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Tampa City Council

Thursday, February 13, 2014

6:00 p.m. session


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06:03:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to order.

06:07:20 Roll call.

06:07:20 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

06:07:22 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

06:07:22 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

06:07:24 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

06:07:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

06:07:28 Okay. I need a motion to open items 1 through 6.

06:07:33 Moved by Mr. Reddick.

06:07:35 Second by Mr. Cohen.

06:07:36 Further discussion by council members?

06:07:37 All in favor of the motion?

06:07:39 Opposed?

06:07:40 1 through 6 is now open.

06:07:42 These are quasi-judicial hearings.

06:07:44 Anyone in the audience who has any intentions at all of

06:07:47 speaking, please rise and be sworn in.

06:07:50 (Oath administered by Clerk).

06:07:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Need a motion to receive and file any and

06:08:01 all documents on these matters.

06:08:03 Motion by Mr. Suarez, second by Mr. Cohen.

06:08:05 All in favor?

06:08:06 Opposed?

06:08:06 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:08:08 Yes, ma'am.

06:08:08 >> Good evening.

06:08:10 Abbye Feeley, Land Development Coordination.

06:08:13 First off this evening, on item number 6, V-13-82, I have

06:08:17 had discussions with the applicant today concerning some

06:08:20 modifications.

06:08:21 They would like to make to this application.

06:08:23 David Sussman is here tonight.

06:08:27 I believe the applicant would like to request a continuance

06:08:30 of this case tonight to the March 13th date.

06:08:32 So instead of waiting till that agenda item comes up, seeing

06:08:35 that it is the last item on the agenda, I would ask that he

06:08:39 would come forward.

06:08:40 >> My name is David Sussman with Sussman engineering here on

06:08:54 behalf of old West Tampa, mixed use LLC.

06:08:57 The only reason we have decided to decrease the intensity of

06:09:00 this project is not giving staff sufficient time to have

06:09:04 review that change.

06:09:05 And based on that, we request a continuance to the March

06:09:09 13th City Council meeting.

06:09:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

06:09:13 Any questions by council members?

06:09:14 Anyone in the audience care to speak on the continuance

06:09:16 portion only from to the date of March 13th?

06:09:21 I see no one.

06:09:22 I need a motion from council.

06:09:24 >> Move to continue to March 13th.

06:09:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'll say the time.

06:09:32 It's always at night.

06:09:33 I'm only in the second grade but I'm getting there.

06:09:37 I have a motion by Mr. Reddick, seconded by Mr. Cohen, I

06:09:40 believe.

06:09:41 And this will be set for March 13th at 6:00 in the

06:09:45 evening.

06:09:45 Is that right, clerk?

06:09:47 Is that 5:01 or 6:00?

06:09:50 >>THE CLERK: 6:00.

06:09:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right, 6:00.

06:09:53 The year 2014.

06:09:56 In case you missed a year.

06:09:59 It's this year.

06:10:00 All in favor of the motion indicate by saying aye.

06:10:02 Opposed nay.

06:10:03 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:10:07 I hope the other five are this quick.

06:10:08 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

06:10:15 Item number 1 on your agenda this evening is case REZ 14-05,

06:10:22 located at 3939 west Tacon street, and the request before

06:10:25 you tonight is from an RS-60 residential single-family to an

06:10:29 RS-50 residential single-family.

06:10:30 This is a Euclidean rezoning request.

06:10:33 There are no waivers that are being requested this evening,

06:10:36 and they cannot be requested as this is not a site plan

06:10:39 controlled zoning district.

06:10:41 I will let Mr. Hay go and then I will finish my

06:10:45 presentation.

06:10:46 Thank you.

06:10:46 >>David Hay: Planning Commission staff.

06:10:50 And I have been sworn.

06:10:52 The first case tonight, we start out in the South Tampa

06:10:56 planning district.

06:10:57 The site is located approximately two blocks west of South

06:11:00 Dale Mabry Highway at 3919 west Tacon street.

06:11:05 The subject site falls within the boundaries of the Virginia

06:11:07 park neighborhood.

06:11:11 Onto the aerial, the first thing that you see on the aerial

06:11:14 is predominant development pattern is the single-family

06:11:18 detached residential type.

06:11:21 You can see the office and light commercial uses located

06:11:24 along south Dale Mabry highway to the east or right side of

06:11:30 the aerial.

06:11:31 You can also see Bay to Bay Boulevard up to the north.

06:11:35 Onto the future land use map, the first thing that pops out

06:11:39 is that the subject site, including the surrounding area, is

06:11:43 all designated residential 107.

06:11:46 Over to the right, we can see some residential 20 and

06:11:50 community mixed use 35, future land use category, associated

06:11:53 with the Dale Mabry corridor.

06:11:56 Overall, Planning Commission staff found the proposed

06:11:58 rezoning to RS-50 would allow for development pattern in

06:12:02 keeping with small lot, single-family residential

06:12:05 development pattern that's found within this area.

06:12:08 It should be noted that you can see that the subject site is

06:12:11 just south of three parcels directly to the north that

06:12:19 basically repeat what the applicant is requesting, so

06:12:21 therefore based on those findings and the goals, objectives

06:12:24 and policies of the comprehensive plan, Planning Commission

06:12:27 staff funds the rezoning request consistent with the Tampa

06:12:30 comprehensive plan.

06:12:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

06:12:38 >>ABBYE FEELEY: As I mentioned, this is a request from an

06:12:41 RS-60, so minimum is 60 by 100 lots.

06:12:45 RS 50 which is a 50 by 100.

06:12:50 Council, you are familiar when we do these types of

06:12:53 applications, what I do is I provide for you what is

06:12:55 referred to as a res map which is a map that shows you which

06:12:59 lots have been developed at the current zoning, which is 60

06:13:02 feet or greater.

06:13:03 Those are shown on the map in red.

06:13:05 And anything that's been developed in the area at a 360 or

06:13:10 less, which would be 59 feet or less.

06:13:17 The location of this property is actually at the Virginia

06:13:25 park subdivision, shown here, 13, 14, 15, and I will show

06:13:29 you my more refined map.

06:13:31 These are my work sheets that I am giving you a look at.

06:13:35 This is at the intersection of two subdivisions, Virginia

06:13:39 park and Maryland manor.

06:13:42 One was done in 1915 and one was done in 1925.

06:13:45 So I did in, my overall map, provide you with the

06:13:50 surrounding blocks, both in the Virginia park, and the

06:13:56 Maryland manor lots just to the west.

06:14:08 Briefly, this is in the staff report package.

06:14:10 We'll go through this map.

06:14:12 The second is shown to you here in green.

06:14:14 It is at the northeast corner of Tacon and Grady, and it is

06:14:20 originally three platted lots from the original plat of

06:14:25 Virginia park.

06:14:26 As David mentioned, the three lots immediately to the north

06:14:30 of this subject property have all been developed as 50-foot

06:14:33 lots.

06:14:34 The lot immediately to the east of this subject property has

06:14:36 also been developed at a 50-foot lot.

06:14:39 And those immediately interfacing have been developed as

06:14:44 blue or 50-foot lots.

06:14:45 As I just referenced for you, Maryland manor starts on the

06:14:49 west side of Grady and you will see the development pattern

06:14:51 in that area is a little bit different, although they do

06:14:54 have mixed res as well.

06:14:59 When staff looks at this we look at the overall area as well

06:15:02 as the block, and then specifically the block space.

06:15:06 As you can see the north side of Ta con, there's more than

06:15:10 50% of the lots along this area have been developed at a

06:15:13 50-foot lot.

06:15:17 There are final numbers for you.

06:15:19 My analysis included that the total number of lots that I

06:15:22 analyzed is 158 lots, 92 of them or 58% of them are

06:15:28 conforming.

06:15:28 That means they are red.

06:15:29 They have been developed at a 60-foot or greater, 66 lots or

06:15:35 42% with nonconforming, meaning they have been developed at

06:15:38 the original plat pattern.

06:15:41 On the subject lot, block 18 -- I'm sorry, there were 18

06:15:46 lots.

06:15:46 Five of them are conforming, which means they are red.

06:15:50 28%, and 13 of them or 72% is nonconforming.

06:15:55 So 72% of that area, or this block, has been developed at a

06:15:59 50-foot lot.

06:16:03 The request before you tonight is from RS-60 to RS-50 which

06:16:07 would be a 50 by 100 lot.

06:16:09 They are looking to reestablish the original plat and make

06:16:12 three buildable lots on this property.

06:16:14 The minimum requirements are being met of a 5,000 square

06:16:18 foot lot for each, front setback 20-foot, rear setback

06:16:21 20-foot, size and corners would -- sides and corners at 7

06:16:27 feet.

06:16:27 My analysis that I just went over with you can be found on

06:16:30 pages 2 and 3 of the staff report.

06:16:33 And what I will do now is go ahead and show you an aerial

06:16:36 and some photos of the site.

06:16:44 Here is an aerial.

06:16:46 Right now understood the RS-60, this property could be two

06:16:50 buildable lots.

06:16:52 And as you can see, the western portion of the lot is

06:16:55 vacant.

06:16:56 The eastern portion has single-family residential home with

06:17:00 a carport in the back, and there is a drive located to the

06:17:04 western side of the existing structure on the property.

06:17:09 I'll show you some pictures of the site.

06:17:12 This from Tacon.

06:17:16 This is the existing structure that's on there.

06:17:19 This from the corner looking back northeast.

06:17:27 This to the east, of the property.

06:17:31 This is also to the east.

06:17:32 You go on Google view, these are not the houses on street

06:17:37 view.

06:17:37 These are new construction.

06:17:40 Immediately to the south, the blue lots I showed you that

06:17:44 interface.

06:17:44 This is at the corner, the southeast corner of Tacon and

06:17:49 Grady.

06:17:50 It has a front entry, and it has a side garage, side-yard

06:17:54 garage.

06:17:55 Than this is also immediately to the south on Tacon, the

06:18:01 other blue, that's the last interface.

06:18:05 And this is also on the south side of Tacon.

06:18:10 This is at the southwest corner of Tacon and Grady.

06:18:14 That's a red lot.

06:18:16 The front of that lot.

06:18:17 This is the northwest corner.

06:18:19 This is a red lot also.

06:18:22 And immediately to the north, the two that David referenced

06:18:26 for you, there's actually three here.

06:18:29 I got two shots of that.

06:18:30 This is on Obispo.

06:18:32 These are 50-foot lots as well.

06:18:39 Based on the existing development pattern staff did find the

06:18:41 request consistent.

06:18:42 And we are available for any questions.

06:18:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Questions by council members at this

06:18:45 time?

06:18:46 Petitioner?

06:18:47 >> Susan Johnson Velez, 607 west Bay Street on behalf of the

06:18:55 applicant.

06:18:58 Abbye has done a fabulous job of summarizing our request.

06:19:01 We are requesting to rezone from RS-60 to RS-50 to allow for

06:19:05 the development of three buildable lots, and really

06:19:07 essentially just reestablishing the 100-year-old platted

06:19:12 lots of this site.

06:19:14 And we believe that it's very consistent.

06:19:19 We concur with your staff's findings that it's consistent

06:19:22 with what's in the area.

06:19:25 And so we would ask that you approve the request.

06:19:28 And I won't add any more.

06:19:30 I think she's done a really good job of summarizing it.

06:19:33 We are available here if you have any questions.

06:19:35 Thank you.

06:19:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members at this

06:19:37 time?

06:19:38 Anyone in the public care to speak on item 17, REZ-14-05?

06:19:46 Please come forward.

06:19:46 >> Good evening.

06:19:50 Mark ballard.

06:19:51 I live at 3918 west Obispo street directly behind the

06:19:58 rezoning request.

06:20:01 I'm here to speak against that rezoning to 50-foot lots.

06:20:07 No one is opposed to development.

06:20:08 We all like development.

06:20:09 We want to see it.

06:20:11 For our neighborhood, and it helps to keep our property

06:20:14 values escalated and keep the neighborhood vibrant.

06:20:18 I personally do not feel that three 50-foot lots would be

06:20:22 concurrent with what we have in the majority of Virginia

06:20:24 park in our area at all.

06:20:27 I think two 75-foot lots would be more acceptable to myself

06:20:33 and the people in the neighborhood, and there's plenty of

06:20:35 examples of those type of homes, all in the area of Virginia

06:20:39 park.

06:20:41 I don't think that just for a builder to make additional

06:20:44 money and have three 50-foot lots should be a reason to

06:20:49 reverse the zoning of a 60-foot back to a 50-foot lot.

06:20:55 I appreciate your time and thank you for your consideration.

06:20:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:20:59 Anyone else in the audience care to speak?

06:21:01 >> Mike Murphy, 3911 Obispo street.

06:21:12 I read the staff report.

06:21:14 It's very accurate.

