:51:20AM It is very important.
9:51:21AM >> Thank you very much.
9:51:22AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.
9:51:23AM >> I'll make sure you get that information of bracken
9:51:26AM engineering company and probably get hold of Matt today.
9:51:30AM Thank you very much.
9:51:31AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: My pleasure.
9:51:32AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Miss Mulhern?
9:51:34AM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.
9:51:35AM I just wanted to suggest to anyone watching, all the music
9:51:38AM lovers, the radio stations, the fundraisers out there that
9:51:42AM we need to have a big house rent party.

9:51:46AM We did that if we got everybody together who cares about
9:51:49AM history, cares about music, we could raise some money for
9:51:52AM you.
9:51:53AM >> Thank you.
9:51:54AM >>MARY MULHERN: So I'm going to work on that.
9:51:56AM >> Thank you.
9:51:57AM You have just up lifted my spirits.
9:51:59AM There is a God.
9:52:00AM Thank you.
9:52:01AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:52:02AM Next please?
9:52:10AM >> Okay, I'm Ed Tillou, Sulphur Springs.
9:52:14AM Talked to some of the items on the agenda first.
9:52:17AM Items one and two, they should be mention of the name, like
9:52:22AM I was kind of wanting to focus on the name of the fellow who
9:52:26AM did a lot with the boy scouts.
9:52:29AM I item three, like calls out for a plaque on 7th and
9:52:35AM 19th street in Ybor City about Santo Trafficante junior
9:52:43AM since he played such a big role in the Kennedy situation, as
9:52:47AM well as a room at the history center from a spinoff from
9:52:50AM what happened in Miami.
9:52:51AM It said on the internet, you have to look and find it, but
9:52:58AM it isn't like the CIA did it.
9:53:01AM The CIA lent support.
9:53:04AM And a lot of that came about because of the bay of pigs.

9:53:08AM So, there's a thing called faith affirming history that you
9:53:12AM make everybody feel good.
9:53:14AM But then there's the real story.
9:53:15AM And the real story is more important.
9:53:17AM Okay, item 9, U.S. data collection.
9:53:23AM I used to work with the USGS.
9:53:26AM I'm thinking to Wright to Mr. Putin about how helpful, I
9:53:30AM think he has been on Syria.
9:53:32AM The parallels to World War I and the assassination of France
9:53:39AM Ferdinand are just unbelievable.
9:53:41AM But there's got to be caution in Syria -- not in Syria.
9:53:46AM In Siberia about this methane coming up through melting
9:53:50AM permafrost.
9:53:51AM Because this is what underlies the fact a lot of homeowners
9:53:55AM are going to lose their home insurance.
9:53:57AM Now, Mr. Pound I think his name is, with the T-shirts, he
9:54:03AM admonished the county commission about their legacy.
9:54:06AM A lot of these things are their legacy.
9:54:09AM But I come here.
9:54:10AM And I'm saying the same thing.
9:54:11AM You want to rubber stamp gas stations.
9:54:14AM You don't want to buy volts.
9:54:16AM They're down to $20,000 now for volts.
9:54:19AM The city should buy a fleet of them.
9:54:21AM Just because they're so cheap.

9:54:22AM But the thing is, these are the things that could contribute
9:54:27AM to stopping the global warming and climatic change, at least
9:54:30AM slow it down.
9:54:31AM Insurance companies are in business to make money.
9:54:34AM Mr. Suarez can probably confirm that.
9:54:37AM And the thing of it is, that to make money, they have to
9:54:41AM raise the premiums.
9:54:43AM So much so a lot of people are going to maybe not be able to
9:54:47AM carry their insurance.
9:54:48AM Okay, with respect to the last meeting there was a gloss
9:54:52AM over of the public comment and the woman who was making the
9:54:56AM staff report was standing up here, I thought she was a
9:54:59AM public person making comment.
9:55:01AM I had wanted to mention about the Jackson home at that point
9:55:04AM because of money that was given to Ybor City museum.
9:55:08AM There should be money for the Jackson home.
9:55:10AM But in any case, people come from Zurich.
9:55:16AM They look around and they see that nothing is being done
9:55:19AM here.
9:55:19AM And Zurich sets --
9:55:22AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
9:55:23AM Thank you.
9:55:24AM Thank you very much.
9:55:24AM Next please?
9:55:25AM If you can buy a volt for $20,000 without no incentive, let

9:55:30AM me know.
9:55:30AM No, no, I'm just saying.
9:55:32AM I read the ads very well.
9:55:33AM You got to have a trade in.
9:55:35AM You got to have this.
9:55:36AM Next, please?
9:55:38AM >> Margaret Vizzi, 213 South Sherrill.
9:55:40AM I just wanted to be sure that after staff comments on number
9:55:44AM 53, we'll be able to make comments.
9:55:46AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You can speak then.
9:55:48AM If you speak now, you won't be.
9:55:50AM I appreciate it very much.
9:55:51AM You're a very smart lady.
9:55:53AM Next please?
9:56:05AM >> Pete Johnson, 510 Harrison street.
9:56:08AM Since my item is not going to be until 1:30, I figure I
9:56:11AM might as well speak now, forever hold my peace.
9:56:14AM As you know, code enforcement has got problems.
9:56:18AM But the problems with code enforcement haven't been
9:56:22AM corrected since 2008.
9:56:24AM And the problems that I have with code enforcement that
9:56:31AM you're seeing right now, have nothing to do with finance.
9:56:35AM It doesn't have anything to do with staffing.
9:56:37AM It doesn't have anything to do with the new computer system.
9:56:42AM It is the poor management of the department.

9:56:46AM That hasn't changed since 2008.
9:56:50AM And it's time that something be done about it.
9:56:55AM I'm sorry.
9:56:55AM The same problems keep happening over and over and over and
9:56:59AM over again.
9:56:59AM If we don't make improvements, then we're just beating our
9:57:03AM head against the wall.
9:57:04AM Like Mr. Miranda said, it's a dog chasing its own tail.
9:57:09AM And I appreciate the afternoon agenda looking into it.
9:57:14AM And I will be back for that agenda item.
9:57:18AM Thank you very much.
9:57:20AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
9:57:21AM Okay.
9:57:23AM We go to -- anyone else who has not spoken, care to speak?
9:57:27AM I see no one.
9:57:28AM We go now to under the waiving of the rule that we did
9:57:32AM earlier when we approved the addendum to the agenda, we go
9:57:36AM to staff reports.
9:57:37AM I can get these good individuals back to work for the
9:57:40AM public.
9:57:40AM We're going to go to items 46 through 60.
9:57:48AM >> Good morning, Council, Shirley Foxx-Knowles, city clerk.
9:57:52AM I'm here to address items 46 through 50.
9:57:55AM On item 46, that's regarding the affordable housing advisory
9:58:03AM committee.

9:58:03AM We have no applicants for the three remaining positions on
9:58:10AM that committee.
9:58:11AM And therefore, we will readvertise for that board.
9:58:17AM On item 47, that is regarding the Barrio Latino commission.
9:58:26AM We have one individual, Mr. John Thompson for the one
9:58:34AM position available of architect.
9:58:39AM >> Move to approve.
9:58:40AM >> Second.
9:58:42AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Would you care to speak, Mr. Thompson?
9:58:44AM >> Thank you.
9:58:45AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You're going to be approved, what I hear.
9:58:52AM >> I appreciate the opportunity to speak to Council this
9:58:55AM morning.
9:58:55AM I understand I have three minutes to speak to you.
9:59:00AM And introduce myself.
9:59:02AM My name is John Thompson.
9:59:04AM I am a first generation Tampa resident.
9:59:08AM And the father of two second generation Tampa residents.
9:59:12AM I appreciate the opportunity to be considered for the BLC.
9:59:16AM Little note the I met my wife in Ybor City 25 years ago
9:59:20AM before it was the Ybor City that we know today.
9:59:23AM But still, Ybor City --
9:59:25AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Better or worse?
9:59:27AM >> Well...
9:59:29AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Don't want you to get unapproved.

9:59:32AM >> I also serve on the Art Council of Hillsborough County
9:59:36AM with Mr. Peen.
9:59:38AM And just recently completed some grant processes there.
9:59:42AM But, more to the point for the BLC, I am a partner at Wilder
9:59:49AM Architecture in Tampa.
9:59:50AM I've been practicing architecture for 20 plus years in
9:59:54AM Tampa.
9:59:54AM And as Wilder Architecture, we've been in business for over
9:59:59AM 10 years.
10:00:00AM Nine plus of those have been in Ybor City.
10:00:03AM And we continue to rent there, but look to develop our
10:00:07AM business there either owning a plot of land that we develop
10:00:12AM or renovating a structure down in Ybor City as well, in the
10:00:16AM barrio.
10:00:17AM We came there for location, location, location.
10:00:20AM We appreciate the fabric.
10:00:23AM We enjoy the liveliness of the area.
10:00:24AM And to be able to serve as an architect, trying to help
10:00:30AM ensure that fabric remains and integrating it with the
10:00:34AM challenges of today's construction.
10:00:37AM I appreciate that opportunity.
10:00:38AM Wilder architecture, we do historic renovation work.
10:00:42AM Some of our major projects to date have included the
10:00:46AM renovation satisfy Hillsborough High School -- not in Ybor
10:00:50AM City, but rather in Seminole Heights.

10:00:51AM And that project for the school districts of Hillsborough
10:00:55AM County had a lot of challenges, but the results speak for
10:01:00AM itself.
10:01:00AM And we are very proud of that.
10:01:02AM And so, I look forward to the opportunity to bring my talent
10:01:07AM to the commission.
10:01:09AM And with your approval, I pledge you my best efforts.
10:01:13AM Thank you.
10:01:14AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:01:14AM Okay, I need a motion from Council, item number 47.
10:01:19AM >> So moved.
10:01:20AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm sorry, Mr. Reddick made the motion.
10:01:24AM And -- I'm sorry.
10:01:28AM I apologize.
10:01:29AM Moved by Mr. Reddick, second by Mr. Cohen, on close vote
10:01:32AM with Ms. Capin.
10:01:34AM Further discussion by Councilmembers?
10:01:35AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:01:36AM Opposed nay.
10:01:38AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:01:38AM Thank you very much, sir.
10:01:42AM >> Thank you, the Council.
10:01:44AM On to item number 48, that is regarding the enterprise zone
10:01:50AM development agency.
10:01:51AM We have two applicants for the one position.

10:01:53AM One Juan Davis and the second person is Nicholas Collins
10:02:01AM Glover.
10:02:02AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Are the two applicants here?
10:02:03AM Please come forward.
10:02:04AM You have three minutes, sir.
10:02:17AM >> Thank you.
10:02:18AM Good morning, Councilmembers.
10:02:20AM Mr. Chair.
10:02:21AM I'm Juan Davis.
10:02:23AM My company is fast lane clothing company.
10:02:26AM I've been in business here in Tampa for the last 28 years.
10:02:29AM The first 22 years we were in Drew Park and we watched that
10:02:35AM area develop.
10:02:35AM Into what it is now.
10:02:37AM Into what it is becoming.
10:02:39AM And the last seven or eight years, we have been part of the
10:02:44AM economic development or redevelopment of East Tampa.
10:02:48AM Where we relocated our business to that area and feel that
10:02:52AM we have had a tremendous impact in the economic development
10:02:57AM of that area.
10:02:58AM Not only through our business being there, but also through
10:03:00AM being involved with the East Tampa redevelopment partnership
10:03:05AM and other groups along those lines.
10:03:07AM Personally, I'm very involved with the community.
10:03:15AM I'm on the board of directors of the Chamber of Commerce.

10:03:18AM I've served in some committees for the city and I think that
10:03:24AM I can bring this organization a business insider's
10:03:29AM perspective as to some of the things that we need to have
10:03:34AM done.
10:03:34AM We have a lot of professionals here that know a lot about
10:03:37AM the economic development, that we require, but I don't see a
10:03:42AM lot of inside opinions.
10:03:45AM And I think I can bring that perspective to the group.
10:03:48AM I'm already personally involved in some areas of the EDC
10:03:55AM here in Tampa.
10:03:58AM And other groups that are working for nothing more than just
10:04:02AM improving our community.
10:04:03AM So, hopefully I can be of service to this group.
10:04:08AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick?
10:04:10AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Davis, you can tell them -- sitting out
10:04:15AM there on your property.
10:04:16AM >> Beg your partner.
10:04:19AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Turkey legs.
10:04:20AM >> They're quite good.
10:04:25AM >> I'm not responsible for those.
10:04:29AM >>HARRY COHEN: Turkey is okay, but not chickens.
10:04:32AM [ Laughter ]
10:04:33AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Some people never forget.
10:04:34AM All right.
10:04:37AM Any others?

10:04:37AM Thank you very much.
10:04:39AM Is Mr. Glover here?
10:04:41AM Okay.
10:04:43AM I guess we vote Mrs. Knowles?
10:04:47AM >>THE CLERK: Yes, you have your ballots.
10:04:49AM If you'd like for me to move on to item number 49, that
10:04:59AM relates to the Equal Business Opportunity Advisory Council.
10:05:05AM We have two applicants, Carol Dolland applying for the
10:05:15AM ethnic minority position.
10:05:18AM And Serkan Ozek, the incumbent for the Caucasian male
10:05:26AM position.
10:05:27AM We'll have to readvertise for the African-American position.
10:05:33AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
10:05:35AM >>THE CLERK: Would you like to appoint those individuals for
10:05:37AM those positions?
10:05:39AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes.
10:05:41AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Have a motion by Miss Mulhern, second by
10:05:44AM Mr. Reddick.
10:05:44AM Further discussion by Councilmembers?
10:05:46AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:05:47AM Opposed nay.
10:05:48AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:05:50AM >>THE CLERK: And as I said, we will readvertise for the
10:05:53AM African-American position.
10:05:53AM Number 50, Council, that's regarding the Hillsborough County

10:06:01AM city county Planning Commission.
10:06:04AM We have four applicants for two positions.
10:06:06AM Stephanie Agliano, who is an incumbent.
10:06:13AM Bruce P curry, who is an incumbent.
10:06:16AM Stephen Benson, and Ron Carpenter.
10:06:18AM If you'd like to hear from them.
10:06:21AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, we would.
10:06:21AM Please come forward.
10:06:29AM >> Good morning.
10:06:30AM Stephanie Agliano.
10:06:32AM Chairman, City Councils, first I would like to thank you for
10:06:36AM appointing me for the short-term in replacing Jill Buford as
10:06:40AM she has went on to bigger and better things in another area.
10:06:44AM I truly enjoyed that short time on the Planning Commission.
10:06:48AM And looking forward, hopefully to your consideration for
10:06:52AM reappointment.
10:06:54AM Not only being a native of Tampa, with a background that I
10:06:57AM bring to the table being involved in this community from
10:07:01AM economic development, from utility perspective, which I
10:07:04AM think is going to be very critical moving forward and how we
10:07:07AM do continue to plan growth and infrastructure, not only
10:07:12AM roads, but utilities and everything else to go along with
10:07:14AM it.
10:07:15AM Is going to be important.
10:07:17AM In addition, I hope you have gotten my summaries and

10:07:24AM hopefully can appreciate them.
10:07:26AM For what they are.
10:07:27AM I don't want to give you all more reading than you all know
10:07:30AM or have to do additionally.
10:07:32AM But I do feel that it's important to give you that
10:07:36AM highlight, that snapshot so you know what's headed your way
10:07:39AM and what we have discussed as your city Tampa
10:07:43AM representative.
10:07:43AM So I'm asking for your consideration again for
10:07:45AM reappointment.
10:07:46AM I thoroughly have enjoyed it and I look forward to hopefully
10:07:50AM a full term.
10:07:51AM Thank you.
10:07:51AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:07:51AM Any questions from Councilmembers?
10:07:54AM Thank you.
10:07:55AM Next please?
10:07:58AM >> Good morning.
10:08:00AM My name is Ron Carpenter.
10:08:02AM I'm the managing member and broker of strategic land and
10:08:04AM property sales.
10:08:05AM Upon receiving my master's degree in real estate development
10:08:09AM from the university Florida's Warrington college of
10:08:11AM business, I worked for a national and regional home builder
10:08:16AM and land acquisition development.

10:08:18AM I'm here today to give you reasons why I'm interested in
10:08:21AM serving on this commission.
10:08:22AM There are several.
10:08:23AM But it boils down to about three.
10:08:25AM One, I believe in new blood.
10:08:29AM I hear the word a lot of incumbents here.
10:08:31AM I think it might benefit the commission to having some new
10:08:35AM ideas and potentially new perspectives added to this
10:08:39AM commission.
10:08:40AM Number two, I am a true practitioner.
10:08:42AM I am a real estate developer.
10:08:44AM I come from the real estate development world.
10:08:46AM I have expertise in the, what I call the full spectrum of
10:08:50AM real estate development.
10:08:51AM Starts with market analysis.
10:08:54AM Site selection, acquisition, zoning and land use, design,
10:08:59AM which encompasses land planning, architecture, engineering,
10:09:04AM finance.
10:09:05AM I'm excellent in underwriting, evaluating potential real
10:09:09AM estate development deals.
10:09:10AM I've done a lot of construction project management.
10:09:13AM Lease, sales programs, marketing, PR, down to warranty.
10:09:18AM This full spectrum does include A to Z.
10:09:21AM But I like to say Z is the ability for me to visit projects
10:09:24AM that I've done before and take pride in driving through them

10:09:27AM to this day.
10:09:28AM Number three, and this kind of sweet spot in my heart is the
10:09:33AM affordable housing component.
10:09:35AM This is my second term on the City of Tampa's affordable
10:09:38AM housing advisory committee.
10:09:40AM I think those will involve, will say I'm very influential in
10:09:43AM drafting the committee's recommendations.
10:09:45AM And I think this is going to be a big challenge for this
10:09:49AM area.
10:09:50AM With rising land prices, construction costs, impact fees,
10:09:54AM flood insurance, and soon to be high interest rates,
10:09:58AM dynamically changing supply and demand, affordable housing
10:10:02AM is going to become more and more of a difficult problem.
10:10:04AM I know it's one of the key emphasis that the city wants to
10:10:07AM focus on.
10:10:08AM And I believe I can help focus on that as well.
10:10:11AM In conclusion, I'm happy to serve and confident I'm
10:10:15AM qualified and capable.
10:10:16AM And I look forward to any questions or comments you might
10:10:19AM have.
10:10:20AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.
10:10:20AM Any questions by Councilmembers?
10:10:22AM Thanks again.
10:10:23AM Next please?
10:10:28AM >> Chairman Miranda, members of the City Council, I

10:10:39AM respectfully ask for reappointment.
10:10:40AM In support of that position, let me provide these things.
10:10:44AM First, I have relevant experience.
10:10:49AM I have eight years on the Hillsborough County zoning board
10:10:54AM of adjustment.
10:10:55AM I was five years the chairman.
10:10:57AM I have three years on the Hillsborough County land use
10:11:00AM appeals board.
10:11:01AM I was three years the chairman.
10:11:03AM I have served eight years with your appointment to the
10:11:09AM Hillsborough County city county Planning Commission.
10:11:12AM I have been the general counsel for the department of
10:11:16AM transportation for almost 20 years.
10:11:19AM Not in this district but all of central Florida was my
10:11:22AM responsibility.
10:11:23AM I have practiced law in the areas of real estate and
10:11:25AM transportation for 41 years from this town.
10:11:28AM I believe also community knowledge is important.
10:11:32AM I have been a resident for 48 years.
10:11:35AM My family, I like to express were here before the roads.
10:11:38AM We came before the 1920s.
10:11:41AM My family lived in Tampa before the 1920s.
10:11:43AM As a result, I have knowledge of the success, the failure,
10:11:48AM the expectations and the culture of the community for which
10:11:51AM the Hillsborough County city county Planning Commission must

10:11:56AM plan the future.
10:11:57AM I also have skills and abilities I think that are important
10:12:00AM to this job.
10:12:01AM The service on the planning commission, patience and
10:12:07AM temperament are required.
10:12:09AM A willingness to listen, even when the effort seems endless.
10:12:12AM And sometimes contrived and false.
10:12:15AM An ability too question a way which brings out the truth,
10:12:19AM but does not offend.
10:12:20AM And courage to make unpopular decisions.
10:12:23AM I have learned these things as 20 years as traffic court
10:12:27AM magistrate in this town.
10:12:29AM I also believe that it is necessary to have a connection to
10:12:32AM the community if I'm to have your support.
10:12:35AM I was the chief assistant public defender in this county.
10:12:39AM 11 years public defender.
10:12:41AM I have been a teacher at the University of Tampa.
10:12:43AM I have been a teacher at the University of South Florida.
10:12:46AM I was president of the bay area legal services.
10:12:51AM Director of the sexual abuse treatment center, currently
10:12:53AM known as the crisis center.
10:12:55AM I was director of the Carrollwood village homeowners
10:12:58AM association.
10:13:00AM I was counsel to big brothers and big sisters in this town.
10:13:03AM In summary, I hope that those qualifications are worthy of

10:13:07AM your respect.
10:13:08AM But what is most telling as far as I'm concerned is that you
10:13:13AM appointed me for eight years.
10:13:15AM In those eight years, I was chairman for five years.
10:13:19AM That shows my commitment to the task you gave me.
10:13:25AM My appreciation for your appointment and also it can be
10:13:28AM argued that members of the commission who voted me five
10:13:32AM times chairman and members of the staff and the members of
10:13:36AM the community who appeared, they had respect for me and gave
10:13:40AM me credibility.
10:13:41AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:13:41AM >> Thank you.
10:13:46AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Next please?
10:13:51AM >> Good morning, Mr. Chair and honorable Councilmembers.
10:13:54AM Thank you first for giving me the opportunity to come before
10:13:59AM you today.
10:13:59AM I believe I'd make a great candidate for the commission for
10:14:03AM three reasons.
10:14:03AM The first is because I'm qualified.
10:14:05AM I'm an educated, trained, experienced urban planner.
10:14:10AM I hold a bachelor's and masters degree from urban planning
10:14:13AM from USF.
10:14:14AM I'm accredited by the congress for new urbanism and
10:14:17AM certified by the American institute of certified planners.
10:14:19AM I have experience in both the public and private sectors,

10:14:23AM working on projects and plans that have received awards at
10:14:26AM both the state and national level.
10:14:28AM The second reason is because I have experience as a
10:14:30AM professional leader for three consecutive years, I've been
10:14:34AM elected by my colleagues to serve on the executive economy
10:14:37AM committee for the local section of the American planning
10:14:40AM association.
10:14:40AM Representing 500 professional conferred planners from across
10:14:43AM the Tampa Bay region.
10:14:44AM I also play a leadership role in the local chapter of the
10:14:47AM congress for new urbanism.
10:14:49AM A group that engages the community in the planning and
10:14:52AM design process and makes complex concepts about
10:14:56AM infrastructure, transportation and redevelopment
10:14:59AM understandable and relevant to the average citizen.
10:15:02AM The third reason is because I passionately care about the
10:15:06AM future of our city and county.
10:15:07AM And the purpose of the comprehensive plan.
10:15:10AM I am a proud third generation Tampa native.
10:15:13AM My grandfather and his brothers immigrated to Tampa from a
10:15:16AM small town in northern Spain about a hundred years ago.
10:15:19AM I was raised attending functions at the Centro Asturiano in
10:15:23AM Ybor City and taught by my family to be proud of where you
10:15:27AM live and where you come from, even if they're not the same
10:15:30AM place.

10:15:30AM They taught me good quality of life doesn't come overnight.
10:15:33AM It requires sacrifice, confronting difficult decisions,
10:15:36AM making mistakes, and having the clear vision about what the
10:15:40AM future should be for you and those who come after you.
10:15:43AM I think these values are exactly what the comprehensive plan
10:15:46AM is all about.
10:15:47AM Our comp plan looks out 25 years into the future and will
10:15:50AM have impacts that reach out far beyond that timeframe.
10:15:53AM 30, 40, even 50 years.
10:15:55AM I hope to provide my generation and the generations that
10:15:57AM come after me a seat at the table during these discussions.
10:16:01AM At the imagine 2040 workshop of last February, 56% of the
10:16:05AM participants felt that our community does not have a clear
10:16:08AM vision.
10:16:09AM I believe that as a communities we need to accept the
10:16:13AM reality that change, growth, development and redevelopment
10:16:16AM are inevitable.
10:16:18AM The key of comprehensive planning is coming to a consensus
10:16:21AM as a community for how we should grow, what it should look
10:16:24AM like, where we want growth to occur and when we want it to
10:16:27AM happen.
10:16:27AM The appointed, I hope to use my knowledge of the theory,
10:16:30AM history and relevance of planning to help answer these
10:16:33AM questions.
10:16:33AM As a young professional planner and very proud Tampa native,

10:16:36AM I humbly ask for your consideration.
10:16:39AM Thank you.
10:16:39AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
10:16:40AM Just for the record, the clerk has advised us, she didn't
10:16:43AM hear your name on the record.
10:16:45AM >> Steven Benson.
10:16:46AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.
10:16:52AM >> Thank you, Council can.
10:16:54AM I believe you have ballots.
10:16:55AM And if you will vote for two individuals.
10:16:57AM I also wanted to announce, Council, the individual selected
10:17:04AM for the enterprise zone development agency is Mr. Juan
10:17:08AM Davis.
10:17:09AM Thank you.
10:17:14AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
10:17:16AM >>THE CLERK: If you would like to move on.
10:17:18AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We're going to do that.
10:17:19AM As soon as you get the tabulation, we'll be with you.
10:17:23AM We go to item number 51.
10:17:24AM Finance and revenue department, red light cameras.
10:17:34AM Maybe we'll take them down.
10:17:42AM [ Laughter ]
10:17:42AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.
10:17:43AM We hold item 51.
10:17:48AM I'm sorry.

