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Tampa City CRA

Thursday, February 13, 2014

9:00 a.m. session


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09:05:09 >> CHAIRMAN FRANK REDDICK: We are going to call this CRA

09:05:10 meeting to order and yield to Mr. Suarez.

09:05:12 >> Thank you, chair.

09:05:13 It's my pleasure to introduce Mr. Allison "Al" Leroy Lewis,

09:05:18 Sr., a native of Tampa, Florida, very active in his

09:05:21 neighborhood association, Port Tampa, city neighborhood

09:05:23 civic association.

09:05:26 He's a former Gulf war gas depot operator.

09:05:38 He's the second oldest baptized male of 58 years.

09:05:42 Al has a management of his church's kitchen, cooking meals

09:05:46 for all church functions and sits with the food pantry

09:05:49 distributing food to shut ins and needy families, helps with

09:05:53 maintenance and upkeeps of the church grounds, sings in an

09:05:56 all-male choir, a mentor of the couples ministry, even takes

09:06:00 time to bike ride for exercise and walks daily chatting with

09:06:03 neighbors to take back issues and concerns to his

09:06:05 neighborhood association.

09:06:07 This year, Al, a Middleton high school alumni, alum, will be

09:06:13 76 years young and has been married to his life partner of

09:06:16 51 years, Betty Jean Lewis, a Blake high alum.

09:06:22 Talk about a house divided.

09:06:24 They have two adult children, Al Jr., and the incomparable

09:06:27 city employee Ms. Carla Jackson, 8 grandchildren and 12

09:06:32 great grandchildren.

09:06:33 Please stand for the invocation and remain standing for the

09:06:38 pledge of allegiance.

09:06:39 >> First, I want to thank you, City Council, for inviting me

09:06:42 here today.

09:06:49 Will our heavenly father, our heavenly father, we thank you

09:06:55 for allowing to us wake up this morning, and thank you for

09:06:58 being the father that you are.

09:06:59 We thank you heavenly father for blessing us.

09:07:03 We don't know what's in store for us.

09:07:07 Father, only you know that.

09:07:08 And only you can guide us and lead us in the right

09:07:12 direction.

09:07:18 My father and everyone knows this is black history month.

09:07:22 Please help all of us to unite as one regardless of race,

09:07:28 creed or color, father.

09:07:29 You made us all in your image.

09:07:31 Father, guide our mayor and our City Council members and all

09:07:36 the other officials in this city.

09:07:39 Enable them to make the right decision for this great city

09:07:43 of Tampa, Florida.

09:07:44 And for our community, so our kids can have a good city to

09:07:49 live in.

09:07:50 Thank you, father.

09:07:51 Amen.

09:07:52 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]

09:07:55 >> Roll call.

09:08:13 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:08:16 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

09:08:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:08:19 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:08:22 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:08:25 All right.

09:08:26 We have got a presentation, commendation.

09:08:32 >>HARRY COHEN: Good morning, everyone.

09:08:42 Despite what it may often look like, we are something of a

09:08:45 family here at City Council, and when one of our own

09:08:49 departs, it's appropriate for us to mark the occasion.

09:08:53 And Lelia Blevins, who has been one of our clerks here for

09:09:00 many, many years, someone we are going to miss very, very

09:09:08 much.

09:09:08 I know for myself when I looked down at the clerk who sits

09:09:11 right below the dais, and they look back up, there's a

09:09:15 certain look in their eyes that let's me know something is

09:09:18 going wrong.

09:09:20 And I have to figure out what it is.

09:09:21 And Lelia is a master at communicating with the eyes.

09:09:27 And that is something that I know I am personally going to

09:09:31 miss.

09:09:35 I did want to present her, on behalf of all of my colleagues

09:09:39 on the City Council, with this commendation.

09:09:42 It's recognition of years of dedication and service to both

09:09:49 the City of Tampa and Hillsborough County government.

09:09:50 The Tampa City Council extends its appreciation for your

09:09:54 commitment to providing excellent service to our local

09:09:57 governments and for being an outstanding example of a great

09:10:01 public servant.

09:10:03 And I must say as someone who for many years worked for the

09:10:07 county clerk it's sometimes a thankless job but it is one of

09:10:10 the most important jobs in government, to get the records

09:10:14 right and stand as a beacon for the integrity of the record

09:10:16 itself.

09:10:17 So Lelia, congratulations.

09:10:19 And we would like you to say a few words.

09:10:24 >> This has been a wonderful experience.

09:10:32 Both in the city as well as in the county.

09:10:34 And I thank you for everything that you have done.

09:10:38 Also, I would like to thank Shirley Foxx-Knowles, city

09:10:42 clerk, as well as all of the staff.

09:10:44 They have been wonderful.

09:10:46 Thanks again.

09:10:48 [ Applause ]

09:10:57 And my better half.

09:10:58 >> Do you want to say anything, too?

09:11:02 >> Well, yes.

09:11:03 I would like to say that this has been a good experience for

09:11:06 myself as well.

09:11:07 We have been together many years.

09:11:10 And I'm really thankful for her work ethic, her lifestyle.

09:11:16 I've been the follower.

09:11:19 She's been the leader.

09:11:20 So we have gotten along real well for about fifty something

09:11:24 years now.

09:11:24 So we have done real well.

09:11:26 And I would just like to say that I'm happy that she's able

09:11:30 to retire and I look back over all the years, meeting so

09:11:34 many people with the city and with the county, it's just

09:11:36 been a great experience for mesas well.

09:11:38 So thank you very kindly.

09:11:40 [ Applause ]

09:11:47 >>FRANK REDDICK: Of your eyes are a good example of what we

09:11:55 should be doing.

09:11:57 I look down and she's looking at me like -- what is he

09:12:01 saying?

09:12:02 [ Laughter ]

09:12:03 So I am going to miss that expression.

09:12:06 Thank you and congratulations.

09:12:07 >>SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES: Good morning, council.

09:12:13 I also want to just say thank you, Lelia, for all that you

09:12:16 have done for our department.

09:12:18 You helped us become even more efficient and effective.

09:12:21 And we will certainly miss you.

09:12:23 You are a wonderful example of a good human being.

09:12:29 [ Applause ]

09:12:34 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Ms. Blevins, you aren't going to get away

09:12:37 that easy.

09:12:38 This is something that may not have come to your mind but do

09:12:41 you hear in your sleep, you know, "passed unanimously" or

09:12:47 the ordinance that we read?

09:12:49 Does that go through your head?

09:12:51 >> Yes, it does.

09:12:52 I'm going to miss it.

09:12:53 You are going to miss it?

09:12:54 Good.

09:12:54 We might have you come in and volunteer if you like.

09:12:57 Sometimes your fellow clerks, you know, need a break.

09:13:01 So we can bring you in.

09:13:04 Shirley, make sure she's on call.

09:13:07 But thanks again for your service to the city.

09:13:09 You have done a great job here.

09:13:11 And we appreciate everything you've done.

09:13:12 It's going to be really sad not seeing your face down

09:13:15 here -- no offense, Jim -- but we do appreciate everything

09:13:19 you have done for us as a City Council.

09:13:21 Thank you.

09:13:21 Enjoy your retirement.

09:13:22 >> Thank you.

09:13:28 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And thank you so much for keeping the record

09:13:30 straight.

09:13:30 >> Not last week.

09:13:37 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Well, she wasn't here last week.

09:13:40 [ Laughter ]

09:13:41 >> There you go!

09:13:43 [ Laughter ]

09:13:45 >>FRANK REDDICK: Anyone else?

09:13:46 Well, we thank you and wish you well in your retirement.

09:13:50 Thank you.

09:13:53 All right.

09:13:55 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Economic development.

09:13:58 As is our custom, we have a chair of one of the CDCs

09:14:04 chairs to talk about what's going on in their neighborhood.

09:14:06 This morning we are lucky to have Mr. Essie Simms to talk

09:14:09 about East Tampa.

09:14:10 >> Thank you, Bob, Frank Reddick, distinguished board

09:14:25 members.

09:14:25 Thank you for having me again.

09:14:27 Last Thursday I was a little under the weather, still am,

09:14:32 but I do have two other items on the list.

09:14:39 Hope you packed your lunch.

09:14:40 All kidding aside.

09:14:41 I want to tell you some of the things that are exciting

09:14:43 going on in East Tampa.

09:14:44 We recently had our roundabout on 22nd street. We know that

09:14:48 we had a lot of debate about that over the past few years.

09:14:50 And it's been completed.

09:14:52 Our 30th street stormwater drainage has been completed.

09:14:59 And allocated to continue the conditions within the East

09:15:01 Tampa community.

09:15:03 Funding has also been allocated to help in our issue.

09:15:08 We know that East Tampa has one of the biggest problems in

09:15:10 the city with illegal dumping so we have allocated funding

09:15:14 to put in three new cameras to help in that initiative.

09:15:18 One of the things that I've done, now that I have been

09:15:21 elected for a second term, is to challenge all of our chairs

09:15:25 from the perspective conditions, kicked the ball off the

09:15:31 bilge -- bridge and hope that they can fly, and that means

09:15:35 we want to engage our community in a positive way to bring a

09:15:38 cohesiveness, unit to our community, and on our economic

09:15:45 development side, just this past year, a business symposium

09:15:49 that was well attended by residents all over the city.

09:15:52 They are planning another business symposium in March.

09:15:56 I would love to have you out there as well to be a part of.

09:15:59 That we will be putting on a bus tour, just prayer to that

09:16:03 business symposium to highlight the different entities that

09:16:05 we have in East Tampa so people can get familiar with all

09:16:08 the businesses within East Tampa, also those mom and pop

09:16:12 operations that want to expand to do business better.

09:16:17 They will have information there that they can help do that.

09:16:21 We also partisan with the East Tampa business civic

09:16:23 association.

09:16:24 They are putting on a technology symposium next Saturday,

09:16:29 the 22nd over at Jackson height, NFL Yet is doing that.

09:16:36 So education and youth perspective, we partisan with many

09:16:40 different agencies going forward.

09:16:41 I met with some people yesterday from the different agencies

09:16:44 yesterday.

09:16:45 How do we deal with our healthy eating issues?

09:16:49 Obesity is a problem.

09:16:51 We are meeting with them.

09:16:52 How do we bring in that mind-set of healthy eating?

09:16:55 Also, dealing with the health challenges that we have in our

09:17:00 community.

09:17:00 We have been partnering with Moffitt over the past few

09:17:03 years.

09:17:03 And how do we get a good complete health assessment of our

09:17:07 community from agencies that are providers to make sure that

09:17:12 they are available in our community for those needs.

09:17:16 We also partisan with another group to deal with our

09:17:20 literacy problem.

09:17:21 We know the grade level of many African-American kids go to

09:17:26 school, 700 drop out of school.

09:17:29 So we need to deal with this issue from the infancy stage.

09:17:33 And ware putting some things in place that we can hopefully

09:17:35 begin to get parents to start developing their children at a

09:17:38 very early age.

09:17:42 We are partnering with Chief Castor.

09:17:44 I spoke with her on Tuesday night.

09:17:46 Again going forward we have done some things with her in the

09:17:48 past, and putting on some different forums that children can

09:17:52 come to, and being a positive, safe environment.

09:17:55 How do we get the kids to work together with police?

09:18:00 Both sides working with each other and solving some of the

09:18:04 problems we have in East Tampa.

09:18:06 As you know we recently had a serious major issue out at the

09:18:11 fair, and we are dealing with those things from East Tampa

09:18:13 as well.

09:18:14 We will be putting some things forward from our chair how to

09:18:20 address these things.

09:18:21 I know many people in our community have put on some

09:18:23 different things and trying to bring some people together,

09:18:26 how do we deal with our youth?

09:18:28 I'm a firm believer, it starts with parents.

09:18:31 You know, we can get Tampa committee to figure this out, but

09:18:36 unless we get the parents involved in this whole matter, I

09:18:39 think we are going to have a first issue going forward and I

09:18:42 so hope that many of our leaders will come onboard and we

09:18:45 can figure out a way to get the parents more engaged in this

09:18:48 process so we can stop some of the youth violence that wave

09:18:51 in East Tampa.

09:18:52 I want to invite you all.

09:18:55 We'll have an e-mail later today, June 7th.

09:19:00 Put that own your calendar, please.

09:19:02 We will have our summer event that has been well attended,

09:19:06 up to a thousand people every year.

09:19:08 We expect that to be great this year as well.

09:19:11 I'm excited about the development that is going on along

09:19:16 Hillsborough Avenue corridor.

09:19:19 We have properties that now has space for four rental

09:19:23 tenants.

09:19:24 GQ establishment is expanding.

09:19:26 We now have a Family Dollar coming in over on 50th

09:19:30 street.

09:19:31 Burger King has redesigned its building and it's now going

09:19:35 to be open very soon.

09:19:36 So we are excited about all the development that's going on

09:19:39 in East Tampa to help with our economic issues.

09:19:41 We thank the mayor and administration for all its due

09:19:46 diligence in helping bring in different companies that are

09:19:49 willing to locate in East Tampa so our residents can be a

09:19:54 beneficial partisan with all the developments going on.

09:19:57 And I'll close with this.

09:20:02 I coined a phrase that legal counsel had.

09:20:05 He always says it's a city owned park.

09:20:09 I believe East Tampa is a city on fire.

09:20:14 If there's any questions, I'll answer.

09:20:16 >>FRANK REDDICK: I hope the mayor sends you a Christmas

09:20:19 card.

09:20:20 [ Laughter ]

09:20:25 On fire.

09:20:26 >> Well, you know, he remembers the song of Alicia keen "on

09:20:34 fire" so hopefully we'll get him to sing it.

09:20:38 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Well, let's hope he never sings any of

09:20:41 Alicia king's songs.

09:20:43 We have heard his voice.

09:20:44 >>FRANK REDDICK: Question from council?

09:20:48 >> Thanks for having me.

09:20:49 Have a great day.

09:20:50 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me do this.

09:20:52 Let us go to item number 4 and come back to 3.

09:20:56 >>MAYOR BOB BUCKHORN: Certainly.

09:21:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: This is university of Tampa, I believe

09:21:04 has one of his coaches and one of his starting pitchers, and

09:21:07 they want to talk about their experience.

09:21:10 You know, this team here is the current U.S. champion

09:21:14 division 2.

09:21:15 But, coach, you can say more about the team than I can

09:21:18 because you're the big guy there.

09:21:20 You're the horse.

09:21:20 >> COACH JOE URSO: I brought with me the associate head

09:21:24 coach, and senior right hand pitcher, local kid in town who

09:21:31 has done very well for us for three years, also winning

09:21:34 pitcher of game one in Cuba, and I will let them talk a

09:21:39 little about their favorite experience in Cuba as well.

09:21:41 But for me, I just want to thank the council for all their

09:21:45 support and getting us to Cuba.

09:21:47 It wasn't a trip that was very easily put together.

09:21:50 Mr. Miranda, many of the council really fought for us to get

09:21:55 to Cuba to have this opportunity.

09:21:57 We did it in a short period of time.

09:21:59 We only had about a month to get our passports and

09:22:03 everything together.