06:21:15 I took a little different tact in analyzing the information

06:21:18 I would like to submit just a quick analysis to the council,

06:21:21 if I may.

06:21:29 I took a simpler approach and counted the number of platted

06:21:33 lots that were 50-foot from the original plots and analyzed

06:21:39 the mass of what was used as RS-60 and greater, what was

06:21:43 used as RS-50 in the survey area on the map, the red and the

06:21:46 blue, and I came up with two-thirds of it is being used as

06:21:49 the land area, not the individual lots, but the 50-foot.

06:21:54 Two-thirds of the 50-foot plats are currently being utilized

06:21:57 as RS-60 or greater.

06:21:59 So I submit that the proposal -- I'm sorry, is inconsistent

06:22:05 with the neighborhood.

06:22:08 Additionally, if the desire of council and the city is to

06:22:10 have this whole general area zoned as RS-50, I suggest just

06:22:15 have a hearing to rezone the entire area RS-50.

06:22:18 And I think you would get an overwhelming number of people

06:22:21 coming forth saying that's not what we want.

06:22:23 And, unfortunately, if you own a piece of property and you

06:22:27 think that is the character of the neighborhood, that is

06:22:29 what grants your property value.

06:22:31 There's no way that people are going to in time accumulate

06:22:36 multiple 50-foot lots to split them back into 50 or 75-foot

06:22:41 lots.

06:22:41 It's a one-way street, a slippery slope, and the more you

06:22:44 grant, the more that will be granted and ultimately you will

06:22:46 get to the point where there will be a big battle over what

06:22:49 is the zoning here, because it's somewhat of a mishmash in

06:22:55 particular pockets.

06:22:55 Additionally, this is not a need argument.

06:22:58 This is purely an economic argument of a developer and a

06:23:02 homeowner wants to sell their property and believe they can

06:23:05 yield more revenue from splitting it three ways rather than

06:23:08 two ways, and God bless 'em, that's the American way, and

06:23:11 that may be the case.

06:23:12 But I would argue people that believe the character of the

06:23:15 neighborhood is 60-foot and greater or 75-foot lots would

06:23:20 argue that that diminishes our property values by making

06:23:24 smaller houses on tighter lots that are doomed to always be

06:23:27 that in perpetuity because you can't expand them, and

06:23:30 there's no way to accumulate more property into the future.

06:23:33 Splitting this into two lots doubles the density of what is

06:23:37 there.

06:23:38 Its characteristics stick in my analysis with two-thirds of

06:23:42 what the neighborhood land mass is.

06:23:44 And I respectfully request you deny this application.

06:23:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:23:49 Anyone else in the audience?

06:23:50 >> My name is Kyle Richter, 3922 west Obispo street.

06:24:00 This is the second house directly behind the rezoning

06:24:05 request.

06:24:08 I'm one of the 50-foot lots that was proposed, or that was

06:24:12 kind of used as evidence, whatever.

06:24:15 I don't know what the exact word is.

06:24:16 I apologize.

06:24:18 We moved in 2007.

06:24:19 And it's a beautiful neighborhood.

06:24:21 And all of the construction that's been happening since we

06:24:25 have been moving, or since we have moved, with the exception

06:24:28 of one that was already be a 50-foot lot in between two, on

06:24:32 the new construction in our general area, has been over

06:24:35 50-foot.

06:24:38 I know that remark and Mike both have said there's a lot of

06:24:44 economical reasons why many would choose to do this, but at

06:24:50 the same point in time, one of the things that we loved

06:24:53 about moving here from Chicago is the character of the

06:24:55 neighborhood.

06:24:56 And we have a 17,988 square foot home.

06:25:00 And the proposed buildings, I'm sure, are much larger.

06:25:06 We are very tight on our 50-foot lot.

06:25:09 It was built in 1993.

06:25:11 I can't find anything other than the one that was built on

06:25:15 Tacon in, our same block, that was a 50-foot lot that was a

06:25:20 new construction, using the 50-foot.

06:25:22 So kind of going shorter than the first two, but I

06:25:27 respectfully ask for you guys to deny that request as well

06:25:30 for the 50-foot rezone.

06:25:32 Thank you.

06:25:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

06:25:34 Anyone else?

06:25:35 >> Terry Rock, 3910 west Obispo street.

06:25:45 I have lived in my home for 36 years.

06:25:48 And I've seen a lot of changes.

06:25:50 I was one of the people that asked for the stopping of the

06:25:54 50-foot lots.

06:25:57 It's brought more traffic into our neighborhood.

06:26:00 We have a lot of children now.

06:26:03 When my children grew up there we had only one other child

06:26:06 in our neighborhood on our block.

06:26:07 Now we have a lot of children in our neighborhood.

06:26:10 The car density has just increased.

06:26:14 Don't even know by how much.

06:26:16 When I moved into my house, you never saw a car parked on

06:26:20 the street.

06:26:21 But with the 50-foot lots, now the street is completely

06:26:26 blocked.

06:26:27 And we have such a narrow street that you are doing this,

06:26:30 like do you in New Suburb Beautiful and those areas.

06:26:33 It just makes it a much more dangerous place for the churn,

06:26:38 as well as the fact that, you know, you're just putting more

06:26:43 house, less trees, you know.

06:26:46 They don't have the ability to grow the runoff.

06:26:50 We have seen the runoff.

06:26:51 We have a 75-foot wide piece of property that our home is on

06:26:54 and we don't even come close to taking up the density.

06:26:58 But I have seen where in our recent storms, the water is

06:27:02 coming up to my curb now, or above, where I never saw that

06:27:07 before.

06:27:08 And I think it has to do with the density of the houses.

06:27:11 So I respectfully ask you to not pass this, and keep it at

06:27:16 best the two pieces of property being developed and not

06:27:19 three.

06:27:20 Thank you.

06:27:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:27:22 Anyone else in the audience?

06:27:23 If there are other speakers, please line up so we can get

06:27:26 this meeting going.

06:27:26 >> I'm Fred Rock, also live at 3910 west Obispo.

06:27:35 The reason I'm speaking this evening is also requesting that

06:27:40 they deny this request.

06:27:42 And the reason is, years ago, City Council faced a similar

06:27:46 kind of battle or challenge about density.

06:27:51 And at that point, they made the determination that we do

06:27:53 not want to expand out and 60-foot became the law.

06:28:00 A lot of thinking went into that.

06:28:02 A lot of meetings went into that.

06:28:04 And it seems like what's happening now is we are having to

06:28:08 go back and redo.

06:28:10 In essence, we are kind of like repaving the highway.

06:28:14 And as she mentioned the thing will come back again as more

06:28:19 and more 50-foot are allowed.

06:28:22 Let's use the good judgment of past councils of having this

06:28:28 60 so that safetywise, securitywise, densitywise, the

06:28:31 neighborhood will maintain its character, and South Tampa

06:28:34 will also.

06:28:36 Thank you.

06:28:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:28:39 Next, please.

06:28:39 >> Valerie Knight, 4002 west Obispo street.

06:28:48 I am catty-corner to the area that they are looking to

06:28:53 rezone to the 60-foot lots -- I'm sorry, the 50-foot lots.

06:28:59 It's a lovely neighborhood.

06:29:01 And I cannot add any more reason than Mark Ballard or Mike

06:29:09 Murphy.

06:29:10 We don't need any more density with the cars in the

06:29:14 neighborhood.

06:29:15 And, you know, we are for bringing in more knobs, and that's

06:29:26 not the issue.

06:29:27 The issue is the density.

06:29:29 And two houses, great.

06:29:32 Three houses, no.

06:29:35 Thank you.

06:29:36 I hope you consider that.

06:29:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:29:38 Next, please.

06:29:39 >> My name is Mary Andretta, 3924 Obispo.

06:29:47 My how abuts on the corner behind the three lots they have

06:29:52 been trying to rezone.

06:29:53 I agree with all my neighbors here.

06:29:55 I don't think I can add anything more.

06:29:56 But I think the big thing that I'm very concerned with is

06:29:59 the drainage in that area is horrendous.

06:30:03 When we have torrential rains, it backs up, the streets,

06:30:08 they are flooded, and I think the three houses on those is

06:30:11 going to add more to it.

06:30:13 And it doesn't add to the neighborhood.

06:30:14 It's getting to where they are cramming these large

06:30:16 houses -- yes, I'm on a 50-foot also lot.

06:30:20 I have 2100 square feet just like my neighbor who has the

06:30:24 1900 or 2,000 square feet.

06:30:26 They are putting 2500 to 3,000 square foot on these lots.

06:30:30 So I think they are shoving big houses on small lots.

06:30:33 And I think we have to stop it.

06:30:35 So I am against it also.

06:30:36 >> Thank you very much.

06:30:38 Next, please.

06:30:39 >> I'm Mark Krejec, about a block away, or a little less,

06:30:46 4007 west Obispo street.

06:30:50 I have a little bigger lot in the neighborhood.

06:30:52 It's 100-foot by 100-foot.

06:30:54 I am against this zoning.

06:30:56 I'm a 50-foot for all the reasons that my neighbors have

06:30:59 stated.

06:31:00 I believe there's a reason that they moved from 50-foot to

06:31:03 60-foot.

06:31:05 We appreciate that Dolphin will be building homes here.

06:31:09 We appreciate the investment.

06:31:11 That brings our value up for all concerned.

06:31:14 However, that was a hundred years ago when they designed the

06:31:17 50-foot. The needs of society, the neighborhood are

06:31:20 greater.

06:31:21 We are different than we are today and 50-foot just does not

06:31:24 provide, I think, adequate representation of the

06:31:28 neighborhood.

06:31:30 And it takes away from the character, and ultimately I think

06:31:33 it reduces the value of our properties.

06:31:35 Thank you very much for listening.

06:31:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

06:31:38 Anyone else who has not spoken care to speak on this item,

06:31:40 item number 1?

06:31:42 REZ-14-05?

06:31:46 Petitioner, you have five minutes for rebuttal.

06:31:50 >> Thank you, sir.

06:31:52 I guess I want to say first of all, somebody talked about

06:31:56 the proposed buildings.

06:31:58 There are no proposed buildings currently.

06:31:59 This isn't a site plan driven rezoning.

06:32:02 It is Euclidean rezoning.

06:32:03 And with respect to that, we will have to meet all of the

06:32:06 standards as outlined in the Land Development Code with

06:32:10 respect to the density and the stormwater management and so

06:32:13 forth.

06:32:13 So that will be something that will be subject to further

06:32:16 review through the city.

06:32:18 And we will have to meet those.

06:32:20 And we will meet those requirement.

06:32:22 There was a lot of discussion about whether or not this

06:32:27 proposal meets the character of the neighborhood.

06:32:29 And I will just refer you back to the red-blue zoning map

06:32:33 that staff prepared for you.

06:32:35 And I think you can see, especially within this block of

06:32:38 Obispo, it is very much in keeping with the character of the

06:32:41 neighborhood.

06:32:42 You can see that immediately adjacent to this lot, there's

06:32:45 be a 50-foot lot with three lots behind it.

06:32:48 The two lots across the street, the two lots directly behind

06:32:51 that.

06:32:52 Virtually all the lots on the eastern side of the block go

06:32:55 from Tacon and Obispo.

06:32:58 It is very much in keeping with the character of the

06:33:00 neighborhood.

06:33:02 And again, your staff has found it consistent with both the

06:33:05 comprehensive plan and with the Land Development Code

06:33:08 requirements.

06:33:08 So we would respectfully request your approval.

06:33:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any comments from council?

06:33:14 Mr. Reddick?

06:33:16 >>FRANK REDDICK: I just want to know, did your clients give

06:33:19 any consideration of just doing two homes versus three

06:33:23 single-family homes?

06:33:37 >> Excuse me for a moment.

06:33:40 We haven't.

06:33:40 That hasn't been proposed at all so we really haven't given

06:33:44 it consideration to that.

06:33:45 These are the first concerns we are hearing tonight so --

06:33:49 But we do feel that the 50-foot lot again is in keeping and

06:33:53 very consistent with the pattern in the neighborhood.

06:33:56 Again, it's about a 50-50 split.

06:34:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Montelione?

06:34:06 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

06:34:11 I was wondering if you could maybe address this chart.

06:34:17 Were you able to see this?

06:34:22 Mr. Shelby, can you provide this to the petitioner?

06:34:26 Just take this copy.

06:34:29 You can share.

06:34:33 We can share.

06:34:34 >> This is the first time I am seeing this as well.

06:34:41 I'm not sure.

06:34:42 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And staff is indicating that they

06:34:45 haven't seen it either.

06:34:48 And just one thing that stands out to me is the total

06:34:52 plotted lots, like the total is 204.

06:35:02 Never mind.

06:35:03 204 is the total number of lots.

06:35:07 68, 50-foot, and 136 at 50 feet.

