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Tampa City Council


Thursday, January 30, 2014

9:00 a.m.


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09:02:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to order.

09:04:30 The chair yields to Yvonne Yolie Capin.

09:04:33 >> Today's invocation will be administered by Reverend

09:04:38 Smith, retired, university of south of Florida, served as a

09:04:41 member of the faculty in the school of social work 1998, and

09:04:53 served at Stanford university medicine school from 1968 to

09:04:58 1988.

09:04:59 We welcome Dr. Smith, and immediately after the invocation,

09:05:07 please rise and remain standing for the pledge of

09:05:09 allegiance.

09:05:10 >> Reverend Smith: Good morning.

09:05:20 To our City Council, everyone, I'm a member of Allen temple

09:05:28 AME church.

09:05:30 Dr. David green is the pastor.

09:05:32 It's the privilege of my dear wonderful friend Yolie Capin,

09:05:38 City Council woman, to deliver this morning's prayer.

09:05:41 Would you please bow your heads for the prayer?

09:05:45 Once again we bow our heads in humble meditation and prayer,

09:05:49 thanking you, our heavenly father, for waking us up this

09:05:52 morning, starting us on our way to the land of the living.

09:05:56 Lord, you did not have to do it, but you indeed did it, and

09:06:01 we are glad.

09:06:01 Thank you.

09:06:03 The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.

09:06:06 You lead us.

09:06:13 Heavenly father, we ask you to continue to protect our City

09:06:16 Council persons as they strife each and every day as they

09:06:22 study the needs of our community which is constantly

09:06:24 changing and growing.

09:06:26 Please continue to guide their decisions and discussions as

09:06:33 they strive to create the safest and most prosperous city

09:06:37 within the State of Florida, setting the ethics and

09:06:41 standards necessary for the successes they strife toward.

09:06:45 Heavenly father, continue to guide their decisions and

09:06:48 discussions in keeping with the needs of their community and

09:06:52 its people.

09:06:53 Keep them forever mindful of the roles, and to always seek

09:06:59 changes that will benefit the entire community in all

09:07:02 aspects of this daily living.

09:07:05 Lord, this is a very concerned and dedicated efficient City

09:07:10 Council, and I'm asking, we are asking, for your continued

09:07:15 guidance and support, as they manage the obligations and

09:07:22 responsibilities to their constituents.

09:07:25 This is a very humane board with their concerns being the

09:07:29 greatest possible development and growth for their

09:07:32 community.

09:07:34 Be with them and continue to guide them on their journey.

09:07:37 All of these blessings we ask in the name of our heavenly

09:07:42 father.

09:07:42 Amen.

09:07:43 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]

09:08:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Roll call.

09:08:11 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:08:15 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Here.

09:08:16 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:08:18 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

09:08:19 >>HARRY COHEN: Here most month here.

09:08:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:08:25 Wow, what a crowd.

09:08:26 I saw the stairwells all full of people and everybody was

09:08:29 happy and everything a nice time and I wondered why. Then I

09:08:33 saw a reporter outside and I asked, what's going on?

09:08:35 You look like you are from England.

09:08:38 And he told me it was his birthday.

09:08:41 So, you know, reporters usually embarrass us sometimes.

09:08:43 We embarrass ourselves.

09:08:47 They just write on what we say.

09:08:49 So it's my turn to say happy birthday, Kevin ritrowski, 46

09:08:59 years old.

09:09:00 [ Laughter ]

09:09:01 [ Applause ]

09:09:08 Okay, presentation of police Officer of the Month by Mr.

09:09:12 Reddick.

09:09:12 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chairman, council.

09:09:18 It's my honor to present to you this morning detective

09:09:21 Charlotte can field woods, Officer of the Month for January

09:09:31 2014.

09:09:32 >> Chief Newman, Tampa Police Department.

09:09:34 It's kind of appropriate that I am here today for our Chief

09:09:37 Castor to give Detective Sharla Canfield this award.

09:09:40 Back in 2010 and 2011 when TurboTax seemed to be the word on

09:09:45 everyone's list, it was Sharla Canfield and a few other

09:09:48 detectives in the north end of district 2 that began to work

09:09:51 these type of tax fraud cases.

09:09:53 Well, back in January '13 of last year the department

09:09:57 established a tax fraud investigative fraud that handled

09:10:01 major fraud cases to include tax fraud, and one of the folks

09:10:05 that was a no brainer to put on that unit was detective

09:10:08 Sharla Canfield.

09:10:10 Over the course of this year, I am just going to highlight

09:10:13 about three cases that she was able to bring to a successful

09:10:16 conclusion.

09:10:17 The first one of all, one of our local malls where folks put

09:10:22 those devices on credit card readers on an ice cream store

09:10:26 and kiosk inside one of the major malls and were able to

09:10:29 take everyone's identity and really delete some of their

09:10:32 fund, detective Canfield took that case using all of her

09:10:36 resources, and her resources are pretty vast.

09:10:39 She worked with the U.S. secret service.

09:10:41 She works with the U.S. attorneys office and she's deputized

09:10:45 with the U.S. Marshall.

09:10:46 So is the entire unit from the criminal bureau that works

09:10:50 these investigations.

09:10:51 Her tireless efforts resulted in a search warrant and we

09:10:55 arrested those folks and were able to retrieve the devices

09:10:57 that they used to be able to take everyone's money from

09:11:00 these retail establishments.

09:11:02 Later on in the year, she had another tax fraud

09:11:04 investigation involving tax fraud TurboTax.

09:11:08 These folks, we found, moved up to Wesley chapel, and

09:11:11 through her hard work and dedication she found out that they

09:11:15 had taken over $50,000 in tax fraud.

09:11:21 Both those folks arrested are now awaiting federal

09:11:24 prosecution, is working its way through the courts.

09:11:26 The last case was pretty dicey.

09:11:28 We found out the bad guy was a suspect in this case.

09:11:31 Again, doing a lot of fraud investigations, fraud cases

09:11:35 involving innocent victims, and he was on federal probation

09:11:40 for firearms violations.

09:11:42 Realizing that that was a dangerous situation, she used her

09:11:45 resources again from the state, local and federal level to

09:11:50 include also our swat teams, and that search warrant yield

09:11:53 add good cache of weapons, besides the cache, the TVs and

09:11:59 some of the other items used ton seeing.

09:12:02 She's a dedicated individual.

09:12:04 She brings a tremendous amount of resources to bear with

09:12:07 each and every one of our cases, whether it's a local or

09:12:11 state case or federal case.

09:12:12 She has a wonderful working relationship with all our

09:12:15 partners in the area, and for her dedication and commitment

09:12:18 to those victims that sometimes we forget about, and you

09:12:22 hear about all the time, in the paper, she is being selected

09:12:26 as the department's January 2014 officer of the year.

09:12:31 [ Applause ]

09:12:45 >>FRANK REDDICK: On behalf of Tampa City Council we would

09:12:47 like to present you this accommodation for being chosen as

09:12:50 the Tampa Police Department Officer of the Month for January

09:12:53 2014.

09:12:54 Congratulations.

09:12:57 [ Applause ]

09:13:04 And we would like to present you with some things.

09:13:12 >> Joe Durkin, Bright House networks, congratulations. We

09:13:19 would like to present you with one month of all of our

09:13:23 complimentary services.

09:13:24 >> Jim Carson, Bill Currie Ford.

09:13:31 On behalf of the Currie family and myself we would like to

09:13:34 present with you an engraved watch.

09:13:36 >> President of the Tampa PBA.

09:13:44 With me, Steve Carmack, vice-president of PBA, and our

09:13:52 secretary.

09:13:52 Charlotte, I would like to present you with a gift

09:13:54 certificate for your work.

09:13:58 We appreciate the work you do for the Tampa Police

09:14:00 Department and for the citizens of the City of Tampa.

09:14:03 Thank you very much.

09:14:03 >> And I'm Marty from island flowers.

09:14:22 And through you all's efforts we got a tax refund for '10

09:14:26 and '11.

09:14:30 (Laughter and applause)

09:14:32 >> Good morning.

09:14:38 Jill Latecki with Tampa Theatre.

09:14:43 For you tickets to tire spring training classic series, and

09:14:48 you guys can fight over the candies.

09:14:54 Okay?

09:14:54 >> Michael Kilgore on behalf of the Columbia restaurant, a

09:15:02 gift card for the Columbia.

09:15:08 >> Steve Stickley representing Stepp's towing service and

09:15:12 Stepps environmental clean-up now.

09:15:14 On behalf of Jim and Judy and Todd Stepp, we would like to

09:15:19 give you this, and a gift certificate.

09:15:28 Thank you.

09:15:37 >> I want to first of all thank everybody that's here, thank

09:15:40 the chief for allowing me to work on these types of crimes.

09:15:46 I would like to thank my family and my husband for being

09:15:48 supportive and giving me advice when I need it.

09:15:51 I would like to thank Capt. O'Connor for being a great role

09:15:55 model and mentor for several years.

09:15:58 I would like to thank my squad, past members and present

09:16:01 members for assisting.

09:16:03 It's always a team efforts and everybody comes together to

09:16:06 get the job done.

09:16:08 As the chief said in 2010, tax fraud raised its ugly head

09:16:14 here in Tampa, and I believe that the teams came together

09:16:17 and realized this was an epidemic and a problem and put

09:16:21 resources together to get this problem taken care of to the

09:16:23 best of their ability.

09:16:24 By doing that we were able to partner with local and federal

09:16:27 law enforcement agencies as well as the state attorney's

09:16:29 office and U.S. attorney's office to formulate a plan to

09:16:33 prosecute these individuals.

09:16:34 And I think since 2010 to now, I think we have come leaps

09:16:38 and bounds whereby from where we were, and I think it's

09:16:40 because the chief acted quickly on this in 2010 when they

09:16:44 first saw it as a problem, and I'm very happy to be part of

09:16:47 it, and I'm proud of way do and I enjoy what I do.

09:16:51 So thank you very much.

09:16:52 [ Applause ]

09:16:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick will also handle number 2,

09:17:26 firefighter of the quarter.

09:17:27 >>FRANK REDDICK: It's my honor to recognize Tampa fire

09:17:32 department firefighter of the quarter for January 2014,

09:17:34 differentiation chief, Tracy walker.

09:17:37 Chief?

09:17:42 [ Applause ]

09:17:45 >> Good morning, council.

09:17:46 Again, fire chief Tom Forward, Tampa fire chief.

09:17:51 It's our pleasure and honor to come before you this first

09:17:55 quarter of 2014 and present to you firefighter of the

09:18:00 quarter.

09:18:01 The individual that's standing next to me has exemplified

09:18:05 himself in such a way with such a distinguished career with

09:18:08 over 30 years of service to this community.

09:18:11 Tracy Walker has been on the job since 1983, October

09:18:16 31st to be specific, and while he has distinguished

09:18:21 himself during service throughout the entire 30 years with

09:18:26 respect to promotions and advancements, many of us

09:18:29 understand that in the world of fire fighting especially

09:18:33 with respect to all hazardous response here in Tampa, with

09:18:38 over 80,000 alarms a year that can be quite taxing.

09:18:42 It is truly firefighting is a young person's game, and 20

09:18:48 years in the service you maybe consider moving to a staff

09:18:50 position or something a little less taxing on the body.

09:18:53 And that's one of the distinguishing elements that chief

09:18:56 walker brings to the table, and recognized by the entire

09:19:03 department to receive such a distinguished award.

09:19:05 As I said, he has over 30 years in the field starting out as

09:19:11 a firefighter, being promoted to paramedic, then promoted to

09:19:15 lieutenant, then promoted to captain, then promoted to

09:19:18 district chief and differentiation chief, which is the job

09:19:20 that he holds as shift commander for the City of Tampa now.

09:19:24 Stationed in downtown at headquarters in very high response

09:19:30 mode, again over 80,000 alarms.

09:19:33 He's generally the first chief officer on the scene before

09:19:36 the first fire hose goes into a house or any type of fire or

09:19:40 any major situation.

09:19:44 Anything off the property and every other major situation

09:19:47 that happens on his shift, he manages those things.

09:19:50 Not only that, juggling the resources that provides the

09:19:55 units and the staffing for 22 stations, plus the airport, on

09:20:00 a daily basis.

09:20:01 And with staffing and requirements and all the conditions

09:20:06 that happen in a 247 hours period, he does it with great

09:20:11 attitude, and in the course of all of that, mentoring,

09:20:14 developing, counseling, young chiefs, young captains, and

09:20:18 still making certain that the City of Tampa has the greatest

09:20:22 and the best resources in place, that any type of emergency

09:20:25 that might abound.

09:20:27 A few other things that Tracy has done that distinguishes

09:20:30 his career.

09:20:31 Not only has he been exemplary in fire, EMS, emergency

09:20:37 response mode, but he has been elected to the 754 which is

09:20:43 the collective bargaining unit, from vice-president, and

09:20:46 then at the time of president.

09:20:48 Three times selected to City of Tampa's pension board, nine

09:20:53 years served pension board, one year served takes chairman

09:20:57 of the board, and at another time, two or three years, he

09:21:01 was the vice chairman as well.

09:21:02 Tracy has always brought tremendous pride and respect for

09:21:09 the department.

09:21:11 So many other things in the community that he's been

09:21:13 involved with.

09:21:13 But he always said he's only doing his job.

09:21:20 He enjoyed the interaction with his troops.

09:21:22 He enjoyed interaction with the community and taking care of

09:21:25 this community.

09:21:25 And every day he says he's lived by the standards, to do the

09:21:33 best job he can do for his community and when he hangs up

09:21:37 his helmet and jacket he wants to know that he has made a

09:21:41 difference.

09:21:41 Chief walker has made a difference.

09:21:44 That's why he's recognized as our firefighter of the quarter

09:21:48 for the first quarter of 2014.

09:21:51 [ Applause ]

09:22:02 And I would be remiss if I did not also tell you who keeps

09:22:05 him held up, his lovely wife Denise is here with him as

09:22:09 well.

09:22:10 [ Applause ]

09:22:13 As well as many members of our department that support them,

09:22:16 and really appreciate what he does for this department and

09:22:20 this community day in and day out.

09:22:22 Thank you.

09:22:22 >>FRANK REDDICK: Chief walker, on behalf of Tampa City

09:22:31 Council, and reverend forward we would like to present you

09:22:39 this commendation being chosen Tampa fire department

09:22:43 firefighter of the quarter January 2014.

09:22:45 Congratulations.

09:22:46 [ Applause ]

09:22:54 And we also have a gift.

09:22:59 >> Michael Kilgore.

09:23:02 Chief, on behalf of the Gonzmart family, we have a gift card

09:23:07 for any of our restaurants.

09:23:11 Enjoy your meal.

09:23:13 >> Joe Durkin again from Bright House networks.

09:23:21 Congratulations on representing an outstanding fire

09:23:25 department.

09:23:26 On behalf of Bright House networks, free month of service.

09:23:31 Congratulations.

09:23:31 >> Congratulations.

09:23:42 On behalf of the Currie family and myself I would like to

09:23:46 present you with this watch.

09:23:50 Good job.

09:23:51 >> Jill Latecki from Tampa Theatre.

09:24:02 Thank you for everything you do for our community.

09:24:03 On behalf of the theater we would like to give you and

09:24:07 Denise an annual membership to our that's right.

09:24:10 After listening to all the accolades it sounds like you need

09:24:13 a day off.

09:24:18 [ Applause ]

09:24:22 >> Island Flowers.

09:24:24 I'm not presenting this to you.

09:24:27 I'm presenting it to the one who makes it all possible.

09:24:34 [ Applause ]

09:24:45 >> Steve Stickley representing Stepp's towing service and

09:24:49 environmental clean-up.

09:24:51 Very distinguished career you have had.

09:24:53 I would like to present this trophy to you and a gift card.

09:25:03 >> Thank you very much.

09:25:09 I'm extremely honored to be here today.

09:25:11 Normally I'm not at a loss for words but I am today.

09:25:14 I would like to thank my crews, and the City of Tampa.

09:25:17 Thank you very much.

09:25:20 [ Applause ]

09:25:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We now go to item number 3.

09:26:49 It's a great honor to have some champions here.

09:26:53 Ms. Montelione is going to do the honors.

09:26:56 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Trying to gather everybody up.

09:27:02 Well, this morning, we honored our firefighter of the

09:27:09 quarter, and police Officer of the Month, of which we are

09:27:12 very proud.

09:27:13 And here in the city, we have a lot to be proud of.

09:27:17 One of those is our Parks and Recreation Department who is a

09:27:25 shining star in our city.

09:27:26 And this morning, as you can see, we have with us Brad

09:27:33 Baird, our director, and Brad, and Heather from our Parks

09:27:41 and Recreation Department.

09:27:43 The job that they do to provide services to the children of

09:27:46 our community is just amazing.

09:27:50 And we are especially proud of the work that they do along

09:27:54 with the parents and the coaches of these fine young people

09:28:00 that we have here today.

09:28:03 There are two centers in the city that provide gymnastics

09:28:07 services to the children of our city.

09:28:10 One is the Wayne Pappy center and the other is the New Tampa

09:28:16 center, and the achievement of these individuals is nothing

09:28:19 short of amazing.

09:28:22 I don't think there's any other -- and you guys can correct

09:28:26 me if I am wrong -- I don't think there's any other public

09:28:30 program that provides the level of services to the

09:28:33 gymnastics community than our public Parks and Recreation

09:28:38 Department.

09:28:44 [ Applause ]

09:28:48 And today the Tampa City Council is proud to congratulate

09:28:50 the City of Tampa parks and recreation gymnastics team for

09:28:54 their success at the 2013 USA gymnastics state championship

09:28:59 and the 2013 AAU state championship.

