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Tampa City Council

Thursday, February 27, 2014

9:00 a.m. Workshop Sessions


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09:04:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to order.

09:04:52 The chair yields to Mike Suarez.

09:04:54 >> It's my pleasure to introduce Rabbi Mendei Dubrowski.

09:05:00 He moved to Tampa with his parents only three weeks later.

09:05:07 Raised in Tampa he studied at the Hebrew academy after which

09:05:11 he left to study in Detroit and Paris.

09:05:14 He finished his ordination in Brooklyn and spent one year in

09:05:19 Buenos Aires, Argentina.

09:05:22 He worked with the birthright program.

09:05:28 He speaks five languages including French, Yiddish, Spanish

09:05:33 and Hebrew.

09:05:47 Please everyone rise for the invocation and remain standing

09:05:50 for the pledge of allegiance.

09:05:51 >> Let us pray.

09:05:58 let our council remember that they have been chosen by

09:06:17 thousands people to make decisions on behalf of our great

09:06:21 city.

09:06:23 The performance of one of the seven universal laws, the

09:06:27 father of all humanity, for a society governed by the rule

09:06:32 of law.

09:06:33 Bless our brothers and sisters in law enforcement and the

09:06:36 military who constantly sacrifice for the freedoms we

09:06:40 cherish, protect them and return them safely to their

09:06:43 families.

09:06:43 As we open the council meeting just two weeks before the

09:06:46 Jewish community celebrates freedom for the Jewish people

09:06:50 living under the perfection Empire, let all citizens of the

09:06:55 City of Tampa accept and appreciate our diversity as human

09:06:58 beings, and each contribute to the fabric of our society.

09:07:08 Let us encourage one another to fulfill our charge to

09:07:12 protect the world understood our sovereignty.

09:07:15 Let us all bring light where there is darkness and happiness

09:07:20 and peace to all who seek it.

09:07:22 Amen.

09:07:22 [ Pledge of Allegiance ]

09:07:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Roll call.

09:07:46 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.

09:07:50 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

09:07:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

09:07:54 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

09:07:55 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.

09:07:56 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

09:08:00 Okay.

09:08:00 We start with item number 1, Mr. Reddick will do the

09:08:03 presentation of police Officer of the Month.

09:08:05 >>FRANK REDDICK: We have our Officer of the Month.

09:08:36 Chief.

09:08:36 >> Good morning. Again it's my honor to bring you one of

09:08:43 Tampa's finest.

09:08:44 We have Ronnie here who has only been a police officer for a

09:08:48 year and seven months.

09:08:49 So we will round that up to two years.

09:08:53 Ronnie is the "bad guy" who mistakes her size for weakness,

09:08:59 and I'll just let you know a couple of instances that she's

09:09:02 been involved in, and then I'll give you some amazing

09:09:05 statistics.

09:09:08 Late last year, she conducted a traffic stop where the

09:09:12 driver fled on foot.

09:09:13 She gave chase, caught the suspect, because that's always

09:09:17 what she does, and the individual started resisting arrest.

09:09:20 He was a former college athlete, and she was able to stand

09:09:24 her ground, hold him down until backup units arrived, and he

09:09:28 was subdued and arrested.

09:09:30 After searching his vehicle, officers located a stolen AR-15

09:09:34 and 100 rounds TV 223 ammunition.

09:09:38 In another instance later in the year where are she received

09:09:41 a call from a concerned citizen about a suspicious vehicle

09:09:45 over by an abandoned residence.

09:09:48 So two unknown subjects in it.

09:09:50 She arrived at the scene, quickly requested other units to

09:09:53 respond, and subject tried to put the car in reverse and

09:09:58 flee, and she had blocked the vehicle in.

09:10:01 So while other units were responding she had them focus on

09:10:04 the individual still in the car and she was able to again

09:10:07 chase down the suspect who ran for quite some distance, but

09:10:13 she closed that distance and caught him, apprehended him,

09:10:16 brought him back down to the location where the car was at.

09:10:20 The car was reported stolen, and in the interior, the

09:10:24 vehicle they found a stolen firearm and 18 grams of

09:10:27 marijuana.

09:10:31 The first nine months of 20, her efforts resulted in 477

09:10:39 arrests, the seizure of five fire arms including two assault

09:10:42 rifles and large quantities of illegal narcotics.

09:10:47 Just this year, she had recovered close to 14 firearms out

09:10:50 on the streets of Tampa.

09:10:52 So she is what we refer to in rather crude terms, in police

09:10:59 jargon, she is a magnet for activities on the streets.

09:11:05 If you listen to her when she's on duty you hear her

09:11:09 constantly out there engaging and arresting the bad guys.

09:11:13 She is a former college athlete, very good, and she is

09:11:17 under -- I'm sure you all know my son, Kenny Norris lift

09:11:27 [ Laughter ]

09:11:28 And he has trained her very well but she is an outstanding

09:11:31 member of the police department and certainly an asset to

09:11:33 the community.

09:11:33 She's well-known out there in the community.

09:11:35 Everybody respects her, from supervisors to peers, to the

09:11:40 citizens.

09:11:42 And she certainly gets the job done every day, and we are

09:11:45 honored to have her.

09:11:46 And it's my honor to name her as the Officer of the Month

09:11:49 for February 2014.

09:11:51 [ Applause ]

09:11:53 >> Joe Durkins from Bright House.

09:12:54 We would like to present you with a month of all of our

09:12:58 services.

09:12:58 >> Steve Stickley representing Stepps Towing.

09:13:13 On behalf of Jim, Judy and Todd Stepp we would like to give

09:13:17 you this token of our appreciation for a job well done and a

09:13:20 gift certificate to Lee Roy Selmon.

09:13:23 >> Representing Bill Currie Ford and the Currie family we

09:13:35 would like to present you on a job well done.

09:13:37 I'm very impressed.

09:13:38 And we would like to present you with this watch.

09:13:43 [ Applause ]

09:13:57 >> We have a $100 gift certificate to any of our

09:14:03 restaurants.

09:14:03 >> Jill Latecki with Tampa Theatre, an annual membership for

09:14:14 you and a friend.

09:14:15 And that candy can be transferable.

09:14:21 >> Heather Chamber representing Straz Center.

09:14:27 On behalf of the center, I would like to thank you for your

09:14:30 efforts, and award you two tickets to best of Tampa Bay.

09:14:38 >> Good morning.

09:14:40 I would like to thank Chief Castor for making me Officer of

09:14:45 the Month and give great appreciation to the staff of

09:14:48 district 3, Major Bernie, Captain Ward, Lieutenant Gantes,

09:14:54 and my supervisor, and our corporal who is not here today.

09:14:58 And I want to thank my mom and my sisters for coming out.

09:15:02 [ Applause ]

09:15:11 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Bring your family up here.

09:15:13 We can't see because the camera is in the way.

09:15:18 I rode up the elevator with you and your sergeant.

09:15:22 And it's okay to smile.

09:15:24 [ Laughter ]

09:15:29 You have done a great job.

09:15:31 And thank you so much.

09:15:32 I know Chief Castor called you a magnet.

09:15:35 But I'm not sure I want to be around you when you are out on

09:15:38 patrol.

09:15:39 Thank you for everything you do.

09:15:42 It's okay to smile once in awhile.

09:15:47 But thanks for everything you do.

09:15:48 And keep up the good work.

09:15:51 And I know that sergeant Norris is very proud of you, as we

09:15:54 all are.

09:15:54 Thank you.

09:15:55 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you very much.

09:15:57 [ Applause ]

09:15:59 We really appreciate everything you do for the citizens.

09:16:01 And as chair I am going to name Frank Reddick and Harry

09:16:06 Cohen as the twin towers of the basketball team we are going

09:16:08 to form here.

09:16:10 We are playing the baby boomers.

09:16:13 [ Laughter ]

09:16:15 Before I go any further, I did receive a memo this morning

09:16:18 just before I came to chambers from Cathy Cole, and would

09:16:27 like item number 5 to be put on the March 27th.

09:16:30 So I don't know if there's anyone in the audience regarding

09:16:33 bed and breakfast.

09:16:35 But the main person here is not coming today because of an

09:16:39 illness.

09:16:40 So I'll ask council when we get to that subject matter to

09:16:44 give me the privilege of moving it to March 27th.

09:16:47 I just want anyone to know who is here for the bed and

09:16:50 breakfast, it will be delayed until a further date.

09:16:57 Item number 2, CH2M Hill with Lisa Montelione doing the

09:17:03 presentation.

09:17:03 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Good morning.

09:17:24 I have with me the principal of Belle Witter Elementary, a

09:17:36 school that has very dedicated personnel, and the people who

09:17:42 surround these children who are in great need.

09:17:48 97% of the students at Belle Witter receive free and reduced

09:17:54 lunch.

09:17:57 It's a very challenging environment to work in.

09:17:59 So thank you very much for the work that you do each and

09:18:01 every day.

09:18:03 And I want to recognize -- because a lot of what happened

09:18:13 during the holiday season is in great part the

09:18:16 responsibility of Ms. Saunders.

09:18:19 She is a fairly new social worker in our school system, and

09:18:24 what she was able to accomplish for these kids, I think your

09:18:29 first time out, second time out, for BELLE Witter was

09:18:38 nothing short of amazing.

09:18:39 I have two representatives from CH2M Hill.

09:18:51 Trish is over there.

09:18:52 We spent a lot of time together doing a big quality project

09:18:55 that was taking place in the neighborhood to relieve

09:18:58 flooding.

09:19:00 The pond in the area, I fondly refer to it as the Hoover

09:19:06 dam, the project was that large, and we spent a lot of time

09:19:11 out there, and it was in part that project that brought the

09:19:16 children at Belle Witter to his attention and he told a very

09:19:23 moving and very touching story during the holiday

09:19:26 celebration at Belle Witter.

09:19:32 They were a part of the adopt a Wildcat program.

09:19:35 And during that ceremony, they surprised the school with in

09:19:42 addition to taking the children and bringing them downtown

09:19:48 and participating in the celebration, presented the school

09:19:51 with a check, which was totally unexpected.

09:19:54 And I just am so proud that we have partners at the city

09:20:00 that really take an interest in the community that they work

09:20:04 in.

09:20:05 So not only do we receive top notch engineering services and

09:20:12 dedicated employees to the projects that they are contracted

09:20:17 to work on, but also that recognize the needs of our

09:20:22 communities, and have a desire to give back.

09:20:25 So this morning I want to present to them these

09:20:29 commendations.

09:20:30 And I will just briefly read what we have here.

09:20:35 The Tampa City Council is proud to recognize CH2M Hill and

09:20:41 staff and faculty of Belle Witter school for the adopt a

09:20:47 Wildcat program.

09:20:48 More than 80 students and their families were adopted over

09:20:50 the holiday season by employees, Witter elementary staff

09:20:54 members and volunteers from across the community.

09:20:56 The Tampa City Council would like to thank Witter elementary

09:21:00 principal Susan Perspacker and the entire staff and faculty

09:21:07 for the students and families of the community.

09:21:12 Also, I wanted to recognize that there were 112 students, I

09:21:20 believe, that were taken care of during that holiday season.

09:21:28 I understand Mrs. Ligouri was a teacher, and all authorize

09:21:35 she no longer works at the school she realized what she was

09:21:39 able to accomplish there as principal and wanted to continue

09:21:42 the work of taking care of those children.

09:21:43 So the law firm of Christopher Ligouri adopted an additional

09:21:52 bunch of children.

09:21:53 There were 80 students, and he had 43 or somewhere around

09:21:59 there, and took them to target.

09:22:01 Gave them $100 gift cards, allowed them to shop for

09:22:06 themselves, and they were required to at least buy one

09:22:12 outfit to wear and then they could spend the rest of the

09:22:15 money how they wanted.

09:22:16 And whenever they got to the register they were over the

09:22:19 amount of that that gift card covered, the remaining

09:22:23 balance, and I think that coming back and stepping up, these

09:22:26 are some of the things that people in our community do that

09:22:31 often go unrecognized.

09:22:32 So though they couldn't be here with us this morning, I

09:22:36 wanted to make sure that they were recognized.

09:22:39 So this is for you.

09:22:42 And here is one for the school.

09:22:43 >> Good morning, council.

09:22:53 I just want to say we are very, very happy for the support

09:22:57 from the community.

09:22:58 We are a title 1 school, and yes, we have phenomenal

09:23:02 teachers and staff at Witter who really go beyond for our

09:23:07 children.

09:23:07 And it is with the help of members of the community that

09:23:12 really help our students.

09:23:15 And I have to say this year was one of the biggest programs

09:23:23 we have ever had in supporting children.

09:23:26 And not only to get the things they provided, they also

09:23:30 provided food and so forth for our parents, and they also

09:23:36 got a drawing and parents also got gifts as well.

09:23:40 I just want to say thank you very much, and also to the

09:23:45 Ligouri law firm, because to go shopping was absolutely

09:23:52 phenomenal.

09:23:53 We really do appreciate all the support, and our children

09:23:56 really do appreciate all the support.

09:23:57 So thank you.

09:24:01 [ Applause ]

09:24:03 >> Good morning, council.

09:24:07 On behalf of CH2M Hill, the staff and the office, we

09:24:14 appreciate the opportunity to be recognized.

09:24:17 It was more of a pleasure for us to participate.

09:24:21 I want to say to Councilwoman Montelione, I refer most of

09:24:29 the credit to the teachers.

09:24:31 The work that they do is above and beyond their call of duty

09:24:35 and it was only fitting for us to somehow -- what they have

09:24:43 been doing, and we appreciate that.

09:24:47 They were phenomenal in what they are doing.

09:25:03 A member of our staff in the office was phenomenal in

09:25:09 assisting to champion the program, and was a good

09:25:13 partnership.

09:25:17 We were actually doing a project for the City of Tampa,

09:25:22 public works, stormwater division, and it was completed

09:25:26 successfully, and a lot of it going to that neighborhood.

09:25:33 Through the project we had to close off access to a couple

09:25:35 of the area that kids use to walk to school and that brought

09:25:44 to our attention how early they were walking to school, so

09:25:49 that gave us the idea of giving back to the school, thank

09:25:51 you for the hospitality that we got came about.

09:25:55 So again, Councilwoman Montelione, thank you for having us

09:25:59 and we look forward.

09:26:01 >>LISA MONTELIONE: One of the things you didn't mention

09:26:04 today, just touched on when they were working in the

09:26:07 community and he saw, he and the staff saw the children

09:26:10 walking to school and how small they were, this is in the

09:26:14 dark, in the rain, in the cold, and to see those little kids

09:26:20 with those great big backpacks walking through the school

09:26:24 reminded him of when he was growing up, and says that he

09:26:28 wanted to make sure that some of these children had folks to

09:26:34 look up to, and to be their mentors.

09:26:37 And I hope that the work through the holiday continued, and

09:26:44 throughout the year, they really need people that showed

09:26:49 that they cared, and what could be accomplished through hard

09:26:53 work, dedication, and education.

09:26:56 Thank you very much.

09:26:56 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

09:26:58 We really appreciate all the good work from all the

09:27:02 teachers, the parents, the students, CH2M Hill and all for

09:27:08 the outstanding work you have done.

09:27:10 We are really appreciative of community spirit, and those

09:27:13 are the future leaders of this city.

09:27:15 Thank you very much.

09:27:17 Okay.

09:27:18 I believe Mrs. Montelione touched on the Ligouri's will not

09:27:22 be able to be here this morning and she will handle that

09:27:25 presentation personally.

09:27:26 And now we go to item number 4, the women's history month

09:27:33 handled by Yolie Capin.

09:27:36 Council member Yvonne Yolie Capin.

09:27:58 >>YVONNE CAPIN: This is wonderful.

09:27:59 I'm so glad I am being able to present this commendation

09:28:02 this year.

09:28:03 You know, all my life, and still growing up, we hear the

09:28:09 history of man, the history of man, the history of man.

09:28:12 It's about time.

09:28:14 [ Laughter ]

09:28:17 This is annual worldwide women's history month.

09:28:22 And it was first celebrated in 1911, worldwide.

09:28:28 You have the United Kingdom and Australia celebrated the

09:28:31 month of March.

09:28:33 International woman's day is on March 8th.

09:28:36 So it should be a national holiday.

09:28:43 In Sonoma, California, the year my daughter was born, it

09:28:52 caught the eye and the attention of the president a couple

09:28:56 of years later and in February 198 Jimmy Carter made a

09:29:02 presidential proclamation declaring the week of March

09:29:05 8th, 1980 as women's national history month and

09:29:10 recognizing the contributions of women.

09:29:14 And it's hard to believe in my lifetime, my mother could not

09:29:19 have a credit card without her husband's signature or

09:29:24 permission, that would make her not purchase homes and apply

09:29:31 for mortgages.

09:29:32 But I'm glad that during my lifetime that changed.

09:29:35 And the contributions that women have made all along is very

09:29:40 important.

09:29:42 After that, in the 1980s, state after state declared March

09:29:46 women's history month, and here we are celebrating it in

09:29:50 Tampa.

09:29:51 And I am going to read our commendation.

09:29:59 Change is all around us, and improving metropolitan area

09:30:03 Tampa strives to be a place for growth for women in a wide

09:30:07 range of professions.

09:30:08 Women's history month is an annually declared month

09:30:12 nationwide that highlights the contributions of women in our

09:30:15 nation's history and contemporary society.