06:35:12 So that comes back to -- this is one of the things that one

06:35:16 of the speakers said.

06:35:17 Another speaker has said that she was one of the individuals

06:35:21 who wanted the neighborhood to be rezoned to 60-foot lots.

06:35:26 And maybe this is a question more for staff.

06:35:31 Ms. Feeley?

06:35:38 This is during conformance?

06:35:42 >>ABBYE FEELEY: No there, was no replat there.

06:35:44 Were two times of rezoning conformance in the city.

06:35:48 In 198 is when the RS-50 district was established.

06:35:53 I would propose to you Thanksgiving you seal in blue was

06:35:56 probably developed prior to that or has remained in what we

06:35:58 refer to as single separate ownership, meaning that at 50

06:36:02 feet it is a buildable lot.

06:36:04 So the ones, I believe two people spoke this evening, that

06:36:08 he said his home was built in 1993 and is a 50-foot lot.

06:36:13 That means it has always been a 50-foot lot, it was platted

06:36:16 that way back in 1915, and it has remained in single

06:36:21 separate ownership that way, which means it's buildable,

06:36:23 whether it's RS-75 and requires 75 feet, or it's RS-50 which

06:36:29 requires 50 feet, which is the smaller zoning district we

06:36:31 have in the city.

06:36:33 There was no replat, so I think some of that comment of the

06:36:37 50-foot lots came along.

06:36:42 The zoning atlas shows you that even though everything in

06:36:45 that area is zoned RS-60, nothing has come along that became

06:36:50 50-foot.

06:36:51 That wasn't in single separate ownership from the beginning;

06:36:57 with the exception of these two down at the eastern send end

06:37:02 of Obispo, sometime previously came before you and became

06:37:06 RS-50.

06:37:07 And this one down here at the corner became a sung will PD,

06:37:13 probably to address some sort of lot restraint or something

06:37:17 like that.

06:37:18 Everything else that you see there, that is blue, has been

06:37:22 in single separate ownership since 1915, and is becoming the

06:37:27 RS-60 and has always been a 50-foot lot.

06:37:30 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So the red lots that are 60-foot

06:37:37 frontage or more, came about when?

06:37:43 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Those two could have been since that time.

06:37:45 In 1915 I bought a lot and a half instead --

06:37:48 >> You bought a lot in 1915?

06:37:51 Really?

06:37:53 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I know.

06:37:56 Before Abbye.

06:37:57 That could have just meant that in 1925 when those lots were

06:37:59 sold off, you were sold a lot and a half, or a lot and 20

06:38:03 feet, and then typically, when I drew my lots, and even on

06:38:10 some of these I typically will note, okay, this is exactly

06:38:14 lot 13, plus the western half of lot 14.

06:38:17 So 375 footer.

06:38:20 I go through and read the legal descriptions on each of

06:38:23 those and cram them in as to approximately what they were.

06:38:29 In this case, also, the corners were 575 the foot on this

06:38:34 spot.

06:38:35 Not that that makes any difference.

06:38:36 So the reds, too, could have been in existence from that

06:38:39 time forward. In 1987 when the city did conformance, they

06:38:46 said the trend is 60, or in this case it was a 50-50 or very

06:38:53 close to 50-50 split.

06:38:55 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes, and the numbers that you gave us in

06:39:00 your analysis of 158 zoning lots, 58% were 60-foot or more.

06:39:08 And 72% were less than 60 feet.

06:39:13 So it seems the appraise dominant pattern is less than 60

06:39:17 feet.

06:39:17 >> In this immediate area, yes.

06:39:21 And that's why when I do my analysis, you typically do the

06:39:25 subject block, plus everything that is con tug use to it.

06:39:29 That's why I ran to the next subdivision and told you what

06:39:33 was already over in Maryland manor.

06:39:36 If I may for a minute, the blocks that are provided here --

06:39:39 and you can see that Virginia park -- I'm getting old.

06:39:48 I had to blow up my section.

06:39:50 But this, you know, is 56 blocks of a subdivision.

06:39:55 So the blocks that the gentleman provided you analysis on

06:40:00 was 28, 29, 27.

06:40:02 So those are not -- -- continuous to where we are.

06:40:11 Block 28 is not even on my little work sheet.

06:40:21 It's up here.

06:40:22 Again, we are down here.

06:40:26 29.

06:40:27 Over here.

06:40:30 37.

06:40:33 Is over here.

06:40:34 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I think we get the point.

06:40:39 >>ABBYE FEELEY: So I try to give you a snapshot of where we

06:40:43 are in relation to the immediate -- to the site when I

06:40:48 provide my analysis.

06:40:50 So I could have gone out further.

06:40:52 You know, you have got these.

06:40:54 But then I'm not sure the other ones that are out there, the

06:40:57 first three that are predominantly done at 60, you know how

06:41:01 that factors into the inventory.

06:41:04 But when I provide it to you, I do what is immediate to the

06:41:07 subject is.

06:41:08 And I did cross over into Maryland manor.

06:41:12 That was developed at a different time, a little later than

06:41:16 this area that is before you tonight.

06:41:19 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So it seems like the only ones that are

06:41:26 really closed is block 28 and 29.

06:41:28 >>ABBYE FEELEY: No, 28 and 29 were four blocks.

06:41:34 >> Because ware here.

06:41:35 28 and 29.

06:41:37 Were one, two, three, four, five blocks to the north.

06:41:41 And then 37 was, you know, one, two, three blocks to the

06:41:47 east and four blocks up.

06:41:49 >> I guess I'm confused because on the rezoning map that we

06:41:52 have in the book, 29 and 49 are adjacent to one another.

06:42:01 One is on the east side of Grady and the other on the left

06:42:05 side of Grady.

06:42:07 >>ABBYE FEELEY: That 29 is the part of Maryland manor.

06:42:12 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Oh, that's different?

06:42:15 Got it.

06:42:17 >>ABBYE FEELEY: So that --

06:42:19 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I got it.

06:42:21 >> Those are up in the Maryland manor subdivision, which is

06:42:24 fine. So that Maryland manor, that's to the west.

06:42:30 Those are those blocks that are in -- not in the Virginia

06:42:34 park subdivision.

06:42:35 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Got it.

06:42:44 Okay.

06:42:44 That's what I wanted to know.

06:42:46 >> There are 16 developable lots on 28.

06:42:48 Not 24.

06:42:51 16 zoning lots.

06:42:58 16, not 24.

06:42:59 And then on 29, I could look at what those numbers are as

06:43:03 well.

06:43:08 That would be 12 instead of 17.

06:43:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.

06:43:13 I don't think you have to go through all of.

06:43:15 That we'll be here --

06:43:16 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yeah.

06:43:17 I got the idea.

06:43:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council members at this time?

06:43:30 Now I'm not going to get into debate about -- you spoke.

06:43:34 And I want to keep the record like it is for perpetuity in

06:43:40 case this is litigated sometime one way or the other.

06:43:44 I'm just trying to be fair to both sides.

06:43:46 Okay.

06:43:46 I'm going to allow you 30 seconds to close on what she

06:43:50 talked about the areas, because I don't want the record to

06:43:53 say that someone spoke after you and you didn't have the

06:43:56 opportunity to speak.

06:43:56 >> I really think Abbye did a great job again of summarizing

06:44:07 this and showing you really within this immediate area what

06:44:11 the predominant pattern is with the 50-foot lots and that's

06:44:14 what we believe as well.

06:44:16 And I wasn't expecting a neighbor who had spoken to me on

06:44:19 the phone and had some positive feedback about the

06:44:22 application, I'm sorry he wasn't they're speak to you about

06:44:24 that but I did take a couple of phone calls from neighbors

06:44:26 who were in support.

06:44:30 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And on these streets, are there sidewalks?

06:44:35 Is it part of the subdivision?

06:44:36 Are there sidewalks on all the block.

06:44:41 Do you know, Abbye?

06:44:44 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Yes.

06:44:44 There are sidewalks.

06:44:54 Let me go.

06:44:56 Well, this is the south side.

06:45:02 This is Tacon.

06:45:03 As part of the permitting process this is the new

06:45:06 construction immediately to the east of the site.

06:45:08 There's sidewalk also as part of this application, if

06:45:12 permits were to be pulled.

06:45:15 There was a development services center, sidewalks will be

06:45:17 required in front of these houses as well.

06:45:21 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

06:45:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other council members?

06:45:24 I have a motion to close by Mr. Reddick.

06:45:27 I'm sorry, I missed the second.

06:45:28 Mrs. Montelione.

06:45:29 Second to close.

06:45:30 All in favor of the motion to close?

06:45:32 Opposed?

06:45:33 Motion passes unanimously.

06:45:35 Who wants to read this ordinance?

06:45:38 Mrs. Montelione.

06:45:38 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I present an ordinance for first reading

06:45:43 consideration, an ordinance rezoning property in the general

06:45:46 vicinity of 3919 west Tacon street in the city of Tampa,

06:45:49 Florida and more particularly described in section 1 from

06:45:51 zoning district classifications RS-60 residential

06:45:54 single-family to RS-50 residential single-family, providing

06:45:57 an effective date.

06:45:58 >> Motion by Mrs. Montelione.

06:46:02 Second by Mr. Suarez for approval on first reading.

06:46:06 All in favor of the motion for approval on first reading,

06:46:09 signify by saying aye.

06:46:10 Opposed nay.

06:46:12 Motion passes unanimously.

06:46:15 Is.

06:46:16 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.

06:46:17 Second reading and adoption will be on March 6th at 9:30

06:46:20 a.m.

06:46:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:46:25 All of you for attending.

06:46:26 We go to item number 2.

06:46:31 REZ-14-06.

06:46:34 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

06:46:37 Item number 2 is REZ 14-06, located at 1817 to 1819 East

06:46:43 Broad Street.

06:46:44 The request before you tonight is from S-8 which is Seminole

06:46:50 Heights, RS residential single-family and SH-CI, which is

06:46:55 commercial intensive, to SH-CG.

06:46:58 This is another Euclidean rezoning request.

06:47:01 There are no waivers requested, and no waivers permitted

06:47:04 with this application.

06:47:05 >> David Hay with your Planning Commission staff, and I have

06:47:13 been sworn.

06:47:14 We head up to the central Tampa planning district for this

06:47:18 next case located near the southwest corner of north

06:47:21 Nebraska Avenue and East Broad Street.

06:47:23 The site is located within the Old Seminole Heights

06:47:26 neighborhood.

06:47:27 The subject site also falls within the boundaries of the

06:47:30 Seminole Heights urban village as defined by the

06:47:33 comprehensive plan.

06:47:34 The urban village designations are areas recognized by the

06:47:38 comprehensive plan for the unique and diverse cultural

06:47:42 nature and recognizes an important piece to Tampa's overall

06:47:46 livability.

06:47:46 The site is also located within proximity of north Nebraska

06:47:50 Avenue, which is designated as a transit emphasis corridor,

06:47:54 to be seen on the vision map.

06:47:57 Next, we move onto the aerial.

06:47:59 The subject site is located in the center.

06:48:02 We can see north Nebraska Avenue running north-south through

06:48:06 the center there.

06:48:06 We see East Broad Street is running east-west.

06:48:10 We can see that East Broad Street does go under interstate

06:48:15 275 along the western edge of the aerial.

06:48:17 The overall development pattern is mixed.

06:48:20 There are light and heavy commercial uses located along this

06:48:23 portion of north Nebraska Avenue.

06:48:25 While the surrounding residential development pattern

06:48:28 remains predominantly single-family detached in character.

06:48:32 Onto the future land map, the majority of the subject site

06:48:37 on parcels located along north Nebraska Avenue are

06:48:40 designated community commercial 35, represented by that

06:48:44 bright red color.

06:48:45 The remaining portion of the subject site and other parcels

06:48:49 located to the south and north of the subject site

06:48:52 represented by that pinkish color, those are the community

06:48:55 mixed use 35 designated areas.

06:48:58 The brown colors moving west of the subject site represent

06:49:01 the residential 35 and residential 20.

06:49:05 Blue categories respectively.

06:49:08 And the light tan colors, that residential 10 future land

06:49:11 use category.

06:49:12 Overall Planning Commission staff found the proposed

06:49:14 rezoning to SH-CG would allow for development pattern in

06:49:19 keeping with the commercial uses located along north

06:49:23 Nebraska Avenue while also allowing for more appropriate

06:49:25 transition of intensity away from north Nebraska Avenue to

06:49:29 the residential uses to the west along east Broad Street.

06:49:34 It would also remove the potential of commercial intensive

06:49:37 use from locating a long East Broad Street since part of the

06:49:40 existing subject site currently permits such a use under

06:49:43 that CI zoning.

06:49:45 Therefore, based on those findings and goals, objectives and

06:49:49 policies of the comprehensive plan, Planning Commission

06:49:51 staff finds the rezoning request consistent with the Tampa

06:49:54 comprehensive plan.