09:29:03 The level 5 team won the USA and the AAUA championship.

09:29:10 The level four team won the AAUA title with a level 2 and 3

09:29:15 teams finishing second for a public parks and recollection

09:29:18 division, I can't imagine the dedication and the work that

09:29:24 went in and the ability of these children behind me is just

09:29:27 tremendous.

09:29:30 The teams are made of athletes from those two centers in New

09:29:32 Tampa and the Wayne Pappy center, and we have commendations

09:29:37 to display to both of those great recreation centers.

09:29:40 So who are to receive these plaques?

09:29:47 They are pointing at each other.

09:29:49 Heather?

09:29:53 Everybody come on up.

09:29:54 These are the people responsible for the success of these

09:29:57 young people behind me today.

09:29:59 So I am going to hand over the mike so they can all

09:30:04 introduce themselves, and as the chairman likes to say, have

09:30:07 their time on TV.

09:30:09 Everybody has TIVO or recording devices, DVRs, get them

09:30:19 ready.

09:30:19 >> My name is Diana Jackson, and very proud to work with the

09:30:24 City of Tampa and be a part of Tampa gymnastics.

09:30:28 We are very proud of these children.

09:30:30 I would like them to introduce themselves and tell you what

09:30:32 they are level they are competing.

09:30:41 (Self-Introductions)

09:31:31 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I want to invite everyone -- every year

09:31:34 there's be a exhibition of the work that is done by our

09:31:36 parks and recreation division.

09:31:41 The gymnastics classes and everyone puts on a top rated

09:31:46 show. I was there last year, and it is amazing to watch

09:31:49 these kids.

09:31:50 And it's really something that I think everybody should

09:31:55 afford itself the opportunities to go and just watch for a

09:31:57 little bit to see what a wonderful job that our staff does

09:32:03 here at the department of parks and recreation.

09:32:07 Thanks to everyone for coming out.

09:32:13 I would like you to do a little demonstration here but I

09:32:18 don't think we have quite the room.

09:32:20 [ Laughter ]

09:32:57 (demonstration)

09:33:00 I have Mr. Suarez, and then I have a competition to offer.

09:33:04 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I have seen a lot of flip-flops in this room

09:33:07 but none that were physically done.

09:33:09 How many young ladies are going to be in the Olympics in

09:33:12 2024?

09:33:16 [ Applause ]

09:33:16 Good luck and remember that you get to serve in the Parks

09:33:25 Department and congratulations on winning the championship.

09:33:32 [ Applause ]

09:33:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.

09:33:35 As chair, this morning as I saw that demonstration, I said,

09:33:43 wow, what a great thing.

09:33:44 So I want to create a City Council team.

09:33:46 [ Laughter ]

09:33:48 To compete against you.

09:33:50 So I nominate, and we'll have to tab a roll call vote.

09:33:56 I want Lisa Montelione, Mulhern and Capin to challenge you

09:34:00 in what you do best.

09:34:02 And then three of you can come here and sit here.

09:34:08 Would you like that challenge?

09:34:12 >>LISA MONTELIONE: What about the guys?

09:34:14 Mr. Chairman, they are the most athletic.

09:34:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We are going to be the judges.

09:34:26 Well, thank you very much.

09:34:29 Not only are you champions but you are great individuals.

09:34:31 >> One thing.

09:34:34 I just wanted to have ask if this commendation should be a

09:34:37 reminder about what you guys do.

09:34:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And the combination is so nice and if you

09:34:42 give me all the names, I think you saw we will give each one

09:34:47 a little paper commendation.

09:34:48 >> I just think they walk into the gym every day and they

09:34:51 actually do the work.

09:34:52 But they need to understand the chain of command that really

09:34:57 support the program that put these kids into the positions

09:35:00 that they are in.

09:35:10 [ Applause ]

09:35:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thanks again for coming.

09:35:13 We are proud of each and every one, not only the city staff

09:35:19 but the participants.

09:35:23 Thank you very much for coming.

09:36:07 We governor to item number 4.

09:36:10 It's the Tampa Black History Committee.

09:36:15 And that was Mr. Reddick and Mr. Suarez.

09:36:23 Thank you.

09:36:23 >> Thank you for allowing us to be here this morning.

09:36:34 It is indeed our pleasure.

09:36:36 And thank Councilman Reddick and Suarez for allowing us to

09:36:40 be on today's agenda.

09:36:41 I am Frank Crum, president of City of Tampa Black History,

09:36:47 but I am here a group of talented and energetic people,

09:36:51 Vanessa Williams, Kathy ward, and Carla Jackson.

09:36:55 And we are here to promote an initiative that's a

09:36:58 combination of the City of Tampa Black History Committee,

09:37:00 the Tampa Police Department Black History Committee, and the

09:37:05 mayor's African-American advisory council, and that is

09:37:07 called unity in the community.

09:37:11 For 25 years the City of Tampa has been celebrating black

09:37:14 history.

09:37:14 And we have had the opportunity to have individuals from all

09:37:18 walks of life and bring all of us folks together through

09:37:23 history, and today, we just want to allow others, let others

09:37:28 know exactly how we are doing this and why we are doing

09:37:30 this.

09:37:33 Unity in the community is really all about making sure we

09:37:36 are not only celebrating our past but also helping those in

09:37:40 future generations.

09:37:41 First, on February the 6th, Hillsborough County will be

09:37:48 hosting their black history celebration.

09:37:50 That's going Sarasota place at noon.

09:37:53 The following week the City of Tampa Black History Committee

09:37:56 as well as the mayor's advisory council and TPD black

09:37:59 history will be celebrating the 26th annual black

09:38:02 history celebration, which will take place at the Tampa

09:38:04 Convention Center at 11 a.m.

09:38:07 Our theme is determined to make a difference, now and in the

09:38:11 future, and it's going to be a wonderful time.

09:38:15 And we are going to give you all the opportunity because

09:38:22 it's not only a celebration, it's a time for to you think

09:38:24 about what it means to be your best self.

09:38:27 And what I mean by that is, there's something that each of

09:38:29 us can do in the average everyday walk of life but sometimes

09:38:34 we feel a little bit discouraged.

09:38:36 And this gives us the opportunity to really think about it

09:38:39 and recharge our batteries and then go again and do what's

09:38:42 going to be best for us.

09:38:44 Our keynote speaker is going to be former Tampa Police

09:38:46 Department major, retired Tampa Police Department major,

09:38:51 General Honeywell.

09:38:53 And then on the following day, Saturday, the 15th of

09:38:56 February, we are going to have another event, and Captain

09:39:01 Ward is going to tell us about that.

09:39:03 >> Captain Ward, city of Tampa police department.

09:39:10 The second event will be at the Lowry Park, North Boulevard,

09:39:15 and basically it's an event that we would like to encourage

09:39:18 everyone to come out to.

09:39:19 It's a free event.

09:39:20 It's going to be music, games, food, more importantly, there

09:39:23 will be a free health and social services booth set up out

09:39:27 there so anybody that comes and gets any free services, it

09:39:34 will be a great day.

09:39:34 The event starts 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

09:39:39 You all are invited and wish you guys would come out.

09:39:42 >> And as a symbol of unity in the community, the SunTrust

09:39:54 roof will be illuminated in honor of black history month.

09:39:57 And it will be illuminating on February 16th to 21 and

09:40:02 then again February 23rd to be 26th.

09:40:05 Tampa City Council and all viewers at home, we would

09:40:09 encourage you to come out to the event to support.

09:40:12 You will be rejuvenate.

09:40:14 You are going to have a wonderful time.

09:40:16 And thank you so much for your time.

09:40:18 And again, it's all about being determined to make a

09:40:21 difference.

09:40:21 Thank you all.

09:40:23 [ Applause ]

09:40:28 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Frank, before you leave, I noticed it was

09:40:30 February 14th is the first event?

09:40:33 >> That's right.

09:40:34 >> Are we everything any special Valentine's day

09:40:37 celebration, also?

09:40:38 You know, I have a wife, and --

09:40:45 >> We'll find a way to incorporate that into the program.

09:40:47 You aren't the only one that has a wife.

09:40:50 We'll make sure there's something to incorporate that

09:40:53 special day.

09:40:54 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.

09:40:55 >>HARRY COHEN: Anyone else?

09:40:57 Thank you very much.

09:40:58 We are going to move on now to the workshop section of

09:41:02 today's agenda.

09:41:04 On workshop days, public comment occurs after each agenda

09:41:08 item is taken up by the council.

09:41:10 We have three minutes per speaker available for people in

09:41:13 the public that would like to express themselves.

09:41:17 I see the chair has returned.

09:41:19 However, since this is my item, I was wondering if you

09:41:22 wouldn't mind if I said a few words before we begin this

09:41:25 discussion.

09:41:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I know you will do your best to say a few

09:41:31 words.

09:41:31 >>HARRY COHEN: It's now January 30th, and as the year

09:41:36 kicks along, we get closer and closer to the period when we

09:41:40 start considering next year's budget, the budget for the

09:41:44 year that will begin in October, October 1st of 2014.

09:41:49 The fiscal year 2015 budget.

09:41:55 There are in my view two reasons to hold this workshop

09:41:57 today.

09:41:57 One is stow talk about process, and another is to talk about

09:42:00 actually the substance of the city's spending priorities.

09:42:05 And I wanted to just take a moment to make a couple of

09:42:09 comments about process, because the impetus for this

09:42:13 discussion was the reality of what happens to us every year.

09:42:18 We receive the mayor's budget generally toward the middle to

09:42:22 end of the summer.

09:42:23 We have a fairly condensed period where we discuss the

09:42:28 recommended budget and hold a few public hearings, we hear

09:42:32 from our advisory committee, and then we generally have a

09:42:35 pretty short turnaround time before we need to approve the

09:42:40 budget for the beginning of the new fiscal year.

09:42:42 And the frustrations that I have heard expressed by council

09:42:45 members is that it would be much better for us if we could

09:42:49 start expressing ourselves, expression what our priorities

09:42:52 are, raising our questions early in the process rather than

09:42:57 once the budget is completed.

09:42:59 And what I wanted to propose today to everyone are just a

09:43:03 couple of ideas on things that we might do over the next six

09:43:07 to eight months, and then ask everyone what their thoughts

09:43:10 are on that.

09:43:12 The second issue of course is substance, and it has to do

09:43:15 with what each council member sees as important spending

09:43:18 priorities for the city.

09:43:19 I know that for council members that are district members,

09:43:24 we might be more inclined to talk about some of the things

09:43:27 that our neighborhoods need.

09:43:28 We have at-large council members who are here to represent,

09:43:33 of course, the needs of the entire city, and we all

09:43:36 represent the needs of the entire city.

09:43:38 So let me just put a couple things on the table regarding

09:43:40 process, and then depending on where everyone wants to go,

09:43:44 we can also then talk about substance.

09:43:46 I think there are really three different options that we

09:43:49 have in terms of how we might go about having some

09:43:55 discussions about priorities over the next six months or so

09:43:59 prior to the mayor's submission of the budget.

09:44:02 One would be to ask each council member to submit something

09:44:07 in writing, and to actually put the document together and

09:44:11 formally send it to the mayor as an expression of council's

09:44:16 priorities.

09:44:17 Another would be to have a series of workshops where we

09:44:21 could discuss certain items, and actually air what's going

09:44:27 on in different departments.

09:44:30 And one of the advantages of doing that is that, of course,

09:44:36 it allows for public comment, it allows for very transparent

09:44:39 process that people can watch on television, and it

09:44:42 certainly allows each of us to represent our constituents as

09:44:46 we move through the different items.

09:44:48 And then finally -- and this is really the way that I think

09:44:51 it was done the last few years -- is the issue of whether or

09:44:56 not we just wants to continue to have private meetings one

09:44:58 on one with the staff and the mayor and the people that are

09:45:04 responsible for actually drafting and submitting the budget.

09:45:07 So those are just a couple of things that I think are ideas.

09:45:11 If there are other ideas, I'm certainly open to them.

09:45:13 Another issue that has come up is the issue of how we can

09:45:17 follow up on the recommendation of our budget advisory

09:45:23 committee that works so hard through the year.

09:45:25 And I definitely heard concerns from some of the council

09:45:29 members that we didn't really follow a mechanism where we

09:45:33 were following up on that, those recommendations, and that

09:45:36 advice, and really holding ourselves to the fire of making

09:45:43 some of those choices and changes that have been suggested

09:45:47 by them over the years.

09:45:50 So that's what I think the conversation is about in terms of

09:45:55 process.

09:45:56 I would like to come back, once we talked about process and

09:46:00 talk about substance.

09:46:06 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Chair, I just want to raise a

09:46:07 procedure question.

09:46:08 I think Mr. Cohen has jumped before to item number 5, we

09:46:16 should have public comment.

09:46:17 >>HARRY COHEN: I apologize.

09:46:22 If I went too quickly, I apologize.

09:46:25 Dimension that the public comment on the workshops would

09:46:27 happen after each item.

09:46:29 You mean the public comment on the first four items.

09:46:31 I apologize.

09:46:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: I just wanted to put that.

09:46:37 I know you are passionate.

09:46:38 >>HARRY COHEN: I was very excited to get started.

09:46:41 I apologize.

09:46:47 Okay.

09:46:47 That's it.

09:46:49 I'm done.

09:46:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me stop for a second.

09:46:52 And let me go back to one through four.

09:46:56 With council's permission, I see two individuals from the

09:46:59 Lowry Park Zoo who have been here, and I would imagine they

09:47:03 want to say something under public comment.

09:47:05 So I am going to say items 1 through 4 and any other items

09:47:08 you may want to speak on.

09:47:13 You are here.

09:47:14 It's cold outside.

09:47:15 We welcome you.

09:47:16 Nine speak on 1 through 4 please come forward or any other

09:47:20 items you may want to speak on.

09:47:21 >> My name is Bob Rasmussen and I appear before you this

09:47:35 morning in my capacity as chair of the Board of Trustees of

09:47:38 Lowry Park Zoo logical society, which as you know operates

09:47:42 Lowry Park Zoo on land owned by the City of Tampa, Lowry

09:47:46 Park.

09:47:47 I am one of more than 4,000 volunteers who annually

09:47:50 contribute over 100,000 hours of service to the zoo.

09:47:57 I want to lift up the zoo's interest of working with you on

09:48:00 these budget discussions and being a participant in that

09:48:03 process.

09:48:04 Nearly 25 years ago, the City of Tampa and the organization

09:48:09 that's now known as Lowry Park Zoo lodge cool society

09:48:13 entered into a public-private partnership to develop

09:48:15 afternoon new zoo for Tampa, to replace a small zoo that the

09:48:19 Humane Society calls one of the worth zoos in America.

09:48:23 The city contributed $9 million.

09:48:25 The society raised $9 million from donors.

09:48:27 And the Lowry Park Zoo opened in the 1988 on approximately

09:48:31 28 acres at Lowry Park and Sligh Avenue.

09:48:35 Since then it expanded to 63 acres, employs over 300 people,

09:48:39 serves a million visitors a year, has an annual operating

09:48:42 budget of about $18 million, virtually all of which comes

09:48:46 from earned revenue, donor contributions, and is recognized

09:48:50 nationally and internationally as a leading cultural and

09:48:53 conservation organization.

09:48:55 It is the most attended zoo in the southeastern United

09:48:57 States, and twice has been recognized takes number one zoo

09:49:01 in America.

09:49:06 Its work in rehabilitating injured Manatees is world

09:49:11 renowned, operates the only Manatee hospital in the world

09:49:16 and has treated more than 394 manatees since 1991.

09:49:19 It's a leader in animal husbandry and sustainable

09:49:22 populations of endangered wildlife, participating in

09:49:26 survival plans endorsed by the association of zoos and

09:49:29 aquariums.

09:49:30 For example, only three elephants have been born in North

09:49:33 America in the last 12 months and two of them were born at

09:49:36 Lowry Park Zoo.

09:49:37 By the way, they are pretty darn cute.

09:49:40 A recent third party assessment of the zoo's economic impact

09:49:47 with before and after spending of zoo visitors contributes

09:49:49 over $50 million to the Florida Tampa metropolitan economy.

09:49:54 Supports 615 full time year round equivalent jobs, and 180

09:50:00 part time jobs, and generates about $18 million in new

09:50:03 personal for workers residing in our area.

09:50:07 The zoo provides a great return on public investment earning

09:50:11 over 95 for every five dollars of public investment.

09:50:18 Unfortunately most of our facilities are more than 25 years

09:50:20 out and starting to wear out and look tired.

09:50:23 Although we work efficiently we do not generate sufficient

09:50:28 surplus to repair and maintain our facility.

09:50:30 We need the city's help of what's found in the ground such

09:50:33 as curbs, sidewalks, surfaces, and water and sewer systems.

09:50:37 So we can attract other financial resources to build above

09:50:40 the ground.

09:50:41 As you consider funding options in the coming year, I

09:50:44 respectfully ask that you include the zoo in your dialogue

09:50:46 so we can plan together a future with strong cultural

09:50:49 facilities and attract tourism and elevate the city's

09:50:53 nationally and internationally and contributes to the

09:50:56 quality of life in Tampa.

09:50:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. Rasmussen.

09:50:59 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wondered, I thought we were going to

09:51:08 do the comment after the items.

09:51:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: There's no item on the zoo here.

09:51:12 >>MARY MULHERN: Right, but I think people were speaking on

09:51:14 the budget.

09:51:14 >>HARRY COHEN: We were going to do all of it now.

09:51:18 >>MARY MULHERN: Oh, we are doing it now?

09:51:21 Okay.

