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Tampa City Council

Thursday, January 16, 2014

6:00 p.m. Session


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06:04:21 (Roll call)

06:05:22 >>HARRY COHEN: We have public hearings on items 1 through

06:05:28 8.

06:05:29 I would like to entertain a motion to open all 8

06:05:33 public-hearings now.

06:05:34 >> So moved.

06:05:35 >> We have a motion from Councilman Suarez, seconded by

06:05:38 Councilwoman Capin to open items 1 through 8.

06:05:41 All those in favor say aye.

06:05:43 Opposed?

06:05:44 All right.

06:05:44 These are all quasi-judicial proceedings.

06:05:47 All of them require the witnesses to be sworn prior to

06:05:50 testifying.

06:05:51 Anyone here in the audience tonight, if you think that you

06:05:54 are going to speak about any one of these items, please be

06:05:57 sworn now by the clerk.

06:05:59 (Oath administered by Clerk)

06:06:07 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.

06:06:08 Before we begin, let's just deal with the continuance of

06:06:12 item number 5.

06:06:13 We have an e-mail in our packet that there's a request for

06:06:18 continuance to February 13.

06:06:22 Mrs. Feeley.

06:06:24 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

06:06:26 Item number 5 was publicly noticed and everything was good

06:06:29 with the case.

06:06:31 There was a little question about a grand tree notice.

06:06:33 So I did ask the applicant to go ahead and renotice for the

06:06:36 February 13th hearing, that it would be up to the

06:06:40 pleasure of council, I would appreciate it if you would

06:06:42 continue the case to that night per the recommendation of

06:06:44 the staff.

06:06:45 >>HARRY COHEN: Is there anyone here that would like to

06:06:47 speak on the continuance, and on the continuance only?

06:06:52 I don't see anyone.

06:06:54 What is the pleasure of council?

06:06:55 >> Move to continue to item number 5 to February 13th at

06:07:07 6:00 p.m.

06:07:09 >> Second.

06:07:10 >>HARRY COHEN: Motion from Councilwoman Mulhern, seconded

06:07:12 by councilwoman Capin.

06:07:16 All in favor?

06:07:17 Opposed?

06:07:17 All right.

06:07:18 So that is continued to February.

06:07:19 We are going to start with item number 1.

06:07:21 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

06:07:25 Item number 1 is located, the case is REZ-14-01 located at

06:07:33 1506, 1508, 1510, 1512 and 1518 Fig Street.

06:07:39 The request before you tonight is from PD planned

06:07:42 development to RS-50 residential single-family.

06:07:46 >> Good evening.

06:07:50 David Hay with your Planning Commission staff and I have

06:07:53 been sworn.

06:07:56 Our first case tonight, we end up in the central Tampa

06:07:58 planning district.

06:08:00 The site is located about a mile west of us tonight over on

06:08:04 Fig Street just west of north Oregon Avenue in the north

06:08:07 Hyde Park neighborhood.

06:08:08 The site is also located within the West Tampa urban

06:08:11 village.

06:08:14 Next we have the aerial.

06:08:16 Things are changing quickly in this part of Tampa.

06:08:19 A number of the large vacant tracks in this area are

06:08:22 currently being redeveloped with urban in-fill projects.

06:08:25 The parcel directly to the north of the subject site, which

06:08:28 is vacant in this picture, is now contains a multifamily

06:08:33 residential project, that is nearing completion.

06:08:36 Overall, though, the aerial really shows the mixture of uses

06:08:39 that currently exists within the surrounding area.

06:08:43 We can see that Kennedy Boulevard corridor along the bottom

06:08:46 of the aerial.

06:08:47 And you can even make out the Crosstown expressway in the

06:08:50 lower right.

06:08:51 Finally, we have the future land use map.

06:08:55 The first thing that pops out is that the north Hyde Park

06:08:58 neighborhood is planned for a mixture of uses.

06:09:01 The subject site has two future land use categories,

06:09:04 residential 20, which is the dark tan color, and the

06:09:08 community mixed use 35, which is the pink color.

06:09:12 You can see the community mixed use 35 category up and down

06:09:15 the north Rome Avenue corridor.

06:09:18 You can also see some general mixed use 24 which is

06:09:21 represented by the light purple color.

06:09:24 You can just see the western edge of the university of

06:09:27 Tampa.

06:09:28 And represented by that blue color.

06:09:31 And on the right of the aerial, that's on the right, it is

06:09:35 hard to tell by this map, but you can also see the pinkish

06:09:39 color along West Kennedy Boulevard representing the 60 mixed

06:09:45 use category.

06:09:45 The Planning Commission staff found the proposed rezoning

06:09:48 would allow for development pattern in keeping with the

06:09:50 mixed use development pattern found within the surrounding

06:09:54 area, a mixture of housing types and styles is encouraged

06:09:57 within the comprehensive plan.

06:09:58 Though the development is single-family detached residential

06:10:01 would be not maximize the overall density, single-family

06:10:03 detached residential still makes up a vital component of the

06:10:07 mixture of uses found within the north Hyde Park

06:10:10 neighborhood.

06:10:11 Therefore, based on those findings and the goals, objectives

06:10:13 and policies of the comprehensive plan, Planning Commission

06:10:16 staff find the rezoning request consistent with the Tampa

06:10:19 comprehensive plan.

06:10:19 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Thank you, David.

06:10:25 Abbye Feeley, land development.

06:10:28 The property before you tonight was actually row zoned in

06:10:31 2007 as part of phase 2 of the western development.

06:10:34 Part of that which I am going to show you tonight, the

06:10:36 northern part you rezoned about a year ago, and actually

06:10:44 these are five platted lots located on the south side of

06:10:49 Fig, and the applicant is really just seeking to reestablish

06:10:53 the lots that were there prior to it going into the PD, and

06:10:56 to build five single-family homes.

06:10:58 >> The League of Women Voters were originally platted at 50

06:11:01 by 108, and that is what they are seeking to reestablish.

06:11:06 There are no waivers or variances that should be considered

06:11:09 with this application.

06:11:11 It will need to meet all codes.

06:11:13 Minimum standards for the RS-50 are 20-foot fence setback,

06:11:17 22-yard rear setback and 20-foot sides.

06:11:21 I am going to show you the zoning atlas.

06:11:26 This is Fig to the north.

06:11:28 Rome to the west.

06:11:30 Oregon to the east.

06:11:32 Gray Street which was vacated as part of the lots, they show

06:11:36 it vacated just to the left of here.

06:11:38 The no HO lots, Victory Lofts is also -- I'm sorry, also at

06:11:48 the corner of Cass, and there's a few pieces left of the

06:11:51 original PDs that were done, just a few that we have.

06:11:58 Here is the aerial.

06:12:00 Again here are the five lots.

06:12:02 You may remember just a few months ago there was one lot

06:12:06 here that you all rezoned from RS-50 to PD to be included in

06:12:10 no HO.

06:12:13 That has not been constructed.

06:12:14 We are going to show you some pictures of what has been

06:12:17 constructed.

06:12:17 This is Oregon looking west along Fig.

06:12:23 This is that same intersection looking north along Oregon.

06:12:27 So the church is going to be to your right.

06:12:31 This is the subject property on Fig.

06:12:33 And I am moving west toward Rome.

06:12:39 The subject property as well.

06:12:43 Subject.

06:12:45 Again the subject.

06:12:47 Western end of the subject.

06:12:49 Immediately to the west of the site, this is almost at Rome

06:12:55 along Fig.

06:12:57 And then the north side of Fig moving back towered Oregon.

06:13:05 This is the northeast corner of Oregon and Fig.

06:13:11 The southeast corner of Oregon and Fig.

06:13:14 And looking down Oregon.

06:13:20 Staff found the request consistent.

06:13:21 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.

06:13:24 Any questions from council members?

06:13:28 All right.

06:13:28 Petitioner.

06:13:29 >> Kevin Roe, reside at 2107 chestnut forest drive.

06:13:38 I'm the petitioner on this rezone.

06:13:40 I wanted to thank Abbye for a great job.

06:13:43 You didn't leave anything for me.

06:13:46 We did receive several comments from the mail-out, one being

06:13:50 the North Hyde Park civic association.

06:13:54 They were in support as well as the Baptist church adjacent

06:14:00 to this property.

06:14:01 Other than that we received no opposition.

06:14:03 We did hold one evening meeting in which nobody attended.

06:14:08 Any questions of council?

06:14:11 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

06:14:13 That evening meeting that you speak of, that was with the

06:14:18 church?

06:14:18 >> Yes.

06:14:19 >> They had been notified that this project is going on?

06:14:23 >> Yes.

06:14:23 >>FRANK REDDICK: Will this project increase the traffic

06:14:28 flow on Oregon?

06:14:31 >> It's currently five vacant lots rezoned for five singles,

06:14:36 from multifamily PD.

06:14:38 >> So there will be some traffic increase?

06:14:41 >> Some traffic.

06:14:43 >>FRANK REDDICK: Yeah.

06:14:44 You mentioned North Hyde Park neighborhood association.

06:14:48 You say they are in support of this project?

06:14:50 >> Yes, sir.

06:14:51 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

06:14:52 Thank you.

06:14:52 >>HARRY COHEN: Anyone else?

06:14:56 Okay.

06:14:57 Is there anyone in the audience who would like to speak on

06:15:00 this matter, item number 1 on tonight's agenda?

06:15:05 I don't see anyone.

06:15:07 Petitioner, I assume you don't want rebuttal.

06:15:09 >> No, I'm good.

06:15:12 >>HARRY COHEN: Okay, great.

06:15:13 I'm sorry.

06:15:17 We have a motion to close from Councilman Reddick.

06:15:19 Seconded, I think, by Councilwoman Montelione, actually.

06:15:23 All those in favor please indicate by saying aye.

06:15:26 Opposed?

06:15:27 All right.

06:15:27 Councilman Suarez, please take item number 1.

06:15:30 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda being absent.

06:15:34 Second reading --

06:15:35 >>HARRY COHEN: That was just to close.

06:15:36 >>THE CLERK: I'm sorry.

06:15:39 >>HARRY COHEN: We are getting there.

06:15:44 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I present an ordinance for first reading

06:15:47 consideration, an ordinance rezoning property in the general

06:15:49 vicinity of 1506, 150, 1510, 1512, 1514 Fig Street in the

06:15:58 city of Tampa, Florida and more particularly described in

06:16:00 section 1 from zoning district classification PD planned

06:16:04 development to RS-50, residential single-family, providing

06:16:07 an effective date.

06:16:07 >> And we have a motion from Councilman Suarez, seconded by

06:16:13 Councilman Reddick.

06:16:14 All those in favor please indicate by saying aye.

06:16:17 Opposed?

06:16:18 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda being absent.

06:16:21 Second roading and adoption will be on February 6th at

06:16:24 9:30 a.m.

06:16:25 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.

06:16:27 We are going to hear items number 2 and 37 together now.

06:16:31 They are related to one another.

06:16:33 It's a vacation and then an application.

06:16:36 Ms. Feeley.

06:16:36 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

06:16:40 The next item, rezoning item is Z-13-80.

06:16:44 And the request is located at 370 North Armenia Avenue.

06:16:48 The request before you tonight is from PD planned

06:16:51 development to PD planned development.

06:16:54 The current zoning PD that's on the property was done in

06:16:57 1996 for major vehicle repair and was never constructed.

06:17:02 The site is vacant.

06:17:05 I have with me this evening Jimmy Cook from land development

06:17:09 representing VAC 14-03 which is the vacating.

06:17:14 This property is bifurcated by an alley that runs

06:17:17 north-south, and we have a site plan provided to you.

06:17:21 Parking is going to be located on the west.

06:17:23 The parking and the dumpster.

06:17:24 The building is going to be located on the east.

06:17:27 Code does not allow for solid waste to be conveyed across

06:17:31 public rights-of-way, so we could not put the dumpster on

06:17:34 the western portion of the property without vacating the

06:17:37 alley.

06:17:38 The alley really doesn't serve anything unless Mr. Cock

06:17:42 talks to that.

06:17:43 The request before you tonight is for office business

06:17:46 professional and retail under planned development with the

06:17:49 associated vacating.

06:17:50 >> David Hay with your Planning Commission staff.

06:18:00 I have been sworn.