06:49:54 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

06:50:05 The request buff tonight is from the SH-CI and SH-RS to

06:50:10 SH-CG.

06:50:14 It does require minimum of 7500 square feet, and also ten

06:50:20 foot front, ten foot side, zero foot side, interior, and

06:50:24 15-foot rear.

06:50:26 The maximum building height would be three stories.

06:50:30 I'll go ahead and show you the site.

06:50:35 As David mentioned, Nebraska to the east, Broad to the

06:50:40 north, Hamilton to the south, Crenshaw street in between.

06:50:49 There's an aerial of the site.

06:50:55 Here are some pictures of the subject site.

06:51:00 This site does appear to have a multifamily.

06:51:05 There's a duplex in the fund front.

06:51:09 There's a drive way that takes you to the back.

06:51:12 Two additional structures in the back that I do have some

06:51:14 pictures of.

06:51:15 One is a two-story.

06:51:17 One is a single story.

06:51:18 This is to the east of the site.

06:51:22 This is the north side of Broad immediately across the

06:51:25 street from the property.

06:51:27 Headed back toward Nebraska.

06:51:30 Still on Broad, headed back toward Nebraska.

06:51:33 At the corner northeast, and Broad and Nebraska.

06:51:38 The northeast corner of Broad and Nebraska.

06:51:41 The southeast corner of Broad and Nebraska.

06:51:44 And this is immediately adjacent to the property to the

06:51:48 east.

06:51:52 Thee that's at the southwest corner of Broad and Nebraska.

06:51:57 Parking behind it, you can see there's the roof line of the

06:52:00 structure I showed you.

06:52:01 And then the two story.

06:52:02 There's a two-story structure in the back there as well.

06:52:09 The development on the property will have to meet all of the

06:52:11 SH-CG standards, multifamily within that district is an F-1

06:52:18 use so once the zoning changes they would need to file for

06:52:21 that S-1, if any additional activity was going to take place

06:52:26 on the property.

06:52:27 Staff found the request consistent.

06:52:28 We are available for any questions.

06:52:30 >>LISA MONTELIONE: One question.

06:52:35 Abbye, what is, in the picture, the corner of Broad and

06:52:40 Nebraska which would be immediately adjacent to the east of

06:52:43 the property that we are considering rezoning?

06:52:55 What is that?



06:53:01 >> Is that the Alpine? How did you know that, Mr. Reddick?

06:53:14 Okay, I just want to mach sure.

06:53:16 All right, petitioner.

06:53:16 >> My name is Andy Sam, and I reside at 4315 West Sylvan

06:53:28 Ramble. I am sworn in.

06:53:32 The intention is to build additional residential multi-units

06:53:38 consistent with the area.

06:53:39 I have no plan at this point, but what the ultimate

06:53:43 intention, like I say, is to keep consistent, building a

06:53:46 combination of two flats and bungalows on the property.

06:53:52 At some point, I would be possibly taking down the existing

06:53:56 structure, which are old wood structures, and just

06:53:59 beautifying and keeping it consistent with the existing land

06:54:06 in the area.

06:54:09 That's all.

06:54:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members at this

06:54:12 time?

06:54:12 Mrs. Montelione?

06:54:15 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm just confused, because you said to

06:54:18 allow for residential use of the property?

06:54:22 >> Andrew Savitt: Yes, multi-unit.

06:54:26 >> And that's why it says -- it says applicant proposes to

06:54:30 rezone the property, 817, 819 east Broad from Seminole

06:54:37 Heights residential single-family and Seminole Heights

06:54:40 commercial intensive to Seminole Heights, commercial general

06:54:44 to allow for commercial use of the property.

06:54:46 >> Commercial general is a commercial general within the

06:54:52 city.

06:54:53 Residential will require the special use 1.

06:54:56 When the application comes in for general Euclidean

06:54:58 district, that's typically how I would categorize it because

06:55:02 it would allow for the commercial use.

06:55:03 The residential use will require separate administrative

06:55:06 approval.

06:55:07 So I don't want to entitle it when I present to the you that

06:55:10 way knowing that that will require other requirements of

06:55:14 site plan, other things that I am not reviewing.

06:55:17 >>LISA MONTELIONE: But you know the residential has to be

06:55:21 permitted through a separate process?

06:55:23 >> Right.

06:55:23 And currently it would be one property on the west, the 817.

06:55:28 Although it is residential, it already has two units on it.

06:55:32 It has the front structure which you saw the picture also

06:55:36 has the single-family in the back of that.

06:55:38 So there's actually technically 817 and 817.5.

06:55:45 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And I want to be very careful because we

06:55:47 just changed the zoning to the Seminole Heights.

06:55:55 >> Years ago I might have --

06:55:57 >> The Seminole Heights form-based code.

06:56:00 But from what I remember is that, you know, on the front of

06:56:05 the face block of a very commercial street, one of the most

06:56:10 intensive, and then you want that gradual transition, and it

06:56:15 sound like what you want to do is provide that gradual

06:56:19 transition.

06:56:20 So I want to make sure we are still moving in the direction

06:56:22 of what that form-based code was meant to do.

06:56:27 And I am getting affirmative head shaking from staff and the

06:56:30 Planning Commission.

06:56:34 That's a little offcamera.

06:56:37 Okay.

06:56:37 Thank you.

06:56:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

06:56:39 Any other questions by council members?

06:56:40 Anyone in the audience care to speak on item number 2,

06:56:43 REZ-14-06?

06:56:45 >> Susan Long, 920 Broad, one block from this property.

06:56:59 This property has been, in the past, has not been, shall I

06:57:04 say, the star of the neighborhood.

06:57:06 I would love to see the CI removed.

06:57:11 I just don't understand yes didn't go to SH-RM, because

06:57:18 that's what he's talking about doing anyway.

06:57:20 That's we does, residential multifamily, because that's what

06:57:23 he's talking about doing.

06:57:25 But going from CI to CG.

06:57:29 Thank you.

06:57:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

06:57:30 Anyone else in the audience care to speak on item number 2,

06:57:33 REZ-1406? Petitioner, do you have rebuttal?

06:57:39 Hello?

06:57:40 Are you the petitioner?

06:57:42 In case you want to say something.

06:57:43 I don't know.

06:57:45 I have got to ask you, sir.

06:57:47 I have got to ask you.

06:57:47 >> Yeah, no, from what I'm understanding.

06:57:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to close by Mr. Reddick.

06:57:54 Second by Mr. Cohen.

06:57:55 Further discussion by council members?

06:57:56 All in favor of the motion?

06:57:58 Opposed?

06:57:58 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:57:59 Mr. Cohen, would you take this item, please?

06:58:02 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much.

06:58:03 I move an ordinance being presented for first reading

06:58:05 consideration, an ordinance rezoning property in the general

06:58:08 vicinity of 817, 819, East Broad Street in the city of

06:58:14 Tampa, Florida, and more particularly described in section 1

06:58:18 from zoning district classification SH-RS, Seminole Heights

06:58:23 residential single-family, and SH-CI, Seminole Heights

06:58:27 commercial intensive, to SH-CG, commercial Heights

06:58:31 commercial general, providing an effective date.

06:58:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Could even for

06:58:35 first reading a property. Seconded by Mr. Suarez.

06:58:38 Further discussion by council members?

06:58:39 All in favor of the motion?

06:58:41 Opposed?

06:58:42 Motion passes unanimously.

06:58:43 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.

06:58:45 Second reading and adoption will be on March 6th at 9:30

06:58:48 a.m.

06:58:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Item number 3.

06:58:50 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Item number 3 is south MacDill Avenue,

06:59:09 from CG commercial -- I'm on the wrong one.

06:59:12 Sorry.

06:59:19 Sorry.

06:59:19 I'll go back.

06:59:20 Item 3 is SU-II-14-01, MLK.

06:59:25 The request before you tonight is 2708 and 2720 west Dr.

06:59:31 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevards, a first use for drive-in

06:59:35 window.

06:59:42 Ever.

06:59:43 >>David Hay: Planning Commission staff.

06:59:44 I have been sworn.

06:59:46 We remain in the central Tampa planning district for our

06:59:49 next case.

06:59:50 The subject site is located at the southeast corner of west

06:59:54 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and north Habana

06:59:58 Avenue, kitty corner to the main campus of St. Joseph

07:00:01 Hospital.

07:00:02 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard as you can see on the

07:00:05 vision map is designated as a transit emphasis corridor and

07:00:08 currently served directly by three different transit routes

07:00:12 with two other routes within proximity to the subject site.

07:00:15 This is one of the most highly used transit areas of the

07:00:18 city.

07:00:19 These transit routes connect the site to many of our areas'

07:00:23 main employment and activity centers including downtown

07:00:25 Tampa, Westshore.

07:00:30 Onto the aerial.

07:00:30 The subject site as usual is in the center of the map.

07:00:33 We can see west Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard running

07:00:37 east-west across the center of the aerial.

07:00:40 We can also see north Habana Avenue in the center of the

07:00:42 aerial and North Armenia Avenue to the east.

07:00:46 Side of the aerial.

07:00:47 Both running north-south.

07:00:49 The next thing that pops out is the St. Joe's hospital in

07:00:53 the upper left.

07:00:54 The surrounding area is developed predominantly with medical

07:00:58 office and commercial uses.

07:00:59 Some single-family residential can be found to the south and

07:01:02 northeast of the subject site off of the main corridor.

07:01:07 Onto the future land use map.

07:01:09 The subject site and properties to the east, community mixed

07:01:15 use 35.

07:01:16 To the north, that slight purplish color up there is urban

07:01:21 mixed using 60.

07:01:22 That's one of the most intensive land use categories in all

07:01:24 of Hillsborough County.

07:01:26 The blue to the northwest is the quasi-public of St. Joseph

07:01:32 Hospital and the brown to the south of the subject site is

07:01:35 residential 20, and the tan further south is the residential

07:01:40 10.

07:01:44 Overall, the Planning Commission staff found that the

07:01:46 proposed special use request would be comparable and

07:01:50 compatible to the auto oriented development pattern found

07:01:53 along this portion of west Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

07:01:56 Boulevard.

07:01:57 The subject site is also adjacent to a Boston market that

07:02:00 has a drive-through also so it right in line with what the

07:02:04 current -- therefore Planning Commission staff found the

07:02:06 proposed special use request consistent with the Tampa

07:02:08 comprehensive plan.

07:02:13 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Could you tell me what is on that property

07:02:15 right now?

07:02:16 Is that a gas station?

07:02:17 Okay.

07:02:18 >> Yep.

07:02:21 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I know where it is.

07:02:23 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Thanks, David.

07:02:25 As I mentioned the special use request for drive-through

07:02:27 window, there are no waivers being requested before you

07:02:29 tonight.

07:02:29 The drive-in window in a commercial general zoning

07:02:35 designation does require that it come before you for

07:02:38 consideration.

07:02:43 This is the southeast corner of Habana and Dr. Martin Luther

07:02:48 King Jr. Boulevard.

07:02:49 It is currently a gas station.

07:02:50 And it is just adjacent to the Boston market.

07:02:55 What you can see proposed on your site plan is a Starbuck's

07:02:57 with a drive-in window.

07:02:59 Starbuck's, and the waits located on the site plan meets all

07:03:04 the zoning criteria.

07:03:05 It would be permissible by right.

07:03:07 What's before you for consideration tonight is the drive-in

07:03:09 window associated with the use.

07:03:12 Here is an aerial of the site.

07:03:15 There is another gas station at the northeast corner, as

07:03:20 David mentioned, St. Joe's, also medical offices, and the

07:03:24 Boston market, which is just to the east.

07:03:29 Most everything along Dr. Martin Luther King is CG, OP,

07:03:32 OP-1.

07:03:34 There are a couple PDs out there, not a lot of residential

07:03:39 uses.

07:03:40 So you get to south of Virginia.

07:03:47 I'll show you some pictures of the site.

07:03:52 I got two put out last week because of rain.

07:03:58 Tonight was beautiful so we tack all the pictures for the

07:04:00 week.

07:04:01 Here is the picture of the subject site.

07:04:03 It is a little hard in this area, as David mentioned,

07:04:06 transit, just a highly traveled area.

07:04:09 There's still the site.

07:04:11 There's access to the site off of Habana.

07:04:13 A little look closer to the back of the site toward the

07:04:16 Boston market.

07:04:17 This is back on MLK.

07:04:19 Another shot from MLK.

07:04:21 It's the adjacent property.

07:04:23 A medical office at the southwest corner.

07:04:25 Another shot of that southwest corner.

07:04:30 This is also the southwest corner from Habana looking back

07:04:33 up northwest toward St. Joe's.

07:04:36 This is the northwest corner.

07:04:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Northeast corner.

07:04:40 >> I'm sorry.

07:04:41 No.