09:51:21 >> My name is Troy atlas.

09:51:24 I am a Straz Center volunteer.

09:51:27 I serve on the Board of Trustees of the Straz, serve as vice

09:51:30 chair and swells as well as immediate past chair.

09:51:40 Thank you for your insightful work that all of do you as

09:51:44 board members and volunteers, helping the city's most

09:51:48 important cultural assets.

09:51:49 Looking back over the past 30 years we can all see the

09:51:52 magnificent difference, cultural facilities not only our

09:51:57 quality of life but also the impact it makes on our economy,

09:52:01 business attraction, tourism, local education.

09:52:03 Take the Straz Center, for instance.

09:52:07 27 years old, this 450,000 square foot facility remains the

09:52:13 largest institutional institution in the state, serving over

09:52:16 500,000 Tampa residents and visitors all year with the great

09:52:19 oath shows and arts from around the world bringing an annual

09:52:24 100 million to the local economy and partnering with more

09:52:26 than 30 local schools and communities agencies to enhance

09:52:31 education for over 50,000 students each year.

09:52:34 The nonprofits are led by the best and collective

09:52:39 industries, and these visionaries work constantly to make

09:52:42 sure Tampa has the best in arts center, zoo, aquarium, and

09:52:46 museums.

09:52:47 Today, review priorities and look to the future, we want to

09:52:52 urge you the continued support of the city owned cultural

09:52:56 facilities.

09:52:56 We wants to work with you to develop a plan for the

09:52:58 continued capital needs of these aging facilities so it

09:53:02 remains attractive, impressive.

09:53:07 As officers and trustees of these organizations we can do

09:53:10 and raise a great deal of known operate programs for the

09:53:15 facilities.

09:53:18 But we can't raise all of what is needed to care for these

09:53:24 facilities without the involvement of you our public

09:53:26 partners to help to create them.

09:53:28 For example, we just replaced the buildings' massive chiller

09:53:32 system, and we are borrowing funds to renovate our

09:53:35 26-year-old rest reams and upgrade our I.T. structure.

09:53:41 For that we ask you to work with us to keep it the best

09:53:50 destination in the world.

09:53:51 Thank you.

09:53:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:53:53 Next, please.

09:53:54 >> Good morning.

09:53:56 My name is Andre hill.

09:53:58 I'm a representative of several local CDCs concerning a

09:54:04 West Tampa InVision plan.

09:54:09 We had a meeting last evening with the mayor and

09:54:13 representatives from housing concerning the issues and the

09:54:18 development of the West Tampa area.

09:54:22 My purpose today is to inform the City Council that our

09:54:30 collective will be initiating a plan with the old Blake high

09:54:37 graduate, the Middleton graduate.

09:54:39 These people are the grandparents and great grandparents, a

09:54:43 lot of the residents in Tampa.

09:54:45 We are initiating a plan to reassemble all of those

09:54:49 businesses from the past, from Jackson Heights, Belmont

09:54:53 Heights, Central Park, and West Tampa, the Main Street

09:54:59 corridor, in that West Tampa area.

09:55:02 And we are going to be assembling them and advising them on

09:55:05 different methods of developing cultural Africancentric

09:55:18 businesses in.

09:55:20 So we met with Councilman Frank Reddick, if you can work

09:55:25 with him, we will be contacting you through him to our

09:55:31 concerns, these plans of the future for that development.

09:55:34 And we are hoping that you will work with them.

09:55:36 We are going to provide you with some information and

09:55:39 technologies on how we are going to make a difference in

09:55:42 that area.

09:55:43 Thank you very much.

09:55:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:55:47 Mrs. Montelione?

09:55:49 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I just wanted to mention that more than

09:55:51 happy to work with Councilman Reddick, but because of the

09:55:57 Sunshine Laws, Mr. Hill, if you would attempt to contact

09:56:02 each of us individually.

09:56:03 Because other than this public forum, we can't speak to each

09:56:06 other regarding items that might come before us.

09:56:10 So if you want to contact my office and meet with me

09:56:12 individually.

09:56:14 But I look forward to discussing in public some of the

09:56:18 things that you might bring up with Councilman Reddick.

09:56:23 Thank you.

09:56:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Capin?

09:56:27 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I would very much like to see that program

09:56:31 expanded to more diversity, because I have to tell you, my

09:56:36 grandmother was born on Main Street in 1908.

09:56:40 She was not African-American.

09:56:43 But it's very much part of that history.

09:56:45 So to include West Tampa, Jefferson high school graduates,

09:56:49 would be very inclusive.

09:56:51 I just wants to remind everyone of that fact.

09:56:55 Thank you.

09:56:55 >> Good morning.

09:56:59 My name is Linda Saul-Sena and I'm here this morning as the

09:57:03 championship of the Tampa Theatre board.

09:57:04 And I want to thank you for your leadership.

09:57:08 I think that's a marvelous idea for City Council to have

09:57:11 that opportunity to collectively put your ideas forth even

09:57:16 as the administration puts together a budget forts next

09:57:19 year.

09:57:19 So you all are familiar with the Tampa Theatre.

09:57:22 In fact, so is the world.

09:57:23 I'm proud to say that when people think of one of the ten

09:57:27 greatest theaters, they think of the Tampa Theatre.

09:57:31 It's the icon for the city.

09:57:32 And the city wisely reinvested in the sign a few years ago

09:57:38 so it's the beacon of Franklin Street when people wants to

09:57:41 think of our community.

09:57:42 The Tampa Theatre has existed these years in partnership

09:57:45 with the City of Tampa.

09:57:48 We the board, the volunteers, the members of the theater,

09:57:52 raise the money for programs and activities.

09:57:55 The City of Tampa has graciously maintained our building and

09:57:59 helped us as we move forward to secure ownership of the

09:58:02 building.

09:58:02 You know it's been a really wacky building lease, but we are

09:58:06 almost there, and we own the lobby with the newly

09:58:12 refurbished -- the place you buy tickets.

09:58:17 Okay.

09:58:18 The box office, thank you, thank you.

09:58:26 [ Laughter ]

09:58:27 So we move onto the auditorium.

09:58:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I know, I know.

09:58:30 >> It's an older build, a lovely building, arched we need a

09:58:37 little upgrading of our roof.

09:58:43 And when would like when you consider the budget upcoming to

09:58:46 consider investing in a cultural facility that speaks to the

09:58:49 heart and soul of our community, as our Hollywood star

09:58:53 noticed, and invest with us in the theater.

09:58:56 We the volunteers, trustees, are personally donating towards

09:59:00 keeping things going there.

09:59:01 We need the city to continue to the good partner that you

09:59:04 have always been.

09:59:05 Thank you so much.

09:59:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

09:59:08 Next, please.

09:59:10 >> Pete Johnson, 510 east Harrison street.

09:59:28 You all can look through all of this and read the highlights

09:59:31 in it.

09:59:32 It's nothing I haven't talked to you about before.

09:59:37 Usually it's code.

09:59:38 The system doesn't work.

09:59:39 It doesn't follow the state statute.

09:59:42 We have maid major problems.

09:59:44 The biggest thing, though, that came up was that the mayor

09:59:47 put out a press release of 85% compliance by using civil

09:59:54 citations.

09:59:56 I would like to see some proof of that.

10:00:00 There is no way that it's possible.

10:00:04 The list of citations that I handed you, and I'm giving,

10:00:09 were before July of 2013.

10:00:12 In July of 2013 was a very first time code enforcement put

10:00:19 out a memo requiring civil citations to be rechecked.

10:00:24 The process that would work.

10:00:27 We don't get paid.

10:00:29 There is no compliance.

10:00:33 The judge gives them more additional time.

10:00:36 The last thing I want to say, I'm leaving the City of Tampa.

10:00:41 I'm leaving because of health.

10:00:43 My doctors have told me that I hate code enforcement so

10:00:48 seriously that it is affecting my health.

10:00:53 To a point that they say is survival mode.

10:00:55 So I'm giving up.

10:00:57 I'm giving up on people that keep calling me day and night

10:01:01 that live in apartment buildings that don't have hot water,

10:01:06 don't have heaters, have broken windows, asking for my help.

10:01:12 I report it to code enforcement.

10:01:14 They say, we have already checked that.

10:01:18 We have checked one apartment out of 20.

10:01:20 That means 19 are uninhabitable. I have one lady that's

10:01:26 having to move outs of an apartment because of black mold

10:01:30 growing in her place, and she is going into -- she went into

10:01:34 Tampa General just the other day.

10:01:40 If we do not supply the code enforcement department whenever

10:01:43 the money, the people, the equipment, and hold them totally

10:01:51 accountable for what they are supposed to do, we have got

10:01:55 nothing.

10:01:58 I'm sorry, but the has taken a toll on my health and I'm

10:02:02 moving to St. Pete, actually treasure island.

10:02:04 I'm going to sit on the beach.

10:02:06 And I'll watch you from my laptop.

10:02:09 Thank you very much.

10:02:09 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Johnson.

10:02:16 I wish you well.

10:02:18 And I know I hope you start doing what you do here over in

10:02:28 St. Pete.

10:02:30 Make sure they are in compliance.

10:02:31 But let me ask you one question.

10:02:33 The document that I received about civil citation, many of

10:02:40 those who are not participating with the courts, it seems a

10:02:48 lot of those were coming out, they come to the court, and

10:02:50 they are given a fine, but you are down there at these court

10:02:59 proceedings.

10:02:59 Am I correct on that?

10:03:02 >> You are correct.

10:03:03 I am there every single month.

10:03:07 I take a count of who shows up, who doesn't show up.

10:03:10 I cross reference it with the city code list as well.

10:03:16 The only people that show up, 99% are African-American,

10:03:24 poor, uneducated people that are scared to death that they

10:03:28 are going to lose their home.

10:03:32 I worked with a lady off of "B" street, 86 years old, scared

10:03:38 to death that code was going to find her guilty because of

10:03:42 the garage was built in 1953 with an apartment on it.

10:03:51 Come on.

10:03:52 You know, we have to have some sense to this.

10:03:57 >>FRANK REDDICK: Do you have a suggestion for what we can

10:03:59 do pertaining to the banks?

10:04:05 Not showing up?

10:04:07 >> I'd sue them.

10:04:09 Now, I even talked to every city attorney.

10:04:14 City attorneys are not to do anything but allow a suit to

10:04:19 come against the city.

10:04:21 Well, you know, sometimes the city has to stand on its own

10:04:24 ground and take action.

10:04:30 Abatement go with the property.

10:04:32 Code fines don't go with the property.

10:04:34 I have been told that code fines are just a, quote, figure.

10:04:39 Interests not a monetary figure because it's so much higher.

10:04:44 The state statute says that every single violation needs a

10:04:48 hearing.

10:04:51 Without that hearing, the City of Tampa has developed a

10:04:54 culture of forgiveness, and it's gotten outs of hand to the

10:05:01 points that the administration does not even follow its own

10:05:03 code.

10:05:06 I'm sorry, something needs to be done.

10:05:11 It's a rat race.

10:05:13 >>FRANK REDDICK: We thank you.

10:05:15 And you come back and see us sometime.

10:05:16 >> I will, sir.

10:05:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me do this.

10:05:19 I need a motion for commendation.

10:05:23 Motion by Mr. Reddick, seconded by Mrs. Montelione on a

10:05:26 close vote with Mrs. Capin.

10:05:29 >> You are going to run me out of town on a rail?

10:05:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I don't have the mean to put the rail in.

10:05:34 >> We don't -- they don't have rails in St. Pete.

10:05:38 >> But I don't wants to what waive the rules.

10:05:41 I can tell what's going to happen.

10:05:43 All in favor say aye.

10:05:44 Opposed nay.

10:05:45 We are not getting rid of you.

10:05:47 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mr. Johnson, it's sad that the work that

10:06:04 you do for the citizens goes uncompensated, and largely

10:06:11 sometimes by certain individuals unappreciated.

10:06:13 But I can tell you -- and I think you know this -- that I

10:06:16 appreciate everything that you do.

10:06:20 And when I first started in this position, you were the

10:06:25 first one I called to educate me about code enforcement

10:06:29 around the city.

10:06:31 It's nothing shorts of amazing, the dedication that you

10:06:34 have, to help those that are less fortunates than ourselves.

10:06:39 And I'm sorry we are losing to you St. Petersburg, but you

10:06:42 are not that far away, and you will be watching, so I expect

10:06:46 that I will still be hearing you from, and I look forward to

10:06:49 continuing the conversation.

10:06:50 >> Pete Johnson: Thank you.

10:06:53 And I would like to be say that this is the first in 20

10:06:56 years that the entire City Council has been behind,

10:07:01 including the code enforcement department, and holding them

10:07:04 accountable.

10:07:04 For that I thank you and God bless you all.

10:07:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:07:08 Next p please.

10:07:09 >> Ed, Ed Tillou from Sulphur Springs.

10:07:20 Which is a code enforcement neighborhood.

10:07:22 Okay.

10:07:23 I came to speak on two issues.

10:07:24 And by switching a little bit I only get to speak for three

10:07:29 minutes instead of six.

10:07:32 But, anyway, this is the first issue.

10:07:36 Well, this thing isn't on.

10:07:38 I don't know.

10:07:38 Okay.

10:07:45 But the thing is, this isn't an issue of mine.

10:07:49 Colorectal cancer is a isn't a particular issue of mine. If

10:07:54 anything it would be transients osteoporosis like my leg by

10:08:02 misdiagnosis.

10:08:03 But anyway, the thing is, you brought this to my attention

10:08:05 and the county commission just by doing things flagrantly

10:08:08 wrong.

10:08:10 And the county commission gave an award to Mel's hotdogs.

10:08:15 What happened here was Quizno's was allowed to go out of

10:08:22 business and now the red carpet is being rolled out to hog

10:08:26 heaven.

10:08:26 And the problem with this, processed meats.

10:08:32 Meat is very important.

10:08:32 Meat is your best protein source.

10:08:35 Milk is good, too.

10:08:36 But you actually get -- if you eat lean meat you get less

10:08:41 fat from meat than, say, 2% milk, which is of course better

10:08:45 than the regular milk.

10:08:46 But this is a very important protein source.

10:08:49 And then everybody is afraid of meat.

10:08:53 You get cancer.

10:08:58 Osage county had that as a joke.

10:09:01 You eat the animal's feces but now it has been elucidated.

10:09:06 The problem is the processing of the meats.

10:09:08 And they are reducing the sodium content.

10:09:10 Now, that bears a little on item 6, because as I said

10:09:14 there's a lot of butcher shops here, and when they slice the

10:09:17 meat it doesn't have as much of the preservatives as when

10:09:21 you buy them in these packets like I do and eat.

10:09:25 I'm not saying you can totally give it up, but to cut back.

10:09:30 And that's where Bloomberg made a mistake.

10:09:35 On sugar, he went to town on it and I thought it was only

10:09:38 poor nutrition and obesity but it turns out blood pressure,

10:09:43 too.

10:09:43 And I got a little bit of feedback on that, up over 190.

10:09:48 And what happens is that I think he did, too.

10:09:51 And it's very hard to give up sugar.

10:09:53 But anyway, item 7, and item 7, I also speak about -- and it

10:09:58 was front page in the local paper that there is going to be

10:10:04 impact.

10:10:05 This is a week before this past one.

10:10:09 And this is very serious with respect to agriculture.

10:10:12 And that's why I put some things about the movie "War

10:10:16 Horse."

10:10:17 But there's a very poignant episode that address that, the

10:10:22 turnips being blown out of the ground.

10:10:24 (Bell sounds).

10:10:31 >> We had three minutes for every workshop?

10:10:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: (off microphone) ... if you want at this

10:10:46 time.

10:10:48 But the workshops be this, and then tough workshops for

10:10:53 three minutes on the remaining five 5, 6, 7 and 8.

10:10:57 There's two sections here.

10:11:02 Unless you got something else you want to bring, you can

10:11:04 bring it now.

10:11:05 You look like you are throwing a curve ball there.

10:11:09 Anyone else care to speak at this time?

10:11:10 I see no one.

10:11:12 And we go to item number 5.

10:11:17 I believe Mr. Cohen spoke partly on it.

10:11:19 And I appreciate the good work he's done.

10:11:22 And he's going to continue to speak.

10:11:23 >>HARRY COHEN: Let me give you a recap whereof we left off.

10:11:27 I had mentioned that there were really two parts, I think,

10:11:30 to the discussion process and substance.

10:11:33 I addressed a couple of items in terms of asking for

10:11:36 council's input and pleasure in terms of how we are going to

10:11:40 handle the process of expressing our priorities over the

10:11:43 next six months or so.

10:11:44 I would like to come back to the substance issue of what

10:11:47 each of our priorities are, and I'm sure every council

10:11:50 member will speak to that.

10:11:55 So the three ideas I put on the table was a document in

10:11:59 writing, a series of workshops, and then really the third is

10:12:03 sort of the continuation of the status quo, which has been

10:12:06 private meetings between council members and the staff.

10:12:08 >> I have Mr. Reddick, Ms. Mulhern at this time.

10:12:14 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

10:12:20 I like the first idea, and that is each Councilman put in

10:12:23 writing what we would like to see included as far as the

10:12:28 budget.

10:12:34 I think most of you know how I feel about the workshops.

10:12:38 We have more workshops, but I think it would be better if we

10:12:46 can put each item in writing, and then submit these items to

10:12:51 the mayor or to the finance person, and justification why we

10:13:03 support these items.

10:13:05 And I think that will eliminate having a lot of discussions,

10:13:12 everybody got their own personal feelings, personal belief,

10:13:15 but these three or four items, each Councilman come up with

10:13:25 one or two items and say what these recommendations are

10:13:29 going to be from council, and see if we can get that to

10:13:39 administration.