09:30:18 We honor the pioneers that made notable strides for equality

09:30:24 for the daughters of the generation such that no aspiration

09:30:28 seems out of reach.

09:30:29 The members of the Tampa City Council are proud to recognize

09:30:32 the City of Tampa women's history month celebration March 4,

09:30:36 2014, to congratulate Francis -- of the Josephine Howard

09:30:43 Stafford Memorial Award recipient and honor the

09:30:47 contributions and accomplishments of all women during

09:30:50 women's history month.

09:30:52 >> Thank you.

09:31:01 Thank you, Councilwoman Capin.

09:31:03 Good morning, council members.

09:31:04 I'm Jeanette LaRussa Fenton with the women's history month

09:31:10 committee and we also have some of the other committee

09:31:12 members.

09:31:13 Everyone couldn't be present.

09:31:16 We have Tanya west -- representing committee.

09:31:20 Our chair is Jillian Howard.

09:31:22 Unfortunately, Jillian had a major family medical emergency

09:31:25 this morning.

09:31:26 Our thoughts and our prayers are with Jillian.

09:31:29 And she sends her regrets that she cannot be here

09:31:32 personally.

09:31:32 We want to tab this opportunity and thank you, council

09:31:35 member Capin, for that wonderful reiteration of the women's

09:31:39 history celebration and how it came about.

09:31:41 This is the 18th year that the City of Tampa celebrates

09:31:44 women's history month.

09:31:45 We will be -- we will be having our program on Tuesday,

09:31:49 March 4 at 10:30 at the convention center.

09:31:52 We invite of course all the council members.

09:31:54 All of you have been very supportive all week.

09:31:56 We invite the public, and it's free, open to the public.

09:31:59 We have a wonderful program that is planned.

09:32:03 Our theme this year is women of character, courage and

09:32:06 commitment.

09:32:08 Boy, did we see that this morning with our honoree and from

09:32:11 the police department, and certainly there are many women

09:32:14 just like that throughout our city and our world.

09:32:18 How fitting also that we have as our mistress of ceremony

09:32:22 police chief Jane Castor.

09:32:24 Our keynote speaker is going to be the honorable Betty

09:32:27 Castor.

09:32:28 A lot of Castors in there.

09:32:30 We are going to have entertainment by power story theater

09:32:33 giving us some true life stories.

09:32:35 And then we are partnered with MacDill Air Force Base

09:32:42 and presenting a special award to an outstanding female

09:32:46 military staff person.

09:32:47 And then, of course, as Councilwoman Capin mentioned, we

09:32:51 will be honoring our own Francis Henry Gibbs,.

09:32:59 The first female in that roll, the last elected city clerk

09:33:03 and the first Hispanic as well.

09:33:04 So she is someone that is very beloved not only in the city

09:33:08 but throughout the Tampa community.

09:33:10 And we are just delighted to be honoring her.

09:33:13 So again, we invite everyone to join us Tuesday, March

09:33:17 4th, 10:30 at the Tampa Convention Center.

09:33:20 And we also thank our honorary chair, and Councilwoman

09:33:25 Capin, Councilwoman Mulhern and Councilwoman Montelione.

09:33:29 Thank you again for the commendation.

09:33:32 [ Applause ]

09:33:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.

09:33:40 We finished with items 1 through 4.

09:33:44 5 is being held.

09:33:46 Before I go to that, public comments, Mr. Reddick would like

09:33:51 to make an introduction of some very important individuals

09:33:54 in the audience.

09:33:54 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

09:33:56 We are honored to have in our presence today future leaders

09:34:03 of our community who will be -- who are representing charter

09:34:11 schools here visiting with us and I would like each one of

09:34:15 them to stand and come before the mike and say your name.

09:34:21 Tell us what grade you're in.

09:34:29 >> I'm in 8th grade.

09:34:33 >> 7th grade.

09:34:37 >> 5th grade.

09:34:40 >> I'm in 7th grade.

09:34:45 >> 6th grade.

09:34:51 8th grade.

09:34:52 >> 8th grade.

09:34:55 >> 6th grade.

09:34:58 >> And the teacher with them.

09:35:05 Would you like to say a few words?

09:35:07 >> Yes, sir.

09:35:07 Good morning, council.

09:35:08 Thank you all so very much for inviting us here today.

09:35:12 I wanted to bring these students out so that they can

09:35:15 actually get a chance to see how city government works.

09:35:23 Over my last time had the pleasure of working with city

09:35:25 government, but we really wanted to get them down here to

09:35:31 see what goes on in city government, to get away from the

09:35:34 school so they can get out in the community.

09:35:35 So we are so thankful and grateful that you all invited us

09:35:39 today.

09:35:40 Commissioner Reddick, thank you very much for having us

09:35:42 today.

09:35:43 And you have a good day.

09:35:47 >> Just let them know that this evening they can tune in and

09:35:50 see themselves on TV.

09:35:51 >> Yes, sir, thank you.

09:35:52 I sure will.

09:35:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, Mr. Reddick.

09:35:56 We are appreciative of the future leaders of Tampa being

09:35:59 here.

09:35:59 We go to public comments for three minutes.

09:36:02 If anyone in the audience would like to speak to items on

09:36:05 the agenda first, items 1 through 4, really, because 5 is

09:36:08 going to be put to March 27th.

09:36:11 >> Pete Johnson, 510 Harrison street.

09:36:27 A long story but I can't move out of the City of Tampa, so

09:36:31 you're stuck with me.

09:36:34 [ Laughter ]

09:36:37 >> Put in the unused portion over here.

09:36:44 [ Laughter ]

09:36:45 >> The new ordinance for rentals is fabulous.

09:36:56 It finally gives the enforcement power to ensure that we

09:36:59 don't give out a certification unless the property complies

09:37:05 with basic housing.

09:37:07 Anyway, I just read it.

09:37:10 It's fabulous.

09:37:11 And I support it 110%.

09:37:15 The next thing I want to talk about is still, until the city

09:37:20 enforce it is state statute of how the process of

09:37:25 enforcement of code violations are to be used, we are going

09:37:31 to have repeat violations.

09:37:35 Until we hold people accountable, we are not going to get

09:37:38 anywhere, regardless, even if they comply.

09:37:41 They need to have a finger shaken at them.

09:37:49 The next thing here is -- I just got this -- the number of

09:37:55 civil citations that have to go to court this afternoon.

09:37:59 It's going to be a long day in court.

09:38:02 Please, require that any property or any case that falls

09:38:08 into compliance that documentation is required, including

09:38:15 additional photographs to show that the violation has been

09:38:20 corrected.

09:38:23 Unless we do that, there is no proof of 85% compliance.

09:38:28 All we are doing is jumping around with numbers.

09:38:31 And numbers can be manipulated easily.

09:38:36 The last thing is, all the recommendations to the code

09:38:42 enforcement department are fabulous.

09:38:45 They are really good.

09:38:47 We don't need a computer system to implement every single

09:38:51 recommendation here.

09:38:53 We just need strong management.

09:38:56 And at $50,000-some a year, the code officers, I think they

09:39:00 can follow every single requirement here without any

09:39:07 question.

09:39:09 Thank you very much.

09:39:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

09:39:10 Next please.

09:39:11 Anyone else in the audience care to speak understood public

09:39:15 comments?

09:39:16 >> Okay, I'm ED, Ed Tillou, Sulphur Springs.

09:39:28 I want to speak to item 4.

09:39:30 I was just going to call attention to this article in Tampa

09:39:36 Bay, and the bike race and the beer selling with the bike

09:39:47 race and events taking place.

09:39:50 I think that was a valid issue to be brought here, but it

09:39:53 was slanted by the words "unwanted drama."

09:39:57 Now, I feel a little close to it because my aunt had a

09:40:03 personality disorder.

09:40:05 She passed this along to me.

09:40:08 And after she died a number of years back, you know, or

09:40:13 actually when I left home, but the thing is, a lot of times,

09:40:17 this is a way that issues are slanted.

09:40:22 Now, I think this is a valid issue.

09:40:24 And my perspective is German bicycle sport club bears a

09:40:30 little on the invocation because it was based in Brooklyn,

09:40:33 Ridgewood, Brooklyn, and I had to make up my shirt saying

09:40:37 German bicycle sports club, Al Lopez, president, because in

09:40:43 World War II, and the way the meetings went, most of pus --

09:40:47 and there was a little group that sat off to the side, and I

09:40:54 was in a few bike races with them, and this having beer to

09:41:01 be sold.

09:41:06 With respect to item 2, CHM 2 hill is an environmental

09:41:12 consultant.

09:41:14 And I pass this around.

09:41:17 This was another article in TVT about the possibility of the

09:41:22 huge number of extinctions of species, and there was a song

09:41:27 when I was growing up, the other guys like it better than I

09:41:31 because I didn't like it at all, "your day will come," so we

09:41:35 are talking about the possibilities of the extinction of

09:41:38 humanity on the basis of global warming, reducing the

09:41:41 agriculture.

09:41:42 So, anyway, this is a matter of education which again bears

09:41:47 on item 2 having been in elementary school.

09:41:49 This has got to be educated.

09:41:51 More and more people have to know about this.

09:41:53 (Bell sounds)

09:41:54 So I go up to Washington, D.C.

09:41:57 I might start protesting at national geographic.

09:42:03 It's never really had an article about that.

09:42:06 Now, this is over in Jacksonville.

09:42:09 It's the Miranda favorite place.

09:42:13 This shows what happens when things are not dealt with

09:42:18 there.

09:42:18 You start getting vigilante, and it happened in Jacksonville

09:42:23 but it could happen here with the loud stereos, but more

09:42:26 importantly the loud mufflers.

09:42:27 Nothing is being done.

09:42:28 (Bell sounds).

09:42:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

09:42:33 And I see the volt price has not come down.

09:42:36 I'm just making a comment to Mr. Reddick.

09:42:38 Thank you.

09:42:40 [ Laughter ]

09:42:41 All right.

09:42:41 Before I go, item number 5, we have a memo from Cathy Coyle.

09:42:47 I said earlier that she can't be here and we would like to

09:42:51 have a motion by council changing this part to March

09:42:56 27th of 2014.

09:42:58 Before I take that, do you want to speak on bed and

09:43:01 breakfast?

09:43:02 >> No.

09:43:02 I was going to speak on the general agenda item.

09:43:05 I could wait till the workshop but there was a little

09:43:08 confusion about whether there would be an opportunity to

09:43:10 speak after the workshop presentation.

09:43:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Usually after the workshop presentation,

09:43:15 we allow all that remain, and ho want to stay the next

09:43:21 couple of hours to speak, yes, sir.

09:43:24 You didn't like the couple hours part.

09:43:27 [ Laughter ]

09:43:28 All right.

09:43:30 Anyone care to speak about the extension of time from today

09:43:33 to March 27th, 2014 on item number 5, the bed and

09:43:37 breakfast discussion?

09:43:38 I see no one.

09:43:39 I need a motion from council.

09:43:40 >> So moved.

09:43:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: This is a workshop.

09:43:48 This does not have to be opened.

09:43:50 So I forgot to made the motion.

09:43:53 Motion by Mr. Reddick.

09:43:54 Seconded by Mrs. Montelione for March 27, the year 2014 on

09:43:58 item number 5.

09:43:59 All in favor of that motion please indicate by saying aye.

09:44:01 Opposed nay.

09:44:02 The ayes have it unanimously.

09:44:05 Thank you very much.

09:44:05 We go now to workshop item number 6.

09:44:08 And the public will be entitled to speak for three minutes

09:44:11 after each item on the workshop.

09:44:15 Yes, sir?

09:44:17 >> Good morning.

09:44:18 Jake Slater, City of Tampa administrator for neighborhood

09:44:21 empowerment.

09:44:22 Thank you very much for listening to us this morning.

09:44:25 We are here to discuss a proposed change in the City of

09:44:33 Tampa inspection rental program which took effect back in

09:44:37 the 1980s.

09:44:39 It's where each of the rental properties in the City of

09:44:41 Tampa is required to be inspected once over a three-year

09:44:47 period for minimum housing standards.

09:44:50 Qualifications.

09:44:53 Since the ordinance was enacted back in 1980, the whole area

09:44:59 in the City of Tampa has changed drastically.

09:45:03 You will hear from the some experts in the field at the

09:45:09 Tampa Bay apartment association, currently in the

09:45:11 Hillsborough County, we have over 50% of the population with

09:45:16 some type of rental properties.

09:45:17 Over 50%.

09:45:18 And it's going up.

09:45:20 So with that, we have been working on this proposed change

09:45:25 for the last six or eight months.

09:45:30 We discussed it amongst ourselves internally with the legal,

09:45:32 with the community leaders, and we think that we have come

09:45:36 up with a pretty good working draft that will address the

09:45:42 rental property situation in the City of Tampa and will help

09:45:44 us address the blight and will finally hope us get the

09:45:53 certificate program currently up to speed.

09:45:55 With that, let me introduce Ernie Mueller, assistant city

09:46:01 attorney.

09:46:04 He and I have been working on this feverishly for the last

09:46:07 six months.

09:46:08 Ernie.

09:46:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mrs. Montelione?

09:46:19 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Good morning, Mr. Mueller.

09:46:22 Yesterday we met and discussed a lot of what you are going

09:46:24 to present here today as far as really, I think, part A and

09:46:30 also part F, because those two on the agenda are closely

09:46:34 related.

09:46:34 And during that meeting, be you had or Mr. Mueller indicated

09:46:42 that he had sent copies of the proposed ordinance and the

09:46:45 changes to both Mr. Peterson and to Jeff Rogel.

09:46:53 Mr. Peterson is with the realtors and Mr. Rogel with the

09:47:00 Tampa Bay partner association, and I had spoken about them

09:47:04 before when the items came up the first time.

09:47:07 And I don't know, we heard this so many times, I'm not sure

09:47:11 at which point, which time when we talked about this, I had

09:47:14 asked specifically that he sit down and meet with the

09:47:19 realtors and have a more or less round table discussion with

09:47:24 them.

09:47:24 And it's my understanding that although the ordinance

09:47:29 proposal was sent to Mr -- it was only sent the day before

09:47:35 we met which was two days ago.

09:47:37 We met yesterday with Tampa Bay and they really haven't had

09:47:41 the time to look at it, to discuss it amongst the

09:47:43 committees, to offer their suggestions or even as is,

09:47:48 everything that's presented here is fine.

09:47:49 So I would like to make sure that before we take any action

09:47:54 to move forward with these items that that occurs, that you

09:47:57 actually have a sit-down meeting with their committees and

09:48:02 discuss what is contained.

09:48:07 I want you to go ahead and present today, because I think it

09:48:10 would be beneficial for them to hear what's being presented

09:48:15 and to hear our questions, and solicit more information.

09:48:20 But I think it's really important that we do what I

09:48:24 originally requested and discuss it with the folks who are

09:48:27 impacted by this, not only because they have people who own

09:48:30 those units, but also because their business is affected by

09:48:34 the blight, because it's really hard to sell a house or rent

09:48:39 a house when you are in a neighborhood that is neglected.

09:48:42 With that being said, I would like your comments,.

09:48:51 >>JAKE SLATER: Let me say that I respect both of their

09:48:55 organizations.

09:48:56 I want them to be fully involved in the process.

09:49:00 We were kind of running out of time a little bit because we

09:49:03 didn't brief the mayor on this until Tuesday at 4 p.m.

09:49:10 It's been hard to find time to get everybody at the table.

09:49:14 So again, this is a workshop.

09:49:17 And we had sent it over to them Tuesday afternoon.

09:49:22 And I spoke to them yesterday.

09:49:24 And I concur with your comments.

09:49:27 We are going to include them in every bit of discussions for

09:49:32 their input, for their advice, and you can rest assured that

09:49:37 they will be fully involved.

09:49:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me just say this.

09:49:41 I agree with Mrs. Montelione.

09:49:43 I myself was part of this committee, and all of a sudden I

09:49:48 never was called again to speak to these two gentlemen,

09:49:50 which is fine.

09:49:51 I understand that.

09:49:53 And I also asked that they meet with both these

09:49:56 organizations because in the previous administrations, they

09:50:00 were involved in drafting some of the language that was in

09:50:05 place.

09:50:05 And, in fact, I discussed with both of you gentlemen on the

09:50:09 phone yesterday -- and I'm personally happy that it's here.

09:50:15 I'm glad that you have done the outstanding job that you

09:50:17 have done.

09:50:18 I have nothing but praise for your code enforcement

09:50:20 officers.

09:50:21 You and I speak on occasion.

09:50:23 And they are handled right away.

09:50:24 I have to be say that.

09:50:28 But I'm bothered because I like to see the ingredients of

09:50:34 what makes this happen.

09:50:36 And let me tell you what I mean by that.

09:50:38 I mean if you have 50% of properties -- I'm not worried

09:50:44 about the county, I'm worried about the city -- let's say

09:50:46 it's the same amount, 50% of the city are rental properties.

09:50:49 How many of those violations are within those 50%?

09:50:54 In other words, if there's 50,000 renters, buildings or

09:51:00 apartment units, how many of those are the total amount of

09:51:05 your workload?

09:51:06 Let's go into the private sector, which nobody wants to

09:51:09 touch.

09:51:09 But me being what you call a maverick sometimes, I'll tell

09:51:14 you straight out.