07:04:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The shot taken from the --

07:04:44 >> Taken from the northeast corner looking west.

07:04:46 Yes.

07:04:51 This is the northeast corner.

07:04:53 Another shot of the northeast corner.

07:04:55 And then this is immediately behind the property on

07:05:02 Virginia.

07:05:06 I remember we rezoned something a little further east on

07:05:09 Virginia.

07:05:10 And when I went out and took pictures this site was -- it's

07:05:15 vacant now.

07:05:16 I guess they are locating to another location.

07:05:18 >> They are located next to the Buccaneer Training Center,

07:05:23 hospital or for doctors.

07:05:26 >> There are a couple of modifications that do need to be

07:05:29 made in the site plan between first and second reading.

07:05:33 For a special use, tree and landscape waivers, we do need

07:05:36 them to correct the tree table as provided.

07:05:39 Other than that, staff did find the request consistent.

07:05:42 Thank you.

07:05:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Petitioner?

07:05:48 >> Gregory Roth, 4950 West Kennedy Boulevard.

07:05:57 I am the applicant, and I have been sworn in.

07:06:00 I want to thank City Council for your time this evening and

07:06:02 thank staff for their help and effort for our special use

07:06:06 process.

07:06:06 Abbye and David both put together a great presentation and I

07:06:12 am available if there are any questions.

07:06:14 Thank you.

07:06:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions?

07:06:17 I have one question.

07:06:18 Where is the drive-in window going to be at?

07:06:21 >> The drive-in window will be south of the proposed

07:06:24 structure.

07:06:24 >> And where is the exit going to going to?

07:06:28 >> The exit, you will head south around the building, and

07:06:33 wrap around back to the north so it will be driving south.

07:06:36 >> Is it going to exit on MLK or Habana?

07:06:40 >> MLK.

07:06:42 There is a possibility to exit onto Habana as well but it

07:06:45 will cause internal --

07:06:46 >> If it is, you will be backed up all the way to Palmetto

07:06:49 Beach.

07:06:50 Because it ain't going to happen.

07:06:53 It gets backed up all the way across.

07:06:56 It's almost impossible getting into the doctor's office.

07:07:00 And right now what you have got there, in that corner, is

07:07:03 Tampa Texaco station, and you have a handy andy car wash by

07:07:09 hand.

07:07:11 All of that is going out, correct?

07:07:14 >> That's correct.

07:07:15 >> Well, that's an improvement but let me caution you about

07:07:17 that drive-in window going to Habana.

07:07:19 It will never happen.

07:07:21 Can't get out.

07:07:26 Go on.

07:07:29 Ms. Capin?

07:07:30 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Did I here you correctly that in order to

07:07:32 exit on Habana you have to make a U-turn?

07:07:35 >> Well, internal on the site.

07:07:38 >>YVONNE CAPIN: So you have to go around and come back?

07:07:40 >> Correct. Come out of here and back through.

07:07:43 It's not the most ideal.

07:07:45 Obviously MLK from an access standpoint, and just getting

07:07:48 off from that standpoint, is going to be the more preferred

07:07:51 route.

07:07:55 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

07:07:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, sir, in the back. Are you going to

07:07:59 speak on this, sir?

07:08:01 Come forward.

07:08:01 Anyone in the audience care to speak on this item, number 3,

07:08:06 SU-II-14-01?

07:08:09 Please come forward.

07:08:10 >> I'm Dr. Blanco and I'm one of the owners of the medical

07:08:14 facility behind.

07:08:16 I just happened touch notice two days ago and I decided I

07:08:19 better see what's happening.

07:08:20 My concern again is the exit from our lot to Habana is very

07:08:25 hard.

07:08:26 If I wanted to go to saint Joseph, I have to turn right.

07:08:29 And there are times of the day it's almost impossible.

07:08:33 So I wanted to see what was the structure.

07:08:37 Obviously, it would look better than the gas station that's

07:08:41 there, but it has to be planned out as far as the traffic

07:08:44 and the congestion.

07:08:45 And it worries me because our office is being looked at one

07:08:50 of the primary care groups that will have a large volume of

07:08:53 elderly people that need care, and it's not easy to drive

07:08:58 through Habana at times.

07:08:59 Not all the time.

07:09:00 But it's getting worse with the congestion.

07:09:03 What surprises me is that they are not looking at the lot

07:09:07 where we built our facility.

07:09:09 There's a lot of land there.

07:09:11 That would be easier, where the Panera is.

07:09:14 So I'm just suggesting that, on how to resolve this issue.

07:09:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, doctor.

07:09:25 Mrs. Montelione?

07:09:29 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mrs. Feeley?

07:09:32 And maybe Mrs. Kert can say if this is within council's

07:09:36 purview to make a suggestion.

07:09:38 On the site plan, there is a proposed stop sign with "do not

07:09:44 enter" signs at the end of the -- where the cars would be

07:09:51 exiting the drive-through window.

07:09:53 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Uh-huh.

07:09:56 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Is it possible -- would it be

07:10:00 appropriate for us to ask if that could be another sign to

07:10:06 be added with "left turn only" for exits?

07:10:13 >>ABBYE FEELEY: If I may answer.

07:10:15 I'll defer to Ms. Kert.

07:10:16 But the commercial general use proposed on this property,

07:10:19 minus the drive-through, and its circulation has been

07:10:23 reviewed by transportation and could go into permitting

07:10:26 today.

07:10:27 So I will say that the drive-through window has been

07:10:35 reviewed by transportation.

07:10:37 Transportation is here.

07:10:38 There was nothing that warranted that that access per our

07:10:42 code, or for this application be limited in that manner.

07:10:46 But like I said, I'll defer to Ms. Kert as to whether or not

07:10:50 that's within the purview of the application.

07:10:51 >>REBECCA KERT: Legal department.

07:10:56 Whatever conditions you put on have to be directly related

07:10:59 to the request and it has to be related in two ways.

07:11:01 There has to be a nexus, which means whatever condition is

07:11:05 imposed upon the application has to directly relate to the

07:11:07 request, and it has to be proportionate to whatever the

07:11:11 effect is.

07:11:12 And I think as Ms. Feeley has explained to you, you know,

07:11:16 the underlying use, it has been reviewed for transportation

07:11:21 and me for code.

07:11:23 So I would caution you on that sort of condition.

07:11:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me just say this.

07:11:31 And -- go ahead, Mr. Cohen.

07:11:34 >>HARRY COHEN: Well, it seems to me that anything that has

07:11:38 a direct nexus to the drive-through use itself ought to be

07:11:42 permissible, and what she's asking for is simply to restrict

07:11:47 the ability of the people going through the drive-through to

07:11:51 make the U-turn.

07:11:53 So I think there is a nexus if you put a sign at the did

07:11:57 drive-through, left turn only to go out.

07:12:00 >>REBECCA KERT: Legal department.

07:12:04 At the end of the day it's up to council to determine

07:12:06 whether or not that test is met.

07:12:07 I'm letting know what your legal requirements are.

07:12:11 And certainly staff may have different opinions open that

07:12:14 but at the end of the day my advice is to provide you what

07:12:17 the legal parameters are for to you mach that determination.

07:12:20 >>FRANK REDDICK: If we were to put that in place, I don't

07:12:27 think you want to put a left turn.

07:12:29 You want to put a right turn.

07:12:30 Because you put a left turn they are going to go out into

07:12:33 the middle of Habana and got to cross over.

07:12:38 >> Out of the drive-through, not out of the exit.

07:12:47 Can you make them come this way rather than this way?

07:12:49 >> (off microphone).

07:12:55 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay, okay.

07:12:59 Month to Martin Luther King.

07:13:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Capin?

07:13:08 >>YVONNE CAPIN: You know, I have got to say that when the

07:13:12 fine doctor came up, he stated that his property is right

07:13:17 behind this property, and that it is being looked at by

07:13:22 primary care, and there's going to be a lot more cars there,

07:13:25 and they are going to go out to Habana.

07:13:28 For some reason it's okay for primary care to go in there

07:13:31 and exit out Habana, but not this petitioner.

07:13:38 And I'm hearing it.

07:13:41 But I just -- it does not make any sense to me that it would

07:13:48 be okay, because this property has already been zoned, and,

07:13:56 therefore, if it changes hands, it probably or will not come

07:14:03 before us at all.

07:14:06 And that density and those cars.

07:14:08 So I don't understand the issue of, you know, Habana and

07:14:20 MLK.

07:14:21 And you can see the direction going out toward MLK.

07:14:26 That's where, you know, you automatically return.

07:14:29 You literally do have to make a U-turn to go back to

07:14:33 where -- and the property behind it which is being looked at

07:14:36 by -- you know, we have that -- anyway, it just caught my

07:14:46 attention.

07:14:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me just say this.

07:14:51 Just to the east is the Boston market.

07:14:54 They have a drive-through.

07:14:56 Not an elaborate one but they have a small one there.

07:14:59 When you go in, I assume it still in operation.

07:15:02 You go in heading south, and the window is on the left, the

07:15:07 building on the western side of the building.

07:15:09 You either have two options.

07:15:12 You wiggle your way around.

07:15:15 You can't go east and go out because it doesn't go that way.

07:15:19 You have got to go west behind Dr. Blanco's property and go

07:15:28 into Habana.

07:15:29 Or you have to wiggle your way around and come back north to

07:15:32 MLK.

07:15:33 That's the only two options you have there.

07:15:35 I can't speak for Dr. Blanco and the medical operation,

07:15:39 whatever it is.

07:15:41 I recall, I think it's got anywhere 15, 16 parking spaces in

07:15:46 the back, and maybe that same amount in the front.

07:15:52 However, you have an option that this -- you have an option

07:15:55 that this location does not V.he can exit on Virginia.

07:16:00 This one you can't.

07:16:03 Although Virginia is a narrow road, it also heads further

07:16:09 east.

07:16:09 When you go to burger king, you go in the back to go to the

07:16:12 drive-in window you have got two options.

07:16:15 You can go north and do a right hand turn, and MLK, although

07:16:20 the traffic is backed up, they Don give you the opportunity

07:16:22 to get out.

07:16:23 Or inside the circular drive of the burger king, you can

07:16:26 make a left in front of the store, come back, and they have

07:16:29 an exit, which the same entrance, egress to Virginia.

07:16:36 Then it's up to you to make your choice. You either go east

07:16:40 or west.

07:16:41 Then you can maneuver your way through Tampania, and towards

07:16:47 the other streets that travel in an east and west manner.

07:16:52 So what I'm looking at is a bottleneck that's already there.

07:16:59 And believe you, don't take mine, go look at it.

07:17:02 You go there at 8:00 in the morning.

07:17:04 You go there at 3:30 in the afternoon.

07:17:07 Before you could go lay down in the street and nobody would

07:17:11 hit you.

07:17:12 You better not do that now.

07:17:14 The left-hand turn on MLK and Habana is not long enough to

07:17:22 hold the traffic.

07:17:23 So, therefore, it keeps backing up because those in line

07:17:26 want to make a left-hand turn but they can't get to the

07:17:29 left-hand turn because it's already taken, and it creates an

07:17:32 enormous problem.

07:17:33 I'm not trying to engineer.

07:17:34 I can only tell you from experience from looking there, and

07:17:38 living there for 48 years or maybe even longer.

07:17:43 But it's going to be a problem on that drive-in window.

07:17:48 This is not -- you are going from a gas station that does

07:17:53 mediocre business now.

07:17:56 To the highest use possible.

07:18:01 And God bless 'em.

07:18:03 I'm glad they are doing well.

07:18:04 If you look at the one that you have on central and just off

07:18:11 the Hillsborough and Central. You are going to have the

07:18:16 same thing here.

07:18:17 And when you put that what's already here, adios, baby.

07:18:23 Get ready for the home runs.

07:18:26 You don't have to need an ambulance to get to St. Joseph.

07:18:29 They can carry you there.

07:18:31 Anyone else?

07:18:34 Petitioner, you have the right to rebuttal.

07:18:36 Five minutes.

07:18:36 >>> Gregory Roth. The only thank you I would add -- and

07:18:43 I'll keep it brief -- with the land, the layout that it is

07:18:47 today, there are actually two access points onto Habana

07:18:51 drive, and a curb cut that contained of goes the entire way

07:18:57 across Martin Luther King and then another access point from

07:19:01 the Boston market.

07:19:02 So --

07:19:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Can you leave that back up there?

07:19:06 >> Yes, absolutely.

07:19:08 While, yes, the area does have a significant traffic flow in

07:19:12 every direction, the only real way to start assisting that

07:19:17 is to provide less access points and a more defined area in

07:19:21 both the access points.

07:19:23 Obviously MLK would be permitted through FDOT and Habana

07:19:26 through the city where both of them are designed to meet

07:19:30 current standards.

07:19:33 And have a lot less access points to create access.