10:13:40 So I will support the first item that you mentioned.

10:13:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?

10:13:45 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

10:13:46 I'm thinking maybe of a hybrid of your number 1 and 2.

10:13:51 And I would love to have my own budget.

10:13:56 I personally would like to see this -- we do that year by

10:14:01 year, council person by council person, meeting by meeting,

10:14:04 saying what we would like tock see happen.

10:14:06 It doesn't really have any effect.

10:14:08 But I think perhaps we could start out with each of us

10:14:12 coming up with what our priorities are, and then having a

10:14:14 workshop, and then if we voted as majority on what things we

10:14:21 would like to be see in the budget, we might be able to have

10:14:23 some effect, because in reality, when it comes budget time,

10:14:27 we could vote down the budget, and have the backup of watch

10:14:31 we wanted as a body to see happen.

10:14:35 I think if we all come up with our own budget it's not going

10:14:39 to really -- it's really only going to kind of confuse the

10:14:42 issue, unless -- so I think that makes sense to me.

10:14:47 You know, we could each come up with what we see as our big

10:14:51 budget priority.

10:14:53 I would base a lot of that on over the years

10:14:58 recommendations, we have got friend our budget advisory

10:15:00 committee, and take those into account as I make my

10:15:03 recommendations, and then we have a workshop or two where we

10:15:07 could see if there are some things that we could agree on

10:15:11 proposing as a council to do.

10:15:13 So that's my take.

10:15:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Capin?

10:15:19 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I also see the benefit of a hybrid.

10:15:21 I do believe that putting it in writing is important,

10:15:25 because we can be like speaking into the air and we would

10:15:33 have documentation as to what we ask for.

10:15:35 But I also believe that -- and not necessarily at a

10:15:41 workshop, but it does keep it in the public realm, reminding

10:15:46 people that this is a very important issue, and that for

10:15:51 them to take part in this budget analysis that we have.

10:15:58 So, therefore, if we could come up with a hybrid that would

10:16:03 be -- I think would be very beneficial to keep this in the

10:16:11 public view.

10:16:16 So the hybrid is something that I would support.

10:16:21 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

10:16:23 I agree with all my colleagues, Mr. Reddick's suggestion

10:16:27 about what our own priorities are, and we have to have a

10:16:35 spot for us to negotiate what those particular issues are

10:16:38 going to be.

10:16:38 I would suggest instead of a workshop, I believe -- and we

10:16:43 have our attorney here.

10:16:44 I was looking for our rules of procedure.

10:16:45 I think we can do have a special called meeting specifically

10:16:48 for the issue itself, which means that we can have

10:16:51 discussions that's public, and then we can make a decision

10:16:55 based on those priorities.

10:16:56 Because what's going to happen, I believe, is that I may

10:16:59 have a project or something within the budget, I think we

10:17:03 ought to look at, and everyone else has different ideas.

10:17:07 We still have to figure fought that number is 5, 10, $15

10:17:10 million, how do you actually put that together to make a

10:17:13 realistic recommendation for the administration?

10:17:15 Because we are going to have to look at other things that we

10:17:18 can't provide dollars for, for things that we really do

10:17:21 want.

10:17:21 I think that the process of us as aboard coming up with

10:17:28 those suggestions is important, because we haven't done that

10:17:31 in a more concerted way.

10:17:34 So I believe that as Mr. Reddick suggested, we can look at

10:17:38 these suggestions, come forward at our special called

10:17:40 meeting, we can discuss each and every one of those, and

10:17:44 then after that, the special called meeting, make those

10:17:47 recommendations to the administration.

10:17:49 During the special called meeting, I believe, Mr. Shelby,

10:17:53 you know, that's usually on one issue, or one particular

10:17:58 issue, correct?

10:17:59 And I assume that it's kind of broad that we can say we are

10:18:03 talking about budget issues.

10:18:05 I don't think we will have any problems with our charter or

10:18:08 rules of procedure.

10:18:08 >> Actually, Mr. Suarez, you can do a special called

10:18:13 meeting, and may be scheduled for another time or day by

10:18:20 majority vote of council.

10:18:21 Set to take action on sensitive time matters will be

10:18:24 designated.

10:18:25 Traditionally there are noticed public meetings but they are

10:18:30 usually confined to a specific agenda item.

10:18:33 You also do have the option of having a special discussion

10:18:35 meeting.

10:18:36 Council hasn't done that, but a special discussion meeting

10:18:41 shall be held for the purpose of discussing a single issue

10:18:45 of particular interest, and it shall not be necessary as a

10:18:48 condition of holding that meeting, that four or more members

10:18:51 of council are present.

10:18:53 Downtown need a quorum.

10:18:54 But obviously if you are all going to talk about the budget

10:18:56 you can all be there.

10:18:57 Any member of council may call a special discussion meeting

10:19:00 for any date, time and place by motion and approval of the

10:19:03 City Council at a regular meeting, and the only caveat is no

10:19:11 official action can be taken, and does not preclude you from

10:19:18 coming to a consensus setting forth what actions you wish to

10:19:21 take at a future meeting and then bringing it back.

10:19:24 >>MIKE SUAREZ: That's part of the reason for special call

10:19:27 we do have powers still, because special discussions are

10:19:30 very similar.

10:19:31 We did that.

10:19:32 I think our retreat was a special discussion meeting as

10:19:35 opposed to a special called meeting.

10:19:37 I think the special call, we can take action, and for us, I

10:19:41 think that once that discussion is done, then we can make a

10:19:44 recommendation.

10:19:44 We would like to see Sonia Little at our next meeting to

10:19:47 discuss these priorities.

10:19:48 And I think it's on all of us in the meantime, if we do set

10:19:53 a special call meeting specifically for budget items, that

10:19:57 we go and meet with the administration, talk about all the

10:20:00 issues that we want to be see come forward, so that when we

10:20:03 are having this special called meeting, that we are a little

10:20:06 bit higher up the hill as opposed to be starting from the

10:20:09 very beginning.

10:20:10 I think that there are some things that we really need to

10:20:13 talk about as a board so we can prioritize what our

10:20:17 selections are for budget and make sure that the

10:20:18 administration knows not only publicly but also privately

10:20:22 what we would like to be see.

10:20:23 I think that's an important part of the process, and I think

10:20:27 it's something that we should definitely do.

10:20:29 >>HARRY COHEN: Can I ask you a question?

10:20:34 I'm just trying to have a sense of everyone.

10:20:36 You are sort of saying that you are really want all three

10:20:40 options.

10:20:41 You want a hybrid of all three.

10:20:42 Because you are suggesting private meetings one on one

10:20:46 between the council members and staff.

10:20:49 The workshop special called, special discussion, of course,

10:20:52 is just distinctions in terms of our process.

10:20:56 What about the issue of putting a letter in writing?

10:21:04 >>MIKE SUAREZ: When you say a letter in writing you are

10:21:06 talking about our priorities then after we made a decision?

10:21:10 >>HARRY COHEN: Well, that's a question.

10:21:11 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I think the meeting itself and the action

10:21:14 that we take will speak for itself.

10:21:16 >> That's the way I would look at it.

10:21:20 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And I don't have a problem with writing a

10:21:23 letter after that.

10:21:24 >>HARRY COHEN: I wouldn't mind writing a letter after we

10:21:26 are done with our discussions.

10:21:27 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Because once we come up -- and I apologize

10:21:31 for taking your time -- once we have made our priorities

10:21:35 known, among ourselves and then publicly, then we can say we

10:21:40 are going to write a letter specifically for these three,

10:21:45 five, seven things we want to be do in the budget.

10:21:48 I have no problem with the letter itself.

10:21:50 I think it just reiterates what we will have already have

10:21:54 discussed.

10:21:56 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

10:21:56 Mrs. Montelione.

10:21:57 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

10:21:58 I agree with Mr. Suarez on having a special called meeting

10:22:02 rather than a workshop meeting.

10:22:04 Because it puts more emphasis on what we end up deciding out

10:22:13 of that meeting.

10:22:15 And agree also with at the end of that putting it in

10:22:19 writing.

10:22:19 But I think it's very, very important that we take the lead

10:22:26 from the public and from our constituents, because, you

10:22:29 know, it's not our budget.

10:22:31 You know, I don't look at it as the mayor's budget.

10:22:34 I look at it as the people's budget.

10:22:37 And prior to this meeting, a couple of weeks ago, I

10:22:41 developed a survey that was sent out to my constituents, or

10:22:47 all of those who expressed an interest in receiving

10:22:49 correspondence from me, and a lot of us talk about how New

10:22:55 Tampa isn't engaged.

10:22:57 Well, the responses that came back were predominantly from

10:23:01 New Tampa.

10:23:02 So we asked them to identify what part of town they were

10:23:07 from, north Tampa, Tampa Palms, New Tampa, and again the

10:23:11 majority of respondents were from New Tampa.

10:23:13 So I think that there is a desire for the public both on our

10:23:22 behalf and from them to be involved in this process.

10:23:26 I think too many of them feel like, you know, the budget is

10:23:30 decided, and then here you go, this is what we are going to

10:23:33 do and you are going to like it.

10:23:35 So I would advocate for the special call rather than the

10:23:41 workshop, and make sure that the public is invited, to come

10:23:53 from e-mails and express their opinions.

10:23:56 It's going to be very difficult bull looking forward to be

10:23:57 that new process.

10:23:58 >>HARRY COHEN: I just want to say thank you for that.

10:24:02 You know, I think that each of us has our own way of

10:24:06 engaging with our constituents to determine what we think

10:24:11 the priorities should be.

10:24:11 I think that's an excellent tool to use a survey like that.

10:24:15 Some of us will do probably things like that.

10:24:18 Others will handle in the our own way.

10:24:20 But I think between the seven of us we will probably end up

10:24:23 with a pretty good reflection of what the people's

10:24:28 priorities are.

10:24:28 And I think the fact that we are having this discussion now

10:24:31 on television really serves as an invitation to people that

10:24:36 are watching to contact any one of us with your thoughts and

10:24:41 feelings about what the city's priorities ought to be.

10:24:44 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Chair, if we don't have further

10:24:51 discussion I would like to make a motion.

10:24:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me speak before and then I will give

10:24:58 you the floor.

10:24:58 Let me just say this.

10:25:00 At times, there was no TV here.

10:25:05 In fact there was maybe one receptionist, one aide, and a

10:25:08 staff member.

10:25:09 There were three people here.

10:25:11 There was one telephone here.

10:25:15 There was a little pigeonhole thing where you got your

10:25:19 message.

10:25:20 And you know what?

10:25:21 It worked.

10:25:22 Now you have TV, you got the media reporting every day, and

10:25:27 you have a budget process, and guess what, on that budget

10:25:33 for first reading and second reading, you have five people

10:25:36 and the whole City of Tampa comes to speak.

10:25:47 They haven't given up.

10:25:49 I guess they feel comfortable.

10:25:50 And we have had some struggling years in this city and this

10:25:55 country for the last six, seven, eight years.

10:25:59 And we balanced the budget.

10:26:01 Yeah, we budged the budget but they don't tell you they

10:26:04 borrowed .5 million.

10:26:06 And I'm not talking about the administration.

10:26:08 I'm talking about all of us.

10:26:10 So what I'm hearing is this.

10:26:13 When I vote, I don't vote just for district 6. I vote for

10:26:17 the whole city.

10:26:20 I'm one seventh of something, 14.28% or whatever it is.

10:26:25 And I'm sure that the rest us feel the same way.

10:26:28 Every time, what's good for New Tampa is good for South

10:26:33 Tampa, what's good for East Tampa is good for West Tampa,

10:26:36 because we really live in the geographical area of the city.

10:26:40 And that means that have been we have gone a long way in a

10:26:45 short period of time.

10:26:47 You know, tonight an individual is going to be honored at

10:26:53 West Tampa's leading citizen.

10:26:54 He's 94 years old.

10:26:56 It so happens that I saw him this morning at a coffee shop

10:26:59 and I asked him, what are you going to say?

10:27:01 And he told me.

10:27:03 I said, why don't you tell the public watt was when you were

10:27:07 a kid?

10:27:08 And he said, no, I don't want to do that.

10:27:10 I want to talk about the facts.

10:27:12 But he told me what it was.

10:27:13 He used to deliver the Tampa times, and he had a route.

10:27:18 And I said, how many paved streets do you have?

10:27:21 He said, almost none.

10:27:22 He said, I had to put my bike through six inches of sand, I

10:27:27 had to walk it because I couldn't ride through it.

10:27:29 And he was telling me about what he's seen in 94 years.

10:27:34 You know, we made a lot of progress.

10:27:36 Not us.

10:27:36 Not the seven of us here.

10:27:38 All of us.

10:27:39 And this city has become a better place to live, and the

10:27:46 citizens that we have.

10:27:47 You see no, law is a good law unless it's followed.

10:27:50 And most citizens of this city follow the law.

10:27:54 What do citizens look for?

10:27:55 They look for a very good law enforcement, fire department,

10:27:59 rescue department.

10:28:02 When you are sick and down and out and not feeling well, you

10:28:05 look up and you see firefighters, all of a sudden you start

10:28:08 to feel better.

10:28:10 Parks and recreation, things of the nature where you can go

10:28:14 out and park and walk around and feel safe and come back

10:28:17 home and do whatever you want.

10:28:19 And I look at things a little differently.

10:28:21 I'm looking at population explosion the next 25 years, maybe

10:28:26 450,000 people coming into this area.

10:28:28 Not all in the city but mostly Hillsborough County.

10:28:34 Also come in the city.

10:28:35 And I tell myself, guess what.

10:28:39 Where is the water going to come from?

10:28:41 It ain't there.

10:28:43 It won't be there 20 years from now because the population

10:28:46 and the water supply is geographically different.

10:28:49 So I'm thinking, that alone is $300 million to fix that

10:28:53 problem.

10:28:55 You can't continue to dig wells because you are not allowed.

10:28:59 You can only dig and take out 90 million gallons a day.

10:29:05 That's a very good thing.

10:29:05 So I look at all of us, and I said, it's not process.

10:29:10 I think the people are pretty well satisfied, in general.

10:29:13 Yes, I get a call or two every day telling me how stupid I

10:29:16 am.

10:29:19 And that's a fact of life.

10:29:21 But I guess I have been called stupid my whole life.

10:29:26 And if you make an error, it's fine.

10:29:29 Just don't make a mistake.

10:29:32 There's a difference between making an error and making a

10:29:34 mistake.

10:29:35 I am going to let you figure it out.

10:29:37 So what I'm saying is, the process at the end, no matter

10:29:41 what we do, I guarantee you, it will be basically the same

10:29:47 budget.

10:29:48 Only one time did I know in the last 40 years, and I think

10:29:52 that was in 1974, or 75, did the council ever overrule a

10:30:00 mayor.

10:30:02 One time that I remember.

10:30:04 I may be wrong.

10:30:05 And it was regarding a raise for the firefighters.

10:30:11 And that happened in 1974-75 or roughly 40 years ago.

10:30:17 So you know what?

10:30:19 That mayor's door is only 08 feet away.

10:30:23 I have been there a few times.

10:30:27 But I thought I had to go.

10:30:28 And I spoke to him once about water.

10:30:30 And he was very receptive.

10:30:34 And I can tell you this, no matter what we do or how we do

10:30:37 it, you better start thinking not for today, but 40 years

10:30:40 from now, when all of us may be gone.

10:30:43 I may still be around, but most of us will be gone.

10:30:51 But what I am trying to tell you is, be yourself.

10:30:53 Be good.

10:30:54 Be willing to go to work every day.

10:30:57 Call when you have to call.

10:31:01 The departments you call.

10:31:03 I mean, every valuable thing, the community redevelopment,

10:31:05 the people you have to call when you have a problem.

10:31:08 Every neighborhood knows, there was no neighborhood

10:31:11 association here in 1974 to speak of.

10:31:13 I can't tell you how many there are now -- but it all works,

10:31:21 and intercommunicate with each other and understand how the

10:31:24 system can get the most out of it.

10:31:26 And the more we get out of the system, the cheaper it

10:31:28 becomes, because we don't have to be go find the problem.

10:31:31 The problem is given to us.

10:31:33 So thank you very much.

10:31:34 Any other council members?

10:31:35 Mr. Reddick?

10:31:37 >>FRANK REDDICK: After you speak I was going to put a

10:31:42 motion.

10:31:44 So thank you for your words of wisdom, and just hope that

10:31:49 time will allow us to make a change.

10:32:03 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much.

10:32:05 This will be an interesting trip in unchartered territory.

10:32:09 And I do think -- I do think that we need to do it quickly.

10:32:13 So I would like to suggest that maybe after the CRA meeting

10:32:16 on February 13th, that is an option for a special

10:32:20 discussion meeting or special called meeting, excuse me,

10:32:24 because we may want to take action.

10:32:26 So a special call meeting immediately following the CRA

10:32:29 discussion on February 13th at 10 a.m.

10:32:35 Yes, Mrs. Capin?

10:32:37 >>YVONNE CAPIN: We have the other.

10:32:38 >>HARRY COHEN: Correct.

10:32:40 I understand that.

10:32:40 I think actually even with that, besides regular CRA

10:32:45 activity, that's our only activity that morning.

10:32:48 We do have a nature meeting that night.

10:32:50 But it only looks to have at this point six items on it.

10:32:53 So I'm saying following the discussion that's already

10:32:57 scheduled, that we convene as a special called meeting.

10:33:01 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me ask you, is it too late to do it

10:33:05 after the CRA meeting in March when we don't have anything?

10:33:08 >>HARRY COHEN: On March 13th?

