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Tampa City Council - CRA

Thursday, January 16, 2014

9:00 a.m. Session


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09:06:20 >>FRANK REDDICK: Good morning.

09:06:21 We are going to call this Community Redevelopment Agency to

09:06:24 order.

09:06:25 And I am going to yield to Councilman Suarez.

09:06:27 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

09:06:29 I would like to recognize the reverend Stephenbrown,

09:06:37 assistant to the president at Saint Leo university serving

09:06:39 in university ministry while participating throughout the

09:06:47 dais of St. Petersburg and Orlando specializing in English,

09:06:50 port you goes and English math.

09:06:53 He has been at Saint Leo since 2007 and served in

09:06:57 Indianapolis and saint Nicholas Church in St. Louis.

09:07:00 He's a graduate of the Catholic Theological in Chicago.

09:07:05 If you could come lead us in prayer.

09:07:07 And please stand for the pledge of allegiance.

09:07:10 >> This morning, we gather to ask our blessing upon the City

09:07:16 Council.

09:07:20 We place you in God's hands in this new year.

09:07:23 We do this as a nation to celebrate the life and legacy of

09:07:28 the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. whose birthday is

09:07:32 today.

09:07:34 Let us turn to God and ask God to bless us.

09:07:38 Gracious God, you create us and love us.

09:07:42 You make us to live together in a community, and we thank

09:07:47 you for Martin Luther King Jr. and all your children who

09:07:51 have been filled with your vision for our lives, who have

09:07:55 worked to bring your vision into reality.

09:07:58 Fill this council with your vision.

09:08:02 Guide us all to live by your vision and working to build the

09:08:05 beloved community where ever is -- where everyone is

09:08:09 welcome.

09:08:13 Power is shared.

09:08:15 Privileges no more and the children know the wholeness and

09:08:19 well-being.

09:08:20 We ask you this in your name, who is our God, forever and

09:08:25 ever.

09:08:26 Let us all say amen.

09:08:27 Amen.

09:08:28 Amen.

09:08:29 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]

09:08:57 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:08:59 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:09:00 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:09:02 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:09:07 All right, Bob, you seem to have everybody sitting on one

09:09:10 side today.

09:09:12 I turn it over to you.

09:09:13 >>BOB McDONAUGH: We have a representative from one of the

09:09:18 districts to give us an update.

09:09:21 Today we have Mr. Harry Hedges from the downtown CRA.

09:09:24 And I must say that I am pleased that it's Mr. Hedges

09:09:28 speaking after the priest and not myself.

09:09:39 Big shoes to fill.

09:09:41 >> It's nice toe come before you once again.

09:09:43 A lot is happening as you well know in downtown Tampa.

09:09:46 Some of the things that the CRA has been very much involved

09:09:50 in in the last year, bringing a number of things downtown.

09:10:00 We have Bollywood coming.

09:10:03 And that should be an exciting event.

09:10:05 It should bring about 50,000 people into I don't.

09:10:09 This helps all of the restaurants and other activities in

09:10:14 downtown.

09:10:17 The Kennedy Boulevard segment of the Riverwalk is well

09:10:22 underway.

09:10:27 The segment is about 60% complete in design.

09:10:32 The CRA has been involved in Veg-fest which was well

09:10:39 attended.

09:10:41 The Tampa Bay fashion week was extended this year for

09:10:47 several extra days because of the venue had changed to take

09:10:51 advantage of participating both in Channelside, downtown,

09:10:54 and the international mall.

09:10:57 So it goat a lot of national attention.

09:11:07 The lightning sound fest was a success.

09:11:09 We awarded about $2500 to each of these venues.

09:11:18 Coming up is the public park request for presentations for

09:11:23 the lighting.

09:11:24 And if you remember when we first did that several years

09:11:27 ago, in downtown Tampa, City Hall and other buildings,

09:11:33 Hillsborough special lighting effects own them, and it

09:11:36 really made an impact.

09:11:37 So I think we will all be excited to see what those

09:11:41 presentations look like.

09:11:47 Meridian hotel is to be opened in June.

09:11:50 That million give us another venue I don't, and certainly

09:11:53 bring more people into finding just what is downtown.

09:12:05 I keep hearing that more and more poem are coming to the

09:12:09 restaurants, because sky points and element are filled with

09:12:13 a very active lifestyle.

09:12:18 They are embracing family and friends to come downtown.

09:12:21 So we have come a long way.

09:12:24 And after being here for 40 years it's nice to see how far

09:12:28 we have come.

09:12:29 Any questions?

09:12:37 I just like to keep it brief.

09:12:38 >>MAYOR BOB BUCKHORN: Economic development again.

09:12:45 Just as is our custom to give an update on what's going on

09:12:51 in the various CRA districts.