09:51:15 If there's a violation it makes no difference to me who you

09:51:18 are, whether you have a rental property or you have a

09:51:21 property home.

09:51:22 So how many violations do we have in private homes?

09:51:27 That we have addressed or have a need to address?

09:51:31 And what is the percent of those violations?

09:51:33 In other words, I don't want to go after renters.

09:51:35 I want to go after all of them, whether you are a home or

09:51:39 whether you are renting.

09:51:41 And what I told you yesterday, and I told you I was going to

09:51:44 say it, I myself have rental property.

09:51:47 You know what?

09:51:50 I'm going to sell them all.

09:51:55 I'll sell them to the people who are living in the house for

09:51:58 the same amount of rent they are paying.

09:52:01 God bless 'em.

09:52:02 You aren't going to get the rental certificate money and you

09:52:05 aren't going to get higher ad valorem taxes.

09:52:07 So who loses?

09:52:09 Not me.

09:52:11 The government.

09:52:13 Because you are forcing renters to do things they don't want

09:52:15 to do, by surcharging an additional amount.

09:52:20 If this is the way we are going, then we should cover the

09:52:23 whole city.

09:52:24 Makes no difference if you are a renter or not.

09:52:27 Because it's time that we attack the problem head on, one on

09:52:32 one, and not "fradulate", that's a word that I made up,

09:52:41 means you are doing what you are doing without being fixed.

09:52:44 If you have repeated things, take it to court right away.

09:52:48 Let the judge decide and stop your workload.

09:52:50 I had the same thing in my other job.

09:52:52 And I say, you know, what is with this thing?

09:52:55 Get in and get out.

09:52:56 Solve the problem one way or the other.

09:52:59 Either judge says you win or you win.

09:53:01 But let's get them going.

09:53:02 And I'm happy to see like Mr. Johnson stated -- and I know

09:53:06 it takes a long time to get on the calendar.

09:53:12 It just takes these things into consideration that you can't

09:53:16 just go after renters.

09:53:18 You have to go after all of them.

09:53:19 I would like to know whatever we do today, where is the

09:53:24 problem?

09:53:25 Is it all the renters?

09:53:27 Because I haven't heard the word homeowner, individual

09:53:30 homeowner one time.

09:53:31 I always hear about the renter.

09:53:35 It's got to be on this side.

09:53:37 I don't know what the numbers are.

09:53:38 I don't know what the numbers are on either one of them, to

09:53:41 be honest with you, because I don't know how many, I don't

09:53:46 know how many repeaters we have.

09:53:49 Divide them up, rental, homeowners.

09:53:52 Let us know who they are.

09:53:54 Let us know how many violations.

09:53:56 Let us know how many repeat violations so we can understand

09:54:02 very numerically what's going on.

09:54:04 That's all I ask.

09:54:05 >>JAKE SLATER: I have a report back at my office that shows

09:54:11 how many code violations we have had over the past several

09:54:14 years that are involved with rental properties.

09:54:16 I think that would be important to council to hear that.

09:54:21 I don't have that information available to date.

09:54:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick?

09:54:29 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Slater, let me ask you a question.

09:54:32 Going back to the communications, the realtors association.

09:54:42 This is in a draft form, correct?

09:54:45 >>JAKE SLATER: Correct.

09:54:46 Draft.

09:54:46 >> And you have more time to receive input, correct?

09:54:50 >> Oh, yes, sir, by all means.

09:54:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: How much time would you need or how much

09:54:54 time are you willing to give the realtors to re view this

09:54:59 draft in order to get back to you, and then I want to ask a

09:55:05 follow-up question.

09:55:08 How much time would you need to accomplish this?

09:55:11 About.

09:55:12 >>JAKE SLATER: What our time frame is for the

09:55:14 implementation of the revised ordinance is late 2014, early

09:55:19 2015 for implementation.

09:55:21 >>FRANK REDDICK: And --

09:55:32 >> Representing greater Tampa association of realtors.

09:55:34 >>FRANK REDDICK: Receiving that draft, how much time do you

09:55:39 need?

09:55:42 >> I think it's important that we meet with staff first of

09:55:45 all, and then go back and, you know, we are a 6,400 member

09:55:52 committee just in Hillsborough County.

09:55:53 And then we have a committee assigned to this and go back to

09:55:56 our committee.

09:55:58 Two days notice is very short notice for us to react on

09:56:01 this.

09:56:02 And again, we would like -- we have a great relationship

09:56:07 with Mr. Slater.

09:56:08 Actually, he comes, and we just need to meet, and I think

09:56:18 this is premature that it came forward without having a

09:56:21 meeting before.

09:56:23 And that's where we are at.

09:56:24 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Slater, both parties are here.

09:56:36 So both parties are here.

09:56:38 Look, could the two of you establish a time frame where you

09:56:41 have a meeting while you are both here today?

09:56:45 >>JAKE SLATER: Councilman Reddick, that's definitely on my

09:56:47 radar screen.

09:56:48 I want their input.

09:56:51 I want everybody's input.

09:56:53 Not trying to push this through.

09:56:57 If that was how it looked, I apologize.

09:56:59 It was not intended by any means of the imagination.

09:57:05 >>FRANK REDDICK: I think we are making progress.

09:57:07 So if the two of you could meet, where you could set up this

09:57:11 meeting, and I think we'll be done, you meet first and then

09:57:17 come up with some recommendations.

09:57:20 Some input from the realtors, and send in draft form, and

09:57:27 present us with that draft.

09:57:31 That would be my suggestion.

09:57:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We are going to do the workshop.

09:57:39 All he's asking you to meet, both of you.

09:57:43 All right.

09:57:45 Ms. Capin.

09:57:46 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes.

09:57:50 I definitely understand that this is a draft, and this has

09:57:53 happened before, where a draft comes up, and we didn't hear

09:57:57 about it.

09:57:58 But in this case, it's very different in that it was

09:58:02 suggested that the board of realtors and their committee

09:58:09 meet and have input into this.

09:58:13 But I can see that's going forward.

09:58:16 And I just wanted to -- well, I am going to wait to hear the

09:58:21 rest of the workshop before I say anything else.

09:58:24 But I'm glad to hear that it can be worked out.

09:58:28 And it is a draft.

09:58:31 And a lot of people have to take that into consideration.

09:58:33 But, yes, the input should have been there from the board of

09:58:38 realtors, because we asked that in the first place as

09:58:42 opposed to other times when there's a draft in public

09:58:46 notice.

09:58:46 So thank you.

09:58:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, Mrs. Capin.

09:58:50 Also, I'm asking both of you gentlemen, did the county have

09:58:54 this at one time and then the -- I don't know, I heard that.

09:59:00 >>JAKE SLATER:

09:59:02 >> It's my understanding that the county did have the rental

09:59:05 program and several years ago --

09:59:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Does anybody know why?

09:59:11 >>JAKE SLATER: I don't know why.

09:59:13 >> They felt like it was a duplication of services, number

09:59:15 one.

09:59:16 It really -- you have to go after the guys that are not in

09:59:23 compliance versus spending all your time with the people

09:59:26 that are in compliance.

09:59:27 And so what they did was shift the resources to the bad

09:59:32 guys, having 380% of your time spending with the good guys.

09:59:37 And that's it basically.

09:59:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.

09:59:45 That's all right.

09:59:46 Go on.

09:59:47 I'm sorry.

09:59:47 >>ERNEST MUELLER: Assistant city attorney.

10:00:01 I'll just give an overview of what we are bringing forward

10:00:05 here.

10:00:05 And again, this is really kind of the vision of the way we

10:00:10 would like to government we actually tried to incorporate

10:00:12 those things, and trying to focus about our resources where

10:00:16 they need to be focused.

10:00:18 We have tried to put that in here, and getting together,

10:00:21 working on this and trying to not only create something

10:00:24 that's effective.

10:00:25 We also have a way that it can be practically done.

10:00:30 So this is a general overview.

10:00:36 Basically we are targeting January 1st for

10:00:40 implementation.

10:00:41 It's really going to be starting from the clean slate.

10:00:45 We will only be regulating units, rental units where there

10:00:49 is a complex of four units or less on one property.

10:00:55 The state has chosen to take the regulation of five or more

10:01:02 units on one single property that the city will be

10:01:04 regulating for, unless along with boarding houses, rooming

10:01:07 houses, and mobile homes.

10:01:11 Again, mobile homes that are being rented.

10:01:17 One phase of this new program will be looking to have all

10:01:21 the rental units that are within our jurisdiction.

10:01:24 They be registered.

10:01:25 There so we know hock the owner is, who the agent is, who we

10:01:30 should notify if there is a problem.

10:01:31 Also hoping to get e-mail so we can make electronic

10:01:36 notification.

10:01:37 There will be, as there has been, an administration fee.

10:01:46 The present system is in the three year cycle.

10:01:49 We are staying with that three year cycle so the

10:01:51 registration fee will be paid across those three years,

10:01:55 evenly divided up, to be paid online, the registration

10:01:58 system we are looking to do would be an online registration

10:02:02 for the property owner, and the landlord can register the

10:02:05 property themselves online and then be able to pay for the

10:02:09 fee.

10:02:11 That registration fee would cover what admin there is, along

10:02:15 with the rental inspection, and cover one free reinspection

10:02:22 in case we go do the inspection and find there's a problem,

10:02:25 and go back and reinspect.

10:02:28 They have to go back a second -- for a second reinspection

10:02:31 or more, they would be charging a are reinspection fee for

10:02:37 those basically third or more inspections.

10:02:45 The rental inspection as I said would be every three years.

10:02:48 However, if what we are trying to do again is if we have

10:02:54 landlords out there, rental units that are doing well, that

10:02:57 have had no minimum housing standard violations for a

10:03:02 certain amount of time, and the owner or agent has gone to

10:03:06 the city's landlord tenant training program, we are giving

10:03:13 the option of being able to opt out the inspection.

10:03:17 But then in no case would any rental unit in our vision go

10:03:20 without an inspection once every six years.

10:03:28 On the other side, we have rental units where there are a

10:03:33 certain number of violations within a certain amount of

10:03:35 time, and we just have to figure out what those numbers are.

10:03:38 They would be considered a high risk rental, and that's

10:03:42 where we want to focus our inspections and our regulations

10:03:46 on, and what this vision says is if that happens, a lot of

10:03:52 minimum housing violations within that period of time, they

10:03:57 would lose their rental certificate, they would go on an

10:04:01 annual inspection schedule, and they would be required to

10:04:06 attend the city's landlord tenant training program.

10:04:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen?

10:04:13 >>HARRY COHEN: I just wanted to make one comment about what

10:04:17 you describe so far.

10:04:18 When we met about this yesterday, you also mentioned the

10:04:23 issue of the fee.

10:04:25 And the fee would include one reinspection.

10:04:29 I think it's very important for us to know what that fee is

10:04:35 going to be, at the dollar amount.

10:04:37 There's no way we can vote for an ordinance that has an

10:04:40 open-ended fee attached to it without knowing what it is.

10:04:43 I'm sure when you meet with the realtor, they are going to

10:04:47 want to know that, too.

10:04:48 And I just want to make sure when this comes back that

10:04:51 there's no ambiguity around the number that somehow it's

10:04:56 going to be set by staff or something like that.

10:04:59 We need to know what it is.

10:05:00 >> Absolutely.

10:05:01 And that administrative fee would be coming through in the

10:05:08 form of a resolution.

10:05:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. Cohen.

10:05:11 In the same tone again I am going to ask how many units of

10:05:14 five or more will take over and how do you know that they

10:05:18 are really inspecting them?

10:05:19 Do you really believe the state is going to inspect them?

10:05:24 I'm being sincere.

10:05:26 I work for the state.

10:05:28 In fact I work for the state division of the state.

10:05:31 Let me ask you another question.

10:05:33 How many of the four units and under do you have left?

10:05:36 And what's the workload of whatever you have inspected the

10:05:39 whole city of five and four.

10:05:42 Then we go back to way consider is a duplication.

10:05:45 You are going to ask somebody to have an application fee for

10:05:48 a certificate.

10:05:50 You mean to tell me that theses can't tell you who owns

10:05:54 those houses at what address?

10:05:56 You can look up mine anytime you want.

10:05:58 Just put the name in and it comes up.

10:06:00 So I don't understand why you have to have a fee to then --

10:06:06 I guess what I heard -- a fee for registration, and then you

10:06:09 buy the license for three years that you pay every year,

10:06:15 inspected once every three years and maybe now once every

10:06:18 six years, but you pay for it incrementally every year.

10:06:21 And charge that same amount every year.

10:06:28 If what you are charging, a third, a third, a third, then we

10:06:32 are doing business the wrong way.

10:06:34 If our costs, what you are telling us it is, that's what I

10:06:37 gathered from the information that you just said, then what

10:06:40 are we doing?

10:06:41 We are a business serving that population on the backs of

10:06:47 others that don't have rental fees?

10:06:49 I don't know.

10:06:50 I don't know.

10:06:51 I really don't.

10:06:52 >>JAKE SLATER: The current fee for rental inspection

10:06:57 program is $35 the first year, $10 on the second and third

10:07:02 year.

10:07:04 And we haven't even started to discuss the proposed fees at

10:07:11 all in this new ordinance.

10:07:14 Haven't even discussed it.

10:07:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm not trying to be -- I'm trying to get

10:07:18 to the root of the problem and solve this one way or the

10:07:21 other.

10:07:21 Mrs. Montelione, tough floor.

10:07:24 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

10:07:25 You know, I almost want to maybe bring it back.

10:07:28 And we have been talking about this for a couple of years

10:07:30 now, and there are a lot of reasons why we are talking about

10:07:34 this for this period of time.

10:07:37 We want to go throughout this in a very methodical way, and

10:07:41 we want to make sure that we have regulations in the city

10:07:44 that make sense, and that protect our neighborhood and our

10:07:48 citizens as well as the individuals who do business here.

10:07:50 So, you know, I support this program.

10:07:54 I am thankful for the work that Mr. Mueller and has staff

10:07:59 put in, and boots on the ground, and Mr. Slater's employees

10:08:03 have done in code enforcement.

10:08:05 I think we have come a long way from where we were.

10:08:08 Buts I think we take a look at the very well written purpose

10:08:13 and intent of this draft ordinance, it really says a lot to

10:08:19 why we are here.

10:08:20 And, you know, I think all of us when we go to civic

10:08:27 association meetings or homeowner associations, or someone

10:08:30 in the supermarket or the elevator, we get asked questions

10:08:34 about what we are doing to make the neighborhood's quality

10:08:40 of life better.

10:08:42 And to live in an area that has a very high rate of rental

10:08:45 property, you can see the difference between, you know,

10:08:49 folks who have the pride in home ownership, and trying to

10:08:59 keep a roof over their heads, and, you know, can't afford a

10:09:04 house of their own, and to keep maintenance on a home if

10:09:10 they were to own it.

10:09:11 So I had asked Mr. Slater when we met yesterday, what is

10:09:15 the -- what are the numbers of our rental certificates

10:09:18 issued in the city today?

10:09:19 And as of today, he reported to me that -- this is as of

10:09:25 yesterday -- that we had 14,000 single-family residences on

10:09:29 the tax rolls that are currently issued rental certificates.

10:09:34 We have 1800 duplexes, 281 triplexes and 286 quadriplexes,

10:09:42 which I think is most of the rental property that is owned

10:09:49 in the City of Tampa is not issued a rental certificate.

10:09:55 And I think that those, you know, are maybe the players who

10:10:06 constant, and when we people -- people hole apply to the

10:10:10 city, get a rental certificate, have the inspection, you

10:10:12 know, they are complying.

10:10:14 I mean, they are already conscientious.

10:10:17 Otherwise they wouldn't have applied for the rental

10:10:20 certificate in the first place.

10:10:21 But, you know, I would say that we have a lot more, 281,

10:10:30 because I would say in my district alone there's probably

10:10:32 more than that.

10:10:33 I would say in my neighborhood alone, and in my civic

10:10:36 association is only half of that.

10:10:39 So finding out how, you know, the folks who don't have

10:10:48 homestead exemption from the property appraiser's office

10:10:50 would be able -- and it's one of the items on our agenda --

10:10:54 to be able to find the people who aren't enrolled in the

10:10:58 rental certificate program, and that might be the first step

10:11:02 in identifying those high-risk properties.

10:11:04 Because that would say that either they are not aware that

10:11:08 the program exists or they are not interested in having

10:11:10 somebody inspect their property, so they intentionally don't

10:11:15 apply for the rental certificate.

10:11:18 So than I think that once everyone has had a chance to read

10:11:23 through and look at what was developed, I think it was very

10:11:27 well put together.

10:11:28 And I think that there aren't many onerous provisions that

10:11:36 someone who chooses to own real estate as a business would

10:11:41 have a problem with.

10:11:43 I think that just like any other business -- we are in the

10:11:46 construction business, at least my significant other is --

10:11:49 we have a lot of costs associated with being in the

10:11:51 construction business.

10:11:53 He's got to renew his license every year.

10:11:55 He's got to pay his insurance, and he's got to register with

10:11:59 not only the state and paper that fee, but he's also got to

10:12:02 be pay for Hillsborough County and pay their fee, and

10:12:04 register through the City of Tampa and pay the City of

10:12:06 Tampa's fee.

10:12:07 So I think if you are engaged in a business, there are

10:12:10 certain costs associated with that.