06:18:00 We stay in the central Tampa planning district.

06:18:05 The subject site is located at the southwest corner of North

06:18:08 Armenia Avenue and west Braddock street.

06:18:11 South of Tampa Bay Boulevard and the north MacFarlane

06:18:16 Avenue.

06:18:16 North Armenia Avenue has been designated as a transit

06:18:19 emphasis corridor and the subject site as you can see falls

06:18:22 within the boundaries of the West Tampa urban village.

06:18:26 Onto the aerial.

06:18:28 The subject site is located in the center of the aerial.

06:18:31 We can see North Armenia Avenue running north-south through

06:18:34 the center.

06:18:35 The Hillsborough River can be seen on the right side of the

06:18:37 aerial.

06:18:39 You can also make out Siesta plaza to the north.

06:18:45 And at the intersection of North Armenia Avenue and west

06:18:48 Tampa Bay Boulevard.

06:18:48 You can also see the predominant single-family detached

06:18:52 residential development pattern to the west of the subject

06:18:54 site with commercial and office uses along the major

06:18:57 corridors.

06:18:59 Currently onto the future land use map.

06:19:02 The subject site has two future land use designations.

06:19:05 The eastern parcel located adjacent to North Armenia Avenue,

06:19:09 and parcels located north and south along Armenia Avenue

06:19:13 represented by the bright red color.

06:19:16 Those are all designated community commercial 35.

06:19:19 The western parcel, and parcels located to the west away

06:19:23 from the major corridors, are represented by the tan color,

06:19:27 all designated residential 10.

06:19:29 The brown color to the west is the residential 25 --

06:19:34 actually, to the east is the residential 25.

06:19:39 And the pinkish color to the north is community mixed use

06:19:44 35.

06:19:44 The Planning Commission staff found the proposed planning

06:19:47 redevelopment would allow for the development of the

06:19:49 proposed vacant lot, also being sensitive to the residential

06:19:52 pattern to the west.

06:19:53 The building placement promotes a number of goals within the

06:19:57 mixed use corridor village.

06:20:01 Which is located along this portion of North Armenia Avenue.

06:20:05 The building was placed close to the street, while parking

06:20:07 is located to the rear, which will allow for transition to

06:20:12 residential to the west.

06:20:13 Therefore, based on those findings and the goals, objectives

06:20:16 and policies of the comprehensive plan, Planning Commission

06:20:18 staff finds the rezoning request consistent with the Tampa

06:20:21 comprehensive plan.

06:20:39 >>JAMES COOK: Land Development Coordination.

06:20:40 I have been sworn.

06:20:41 Speaking on item number 2, the vacating request as part of

06:20:44 this rezoning.

06:20:45 The applicant is requesting to vacate the remaining portion

06:20:47 of unimproved alley, a portion of which was previously

06:20:50 vacated in 1983.

06:20:52 The alley is L shaped and runs south of Braddock street

06:20:55 approximately 100 feet, then turns 90 feet, approximately 90

06:20:58 feet.

06:21:01 We go to the aerial.

06:21:02 Petitioner's property is highlighted in red.

06:21:04 This used to be what's called the T-shaped alleyway.

06:21:08 This was previously vacated in 1983, leaving open the

06:21:11 north-south 15-foot strip and east-west 10-foot strip.

06:21:21 Here is a picture of the alley looking south of Braddock

06:21:23 street.

06:21:23 It basically runs south until it hits that fence line, then

06:21:28 heads east 90ยบ.

06:21:30 This is what the alley looks like looking west from Armenia

06:21:33 Avenue.

06:21:33 You can see it's unimproved.

06:21:35 And here is a picture of the petitioner's abutting property,

06:21:39 southwest corner of Braddock and Armenia. Staff has no

06:21:42 objections as long as the utility easement is reserved.

06:21:46 >>ABBYE FEELEY: The actual PD is not contingent on the

06:21:58 vacating, they are not seeking to entitle the alley in any

06:22:01 way.

06:22:02 We are just seeking to lift the designation public

06:22:06 right-of-way so that transporting of the trash can occur

06:22:10 from the retail portion into the western portion where the

06:22:14 dumpster is going to be located.

06:22:16 So if it wouldn't be your pleasure to approve the vacating

06:22:21 we just have to find another location for the trash

06:22:24 somewhere on the eastern portion of the site.

06:22:28 The request before you this evening is to construct a 3,000

06:22:32 square-foot strip shopping center, what we call strip

06:22:35 shopping center under the zoning code for retail and/or

06:22:39 business professional oafs use.

06:22:41 As I said, the property is currently vacant.

06:22:44 Mr. Cooke showed you some pictures.

06:22:45 I have some others.

06:22:47 It was PD back in 1996 for major vehicle repair, body shop,

06:22:52 but it was not ever constructed.

06:22:54 There are a couple waivers, three, to be added to the site

06:22:58 plan.

06:22:59 And the first is to allow commercial traffic to a local

06:23:03 street, which would be Braddock street.

06:23:05 The second is toe allow the use of a six-foot PVC fence in

06:23:10 loop of a 6-foot wall along the western property line

06:23:13 adjacent to residential.

06:23:15 And then the third is to reduce the buffer along the south

06:23:20 from 15-foot to 7 and to utilize that same 6-foot PVC fence

06:23:25 in lieu of the 6-foot wall.

06:23:26 >>HARRY COHEN: Mrs. Capin has a question.

06:23:33 >>YVONNE CAPIN: The wall would be along the property line,

06:23:38 or if the alley were vacated, it would not be on the western

06:23:43 side of the alley?

06:23:44 Show me.

06:23:45 >> The wall would be required to be located here, adjacent

06:23:50 to the residential, and here along the south.

06:23:55 They are going to place the wall -- in lieu of the wall in

06:23:59 those two locations.

06:24:01 >> Would the wall abut the property?

06:24:03 I'm trying to figure out --

06:24:05 >> Placed on the property line.

06:24:07 >> On the property line.

06:24:08 Okay.

06:24:09 Thank you.

06:24:09 >>ABBYE FEELEY: As David mentioned this is in the West

06:24:14 Tampa urban village.

06:24:16 It is also within our West Tampa overlay district.

06:24:19 Having the building located on the corner of Armenia and

06:24:21 Braddock is exactly whereby we would provide the placement

06:24:25 of the building, and that is what they have brought to us.

06:24:29 What happens when do you that, though, then you have

06:24:31 vehicular access behind the building in the circulation.

06:24:35 So that is part of the reason why that waiver for the local

06:24:37 street is on that site.

06:24:40 The setbacks being proposed for the building are zero feet

06:24:45 to the north.

06:24:46 Four feet in your staff report.

06:24:48 There is an air conditioning unit being located between the

06:24:51 building and the property line in that four feet.

06:24:54 So I do need them to adjust that to be zero.

06:24:59 34-foot for the south.

06:25:01 Ten foot for the east along Armenia and 92 feet on the west.

06:25:05 The maximum building height is proposed at 25 feet.

06:25:09 A total of 12 spaces, parking spaces are required and 13

06:25:13 spaces are being provided.

06:25:16 And also we have addressed the vacating.

06:25:20 Let me go ahead and show you some pictures of the site, and

06:25:23 then we will look at the modifications needed in between

06:25:26 first and second reading.

06:25:29 Jimmie showed you an air yeah, David did, also, that shows

06:25:33 you Armenia, Braddock, to the south.

06:25:42 Here is the corridor according to the zoning atlas.

06:25:45 Everything that's CI along that corridor until you get out

06:25:48 to Tampa Bay where you have some CG uses on the north side

06:25:52 of Tampa Bay.

06:25:52 You also have a PD to the south which is the next item, I

06:25:57 believe, on your agenda this evening we are going to talk

06:26:00 about.

06:26:01 Just south of here at 3300 North Armenia.

06:26:07 The similar photo that Mr. Cooke showed you of the subject

06:26:10 property from Armenia.

06:26:13 This is the property to the south it is located in the CI.

06:26:19 That CI corridor that I just showed you, but it is a

06:26:23 residential use.

06:26:24 This is from Leroy.

06:26:28 Also from Leroy.

06:26:29 So this is immediately site of the proposed project.

06:26:33 Here is a view looking south on Armenia.

06:26:37 David mentioned to you Siesta plaza.

06:26:39 From Braddock street, this is a view of the site from

06:26:43 Braddock looking to the south.

06:26:47 That wasn't Siesta plaza.

06:26:49 Sorry.

06:26:49 >> That's where governor Martinez had his restaurant when he

06:26:52 had a restaurant.

06:26:53 >> He did?

06:27:00 Okay, sorry about that.

06:27:06 Immediately to the west of the property on Braddock,

06:27:09 residential.

06:27:11 This is north, oat north side of Braddock.

06:27:16 Also immediately north, there is commercial off-street

06:27:19 parking which would be a permissible use in the CI district.

06:27:23 And this is the east side of Armenia.

06:27:27 Also the east side of Armenia lag directly east.

06:27:33 And also the east side of Armenia.

06:27:37 There are a couple modifications that need to be made in

06:27:40 between first and second reading in order for this

06:27:42 application to be found consistent.

06:27:44 The first is that the waivers need to be corrected.

06:27:47 The numbering of the waivers is incorrect.

06:27:51 The second is that there's froe standing sign that's shown

06:27:55 on your site plan.

06:27:57 It's required to be set back five feet from the property

06:27:59 line.

06:28:01 It's proposed location needs to be modified in between first

06:28:05 and second reading or the applicant would need to request a

06:28:07 waiver from you in order to allow the placement there.

06:28:11 It appears that the proposed location may cause some site

06:28:15 visibility issues.

06:28:16 So staff would recommend either removing the sign and

06:28:20 committing to compliance with code, or to move to the a

06:28:23 location, and I believe the applicant will speak further to

06:28:26 that, that is outside of that visibility triangle.

06:28:32 The setbacks as previously mentioned need to be adjusted to

06:28:34 the north because they are proposing mechanical equipment

06:28:37 within that setback.

06:28:39 So adjusting that to zero feet.

06:28:43 And there are a couple comments from national resources.

06:28:46 The first is that the required trees are required to be 50%

06:28:50 shade and 50% native, and the ones on the plan are not

06:28:55 meeting that.

06:28:55 So those need to be adjusted.

06:28:58 And that a six foot radius needs to be provided for the

06:29:02 newly planted trees.

06:29:07 Other than that, I believe if those modifications are made

06:29:13 between first and second reading, staff would find the

06:29:17 request consistent.

06:29:17 We are available for any questions.

06:29:18 >> Petitioner?

06:29:27 >> Dennis Scott with DRP company, 3408 west Cayuga street in

06:29:32 Tampa.

06:29:33 Thank you for this opportunity to address council.

06:29:35 First of all, I would just like to tell you, as long as the

06:29:38 alley is concerned, we have already agreed with TECO,

06:29:41 People's Gas to grant them an easement for existing

06:29:45 transmission line there.

06:29:49 So that's what they requested, and we have agreed with that.

06:29:52 Originally, we looked at this property for a national tenant

06:29:57 that we had.

06:29:58 Unfortunately, Siesta came in with a much better rental

06:30:03 price and stole them away from us.

06:30:06 But we are very excited about this area of town and decided

06:30:12 that we wanted to continue on to purchase the property and

06:30:17 build this small building, 3,000 square feet.

06:30:22 We feel there's going to be a lot of activity.

06:30:24 It may not be tomorrow, but we believe with all the activity

06:30:27 coming -- unfortunately, it's not big enough for a baseball

06:30:31 stadium.

06:30:32 [ Laughter ]

06:30:33 But we are hoping it will be one nearby but that's not our

06:30:36 real reason, to be a part of this revitalization effort that

06:30:40 the mayor and the city have strenuously promoted.

06:30:44 So we feel very excited about it.

06:30:50 We don't build a cell.

06:30:52 We build to copy our properties which we do have a number of

06:30:55 in Tampa so we do have a lot of prior ownership.

06:30:58 And so we feel that this will be an asset to us.

06:31:03 And the building will be an asset to the community.

06:31:05 So we respectfully request your approval of this petition

06:31:10 and appreciate this opportunity.

06:31:11 Thank you.

06:31:12 >> Councilwoman Mulhern.