09:12:55 Starting with Ybor, just a note that the two legged

09:13:03 redevelopment machine Joe Capitano is recently out of the

09:13:09 hospital and we wish him well.

09:13:10 It's the first time in the history of Tampa that the doctors

09:13:13 and nurses at a hospital took a collection to pay the bill

09:13:16 to get the guy out of the hospital.

09:13:19 [ Laughter ]

09:13:19 But he's at home, and is fine and we wish him well.

09:13:23 I understand after all of the Christmas things that went on

09:13:28 in Ybor, the snow, the lighting the Christmas tree, that

09:13:32 Santa is shipping operations, the weather is warmer and the

09:13:38 food a lot better.

09:13:40 We just received two responses to the RFPs.

09:13:43 As you recall, he would put an RFP out for a hotel at

09:13:46 7th and Nuccio, and for multifamily property that the

09:13:52 city owns in Ybor, and we are evaluating those RFPs right

09:13:56 now and should have a decision made probably next week.

09:13:59 And we are very pleased that the response was very

09:14:02 appropriate for the district.

09:14:05 The Channel District, we have just finished with CRA money

09:14:10 some street improvements, 12th Street and Whiting Street.

09:14:13 They are complete.

09:14:14 And we will see cranes again in the Channel District.

09:14:17 Sky house out of Atlanta has pulled permits and paid for

09:14:21 them and will be beginning construction later this month

09:14:25 with an official groundbreaking on February 4th.

09:14:29 Downtown, something of interest for folks, if you would like

09:14:33 to go down to the convention center, we have a replica tall

09:14:38 ship, the LYNX, down here celebrating the war of 1812, and

09:14:44 it will be here until the 22nd.

09:14:47 So a very interesting static display and people can get onto

09:14:51 the ship and get into the ship.

09:14:52 The children's parade is this Saturday from 3:30 to 6:00.

09:14:56 And spill over to the downtown marketplace from there.

09:15:01 In Drew Park, we are working diligently on the roadway

09:15:07 improvements.

09:15:09 Again, working as hard and as best we can because there have

09:15:14 been complaints.

09:15:16 Again, for years, we had requests about fixing the drainage

09:15:20 and the condition of the roadway in Drew Park.

09:15:22 And we are doing that.

09:15:23 And it's quite a broad improvement.

09:15:28 And it is disruptive to people's businesses, and we are

09:15:31 aware of that and we are working as best as we can in

09:15:35 addressing their concerns.

09:15:37 East Tampa, we have an RFP out for the land that the CRA

09:15:43 owns at 22nd and link.

09:15:46 That is due in February.

09:15:47 And we had put that out once before looking for some

09:15:50 multifamily, and perhaps mixed use.

09:15:53 And at the time the market had slowed down, so we took it

09:15:56 back off the market until the market improved.

09:15:59 And I think with the completion of 22nd street and the

09:16:03 round-about, it's a good time to be out there.

09:16:07 Then at Central Park, we recently conducted, as you might be

09:16:11 aware last year, we received the brownsfield grant from the

09:16:14 EPA and part of that process is to have public meetings.

09:16:18 And Ed Johnson conducted a meeting at Encore last week to

09:16:23 know what's going on and also inquire what kind of services

09:16:27 people were looking for in that market.

09:16:28 So it was well attended and we got out there and had the

09:16:31 opportunity to speak to people and let them know what was

09:16:33 going on.

09:16:39 Today is an important day.

09:16:40 I think one of the things that makes our CRAs successful is

09:16:45 the fact that we have so much community involvement.

09:16:47 And so we have gone out as we do annually to ask people in

09:16:50 the community to become involved in their various districts.

09:16:55 And again, you have been afforded the resum├ęs of a variety

09:17:01 or applications of a variety of people for each of the

09:17:04 different districts.

09:17:05 We will be asking you today to pick people to sit on that

09:17:08 board.

09:17:10 And I really think that it's a great opportunity inform

09:17:13 people to be the voice of their community.

09:17:16 It gets them engaged.

09:17:17 It allows neighbors to let people know what's important to

09:17:21 them.

09:17:21 And I think it's an accessible part of the process.

09:17:27 So we have in front of you, you have provided about a series

09:17:39 of lists of candidates for the districts and you have been

09:17:42 previously provided with their applications.

09:17:44 And several of the people are in attendance today.

09:17:47 >>HARRY COHEN: Let me ask you a question before we get

09:17:53 started.

09:17:53 Some of the people that are on the list are on more than one

09:17:58 blot.

09:17:58 Are poem eligible to sit on multiple CRA boards?

09:18:01 Oar are we going to copy to the one per person?