09:22:03 My boss wanted me to put it off to next year when we could

09:22:07 prepare more.

09:22:08 But I felt like this championship team with so many

09:22:10 returners deserved an opportunity to go to Cuba and show

09:22:13 what the University of Tampa and the City of Tampa is all

09:22:16 about.

09:22:17 We know the Cuban ties here.

09:22:20 Locally there's so many of the Cuban people in Tampa, and

09:22:24 thought it was a great experience for my guys.

09:22:26 One of my favorite moments was just watching these young men

09:22:29 play baseball over there.

09:22:30 We had a lot of tours.

09:22:32 We did a lot of fun stuff.

09:22:34 But watching them play baseball against some of the best in

09:22:36 the world was amazing. We went 3-0 while we were there.

09:22:40 But the best part was watching them give back to these kids.

09:22:45 Some of them took their -- items that were very precious to

09:22:51 my guys, they were giving up to these Cuban ball players

09:22:55 because they knew what it meant to them.

09:22:57 Came back with just a new appreciation for the little

09:23:00 things.

09:23:01 And I'm hoping that it will move us to another championship

09:23:07 this year.

09:23:07 And looking back was the best experience.

09:23:10 Mr. Miranda talked about going as a child and playing ball

09:23:13 there, and many of the people in the West Tampa area, and

09:23:17 what it meant to them.

09:23:19 And I feel like I gave that to my ball players, coaching

09:23:25 staff, a memory of a lifetime.

09:23:27 Thank you all for allowing us to go to Cuba and experience

09:23:29 this.

09:23:29 I'll turn it over to Coach Militello.

09:23:36 >> I also want to thank council for arranging this, and that

09:23:40 you have given us to make this trip possible.

09:23:43 For me growing up in West Tampa, and the Cuban ties we have,

09:23:51 it was great to go over there and see a lot of my friends

09:23:54 and families that were from there to be able to relate to

09:23:57 it.

09:23:58 Going in, I didn't nobody what to expect when we got there.

09:24:01 But the biggest thing for me was the people and how nice

09:24:05 they were, how welcoming they were.

09:24:10 They wanted to know all about it.

09:24:11 They asked questions, tons of questions.

09:24:14 Of course, a lot of baseball questions, which their passion

09:24:16 was just unbelievable for that game.

09:24:18 But they also wanted to know about us, and how we grew up

09:24:22 and, you know, what our life was like for us.

09:24:25 And it was just great to be able to share that with them,

09:24:29 and also ask them questions as well and learn about them.

09:24:33 So I think it turned out to be an amazing experience, not

09:24:38 only for us but for our players to be able to go over there

09:24:41 and see a different culture, get to experience it, play some

09:24:46 baseball, which is what these guys love to do.

09:24:50 It ended up being a great experience for all of us and I'm

09:24:53 very thankful that I got the opportunity to do it.

09:24:56 >> Coach asked me to come along and share one of my favorite

09:25:04 memories from the trip, which is actually more difficult

09:25:07 than you think, because the entire trip was such an amazing

09:25:10 experience.

09:25:12 You know, something that really stuck out to me was being

09:25:16 able to interact with the kids in Cuba.

09:25:20 One of the day tours that we went on, we stopped by what

09:25:25 they called the nina-de-nina and these probably equivalent

09:25:34 to the Boys and Girls Club here, but that experience,

09:25:37 because it's something off the baseball field that really

09:25:40 touched me.

09:25:41 The kids there are so energetic and they were so excited to

09:25:44 see us, and their eyes just lit up when they got the chance

09:25:47 to unit act with us.

09:25:49 Of course, there's a little bit of a language barrier, but

09:25:52 that got pushed aside and they really took us in and enjoyed

09:25:58 interacting with us.

09:26:00 They sang us a song.

09:26:01 They asked us questions through people that could speak

09:26:06 Spanish on our team and stuff like that.

09:26:09 And being able to see what their everyday life is like

09:26:13 really gave you a new appreciation of I think that's

09:26:23 definitely something I'll take in W me for the rest of my

09:26:25 life.

09:26:26 I just want to thank everybody involved for making the trip

09:26:28 possible, because it's something that I will keep with me

09:26:32 for the rest of my life.

09:26:34 Thank you.

09:26:34 >> And we are actively fund-raising to pay the balance of

09:26:42 the trip off.

09:26:43 So you can e-mail me or Coach Militello, find us on the Web

09:26:47 site.

09:26:48 Once again thank you very much for the opportunity to take

09:26:51 us to the university of Cuba.

09:26:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Like the coach said, everything was done

09:26:55 kind of quickly because of time constraints.

09:26:57 He only had a week before the season started.

09:26:59 But he had to go only that one week because that was the

09:27:02 week before school started and that's the only week they

09:27:05 had, and put it off until November, and these young players

09:27:08 like one of the starters wouldn't have been there.

09:27:11 But it was great to see the interaction that I saw, myself

09:27:15 and others that were on the trip watching these young

09:27:19 persons perform.

09:27:20 And the coach was kind of nervous.

09:27:21 He said, boy, I sure like the one game the day before.

09:27:26 Then after he won the one game he said, boy, I would like to

09:27:30 win two out of three.

09:27:31 And then he said, I really want to sweep this thing.

09:27:35 So he's a forward thinker, and he's doing great.

09:27:38 I just sat back and watched.

09:27:40 They have a great team.

09:27:41 What's your record now in the U.S.?

09:27:42 >> We are 6-0.

09:27:44 >> You mean 6 losses?

09:27:46 >> No, six wins.

09:27:48 >> You are 9 and 0 so far.

09:27:52 Three in the Caribbean and six in the United state.

09:27:57 We are so proud, not that you are winners but the

09:28:00 interaction, and being the first college in the State of

09:28:04 Florida to go there.

09:28:05 I mean the first U.S. champion in baseball to go there meant

09:28:09 a lot to the future of whatever is coming, if it ever comes.

09:28:14 And it means so much to see -- you are like rock stars.

09:28:20 When this team walked into old Havana, they had on their

09:28:23 hats and their shirts, school kids were coming out.

09:28:27 Kids were like a magnet all to the players, and it was

09:28:31 hundreds of photographs taken.

09:28:32 And the kids were asking, giving you e-mails, and sent the

09:28:36 pictures back to us.

09:28:37 And I haven't done that yet but I will.

09:28:40 Then when you got to the corner in Central Park where all

09:28:44 the retired players meet on a daily basis to discuss

09:28:48 baseball, it was a 30-minute period that you all spent two

09:28:52 hours there signing autographs and discussing it with the

09:28:56 old-timers.

09:28:57 And they were thrilled.

09:28:59 You guys did an outstanding job, not just in winning but

09:29:03 performing like Tampa.

09:29:07 You represented your university, the City of Tampa, the

09:29:10 whole United States.

09:29:11 And I noticed one thing on the scoreboard.

09:29:13 It wasn't Tampa versus.

09:29:22 It was -- they had it on the scoreboard, USA versus them.

09:29:26 So that means something big out of that.

09:29:29 And I do have some e-mails that I will share with you from

09:29:34 kids that were bat boys, thank you for letting me go out

09:29:39 there and shag flies.

09:29:42 And said, have you ever shagged a fly?

09:29:48 They said no.

09:29:49 Well, watch them, these guys really hit.

09:29:51 And I was like a little spy and I went over to the Cuban dug

09:29:55 out and listen to what they were saying when you were doing

09:29:58 batting practice.

09:29:59 (Speaking Spanish)

09:30:02 And, boy, do they hit the hell out of that ball.

09:30:05 And we didn't hit any Homers, but we hit about seven or

09:30:08 eight doubles.

09:30:09 And there was one short stop in the Cuban team that caught

09:30:12 our eye.

09:30:13 And that guy hit two bombs.

09:30:16 It wasn't off of you, but you had already won that first

09:30:20 game 2-1.

09:30:21 But the guy hit two home runs to right center.

09:30:25 And that fence was 385, and the right fielder came in and

09:30:29 told me, Charlie that ball went 50 feet on the other side of

09:30:32 the fence.

09:30:33 And I will never forget, that was no 21-year-old kid, but I

09:30:38 know 23 was their limit.

09:30:43 I don't believe it was.

09:30:45 But you guys are just outstanding.

09:30:48 And I know hopefully you will win them all.

09:30:51 And this week you go where?

09:30:52 >> To Georgia college, ranked number three in the country so

09:30:56 it should be three good baseball games.

09:30:58 >> And what are you ranked at?

09:31:00 >> Right where we want to be right now, number one.

09:31:03 >> Well, I just wanted to get that out of you.

09:31:06 It's great to be number one.

09:31:08 Remember, when you are number one, everybody is shooting for

09:31:10 you.

09:31:11 So you guys keep going.

09:31:13 Thank you very much.

09:31:14 There was a guy named Pippin whose father and I talked a

09:31:17 lot, and his father played for the Kansas City Royals,

09:31:20 Pittsburgh pirates and the Baltimore orioles.

09:31:23 And we got to talking about pitching and talking.

09:31:26 And the kid came up with the bases loaded and he hit a

09:31:30 triple and cleared the basis.

09:31:31 And I looked at him and I said, now, p both the kids hit a

09:31:36 triple.

09:31:37 He said your son had three RBIs.

09:31:39 I said, no, he hit to a triple play.

09:31:44 I will never forget that.

09:31:45 We had a nice time talking.

09:31:46 It was great to see you guys.

09:31:48 And you guys did well.

09:31:49 The coach played long ball, he played small ball.

09:31:53 There was a guy first and third and put the old squeeze into

09:31:58 runs scored and the Cubans looked at him and I said, they

09:32:01 can do it all.

09:32:02 They can play small.

09:32:03 They can throw.

09:32:04 And you guys really have a great pitching staff.

09:32:06 Especially that closer that you have when he throws to the

09:32:09 side.

09:32:10 It looks like you are sitting in Florida, Toledo, Ohio

09:32:13 coming at you.

09:32:14 But good luck to you guys.

09:32:17 Keep going.

09:32:17 You're great.

09:32:19 And we are a few thousand dollars short, about 8 to 10,000.

09:32:22 So somebody that wants to make a contribution, call the

09:32:24 coach at the University of Tampa.

09:32:25 >> Thank you.

09:32:30 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

09:32:33 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Just a quick summary.

09:32:40 I know we have a lot of guests that are hoping to speak

09:32:42 today so I'll make this quick. You have a choice, health

09:32:46 choice on the 22nd.

09:32:48 You can go to fiesta dab or flan fest or run in the

09:32:52 Gasparilla classic.

09:32:54 >>HARRY COHEN: Which do you think we are going to do?

09:32:56 >> I know what I am going to do.

09:32:59 It doesn't include sneakers, I'll tell you.

09:33:01 That we have a historic clipper ship that's going to dock at

09:33:05 the convention center, the Lynx.

09:33:11 And on the business side, I want to let you know our

09:33:14 internal audit department took a look at our processes and

09:33:17 we had an audit done.

09:33:19 We had no findings.

09:33:20 So we have a clear audit.

09:33:22 You have distributed copies of the annual report and

09:33:25 preliminaries.

09:33:25 If you would, please take a look at it.

09:33:27 If you see some changes you would like to have made, get

09:33:30 them back to us

09:33:31 And later today, we will have copies of the quarterly report

09:33:33 for you.

09:33:35 And that's my summary.

09:33:36 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me just say this to the council here,

09:33:53 that after public comments, we are going to go to items 6,

09:33:57 7, 8 and 9 and then come back to number 5.

09:34:07 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Can I make a suggestion that we move 6, 7, 8

09:34:11 and 9 and hold the public comments right before the workshop

09:34:14 because many of those pertain to that.

09:34:16 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, we can.

09:34:20 That's not a problem.

09:34:22 >>YVONNE CAPIN: There are a lot of people for that workshop.

09:34:24 >>LISA MONTELIONE: If there's anybody here to speak on a

09:34:29 different item --

09:34:33 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Well, we can ask.

09:34:34 >>FRANK REDDICK: Anyone here to speak on items 6, 7, 8 or

09:34:39 9?

09:34:40 All right.

09:34:41 It seems like everybody is for 5.

09:34:43 All right.

09:34:43 >>HARRY COHEN: Would you like me to make a motion to

09:34:54 approve item number 6 and we can move right to public

09:34:57 comment?

09:34:58 Motion to approve item number 6.

09:35:00 >> Second.

09:35:02 >>FRANK REDDICK: Seconded by Mr. Suarez.

09:35:04 All those in favor?

09:35:07 Motion carried.

09:35:08 >>HARRY COHEN: Move item 7.

09:35:11 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Second.

09:35:11 >>FRANK REDDICK: Any discussion on the motion?

09:35:14 All those in favor say aye.

09:35:17 Opposed?

09:35:18 >>HARRY COHEN: Move item number 8.

09:35:20 >>BOB McDONAUGH: The owner of number 8 is here today.

09:35:25 And what's important is not only, so if I can have him.

09:35:33 >> Sure.

09:35:42 >> My name is Warren Freeton and this gentleman is Ed

09:35:47 Bushane and we have a company called greenwood which we are

09:35:53 currently in the process of our first facility right here in

09:35:57 Tampa.

09:35:57 And we both happen to live in the area so it makes it a

09:36:01 little convenient.

09:36:02 But basically our process involves taking waste tire and

09:36:09 removing the rubber component, the nylon fiber on the

09:36:12 passenger side of the line and also the steel, and recycling

09:36:16 those products and putting them back into the manufacturing

09:36:20 that we reuse.

09:36:21 It's a 360, as opposed to putting up a smoke stack

09:36:28 someplace.

09:36:29 Everything that we are doing happens under the confines of a

09:36:32 roof.

09:36:33 So if you were to drive by the place, aside from the signs

09:36:37 you wouldn't know it was a tire recycling.

09:36:39 We were able to get a building in East Tampa, happened to be

09:36:44 one of the homeliest buildings in the area.

09:36:48 We chose it because of its size.

09:36:49 But with the help of the city, putting a face lift on it so

09:36:59 it will be quite a different representation from what it is

09:37:01 right now.

09:37:02 And we are very excited to be here.

09:37:03 Again we thank you for all your help.

09:37:05 >>FRANK REDDICK: Can you put a picture?

09:37:10 Can you put a picture there for us to see?

09:37:17 >>BOB McDONAUGH: They are talking about from going to one

09:37:24 to two shifts and employing up to 25 people at the facility.

09:37:28 >> And recycling is something that has become near and dear

09:37:34 to me for all the obvious reasons.

09:37:35 It is a good idea.

09:37:39 But you also have to be able to sustain those types of

09:37:42 operations.

09:37:43 So this facility allows us to do what we wanted to, do and

09:37:50 do it in a reasonable manner and employ people.

09:37:52 When we first built the model, I built it based on an

09:37:55 8-shower shift.

09:37:56 And all the components that it takes to operate that.

09:37:59 It quickly became apparent just by people approaching us,

09:38:02 and we literally are having to kick people out of the

09:38:06 facility right now, because machinery, some of it is getting

09:38:08 ready to load on a boat to come here.

09:38:11 So we are literally having to push people away.