10:33:13 I'm perfectly open to that as well.

10:33:16 Is that better, you think?

10:33:18 Okay, then my motion would be to have a special call meeting

10:33:23 on March 13th, immediately following the CRA meeting to

10:33:27 discuss substantive budget priorities for the fiscal year

10:33:32 2015 budget.

10:33:36 Immediately following the CRA meeting.

10:33:37 So it would be at 9:01 a.m.

10:33:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Are you sure it's not 9:02?

10:33:46 >>HARRY COHEN: As long as it's after 9:00.

10:33:48 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I was thinking that before, at 5 p.m.,

10:33:53 before the council session that's scheduled for that date,

10:34:02 there's an evening session, rezoning.

10:34:05 We don't have any cases yet bits on the calendar.

10:34:08 >>HARRY COHEN: No, that would limit us to an hour.

10:34:13 >>LISA MONTELIONE: It would, but it would afford the public

10:34:15 to be here because it's really difficult to get people.

10:34:18 We have a fairly decent showing today because we had some

10:34:21 other important items on the calendar.

10:34:23 But for people to come down here and participate in the

10:34:27 discussion at 9 a.m., it's really, really hard.

10:34:34 >> If we give fair notice.

10:34:36 I mean, it's March.

10:34:42 Very few people come down here.

10:34:44 And I don't think if people want to come, they are going to

10:34:49 come.

10:34:50 But I don't want to limit our discussion when we have got to

10:34:54 rush.

10:34:56 So that's why I said March.

10:35:02 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And I would just suggest we keep in mind

10:35:05 as we go through this process and schedule other meetings

10:35:07 that we alternates between morning and evening, just as we

10:35:11 do with the rezoning.

10:35:12 To give everyone the opportunity if they can't make it here

10:35:15 in the morning, then make they can make it in the evening.

10:35:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Before I take a vote on the motion made

10:35:20 by Mr. Cohen, second by Mr. Reddick, anyone in the public

10:35:23 care to speak on that comment?

10:35:25 >> Kimberly overman, the chairman. Citizens advisory

10:35:35 council on the budget and finance.

10:35:37 Thank you very much for having this discussion today.

10:35:41 Just as input to assist you in some of the things that we

10:35:45 have to say, and our process, the conversation today is very

10:35:52 well received.

10:35:54 Our process in the past has been to spend the majority of

10:35:59 our time not only hearing from you one on one, from each of

10:36:02 us that have been appointed by you, but also then to meet

10:36:06 with the staff, and hear from them what they have on their

10:36:12 agenda for this year's budget.

10:36:15 What we have discovered in the process is that staff senior

10:36:21 very good at trying to figure out how to fix what they do

10:36:24 and get done last year and what they need to do this year.

10:36:28 But what we found is by always dealing with whatever

10:36:32 emergency kind of thing they are wrestling with is they

10:36:39 aren't able to, until we talk to them, think before Wan they

10:36:42 need to do now to prepare for five, ten years down the road.

10:36:50 It's a huge paradigm shift.

10:36:52 So when we come to you with recommendations, for example,

10:36:56 over the past year of, you know, the IP innovative person to

10:37:02 help look at some of the things that you have actually put

10:37:04 into place this year, it was mentioned for a couple of

10:37:07 years, when we start seeing it happen.

10:37:10 As your representative, or as the citizens representative,

10:37:14 to you for recommendations on budget finance issues, we are

10:37:18 excited to see those things happen.

10:37:22 When they don't happen right away, we understand that it

10:37:24 takes time to have prioritize.

10:37:28 So what I am going to suggest to you is that while we meet

10:37:31 with the staff to gather their challenges and information to

10:37:35 bring that to you, having this conversation about what's on

10:37:40 your priority list will help us ask the right questions.

10:37:45 So then when we come back with a recommendation, we can hear

10:37:49 from both sides, because I don't hear your constituents'

10:37:54 phone calls.

10:37:55 I hear what's happening in my neighborhood or what I read in

10:37:59 the newspaper, or what somebody has complained about, and

10:38:02 what staff has addressed.

10:38:04 So I think what you are talking about as a process can

10:38:08 really get even better and allow us to better serve not only

10:38:13 our neighborhoods and our citizens, but you as your advisory

10:38:16 council.

10:38:16 Thank you.

10:38:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:38:20 Next please.

10:38:20 >> Kent King of 4020 West Obispo, Virginia Park.

10:38:25 I want to commend you for bringing this to council.

10:38:29 Just a couple of observations.

10:38:33 I would maybe recommend establishing a schedule of activity

10:38:36 and coordinating it with the advisory committee.

10:38:40 There's a mechanism in place that can contribute to the

10:38:46 cause that I think makes a lot of sense.

10:38:49 And in regard to the chairman's concerns, I think that, I

10:38:53 would hope that your guiding -- the guidance and the

10:38:58 priorities that you establish are based first on the

10:39:00 responsibility of the city, the government, whether it's

10:39:03 sewer, stormwater, safety, so forth.

10:39:08 I think that deserves to be the top of the priority.

10:39:11 And it's tough when you have -- I think it's best to do

10:39:16 that, and then also consider the challenges you all have

10:39:19 with regard to some of the partnerships you have, some of

10:39:22 the people that spoke here today.

10:39:24 I think that it would be a healthy process to look at those

10:39:29 in the same way.

10:39:34 Thank you very much.

10:39:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:39:35 Anyone else care to speak?

10:39:37 >> Steven Liverpool.

10:39:43 I'm the most junior member of the citizens advisory

10:39:47 committee.

10:39:47 And one of the things joining the committee this year is

10:39:51 going through the process the first time that I think can be

10:39:54 incorporated into what you talked about, in this hybrid form

10:39:59 of setting your priorities, is to actually keep a record of

10:40:03 what the priorities are.

10:40:04 That's one thing that I have heard come up over and over

10:40:07 throughout the search process.

10:40:09 Staff cares very deeply, what they are trying to provide the

10:40:13 citizens.

10:40:13 They know what's coming.

10:40:14 We just talked about having that perspective, looking

10:40:17 forward to 40 years, whether that be the stormwater drains,

10:40:21 or some of the different things that the staff sees coming.

10:40:24 And being able to put that, like you said, in writing and

10:40:28 being able to follow it, hold everybody accountable to these

10:40:32 things that we think are important, both as the staff, and

10:40:36 then through as Kimberly said, through your constituents for

10:40:40 the city.

10:40:41 So I think it would be very important to make sure that both

10:40:45 of those sides are hearing each other, and then we are going

10:40:48 to hold ourselves accountable.

10:40:50 We serve at your pleasure.

10:40:52 And then the constituents making sure those things are going

10:40:56 to be addressed in the future.

10:40:58 Thank you.

10:41:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

10:41:01 Anyone else?

10:41:01 Okay.

10:41:02 I believe that takes care of that item.

10:41:05 I haven't taken the vote.

10:41:06 All in favor of the motion by Mr. Cohen, seconded by Mr.

10:41:10 Reddick, please signify by saying aye.

10:41:19 >>YVONNE CAPIN: When I heard them speaking, that the

10:41:21 citizens advisory committee should be very much a part of

10:41:27 this process, and that they are included in all of our

10:41:32 meetings here.

10:41:32 And I think I want to make sure that's what we are doing.

10:41:37 >>HARRY COHEN: Okay.

10:41:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm ready for the vote.

10:41:40 All in favor. Motion?

10:41:42 Opposed?

10:41:43 Motion passed unanimously.

10:41:44 We go to item number 6.

10:41:48 >> Planning services department.

10:41:53 This motion was made early last year, was scheduled a couple

10:41:56 of times because of the scheduling.

10:41:58 Since then, the plans of the west river area have been

10:42:01 completed.

10:42:02 It was unveiled yesterday.

10:42:10 Of.

10:42:10 >>HARRY COHEN: Ladies, Weaver a speaker at the pod you why.

10:42:15 Thank you.

10:42:15 >> I think it was well received.

10:42:21 And present the summary of that plan, fanned there are any

10:42:23 questions related to city services or departments, we will

10:42:27 be happy to answer those in the question and answer period.

10:42:30 Thank you.

10:42:30 >> He stead out for a second.

10:42:43 >>YVONNE CAPIN: If you look at the date, our first meeting

10:42:45 on the west bank and the West Tampa was January 31 of 2013,

10:42:53 one year ago.

10:42:54 And the plan was to come back in October, because by then,

10:43:02 the Housing Authority thought that they would have their

10:43:05 report ready.

10:43:07 And because of different situations, as you stated, we had

10:43:12 to postpone the meeting.

10:43:14 And here we are today, the day after the unveiling.

10:43:17 So we get to see it personally here today.

10:43:22 What we have planned.

10:43:23 So thank you for everyone's patience on this.

10:43:26 >> Good morning.

10:43:32 How is everybody this morning?

10:43:33 A chilly weather kind of morning.

10:43:36 My blood got thin.

10:43:38 But I love being here.

10:43:47 My name is Jerome Ryan, Housing Authority.

10:43:51 I want to introduce our planning group basically.

10:43:54 As most of you know, we have been putting together -- we put

10:43:57 together basically a master plan for the west area.

10:44:02 This is not the whole entire West Tampa area.

10:44:05 This is just a portion of that area.

10:44:07 And I want to make sure everybody understands it.

10:44:10 And I want to introduce Stan Mulvihill.

10:44:18 Stan is with McCormick Baron Salazar, our code development

10:44:26 in the area, and working on our master plan.

10:44:29 We had a huge public meeting yesterday along with a press

10:44:31 conference.

10:44:32 We probably had from 300 to 400 people last night.

10:44:36 Be a very, very good meeting, gave even more input from the

10:44:40 citizens in that area, and stakeholders and others that had

10:44:44 some idea of what they thought ought to be in the area, and

10:44:47 what we ought to be doing.

10:44:48 Stan took some time along with others to go over the overall

10:44:52 plan.

10:44:52 And we aren't going to spend all of your time going over the

10:44:56 plan but the highlights.

10:44:57 But I wanted Stan to come up and talk briefly about that

10:45:00 because I think it's important.

10:45:01 We have a real opportunities here to change the entire

10:45:04 community.

10:45:05 And in my opinion that's what we ought to be doing.

10:45:09 Obviously, you know, public housing in that area is a

10:45:11 problem.

10:45:12 No question in my mind about that.

10:45:14 It needs to have go.

10:45:15 In order for us to solve the problems, it needs to be

10:45:18 solved.

10:45:22 I don't want anybody to run out and say they are going to be

10:45:26 moved because we aren't ready for.

10:45:28 That we had our meetings with our residents.

10:45:30 Many of them started packing their bags.

10:45:32 We don't advise them to have do anything.

10:45:36 I want them to understand it's a work in progress.

10:45:38 But as we go over some of the aspects of the plan, and I

10:45:42 think it's important for to you know what we are doing and

10:45:44 how we are doing it?

10:45:48 >> Councilman Reddick has been involved in most of the

10:45:50 meetings and had an opportunity to sit in and shared his

10:45:53 insight and his opinion on things and we appreciate that,

10:45:55 and we have had others to do the same thing.

10:45:57 But Stan, come up and talk briefly before the plan.

10:46:00 And at the end of this whole process, we'll probably end up

10:46:04 sending you a summary or something regarding the plan, a

10:46:07 document about like that.

10:46:08 And you don't want all that information.

10:46:10 But I think at the end of the day, you are going to see --

10:46:14 because we already realize what we are doing in that area of

10:46:16 the city is going to make a heck of a lot of difference,

10:46:20 economically for the people, and also the awareness of the

10:46:24 overall community and what can happen in a community when

10:46:26 everybody is working together.

10:46:28 Stan.

10:46:30 >> Stan Mulvihill: Good morning.

10:46:31 Thanks so much.

10:46:32 I appreciate being here, and on behalf of McCormack Baron

10:46:34 Salazar in St. Louis, large multifamily housing developer

10:46:41 specializing in economically integrated communities and

10:46:43 public housing transformations of the type envisioned for

10:46:47 North Boulevard homes.

10:46:49 We were procured by the Tampa Housing Authority somewhat

10:46:53 more than a year ago now under the first step would be to

10:46:56 help them and others start the master plan this area and do

10:47:01 two things.

10:47:01 One, the people plan, and two, the place.

10:47:05 So it's not just about bricks and mortar.

10:47:08 It's also about all the folks that are part of that

10:47:10 experience, both very much in those residences, and North

10:47:14 Boulevard homes, as well as the larger West Tampa community

10:47:20 and the partnerships that could come from that.

10:47:22 There are three basic ones.

10:47:24 One is the Tampa Housing Authority and North Boulevard

10:47:28 homes.

10:47:28 Another as Mayor Buckhorn has stated is that the city's

10:47:32 wastewater depth division, which is along Rome Avenue there,

10:47:35 is in place, actually in the collaboration with the city in

10:47:39 terms of a larger master plan, and part 3 of this is really

10:47:43 our opportunity to sit down with schools, district staff, to

10:47:49 look at their allocation of field versus the riverfront and

10:47:52 ton see if those configurations that will work for them

10:47:55 better than they do now, as well as open up the riverfront

10:47:58 to the type of development that was envisioned by the city.

10:48:02 I believe we have a PowerPoint.

10:48:04 Do we have a Power Point?

10:48:06 Otherwise I am going to be --

10:48:09 >>HARRY COHEN: It's on our screens.

10:48:11 >> Thank you very much.

10:48:12 I just want to be say, Jerome, now you tell me out don't

10:48:15 have any money.

10:48:16 [ Laughter ]

10:48:22 All right.

10:48:22 So we are going to look at this.

10:48:24 I am going to scroll through quickly because I know you are

10:48:27 busy.

10:48:27 This is an image from InVision Tampa.

10:48:31 And again I won't spend much time on this.

10:48:33 You all are much more be I.

10:48:40 But that umbrella of the InVision and the neighborhood

10:48:44 surrounding the center city and that river, and the attempt

10:48:46 is to make the center -- the river the centerpiece of that

10:48:50 experience.

10:48:50 West river is just a small subset really of a much larger

10:48:54 series of plans.

10:48:55 As small as that is.

10:48:57 Just application for building few statistics I am going to

10:48:59 give you.

10:49:00 You see here some of the planning sessions that went on for

10:49:03 many, many sessions over the years, before we arrived at our

10:49:08 role.

10:49:11 To give you an idea quickly of the process, over the last

10:49:14 year, we have had more than 400 people participate in

10:49:18 crafting this plan of what you will see.

10:49:21 There were numerous public hearings and sessions held mostly

10:49:26 at Blake high school but also through a series of workshops.

10:49:29 There are surveys done, the residents of the area.

10:49:34 There are two months really of stakeholder meetings that we

10:49:37 had with primary key people like the West Tampa chamber or

10:49:40 the CDC, or the school district, or the university of Tampa,

10:49:44 or -- I could go on and on.

10:49:46 But the point is, there are so many neighborhood and civic

10:49:49 groups that are part of this issue that that takes time.

10:49:52 And really the time that it takes is making sure everyone is

10:49:56 part of that plan.

10:49:57 Councilman Reddick, I know, has attended many of these

10:50:01 sessions and participated thoroughly in the development of

10:50:03 many of these ideas.

10:50:04 So the first step single-family is to listen and learn which

10:50:07 takes a long time.

10:50:08 You can imagine all the voices.

10:50:10 Because this is an important area.

10:50:11 The other part is that making the choices in starting to

10:50:17 develop the plan, because we can't get everything out of

10:50:19 this plan.

10:50:20 There are choices that have to be made.

10:50:22 This is a disciplined process.

10:50:24 We have to go about this in a way that will result in a

10:50:27 feasible, implementable development plan.

10:50:30 This is not just a vision.

10:50:31 It is not a vision.

10:50:32 We are developers.

10:50:33 And I gather Mayor Buckhorn is a developer.

10:50:40 We are after getting these things moving as fast and quickly

10:50:43 as we can.

10:50:44 And then coming up with a plan, I guess this is the other

10:50:47 important thing I want to emphasize.

10:50:49 The people are part of this plan are ones that need to be

10:50:54 better engaged in the economic vitality that this plan can

10:50:58 bring.

10:50:58 So all of this is commitment to the residents hiring

10:51:06 programs that we have participated in, and your authority

10:51:09 has participated in, to make sure that the folks that plan

10:51:11 this with us are also going to benefit from it.

10:51:14 And it's hard, this west river plan you see up here, the

10:51:19 yellow is the North Boulevard homes.

10:51:21 The sort of reddish area on the left side is the city

10:51:24 wastewater, quite large.

10:51:26 And then you see the series of school districts which

10:51:31 include Dunbar elementary, which is a magnet school on the

10:51:34 west side.

10:51:35 You see Just Elementary which is a local school so to speak.

10:51:40 You see the science magnet.

10:51:44 You see Blake high school on the far right, which of course

10:51:47 is the campus that involves both industrial arts as well as

10:51:50 the performing and visual arts.

10:51:52 And this is terrific.

10:51:55 Actually bicycle Blake high school, the kind of mixed income

10:51:59 environment that we seek is actually already there.

10:52:01 And to meet with the principal and see these kids and hold

10:52:06 our meetings there, we came to appreciate how important that

10:52:11 mixture is.

10:52:11 And it's a mixture of incomes, it's a mixture of races and

10:52:15 it's a mixture of zip codes, people coming from all over

10:52:19 Hillsborough County to attend that school, as well as

10:52:23 Dunbar.

10:52:24 So our job is to make sure that the kids that are there have

10:52:27 a way to stay there or eventually return, or right to return

10:52:30 if they wish, or be placed correctly, and let the housing

10:52:34 authority speak to that.