10:12:12 And I think that rental property is a business.

10:12:15 And the costs that are associated with that business need to

10:12:18 be built into your pro forma, so to speak, to look at your

10:12:24 stream of income.

10:12:25 Thank you.

10:12:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Now, what I am going to say, I never got

10:12:30 elected to be popular.

10:12:31 Let me say this.

10:12:35 What you gentlemen have unveiled is just a little tip of the

10:12:40 iceberg.

10:12:44 Neither one of you would tell me or us today how many

10:12:47 properties you think -- I'm not saying you know, I say think

10:12:54 are in violation of city zoning that never had a rental

10:13:00 certificate, that are subdivided houses in the City of

10:13:04 Tampa, under one meter, and there's two or three families

10:13:08 living there, and there's two or three rents being

10:13:11 collected.

10:13:12 And I can tell you that I know about it.

10:13:15 And if I don't know about them, there's something wrong.

10:13:17 And what are we doing with them?

10:13:20 I'll tell you what we are doing with them.

10:13:21 Nothing.

10:13:22 Because we don't have the manpower, the legal staff, or the

10:13:27 time to go to court with all of them.

10:13:30 And they are all over the city.

10:13:31 Not only in the district that I represent but in the north,

10:13:35 the south, take T east and the west.

10:13:38 They are all around us.

10:13:40 We close that eye and only looking at one spectrum.

10:13:47 One focus of all of the tools.

10:13:50 But we are not going there because you can't win, or you

10:13:52 think you can't win I.don't know if you can win or not.

10:13:55 But tell you in the district that I represent, there's

10:13:58 hundreds, maybe even a thousand of them, that have that.

10:14:02 And anytime you want to ride with me, just drive through in

10:14:05 the day and I'll show you.

10:14:07 At night you can tell because there's six cars where there's

10:14:11 only supposed to be one.

10:14:13 And there aren't teenagers driving.

10:14:16 So it's-obvious.

10:14:18 But yet we don't do anything.

10:14:19 So what I'm trying to say is, if we are going to do it, do

10:14:23 it all.

10:14:24 Get them all.

10:14:25 I don't believe in finding somebody write work in the other

10:14:28 place for something and letting four or five go.

10:14:30 I get them all.

10:14:31 I'm not liked too much, but I try to get them all.

10:14:34 And sometimes I win, and sometimes I lose.

10:14:38 But that's life.

10:14:39 So what I'm saying, if we are doing this, let's do them all.

10:14:42 >>JAKE SLATER: The State of Florida taking over five or

10:14:49 more, your concerns are my concerns also.

10:14:55 When we had the conference call with the officials up in

10:14:57 Tallahassee, I asked them, I said, do you realize what you

10:15:03 are getting into?

10:15:05 Not just here in the City of Tampa but the entire State of

10:15:07 Florida?

10:15:09 I said, do you have any idea?

10:15:13 And there was silence on the phone.

10:15:14 And I am concerned about that.

10:15:16 I am.

10:15:18 Because sooner or later it's going to come back to us

10:15:24 whether we want to say so or No. it's going to be us

10:15:29 answering, how did this happen?

10:15:33 We know that.

10:15:34 And for your comments about the numbers that we have on our

10:15:38 tax rolls, you are right about that.

10:15:41 Information from the Hillsborough County appraisers office,

10:15:44 a couple of months ago, currently they have identified

10:15:48 almost 80,000 non-homesteaded residential properties in the

10:15:52 county, not homesteaded.

10:15:57 Duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, over 8,000.

10:16:02 Only have a couple hundred on our tax roll.

10:16:05 So you are right about that.

10:16:07 Resources, which I wish I had more, but we are doing our

10:16:13 best with what we have available.

10:16:14 And we have also contacted other cities across the country

10:16:19 to see if there's an ideal rental inspection program.

10:16:24 Dallas, Houston, Miami, Jacksonville, no one has it.

10:16:29 There isn't an ideal rental inspection program in a city the

10:16:34 size of Tampa across the country.

10:16:39 Maybe beachhead communities, Longboat Key, Palm Beach.

10:16:46 We try.

10:16:47 We tried to look across the country and find out best

10:16:51 overall practices.

10:16:52 And there is none.

10:17:00 Our concern is that we are trying our best to address blight

10:17:04 in the city.

10:17:06 With the man power what we have to ensure best quality of

10:17:10 life for the City of Tampa.

10:17:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Capin.

10:17:16 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Right now, the way it is is complaint

10:17:21 driven.

10:17:22 Right?

10:17:23 >> With regards to the rental?

10:17:26 >>YVONNE CAPIN: With regards to blighted property.

10:17:30 Or any code violations.

10:17:32 >>JAKE SLATER: Code enforcement, it's about 50-50.

10:17:37 50 proactive and 50 complaint.

10:17:42 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I want to ask you about the solid waste that

10:17:47 was signed up to help with, you know, eyes on the street.

10:17:57 Oh, all right, I'll wait till item B.

10:18:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: When we finish at noon, I don't have time

10:18:10 to come back.

10:18:11 I have other commitments with the city.

10:18:13 >>LISA MONTELIONE: It's actually A, B and F that we are

10:18:22 discussing.

10:18:23 Those three are all related and those three are all

10:18:26 addressed in the draft ordinance.

10:18:29 So you can mark A, B and F as being discussed.

10:18:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.

10:18:36 I'm sorry for all the interruptions.

10:18:39 This is so vast and so big and so long.

10:18:45 So A, B and F.

10:18:47 Are you finished with your presentation?

10:18:50 >>JAKE SLATER: I am.

10:18:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: The last comment I want to make on this.

10:18:55 And let me just say this, Mr. Slater, and to the legal

10:18:58 department.

10:18:59 Let me just thank you for making an effort.

10:19:02 Present something to us.

10:19:06 You have one of the hardest jobs in the city, because the

10:19:10 majority of all the complaints come from code enforcement.

10:19:14 And the most complaints we get, I wanted code enforcement.

10:19:22 And so I know it's difficult, but I think you have a great

10:19:34 asset, and want the two of you to sit down and discuss this,

10:19:37 I believe that we -- a plan could be put in place, and

10:19:42 probably satisfy a lot of questions that we have here today.

10:19:44 And that's one of the questions that I had when I met.

10:19:51 And about that fee as well.

10:20:00 So there will be some discussion about that.

10:20:02 But I don't want to criticize here.

10:20:12 And question you have a huge city such as Tampa with all

10:20:19 these complaints, and you are having to deal with them, it

10:20:21 is a difficult process.

10:20:22 So I think we should be saying, we are making that first

10:20:29 step, taking that first step by at least addressing the

10:20:33 issue, and presented a draft.

10:20:36 But I think the draft will be better.

10:20:39 And I think your recommendations will be better once you

10:20:43 come back to the board after you have a chance to meet with

10:20:45 the realtors and make sure they have input with you.

10:20:47 And than they might be able to help to develop that type of

10:20:52 market, where no other city or state might have, we might be

10:20:56 the first.

10:20:56 And other people will be looking at us.

10:20:59 And so I'm excited about the contact with another plan and

10:21:08 working with you, and Mr. Chair, I don't know if we have a

10:21:12 timetable for them to come back.

10:21:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I really believe we are asking them to

10:21:20 come every Thursday as guest speaker.

10:21:22 [ Laughter ]

10:21:24 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I had discussed the time line.

10:21:26 In order for January 2015 implementation, which is almost a

10:21:31 year from now, since we are already into February, we were

10:21:36 hoping that sometime in April 2014, we would have a first

10:21:42 reading, because we would be -- the end of April, maybe the

10:21:46 beginning of May.

10:21:47 Would that be possible?

10:21:48 >>JAKE SLATER: I would like to have May.

10:21:52 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So we are looking at May 2014 for a

10:21:55 first reading of the proposed ordinance.

10:21:57 And then probably June for the second reading.

10:22:01 And that would give plenty of time to meet with the

10:22:04 realtors, and then that would keep us on track for that

10:22:10 January 2015 implementation.

10:22:15 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay, let me say, we discussed A, B and

10:22:18 F.

10:22:19 So I am going to go to the public for -- Ms. Mulhern wants

10:22:23 to speak first.

10:22:23 And then we'll go to the public for A, B and F.

10:22:27 >>MARY MULHERN: I didn't hear anything about F, talking

10:22:30 about an RFP for outside analyst inspection.

10:22:35 Did you mention that?

10:22:36 >>JAKE SLATER: We are looking into that work in progress

10:22:44 that has been decide that hasn't been decided on by the

10:22:49 administration yet.

10:22:50 That's in discussion point.

10:22:51 But Councilwoman woman, that hasn't been finalized at all.

10:22:55 >> I guess we didn't talk about that in the briefing we had

10:22:58 yesterday.

10:22:58 But of the you said today the inspection program started in

10:23:06 the 80s so it been over 30 years, a round 30 years, and we

10:23:10 haven't increased the number of employees doing that.

10:23:14 So if we are going to talk about an RFP, I think we ought to

10:23:18 really consider whether maybe we just need to budget for

10:23:22 more staff to do that.

10:23:24 I don't really understand -- maybe we can hear something

10:23:31 about that from the realtors.

10:23:32 I don't know.

10:23:33 >>HARRY COHEN: Just to follow up on that, and to follow up

10:23:39 on what Councilman Reddick said, because I found myself in

10:23:43 agreement where he was going.

10:23:47 If you are meeting with the realtor and other stakeholders

10:23:50 in this process, we have to recognize that we do not have

10:23:54 the resources we have everything that we want to do.

10:23:57 So the ordinance really should identify the top priorities

10:24:02 that we want to address with the resources that we know that

10:24:06 we have.

10:24:07 And I think that what I heard Mr. Scaglione I say about his

10:24:16 understanding of what happened to the county's ordinance,

10:24:21 too much time being spent on those that are in compliance as

10:24:23 opposed to those that are not, the real challenge is how to

10:24:29 make sure that the resources are being deployed in a way

10:24:34 that they will be able to not be spinning their wheels

10:24:38 constantly inspecting properties that are compliant.

10:24:42 And just to piggyback on what Mr. Reddick said, it's a tough

10:24:48 thing that we are asking you to figure out to do here.

10:24:51 It's not easy.

10:24:52 And we appreciate the effort that you are putting into it

10:24:54 because you are dealing with fine night resources.

10:24:59 And figuring out how to deploy them properly is going to be

10:25:02 the most important aspect, I think, to this.

10:25:07 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

10:25:10 Going along the same lines as Mr. Reddick, and Mr. Cohen,

10:25:14 and part of the discussion we talked about this privately

10:25:17 yesterday, which is find a way to incentivize those people

10:25:22 who are doing the right thing as opposed to only punishing

10:25:25 the people doing the wrong thing.

10:25:26 So as an example, I think one of the things that I had

10:25:29 mentioned to you was -- and this is part of 80% of your time

10:25:34 is spent on, you know, 20% of your clients.

10:25:38 Which means that the problem children are the ones that you

10:25:40 are already dealing with and 80% of the other people who are

10:25:44 doing everything right you don't spend as much time on.

10:25:47 So for me, I would like to see how we can have a graded

10:25:52 system whereby those areas that are already the toughest

10:25:56 places that you have had to deal with in terms of rental

10:26:01 certificate holders, they are the ones that are going to

10:26:03 bear the higher costs of our services in order to inspector

10:26:07 reinspect as opposed to those that already had an

10:26:11 inspection, that if you have been inspected and clean that

10:26:14 you will not get another inspection for three years, whereas

10:26:17 if you were inspected and bad, they would inspect you every

10:26:22 year and you would have to pay for it every year, so that

10:26:25 somebody who had, like Mr. Miranda's rentals, absolutely

10:26:29 clean, no problems, by the way, you might want to know some

10:26:33 of those addresses, I have got them here, and --

10:26:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I didn't know you were one of my renters.

10:26:39 >> Might be later on.

10:26:41 But one of the things to look at is when you have a good

10:26:45 compliance property owner that they are looked at.

10:26:50 We have the one free inspection.

10:26:52 Let them say, listen, now what?

10:26:54 You aren't going to get hit on this, you know, only one time

10:26:58 in a three-year period.

10:26:59 So that way, they have the benefit of no longer doing -- or

10:27:03 the cost is more when you are a violator.

10:27:07 The thing is we want to make sure those folks that are

10:27:10 already in compliance stay in compliance.

10:27:13 It's about making sure that we don't have situations where

10:27:18 horrible conditions are allowed to continue.

10:27:21 And in addition, award those people who are doing the right

10:27:26 thing.

10:27:27 And that's something we should talk to the realtors and all

10:27:29 the other stakeholders so that you can say, is this a good

10:27:32 incentive or a bad incentive for your property owners?

10:27:36 Is this something that will work on a year to year basis for

10:27:40 you?

10:27:40 And I think that you will find a lot of them will say, yes,

10:27:44 we would rather have a disincent -- excuse me, an incentive

10:27:50 versus a disincentive.

10:27:52 And I think the more we work on it that way and especially

10:27:55 in terms of the cost, I think the people will be more

10:27:58 welcoming to what the ordinance is actually going to say.

10:28:01 Because I think something for you is also talk to the

10:28:06 realtors about, which is get a sense from our friends at the

10:28:12 realtors association and all the other stakeholders to find

10:28:14 out how many are affected by this specific rule, because

10:28:19 obviously we are preempted, the larger apartment complexes

10:28:24 and other multi-unit properties, find out how many are

10:28:28 actually going to be affected so we can really get a good

10:28:32 sense of it.

10:28:32 I know it's probably a smaller number than what is really

10:28:37 out there.

10:28:37 I think a lot of -- that's one of the reasons why the

10:28:40 realtors resource, they are going to have a better idea

10:28:44 based on how they go out and sell properties, present

10:28:48 properties, buy properties for their clients to nobody where

10:28:51 some of these smaller rental properties are.

10:28:56 So I think it's a good relationship to come up with a really

10:29:02 good ordinance in the future, okay?

10:29:04 Thank you.

10:29:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

10:29:14 >>JAKE SLATER: This is the current graph that shows the

10:29:20 amount of foreclosures city-wide.

10:29:25 TPD.

10:29:27 They map it out for us.

10:29:28 This is Tampa PD district 1, on any foreclosed property.

10:29:35 And that's in district 1.

10:29:38 In the City of Tampa.

10:29:40 This isn't -- this is in Tampa PD district 2.

10:29:45 And each one of those properties is a code case.

10:29:52 We open up the code enforcement case.

10:29:56 And do an inspection.

10:29:57 That's every 90 days.

10:30:00 This is Tampa PD district 3.

10:30:02 >> Would you put that up again?

10:30:10 >>JAKE SLATER: Sure.

10:30:12 This is another one of our areas.

10:30:24 The blight in the City of Tampa.

10:30:26 And I just wanted to show you, this is part of the entire

10:30:32 picture of what's going on in the city.

10:30:35 Not just in Tampa. Across the country.

10:30:37 And each one of these dots is an active code enforcement

10:30:43 case.

10:30:46 >>YVONNE CAPIN: You know, it's almost as though we are in

10:30:48 denial in this city, as to -- those are properties that are

10:30:55 generating income.

10:30:58 What you just showed us was our vacant homes.

10:31:02 I have one next door to me.

10:31:06 All the furniture was dumped on the right-of-way.

10:31:13 Right next door to where I live.

10:31:15 And like that, three more down the block.

10:31:20 We are in denial as to what we are really looking at.

10:31:24 And those resources that we have.

10:31:29 Until we clean up, until we can get those foreclosures out

10:31:33 there, whatever it needs to be done, I don't know that the

10:31:42 rest of it can even be approached.

10:31:44 It is such a huge problem.

10:31:46 When we talk about 7,000 in the city alone.

10:31:54 Than looking south of Kennedy Boulevard, which is supposed

10:31:58 to be an area that is -- there were over a thousand in

10:32:08 there.

10:32:14 I really do believe we need to really look at this very

10:32:17 seriously, besides the rentals, is those foreclosures that

10:32:22 are sitting there.

10:32:23 And I am going to go to this.

10:32:25 And when part B comes in about that house that was next door

10:32:29 to me, and the belongings that were put on the right-of-way,

10:32:35 on the easement there, it's still vacant.

10:32:42 It is still vacant.

10:32:44 I keep an eye on the house.

10:32:46 But it is really -- we need to look at our resources.

10:32:52 And what are we doing?

10:32:54 And each one of those is an open case.

10:32:56 Is that what you are telling us?

10:32:57 >> That's correct.

10:32:58 >> When you inspect within 90 days is that as soon as it

10:33:03 closes or after the notice of foreclosure?

10:33:06 >>JAKE SLATER: Talking about the first 30 days of the

10:33:11 process.

10:33:14 We try to inspect once every 90 days.

10:33:24 >>YVONNE CAPIN: That's the other issue is finding -- getting

10:33:29 them to comply, getting the property agent, the bank to

10:33:32 comply.

10:33:32 But I think that's something that's ongoing now.

10:33:38 There is a hazardous tree on this property.

10:33:41 And I was told that it is hazardous and they will have to

10:33:44 fine the owner in order to have them take down the enormous

10:33:49 hazardous tree.

10:33:51 So far I haven't heard anything.

10:33:52 But, again, the resources we have, with the situation that

10:33:57 we have is -- it's not lining up.

10:34:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, Ms. Capin.