10:17:57AM >> Good morning, Chairman, Councilmembers, I am here to
10:18:06AM present you with the information requested on red light
10:18:10AM cameras and I have a presentation that I'd like to ask be
10:18:16AM brought up.
10:18:17AM The way that we're providing the information is by fiscal
10:18:38AM year for the revenues collected.
10:18:41AM On the city's safety intersection program.
10:18:44AM Starting out with fiscal year 2012, we provided the
10:18:50AM information to you by month.
10:18:52AM As far as the cameras installed, the citations issued,
10:18:57AM revenue and expenses and the net revenue.
10:18:59AM You'll see that the total number of citations issued was
10:19:06AM 62,697.
10:19:09AM And revenues received were 3,280,000, with expenditures of
10:19:15AM 1,280,000.
10:19:17AM For net revenues of 1,999,000.
10:19:21AM Just under 2 million for fiscal year 2012.
10:19:25AM The same information is provided on the second slide of your
10:19:38AM handout.
10:19:39AM For fiscal year 2013.
10:19:43AM Having issued 55,355 citations, with the total number of
10:19:52AM cameras installed year to date of 42 cameras.
10:19:55AM Revenues received 3,340,000.
10:20:00AM Expenditures at $1.7 million.
10:20:02AM And just over $1.5 million in net revenues.

10:20:06AM I believe that the motion also required that revenue and
10:20:15AM finance department provide you with how the red light camera
10:20:22AM revenues are actually expended.
10:20:25AM I just wanted to share with you the same pie chart that
10:20:28AM you've seen numerous times during the budget process.
10:20:31AM These revenues are part of our general fund revenues.
10:20:36AM And if you will, all of our general fund revenues basically
10:20:39AM go into one pot to cover all of our general fund
10:20:43AM expenditures.
10:20:44AM You're well aware that the large majority of that, those
10:20:48AM general fund revenues that are collected are property tax
10:20:51AM revenues.
10:20:52AM But we also have utility tax revenues and others that go
10:20:56AM into the big pot, making up our $354 million budget.
10:21:00AM For general fund.
10:21:01AM And it's a little bit difficult to take red light camera
10:21:08AM dollars, the first dollar and tell you that we apply it for
10:21:12AM specific costs.
10:21:13AM Because again, it all goes into the same fund to cover our
10:21:17AM general fund costs.
10:21:18AM And to show you what those costs are, the second pie chart
10:21:24AM that you have in your handout is the general fund
10:21:27AM expenditures, which red light camera revenues, with all of
10:21:33AM our other general fund revenues, are taken to pay our
10:21:36AM general fund expenditures, public safety, economic

10:21:40AM development, public works, parks and rec, and our central
10:21:45AM government activity.
10:21:49AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Miss Mulhern?
10:21:51AM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
10:21:53AM This is I think a question for TPD.
10:21:55AM And I'm asking it because of the story that was in the
10:21:58AM Tribune today.
10:21:59AM About the timing of the red light cameras.
10:22:02AM Are all of our red light cameras on state roads?
10:22:09AM Are any of them on local?
10:22:12AM >> I'd have to go over each individual intersection.
10:22:14AM I'm trying to think, to see if we have any that are strictly
10:22:19AM on city roads.
10:22:20AM I believe the majority of them are on state roads.
10:22:24AM >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
10:22:25AM So maybe you could come back with that information.
10:22:27AM Someone could.
10:22:27AM Because I want to make sure that if any of these are on city
10:22:33AM roads and not under the county's jurisdiction, that we are
10:22:38AM adjusting the timing as per FDOT's recommendation.
10:22:42AM >> Yes, I can speak to the fact that they are going to be
10:22:47AM eventually falling under all of FDOT's -- that's what I got
10:22:51AM from Jean Duncan last time we were here in July.
10:22:54AM >>MARY MULHERN: But we haven't done that yet?
10:22:55AM >> I believe they're in the process of doing that.

10:22:58AM >>MARY MULHERN: I'm curious because I read the whole story
10:23:00AM today.
10:23:01AM And Tampa isn't mentioned at all in the story.
10:23:04AM And I wondered if the tribune reporter actually talked to
10:23:08AM the city, to you or anyone from the City of Tampa about the
10:23:11AM cameras.
10:23:12AM >> No.
10:23:13AM Not since July.
10:23:14AM No one has spoke to us, anything about cameras or timing.
10:23:18AM >>MARY MULHERN: Maybe I'll make a motion that maybe you
10:23:20AM could come back, someone could come back in two weeks at our
10:23:23AM next regular meeting with a report on what the city is doing
10:23:27AM and where the cameras are.
10:23:31AM >>HARRY COHEN: I'll second that.
10:23:31AM I'd like to add a friendly amendment.
10:23:34AM I've spoken to Jean Duncan about this issue.
10:23:37AM So if she can come in, I think she'll be age to explain what
10:23:41AM they've been doing.
10:23:43AM >>MARY MULHERN: How about transportation and TPD?
10:23:45AM Thank you.
10:23:46AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have Mr. Suarez and Mr. Reddick.
10:23:49AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Ms. Little?
10:23:50AM I was looking at the numbers.
10:23:57AM And couple things are striking to me.
10:24:00AM Which is A, the number of citations that are issued have

10:24:04AM gone down significantly over the course of one fiscal year
10:24:08AM to another.
10:24:08AM The second thing is that -- and I want to find out -- is
10:24:16AM there a problem either with payment or is this an indication
10:24:22AM of how much safer those intersections are?
10:24:24AM Meaning that we have had reduced citations because people
10:24:27AM aren't running as many red lights?
10:24:28AM I think that that's an analysis that you may or may not
10:24:32AM know.
10:24:32AM I know that when you see numbers move one way or the other,
10:24:35AM you're always thinking, how the heck did these numbers move?
10:24:38AM What does it mean?
10:24:39AM Have you done any analysis or any studies about that yet?
10:24:43AM >> The only thing is basically what you just mentioned,
10:24:46AM Councilman, the number of citations are going down, even
10:24:50AM though the number of cameras that we're installing are going
10:24:52AM up.
10:24:53AM Our process has remained the same as far as thousands that
10:24:57AM aren't paid.
10:24:58AM They still go through the court system.
10:25:00AM So nothing has changed as far as our process is concerned.
10:25:02AM But basically all we can report is that the number of
10:25:06AM citations are going down based on our report.
10:25:09AM And the actual dollars that are collected.
10:25:12AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Okay.

10:25:12AM When I look at this, if we look at fiscal year '12 and look
10:25:18AM specifically at September of '12, we had 31 cameras
10:25:21AM installed.
10:25:22AM We got a net revenue of $104,000 on 3300 citations issued.
10:25:29AM In August of, and we can compare August too, with same
10:25:33AM number of cameras, about 3900.
10:25:36AM August of this fiscal -- this fiscal year, this last fiscal
10:25:40AM year, we had 4300 citations and had about $113,000 in
10:25:45AM revenue.
10:25:46AM Not much change in terms of revenue with even more cameras.
10:25:49AM I mean --
10:25:51AM >> If I could point out one thing there that might help with
10:25:54AM that analysis.
10:25:55AM Is that our contract with our vendor is based on a sliding
10:26:01AM scale, so also our expenditures go up.
10:26:04AM Our expenses go up.
10:26:05AM So that's also factored into the equation.
10:26:07AM The more cameras that we install.
10:26:10AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I can see we have got about a $40,000
10:26:13AM difference between expenses on those two dates, with the
10:26:19AM least amounts -- but there's still only smaller change in
10:26:23AM terms of net revenue.
10:26:24AM I mean, it seems to me that the cameras must be working in
10:26:30AM my mind, just because if we're getting less citations and
10:26:33AM we're actually more apt to catch people running red lights,

10:26:38AM that people may not be running more red lights.
10:26:40AM Again, you know, we need to look at all the analysis to see
10:26:43AM if it's, you know, a matter of us not collecting as many.
10:26:47AM What does this actually mean?
10:26:48AM Are the payment, the smaller amount versus, you know, a
10:26:52AM larger amount -- I'm not sure.
10:26:54AM But it does look like they may be working as a safety and a
10:26:59AM deterrent more than has been.
10:27:04AM >> I'm able to shed some light.
10:27:05AM I did look at our first month that we had these, and then I
10:27:10AM compared it to months in the subsequent years.
10:27:12AM It looks, from the initial data that we reviewed, that we're
10:27:20AM looking at about 34 to 3500 less violations per month.
10:27:24AM This was with the addition of nine additional cameras.
10:27:28AM So we should've gone up with violations.
10:27:30AM But we're looking at approximately 3500 less violations per
10:27:33AM month based on that first month that we looked at.
10:27:36AM From my job is to reduce crashes.
10:27:39AM Now I have 3500 less people running through red lights,
10:27:42AM which is a potential to cause crashes.
10:27:44AM So that's something that the police department was very
10:27:47AM happy about.
10:27:48AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.
10:27:49AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have an order, Mr. Reddick, Mr. Cohen
10:27:52AM and Ms. Montelione.

10:27:55AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me start with the officer.
10:28:00AM I want to follow up to what Councilman Suarez was saying.
10:28:04AM Mr. Suarez was stating that he believed that these cameras
10:28:09AM are working.
10:28:10AM So I'm assuming that you disagree with state senator Jeff
10:28:17AM Brandt, who said that this has been utilized as a cash cow
10:28:21AM for municipalities.
10:28:22AM So I guess you disagree with that.
10:28:24AM >> I'm sorry.
10:28:25AM Couldn't hear exactly what the state senator was claiming?
10:28:28AM >> Well, he's sponsoring a bill in Tallahassee because he
10:28:32AM believes that the municipalities are using these red light
10:28:36AM cameras, revenues as a cash cow for the government.
10:28:39AM So I'm assuming that you probably disagree with that.
10:28:43AM >> Well, for my job, my chief, my assistant chief, my major,
10:28:48AM my captain, my lieutenant, the numbers that they care about
10:28:52AM are how much are crashes going down?
10:28:54AM We want a reduction of crashes at an intersection.
10:28:57AM This is a tool you I can use to do that with.
10:28:59AM I only have so many officers I could use and I can't sit
10:29:02AM them at red light intersections 24/7 a day, which is what
10:29:05AM the camera does.
10:29:06AM I can tell you that people are a lot more careful at these
10:29:09AM intersections.
10:29:10AM I've seen it firsthand, especially with those signs posted

10:29:13AM out there.
10:29:14AM You're coming up to a red light intersection, I'm a little
10:29:17AM more careful, I'm going to slow down because they don't want
10:29:19AM to get a red light ticket.
10:29:21AM Hence, that's why we have almost 3500 less violations per
10:29:24AM month overall at all the intersections.
10:29:27AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me ask you, why ising there an increase
10:29:31AM of the number of cameras been installed?
10:29:34AM You started off with 24 and as of today, 13, all the way up
10:29:38AM to 42.
10:29:39AM So why does constantly increasing the number of cameras?
10:29:43AM >> I can't speak.
10:29:44AM I'm not -- that would be something better spoken to the
10:29:46AM major or the assistant chief of police.
10:29:49AM I just administer the program.
10:29:52AM >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.
10:29:52AM That's it.
10:29:59AM [ Laughter ]
10:30:04AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Ms. Little, I was looking at your chart for
10:30:10AM your funding revenues and funding expenditures.
10:30:13AM >> Yes, sir.
10:30:15AM >>FRANK REDDICK: And I just want to ask you to plain to
10:30:18AM me -- I see public works received 6%.
10:30:22AM And I'm looking at the 2014 budget, general funds
10:30:27AM expenditures.

10:30:27AM And I see public safety is 63%.
10:30:30AM Public safety, what are some of the expenditures itemized
10:30:39AM expenditures that are being utilized under public safety?
10:30:46AM >> That's our entire police and fire department.
10:30:49AM Including personnel, the equipment, services.
10:30:51AM 100% on all the costs related.
10:30:53AM >>FRANK REDDICK: On the public works, what would that
10:30:55AM consist of?
10:30:57AM >>SONYA LITTLE: Clean city contract, contract
10:31:00AM administration, environmental services, transportation,
10:31:03AM right-of-way.
10:31:11AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Everybody looking at me.
10:31:14AM [ Laughter ]
10:31:16AM >>FRANK REDDICK: They through me off.
10:31:18AM I'm sorry.
10:31:19AM Here's my point.
10:31:29AM I was not totally against the cameras.
10:31:31AM But one of my biggest concerns was dealt with
10:31:34AM infrastructure.
10:31:35AM Sidewalks, having those funds be utilized for improving the
10:31:42AM sidewalks in those particular neighborhoods where you got a
10:31:44AM lot of these cameras.
10:31:46AM Where would I find that the dollars are being utilized for
10:31:49AM infrastructure needs?
10:31:51AM >>SONYA LITTLE: You'll find, Councilman, that those dollars

10:31:56AM are put into one fund, if you will.
10:32:01AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Because all this is general revenue.
10:32:04AM >>SONYA LITTLE: It's all general revenue.
10:32:05AM Include your are property tax revenues, utility tax
10:32:09AM revenues, so forth.
10:32:10AM We get a grand total of all those revenues because we have
10:32:12AM to cover all our general fund expenditures.
10:32:15AM So we get a grand total of all of our general fund revenues
10:32:20AM and we tally up all of our general fund expenditures and we
10:32:24AM just take a grand total to meet our needs for general funds.
10:32:29AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.
10:32:30AM So improvement and starting -- improvement of sidewalks and
10:32:35AM other infrastructures needs are done, comes out of general
10:32:38AM revenue?
10:32:39AM >>SONYA LITTLE: Yes, sir.
10:32:40AM For instance, if I could give you this example, Councilman.
10:32:43AM $350 million after we tally up all our general fund
10:32:47AM revenues, $350 million in expenditures, when the projects
10:32:51AM are ready to go, we just write the check from the general
10:32:54AM fund.
10:32:55AM It doesn't come from a specific general fund revenue.
10:32:58AM It's part of the total.
10:33:01AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.
10:33:01AM So, the funds that you're collecting from red light cameras
10:33:05AM put in a general funds, with all the other revenues that you

10:33:11AM receive?
10:33:12AM >>SONYA LITTLE: Yes, sir.
10:33:13AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Final question.
10:33:13AM Why is it that -- red light cameras was a new program that
10:33:19AM was installed by the city.
10:33:21AM Why is it placed in the general revenue fund instead of
10:33:25AM being a separate itemized listed in the budget?
10:33:29AM >>SONYA LITTLE: It's just a general fund revenue.
10:33:31AM It was structured this program to support our general fund
10:33:34AM expenditures.
10:33:34AM Which includes all of the items that you and I just spoke
10:33:39AM about.
10:33:42AM >>FRANK REDDICK: You got a great future in politics.
10:33:44AM [ Laughter ]
10:33:46AM >>SONYA LITTLE: I don't know about that, sir.
10:33:51AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.
10:33:55AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have Mr. Cohen, Ms. Montelione,
10:33:58AM Ms. Capin.
10:34:00AM >>HARRY COHEN: Mr. Reddick made the point actually that I
10:34:03AM was going to talk about.
10:34:05AM And that is, but from a slightly different point of view.
10:34:08AM I supported these with some reservations.
10:34:11AM I do think that they are, they have prove to be a safety
10:34:15AM tool and I do think that they have been proven to reduce the
10:34:20AM amount of serious crashes.

10:34:22AM But Councilman Reddick mentioned that there is this bill
10:34:26AM that's been introduced by Senator Brandes in the legislature
10:34:30AM to remove the authorization from local governments to use
10:34:33AM these cameras.
10:34:34AM And I just wanted to say that my sense of it is that from
10:34:39AM what I've read, that that bill has a pretty good chance of
10:34:42AM passing.
10:34:43AM And I just, I'm not sure if it's a great use of our time to,
10:34:48AM you know, go on and on about this issue for the next six
10:34:52AM months because it may just be something that becomes a moot
10:34:55AM point with this legislative session.
10:34:57AM And we might actually see some clues to where this is going
10:35:01AM as early as this week during the committee week in
10:35:04AM Tallahassee.
10:35:07AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen, you know they are looking for
10:35:09AM lieutenant governor.
10:35:10AM You know all these things are going to happen.
10:35:12AM I just thought I'd bring that up.
10:35:14AM Ms. Montelione and Mrs. Capin?
10:35:18AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, sir.
10:35:19AM The couple of other pieces of information I think that we
10:35:24AM need to have, whether or not the bill passes and goes away,
10:35:32AM in the interim, I also want to offer a friendly amendment to
10:35:37AM Councilwoman Mulhern's motion in that we need to have the
10:35:42AM crash data available to us.

10:35:45AM And Gina Torrez from the MPO does a great deal of work in
10:35:54AM crash mitigation studies.
10:35:56AM And she probably already has that information reddy
10:36:00AM available.
10:36:00AM If she doesn't, I'm sure it's easy attainable and she could
10:36:04AM put that in a report form to us.
10:36:06AM So I would ask Gina Torrez come and address the crash
10:36:11AM studies or the crash information because from what I
10:36:16AM understand, the, the rear end crashes increased, but the,
10:36:24AM you know, severe bodily injury fatal crashes are reduced.
10:36:30AM So, you know, I think we would be better informed if we had
10:36:36AM that information as well.
10:36:37AM Thank you.
10:36:40AM [Inaudible]
10:36:49AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That motion was made by Ms. Mulhern,
10:36:51AM second by Mr. Cohen, if I recall.
10:36:53AM And you accept both of you accept the friendly amendment.
10:36:56AM I'll vote on that when we finish.
10:36:58AM Ms. Capin?
10:37:00AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
10:37:01AM For this very reason, I did not vote for the red light
10:37:10AM cameras, because of the funds where they were going.
10:37:14AM Not because I did not think they might add to the safety,
10:37:20AM but -- let me ask the officer.
10:37:25AM These cameras, the 42 cameras or the 24 cameras, they are

10:37:29AM put in these intersections because of?
10:37:33AM >> Based on statistical reporting on the crash data.
10:37:36AM Usually our highest crash intersections.
10:37:40AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.
10:37:41AM That was exactly what we talked about when we first had this
10:37:46AM vote.
10:37:46AM And it was because of that that I did not vote for it
10:37:50AM because I felt that these dollars going to general fund as
10:37:56AM opposed to specifically going to infrastructure, as
10:38:01AM Councilman Reddick has stated, sidewalks, engineering
10:38:04AM studies on these intersections, why are they such high crash
10:38:10AM intersections?
10:38:12AM That's not where the money is going, or at least we don't
10:38:15AM have that specifically.
10:38:17AM We have public safety, which is a huge pot.
10:38:22AM And -- I still -- I understand -- I do believe that, that
10:38:35AM we're going to see what the crash data, where we do have the
10:38:38AM rear end, but the, the more fatal accidents may have been,
10:38:45AM have come down.
10:38:45AM Again, I have to reiterate that because of that, I'm not
10:38:53AM sure I would be sorry that they go away.
10:38:57AM But I would -- the revenue being used for engineering, for
10:39:05AM studying these intersections is -- I stated it then and I'm
10:39:10AM repeating it again.
10:39:12AM And it's been -- how long have these cameras been up?

10:39:16AM We're going into our second year.
10:39:18AM >> That's correct.
10:39:19AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Or just completed our second year.
10:39:21AM So two years now.
10:39:22AM And we don't -- we just have more cameras and other crash
10:39:25AM sites.
10:39:25AM We don't have anything that has come forward and said you
10:39:28AM know, we studied the corner of Gandy and Westshore, and we
10:39:32AM found that because of the curvature, because of the width of
10:39:38AM the lanes, whatever, none of that has come forward.
10:39:43AM This is just revenue.
10:39:45AM And therefore, I think we're having the issue, the issue
10:39:48AM that's being brought up in Tallahassee is just that.
10:39:53AM It is a funding source.
10:39:55AM And how the funds are being used is the concern.
10:40:01AM So, that's just what I have to state.
10:40:04AM Thank you for the report and for giving us the information.
10:40:07AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
10:40:08AM I'm just going to say this.
10:40:10AM I also did support the cameras, not because I didn't want
10:40:13AM to.
10:40:13AM But because it was explained to us that the money was going
10:40:16AM to general fund and my statement was, why don't we put it
10:40:19AM back to fix the intersection if it's really what we want to
10:40:22AM do to solve the possibilities of loss of crashes and death

10:40:29AM and grief and all these things.
10:40:30AM We didn't do that.
10:40:31AM It went to the general fund.
10:40:33AM But when I look at the report, citations issued, when you
10:40:39AM look at the month of August to August, we had an increase in
10:40:43AM 2013.
10:40:43AM When you look at the month of July, we had an increase in
10:40:46AM 2013.
10:40:47AM When you look at the month of June, we had an increase in
10:40:50AM 2013.
10:40:50AM And I also see that we had an increase in cameras.
10:40:53AM Maybe that's what it is.
10:40:54AM However, when I look at the month of February in 2012,
10:40:58AM compared to February of 2013,ty just looked at this report
10:41:03AM very quickly, in 2013, you had 9508 citations.
10:41:10AM While your revenues were only 280,000.
10:41:12AM In 2013, of February, you issued 4,000, or about 55% less,
10:41:20AM but your revenues increased to 315,000.
10:41:23AM Is that possible?
10:41:24AM And then when I look at issues, citations issued in total,
10:41:29AM does that mean citations issued versus citation that
10:41:33AM could've been issued that were not issued because of some
10:41:36AM discrepancy in the cameras or the viewing officer thought
10:41:39AM that there was not enough evidence?
10:41:40AM So there's a lot of things that I look at that I tell

10:41:44AM myself, and this is just looking at it very quickly, what
10:41:47AM happened?
10:41:48AM I don't know.
10:41:49AM Can you explain?
10:41:50AM >> If I can explain on the revenue side.
10:41:53AM And I think that the sergeant can give you some better
10:41:55AM information on the citation side.
10:41:57AM But on the revenue side, and we actually went through this
10:42:02AM as well, Mr. Chairman, as far as trying to reconcile.
10:42:07AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I understand.
10:42:08AM >>SONYA LITTLE: The revenues, when a citation is issued, a
10:42:12AM person has the right to pay immediately, or it can take as
10:42:16AM long as 60 to 90 days.
10:42:18AM So what you're seeing is the citations issued, it won't
10:42:22AM naturally correspond with the revenues that we actually
10:42:25AM book.
10:42:26AM What you're seeing here on these two charts as far as the
10:42:29AM revenues coming in, or when the dollar actually enters the
10:42:32AM door here at the city.
10:42:34AM So that's why there would be some disparity between --
10:42:38AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Like a closing statement.
10:42:40AM >>SONYA LITTLE: Absolutely.
10:42:41AM So it kind of depends when the person pays.
10:42:43AM So we gave you actual figures.
10:42:49AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Citation it is issued, between 9,000 in

10:42:52AM February of '12, and 4,000 in February of '13.
10:42:56AM Those academy yourself numbers?
10:43:01AM Issued in one months and by looking at comparative months of
10:43:03AM two different years, or what am I looking at?
10:43:07AM >>SONYA LITTLE: Those are two different years.
10:43:09AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Two different years.
10:43:11AM >>SONYA LITTLE: Yes.
10:43:11AM One slide is for 2012.
10:43:13AM And then the other is for 2013.
10:43:15AM But I believe that the sergeant can also share with you what
10:43:19AM we have on this revenue and finance slide that we have
10:43:24AM provided you with today.
10:43:25AM It does not capture all of the potential citations coming
10:43:31AM from the vendors to TPD and maybe you can expand.
10:43:35AM >> That's correct.
10:43:35AM The way the system works is, we have what's called business
10:43:40AM rules set up that if it meets the criteria, then it is sent
10:43:45AM to us and an officer will review that, see if it's an actual
10:43:49AM violation.
10:43:50AM And the officer will actually approve it if it is a good
10:43:53AM violation.
10:43:53AM So there are several thousands that come in every month that
10:43:57AM we end up rejecting.
10:43:59AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's what I wanted to get at.
10:44:00AM Citations issued is not the total number of those that

10:44:04AM could've been issued?
10:44:05AM >> That's correct.
10:44:06AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I understand.
10:44:07AM Because it's not broken down that way and I apologize.
10:44:12AM Just wanted to make sure I was accurate when I looked at
10:44:14AM this report.
10:44:15AM That's what I was looking at.
10:44:16AM All right.
10:44:17AM I'm sorry.
10:44:17AM Are you finished or do you want to continue?
10:44:20AM >> I'm done.
10:44:21AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Offer, anything else?
10:44:23AM You don't like to be center stage?
10:44:25AM [ Laughter ]
10:44:27AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other comments by Councilmembers?
10:44:30AM Thank you so much.
10:44:31AM I really appreciate it very much.
10:44:33AM >>SONYA LITTLE: Thank you.
10:44:35AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay, clerk, you go back to item number
10:44:38AM 50, I believe.
10:44:41AM >>THE CLERK: You need to vote on the motion.
10:44:43AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Ms. Mulhern, second by
10:44:47AM Mr. Cohen and friendly amendment by Ms. Montelione.
10:44:49AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:44:50AM Opposed nay.