07:19:37 And I'll leave it at that.

07:19:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other comments by come up members?

07:19:49 Okay.

07:19:49 Anyone in the audience care to speak?

07:19:51 Anyone else?

07:19:53 Mrs. Montelione?

07:19:54 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I would just have a question of the

07:19:56 petitioner.

07:19:57 Would you be amenable to putting the left only?

07:20:00 And I know Ms. Kert said -- no, left to go north to Martin

07:20:07 Luther King.

07:20:08 Oh, I'm sorry, left turn only, no right turn, whatever, no

07:20:13 U-turn.

07:20:21 At the end of the drive through where the stop sign is.

07:20:27 No rate turn.

07:20:28 >> Right here?

07:20:31 >> Yes, ma'am.

07:20:33 >>ABBYE FEELEY: You want left turn only out of the

07:20:36 drive-through?

07:20:38 >> Yes.

07:20:39 >> And they can circulate around the site and go through the

07:20:41 bypass lane and come back out.

07:20:44 >> They could.

07:20:45 But as busy as that will be, I mean, for somebody --

07:20:53 >> Just as a similar situation, the financial bank on Busch

07:20:56 Boulevard that has something very similar with the

07:21:00 drive-through.

07:21:00 And you can go all the way around the site and come out the

07:21:05 other side.

07:21:05 But it's a pain in the neck and hardly anybody does it.

07:21:09 >> I just wanted to make sure you are asking the applicant

07:21:18 if they would put a left turn only sign here.

07:21:20 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yes.

07:21:22 I can only ask.

07:21:23 >>> My only concern with that would be that with the amount

07:21:34 of traffic that would be going in this direction, your

07:21:37 movement on Habana, are going north, and have the

07:21:44 opportunity to take the left turn, albeit it stacks, by

07:21:49 forcing everybody to go in this direction in order to go

07:21:51 north or to continue to go west, we are now creating a

07:21:54 situation on Martin Luther King with the traffic, and by

07:21:57 alleviating it from one point, putting it on another, I see

07:22:01 the intent, but I just don't know that that's something that

07:22:08 we will be able to do.

07:22:10 If it's a request that's made, we can work with it.

07:22:14 But if I have an option, I'll say no.

07:22:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Can I have an option?

07:22:23 Let me say this.

07:22:24 And I'm not trying to be critical.

07:22:26 I like your product.

07:22:28 I think it will do good anywhere it goes.

07:22:31 But when you look at that exit point on Habana, you are not

07:22:35 in the double lane, you are at the starting of the fourth of

07:22:42 a double lane where you exit.

07:22:43 And on the other side, still on the eastern said of the

07:22:46 roads where you have the stacking of the cars that are

07:22:48 making a left into MLK, what you are going to create there,

07:22:53 you are going to remember what I am telling you.

07:22:55 Today you are saying, what is he saying that for?

07:22:58 It's going to be the great Wallenda wouldn't walk that

07:23:04 street with a tightrope because he ain't going to make it.

07:23:09 The traffic is going to be unbearable.

07:23:11 If I know that your product sells like it does, and I know

07:23:15 what's coming south, and I know what's going to happen in

07:23:18 that intersection, and that intersection has been improved

07:23:21 at least four times, and it's not getting any better.

07:23:27 It's getting worse.

07:23:28 And see what happens.

07:23:33 That's it.

07:23:35 Anything else for your rebuttal?

07:23:36 Need a motion to close.

07:23:38 I have a motion by Mr. Reddick.

07:23:40 Second by Ms. Mulhern on a clothe close vote with Mrs.

07:23:44 Montelione.

07:23:45 All in favor of the motion to close?

07:23:47 Opposed?

07:23:48 The ayes have it unanimously.

07:23:49 Who wants to read it?

07:23:50 Ms. Mulhern?

07:23:52 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

07:23:54 I move an ordinance being presented for first reading

07:23:57 consideration, an ordinance approving a special using permit

07:23:59 S-2 approving a drive-in window in a CG commercial general

07:24:03 zoning district in the general vicinity of 2708 and 2720

07:24:09 west Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in the city of Tampa,

07:24:11 Florida and as more particularly described in section 1

07:24:15 hereof providing an effective date.

07:24:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a second by Mr. Reddick.

07:24:21 Further discussion by council members?

07:24:22 I am not going to support it.

07:24:25 And I feel it's going to pass and that's feign.

07:24:29 But the traffic that's going to be created here by the

07:24:32 amount of spaces, and the volume that I think is coming,

07:24:36 will not be able to be handled by Habana.

07:24:41 That's the only way you got, Habana or MLK.

07:24:45 And you don't have the luxury of having another road behind

07:24:48 you where you can go out and make a left or right.

07:24:50 So all in favor of the motion by Mrs. Mulhern, seconded by

07:24:53 Mr. Reddick, pleas indicate by saying yay.

07:24:56 Opposed nay?

07:24:58 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda and Cohen voting

07:25:00 no.

07:25:01 Second reading and adoption will be on March 6th at 9:30

07:25:03 a.m.

07:25:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much for attending.

07:25:10 Mr. Cohen?

07:25:12 >>HARRY COHEN: I will be recusing myself from item number

07:25:14 4.

07:25:15 That's my father's principal with the petitioner and I will

07:25:18 be filing the appropriate paperwork with the clerk.

07:25:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.

07:25:22 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Item 4, back to MacDill, REZ 14-02,

07:25:32 located at 5239 South MacDill Avenue.

07:25:34 The request is from commercial general, CG to PD, planned

07:25:37 development, residential multifamily.

07:25:39 >>David Hay: Planning Commission staff.

07:25:48 I have been sworn.

07:25:49 We move -- we head down to the South Tampa planning district

07:25:54 for our next case into the Sun Bay South neighborhood.

07:25:57 The subject site is located at the southwest corner of South

07:26:00 MacDill Avenue and west Paxton street.

07:26:03 The South Tampa planning district is one of the two

07:26:06 districts within the City of Tampa that are primarily

07:26:09 residential with some retail commercial and office uses.

07:26:13 The other district being the New Tampa planning district.

07:26:16 These two districts are said to be stable areas of the city

07:26:20 during the span of the comprehensive plan.

07:26:23 Next onto the aerial.

07:26:26 You can see the surrounding areas predominantly

07:26:29 single-family detached in character with some single-family

07:26:31 attached and multifamily uses centered along MacDill

07:26:35 Avenue.

07:26:35 There is also some commercial uses along this portion of the

07:26:38 MacDill Avenue corridor.

07:26:40 You can also see some of the recent multifamily and

07:26:43 single-family attached residential use that have developed

07:26:46 over the past 20 years along that corridor.

07:26:50 Finally, you have the future land use map.

07:26:52 The subject site parcel along MacDill Avenue to the

07:26:56 north and south are all designated community mixed use 35,

07:27:01 while the tan color to the east and on the west side of

07:27:03 MacDill Avenue are the properties designated residential

07:27:06 10.

07:27:07 Planning Commission staff found the proposed planned

07:27:10 development would create a project that is sensitive to

07:27:12 adjacent single-family detached residential uses while also

07:27:16 promoting a number of concepts encouraged within the mixed

07:27:19 use villages such as buildings placed close to the right of

07:27:24 way for an improved parking environment.

07:27:28 Parking has been placed to the rear or the back of the

07:27:30 parcel providing for improved visual appearance and a

07:27:33 greater setback between the building and the adjacent

07:27:35 single-family detached uses to the west.

07:27:39 The proposed planned development will continue to help

07:27:41 transform this portion of MacDill Avenue into a more

07:27:44 pedestrian-friendly mixed use corridor.

07:27:47 Therefore, based on those fund Aungst and the goals,

07:27:49 objectives and policies of the comprehensive plan, Planning

07:27:52 Commission staff finds the rezoning request consistent with

07:27:55 the Tampa comprehensive plan.

07:27:56 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land Development Coordination.

07:28:13 The request before you tonight, commercial general to

07:28:18 planned development is to construct two buildings with a

07:28:20 total of I have down 24?

07:28:34 Okay.

07:28:34 24 multifamily residential units.

07:28:36 That did not look right to me, in two buildings.

07:28:39 As you may recall a couple months ago we were rate in the

07:28:42 segment of South MacDill just to the northeast of this site.

07:28:45 We did a very similar project, same developer, same layout

07:28:48 on the property.

07:28:49 What's interesting is it also had a tree along the rear of

07:28:52 the property.

07:28:53 This site also has a grand tree along the rear of the

07:28:56 property.

07:28:58 Just on the other side of the street.

07:29:02 What's being proposed before you tonight is consistent with

07:29:04 that same development, and will improve this corridor.

07:29:09 There are five waivers associated with this application.

07:29:12 The first is to reduce the required number of parking spaces

07:29:15 from 42 to 40.

07:29:17 The second is to reduce the backup width from 7 feet to 4.3

07:29:22 feet.

07:29:22 The third is to reduce the required use buffer from 15-foot

07:29:26 with a 6-foot concrete masonry wall to 2.7 feet with a

07:29:30 6-foot PVC fence along the south, and the fourth is to

07:29:35 reduce the required buffer from a 5 foot buffer to a 3-foot

07:29:39 with a 6-foot PVC Phelps along the west.

07:29:42 The last is to reduce the required multifamily green space

07:29:45 from 8400 square feet to 3,823 square feet with the payment

07:29:50 of fee in lieu at the time of permitting.

07:30:03 This is the zoning atlas.

07:30:05 Paxton Avenue to the north.

07:30:07 Pearl Avenue to the south.

07:30:08 MacDill to the east.

07:30:11 This is the site here shown in green.

07:30:13 The PD just to the northeast is where we were just a few

07:30:19 months ago.

07:30:20 Everything is predominantly CG.

07:30:24 You do have some to the north that has single-family

07:30:28 semi-detached, detached in, that area as well.

07:30:34 Here is the aerial of the site, as David showed you it does

07:30:42 appear there was some vehicle repair minor.

07:30:45 This is a picture of the site.

07:30:49 Paxton to the north.

07:30:51 This is taken from MacDill looking west, traveling

07:30:55 south.

07:30:56 This is from Paxton looking south through the site.

07:31:00 This is immediately to the west of the site.

07:31:05 Also to the west along Paxton.

07:31:10 Immediately to the south of the site.

07:31:13 On the east side of MacDill.

07:31:20 I this picture, this was under construction, renovation, a

07:31:24 new restaurant that's going in there.

07:31:28 This is also on the east side.

07:31:30 This is the other PD I keep referring to in my presentation.

07:31:34 This is the northwest corner at Paxton and MacDill.

07:31:43 On page 2 of the staff report, natural resources has found

07:31:46 this request inconsistent due to the size of the green space

07:31:51 waiver, the multifamily green space waiver, and decided

07:32:03 there were no practical difficulties exist, also that it

07:32:08 reduce it is valuable planting space for replacement and

07:32:11 required trees.

07:32:12 This afternoon, I did review their comments with them.

07:32:16 If I can you some pictures of the grand tree.

07:32:20 That is along the western boundary.

07:32:23 They have some site plan modifications that they need made.

07:32:26 The first is that they need this tree to be labeled as a

07:32:29 grand oak.

07:32:30 The second is that they need 15 foot of unobstructed ground,

07:32:36 and what's currently being shown is about 12-foot, turf

07:32:40 block.

07:32:42 In this area right here.

07:32:44 It's only 12.5 feet.

07:32:46 They like 15 feet of unobstructed to protect the tree.

07:32:51 That would require the reduction of one additional parking

07:32:53 space.

07:32:54 So if council is going to support staff's recommendation for

07:32:58 that, there would be a reduction of one additional space

07:33:01 there, and also this to be increased to 15 feet.

07:33:05 Along the south, they had it at 16-foot just to that outer

07:33:09 parking space.

07:33:12 The last is, well, they need a notation added that a permit

07:33:17 needs to be pulled with the city prior to any pruning of

07:33:19 this grand tree.

07:33:20 It has a lot of horizontal canopy out there.

07:33:24 As you can see from those photos, and there's concern and

07:33:27 relationship any pruning that's going take place.

07:33:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: One second, Abbye.

07:33:34 Does anyone have to have a permit to trim a tree now?

07:33:38 Is that required now?

07:33:40 >> Yes.

07:33:41 And on the grand tree it is as well.

07:33:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So why are we going to put that -- I

07:33:47 mean, they have to do that anyway.

07:33:48 >> They would like that notation added to the plan.

07:33:52 And they are here representing their concerns.

07:33:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm a little perplexed.

07:33:59 I don't understand it.

07:34:02 I don't know.

07:34:04 It's already required.

07:34:08 Why would you require it twice?

07:34:10 >> Well, they want to be able to inspect that tree and give

07:34:14 their review prior to the permitting of any pruning given

07:34:18 that canopy.