10:34:06 A, B and F.

10:34:08 Anyone in the audience care to speak, please come forward.

10:34:12 >> Pete Johnson, 510 Harrison street.

10:34:16 The one problem I see is the length of time between

10:34:20 inspection.

10:34:22 Right now it's like every three years.

10:34:24 I've got a property at 2914 tenth street.

10:34:30 He's already been convicted and found guilty of running an

10:34:34 illegal boarding house.

10:34:40 The stove and refrigerator moved out.

10:34:43 And that was in 2012.

10:34:46 Well, guess what.

10:34:48 He's already put all the electric back in, and has rented

10:34:52 out the structure again.

10:34:54 So we have a new case to open.

10:34:57 Okay?

10:34:58 And that only happened in 2012 and 2013, or 2014.

10:35:04 Two years.

10:35:07 So these rental inspections have to be done almost yearly

10:35:12 because of the amount of slumlords that take advantage of

10:35:14 the system.

10:35:19 Also, the number of inspections that that need to be done,

10:35:24 the city will never, ever be able to have enough staff to

10:35:31 deal with it.

10:35:32 It needs to be done on an outside vendor basis.

10:35:39 The charge goes to the cost of that.

10:35:43 The city will never be able to fully inspect every rental

10:35:50 property.

10:35:51 It's just ridiculous to even consider it.

10:35:55 The other thing -- and the three items -- the foreclosures.

10:36:00 We have known that the city and the country is going through

10:36:05 foreclosure problems for many, many years back.

10:36:10 I can remember having a meeting with Santiago Corrada about

10:36:16 this problem and what the city is planning to do about it.

10:36:21 He had no answer.

10:36:24 Now we are dealing with a problem.

10:36:28 The abuse of the code enforcement process of not being

10:36:34 Constitutionally correct, by using the state statute, is the

10:36:40 problem in a nutshell.

10:36:44 Every single case should be heard by --

10:36:52 (Bell sounds)

10:36:52 Until we comply with the state statute we are never going to

10:36:55 get any of this corrected.

10:36:57 Thank you.

10:36:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you thank you very much.

10:37:00 Next, please.

10:37:01 >> Mike Peterson, government affairs counsel for the Tampa

10:37:07 Bay association of realtors.

10:37:08 It's interesting because a lot of the conversation has me

10:37:10 wondering whether this particular rental certificate

10:37:13 program, is rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

10:37:21 Your big problem is code enforcement.

10:37:22 And recently you have been talking about revamping code

10:37:25 enforcement, and we have a new product violator status in

10:37:29 the whole area, different things that go with that.

10:37:33 And now challenged trying to explain how that relates total

10:37:37 high risk rental, and how do those things integrate, or do

10:37:41 they?

10:37:42 And looking at this in isolation and forget about all the

10:37:46 things that are going on.

10:37:47 If you look at a list of all the items on your agenda and

10:37:51 code enforcement, rental, that's why bead asked early on if

10:37:56 you consider a task force of stakeholders, not just the

10:37:59 realtors, but if you want to also talk about commercial,

10:38:04 bring in whoever else, have T.H.A.N. there, that's fine, but

10:38:10 let's all step back and look at the same picture, and what

10:38:13 is it we are trying to fix?

10:38:15 And really if code enforcement is, then let's really focus

10:38:23 on.

10:38:23 That because if we are not careful, the lowest level rentals

10:38:30 for still trying to comply are the ones who may get run out

10:38:34 of business trying to comply with all this myriad of things

10:38:40 while -- I don't submit the certificate and everybody knows

10:38:50 you have homes in foreclosure that don't play by the rules

10:38:54 with certificates.

10:38:57 That's why we were in the process early on and have a

10:39:00 broader group of people who work the business, who

10:39:03 understand the problem, because I don't think any of us as a

10:39:07 reputable organization deal with problems like we have seen

10:39:12 in the newspapers.

10:39:13 You don't want those problems.

10:39:17 So everyone wants to solve the problem.

10:39:20 I'm just not sure that we are going about it the right way,

10:39:23 or three or four different efforts at one time that may be

10:39:29 counterproductive.

10:39:31 That's all we ask, is to step back, and let's have a group

10:39:35 of people talk about it, where we need to go.

10:39:38 Thank you.

10:39:38 >> Good morning.

10:39:42 My the name is Jeff Rogel, the government affairs director

10:39:46 for the bay area apartment association.

10:39:49 We are an association representing the owners and managers

10:39:52 of those larger communities that have been referenced on

10:39:56 several occasions already this morning.

10:39:58 We represent the 122,000 units, apartment homes within the

10:40:03 Tampa Bay area, probably 20 to 25,000 within the city

10:40:10 limits, City of Tampa.

10:40:13 That's based on our twice a year market survey.

10:40:17 So we are talking about 20,000, 25,000 units within those

10:40:23 communities that are five or more units.

10:40:27 I'm pleased to hear myself being referenced to as a

10:40:31 stakeholder, and I hope that we can indeed live up to that

10:40:34 title.

10:40:35 I feel like we have been an easy ticket through the past 15

10:40:40 years.

10:40:41 We have been involved with the advisory council for the

10:40:44 city's rental certificates program, which started in that

10:40:47 position in 1998-99 when the rental certification program

10:40:54 was just put into effect.

10:40:56 And it's always easy to find those 100 unit communities,

10:41:03 knock on their doors, say you not only have to be inspected

10:41:08 but you now have to pay a fee of $10 per unit.

10:41:10 We have been paying that $10 per unit for 15 years.

10:41:13 We are very happy to hear that there is a new focus in the

10:41:16 rental certification program that was presented to you in

10:41:20 the draft proposal this morning, because it will go after

10:41:23 the chronic violators.

10:41:25 It will go after and focus on the high risk rentals.

10:41:29 And we certainly support that.

10:41:31 We have supported the mayor's landlord training program.

10:41:34 We are working with the county code enforcement folks.

10:41:36 And we are also thinking of creating a landlord and tenant

10:41:40 training program.

10:41:41 We stand ready to continue to work with Mr. Slater as

10:41:47 advance this proposal in the coming months.

10:41:49 Thank you for your consideration.

10:41:50 >> I'm Ed Tillou from sulfur spring.

10:42:00 This was stakeholders.

10:42:03 This is not something I generally speak to but I come to a

10:42:05 lot of meetings so I hear it spoken about a lot.

10:42:08 This is on Mr. Johnson's issue.

10:42:10 But this word stakeholders might be part of the problem.

10:42:13 Maybe people need some outside input.

10:42:17 It limits how outside you can get.

10:42:26 I sort of lived this problem first hand in Baltimore,

10:42:29 because I'm in the arts community, and I lived with this

10:42:36 woman and other people and she was an artist, and she felt

10:42:39 her credibility of an artist depended on her being slovenly.

10:42:44 And what happened was I kept after her about the hole in the

10:42:48 roof, and got that taken care of.

10:42:50 She did take care of that.

10:42:52 I was really surprised at how low those contractors worked

10:42:57 it up.

10:42:57 But then I said, now you have to get working on other

10:43:00 things.

10:43:01 And she just continued in that mode rehabbing,

10:43:07 rehabilitating room after room, and said, no, no, you don't

10:43:11 have to worry about the building department anymore, it's

10:43:14 the health department.

10:43:17 She said, well, why do I have to do anything?

10:43:20 I said because you have the certificate of occupancy.

10:43:22 Well, what's that?

10:43:24 You don't have a certificate of occupancy, nobody can live

10:43:27 there.

10:43:27 I own it.

10:43:28 I can live there.

10:43:28 A lot of people don't understand it.

10:43:30 The certificate of occupancy is the real power in these

10:43:34 things.

10:43:34 And rather than a rental certificate, what about an

10:43:37 endorsement on the certificate of occupancy?

10:43:43 But as I said, stakeholders for a dozen years, maybe 10 to

10:43:46 12 or 14 years, and despite my background in urban planning

10:43:50 and city planning, it's something a little on the new side.

10:43:55 But there's a tool in the outside world.

10:44:00 This is a form of inventory.

10:44:02 You need to go to Home Depot or maybe this is already done,

10:44:10 I don't know, or Family Dollar, because they have little

10:44:14 devices, and you go around, and they can be programmed in

10:44:17 different kind of ways.

10:44:19 I almost got involved in that.

10:44:21 But the times were wrong.

10:44:33 Oh but you talk about how each worker on this has one of

10:44:36 these devices.

10:44:38 They can be merged.

10:44:39 You can prioritize one thing over another.

10:44:41 So there's a report back needed on these items.

10:44:44 I don't know anything about them.

10:44:45 But I'm sure Home Depot or managers of Home Depot, or Family

10:44:49 Dollar, something, so you could get in touch with them about

10:44:53 this.

10:44:54 And then that could underlie the rental endorsement, the

10:44:58 certificate of occupancy.

10:44:59 (Bell sounds).

10:45:04 >> Andy Scaglione.

10:45:07 Again I would like to thank you all.

10:45:09 The positive is we that the realtors and Mr. Slater, we have

10:45:13 an excellent relationship, and there's a lot of credibility

10:45:16 on both sides.

10:45:17 Mr. Mueller, we dealt with Mr. Mueller since, I guess, 2006.

10:45:21 Seems long.

10:45:23 There's a lot of credibility there.

10:45:24 So we are going to come back with a good product.

10:45:26 We may look at rental certificate.

10:45:29 Does it really allocate resources to go after the bad

10:45:32 actors?

10:45:33 And that's what we need to have been look Do is look at a

10:45:35 broad spectrum versus just seeing them trying to pound

10:45:39 rental certificate and see if that solves our problems

10:45:42 because it's not.

10:45:43 But the good thing is, we have got a great director.

10:45:47 All the guys that work underneath him are hard working guys.

10:45:50 And we are going to come back with a good product.

10:45:52 So thank you very much.

10:45:52 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you very much.

10:45:54 And on that note, I think our great director should move on

10:45:57 to item number B, or letter B, I should say.

10:46:04 >>JAKE SLATER: Is that the one about solid waste?

10:46:09 >>HARRY COHEN: It is.

10:46:10 >>JAKE SLATER: Thank you, Mr. Chair, co-chair.

10:46:14 The solid waste training has went very well.

10:46:17 We started back in October.

10:46:19 The mayor signed the executive order back be in December.

10:46:25 We have cross-cross trained five solid waste inspectors to

10:46:30 issue several citations and awards for overgrowth,

10:46:34 accumulation of trash, junk and debris, and other types of

10:46:40 vehicles.

10:46:41 We meet with them on a weekly basis.

10:46:43 They are part of our group.

10:46:45 They are out there helping us on those three main areas.

10:46:49 And the overall training went very well.

10:46:52 And we are awful happy to have five more inspectors helping

10:46:57 with those ongoing problems.

10:46:59 >>HARRY COHEN: Councilwoman Montelione pointed out to me

10:47:02 that part E really deals with the same issue and just more

10:47:08 broadly addressing the issue of cross training, personnel

10:47:12 across the city.

10:47:13 It says that TPD and solid waste were to appear and discuss

10:47:18 it.

10:47:19 Perhaps you may be able to address it while you are here.

10:47:21 It's really just the feasibility of establishing a city-wide

10:47:25 training program.

10:47:34 Yes, sir.

10:47:35 Mr. Mercurio attended Tampa PD's executive staff meetings,

10:47:42 called the meetings once a month.

10:47:46 He's at the table.

10:47:47 The overall type of communication has never been better with

10:47:52 Tampa PD.

10:47:54 We work with them on a regular basis.

10:47:57 They are aware about our overall efforts.

10:48:01 In fact, assistant Chief Bennett put out a memo advising all

10:48:05 of the officers if they come across anything to actually

10:48:08 document that in the customer service, the referral to us.

10:48:12 And if necessary we can respond 24/7 out there in the field.

10:48:18 So it's actually working.

10:48:24 And it has never been overall better.

10:48:27 >>HARRY COHEN: I have a question from Councilman Reddick

10:48:29 and Councilwoman Montelione and Councilwoman Capin.

10:48:34 >>FRANK REDDICK: Mr. Slater, as far as part E, I understand

10:48:48 your position, but I'm disappointed that someone from Tampa

10:48:52 Police Department, solid waste is not here, because to read

10:48:58 this, one of the questions we were talking about and

10:49:02 discussing, is there a cost?

10:49:05 And what is the cost?

10:49:10 And training program for all city personnel to code

10:49:16 enforcement violation.

10:49:17 So I understand you may not be in a position to answer the

10:49:29 question.

10:49:29 But are you aware if there's a cost associated with this?

10:49:35 >>JAKE SLATER: If there's a cost?

10:49:37 In regards to --

10:49:39 >>FRANK REDDICK: The training program, the training program

10:49:42 for all city personnel pertaining to code enforcement

10:49:46 violations.

10:49:46 >> I know there wasn't really any cost involved other than

10:49:50 manpower and hours in regard to the solid waste training.

10:49:53 We did that in house with our internal staff.

10:50:02 There wasn't any hard cost.

10:50:03 The other city Iowa he is and 4500 city workers, we haven't

10:50:07 done any formal training with them.

10:50:09 But we do community with departments on a regular basis in

10:50:12 regards to any active areas, any active complaints, whether

10:50:15 it's solid waste, stormwater, water, but we haven't done any

10:50:22 formal training to the city-wide group yet.

10:50:25 >>FRANK REDDICK: And I think my original intent when we

10:50:31 were talking about this with the police department and solid

10:50:34 waste because they are out in the community every day.

10:50:38 I mean, we were looking at providing some type of training

10:50:42 so that they can -- if they see illegal dumping, for

10:50:49 example, on the curbside, that they can report that, and if

10:51:01 it is reported, what type of tracking system do you have,

10:51:04 and does someone report it?

10:51:08 And the time frame to go and investigate it and cite an

10:51:14 individual homeowner or whoever is putting that out there.

10:51:17 This was I think my original intent, and that's why I was

10:51:20 asking the question.

10:51:21 One of the questions was, were there any costs associated

10:51:23 with this?

10:51:26 Because law enforcement, I ride around in the cars all day,

10:51:31 and I see solid waste be riding around in the truck all day,

10:51:36 and they pass many neighborhood where they see illegal

10:51:40 dumping, trash sitting out there somewhere, and I'm pretty

10:51:47 sure, there should be a system in place where they know who

10:51:51 to call.

10:51:55 Most of them have radios in their cars, and solid waste,

10:52:01 drivers can call in to someone and say, I just passed this

10:52:06 address, and I see picking up trash in a neighborhood twice

10:52:18 a week.

10:52:18 This is my second time seeing him sitting out there.

10:52:28 Who do they report it to?

10:52:31 What is the time line for someone, the time line

10:52:35 investigating, and also getting stuffed removed.

10:52:41 So that was my intent, having a cross reference with the

10:52:44 department, and some training.

10:52:50 Whether it's in-house training or what, allow solid waste,

10:52:56 personnel, who they call, who they report this to, same with

10:52:59 law enforcement, who do they call, who do they report this

10:53:03 to?

10:53:04 And the time line for the person receiving that report, when

10:53:07 would they go out and investigate it and maybe cite the

10:53:12 individual, cite the homeowner or whoever, and thirdly, have

10:53:16 the stuff removed.

10:53:18 So that's what I was hoping to hear today.

10:53:21 When this was originally put on.

10:53:23 I don't know if you are in a position to answer all of those

10:53:25 questions today.

10:53:29 Or if I need to put this back on the agenda for further

10:53:31 discussion.

10:53:32 Because I thought someone would be here from both those

10:53:36 department to elaborate on this.

10:53:37 >> I would request that we maybe put that back on the

10:53:41 agenda, and then we can bring back solid waste and Tampa PD

10:53:45 and you can hear it from them exactly what type of

10:53:50 communication we have.

10:53:52 And I can tell you, our philosophy is if we see anything on

10:53:59 the right-of-way, if we see -- we aren't going to wait,

10:54:04 we'll go out there and pick it up.

10:54:05 We aren't going to wait for X amount of time to -- to get

10:54:14 that off the right-of-way just as soon as possible.

10:54:16 And I think that overall, I think that the trash and debris

10:54:20 on the right-of-way has definitely decreased.

10:54:28 I think every department understand it is urgency, and the

10:54:31 overall priority, we aren't going to wait for -- in the

10:54:39 past, there was a process where we had to wait X amount of

10:54:43 time.

10:54:46 We aren't expected to do that anymore.

10:54:48 >>FRANK REDDICK: And that's the point I'm making, because

10:54:54 you are code enforcement.

10:54:57 Your staff.

10:54:58 They are in the process.

10:55:03 But someone in law enforcement, they pass by there, they

10:55:07 know it.

10:55:08 And so in solid waste, their job is to pick up those

10:55:11 dumpsters.

10:55:12 So they probably ignore that process.

10:55:16 So the intent is to see if they are trained to report it.

10:55:22 And report it to your department, really.

10:55:27 >>JULIA MANDELL: City attorney.

10:55:31 Something that I think is important to point out that maybe

10:55:34 is being lost in translation here, each one of the

10:55:37 departments specifically solid waste, Land Development

10:55:39 Coordination, transportation, trying to think of some of the

10:55:45 other ones, had within their people who are, I guess,

10:55:49 trained be and designated as code enforcement officers so

10:55:54 each type of specific code enforcement violation comes

10:55:57 directly to them, land development, we have people in

10:56:02 transportation, and so I think it's important to understand

10:56:04 that it's not that each one of these departments acts as a

10:56:09 vacuum or silo.