10:44:51AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:44:51AM Thank you very much.
10:44:53AM >>THE CLERK: That was for October the 17th, correct?
10:44:56AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Right.
10:44:57AM >> Shirley Foxx-Knowles, city clerk.
10:45:00AM Council, the two individuals selected for the Hillsborough
10:45:03AM County city-county Planning Commission are Stephanie Agliano
10:45:09AM and Stephen Benson.
10:45:11AM Thank you.
10:45:15AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you all very much.
10:45:17AM Okay, we go to item 52.
10:45:21AM >> Good morning, Brad Baird, water department.
10:45:23AM Item 52 is a joint funding agreement between Florida
10:45:31AM department of transportation and Tampa water department.
10:45:33AM Our portion of this is to replace a 12-inch waterline in
10:45:42AM 22nd Street from just south of Adamo Drive to 21st
10:45:47AM avenue.
10:45:48AM This is a good news item.
10:45:53AM It's a great example of how the city and a state agency have
10:45:58AM worked together.
10:46:00AM We were able to postpone this replacement until FDOT was
10:46:06AM going to upgrade 22nd Street.
10:46:09AM And in doing so, we were able to save a considerable amount
10:46:13AM of money in road restoration, which they are covering.
10:46:17AM So we are paying for the pipeline replacement of this

10:46:20AM project.
10:46:21AM And I'll answer any questions.
10:46:22AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions for Councilmembers?
10:46:24AM Thank you.
10:46:26AM Motion by Mr. Suarez to move the resolution.
10:46:29AM Second by Mr. Reddick.
10:46:31AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:46:32AM Opposed nay.
10:46:35AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:46:35AM Thank you very much, sir.
10:46:38AM Own co cone I'm sorry to interrupt.
10:46:40AM Going back to item 52, the but going back to 50.
10:46:43AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the public care to speak on 52?
10:46:45AM I see no one.
10:46:46AM All right, Mr. Suarez?
10:46:52AM [Inaudible]
10:46:53AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I need a motion to accept the two
10:46:55AM individuals.
10:46:56AM >> So moved.
10:46:56AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Suarez, second by Mr.
10:46:57AM Cohen.
10:46:58AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:47:01AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:47:01AM On all these items I'm going to stop after each one of the
10:47:07AM staff speaks on and I'm going to ask for anyone who has not

10:47:10AM spoken in the earlier part of the morning, if they wish to
10:47:13AM make any comments on it.
10:47:14AM You're certainly entitled to.
10:47:15AM You have three minutes.
10:47:16AM And we're going to start with 52.
10:47:18AM Anyone want to speak on 52?
10:47:20AM Okay.
10:47:22AM Mr. Suarez, move the resolution, second by Mr. Reddick on
10:47:26AM 52.
10:47:26AM I see no one in the audience.
10:47:28AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
10:47:30AM The ayes have it unanimously.
10:47:30AM 53.
10:47:33AM >> Good morning, Council, Catherine Coyle, planning and
10:47:37AM urban design.
10:47:38AM I'm here to report on bed and breakfast.
10:47:40AM The last time we spoke, there's been a series of motions
10:47:42AM from Council and we have done a few amendments to the code
10:47:45AM dealing with residential units, transient units,
10:47:48AM non-transient, rooming house, and ultimately bed and
10:47:51AM breakfast I think was the fourth item to deal with.
10:47:55AM >>HARRY COHEN: Can you just remind us what we have done
10:47:57AM recently, where we are.
10:48:00AM [ Laughter ]
10:48:01AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: That's why I opened up that way.

10:48:03AM Because I was going to go back through.
10:48:04AM The last round of code amendments we actually revised the
10:48:10AM definitions for bed and breakfast, hotel motel,
10:48:13AM non-transient lodgings unit, rooming house and transient
10:48:16AM lodging unit.
10:48:17AM As well as dwelling unit.
10:48:19AM Just to remind you, the bed and breakfast allows up to 11
10:48:24AM transient lodging units.
10:48:25AM Plus the one unit that is the person that lives there.
10:48:28AM The resident manager or property owner.
10:48:30AM So there is always someone on-site and then they rent out
10:48:34AM the rooms as more of a home based hotel.
10:48:37AM It is typically a residential type structure.
10:48:39AM The hotel or motel obviously is more of the commercial
10:48:43AM venue.
10:48:45AM And it's always transient.
10:48:46AM Then the rooming house, which we had the big discussion
10:48:48AM about in the last round of amendments.
10:48:51AM The rooming house is a non-transient.
10:48:53AM So it is considered your primary residence.
10:48:55AM You are renting a room.
10:48:56AM For a longer period of time.
10:48:59AM And that is your residence.
10:49:00AM We revised that to be three to six non-transient units for
10:49:06AM rooming houses.

10:49:07AM And the hotel or motel was ten or more transient lodging
10:49:12AM units.
10:49:12AM And just to clarify, the non-transient and transient lodging
10:49:16AM units definitions we added to mirror how the state defines
10:49:21AM them.
10:49:21AM To make it very clear which one people are coming and going.
10:49:24AM And which one is more like a residence.
10:49:26AM So bed and breakfast, which we haven't touched yet.
10:49:30AM That's the one that is the question today.
10:49:31AM The bed and breakfast is transient.
10:49:33AM So it's people coming and going.
10:49:35AM There will always be at least one person living there, or a
10:49:38AM couple or you know, the family that happens to run it.
10:49:41AM And then they rent out the rooms on a daily basis, or more.
10:49:46AM But it's at least a daily basis.
10:49:48AM The research that you'd asked me to do, because we talked
10:49:52AM about where they're allowed.
10:49:54AM I guess there were -- the general perception at one point
10:49:58AM maybe they just weren't allowed in the city.
10:50:00AM Maybe that's why we don't have any.
10:50:02AM Or many at all.
10:50:03AM Actually, and I talked to few of you behind the scenes.
10:50:07AM But we do allow them.
10:50:08AM Just to refresh your memory, we allow them as special use
10:50:11AM one, administrative special use in the multi-family

10:50:14AM district.
10:50:15AM And we allow them as permitted uses in the residential
10:50:18AM office, office and commercial districts.
10:50:20AM Just as going through our special districts really quick,
10:50:24AM the Ybor City district, we actually allow them in all
10:50:27AM categories for Ybor City, except YC-3, which is the
10:50:32AM Hillsborough community college district.
10:50:33AM In the channeling district, we actually allowed them in both
10:50:37AM categories, one and two.
10:50:39AM Anywhere in the Channel District you could have a bed and
10:50:42AM breakfast.
10:50:42AM We actually do not allow them downtown.
10:50:45AM I think the thought behind that is probably you're not going
10:50:48AM to have a single-family residence downtown to convert to a
10:50:51AM bed and breakfast.
10:50:52AM Typically the properties are the much larger.
10:50:54AM The development is larger.
10:50:56AM And within the Seminole Heights categories, we allow them,
10:50:59AM similar to the rest of the general city categories, as a
10:51:02AM special use one in the multi-family district.
10:51:04AM And as a permitted use in the office and commercial
10:51:07AM districts.
10:51:08AM So the one suggestion that I gave new the past, if you
10:51:11AM wanted to free it up a little bit, was for multi-family
10:51:15AM districts.

10:51:17AM It's a special use one as I noted.
10:51:19AM The odd thing that I pointed out though at that time in our
10:51:22AM code is that we have categories from RM-12, which is 12
10:51:27AM units per acre, up to RM 75, which is 75 units per acre.
10:51:31AM And pretty much everything in between.
10:51:34AM But as the special use standards require, in order to be
10:51:39AM approved administratively, you're limited to three units.
10:51:42AM Which is kind of strange, given that you're allowed so many
10:51:46AM units in the district.
10:51:48AM So, what that would potentially be is the, three bedroom
10:51:54AM house converting, four bedroom house converting.
10:51:56AM So would be a four bedroom house maximum.
10:52:06AM So you'd have one occupied by the resident manager or the
10:52:09AM property owner and then those three units being used as
10:52:12AM lodging units.
10:52:13AM But again, that's not single-family districts.
10:52:16AM That's multi-family.
10:52:17AM So my suggestion to you there was to tweak that number to
10:52:20AM match the district that they're in a little better.
10:52:23AM Because it seems like a really low number if you're an RM 50
10:52:27AM category, 50 units per acre but only allowed three lodging
10:52:31AM units.
10:52:31AM That was one place I thought maybe that could be fixed in
10:52:33AM the code.
10:52:34AM Then Council talked about single-family districts and the

10:52:38AM fact they're not allowed.
10:52:40AM And that's been that way since the category has been around.
10:52:45AM I did speak yesterday with from Frank Hauser and was
10:52:49AM wondering, what the motion was going to be and where we were
10:52:54AM with this.
10:52:55AM And Council directed me at the last meeting to dig in a
10:52:58AM little bit on what it would cost essentially or what would
10:53:01AM be required if someone wanted to convert their house.
10:53:04AM I went through the building code and spoke to our building
10:53:07AM inspectors and I spoke to the fire marshal, Melton Jenkins,
10:53:12AM about what would be required if you were to convert a
10:53:14AM typical three bedroom house.
10:53:15AM Let's just say you have a single-family district and happen
10:53:18AM to be in an area where you want to convert to a bed and
10:53:21AM breakfast.
10:53:21AM Maybe you're on a river, maybe you're on Bayshore or some
10:53:24AM place else.
10:53:25AM If you wanted to convert to a two lodging units and then the
10:53:29AM resident manager unit, the building code, you're pretty much
10:53:33AM exempt.
10:53:33AM You're considered the R-3 category, so it's not change in
10:53:36AM occupancy.
10:53:36AM If you're not doing anything else to the house, not
10:53:39AM converting to a commercial kitchen, not adding on to the
10:53:42AM building, you're just taking the existing structure, leaving

10:53:45AM it the way that it is and converting it, it appears by our
10:53:49AM read of it, my read with the building inspectors, that it
10:53:52AM would stay in the same occupancy class.
10:53:54AM Wouldn't be any building work required.
10:53:56AM However, on the fire marshal's side, because this is a
10:53:59AM public lodging establishment, by state law and you will be
10:54:03AM licensed as a public lodging establishment, even though you
10:54:06AM live there, or there is someone living there, it is a
10:54:09AM commercial business.
10:54:09AM It would require under the fire code a fire sprinkler
10:54:14AM system.
10:54:14AM So there is an expense with that.
10:54:16AM I don't know what the expense is exactly at this point.
10:54:21AM But there is that added expense.
10:54:23AM Now, the second phase of that would be if someone wanted to
10:54:26AM upgrade the, to a commercial kitchen, have to put in a hood
10:54:30AM and commercial grade burners and everything else.
10:54:32AM You might -- you're going to kick in some building code
10:54:35AM requirements and additional fire requirements.
10:54:37AM So you can see the costs would go up as more conversion
10:54:40AM would happen.
10:54:41AM Which in a lot of areas of the city probably people wouldn't
10:54:44AM do that, because of the expense to do that.
10:54:47AM You'd have to be more in a desirable area I would think to
10:54:50AM actually attract that type of business, near the water, near

10:54:52AM an attraction, maybe Busch Gardens, maybe near the
10:54:55AM universities, trying to think internally about where they
10:54:58AM would pop up in single-family districts.
10:55:01AM But the thought is if you allowed them in single-family,
10:55:04AM they in theory could happen anywhere throughout the city.
10:55:08AM My only thing is, I would caution you given the history on
10:55:11AM bed and breakfasts and why it's not allowed in
10:55:13AM single-family.
10:55:14AM You'll probably hear about that in just a few minutes.
10:55:17AM The whole premise mind the single-family categories and the
10:55:22AM way they're set up in the city is that intrusion of that
10:55:24AM type of business or additional commercial in, within the
10:55:28AM neighborhood and inside the neighborhood is atypical.
10:55:33AM It's typically along the periphery or along the more major
10:55:36AM corridors.
10:55:37AM But it certainly is a policy decision of City Council.
10:55:43AM >>HARRY COHEN: Councilman Montelione?
10:55:45AM I'm sorry.
10:55:48AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I'm curious about the single-family.
10:55:51AM That has been in effect for how long?
10:55:53AM Because growing up, we had grocery stores in the corner of
10:55:57AM our homes.
10:55:58AM Little corner grocery stores.
10:56:01AM We had commercial integrated with the homes.
10:56:07AM >> My house is built on a lot that used to have a warehouse

10:56:10AM and the building behind me was a gas station, six blocks
10:56:13AM into the neighborhood.
10:56:13AM So I know.
10:56:15AM They were embedded.
10:56:17AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: When was the --
10:56:19AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: One thing I didn't specifically look at,
10:56:20AM I would need to look it up.
10:56:22AM The modern zoning code was adopted in 1956, January 17th.
10:56:27AM And that is when a lot of these things became nonconforming.
10:56:32AM When these residential clusters were residential, R 1, R 2.
10:56:36AM R 1 A.
10:56:38AM Then those old commercial buildings just kind of evolved out
10:56:41AM of those areas.
10:56:42AM And then in 1986, 87, 88, 9, wents through zoning
10:56:48AM conformance and changed to chapter 43 A, the newest chapter,
10:56:52AM now known as 27.
10:56:53AM The one thing I didn't look, because I know it's been in
10:56:55AM this current code, but I didn't look at the last one to see
10:56:58AM if bed and break fast was specifically called out asp
10:57:01AM allowed use.
10:57:03AM I was looking up the conversion issues because I was really
10:57:06AM worried about the extra things people would have to do.
10:57:08AM So I can go and look that up pretty quickly and let you
10:57:11AM know.
10:57:12AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.

10:57:13AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: But at least since the late '80s.
10:57:18AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: We did a lot of things in the '80s to our
10:57:20AM city.
10:57:21AM Okay.
10:57:24AM That was what -- so if I can get that, that would be great.
10:57:29AM >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Montelione?
10:57:31AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
10:57:32AM Can you tell me, go over the commercial kitchen requirements
10:57:36AM once again?
10:57:36AM The reason why I ask is because, in a lot of bed and
10:57:41AM breakfasts, not only around the country, but around the
10:57:44AM world, part of the experience is, is the talents of the
10:57:50AM chef.
10:57:52AM Usually one of the owners of the home.
10:57:55AM And we have an emerging food culture here.
10:57:59AM So, I'm wondering if any of the, the opportunities for a
10:58:07AM chef to have a bed and breakfast would include, you know,
10:58:10AM cooking classes or demonstrations and things of that nature.
10:58:14AM And what the requirements.
10:58:20AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: So long as there was a commercial grade
10:58:22AM kitchen there inspected by the state along with that other
10:58:25AM state license for the puck 11:00ing establishment, you'd be
10:58:28AM fine.
10:58:28AM At the state level and ours, the only requirement under that
10:58:31AM bed and breakfast, is that meal services are provided.

10:58:34AM Services.
10:58:34AM Meaning that if you don't upgrade your kitchen and it stay
10:58:39AM as family kitchen, that's fine.
10:58:40AM You can do continental breakfast, the packaged goods,
10:58:43AM stuffer like that.
10:58:44AM But you can also cater in meals from local restaurants and
10:58:47AM serve them in your dining room.
10:58:49AM That's fine.
10:58:49AM But once you go to prepare those commercial meals, from wag
10:58:53AM I've read and from what I understand from the phone calls
10:58:55AM that I've had, that you would need to upgrade to a
10:58:58AM commercial grade kitchen and have it inspected that way.
10:59:00AM Which is an extra cost.
10:59:02AM I don't know the exact cost.
10:59:04AM But I didn't price them or anything.
10:59:09AM In theory, you could.
10:59:10AM Yes.
10:59:11AM If you had the money to do it and you were a bed and
10:59:14AM breakfast, you would have the ability to do those things to
10:59:17AM upgrade.
10:59:18AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: And what about serving beer and wine?
10:59:20AM Because I know places that I have stayed and you know, offer
10:59:25AM a, you know, an aperitif or something in the evenings.
10:59:34AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: If that were a possibility that you'd
10:59:36AM want to do that and allow them in the other districts, then

10:59:39AM we'd have to go back and tweak the alcohol rules as well
10:59:42AM because it wouldn't be allowed as it sits right now.
10:59:45AM We'd have to tweak those sets of rules.
10:59:48AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: And the fire sprinkler requirement, that
10:59:50AM is a state requirement, is that right?
10:59:53AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: That's correct.
10:59:56AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: A national.
10:59:58AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: Nothing we can do about that.
11:00:00AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I want everybody to understand, that's
11:00:01AM not something our city fire marshal.
11:00:04AM >> We enforce it, but there's not much we can do.
11:00:07AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay, thank you.
11:00:08AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have Mr. Suarez and Mr. Cohen.
11:00:10AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.
11:00:12AM Ms. Coyle, I was looking at some of the background material.
11:00:15AM We have Hillsborough County being decode.
11:00:19AM Couple things that stood out to me was one, it requires that
11:00:24AM the establishment not only be owner occupied as we have
11:00:27AM mentioned here, but they have to maintain an affiliation
11:00:30AM with a bed and breakfast industry registry.
11:00:32AM What does that entail in terms of what a bed and breakfast
11:00:37AM essentially does or looks like?
11:00:39AM Or what standards they have to meet?
11:00:41AM Are there standards that they're talking about there?
11:00:43AM Or are they just an affiliation in order to get people to

11:00:47AM come to their bed and breakfast?
11:00:51AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: That part I can't answer directly.
11:00:53AM I'd have to look into that more.
11:00:54AM I know that that requirement is there.
11:00:56AM And I was really looking for guidance at this point to
11:00:59AM figure out which way Council really wanted to go.
11:01:01AM Because we can put as many stipulations on these things as
11:01:04AM possible.
11:01:04AM We would look to these other areas to see what those
11:01:08AM requirements are.
11:01:09AM And if it's something that works and I'd want to talk to the
11:01:13AM county to find out how much how many they've done and what
11:01:16AM success they've had in enforcing that requirement, to see if
11:01:18AM it really works or not.
11:01:21AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I mean, in my mind, if you put it in the code
11:01:24AM that says you have to be part of that registry and if the
11:01:26AM registry itself to be an affiliate, you have to meet certain
11:01:29AM criteria, those criteria may be something that we have
11:01:32AM already put into the code or will put in the code.
11:01:34AM It just kind of dovetails with each other.
11:01:37AM You know, maybe even making it that it has to be conferred a
11:01:41AM B and B.
11:01:44AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: I hear my alarm on my phone.
11:01:47AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: These okay.
11:01:47AM If you have to go.

11:01:48AM I'm not sure what we're going to do.
11:01:51AM It was bothering me.
11:01:52AM I have it on mute.
11:01:53AM But I could hear the alarm.
11:01:55AM I apologize.
11:01:57AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: That's perfectly fine.
11:01:59AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Because to me, I think bed and breakfasts are
11:02:02AM important part of an urban landscape.
11:02:05AM I have stayed in a lot of bed and breakfasts in a lot of
11:02:07AM different cities across the country.
11:02:09AM The problem is that you get a wide range of different types
11:02:12AM of B and Bs.
11:02:14AM I've stayed in some very nice ones.
11:02:16AM I've stayed in some that were okay and I've stayed in some
11:02:19AM that I'm not too sure I should've stayed in.
11:02:22AM Because of both the accommodations in terms of where we were
11:02:26AM staying, and the breakfast part of the bed and breakfast.
11:02:30AM Because there are people out there that say, you know, I'm
11:02:33AM going to give you a cup of instant coffee and a croissant
11:02:37AM from the bakery down the street.
11:02:39AM And that's breakfast.
11:02:40AM And to me, that's not --
11:02:44AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: Because they didn't upgrade their
11:02:45AM kitchen.

11:02:46AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: That was in Canada.
11:02:47AM And that was not a, that was not an upscale bed and
11:02:52AM breakfast the little did I know when you look at photographs
11:02:56AM on a web site, doesn't help you very much sometimes.
11:02:59AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: They can make things look really pretty
11:03:01AM in a photo.
11:03:03AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I really do think we need to tighten up
11:03:05AM whatever we're going to put on there to make sure that
11:03:07AM anyone that is going to open up a bed and breakfast has very
11:03:12AM strict requirements so that we don't let it fall into a
11:03:15AM different category, like a rooming house or something else.
11:03:18AM In addition, I think that one of the statements you made
11:03:21AM earlier about maybe putting it within certain corridors,
11:03:25AM might actually also help.
11:03:26AM I think that if we open it up for the entire city, does it
11:03:31AM make sense to be in a certain part of the city that is not
11:03:35AM walkable to anything that's list stork or in a tourist area?
11:03:39AM How do you balance that out?
11:03:41AM And again, that's one of those things that we need to figure
11:03:43AM out so that we don't open it up for everyone and then you
11:03:46AM get issues where neighborhoods are complaining about
11:03:49AM something that says they're a bed and breakfast but really
11:03:52AM isn't.
11:03:53AM And we need to figure out how to tighten those up, make sure
11:03:56AM we don't have those issues.

11:03:58AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: If Council is inclined to explore, you
11:04:01AM know, certain corridors or certain residential areas, I
11:04:04AM would definitely, I'd go through threw a fine tooth comb to
11:04:09AM make sure every regulation makes sense and could be
11:04:11AM enforceable.
11:04:12AM Something we can visually see.
11:04:14AM I always like to pair up enforcement with the state as much
11:04:17AM as possible and have our rules align so we can have dual
11:04:20AM enforcement as much as possible.
11:04:22AM So it's not solely on us.
11:04:23AM It always makes a better case going down the line.
11:04:28AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.
11:04:29AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen, and Miss Capin.
11:04:32AM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.
11:04:33AM I'm not going to repeat all of what Mr. Suarez just said,
11:04:36AM but to give you some direction, I pretty much completely
11:04:39AM concur with the direction he outlined to go accreditation of
11:04:44AM the bed and breakfast, and looking at specific areas of the
11:04:48AM city to do this in.
11:04:50AM Not to put it throughout the city's residential
11:04:53AM neighborhoods.
11:04:54AM You just made a comment though about pairing us up with
11:04:58AM state guidelines and regulations.
11:05:01AM And I think that that's of course exactly what we ought to
11:05:04AM do.

11:05:05AM You didn't mention in your summary the issue of the
11:05:09AM short-term rentals of residential properties in the city.
11:05:13AM The issues that we have had both on Davis Island and in West
11:05:16AM Tampa, with people renting out their houses for short
11:05:19AM periods of time for commercial purposes, even though they're
11:05:23AM just residential houses and residential neighborhoods.
11:05:26AM Aren't we on track to go from allowing those type of rentals
11:05:31AM for a minimum of seven days to a minimum of 30 days?
11:05:35AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: Yes, in the previous report or workshop,
11:05:37AM whichever it was, you directed me -- my recommendation was
11:05:40AM 30 to match up with the state definition.
11:05:42AM And you had already direct it me to do that.
11:05:45AM >>HARRY COHEN: So where are we in that process?
11:05:47AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: Actually shots, of sending a memo
11:05:49AM through, we are actually going to ask for a workshop
11:05:52AM November 14th.
11:05:53AM It's a CRA meeting.
11:05:55AM But I talked to Mr. McDonaugh and it's a pretty light
11:05:57AM agenda that day.
11:05:58AM There are flow workshops in November and December.
11:06:00AM Hoping to bring forth the amendments November 14th.
11:06:04AM You can schedule that today or I can send a memo through.
11:06:08AM >>HARRY COHEN: I would just suggest that some of the items
11:06:10AM that Mr. Suarez brought up particularly in terms of a
11:06:12AM parameter, that's something we could certainly talk about at

11:06:15AM a workshop and would give everybody some time to sort of
11:06:18AM think through, and also move us along on the issue.
11:06:21AM So that would be my suggestion.
11:06:23AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
11:06:24AM Ms. Capin?
11:06:26AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Truly I appreciate what both Councilmembers
11:06:28AM have brought forth.
11:06:30AM And that was the idea, you know, the, again, culture access
11:06:37AM economic engine, we looked at this and in November, in
11:06:41AM Baltimore was one -- because what was coming up was that bed
11:06:45AM and breakfasts are in small towns in Florida, not really big
11:06:50AM cities.
11:06:50AM Where Baltimore is a large city and has numerous, numerous
11:06:54AM bed and breakfasts.
11:06:56AM Along with that, the -- we had scheduled for one of our
11:07:01AM meetings of the cultural assets committee the director of
11:07:05AM the Florida bed and breakfast association -- I don't have
11:07:11AM the information in front of me right now.
11:07:13AM And yes, they do have standards.
11:07:17AM And it's here for a reason.
11:07:19AM They are, if you will, something like the board of Realtors
11:07:26AM in that they police and guide the bed and breakfasts.
11:07:29AM And I think that's a really important part.
11:07:31AM And also about areas is not so much -- I'm thinking as
11:07:37AM corridors, maybe, you know, along, that might be better fit

11:07:43AM for these bed and breakfasts.
11:07:45AM But I do believe it is a real important part of an urban
11:07:50AM setting.
11:07:51AM And one of the things that we may be lacking here in our
11:07:55AM city and have so much to offer.
11:07:57AM So those two things.
11:08:01AM I'm glad we're moving on the rental of the houses to 30
11:08:05AM days.
11:08:06AM And I agree, thank you for that, keeping it in line with the
11:08:10AM state, like you said, it makes a better case.
11:08:15AM So thank you, Councilman Cohen and Councilman Suarez for
11:08:19AM that.
11:08:20AM And the information that -- you will be getting that back to
11:08:28AM me at a later date.
11:08:29AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: On the old code?
11:08:30AM I can look it up and tell Cindy.
11:08:34AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.
11:08:35AM That would work.
11:08:35AM Thank you.
11:08:36AM That's all.
11:08:37AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
11:08:37AM Anyone else who has not spoken?
11:08:39AM Let me just say this.
11:08:40AM I'm a stickler for regulations.
11:08:42AM You said earlier, this, that and the other, all that good

11:08:45AM stuff.
11:08:46AM That's wonderful.
11:08:47AM Who's going to hawkeye this?
11:08:50AM Who's going to follow these?
11:08:52AM Who's going to say this is right, this is wrong, this is an
11:08:55AM abuse?
11:08:55AM No one.
11:08:56AM That's my opinion.
11:08:57AM Now -- that's in three languages.
11:09:03AM I'm not trying to put you on the spot.
11:09:05AM You're the only one I can talk to.
11:09:07AM [ Laughter ]
11:09:10AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: Who?
11:09:11AM Code enforcement.
11:09:13AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And you think they're prepared to do
11:09:15AM another task?
11:09:19AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: I think that it is their mission to
11:09:21AM uphold and enforce the codes of the city.
11:09:27AM >> Another one with a future in politics.
11:09:29AM [ Laughter ]
11:09:29AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We are part of the problem that, and I
11:09:38AM mean this sincerely.
11:09:39AM The system is not working.
11:09:41AM And what are we doing to a system that's not work?
11:09:46AM We're adding more things to it that won't work.