06:31:16 >>MARY MULHERN: Could you speak to the modifications that

06:31:18 Abbye talked about, the sign in particular?

06:31:21 >> Yes, the sign can be moved wherever it needs to be.

06:31:25 We are not attached to that.

06:31:26 We just had to put something on there.

06:31:29 So we picked a place.

06:31:32 As far as mechanical, when you are dealing with such a

06:31:34 compact area, it did not leave a lot of room, because of

06:31:40 course the city wants the building to be built in the design

06:31:45 up as far up the street as can be which of course is what we

06:31:49 did.

06:31:50 We just have a long standing oaks that if we can help it,

06:31:55 not putting mechanical on the roof, so as not to have those

06:31:59 roof penetrations, because inevitably they always cause

06:32:03 problems.

06:32:03 So that's why we like to keep them on the ground.

06:32:07 And that was our main reason for asking for that waiver.

06:32:10 >>MARY MULHERN: And the tree?

06:32:16 >> The tree, yes, we are totally in agreement with that.

06:32:19 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

06:32:20 >>HARRY COHEN: Anyone else?

06:32:24 All right.

06:32:25 Thank you very much, petitioner.

06:32:26 Is there anyone from the public who would like to address

06:32:29 council about either item number 2 or number 3?

06:32:35 Ms. Feeley?

06:32:36 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

06:32:39 I see that I did not put a revision sheet in your staff

06:32:43 report.

06:32:43 So revisions as I mentioned would be to change the waivers

06:32:48 to include the numbering, and those are included on the

06:32:51 front page of the staff report.

06:32:52 I would just tell them based on what Mr. Scott said that to

06:32:56 remove the monument sign as shown, and just add a note of

06:33:00 compliance that all signage on-site would comply with code,

06:33:03 and then lastly make the modification for the trees between

06:33:08 first and second reading as well.

06:33:10 Thank you.

06:33:10 >>HARRY COHEN: Petitioner, I assume rebuttal is not

06:33:16 necessary?

06:33:18 Okay.

06:33:18 We have a motion to close from Councilman Reddick, seconded

06:33:21 by Councilwoman Montelione.

06:33:23 All in favor?

06:33:25 Opposed?

06:33:26 All right.

06:33:27 Item number 2.

06:33:27 Councilwoman Capin, would you please take that?

06:33:31 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

06:33:32 Ordinance being presented for first reading consideration,

06:33:34 an ordinance vacating, closing, discontinuing, and

06:33:38 abandoning a portion of an alleyway lying east of Tampania

06:33:43 Avenue, west of Armenia Avenue, north of Leroy street and

06:33:46 south of Braddock street, in Winston park and Los Cien

06:33:52 subdivision, subdivisions in the City of Tampa, Hillsborough

06:33:56 County Florida, the same being more fully described in

06:33:58 section 1 hereof, subject to certain easements,

06:34:01 reservations, covenants, conditions, and restrictions, more

06:34:05 particularly set forth herein, providing an effective date.

06:34:07 >> Second.

06:34:10 >>HARRY COHEN: Okay.

06:34:15 So we have a motion from Councilwoman Capin, seconded by

06:34:19 Councilman Suarez.

06:34:20 All those in favor please indicate by saying aye.

06:34:23 Opposed?

06:34:24 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda being absent.

06:34:26 Second reading and adoption will be on February 6th at

06:34:29 9:30 a.m.

06:34:30 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.

06:34:32 Mr. Reddick, low pressure take item number 3?

06:34:35 And this one should have the revision sheet as described by

06:34:39 Mrs. Feeley.

06:34:39 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move an ordinance for first reading

06:34:48 consideration, an ordinance rezoning property in the general

06:34:50 vicinity of 3708 North Armenia Avenue in the city of Tampa,

06:34:54 Florida and more particularly described in section 1 from PD

06:34:59 planned development, vehicle row pair, major, to PD planned

06:35:03 development, office, business, professional, retail,

06:35:06 providing an effective date.

06:35:07 Including the revision as outlined by staff.

06:35:10 >> Okay.

06:35:12 We have a motion from Councilman Reddick, seconded by

06:35:15 Councilwoman Mulhern.

06:35:16 All those in favor please indicate by saying aye.

06:35:19 Opposed?

06:35:19 >> Motion carried with Miranda being absent.

06:35:23 Second reading and adoption will be on February 6th at

06:35:26 9:30 a.m.

06:35:27 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much.

06:35:28 Item number 4.

06:35:29 >> Z-13-81 is located at 3300 North Armenia Avenue.

06:35:44 The request is from PD planned development, residential

06:35:46 single-family and commercial, to PD, planned development,

06:35:49 office, business professional and bank with drive-in window.

06:35:53 This is the Suncoast federal credit union building located

06:35:57 on Armenia Avenue.

06:35:58 What they are seeking to do is remove a portion of the

06:36:02 southern facade of the building.

06:36:05 They are going to actually leave the entire facade alone on

06:36:09 Armenia and remove the southern portion in order to put

06:36:12 drive-in windows within the building.

06:36:14 So a drive-in bank within the building.

06:36:16 So we are modifying the existing PD to allow for that to

06:36:20 happen.

06:36:20 >>David Hay: Planning Commission staff. We stay in that

06:36:31 central planning district again for this next case.

06:36:33 Actually, like Abbye said, it's located just three blocks

06:36:36 south of that last zoning case that we had.

06:36:40 It takes up the whole block on Armenia Avenue between west

06:36:44 Cordelia street and west Ivy street.

06:36:47 Just like the previous case it is located within the

06:36:49 northeast McFarland neighborhood located along west

06:36:54 Armenia Avenue which is designated that transit emphasis

06:36:59 corridor.

06:36:59 The subject site also falls within the boundaries of that

06:37:02 West Tampa urban village.

06:37:04 Onto the aerial.

06:37:06 I am not going to skip over a lot of the details since we

06:37:09 described it all in the last case, and a lot of it contained

06:37:14 in the Planning Commission report provided to you.

06:37:19 The fought land use map.

06:37:20 It is in that community commercial 35, which is the bright

06:37:24 red.

06:37:25 The tan to the west and across Armenia Avenue subpoena that

06:37:29 residential 10 future land use category.

06:37:31 Overall Planning Commission staff found the proposed planned

06:37:34 development would allow for the redevelopment of an existing

06:37:38 structure for the bank with the drive-through facility.

06:37:40 The applicant has designed the structure in keeping with a

06:37:43 number of those mixed use corridor and urban village

06:37:46 policies that are found within the comprehensive plan.

06:37:48 The building will still have a presence along North Armenia

06:37:51 Avenue with parking in the rear.

06:37:54 Redevelopment is comparable and therefore based on those

06:38:01 findings and the goals, objectives and policies of the

06:38:04 comprehensive plan, Planning Commission staff finds the

06:38:06 rezoning request consistent with the Tampa comprehensive

06:38:08 plan.

06:38:20 >>ABBYE FEELEY: This was previously rezoned in 2007 for the

06:38:23 strip commercial center that is there, and ten single-family

06:38:26 residential lots that were constructed along the west.

06:38:30 I believe only one has not been constructed.

06:38:33 I'll show you some pictures of that.

06:38:35 There were four waivers that were previously approved as

06:38:38 part of the 745.

06:38:40 The first was to allow the nonresidential traffic access to

06:38:45 a local street, which was Ivy and also for ILIAC.

06:38:53 The second was to remove more than 50% of the trees.

06:38:56 The third was to reduce the required 15-foot buffer to

06:39:01 residential to 6.5 feet.

06:39:04 However, the dumpster actually under construction was placed

06:39:07 closer to that, so there's a new waiver under this

06:39:12 application that reduces that a few feet more.

06:39:16 The last was to approve a waiver as green space for 41

06:39:21 square feet.

06:39:22 That was a vehicle use area, green space reduction that was

06:39:25 handled under the previous application.

06:39:29 As well.

06:39:30 So the only waivers which I just mentioned which is before

06:39:33 you tonight in relation to the existing conditions on the

06:39:36 site is that waivers that went down to 6.5 feet is actually

06:39:41 3-foot 10 inches at the existing location of the dumpster.

06:39:44 And now I can go ahead and show you that as well.

06:39:50 Here is the zoning atlas.

06:39:53 What was previously PD before you was the entire square.

06:39:57 What we did through preparing for tonight's hearing was

06:40:01 through a nonsubstantial change.

06:40:03 We went ahead and took the ten lots out of the PD.

06:40:06 So it's being controlled under the original 2007 PD, and

06:40:11 it's going to stay that way, and what is before you tonight

06:40:14 is only that eastern portion of the site that is shown on

06:40:18 your site plan.

06:40:19 In fact, there's a notation on your site plan that shows

06:40:23 that area as being controlled by that VO 745 application.

06:40:31 This is the PD we had a few minutes ago.

06:40:34 Armenia corridor, CI, commercial intensive uses.

06:40:41 Here is the aerial of the site.

06:40:43 Most of these houses are built now, there's only one vacant.

06:40:47 I'll go ahead and show that to you as well.

06:40:49 The existing dumpster location is there.

06:40:51 What's going to happen -- and you can see on the site plan

06:40:53 that you have in your packet is this southern portion of the

06:40:55 site is where these drive-through lanes are going to be

06:40:58 constructed.

06:41:01 This here will remain leaving that urban edge that was

06:41:04 originally proscribed under the West Tampa overlay up to the

06:41:09 street along Armenia.

06:41:17 Here is the picture of the site as constructed.

06:41:23 This is a view from the corner of Ivy and Armenia lag back

06:41:28 south.

06:41:31 This to the north.

06:41:33 Of the corner of Ivy and Armenia.

06:41:39 This is the northern structure.

06:41:47 The existing structure.

06:41:48 This is the southeastern end of the existing strip

06:41:52 commercial center.

06:41:52 This is where the alteration will take place.

06:41:54 The driveway is going to remain where it is.

06:41:57 And then they will make a turn into the drive-in window

06:42:01 area.

06:42:07 This is the southern facade of that, that I showed you just

06:42:11 north of the property.

06:42:11 This is the northern corner of the subject property.

06:42:17 Looking north on Armenia.

06:42:21 This is the site east corner of Ivy.

06:42:26 And Armenia.

06:42:29 And this is another shot of the area that's going to be

06:42:34 altered there.

06:42:35 This is the eastern side of Armenia at Ivy.

06:42:39 Immediately south of the subject property.

06:42:47 This is on Cardelia, historical nonconforming element.

06:42:54 This is the access into the site from Cardelia looking north

06:43:01 toward Ivy.

06:43:02 There's the dumpster enclosure that's existing there and the

06:43:04 three feet there.

06:43:06 Those the waiver that's before you tonight for the existing

06:43:08 condition.

06:43:08 Another view.

06:43:11 And what I did was, I am now going to travel west down

06:43:16 Cordelia a little bit and show you this is one of the ten

06:43:19 lots.

06:43:20 This is the only vacant, I believe.

06:43:22 And then what ill do is I'll go up to Ivy and come back east

06:43:28 towards the site.

06:43:29 So these were all the single-family residential that were

06:43:32 constructed on the PD on the property.

06:43:38 The home.

06:43:38 This is up on Ivy.

06:43:40 This is the south side of Ivy.

06:43:41 This is the remainder of those ten lots now moving back

06:43:45 toward Armenia.

06:43:51 This is the residential immediately adjacent to the site on

06:43:54 Ivy.

06:43:57 This is the access on Ivy into the site, which will remain

06:44:01 as is.

06:44:02 Another view.

06:44:03 And then this is the northern facade of the subject on Ivy.

06:44:17 What's out there today is 79, approximately 7900 square feet

06:44:22 of mixed commercial use.

06:44:24 And what will result will be 3700 square feet.

06:44:27 So this is actually a reduction from what's out there when

06:44:31 they put the drive-in lanes into that existing portion of

06:44:34 the building.

06:44:38 And what is required is a total of 15 parking spaces.

06:44:42 They'll have 27 spaces since they are going to have the same

06:44:46 spaces minus a few for where the drive-in lanes will come

06:44:50 out onto the property than they have today.

06:44:56 Staff analysis of the request is on pages 3, 4 and 5.

06:45:00 The drive-through window was not requested before you when

06:45:03 the first PD came in.

06:45:05 That is why we are here before you tonight.