10:52:36 But going forward, to be able to accommodate many more into

10:52:39 this area.

10:52:39 Ultimately, that's going to be the most important transition

10:52:43 we have.

10:52:45 North Boulevard homes, we believe, can be -- and you have

10:52:48 done this in other developments I am going to mention some

10:52:52 of the newer choice neighborhoods, that the Housing

10:52:56 Authority is already well engaged with. You can see on the

10:53:00 lower side, we have got that's West Main that kind of runs

10:53:04 across that whole strip there toward the bottom, the FDOT

10:53:08 retention area there as well.

10:53:10 But what is important is to see the new neighborhood that's

10:53:13 been developed that is considerably more dense than the one

10:53:16 that's there, but still remains very residential.

10:53:20 We are going, to give you an idea, a density before 20 units

10:53:25 an acre to one in this plan that's about 50 units an acre

10:53:29 and yet it still feels like a really beautiful residential

10:53:32 community for families, for seniors, and for others.

10:53:36 Here is what we call the block diagram.

10:53:39 This is just a sample block.

10:53:41 But you see a series of what look like nice homes.

10:53:43 But they are actually multifamily dwellings that are

10:53:47 designed to act like a traditional American street.

10:53:50 They are up near the street.

10:53:51 They have front doors, and they relate to a traditional

10:53:56 streetscape.

10:53:56 But also contain secured and other areas to the interior

10:54:00 where parking and other outdoor activities can tab place.

10:54:04 Inside, the interesting features here, this is a market rate

10:54:08 development.

10:54:08 This is one that's built to a market standard, because we

10:54:12 need to attract families with choices.

10:54:16 They can choose to live anywhere but want to come to this

10:54:19 place as well as take care of all the folks who are there

10:54:21 now.

10:54:21 And to do that, we need to integrate these units so that

10:54:25 within this one block, you will have a mixture of maybe 40,

10:54:30 50% affordable units, which include anything from public

10:54:33 housing to workforce to moderate income to market rate

10:54:39 developments, and they are all mixed N.and there's not a

10:54:44 distinguishing feature about this one has this and this one

10:54:47 doesn't, because the whole ideas just reads like a

10:54:50 marketable community.

10:54:51 And to do that effectively, we have to raise the standards

10:54:56 of the households there and help support them with the

10:54:59 services that will enable them to work, get to work, to make

10:55:07 sure their kids are getting ready for school, and that there

10:55:10 are other programs in place to help people succeed.

10:55:12 The other facet is that as people succeed here they don't

10:55:17 have to move out.

10:55:19 Meaning as their incomes go up they can pay more.

10:55:25 They don't have to move out.

10:55:26 The idea that this is built to help folks succeed and not

10:55:29 simply maintain where they are.

10:55:32 To move upward.

10:55:33 That's the idea.

10:55:35 Here is an example.

10:55:37 I am going to do some of these quickly but this is west Main

10:55:39 Street.

10:55:40 We are looking from Willow toward Rome which as you know

10:55:44 looked like this.

10:55:45 There's not a lot on it.

10:55:46 We believe that the vision can include something like this,

10:55:50 as fantastic as that looks, it is real, county happen.

10:55:53 There's a senior development on the left side that has maybe

10:55:56 the Tampa family health clinic, on the bottom it's enlarged,

10:56:01 and really made much more marketable so that all sorts of

10:56:04 folks would feel comfortable bringing their family there for

10:56:08 health care, it could include restaurants, cot include other

10:56:11 services.

10:56:12 So the important thing, that this begin to lead back to West

10:56:15 Tampa.

10:56:17 Here are some examples --

10:56:20 >>HARRY COHEN: Let me stop you for one second.

10:56:22 Councilman Reddick has a question.

10:56:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me raise one question.

10:56:26 And maybe that photo that you just showed, let me just raise

10:56:29 one question and it might be a misconception that comes from

10:56:35 West Tampa.

10:56:37 This portion that you are showing here now, this will be

10:56:42 from Willow to Rome?

10:56:49 Will it the entire stretch of Main Street?

10:56:56 Will it from go from Willow to Rome?

10:56:58 >> That's right.

10:56:59 >> Between North Boulevard and Willow, what will be there?

10:57:05 >> Well, I can refer back to the plan, I think, the best way

10:57:08 to handle that.

10:57:12 You can see here west Main.

10:57:15 If you look -- it's kind of hard to say here but in the

10:57:19 middle of the picture is Willow street, between Just

10:57:23 Elementary and Stewart all the way into that area.

10:57:27 If you follow that down on one side of that do it, if you

10:57:33 look to your left, so to speak, you are looking down that

10:57:35 strip there.

10:57:36 Those buildings are designed for senior developments,

10:57:40 meaning higher scale, higher density, but with amenities

10:57:44 that are proposed appropriate for in place as well as retail

10:57:49 on the ground floor as well as services already in the West

10:57:51 Tampa -- excuse me, west river area, along Rome.

10:57:55 Allowing those to be able to be reproduced here.

10:57:58 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

10:58:01 My last question.

10:58:03 From Willow to Howard Avenue, what would that look like?

10:58:09 >> Well, that's outside the actual planning.

10:58:13 But our intent --

10:58:15 >> It's outside the planning so that means those existing

10:58:19 businesses in that particular area would not be affected at

10:58:21 all.

10:58:23 >> We hope positively if anything else but --

10:58:27 >> And that's where the CRA would come in.

10:58:29 >> It's my understanding, yes.

10:58:31 >> I just want to make it clear.

10:58:33 Because there's a lot coffin fusion out there between what's

10:58:36 going to happen from Rome to Howard and Wan is going on

10:58:40 between North Boulevard --

10:58:43 >> I understand.

10:58:43 >> Willow and Rome.

10:58:45 So that's the reason I want to clear this up this morning.

10:58:49 >> Thank you.

10:58:52 I appreciate that.

10:58:53 That's a good distinction to make.

10:58:55 It's easy to get confused.

10:58:56 I think the point of this is to help anchor West Main with

10:58:59 new possibilities so the folks who have businesses to the

10:59:03 west -- that's the area that you are describing, counselor,

10:59:10 that's the area that needs to be impacted positively, and I

10:59:12 think there are other programs but I can't speak to those.

10:59:16 That would be the city's choice. But that would be in

10:59:17 cooperation with the development of this plan.

10:59:19 That's a great distinction.

10:59:23 So moving on then, I talked a little bit about the housing

10:59:27 types.

10:59:28 These aren't exactly what will be there.

10:59:30 What we need to do is develop a vernacular in design that is

10:59:34 appropriate for this area, that isn't something we would put

10:59:37 in Phoenix just because we have the plans.

10:59:39 This needs to be designed for this place and this

10:59:41 opportunity and these folks and their needs.

10:59:45 At the heart of this, I want to mention our amenities that

10:59:48 would be crucial to any neighborhood such as a neighborhood

10:59:52 park.

10:59:52 This is one representation of it.

10:59:54 About two acres. It's actually bigger than maybe it looks.

10:59:57 But it allows us to have a management leasing area, certain

11:00:00 other things that are part of the heart of that system, plus

11:00:02 a lawn, splash park, other things that really make this your

11:00:07 place.

11:00:09 If you look up, you see now the plan has expanded to the

11:00:14 city-owned piece, in collaboration with the city, which is a

11:00:18 separate process at the moment, and this opens up

11:00:21 opportunities not only to continue the neighborhood and

11:00:24 disburse the modern and -- moderate and low income, so we

11:00:29 get a mixture, don't just concentrate on one or two blocks.

11:00:33 That's not going to work very well.

11:00:34 What we are able to do in this plan is expand the number of

11:00:37 units in that same mixture, but also preserve what you see

11:00:41 on the northern end, really kind of close to Rick's, if you

11:00:45 know where Rick's on the river is up there on the river, to

11:00:48 the left of that, is a large area that we think is maybe a

11:00:54 market rate of 100% market rate development, maybe higher

11:00:58 mid rise and so on.

11:00:59 That's up to the city to determine in a separate process.

11:01:02 But it does offer other developments.

11:01:03 >>HARRY COHEN: Council ma'am Montelione.

11:01:06 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

11:01:08 And in this development on the city-owned, overall, let me

11:01:14 just preface it with this, that a lot of talk has been how

11:01:20 many of the properties, large part of this area, is not

11:01:23 producing any tax revenue, because it is a in public hands.

11:01:29 Whether it's in the city's public hands or school board's

11:01:32 public hands or the Housing Authority.

11:01:35 So some discussion has been made about how we are maybe

11:01:40 returning some of this property to a tax-producing, viable

11:01:46 revenue stream.

11:01:48 Which will be self-supporting to the area.

11:01:51 I just wants to make that clear as well.

11:01:54 I have a couple of questions.

11:01:57 And one we'll probably discuss a little later on when we

11:02:00 discuss the transparency of city property being sold or

11:02:04 transferred out of city control, but the other concern that

11:02:10 I have and want to make sure that things to address as we

11:02:14 are developing the RPs or developing applications for

11:02:21 funding sources, the neighborhood choice grants and such, is

11:02:25 that we may need some environmental clean-up of the areas

11:02:30 that are in question, especially in the areas surrounding

11:02:36 the city's facilities for solid waste, wastewater, I'm

11:02:41 sorry.

11:02:41 I just want to make sure that that is at the top of the list

11:02:47 of looking at priorities, because other cities, not

11:02:53 necessarily ours, but other cities have gotten in trouble

11:02:59 for not properly addressing the remediation of the land

11:03:05 prior to turning it into residential property.

11:03:07 I just want to make sure that's something that we pay

11:03:10 particular attention to.

11:03:11 Thank you.

11:03:11 >>HARRY COHEN: Go ahead.

11:03:14 >> Thank you.

11:03:17 Well, we'll continue then.

11:03:18 I'm sorry if you don't mind going back to the Power Point

11:03:21 whereby we left off there, which was the city plan.

11:03:25 So with that -- and we have, by the way, in this master

11:03:29 plan, take a look at phase 1, environmental assessment, it's

11:03:36 lightweight but at gives lives gives you some indication.

11:03:39 Potential of what can happen, and your point is well taken,

11:03:42 and something that we are very careful about in any

11:03:46 residential.

11:03:48 Belt and suspenders when it comes to have that.

11:03:50 So moving along, I wanted to give just an overview of what

11:03:55 these streets start to look like.

11:03:57 The scale there is really actually kind of nice.

11:04:00 We are trying to preserve that, while also increasing the

11:04:02 density.

11:04:03 So this is the vision of that very same street.

11:04:06 And I know again we talked about this.

11:04:08 People look at this and they say that will never happen.

11:04:11 But it will.

11:04:11 And it will because we'll do it in phases.

11:04:15 We'll work with others.

11:04:16 It won't just be us.

11:04:17 Hopefully it will be us in some of us but it won't be just

11:04:20 us.

11:04:21 There will be many others.

11:04:22 It's up to the city and housings authority to figure that

11:04:24 out with you.

11:04:25 But this is the kind of environments that you can anticipate

11:04:28 where you have a really beautiful, marketable community that

11:04:33 takes full advantage of the opportunity you have here, but

11:04:36 doesn't displace folks in the process.

11:04:39 That's the challenge.

11:04:40 Here is another opportunity.

11:04:41 And this is one that personally gets me very excited, is the

11:04:45 idea of river to bay.

11:04:49 That term refers to bringing that asset much more into the

11:04:54 everyday experience for all of us.

11:04:56 It's one of the most exciting things for us when we took a

11:05:00 look at this opportunity for the river but also the fact

11:05:02 that it was so cut off and isolated in so many ways.

11:05:05 One of them is right here at Willow street right into the

11:05:07 Housing Authority property, and then beyond, when you get to

11:05:12 just and Stewart school, that's all closed off, too, and

11:05:15 even they are closed off from the riverfront in their own

11:05:18 way, so that you literally have to trespass to get to the

11:05:21 riverfront in this area.

11:05:23 Here is an example.

11:05:24 And this is really the master plan as we have it today.

11:05:27 You see the fields have been moved.

11:05:30 And this plan suggested the fields are moved over to the

11:05:33 east side of the -- and along that area so we can create a

11:05:38 public space there along the river's edge, that's kind of

11:05:41 the elliptical green space that's quite large along this

11:05:44 whole pattern of Riverwalk and so on, along with new ball

11:05:48 fields, and a community center and many other things that

11:05:51 work of more favorably, we think, with the school

11:05:54 district's.

11:05:55 The other thing I will point out is that Willow street is

11:05:58 now open to the riverfront, and that's a very exciting

11:06:01 thing, because as now it goes under the interstate, along

11:06:04 with Rome and some of these others.

11:06:06 There's just a few that pass through there.

11:06:08 This gives us a new corridor all the way to the bay.

11:06:11 And it also opens up a great commercial and residential and

11:06:15 of office maybe opportunity right here on the riverfront

11:06:18 which gets us much more in tune with the possibilities.

11:06:23 You see also there's a cafeteria now, that blue space that's

11:06:27 right on the edge of Stewart.

11:06:29 That allows them to have their own cafeteria space there,

11:06:32 but also serve the multi-function facility, and then Just

11:06:34 Elementary can keep their cafeteria and therefore are able

11:06:39 to open up Willow.

11:06:40 That's the technical challenge.

11:06:41 And we were able to solve it through this way.

11:06:45 Again, you have seen some of these images from InVision

11:06:48 before about the riverfront, and what it can become.

11:06:50 I want to show you one from Blake high school, on the

11:06:53 backside of Stewart really, this is the high school and

11:06:56 middle school track field.

11:06:58 And you can see there's the river.

11:06:59 There's the recommendation of the track on the west edge.

11:07:01 And look at this.

11:07:03 This is really what it ought to be.

11:07:05 And this is to me stunning because of the difference in

11:07:09 character, just almost overnight takes this into a whole

11:07:13 other location.

11:07:14 And then of course speaking at night, you can also do the

11:07:17 idea to be a safe neighborhood where you could do things.

11:07:21 So that's our plan.

11:07:24 And we have various enhancements.

11:07:32 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Hold it right there.

11:07:33 Something real quick?

11:07:34 >>HARRY COHEN: Okay, go ahead.

11:07:36 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I want everyone to know that I attended

11:07:38 several meetings.

11:07:39 Mostly listening and learning.

11:07:42 And that meeting is in July.

11:07:45 And it was right before my husband became very ill, and

11:07:49 after that I didn't attend.

11:07:50 But that person on the very right hand corner top, that's

11:07:54 me.

11:07:55 In the red.

11:07:56 You see me?

11:07:58 I'm there.

11:07:59 I just want everyone to know.

11:08:01 I may not everybody acknowledged.

11:08:03 I just came in, and I attended several meetings.

11:08:09 And Councilman Reddick is up against -- but, you know, I

11:08:14 just want everyone -- when you put that up, I said, now I

11:08:17 have to point that out.

11:08:18 >>HARRY COHEN: And Mrs. Capin asked to be recognized at the

11:08:29 end of the meeting: And I will come back to you if you want

11:08:32 to follow up.

11:08:33 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I want to thank Councilwoman Capin because I

11:08:39 didn't realize I was in that picture until -- point out

11:08:45 white hair versus a red outfit. Anyway, I have a couple of

11:08:50 questions.

11:08:50 And really there's two things that I'm trying about,

11:08:53 primarily process, and then the other thing -- and you made

11:08:56 a comment, and I want to kind of follow up on that first and

11:09:00 then I'll get to process.

11:09:02 You talked about these buildings being market rate.

11:09:06 But at the same time we are going to have some ability and

11:09:10 places for folks that are now residents to be able to go in

11:09:14 there.

11:09:15 Now, the question I have is this.

11:09:17 If I'm someone that, let's say, a section 8 housing might be

11:09:22 part of it, is that correct?

11:09:24 So let's say on section 8 housing, I want to move in there,

11:09:28 as a section 8 housing thing and you want to disburse it.

11:09:32 You don't want to have sort of a separate place that only

11:09:35 section 8 housing is at.

11:09:37 You mentioned our city property, though, that is primarily

11:09:40 going to be market rate.

11:09:41 Is it going to be other section 8 housing up there?

11:09:44 Or how are you doing that process?

11:09:46 Because there's, in my mind, there's a confusion between

11:09:50 market rate, and then, you know, also providing the other

11:09:54 mixed uses that we want.

11:09:56 So how does that actually work?

11:10:00 >> I just want to speak briefly to this because I think you

11:10:03 have done it in other developments. So the ones you are

11:10:05 probably familiar with, Encore has a mixture similar to what

11:10:08 we are talking about.

11:10:09 So there's things that ought to be familiar in terms of that

11:10:12 mix.

11:10:13 But I can't speak to the city property per se.

11:10:16 That's a collaborative process.

11:10:18 Obviously that has a whole series of decisions made by

11:10:23 others but the idea is to make it one neighborhood overall,

11:10:26 and to the extent that we need to mix these units up, I will

11:10:29 just give you an example.

11:10:31 We have over 800 public housing units here.

11:10:34 Choice neighborhoods and many federal programs require one

11:10:37 for one replacement.

11:10:40 It may not all come back as public housing but they have to

11:10:43 come back as affordable units.

11:10:44 >> Meaning rights now we have about 1600?

11:10:47 >> No.

11:10:47 You have 800 there now.

11:10:49 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I got you.

11:10:52 >> But 800 will be, quote, affordable and the others will

11:10:56 be, quote, market rate depending on what that is and that

11:10:58 market will develop over a number of years based on the

11:11:01 success of the phasing.