07:34:20 You can have them come back before you on second reading to

07:34:23 explain that notation.

07:34:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, I would like to see that answer.

07:34:27 Because, you need insurance to drive a car.

07:34:31 Now that I buy a car and say, I promise that I am going to

07:34:34 buy insurance.

07:34:35 Same thing.

07:34:36 >> I understand.

07:34:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm not trying to be picky.

07:34:42 I told myself, that's odd.

07:34:44 >> I'll go back to staff with that.

07:34:46 They need a correction to the tree table for debits and

07:34:49 credits that's in there, and also to correct the tree

07:34:51 planting preparations on the site plan.

07:34:54 Those modifications would need to be made in between first

07:34:59 and second reading.

07:35:00 And if the 15 feet is provided, we do need to change the

07:35:03 waiver, which I did not address in my comments.

07:35:08 With that, staff is available for any questions.

07:35:10 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Mrs. Feeley, on the tree, you said they were

07:35:18 going to eliminate a parking space because you have to have

07:35:21 15 feet under the canopy, though, right?

07:35:28 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Typically on a grand tree it's a minimum of

07:35:30 20-foot unobstructed.

07:35:33 They are willing, I guess, to go to 15.

07:35:35 But this is only 12.

07:35:36 So they needed to come to 15 of unobstructed which would

07:35:40 include that space there.

07:35:42 Down here they have 16.

07:35:44 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Okay.

07:35:45 Well, the question is, what do you mean by unobstructed?

07:35:48 Anything underneath the tree?

07:35:51 >> Correct.

07:35:51 20-foot is measured from the outside of the trunk of the

07:35:56 tree.

07:35:57 >> And what is unobstructed understood the branch?

07:36:00 I'm just curious.

07:36:03 >>ABBYE FEELEY: The root zone for the grand tree expands

07:36:06 even beyond what they are showing as the 21 foot radius that

07:36:09 goes around.

07:36:10 And it causes impaction and other things.

07:36:14 I'm not an arborist.

07:36:16 >> Maybe it's impervious surface.

07:36:18 >> And the impact of the car parking there.

07:36:20 >> I was just curious.

07:36:22 When you said that I didn't know the answer so thank you for

07:36:25 clearing it up for me.

07:36:26 Thanks.

07:36:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

07:36:40 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: Suite 3700 Bank of America Plaza on

07:36:42 petition of petitioner this a evening, ABC capital.

07:36:46 I would like to set up the site plan for just one moment.

07:36:52 (off microphone).

07:37:26 The grand tree, I think it's superfluous to add this on the

07:37:35 site plan.

07:37:36 We are bound by that.

07:37:37 I think you run the risk of creating ambiguities in other

07:37:42 projects.

07:37:42 We will permit the trimming of the tree.

07:37:44 >> Mr. Grandoff, we are not laughing at you.

07:37:50 We are all seeing the chairman in our monitors here.

07:37:57 [ Laughter ]

07:37:58 >> He does not look good. If that's a test, I failed the

07:38:01 test.

07:38:02 It's better now.

07:38:07 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: Let me talk about the waivers first.

07:38:09 We are requesting a waiver on this side.

07:38:11 The property owner on that side has agreed to the waiver,

07:38:14 and he is not here this evening.

07:38:17 Abbye showed you the house there.

07:38:18 We are asking for another waiver on this side, the buffer

07:38:21 waiver.

07:38:21 That is the convenience store to the south.

07:38:24 That property owner does not object either.

07:38:27 This is a reverse of what we are doing across the street

07:38:30 with the same project.

07:38:32 The project across the street had a tree, with a very mature

07:38:37 protected tree.

07:38:38 This is a grand tree which is a tree -- knits very good

07:38:44 shape and we have agreed to provide this radius around the

07:38:47 grand tree that measures 15 feet, but it's not unobstructed.

07:38:54 In this area, in order to provide as much parking as

07:38:57 possible, it is being obstructed by turf block and the

07:39:02 installation of the parking area.

07:39:03 I submit to you that this tree can certainly withstand turf

07:39:07 block and the installation of parking space 15 feet away

07:39:12 from it.

07:39:13 I'm asking that you approve the site plan as drawn, and that

07:39:16 we not sacrifice another parking space to provide 20 feet of

07:39:22 unobstructed which I believe is arbitrary.

07:39:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Montelione?

07:39:29 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mr. Grandoff, you said -- and I maybe

07:39:33 misspoke but you said you think the tree can withstand 15

07:39:36 feet unobstructed but yet on the plan it's 12.5 feet.

07:39:41 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: Right.

07:39:42 Let me explain.

07:39:43 In this area it measures to 15 feet.

07:39:49 See the broken circle?

07:39:50 That measures, in fact, 20 feet.

07:39:55 But in that broken circle, we will have turf block in the

07:39:59 parking space, and then you will see the structure for the

07:40:01 parking space.

07:40:04 I just don't think that's going to affect the grand tree.

07:40:06 And just realistically.

07:40:09 And you look at the site construction, note 2, 3, 4, 6, 8

07:40:16 and 11, all deal with the tree.

07:40:19 In particular, 11, site demolition activities conducted

07:40:23 within the protective radius profit tech tiff tree remain

07:40:26 on-site will be performed by hand under the supervision of

07:40:29 an arborist.

07:40:31 Condition 6, all protected trees shall be protected during

07:40:34 construction.

07:40:35 All development shall comply, et cetera, et cetera.

07:40:39 In a underground utilities shall be placed.

07:40:42 Number 4, three-inch layer of mulch being applied over the

07:40:46 surface of the exposed roots during the site plan phase.

07:40:50 Be number 3, shall be in accord with pruning standards.

07:40:57 All trimming shall be done by qualified licensed service,

07:41:00 roots shall be clearly severed.

07:41:04 Over and above what's necessary.

07:41:06 I submit to you for this project, this is more than enough

07:41:09 of what we are doing on the site plan.

07:41:11 We will permit the grand tree at the time, as the staff has

07:41:15 required.

07:41:15 We do that anyway.

07:41:17 But I ask that you approve the application as filed, and

07:41:20 that you allow us the green space waiver, because we are

07:41:23 going to pay an in lieu fee for the waive of the green

07:41:27 space.

07:41:27 The waiver of the green space is general note number 4.

07:41:38 You will see in note number 3 we are required to replant 15

07:41:42 trees on the site.

07:41:44 Our coverage is -- excuse me one second while I find the

07:41:51 coverage.

07:41:52 7,000 square feet out of 21,000 square feet.

07:41:56 Not a particularly overbuild.

07:42:01 We are minding many masters, parking, landscaping, VUA

07:42:07 setbacks.

07:42:10 Entrance, exit, et cetera, et cetera.

07:42:14 I respectfully request that you approve the plan as filed.

07:42:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: If you are finished with that portion of

07:42:21 your presentation --

07:42:22 >> I am find finished, Mr. Chairman.

07:42:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone care to speak on number 4,

07:42:28 REZ-14-02?

07:42:31 >> We can fulfill the site plan that Mrs. Feeley described

07:42:40 to you earlier.

07:42:44 >>> Al Steenson, 4100 west Lela Avenue.

07:42:50 As I am representing, as I have for years, the Gandy Sun Bay

07:42:53 South civic association.

07:42:57 I have met with the applicant, Mr. Cohen, we reviewed the

07:43:02 site plan.

07:43:02 We vetted it at a lengthy time Monday night at our meeting,

07:43:09 and it's our understanding that the folks in Ballast Point

07:43:14 had no objections to this, as we did on the one directly

07:43:17 across the street, which is almost a mirror image of this

07:43:21 one.

07:43:21 And I can understand the confusion, Abbye, because it's not

07:43:28 directly across the street.

07:43:30 And we are going to support our neighbors as we have before.

07:43:33 But a couple of things that we brought up on the meeting

07:43:37 Monday night that I would like to have on the record is that

07:43:40 we are supporting the petitioner for two reasons.

07:43:43 Number one, this is an area of MacDill, it is somewhat

07:43:48 blighted.

07:43:48 And this is going to be a definite improvement.

07:43:51 And also, one thing that I don't think has been brought out

07:43:55 is with this particular project, one across the street, one

07:44:01 up the street, I haven't had the chance to calculate it but

07:44:04 this is going to put an additional revenue into this area,

07:44:08 additional tax revenue, and hopefully some of that will come

07:44:11 back to us to help improve our aging infrastructure down

07:44:16 there.

07:44:17 So as far as the association is concerned, we are totally in

07:44:21 support of this, not only of the petitioner but our

07:44:25 neighbors at Ballast Point.

07:44:27 Thank you very much.

07:44:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, Mr. Steenson.

07:44:30 Anyone else in the audience?

07:44:31 Petitioner, I have got to ask you, is there anything else

07:44:33 you would like to bring before this council on rebuttal?

07:44:36 >> Well, I'm just more proud of my picture of the existing

07:44:39 site than the one Abbye showed you because it has the cars

07:44:42 on it.

07:44:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That looks real nice.

07:44:48 I thought I saw that in Louisiana.

07:44:52 >>JOHN GRANDOFF: That's my rebuttal.

07:44:54 [ Laughter ]

07:44:58 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Move to close.

07:44:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion to close by -- well,

07:45:01 either one, Mrs. Capin or Mrs. Montelione seconded it, I

07:45:05 guess.

07:45:05 Any further discussion by council members?

07:45:07 All in favor of the motion to close?

07:45:09 Opposed?

07:45:09 The ayes have it unanimously.

07:45:12 Mr. Reddick, would you kindly read number 4, please?

07:45:16 >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes, Mr. Chair.

07:45:17 Move an ordinance presented for first reading consideration,

07:45:20 an ordinance rezoning property in the general vicinity of

07:45:22 5239 South MacDill Avenue in the city of Tampa, Florida, and

07:45:27 more particularly described in section 1, from zoning

07:45:29 district classification CG commercial general to PD planned

07:45:33 development, residential multifamily, providing an effective

07:45:36 date.

07:45:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anything else to need to add into this,

07:45:42 Abbye?

07:45:43 I have a motion by Mr. Reddick.

07:45:44 Seconded by Mr. Suarez.

07:45:45 Further discussion by council members on first reading?

07:45:47 All in favor of the motion?

07:45:50 Opposed?

07:45:50 The ayes have it unanimously.

07:45:52 Thank you all very much for attending.

07:45:54 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Cohen abstaining.

07:45:56 Second reading and adoption will be on March 6th at

07:46:01 9:30 a.m.

07:46:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Number 5, REZ-14-03.

07:46:06 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development.

07:46:10 Your final case this evening is 19440 Bruce B. Downs

07:46:20 Boulevard.

07:46:20 The request before you tonight is from PDA planned

07:46:24 development alternative to PD planned development,

07:46:27 veterinary office, and small kennel.

07:46:30 The request before you tonight is to convert a veterinary

07:46:34 office that was established within an old bank site that

07:46:39 still has drive-in windows, and we would like to do an

07:46:43 addition within the drive-through window area, and include a

07:46:47 kennel use there as well.

07:46:48 >>David Hay: Planning Commission staff.

07:46:58 And I have been sworn.

07:46:59 The final case moves up into the New Tampa planning

07:47:02 district.

07:47:03 The subject site is located on the west side of Bruce B.

07:47:07 Downs Boulevard south of the WalMart up there.

07:47:09 The subject site is located within the boundaries of the

07:47:12 West Meadows neighborhood.

07:47:14 As you can also see Bruce B. Downs Boulevard is corridor, no

07:47:24 local service provided.

07:47:25 Let me turn this the right way.

07:47:27 Onto the aerial.

07:47:29 We can see Bruce B. Downs running north-south through the

07:47:32 center of the aerial.

07:47:34 This portion of Bruce B. Downs Boulevard is primarily

07:47:36 commercial in character with some multifamily residential

07:47:40 uses along the corridor.

07:47:42 You can also see the wetland system located directly to the

07:47:46 west of the subject site.

07:47:48 Further away from Bruce B. Downs you can see some of the

07:47:50 single-family detached residential uses way off of Bruce B.

07:47:55 Downs.

07:47:56 Onto the future land use map, the subject site is parcels

07:48:01 located along the western side of Bruce B. Downs, suburban

07:48:06 mixed use 6.

07:48:08 The late green reflects those wetland we saw back on the

07:48:11 aerial, and designated major internal designated areas.

07:48:17 On the east side of Bruce B. Downs Boulevard we do have

07:48:20 unincorporated, that's why there's no land use showing up on

07:48:24 this map.

07:48:25 The areas in the county out there are designated residential

07:48:29 4.

07:48:30 Our Planning Commission staff found the proposed planned

07:48:33 development would be comparable and compatible to the

07:48:37 oriented commercial development that has been occurring on

07:48:40 this portion of the Bruce B. Downs Boulevard.