06:45:07 The bank or credit union is a permissible use under the

06:45:11 commercial.

06:45:12 The drive-in window was not requested under the PD.

06:45:15 So the addition of a use that you have not previously

06:45:18 considered requires us to come back before you this evening.

06:45:20 And that is why we are here.

06:45:22 Staff found it consistent.

06:45:23 And there are no modifications between first and second

06:45:27 reading.

06:45:28 Thank you.

06:45:28 >>HARRY COHEN: Okay, petitioner.

06:45:32 >> I have not been sworn.

06:45:38 >>HARRY COHEN: Anyone else who is going to speak on any of

06:45:40 the remaining items on tonight's agenda, 4, 6, 7, 8, please

06:45:45 go ahead and be sworn now.

06:45:47 (Oath administered by Clerk)

06:45:50 >> My name is Timothy H. Powell, president of TST companies,

06:46:02 Inc., Tampa, Florida 32601, representing Suncoast school

06:46:11 federal credit union.

06:46:12 As mentioned in the staff presentation, staff report, this

06:46:15 rezoning from PD to PD is for the conversion of the existing

06:46:18 commercial building toe office, business, professional, and

06:46:21 bank uses with three drive-through teller lanes.

06:46:25 The subject property prior PD zoning waivers under the 0745

06:46:32 ordinance 2007, 154, as Abbye mentioned, one additional

06:46:38 waiver to acknowledge the existing location of a dumpster is

06:46:41 being added.

06:46:43 As Abbye said, this is a somewhat unique PD development.

06:46:47 The existing commercial building, design and built to be

06:46:50 compatible with the West Tampa neighborhood, in which it's

06:46:53 partially occupied by the credit union, will for the most

06:46:57 part remain.

06:46:58 I do have a site plan that might explain what we are doing a

06:47:03 little better.

06:47:08 The drive-through tellers is on the southern end of the

06:47:11 building, the northern end of the building will remain.

06:47:15 That's also where the federal credit union is already

06:47:18 existing and these drive-through teller lanes will actually

06:47:21 be into the building.

06:47:23 I'll show you in just a minute.

06:47:27 Actually for the most part the southern elevation and

06:47:30 western elevation for the most part remain.

06:47:32 We are just putting egress into them.

06:47:38 The drive-through teller lanes will be incorporated by

06:47:40 restructuring the southern and western facades.

06:47:43 To facility site points of access.

06:47:48 It will remain and the planned parking lot has been

06:47:50 redesigned with the concurrence of city staff to accommodate

06:47:52 the new circulation pattern with full access points

06:47:55 remaining at their current location on west Cornelia and

06:48:00 west Ivy streets.

06:48:02 As Abbye said although only 15 parking spaces are required,

06:48:06 we are providing 27.

06:48:09 The revised building facades have been reviewed for

06:48:13 compliance with the West Tampa overlay district.

06:48:17 I will go ahead and show you the elevation.

06:48:20 It's somewhat small because we have reduced them.

06:48:24 I will put them on the Elmo and then place the text.

06:48:29 As you can see, what we did was the architects, the areas

06:48:35 that will be removed or will be restructured on both the

06:48:37 west elevation, which is that elevation right there, and

06:48:41 then on the southern elevation you can see the white areas

06:48:44 where they are actually going to go ahead and carve out the

06:48:47 existing facade to the points point of access.

06:48:52 Staff has reviewed the new PD according to the code, section

06:48:55 27-136, and found it compliant.

06:48:59 All ten city department agencies have found the rezoning

06:49:03 consistent.

06:49:04 The property is in the community commercial 35 future land

06:49:07 use designation which allows for the consideration of all

06:49:10 the proposed uses contained in this PD.

06:49:14 Development review staff and Planning Commission staff has

06:49:17 found that the rezoning request is consistent with the City

06:49:20 of Tampa Land Development Code and the comprehensive plan.

06:49:23 We prepared professional submittal package in compliance

06:49:27 with the Land Development Code requirement.

06:49:29 Our efforts are reflected in the staff finding of

06:49:32 consistency.

06:49:32 We have noticed the surrounding neighbors, the credit union

06:49:37 receives one e-mail from an adjoining property owner which

06:49:40 has been responded to in conversations with said property

06:49:42 owner.

06:49:43 I have with me tonight Mr. Earl Bendel, vice-president for

06:49:47 the credit union, to assist in addressing any questions that

06:49:50 you may have based on the above.

06:49:52 I respectfully request that you grant our request for this

06:49:55 rezoning.

06:49:56 I'm available for any questions.

06:49:57 >>HARRY COHEN: Are there any questions from council

06:50:01 members?

06:50:01 Mr. Reddick?

06:50:02 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, chair.

06:50:04 You indicated you received one e-mail?

06:50:08 >> Yes, it was from an adjoining property owner.

06:50:11 >> What was the status of the e-mail?

06:50:16 Were they in favor or against?

06:50:17 >> They were concerned about the noise being generated from

06:50:23 people using the ATM which is already there.

06:50:29 I know sometimes cars pull up, for whatever reason, they

06:50:32 leave their boom boxes or whatever, their speaker systems on

06:50:37 loudly, and that's what they were complaining about.

06:50:40 >>HARRY COHEN: Shocking that that would ever happen.

06:50:42 >> I cannot believe that would happen.

06:50:44 >>HARRY COHEN: Never heard of that before.

06:50:45 Is there anyone from the public who would like to address

06:50:48 council about this particular item, item number 4?

06:50:53 I don't see anyone.

06:51:00 Okay, thank you.

06:51:01 We have a motion to close from Councilman Reddick, seconded

06:51:04 by Councilwoman Montelione.

06:51:06 All those in favor please indicate by saying aye.

06:51:08 Opposed?

06:51:10 All right.

06:51:10 Councilwoman Mulhern, will you please take item number 4?

06:51:13 >> Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

06:51:16 I move AP ordinance presented for first reading

06:51:18 consideration, an ordinance rezoning property in the general

06:51:21 vicinity of 3300 North Armenia Avenue in the city of Tampa,

06:51:25 Florida and more particularly described in section 1 from

06:51:30 zoning district classification PD, planned development,

06:51:33 residential, single-family, commercial, to PD, planned

06:51:36 development, office, professional and bank with drive-in

06:51:40 window providing an effective date.

06:51:41 >> Okay.

06:51:43 >>HARRY COHEN: We have a motion from Councilwoman Mulhern,

06:51:46 seconded by Councilman Suarez.

06:51:47 All in favor?

06:51:49 Opposed?

06:51:49 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda being absent.

06:51:54 Second roading and adoption will be on February 6th at

06:51:57 9:30 a.m.

06:51:57 >> Thank you very much.

06:51:58 We are going to move on now to item number 6.

06:52:00 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

06:52:04 Item number 6 is Z-13-83, 132524th west price Avenue,

06:52:15 from RS 6 oh to to PD planned development, residential

06:52:19 single-family detached.

06:52:24 The RS-60 has a minimal lot size of 60 by 100, and what is

06:52:31 before you tonight is to reestablish two 50-foot lots, 50 by

06:52:37 141.

06:52:38 So they actually meet the area requirement of the RS-60

06:52:42 because that would be 6,000, and each of these lots have

06:52:46 7,000 so they don't meet the minimum width of the 60 feet.

06:52:50 >>David Hay: Planning Commission staff.

06:52:56 I have been sworn.

06:52:59 String of central Tampa cases had to come to an end and just

06:53:03 did.

06:53:03 We move down to South Tampa.

06:53:05 The South Tampa planning district, south of Gandy Boulevard,

06:53:08 and the Gandy Sun Bay South neighborhood.

06:53:10 The subject site is located at the site east corner of south

06:53:14 Sheridan road and west provides street.

06:53:17 Onto the aerial.

06:53:19 The subject site is located in the center as usual.

06:53:23 We can see from this area the subject site is smack in the

06:53:26 middle of the residential neighborhood, which is developed

06:53:29 almost exclusively with single-family detached residential

06:53:32 uses.

06:53:33 You can see the mixture of uses located along Gandy

06:53:36 Boulevard to the north and the colonial village and

06:53:40 Southpointe apartment complex total north and west.

06:53:46 Finally to the future land use map.

06:53:49 The subject site and all the properties completely

06:53:52 surrounding it in the tan color all designated residential

06:53:56 10.

06:53:57 Overall Planning Commission staff found the proposed plan

06:54:00 development with an over all density of 06 unit per achier

06:54:04 is below the 10 units an ache theory can be considered under

06:54:07 the residential 10 use category.

06:54:10 The proposed units would be in keeping with the overall

06:54:13 development pattern, and therefore based on those findings

06:54:15 and the goals, objectives and policies of the comprehensive

06:54:18 plan, Planning Commission staff finds the rezoning

06:54:20 consistent with the comprehensive plan.

06:54:22 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Thanks, David.

06:54:41 The request before you tonight at the corner of price and

06:54:44 Sheridan is to go from one lot to two buildable zoning lots.

06:54:47 The property is 100 by 141, and it will have two 50-foot

06:54:54 lots.

06:54:54 Typically, when I give you a conversion, I give you a

06:54:58 red-blue map.

06:54:59 Everything in this area is actually blue.

06:55:02 This is the only one that has a house on a double lot.

06:55:07 Everything else was one house, one lot.

06:55:14 This is within the MacDill Heights subdivision.

06:55:17 I highlighted the property here in yellow for you.

06:55:19 It really is at the corner of the original subdivision that

06:55:24 was done in 1947.

06:55:28 So in 1947, this was divided up into 50 by 141-foot lots.

06:55:41 You can see here on the plat was that this subdivision had

06:55:47 its own building setback line of 25 feet.

06:55:52 What's on your site plan, which also on the site plan that

06:55:56 you have, north and south, and south is north, so it makes

06:55:59 it kind of -- you really have to rotate it -- the one lot

06:56:04 that has the grand tree on the west has an entry feature

06:56:08 that's at 20 feet.

06:56:12 I have let Dr. Valez know that although not enforced through

06:56:20 the zoning could be a potential property matter for her so I

06:56:23 believe between first and second reading she is going to

06:56:26 want to shift that so that it is in compliance with the

06:56:28 plat.

06:56:29 But I will let her speak to that further.

06:56:31 So here at MacDill Heights is the subject property we

06:56:36 are talking about.

06:56:37 They were all platted at 50-foot lots.

06:56:40 The majority existing development pattern that's out there,

06:56:43 you will see on your aerial is one house, one lot, so the

06:56:47 predominant pattern is a 50-foot lot.

06:56:51 Here is temple.

06:56:55 Paris subdivision, which the subject we are talking about is

06:56:58 down here and the other one that shift to a different

06:57:00 subdivision.

06:57:01 These were also platted at 50-foot.

06:57:04 So the predominant pattern is 50-foot.

06:57:06 At the time of zoning conformance they made it RS-60.

06:57:10 I'm not sure exactly why.

06:57:11 But what is being proposed this evening before you would be

06:57:15 consistent the zoning atlas shows here that everything is

06:57:23 RS-50.

06:57:24 There are a couple little pieces of RS-50.

06:57:28 I'm not sure in those areas what happened if they were

06:57:33 rezoning, RM-24 to the west.

06:57:38 You wouldn't see a lot of PDs or splits.

06:57:41 Everything is constructed as one house one lot and has been

06:57:44 in separate single ownership, then those would all be

06:57:49 buildable lots and could be developed at any time under the

06:57:51 RS-60 standards.

06:57:52 So what you may see in this and what our zoning atlases

06:57:56 don't show are variances or those types of things where the

06:57:58 side yard has been reduced or something due to the smaller

06:58:01 lot size in the RS-60 district.

06:58:07 That being said, they are not requesting any additional

06:58:10 waivers for any other green space or setback or anything

06:58:13 like that.

06:58:16 They are proposing to be consistent with the RS-60

06:58:19 standards.

06:58:20 And if we modify the site plan in between first and second

06:58:24 reading for the lot that has the grand tree on it, to adjust

06:58:27 to the 25-foot, pursuant -- compliant to the plat, I believe

06:58:33 everything will be good.

06:58:34 I did not put that in the revision sheet as it was in the

06:58:37 requirement by staff.

06:58:38 But if it is the pleasure of Ms. Valez to ask you to include

06:58:44 that between first and second he had reading, we can do

06:58:48 that.