09:38:14 But once we get operational we'll be at two shifts as

09:38:16 opposed to one very quickly.

09:38:18 And the head count is going to be someplace around the

09:38:22 25-person count.

09:38:24 And we are also excited about that.

09:38:26 I think particularly given the economic conditions in our

09:38:29 country, I think it's hard to argue with the fact that small

09:38:32 business is the driving engine behind our economy.

09:38:34 And we are extremely pleased to be part of that.

09:38:37 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

09:38:40 The product that you use in order to strip out the nylon and

09:38:45 the steel, what is that?

09:38:47 Is it a physical process, the machinery itself rips it out?

09:38:51 >> A combination of machinery and series of machines that

09:38:56 processes the material out.

09:38:58 It all happens at ambient temperature.

09:39:00 There is absolutely zero or negative environmental impact.

09:39:04 In fact, our machinery doesn't even produce dust.

09:39:07 All the fine grinds are done with a wet process.

09:39:11 So it's very clean.

09:39:13 We have been working with the Florida DBT.

09:39:21 I think they are excited about our process as opposed to

09:39:24 some of the alternatives out there.

09:39:26 And there are several.

09:39:27 Some of which work and some are so cost prohibitive.

09:39:30 And they have other issues as well.

09:39:33 >> I applaud you for doing this because one of the most

09:39:37 difficult things particularly because of the material used.

09:39:42 I remember 20 years ago there was a facility in California

09:39:44 that used to burn the tires and keep it interior, whatever

09:39:49 the excess, and it would collect the molten metal at the

09:39:54 bottom of this high heat process, and then sell it.

09:39:58 I don't know if you are familiar with that particular

09:40:00 location.

09:40:00 >> I am.

09:40:03 Ours is a little different in that it's cold as opposed to

09:40:06 melting it on-site.

09:40:07 What we are doing is we have machines that will literally

09:40:10 come up, and for a truck driver, eight, ten pounds.

09:40:15 It will literally come and rip the beads out of the tire,

09:40:20 then put them into a bailer, and the bailer will start over

09:40:25 again.

09:40:25 >> Thank you for doing this.

09:40:27 This is a great business to be bringing into Tampa.

09:40:29 And we appreciate it.

09:40:31 >> And like I said, this is only our first.

09:40:33 We have a very ambitious expansion plan.

09:40:36 Tampa will remain the headquarters, all the sales,

09:40:39 accounting and everything else will be done out of here so

09:40:42 as we do go forward and the business does grow, the

09:40:45 employment opportunities here in Tampa will certainly rise.

09:40:48 >> Thanks again for your investment in the city.

09:40:51 >>LISA MONTELIONE: What makes a city green and sustainable

09:40:58 is not only the actions that we as a city take ourselves,

09:41:01 but is very dependent on the business community to operate

09:41:06 in that space, in the green, in the environmentally

09:41:10 friendly, and the recycling business.

09:41:12 And I'm happy to add your facility to several others that

09:41:16 are here in different businesses, but all based in either

09:41:23 recycling or green business.

09:41:25 So thank you for that.

09:41:27 Do you know about when you will be ready to start hiring?

09:41:33 >> We are planning on someplace around April time frame,

09:41:38 actually turning the switch on.

09:41:40 And then shortly before the machines go on, of course, we

09:41:42 will be hiring people to operate those machines.

09:41:46 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I asked because next week, I'm hosting a

09:41:50 job fair with Kathy Castor, U.S. Congresswoman Kathy Castor

09:41:55 at MOSI.

09:41:57 And if you are ready, I would love to invite you to be there

09:41:59 to enter view some applicants.

09:42:01 But it might be a little soon for you.

09:42:03 >> It might be a little soon.

09:42:06 I have no problem interviewing people.

09:42:07 And we definitely want to hire from the area.

09:42:11 That's part of the goal here.

09:42:12 But what I don't want to do is get them tied up for a couple

09:42:15 of months.

09:42:16 >> Right.

09:42:17 That's why I asked about --

09:42:19 >> Another opportunity.

09:42:20 If you are out there looking for a job, which I think is

09:42:23 probably the hardest job in the world, you want to get that

09:42:26 result as soon as possible.

09:42:27 And I certainly understand that.

09:42:29 And this whole thing again is very, very exciting for us.

09:42:37 I literally escaped from corporate America so I can do this.

09:42:42 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I like that, escaped.

09:42:43 >> That's the way I view it.

09:42:45 It was a very refreshing event for me to finally get out of

09:42:49 that venue, and I actually worked for a national company

09:42:54 which was involved in tire recycling of all things.

09:42:57 And they didn't like this process.

09:43:00 And I can see the benefits that it has, where it was going

09:43:05 to go.

09:43:06 And many of the customers that we had were my former

09:43:12 employer have contacted me, and they asked us to do their

09:43:14 disposal work in Tampa because they like our process so

09:43:17 much.

09:43:17 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Fantastic.

09:43:20 Thank you for joining the ranks of the entrepreneur

09:43:22 community.

09:43:22 And small business is what keeps us running here.

09:43:25 >> You are absolutely correct. I believe that from the

09:43:27 bottom of my soul.

09:43:28 >> Thank you very much.

09:43:29 >>FRANK REDDICK: We thank you.

09:43:32 >> Move item number 8.

09:43:36 >> Seconded motion by Mr. Cohen, seconded by Mrs. Capin.

09:43:43 All in favor?

09:43:43 Opposed?

09:43:45 Anybody here for number 9?

09:43:50 >> Move item number 9.

09:43:51 >> Second.

09:43:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: Motion from Mrs. Capin, second by Mr.

09:43:55 Cohen.

09:43:56 All in favor say aye.

09:43:58 Opposed?

09:44:00 The person that we did ex-officio --

09:44:05 >> Manager for the port of Tampa.

09:44:07 >>FRANK REDDICK: Is he here?

09:44:08 >> No, he's not.

09:44:09 >> I just wanted to recognize him and give him a chance to

09:44:12 speak.

09:44:13 All right, we'll go to public comments.

09:44:24 And then workshop.

09:44:26 Anyone to speak, come forward.

09:44:27 You have three minutes.

09:44:29 State your name and address.

09:44:30 >> Okay, I'm ed, Ed Tillou, Sulphur Springs.

09:44:38 Okay.

09:44:45 These are different items on here W.respect to item 1,

09:44:48 commendation.

09:44:51 Now, I had a little thing over at the county commission.

09:44:57 I think commendations are a very good idea, but I think it's

09:45:02 at the neglect of so many things.

09:45:04 And as a start, here is CVS.

09:45:10 CVS has stopped selling cigarettes.

09:45:12 That cost them a lot of money.

09:45:14 But it's the right thing to do.

09:45:16 In public health, I thought it was a little too Draconian

09:45:20 what they were doing but it seems to be working.

09:45:24 The rate of smoking is going down.

09:45:27 Here is a bus driver in New York.

09:45:28 This was in today's paper.

09:45:29 He was killed.

09:45:30 Now, Tampa has really fantastic bus drivers.

09:45:35 Hart works well.

09:45:36 But that's a managerial problem.

09:45:42 Another commendation would be Costentino.

09:45:44 He did a lot of work on that commemoration of the 100th

09:45:48 anniversary of the Jannus flight.

09:45:52 If it hadn't been for him that wouldn't have been

09:45:54 commemorated, a very important event, the first commission

09:45:57 commercial flight.

09:45:59 As I say, that's item 1.

09:46:01 Item 2, East Tampa.

09:46:04 The problem with East Tampa, they bring a lot of people here

09:46:08 complaining about loud stereos which creates a weak noise

09:46:11 ordinance.

09:46:11 Here is a very serious noise problem in Tampa.

09:46:16 I told a planner about it.

09:46:17 And it's off his radar.

09:46:20 The fact is that Tampa has become substantially unlivable

09:46:24 over the past three or four years.

09:46:26 I've seen it develop from these noisy cars, running without

09:46:30 mufflers, running with some kind of muffler that makes them

09:46:34 louder.

09:46:35 And you don't see -- most of you never see it because you

09:46:39 live in South Tampa, downtown, Channelside, I don't know.

09:46:42 But this is a very serious problem in north Tampa.

09:46:45 It's like there's two Tampas.

09:46:47 There's downtown, South Tampa and then north Tampa, which is

09:46:52 becoming unlivable.

09:46:54 So, anyway, think about Sulphur Springs, serious problems.

09:47:02 Okay.

09:47:03 This is another of the things, the state fair had to be

09:47:08 closed down which is a little bit of a planning issue

09:47:10 because very often zoning things come, and there's a Ned for

09:47:14 an understanding, agriculture, planning, certainly the fair

09:47:18 should not be closed down.

09:47:20 And a kid killed.

09:47:22 I am bringing in material next week, because a very similar

09:47:25 thing happened there.

09:47:25 And the guy went to jail for a long period of time because

09:47:29 than kid got killed as a result of the disruption.

09:47:31 And those kids arrested could be put in jail for serious

09:47:38 manslaughter.

09:47:39 This is a community effort.

09:47:40 (Bell sounds)

09:47:43 P not just one person should speak.

09:47:49 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:48:03 Mr. Davis.

09:48:04 >> Mr. Chairman, members of the Community Redevelopment

09:48:06 Agency, I'm Al Davis, 3717 east Wilder Avenue.

09:48:12 I'm so glad to be here.

09:48:16 I want to come up and thank you for what you are doing.

09:48:19 One of the things that I find very interesting is the fact

09:48:22 that this agency, and working through the administration, is

09:48:32 moving right along.

09:48:33 I know that a number of issues need to be addressed and be

09:48:40 considered.

09:48:40 But I'm still seeing that things are being addressed and the

09:48:54 people in the redevelopment area is -- has come to fruition.

09:48:59 I know many of you, maybe all of you, tomorrow, what do you

09:49:08 call that, love day, Valentine's, and I'm sure you have got

09:49:14 gifts for the person that you live or you can love the one

09:49:17 that you want.

09:49:24 And I'll be back next month.

09:49:28 Thank you, sir.

09:49:28 >> Well, thank you.

09:49:34 The four of us that are here are the ones that are single.

09:49:37 >>FRANK REDDICK: And I don't plan on proposing.

09:49:42 [ Laughter ]

09:49:43 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I don't know.

09:49:44 >> Is this the right time to talk about item number 5?

09:49:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, we normally after the workshop take

09:49:55 public comment.

09:49:55 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: Okay, thanks.

09:50:01 >>FRANK REDDICK: We would prefer to stay that way.

09:50:03 All right.

09:50:20 We are going to take -- take up number 5 and hear from Mrs.

09:50:28 Capin.

09:50:30 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

09:50:30 I moved to have this meeting today because we do have a bond

09:50:39 payoff and there's been a lot of speculation about those

09:50:49 funds, or available funds, and I will just tell you what

09:50:56 happened yesterday.

09:50:56 And this is just one of the many calls that came to my

09:50:59 office.

09:51:01 A media personality called my office and asked if we were

09:51:06 having a discussion on the Rays baseball money.

09:51:13 This is a media person.

09:51:15 So the perception that it is designated is out there.

09:51:22 And that's what brought me to this point, because we are the

09:51:25 CRA board.

09:51:26 We do oversee these moneys.

09:51:29 And these expenditures.

09:51:31 So with that, I would like to move forward in that we

09:51:40 understand that we are talking about the downtown CRA, which

09:51:44 is where this bond will be paid off in 10-15-15.

09:51:54 This is an interlocal agreement in 2003 with the county.

09:51:58 And I wanted this to be a conversation with the stakeholders

09:52:03 in our downtown area, and with our citizens, because this

09:52:09 money is the money that belongs to all the citizens of our

09:52:12 city.

09:52:13 And how we feel or you feel that would enhance our downtown

09:52:19 area in the future and how those moneys could be used or

09:52:23 should be used.

09:52:26 And I would like to move forward and just hear if there's

09:52:30 any other council members that would like to speak on this

09:52:33 subject.

09:52:34 I would be glad to hear from them.

09:52:36 Right now we have about $14 million that is TIF funds that

09:52:41 come to the downtown CRA.

09:52:45 And I understand one of the comments is the county, the

09:52:51 school board has to agree to give up those tax dollars to

09:52:57 the city, to the downtown CRA.

09:53:02 If that does not happen, it will be the city, recoups 48% of

09:53:08 that, which right now would be $6,800,000 as opposed to

09:53:13 14,000.

09:53:16 If the county were to decide not to participate.

09:53:20 That's being worked out and negotiated by our mayor as we

09:53:25 speak, and hopefully they come to an agreement.

09:53:39 The CRA was formed in 1983 by state statute and we have 30

09:53:43 years from 1988 in downtown, or we feel we do.

09:53:48 The city feels we do.

09:53:51 Anyway, if Mr. Territo would like to weigh in on any of his

09:53:55 expertise on the subject I would be glad to hear about it.

09:53:57 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.

09:54:01 I'm just here to hear what everybody has to say.

09:54:06 I have no comments at this time.

09:54:07 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, to be very, very clear about the

09:54:17 downtown Channelside area.

09:54:20 I think you need to explain to people that those funds that

09:54:25 are collected within that CRA, would you explain to the

09:54:30 public that these funds will be utilized for other projects

09:54:38 over in West Tampa, or north Tampa, and will you explain

09:54:42 that they got to be within that boundary in order for those

09:54:46 funds --

09:54:49 >>SAL TERRITO: Any money that's collected in each of the

09:54:52 CRA areas has to be spent in those areas and cannot be spent

09:54:56 outside of those areas.

09:54:57 So the moneys collected downtown, in the downtown CRA area,

09:55:01 that money may be spent only in the downtown CRA area.

09:55:04 Even if the other areas of the city need those funds, and

09:55:07 they may not be spent in any of those other areas.

09:55:10 The same with the Channelside.

09:55:11 Same with East Tampa.

09:55:12 Same with any of the districts, areas within which that

09:55:17 money is collected.

09:55:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

09:55:19 I wanted to make sure that was clear Mr. Suarez.

09:55:21 >>MIKE SUAREZ: There's a few things this I want to speak to

09:55:24 on this.

09:55:26 I would like to call Ms. Little up.

09:55:29 I think she's back there.

09:55:31 I can't see with all the cameras there.

09:55:34 Mrs. Little, thank you for coming here.

09:55:37 A couple questions.

09:55:39 And Ms. Capin set this up until terms of where we are at in

09:55:44 terms of our repayment.

09:55:45 October of next year, we are going to repay the -- excuse

09:55:51 me, 2015 wave to reauthorize or stop with the TIF dollars

09:55:56 that we are receiving, we are going to be paying off, I

09:55:59 think, our final bond at that time?

09:56:02 >>SONYA LITTLE:

09:56:03 The original bonds related to -- for this purpose, secured

09:56:08 by the downtown TIF funds, were issued back in 1985.

09:56:12 Those bonds were refunded for savings several times.

09:56:17 Currently we have the 2001 bonds.

09:56:20 And you referred to the final maturity of October 1, 2015.

09:56:25 So this year, we'll have two payments to pay back interest

09:56:29 and principal meaning April 1, 2014, October 1, 2014, and

09:56:35 the same in 2015 for a total of 27 million.