09:18:05 And the reason I ask that is because oat fourth one, there

09:18:09 are four applicants for four positions, and if all four of

09:18:13 them are chosen, it will impact the eligibility for the

09:18:16 other three, or at least some of the others.

09:18:20 >> I think it would be prudent to have a person serve on

09:18:23 one.

09:18:24 I am not aware of a rule that says you cannot serve on more

09:18:27 than one.

09:18:29 But generally it would be our preference, and I think poem

09:18:32 are more effective in serving one particular district.

09:18:36 >>HARRY COHEN: Then I he would just point out to everyone

09:18:39 that if we choose all four of the four applicants for the

09:18:44 four positions on the Tampa Heights one, that will eliminate

09:18:49 some of the people from the other lists, and perhaps narrow

09:18:52 it down.

09:18:53 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Thank you for pointing that out.

09:18:57 >> (off microphone).

09:19:17 >>FRANK REDDICK: Could we ask which one is their

09:19:19 preference?

09:19:21 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Absolutely.

09:19:22 I believe he's here.

09:19:25 One person applied for others.

09:19:33 Does this person want to make his preference known to us?

09:19:37 Is it Mr. Shirin?

09:19:44 Do you want to state your preference?

09:19:47 Come to the mike.

09:19:53 >> Good morning.

09:19:55 Shirin Kanji.

09:20:02 My preference is downtown and secondarily to the

09:20:06 Channelside.

09:20:06 >> So you are saying to us now we can automatically remove

09:20:09 you from Tampa Heights list?

09:20:11 >> Yes.

09:20:11 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

09:20:15 If that's your preference, that's what we'll do.

09:20:17 >>MARY MULHERN: I didn't have my Mike on.

09:20:28 Maybe, Mr. Chairman, you can ask if there's anyone that

09:20:31 would like to have their name for the Tampa Heights one.

09:20:35 Could he would do that? Is there anyone here who wanted?

09:20:39 >> We have a process.

09:20:40 >> You can't do that.

09:20:49 >> I believe the first ballot is for folks in the Channel

09:20:51 District.

09:20:52 We have that organized.

09:20:53 That's how it is in my binder.

09:20:55 If I could, I would like to ask candidates for the Channel

09:20:58 Districts to come up and introduce themselves, speak

09:21:02 directly to the board.

09:21:02 >>FRANK REDDICK: State your name and you have three

09:21:18 minutes.

09:21:18 >> Abbey Dohring Ahern in Tampa Heights and also have

09:21:29 offices in downtown Tampa but I have been on the Channel

09:21:30 District CRA board for the past two years and I wish to

09:21:33 renew that.

09:21:34 We have been working on some great projects.

09:21:37 I think I was just here maybe two months ago to give an

09:21:41 update for the district.

09:21:42 And we are getting ready to start, I think two months from

09:21:46 now we'll have be a meeting with all of the communities to

09:21:50 set short and long-term goals.

09:21:52 I'm very excited for 2014 and all that it brings for the

09:21:55 neighborhood.

09:21:57 Any questions for me?

09:21:59 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any questions from the group?

09:22:01 Thank you.

09:22:03 Next.

09:22:03 >> Jim Edwards.

09:22:14 This is actually my second appearance before you.

09:22:16 I applied last you're for an open position, and there were

09:22:19 four positions and five applicants.

09:22:22 I'm hoping for a more favorable outcome this year.

09:22:26 I'm a civil engineer and spent the last 30 years working on

09:22:32 bridge projects in New York City and for the last 25 years

09:22:35 here in Tampa.

09:22:36 I moved here actually the Monday after the Super Bowl.

09:22:40 My company transferred me here, but because of the Super

09:22:43 Bowl I couldn't find a place to live or rent, so I moved

09:22:47 here the day after the Super Bowl in January 1991.

09:22:52 I bought my first house in South Tampa and lived there about

09:22:55 five years before moving on to Carrollwood and eventually

09:22:58 Lutz.

09:23:00 About ten years ago, our son moved away to college so we

09:23:03 sold the big house and bought a condo in the Channel

09:23:07 District.

09:23:10 We bought part of a third lot and an idea that that Channel

09:23:15 District some day would be a great place.

09:23:18 So that was nine years ago.

09:23:20 Six years ago we moved into our condo in Grand Central and

09:23:23 it's been a great place to live.

09:23:25 We like taking the streetcar or walking to the ice palace or

09:23:29 the convention center, walking to Gasparilla.

09:23:34 We have the food trucks every month behind Grand Central.

09:23:37 We have been businesses right downstairs.

09:23:40 And there is a lot of positive changes coming to the

09:23:43 district.

09:23:44 I'm excited about what's happening there.