10:56:10 Each one of them has people in the department who are

10:56:13 specifically trained and part of our code enforcement

10:56:16 process and do make presentations during our code

10:56:18 enforcement process.

10:56:20 What you are asking is better training for the more general

10:56:22 population as it relates to dealing with those issues, I

10:56:28 think I just want to make it clear that's what you are

10:56:31 talking about. But there is participation within each

10:56:33 department as it relates to code.

10:56:34 >>FRANK REDDICK: Even if that's the case, when it's

10:56:38 appropriate for those who come before council that they are

10:56:43 scheduled to be here today to say exactly what you just

10:56:45 said.

10:56:47 It would have been --

10:56:54 >> I'm sorry.

10:56:55 >>FRANK REDDICK: But since they were scheduled to be on the

10:56:58 agenda for today, and what you just stated, if this is

10:57:01 accurate, it would seem to me that they are responsible to

10:57:06 come before this council today in this workshop, and state

10:57:09 to us exactly what you just stated, and, you know, I know,

10:57:17 for example, in the police department, I know there's an

10:57:22 environmental person just to cover the East Tampa area.

10:57:29 I'm talking about city-wide.

10:57:31 And the same thing, I don't think -- I don't know if code

10:57:38 inspectors, solid waste, a solid waste representative should

10:57:44 have been here, and the rolls of those individual, and how

10:57:49 they can cross train other people in their department.

10:57:51 So that was my point.

10:57:53 So my intent, and I'm going to place this back on the

10:58:01 agenda.

10:58:07 And I ask that they come back and report on the same part E

10:58:14 that we have scheduled here today, so we have some clarity

10:58:18 on their roll in the training program.

10:58:20 >>HARRY COHEN: And Mr. Reddick, I'll come back after the

10:58:24 others have talked.

10:58:25 Councilwoman Capin.

10:58:28 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you for that, Councilman Reddick.

10:58:30 I did ask, but it was when we got to part --

10:58:37 >>HARRY COHEN: At one point --

10:58:40 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I think it worked out.

10:58:41 I wanted to say, when you talk about we have six solid waste

10:58:47 department employees being trained to participate in code

10:58:50 enforcement process.

10:58:52 Okay.

10:58:55 But are the solid waste pickup people, are they supposed to

10:59:04 be eyes on the street, also?

10:59:06 Or do they need training?

10:59:12 >>JAKE SLATER: I think they understand the urgency.

10:59:14 I think internally they have briefed their drivers and their

10:59:17 other staff members to be aware of the problems.

10:59:21 I know that we went to be a briefing and I have a much

10:59:32 better understanding about what their responsibilities and

10:59:35 needs are, too.

10:59:35 Of course the dumpsters and trash cans and those areas.

10:59:40 But I think overall that the word is on the street that if

10:59:44 they see anything to let somebody know about it.

10:59:48 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay, here is my experience.

10:59:50 And first hand.

10:59:53 Four weeks.

10:59:55 Four weeks I watched that personal property on that -- on

11:00:06 the right-of-way.

11:00:08 And the trash people came by, four weeks, and people picked

11:00:11 through it, took furniture, took whatever was there, and

11:00:14 what was left was finally on the fourth week, I actually

11:00:18 chased down the trash pickup truck that went by my house and

11:00:23 stopped them and said, do you see that right there?

11:00:29 Oh, we are not supposed to pick it up.

11:00:31 I said, I'm not asking you to pick it up.

11:00:35 Do you see it?

11:00:36 Are you not supposed to report it?

11:00:37 It has been four weeks.

11:00:38 This is next door to my house.

11:00:42 My neighbors know who I am.

11:00:44 I did not -- I let it -- I just wanted to watch to see.

11:00:52 They come by twice a week to pick up trash.

11:00:57 And my -- and when they -- one of my neighbors, the training

11:01:04 she had, she called in and said, what is -- when is this

11:01:08 going to be picked up?

11:01:10 And I think she called after the second week.

11:01:12 I'm not going to speak for her, but I know that it was

11:01:15 called in.

11:01:17 I finally -- I did call in.

11:01:20 It was cleared up the next day.

11:01:21 And even the street was swept.

11:01:23 But my point is this.

11:01:28 The staff that you have is not enough to notice all of this.

11:01:33 It was called in by a neighbor.

11:01:35 But, more importantly, the trash pickup, they saw it week

11:01:43 after week.

11:01:44 Four weeks.

11:01:44 It wags in December during the holiday.

11:01:47 And I kept waiting to see.

11:01:51 It's going to get picked up.

11:01:52 I know it's going to get picked up.

11:01:54 And it did not get picked up.

11:01:55 Did it not get picked up.

11:01:57 So what training do they need to see something and just call

11:02:03 it in?

11:02:04 Just like the neighbor did.

11:02:05 Just like I did.

11:02:06 Why do they need training to see that there's trash in the

11:02:11 street?

11:02:12 I don't understand that.

11:02:15 They are picking up trash.

11:02:16 So what training do they need?

11:02:19 It just doesn't am -- and the other thing I want to know

11:02:23 when we get to law enforcement is they have a notice by

11:02:29 their chief to be on the lookout, or if they see anything.

11:02:32 How many have they turned in?

11:02:33 I want to know how many they have turned in.

11:02:35 >> I don't know that answer.

11:02:40 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Because we had a situation last year that 40

11:02:44 calls were made to this property.

11:02:48 And the word -- you know, the administration, the mayor.

11:02:55 He's so upfront with this, that he needs to say, this

11:03:02 happens, and your job is on the line.

11:03:06 Not yours.

11:03:07 The people in the street.

11:03:09 I'm sorry, not yours.

11:03:11 I know you have got to get back with -- [ Laughter ]

11:03:18 He looked at me lick, oh, my gosh.

11:03:23 You have the law enforcement.

11:03:25 If we have another situation like we had last year, where we

11:03:28 had 40 calls to this particular property, and not one law

11:03:34 enforcement reported that, their job should be on the line.

11:03:40 Same thing with solid waste.

11:03:45 If we do not do that, if the administration who is in charge

11:03:49 does not call that, then it's not going to happen.

11:03:55 That trash -- those solid waste pickup people were standing

11:04:02 there arguing with me when I said, do you not see that?

11:04:07 What we don't pick it up.

11:04:09 I didn't ask you to pick it up.

11:04:11 I said who are you supposed to report to?

11:04:13 He looked at me with a blank stare.

11:04:18 I'm sorry, but we can't -- we cannot keep giving lip service

11:04:28 and not put some force into it, that if you don't do your

11:04:33 job, you are not going to have that job.

11:04:39 And thank you for bringing it back.

11:04:41 And I would like to hear from them when they come in.

11:04:43 And I have to tell you -- and I have said it before.

11:04:47 You have an extremely tough job.

11:04:50 If they didn't report it to you, there's no way on this

11:04:53 little street that someone, you know, would have driven by

11:04:57 or one of your code enforcement would have driven by.

11:05:00 But I'm counting on the eyes every single week to be say,

11:05:07 okay, there's a problem here, let your staff know or

11:05:10 whoever, their bosses know in order for them to come in and

11:05:16 do what was supposed to be done.

11:05:19 Thank you.

11:05:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

11:05:20 Mrs. Montelione, then Mr. Cohen.

11:05:22 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Oh, okay.

11:05:27 If we can have the Elmo up on the screen, please.

11:05:36 The mayor's office developed an AP for citizens to use, a

11:05:39 City of Tampa AP.

11:05:41 And if we can have -- there we go.

11:05:43 So you can see the screen is cracked.

11:05:48 That's my cell phone.

11:05:49 But on the application, you can see the very first one, if

11:05:52 you hit the services button.

11:05:54 I didn't start at the very first screen of the AP but the

11:05:58 very first thing is accumulated junk, trash, debris.

11:06:02 Hit the arrow, please.

11:06:04 When you choose that, it's a very simple form to fill out.

11:06:07 First name, last name, e-mail, details, photo.

11:06:12 So I think city employees, a lot of them have cell phones.

11:06:17 A lot of them have iPhones.

11:06:19 A lot of them have iPads that are issued by the city that

11:06:22 they carry with them.

11:06:25 And hopefully everybody else in the city has.

11:06:32 But just what our city employees would do is use the

11:06:39 application that the administration in the mayor's office

11:06:43 developed.

11:06:43 It a pretty easy thing to do.

11:06:45 And that goes for all those citizens who are out there to

11:06:49 use this as well.

11:06:50 So as far as the cost of training, there's really not a lot

11:06:54 of cost associated.

11:06:58 The tool is already there.

11:06:59 The method is already in place.

11:07:01 And there are other choices on that menu for other types of

11:07:05 violations as well.

11:07:06 But I did meet with Mr. Rogero, and he said it is going to

11:07:17 those copper meetings at TPD that he want to talk about some

11:07:25 of the efforts he want to put in place and for TPD to

11:07:28 participate in.

11:07:29 And one of them is when day or night, when officers enter a

11:07:32 home, and they see squall or conditions in that home, that a

11:07:39 manager from code enforcement is on call 24 hours a day,

11:07:43 seven days a week, and they will be immediately dispatched

11:07:46 to that location when they are contacted by TPD for the

11:07:52 conditions that they are living in.

11:07:54 And he also said, oh, we talked about the training piece as

11:08:00 well, and what I suggested is that, you know, almost anybody

11:08:07 can develop a YouTube video.

11:08:10 And I know that our human resources division produces videos

11:08:14 as part of their orientation, ongoing training of all of our

11:08:19 employees.

11:08:20 So I don't think it would be a stretch to develop a video of

11:08:26 basic code enforcement regulations, and that maybe a

11:08:34 continuing education type of exercise that employees are

11:08:40 encouraged, as we have on the I-net, there's a bunch of

11:08:50 things that happen for continuing training that a video be

11:08:54 available.

11:08:55 And that covers all city employees.

11:08:58 No matter what department you work in, no matter if you are

11:09:01 on duty or off duty or if you saw something, you know, you

11:09:04 recognize it, you know how to report it, and I think the

11:09:07 tools are already in place.

11:09:08 It's just a matter of getting them implemented.

11:09:14 So that's just what I wanted to share from my meeting with

11:09:18 Mr. Rogero.

11:09:21 >> That's a great point.

11:09:22 And I hope that not just people watching out there but all

11:09:25 of us will spread the news about using those apps.

11:09:29 I hate to pile onto to be Councilwoman Capin said but I have

11:09:33 to tell you, we had a situation recently where there was a

11:09:37 Port-o-Let that fell over in the middle of a residential

11:09:40 street, and was lying in the middle of the street for four

11:09:44 days.

11:09:45 And a man in a house called us, and let me tell you, when we

11:09:51 got the call, we called Rogero immediately.

11:09:56 I think the thing was taken care of in ten minutes.

11:09:58 But what this man was so incense board of director is that

11:10:01 for four days he had watched city vehicles drive by the

11:10:05 street and no one -- he said thinking that something was

11:10:08 going to be done about it and no one did anything about it.

11:10:11 And even after we had solved the problem, he wrote us,

11:10:14 really a scathing letter about how frustrated, disappointed

11:10:19 he was, that people could just ride by and see this and not

11:10:23 do anything about it.

11:10:24 Actually went, took a picture of the Port-o-Let dumped over

11:10:27 in the middle of the street, because it was -- it blocked

11:10:31 the whole street.

11:10:32 Not to mention a sanitary problem.

11:10:35 So this is something that's widespread.

11:10:37 And we really do need for our employees, and our citizens,

11:10:42 to start using these APPS and start reporting and be more

11:10:48 aggressive about it.

11:10:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez?

11:10:55 >>MIKE SUAREZ: That was a long distance picture, I'm sure

11:10:58 two. Things I had originally had, since Mr. Reddick first

11:11:04 brought this up, and he is absolutely correct in terms of

11:11:06 the way that I thought the motion was supposed to go, which

11:11:08 is how do we cross-train, how much is it going to cost?

11:11:13 I think when we talk about essentially the ways we have to

11:11:17 be careful, because obviously those guys, even though they

11:11:20 are carrying it, you know, how much time it's going to take.

11:11:22 There's a lot of issues as part of it.

11:11:25 If they were doing it with a cell phone, or in some other

11:11:29 way, just to make sure that they finish that you are route

11:11:32 and do it as safe as possible.

11:11:33 But if I can make a suggestion to Councilman Reddick when

11:11:37 with they do make the motion to also include a report from

11:11:39 the legal department concerning union issues that may be a

11:11:45 constraint to a cross training process.

11:11:48 Not that it is going to be, but obviously when they have

11:11:50 separate union contracts, or rules that we have to follow,

11:11:54 so if you could put that in there, too, so we make sure not

11:12:01 everybody is a union employee but a lot of people that we

11:12:03 are talking about are, so we want to make sure we fit in

11:12:06 with all the rules and regs in our contract.

11:12:09 That's it, chair.

11:12:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

11:12:11 Any others at this time?

11:12:13 Okay.

11:12:16 Public.

11:12:18 You have three minutes on what we spoke on.

11:12:20 >> Pete Johnson, 510 Harrison street.

11:12:24 In regards to other departments, yeah, they should.

11:12:28 But it is a culture that the city has allowed to evolve over

11:12:35 years.

11:12:37 Case in point.

11:12:38 I have been trying with Susan Long for almost ten years to

11:12:43 get right-of-way violation enforced.

11:12:49 I was told that even Charlie Miranda would not enforce

11:12:54 right-of-way violations because there are so many.

11:12:59 I corrected the gentleman very strongly.

11:13:03 Then I was told by another person, well, we are going to see

11:13:07 if we can handle this.

11:13:09 And I corrected him.

11:13:11 I said, it is not your point to see if you can handle this,

11:13:15 it is your point, position, to report any determination of a

11:13:21 violation and allow the code enforcement department to

11:13:25 handle it.

11:13:26 If you want to put sidewalks in, that's your discretion.

11:13:31 It is the attitude that it is not my job from department,

11:13:41 including the director of the transportation department.

11:13:46 And I have got that in writing.

11:13:53 I'm sorry, but the administration has to enforce the rules

11:13:55 and regulations that you pass and the mayor signs into law.

11:14:04 We have to change the attitude, the culture of the City of

11:14:08 Tampa's employees and the citizens before we can get

11:14:14 anything corrected.

11:14:15 Thank you.

11:14:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

11:14:20 Anyone else?

11:14:26 Oh, I'm sorry.

11:14:28 Then let me say we only have 45 minutes before noon.

11:14:30 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

11:14:33 I am going to move that the Tampa Police Department and

11:14:35 solid waste department to appear and provide a report

11:14:38 regarding the feasibility of the program for city personnel

11:14:44 pertaining to code enforcement violations, and also want the

11:14:49 legal department to appear as well to discuss any union

11:14:53 issues pertaining to the cross training of city employees.

11:15:02 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Second.

11:15:02 Oh, I thought you were done.

11:15:03 >>FRANK REDDICK: And requesting they appear on March

11:15:06 20th at 9:00 a.m.

11:15:08 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Second.

11:15:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion and second.

11:15:11 Discussion, Mrs. Montelione.

11:15:12 >>LISA MONTELIONE: May I ask that as far as the video

11:15:16 portion, I discussed with Mr. Rogero, has maybe human

11:15:21 resources, because they produce a lot of those videos, come

11:15:25 as well?

11:15:27 >>FRANK REDDICK: An amendment to include human resources as

11:15:30 well.

11:15:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Reddick, a second

11:15:32 by Mrs. Capin, I have a friendly motion by Mrs. Montelione

11:15:36 which was accepted by Mr. Reddick.

11:15:38 All in favor of the motion?

11:15:39 Opposed?

11:15:40 Motion passed unanimously.

11:15:42 Okay.

11:15:42 We have C, G, H, and then we have item number 7.

11:15:47 And we have about 45 minutes.

11:15:48 So let get into C.

11:15:51 And we'll go from there.

11:15:52 Yes, sir, C, G and H in, that order.

11:15:55 >>ERNEST MUELLER: As for C, G and H, again some of these

11:16:01 issues have been addressed as far as the background.

11:16:05 I don't know if there's anyone here to necessarily speak to

11:16:07 them.

11:16:07 But like I said, I think C was brought up.

11:16:13 I'm not sure exactly what it is being asked here other than

11:16:16 I think I know you have your concerns, Mr. Chair, about

11:16:21 things that have been done without permits out there, and

11:16:24 the enforcement of that.

11:16:25 So I am not exactly sure where we want to go.

11:16:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me just say this.

11:16:31 Are we going to close our eyes and keep going?

11:16:33 Are we going to have an advocacy program and go see them?

11:16:37 These are individuals that may or may not, knowing that they

11:16:42 are in violation, and they bought a house, they moved in,

11:16:44 they had a renter, and it been sold three times.

11:16:47 I don't know what to tell you.

11:16:48 But there not today, not yesterday, but there for 15, 30

11:16:54 years, and they keep adding onto it.

11:16:57 And all I want is for you gentlemen, part of the

11:17:01 administration to tell us if anything, do you want to do

11:17:05 anything with them?

11:17:06 Do you want to have a program to solve the problem?

11:17:08 I don't know what you want.

11:17:10 Mrs. Montelione.