09:56:40 At that time, the bonds are matured, and the debt related to

09:56:43 these bonds has all been satisfied.

09:56:46 >>MIKE SUAREZ: In terms of amount that far we receive from

09:56:52 the district, in terms of our funding, how much of it is

09:56:57 shared with the county in terms of the percentage, if you

09:56:59 know it offhand?

09:57:00 >> It's roughly 50-50.

09:57:02 It's very close.

09:57:04 >> So right now -- and Mrs. Capin touched on it a moment

09:57:08 ago -- there was an agreement made by the CRA in 2003,

09:57:13 agreed to by the City Council in 2003, and then signed into

09:57:17 an agreement with the county in terms of reauthorization of

09:57:22 CRAs.

09:57:24 Right now we are negotiating.

09:57:26 This might be for Mr. Territo.

09:57:29 Right now we are renegotiating a renewal on that particular

09:57:34 contract?

09:57:34 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.

09:57:36 We have an agreement with the county that covers all of the

09:57:38 CRA, and even areas understood that agreement that were not

09:57:44 permitted -- excuse me.

09:57:52 The time or geographic areas.

09:57:54 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I get choked up as well.

09:57:58 >>SAL TERRITO: (off microphone) or any new CRA at that

09:58:06 time.

09:58:07 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I have a question for you.

09:58:09 Because you worked for the city at the time that that

09:58:12 agreement was drafted, correct?

09:58:13 >> I was not.

09:58:14 >> You were not.

09:58:16 Have you found any reason why we entered into an agreement

09:58:19 that essentially stripped us of our ability to create our

09:58:24 own CRAs?

09:58:25 >> I know what led to the agreement but I'm not sure why.

09:58:31 Between the city and the county.

09:58:33 In 1984, the state statute changed.

09:58:35 The state statute basically said any county -- we were

09:58:52 fortunate at that time that any CRA prayer to the charter

09:58:59 were grandfathered in.

09:59:00 In 2003, a dispute came up, that applied to the CRA, would

09:59:08 that apply to CRA areas that were created?

09:59:11 The city took the position that the entire CRA was

09:59:13 grandfathered in, and any areas created pursuant to that

09:59:17 would also have been grandfathered in.

09:59:20 After that time, and the county, the CRA areas that affect

09:59:28 block grants.

09:59:30 I'm not sure what it was at that time because I wasn't here.

09:59:34 >>MIKE SUAREZ: In terms of any changes in state law, has

09:59:40 there been any changes in state law that would preclude us

09:59:43 from no longer continuing that agreement between the city

09:59:49 and the county, meaning that if we as a CRA decided to

09:59:53 discontinue that agreement, and then could be able to have

09:59:56 the ability to create our own CRAs, isn't that possible?

10:00:00 Can we undo something that was done in 2003?

10:00:05 >> The only change since that time, the time that we created

10:00:09 the local agreement, there's nothing in the statute dealing

10:00:11 with the interlocal agreement.

10:00:14 If anything since that time interlocal agreements were

10:00:17 codified in the statute.

10:00:19 >> So you are saying we don't have the power to control any

10:00:22 agreement we have with the county, vis-a-vis this particular

10:00:27 agreement with the county?

10:00:29 We can't make a decision and say we are no longer going to

10:00:32 be a party to this particular decision that was made in

10:00:35 2003?

10:00:39 >> The contract requires all parties to agree on change in

10:00:42 the language.

10:00:44 And be bound by the agreement.

10:00:46 >> Okay.

10:00:47 But again, maybe I misstated it and I apologize.

10:00:52 Can we undo that interlocal agreement and not be a party to

10:00:56 it anymore and make the statement that we can create our own

10:00:59 CRAs at any time, based on the state law, based on the

10:01:02 fact that we were a chartered city prior to the county

10:01:05 having a charter?

10:01:07 Can we make that argument?

10:01:08 >>SAL TERRITO: I think we made the argument at the time,

10:01:15 and --

10:01:19 >> If state statute still stands, we should still have that

10:01:24 power to agree or not agree to anything we have done in the

10:01:28 past?

10:01:28 >> We also have the power to create an interlocal agreement

10:01:33 saying we are going to give up those powers or with this

10:01:37 particular agency --

10:01:39 >> So you are saying an interlocal agreement can supersede

10:01:42 any other power that our board here currently, City Council,

10:01:47 we can give away our powers in an interlocal agreement at

10:01:51 any time?

10:01:52 >>SAL TERRITO: The City Council and the city administration

10:01:55 found -- you being the CRA are a dependent special district

10:02:02 of the city, not an independent special district.

10:02:09 And what the City Council decides to give yourselves.

10:02:13 The City Council, negotiating with the county to give some

10:02:17 of those powers up.

10:02:18 And that's what happened.

10:02:21 Powers were given up.

10:02:22 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Let me rephrase my question then.

10:02:24 I'm asking is any agreement that we enter into perpetuity E,

10:02:28 you mean to tell me that we cannot discontinue an agreement

10:02:31 with the county on this particular issue?

10:02:36 >>SAL TERRITO: Until the time comes, and any government

10:02:41 agreement, you cannot unilaterally say I am not going to

10:02:48 abide by this any longer.

10:02:49 The statute allows the agreement in the -- provision in the

10:02:54 statute, you are allowed to gift up the same way you are

10:02:57 allowed to give up a lot of powers.

10:02:59 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And I'm asking the question as to what our

10:03:05 next steps are and I apologize for asking so many questions

10:03:08 about.

10:03:08 This but the decision in 2003 literally put us in a

10:03:11 disadvantage in terms of our relationship to the county when

10:03:14 it comes to CRA creation, and CRA dollars.

10:03:17 Now we have to be go to the county every single time that

10:03:21 these agreements have expired to ask them for the amount of

10:03:25 money that is created within city limits for the purposes of

10:03:28 the CRA.

10:03:30 That's something that was, you know, obviously I don't know

10:03:33 if -- and again I have not done the research in terms why

10:03:36 they made that decision.

10:03:37 I think Mr. Territo has done a lot of that, and he had to

10:03:40 come up for reasons why it was done.

10:03:43 So one of the problems I had with this is that -- and Ms.

10:03:48 Capin touched on it which is CRA dollars are controlled by

10:03:51 the CRA board in terms of what we are going to use that for,

10:03:56 in agreement with the City of Tampa.

10:03:58 Having a county agreement essentially having a third party

10:04:02 in there to say, well, we are willing to share with it, now

10:04:07 they can hold us up for any purposes that we have in terms

10:04:10 of the percentage that we goat.

10:04:12 Now, again, it may be a very easy agreement to reenter into,

10:04:17 and may be something that's going to be simple.

10:04:19 But at the same time, it may be difficult.

10:04:21 We might have a county commission at some point that says,

10:04:24 no way, we are not going to do this.

10:04:26 So where do we stand if something like that happens, say

10:04:29 listen, we are only giving you 20% of what's being produced

10:04:32 within the CRA district?

10:04:33 >>SAL TERRITO: (off microphone) the statute authorizes and

10:04:40 requires any of the governments that are bound by the CRA

10:04:42 statute to contribute to that trust fund.

10:04:46 Anything in existence prior to that agreement is still in

10:04:49 existence.

10:04:49 Anything since that time, city and county agreed to share,

10:04:55 that's permitted understood the statute under the interlocal

10:04:59 agreement.

10:04:59 The only restrictions right now, nor may you extend debt

10:05:09 service.

10:05:09 Outside of that, you are bound by the agreement.

10:05:15 The county is compelled to give money.

10:05:17 If tough CRA areas, you have some of those.

10:05:26 It does affect some of those, you may not expend without

10:05:30 going back to the county, extending the time, and includes

10:05:35 changing the boundary, and includes changing -- that was the

10:05:41 agreement of 2003 on those not locked in for that particular

10:05:45 time.

10:05:45 >>MIKE SUAREZ: One last question, chair.

10:05:50 As a body, can we negotiate to get out of that particular

10:05:53 agreement with the city?

10:05:54 Let's say the administration, we said, listen, we don't want

10:05:58 to be part of this anymore and the administration agreed,

10:06:00 could we pull out of the interlocal agreement with the

10:06:03 county?

10:06:04 >>SAL TERRITO: As I said, your authority is granted by

10:06:08 statute.

10:06:09 And what the city and administration decide to do, once you

10:06:15 get the funding --

10:06:16 >>MIKE SUAREZ: That's my point, Mr. Territo. I'm saying if

10:06:19 the administration agreed to pull out of that particular

10:06:21 agreements we could?

10:06:22 >>SAL TERRITO: If you want to be in violation of the

10:06:26 contract be my guest.

10:06:27 As you are standing right now there's an agreement and the

10:06:29 agreement is binding on all the parties.

10:06:31 So if they want to challenge that.

10:06:37 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

10:06:42 And I'm going to belabor the point and follow up on some of

10:06:45 the things that Councilman Suarez just brought up.

10:06:49 The interlocal agreement is a contract between this body,

10:06:52 the CRA, and the Hillsborough County Board of County

10:06:55 Commissioners.

10:06:56 >> The city, CRA and three party agreement.

10:07:02 >> It's a tri-party agreement?

10:07:04 >> Yes, it is.

10:07:06 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So the city itself, or the

10:07:07 administration as you have referred to it, this body and the

10:07:12 county.

10:07:13 So now I think Mr. Suarez' point is why we are handicapped

10:07:21 in renegotiating that agreement, because although you

10:07:25 mentioned pull out of the agreement, or default on the

10:07:30 agreement, or walk away from the contract, the part you left

10:07:34 out is renegotiating the contract.

10:07:36 And, you know, any agreement between parties can at some

10:07:41 point be renegotiated, not just simply walk away.

10:07:45 But what I am hearing, because it's a tri-party agreement,

10:07:50 we can decide to renegotiate.

10:07:53 But the city, the administration, could decide they don't

10:07:59 want to renegotiate.

10:08:00 So now it's kind of a catch-22 in my mind, because we as

10:08:11 City Council sit as the board of the Community Redevelopment

10:08:14 Agency.

10:08:16 However, much of what we do as an agency, we have handed

10:08:24 over to the administration, because we have another contract

10:08:30 for the management of the CRA with the staff of the City of

10:08:34 Tampa economic development division.

10:08:41 So it's sometimes hard for me, or hard probably for any of

10:08:50 us -- I don't want to speak for everybody -- but it's hard

10:08:53 for any of us to think, well, what can we do?

10:08:56 Because we are hampered by these two agreements that were

10:09:03 put in place prior to any of us being elected.

10:09:07 And one is the management agreement with the administration,

10:09:11 and one is the interlocal agreement with the county.

10:09:14 So anything that we want to do as a CRA really has to meet

10:09:20 the litmus test of the administration.

10:09:23 If they don't want to go forward with it -- and I'm not

10:09:26 speaking just about this mayor.

10:09:27 Any mayor.

10:09:28 Any previous mayor or any future mayor.

10:09:31 If they don't want to go forward with it, then the CRA of

10:09:37 Tampa by having those two agreements in place.

10:09:40 So Mr. Suarez didn't come out and say it specifically, but

10:09:46 what would we -- what steps -- two questions.

10:09:50 What steps would we take to renegotiate either of those

10:09:54 agreements?

10:09:55 And what is currently transpiring now between -- and this

10:10:01 might be a question for Mr. McDonaugh -- what is currently

10:10:04 transpiring now between our management company, the City of

10:10:08 Tampa, administration, economic development, and the Board

10:10:12 of County Commissioners?

10:10:13 Because I know from talking to some of the county

10:10:16 commissioners, there are negotiations going on.

10:10:20 And I don't know personally, except for bits and pieces of

10:10:24 what is being talked about.

10:10:26 Because I talk to one commissioner, I get one piece of the

10:10:32 puzzle P.I talk to a different commission.

10:10:34 I get a different piece of the puzzle.

10:10:36 So I'm having to piece together all of these things that I

10:10:40 hear about what they are talking about.

10:10:42 And some of it is public record.

10:10:44 They talked about it during Board of County Commissioners

10:10:47 meeting, and I have no live so I watch those on Saturdays.

10:10:50 The replays, at night sometimes, and I hear that way what's

10:10:57 transpiring.

10:10:57 But maybe Mr. McDonaugh can fill us in on what those

10:11:01 negotiations currently are between the city and the county,

10:11:04 and as far as the CRAs go, expansion, extension.

10:11:12 >>SAL TERRITO: Interlocal agreements negotiated between the

10:11:16 city and the CRA, your powers are derivative.

10:11:19 Okay.

10:11:19 That's one agreement.

10:11:20 The agreement that you as a CRA have with the city on the

10:11:23 administration of your program is something you renew every

10:11:28 year.

10:11:28 You have control over that.

10:11:29 That was originally done for the only CRA area at the time

10:11:33 was the downtown area.

10:11:34 The only function they had --

10:11:35 >> Sure, it makes sense be.

10:11:37 >> Plus there's no extra funding.

10:11:40 That's why it was done.

10:11:41 That is -- every year that agreement comes before you and

10:11:46 you have discretion on how would you like to negotiate that.

10:11:48 >> When does it come up again?

10:11:50 >> It's fiscal year, October 1st, I believe.

10:11:53 Fiscal year.

10:11:53 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Economic development.

10:12:01 The general consensus was that the city, the CRA, would like

10:12:05 to extend a couple of the existing CRAs, specifically

10:12:10 downtown, Ybor, and because they were coming up for

10:12:15 termination.

10:12:16 And again, there was some discrepancy as to the

10:12:19 interpretation of exactly what that date was, whether it was

10:12:22 2016 or 2018.

10:12:25 And, also, the formulation of a new CRA area in the West

10:12:31 Tampa area.

10:12:32 Now, to be specific, if the county did not want to entertain

10:12:40 this, they could say, you can continue on with these CRAs,

10:12:44 but we are not going to share any of our revenues.

10:12:47 And so it's specifically in downtown.

10:12:50 They could say, fine, or the CRA, here is the expiration

10:12:55 date, and we are done.

10:12:58 And we can go ahead and renew it ourselves and use the

10:13:01 new -- there's two issues there.

10:13:05 If it's a new CRA we start the new base lane so there would

10:13:08 be virtually no income.

10:13:09 And then secondly, the funds would only be City of Tampa

10:13:14 fund that are raised in that taxation district.

10:13:17 So there is an advantage to having these conversations with

10:13:20 Hillsborough County, with their willingness to share tax

10:13:24 revenues.

10:13:25 And so county commissioners, much like yourself, want to be

10:13:29 sure that their decisions that affect taxpayers money are

10:13:33 prudent.

10:13:33 And so I think what's going on is a conversation about a

10:13:38 framework about what's appropriate for spending and what's

10:13:40 not appropriate for spending.

10:13:42 There has not been a list that has been distilled about what

10:13:45 is appropriate and what is not appropriate.

10:13:48 Basically, what we have been talking about to this date is

10:13:53 the areas of that we wish to expand, the Heights, and the

10:13:57 reason for that, our development agreement in the Heights

10:13:59 allows them to bond and take a portion of that money for

10:14:04 public improvement.