09:23:47 I think because I'm an owner, a property owner and a

09:23:50 resident, that I have a unique outlook on the district, and

09:23:56 I hope that you will consider my application to serve on the

09:24:00 CAC.

09:24:01 >> Would be you state your name again?

09:24:03 >> James Englert.

09:24:11 >>FRANK REDDICK: Next.

09:24:12 >> I am Christine Burdick with the Tampa downtown

09:24:16 partnership.

09:24:17 I'm here in the absence of one of the candidates, the

09:24:23 applicant Kathleen O'Donniley who was unable to attend today

09:24:28 because of a professional obligation.

09:24:30 I just wanted to endorse her application.

09:24:33 She has asked -- we have asked, and I hope that she will be

09:24:39 appointed as the ex-officio representative of the downtown

09:24:42 partnership.

09:24:43 We have a seat on both the downtown CRA and the Channel

09:24:45 District CRA advisory committees, and it's been open for

09:24:52 more than a year so we are very pleased to have Katherine

09:24:55 who has a lot of government, legal experience.

09:24:57 She's an energetic person who really wants ton see --

09:25:02 >>FRANK REDDICK: You stated --

09:25:05 >> Katherine O'Donniley.

09:25:10 >> Okay.

09:25:14 I was looking for the name.

09:25:15 Okay.

09:25:16 >> If you don't have any questions, I just hope that you

09:25:19 will consider her application.

09:25:20 Thank you.

09:25:20 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I made a procedural error.

09:25:28 Prior to considering candidates, we should have public

09:25:31 comment.

09:25:31 And I skipped over that.

09:25:32 And I think Mr. Tillou was here.

09:25:39 >> Right.

09:25:39 It was omitted from the agenda, public comments.

09:25:42 So once we have done the voting, go back to public comment.

09:25:54 Do you want to comment on these applicants?

09:25:56 Or do you want to wait till we go to public comment?

09:25:59 >> No.

09:26:02 I'm Ed Tillou from Sulphur Springs.

09:26:05 This would mostly address item 3.

09:26:10 Okay.

09:26:14 I have a planning degree, as I say, and I did find a little

09:26:20 bit of work with the city of New York.

09:26:22 But it's actually a masters of urban planning.

09:26:27 Very important to appreciate that is a one-year degree

09:26:31 whereas masters of city planning is a three year degree and

09:26:36 much more weighty.

09:26:37 But in any case, it was actually a design degree I was

09:26:42 pursuing.

09:26:42 And I never did my design.

09:26:44 So reached the conclusion, well, we know you did a lot of

09:26:47 planning on this design, even though you never did it.

09:26:50 So they gave me a degree in urban planning instead of urban

09:26:54 design.

09:26:55 Stanford would sometimes bend the rules here and there.

09:26:58 But what bothers me about a lot of the planning that relates

09:27:03 to that designer project, it was to be a container port to

09:27:10 look out over the containers and see them, and you have

09:27:13 restaurants and things like that.

09:27:14 And it's going to expose people to the maritime industry as

09:27:20 it is today.

09:27:21 And I feel there's a privileged community and Channel

09:27:28 District is an example of that.

09:27:30 It's a little beat up, but it doesn't communicate the

09:27:34 maritime industry, and the maritime industry will stay as it

09:27:41 was.

09:27:41 For instance, Baltimore has four or five.

09:27:45 They've quite a few there.

09:27:47 But of course there, everything is removed.

09:27:50 And it's way out and people don't see it.

09:27:53 And that's why the council movies like Wahlberg's contraband

09:28:00 or this recent one, captain's -- these are very important

09:28:06 because they communicate as it is.

09:28:08 Now, that is the city seal of Tampa, which has this sailing

09:28:15 ship, but it was actually a steamship.

09:28:19 So, I mean, there's a lack of accuracy there.

09:28:22 But I think this is something that's got to be addressed.

09:28:27 You have got to get out.

09:28:29 Show how people are working, how they are earning their

09:28:32 money, how this transition from the past, and I think that

09:28:36 even bears on the Jackson house, which is in item 3, but the

09:28:40 Jackson house, to make it like it was, there's got to be

09:28:45 interface with the blue lining, make that a jazz mecca, as

09:28:52 it ties in the magazines like Ebony and things like that.

09:28:56 So the Jackson house is a little bit like it is, and you

09:28:59 have discounts on Amtrak so people can come in on Amtrak and

09:29:04 stay in the Jackson house, and they get a discount at blue

09:29:09 note cafe.

09:29:10 And, you know, you have to integrate these things.

09:29:12 (Bell sounds)

09:29:36 >> (oaf microphone).

09:29:38 >> So moved.

09:29:39 >> I have a motion from Councilwoman Montelione, seconded by

09:29:43 Suarez.

09:29:44 Any discussion on the motion?