06:58:48 >>HARRY COHEN: Any questions from council members before we

06:58:50 hear from the petitioner?

06:58:52 >> Susan Valez, west Bay Street on behalf of the applicant.

06:58:59 Certainly not going to try to restate what your staff has

06:59:02 already said.

06:59:03 They do such a thorough job, it does leave us very little to

06:59:06 say.

06:59:07 Abbye summarized our request very well.

06:59:09 We are asking to develop at the RS-60 standard consistent

06:59:12 with the rest of the neighborhood.

06:59:14 I do want to address a couple of things that she talked

06:59:17 about on lot 12, the front yard setback is currently

06:59:21 depicted at 20 feet and we would like to between night and

06:59:25 second reading to be consistent with the platted setback of

06:59:28 25 fate.

06:59:31 We did note in your staff report elevation was the

06:59:35 application that depicted a modern architectural style, and

06:59:39 that may oar may not be what's being developed on that

06:59:42 property.

06:59:42 Certainly don't want to be tied to that.

06:59:44 But I just wanted to put on the record that it may be a

06:59:46 little bit different than what's shown on the elevation.

06:59:49 We did review the report of the Land Development

06:59:52 Coordination and Planning Commission staff as you just

06:59:56 heard, found consistent with both city code as well as the

07:00:00 comprehensive plan.

07:00:01 We certainly agree with those conclusions.

07:00:03 I have spoken with several neighboring property owners in

07:00:06 the area that contacted me in response to the notices that

07:00:09 they received.

07:00:11 No one has voiced any objection.

07:00:13 I would like to read into the record an e-mail that I

07:00:15 received just as late as this morning from John Hammel, 3223

07:00:21 west ballast point Boulevard, which is the property directly

07:00:25 adjacent and behind the subject site, who said, our property

07:00:31 at 3223 west Ballast Point Boulevard and your application

07:00:35 number Z-13-83.

07:00:38 Thank you for discussing your client's plans with me this

07:00:40 morning and providing me with the site plan.

07:00:42 We have no objection to your plans given the site plan, and

07:00:44 your representation of the tree between our two properties

07:00:47 will not be affected.

07:00:48 Good luck tonight.

07:00:49 Thank you.

07:00:49 John Hammel.

07:00:52 >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Montelione.

07:00:54 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

07:00:55 We also received an e-mail just today from Al Steenson.

07:01:00 Do you have that as well?

07:01:01 >> I do have that as well.

07:01:02 >> Would you introduce that into the record?

07:01:06 >> It was addressed from the president of the Gandy Sun Bay

07:01:08 South civic association that he sent to all council members.

07:01:12 And it reads, honorable council members, unfortunately the

07:01:15 site plan for this petition was received too late to be

07:01:17 included in the agenda of our January 13th meeting.

07:01:20 Therefore, the Gandy Sun Bay South civic association has

07:01:24 taken no position but reserves comment should this petition

07:01:28 move forward to present at the second reading.

07:01:30 We ask that this e-mail be made part of the record in this

07:01:33 evening's public hearing.

07:01:34 Regard, Al Steenson, president.

07:01:38 And I did reply to Mr. Steenson, if you have any questions

07:01:41 after reviewing the site plan I would be happy to.

07:01:45 >>HARRY COHEN: And I have a copy of that e-mail so I will

07:01:48 hand that to you.

07:01:48 >> I actually would like to submit the letter that I read

07:01:51 into the record.

07:01:52 >>HARRY COHEN: Okay.

07:01:54 >> If there are in a further questions we do request your

07:02:08 approval of this application.

07:02:09 >>HARRY COHEN: Any other questions from council at this

07:02:11 time?

07:02:12 Anyone in the public that would like to address council

07:02:15 regarding this matter, item number 6 on our agenda?

07:02:18 Okay.

07:02:21 I assume petitioner has concluded.

07:02:23 >> I have, thank you.

07:02:23 >>HARRY COHEN: We have a motion to close from Councilwoman

07:02:26 Mulhern, seconded by Councilwoman Montelione.

07:02:29 All those in favor please indicate by saying aye.

07:02:32 Opposed?

07:02:34 All right.

07:02:34 Councilwoman Montelione, please take item number 6.

07:02:37 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I move an ordinance being presented for

07:02:40 first reading consideration.

07:02:41 An ordinance rezoning property in the general vicinity of

07:02:45 3224 west Price Avenue in the city of Tampa, Florida, and

07:02:49 more particularly described in section 1 from zoning

07:02:52 district classification RS-60 residential single-family to

07:02:55 PD, planned development, residential single-family detached,

07:02:58 providing an effective date.

07:03:01 With the revision sheet as submitted by staff.

07:03:03 >>HARRY COHEN: We have a motion from Councilwoman

07:03:07 Montelione.

07:03:07 Seconded by Councilman Suarez.

07:03:09 All those in favor please indicate by saying aye.

07:03:12 Opposed?

07:03:12 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda being absent.

07:03:15 Second reading and adoption will be on February 6th at

07:03:18 9:30 a.m.

07:03:19 >> We are going to move on to item 7.

07:03:23 Before we do, let me just note for the record that HIV

07:03:27 received a memorandum.

07:03:28 Please be advised that hill not be able to attend the City

07:03:31 Council evening session on Thursday, January 16, 2014 as I

07:03:37 will be out of the city.

07:03:38 I would appreciate my absence being read into the record.

07:03:41 That, of course, is from Councilman Charlie Miranda.

07:03:44 Thank you.

07:03:44 Ms. Feeley, item number 7.

07:03:46 >> Item 7 is Z-13-79 located at 3417 east Columbus Avenue.

07:03:52 The request before you tonight is from PD planned

07:03:55 development, industrial general uses, to IG, industrial

07:03:59 general.

07:03:59 This is Euclidean zoning request.

07:04:03 When this application initially came into me, I looked at

07:04:08 the old PD, and I can actually -- I am not going to be able

07:04:13 to put all of this on there for you.

07:04:15 I actually looked at it.

07:04:27 The PD was done in 1991 for the industrial uses that are out

07:04:31 on the south side of Columbus in between 34th and

07:04:33 36th.

07:04:34 There may be one outlier there.

07:04:41 They want to add an open roof structure.

07:04:43 In order to do that, they had to be row open the entire PD

07:04:45 which was an as-built anyway.

07:04:48 And I can't understand why all that happened.

07:04:51 So I recommended, and Mr. Press man would like to move it

07:04:57 back to IG and so his client could put up their new awnings

07:05:02 consistent with the IG noting that anything else that's out

07:05:04 there that doesn't conform would just become nonconform, and

07:05:07 should it fall down or roll over, it would just need to be

07:05:12 built back to the industrial general standard.

07:05:15 Since those standards are so minimal with the only setback

07:05:21 on the IG being a ten-foot front setback and ten-fought

07:05:25 corners it would allow the flexibility to get out of the

07:05:29 site plan controlled district for an industrial type use

07:05:32 that probably needs that greater flexibility.

07:05:34 So that was really done at the request of staff.

07:05:40 I will let Mr. Hay finish.

07:05:42 And then I will come back and show you some pictures of the

07:05:45 site in the area that we are discussing.

07:05:47 >> David Hay, Planning Commission staff.

07:05:56 I have been sworn.

07:05:57 We are back to central Tampa planning district for this next

07:06:00 case.

07:06:01 Like Abbye said, it on the south side of east Columbus drive

07:06:04 between north 34th street and north 36th street.

07:06:08 This segment of east Columbus Avenue is designated as a

07:06:13 transit corridor.

07:06:14 Current services provided on the route 15 which connects the

07:06:17 site to Westshore downtown.

07:06:19 The subject site is located within the East Tampa

07:06:22 neighborhood and the East Tampa urban village.

07:06:25 Next, we have the aerial.

07:06:27 You can see the subject site is located within the existing

07:06:30 industrial area which is east of 34th street.

07:06:34 And you can see interstate 4 to the south of the subject

07:06:37 site running east-west.

07:06:39 You can also see some of the older existing single-family

07:06:43 detached and duplex uses to the west and south across

07:06:46 interstate 4.

07:06:48 Onto the future land use map.

07:06:51 The subject site and adjacent properties within that light

07:06:54 gray color are all designated light industrial.

07:06:59 It's community commercial 35 and the pink across the

07:07:02 34th street is the community, mixed use 35.

07:07:09 Overall Planning Commission staff found that the proposed

07:07:11 industrial general zoning district, which I note is

07:07:15 mislabeled in our staff report, so it originally came in as

07:07:19 a PD, and I think it didn't get changed in our staff report.

07:07:23 But it is reviewed as an industrial general use.

07:07:27 It would be appropriate for this portion of the East Tampa

07:07:30 neighborhood, and would be comparable and compatible to the

07:07:33 existing and planned development patterns anticipated

07:07:36 through the comprehensive plan in 2025.

07:07:40 Therefore based on those findings and the goals, objectives

07:07:42 and policies of the comprehensive plan, the Planning

07:07:44 Commission staff find Tampa rezoning request to the IG

07:07:48 zoning district consistent with the Tampa comprehensive

07:07:50 plan.

07:07:50 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

07:08:05 Here is the existing PD, which is shown in green.

07:08:09 This is Columbus to the north.

07:08:12 34th to the west.

07:08:13 36th to the east.

07:08:15 There is industrial general immediately to the north, and

07:08:18 immediately to the east with the corner property at the

07:08:22 corner of 34th and Columbus being CI.

07:08:26 I-4 just to the south.

07:08:33 This is an aerial of the site.

07:08:35 You will see it's predominantly covered with buildings.

07:08:39 Some of them are open air buildings.

07:08:41 Some of them -- the area where they are seeking to make

07:08:45 additional improvements is this western portion here, along

07:08:48 34th, where they want to put an open structure over this

07:08:54 area, just so that I believe the operations are occurring

07:08:58 during summertime, whatever, there's some protection from

07:09:01 the elements.

07:09:02 But I will let Mr. Pressman speak to that.

07:09:05 I will go ahead and show you some photos of the site.

07:09:08 The subject property.

07:09:11 Let me just show you real quick what I am going to do.

07:09:14 I went along Columbus and then came down 36th, and then

07:09:19 take you back along 34th.

07:09:20 I do have some pictures of the similar operations that are

07:09:23 occurring to the north.

07:09:29 That's the site.

07:09:32 This is traveling now east on Columbus.

07:09:45 This is approaching -- this piece of property, you all

07:09:49 actually rezoned not too long ago to the IG for the green

07:09:58 tire recycling.

07:09:59 I want to say it was like six or eight months ago that we

07:10:02 dealt with that property.

07:10:03 This is the subject property from 36th.

07:10:07 This is the subject property from 35th looking back up

07:10:11 towards Columbus.

07:10:12 This is looking into that.

07:10:15 The property on 347th, they said they want to make those

07:10:20 additional improvements.

07:10:24 Up to I-4.

07:10:25 And then this is the northwest corner of 36th and

07:10:29 Columbus.

07:10:31 This is also along 36th on the north side of Columbus.

07:10:34 You see there are similar operations occurring within that

07:10:37 industrial district to the north.

07:10:46 Staff found the request consistent.

07:10:47 And there are no modifications in between first and second

07:10:51 reading given that this is the Euclidean request, there are

07:10:53 no waivers or variances being requested from you this

07:10:57 evening.

07:10:57 >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Montelione.

07:10:59 >>LISA MONTELIONE: The question I have comes because it's

07:11:07 the as-built designation that is coming in the PD.

07:11:11 And the rezoning application Z-91-94 ordinance 91220,

07:11:16 industrial uses, as-built.

07:11:19 And it just struck me that with Mr. Pressman to come through

07:11:26 an entire rezoning for what appears to be just an awning.

07:11:30 That they want to build.

07:11:32 And I understand your point is that going to Euclidean would

07:11:37 take them out of this site plan control predicament that

07:11:43 they are in, because they can't put up the zoning in the

07:11:46 site plan, but it just seems so onerous to go through an

07:11:50 entire rezoning because you want to put an awning up.

07:11:53 So that struck me as one thing that jumped out.

07:11:59 The other thing that jumped out at me was that it says

07:12:02 as-built.

07:12:03 So as-built just refers to the building.