11:11:03 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Unlike the city of New York City, that

11:11:06 actually has rent controls, things like that, to allow

11:11:11 people to stay in their homes, you are talking about you

11:11:14 might have, let's say, a development north of Stewart middle

11:11:20 school that says we are going to make 25% eligible for

11:11:23 section 8 housing or something like that.

11:11:25 Is that correct?

11:11:26 Is that kind of the process?

11:11:28 >> The mixtures will vary according to building.

11:11:31 >> I don't mean the percentage itself.

11:11:33 Just that's kind of the idea behind it.

11:11:35 >> That's right.

11:11:36 >>MIKE SUAREZ: So anyone can apply for section 8 housing as

11:11:38 long as there's an available unit, and then that person can

11:11:41 move in finance they meet the criteria for that particular

11:11:43 unit.

11:11:45 The second question I have -- and you kind of touched on it

11:11:49 a little bit which is the city's role.

11:11:52 And if Tampa mayor he's comment in the newspaper is correct,

11:11:55 80% of this particular study area is publicly owned

11:12:00 property, of that 80%, how much of that is our city-owned

11:12:04 property?

11:12:05 Is it about 30?

11:12:09 >> Well, the Housing Authority owned about 44 acres. 1207,

11:12:13 140.

11:12:13 >>MIKE SUAREZ: So you are going to make me do the math.

11:12:17 [ Laughter ]

11:12:19 >> Something along there.

11:12:21 >> So your percentage is about 35, 40%?

11:12:26 >> Jerome Ryan: I believe.

11:12:28 >> Ours is probably a little less than that, 25 --

11:12:32 >> 25 to 30%.

11:12:36 And the school board.

11:12:37 >> And the school board has a much larger part of that.

11:12:40 And that leads metropolitan to have my other question.

11:12:41 How is the school board -- because it looks like we are

11:12:45 obviously dealing with them in terms of Willow which goes

11:12:51 through what the current campus is.

11:12:54 What role are they going to have other than us changing

11:12:59 where the fields are currently?

11:13:02 And I know that we have a little league field, too, that we

11:13:05 have to worry about and move.

11:13:07 And that's a very well-known little league.

11:13:11 So you better make sure you give them a good field.

11:13:15 And then you have got those field.

11:13:18 You have the track.

11:13:20 What role does the school board then have other than that,

11:13:24 which is we'll move our fields, you give us another piece

11:13:27 S.that all their role is going to be in this?

11:13:30 >> Well, no, it's the school board per se: I think that's

11:13:35 the way to frame this.

11:13:41 We did present many of them I believe late last summer.

11:13:46 But I think one of the things we are after is education

11:13:48 corridor, because that's the marketable -- think about it,

11:13:52 families with choices as well as those who are there who

11:13:54 really need to have a great educational system.

11:13:58 And that's what really brings families in. If we do that

11:14:01 right we can bring a lot of other folks, the singles, the

11:14:05 seniors, but if we miss that education component, we will be

11:14:08 behind the 8 ball forever, so we have met with the

11:14:13 principals of virtually all those schools.

11:14:15 We think that it's important, for example, Dunbar, the stem

11:14:20 program, it feeds into Stewart by choice.

11:14:24 Also Blake, from all over. Just is more local.

11:14:28 There are a lot of things we are trying to do to establish

11:14:31 the cooperative programming for that, that will also work

11:14:34 and identify frankly a branding for that neighborhood.

11:14:37 That's a terrific head start for us.

11:14:38 And what we need to do is figure out how to integrate.

11:14:41 I would say the answer to this is there's a property aspect

11:14:44 to this, a facility aspect, and we spent time with deputy

11:14:49 superintendent and others on her staff to talk that through.

11:14:52 There's no decisions.

11:14:53 But more importantly it's the programming part of that that

11:14:55 is really the great potential here.

11:14:57 And that one could begin right away, and we don't have to

11:15:00 wait.

11:15:00 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And I apologize, chair.

11:15:04 One more question.

11:15:05 One. Things when you are talking about market rate, and we

11:15:07 are looking at it mixed use, you know, you are talking about

11:15:12 a very careful balancing act between making it affordable,

11:15:17 making it successful, and making it available.

11:15:21 I mean, there's a lot of aspects of this that are -- we are

11:15:27 not used to doing these type of projects on this scale.

11:15:30 We have done some on a smaller scale but not something like

11:15:33 this.

11:15:33 Because you are talking about a pretty large area of

11:15:36 redevelopment.

11:15:37 Typically, the City of Tampa, and whether it's a developer,

11:15:42 or the city itself, you know, when we see that property,

11:15:45 right here, Rick's on the river that's owned by the city and

11:15:49 is not being utilized to its highest potential, we

11:15:53 understand that's an issue and a problem.

11:15:55 But at the same time, you know, it's the best use of what we

11:16:01 are planning on now, and I think it is, but how do you

11:16:05 coordinate those folks who are in housing units now to make

11:16:08 the leap both in terms of -- and I think you know this more

11:16:13 than anyone else -- the leap is not just a place, it's the

11:16:18 leap of this is a transformative type of project, which

11:16:24 means if I'm someone that is a current resident, and North

11:16:28 Boulevard homes, that I know that I can live here based on

11:16:31 my income and other things, or that, you know, I don't want

11:16:35 to be a person that I'm in fear that I am never going to be

11:16:38 able to live in a place that is much nicer with a much

11:16:43 better neighborhood than I am currently living in now.

11:16:46 And that's a real tough thing to try to do.

11:16:49 And I want to know, how do you actually do that on a process

11:16:53 part?

11:16:53 >> First of all, we have already relocated some 4,000

11:16:56 families in the city already.

11:16:57 >> I know that.

11:16:58 >> We notch how to do this.

11:16:59 And one of the things I think is important is that ever

11:17:04 residents on North Boulevard and all of our other residents

11:17:07 have a first right of refusal.

11:17:08 They have a right to come back.

11:17:10 Has nothing to do with their income.

11:17:12 Whatever their income was at that time.

11:17:13 Mixed income simply means that you are going to have a

11:17:16 number affordable units, a number of section 8 units, have

11:17:19 some public housing.

11:17:21 It's the market rate.

11:17:22 And all units are going to look the same.

11:17:24 If you live in apartment A and your rent may be $700 a

11:17:28 month, and apartment B may be 30% of whatever your income is

11:17:32 at that time.

11:17:32 So nobody really knows unless you are out there telling

11:17:34 people back and forth what I'm buying and what you are

11:17:37 paying.

11:17:38 But I think that we realize that it's a very delicate

11:17:42 situation.

11:17:42 You realize there are some dynamics we have to work with.

11:17:45 We just felt it was successful in this community doing just

11:17:48 that.

11:17:48 We have been doing that for the last 15 years, since 1997,

11:17:53 to be quite honest where you.

11:17:55 And we know how to work through those dynamics. We know

11:17:58 what we need in terms of supportive services. We know what

11:18:00 residents are looking for.

11:18:02 We are not only transforming property.

11:18:04 We are transforming the lives of people that live there and

11:18:08 giving them a second chance, another opportunity to do the

11:18:11 things that they need to do. That's what's really important

11:18:13 about this whole entire process.

11:18:16 And I can assure that you nobody is going to be left behind.

11:18:19 We think it's important that residents have the opportunity

11:18:22 to move forward, and residents in other locations that we

11:18:26 have, and other apartments that we transform.

11:18:30 But I think overall, we will do the job that needs to be

11:18:34 done.

11:18:35 Think there's a balancing act.

11:18:36 No question about that.

11:18:37 But we have been fortunate enough over the last 12, 15

11:18:41 years, that we have had people in place that understand this

11:18:44 process, and been doing it for a long time.

11:18:46 So I understand what you are saying.

11:18:48 And I realize that it's important that we treat people

11:18:51 right, and that's why we have a human capital plan.

11:18:54 It's not just a master plan for that area but there is a

11:18:58 human capital plan.

11:18:59 We have to look at programs to make sure that residents are

11:19:03 getting what they need.

11:19:04 But we have assured the residents.

11:19:06 They have the right of first refusal.

11:19:07 We'll send them a letter letting them know that if you move,

11:19:11 and three years or five year, you have the right to come

11:19:14 back.

11:19:15 We do that automatically.

11:19:16 And the federal rules require to us do that.

11:19:18 >> Thank you.

11:19:19 And if I can get some information you from about other

11:19:23 successful projects like this that you have done across the

11:19:26 country, I would appreciate it.

11:19:27 You don't have to tell me.

11:19:28 Just get that information to me later on.

11:19:30 >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Capin.

11:19:34 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

11:19:35 First of all, I want to commend Councilman Reddick for

11:19:39 working with commissioner Miller on getting that through.

11:19:46 And we all know the CRA, when you are talking about the

11:19:49 other businesses, west of Rome, there are facade grants that

11:19:56 we approve here all the time at CRA which makes a huge

11:19:59 difference to those businesses.

11:20:02 That is what I wanted to say there.

11:20:04 I also want to say that, you know, we are talking about when

11:20:07 you mentioned there's not the money, that we have to apply

11:20:11 for the facade grant.

11:20:12 I have to say that I met with the mayor four to five weeks

11:20:15 after we were elected in 2011, and I mentioned West Tampa to

11:20:21 him, and the reason, because I mention to the all the

11:20:24 mayors.

11:20:24 I mentioned it to Mayor Iorio.

11:20:26 As I stated before, my great grandfather, who is the father

11:20:31 of the grandmother that was born on main street in 1908, had

11:20:35 his residence on Main Street.

11:20:37 He was a founder of a bank that was on 14th street, on

11:20:41 the downtown side of the river, and he walked to the bank.

11:20:47 So my point was, he walked to the bank.

11:20:51 That's how close West Tampa is to downtown.

11:20:56 And I mentioned it over and over again.

11:21:02 What are we doing and what can we do?

11:21:04 How can we do this?

11:21:05 And I am glad that it resonated with Mayor Buckhorn, and he

11:21:11 moved on it.

11:21:12 And it makes me -- I see that potential.

11:21:17 One of the things when we are talking about planning, when

11:21:20 you bring up section 8, just real quickly, section 8 is just

11:21:26 almost market value.

11:21:29 It can be?

11:21:34 So when we talk about section 8, the perception is that it's

11:21:36 below.

11:21:36 And I have mentioned it before, the value, the beauty

11:21:40 of section 8 is that it is market value to those landlords

11:21:47 and also to the value to the person who is of a lower

11:21:50 income, but living -- can live in a home that is adequate

11:22:01 for their family.

11:22:01 >> Just to get away from all the alphabet soup, people have

11:22:08 an opportunity to relocate themselves in affordable housing.

11:22:11 Section 8, or public housing, or tax credit --

11:22:15 >> Absolutely.

11:22:16 Labels, absolutely.

11:22:18 And we are looking at ten years.

11:22:21 I think you said about a decade.

11:22:23 But I have to say that -- and when we talked about the

11:22:26 budget and planning ahead, and New York City, when they were

11:22:30 planning their subway system, they had a population of

11:22:34 100,000 people.

11:22:36 They planned the subway system for a million.

11:22:38 Of course, they have much more.

11:22:40 But that's the kind of thinking, the kind of vision that

11:22:46 happened at our port a hundred years ago when my great

11:22:50 grandparents starting their business, the leaders of this

11:22:54 community decided to dredge and bring the Ybor channel, and

11:22:58 it is still paying for it today.

11:23:11 And it will affect the entire west bank, all the way which

11:23:14 we consider West Tampa all the way to Dale Mabry.

11:23:16 So that being said, I think that the leadership has taken a

11:23:23 very comprehensive and really aggressive look at this area

11:23:29 to move us forward.

11:23:30 And I look forward to the day we have the $30 million grant

11:23:41 for this.

11:23:42 >> Let me just site to you at the end of the day -- and we

11:23:45 brought up that we will get this done.

11:23:54 Everything in this community, obstacles or issues, we got

11:23:57 around obstacles, a round those issues, so we got it done.

11:24:01 >> I heard model cities being mentioned.

11:24:04 >> Model cities, that's older.

11:24:07 Predating me.

11:24:07 >> I know.

11:24:09 My husband graduated from college when we first got married.

11:24:12 He worked for model cities for the City of Tampa and wrote

11:24:15 grants for model cities.

11:24:16 So I'm familiar with that.

11:24:26 Thank you for being here.

11:24:27 And thank you for bringing all this information to us.

11:24:29 >> We will keep you abreast of what we are doing and how we

11:24:32 are doing.

11:24:33 We are fortunate to have your leadership and the mayor's

11:24:36 leadership on this.

11:24:37 Because I think it takes partnerships and we have to work

11:24:44 together.

11:24:44 We have been fortunate not only to have partners in the

11:24:46 community, but not only have partners in the City Council,

11:24:49 but also have the mayor to support the projects.

11:24:53 We will get this done.

11:24:54 We'll get it done together.

11:24:55 >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Montelione.

11:24:58 >>LISA MONTELIONE: We really only have one other question

11:25:04 that hasn't been covered by my colleagues, and it had to do

11:25:07 with the development of some of the market rate properties

11:25:12 and bringing private development into to do this

11:25:15 public-private partnership which I am all for, by the way,

11:25:18 because everything gets done, I think, in a better, more

11:25:21 efficient way with our dollars, and your dollars, when we do

11:25:32 are engage public-private partnerships.

11:25:34 But in the mast, many years ago, it was low income housing

11:25:38 tax credits.

11:25:39 One of the things I was deeply disappointed in was some of

11:25:41 the deals that have been we had structured was the small

11:25:52 number affordable units in the entire project.

11:25:54 And some of the projects were fairly small.

11:25:59 They were in South Tampa a couple of them, 30 or 40 units,

11:26:03 apartment buildings, and only 6, 7, 8 units of 30 or 40 were

11:26:15 affordable.

11:26:16 And we called it work housing.

11:26:20 I don't know how it's changed.

11:26:21 I am going back probably 15, 17 years ago that I worked on

11:26:24 those deals.

11:26:27 So what would be average maybe ratio?

11:26:31 I know it's hard to say deal by deal.

11:26:34 But are we looking at a better ratio than I had in the past?

11:26:39 >> A better ratio now than we did in 10 or 15 years ago.

11:26:47 But it depends on the deal and depends on who is involved in

11:26:50 the deal.

11:26:51 I would say, yes, it is better.

11:26:53 However, it depends on the deal itself.

11:26:54 >> And we are mixed income housing developers so we are

11:27:02 devoted to the mixtures that you are describing, simply not

11:27:05 that meek, I guess.

11:27:08 We believe that it's important to have that diversity of

11:27:11 incomes, and as long as there's support for the lower income

11:27:15 households that that will work, and we have got 35, almost

11:27:18 40 year history of that.

11:27:20 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's heartening to hear because when

11:27:25 we hear those deals and only had six or seven out of 30 that

11:27:29 are were affordable and yet credits were being issued on the

11:27:33 property, it was --

11:27:36 >> And that is the complaint.

11:27:39 What we typically see nab deal which will involve public

11:27:43 housing transformation. Choice neighborhoods that we have

11:27:46 done, we are looking at roughly a third public housing, or

11:27:50 thereabouts.

11:27:50 We don't like to go a whole lot higher, but we have to

11:27:53 occasionally, maybe a third affordable or other marketable

11:27:57 area, unrestricted is market rate.

11:28:01 But the units themselves can be scattered throughout.

11:28:03 It's really they can move according to the household.

11:28:06 The other thing I will point out is that we typically are

11:28:09 able to come out of the ground and I think tough same kind

11:28:14 of track record.

11:28:15 So it's a good match in that way.

11:28:17 And we typically in our units, we have 22, 23,000 across the

11:28:23 done country.

11:28:24 Queer running around 90% on average full.

11:28:30 >> Could you give us your name again for the record?

11:28:32 The clerk asked me.

11:28:33 >> Yes.

11:28:34 Mulvihill, I'm with McCormick Salazar in, St. Louis, and

11:28:43 we were procured by the city and the Tampa Housing Authority

11:28:45 on this.

11:28:46 >> Thank you very much.

11:28:47 >> Thank you very much.

11:28:51 We appreciate it.

11:28:52 Let me say.

11:28:52 This it is 11:30 and I know there are many council members

11:28:55 that have noon engagements.

11:28:58 We have two items left to cover.

11:28:59 If we do not get through them, we are going to adjourn and

11:29:02 have to come back after lunch.

11:29:04 So it is up to the pleasure of council how we proceed.

11:29:07 We are going to go to public comment now on the item that we

11:29:09 just heard.

11:29:10 Item number 6.

11:29:13 Is there anyone that wishes to address council regarding

11:29:17 this discussion?

11:29:17 >> Good morning.

11:29:30 1000 North Albany.

11:29:31 I will do this real quick.

11:29:35 We did have a meeting last night at Blake.

11:29:39 Tremendous turnout.

11:29:40 And it was more or less the general agreement that those in

11:29:47 attendance stated they wanted a piece of the pie.

11:29:50 And also they wanted to be a part of the decision-making

11:29:54 process.

11:29:59 And ready to move forward with everything.

11:30:03 Thank you.

11:30:03 >> Joe Robinson.

11:30:10 I'm going to clarify something.

11:30:12 There's some confusion going on in the community.

11:30:14 Let me clarify it for you.

11:30:16 This is west river.

11:30:19 Can you get that over there, please, whoever is working

11:30:22 there?

11:30:24 This is west river, okay?

11:30:27 This is the study area.

11:30:29 There's a misnomer.

11:30:33 InVision is more than.

11:30:33 That this is just a portion of West Tampa.

11:30:35 West river is probably 25% of what needs to be done in West

11:30:41 Tampa.

11:30:42 This map from the Planning Commission -- I don't know how

11:30:49 this goes -- but anyway, if you noticed, we have several

11:30:53 study areas, okay?