09:29:45 All in favor?

09:29:46 Opposed?

09:29:46 All right.

09:29:47 And you can cast your ballots.

09:29:52 >> This is Channelside, correct?

09:29:56 >>FRANK REDDICK: This is Channelside.

09:30:27 all right, Bob, we are downtown.

09:30:29 >>BOB McDONAUGH: We have two seats and several of the

09:30:32 people would be here and I'm sure they would like to speak

09:30:34 to council and talk about their personal skills that they

09:30:36 can bring to the CAC.

09:30:38 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

09:30:48 State your name.

09:30:48 You have three minutes.

09:30:49 >> I live at 6005 north Suwanee Avenue, Seminole Heights.

09:30:57 I am currently hold the position of the director of

09:31:02 commercial real estate for the Bank of Tampa.

09:31:06 I'm responsible for real estate banking as well as the

09:31:09 residential lending component of that.

09:31:11 I have a degree in finance from the University of South

09:31:12 Florida.

09:31:14 I also have two children, two boys, 7 and 6.

09:31:18 And we as a family frequent downtown.

09:31:21 We go to Curtis Hixon park and the children's museum as well

09:31:24 as the family we often frequent the farmers market downtown

09:31:29 and enjoy that as a place of entertainment, and also have an

09:31:35 investment in downtown through the bank of Tampa.

09:31:39 But I feel that given my finance degree, and given my career

09:31:43 as a banker, I think I am uniquely qualified for the

09:31:47 position.

09:31:48 So I appreciate your time.

09:31:50 Thank you for the consideration.

09:31:56 And if there's any questions I would be happy to answer.

09:31:59 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:32:00 >> Good morning.

09:32:08 Sorry for the earlier confusion.

09:32:10 I guess I was excited in checking out the boxes on the

09:32:15 cards.

09:32:15 Shirin Kanji.

09:32:22 My family has been in business for over 30 years.

09:32:24 We direct and develop a variety of residential and

09:32:27 commercial real estate as well as very active in the

09:32:30 restaurant industry.

09:32:32 I grew up here and went to Tampa prep high school and went

09:32:35 to college in New York at New York university school of

09:32:38 business.

09:32:38 I just moved back here recently, and having spent ten years

09:32:42 in New York feel like I have a very unique perspective and

09:32:47 experience living and working in one of the most dynamic

09:32:50 urban environments in the world.

09:32:51 And I feel that fresh perspective is sewing that I can bring

09:32:54 to downtown CRA in terms of tackling some of the challenges

09:32:57 we see ahead of us and realizing the potential that I feel

09:33:00 downtown truly has.

09:33:03 I have a strong interest in this community.

09:33:05 Family has been here a long time and I plan on being here a

09:33:08 long time myself.

09:33:09 I appreciate your consideration.

09:33:11 And I will take any questions if you have any.

09:33:14 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any questions by council? Thank you.

09:33:18 >> My name is Bryan Barrett.

09:33:38 I live at 2805 Harder Oaks in Valrico, Florida.

09:33:42 I appreciate the opportunity to be submit my application for

09:33:45 this district.

09:33:47 I am truly passionate about public service, and always

09:33:52 looking for a way to give back to the community.

09:33:56 I have been raised here in the Tampa Bay area my entire

09:33:59 life, went out of school, went to the Louisiana state

09:34:03 university, and obtained an architecture degree, quickly

09:34:07 moved back to the Tampa Bay area where I practiced

09:34:10 architecture for 16 years now, the vice-president of stone

09:34:15 architecture engineering, a 20 man operation here in the

09:34:19 Tampa Bay area.

09:34:21 He would typically have an understanding of residential

09:34:25 development, quality of life issues.

09:34:29 Not only residential structured, but also lifestyle

09:34:34 amenities is our core focus in our design group.

09:34:43 Member of the community here again since childhood with my

09:34:46 wife of 20 years, two children now, two boys.

09:34:50 They are in high school already.

09:34:51 So looking for ways to get out and contribute to my

09:34:55 community.

09:34:55 I appreciate the opportunity.

09:34:57 And I will answer any questions if you have any.

09:35:00 >>FRANK REDDICK: Are there any questions?

09:35:01 All right.

09:35:01 >> My name is Josh Dohring. I live at 2220 North Ridgewood

09:35:17 Avenue, a little pocket neighborhood called Ridgewood park

09:35:20 just west of Tampa Heights, just off the river there.

09:35:26 Exciting place to be right now.

09:35:28 I am a principal with the Doran group, commercial brokerage

09:35:32 firm downtown since early 90s.

09:35:34 I am also owner of a small company called eBoats Tampa where

09:35:41 work out of the convention center and allow people to enjoy

09:35:46 a major part of the Renaissance we have been experiencing

09:35:49 here for a number of years.