11:17:10 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.

11:17:12 I had brought this up because there's a house that's two

11:17:17 doors down from me that had a second story added to it

11:17:21 without permits.

11:17:23 And I had reported it.

11:17:25 And then when I went to go check on it, I was told that they

11:17:28 didn't have any record of it being recorded.

11:17:30 So I was a little concerned about that.

11:17:33 And then I was told, well, we went by there to look at it,

11:17:38 but it seems it's been there for a long time and there's

11:17:43 nothing really to do about it.

11:17:45 Which you second story a house, and instead of full second

11:17:50 story, it like a half second story.

11:17:52 So only the front of the house that was second story.

11:17:54 The back of the house was not.

11:17:57 It really concerns me from a structural standpoint.

11:17:59 So I would think that when something like that is reported,

11:18:07 that we could check the property appraiser's records and see

11:18:11 if Tampa property appraiser has it as a one-story or

11:18:14 two-story house or we could check and see if it's an

11:18:16 addition, say the property has had an addition put on, even

11:18:24 as it comes up and someone else bought the property, however

11:18:26 it comes to our attention, that are we could at a minimum

11:18:31 have some kind of rule, maybe Ms. Mandell can address this,

11:18:36 we have some kind of rule where a structural inspection

11:18:39 would have to be performed, because I'm really concerned

11:18:43 that one day, hey wind are going to come, and that second

11:18:46 story, or half a second story that's on this house, is going

11:18:49 to slide right off the roof.

11:18:52 So we have got folks that are out there doing construction

11:19:00 to homes that aren't licensed, that aren't permitted, that

11:19:06 aren't inspected, and it really creates not only a danger

11:19:10 for the people living there, but it also create a danger for

11:19:13 anybody who might be in close proximity to that home.

11:19:19 >>JULIA MANDELL: Certainly there is a way for us to cite or

11:19:26 violate somebody if they have constructed something without

11:19:28 a permit, and frankly -- and I understand this is always

11:19:32 going to be -- no matter what is constructed if there is no

11:19:38 record of there being a permit on it, it is under the way

11:19:44 our code is drafted, a violation of the property, it's a

11:19:48 violation of the citation, and no matter whether a person

11:19:52 who lives in that structure or not is the one who

11:19:55 constructed it, they have a responsibility to ensure that

11:19:57 that is in compliance.

11:19:59 So if it looks like it's been there a long time, and if we

11:20:04 know who that person is, I would be happy to contact that

11:20:08 person because that is not the message during my time with

11:20:11 the city where I have represented the construction services

11:20:14 division, and any other of the departments that I

11:20:21 represented, I made very clear that it is the responsibility

11:20:23 that runs with the property, and you can cite whoever it is.

11:20:26 But it is -- a lot of times you are capturing people who has

11:20:31 been in construction and it becomes a question of making

11:20:35 sure that the message we give is the same message, which is

11:20:39 if there's a violation, we cite it, especially with code

11:20:43 issues, that does become problematic.

11:20:45 So our remedies, once you have gone through the process, and

11:20:48 fixed the violation, which is getting it inspected, now, and

11:20:52 all of those kind of things, but, yes, than it is disturbing

11:20:56 and concerning that somebody would have said who that was

11:20:58 and maybe you don't want to say who it is.

11:21:01 But maybe we can have a conversation about that afterwards

11:21:03 to make sure that the message hasn't changed, because the

11:21:05 message shouldn't change.

11:21:07 That is, if there's no record of there being, there's no

11:21:12 record of there being a building permit for that particular

11:21:15 structure, then, yes, there is a right at that very moment

11:21:22 to cite that individual, and to move forward.

11:21:25 There are the processes that we have, an unlicensed

11:21:28 contractor, a licensed contractor, we have folks at TPD,

11:21:32 part of their job.

11:21:35 But, yes, it comes up the way the division came out, and if

11:21:42 I understand what the question is, yes that is certainly a

11:21:44 violation that should have been inspected and should have

11:21:46 been looked at.

11:21:49 And I think that we have enough, you know, brain power to

11:21:52 figure out a way to not penalize someone if they innocently

11:21:59 purchase the home, or building, or whatever it is, doesn't

11:22:03 necessarily have to be a house, it could be a commercial

11:22:06 structure, but if they purchase a home or building after

11:22:11 this whatever it was that was constructed and can show that,

11:22:16 we don't penalize them by, you know, what we usually do, and

11:22:21 charging triple the permit fee and those kinds of costs, and

11:22:27 make them come into compliance, but we at minimum are able

11:22:31 to construct a building inspection from our construction

11:22:36 services division to see if that structure, whatever it was,

11:22:40 was built to code.

11:22:50 And to rectify especially electrical wiring or improper

11:22:55 hurricane straps if a roof was involved.

11:22:58 So, you know, that we are protecting the general public

11:23:03 should something go awry.

11:23:06 >>ERNEST MUELLER: If I can maybe as a public service

11:23:10 announcement, and people that built something through these

11:23:16 code enforcement process, when we hear, "I don't know I

11:23:22 needed one," what I suggest is before they do renovation or

11:23:26 do some sort of construction on the property to check with

11:23:29 our construction services people to be see if a permit is

11:23:33 needed, because I hear that a lot of times, I didn't think I

11:23:36 needed one for this.

11:23:37 So if we can get that message out, they don't forget to ask

11:23:41 for a permit.

11:23:44 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, have the administration put that out.

11:23:45 Okay.

11:23:46 Now, here we go.

11:23:49 When you toll us that the violation runs with the land, what

11:23:53 is the purpose of the title company?

11:23:57 If they paid for clear title, wouldn't that show -- how come

11:24:03 it doesn't come up that square footage, for instance, you

11:24:08 look at -- you go to the county, and you look at the

11:24:13 property, and there is the square footage.

11:24:15 So when the title company, if you are paying for pure title

11:24:21 and they are looking at it, and it's not the square footage

11:24:25 that was -- you know, we pass the responsibility onto the

11:24:31 innocent person who paid for clear title, is now in

11:24:36 violation.

11:24:36 And I want to know where the title company fits in this, if

11:24:40 at all.

11:24:40 >> And that being a private matter between person who

11:24:49 purchased.

11:24:49 The city is not involved in the title insurance policy.

11:24:56 Usually, permits are created from the title policy.

11:24:59 But that is not -- my point is that's not a City of Tampa

11:25:03 responsibility.

11:25:04 It cannot possibly be Tampa's responsibility.

11:25:08 That's between the property owners.

11:25:09 But the violation in and of itself runs with the land no

11:25:13 matter who is the owner and who is the one that constructed

11:25:16 it.

11:25:19 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I understand.

11:25:20 And I agree with Mrs. Montelione.

11:25:22 We need to look at that.

11:25:23 We need to look at someone purchasing this property

11:25:26 innocently and not knowing, because it has happened.

11:25:30 >> They may also have a cause of action against the person

11:25:33 they purchased it from. While I understand -- and my

11:25:36 suggestion, the city should take measures to assist, and I

11:25:39 think there are opportunities for those kind of things that

11:25:44 I think is important to recognize, and we still have that

11:25:48 same responsibility under chapter 5 to ensure that whatever

11:25:52 has been constructed without permits is properly reviewed

11:25:56 and is properly permitted so that you don't have a public

11:25:59 safety problem, or safety problem, and we oftentimes will

11:26:04 get people through the process, and then -- except what

11:26:12 happens is the we have all that evidence, we are assuring

11:26:17 first and far most that the inspection, and everything is

11:26:22 properly documented, and sometimes it does take an engineer,

11:26:25 because these things are enclosed.

11:26:26 I mean, it's not that simple.

11:26:28 It will be a cost for the individual, not withstanding the

11:26:31 fact that they may be innocent, but they are still going to

11:26:34 have to get an engineer, because they are still going to

11:26:36 have to get an engineer, still get an electrician, so it's

11:26:41 not something that we can completely -- they have know

11:26:47 monetary outlay as a result it, and certainly they do have a

11:26:51 cause of action.

11:26:53 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.

11:26:53 I am going give a plug to the realtors, that personally, I

11:26:56 bought a house that had an addition.

11:26:58 We rewired the house.

11:27:00 It was inspected, the electric.

11:27:02 It was never brought to our attention that that addition was

11:27:06 never permitted.

11:27:07 But there were inspections coming in for walls that were

11:27:11 taken down, and electrical that was redone, and somehow the

11:27:17 city didn't catch that there they're was an addition that

11:27:20 was never permitted.

11:27:21 So, yeah, the city has this -- as I'm looking at it and I'm

11:27:27 thinking, they were in the house, we sold it, no problem.

11:27:31 But what I'm saying is, it was never -- they were in the

11:27:36 house inspecting electrical, inspecting structure, that we

11:27:43 were doing to the house, while at the same time the addition

11:27:45 had never been permitted.

11:27:48 We bought it.

11:27:48 We sold it years ago.

11:27:50 And thereby you go.

11:27:52 Now, there's a plug for the realtors.

11:27:55 And it's because the real estate broker in his second life,

11:28:02 he had a client from up north that was buying a lot of

11:28:06 properties in the City of Tampa.

11:28:08 This client had a son that lived in the east coast of

11:28:11 Florida, south Florida.

11:28:13 And his son wanted him to go down there and buy property

11:28:17 there.

11:28:17 My husband advised him, whatever you do, make sure you have

11:28:22 a contractor that pulls the permits, whatever you are going

11:28:27 to do.

11:28:28 That was his advice to this gentleman.

11:28:30 Months later, the gentleman called, and sure enough, there

11:28:35 was an addition done, and it was going to have to be torn

11:28:38 down, because the permits weren't done.

11:28:41 So realtors do tell these people -- at least I know one

11:28:46 realtor that did.

11:28:47 If you are going to do an addition, if you are going to do

11:28:50 anything, make sure that you have the proper permit or they

11:28:53 are going to make you take it down.

11:28:55 So that's my plug for the realtors.

11:28:58 So that might be how we get the word out to people when they

11:29:01 buy homes to make sure that they were permitted before they

11:29:07 close on it.

11:29:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

11:29:10 Mrs. Capin, how do you tell if they are rentals or not?

11:29:16 How do you tell when you drive by, see a house with two

11:29:19 front doors?

11:29:19 Or you see a house that has the carport enclosed but air

11:29:24 conditioning on the side.

11:29:25 You say, that air conditioner is too small for the whole

11:29:30 house.

11:29:30 Of course.

11:29:31 The side door you go in, you have an apartment.

11:29:33 And it happens like that all the time.

11:29:36 But here is the problem.

11:29:39 Is it a duplex or not?

11:29:41 And you have a zoning issue.

11:29:46 I don't know what to tell you.

11:29:47 I don't know how to solve this.

11:29:48 I'm asking for help.

11:29:50 How do we solve this, or you keep doing the way you are

11:29:53 doing.

11:29:54 I don't know what to tell you.

11:29:56 You can spot them, because when you drive by, you notice the

11:30:01 configuration of the house has changed, and you notice

11:30:04 usually a unit on the wall on one side of the house, or a

11:30:09 front door or side door, with a sidewalk with a roof over

11:30:14 it.

11:30:14 It's got so many little things to tell you what they are.

11:30:17 But we see them.

11:30:19 And we just keep driving by just like we did with the

11:30:22 apparatus that was on the street.

11:30:24 I just changed the name of that to an apparatus.

11:30:27 And those are the things that are just not changing

11:30:31 anything.

11:30:32 Mr. Suarez is going to fix the problem.

11:30:34 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Exactly, yes, sir.

11:30:37 I'm the answer man today.

11:30:38 A couple things.

11:30:39 One on the title insurance, it won't cover any of the issues

11:30:42 that we were talking about so that's the one thing.

11:30:44 It's only about clear title lean, so it won't have an

11:30:48 affect.

11:30:48 The second thing, property appraisers do this work through

11:30:53 the property appraisers office because they need to make

11:30:55 sure the taxable value is correct.

11:30:57 So I know that they go out there.

11:30:59 I don't know if we have ever coordinated with them to find

11:31:01 out when there is a change in either use or size or anything

11:31:07 else.

11:31:09 Kind of attack with some of the issues that you are talking

11:31:13 about.

11:31:14 Because if they had an appraisal done two years before and

11:31:17 then all of a sudden now they have that enclosed carport,

11:31:21 that's what we reported on their property, you know,

11:31:25 information.

11:31:26 So, you know, Mr. Slater or Mr. Mueller, I don't know if

11:31:30 this is something that in any way coordinated, but that may

11:31:33 be one of the first places we go on these unpermitted

11:31:36 structures, because they are the ones that are already going

11:31:39 out and doing the work.

11:31:41 All we need to do is find out what that process is and where

11:31:44 we can be part of it to get the information in order to then

11:31:48 cross reference with our own building permit, department,

11:31:53 construction services and find out, hey, wait a minute, we

11:31:56 have a disconnect here.

11:31:58 Property appraiser is saying there's an additional space

11:32:00 that's been added on that is under roof.

11:32:03 The second thing is that is this permanent?

11:32:06 I think that's a fairly simple way of doing it.

11:32:09 Again, I don't not what the process is as property

11:32:11 appraisers but I guarantee that they are doing something,

11:32:14 because when you add on, they may be just pulling

11:32:19 information from us in order to make that determination, and

11:32:21 then going out and inspecting.

11:32:23 I don't know.

11:32:24 But they are doing something that we are not, or we don't

11:32:27 know the coordination process.

11:32:29 Let's figure that out and then go from there.

11:32:31 That would be my suggestion.

11:32:32 And it may not solve the problem but it was a suggestion.

11:32:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: At least we are having an open

11:32:38 conversation about a problem that's wide, widespread.

11:32:42 Any suggestions on what you might consider you want to do or

11:32:47 anything like that?

11:32:48 Don't all of you rush up.

11:32:54 [ Laughter ]

11:32:57 >>JAKE SLATER: I know that we constantly check the property

11:33:00 appraisers in regard to the information available in regard

11:33:04 to the layout of the land, so we know we have to do an

11:33:07 abatement on the size of the property, in regard to the lien

11:33:15 process.

11:33:16 I know the chairman and I have had numerous discussions

11:33:18 about the issues concerning zoning issues and building

11:33:20 issues, and the legal add-ons.

11:33:24 I wish I had the answer.

11:33:27 I wish I had a small, small Army to send out.

11:33:32 We try to do our best working with the type of resources

11:33:39 that we have.

11:33:39 We coordinate with the building bureau on a regular basis,

11:33:48 their enforcement arm.

11:33:50 There is not an easy fix.

11:33:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Before I go to Mrs. Montelione, what I

11:33:54 would like to see is this.

11:33:55 At least, if we can identify the property, not go after them

11:34:01 all at one time, but when you are out there, identify what

11:34:04 we think they are, let's try to find out who, how many, so

11:34:07 we can start building something to try to solve the problem.

11:34:11 Because it's becoming a nuisance to the whole neighborhood

11:34:15 where you can't even park a car because there's ten cars out

11:34:18 there.

11:34:18 And I'm not trying to say that they are all wrong.

11:34:21 Sometimes they are needed.

11:34:23 Sometimes they are not.

11:34:24 And let's find out where we are at, and how to resolve some

11:34:28 of these things.

11:34:29 And it sound simple but it's not.

11:34:32 It is not simple.

11:34:33 And it's very hard to solve.

11:34:35 Mrs. Montelione.

11:34:36 >>LISA MONTELIONE: As we wrap up this discussion on part C,

11:34:41 I would like to make a motion and couple this with part G,

11:34:45 because we.

11:34:46 Discussed part G.

11:34:48 And that was asking --

11:34:53 >>HARRY COHEN: Legal counsel asked that we make the motion

11:34:55 after public comment.

11:34:56 >>LISA MONTELIONE: This is where I am going with this just

11:34:58 so we don't have to cover part G because it's getting late

11:35:02 here.

11:35:02 But I want to say that with the suggestion of Mr. Suarez,

11:35:07 and what I had suggested previously in G, was to utilize the

11:35:11 services of the property appraiser's office to identify when

11:35:18 there is a marketable difference between what the property

11:35:23 appraiser's record shows and when there's a change that, a

11:35:27 second story, an addition, or whatever, there is some lift

11:35:33 generated for the City of Tampa that says, hey, these are

11:35:36 the differences.

11:35:37 And we'll have to set some kind of limit on that.

11:35:40 And then G, when we met the other day, gentlemen, we touched

11:35:44 on this, and it was said that we had hadn't gotten in touch

11:35:47 with the property appraiser's division, the property

11:35:52 appraiser of Hillsborough County, to see if there was a way

11:35:54 we could get a list of the new homestead exemptions that

11:36:01 were dropping off that would indicate that it is a property

11:36:06 that is no longer someone's home.

11:36:07 >>JAKE SLATER: After we had talked yesterday, I went back

11:36:15 to my office and I was advised that we do receive an e-mail

11:36:19 from Hillsborough County property appraiser's office, in

11:36:25 September, and there is no procedure at the current time

11:36:27 that would automatically send a notice to the City of Tampa

11:36:30 when a homesteaded property was in the city of limits had

11:36:34 lost its homestead.

11:36:36 So there's no filing, there's no mechanism, right.

11:36:44 But there is an option for an overall report to actually

11:36:48 generate a list of parcels, specific criteria. So if we

11:36:56 condense that, or frame that, they could possibly help.