07:12:05 It doesn't refuse to the use.

07:12:06 You have an industrial warehouse space.

07:12:08 You have got 100 that you square feet of an empty box,

07:12:13 basically.

07:12:15 For instance, hypothetically, you are a solar panel

07:12:21 manufacturing company.

07:12:22 So you have a complete line of manufacturing line,

07:12:27 manufacturing solar panels.

07:12:29 So that goes away, and somebody who, I don't know, bags dog

07:12:36 food moves in, and under the circumstances now bagging dog

07:12:41 food.

07:12:42 This says as-built.

07:12:44 It doesn't say for what use.

07:12:47 So when you say that going to Euclidean would be less

07:12:51 restrictive and gives them more uses under the IG zoning,

07:12:54 there are no uses on the site plan.

07:12:59 So let's see how it's less restrictive.

07:13:02 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Industrial uses as-built, I believe you may

07:13:12 be reading that as one statement.

07:13:14 I would kind of read that as two separate statements.

07:13:17 Industrial uses.

07:13:21 As-built.

07:13:22 >> But just the building.

07:13:24 >> Right.

07:13:29 Any modification to the as-built of the property is

07:13:33 requiring another rezoning.

07:13:35 And we would have taken another three months to get here

07:13:38 under the PD for him to GOP and make the site plan, do the

07:13:42 whatever.

07:13:43 If he want to make other modifications to the property, the

07:13:46 less restrictive says on set back --

07:13:50 >> I get that.

07:13:51 It all because of the -- it isn't shown on the original PD.

07:13:55 >> From 1991.

07:13:57 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No, I get that.

07:13:58 That's what I -- the problem I have, trying to -- I'm trying

07:14:05 to point out that with our rules, it shouldn't come to this

07:14:09 point for them to build an awning -- is that a major change

07:14:14 to the PD?

07:14:16 >> It would be a perimeter structure along 34th.

07:14:22 Along 34th, the as-built is not in the location where if

07:14:27 he wants to put an additional structure.

07:14:28 One of the code substantial change criteria classifies a

07:14:33 reduction of perimeter setback.

07:14:35 So if along 34th would be a reduction of perimeter

07:14:41 setback along 34th, trying a substantial change, and

07:14:45 coming back to you.

07:14:46 So I don't know why in 1991, given the circumstances of what

07:14:50 happened, it went to a PD as-built.

07:14:54 But I believe that the more rational approach would be to

07:14:57 put it back to an IG zoning district, allowing him the

07:15:00 flexibility.

07:15:02 A change of occupancy which you just discussed from one

07:15:05 assembly to another means that's all industrial use and it

07:15:08 would be handled at the time of permitting.

07:15:09 But this original structure, the addition of the structure,

07:15:16 did trip the substantial change criteria.

07:15:23 Month I agree, and I said something similar to Mr. Pressman,

07:15:31 let's not do this PD again, let see if there's something

07:15:34 that can get you to council in 60 days versus 120 days and

07:15:38 do this efficiently.

07:15:39 >> I just appreciate you make that distinction.

07:15:44 Thank you very much.

07:15:44 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much.

07:15:46 Mr. Pressman.

07:15:46 >> Todd Pressman, 334 East Lake Road, 112 in Palm Harbor,

07:15:54 Florida.

07:15:54 There's really not much more for me to do.

07:15:57 Your staff has done an extremely thorough job here.

07:16:02 And council, we had a lot of different discussions on this.

07:16:06 There are a lot of different ways to go.

07:16:08 We chose to go this way, and just got rid of a lot of

07:16:13 questions, and staff did a great job on this so we just

07:16:17 moved forward in that fashion.

07:16:19 So I would just say, this is a very heavy industrial use in

07:16:23 a very heavy industrial area.

07:16:26 And just to show you one element on both of these here.

07:16:35 In the aerial, it looks like a small area, but there's an

07:16:38 area that a lot of workers -- they are doing a lot of heavy

07:16:44 works, heavy machinery, and in the summertime, it just

07:16:47 brutal out there.

07:16:48 So the sole reason is, this is actually a church not too far

07:16:54 from a house.

07:16:55 So it a typical structure.

07:16:56 You have seen in a lot of schools for the kids are outside

07:17:02 for gym or whatever, outside activities, which keep the sun

07:17:06 off.

07:17:08 In this particular area it fits in perfect.

07:17:10 So you heard the other issues from Abbye.

07:17:14 You have done a great job.

07:17:16 Any questions, we would be happy to answer for you.

07:17:20 >>HARRY COHEN: Any questions?

07:17:21 Thank you very much.

07:17:21 We'll give you one more shot at it in a moment.

07:17:23 Is there anyone from the public who would like to speak to

07:17:26 council about this item, item number 7?

07:17:32 I assume, Mr. Pressman, you are finished then.

07:17:35 >> Move to close.

07:17:36 >> Second.

07:17:36 >>HARRY COHEN: Motion to close from Councilwoman Capin,

07:17:39 seconded by Councilwoman Montelione.

07:17:41 All those in favor pleas indicate by saying aye.

07:17:44 Opposed?

07:17:45 All right.

07:17:45 Councilman Suarez, please take item number 7.

07:17:48 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I present an ordinance for first reading

07:17:52 consideration, an ordinance rezoning property in the general

07:17:54 vicinity of 3417 east Columbus drive in the city of Tampa,

07:17:58 Florida and more particularly described in section 1 from

07:18:01 zoning district classification PD, planned development,

07:18:05 industrial general uses, to IG, industrial general,

07:18:09 providing an effective date.

07:18:09 >>FRANK REDDICK: Second.

07:18:11 >>HARRY COHEN: We have a motion from Councilman Suarez,

07:18:13 seconded by Councilman Reddick.

07:18:15 All those in favor please indicate by saying aye.

07:18:17 Opposed?

07:18:18 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda being absent.

07:18:21 Second reading and adoption will be on February 6th at

07:18:24 9:30 a.m.

07:18:25 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.

07:18:26 All right.

07:18:27 We are to our last item of the evening.

07:18:29 Item number 8.

07:18:29 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Item number is Z-13-73, 4011 north Himes,

07:18:51 3419, 3421, 3425, 3427 West Tampa bay Boulevard.

07:19:00 The request before you tonight is from RO-1, residential

07:19:04 office, and RS-50, residential single-family, to PD, planned

07:19:09 development for office, business professional.

07:19:12 There are several waivers being requested before you

07:19:16 tonight.

07:19:17 And if I may just before Mr. Hay comes up, this is a PD and

07:19:28 the parcels are not contiguous which is not something you

07:19:30 are used to seeing.

07:19:32 The last one I did like this was back along North Armenia,

07:19:37 the cigar factory that Mr. Demal has along North Armenia.

07:19:44 He has a parking lot which is a block and a half over, and

07:19:47 that is a PD under the same control that are noncontiguous

07:19:51 parcels.

07:19:52 So we do have instances like this in the city, where the

07:19:57 properties are not contiguous, but they are controlled under

07:20:00 one zoning.

07:20:00 And that is what is before you tonight, by is an office

07:20:04 building up on parcel A, and associated parking on parcel B

07:20:12 and C, with a connection, a mid-block connection, so to

07:20:15 speak, along the western portion.

07:20:17 So I'll let Mr. Hay go ahead now and I'll come back and

07:20:21 we'll discuss the waivers.

07:20:22 They are actually on your site plan 1, waivers not generally

07:20:26 for the project and the other ones are done parcel by parcel

07:20:29 so that you can see what is being placed.

07:20:32 Thank you.

07:20:32 >>David Hay: Planning Commission staff.

07:20:37 I have been sworn.

07:20:39 We are ending the night in the Tampa planning district.

07:20:44 Like Abbye said it located at the northeast corner of west

07:20:47 Tampa Bay Boulevard and north Himes Avenue.

07:20:49 Just to the east of Raymond James stadium, south of the ABC

07:20:54 channel 28 television studio, located about 900 feet south

07:20:59 of the Tampa transit station.

07:21:04 Next, we have the aerial.

07:21:06 The subject site is in the center of the aerial.

07:21:10 We can see north Himes Avenue running north-south, and Tampa

07:21:13 Bay Boulevard running east-west.

07:21:16 You can also see the ABC studios directly to the north.

07:21:20 And Raymond James stadium to the west.

07:21:25 We have the future land use map.

07:21:29 You probably recall the subject site.

07:21:31 The subject site which originally looked like this, which

07:21:35 had three land use categories was part of a recent plat

07:21:43 amendment that brought the site within the R-20 and the R-35

07:21:49 future land use category.

07:21:52 That was plan amendment 1302.

07:22:00 So it now only has two fought land use categories.

07:22:03 Regarding the surrounding Atlanta land uses we have the

07:22:06 community mixed use 35 to the north.

07:22:10 We also have the public-semi-public over at Raymond James

07:22:13 stadium.

07:22:15 Overall, the Planning Commission staff found that the

07:22:17 proposed plan development would allow for development,

07:22:20 keeping with the overall mixed use development pattern

07:22:24 within the surrounding area.

07:22:26 The proposed office building would be comparable and

07:22:29 compatible to existing structures within the surrounding

07:22:32 area, and it's consistent with the underlying land use

07:22:35 category.

07:22:35 Therefore, based on those findings and the goals, objectives

07:22:38 and policies of the comprehensive plan, Planning Commission

07:22:41 staff find the rezoning request consistent with the Tampa

07:22:43 comprehensive plan.

07:22:50 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

07:22:52 As I mentioned, the request before you tonight is from RO-1

07:22:55 and RS-50 to PD planned development for office, business

07:22:59 professional.

07:23:01 The application seeks to construct a 20,000 square foot

07:23:05 business professional office along Heiter Street with

07:23:09 parking located at the northwest corner of Webb and also

07:23:13 parking located along Tampa Bay Boulevard.

07:23:17 The site plan that you have is broken up, three different

07:23:23 parcels, blue, yellow and pink, parcel A, B, C.

07:23:28 I would like to go through the waivers.

07:23:29 First, the entire 20,000 requires 66 parking spaces.

07:23:34 55 spaces are being provided.

07:23:36 So A waiver is being requested for eleven parking spaces.

07:23:41 Parcel A, which is the main office parcel, there are four

07:23:45 waivers on that parcel.

07:23:47 The first is to reduce the 15-foot buffer with a 6-foot

07:23:53 masonry wall to 10-foot with a 6-foot decorative aluminum

07:23:57 fans with planting.

07:23:58 The second is to reduce the required front yard setback for

07:24:01 the dumpster.

07:24:02 The dumpster should be at 15 feet.

07:24:04 And it's at 13.5 feet.

07:24:06 The fourth is to allow commercial traffic access to be a

07:24:10 local street at Heiter.

07:24:12 And the last subpoena to allow for the placement of the wall

07:24:16 that they would get on the eastern facade of the building

07:24:19 along the western facade.

07:24:21 The western facade doesn't actually have frontage along the

07:24:25 street.

07:24:25 So it wouldn't qualify.

07:24:26 So they just want to use what they would get on the east to

07:24:30 be able to place it on the western facade of the building.

07:24:35 Parcel B, which is the parking, located with entry on west

07:24:43 Tampa Bay Boulevard, the yellow parcel.

07:24:46 That has one waiver, and that is to reduce the use buffer

07:24:50 along the north and east from 15-foot with a 6-foot wall to

07:24:54 12 feet with no fence for a wall.

07:25:00 Lastly, on parcel B, which is the pink parcel, located at

07:25:04 the northwest corner of Webb and Tampa Bay, there are two

07:25:08 waivers.

07:25:09 The first is to reduce the required use along the north from

07:25:13 15-foot with a 6-foot concrete wall to 8-foot with no fence

07:25:17 or wall, and to allow for no fence or wall along the west,

07:25:22 and the last is to allow commercial traffic access to a

07:25:26 local street, which would be north Webb Avenue.

07:25:30 As I mentioned, before you tonight is 20,000 square foot

07:25:34 building.

07:25:35 The proposed setbacks are 24-foot north, 10-foot south,

07:25:38 10-foot west, and 10-foot east.

07:25:40 The maximum building height is 35 feet.

07:25:47 Elevations have been provided in your package.

07:25:53 Let me go ahead and show you some photos of the property.