09:35:50 I was raised in Tampa.

09:35:51 I moved away in my early 20s, came back in my early 30s,

09:35:55 and one of the most row warding parts about the career I

09:35:58 embarked upon here has been helping downtown really be the

09:36:01 best they can be and be a part of that Renaissance.

09:36:04 It's been something we have been part of day in and day out.

09:36:08 So when I thought about the value to CRA, there were a few

09:36:13 things that came to mind and one is multiple perspective,

09:36:16 skills and experiences right here in downtown.

09:36:18 We had an opportunity to experience downtown from the

09:36:21 perspective of a now comer coming back, being gone for a

09:36:26 long time as a resident, as a business owner, as a property

09:36:30 owner, so I have enjoyed multiple perspectives in I don't.

09:36:34 I have a track record of supporting the community and being

09:36:37 involved where we can, serving on boards such as past

09:36:45 president of the Tampa business alliance, also enjoy being

09:36:47 involved in committee and organizational positions like this

09:36:53 Tampa Bay, downtown partnership over the years, those kinds

09:36:55 of community support oranges.

09:36:57 And the bottom line really is one of the things I enjoy most

09:37:02 is being part of helping the city be the best it can be.

09:37:06 If there are any questions, I am happy to take them.

09:37:08 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any questions?

09:37:09 We thank you.

09:37:13 Do you have the results of the first one as you pass the

09:37:19 ballots?

09:37:23 While she's doing that, the downtown CRA.

09:37:25 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: City clerk.

09:37:30 The individuals selected for the Channel District CRA

09:37:34 community advisory committee, the four individuals include

09:37:38 Abbye Ahern, Lauren Capo, Jason Carroll, and James Englert,

09:37:50 and Katherine O'Donniley was confirmed.

09:37:53 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:37:56 All those who will be serving on the CRA, the CRA board, he

09:38:01 would congratulate you.

09:38:02 All right.

09:38:07 Downtown.

09:38:08 >> I have a question.

09:38:23 When we have the chart, and it says in their applications,

09:38:26 but the charts I notice are a little bit different in that

09:38:31 Channelside is understood the category of resident.

09:38:36 It just says resident.

09:38:37 So I'm assume that that meant that person is -- and I have

09:38:42 to go through all of the applications to verify -- that they

09:38:46 are a resident of Channelside.

09:38:47 We discussed before in different CRA districts about he

09:38:51 people being appointed based on whether or not they reside

09:38:57 in the area, or if that's one of the things that we

09:38:59 consider.

09:39:00 But I notice on some of the others, it just says Tampa

09:39:04 resident.

09:39:12 I'm looking at the downtown candidates.

09:39:16 It just has Tampa resident.

09:39:20 Oh, I'm sorry.

09:39:21 I need new glasses.

09:39:29 The print is a little small.

09:39:32 Sorry.

09:39:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: Is that your question?

09:39:42 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes.

09:39:43 >> Drew Park.

09:39:45 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Yes, sir.

09:39:47 We have some folks here that are applying for the position

09:39:50 and I would like to give them the opportunity to tell folks.

09:39:55 >> Michael Martinez, and I own enterprise construction.

09:40:08 I am a Tampa native.

09:40:09 And I have been looking for an opportunity to give back to

09:40:11 my community.

09:40:12 And I think the Drew Park CRA committee is a good way to do

09:40:16 that.

09:40:17 My business is in Drew Park and I think it's essential that

09:40:21 area has for the City of Tampa.

09:40:22 I feel my background in engineering, construction and real

09:40:25 estate is a good way to bring new and interesting ideas to

09:40:28 the table.

09:40:29 Do you have any questions?

09:40:31 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any questions?

09:40:32 Thank you.

09:40:32 >> Lisa Dailey, 17911 Arbor Haven Drive in Tampa, the New

09:40:44 Tampa area.

09:40:45 Took me a long time to get here this morning.

09:40:48 Thank you for allowing me to be here.

09:40:50 I'm actually an applicant who chose to move here almost 20

09:40:53 years ago, before the Internet was around, and we chose

09:41:00 Tampa.

09:41:00 My husband and I were a young married couple at the time.

09:41:04 We have been here ever since and been very, very happy with

09:41:07 our selection.

09:41:07 My career began actually Wayne college as well as a

09:41:14 journalism degree and led into the real estate business.

09:41:17 I have been in real estate for my entire career of 20 years.

09:41:21 13 of those years have been in Tampa.

09:41:23 Involved in the multifamily industry but I also own a small

09:41:27 brokerage, Florida custom realty that also serves

09:41:31 residential as well as some commercial in the community.