11:30:54 So west river basically is the Housing Authority, the school

11:30:59 board and some of the city.

11:31:01 And that has nothing to do with the area you drove in, Ms.

11:31:06 Capin.

11:31:07 We aren't looking at that yet.

11:31:12 Boulevard to Rome.

11:31:14 That's a done deal, looking good.

11:31:17 Nothing is being done from Rome all the way to Armenia.

11:31:20 Nothing is being done.

11:31:23 Where is that vision?

11:31:27 That's what the problem is.

11:31:28 So west river is the West Tampa.

11:31:31 That is one small portion.

11:31:35 And if you don't get all of it done at the same time it will

11:31:39 be right back where we are.

11:31:40 Okay?

11:31:41 You are going to have from the west end of Main.

11:31:50 There's no business being dealt with here.

11:31:53 There's only one business here.

11:31:56 Rick's on the river right now.

11:31:58 We have businesses not even looked at.

11:32:01 There's no study.

11:32:02 And I am going to show you that.

11:32:04 We have the West Tampa study area.

11:32:06 And we have done this awhile back with the Planning

11:32:08 Commission.

11:32:09 And in that, the enterprise zone, it comes through the

11:32:15 historic district, and it comes to West Tampa, Rome, the

11:32:21 West Tampa overlay district, so who is going to plan for the

11:32:28 rest?

11:32:29 That's Housing Authority property.

11:32:34 Look at Incore.

11:32:41 Keep this core moving.

11:32:43 There's nothing being done on the west part.

11:32:46 Where is that part of InVision?

11:32:48 Mr. Reddick, we need to -- what's happening west of Rome?

11:32:56 What's happening north of the interstate?

11:33:01 Over there where the Italians and the Jews and the Spanish,

11:33:06 that's the problem here.

11:33:08 Making people think that this is the West Tampa plan.

11:33:11 This is just a small piece, people.

11:33:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: (off microphone)

11:33:28 Any other comments?

11:33:29 Okay.

11:33:30 We go to item number 7.

11:33:55 I know some of us have an obligation.

11:33:57 >>HARRY COHEN: Here is where we left it before you came

11:34:01 N.we recognize we have two more workshops left to do. Many

11:34:04 of us have luncheon engagements today.

11:34:06 I just mentioned to everyone if we don't get through them we

11:34:08 are going to have to come back after lunch.

11:34:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: What time would you like to continue?

11:34:16 >> I have about five minutes.

11:34:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm sure that Mr. Bob McDonaugh

11:34:20 understands that.

11:34:21 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Yes, sir.

11:34:23 Administrator of economic opportunity.

11:34:24 I was asked to talk about transparency in the real estate

11:34:28 process.

11:34:29 And I want statistics out first so people have an idea of

11:34:36 exactly how many transaction it is city does and how large.

11:34:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Can you blow that up? Not literally.

11:34:44 In size.

11:34:45 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Is that better?

11:34:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, sir.

11:34:49 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Again they are showing in 2012, 130

11:34:53 transactions.

11:34:54 350 of those were acquisitions, dispositions, and 2013, 29

11:35:00 dispositions.

11:35:01 But what's interesting is the dollar amounts of these

11:35:04 transactions.

11:35:06 In 2012, 36 of those acquisitions were under 5,000.

11:35:11 12 of them were under -- dispositions were under 5,000.

11:35:15 There were two over 20,000.

11:35:17 And one disposition over 20,000.

11:35:20 In 2013, you can see the numbers are very much the same.

11:35:25 The real estate department does lots and lots of small

11:35:28 deals.

11:35:29 A lot of them are economic.

11:35:33 A lot of them are small pieces of land that they buy for

11:35:35 other departments.

11:35:43 You can see there that they do work for all of the different

11:35:47 departments, so are if they need an easement or they need a

11:35:51 license, which is done sometimes for parking in

11:35:55 right-of-way, things like that, they work with those

11:35:57 departments.

11:35:59 One of the council members several months ago said that, you

11:36:02 know, we could do a better job with our Web site.

11:36:08 So people are able to look at it.

11:36:14 We listened.

11:36:16 This is a recent RFP done on property that's owned by the

11:36:19 City of Tampa in Ybor City.

11:36:22 And here is the Web site.

11:36:24 It kind of jumps right out at you.

11:36:26 Again the concern was before that perhaps it was not visible

11:36:29 enough.

11:36:30 The real estate division does the same thing on their Web

11:36:32 site.

11:36:38 This is a little off because it does not have the city's

11:36:41 header on it.

11:36:44 So it looks a little plain.

11:36:46 But this is the main page from the real estate division.

11:36:50 We want ton see what's for sale, what's the least, what

11:36:54 RFPs are out there.

11:36:55 You click on one of those buttons.

11:37:01 There's the example of the properties for lease.

11:37:03 You want to see what kind of RFPs the real estate

11:37:06 department has.

11:37:10 They are right there front and center.

11:37:13 Let me back that up.

11:37:14 Excuse me.

11:37:18 Again, just a general rule so you understand that the city

11:37:22 is not required to do a property transaction under $100,000,

11:37:29 although most often we do.

11:37:30 Between 500 and a million we require at least one appraisal.

11:37:35 And over a million we require two.

11:37:37 We keep a staff, or outsource appraisal work.

11:37:41 We generally have somewhere between 12 and 15 appraisals

11:37:44 that -- appraisers, excuse me, that we have qualified.

11:37:48 They have an annual budget of $7500.

11:37:51 And so what that does is it prevents a single appraiser for

11:37:54 getting a lion's share of the work.

11:37:56 It rotates through folks that already have been qualified.

11:37:59 Right now at the current time we have a baning of 17

11:38:02 appraisers that have been qualified.

11:38:04 And again, $7500 a year.

11:38:08 So it rotates through there and everybody gets some of that

11:38:11 work.

11:38:12 That way one person is not doing all of the values.

11:38:15 But there were some questions again.

11:38:18 A council person felt that we needed to do a better job with

11:38:21 be the Web site.

11:38:22 We have done that.

11:38:22 We need too do a better job of putting things out on the Web

11:38:25 site, the real estate thing.

11:38:27 We have done that.

11:38:28 And so the goal is to make sure that it's easy for people

11:38:33 that want ton see exactly what the city is doing, check into

11:38:36 our Web site, pull up the document, and investigate it for

11:38:41 themselves.

11:38:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

11:38:44 Any comments at this time?

11:38:45 Anyone in the audience care to speak?

11:38:50 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you for that update.

11:38:52 We all received this and I did request it -- was the

11:38:56 executive order 90-4 on how we did land disposition policy

11:39:07 for the City of Tampa.

11:39:08 And it was revised from the 88.3, or 88-3, and the two

11:39:16 changes were difficulty of marketability, and the other one

11:39:21 was that it had to -- number two, the change was from 88 to

11:39:29 90, it had to consist with the Tampa comprehensive plan.

11:39:35 Those are the two changes in 1990.

11:39:39 Now, this is all well, and it states here that -- and this

11:39:46 is one of things that that we brought up over and over

11:39:48 again, is when property has been -- and it's in the charter

11:39:53 where the mayor can negotiate the contract for the city.

11:39:56 However, the contracts that we have to approve may get to us

11:40:06 a week before.

11:40:07 What I would suggest that we -- to make it even clearer for

11:40:13 us is that our legal department write into code, or bring it

11:40:26 back for approval, but put into code that the City Council

11:40:30 be notified simultaneously when an RFP or RFQ, the

11:40:39 administration instigates an RFP or RFQ, before it gets

11:40:44 here, when it's thought of.

11:40:47 I think that the City Council needs to know where we are

11:40:50 heading.

11:40:54 And I would liking to see that in code where we are notified

11:40:56 of the RFP or RFQ.

11:41:00 >>JULIA MANDELL: City attorney.

11:41:03 We have to be very cognizant of the fact that your code must

11:41:05 be consistent with the charter, which very clearly provides

11:41:09 that not only the disposition of property, but any RFP

11:41:13 process, how that process is to go forward, and I would be

11:41:19 cognizant and careful of putting something into code which

11:41:22 is ultimately unenforceable under the charter.

11:41:25 I guess I am having a hard time understanding --

11:41:28 >> Well, see how we can come back with it.

11:41:30 >> What I would like to know is exactly what is the harm fa

11:41:36 that you feel, the problem that you would like to have more

11:41:38 information on, and maybe that would be helpful to me in

11:41:41 looking at that issue.

11:41:42 Because in terms of our staff agenda process, it gets put

11:41:47 into the process in a manner consistent with how all other

11:41:51 contracts are put into your doc agenda or file processing,

11:41:56 and so the doc agenda. In terms of any RFPs that are

11:42:01 necessary for real property I think as stated, not every

11:42:04 disposition of real property is obligated to go through an

11:42:08 RFP system.

11:42:09 Only those within the CRA.

11:42:11 And I could ask Sal to give more information on that.

11:42:14 So I guess I would need to have a better understanding of

11:42:16 what the issue that you are trying to resolve is.

11:42:20 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I suggest you and I meet and I'll come back.

11:42:23 We'll both look at it and see wharf would work as far as --

11:42:29 I feel that the council needs to be informed much earlier

11:42:34 than what we are.

11:42:36 And if it takes bringing to the code, then that's write

11:42:40 think we should go.

11:42:41 But let's talk about it.

11:42:43 And then bring a that back.

11:42:45 I won't make that motion now.

11:42:46 >>JULIA MANDELL: Thank you.

11:42:47 I appreciate that.

11:42:48 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I just maybe have a suggestion, Ms.

11:42:54 Mandell, or Mr. McDonaugh, on what Councilwoman Capin is

11:42:59 trying to achieve.

11:43:00 We get, as a matter of course, a report in our inboxes, and

11:43:07 not sure when it originated or had asked on council to get

11:43:12 this report, but tells us about water usage and the flow

11:43:19 that we have.

11:43:21 We also get reports on a regular basis of the lawsuits that

11:43:28 have been settled by the city.

11:43:30 And we get another report of contracts that were issued

11:43:33 under a certain amount of money.

11:43:36 And perhaps not in code written but as a procedure -- and

11:43:43 maybe if we look at the way those three issues originated,

11:43:48 those reports being sent to us on a regular basis, we also

11:43:51 receive a monthly calculation of the RFPs that were issued

11:43:57 in that 30-day period, or maybe on a quarterly period, or

11:44:02 something like that, since we do get regular reports from

11:44:06 other departments on similar --

11:44:10 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I know it's important for council to be

11:44:12 informed and you get calls from constituents and you want to

11:44:15 be educated so we need toe do a better job and we'll talk

11:44:20 about what we can do to make that work.

11:44:23 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I have a question about a particular

11:44:25 tenet of the procedures, and it's leases and licenses

11:44:31 understand policy 11-F-1.

11:44:34 It has -- the city has real property which it may decide to

11:44:39 execute miscellaneous short term license, legal permission,

11:44:42 or hold harmless agreement, and the last paragraph says they

11:44:47 usually have one day to meet terms.

11:44:50 Now, I know we move fast.

11:44:52 But maybe somebody can be look into that.

11:44:57 One day is a little short.

11:45:02 So that was the only question I had on the leases.

11:45:07 There was also on number 3.

11:45:11 This is land disposition policy for the City of Tampa.

11:45:14 Item number 3-C.

11:45:17 It says for properties classified as special negotiated

11:45:20 sales properties, the real estate division, the City

11:45:23 Council. City of Tampa prior to the submission of City

11:45:26 Council, any negotiated sales contract.

11:45:29 So I think that also may go to Councilwoman Capin's point.

11:45:35 There is a provision that we ought to be notified prior to

11:45:39 the sales contract being executed.

11:45:42 So it's submission to City Council of any negotiated sales

11:45:45 contract.

11:45:47 So that is another point that I had made in those

11:45:52 procedures.

11:45:52 >> I think what they are saying you can't sell the

11:45:57 property --

11:45:57 >> I need your name.

11:45:59 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.

11:46:00 What they are saying is you can't sell the property until

11:46:03 you approve it.

11:46:04 The contract isn't executed until you approve it.

11:46:06 The mayor signs it after you approve it.

11:46:08 I think that's what it's dealing with.

11:46:09 It's not saying the contracts are going to come to you way

11:46:11 in advance.

11:46:12 We can't sell the property without City Council authorizing

11:46:15 the mayor to sign or execute the contracts.

11:46:18 And if we have a contract out there with somebody that's a

11:46:22 preliminary contract --

11:46:23 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I understand that, but it says shall

11:46:26 notify the City Council of the City of Tampa prior to the

11:46:28 submission to City Council.

11:46:31 So I am reading that as the submission to City Council is

11:46:34 when it becomes an agenda item, and it comes to us for a

11:46:37 vote on the agenda item but it says here that we shall be

11:46:42 notified prior to that happening.

11:46:46 That's how I'm reading that paragraph.

11:46:48 >>SAL TERRITO: I'm not sure that's what it means.

11:46:50 I'll look at it but I don't think that's what it means.

11:46:53 I am not trying to cut down on your authority but -- most

11:46:56 month I am not trying to expand our authority.

11:46:59 I'm just saying if we were notified -- and we have had many

11:47:02 conversations about negotiated properties, because they

11:47:04 usually show up -- I think all the time show up under my

11:47:07 committee, and I get the agenda, and often I'm reaching out

11:47:13 to her to find out if thereby was an appraisal done, can I

11:47:16 see the appraisal, we have a little discussion sometimes,

11:47:19 you know, sometimes really short ones, but I find myself --

11:47:26 and no disrespect.

11:47:28 I think Ms. Ammon is doing a wonderful Josh, I think changed

11:47:35 considerably since she took over, but you find myself

11:47:37 getting the agenda late Friday night, getting my book on

11:47:40 Monday or Tuesday, and then having to make the call to find

11:47:43 out, can I get some information on this transaction?

11:47:47 >>SAL TERRITO: I understand.

11:47:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone else? Anyone public care to speak

11:47:52 on item number 7?

11:47:53 Please come forward.

11:47:54 Item number 7.

11:47:56 Thank you very much.

11:47:59 Mr. Cohen, you want to speak on item 8?

11:48:02 >>HARRY COHEN: I was the maker of the motion on item number

11:48:04 8.

11:48:05 I would be willing to postpone that till our next workshop

11:48:08 session if it's the pleasure of council.

11:48:09 And I apologize to the staff for that.

11:48:11 But I do know that everyone wanted to have a full discussion

11:48:14 about that.

11:48:15 So that's an option.

11:48:15 >> Second.

11:48:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen.

11:48:19 Second by --

11:48:22 >>HARRY COHEN: February 27th at 10 a.m.

11:48:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: -- Mrs. Mulhern.

11:48:27 February 27th at 10 a.m.

11:48:29 Further discussion by council members?

11:48:31 Before I go, this is a public hearing.

11:48:32 Anyone in the public care to speak on the continuation of

11:48:34 item number 8?

11:48:36 >> Pete Johnson, 510 Harrison street.

11:48:54 Because this is such an important discussion, and the

11:48:59 implication of 85% compliance since the program started, I

11:49:09 strongly would want to hold this discussion as soon as

11:49:11 possible.

11:49:13 If it is council's feeling not to come back after lunch,

11:49:18 that's fine.

11:49:19 But we need to get to the bottom of this.

11:49:22 We need to correct this code problem.

11:49:24 These fines that are not being collected, which are by state

11:49:28 statute noncollectable.

11:49:33 We need to correct this civil citation program where either

11:49:38 it works, or we go back to the original program, or we go

11:49:43 back just the way the state statute reads, all violations

11:49:47 are to have a hearing of their peers.

11:49:51 Thank you.

11:49:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I believe the motion was to February

11:49:53 27th at 10:00 a.m.

11:49:56 Made by Mr. Cohen.

11:49:57 Seconded by Mrs. Mulhern.

11:49:58 Further discussion by council members?

11:50:00 On part 8, signify by saying aye.

11:50:06 Opposed?

11:50:07 Motion passed unanimously Mr. Reddick?

11:50:08 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me make a motion.

11:50:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The motion would be to have it February

11:50:16 27th at 10 a.m., the year 2014.

11:50:20 Motion made by Mr. Reddick.

11:50:21 Seconded by Mr. Suarez.

11:50:23 Anyone in the public dire discuss this, the continuance of

11:50:26 the second part, the update part regarding compliance cases

11:50:30 of civil citation?

11:50:32 Please come forward.

11:50:33 I see no one.

11:50:35 I will take a vote on the motion.

11:50:36 All in favor of the motion please signify by saying aye.

11:50:38 Opposed nay.

11:50:40 Motion passes unanimously.

11:50:41 Information, new business by council members.

11:50:43 >>HARRY COHEN: We have to meet tonight.

11:50:47 I was wondering if we could do new business tonight.

11:50:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.

11:50:57 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Can I say something?

11:50:59 Happy birthday to Mr. Weintraub.

11:51:03 Besides this being a memorable date for him, January

11:51:06 30th marks the 50th year that my beloved husband,

11:51:11 then in high school, asked me to be his high school

11:51:14 sweetheart.

11:51:15 I just wanted to remind you.

11:51:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anything else?

11:51:20 All right.

11:51:20 We stand in recess.

11:51:24 I have a motion to receive and file by Mr. Cohen.

11:51:27 Seconded by Mr. Suarez.

11:51:28 All in favor of the motion?

11:51:30 Opposed ever? Motion passed unanimously.

11:51:35 Notice carefully we stand adjourned until 5:01, and that's

11:51:39 in the evening, not in the morning.

11:51:49 >>

11:51:49 (City Council adjourned until 5:01 p.m.)



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