11:09:48AM So we are cumbersome the system.
11:09:50AM And at the end, nothing works.
11:09:52AM That's just my opinion.
11:09:53AM I just want to share it with you.
11:09:54AM That's it.
11:09:55AM Anyone in the audience want to speak on this item?
11:09:58AM Please come forward, 53.
11:10:02AM >>CATHERINE COYLE: Did you want to set a workshop?
11:10:04AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We'll discuss it in a minute.
11:10:05AM >> Margaret Vizzi, 213 South Sherrill.
11:10:13AM I'm not speaking for T.H.A.N, and of course Jerry our
11:10:15AM president is here and thank you, Council, for being able to
11:10:17AM come and sorry you weren't there.
11:10:19AM But many, many years ago when T.H.A.N. was first starting
11:10:25AM was when the bed and breakfast on the books now was put into
11:10:29AM place.
11:10:29AM And it was sort of a compromise, even at that time.
11:10:33AM And when we talk about being on corridors, that's exactly
11:10:37AM what is addressed.
11:10:38AM Because they have the zoning that is where, that corridors
11:10:45AM would have.
11:10:46AM In other words, you don't have single-family detached rest
11:10:54AM dense, homes on a specific corridor.
11:10:58AM Unless it's in an older part of the city.
11:11:02AM But when Planning Commission and Ms. Capin, as you brought

11:11:07AM up, it was back when the planning, which you've just
11:11:13AM appointed a couple of new members to that body, and the city
11:11:17AM started planning, is when we started looking at what works
11:11:22AM when it's within neighborhoods.
11:11:23AM And that's what we have to be careful about.
11:11:26AM This is definitely a business.
11:11:29AM And when I heard Ms. Montelione ask if we could approve
11:11:33AM selling beer and wine and, or serving it and making, I guess
11:11:37AM making it part of the, the fee that you would pay, all of
11:11:43AM these concerns the neighbors.
11:11:45AM The reason I say we can't speak to T.H.A.N. was because we
11:11:48AM wanted to know what you were going to bring forward and then
11:11:50AM we'll be calling our zoning committee together to discuss
11:11:55AM and then bring it to T.H.A.N.
11:11:56AM But, I would plead with you, knowing what we went through
11:12:00AM way back when, when the neighborhoods did not want this
11:12:05AM within their neighborhoods, it's too much like a business.
11:12:11AM So I would ask you, and it was just brought up about code
11:12:16AM enforcement.
11:12:17AM As I understand, there must be a few bed and breakfasts in
11:12:20AM the city.
11:12:21AM But there's only one that is operating legally.
11:12:24AM In other words, must have a, the license or whatever you
11:12:29AM have to get.
11:12:31AM So this is putting another thing on neighbors to watch, and

11:12:35AM call code enforcement, which we know now code enforcement
11:12:38AM has more than they can handle.
11:12:40AM And so I would ask you to, that you please pretty much leave
11:12:45AM it the way it is.
11:12:47AM However, some of the things like making sure that those do
11:12:50AM operate, those that are in business do operate under those
11:12:56AM specific guidelines that you were talking about.
11:12:59AM So thank you.
11:13:00AM And we'll be seeing what you do and then we'll move forward.
11:13:03AM Thank you.
11:13:04AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
11:13:04AM Mr. Cohen?
11:13:05AM >>HARRY COHEN: I think the good thing, Mrs. Vizzi, about
11:13:08AM this item is normally, when you come up, it's on something
11:13:12AM quasi-judicial and we can't really talk about it.
11:13:15AM But in this case, as we move toward November 14th, I'm sure
11:13:19AM all of us are free to talk to you and to T.H.A.N. about your
11:13:22AM concerns and work through whatever they might be.
11:13:25AM >> Thank you.
11:13:26AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
11:13:27AM Anyone else in the audience care to speak on this item?
11:13:29AM Item number 53.
11:13:30AM I see no one.
11:13:32AM You want to set another date for the workshop?
11:13:38AM >>HARRY COHEN: Mr. Chair, I make a motion that we have a

11:13:41AM workshop on November 14th immediately following the CRA
11:13:46AM meeting that is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. on that date to
11:13:49AM discuss this item regarding bed and breakfasts and the other
11:13:52AM code changes that we may be putting through in this cycle
11:13:56AM related to rentals of residences.
11:14:00AM >> I would just say the January 2013 cycle --
11:14:06AM >>HARRY COHEN: 2014.
11:14:08AM >> We're on the January 2013 cycle.
11:14:11AM >> I'm sorry, could you set that for a time certain.
11:14:15AM >> Any time after 9:00.
11:14:16AM Let's set it for 10:00.
11:14:18AM We're not going to do it at 10:00 anyway.
11:14:21AM But by law you have to give a time.
11:14:24AM >> 10:00 a.m. is fine.
11:14:25AM >> Second.
11:14:27AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen, second by Ms. Capin.
11:14:29AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:14:31AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:14:31AM Okay, 54, that was heard earlier.
11:14:37AM Nice presentation was done.
11:14:39AM By Lee Marvin Dingfelder.
11:14:42AM We need somebody to mover the resolution.
11:14:44AM >> Mover the resolution's.
11:14:45AM >> Second.
11:14:46AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen moved the resolution, second by

11:14:48AM Mr. Suarez.
11:14:49AM Anyone in the audience care to speak on item 54 before I
11:14:52AM move on?
11:14:52AM I see no one.
11:14:53AM All in favor of the motion to move the resolution, please
11:14:56AM indicate by saying aye.
11:14:57AM Opposed nay.
11:14:58AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:14:59AM Item 55.
11:15:00AM 21.
11:15:02AM >> Good morning, Council.
11:15:03AM Thom Snelling, planning and development.
11:15:05AM Welcome back, Councilwoman.
11:15:07AM I'm here on item 55 today.
11:15:09AM It is the funding agreement between the City of Tampa and
11:15:16AM Boley Centers, which is in Pinellas County.
11:15:18AM As you know, the City of Tampa administers the HOPWA grants,
11:15:22AM which is housing opportunities for people with AIDS.
11:15:24AM Through a federal program we received those funding.
11:15:29AM The City of Tampa administers that program for a four-county
11:15:33AM area because we have the unpleasant privilege of having the
11:15:36AM highest incidents of AIDS in the four county areas.
11:15:41AM So because of that, we get to administer the money.
11:15:44AM Again, Boley Center gets the largest share of that money in
11:15:48AM Pinellas.

11:15:48AM They are pretty much the poster child of the total
11:15:53AM wrap-around service organization for this kind of funding
11:15:58AM mechanism.
11:15:59AM This contract before you is basically establishes that the
11:16:05AM performance measures, the property, or the reporting
11:16:09AM requirements for the grants as well as identifying the
11:16:12AM various eligible activities.
11:16:16AM This program was identified in the five year plan and
11:16:18AM approved in your one year action plan a few months back.
11:16:23AM So this is merely the contract that we're entering into with
11:16:26AM the Boley Centers in St. Pete.
11:16:28AM Or in Pinellas County.
11:16:29AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any question by Councilmembers?
11:16:31AM Comments on 55?
11:16:33AM >> Move the resolution.
11:16:35AM >> Seconds.
11:16:35AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Reddick, second by Mr.
11:16:36AM Cohen in close votes with Mrs. Montelione.
11:16:38AM Anyone from the audience care to speak on item 55 before I
11:16:42AM take a vote?
11:16:42AM I see no one.
11:16:43AM All in favor of the motion to pass resolution, please
11:16:46AM indicate by saying aye.
11:16:46AM Opposed nay.
11:16:48AM The ayes have it unanimously.

11:16:48AM Thank you very much.
11:16:49AM Item 56.
11:16:54AM >> Good morning, Council.
11:16:55AM Brad Suder, parks and recreation.
11:16:59AM Greg is enjoying cooler weather today.
11:17:03AM Item 56 is the maintenance contract for period of two years
11:17:07AM with Greenturf Services.
11:17:08AM As you may remember, you approved contract twice over the
11:17:14AM summer and each time the contractor has defaulted on
11:17:17AM non-performance of work.
11:17:20AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any comment by Councilmembers?
11:17:22AM Anyone in the audience care to speak on 56?
11:17:25AM I have revolution moved by Mr. Reddick, seconded by
11:17:28AM Mrs. Montelione.
11:17:29AM Discussion?
11:17:32AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I just have one comment.
11:17:36AM I recently attended the small Betty Wiggins of the year
11:17:39AM award that is sponsored by, or mission on the Chamber of
11:17:44AM Commerce, the greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce.
11:17:46AM And Ameriscape services was a finalist in one of the
11:17:52AM categories.
11:17:52AM They did not win, but they were a finalist.
11:17:55AM So it's I think a testament of their abilities to fulfill
11:17:59AM this contract in that they were put through a rigorous --
11:18:03AM it's almost a nine month process that the businesses go

11:18:08AM through in order to become a finalist.
11:18:11AM So, hopefully this will be the last time that we have to
11:18:16AM change companies.
11:18:17AM >> I'm sorry, but Ameriscape.
11:18:22AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Please, please.
11:18:27AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Capin?
11:18:30AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Maybe the third time is the charm.
11:18:35AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion for moving the resolution
11:18:38AM by Mr. Reddick.
11:18:39AM I think I said Ms. Montelione.
11:18:42AM It was Mrs. Capin on close vote.
11:18:44AM All in favor of the moving the resolution, please indicate
11:18:47AM by saying aye.
11:18:48AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:18:48AM Item 57.
11:18:51AM >> Good morning, Mr. Chairman and Councilmembers.
11:19:01AM Item 57 and item 58 are companion items.
11:19:05AM Both items we were asked to bring these items back from your
11:19:09AM September 12th Council meeting.
11:19:11AM Item 57 is an amendment to the agreement that provides for
11:19:15AM the establishments of a guaranteed maximum price contract
11:19:19AM for the construction of an additional block of the
11:19:22AM streetscape project which is located between Florida Avenue
11:19:26AM and Marian street.
11:19:27AM The construction of this block adjacent to both Marian

11:19:31AM street transit way and the old federal courthouse, which is
11:19:34AM currently under construction for use as a hotel.
11:19:37AM Will provide for a complete improvement of your streetscape
11:19:41AM work from Ashley Drive and the Curtis Hixon waterfront park
11:19:46AM to the Marian street transit way.
11:19:48AM The purpose of the overall project is enhance the Zack
11:19:51AM Street corridor with streetscape enhancements.
11:19:54AM That improve the streets and aesthetic appeal.
11:19:58AM A previous project converted the street to two way traffic.
11:20:01AM These improvements included pedestrian friendly
11:20:03AM accommodations, traffic calming, interfacing with other
11:20:07AM public and private projects located along the corridor.
11:20:10AM In the incorporation of public art into the design.
11:20:13AM There is a goal of 17% for SLBE subcontractor participation,
11:20:19AM which has been established.
11:20:20AM And is applicable to the overall project.
11:20:23AM And it is included in this amendment.
11:20:26AM So, we would ask for your approval of this particular
11:20:31AM contract with Trimar.
11:20:33AM Who is the contractor that has constructed the other stages
11:20:37AM of your streetscape projects.
11:20:39AM I would like to remind Council that this segment that is
11:20:45AM being addressed on Zack Street, between Florida and Marian
11:20:49AM street, there is a provision in our contract with the
11:20:53AM developer and I've been given this provision by our economic

11:20:56AM administrator, Bob McDonaugh.
11:20:59AM The lessor agrees to extend the Zack Street avenue of arts
11:21:04AM project, the sole discretion of lessor to plan or revise
11:21:08AM from its current ending point at Florida Avenue through to
11:21:11AM Marion street.
11:21:12AM The lessee will make available at no cost to lessee an
11:21:14AM appropriate area within the hotel to serve as an art gallery
11:21:19AM and or/art exhibit space.
11:21:20AM Space would be, would complement the Avenue of the Arts
11:21:23AM project and promote the arts in the downtown.
11:21:26AM So, this is the segment that we're addressing is a
11:21:30AM requirement in our existing C it with the developer.
11:21:33AM And the amount of the contract is $760,393 for phase two.
11:21:40AM I have a rendering, if I can put this up on the screen.
11:21:45AM I think will work.
11:22:01AM >> So, there's a rendering of the streetscape project.
11:22:07AM And the cost again is 760,393.
11:22:13AM We would ask for your consideration this morning.
11:22:16AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Miss Mulhern?
11:22:17AM >>MARY MULHERN: Did you say there's going to be an art
11:22:19AM gallery included in this?
11:22:21AM What did you just say about an art gallery?
11:22:24AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: It's in the agreement.
11:22:25AM >> I did not refer to an art gallery being part of this
11:22:28AM segment.

11:22:29AM This is strictly, as you can see, this is strictly a
11:22:32AM streetscape work with beautification from, that covers the
11:22:37AM block.
11:22:41AM >> Part of our lease agreement with the hotel developer was
11:22:44AM for him to provide space within the hotel as a public art
11:22:48AM gallery.
11:22:49AM >>MARY MULHERN: Is that part of this?
11:22:51AM >> It's part of our lease with the developer.
11:22:53AM >> No, there's no cost to the city for the art gallery.
11:22:56AM It's included in the same paragraph in the lease that states
11:23:01AM that we will complete Zack Street.
11:23:04AM And the paragraph goes on to say that the developer will
11:23:08AM provide 2500 square feet within the hotel for public space
11:23:11AM for an art gallery.
11:23:14AM >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
11:23:15AM But that doesn't have anything to do with this
11:23:17AM appropriation?
11:23:18AM >> No, no, ma'am.
11:23:21AM >>MARY MULHERN: My -- unless I hear from anyone else, I
11:23:25AM don't think it really matters.
11:23:27AM But I just want to go on the record, I wasn't a fan of this
11:23:31AM plan from the beginning.
11:23:34AM I appreciate the sidewalk widening, I like the trees.
11:23:39AM All the infrastructure, things you're doing.
11:23:41AM The part that I haven't been a fan of was the actual art

11:23:46AM parts of it.
11:23:47AM Which weren't really part of our usual public art process.
11:23:50AM So, I see that -- I was encouraged for a minute because I
11:23:56AM thought I'd rather see that money go towards an art gallery
11:23:59AM and historic building than towards, you know, the kinds of
11:24:07AM furnishings that I've seen that are already looking worn.
11:24:10AM Those canopy things, are we putting in more of those?
11:24:13AM That canopy?
11:24:15AM >> I'll have David bond.
11:24:19AM >> Excuse me.
11:24:20AM Two.
11:24:21AM >>MARY MULHERN: I'd rather see that money spent on trees
11:24:24AM than on those.
11:24:26AM They already look kind of worn out.
11:24:27AM That's just my two cents.
11:24:29AM We'll hear if anybody else has anything to say.
11:24:32AM >> Any other Councilmembers?
11:24:33AM Ms. Montelione?
11:24:35AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, sir.
11:24:36AM Mr. Hearne and I discussed this the other day.
11:24:40AM And although you know, finishing that is an important
11:24:46AM element of Zack Street, I mean, it would seem a little off
11:24:51AM if all the improvements stopped, you know, so we have to do,
11:24:57AM you know, some elements of this.
11:24:59AM And as Ms. Mulhern said, yes, the widening of the sidewalks

11:25:04AM and the trees and -- is part of the complete street type of
11:25:13AM improvements that we all champion and passed a resolution to
11:25:19AM encourage our transportation department to do more complete
11:25:23AM street projects.
11:25:24AM But you know, I agree as well.
11:25:26AM The odd thing here is that the canopies that Ms. Mulhern
11:25:30AM referred to, they're not shown on this rendering.
11:25:33AM And you know, looking over Trimar's contract, I'm sure it's
11:25:38AM in here somewhere.
11:25:39AM It says shade structures and it's two shade structures at
11:25:46AM $24,000.
11:25:48AM So it looks like this $12,000 each for two shade structures.
11:25:55AM So, I'm hoping that they're not going to be those orange
11:25:58AM canopies because that's a lot of money for orange canopies.
11:26:04AM And I think that maybe there will be some other design or
11:26:08AM something else.
11:26:08AM So, I would hope that.
11:26:10AM And the other, when we first talked about this, I was under
11:26:16AM the impression, as most people were, I think that a lot of
11:26:19AM the costs was attributed to utilities.
11:26:22AM Because once you start opening the sidewalks and re-doing
11:26:25AM things, that you have a lot of utility work to do.
11:26:28AM But you know, adding up the categories of storm, sanitary
11:26:34AM sewer and site utilities, we're only looking at $72,750 it
11:26:41AM looks like.

11:26:43AM Whereas the most money in any one single category is being
11:26:48AM spent on the walkways.
11:26:50AM And all of that is for pavers.
11:26:54AM That adds up to $109,980 in just pavers.
11:26:59AM While they look really nice, they don't -- at least here --
11:27:08AM maybe it's the rain, maybe it's other factors, but we
11:27:12AM haven't had really good luck with pavers.
11:27:14AM All you have to do is go to Curtis Hixon Park and walk
11:27:16AM around the park and almost twist an ankle with the loose
11:27:22AM pavers, the ones that are caving in in different areas of
11:27:27AM the park.
11:27:28AM I'm hoping that that won't happen here.
11:27:32AM And maybe it's too late to change any of the elements of
11:27:38AM this contract here today.
11:27:39AM But being in the construction business, I know there's
11:27:43AM always opportunities for change orders to happen.
11:27:46AM And three quarters of a million dollars is a lot of money
11:27:50AM for one block.
11:27:51AM So, you know, although I think the concept is necessary, I
11:27:58AM think the work is necessary, I'm not sure the three quarters
11:28:02AM of a million dollars is what we need to be spending.
11:28:06AM Especially since we just came through the budget process and
11:28:10AM we have to dip in to our reserves for $7 million to balance
11:28:15AM our budget.
11:28:16AM And we have a lot of other needs in the city.

11:28:20AM So, that's all I have to offer.
11:28:22AM I'm just hoping that at some point, there can be some sort
11:28:27AM of reduction, which we see quite often.
11:28:31AM We see code construction contract come through here and we
11:28:35AM amend the contract to reduce the dollar amount to the final
11:28:38AM payment to the contractor.
11:28:39AM So I'm hoping for the best.
11:28:41AM >> Thank you.
11:28:42AM We understand your concern.
11:28:43AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone else?
11:28:44AM Anyone in the audience care to speak on 57 and 58?
11:28:46AM I'm going to put them boat.
11:28:48AM Vote on them separately.
11:28:49AM 57 and 58.
11:28:51AM Ms. Capin?
11:28:52AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I was just looking at general --
11:28:56AM [Inaudible]
11:28:56AM Our arts are dying, if you will.
11:29:08AM On top of the three quarters of a million, the relocation of
11:29:12AM existing utilities is excluded.
11:29:15AM Do we have any idea what that would cost?
11:29:20AM >> Yes.
11:29:21AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay, good.
11:29:21AM >> We can address that.
11:29:23AM >> No, we don't.

11:29:25AM >> This is Dave Vaughn, director of contract administration.
11:29:28AM Separate from the particular line items that are in the
11:29:30AM contract for things that we know that are there and that we
11:29:33AM have to address, this is merely a note that typical to most
11:29:38AM any construction project we would do.
11:29:40AM If we open up the street and there's stuff there that
11:29:43AM doesn't match our previous knowledge and it has to be
11:29:45AM relocated, it obviously is an extra.
11:29:48AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: So, I understand -- thank you for that
11:29:51AM explanation.
11:29:52AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience care to speak on
11:29:55AM 57 and 58?
11:29:58AM >> Move the resolution.
11:30:00AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Reddick, let's
11:30:02AM move 57 first.
11:30:04AM Second by Mr. Suarez from 57.
11:30:06AM All in favor of the resolution 57, please indicate by saying
11:30:09AM aye.
11:30:10AM Opposed nay.
11:30:11AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:30:12AM Mr. Reddick moves 58, second by Mr. Suarez.
11:30:16AM Further discussion?
11:30:19AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:30:22AM Opposed nay.
11:30:24AM The ayes have it unanimously.

11:30:24AM Let's go to item 59.
11:30:38AM >> Dave Vaughn, director of contract administration.
11:30:41AM Item number 59 relates to the awarding of the GMP of
11:30:45AM guaranteed maximum price for construction of Waterworks
11:30:48AM Park.
11:30:49AM We have been before you several times with various design
11:30:53AM elements of this project as well as some initial early start
11:30:57AM activities in developing this park, which is adjacent to the
11:31:04AM Ulele restaurant under construction.
11:31:06AM Also a part of the Riverwalk, which is included in this
11:31:09AM construction as well.
11:31:10AM And currently, we are, we have already initiated some of the
11:31:15AM restoration of the springs.
11:31:16AM And some of those early start activities.
11:31:19AM This brings you the balance of the park, which includes some
11:31:23AM environmental remediation that's required, as well as the
11:31:27AM walk, the Riverwalk, the shoreline restoration, the spring
11:31:30AM restoration, various park structures.
11:31:33AM And we're excited to be moving forward with this.
11:31:35AM And are on a path that things go like they're supposed to,
11:31:40AM we'll be finishing up about the time the restaurant opens.
11:31:43AM So I would request your approval of this contract.
11:31:46AM >>HARRY COHEN: Ms. Capin?
11:31:48AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: What time did you say we should be finished?
11:31:51AM >> The restaurant is scheduled to finish up this spring, I

11:31:55AM think in March.
11:31:57AM Again, because of some of the environmental stuff we have to
11:31:59AM do that as we get into it, may impact that.
11:32:05AM But we have a track that if things go well, we will be
11:32:09AM finished when the restaurant opens.
11:32:11AM And or have the stuff up by the restaurant done so that we
11:32:14AM don't interfere, impact their operations at all.
11:32:19AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Because I think -- thank you.
11:32:22AM I'd like to move it.
11:32:25AM >>HARRY COHEN: Let me see.
11:32:26AM Any other Councilmember wishes to speak?
11:32:28AM Anyone from the public that would like to speak on this
11:32:30AM item?
11:32:31AM Ms. Capin?
11:32:32AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Like to move number 59.
11:32:34AM >> Second.
11:32:35AM >>HARRY COHEN: Okay, we have a motion from Councilwoman
11:32:37AM Capin, seconded by Councilwoman Mulhern.
11:32:40AM All those in favor, please indicate by saying aye.
11:32:41AM Opposed?
11:32:43AM Okay, thank you very much.
11:32:44AM Item number 60, I believe is related to item number 59.
11:32:59AM >> I'm sorry.
11:33:00AM That is the companion financial resolution that provides for
11:33:06AM the funding.

11:33:07AM Should be noted that included in the sources for this, a
11:33:11AM good portion of the spring remediation is being funded by
11:33:14AM swim grant.
11:33:15AM We also have some, a few small private donations.
11:33:18AM We have had the break water that is already installed.
11:33:22AM Done separates from this contract via a non-profit agency.
11:33:27AM So we are leveraging dollars as much as we can.
11:33:30AM >>HARRY COHEN: Any other questions?
11:33:32AM Anyone from the public who wishes to speak on item number
11:33:35AM 60?
11:33:37AM >>HARRY COHEN: We have a motion from Councilman Reddick,
11:33:39AM seconded by Councilwoman Montelione.
11:33:41AM All those in favor, aye.
11:33:43AM Opposed in.
11:33:44AM Okay.
11:33:45AM Thank you very much.
11:33:46AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
11:33:48AM We finished now with the staff reports.
11:33:53AM We're going to go back to the beginning of the agenda.
11:33:57AM And we go to requests for the public for reconsideration of
11:34:00AM any legislative matters.
11:34:01AM Anyone who would like to ask us for reconsideration of a
11:34:05AM prior vote in the last meeting, please signify by coming
11:34:08AM forward.
11:34:09AM I see no one.

11:34:10AM We go to committee reports on the agenda.
11:34:13AM Which is item 4 through 44.
11:34:16AM We go to public safety committee chair, Mr. Frank Reddick.
11:34:19AM >>FRANK REDDICK: Move items 4 through five.
11:34:22AM >> Second.
11:34:22AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion bring Mr. Red kick, second by
11:34:24AM Mr. Code, all in favor of the motion, please indicate by
11:34:26AM saying aye St. Opposed nay.
11:34:28AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:34:28AM Parks, recreation, culture committee chair, Miss Mary
11:34:32AM Mulhern.
11:34:33AM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you Mr. Chairman.
11:34:33AM I move items 6 through 8.
11:34:36AM >> Have a motion by Ms. Mulhern for 6 through 8, second by
11:34:39AM Mr. Reddick.
11:34:40AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:34:42AM Opposed nay.
11:34:43AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:34:44AM Public works committee chair, Mr. Mike Suarez.
11:34:47AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, Chair.
11:34:48AM I move items nine through 12.
11:34:50AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Suarez, second by
11:34:52AM Mr. Reddick.
11:34:53AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:34:54AM Opposed nay.

11:34:57AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:34:57AM Finance chair, Mr. Harry Cohen.
11:35:00AM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
11:35:01AM I move items 13 through 16.
11:35:02AM >> Second.
11:35:03AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: 16, sir, you're going to have to read the
11:35:04AM resolution.
11:35:09AM >>HARRY COHEN: Why don't I remove 13 through 15.
11:35:12AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen on 13 through 15.
11:35:14AM Motion made by Mr. Cohen, seconded by Miss Mulhern.
11:35:17AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:35:20AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:35:20AM 16, sir.
11:35:22AM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you Mr. Chair.
11:35:23AM I move a resolution being presented for second reading and
11:35:25AM adoption, a resolution amending the rules of procedure rule
11:35:29AM 3 D, renaming and amending rule 5 and amending rule 7,
11:35:33AM governing meetings of the city council of the city of time,
11:35:36AM providing an effective date.
11:35:37AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen, second By Mr. Suarez
11:35:39AM on 16.
11:35:41AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:35:42AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:35:44AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Building, zoning and preservation
11:35:45AM committee chairman, Ms. Lisa Montelione.

11:35:48AM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
11:35:49AM Before I move the items I'd like to point out all of the
11:35:52AM federal pass-through money that we talked about during the
11:35:55AM budget hearing for homeless services are part of these
11:36:00AM items.
11:36:00AM So, just to make note that they're being funded and I move
11:36:05AM items 17 through 44.
11:36:07AM >> Seconds.
11:36:07AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Ms. Montelione, second by Mr.
11:36:08AM Cohen.
11:36:09AM Further discussion by Councilmembers?
11:36:11AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:36:12AM Opposed nay.
11:36:14AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:36:14AM Okay.
11:36:15AM We need to open public hearing number 45.
11:36:18AM Need a motion.
11:36:19AM >> So moved.
11:36:19AM >> Motion by Mr. Suarez.
11:36:20AM Seconds by Mr. Cohen, on a 45.
11:36:22AM All in favor of the motion to open this hearing, please
11:36:27AM indicate by saying aye.
11:36:28AM Item number 45 is an ordinance presented for second reading.
11:36:31AM Yes, ma'am?
11:36:36AM Substitute motion.