10:14:05 There's about 20 years left on that.

10:14:07 A little less than 20 years, I believe.

10:14:11 You need 30 to go out and bond infrastructure.

10:14:13 And that's not a particularly difficult one to negotiate

10:14:16 because it generates zero dollars.

10:14:19 And with zero dollars there's nothing to fight about.

10:14:22 Again, West Tampa, with the county, it's not a very

10:14:25 controversial thing because we would be starting a new base.

10:14:28 There's no dollars to wrestle about.

10:14:31 The issue is downtown.

10:14:32 >>LISA MONTELIONE: There is potential for dollars.

10:14:37 I mean, I'm sure the city, our former CFO and now is over at

10:14:43 the county, is looking forward to when there will be revenue

10:14:47 from that CRA.

10:14:49 So not to be controversial, because there's not a lot of

10:14:55 revenue now, they are going to be looking at the 30-year

10:14:58 time line, what our plans are for that area.

10:15:00 We heard, what, last week and the week before from Jerome

10:15:04 Ryan over at the Housing Authority, and what the plans are,

10:15:08 or some of the plans for the area.

10:15:11 So they are not just saying, oh, there's not going to be any

10:15:15 revenue right now.

10:15:16 >>BOB McDONAUGH: I'll give you the example of the Channel

10:15:19 District which has several billion dollars of property and

10:15:21 generates $3 million in income.

10:15:23 And that's seven or eight years old.

10:15:25 And so the horizons are long before we start seeing

10:15:29 significant amounts of money.

10:15:31 I did not mean to say that they don't care, but they

10:15:34 recognize that the establishing of a CRA is a very long-term

10:15:39 process to p reap the benefits.

10:15:42 And it's not just in dollars.

10:15:46 Again, it's to bring opportunity to some of these areas.

10:15:48 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Well, if that's the case then, I mean, I

10:15:51 have brought up CRA boundary in the area between Sulphur

10:15:55 Springs and the University of area, the unincorporated area,

10:16:02 formerly known as suitcase city, and that was, at least by

10:16:07 the administration, not well received.

10:16:09 But it's noncontroversial because there's no revenue

10:16:14 generated for a very, very long time, what's the big deal?

10:16:18 >> No incremental revenue.

10:16:20 In the meanwhile, there are tax dollars being generated

10:16:22 which at the current time we don't want to take out of the

10:16:25 general fund.

10:16:26 Again, we have --

10:16:28 >> But it's the incremental that would be taken out of the

10:16:31 general fund, not base.

10:16:32 >> Correct.

10:16:33 Be.

10:16:36 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right, Mr. Cohen.

10:16:37 And then I want to get back to Mrs. Capin with a question.

10:16:40 >>HARRY COHEN: I have a very brief question just to follow

10:16:42 up on what you have been talking about.

10:16:44 When you are talking about the rules, and regarding the

10:16:47 renegotiation, the boundaries.

10:16:53 If you have CRA districts that are contiguous to one

10:16:57 another, and they were husbandly maybe all to be turned into

10:17:02 one, would that under the law many the entire CRA would be

10:17:06 reset?

10:17:10 >>SAL TERRITO: Legal department.

10:17:11 I know what you are saying N.effect if you have two

10:17:13 contiguous properties, because you are creating a new area.

10:17:18 And you would be creating a new area or expanding.

10:17:24 We had an area designated.

10:17:27 When we expanded the area in -- I'm sorry, in 1983 and then

10:17:31 we expanded the area in 1988, we had a second level of

10:17:36 funding that we had to start.

10:17:37 We had two separate trust funds downtown.

10:17:39 We had one CRA and two separate trust funds because you had

10:17:42 to reset a new area that was added.

10:17:45 If bee add a new area by combining two, we are basically

10:17:49 resetting the baseline at that point forward.

10:17:52 You are better off doing a separate.

10:17:55 And it's going to be a bookkeeping problem.

10:17:59 If you put them together, you have to start from scratch.

10:18:02 Because you are basically creating a new area.

10:18:03 >> That was my only question.

10:18:05 >> Let me ask you a question.

10:18:09 When you first made the motion to put this agenda on for a

10:18:13 workshop, is this the direction you saw it going?

10:18:17 >>YVONNE CAPIN: The direction was to inform, definitely

10:18:21 informing this public, informing the stakeholders, the

10:18:24 position that we are in, what our obligations are.

10:18:29 It's very important.

10:18:30 But also the intent was rather we renew, don't renew.

10:18:35 I think it is important to hear from the public and let them

10:18:43 tell us what they believe we should be doing, should we

10:18:47 renew this with the county, and how those moneys should be

10:18:50 spent.

10:18:50 >>FRANK REDDICK: Anyone else want to speak before we go to

10:18:55 the public?

10:18:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'll reserve for later.

10:18:59 >>FRANK REDDICK: Anyone to speak on this item, come

10:19:02 forward, state your name and address and you have three

10:19:05 minutes to speak on item number 5.

10:19:06 >>LINDA SAUL-SENA: My name is Linda Saul-Sena, and I live

10:19:15 at 157 Biscayne.

10:19:16 I'm here this morning as the chairman of the board of the

10:19:18 Tampa Theatre.

10:19:23 The Tampa theater is a wonderful, iconic symbol of our

10:19:26 community.

10:19:27 It is a city-owned asset with private not for profit board

10:19:33 that raises money for the activities and programs of the

10:19:37 theater.

10:19:37 We are so proud of our facility.

10:19:40 And we are pleased to be partners with the city in this

10:19:43 venture.

10:19:44 I dare say it is one of the things when people think of

10:19:48 Tampa, that's one of the images that they conjure right up

10:19:51 there with the minarets.

10:19:53 And I'm here today because we are not getting any younger.

10:19:56 The good news is that we have a very energetic board and we

10:19:59 are raising money and we are keeping things up.

10:20:01 But we have old wiring and old roof, an old facility.

10:20:06 It's beautiful.

10:20:07 It's fabulous.

10:20:08 But it is old.

10:20:09 And even as we as a board attempt to raise money to keep the

10:20:13 capital -- to keep the building up, we need you all as our

10:20:19 landlords to work in partisanship with us.

10:20:21 And moving forward, as you consider this money, I want you

10:20:28 to consider the that's right.

10:20:30 You all are being much more forthright and far thinking than

10:20:33 previous CRA boards.

10:20:34 I know because I sat there for 20 years.

10:20:36 I was always trying to get my colleagues to think in terms

10:20:38 of the CRA, having a great deal of power and discretion

10:20:43 about how the money is reinvested in each of these areas to

10:20:46 benefit economic development, because that's what the money

10:20:49 is supposed to be for.

10:20:50 You take an area that suffers blight and figure out how do

10:20:55 we most effectively generate new opportunities for this area

10:20:59 using the CRA funds?

10:21:01 Well, downtown for 20 years, or 30 years, our hands were

10:21:05 tied behind our backs because the money was all committed to

10:21:08 the convention center, which is a great investment.

10:21:10 But now there's a new opportunity.

10:21:12 And I'm very surprised candidly that the Tampa downtown

10:21:17 partisanship isn't here this morning, because as the group

10:21:21 that speaks collectively for downtown, business community, I

10:21:24 feel that if they were here, they would be talking to you

10:21:27 about urban design and reinvestment in the quality of the

10:21:31 infrastructure downtown.

10:21:33 But I'm here for the Tampa Theatre today saying that our

10:21:37 cultural facilities are city-owned resources downtown,

10:21:42 generate a lot of activity, generate interest for our

10:21:46 visitors as well as our residents.

10:21:47 And I want you as you move ahead to seriously consider our

10:21:51 needs moving forward.

10:21:52 Thank you.

10:21:52 >> Good morning.

10:21:59 My name is Charles Britton, and I live at 3409 Palmira

10:22:07 Avenue in Tampa and I want to start off by saying I have

10:22:09 been a member of the Tampa Theatre board since 1998.

10:22:12 We have enjoyed a great relationship with the city.

10:22:14 We want to thank you for all that you have done for the

10:22:16 theater through the years.

10:22:21 We have city owned cultural assets that are aging.

10:22:25 And those of you that are homeowners know that the minute

10:22:28 you close on your house, you better start saving for a new

10:22:32 roof and replace the air conditioner and all the other items

10:22:36 that go with the joy of home ownership.

10:22:39 These assets are aging.

10:22:41 They are reaching the point that certain things need to be

10:22:44 replaced.

10:22:47 In the case of the Tampa Theatre, it's 88 years old.

10:22:50 It has items that should have been replaced prior to World

10:22:52 War II.

10:22:55 It desperately needs replacing.

10:22:57 And I struggle with taking this money that is dedicated to

10:23:02 this district and siphoning it off and not taking care of

10:23:07 the existing assets.

10:23:09 I think that's very critical.

10:23:11 I think if you have landlords that own properties in town,

10:23:15 that didn't take care of them, that you would have code

10:23:18 enforcement going out there and citing them.

10:23:21 And to me, this is a very similar situation.

10:23:25 I'm here merely to ask that you consider the needs of these

10:23:30 institutions, their aging infrastructure, and to consider

10:23:37 setting aside perhaps some of this money to help them take

10:23:41 care of their needs.

10:23:42 Thank you.

10:23:42 >> My name is Loren Shepherd, the chief operating officer at

10:23:52 the Straz Center.

10:23:53 I reside at 12405 pathway court, Riverview, Florida.

10:23:57 But with the kind of hours I keep, I might as well be a city

10:24:01 resident.

10:24:03 [ Laughter ]

10:24:03 I'm very pleased to be in front of you this motorcycle.

10:24:05 And I want to thank you for your leadership and your hard

10:24:08 work in discovering this particular area.

10:24:11 It's been an education for me just to listen.

10:24:14 Got a lot of questions.

10:24:16 Looking back over the past 3030th years, we can see the

10:24:20 magnificent difference that these city owned cultural

10:24:23 facilities have made, not only to our quality of life in our

10:24:26 community vitality but also the impact they make on our

10:24:29 economy, our business.

10:24:31 Tourism and local education -- and I want to add attracting

10:24:35 new businesses frequently through many years of association

10:24:39 with the Committee of 100, and its various reiterations that

10:24:45 always seems to be a question of what the cultural

10:24:47 experience is going to be, if I move my company to this

10:24:50 town.

10:24:52 Take the Straz Center, for instance, at 27 years, 335 that

10:24:56 you square foot aging facility remains the largest cultural

10:24:59 institution in the State of Florida.

10:25:01 We serve over 500 Tampa residents and visitors all year,

10:25:06 bringing about 100 million year of economic impact to the

10:25:10 local economy, and we also partisan with 30 local schools

10:25:13 and community agencies to enhance the K-12 education for

10:25:18 over 50 that you students a year.

10:25:21 The nonprofits that run the city cultural facility are led

10:25:24 by the best in their collective industries.

10:25:26 And these visionaries work constant lip in partisanship to

10:25:30 make Tampa the best Performing Arts Center, zoo, aquarium,

10:25:35 children's museum, Museum of Art, and on and on.

10:25:38 Today, as you review your priorities and la to the future,

10:25:41 we want to urge you to continue your support and

10:25:44 participation with the city-owned cultural facilities.

10:25:47 We want to work with you to develop a plan for long-term

10:25:51 sustainability of our aging facilities, so that they will

10:25:56 remain attractive, impressive, and impactful throughout many

10:26:00 more generations of service.

10:26:04 We can and do raise a great deal of known operate and

10:26:07 program these facilities, and we can also raise and have

10:26:12 raised capital dollars needed to help keep them in peak

10:26:18 condition but we can't raise all that's needed to care for

10:26:21 and advance these facilities without the involvement of our

10:26:23 public partners.

10:26:24 So we are asking that you call for a conversation, a

10:26:27 process, and a plan to work with us just to keep these

10:26:31 facilities from crumbling, but also to keep them as Tampa's

10:26:35 beacon to the nation and the world.

10:26:37 Thank you very much.

10:26:39 Good morning.

10:26:45 My name is Mark Haney, at the aquarium, and we are a

10:26:51 nonprofit located in Channelside.

10:26:54 We are just outside the downtown CRA, so we are part of the

10:26:58 Channelside CRA.

10:26:59 And I'm here today to talk a little about the cultural

10:27:03 facilities that we all have and all enjoy.

10:27:06 I moved here from Miami five years ago.

10:27:08 And I absolutely fell in love with Tampa.

10:27:10 I will never live anywhere else.

10:27:11 This is home.

10:27:12 And part of the reason that I love this community so much is

10:27:17 because of the great cultural facilities that we have.

10:27:20 The Florida Aquarium brings in almost 700,000 visitors a

10:27:24 year.

10:27:24 We have over 10 that you member household.

10:27:26 We spend over -- almost 100,000 kids a year for our school

10:27:31 programs.

10:27:31 We educate kids about the environment, about marine science.

10:27:36 We are surrounded by water.

10:27:37 Some of these kids live in communities that they don't have

10:27:40 access to the waters.

10:27:41 They don't have access to even that kind of education.

10:27:44 And we are very proud that we can bring that kind of

10:27:48 education.

10:27:49 The city owns our building.

10:27:50 We are a city-owned non-profit.

10:27:53 And we are here today to ask you to reinvest back into the

10:27:58 city's assets.

10:28:00 If Tampa is -- it's an amazing place right now.

10:28:03 Think how amazing it would be with reinvestment to all of

10:28:08 these assets like the Tampa Theatre, Straz, Lowry, Museum of

10:28:11 Art, all of those facilities, if we can make them the best

10:28:14 that they can be, how amazing would Tampa be?

10:28:18 Thank you.

10:28:18 >> My name is Craig Pugh, Executive Director, CEO of Lowry

10:28:29 Park Zoo and I really appreciate that you are providing the

10:28:31 opportunity to listen to community suggestions this morning.

10:28:34 As you know, the zoo is operated by the Lowry Park Zoo

10:28:37 logical society on land owned by the City of Tampa.

10:28:41 The zoo began downtown, and in the 1950s moved out to

10:28:46 Lowry Park to give the animals more space.

10:28:48 Ands takes zoo has grown over the last 25 years so has the

10:28:52 number of jobs.

10:28:53 More than 30% of the more than 350 men and women now

10:28:56 employed at the zoo live in that immediate community.

10:28:58 Well, today the zoo isn't even in the downtown CRA.

10:29:02 So why am I here today?

10:29:04 Because I do want to join the other city-owned cultural

10:29:07 facilities to help to solve the perplexing problems that we

10:29:12 really all share, and that is addressing our capital needs

10:29:15 and keeping the communities we serve economically strong,

10:29:19 and environmentally healthy.

10:29:21 Please call on us at the zoo to help the CRA to explore

10:29:25 solutions, explore how other cities both here in Florida and

10:29:28 nationwide fund their similar municipally owned assets.

10:29:33 We know it's a difficult issue and we encourage the CRA to

10:29:36 consider tax increment financing to promote both public and

10:29:39 private investment in Tampa's cultural facilities from your

10:29:45 leadership here this morning.

10:29:46 Thank you.