07:26:04 In the zoning atlas sheet.

07:26:10 This is the zoning atlas sheet.

07:26:13 I think as David previously mentioned, you have Raymond

07:26:16 James stadium to the west along Himes.

07:26:20 You have ABC action news just to the north which is a PD

07:26:25 along Heiter.

07:26:26 You have several surface parking areas that support the

07:26:34 Raymond James stadium on both the north and south side of

07:26:39 Tampa Bay.

07:26:42 As well as residential uses.

07:26:48 Here is the aerial of the site.

07:26:51 You will see in your staff report also I mentioned that a

07:26:54 portion of the site is within the Westshore overlay

07:26:57 district.

07:26:58 It is only this western portion here, this parcel that is

07:27:02 on-sitar.

07:27:03 None of the building is located within that.

07:27:06 We did not apply the overlay standard and force the building

07:27:09 up to that smaller location.

07:27:12 So he would did work and place it more centrally.

07:27:17 The application proposed to place it more centrally located

07:27:19 in here.

07:27:35 This is Raymond James stadium, northwest corner of Himes and

07:27:37 Tampa Bay.

07:27:39 This is the northeast corner of Himes and Tampa Bay.

07:27:48 This is a view from Himes looking east.

07:27:54 And here is the southeast corner of Himes and Tampa Bay.

07:27:58 What I did was I worked my way down Tampa Bay Boulevard up

07:28:07 Webb and around Heiter.

07:28:08 So that's how I kind of worked my way around the site when I

07:28:12 took the pictures from Tampa Bay Boulevard.

07:28:18 This is the beginning of parcel C, which is pink.

07:28:22 This is the other portion of parcel B located at the corner

07:28:26 of Webb and Tampa Bay.

07:28:28 This is the rear of that, moving north on Webb.

07:28:35 This is also from Webb.

07:28:36 This would be -- included along Webb.

07:28:43 And this is from Webb looking at parcel A.

07:28:46 This is Heiter to the north here.

07:28:52 This is the PD just north along Heiter.

07:29:11 This is north of the site, Webb.

07:29:17 They are just some surrounding photos.

07:29:19 This is parcel A on Heiter.

07:29:22 Another view of parcel A on Heiter.

07:29:26 Another view of parcel A.

07:29:29 Moving all the way toward Himes.

07:29:32 This is approaching Himes.

07:29:34 And this is parcel A at the corner of Himes and Heiter.

07:29:41 From Himes looking over towards ABC action news, some shots.

07:29:47 And then from Himes, this would be the portion of the blocks

07:29:53 that are excluded on Himes, so parcel A would be over here,

07:29:57 and then this would be southbound on Himes.

07:30:01 This piece would not be included.

07:30:04 This is from Himes log back east along Heiter.

07:30:10 This is from Heiter looking back down on Webb.

07:30:15 This is actually Webb.

07:30:16 So the property would be over to my right.

07:30:20 Looking back toward Tampa Bay.

07:30:28 Let's see what else I have.

07:30:32 I think that's it.

07:30:33 This is the side.

07:30:36 A lot of this site is hard.

07:30:39 So many parcels.

07:30:39 This is the northeast corner of south Webb.

07:30:42 This is at Webb and Tampa Bay.

07:30:44 And then this small parcel is immediately to the east along

07:30:49 Tampa Bay.

07:30:49 >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Mulhern.

07:30:52 >>MARY MULHERN: In all those pictures, do you have a

07:30:55 picture of what's on Tampa Bay between the two proposed

07:30:59 parking lots?

07:31:00 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Yes.

07:31:04 This is in between B and C, there's an empty lot.

07:31:07 >>MARY MULHERN: Oh, there's a house in there?

07:31:12 >> No.

07:31:13 This is part -- this is the subject.

07:31:16 This is parcel B.

07:31:22 >>CHAIRMAN: What's in between the little houses?

07:31:27 What's in between B and C on Tampa Bay?

07:31:30 >>ABBYE FEELEY: One second.

07:31:46 >> It shows a house on Webb.

07:31:48 But I didn't see what was on Tampa Bay.

07:31:58 >> I think that you mislabeled.

07:32:01 You put down part and parcels B.

07:32:04 I think those may be the two that are in between.

07:32:08 I'm doing it by memory, though.

07:32:10 >> Go ahead.

07:32:16 >> Ed: I have been sworn.

07:32:19 The house in between the two is an applicant.

07:32:24 Jenkins, the house you requested.

07:32:26 So part of this application.

07:32:32 I'll go through the presentation.

07:32:33 I think I can clarify that.

07:32:35 >> She wants to know what's here.

07:32:42 >> Ed Turanchik: This property, there is a contract to

07:32:56 exchange land.

07:32:57 One of the applicant is participating in this property, and

07:33:01 only a portion of their property is being rezoned to

07:33:04 accommodate this.

07:33:06 It's David Jenkins.

07:33:08 So I am their authorized representative here today.

07:33:14 A portion not included in this PD, and we have a letter of

07:33:17 support from them for this application.

07:33:18 >> She want to show her the picture.

07:33:25 >>MARY MULHERN: Down what's there?

07:33:26 >> This house here is the one that's set far back here.

07:33:30 Okay.

07:33:30 So that's in between.

07:33:32 And then here is the one next to it.

07:33:37 Those two are the exclusions along Tampa Bay.

07:33:39 >> Okay.

07:33:41 The ones that are not part --

07:33:44 >> Right.

07:33:45 >> Surrounded by two parking lots.

07:33:47 >> Two parking lots.

07:33:48 Right.

07:33:49 >> And that is the surface parking that has that low chain

07:33:52 link fence with the screening on it.

07:33:56 >> And leave that up there for a minute.

07:34:02 So this parcel, currently, do they have houses on them?

07:34:07 >> This one does over here.

07:34:11 He does.

07:34:12 And I showed you photos of those.

07:34:15 This does not.

07:34:16 >> C.

07:34:18 The house on C are owned by petitioner and they will be

07:34:21 demolished.

07:34:22 >>MARY MULHERN: This is not part of the petition, which is

07:34:27 in between B and C.

07:34:28 >> Right N.between B and C are two houses.

07:34:32 One way back and one not.

07:34:33 >>MARY MULHERN: All right.

07:34:34 Sorry.

07:34:35 >> For some reason I didn't get them numbered.

07:34:37 >> A lot of properties.

07:34:40 >>HARRY COHEN: Councilman Capone, and then we'll get to the

07:34:43 petitioner and let them speak.

07:34:44 If you want them to go first.

07:34:47 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, go ahead because they may answer my

07:34:49 question.

07:34:50 >>HARRY COHEN: Why don't we hear from petitioner and then

07:34:52 hear from Councilwoman Capin and then other members.

07:34:55 >> There are some that are included from natural resources,

07:34:59 and I believe that the applicant is amenable to make all of

07:35:03 those between first and second reading.

07:35:06 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.

07:35:07 >> Ed Turanchik: Thank you.

07:35:34 I have already introduced myself.

07:35:42 I'm here today on behalf of Armondo Roche, Ken Jenkins and

07:35:53 the owners of the one house in between.

07:35:55 So a portion of their property is being rezoned as part of

07:36:00 the application.

07:36:05 I will take a big step back and explain what's happened

07:36:09 here.

07:36:13 This is urban development in a --

07:36:17 >> Excuse me.

07:36:18 Can he would please have his time back?

07:36:22 Thank you.

07:36:22 >> Thank you.

07:36:24 Doing urban redevelopment in an area that's transitioning,

07:36:29 in a highly parcelized lot, we have tried to bring forth a

07:36:35 plan that sensibly transitions this block and has the

07:36:41 support of the property owners on the foe simple property

07:36:44 owners on that block.

07:36:47 Planning Commission indicates that land use had been changed

07:36:52 on December 5th.

07:36:53 And we are here requesting a planned development to

07:36:58 construct the 20,000 square foot office building.

07:37:01 And let's take a big step back.

07:37:05 Next to it is ABC studios, Raymond James stadium, and at the

07:37:11 corner of Tampa Bay and Himes, on a transit emphasis

07:37:16 corridor, one of Hart's major transit terminals 900 feet

07:37:20 away.

07:37:21 So Mr. Roche has a long history on the spot and he will

07:37:30 address that.

07:37:31 Within that block, there are -- thank you.

07:37:45 Miss Polansky is a fee simple-owner.

07:37:53 We have a letter of support from her.

07:37:55 I'll submit it for the record.

07:37:56 So Savedra Jenkins is an applicant here, and a portion of

07:38:02 their property being rezoned.

07:38:04 That property which is subject to an agreement to swap land,

07:38:08 because what Mr. Jenkins is getting out of this is a broader

07:38:13 frontage, because right now he's really cut off.

07:38:16 So the land that is the sidewalk, if you will, it's

07:38:20 currently owned by Savedra Jenkins, but there is a land swap

07:38:30 that occurs, so some of these properties, the entitlements

07:38:34 are going to follow where the land ownership is going.

07:38:38 D'Agostino is on the corner, and we have a letter of support

07:38:42 from them.

07:38:43 These two parcels here are homes, they are rental

07:38:47 properties, they are owned by the Roches and they will be

07:38:54 demolished.

07:38:54 This is a rental property.

07:38:56 The only fee simple home currently that's a homestead is on

07:39:03 Himes, and that family, Mr. Roche, they do not oppose this.

07:39:15 They are not here to speak to it.

07:39:15 Furthermore, the Cores own the homestead on this site and we

07:39:16 have a letter of support from them.

07:39:18 So what is actually going on here, so the neighbors and

07:39:20 owners understand.

07:39:23 This is changing.

07:39:24 And the development conditions that are in here are actually

07:39:27 trying to anticipate a future transition of this area from

07:39:31 residential to commercial.

07:39:35 As a consequence, they are not building concrete block walls

07:39:38 all over the place, because he would think -- we believe and

07:39:45 the property owners believe that the southern portion of

07:39:48 this block is also going to transition to commercial.

07:39:51 The problem is when what you ordinarily like to do is bring

07:39:55 it all together in a noise square piece.

07:39:57 But some property owners aren't ready to sell.

07:40:03 We are actually very excited about this rezoning because he

07:40:06 would think it provides a potential policy mechanism for the

07:40:10 City Council to think about, how do you provide for the

07:40:13 orderly transition from a residential area to the commercial

07:40:16 area within an area where you want to promote the

07:40:21 redevelopment, and where transit is there, and again engages

07:40:27 the joining property owners in these applications, and a

07:40:32 land use change or in this application itself.

07:40:34 Finally, I would submit letters of support to the record

07:40:38 from the West Tampa Chamber of Commerce, likewise supports

07:40:42 this.

07:40:44 And I will submit these letters to the clerk.

07:40:51 I think we would also like to submit -- you have the large

07:41:04 version of these.

07:41:15 Okay, thank you.

07:41:33 That concludes my portion of our presentation.

07:41:36 I would like to invite Mr. Roche up.

07:41:40 We also have Mr. Radkins, and our designer for this.

07:41:45 He can come and present the project if you would like in

07:41:49 greater detail, or answer any questions that you might have

07:41:52 about the conditions, or why different designs were selected

07:41:59 for this.

07:42:00 But at this point I would like Mr. Roche to come up.

07:42:04 >> Thank you.

07:42:05 I have been sworn in.

07:42:06 My name is Armondo Roche.

07:42:12 My family has lived in West Tampa for over 100 years.

07:42:15 And this particular parcel dates back to 1905.

07:42:20 The home you spoke of, Councilwoman Mulhern, was placed

07:42:25 there in 1905.

07:42:27 What occurred here is that my mom and dad passed away.

07:42:31 I inhered one of the houses.

07:42:33 But the house that they lived in, which is the house located

07:42:36 on Heiter.

07:42:37 I then had to make a decision as to whether to relocate my

07:42:41 office to another location, which, by the way, would have

07:42:44 been much cheaper than relocating it to this location.

07:42:48 But the decision was made by my daughter, and I as president

07:42:52 of the company, to move it here and keep this property,

07:42:56 these property, within our family.

07:42:59 Two of the houses were -- the lots were from an aunt and he

07:43:08 would started to make those acquisitions as some of them

07:43:11 passed away and others decided to sell.

07:43:15 Unfortunately, not everyone in that block wants to sell.