11:36:37AM >> Good morning, Council, Taylor, city attorney's office.
11:36:41AM Wanted to alert to you the fact I did submit a substitute
11:36:44AM ordinance to you.
11:36:45AM As I mentioned on first reading, I neglected to make the
11:36:47AM change from West Pines Park to Vila Brothers Park.
11:36:52AM That name change was approved by City Council in 2005.
11:36:55AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's the park other side of the armory.
11:36:57AM Substitute motion for presented for second reading.
11:37:01AM Mr. Suarez, would you kindly read number 45?
11:37:03AM Anyone in the public care to speak on item 45?
11:37:08AM Need to close the hearing motion by Mr. Reddick -- I mean --
11:37:13AM today I'm going so fast, my tongue gets tied.
11:37:16AM Mr. Cohen, seconded by Mr. Suarez.
11:37:19AM All in favor it motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:37:23AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:37:23AM Mr. Suarez, would you kindly read number 45?
11:37:26AM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I just want to make sure I have the right
11:37:28AM substitute motion in our packet.
11:37:31AM I present an ordinance being presented for second reading
11:37:35AM and adoption, an ores of the City of Tampa, Florida amending
11:37:39AM City of Tampa code of ordinances, chapter 16, Article VI,
11:37:42AM section 16-91, list of dedicated parks, reincorporating
11:37:48AM dedicated parks list into the city code, providing for
11:37:51AM repeal of all ordinances in conflict; providing for
11:37:53AM severability; providing an effective date.

11:37:56AM >> Second.
11:37:56AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Suarez, second by
11:37:57AM Mr. Reddick on a close vote Mr. Cohen.
11:38:00AM All in favor of the motion -- this is roll call vote.
11:38:02AM Vote and record.
11:38:10AM >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.
11:38:16AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
11:38:16AM We go now to -- need to open public hearing 61 through 67.
11:38:23AM >> So moved.
11:38:23AM >> Second.
11:38:24AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Suarez.
11:38:25AM Seconds bring Cohen to open these hearings.
11:38:27AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:38:28AM Opposed nay.
11:38:30AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:38:30AM Item 61.
11:38:32AM Yes, ma'am?
11:38:39AM >> Gloria mere rate take, land development, the petition V
11:38:45AM 13-S is for property located at 7507 North Armenia Avenue.
11:38:50AM The property is zoned commercial general.
11:38:53AM They are currently an approved use for a restaurant.
11:38:57AM They have a special restaurant license for beer, wine on
11:39:02AM premise consumption only.
11:39:03AM They're proposing to establish a bar lounge use for beer,
11:39:08AM wine liquor.

11:39:09AM The size of the alcoholic beverage sales area is 4,759
11:39:15AM square feet.
11:39:16AM Inside only.
11:39:17AM Current and proposed occupancy is 139 persons.
11:39:25AM 21 on-site parking spaces.
11:39:28AM Currently the restaurant is an existing use on the property
11:39:33AM and since they are not increasing the occupancy level, it is
11:39:36AM not deemed to be a change of use.
11:39:38AM The hours of operation proposed are Sunday, 11:00 a.m. to
11:39:44AM 3:00 a.m.
11:39:45AM And Monday through Saturday, 7:00 a.m. through 3:00 a.m.
11:39:49AM They are asking for waivers for distant preparation from
11:39:55AM other AB sales establishments from a thousand feet to
11:39:59AM 322 feet.
11:40:01AM Residential use from a thousand to 36 feet.
11:40:04AM And institutional from a thousand to 235 feet.
11:40:10AM I have.
11:40:15AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me just stop you here because I don't
11:40:18AM want to go any further.
11:40:19AM These are quasi-judicial hearings.
11:40:23AM Before we go any further, I need to swear anyone in who is
11:40:28AM going to speak.
11:40:31AM [Oath administered by Clerk]
11:40:37AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay, I'm sorry, go on.
11:40:39AM >> The property is located on Armenia and at the corner of

11:40:43AM broad street and Armenia.
11:40:45AM There is residential -- I have on the Elmo the residential
11:40:50AM property is directly to the west and across the street.
11:40:54AM I have some photographs of the existing restaurant, which is
11:41:01AM really not changing.
11:41:02AM This is the photograph of the residential property across
11:41:10AM the street.
11:41:11AM The residential property directly to the rear.
11:41:19AM And another one of the property across Broad Street.
11:41:22AM In terms of revisions to the site plan, if Council is
11:41:31AM inclined to approve this, the one main revision I just want
11:41:36AM to touch base on, given the revision sheet to the applicant,
11:41:42AM is they currently have existing on their property parking
11:41:47AM that maneuvers into Armenia Avenue.
11:41:50AM And our last permanent records show that those spaces were
11:41:54AM 90° and not affecting the right-of-way of Armenia.
11:41:58AM We're asking that they redesign or re-lay out the parking
11:42:02AM the way it was last permitted.
11:42:04AM And then the rest is clean up notes on the site plan.
11:42:08AM If Council has any questions.
11:42:11AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by Councilmembers?
11:42:13AM Petitioner?
11:42:22AM >> Good morning.
11:42:23AM Thank you for having us today.
11:42:31AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let's go.

11:42:32AM Don't be nervous.
11:42:35AM I really get nervous.
11:42:36AM >> He's nervous because this is not his first language.
11:42:40AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Neither is mine.
11:42:43AM [Speaking Spanish]
11:42:47AM >> Restaurant is a family-owned business.
11:42:49AM They originally immigrated here from Honduras.
11:42:51AM And the rest of the family is immigrating here and making
11:42:56AM investments in the region.
11:42:57AM And they bought this property on Armenia Avenue with the
11:43:02AM intent of being a restaurant because that's the business the
11:43:04AM family is in in Latin America, restaurants, hotels and
11:43:08AM nightclubs.
11:43:08AM They've already invested almost a million dollars in
11:43:11AM renovations of that property, feeling the area is going to
11:43:14AM grow and develop.
11:43:15AM And they had advice from various individuals that told them
11:43:19AM with the restaurants that beer and wine license will be all
11:43:22AM they would really need.
11:43:24AM Since then, they've had many customers coming in requesting
11:43:28AM liquor.
11:43:29AM And this has affected some of their customer base and
11:43:32AM patrons and they've asked how soon they can establish a
11:43:36AM liquor license.
11:43:37AM Based on that and the area, they feel that if they have a

11:43:41AM liquor license, it will improve not only the restaurant's
11:43:48AM business, but by the, they've established with the higher
11:43:54AM end to the region of improvements and setting standards,
11:43:56AM that this would also be an improvement and enhancement to
11:44:00AM the communities.
11:44:01AM And so therefore, they're just asking for the waive of
11:44:05AM things that were just spoken about.
11:44:08AM And they will make the slight changes if the City Council
11:44:11AM will agree to moving forward on this.
11:44:15AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any comments by Councilmembers?
11:44:17AM Ms. Capin?
11:44:20AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: I see that the hours are to code.
11:44:25AM Is that correct?
11:44:28AM >> Yes.
11:44:30AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: 11 to 3:00 and then on Sunday and 7:00 to
11:44:33AM 3:00.
11:44:33AM Okay.
11:44:33AM I just wanted to clarify that.
11:44:39AM That that's what he's asking for.
11:44:41AM >> Yes.
11:44:42AM Because will be also operating as a restaurant.
11:44:44AM So they serve breakfast and lunch and dinner.
11:44:50AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: So it is just to code.
11:44:52AM Thank you.
11:44:55AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.

11:44:55AM Anyone else -- I know where it's at.
11:44:58AM You have a brownish orange looking building.
11:45:00AM [speaking is Spanish] and you've got a nice landscaping to
11:45:04AM your south of the building.
11:45:06AM And then you got big tall windows and under you got fries,
11:45:09AM hamburgers, steak as, right?
11:45:11AM I photograph everything when I drive.
11:45:14AM >> Yes.
11:45:15AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And you're going to open 3:00 in the
11:45:17AM morning and you're going to serve French fries at 3:00 in
11:45:20AM the morning?
11:45:21AM >> Just regular food.
11:45:22AM Whatever the customer requests.
11:45:29AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other Councilmember?
11:45:31AM Anyone in the audience care to speak on this item?
11:45:34AM Item number 61?
11:45:36AM Please come forward.
11:45:41AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to close bring Reddick, second by
11:45:43AM Mr. Cohen.
11:45:45AM All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.
11:45:47AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:45:47AM Ms. Capin, would you kindly take this item number 61 this
11:45:51AM present it for first reading.
11:45:53AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: An ordinance being presented for first
11:45:55AM reading consideration, an ordinance approving -- start over.

11:46:00AM An ordinance being presented for first reading
11:46:03AM consideration.
11:46:03AM An ordinance approving a special use permit S-2 for
11:46:07AM alcoholic beverage sales, bar, lounge, on premises
11:46:10AM consumption only, making lawful the sale of beverages
11:46:14AM regardless of alcoholic content, the beer, wine and liquor,
11:46:17AM on that certain lot, plot or tract of land located at 7507
11:46:22AM North Armenia Avenue, Tampa, Florida, as more particularly
11:46:25AM described in section the, that all ordinances or parts of
11:46:30AM ordinances in conflict are repealed; providing an effective
11:46:32AM date.
11:46:33AM >> Second.
11:46:34AM >> I have a motion by Mrs. Capin, I have a second by
11:46:36AM Mr. Suarez.
11:46:37AM Further discussion by Councilmembers?
11:46:39AM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
11:46:40AM Opposed nay.
11:46:42AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:46:42AM Thank you all very much.
11:46:45AM >> The second reading of the ordinance will be held October
11:46:47AM the 17th at 9:30 a.m.
11:46:49AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
11:46:50AM Item number 62 cannot be heard.
11:46:53AM Has to be, I need a motion to rescheduled for October the
11:47:00AM 17th.

11:47:00AM I have a motion by Ms. Montelione, second by Ms. Mulhern.
11:47:06AM Anyone care to speak on the extension of this ordinance, of
11:47:10AM this hearing?
11:47:11AM I see no one.
11:47:12AM All in favor of the motion to be held October 17th at 10:30
11:47:16AM in the morning, please indicate by saying aye.
11:47:17AM Opposed nay.
11:47:20AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:47:20AM We go to item number 63.
11:47:23AM It's already open.
11:47:25AM This also cannot be heard and it's also want to be heard on
11:47:30AM October 17th, 2013 at 10:30.
11:47:32AM Anyone in the audience care to speak on the extension of
11:47:35AM this hearing?
11:47:36AM I see no one.
11:47:38AM I need a motion to extend.
11:47:39AM I have a motion by Mr. Cohen, seconds by Ms. Mulhern for
11:47:43AM October 17th at 10:30 in the morning, 2013, on item number
11:47:48AM 63.
11:47:48AM August in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying
11:47:49AM aye.
11:47:50AM Opposed nay.
11:47:51AM The ayes have it unanimously.
11:47:51AM Item number 64.
11:47:55AM >> The petition V 13-99, the property is located at 2601

11:48:03AM east second avenue.
11:48:04AM And it is the heavy industrial zoning district.
11:48:07AM The petitioners are proposing to have a large venue beer,
11:48:12AM wine, liquor on premise consumption and package sales off
11:48:16AM premise consumption.
11:48:17AM The proposed use is for a microbrewery at this location.
11:48:21AM They show on their site plan, actually from the time the
11:48:28AM staff report was done to current, I've been talking to the
11:48:33AM applicant and they've revised their, the area for the
11:48:38AM alcoholic beverage sales.
11:48:40AM My calculations are that it will be 35,472 square feet
11:48:48AM inside area.
11:48:50AM 31,219 outside area.
11:48:53AM For a total of 66,691 square feet total area.
11:49:00AM This will be revised before second reading, if Council is
11:49:06AM inclined to approve it, the legal description will have to
11:49:09AM be modified.
11:49:10AM There are 34 -- actually the site plan that you see before
11:49:15AM you has 35 on-site parking spaces.
11:49:18AM They've indicated to me that they are going to only have 34.
11:49:23AM They are asking for a number of waivers, including the
11:49:29AM reduced minimum distance separation from residential from a
11:49:33AM thousand feet to 421 feet.
11:49:37AM To allow for the sale of alcoholic beverages in the parking
11:49:40AM and loading area.

11:49:41AM They're wanting the entire site approved for alcoholic
11:49:45AM beverage sales.
11:49:46AM They are also asking for a reduction of off-street parking
11:49:52AM spaces from 93 spaces to the 34.
11:49:55AM Their occupant level, according to the site plan is going to
11:50:01AM be 345 individuals being able to attend the on-site tasting
11:50:08AM functions.
11:50:09AM The waiver is also including to allow for traffic on local
11:50:16AM streets, which is north 26th street as well as second
11:50:19AM avenue.
11:50:20AM The area is primarily industrial.
11:50:24AM I have -- it's basically fronting Adamo and 26th.
11:50:31AM This area here where you see the dirt road is really first
11:50:36AM avenue.
11:50:37AM And their site plan, I think if you've seen it, shows that
11:50:41AM area being improved for parking.
11:50:43AM That would be with an agreement with the City of Tampa and
11:50:48AM they're indicating they're going to approve it for green
11:50:50AM space.
11:50:51AM However, none of that parking can be counted as required
11:50:54AM parking since it's off site, as well as any of the
11:50:58AM references on their site plan related to the on-street
11:51:01AM parking.
11:51:01AM I think on 26th.
11:51:03AM The photograph of the existing building.

11:51:07AM I think if you've been by the building, you're probably
11:51:12AM noticing that they're already beginning some demolition of
11:51:17AM the property.
11:51:18AM They're actually reducing the size of the building to
11:51:21AM include some additional parking area.
11:51:23AM These are photographs of the area.
11:51:30AM Second avenue and going, looking east.
11:51:35AM And this is looking west.
11:51:37AM The area is very industrial in nature.
11:51:41AM I don't think I have anything else.
11:51:48AM They have a income of revisions to the site plan to correct
11:51:52AM and clarify what they're doing with the building area.
11:51:56AM I've given the information to the applicant and I think they
11:51:59AM will -- indicate that they will be able to do that.
11:52:03AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Miss Mulhern?
11:52:06AM >>MARY MULHERN: Miss Moreda, I had a question.
11:52:08AM So this is going to be microbrewery, so it's somewhat of a
11:52:16AM brewery, not just a venue?
11:52:19AM >> They plan to have the brewery here, as well as do a
11:52:26AM tasting room as well as tour of the brewery itself.
11:52:30AM >>MARY MULHERN: But is that -- if this were to be approved,
11:52:35AM would it be limited to there being actual brewery on
11:52:40AM premises?
11:52:40AM Or could the whole thing be a venue?
11:52:43AM >> Well, it's a large venue and they're asking for the

11:52:46AM approval for the entire property as well as the entire
11:52:49AM building to be able to sell alcoholic beverages.
11:52:52AM The site plan though is for a microbrewery.
11:52:57AM And that is what is going to be controlling the use of this
11:53:00AM property.
11:53:01AM >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
11:53:01AM So the site plan will control that it has to be -- there has
11:53:06AM to be a brewery associated with it?
11:53:09AM How much of the space on the site plan is for the brewery as
11:53:14AM opposed to the bar?
11:53:18AM >> Well, the site plan is just generally shows the entire
11:53:22AM area.
11:53:23AM It does not include the floor plan.
11:53:27AM I can let the applicant explain more, but there are a
11:53:31AM number -- there's a detailed description in our packet that
11:53:36AM could be made part of the site plan as well, if Council
11:53:40AM would like.
11:53:41AM That outlines the capacity and layout of the facility.
11:53:45AM But I think they are probably better able to explain it.
11:53:49AM >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.
11:53:50AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other Councilmembers at this time?
11:53:52AM Police department?
11:53:54AM >> Good afternoon, Council.
11:53:55AM Officer Don Miller, City of Tampa Police Department.
11:53:57AM We have no objection.

11:53:58AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
11:53:59AM Petitioner?
11:54:02AM >> Good morning, Mr. Chairman, members of Council.
11:54:04AM My name is John Grandoff, my address is suite 3700 Bank of
11:54:09AM America Plaza.
11:54:10AM This morning I'm pleased to represent Bailey family holdings
11:54:14AM and Kent Bailey is with me this morning.
11:54:16AM Kent, please raise your hand.
11:54:18AM And we're also joined by Joe Hafner, our architect.
11:54:22AM And Mr. Jack green, our surveyor.
11:54:25AM Mr. Steven Liverpool an associate in our firm assists on the
11:54:30AM project also.
11:54:31AM Steven, please raise your hand.
11:54:32AM Last but not least, my son Thomas is here watching because
11:54:36AM he can't wait for us to gets this over.
11:54:37AM [ Laughter ]
11:54:38AM >> This is the Coppertail Brewery, which Ken and his brother
11:54:42AM put together.
11:54:44AM We have brought this to you this morning for approval.
11:54:46AM First of all, let me explain this was formerly the Helman's
11:54:49AM mayonnaise warehouse.
11:54:50AM Hellman's mayonnaise warehouse.
11:54:53AM They have gutted the entire warehouse and re-gutting it for
11:54:57AM the brewery.
11:54:58AM There subpoena one member on the application.

11:55:01AM We're going to down grade to it a beer and wine only instead
11:55:03AM of full liquor.
11:55:04AM Just more efficient to operate that way.
11:55:08AM We have a federal license pending right now with the
11:55:11AM treasure department to brew on-site.
11:55:12AM This is part of the process we're involved in.
11:55:14AM We're also going to have a Greenway installed.
11:55:17AM This will be a standard, city standard for the Greenway
11:55:21AM along Adamo Drive.
11:55:23AM We have met with Thom Snelling, Gloria Moreda, Cathy Coyle,
11:55:26AM Cathy Beck to do that Greenway as part of the project.
11:55:30AM Let me explain where that will be located.
11:55:32AM The building proper will end about right here.
11:55:44AM This will be outside parking and then the Greenway will be
11:55:46AM here down to Adamo Drive.
11:55:48AM This is first avenue that was platted years ago as part of
11:55:53AM the Harrison terminal plat.
11:55:55AM First avenue was never improved.
11:55:57AM In fact, this, shows our sign post on the property.
11:56:02AM You can appreciate.
11:56:03AM This is a view from Adamo Drive, which is going to be
11:56:06AM improved into a very nice Greenway.
11:56:08AM Joe and jack have worked on the site plan and on the
11:56:12AM interior.
11:56:14AM It has taken several changes to do the tasting room, the

11:56:17AM brewery proper.
11:56:18AM Kent has brought consultants in.
11:56:20AM So there's been some motion inside the building, changing
11:56:23AM the square footage.
11:56:24AM As Miss Moreda has the total square footage correct.
11:56:29AM But some of those will be changed.
11:56:31AM We have 34 parking spaces on the site itself.
11:56:35AM Now, it's important to know, the building takes up almost
11:56:39AM the entire site.
11:56:40AM So we're short on parking per se.
11:56:43AM But, notice that this entire Greenway area is going to
11:56:47AM include more parking, plus parking on 26th and on second
11:56:51AM avenue.
11:56:51AM We can come back and perfect the site plan with these
11:56:58AM revisions and bring it back to you after Miss Moreda reviews
11:57:03AM it again to confirm we have made all the changes much we
11:57:06AM have no opposition I'm aware of.
11:57:09AM Kent met with Fran Constantino last night of the Ybor City
11:57:14AM association.
11:57:15AM She supports the project.
11:57:17AM She could not be here this morning, but she is certainly
11:57:18AM going to be here on second reading to speak and I'll venture
11:57:20AM to say she is in favor of it as well.
11:57:23AM Let me show you one quick picture what it will look like
11:57:26AM after the restoration of the building.

11:57:28AM That is the view from 26th avenue, looking into the
11:57:34AM entrance.
11:57:34AM That's all we have this morning.
11:57:36AM We appreciate your approval.
11:57:38AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Capin and Miss Mulhern.
11:57:42AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
11:57:43AM I appreciate the change on the permit to beer wine.
11:57:48AM And also, my husband and my first home was on third avenue
11:57:54AM and 23rd.
11:57:55AM He would've love to walk over there.
11:57:57AM Anyway, the other thing is, let me be clear on this.
11:58:05AM You're asking for the total area to be zoned, permitted, the
11:58:12AM full 63,000 square feet outside and inside?
11:58:15AM >> Correct.
11:58:16AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: And is that because of festivals?
11:58:19AM Tell me why you'd be doing the parking.
11:58:25AM >> To obtain as much as possible.
11:58:26AM [ Laughter ]
11:58:29AM >> It's just simpler to lay out the site, you know you have
11:58:33AM that much elbow room.
11:58:34AM If you have any particular concerns.
11:58:37AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Because I do understand other breweries that
11:58:39AM there are occasions where people come in and from all over
11:58:44AM the country for these special events that they have, maybe
11:58:53AM once or twice a year.

11:58:54AM I wanted to know if that was what was in mind.
11:58:57AM >> They have high hopes.
11:58:58AM This is going to be a landmark site.
11:59:00AM A real destination.
11:59:02AM And what's really -- this is outside.
11:59:06AM And this is mainly the delivery solid waste, employee
11:59:12AM parking, which is part of the project.
11:59:13AM But I'll assure you, the city right-of-way, which includes
11:59:17AM first avenue and the Greenway, to Adamo is not being wet
11:59:21AM zoned.
11:59:24AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: So that's not part of the 63,000?
11:59:27AM >> No.
11:59:27AM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.
11:59:28AM Thank you.
11:59:29AM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Miss Mulhern?
11:59:30AM >>MARY MULHERN: Mr. Grandoff, what Miss Moreda talked about
11:59:35AM some parking that you couldn't count on first avenue.
11:59:37AM Where is that?
11:59:38AM >> Well, let me show you.
11:59:40AM First of all, this is better because first avenue is
11:59:43AM somewhere in here.
11:59:44AM It was never improved.
11:59:46AM It's just a platted street.
11:59:48AM So we're going to take first avenue and make a Greenway
11:59:51AM here.

11:59:52AM And add parking -- excuse me.
11:59:55AM I'm sorry.
11:59:56AM I'm too far north.
11:59:58AM Here's the Greenway.
11:59:58AM And here's the parking we're going to add in what is platted
12:00:02PM as first avenue.
12:00:03PM But we can't count that because the code says you have to
12:00:07PM provide your parking on the zoning lot.
12:00:11PM And that's not part of the zoning lot.
12:00:13PM >>MARY MULHERN: But do you actually own that property?
12:00:15PM That's part of your property, right?
12:00:17PM >> No, we do not own it.
12:00:18PM >>MARY MULHERN: You own the Greenway property?
12:00:21PM >> No, city does.
12:00:22PM Everything below my pen is city to Adamo Drive.
12:00:27PM What we foresee doing, the enter into a license agreement
12:00:32PM with the city wishes will allow us to use that for parking
12:00:36PM and in return, it will be improved into a Greenway,
12:00:39PM pedestrian Greenway.
12:00:39PM And well improved and we'll be able to park on it.
12:00:43PM We just can't count it by code.
12:00:45PM >>MARY MULHERN: I'm confused because I'm looking at the site
12:00:47PM plan.
12:00:47PM The parking I see delineated, that's not -- that's tour
12:00:51PM actual parking the toward your total of?

12:00:56PM >> Right.
12:00:57PM We had some here.
12:00:58PM >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
12:00:59PM >> We demolished some of the building.
12:01:01PM >>MARY MULHERN: So that parking next to the north of the
12:01:03PM Greenway is not on the site plan?
12:01:07PM So, and it's the city that would have to agree to the
12:01:10PM parking?
12:01:12PM >> As a use, as part of that right-of-way.
12:01:17PM >>MARY MULHERN: So, does that have to be a separate zoning
12:01:21PM request for you?
12:01:24PM >> No probably would be a licensed agreement and hold
12:01:27PM harmless agreement, where we would improve that area and
12:01:29PM park on it.
12:01:30PM No different than parking on 26th or parking on second
12:01:33PM avenue.
12:01:33PM It's just never been improved.
12:01:36PM >>MARY MULHERN: So you couldn't make that part of this
12:01:38PM application?
12:01:39PM >> Way could've vacated it and put it as part of the
12:01:42PM application.
12:01:43PM But that was just, just too complicated.
12:01:46PM It's better just to leave it as is as public land.
12:01:49PM And the comprehensive plan views this corridor from
12:01:53PM 40th into Channelside as a gateway Greenway.

12:01:56PM So we figured, why don't we just set the standard and we'll
12:01:59PM build it.
12:02:00PM >>MARY MULHERN: How do we know you're going to do that?
12:02:03PM >> We'll have to enter -- well, we need that parking to make
12:02:09PM the project go.
12:02:10PM And we have had very productive meetings with your staff and
12:02:15PM we feel confident that will happen.
12:02:21PM >>MARY MULHERN: Thanks.
12:02:22PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other comments by Councilmembers?
12:02:24PM Ms. Montelione?
12:02:25PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
12:02:26PM Mr. Grandoff, a couple of things in the general requirements
12:02:32PM of code staff findings in the staff report.
12:02:36PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm going to need 15 minutes I have a
12:02:38PM motion for 15 minutes by Ms. Montelione, second by
12:02:41PM Mr. Cohen.
12:02:42PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
12:02:44PM The ayes have it unanimously.
12:02:45PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: In the second bullet point, it says sales
12:02:48PM area shall not be in parking lot.
12:02:50PM >> On page one?
12:02:51PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Page two, sir.
12:02:52PM General requirements of code staff findings and the second
12:02:58PM bullet point.
12:02:59PM Land Development Coordination.