10:29:46 >> Good morning.

10:29:52 I'm Candy Olson, your school board member.

10:29:55 And I live at 610 south Rome Avenue.

10:29:58 I'm not going to repeat all the wonderful things that our

10:30:01 cultural facilities.

10:30:02 I think you all are keenly aware of.

10:30:04 That but I would like to share with you an experience I have

10:30:06 had in my 19-plus years on the school board.

10:30:09 We have hundreds of buildings.

10:30:11 And for many years, we didn't maintain them as well as we

10:30:14 should have.

10:30:15 We didn't have the money.

10:30:17 When we finally confronted the maintenance that was

10:30:21 necessary, it wasn't pretty.

10:30:23 It was very disruptive and it was much more costly than it

10:30:27 needed to be.

10:30:28 So I would just ask you to think about the fact that there

10:30:31 is a cost to maintaining these wonderful assets that we

10:30:35 have.

10:30:35 There's also a cost to not maintaining them.

10:30:38 Either they fall down, or they are very much more costly to

10:30:42 fix than they needed to be.

10:30:44 And so I would urge you to think about maintaining things in

10:30:49 a friendly fashion as is possible.

10:30:53 Thank you.

10:30:53 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:30:54 If you plan on speaking, please line up so we get a feel of

10:30:57 how many people will be speaking and how much time we have

10:30:59 got remaining on this.

10:31:00 So if you are going to speak, I ask you to please line up on

10:31:04 the wall so we have a feel of how many people goring speak.

10:31:07 Yes, sir.

10:31:07 >> My name is Jeff Tucker.

10:31:12 I am currently vice chairman of the Tampa Museum of Art

10:31:15 board and a former chairman thereof.

10:31:18 I just want to speak about the heightened interest that all

10:31:22 of our cultural institutions have on this subject.

10:31:25 To sort of give you a 30,000-foot look at what we face.

10:31:30 Our institution is young compared to some of the others that

10:31:34 have spoken in our facility, certainly.

10:31:37 However, as someone pointed out, these are city assets that

10:31:40 are important to all of us and to the quality of our life.

10:31:43 For four years, I was vice chairman of the flap state arts

10:31:47 council appointed by two governors, and during those four

10:31:50 years, lots of funding grants were considered by our board

10:31:57 at the state level from groups like these and groups in

10:32:01 other cities across Florida.

10:32:02 Over the four years that I was vice chairman, 83% of the

10:32:05 funds were private.

10:32:08 All the trust fund moneys that used to be items in the state

10:32:11 budget, institution budget, is gone.

10:32:13 And, therefore, there is heightened interest by all of these

10:32:17 organizations, and by all of the boards of them, because we

10:32:20 have a responsibility as advocates, for sure, as board

10:32:24 members, to foresee the future and think about funding

10:32:27 thereof.

10:32:28 And also we have a fiduciary responsibility directly tied to

10:32:31 the revenue, and to financial support of those institutions.

10:32:37 I have two questions to leave you about with you I wanted to

10:32:40 ask them so it doesn't chop up my time.

10:32:47 Is the 2003 agreement was talked about earlier in your

10:32:50 discussion in perpetuity, or does it sunset at some time?

10:32:54 For instance, at the end of 2015 when the bonds are mature?

10:32:57 That's one question.

10:32:59 And second, almost most important, I believe, to some of us

10:33:03 would be how priorities might be set as to the use of funds

10:33:08 when those funds are available in late 2015?

10:33:11 And just wishing that of course we can be participants in

10:33:16 some conversation about the priority setting that would go

10:33:19 on before those are used.

10:33:21 Thank you so much.

10:33:21 >>FRANK REDDICK: Do you want to answer the first question?

10:33:24 >>SAL TERRITO: Yes.

10:33:25 The agreement itself covers many CRA areas.

10:33:29 And let me just give some background that may help with some

10:33:32 of the questions that are coming up today.

10:33:34 We have eight CRA areas with different time frames on them.

10:33:38 The only two that really are more urgent, if you want to use

10:33:42 that term, are the downtown, and the Ybor one.

10:33:45 The downtown one we say 2018 and the Ybor City 2015.

10:33:51 Most of the other CRAs extend out to 2029, 2034, 2036

10:33:56 areas.

10:33:57 So we have some time on those issues as well.

10:34:00 The agreement that's contemplated to expire on the last of

10:34:04 the expires, so the last one we have on here right now is

10:34:07 2036, and that would be for the Central Park CRA area.

10:34:11 That's when the agreement will basically expire.

10:34:14 And the CRA areas expire, expire in the sense that you can

10:34:18 no longer fund them, that would drop off the agreement and

10:34:21 no longer be part of that agreement, unless they are

10:34:23 extended, unless there's an agreement to extended time of

10:34:27 the duration on these particular items.

10:34:29 >> So Mr. Territo, the CliffsNotes to that is the interlocal

10:34:36 agreement, the triparty interlocal agreement that was

10:34:41 discussed earlier, is not in perpetuity but it would sunset

10:34:47 at the time the last CRA expires?

10:34:51 >> Correct.

10:34:51 >> So it stands until such time as all CRAs have reached

10:34:57 their expiration date?

10:35:02 >> And again the CRA is perpetual, the CRA area.

10:35:06 It's the funding ability that goes away.

10:35:09 So as each one funding time ends, that particular would drop

10:35:13 off, would no longer be applicable.

10:35:16 The last one would expire, I think I sewed, in -- and that's

10:35:20 when the agreement goes away unless it's negotiated

10:35:22 otherwise.

10:35:22 >> So the try-party interlocal agreement goes away

10:35:27 potentially in 2036, when the last funding expires, and is

10:35:33 only perpetuated by our renewal of the funding for each of

10:35:39 these CRAs.

10:35:40 >> Right.

10:35:41 Extras funding had a 60 year limitation, statutorily,

10:35:47 forever.

10:35:47 And the tri-party, I think what I heard you say before, the

10:35:51 tri-party is between the CRA, the City Council, and the

10:36:00 city -- not the administration, the council -- they are a

10:36:03 third party to the agreement.

10:36:04 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Right.

10:36:06 Understood.

10:36:06 I like to say tri-party interlocal agreement to reinforce in

10:36:10 people's minds that it's not between the CRA and the county,

10:36:15 because that would only be two entities.

10:36:16 I want to drive home the fact that there are three entities

10:36:20 that all have to get along and negotiate.

10:36:25 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Economic development.

10:36:29 Just a point of clarification.

10:36:31 So someone who just tuned into the show did not get the

10:36:34 wrong impression, the city has given about $32 million of

10:36:38 financial support to the Straz Performing Arts Center over

10:36:42 the last ten years.

10:36:43 We pay bonds with somewhere between 8 and $10 million a year

10:36:46 at the aquarium, as well as giving financial support.

10:36:49 Each of the folks that have been up have received financial

10:36:52 support on an annual basis from the city.

10:36:55 Perhaps not as much as people would like or as much as is

10:36:58 necessary, but there is an annual stipend that each of these

10:37:02 organizations receives, and will receive in the future.

10:37:04 Again, it's part of the budgeting process.

10:37:06 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:37:12 Next?

10:37:12 >> Part of my question is the priority.

10:37:16 >>FRANK REDDICK: We set that priority.

10:37:26 >> Tom Hall, 5215 south Nichols street.

10:37:30 I'm former chairman of the Tampa downtown partnership and

10:37:32 currently chairman of the aquarium foundation, but I'm

10:37:35 really here as a private citizen to urge you to consider

10:37:40 taking part of these funds and building a series of parks in

10:37:45 downtown Tampa.

10:37:47 We are at a point in our history where we have the

10:37:50 opportunity to do that.

10:37:51 If we wait five or ten years, we probably won't have the

10:37:54 opportunity to do that.

10:37:55 It would give us a greening effect, and it would have

10:37:59 several other effects that would be on the development of

10:38:03 downtown.

10:38:04 One is it will encourage high quality future residential

10:38:10 developments particularly by providing a place for kids.

10:38:12 We don't really have any kids parks, any sports parks where

10:38:16 kids can play, and yet we are attracting young people who

10:38:20 are potential parents.

10:38:21 It will create points of interest and beauty.

10:38:24 You probably have all been to Savannah, Georgia, a city

10:38:28 built around parks.

10:38:29 Places that encourage people to walk, places that encourage

10:38:32 people to stop, to shop, so it will encourage retail

10:38:37 development.

10:38:37 And if we don't do it now, we probably won't be able to do

10:38:45 it ten years from now.

10:38:46 So I encourage you taking a section of that money -- and you

10:38:49 can spend $50 million, you can spend $60 million, whatever.

10:38:53 But if we can build eight or ten parks, it would help guide

10:38:56 the development of downtown Tampa in the right direction.

10:38:59 Thank you.

10:39:00 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

10:39:02 Anyone else wishing to speak at this time?

10:39:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me say this.

10:39:25 First of all, why are we here?

10:39:27 We are here because sometime back in the mid '70s there

10:39:32 was the city attorney named Andre Williams, and there was a

10:39:37 mayor named Bill Poe.

10:39:40 And if I recall what the rumors were -- and I didn't hear it

10:39:42 directly -- notice I said rumors -- there's only a couple of

10:39:48 individuals that are still alive, Mayor Poe and myself.

10:39:54 Mr. Williams went to see the mayor and said, we are going to

10:39:57 start the CRA, we are going to put it under the

10:39:59 administration.

10:40:00 And I understand that the mayor said, no, I want you to put

10:40:03 it under the City Council.

10:40:05 And that's how we are here today.

10:40:09 Now, we go back.

10:40:12 Why do we do this with the county?

10:40:14 Why was that done?

10:40:15 It wasn't done because I wanted to give it away.

10:40:17 Because I understand the administration, the county was

10:40:25 hesitant at that time to work out the details.

10:40:28 And in order to entice them, as I understand again, that's

10:40:32 how this agreement was worked out.

10:40:37 At the end of the day nothing happens unless there's money

10:40:39 involved.

10:40:40 And today, that's why we are here, because there's money

10:40:44 involved.

10:40:44 That's why we are having a conversation.

10:40:50 I can tell you that -- but why is the aquarium there?

10:40:55 It was done as an agreement that said there would be no

10:41:01 taxpayer money if there was 800,000 people that went through

10:41:04 the gate for two years in a row.

10:41:06 I think that's what it said.

10:41:07 I'm not sure.

10:41:08 Guess what happened.

10:41:13 They hit that goal.

10:41:14 Then the public had to become the bond holder and pay for

10:41:17 the debt.

10:41:17 That's how that came about.

10:41:19 I may not be 100% correct, but that was the theory behind

10:41:22 it.

10:41:24 So why are we here?

10:41:28 Chairman of CRA said a stadium.

10:41:30 He didn't say what kind of a stadium.

10:41:34 He was very nice the way he brought it up.

10:41:37 You know, I read the paper the other day, and our good

10:41:40 friend Mr. Bob McDonaugh said the council should put the

10:41:44 horse before the cart.

10:41:47 And notice I said my good friend.

10:41:49 And I was nice.

10:41:54 I said look, finally woke up.

10:41:56 But council has never been talking about a stadium.

10:41:58 We have never talked to the mayor in St. Pete about Tampa a

10:42:03 stadium.

10:42:03 We never talked to the owners of the baseball team across

10:42:05 the bay about a stadium.

10:42:09 We have never done anything.

10:42:10 So all this is rumor and speculation that has been created

10:42:13 in an era of, whoa, what's happening here?

10:42:17 We can't worry about what happens somewhere else.

10:42:21 Worry about your own house.

10:42:22 I don't worry about St. Pete.

10:42:24 I hope they do well.

10:42:25 I hope they work out their problems.

10:42:27 That's their problem, not mine.

10:42:29 Whether they stay or go that's up to them, not me.

10:42:33 I already have a record on stadiums.

10:42:38 You decide what my record is.

10:42:42 But, you know, when this money becomes available, it's not

10:42:45 going to be 100 million like they say, because there's an

10:42:48 agreement.

10:42:51 And who knows what the revenue is going to be created

10:42:54 because it's based on taxation and how the values going up

10:42:59 and down, things of that nature.

10:43:01 Who knows if it's 20 million or 10 million or maybe even 100

10:43:05 million depending on what happens? We can't forecast 20

10:43:08 years from now.

10:43:09 I can tell you this.

10:43:10 All the growth that I have seen by individuals that are much

10:43:14 smarter than I say that this county is G going to grow by

10:43:18 about 450,000 people in the next 20, 25 years.

10:43:22 I would say 50% of that is going to happen right here in the

10:43:25 City of Tampa.

10:43:27 So you better be prepared.

10:43:30 You better be prepared for infrastructure, because if you

10:43:35 don't have the water, it they ain't coming.

10:43:37 If you the sewer capacity, you can't come, you can't build.

10:43:41 You better have the infrastructure.

10:43:43 And all of you that I have heard have said the truth.

10:43:47 All of you need help.

10:43:49 Every single one of you.

10:43:51 And I understand that.

10:43:54 Let's go back in history.

10:43:55 Just close your eyes and go back 25, 30 years.

10:43:59 Has there been some changes in downtown?

10:44:01 Has there been some changes in Tampa?

10:44:04 Go to Channelside.

10:44:06 Where is that Coca-Cola plant?

10:44:10 Where is the citrus nitrate plant at? Where is all that --

10:44:17 our good friend that live on Davis Islands at.

10:44:20 The biggest building was the Floridan hotel.

10:44:25 Ashley street.

10:44:27 Was it even Ashley street?

10:44:31 Wilson and company.

10:44:32 Swift and company.

10:44:33 Jackson Gray.

10:44:35 What happened to them?

10:44:37 Got a beautiful park there now.

10:44:41 Got a Riverwalk about ready to be completed and expanded.

10:44:45 You have got Tampa Heights coming alive, like it should

10:44:49 have, and will have.

10:44:52 We have people living downtown.

10:44:54 Listen, not too many years ago I used to come to work.

10:44:58 There was no traffic getting here.

10:45:00 Drive right in.

10:45:02 Leave at 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, you leave.

10:45:05 There was no traffic.

10:45:06 Try to leave now and see what happens.

10:45:09 Try to go to the area of Channelside where there's a

10:45:13 convention in town, an event, at the St. Pete Times Forum.

10:45:22 See what happens.

10:45:24 You bet are walk because you can't drive.

10:45:28 And they want a stadium?

10:45:31 I don't know who wants a stadium.

10:45:34 I think it's created by Mr. and Mrs. Unknown.

10:45:40 But these things, every one of these, to make this city

10:45:43 better, you know, just look at St. Pete.

10:45:47 Look at Sarasota.

10:45:49 Look at the waterfront.

10:45:50 Look at any city that's got waterfront.

10:45:58 The park still hasn't been cheated.

10:46:01 Tall boat docks we had on Bayshore Boulevard like 36, 37,

10:46:05 ain't one left.

10:46:06 We used to have -- notice I said used to have because I

10:46:09 don't know if we still have -- a list of 250 to 300

10:46:12 individuals that wanted to Moore their boats, on a list to

10:46:17 get in.

10:46:19 Nothing has been done.