07:48:42 The subject site is buffered from the residential uses by

07:48:48 the system and the very wide Bruce B. Downs to the

07:48:51 multifamily to the east.

07:48:53 Therefore, based on those finds findings and the goals,

07:48:56 objectives and policies of the comprehensive plan, Planning

07:48:58 Commission staff find the rezoning request consistent with

07:49:01 the did comprehensive plan.

07:49:04 >>HARRY COHEN: Any questions from council members?

07:49:07 Okay.

07:49:07 Ms. Feeley.

07:49:08 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Land development coordination.

07:49:17 This is a multi-parcel PDA, allows for 20,000 feet of

07:49:25 development, the proposed modification to the existing

07:49:30 veterinary office exceeds that.

07:49:31 So one of the items we are handling tonight is the square

07:49:34 footage, and the second is to allow for that use.

07:49:38 It is a small kennel which would be a maximum of ten

07:49:41 animals, not counting patients to the development.

07:49:45 The subject property and existing structure was previously

07:49:49 occupied by a bank with drive-in window and a veterinary has

07:49:56 used since 2007.

07:49:58 The current application seeks to modify that drive-through

07:50:01 area and the proposed addition is 2,000 square feet which

07:50:03 would bring it to a total of 5500 square feet.

07:50:11 Than the property is surrounded by wetland to the west,

07:50:14 Wendy's to the south, multifamily residential to the east

07:50:17 across Bruce B. Downs.

07:50:18 It is in the New Tampa commercial overlay district.

07:50:20 And it has been reviewed by the urban design coordinator for

07:50:24 consistent with that district.

07:50:25 The site is shown here in green.

07:50:29 As you know PDA zoning requires 50 acres.

07:50:32 This site is not 50 acres. That's why we are taking it from

07:50:35 PDA to PD with the land use designation does require that it

07:50:39 is site plan controlled.

07:50:43 The site for you, large amount of wetland which creates a

07:50:48 really good buffer, drive-through area where they are going

07:50:50 to make that addition.

07:50:53 Residential on top.

07:50:57 Some photos of the site.

07:51:02 Here is a picture of the site.

07:51:09 Here is another shot of the northern facade.

07:51:14 This is the southern facade.

07:51:16 The drive-through area.

07:51:19 Another shot.

07:51:20 The rear of the lot from the access.

07:51:24 Here is looking east across Bruce B. Downs.

07:51:27 This is looking toward the south.

07:51:34 There is one modification that needs to be made from

07:51:36 transportation, has a one-way arrow added and a do not enter

07:51:44 sign added.

07:51:45 With that modification, staff finds the request consistent.

07:51:49 And ware available for any questions.

07:51:50 >>HARRY COHEN: Any questions from council members?

07:51:54 None at this time.

07:51:55 Petitioner?

07:51:55 >> John Larocca, agent for the petitioner, 101 East Kennedy

07:52:02 Boulevard.

07:52:04 Abbye has done a good job tonight describing this.

07:52:09 As Abbye indicated this is an existing veterinary clinic

07:52:14 operating under the general commercial use that allowed an

07:52:17 existing PDA.

07:52:19 The facility as Abbye indicated on the overhead is facing

07:52:25 Bruce B. Downs.

07:52:27 The site plan which you have in your record, and in your

07:52:30 files, I'll put another drawing on the overhead, highlighted

07:52:35 in yellow is the rectangular drive-through facility that

07:52:40 currently exists under the structural roof of the existing

07:52:44 facility.

07:52:45 There are no changes proposed to the outside crime ter of

07:52:50 the facility.

07:52:52 What is being proposed essentially is, if I may, illustrate

07:52:59 again the drive-through that was originally constructed for

07:53:04 the bank.

07:53:05 As you will note, that roof structure is consistent with and

07:53:10 linked to the existing building be.

07:53:12 The applicant is desirous of enclosing that structure under

07:53:17 roof to establish by record through the PD zoning a

07:53:23 veterinary clinic which is existing, adding a small kennel

07:53:27 within an enclosed structure limited to ten animals, and

07:53:32 some pet grooming.

07:53:34 We believe it's consistent with the comprehensive plan,

07:53:38 consistent with the character of the neighborhood, and the

07:53:40 arterial highway that it sits on.

07:53:46 The representative and director of the facility, Dr.

07:53:48 Wellburn is here should you have any questions, but we

07:53:52 respectfully ask that you consider this for approval.

07:53:55 Thank you.

07:53:55 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much.

07:53:58 Are there any questions of the petitioner by council members

07:54:00 at this time?

07:54:02 Is there anyone in the public who would like to speak about

07:54:05 this application?

07:54:09 Don't stampede one another on the way up here.

07:54:13 We have a motion to close from Councilman Reddick, seconded

07:54:16 by Councilwoman Montelione.

07:54:18 All in favor indicate by saying aye.

07:54:19 Opposed?

07:54:21 Okay.

07:54:21 Motion passes.

07:54:22 I believe, I'm not sure if it's Councilwoman's Capin's turn.

07:54:29 Madam.

07:54:31 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you, chair.

07:54:33 An ordinance being presented for first reading

07:54:35 consideration, an ordinance rezoning property in the general

07:54:38 vicinity of 19440 Bruce B. Downs Boulevard in the city of

07:54:43 Tampa, Florida and more particularly described in section 1

07:54:46 from zoning district classifications PDA, planned

07:54:50 development alternative, commercial general uses, to PD,

07:54:54 planned development, veterinary office and small kennel,

07:54:57 providing an effective date.

07:54:58 >>FRANK REDDICK: Second.

07:55:02 >>HARRY COHEN: We have a motion from Councilwoman Capin,

07:55:05 seconded by Councilman Reddick.

07:55:07 All in favor?

07:55:08 Opposed?

07:55:08 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Miranda being accent at

07:55:11 vote.

07:55:11 Second reading and adoption will be on March 6th at 9:30

07:55:14 a.m.

07:55:15 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much.

07:55:17 That concludes our evening business.

07:55:20 Before we move on to new business -- well, why don't we move

07:55:24 on to new business?

07:55:26 Councilman Suarez.

07:55:29 We need a motion to receive and file.

07:55:33 >> We have to wait for Mr. Reddick for a motion to receive

07:55:36 and file.

07:55:36 [ Laughter ]

07:55:37 I just have a couple items.

07:55:38 One, that the council invite colonel HEREZ, retired U.S.

07:55:46 Army colonel, to speak to us and give us information about

07:55:49 the veterans treatment corps to be presented on February

07:55:53 20th, 2013 at 9 a.m. for 10 minutes.

07:55:58 >>FRANK REDDICK: Second.

07:55:58 >>HARRY COHEN: All those in favor please indicate by saying

07:56:02 aye.

07:56:03 Opposed?

07:56:03 >> And everyone have a happy Valentine's day.

07:56:08 Make sure whoever is taking you or is taking you that you

07:56:12 have a wonderful evening, tomorrow or Saturday or Sunday,

07:56:16 whatever may be your appointed time.

07:56:23 It's just a public -- [ Laughter ]

07:56:32 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I would like to request that -- or make a

07:56:36 motion requesting City Council write a letter in support of

07:56:40 Tampa being considered as the host city for the upcoming

07:56:43 NALEO convention, National Association of Latin Elected

07:56:50 Officials.

07:56:50 >> Second.

07:56:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mrs. Capin, seconded by Mrs.

07:56:56 Montelione, on a close vote with Mr. Cohen.

07:56:59 All in favor of the motion?

07:57:00 Opposed?

07:57:01 The ayes have it unanimously.

07:57:03 Anything else?

07:57:04 Mr. Suarez?

07:57:05 >>MIKE SUAREZ: If you want, I can give you some more.

07:57:12 [ Laughter ]

07:57:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick?

07:57:15 >>FRANK REDDICK: Last week I made a motion to give a

07:57:17 commendation to bear Bilirakas, chosen as Hall of Fame.

07:57:25 He has confirmed with me that he will be here next Thursday,

07:57:30 February 20th, and he's asking at 9:30. His schedule

07:57:36 will allow him to be here at 9:30.

07:57:39 And just to determine --

07:57:42 >> Second.

07:57:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Seconded by Mrs. Montelione.

07:57:45 All in favor of the motion?

07:57:47 Opposed?

07:57:47 The ayes have it unanimously.

07:57:48 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Chairman, also at our last regular

07:57:53 meeting, I wanted someone to make a motion to send a letter

07:57:56 to WalMart, about Seminole Heights.

07:58:01 I would like to make that motion.

07:58:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Reddick.

07:58:06 I have three second.

07:58:07 This goes to Mr. Cohen on a close vote with Mrs. Suarez and

07:58:10 Mrs. Mulhern.

07:58:11 All in favor of the motion?

07:58:13 Opposed?

07:58:14 The ayes have it unanimously.

07:58:15 >>FRANK REDDICK: And just an announcement.

07:58:19 I want to remained you the City of Tampa black history month

07:58:22 celebration tomorrow at 11:00 at the Tampa Convention

07:58:25 Center.

07:58:27 And they want everybody to come out and be part of that.

07:58:31 And February 15, Tampa Police Department would like to meet,

07:58:37 meet me at the park, festival to take place at the Lowry

07:58:43 Park band shell, 7525 North Boulevard.

07:58:46 They are inviting everybody to come out and have a good

07:58:49 time.

07:58:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I can't make the first one because I'm at

07:58:53 work.

07:58:53 But I appreciate the invitation.

07:58:56 Thank you very much, sir.

07:58:57 Ms. Mulhern.

07:58:58 >>MARY MULHERN: No, sir.

07:59:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

07:59:00 Mr. Cohen.

07:59:01 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much.

07:59:02 A few things.

07:59:03 First of all, haven Poe has add way this week at the age of

07:59:08 82.

07:59:09 And she was, of course, a really illustrious public servant

07:59:14 in this community.

07:59:15 She served on this council from 1979 to 1986, and on the

07:59:20 Hillsborough County commission from 1986 to 1990.

07:59:22 Our condolences go out to her family.

07:59:25 I would like to make a motion that we ask the chair to send

07:59:27 a letter to the family on our behalf expressing those

07:59:30 condolances.

07:59:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen.

07:59:33 Seconded by Mrs. Montelione.

07:59:35 Further discussion by council members?

07:59:36 All in favor of the motion?

07:59:38 Opposed?

07:59:38 The ayes have it unanimously.

07:59:39 >>HARRY COHEN: And then finally, two commendations.

07:59:43 One, I would like to make a motion for commendation

07:59:45 recognizing the retirement of George Schaefer after 24 years

07:59:50 of service to the city.

07:59:51 That commendation will be presented to him tomorrow.

07:59:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Cohen, seconded by

07:59:57 Mr. Suarez.

07:59:57 Further discussion by council members?

07:59:59 All in favor of the motion?

08:00:01 Opposed?

08:00:01 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:00:03 >>HARRY COHEN: And second a commendation recognizing

08:00:05 Dorothy Coleman who is retiring after 30 years of service to

08:00:08 the city.

08:00:09 That commendation would be presented here at City Council on

08:00:12 February 20th at 9:00 a.m.

08:00:15 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Second.

08:00:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Seconded by Mrs. Capin on a close vote

08:00:19 with Mrs. Montelione.

08:00:20 All in favor of the motion?

08:00:21 Opposed?

08:00:22 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:00:23 >>HARRY COHEN: And I certainly want to wish everyone a

08:00:25 happy Valentine's day.

08:00:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Montelione?

08:00:38 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

08:00:41 Yes, Mr. Reddick, I am going to do a public service

08:00:43 announcement.

08:00:46 I put on the overhead, so maybe if we can have it.

08:00:51 There is a little bit of glare there.

08:00:52 But you can see that it is announcing a job fair that is

08:00:56 going to take place at MOSI on Wednesday, February 19th,

08:01:01 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

08:01:04 MOSI for anybody who doesn't New York City museum of science

08:01:07 and industry on Fowler Avenue.

08:01:09 I am hosting it along with U.S. representative Kathy Castor.

08:01:13 And the Tampa Bay Workforce Alliance.

08:01:17 So for those who are out there looking for jobs, we have got

08:01:22 about 50 employers who will be there with available jobs

08:01:28 that they are actively recruiting and hiring for.

08:01:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

08:01:32 Anyone else?

08:01:33 Anything else?

08:01:34 >> Move to receive and file.

08:01:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to receive and file by Mr.

08:01:40 Reddick.

08:01:41 Seconded by Mr. Cohen.

08:01:42 All in favor?

08:01:43 Opposed?

08:01:43 The ayes have it unanimously.

08:01:45 Any of you 512 people care to speak?

08:01:48 That are in the audience? I see no one coming up.

08:01:51 Officer, would you care to speak?

08:01:53 All right, thank you very much.

08:01:55 Anything else to come before this council?

08:01:58 We stand adjourned.

08:02:02 >>


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