12:03:02PM Sales area should not be in parking lot loading area or
12:03:07PM space.
12:03:07PM And asking I guess for the revision, site plans should be
12:03:13PM indoor AB sales area.
12:03:17PM To Miss Capin's point about the festivals.
12:03:19PM I hope you do have festivals.
12:03:21PM I'm sure October is going to be a big month.
12:03:23PM I'm wondering why you wouldn't permit the sales area outside
12:03:30PM or would you seek a temporary vendor permit?
12:03:34PM >> Probably temporary vendor permit.
12:03:36PM If that event occurred.
12:03:39PM Typically everything will be within and within the brewery
12:03:42PM proper.
12:03:43PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.
12:03:43PM And this similar thing, the second floor space is not
12:03:46PM accounted for in the AB sales area.
12:03:49PM And I'm wondering why that might be.
12:03:53PM Why the second floor would be left out.
12:03:55PM >>JOHN GRANDOFF: That's a revision we have to make.
12:03:57PM There's going to be a mezzanine within the existing
12:04:00PM structure.
12:04:00PM And that mezzanine has to be calculated and put into the
12:04:04PM site plan and it is.
12:04:08PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: So eventually the second floor would be
12:04:10PM included?

12:04:11PM >>JOHN GRANDOFF: Yes.
12:04:11PM We, that's one of the fixes.
12:04:13PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: The only other concern I have, you know,
12:04:15PM we can't require this, but it just seems obvious that the
12:04:22PM safety of those maybe using the Greenway interfacing with
12:04:28PM tractor-trailers, might not be the safest possibility.
12:04:33PM You know, I'm just wondering why take semi trailers across
12:04:41PM the Greenway and not go out second avenue?
12:04:48PM >>JOHN GRANDOFF: Do you see in the bottom here?
12:04:50PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes.
12:04:51PM >>JOHN GRANDOFF: This will be -- trucks will be leaving the
12:04:54PM property and they'll coming out to Adamo Drive here.
12:04:57PM We have a driveway permit, we're processing with FDOT.
12:05:02PM So they'll be leaving this way.
12:05:03PM This will be back and forth traffic for automobiles that are
12:05:07PM parking.
12:05:12PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: It just seems -- have to go through the
12:05:15PM Greenway.
12:05:16PM >>JOHN GRANDOFF: No, they don't.
12:05:17PM They're going to go all the way to Adamo Drive right here.
12:05:20PM The Greenway is going to be here.
12:05:21PM That's an abandoned CSX -- that's a pathway.
12:05:28PM That's a walkway.
12:05:31PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yeah.
12:05:32PM I see that.

12:05:35PM But the color, the color literally the color green, extends
12:05:39PM on both sides of that driveway.
12:05:42PM >>JOHN GRANDOFF: Yes.
12:05:43PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I am talking about.
12:05:46PM >>JOHN GRANDOFF: You're talking about this area right here?
12:05:48PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: And the semis coming through -- I'm
12:05:52PM assuming people are going to be walking or biking, you know,
12:05:55PM what not across there.
12:05:56PM Right on the Greenway.
12:06:01PM So they're going to be going east and west on the Greenway.
12:06:06PM And the semis are going to be north and south.
12:06:09PM At some point, they intersect.
12:06:11PM >> Right here.
12:06:13PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm hoping they don't intersect with a
12:06:15PM pedestrian.
12:06:16PM Or bicyclists.
12:06:18PM Because we are number one in the country for bicycle,
12:06:23PM pedestrian fatalities.
12:06:26PM >>JOHN GRANDOFF: With that knowledge, I foresee us probably
12:06:27PM as part of the negotiations of this agreement will erect a
12:06:31PM sign here or maybe here on both signs, alerting pedestrians
12:06:34PM to be aware of trucks exiting.
12:06:37PM This is not going -- this is not going to being frequents
12:06:39PM truck traffic coming here.
12:06:41PM It's fairly infrequent.

12:06:43PM But I think --
12:06:45PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: If they're going to be a successful
12:06:47PM brewery.
12:06:47PM They want to have a lot of trucks.
12:06:52PM >>JOHN GRANDOFF: It's not going to be a thoroughfare.
12:06:54PM I think they will be exiting fairly slowly and we'll provide
12:07:02PM plenty of warning.
12:07:03PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Whatever safety measures can be
12:07:04PM instituted will be very welcome.
12:07:08PM I mean, maybe even a gate or something like that that would
12:07:13PM slow the trucks coming out and cause them to pause before
12:07:19PM just pulling out of that.
12:07:22PM >>JOHN GRANDOFF: That agreement will come before you for
12:07:24PM approval at a later date and we'll assure that is included
12:07:27PM in the agreement.
12:07:28PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you very much.
12:07:29PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez?
12:07:31PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Quick question, Mr. Grandoff.
12:07:32PM What is -- I did not see it on the site plan.
12:07:36PM I apologize if I missed it.
12:07:38PM But I didn't see it.
12:07:39PM What is the square footage within the building that's going
12:07:42PM to be used primarily for tasting room activities?
12:07:47PM I didn't see a square footage amount, other than the entire
12:07:51PM venue.

12:07:55PM >>JOHN GRANDOFF: One second.
12:07:56PM Let me check with Joe real quick.
12:08:38PM >> Approximately 34,000 square feet.
12:08:41PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Is for the public area in which the venue, so
12:08:45PM it's half -- approximately half of what the total square
12:08:48PM footage is.
12:08:49PM >> Yes.
12:08:50PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: All right.
12:08:50PM I was just wondering about that because I was looking at the
12:08:53PM parking requirements that are on here.
12:08:55PM Obviously, it goes to the entire building and I was just
12:08:58PM wondering if there was a way to look at it in a different
12:09:01PM way, as to the size.
12:09:03PM It probably, you know, those 86, I think 86 spaces that are
12:09:07PM required are probably connected directly to those 35,000
12:09:11PM square feet or close to it.
12:09:13PM >> Correct.
12:09:13PM We believe there's going to be ample parking when you
12:09:17PM include the Greenway.
12:09:19PM Ms. Montelione, Mr. Liverpool pointed tout me that the
12:09:23PM trucks exiting will be once a week through that exit, to
12:09:26PM Adamo Drive.
12:09:27PM Taking the spent grains that are going to be extracted from
12:09:31PM the process and then taken away.
12:09:33PM So got about once a week coming through this area.

12:09:38PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Capin?
12:09:41PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I wasn't really finished.
12:09:43PM We could go back over here.
12:09:47PM >> I'm sorry.
12:09:48PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I didn't have that many tougher questions, I
12:09:51PM didn't think, Mr. Grandoff.
12:09:52PM One of the things, I know when you're talking about a
12:09:58PM microbrewery, and this is a little bigger microbrewery than
12:10:03PM we normally see in the City of Tampa.
12:10:06PM I know you're probably going to have some of the things
12:10:08PM Ms. Montelione talked about, special events, some other
12:10:10PM things you're going to have.
12:10:12PM Know if you're going to have it somewhere, Ybor City and
12:10:14PM especially on this industrial site is probably the best
12:10:16PM place to have it, primarily because of the size of the venue
12:10:19PM and the location, the number of waivers you need haven't as
12:10:23PM many as you would need in some other parts of the city.
12:10:26PM Is there a business plan to say, you know, what those
12:10:30PM special events are?
12:10:32PM Or how much they're looking at in terms of producing, in
12:10:35PM terms of the brewery itself?
12:10:39PM >>JOHN GRANDOFF: I could bring Kents up.
12:10:41PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Sure.
12:10:42PM Absolutely.
12:10:45PM >>JOHN GRANDOFF: This is Kent Bailey, with Bailey family

12:10:48PM holdings.
12:10:48PM And he's the mastermind of Coppertail.
12:10:53PM >> You know, what was your question now?
12:10:56PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: The question was, what is your expected
12:10:59PM amount of production that you're looking at at this
12:11:02PM particular location?
12:11:03PM >> Well, it's going to take -- going to depend a lot on
12:11:07PM market conscience and time.
12:11:07PM The first year we are budgeting to do about 2,000, 200 what
12:11:13PM barrels of beer in a year, a barrel is about 30-gallons.
12:11:16PM So, it's hard to quantify that into case units or kegs.
12:11:20PM The math boggles my brain.
12:11:23PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I don't drink in gallons either.
12:11:26PM As much as I like beer.
12:11:27PM I was just curious because I'm sure part of your business
12:11:31PM plan, you're going to have a fairly large brewery operation.
12:11:35PM A little bit bigger than some other microbreweries we have
12:11:39PM seen open up in the city.
12:11:40PM But usual target is primarily on-site sale and marketing of
12:11:47PM the product, correct?
12:11:48PM And eventually move it up to where you are producing it and
12:11:52PM sending it off to other distribution points, like grocery
12:11:56PM stores and bars and so on, correct?
12:11:59PM >> Well, we're doing things a little differently.
12:12:00PM We are opening a little bigger.

12:12:02PM We have been talking to some local distributors.
12:12:06PM We feel hopeful, somewhat confident that we're going to be
12:12:09PM able to get product on grocery store shelves and in local
12:12:12PM bars within our first year at some point.
12:12:14PM So, but we do need to start local, get the community in
12:12:17PM there to the tasting room, sample the beer.
12:12:20PM Generate some excitement.
12:12:21PM And to your point earlier about the size of the tasting
12:12:24PM area, I believe the tasting room itself is going to be
12:12:30PM designed -- last time I looked, it was around, if you took
12:12:33PM in the mezzanine area on top, I believe it was 5,000 square
12:12:38PM feet, maybe under that.
12:12:39PM I'm not sure if that was the point.
12:12:42PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I was.
12:12:42PM Mr. Grandoff gave you a much bigger public area.
12:12:47PM I was thinking that's a lot of people sitting there tasting.
12:12:51PM I didn't figure that you had it that large.
12:12:53PM But I don't like to correct attorneys on camera.
12:12:57PM Because you never know what's going to happen.
12:12:59PM Anyway, no, but I appreciate that.
12:13:01PM I wanted to get kind of the really what your business plan
12:13:05PM was and what you're looking at with that large a have been
12:13:09PM eye.
12:13:09PM Thank you.
12:13:10PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I got Ms. Capin and Miss Mulhern.

12:13:13PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.
12:13:14PM You answered my question because when it came up the size of
12:13:16PM the tasting room, it was 35,000 square feet or 34.
12:13:20PM And I looked and said well, the whole inside is 37,800
12:13:24PM square feet.
12:13:26PM I said, where are you going to do the brewing if all they're
12:13:29PM doing is tasting.
12:13:30PM So that explained the 5,000.
12:13:32PM That was my question.
12:13:33PM That was it.
12:13:34PM Thank you.
12:13:35PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Miss Mulhern?
12:13:37PM >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to say, I would feel a lot
12:13:41PM more comfortable if, if this passes, if between first and
12:13:46PM second reading, we could have a site plan that showed that
12:13:49PM division of the property.
12:13:52PM And also if you could work on getting some kind of agreement
12:13:55PM with the city on the parking.
12:14:01PM >> I don't think we can have an agreement, by we can
12:14:05PM certainly have the framework to you with what we are
12:14:07PM proposing.
12:14:08PM We will do that.
12:14:11PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Montelione?
12:14:12PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: One last thing about the semis.
12:14:14PM You said they would be once a week hauling away the grain.

12:14:18PM But if there's going to be grocery store shelves as
12:14:21PM Mr. Bailey indicated and restaurants and things, wouldn't
12:14:24PM that require shipping?
12:14:26PM And trucks to take the product in and out?
12:14:30PM >> I think I've looked at the logistics of the trucks more
12:14:33PM than John maybe.
12:14:34PM If I could reference the diagram.
12:14:38PM So the grains that are going to be going out, spent grains,
12:14:43PM they're going to go out this way.
12:14:45PM Somehow that ended up being easiest when we talked to the
12:14:49PM farmers and the grain companies and what not.
12:14:51PM The trucks that would be picking up product would come in
12:14:56PM here.
12:14:56PM Then they would back into the loading dock here.
12:14:59PM And then they would come out this way.
12:15:01PM And I suppose at that point, they would go down second
12:15:05PM avenue probably and then come out this way.
12:15:07PM But to your point, there will be trucks going in and out and
12:15:13PM crossing over that Greenway.
12:15:14PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: It's an industrial area.
12:15:16PM That's fine.
12:15:16PM I was just wondering why only the once a week.
12:15:21PM Thank you.
12:15:24PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other Councilmember who has not
12:15:26PM spoken?

12:15:27PM Anyone in the public care to speak on this item, item number
12:15:31PM 64?
12:15:33PM >> Move to close.
12:15:35PM >> I have a motion to close by Mr. Cohen, seconded by
12:15:38PM Ms. Capin.
12:15:38PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
12:15:40PM Opposed nay.
12:15:42PM The ayes have it unanimously.
12:15:42PM Who wants to read this ordinance?
12:15:50PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I present and ordinance for first readings
12:15:52PM consideration, an ordinance approving a special use
12:15:54PM experiment S-2 for alcoholic beverage sales, large venue, on
12:15:58PM preemptions consumption and package sales, off premises
12:16:00PM consumption and making lawful the sale of beverages
12:16:03PM regardless of alcoholic content - beer, wine and liquor - on
12:16:04PM that certain lot, plot or tract of land located at 2601 east
12:16:08PM second avenue, Tampa, Florida, the as more particularly
12:16:12PM described in section -- I'll change in it a second.
12:16:15PM Thank you.
12:16:16PM I knew that's what you all were talking about.
12:16:19PM As more particularly described in section two that all
12:16:21PM ordinances or parts of ordinances are in conflict are
12:16:24PM repealed, providing an effective date.
12:16:25PM And including the language as part of the revision sheet V
12:16:29PM 13-99.

12:16:31PM As put forth by staff.
12:16:33PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Suarez, second by
12:16:35PM Mr. Cohen.
12:16:36PM Further discussion by Councilmembers?
12:16:39PM Ms. Capin?
12:16:41PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: It's beer, wine and liquor?
12:16:43PM Isn't it beer, wine?
12:16:45PM >> Only beer and wine.
12:16:46PM We're eliminating the liquor request.
12:16:52PM >>MARTIN SHELBY: That should be part of the motion to strike
12:16:53PM liquor first and second reading.
12:16:56PM >>JOHN GRANDOFF: I believe, was.
12:16:58PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Was that part of the revision sheet?
12:17:05PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Should I re-read it?
12:17:07PM I'll ask that that includes only beer and wine on that
12:17:10PM certain lot, plot or tract of land.
12:17:13PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Miss Mulhern?
12:17:14PM >>MARY MULHERN: Mr. Suarez, I'm sorry, you -- can you add
12:17:17PM that they, if you haven't already, delineate the areas of
12:17:22PM the brewery and the venue --
12:17:27PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I'll accept that friendly amendment to the
12:17:29PM motion.
12:17:30PM >>MARY MULHERN: Between first and second reading.
12:17:34PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Is the clerk clear on that?
12:17:37PM >>THE CLERK: Yes.

12:17:38PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Just for the record.
12:17:39PM Hellmann's had more trucks going in than Carter had pills
12:17:43PM and nobody got killed there.
12:17:44PM You had the tropical air brewery and silver bar where
12:17:46PM everybody was drunk, no one got hit by a train either.
12:17:50PM So I'm just bringing up a little history.
12:17:54PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other discussion?
12:17:55PM All right.
12:17:56PM I can't take a vote because I'm past 12:15.
12:18:01PM I need 15 minutes.
12:18:04PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
12:18:06PM The ayes have it unanimously.
12:18:07PM Okay.
12:18:08PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
12:18:10PM Opposed nay.
12:18:12PM The ayes have it unanimously.
12:18:12PM Okay.
12:18:17PM Now I got to 12:30.
12:18:18PM I have 14 minutes left.
12:18:20PM I need 65 and 66.
12:18:23PM >>THE CLERK: Second reading -- sorry.
12:18:27PM Second reading of that ordinance will be held October the
12:18:31PM 17th at 9:30 a.m.
12:18:34PM >> Thank you for your time.
12:18:36PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.

12:18:37PM Item 65.
12:18:38PM >> Mr. Chair, before we begin, I just want to say for the
12:18:41PM record that the petitioner came to see me, I'm not sure if
12:18:45PM it was before or after the application was filed to inquire
12:18:48PM about whether or not this could be sped along.
12:18:51PM I inquired of the city attorney's office.
12:18:53PM They told me no, it couldn't.
12:18:55PM It needed to go through it.
12:18:57PM And I communicated that back to the applicant.
12:18:59PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No problem.
12:19:00PM Thank you very much, sir.
12:19:03PM >> Gloria Moreda, land development, petition V 13-103.
12:19:09PM The property is located at 2821 South MacDill Avenue.
12:19:14PM And they are requesting for small venue beer, wine on
12:19:18PM premises consumption only.
12:19:21PM The square footage is 2,405 square feet inside area only.
12:19:26PM There is 20 on-site parking spaces.
12:19:30PM The proposed hours, Monday through Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to
12:19:34PM 11:00 p.m.
12:19:34PM And Sunday, 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
12:19:39PM They are asking for distance separation waivers for other
12:19:46PM establish issued AB sales areas, establishing directly
12:19:53PM adjacent to it in the same shopping center, Beef 'O'
12:19:57PM Brady's.
12:19:58PM That is going to be one thousand feet to zero feet.

12:20:01PM There is also residential property in the rear, so it would
12:20:04PM be a reduction of 1,000 feet to 78 feet.
12:20:08PM I have the map on the screen.
12:20:14PM Property is just north of Bay to Bay on MacDill.
12:20:17PM It's an existing shopping center, small units.
12:20:26PM The proposed establishment is painting with a art studios.
12:20:33PM They have been there for a while.
12:20:34PM And they are wanting to be able to do the alcoholic beverage
12:20:38PM sales on the property for consumption only.
12:20:42PM They do have parking in the rear, joint with the other
12:20:47PM parcel to the south.
12:20:50PM So there's really a total about 21 parking spaces available
12:20:53PM to them.
12:20:54PM This shows the location here, you can see where Beef 'O'
12:20:58PM Brady's is directly next door.
12:21:00PM The property though along the side street is residential.
12:21:07PM And they are asking for a distance separation waiver.
12:21:10PM There are a number of clarifications and corrections to
12:21:15PM their site plan that we will need before first and second
12:21:18PM reading if Council is inclined to approve this.
12:21:21PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
12:21:22PM Petitioner?
12:21:23PM Petitioner here?
12:21:27PM Police department, you want to make your recommendation?
12:21:33PM >> Officer Miller, City of Tampa police department.

12:21:35PM We have no objection.
12:21:36PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Petitioner?
12:21:41PM >> Thank you, Council persons.
12:21:45PM My name is Marvin Gay.
12:21:46PM And I'm the owner of painting with a twist franchise.
12:21:50PM It represents a concept called paint and sip that's
12:21:55PM spreading throughout the country.
12:21:59PM It has a mixture of friends, wines and lively art
12:22:04PM entertainment.
12:22:05PM We began, the franchise began in 2009 when we opened the
12:22:09PM first franchise in St. Petersburg.
12:22:11PM It originates out of New Orleans, where we moved from.
12:22:15PM Since that time, a year and a half later in 2011, we opened
12:22:20PM the franchise in Tampa on South MacDill.
12:22:24PM To date, there's over a hundred an franchises in the four
12:22:27PM years established around the country.
12:22:29PM Painting with a twist is the leading paint and sip franchise
12:22:34PM throughout the country.
12:22:35PM We are the arts, also the largest employee of artists in the
12:22:39PM country.
12:22:40PM As a single entity.
12:22:41PM And we have over 3,000 pieces of art that have been created
12:22:45PM in these four years since we originally opened.
12:22:47PM The owners were also both fundraisers in their first life
12:22:53PM and when they started this business, one of their concepts

12:22:56PM was involvement in the community.
12:22:58PM We have established a thing called painting with a purpose,
12:23:02PM which was created by them and each month, franchise conducts
12:23:06PM a fundraising event for a local charity.
12:23:09PM Here in South Tampa, we have partnered with such charities
12:23:14PM as Ronald McDonald house, leukemia lymphoma house, Haley
12:23:20PM house Tampa, southeastern guide dogs, big cat rescue, Vera
12:23:25PM Bradley and so forth.
12:23:27PM Including Ballast Point elementary and Mitchell.
12:23:30PM To date, since January 11th, we have donated over $19,000 in
12:23:34PM cash to various charities.
12:23:35PM And we have also donated several thousand dollars in
12:23:40PM donations of gift certificates.
12:23:43PM We serve over 5,000 customers since we opened.
12:23:47PM In two and a half years.
12:23:49PM That we have been in business.
12:23:51PM We have also hosted regularly a number of team building
12:23:54PM events.
12:23:55PM We have had over 35 of those for companies such as TECO,
12:23:59PM Raymond James, Home Depot and Tampa general.
12:24:02PM We also do birthday parties for children.
12:24:05PM At last count, I think we did 60 of those as well as summer
12:24:09PM camps for kids and family fun days.
12:24:11PM The point being, that we are an integral part of the South
12:24:14PM Tampa community.

12:24:16PM But our name is painting with a twist.
12:24:18PM The twist was a bottle of wine.
12:24:21PM The T is a corkscrew.
12:24:22PM When we opened in south, in South Tampa and operated for two
12:24:27PM and a half years, we talked to a number of people, all whom
12:24:32PM assured us what we were doing was fine as a BYOB type
12:24:36PM facility in May of this year, we were served with a notice
12:24:39PM from AB and T that we had to get a liquor license in order
12:24:43PM to continue to let people bring in their own bottle of wine.
12:24:46PM Since a bottle club, which was what they suggested, is not
12:24:51PM an option here in Tampa, we have applied for a beer and wine
12:24:55PM license.
12:24:55PM So, that is why we are before you today.
12:24:59PM Asking for your approval of beer and wine license, so that
12:25:05PM we can continue in business.
12:25:07PM Since may, without the ability to have our customers bring
12:25:12PM in a bottle of wine, our business has dropped 60%.
12:25:16PM So, it's important.
12:25:20PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez, and Miss Mulhern.
12:25:22PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.
12:25:23PM Mr. Gay, I got to tell you.
12:25:25PM I'm sure you get a lot of comments about usual name.
12:25:27PM I notice there's no E at the end, which is okay too.
12:25:30PM I might ask you to sing in a moment.
12:25:33PM >> You would regret it.

12:25:35PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Is the concept with the franchise concept, is
12:25:38PM it a BYOB concept primarily, or is it a service of liquor
12:25:43PM while you're there?
12:25:44PM >> No, sir, of the hundred franchises, I would say that 90
12:25:48PM of them are BYOB throughout the country.
12:25:52PM Our franchise in St. Pete is a BYOB.
12:25:54PM We have a bottle club license there.
12:25:56PM We only got it after we were notified in may it was
12:25:59PM necessary here in Florida to have one.
12:26:01PM But, we do have a bottle lightning there.
12:26:04PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: I think you explained the reason why you have
12:26:06PM to go through this is because we don't have a land use
12:26:09PM category that fits perfectly with what you're trying to do.
12:26:14PM >> You're absolutely correct.
12:26:16PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: You're still not going to be serving liquor.
12:26:19PM It is still a BYOB?
12:26:20PM >> Well, I have been advised by the AB and T personnel that
12:26:25PM even if we have a beer and wine license, we can act like a
12:26:28PM restaurant does and allow people to bring in their own wine
12:26:31PM if they would like.
12:26:32PM We have the option of charging a cork fee if we want.
12:26:36PM Assuming that's absolutely correct, then it is still our
12:26:41PM intention to let people bring in wine if they'd like.
12:26:45PM My intention is to have a case of red and case of white
12:26:49PM there in case they forget their own.

12:26:51PM We would have the ability to sell it.
12:26:52PM But it is not our desire to have our artists become
12:26:55PM bartenders.
12:26:56PM So we really would like to stay as close as we can to a BYOB
12:27:00PM concept.
12:27:00PM We have been operating two and a half years and I think the
12:27:03PM police department can verify that we have had absolutely no
12:27:06PM incidents.
12:27:07PM What we have had to do since may is giver all our customers
12:27:10PM a coupon to go next door to beef's and get a free glass of
12:27:14PM wine on us, just to mitigate the issue.
12:27:17PM It's not cheap, but kept us alive.
12:27:22PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Ms. Kert, can I ask you a quick question?
12:27:25PM I don't know if you were here for this anyway.
12:27:27PM But you are expert on that.
12:27:29PM Thank you motorcycles game.
12:27:30PM I appreciate it.
12:27:31PM You might want to stick around because they might have some
12:27:34PM questions for you also.
12:27:35PM Some of the things he just said about, you know, alcohol
12:27:40PM beverage telling him that there are certain things.
12:27:42PM How does that work within our land use in terms of what
12:27:44PM we're asking for here, versus you know, some other things we
12:27:48PM have done in the past?
12:27:50PM >>REBECCA KERT: I believe what I heard him say is that the

12:27:52PM state hold eliminate the way he was operating, he would be
12:27:54PM required to at a minimum have a bottle club license.
12:27:57PM In order to get a license on the state, you have to at some
12:28:01PM point come to the city and have the city sign off so you
12:28:04PM have the appropriate underlying land use.
12:28:06PM We have a bottle club definition.
12:28:08PM But we do not allow them anywhere in the city.
12:28:12PM As allowable use.
12:28:14PM So, that forced him in to this process.
12:28:17PM The alternative would be to amend our land development code,
12:28:20PM but as you know that would put him farther out than going
12:28:23PM through this process.
12:28:24PM So that was the choice.
12:28:27PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: It begs the question then.
12:28:28PM If we don't really have any bottle clubs within the city,
12:28:33PM you know, his business model is still to be essentially a
12:28:37PM bottle club.
12:28:38PM How does that offset each other?
12:28:42PM Or am I missing something?
12:28:44PM >>REBECCA KERT: If they have the ability to sell and consume
12:28:46PM to their beer and wine license that they're getting today,
12:28:49PM they'll be fine to continues operating in the manner.
12:28:52PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Because of corporate fees, however else they
12:28:54PM do it?
12:28:56PM >>REBECCA KERT: That's correct.