09:41:36 My professional career is vice-president of business

09:41:38 development for a national company that invests in

09:41:43 multifamily housing and has a very sincere interest in

09:41:46 becoming an active player in the Tampa market.

09:41:48 From a personal perspective, Drew Park is very interesting

09:41:51 to me.

09:41:52 Over the years I have been able to evaluate so many

09:41:55 communities throughout the Tampa Bay market, and the new

09:41:58 audiences and cultures and really identify Drew Park as an

09:42:02 opportunity for a lot of advancement for the position,

09:42:06 corridors that surround it and believe that with continued

09:42:09 improvement has a very bright future.

09:42:10 >>FRANK REDDICK: You say you are staying in New Tampa?

09:42:15 >> Yes.

09:42:16 >> Do you have any business interest in Drew Park?

09:42:18 >> I don't have business interest in Drew Park, although our

09:42:22 corporate office is located on Dale Mabry just in the

09:42:24 Carrollwood area, and Drew Park is an interest area for

09:42:27 future development.

09:42:28 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:42:30 Any questions?

09:42:32 Thank you.

09:42:32 >> My name is Humberto Garcia.

09:42:42 Right now I am the vice chair of the CRA advisory committee.

09:42:49 I lived in Tampa most of my life.

09:42:56 USF.

09:42:57 I lived around the corner of Lois and South for 40-something

09:43:03 years.

09:43:05 A business owner there.

09:43:06 Also live there.

09:43:09 I would love the opportunity to continue working.

09:43:15 Thank you very much.

09:43:15 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me ask you one question.

09:43:19 You say you are vice chair?

09:43:21 You are the current vice chair?

09:43:23 >> Yes.

09:43:23 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

09:43:25 It's a sad commentary that you are the vice chair and coming

09:43:28 back for reappointment, right?

09:43:30 [ Laughter ]

09:43:31 It is what it is.

09:43:32 But I'll live with it.

09:43:33 >> Thank you.

09:43:34 >> Any questions?

09:43:39 All right.

09:43:39 Anyone else?

09:43:41 All right.

09:43:45 Please cast your ballots.

09:43:49 And we'll get results.

09:43:52 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: City clerk.

09:43:55 The individual selected for the downtown CRA community

09:43:59 advisory committee, the two individuals include Josh DORAN

09:44:06 and Shirin Kanji.

09:44:17 All right.

09:44:28 Slide the ballots down here to the side.

09:44:54 Make sure you got one from everybody.

09:44:55 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: City clerk.

09:45:06 The results are the same.

09:45:08 Josh Dohring and Shirin Kanji.

09:45:16 >> Congratulations to you both.

09:45:19 Thank you for serving on the CRA board.

09:45:21 All right.

09:45:22 We have -- Tampa Heights.

09:45:28 We can just have a motion.

09:45:29 Well, we will hear from those who are here.

09:45:31 >>BOB McDONAUGH: We have some folks up front.

09:45:34 >> Okay, great.

09:45:36 >> Good morning.

09:45:41 Thank you for the opportunity to come before you.

09:45:43 My name is OMEN young, 3407 Justin street.

09:45:53 Many of you may know me as the president of -- principal of

09:45:57 Middleton high school, the same area that I have lived all

09:45:59 my life.

09:46:02 Upon graduating from Hillsborough high school and having the

09:46:05 opportunity to also go away as many stated and to come back

09:46:09 and see such a robust movement taking place in a city that I

09:46:13 do believe will be of the next great cities as always

09:46:17 stated.

09:46:18 Tampa Heights is a very unique place.

09:46:20 Tampa Heights is adjacent to many of the areas that are

09:46:24 quickly moving, and we will have a great state in that

09:46:28 process.

09:46:31 What I do feel I bring to the board if appointed is the

09:46:37 ability to collaborate and work with people in the

09:46:41 development of that area that will serve the residents and

09:46:43 the city as the city moves forward.

09:46:47 I would greatly enjoy the opportunity to serve the city in

09:46:52 another capacity other than that of educational.

09:46:58 Thank you.

09:46:59 >> My name is Matt May, Tampa Heights, 206 West Ross Avenue.

09:47:07 My family comprises three of the approximately 18 full time

09:47:10 residents inside the legal boundaries of the CRA.

09:47:15 It's a bit of a quiet area but there are people that are

09:47:18 concerned about what the future holds for that area.

09:47:21 There's obviously a lot going on.

09:47:23 You know, worry so thankful that we are finally making

09:47:26 progress with the park and the development and restaurants.

09:47:29 It's an exciting time.

09:47:30 I currently serve as the vice chair of the committee for the

09:47:34 CAC committee for Tampa Heights.

09:47:36 And through that process, I have helped to be part of the

09:47:39 dialogue.