07:43:18 There is one residential home left there.

07:43:22 We have offered three times the worth of the house, and she

07:43:26 feels it's not enough.

07:43:28 And at this point, we feel we have done more than adequately

07:43:34 tried to provide her with an above-reasonable fee.

07:43:41 30% of my staff lives within the West Tampa business

07:43:46 district, within West Tampa.

07:43:51 We are a national insurance company, in the State of

07:43:57 Florida, and within the City of Tampa.

07:44:01 We are in 38 state and are recognized by the federal

07:44:05 treasury to be do business with the federal government.

07:44:08 We do have plans for expansion.

07:44:10 We plan to expand our civil division.

07:44:13 We cannot do it in the present location, which is 1910

07:44:17 orient road, one block just north of the orient road jail.

07:44:23 This is an insurance company.

07:44:26 Retail office will remain on orient road.

07:44:30 But we have to move to another location now.

07:44:33 We either move it to an area that my heart belongs to.

07:44:40 I rode horses and raised calves on this very block.

07:44:43 So it means a great deal to us.

07:44:46 We feel it's a clean business, and it a business that will

07:44:50 enhance the West Tampa business district.

07:44:54 As you saw, the West Tampa chamber approved it.

07:44:58 And we are very proud of that fact.

07:45:01 Your consideration is of the utmost importance to us.

07:45:06 Thank you for your time.

07:45:07 >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Capin.

07:45:11 >>YVONNE CAPIN: One of the questions was answered because it

07:45:13 was the residential on Heiter and Polansky residential, when

07:45:24 the photo came through, I saw it was sandwiched.

07:45:25 I'm very familiar with the area.

07:45:27 And I know Mr. Padres and I know that property which is more

07:45:34 in keeping with the commercial.

07:45:38 The Polansky property was the one, but I see the letter on

07:45:42 here from her.

07:45:45 So you answered my question.

07:45:48 I was just a little bit concerned about that one little

07:45:50 parcel, little house sitting there, between -- but you

07:45:57 answered it.

07:45:57 So I got the answer I needed.

07:45:59 Thank you.

07:45:59 >>MARY MULHERN: Mr. Savedra -- Mr. Roche, I'm sorry.

07:46:10 I'm still not clear on this.

07:46:12 And thank you for the letters from Polaski and D'Agostino.

07:46:18 But you don't own -- none of the applicant here own this

07:46:22 property that's in between?

07:46:26 >> In between the two parking lots?

07:46:28 >> Yes.

07:46:29 >> No.

07:46:30 No.

07:46:30 >> Do we have a letter from those people going back from

07:46:39 Tampa Bay?

07:46:40 >> I have an affidavit from them to participate on their

07:46:46 behalf in this rezoning, because part of their property --

07:46:51 let me --

07:46:52 >> Who are them?

07:46:54 Who owns this so I understand?

07:46:58 >> Ed: Let me show you the best way.

07:47:00 If you go to the property appraiser's Web site, this is what

07:47:03 the property looks like.

07:47:04 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

07:47:05 >> Ed: We have a contract, in order to facilitate this

07:47:09 redevelopment, which Savedra, Jenkins, Polansky, they

07:47:24 understand it's a hodge podge out there.

07:47:27 This strip of land currently owned by these people, those

07:47:30 property owners, which I am their authorized

07:47:32 representative -- there's an affidavit to that.

07:47:36 I'm representing them as a property owner here right now.

07:47:39 They are part of this.

07:47:39 >>MARY MULHERN: I understand that.

07:47:42 Ed: They will convey this piece, and Mr. Mr Roche who owns

07:47:47 this is conveying this piece to them.

07:47:50 >> Who owns the property south of your proposed building?

07:47:56 >> Ed Turanchik: This property?

07:48:01 >> All other than the blue piece that you just drew in

07:48:04 there.

07:48:04 >> Thank you.

07:48:05 There's only one other property owner here.

07:48:10 The Perezes.

07:48:13 >>MARY MULHERN: And then who owns the property to the west

07:48:16 of that?

07:48:18 >> Here or here?

07:48:22 >>MARY MULHERN: No.

07:48:23 In between the yellow and --

07:48:29 >> Ed: The applicant does.

07:48:32 Savedra Jenkins, which I am representing him as well.

07:48:36 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

07:48:36 >> And Saveda Jenkins currently owns all of this.

07:48:45 >>: Okay.

07:48:45 That's what I didn't understand.

07:48:47 Okay.

07:48:47 They own all of that.

07:48:49 It's just one lot there, and that's owned by Perez.

07:48:54 >> Yes.

07:48:56 >> And do you have anything from them?

07:48:59 Are they in favor of this?

07:49:02 They are the ones that didn't want to sell?

07:49:05 >> Ed: We have talked to them.

07:49:08 They knew it was going on.

07:49:09 And, honestly, they didn't express an opinion one way or

07:49:13 another.

07:49:13 It a rental property.

07:49:14 I think they live in Ft. Lauderdale.

07:49:16 >>MARY MULHERN: Are they the ones that didn't want to sell

07:49:20 or was that the Polaskys?

07:49:23 You were talking about somebody that didn't want to sell.

07:49:26 >> The desirable thing here was have the property on Himes,

07:49:31 because when we started this, this property was under

07:49:35 different ownership.

07:49:36 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.

07:49:39 I get it.

07:49:42 Thank you.

07:49:43 >> Mr. Roche can help answer that question.

07:49:46 >>MARY MULHERN: But I don't understand -- oh, here is what

07:49:49 I don't understand.

07:49:50 Oh, I guess because you need to -- why you wouldn't have put

07:49:54 the parking behind your building.

07:49:56 >> We needed more parking.

07:49:57 We were told he would needed more parking.

07:49:59 >>MARY MULHERN: Oh, that is going to be parking?

07:50:06 >> No.

07:50:08 >> I don't understand.

07:50:09 North of Tampa Bay and south of your proposed building --

07:50:14 >>ABBYE FEELEY: There are two parking lots in addition to

07:50:16 the on-site parking that's being placed here.

07:50:19 >>MARY MULHERN: I see that.

07:50:21 Yellow and pink.

07:50:21 >> there is nothing going on.

07:50:24 The only development that is occurring relating to this PD

07:50:27 is on the blue, the pink and the yellow.

07:50:29 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.

07:50:30 So it will --

07:50:32 >>ABBYE FEELEY: What's going on on the other spot is not

07:50:34 necessarily applicable.

07:50:35 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm asking why.

07:50:37 Why instead of doing the parking just south of their

07:50:43 building, if they own all that property, and then having

07:50:49 access --

07:50:52 >> Ed: A perfectly fine question.

07:50:54 On behalf of that applicant the circumstances that prevent

07:50:55 them from participating in this are beyond their control.

07:51:02 They are not in possession to redevelop the property.

07:51:06 It's that simple.

07:51:07 Everyone has issues in their life and different property

07:51:10 owners have issues.

07:51:11 Sometimes there are different family members own it.

07:51:14 It's very common in urban areas.

07:51:16 >>MARY MULHERN: Right.

07:51:17 But this is unusual.

07:51:21 This is unusual.

07:51:23 That's why it's PD, right?

07:51:25 >> It is.

07:51:27 And I can think of -- you know, one of the challenges of

07:51:33 redeveloping the urban areas is land gathering, and the PD

07:51:36 provides a tool for doing sensible things.

07:51:42 We had the support of the surrounding property owners.

07:51:45 The fact of the matter is that the Polaskys and Savedra

07:51:56 Jenkins would like to see this happen -- and I worked with

07:51:57 the staff on this -- ultimately what will happen is the

07:51:58 southern side will also get an office building and they will

07:52:02 all get reconfigured at another PD.

07:52:05 But there's no mechanism under your rules or any other

07:52:09 vehicle to provide that kind of transitioning, particularly

07:52:12 when different property owners have some legal issues and

07:52:14 other practical issues to deal with.

07:52:17 So I think the bottom line here is that everyone on this

07:52:22 block understands what's going on, and they are trying to

07:52:25 figure out a way of how to be go from property that's low

07:52:29 value, and kind of dysfunctional, to higher-end value where

07:52:34 you have ABC studios on the north end, 20,000 square foot

07:52:40 insurance building here, with construction or so, and how do

07:52:47 you then transition toe what going to come next?

07:52:49 And I think we have done a plan that allows that to happen,

07:52:54 and keeps those areas to transition as well as they can be.

07:52:59 And it's a challenge.

07:53:02 I understand this is unique.

07:53:03 But ultimately, like Florida and Nebraska and other places,

07:53:08 you have got to figure out how you create value and work

07:53:11 around the parcelization mechanisms.

07:53:14 I think this is a pretty sophisticated way of doing it.

07:53:18 And we are doing it within the tools and due process

07:53:20 afforded us by the city, and with the concurrence of the

07:53:23 property owners that are there.

07:53:24 Thank you.

07:53:27 Would you like him to talk about any details, or any

07:53:32 questions?

07:53:33 Or we can.

07:53:37 >>HARRY COHEN: Why don't we ask if there's anyone from the

07:53:40 public and then go from there.

07:53:42 Is there anyone who would like to be address this matter,

07:53:45 item number 8?

07:53:46 Are there any additional questions from council members?

07:53:52 Mr. Turanchik, are you finished?

07:53:55 >> Yes.

07:53:56 >>HARRY COHEN: Motion to close from Councilman Reddick.

07:53:59 Seconded by Councilwoman Montelione.

07:54:01 All those in favor?

07:54:02 Opposed?

07:54:04 All right.

07:54:04 Councilwoman Capin, would you please take item number 8?

07:54:10 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

07:54:17 My pleasure.

07:54:18 Very exciting to see all of this happening in our

07:54:25 neighborhood of West Tampa.

07:54:29 Here we go.

07:54:30 An ordinance being presented for first reading

07:54:32 consideration, an ordinance rezoning property in the general

07:54:35 vicinity of 4011 north Himes Avenue, 3424 and 3426 west

07:54:41 Heiter street and 3419, 3421, 3425, and 3427 west Tampa Bay

07:54:48 Boulevard, in the city of Tampa, Florida and more

07:54:51 particularly described in section 1 from zoning district

07:54:54 classifications RO-1 residential office to RS-50 residential

07:54:59 single-family to PD, planned development, office,

07:55:02 business/professional, providing an effective date.

07:55:04 >> Second.

07:55:06 >>HARRY COHEN: We have a motion from Councilwoman Capin.

07:55:09 Seconded by Councilman Suarez.

07:55:10 All those in favor please indicate by saying aye.

07:55:13 Opposed?

07:55:13 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda being absent.

07:55:17 Second roading and adoption will be on February 6th at

07:55:20 9:30 a.m.

07:55:22 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much.

07:55:23 Thank you, everyone for helping us get through the evening

07:55:26 expeditiously.

07:55:28 We are going to do new business from council members.

07:55:31 I want to remind everyone that with Monday being the Martin

07:55:34 Luther King holiday, the clerk has one less day to prepare

07:55:38 the agenda.

07:55:39 So unless throws something of an emergency nature, keep that

07:55:43 in mind for scheduling items for next week.

07:55:45 >>MIKE SUAREZ: In a new business on the than happy MLK day

07:55:52 on Monday: I hope to see some of you somewhere either at a

07:55:56 breakfast or parade.

07:55:57 See you then.

07:56:00 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Nothing new.

07:56:01 Thank you.

07:56:02 >>FRANK REDDICK: One item, Mr. Chair.

07:56:11 I'm requesting a commendation for the African-American

07:56:23 church, and they send their love, and January 18th.

07:56:28 >>HARRY COHEN: We have a motion from Councilman Reddick,

07:56:32 seconded by Councilman Suarez.

07:56:34 All in favor?

07:56:35 Opposed?

07:56:37 Thank you very much.

07:56:38 Councilman Mulhern?

07:56:41 And Councilwoman Montelione said she had no new business.

07:56:45 I am going to take her at her word.

07:56:46 Can I please have a motion to receive and file?

07:56:48 We have a motion from Councilman Reddick, seconded by

07:56:51 Councilman Suarez, or the opposite.

07:56:53 All those in favor please indicate by saying aye.

07:56:55 Opposed?

07:56:56 All right.

07:56:56 We are adjourned.

07:56:57 See you next week.


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