12:28:56PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.
12:28:58PM >> Miss Mulhern.
12:29:00PM >>MARY MULHERN: Miss Kert, I want to understand our code.
12:29:02PM I don't think this is the only place where people bring
12:29:05PM their own wine and have it uncorked.
12:29:09PM What have we done?
12:29:11PM Is this what we asked everyone to do, come and get a special
12:29:14PM use permit every time?
12:29:16PM >>REBECCA KERT: I'm not sure what has happened in the past.
12:29:18PM I know previously we had what -- we have always had a
12:29:21PM definition of bottle club, which is basically a place where
12:29:23PM you bring your own alcohol.
12:29:26PM It was determined at some point when we made a number of
12:29:29PM revisions to the code that bottle clubs were not necessarily
12:29:33PM an establishment that we necessarily wanted to continue.
12:29:35PM They originally I think came into vogue, it is my
12:29:39PM understanding, if I have my facts wrong, someone correct me.
12:29:43PM In the '70s and '80s, as a late night type establishment
12:29:44PM where people in the hospitality industry could go and the
12:29:48PM hours of operation were different.
12:29:49PM That was essentially the big difference.
12:29:51PM You could sell alcohol but you could bring it and they were
12:29:54PM not subject to the 3:00 a.m. closing or 2:00 a.m. closing or
12:29:59PM whatever we had.
12:30:02PM But that wasn't necessarily an establishment we wanted to

12:30:05PM continue.
12:30:05PM These places that don't have alcohol licenses and allowing
12:30:09PM people to bring them in for corkage fees, I'm not sure
12:30:12PM anyone made that connection that could fit into the typical
12:30:14PM definition of bottle club.
12:30:16PM I will tell you clearly the state from what I've been
12:30:19PM hearing, but at others, has made that connection.
12:30:22PM And so this may not be the only establishment that needs to
12:30:25PM come in and you may want to look at it least our revisions
12:30:29PM of the code, we may want to change our definition of bottle
12:30:32PM club to allow it during certain hours, so these day time
12:30:36PM operations, which may not be as problematic as the ones
12:30:39PM operating from 3:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m., is an allowable use.
12:30:43PM But at the current time, that's going to take longer for
12:30:45PM this gentleman getting him through this process.
12:30:48PM >>MARY MULHERN: Do we have a code provision that allows
12:30:50PM restaurants to do that?
12:30:52PM Because that's more what I see it as most big cities.
12:30:54PM When you have a small restaurant that can't afford to get,
12:30:59PM you know, the major liquor license and all that, they would
12:31:02PM allow you to bring your own.
12:31:06PM >>REBECCA KERT: No, we do not.
12:31:07PM >>MARY MULHERN: This is not involving this petition area,
12:31:09PM but I think we need to go back and look at that, look at our
12:31:12PM code.

12:31:13PM And I had a question for Mr. Gay.
12:31:14PM I wondered how the quality of the artwork has been since
12:31:17PM people quit drinking.
12:31:19PM Is it better or worse?
12:31:20PM >> It's worse.
12:31:21PM [ Laughter ]
12:31:23PM >> Thank you.
12:31:24PM I do not want to deviate at all from our application.
12:31:28PM But I would wholly endorse your consideration of this paint
12:31:31PM and sip concept is around to stay for a while.
12:31:37PM If we have gone from zero to 100 in four years, we have
12:31:41PM competitions that has located.
12:31:43PM For example, in St. Pete, just like locating Burger King
12:31:46PM next to McDonald's.
12:31:47PM They chose to locate eight blocks from our location.
12:31:49PM In Tampa, they chose to locate in Brandon because they don't
12:31:53PM have to face this issue.
12:31:54PM So, you are losing business.
12:31:57PM I mean, we draw people, I didn't read that paragraph, but we
12:32:00PM draw people from Riverview, Blandon, all over the place.
12:32:04PM They drive as much as 40 miles to come to South Tampa when
12:32:07PM they're there, they go to Datz, beef's and other places,
12:32:11PM they say we have never been to this area before because they
12:32:14PM get off right at the Crosstown.
12:32:16PM So it's an economic thing that I think the city could

12:32:19PM benefit from if there's a way to address it.
12:32:22PM Like I say, I don't want to deviate from my application
12:32:25PM today.
12:32:26PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone else?
12:32:29PM Anyone else in the public care to speak on this item, item
12:32:34PM 65.
12:32:35PM Motion to close by Mr. Cohen, second bliss Capin.
12:32:38PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
12:32:40PM Opposed nay.
12:32:41PM The ayes have it unanimously.
12:32:41PM On wants to read this ordinance?
12:32:45PM Mr. Cohen?
12:32:46PM >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
12:32:47PM I move an ordinance being presented for first reading
12:32:49PM consideration, an ordinance approving a special use permit
12:32:52PM S-2, for alcoholic beverage sales, small venue, on premises
12:32:55PM consumption only, and making lawful the sale of beer and
12:32:58PM wine at or from that certain lot, plot or tract of land
12:33:01PM located at 2821 South MacDill Avenue, Tampa, Florida, as
12:33:05PM more particularly described from section 12; that all
12:33:08PM ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflicts are repealed;
12:33:12PM providing an effective date.
12:33:12PM >> Second.
12:33:14PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Have a motion by Mr. Cohen, second bit
12:33:15PM Mr. Suarez.

12:33:16PM Discussion by Councilmembers?
12:33:17PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
12:33:18PM Opposed nay.
12:33:20PM The ayes have it unanimously.
12:33:21PM >>THE CLERK: And the seconds reading of the ordinance will
12:33:23PM be held October the 17th at 9:30 a.m.
12:33:26PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have gone now past my time.
12:33:28PM I'm going to make it back to 2:00.
12:33:30PM I'll be leaving, got to leave at 4:45.
12:33:33PM We go now to -- motion by Mr. Cohen, second by Ms. Mulhern.
12:33:42PM All in favor.
12:33:43PM Please indicate by saying aye.
12:33:43PM The ayes have it unanimously.
12:33:44PM Item number 66.
12:33:47PM >>JULIA MANDELL: You have before you something that you have
12:33:50PM actually not seen before because this is the first time one
12:33:53PM of these has been filed.
12:33:55PM So what you have before you is a recommended order from a
12:33:59PM hearing officer regarding a nonconforming use decision of
12:34:03PM the zoning administrator.
12:34:05PM Code was changed several years ago as a result of some
12:34:08PM litigation that we were involved in to provide for this
12:34:11PM process for certain types of decisions of the zoning
12:34:14PM administrator.
12:34:15PM This is not a de novo hearing, as you are used to in these

12:34:22PM types of review hearings.
12:34:23PM You are to review the recommended order and make a decision
12:34:26PM as to whether or not you should uphold the recommended order
12:34:30PM or overturn the recommended order.
12:34:32PM Full de novo hearing was held in fronts of the hearing
12:34:35PM officer.
12:34:36PM And during that hearing, evidence and testimony was taken
12:34:41PM and the hearing officer made a final determination.
12:34:44PM I'm sorry, made a determination which is part of the
12:34:47PM recommended order to you.
12:34:48PM Just goes to briefly describe the facts of this situation,
12:34:53PM there was a request of a property owner for a determination
12:34:57PM by the zoning administrator regarding a duplex that they
12:35:00PM owned as to whether or not that duplex was a nonconforming
12:35:04PM use in an RS-50 zoning.
12:35:08PM That determination, after going forward process, by our
12:35:14PM administrator was it was at one point a nonconforming use,
12:35:18PM but it had lost its nonconforming use status.
12:35:21PM The reason that determination was made related to provisions
12:35:25PM on our code regarding intent to abandon.
12:35:28PM Meaning you lose your nonconforming use, as a general
12:35:33PM matter, you lose your nonconforming the use if you seize to
12:35:36PM operate for a certain period of time, I believe it's 180
12:35:40PM days, unless there's a clear intents to -- unless there's a
12:35:44PM clear intents to abandon.

12:35:45PM We have defined that in our code.
12:35:47PM The venue administrator did not have the benefit of certain
12:35:50PM evidence, which is why a formal hearing was held.
12:35:53PM And during the process of that formal hearing, the hearing
12:35:57PM officer was able to take in additional evidence and
12:36:01PM testimony and made an ultimate finding that the
12:36:05PM nonconforming use of this property as a duplex was not lost
12:36:08PM because there was no intent to abandon.
12:36:10PM I don't want to get too much into the details because really
12:36:14PM the intent is for you to have reviewed this hearing
12:36:17PM officer's determination and find if you see any flaws in the
12:36:21PM evidence.
12:36:22PM The other part of this hearing does require anybody who
12:36:25PM would like to have argument on the record on this hearing to
12:36:29PM have made that request to you.
12:36:31PM Nobody has made a request to have this hearing officer's
12:36:36PM determination, have any additional argument on it.
12:36:40PM So really, there is nobody who's going to speak on this.
12:36:43PM The recommended order is in front of you.
12:36:46PM I explained to you that the zoning administrator did make a
12:36:49PM decision to turn down the nonconforming use based upon the
12:36:53PM intent to abandon, but additional evidence was received
12:36:57PM during the hearing officer's determination and I believe he
12:37:01PM did indicate that within his report, which showed that in
12:37:05PM fact there was no intents to abandon.

12:37:07PM And that it was his opinion and his recommendation to you
12:37:13PM that given that testimony and evidence, that the
12:37:16PM nonconforming use should remain intact.
12:37:19PM I'm available for any questions.
12:37:21PM But I know you're on a shorts timeframe so I wanted to
12:37:25PM shorten ply original presentation.
12:37:27PM Thank you.
12:37:27PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So we're here now to either consent with
12:37:32PM the hearing officers, that there was no intent to abandon?
12:37:37PM That's what we have.
12:37:38PM All right.
12:37:40PM Councilmember Capin?
12:37:44PM >>YVONNE CAPIN: Should I move to agree to consent?
12:37:50PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Accept the recommended orders of the
12:37:52PM hearing officer.
12:37:53PM I have a second by Miss Mulhern, motion by Ms. Capin, second
12:37:56PM by Miss Mulhern on item 66.
12:37:59PM All in favor of the motion, please indicate by saying aye.
12:38:01PM Opposed nay.
12:38:02PM The ayes have it unanimously motion to uphold the hearing
12:38:06PM officer's review and agree with the hearing officer is
12:38:09PM unanimous.
12:38:09PM Thank you very much.
12:38:10PM Item 67 cannot be heard and looks like they wants it
12:38:17PM rescheduled.

12:38:18PM >> Mr. Miranda, just for the record, I spoke with the
12:38:21PM applicant this week, because I could not understand why,
12:38:25PM like the last four scheduling this has continued to be
12:38:29PM misnoticed.
12:38:30PM They indicated to me they would prefer it to be considered
12:38:32PM withdrawn.
12:38:34PM And that when they are ready to do the use, that they will
12:38:37PM reapply.
12:38:38PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So 67, the hearing -- the person told you
12:38:42PM they want to withdraw?
12:38:44PM >> I sent them an e-mail.
12:38:45PM They did not respond to my e-mail because I wanted something
12:38:48PM in writing.
12:38:49PM But I believe that they are intending to withdraw.
12:38:52PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Need a motion to allow 67 to withdraw.
12:38:55PM >> So moved.
12:38:56PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Suarez.
12:38:57PM Second by Mr. Cohen on 67 to withdraw.
12:39:00PM All in favor of that motion, please indicate by saying aye.
12:39:02PM Opposed nay.
12:39:03PM The ayes have it unanimously.
12:39:04PM All right.
12:39:05PM Usually we stop at 12:00 and come back at 1:30.
12:39:10PM Since it's almost 1:38, we'll come back at 2:00.
12:39:15PM Stand adjourned to 2:00.

12:39:17PM Recess I should say.
12:39:21PM [ RECESS ]
2:03:19PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to order.
2:07:12PM Roll call.
2:07:12PM [Roll Call]
2:07:14PM >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.
2:07:18PM >>HARRY COHEN: Here.
2:07:20PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.
2:07:21PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
2:07:21PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay, we're at item 68, staff reports and
2:07:25PM unfinished business.
2:07:26PM For item 68 through 69.
2:07:28PM Yes, ma'am?
2:07:29PM >>JULIA MANDELL: Julie Mandell, city attorney.
2:07:31PM You have before you items number 68 and I'm also going to
2:07:35PM talk a little bit about items 69.
2:07:38PM Approximately 12 items, which are motions made by City
2:07:43PM Council asking very specific questions about different
2:07:46PM processes and different issues within our code.
2:07:49PM But they all at the end of the day relate to our code
2:07:52PM enforcement process.
2:07:54PM And some of the issues that recently come up with rental
2:07:58PM units and with foreclosure registries and how we collect
2:08:02PM fines and all of those types of issues.

2:08:05PM I was pleased that you were able to put this in afternoon
2:08:09PM agenda and able to group them together because I would like
2:08:11PM to ask your indulgence prior to getting into each one of
2:08:16PM these items.
2:08:16PM In discussing this matter with the administration, with
2:08:19PM staff and with our legal department, the best way to
2:08:22PM approach all these items, we thought there might be some
2:08:24PM value in actually having some time spent with City Council
2:08:29PM describing our code enforcement process.
2:08:32PM The legal parameters of our code enforcement process.
2:08:35PM And the different types of code enforcement opportunities
2:08:39PM that we do have.
2:08:40PM I actually have not spent a little more time on code
2:08:44PM enforcement than I have in my career, just because I really
2:08:47PM believe this is a very important issue.
2:08:49PM But I have had the opportunity over the last nine years to
2:08:52PM very, from the outside looking in, be involved in code
2:08:56PM enforcement.
2:08:57PM Code enforcement is really statutory creature.
2:09:02PM If you read the staff.
2:09:03PM S as it relates to code enforcement, one of the primarily
2:09:06PM responsibilities from a code enforcement authority given to
2:09:09PM local governments is code compliance.
2:09:10PM But there is opportunities that are offered to us for also
2:09:13PM punishing those bad actors.

2:09:16PM How we have gotten to the point that we have in the City of
2:09:19PM Tampa is no different than many other jurisdictions.
2:09:22PM It's an ebb and flow.
2:09:23PM Are you trying to get code enforcement to do code
2:09:26PM compliance, are you trying to get punishment?
2:09:28PM It's very difficult thing to get your arms around.
2:09:31PM It's taken me more time than I would've thought to get my
2:09:36PM arms around.
2:09:37PM We're have are fortunate to have Mr. Ernie Mueller, this is
2:09:40PM what he does on a day-to-day basis, both here and with the
2:09:45PM city of St. Pete prior to joining us.
2:09:47PM He has spent some time mapping out and thinking through what
2:09:50PM is code enforcement.
2:09:51PM The reason it is important for us to be able to have that
2:09:54PM conversation is because code enforcement is a process that
2:09:58PM is both important to us in City Council chambers and the
2:10:02PM administration.
2:10:02PM But important to the public.
2:10:03PM So I thought this would be a good opportunity for the public
2:10:06PM who is paying attention and many of them are.
2:10:08PM I think this is important to everybody, to have just a basic
2:10:11PM understanding, so that way when we're talking about all the
2:10:14PM different issues, they have a context to them.
2:10:17PM I'd like to ask Mr. Mueller to come up and describe to you
2:10:21PM what, a basic, what is code enforcement?

2:10:24PM What are parameters?
2:10:26PM It is a statutorily based process.
2:10:28PM That we do have limitations.
2:10:30PM This isn't something we can just do whatever we want.
2:10:33PM We are limited by what's within Florida statutes and within
2:10:37PM our police power.
2:10:38PM I'd ask Mr. Mueller to go ahead and give a little background
2:10:42PM and primer and then we can start to have a further
2:10:44PM conversation about these issues.
2:10:46PM Thank you.
2:10:46PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
2:10:48PM >> Good afternoon, Council.
2:10:51PM Ernest Mueller, assistant city attorney.
2:10:53PM I think, as Julia had mentioned, item 69, we have like nine
2:11:02PM subparts as to things that's, requests that were made.
2:11:06PM I think at the crux of what, I guess made these requests
2:11:13PM come out was kind of a high profile situation.
2:11:16PM But there was two prominent concerns that I see coming out
2:11:18PM of that.
2:11:19PM And that is the regulation of some rental properties, or
2:11:22PM rental properties and the effective enforcement against
2:11:25PM violators who receive like notices of violation.
2:11:29PM But yet they correct the violations in time to where they
2:11:34PM always seem to be treated as though they're first time
2:11:38PM violators.

2:11:38PM So I want to be able to give you some proposals at the end
2:11:41PM of this as to how we can kind of maybe address those
2:11:45PM situations.
2:11:45PM But as Julia was saying, I really would like also this
2:11:48PM opportunity to kind of talk to you about understanding the
2:11:53PM goals behind code enforcement and the tools we use to try
2:11:57PM and achieve those goals.
2:11:58PM The primary goal of code enforcement is really to motivate
2:12:02PM the person that is in violation to fix the problem.
2:12:07PM To fix the violation.
2:12:08PM This is usually going to entail giving that person a
2:12:12PM reasonable time to correct the violation in light of the
2:12:16PM circumstances before any type of penalty kicks in.
2:12:19PM The desired outcome is compliance.
2:12:22PM But an alternate goal is to penalize or punish violators who
2:12:28PM seem to be abusing the process.
2:12:30PM And compliance is still desired, but the penile aspect
2:12:34PM becomes involved at that point.
2:12:35PM What I'd like to do is talk a little about the different
2:12:40PM code enforcement tools we have through the city codes.
2:12:42PM Tools you provided as a City Council.
2:12:45PM The first is the code enforcement board and special
2:12:47PM magistrates.
2:12:48PM That's a local administrative process that's codified in our
2:12:52PM code under chapter 9, in chapter 9.

2:12:55PM It's informal in nature.
2:12:57PM Our special magistrates and the code board are all unpaid
2:13:02PM volunteers.
2:13:03PM Who will sit up there and hear cases that are brought by the
2:13:07PM department of code enforcement, by construction services, by
2:13:12PM the Parks Department if we have a tree violation, and by our
2:13:16PM zoning department when we have zoning violations.
2:13:18PM The penalty through the code board or special magistrates is
2:13:24PM a fine or a lien against the property.
2:13:27PM Therefore, it's always important to have notice to the
2:13:33PM property owner.
2:13:33PM Normally, we would have to -- when we bring a case, first
2:13:41PM thing we have to do is provide notice of the violation to
2:13:43PM the property owner and provide a reasonable opportunity to
2:13:46PM cure it.
2:13:47PM There are two exceptions to providing notice before the
2:13:52PM case, in giving an opportunity to, giving an opportunity to
2:13:57PM cure before that case is heard.
2:13:58PM One of them is when the violation presents a serious threat
2:14:02PM to the public health, safety and action has to happen right
2:14:05PM away.
2:14:06PM Or two, when there's a repeat violation.
2:14:09PM Now, repeat violation is defined by the statutes and by city
2:14:15PM code.
2:14:15PM It reads of repeat violation means a violation or provision

2:14:20PM of a code or ordinance by a person who has been previously
2:14:25PM found through a code enforcement board or other
2:14:28PM quasi-judicial or judicial process to have violated or has
2:14:32PM admitted violating the same provision of the code within
2:14:35PM three years.
2:14:35PM Again, what's importance there is, in order to be a repeat
2:14:40PM violation, they have to have been found by a board or judges
2:14:44PM or quasi-judicial board that they were in violation.
2:14:47PM Just the mere notice of a violation, giving someone -- code
2:14:54PM enforcement officer giving someone a notice of violation
2:14:57PM saying hey you need to mow that grass is not enough.
2:15:00PM There has been to be a determination or admission by paying
2:15:03PM the fine, whatever the case may be.
2:15:04PM In order to create this status called repeat violation.
2:15:09PM The Code Enforcement Board, what is good about the Code
2:15:13PM Enforcement Board is it allows people to work with property
2:15:16PM owners to give them time to correct the violations.
2:15:18PM And in certain circumstances, the city can try and find some
2:15:23PM sort of assistance, particularly financial assistance for
2:15:25PM owners of their homestead properties if they have some sort
2:15:28PM of hardship.
2:15:29PM The maximum fine in a Code Enforcement Board hearing is a
2:15:34PM thousand dollars per day each day the violation exists
2:15:38PM beyond the deadline that was set by the magistrate or the
2:15:41PM board.

2:15:41PM Again, the board is most effective when it's used to
2:15:48PM motivate a violator to correct the violation.
2:15:50PM And they do this by setting deadlines.
2:15:52PM But it has to be the right type of violation and the right
2:15:58PM violator to be taken to the board.
2:16:00PM And it takes about 19 -- I'm sorry, takes about 90 to 120
2:16:05PM days to get a violation before the code board or special
2:16:07PM magistrate.
2:16:08PM A lot of that has to do with notice requirements.
2:16:14PM We send by certified mail, but also if we get that, it comes
2:16:18PM back as unsigned, we have to then -- what we're doing now is
2:16:22PM publishing four consecutive weeks in a, one of the
2:16:26PM newspapers, which we already have a month lead time set in.
2:16:30PM But that's part of the process.
2:16:34PM >>HARRY COHEN: All these notice requirements, they're all
2:16:37PM state law?
2:16:37PM Or are they things that somehow just in our code?
2:16:41PM >> No.
2:16:41PM Both.
2:16:42PM We have it in our code and it's also codified in Florida
2:16:45PM statutes chapter 162.
2:16:47PM >>HARRY COHEN: But I guess what I mean, if we were to go
2:16:50PM through our code and remove some of the more onerous notice
2:16:55PM requirements that aren't part of the state law, would we be
2:16:58PM getting anywhere in shortening the time periods?

2:17:02PM >> We could -- I'll begin by saying we could actually
2:17:05PM probably shut, come back on that notice time if we were to,
2:17:11PM instead of publishing in the newspapers, do something like
2:17:15PM posting.
2:17:16PM But that's again going to be an administrative decision that
2:17:18PM needs to be made with regard to, you know, there's with the,
2:17:23PM the publication.
2:17:26PM >>HARRY COHEN: It just sounds from what you're saying, there
2:17:30PM might be an opportunity to shorten the notice period.
2:17:32PM Okay.
2:17:33PM Thank you.
2:17:40PM >> All right.
2:17:43PM And then next we have -- next code enforcement tool I want
2:17:47PM to talk to you about is civil citations.
2:17:50PM And civil, that's a civil infraction process and it's
2:17:54PM codified in 23.5 of the city code.
2:17:57PM The penalty is a tiered fine system that's based on the
2:18:02PM seriousness of the violation.
2:18:04PM And on top of that, the number of times this violation has
2:18:06PM occurred.
2:18:07PM The violator has an option of paying the fine for having the
2:18:11PM case heard in civil court.
2:18:13PM Downside of the civil citation process is, they don't have
2:18:17PM to cure the violation.
2:18:18PM They can just go ahead and pay the fine.

2:18:20PM But that provides us the opportunity to go ahead and give
2:18:22PM them another citation in hopes of motivating them to cure
2:18:26PM that violation.
2:18:27PM Again, it will normally require a notice of violation with a
2:18:32PM reasonable opportunity to correct the violation before civil
2:18:35PM citation can be issued.
2:18:36PM But there are exceptions.
2:18:38PM The serious threat to the public health, safety.
2:18:41PM The repeat violation, which again is codified, much similar
2:18:45PM to the other, where it has to have been found guilty or
2:18:48PM admitted.
2:18:49PM And the third one is if the violations are irreparable or
2:18:54PM irreversible.
2:18:55PM A good example is a watering violation.
2:18:57PM Once someone waters when it's not their day or time, we
2:19:00PM can't put the water back into the system.
2:19:02PM So that's considered irreparable, irreversible.
2:19:07PM There's no opportunity to cure.
2:19:08PM They're going to get cited immediately.
2:19:11PM This code enforcement tool is really best used when the
2:19:17PM violation is easily cured, like if there's overgrowth, trash
2:19:21PM pickup, those type of things.
2:19:22PM The idea is, especially, I'll use mowing, for example, it's
2:19:27PM a $75 fine for first offense.
2:19:30PM One would hope that once a property owner gets, or the

2:19:34PM violator gets a notice of that, they'll say, I can pay the
2:19:38PM neighbor kids $20.
2:19:40PM I'd rather pay $20 to get the lawn mowed than pay $75 to the
2:19:45PM court systems, plus costs.
2:19:47PM Also a good tool when the violator is not the property owner
2:19:51PM for example, if the violator is a tenant, then we can use a
2:19:55PM civil citation.
2:19:55PM Because remember Code Enforcement Board, penalty is always
2:19:58PM against the property.
2:20:00PM Or violator is the tenant, might be better to use civil
2:20:04PM citation.
2:20:05PM You're all familiar with, we have talked about the
2:20:07PM foreclosure registry, where we are making banks responsible
2:20:11PM for the maintenance of properties when they're in the
2:20:13PM foreclosure process.
2:20:14PM Again, the bank is not the owner of the property.
2:20:16PM We would enforce that through civil citation.
2:20:19PM And it takes about 45 to 60 days to get a civil citation to
2:20:25PM the hearing.
2:20:26PM To a hearing in front of a judge.
2:20:28PM Again, a lot of that will have -- a lot of that is
2:20:31PM controlled by the violator as to when they request the
2:20:34PM hearing and also a little bit on how long it takes for us to
2:20:37PM get service on the person.
2:20:39PM The third tool I'd like to talk to you about is the notice

2:20:42PM to appear.
2:20:43PM A notice to appear requires a violator to appear in county
2:20:46PM court and that would be our newly formed municipal ordinance
2:20:52PM violation court.
2:20:53PM The penalty there can be up to $500 fine or 60 days in jail.
2:21:00PM But it is not a crime, very important to remember.
2:21:05PM Municipal ordinance violation is not a crime.
2:21:07PM It's specifically excluded from the statutory definition of
2:21:12PM crime.
2:21:12PM Normally requires a notice of violation with a reasonable
2:21:16PM opportunity to correct the violation.
2:21:18PM And we have the same exceptions I talked about in civil
2:21:21PM citation, with the addition of an exception for violation
2:21:25PM that is transient or itinerant in nature and we as a city
2:21:29PM would have to define what that is.
2:21:31PM And an example of a violation that is itinerant to transient
2:21:36PM nature would be if someone has a inoperable motor vehicle in
2:21:39PM their backyard, code enforcement says you got 21 days to
2:21:44PM move that vehicle out of your backyard, it's in violation of
2:21:46PM the code.
2:21:47PM On the 20th day they move it out.
2:21:49PM Code inspector comes by, inspects.
2:21:52PM Says oh, great, thank you very much.
2:21:54PM We'll close the case.
2:21:55PM Two days later, inoperable motor vehicle is back.