10:46:22 That's 7.50 a foot.

10:46:26 You can pay anything you want with that kind of money.

10:46:28 You need to have a very viable area.

10:46:33 Nothing has been done.

10:46:34 We built some for the convention center.

10:46:39 Guess what.

10:46:39 Oh, we can't put electricity.

10:46:41 Oh, we can't put water there.

10:46:44 That was a mistake.

10:46:46 You have to start thinking progressive just like you do in

10:46:48 your area.

10:46:50 You know, you go into Tampa Theatre, you go into the

10:46:55 aquarium, you go into the Straz Center, those are places

10:46:59 that have livability.

10:47:00 You see lights there.

10:47:01 People are moving in and out.

10:47:02 You think they are giving away something for free.

10:47:06 Because it's a wonderful place to be at.

10:47:09 First-class, first-class all of them.

10:47:13 And they need help.

10:47:15 But keep in mind, in the last two years, we had to borrow

10:47:20 $15 million of the taxpayers fund -- that's what I call

10:47:24 it -- to make the budget balance.

10:47:27 Last year was 7.5 million.

10:47:30 So, yeah, there might be money coming.

10:47:34 Let's find out where it's at.

10:47:36 Let's find out what's going to happen.

10:47:38 Let's find out how much help we can do, if any.

10:47:41 And I'm willing to listen.

10:47:44 I'm sure the colleagues on the CRA here are willing to

10:47:46 listen.

10:47:47 But the livability of this city is everywhere, because what

10:47:58 happens in the north reflect something on the west, what

10:48:01 happens in the east, reflects something in the west.

10:48:05 And this individual stated earlier came up to me is one of

10:48:08 the better cities in the whole United States.

10:48:11 Today we can talk about, we can walk out.

10:48:14 Yeah, we had a little rain yesterday.

10:48:15 Don't slip and slide all over the road like they do in the

10:48:19 Carolinas and up north somewhere.

10:48:20 You are going to get more people coming in because of bad

10:48:23 weather up north.

10:48:29 The growth of this state is unbelievable.

10:48:31 Because the population shifted from the north back to the

10:48:35 south.

10:48:36 The opportunity to be here, and you have to be prepared.

10:48:40 And we have to make this a better place to live.

10:48:43 We should start looking at a master plan for the whole area

10:48:49 to see what livability we can do, availability, make a

10:48:53 waterfront, make a convention center even better where you

10:48:56 can move from one spot, of the convention center to a

10:48:59 connecting hotel without getting the summer rain or the

10:49:04 heat.

10:49:06 And you learned that from the Republican convention when

10:49:08 they did those things temporarily.

10:49:10 You don't have to worry about hurricanes or bad weather,

10:49:15 nothing.

10:49:15 And these things have to be done.

10:49:19 And just look at the convention center, over 25 years old, I

10:49:22 believe, and walk in the.

10:49:26 You think you look in a mirror when you walk down the floor.

10:49:30 Everything shines like it was brand new, just lake your

10:49:32 building shines.

10:49:35 And you should be commended for what you have done.

10:49:39 But this didn't happen overnight by itself.

10:49:44 And the fought is bright.

10:49:46 But it's going to take some time to get to where you want to

10:49:49 go.

10:49:52 It's not dark.

10:49:53 There's light at the end of the tunnel.

10:49:55 But it's taking baby steps to get there.

10:49:59 Money is a valuable thing.

10:50:01 And me, I like to keep it and then build something.

10:50:05 I don't finance anything.

10:50:08 If I can't bay it, I don't buy it.

10:50:11 If I can't pay for it within 30 days, I don't buy it at all.

10:50:15 And these what's wrong with America.

10:50:17 Everybody is in debt.

10:50:20 And we can't go that way much longer.

10:50:22 I'm not trying to lecture you.

10:50:24 I'm just trying to say, let's get together, all of us, the

10:50:28 whole downtown area.

10:50:29 Look at downtown.

10:50:33 There was no one living here 15 years ago.

10:50:35 I guarantee you that all these buildings, condos and so

10:50:39 forth, 95 to 100%, if you will every one of them.

10:50:46 So we are slowly getting back where we should be, and

10:50:49 there's some more high-rises coming up.

10:50:51 So we are going to have to do what was said earlier, we have

10:50:54 to find parks and land and things of that nature.

10:50:58 We have done it on a small scale.

10:50:59 But it's going to get better.

10:51:01 And, Mr. Chairman, thank you for this time.

10:51:04 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair -- he's also Mr.

10:51:13 Chair.

10:51:18 All right.

10:51:18 Before we go to Mrs. Capin, any final comments from anyone

10:51:23 before we go to Mrs. Capin to close out?

10:51:25 Okay.

10:51:25 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much.

10:51:29 First of all, I think that it is timely that we start

10:51:34 getting into these discussions, because October of 2015 will

10:51:37 be upon us before we know it.

10:51:39 And anything that helps the public understand how these fund

10:51:43 are generated and how they move through our hands is

10:51:48 helpful, and it sets us up for a good public conversation

10:51:52 with lots of public input.

10:51:55 I just want to say for myself that I hear the message of the

10:52:00 cultural institutions that are in fact city-owned loud and

10:52:04 clear.

10:52:04 I think the fact that we do appropriate money every year to

10:52:10 these institutions for the most part helps them with their

10:52:13 operation.

10:52:14 And what we are really hearing about today are the long-term

10:52:18 capital needs that need to be addressed.

10:52:20 And there's no question that these are things that we have

10:52:24 top place a priority on as we move into the future.

10:52:28 They are not the only things, but they are things that

10:52:31 empirical data shows brings tourists and hotel nights and

10:52:35 economic vibrancy to our community.

10:52:39 And to me any decision we have to investment, taxpayer fund,

10:52:47 those decisions have to be made based on solid evidence that

10:52:50 those are good investments, and we have two years ahead of

10:52:54 us where we are going to have afternoon very public

10:52:56 conversation about that.

10:52:57 And I think all of us look forward to getting input, and

10:53:01 hearing what all the stakeholders have to say, to see what

10:53:04 actually some of the plans are going to look like.

10:53:07 Remember, we are talking very speculatively here.

10:53:11 I would say that Mr. Hall's point about parks, one of the

10:53:14 things that the Urban Land Institute told us when they came

10:53:17 here about two years ago was that it would be a good idea to

10:53:20 plant flowers on vacant properties in order to beautify the

10:53:23 city.

10:53:26 There are so many ideas out there about things that we can

10:53:28 do to make our city move livable.

10:53:31 And to me what's so excite being this conversation is that

10:53:34 we are going to be talking about resources, and how to

10:53:37 allocate them, rather than as Mr. Miranda said, where to

10:53:41 find the money to plug the gaps that we have.

10:53:43 So I look forward to it.

10:53:45 And I'm sure everyone else looks forward to it, too, because

10:53:48 ware talking about investing in our community.

10:53:50 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right, a comment, Mrs. Montelione.

10:53:55 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

10:53:59 I think it's also very timely and coincidental that we would

10:54:04 receive a draft of the annual activity report today.

10:54:09 So it's not in final form but the draft is public record as

10:54:14 it was delivered, transmitted to us today.

10:54:18 You can take a look at the status of our CRAs and the

10:54:24 activities within the CRAs and this draft report.

10:54:32 We, as City Council, we recently decided to have -- thank

10:54:36 you, Mr. Cohen and others for bringing up the proactive

10:54:43 steps of discussing with our priorities were, and what it is

10:54:46 that we are looking for in the next budget cycle as we move

10:54:52 towards the summer.

10:54:55 And I think that it would be prudent upon us as CRA board

10:55:00 members, as we heard from today, to do a similar process

10:55:07 here in looking at what are our priorities, and clearly

10:55:13 communicating our priorities to the economic development

10:55:19 division staff and the CRA managers of those areas.

10:55:26 I often feel that we are on the receiving end of all these

10:55:29 wonderful things that are going on, as Mr. Miranda pointed

10:55:32 out.

10:55:33 We have seen tremendous change in the CRA areas, and be I

10:55:38 just think that maybe we should follow as CRA board members

10:55:44 the pattern we set as council members to do the same thing

10:55:49 and set priorities, and fully discuss what those priorities

10:55:52 are with staff, so that going into the next budget cycle and

10:55:58 into the future, we become more proactive to what those

10:56:05 areas need and what we hear from our constituents in those

10:56:10 areas.

10:56:10 Although I don't have any CRA districts in my area, that I

10:56:14 represent on City Council, district 7, we all have

10:56:18 responsibility to the citizens of the entire city for the

10:56:22 taxpayer dollars that we spend.

10:56:24 So I don't know if we want to set a date now to come back

10:56:29 like we did with City Council and discuss those priorities,

10:56:33 but I would like to make that motion that --

10:56:39 >>FRANK REDDICK: I am going to ask you to hold off on the

10:56:41 motion because Councilman Capin is going to speak last.

10:56:46 So anything else?

10:56:47 All right.

10:56:48 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

10:56:50 One of the things that Mr. Miranda mentioned and one of the

10:56:53 things that we have to keep emphasizing to everyone is that

10:56:55 CRA is such an important part of the way that our city

10:56:59 develops.

10:57:00 I'm sure that in 1983 when we first did the legislation, we

10:57:05 had no idea how it would change the face of downtown.

10:57:09 There would not be a Channelside without a CRA.

10:57:12 There would not be, you know, some of our amenities that we

10:57:15 have now, Curtis Hixon park and some of the other buildings

10:57:18 that are going up if we did not have the CRA, Straz Center,

10:57:22 some of the other amenities that we have.

10:57:24 And the CRA dollars are always, always starts here at our

10:57:30 board.

10:57:30 And that's one of the emphasis that I was making with Mr.

10:57:34 Territo in some of the discussions we had, was that our

10:57:36 ability and our power to change the face of the city, we

10:57:41 need to keep on making sure that we have that power and that

10:57:45 ability.

10:57:47 Secondly, I think that all the administrations that come

10:57:51 before have done a fairly good job, not always a great job

10:57:54 but a fairly good job of using CRA dollars to improve the

10:57:59 lives of the people here in the city.

10:58:00 When you have a CRA, those dollars affect that particular

10:58:04 area.

10:58:04 So the discussion about parks previously, you know, we built

10:58:08 a lot of parks within our CRA areas.

10:58:11 One in particular is Washington street park in the

10:58:14 Channelside area which is a great urban experience for those

10:58:17 people that want to live in apartments or condos in that

10:58:20 area.

10:58:21 Also, there's a linear park that's right there in terms

10:58:23 of -- I think building the complex there is part of that

10:58:29 whole project, but it is part of what we do at CRA that we

10:58:33 constantly talk to and deal with developers to make sure

10:58:37 that the experience that people that move here is going to

10:58:40 be an enjoyable one, and those amenities keep drawing more

10:58:44 and more people.

10:58:45 I think that, you know, whenever there's a snow storm in

10:58:49 Atlanta, I think that the number of hits that we get on our

10:58:52 Web site is probably quadrupled, and, you know, we feel for

10:58:57 those folks that have be to deal with that contained of

10:58:59 weather.

10:59:00 But we welcome them anytime they want to come on down here.

10:59:03 And the CRA, regardless of what we decide to do with our

10:59:06 dollars, is always in concert with what the city

10:59:09 administration wants to do.

10:59:11 We always have to negotiate with them.

10:59:13 They are a major player in terms of what we do on that.

10:59:16 So for us, it is always about trying to improve the lives of

10:59:19 the folks that are there.

10:59:20 And as a board member of the zoo, I wish we had some CRA

10:59:25 dollars to draw on.

10:59:27 I mean, Mr. Cohen was on the Straz Center board.

10:59:31 I'm on the Lowry Park Zoo board.

10:59:35 Takes very small margin that wave to deal with on a year to

10:59:39 year basis.

10:59:39 And some of the things that we need to fund aren't funded

10:59:44 until we get money in.

10:59:47 Like Mr. Miranda said, we can't spend money we don't have.

10:59:50 And typically it's always a year to year basis that we have

10:59:53 to do that.

10:59:54 So I just want everyone to remember that the administration,

10:59:58 and anybody that wants to deal in the downtown area in terms

11:00:01 of CRA dollars, still have to come through our CRA, and City

11:00:05 Council, before anything else is done.

11:00:09 So thank you, chair.

11:00:11 That's all I have.

11:00:12 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you.

11:00:14 Ms. Capin.

11:00:16 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

11:00:18 I'm going to start off, that some revelation came about the

11:00:24 meeting, that I was under the impression that the

11:00:29 administration negotiated because of our city charter, but

11:00:33 it isn't.

11:00:34 They are in negotiation were the county, because we approve

11:00:38 it every year.

11:00:40 So the CRA is giving back responsibility to the

11:00:43 administration.

11:00:45 So the administration and the county negotiate, and the

11:00:50 county says, okay, I like what you are bringing forth.

11:00:53 We are going to go ahead and continue the funding.

11:00:59 So that means the CRA, if we do not intend it the way the

11:01:05 county and the administration decided it's going to be

11:01:08 spent, then they won't bring forth the money.

11:01:14 It is a catch-22.

11:01:16 It is absolutely a catch-22.

11:01:19 Now, when we look at this, I appreciate the walk down memory

11:01:25 lane.

11:01:27 But what we are looking at is 20, 30 years ahead.

11:01:34 One of the numbers that are out there, the growth in Florida

11:01:37 is going to be in the middle of the state.

11:01:41 I-4 corridor is going to swell, in about 25, 30 years, I

11:01:46 think it's 17 million people in an area -- I saw a number.

11:01:52 The population of the state right now is 19 million.

11:01:57 We are the economic engine of the I-4 corridor.

11:01:59 We are the economic engine of Hillsborough County.

11:02:02 People may live in the county, but they come into the city

11:02:05 to work.

11:02:06 And for these amenities that are here in the city.

11:02:12 Our beautiful parks, our aquarium, our historic theater, our

11:02:21 museum.

11:02:22 So what we need to really look at is when it comes before us

11:02:29 on October 1, we need to really look at what we, the power

11:02:36 that the CRA is giving away, is not being part of that

11:02:40 negotiation, because when it's negotiated, and it has been

11:02:46 stated that the county, or former chairman of the county,

11:02:51 stated that if they agreed or like where this money is

11:02:57 going, then there's a deal.

11:03:01 So the deal has been made before the moneys ever come to

11:03:04 CRA.

11:03:06 So this is excellent in that it sheds light, at least for

11:03:11 me, as to where the CRA stands.

11:03:15 It doesn't stand anywhere.

11:03:19 It has no -- I understand we can direct those dollars once

11:03:28 we have the dollars, but we don't negotiate for the dollars.

11:03:40 And, yes, you know, when it came up that the city provides a

11:03:45 stipend to these assets, the city owns these assets.

11:03:50 That would be absurd not to do that.

11:03:57 You know, the stadium was brought up, and really this came

11:04:00 about because of that, because -- and I was told by many

11:04:04 people in the administration, you are putting the cart

11:04:08 before the horse.

11:04:09 This is pretty much -- you know what's premature?

11:04:12 Talking about this money for a stadium.