09:47:41 Some of the issues that he would see in front of us in that

09:47:43 area.

09:47:45 The most predominant of which is probably dealing with

09:47:49 homelessness in the area.

09:47:50 We see that not just as quality of life issue but economic

09:47:54 development issue and also physical issue for the City of

09:47:59 Tampa so I have been part of that conversation over the past

09:48:02 two years, and hopefully continue to find some new solutions

09:48:05 to that old problem as that really impacts that area,

09:48:10 probably more dramatically than anywhere else in the city.

09:48:15 So thank you for your time.

09:48:16 I appreciate any consideration.

09:48:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: Do you also serve as photographer?

09:48:24 [ Laughter ]

09:48:25 >> When needed.

09:48:26 >> Any questions?

09:48:29 Let me ask you a question, Bob.

09:48:30 He would only have three out of four applicants.

09:48:33 So --

09:48:34 >> We'll have to repost.

09:48:36 >> All right, you will repost?

09:48:39 >> Yes, sir.

09:48:39 >> Do I have a motion for these three?

09:48:42 >> Motion to ratify all three.

09:48:43 >> Second.

09:48:44 >> I have a motion from Mr. Cohen, second by Mr. Suarez.

09:48:48 Any discussion?

09:48:50 All in favor of the motion?

09:48:52 Opposed?

09:48:52 All right.

09:48:53 Congratulations to all three.

09:48:55 All right.

09:48:55 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: City clerk.

09:49:10 Council, we have a tie between two individuals that we need

09:49:15 to revote on.

09:49:21 In order to get the four seats, the ones that did make it

09:49:26 include Randy Coen, Humberto Garcia and Michael Martinez.

09:49:33 But we have a tie between Travis Allred and Lisa Dailey.

09:49:38 >>FRANK REDDICK: So we need new ballots for this?

09:50:18 We'll make sure we get it right this time.

09:50:24 Vote for one of the two.

09:50:40 We will do public comment.

09:51:14 Anyone in the public wishing tore speak at this time?

09:51:16 Anybody from the public hoe hasn't spoken would like to be

09:51:23 given three minutes?

09:51:24 Seeing none, all right.

09:51:29 We will do information and new business.

09:51:31 Mr. Suarez?

09:51:34 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I have none.

09:51:35 >>YVONNE CAPIN: No.

09:51:36 >>HARRY COHEN: Just a remainder that we start tonight at

09:51:41 City Council at 6:00 p.m.

09:51:42 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you for the reminder.

09:51:49 [ Laughter ]

09:51:49 >> All right.

09:51:55 So, Bob, we need to talk for a few minutes.

09:52:00 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I'll sing a few bars.

09:52:06 >>MARY MULHERN: I have a question about the -- I think it

09:52:13 was the information reports for the downtown.

09:52:16 He mentioned about lights-on.

09:52:19 When is the next lights-on happening?

09:52:21 >> Next you're.

09:52:21 >>MARY MULHERN: 2015?

09:52:25 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Yes, 2015.

09:52:28 The call for artists is going on right now.

09:52:31 And again, a light scene looking at a way of accommodating

09:52:38 downtown.

09:52:38 >> Is there a date for it?

09:52:40 >> I do not believe.

09:52:43 I'll ask Robin and get back to you.

09:52:45 But I think not yet.

09:52:53 Well, that was 15 seconds.

09:52:54 [ Laughter ]

09:52:55 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: City clerk.

09:52:58 The fourth individual selected is for the Drew Park CRA is

09:53:04 Travis Allred.

09:53:06 >>FRANK REDDICK: Congratulations.

09:53:12 And working with Drew Park CRA board.

09:53:16 Any other business to come before us at this time?

09:53:18 >>BOB McDONAUGH: That concludes my report but I do want to

09:53:22 thank everybody for coming downtown.

09:53:24 And being willing to give their time, because this is really

09:53:27 what makes our operation a success, the involvement of our

09:53:31 citizens, and the fact that they take an active role in

09:53:34 deciding what happens in their community.

09:53:36 >>FRANK REDDICK: And just to remind everyone that the

09:53:40 festival will be going own in downtown this weekend, and

09:53:43 anyone that wants a chance to have a good time, it will be a

09:53:49 great opportunity to come out.

09:53:51 They have a lot of activity going on.

09:53:53 >> I'm pretty happy with that.

09:54:06 >> We look forward to seeing you.

09:54:08 Motion to receive and file.

09:54:09 >> So moved.

09:54:11 >>FRANK REDDICK: Discussion on the motion?

09:54:12 All those in favor?

09:54:13 Opposed?

09:54:14 All right.

09:54:14 We stand adjourned.

09:54:15 Thank you.

09:54:16 >>>



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