2:21:58PM So, if, we could define that as being, that type of
2:22:02PM violation as being transient and itinerant and we could then
2:22:06PM issue an immediate notice to appear.
2:22:08PM A judge can require that the violations be corrected and my
2:22:15PM experience has been the judges have always done that.
2:22:18PM They won't let a case go until the violations are corrected.
2:22:21PM This is where we want to send our most serious violations
2:22:25PM and our most problematic violators.
2:22:27PM And again, it takes about 45 to 60 days to get a case to
2:22:31PM court.
2:22:31PM Again, part of that is getting service on the violator.
2:22:34PM Getting the notice to appear served.
2:22:36PM The fourth and final tool I'll be talking to you about is
2:22:41PM something the City Council codified about two, three years
2:22:47PM ago, which were all these administrative orders.
2:22:50PM The orders to secure, the orders to abate.
2:22:52PM The orders to demolish.
2:22:54PM Ordered repair, order to vacate, order declaring a structure
2:22:58PM unfit for human habitation.
2:23:00PM These are used when a situation is such that if the property
2:23:07PM owner doesn't take action, the city is going to have to,
2:23:11PM which will usually mean somehow city spending money and
2:23:15PM certainly expending resources to correct the violation.
2:23:19PM What is done is the order gets issued.
2:23:23PM Normally it will give the person time to actually make the

2:23:28PM correction.
2:23:28PM Let's say in this case it's an order to secure.
2:23:30PM We need that building secured.
2:23:32PM You'd have 21 days in which to secure the building.
2:23:36PM If they don't do it, the city will come on.
2:23:38PM The city will secure the building.
2:23:40PM The city will invoice the property owner for the cost of
2:23:43PM doing so.
2:23:43PM If they don't pay that invoice, they will, those costs will
2:23:49PM be liened against the property.
2:23:50PM They do have the opportunity to challenge that, challenge
2:23:55PM that order.
2:23:56PM And that challenge would then be in front of one of our code
2:24:00PM enforcement special magistrates, try to get it in fronts of
2:24:03PM the next magistrate hearing.
2:24:05PM They do have an opportunity to, once the work is done, they
2:24:10PM get the opportunity -- and if we bill them, they get the
2:24:13PM opportunity to challenge that bill too.
2:24:14PM And that challenge would go to Jake Slater.
2:24:16PM And also this tool can be used in conjunction with the Code
2:24:21PM Enforcement Board with the civil citations, or the notice to
2:24:26PM appear.
2:24:28PM >>HARRY COHEN: Is there a backlog of the number of cases
2:24:32PM that the city has authorization to act and bill the
2:24:36PM violator?

2:24:37PM Is there a backlog -- are there cases in the cue not being
2:24:48PM acted on.
2:24:49PM Building up behind one another?
2:24:52PM >> Check real quick with Mr. Slater.
2:24:54PM But I don't believe so.
2:25:00PM >> We're acting within 48 hours on all of our cases right
2:25:03PM now, Councilman.
2:25:05PM >>HARRY COHEN: Okay.
2:25:10PM >> As I was saying, this can be used in conjunction with the
2:25:13PM other tools.
2:25:14PM Perfect example would be, if we need to have a property
2:25:17PM mowed.
2:25:18PM Might initially again, the idea is motivate that property
2:25:21PM owner to cure that violation, to mow that grass.
2:25:23PM So, we might initially start with a notice of violation
2:25:27PM through the civil citation process that will give them X
2:25:30PM number of days to mow that grass.
2:25:32PM The code enforcement officer will come back, if the
2:25:36PM violation is not been cured, they'll issue a civil citation.
2:25:40PM That civil citation talks about what the condition of that
2:25:43PM property is on that day.
2:25:45PM And because they haven't mowed it and they feel they're
2:25:49PM going to have to have it mowed, they could issue an order to
2:25:52PM abate at the same time it's going to require them to either
2:25:55PM mow it or the city is going to come out and do it.

2:25:58PM The hearing for that civil citation could take place after
2:26:02PM the city had to go on and mow it.
2:26:04PM But the fact is with a civil citation, we look at the day of
2:26:08PM the violation, so the fact that the city mowed that property
2:26:14PM in the meantime, about of the court hearing, does nothing to
2:26:17PM negate the fact that we still have a violation, and holding
2:26:21PM that property owner responsible for the condition of that
2:26:23PM property.
2:26:25PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Commissioner Reddick?
2:26:28PM >>FRANK REDDICK: If you see a vacant lot and you see the
2:26:32PM sign out there that says property for sale, and the
2:26:36PM property -- whoever own that property, they are not cutting
2:26:39PM and maintaining, cutting their grass on that property.
2:26:44PM And I mean, it reached to a point where it's so high.
2:26:48PM Who is responsible for that?
2:26:52PM Is the property owner or the city?
2:26:54PM City has a role, they got a sign for sale?
2:27:00PM >> The current property owner is always ultimately
2:27:04PM responsible for the condition of that property.
2:27:06PM When the city steps in is when the conditions become such
2:27:11PM that it's posing a threat to the public health, safety.
2:27:14PM In that situation, the tall grass, may be harboring rats,
2:27:18PM snakes.
2:27:20PM Tall grass seems to really attract people bumping.
2:27:23PM They say no one is maintaining this property.

2:27:26PM Middle of the night, they're dumping all their junk.
2:27:29PM They don't want to take it to the dump.
2:27:31PM For those reasons, that's when the city would come in and
2:27:34PM your example, would issue a notice of violation via the
2:27:38PM civil citation process, because it's a bit quicker, to the
2:27:43PM property owner, the current property owner.
2:27:45PM And depending upon how bad the situation is, could either
2:27:49PM then or at some point issue an order to abate, directing
2:27:54PM that property owner to clean this property up, or the city
2:27:56PM is going to have to come on, do it, bill you for our costs
2:28:02PM and lien your property.
2:28:04PM Then when you sell the property, that's when we'll be
2:28:06PM getting our money back.
2:28:07PM >>FRANK REDDICK: I know of a property that they got a for
2:28:11PM sale sign and the grass is growing so tall you don't even
2:28:15PM see the for sale sign hardly.
2:28:17PM It's so tall.
2:28:17PM The city cut that lot one time.
2:28:23PM But it is now with all the rain, it's back up there again.
2:28:28PM And I mean, it's standing tall and the people who live
2:28:32PM adjacent to that property, also become a dumping ground
2:28:39PM where people are dumping stuffer.
2:28:40PM And the people that live next to it, they're frightened to
2:28:44PM death because they're saying the critters and other things
2:28:46PM that they're seeing.

2:28:47PM I just notice when I pass through there every day, I see the
2:28:50PM sign saying for sale.
2:28:52PM But you know, the grass is up there, so, do you all reach
2:28:56PM out to the properties owner and say you need to do something
2:28:59PM about this property?
2:29:00PM How do that work?
2:29:02PM >> Yes.
2:29:03PM The department should be, obviously, they tried to once.
2:29:07PM Sounds like they need to get back out there again.
2:29:09PM If you drove by it today, and it was in that condition, you
2:29:12PM need to get our people out there.
2:29:15PM >>FRANK REDDICK: I'm not the tallest person in the world.
2:29:17PM When I stand up there by it, it reaches up back there.
2:29:23PM I was just wondering about that.
2:29:25PM >> The fact that it's for sale has no bearing on the
2:29:28PM ultimate responsibility.
2:29:30PM And we'll take over if they don't.
2:29:32PM But we try and do everything we can to motivate that
2:29:34PM property owner to do it because we'd rather -- we don't
2:29:38PM really want to have to expend the money and resources if we
2:29:41PM don't have to.
2:29:42PM But we'll when it becomes a situation.
2:29:45PM >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Montelione?
2:29:46PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Since we're on the issue of mowing and
2:29:48PM the abatement, whether it's mowing or removal of,

2:29:53PM accumulations, or even demolition.
2:29:55PM So every other meeting, approximately, we have a list of, of
2:30:05PM places, owners, legal addresses that we have mowed, abated
2:30:12PM or demoed a home.
2:30:14PM And you said that when we get the reimbursement for the
2:30:21PM expenditure, is when the property changes hands.
2:30:25PM >> That's normally when we'll get paid.
2:30:29PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Normally.
2:30:29PM So, how many -- I mean, I have the file back in my offices
2:30:33PM on the shelf.
2:30:34PM I know since I started collecting them when we first all
2:30:37PM took office, the files about yea big.
2:30:41PM And I look through them and I recognize some of the names.
2:30:45PM Some of the folks that we may even do business with.
2:30:50PM I see lots of investment companies or trusts, obviously, we
2:31:00PM are maintaining their property for them.
2:31:02PM And it's a burden on us.
2:31:06PM So, my quandary is how do we collect that money before
2:31:14PM waiting for the property to be sold?
2:31:16PM Because in some cases, like Mr. Reddick said, they can sit
2:31:20PM there for years and not be sold.
2:31:22PM So, how do we collect?
2:31:27PM >> Well, we can -- I think there's going to be some
2:31:30PM discussion along those lines after I finish with this, that
2:31:33PM are going to at least delve into some of the, the collection

2:31:40PM of these, what we call hard cost liens, which are the liens
2:31:44PM where we expended money.
2:31:46PM And kind of a different things that have to be considered
2:31:48PM when we do that.
2:31:49PM So, I think we can maybe answer that better at that time.
2:31:54PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.
2:31:56PM >> All right.
2:31:57PM Now, I've kind of given you an outline, very brief outline
2:32:02PM of our different tools.
2:32:05PM What I'd like to do now is give you an idea of what code
2:32:09PM enforcement officers have to do with those tools by giving
2:32:12PM you a few, some of the situations that they come across.
2:32:17PM What I'm going to do, hope this comes across legible.
2:32:25PM Ended up being smaller than I wanted.
2:32:28PM This is the four tools I talked to you about.
2:32:34PM So the first situation is very simple.
2:32:41PM We have a property up there with the damaged roof.
2:32:45PM And there's been no his story of violations.
2:32:48PM And what I've told you about all our different code
2:32:52PM enforcement tools, this is the type of case that would
2:32:56PM normally we would take to the Code Enforcement Board.
2:32:59PM We would try and give that person an opportunity to fix the
2:33:02PM roof.
2:33:04PM Roof can cost money.
2:33:05PM At love times you have weather considerations.

2:33:10PM I've run across times where insurance is involved and that's
2:33:12PM going to delay the process.
2:33:14PM So we try and help that, the person with the damaged roof by
2:33:19PM setting a deadline for it to be done, but a realistic
2:33:23PM deadline.
2:33:23PM Again, that's why we're trying to motivate them, helping
2:33:26PM them, by setting a deadline and having it where they can
2:33:29PM successfully correct the violation within that deadline.
2:33:33PM I'll alter that a bit.
2:33:37PM We have a property with a damaged roof, but there's a long
2:33:39PM history of structural violations with this violator.
2:33:42PM That may be one we want to take down for a notice to appear
2:33:47PM rather than run it through the Code Enforcement Board
2:33:50PM special magistrate process.
2:33:51PM This is where we may have a problem violator.
2:33:54PM And so anyhow, we would want to go there.
2:33:59PM My third situation, just a little bit of a variance on that.
2:34:03PM We got a property that has damaged roof, history of
2:34:07PM structural violations on this structure.
2:34:10PM However, your property owners are elderly, on a fixed
2:34:15PM income, no immediate family in the area to help them out.
2:34:19PM Is that a case you want to take to the court on a notice to
2:34:22PM appear?
2:34:23PM Or would you rather, even though there's been a bad history
2:34:28PM here of violations, would you rather take them to the Code

2:34:30PM Enforcement Board where we can give them time, we can
2:34:33PM possibly help them, as far as maybe try and find them some
2:34:36PM financial assistance or other types of assistance to help
2:34:40PM them with their problem.
2:34:41PM We have -- unfortunately, Mr. Rand is not here, but these
2:34:55PM are kind of his, areas he likes to talk about.
2:34:59PM We have a situation where property is added an illegal
2:35:02PM dwelling unit, without any permits.
2:35:05PM And we'll even say that they violated the setbacks, so
2:35:11PM they're going to need a variance.
2:35:13PM Normally we would try and take that to code enforcement
2:35:17PM special magistrate because it's going to take time.
2:35:19PM They have got to get a variance.
2:35:21PM Might need to have some plans, like a very long process.
2:35:25PM Likewise where it even gets more complicated, what if the
2:35:30PM property owner has a dwelling unit that was constructed
2:35:34PM without permits and the setback, they didn't do it.
2:35:38PM Two owners prior did it.
2:35:40PM But we still have a violation.
2:35:42PM We still have unpermitted work.
2:35:44PM A lot of concerns.
2:35:45PM Again, we'll probably take that to the Code Enforcement
2:35:48PM Board.
2:35:49PM To give them time, allow them the opportunity to get this
2:35:52PM cured.

2:35:53PM But be setting deadlines so that they can move toward
2:35:56PM compliance.
2:35:57PM Another one that I like is, where a property -- when a
2:36:05PM property has some overgrowth and a dirty pool.
2:36:08PM Well, if that property is in foreclosure, then we use our
2:36:14PM foreclosure registry ordinance and will use a civil citation
2:36:18PM against the bank.
2:36:20PM If we can't contact the property owner, which is the case
2:36:24PM the majority of the time.
2:36:25PM So, and we'll also -- we may even incorporate administrative
2:36:31PM order there but that administrative order would have to go
2:36:34PM against the property owner if we can contact them, to abate
2:36:37PM those violations.
2:36:38PM So, kind of -- I've given you a little background.
2:36:46PM Hope it wasn't too terribly boring as to what our code
2:36:49PM enforcement processes are.
2:36:50PM Gave you a little taste of the situations.
2:36:52PM And believe me, no two situations always end up being the
2:36:56PM same.
2:36:56PM So, it's got to be analyzed down there.
2:36:59PM We got to use the tool that's appropriate.
2:37:01PM That being said, as I said up front, what's happened
2:37:04PM recently has exposed a few areas that we can certainly try
2:37:08PM and improve on.
2:37:09PM So I'd like to give you kind of what we have talked about,

2:37:12PM what we'd like to propose doing.
2:37:13PM And first what I want to talk about is that situation where
2:37:19PM we have a violator who gets a lot of notices of violation.
2:37:25PM But they always correct it prior to having to go to a
2:37:29PM hearing, so there ever being a finding.
2:37:32PM What that does, so that can affect the neighbors.
2:37:36PM That can affect, if it's a rental property, the tenants.
2:37:39PM Can be posing a threat to the public health, safety, or at
2:37:43PM least some sort of quality of life issues.
2:37:46PM And it also can allow for abuse of the code enforcement
2:37:49PM system.
2:37:50PM So what I propose we try and do, which is to create a
2:37:54PM violator status called chronic violator.
2:37:57PM And where that is, if a violator receives X number of
2:38:04PM notices of violation within Y period of time, they're going
2:38:09PM to be considered a chronic violator.
2:38:11PM And then instead of going to the code board, we mandate that
2:38:16PM they go to the criminal court and our new municipal
2:38:21PM ordinance violation court, and they be heard by that judge.
2:38:25PM Of course there's a lot of considerations there,
2:38:30PM considerations I'd like you as a board, if you decide to go
2:38:33PM this route, use the City Council to really flush out, number
2:38:37PM one, how many violations, within what period of time?
2:38:42PM Two violations within a year?
2:38:45PM Three violations within two years?

2:38:47PM That's something we'd have to come to.
2:38:49PM Another one is, is it the same violation?
2:38:54PM Or can it be any violation?
2:38:56PM Third consideration, is it going to be only to that one
2:39:00PM property?
2:39:01PM Or to any property they own?
2:39:03PM The fourth consideration needs to be whether or not we're
2:39:08PM going to include violations on a person's own homestead
2:39:13PM property.
2:39:13PM Remember, the elderly people on fixed income.
2:39:18PM Are we going to try and carve out a way to where they don't
2:39:21PM get caught up into the chronic violator?
2:39:23PM Do we send them down to a notice to appear mandatorily?
2:39:26PM So those are considerations.
2:39:28PM But that's a way we can plug that gap.
2:39:30PM So -- another thing I want to do is overhaul our chapter
2:39:42PM nine.
2:39:43PM As I told you before, chapter nine, which is entitled code
2:39:47PM enforcement, right now just carries the Code Enforcement
2:39:49PM Board and code enforcement special magistrate processes.
2:39:54PM Like to keep that there, do a little tweaking on that.
2:39:57PM But make that article one.
2:39:59PM I want to bring in the civil citation process in your
2:40:03PM chapter nine, create that as article II.
2:40:06PM I want to get the notice to appear process, bring that in as

2:40:11PM article III.
2:40:11PM And then if we decide to go with the chronic offender
2:40:15PM status, get that all flushed out, that's the place to try
2:40:20PM and put that as far as defining that and get into that
2:40:25PM chapter 9.
2:40:26PM The other area that the city is needing to look at is the
2:40:33PM rental properties and the regulation of rental properties.
2:40:36PM Keep in mind currently we have a rental certificate program.
2:40:42PM And that goes towards ensuring that the rental properties,
2:40:47PM we have here now, are meeting the minimum housing standards.
2:40:53PM We're only inspecting the inside.
2:40:55PM Keep in mind --
2:41:00PM >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Montelione had a question.
2:41:01PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Can you tell us what the minimum housing
2:41:03PM standards are?
2:41:04PM >> There are several of them.
2:41:06PM They're in chapter 19-3231.
2:41:09PM I did not bring 19-231 with me.
2:41:13PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mr. Mueller.
2:41:15PM And you didn't say trademark after chronic offender.
2:41:19PM >> Trademark.
2:41:19PM But yeah, all those are contained in section 19-231.
2:41:26PM As far as what those minimum standards are.
2:41:28PM And it's what quite extensive.
2:41:31PM But again, I was talking about -- we have 14, approximately

2:41:37PM 14,000 rental units, or rental dwellings in the City of
2:41:42PM Tampa.
2:41:43PM Not all these rental units have problems meeting the minimum
2:41:49PM standards.
2:41:50PM And a number of these rental properties have out of town
2:41:55PM ownership.
2:41:56PM And then with the current program rent the certificate
2:42:01PM program, there's also issues of trying to get our inspectors
2:42:04PM inside, trying to coordinate with the tenants and the
2:42:07PM property owners of getting people inside.
2:42:09PM So what we want to look at here is the possibility of taking
2:42:17PM what, the good part of the foreclosure registry, which is
2:42:21PM having all these properties that are in foreclosure
2:42:23PM registered, I'd like to try and see if we can create a
2:42:27PM rental property registration system.
2:42:29PM Where if you're going to rent property in the City of Tampa,
2:42:31PM you need to register it so that we know who your property
2:42:36PM manager is.
2:42:37PM You have to identify who your property manager is.
2:42:40PM So we can notify that person if there are violations.
2:42:43PM And who your local agent's going to be, especially with
2:42:47PM these out-of-state ownerships, so when there is a violation,
2:42:51PM we know who we can serve the citation to.
2:42:55PM >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Montelione had another question.
2:42:58PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: Isn't that part of what we do when we

2:42:59PM require rental certificates?
2:43:01PM I mean, isn't that getting us partway there?
2:43:04PM >> It is getting us partway there, from my understanding of
2:43:07PM it.
2:43:08PM I don't run that rental certificate program.
2:43:11PM Hoping to be a little more robust.
2:43:14PM I don't know if we have a registration system as formal as
2:43:17PM what, like our foreclosure registry system is.
2:43:22PM >>JAKE SLATER: Jake Slater, City of Tampa again.
2:43:24PM We don't have it as the attorney said, as formal.
2:43:27PM They have to come in and fill out an application for the
2:43:32PM first time they can renew it online.
2:43:38PM Been so many rental properties changing hands over the years
2:43:41PM that we probably are not up to speed enough.
2:43:43PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm sure there are more than 14,000.
2:43:46PM But, you know, having a rental unit, not myself, but my
2:43:54PM economic partner does.
2:43:56PM And he registered it, but I don't believe there's ever been
2:44:01PM an inspection done.
2:44:03PM So how do we determine that rental units are meeting the
2:44:08PM minimum standards?
2:44:09PM What is the inspection required?
2:44:15PM >> We are currently operating under a three year cycle.
2:44:18PM Where we inspect each of the rental units one time every
2:44:22PM third year.

2:44:24PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: A lot can happen in three years.
2:44:26PM So maybe we can...
2:44:35PM >> All right.
2:44:35PM So, again, I'm looking to create this registry system if we
2:44:40PM can, look into it.
2:44:42PM Got to check the feasibility of it.
2:44:43PM We would be enforcing any violations through municipal
2:44:51PM violation court.
2:44:52PM And what I, again, 14,000 rental units is a lot.
2:44:56PM Not all of them are the problematic.
2:44:59PM So I'd like to look into, and hoping -- I'm planning on
2:45:03PM bringing in an intern, legal intern to help me look at all
2:45:06PM this, which is can we go ahead and enforce -- I want to go
2:45:11PM after the high-risk rental.
2:45:14PM >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman?
2:45:16PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: I should ask before.
2:45:17PM Is the 14,000 include apartment, multi-family units?
2:45:21PM Or is that single-family rentals or duplexes?
2:45:26PM Or is it everything?
2:45:27PM >> I think it's everything.
2:45:30PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: It's got to be larger number.
2:45:32PM And what I'm thinking too is that, well, first off, the
2:45:36PM Mayor has started his landlord university program -- not the
2:45:41PM name of it.
2:45:43PM >> I was about to plug that actually.

2:45:45PM >>LISA MONTELIONE: But, when you talk about apartment
2:45:48PM complexes and apartment buildings, I don't know that that's
2:45:53PM really part of what we're concerned about necessarily.
2:45:58PM I mean, we have a concern that the apartment complexes are
2:46:02PM run properly, but I think that needs to be a separate
2:46:06PM segment, because apartment complexes have professional
2:46:10PM management.
2:46:13PM They, you know, tend to -- it's a commercial property.
2:46:20PM And they're in business to make money.
2:46:22PM And if they're not renting units, they're not making money.
2:46:25PM They have to keep up the property in order to rent units to
2:46:28PM make money.
2:46:29PM The ones I think that concern us the most are the
2:46:34PM single-family or duplexes or you know, town homes or
2:46:39PM something within neighborhoods where there isn't a
2:46:44PM professional management company.
2:46:47PM It's just somebody renting out their house or their duplex.
2:46:51PM So I think we need to separate out the two.
2:46:54PM >> Well, that's what I'm trying to do.
2:46:56PM I'm looking at trying to create what's called to me a high
2:46:59PM risk rental.
2:47:00PM Which I think there is no on-site -- another trademark.
2:47:04PM Where there would be -- if they don't have high on-site
2:47:09PM management, if they're out-of-state ownership type of thing,
2:47:14PM I'd -- or where there's a history of violations, that would

2:47:19PM puts them into the high risk.
2:47:20PM And that's where we'd be doing so sort of regulation.
2:47:23PM I'd like to be looking at something that is akin to a
2:47:26PM business operating permit that would be required of these
2:47:30PM high risk rentals, TM.
2:47:33PM So that's kind of what I want to look at.
2:47:37PM But it's going to take some investigation.
2:47:40PM Feasibility, legality.
2:47:42PM But that's an area I'd like to look at in order to address
2:47:45PM that situation.
2:47:45PM And someone brought it up, did want to make sure it's
2:47:54PM pointed out the Mayor has set up this landlord tenant
2:47:56PM training program, at least that's helping to address the
2:48:02PM rental situation also.
2:48:04PM So that's really all I have at this time.
2:48:16PM >>JULIA MANDELL: I know that that was a little bit of a long
2:48:19PM presentation.
2:48:20PM But I really did think as we were looking at this it was
2:48:24PM important to understand where we are and some of the thought
2:48:27PM processes we have been developing from the administrative
2:48:30PM side and from the legal side as we have.
2:48:33PM This really is an issue that has become primary focus of so
2:48:36PM many in the community and we have been seeking ways to look
2:48:40PM at our system and see what opportunities we had to find
2:48:44PM better options as it relates to the code enforcement

2:48:47PM processes.
2:48:47PM But again, I think it is important to remember the context.
2:48:51PM Code enforcement is a statutory animal.
2:48:53PM We do have limitations that, we are talking about peoples
2:48:57PM private property rights.
2:48:59PM Whenever we talk about private property rights, you know, we
2:49:02PM do have opportunities to go on to properties to cure.
2:49:05PM But those are in very limited sets of circumstances and
2:49:08PM there has to be -- I know everybody thinks these things take
2:49:12PM time.
2:49:12PM There has to be a level of due process supported.
2:49:15PM You've heard me talk about those due process issues for
2:49:18PM years.
2:49:18PM It's not fun, but they do have to take some time.
2:49:21PM We had some limited tools with the repeat offenders.
2:49:25PM We're looking at some other opportunities for those.
2:49:27PM And the last thing that we didn't really get into, and I
2:49:31PM probably should take a moment to talk about is, once we have
2:49:35PM these remedies, which are, we either take you and we take
2:49:38PM you to the, I guess the punishment portion of this, which is
2:49:41PM really taking municipal court for the most part, would be
2:49:44PM construed as the punishment.
2:49:45PM When we take you through a code enforcement process and we
2:49:49PM take you to a bless where you either have a civil citation
2:49:51PM or you have a code enforcement citation that's turned into a

2:49:55PM lien, you've asked many questions about the collection of
2:49:59PM those monies.
2:50:00PM And also there was some questions I think that also came up
2:50:03PM as it related to the foreclosure registry and is that debts
2:50:06PM that you can go ahead and collect?
2:50:09PM I mean, think we need to recognize and I might ask
2:50:12PM Mr. Mueller to stop me because I'm just learning this
2:50:16PM particular part of the issue.
2:50:17PM When we take somebody through the code enforcement process
2:50:19PM and they get to the end of the code enforcement process and
2:50:22PM they haven't come into compliance, the statutory option that
2:50:28PM we have there is a lien against the property.
2:50:30PM And that's really where we are stuck.
2:50:33PM And I think that's very frustrating for a lot of folks.
2:50:36PM Okay, so you get millions of dollars in lien on real
2:50:38PM property that isn't worth the millions of dollars in liens
2:50:41PM that you've gotten.
2:50:42PM And you k