11:04:14 That's what was premature.

11:04:16 And that's what brought this about.

11:04:17 Not that -- you know, Tampa is a baseball town, has a

11:04:23 fabulous baseball history.

11:04:27 Incredible baseball history as our chairman is so well aware

11:04:31 of.

11:04:35 But we need to really look at how we move forward, and the

11:04:46 powers that this CRA board needs to keep in order to really

11:04:55 administrate these moneys.

11:04:57 It is not -- you know, three is a crowd.

11:05:04 So these asset investments, when we talk about it, it says,

11:05:11 oh, you know, there was many things brought up.

11:05:14 When you talk to the economic Development Corporation, and

11:05:19 corporations are looking to move into our city, they have a

11:05:22 list of about ten items that they are looking for in a city.

11:05:29 They want to know the quality of the life of that city --

11:05:33 the culture, not culture -- what is the value of the city?

11:05:41 They want to know, what foreign languages do we teach in our

11:05:45 public schools?

11:05:48 These are some of the items.

11:05:51 This attracts new business.

11:05:52 It is economic development.

11:05:54 It is economic development.

11:05:59 I don't agree that this is the cart before the horse.

11:06:04 It actually would be an error not to start talking about

11:06:08 this.

11:06:08 It's huge.

11:06:09 And I'm so thankful to my colleagues on the CRA that agreed

11:06:15 to this workshop, and saw that there is a need for public

11:06:23 conversation.

11:06:27 And I agree that we should not stop with this workshop, that

11:06:30 we should keep as we have with the budget, to bring back and

11:06:41 look at this further, and actually study the mechanics,

11:06:48 full, of how this all is comes to fruition.

11:06:57 And one of the things that really, really caught my

11:07:08 attention is how that negotiation is done and where it leads

11:07:10 us.

11:07:11 And than actually, the way it stands now, what is the

11:07:18 purpose of the CRA?

11:07:19 What are we here for?

11:07:24 And we need to look at that very, very seriously.

11:07:29 Thank you for the time.

11:07:30 Thank you for all of the public and the interest groups and

11:07:34 the stakeholders coming in their time, the volunteers, the

11:07:41 board members that were here to come and talk to us about

11:07:43 this, and found interest in this.

11:07:47 And I thank my colleagues for all the comments that came

11:07:50 forth.

11:07:51 >>FRANK REDDICK: We want to thank you for putting this item

11:07:54 on the agenda, and I am going to go back to Mrs. Montelione,

11:07:57 and entertain your motion.

11:07:58 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

11:08:00 I had a chance to look at our calendar, and considering when

11:08:03 we are going to come back with the recommendations for the

11:08:09 City Council for that budget, perhaps it would be wise of us

11:08:13 to look at the CRA meeting of May 8th to discuss the

11:08:23 priorities that each of us have for the CRA areas that we

11:08:31 have currently.

11:08:34 I'm not suggesting any future ones, but the CRA and what

11:08:42 dollars we have available, where they are being spent now,

11:08:46 and if you want to continue in that direction, or if there

11:08:50 are other operators we would like to pursue.

11:08:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me ask Mr. McDonaugh --

11:08:57 >>BOB McDONAUGH: Just as a remainder.

11:08:59 The way that we have been processing it in the past is that

11:09:04 there are CACs in each of the neighborhoods, and they are

11:09:07 x-rayed of people that are appointed by councils who are

11:09:10 responsible for going out in the neighborhoods and finding

11:09:13 out exactly what are the priorities of people in those

11:09:16 particular districts feel are important?

11:09:18 And so I would be cautious that it is a cooperative venture

11:09:24 between the CRA board and the community groups who spend

11:09:29 lots of time and effort to listen -- solicit the input of

11:09:33 people in their districts to make sure that their budgets

11:09:36 that are then generated and brought to the CRA board are

11:09:39 reflective of what people in those districts are looking

11:09:41 for.

11:09:42 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I understand, Mr. McDonaugh.

11:09:44 We meat every year with the community advisory committee for

11:09:48 each of those CRAs.

11:09:50 We have them here every month.

11:09:52 One of them on a rotating basis every month to give the

11:09:55 report.

11:09:56 And I think by setting it for May, that will give us a few

11:10:00 months for each of us to meet individually with them to

11:10:03 discuss, you know, what their board has found, and developed

11:10:17 our wish with their direction.

11:10:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me make sure and get this clear.

11:10:22 Each one of those CRAs in the community, that have those

11:10:28 advisory boards, they submit their budget for items that

11:10:31 they have met -- that's what I did when I was on East Tampa.

11:10:37 >> Yes, sir.

11:10:38 >>FRANK REDDICK: We get that information now.

11:10:40 Because I don't want to -- to dilute none of those people's

11:10:45 authority that is community oriented citizens who are

11:10:48 volunteers, who are sitting in the advisory committees, and

11:10:53 I don't think -- they make the decision what's good for the

11:10:59 community.

11:10:59 They send us that information.

11:11:01 We look at it.

11:11:02 We review it to the budget process, and we vote on it.

11:11:06 And I don't want to see us take that away from them.

11:11:11 If there are some major concerns, then they can present

11:11:14 those concerns to us.

11:11:15 But I think, are we looking at all CRAs?

11:11:21 Because the focus is on the Channelside downtown.

11:11:24 So are we going to stick on this one or to all of them?

11:11:32 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I think that's the suggestion, because

11:11:34 although the advisory committees submit directly to the

11:11:38 managers of each of those areas, their concerns and their

11:11:43 budget priorities, the managers of the areas don't vote on

11:11:48 what the budget is.

11:11:49 So I think that by our discussing their priorities directly

11:11:55 with the citizens advisory committee, then we are giving

11:12:02 power to their voice.

11:12:06 Do you understand where I am going?

11:12:09 Mr. Suarez is shaking his head.

11:12:16 I just want to know if I'm being clear, or if I need to

11:12:23 bring clarity.

11:12:29 You know, I think that is another -- I think that is another

11:12:37 conversation.

11:12:38 The main conversation to me is what is the role of the CRA,

11:12:44 and how do we fix it, if it is not broken.

11:12:50 That's one.

11:12:51 The other is this whole conversation was about the bond

11:12:55 payoff on 2015.

11:12:57 Many things came to light because of it.

11:12:59 And I understand that that's the motion.

11:13:03 So I would like to continue along the vein of its opened up

11:13:12 the conversation to -- I think it's very important for us to

11:13:17 really drill down into the CRA, this board, and its powers.

11:13:30 Before we even talk about anything else.

11:13:32 Because right now, the way it stands, we can put out our

11:13:44 priorities, but for the public, everyone can hear.

11:13:47 This is what some of the people felt we should spend the

11:13:50 moneys on.

11:13:53 But we really -- in my sometimes, and if you want I'll make

11:13:58 it a separate motion to study that -- to really drill down

11:14:01 into the CRA, and our ability to influence the conversation

11:14:18 coming forth.

11:14:18 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I do think that's a separate motion.

11:14:23 >>SAL TERRITO: Let me clarify.

11:14:28 The county has no say in how you spend your CRA money,

11:14:31 period.

11:14:32 What's happening right now is the negotiations to extend the

11:14:37 downtown CRA is where the county's role gets involved,

11:14:40 because the assumption is the county will not agree to

11:14:46 extend the downtown CRA unless they have some say in how

11:14:48 that money is spent.

11:14:49 That's the only instance in where the county has a say in

11:14:52 how you spend your money.

11:14:53 That money is spent by you, CRA board, and it's totally

11:14:56 under your control.

11:14:57 You get recommendations for the administration to get

11:15:00 recommendations from the staff, but it is your decision on

11:15:04 how that money is spent.

11:15:05 The county has no role in that money.

11:15:07 They are compelled by statute to put that money in that

11:15:11 trust fund.

11:15:12 They have no choice.

11:15:13 Now with negotiations -- I want to clarify for the public as

11:15:17 well, the only role the public has is to try to change the

11:15:21 CRA duration or boundaries are, and that's what's happening

11:15:24 with the downtown, the discussion going on, that we would

11:15:29 like to extend the downtown and the county may or may not

11:15:32 say we agree to the project or the scope of what it is you

11:15:34 want to do.

11:15:35 They have no say otherwise in how you spend your money.

11:15:38 I want to clarify that.

11:15:40 Primarily for the public's benefit.

11:15:41 >> Thank you.

11:15:45 You just made my point, because they have a say into how --

11:15:50 if they like the project or not.

11:15:54 If they are going to go ahead and kick in the county

11:15:59 dollars.

11:16:01 So once it comes to us we can change it, and say we don't

11:16:04 want to do this project?

11:16:08 >>SAL TERRITO: (Off microphone) Unless they say otherwise.

11:16:11 Downtown, yes, because right now the downtown expires in a

11:16:15 few years.

11:16:16 And if you want to extend that time, the county has to agree

11:16:20 with the interlocal agreement.

11:16:22 That's the only thing they have to say in how you spend your

11:16:25 money.

11:16:25 They don't have a say in Channelside.

11:16:29 None of that.

11:16:30 And this is only coming about now where the county has a

11:16:35 role in this, because you are trying to extend the duration.

11:16:38 That's the only instance where they have a say.

11:16:40 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And they have a say in determining to extend

11:16:50 it according to the former chairman, whether we lake your

11:16:58 projects or not, or agree with your projects or not.

11:17:01 So it is already being decided before it comes to us.

11:17:06 When it comes to us, can we say, okay, I know that you

11:17:09 agreed that these projects -- but we are not going to do

11:17:13 those, we are going to do another one.

11:17:15 >>SAL TERRITO: Being negotiated, that comes here to City

11:17:21 Council.

11:17:22 And the City Council will make a determination whether they

11:17:24 want to agree to the scope of what the city and the county

11:17:27 are negotiating.

11:17:29 If you say no, then it's no.

11:17:31 The CRA will then take whatever the city and the council and

11:17:35 the mayor and they will take that agreement, and agree or

11:17:39 not agree.

11:17:40 The CRA will be bound by it.

11:17:43 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And the administration negotiates with the

11:17:45 county because we approve that every year.

11:17:50 No?

11:17:53 Tell me.

11:17:53 Then I misunderstood, Mr. McDonaugh.

11:17:55 >>BOB McDONAUGH: The administration is negotiating with the

11:17:58 county for the simple reason that the CRA downtown is going

11:18:00 to expire in a few years, and you as a CRA get your

11:18:04 authority from the City Council, and from the statute.

11:18:08 You don't have any authority given to you.

11:18:12 That's where the negotiation takes place.

11:18:17 But you as a City Council, off role in that because you have

11:18:20 to agree with the change in the interlocal agreement.

11:18:24 If you decide you don't like it, it doesn't go anywhere.

11:18:28 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Exactly.

11:18:29 >>FRANK REDDICK: May I suggest something?

11:18:31 May I suggest -- and I hope you will agree to this -- and

11:18:34 that is instead of us making the priorities on May 8th

11:18:38 is if we can get a description of the CRA, the role of the

11:18:43 CRA board, and also the correlation between interlocal

11:18:51 agreement between county and city, so all of us have a clear

11:18:55 understanding on where we are going, and our duties and

11:18:59 responsibilities.

11:19:00 Is it possible we can get all of this and then do it on May

11:19:03 8th so that everything will be clear, what our role is?

11:19:11 >> If that's a motion I will hand that over to you.

11:19:15 [ Laughter ]

11:19:18 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I had made the original motion, and that

11:19:21 was to be prepared for the budget cycle, just as City

11:19:27 Council is preparing for the city budget, that we look at

11:19:33 the priorities within the CRA district in preparation for

11:19:36 the CRA budget.

11:19:37 Now, what our responsibilities are, what our duties are,

11:19:41 what the interlocal -- I like to say tri-party interlocal

11:19:45 agreement says, is another issue.

11:19:48 So if you want to have that conversation first, and then

11:19:53 look at, you know, the budget priorities that I'm speaking

11:19:56 of after that discussion, then that may be the order in

11:20:00 which --

11:20:02 >> And that's my point, and this we do this first so we can

11:20:05 all have a clear understanding what we want to do.

11:20:08 I mean, we can come back in June and go through the

11:20:11 operators.

11:20:12 >>HARRY COHEN: We can also do yours in April.

11:20:14 We have April 10th.

11:20:16 >>FRANK REDDICK: Oh, I didn't know that.

11:20:17 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Excuse me, let's make sure we get this.

11:20:24 Chair, if you still want to piggyback on a particular

11:20:27 motion, I will entertain that.

11:20:28 But let's clear up your motion so that Mr. Cruz can get it

11:20:34 straight.

11:20:35 Let's do that.

11:20:36 And I think that your friendly amendment is going to be a

11:20:38 separate motion, Mr. Chair?

11:20:40 >>FRANK REDDICK: That was a separate -- I can tie that in.

11:20:45 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Either way.

11:20:46 I'll accept it if you want to make it as a friendly

11:20:48 amendment.

11:20:49 >>FRANK REDDICK: I make at friendly amendment.

11:20:53 >> We didn't have a second yet.

11:20:56 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Mrs. Capin made that motion.

11:21:00 >> Jim Cruz, there has been a lot of discussion today.

11:21:06 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So I move that we come to discuss on

11:21:12 April 10th the role, responsibility of the CRA under the

11:21:23 tri-party interlocal agreement and the management agreement

11:21:25 we have with staff, of the administration, and then,

11:21:29 secondly, on May -- what day is it? -- may 8th we

11:21:36 discuss our priorities in preparation for the budget with

11:21:42 staff and the chairs of the citizens advisory committees

11:21:48 for --

11:21:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: The only thing you left out is the

11:21:54 interlocal agreement between the --

11:21:56 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That's the trey party interlocal

11:21:59 agreement.

11:21:59 Because it's the city, the county and the CRA.

11:22:01 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right D.we get a second?

11:22:06 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Second.

11:22:07 >>FRANK REDDICK: Further discussion on the motion?

11:22:08 All those in favor of the motion say aye.

11:22:10 Opposed? Okay.

11:22:12 Staff, did you get it?

11:22:16 Okay.

11:22:16 All right.

11:22:21 All right.

11:22:21 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Very complicated stuff.

11:22:25 >>FRANK REDDICK: At this time information reports and any

11:22:30 new business.

11:22:30 Mrs. Montelione?

11:22:31 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No, sir.

11:22:33 >>HARRY COHEN: No, sir.

11:22:35 >>YVONNE CAPIN: No, sir.

11:22:36 >>MIKE SUAREZ: No, sir.

11:22:38 >>FRANK REDDICK: Need a motion to receive and file all

11:22:40 documents.

11:22:41 >> So moved.

11:22:41 >> Second.

11:22:42 >>FRANK REDDICK: Moved by Mr. Cohen, seconded by Mr. Suarez

11:22:45 to receive all the document.

11:22:46 All in favor of the motion say yay.

11:22:48 Opposed?

11:22:49 Okay.

11:22:52 Hallelujah.

11:22:53 Good day.

11:22:53 >> What time tonight?

11:22:57 >>HARRY COHEN: 6:00.

11:23:02 (The CRA meeting concluded at 11:23 a.m.)




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