11:37:00 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I know we don't now.

11:37:05 The suggestion was that we develop a mechanism, and I had a

11:37:09 brief conversation with our property appraiser Mr. Enriquez

11:37:14 last night, and they are more than happy to work with us to

11:37:23 achieve our goals.

11:37:23 >>ERNEST MUELLER: Going back to item C.

11:37:27 Two questions have come out of here.

11:37:30 The first one comes from the chair, really, as to what we

11:37:34 want to do.

11:37:35 So we are going to go back, look at that.

11:37:37 A lot of that is going to be construction services, not so

11:37:40 much Mr. Slater's department.

11:37:41 Then the other question I am seeing is kind of these three

11:37:44 questions, three ways being said, number one, how do we

11:37:48 identify the permitted structures, or how do we investigate?

11:37:53 And then of course the recommendation, is there a way to get

11:37:57 to the property appraiser.

11:37:59 So I am going to try with construction services, and just

11:38:02 talk about those questions and see if there's a way to

11:38:04 identify the problem, and investigate it.

11:38:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

11:38:10 Public on C and G?

11:38:13 >> Pete Johnson, 510.

11:38:15 I'm only going to pick on things that are short.

11:38:17 Case in point.

11:38:18 I had an 86-year-old lady that got a violation because she

11:38:21 had a rental in her garage on a property that she bought

11:38:27 30-some years ago.

11:38:28 Okay?

11:38:28 The case was complied out even though the stove was not

11:38:32 removed, which I would appreciate very much because the

11:38:36 86-year-old woman was not mentally competent to handle the

11:38:39 problem.

11:38:40 The problem was, is that there was nothing to cloud the

11:38:46 title so that the problem got corrected.

11:38:50 In this case, the property owner should have been found

11:38:53 guilty.

11:38:56 One dollar a month, which would have not affected her,

11:39:02 charged on the property so that a lien would have clouded

11:39:06 the title, and the next person would not have had the

11:39:10 problem.

11:39:10 Unfortunately, this did not happen.

11:39:13 Even with the fact that the code officer knew that there was

11:39:18 a setback problem, it was never handled.

11:39:22 So I'm sorry.

11:39:24 The city does have a responsibility to place liens, that

11:39:30 don't have to be ten dollars a month, they don't have to be

11:39:34 $100 a month, they can be a dollar a month to cloud a title

11:39:38 to correct the problem.

11:39:40 If we don't, the dog chasing its tail again.

11:39:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.

11:39:47 And that's exactly what we are trying to accomplish to get

11:39:49 some framework, and work on the process of solving these

11:39:54 things.

11:39:55 It may tab a long time.

11:39:56 And it's not going to be easy, as I said earlier.

11:39:59 But I appreciate everything we are trying to do.

11:40:01 Anyone on G?

11:40:02 Anyone in the public care to speak on G?

11:40:04 I think that Mr. Slater reported that there is no

11:40:07 information and they are going to try to get some work done.

11:40:12 Mrs. Montelione said she has spoken with the property

11:40:16 appraiser and hopefully Mrs. Montelione Convey that to Mr.

11:40:20 Slater and the attorney representing Ernest Mueller, the

11:40:23 city in this case, so they can get together and work it out

11:40:26 with a property appraiser.

11:40:27 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I would like to make that motion now.

11:40:29 We heard from the public. I don't think we have anybody

11:40:31 else to speak.

11:40:32 And I am going to make it almost similar to what Mr. Mueller

11:40:36 just said, that I move that we charge the legal department

11:40:40 and the administration with answering the questions of how

11:40:46 can we identify unpermitted structures through working with

11:40:52 possibly the property appraiser's office of Hillsborough

11:40:54 County, what process or procedure can we put in place to

11:40:58 have some of these structures inspected, and how can they be

11:41:08 investigated?

11:41:09 Is that pretty much, Mr. Mueller?

11:41:14 >>ERNEST MUELLER: Yes.

11:41:14 And the chair's question, too, what we want to do.

11:41:18 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Right.

11:41:21 And as a policy of the city, a policy question is how do we

11:41:25 want to approach the solution?

11:41:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by --

11:41:30 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Wait, wait.

11:41:31 And as far as the contacting the property appraisers as well

11:41:34 as finding a mechanism, working out how we can identify

11:41:40 homes that are no longer homesteaded for potential

11:41:44 investigation of whether they are vacant, have them secured,

11:41:48 or if they are rentals, have them participate, and whatever

11:41:52 rental certificate program we come up with.

11:41:54 >>FRANK REDDICK: A long motion.

11:41:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Montelione.

11:42:00 >>FRANK REDDICK: Second.

11:42:02 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I think what Mr. Reddick mentioned,

11:42:06 March 20th, 9:00 a.m.

11:42:08 So we'll do it the same day.

11:42:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Can you all handle that by March

11:42:12 20th?

11:42:13 I don't think the clerk can record it between now and March

11:42:16 20th.

11:42:17 >>ERNEST MUELLER: Let me ask this.

11:42:20 Do we want this put back as a workshop item?

11:42:23 Because I don't think we are going to have an immediate

11:42:25 solution to this.

11:42:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have to agree with you.

11:42:28 I love the motion but I don't think you are going to have

11:42:30 the time between --

11:42:32 >> I guess my problem is be this has been on the calendar

11:42:35 for quite some time.

11:42:36 These two items.

11:42:37 I'm pretty much restating what I had said before.

11:42:40 So there's been quite a lot of time already.

11:42:43 >>FRANK REDDICK: Do you want a workshop?

11:42:48 >>HARRY COHEN: I think a staff report.

11:42:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mrs. Montelione.

11:42:51 Second by Mr. Cohen.

11:42:55 Discussion by council members?

11:42:56 Motion passed unanimously.

11:42:58 March 20th, the year 2014, at 10:00.

11:43:04 >>FRANK REDDICK: 9:00.

11:43:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You want it 9:00?

11:43:09 All right.

11:43:09 9:00 staff reports.

11:43:10 That means whoever is at 10:00 will be here for a long time.

11:43:14 All right.

11:43:15 9:00 in the morning.

11:43:16 Motion passed that way.

11:43:18 We go to H.

11:43:19 And we have still got some time but we have to do number 7

11:43:22 still.

11:43:22 >>ERNEST MUELLER: It can be very brief on H.

11:43:28 I was advised, Mrs. Mandell had to leave but she has been in

11:43:33 touch with Mrs. Little, and they have investigated this.

11:43:37 They found nothing yet that would address this, but they are

11:43:40 going to keep looking.

11:43:42 They have been able to find really no funding sources yet,

11:43:46 but that doesn't mean they aren't going to keep trying.

11:43:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Discussion by council members?

11:43:51 Anyone in the audience care to speak on H?

11:43:55 That's concluded wee go to em item 7.

11:43:59 Continuing the workshop.

11:44:00 This is a special assessment.

11:44:02 If it's possible to do that, civil citation and code

11:44:06 enforcement, B.

11:44:09 And there's a part B to that.

11:44:11 >>ERNEST MUELLER: Assistant city attorney here to address

11:44:16 7-A.

11:44:20 First, trying to use the special process, and I believe we

11:44:24 are talking about the tax bill, putting it on the tax bill

11:44:28 here.

11:44:29 We looked at it and we don't feel very comfortable that it

11:44:32 will work at all for the civil citation or for code

11:44:35 enforcement.

11:44:40 However, we do think for the higher cost liens, meaning the

11:44:44 city has to go out and actually do work and assess, and

11:44:48 that's what we call hard cost things for the city, spent

11:44:50 money to a bait public nuisances out there.

11:44:53 We think that there is -- and we are investigating that

11:44:56 opportunity to put that understood the tax bill for that

11:44:59 particular piece of property as a non-ad valorem assessment.

11:45:03 And I also want to advise, Senate bill 1038 that right now

11:45:13 is somewhere in the process of addressing as relating to

11:45:19 chronic nuisance service assessments, which again would be

11:45:24 put on as non-ad valorem.

11:45:26 So we are kind of monitoring that, also, that could help

11:45:29 with us this.

11:45:30 >>HARRY COHEN: How long would it take you, do you think, to

11:45:33 come up with a draft ordinance related just to the issue of

11:45:36 the hard cost liens?

11:45:40 >>ERNEST MUELLER: As far as putting it on -- I don't know,

11:45:43 because I know it's a two-step process if we were to go that

11:45:46 route there.

11:45:48 Ha has to be two different assessments.

11:45:52 We have to kind of put out an announcement, and there would

11:45:55 be a process up front that would say, come September we are

11:45:58 going to be doing these assessments, the assessments will be

11:46:00 done then.

11:46:02 I would say as we are will go at that, it's going to take us

11:46:07 probably about 30 to 06 days to work through that process.

11:46:13 >>HARRY COHEN: Well, maybe what I would say, I would be

11:46:15 happy to make a motion after we heard from the public to

11:46:19 simply start that process, get it going and have you come

11:46:21 back to us in, say, 60 days with a plan for how we mate move

11:46:26 forward on that type of program.

11:46:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The public on item 7-A.

11:46:30 >> Pete Johnson, 510 Harrison street.

11:46:36 In regards to fine collections on either civil citations on

11:46:41 code enforcement fines, if there is no way of collecting

11:46:46 these fines, where is the enforcement?

11:46:52 Where is the holding people accountable?

11:46:55 We have to come up with a way.

11:46:57 Now, I understand homestead exemption, okay?

11:47:00 But where is -- we have to come up with a way of collecting

11:47:05 fines.

11:47:06 I don't care if they are $300,000, if it's $20.

11:47:11 We have to come up with a way of collecting fines on code

11:47:16 enforcement cases and civil citations.

11:47:19 Unfortunately, the state statute has to be changed; because

11:47:28 municipal infractions are noncollectable in the State of

11:47:30 Florida.

11:47:33 So we have got to come up with something else.

11:47:35 And there again, I come right back to in compliance with the

11:47:39 state statute.

11:47:41 Every violation, whether it is collected or not, is a

11:47:45 violation at the date and the time of the violation, and

11:47:50 needs to be heard in a public hearing.

11:47:55 If you don't hold people accountable, you are not going to

11:48:00 correct the problem.

11:48:01 If we can't collect the fine at least go back to the state

11:48:05 statute and implement the statute the way it is written.

11:48:08 Thank you.

11:48:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me just say this before I yield to

11:48:11 Mr. Cohen.

11:48:12 Initially, and I'm just speaking, code enforcement was never

11:48:20 intended to collect the fine.

11:48:22 It was to make it to compliance, wherein the property in

11:48:28 that neighborhood, values go up, where then the revenues to

11:48:31 all the governments are stabilized.

11:48:36 That's the idea behind code enforcement.

11:48:38 That doesn't mean that we won't collect fines.

11:48:42 That means that fines are there to bring the property into

11:48:46 compliance, so therefore the taxes on your tax rolls are not

11:48:51 diminished and depleted to zero.

11:48:54 And that's what code enforcement initially was about.

11:48:57 We have gotten a little bit more sophisticated and a little

11:49:00 bit more forward on assessing.

11:49:05 That doesn't mean the assessment is going to be collected.

11:49:09 We still want that property to be up to code so that the

11:49:13 neighborhood stabilizes, and it doesn't deteriorate, and

11:49:16 therefore we don't have than the mess that some cities do

11:49:19 have.

11:49:20 And I am going to mention Detroit, without living there.

11:49:24 But when you get to that point, there's really no point in

11:49:27 coming back.

11:49:28 And that's what it all about.

11:49:29 And I commend all of you for what you have done.

11:49:32 And this today workshop is very intriguing to me, because it

11:49:38 brings out a lot of things that a lot of cities don't even

11:49:42 want to talk about.

11:49:43 And we at least have the sensibility to say here what the

11:49:48 problem is, how are we going to solve it?

11:49:51 And that's what this workshop is about really.

11:49:53 Mr. Cohen.

11:49:54 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you, sir.

11:49:55 So based on Mr. Mueller's presentation, I would like to make

11:49:59 a motion to have the legal department report back to us on

11:50:02 May 1st at 9:00 a.m., with a go-forward plan for

11:50:10 implementation of a special assessment process to deal

11:50:15 specifically with hard-cost liens.

11:50:18 >> Second.

11:50:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen.

11:50:21 I have a second by Mrs. Montelione.

11:50:22 Further discussion by council members?

11:50:24 All in favor of the motion?

11:50:26 Opposed?

11:50:27 The ayes have it unanimously.

11:50:30 Okay.

11:50:30 We go to part B of 7.

11:50:39 It absolute slate the civil citation process.

11:50:51 And the cases that have been resolved.

11:50:55 Bear were me for a moment here.

11:50:59 The civil citation process began late 2008.

11:51:05 We initially emphasized the use in regard to the three top

11:51:11 code enforcement violations.

11:51:13 Overgrowth, trash, accumulations, and inoperative type of

11:51:20 vehicles.

11:51:20 Since December 2008, the City of Tampa code enforcement has

11:51:25 issued 21,445 civil warnings.

11:51:31 And a civil warning is an instrument that is verifies to the

11:51:38 property owner they have up to 21 days to come into

11:51:41 compliance, to correct the violation.

11:51:45 As of the end of January of this year, a total of 3212

11:51:51 citations were issued.

11:51:57 With that, we feel very confident that we have approximately

11:52:00 85% compliance rate when the initial warning was actually

11:52:05 given.

11:52:07 And I'm pretty happy with that.

11:52:09 Now, Mr. John Johnson is going to say that once a civil

11:52:15 citation is issued, when it goes to court, there's not that

11:52:19 type of compliance.

11:52:20 And he's right with that.

11:52:22 He's right.

11:52:23 And we are working with the judges to try to emphasize the

11:52:27 need to hold these people accountable.

11:52:29 But overall, the civil citation process has worked.

11:52:34 It more expedient.

11:52:38 We can deal with the property violations a whole lot quicker

11:52:41 than a Code Enforcement Board process, and it's one of our

11:52:46 best tools in our tool box.

11:52:47 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

11:52:50 Let me be very brief.

11:52:51 Because the reason I wanted to bring this onto the floor is

11:52:55 I had a chance to look a at some of this data pertaining to

11:52:59 the civil citation court, and as I shared the data but, the

11:53:05 average person will see, we have got a problem.

11:53:07 You take, for example, June 13 -- and June of 2013, out of

11:53:16 103 citations that was given for people to come to court,

11:53:20 there were 72 no-shows.

11:53:24 July 13, 69 citations, 42 no-shows.

11:53:31 August 13, 111 citations, 71 no-shows.

11:53:36 October 2013, 108 citations, 64 no-shows.

11:53:44 And November 13, 99 citations, 63 no-shows.

11:53:50 It's the people not showing up in court, even if they have

11:53:56 been cited to come to court and they are not showing up, we

11:54:00 got a problem within this court system.

11:54:02 And I'm just wondering, and what I'm hearing -- and I guess

11:54:14 the legal question, and what I'm hearing is that a lot of

11:54:17 these people that are not showing up are banks.

11:54:22 These are primarily the banks that are not showing up,

11:54:24 ignoring the citation, and they are not just showing up, not

11:54:29 sending a representative, and is there any way that the

11:54:37 judge can look into produce some type of enforcement against

11:54:41 these banks?

11:54:42 Because they just totally ignore them.

11:54:47 But what I am seeing is mostly the private homeowners, and

11:54:56 the senior citizens, they are showing up, going out, paying

11:55:00 the fine.

11:55:01 But the big guys, the banks are just saying, I'm taking your

11:55:06 citation and throwing it in the bar garage.

11:55:09 I'm not showing up.

11:55:10 I'm not sending a representative.

11:55:11 And nothing has been done.

11:55:13 So what can be done?

11:55:16 And I understand from the legal standpoint, what can we do

11:55:20 to encourage or to see that the judge is doing these cases,

11:55:29 enforce -- and force these banks that are not showing up but

11:55:34 the mom and pop are catching the bus and coming out to pay

11:55:38 these fines but the banks just ignore them?

11:55:41 >>ERNEST MUELLER: I have been in discussion was the

11:55:43 municipal prosecutor about this very issue.

11:55:45 It is troublesome that some people don't show.

11:55:48 They get a default entered against them, but with the

11:55:51 citation process, sits out there, and that fine is sitting

11:55:55 with the clerk's office so it hard for compliance.

11:55:59 But bottom line is we are trying to address a way of getting

11:56:02 that case back in front of the judge.

11:56:06 Trying to show an order to show cause.

11:56:09 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me ask you.

11:56:15 If a representative or someone showed up in court, let me

11:56:19 ask you two things.

11:56:20 One, does the code enforcement close that case?

11:56:24 Is that case considered closed if they are not showing up?

11:56:28 >>JAKE SLATER: We go back the next day and verify the F the

11:56:31 violation has been in compliance.

11:56:32 We open up a new case the next day.

11:56:36 We go back out the following day.

11:56:37 >>FRANK REDDICK: What is the is the possibility -- can the

11:56:42 court or someone place liens on these properties if they are

11:56:46 not showing up?

11:56:47 >> I don't know.

11:56:51 We haven't pursued that.

11:56:53 >> I mean, we see a lot of things to get away with.

11:57:03 >>ERNEST MUELLER: We use civil citations to go after a

11:57:06 violator, may knob not be a property owner so there may not

11:57:10 be a lien against the property, no property for that

11:57:13 violation to attach.

11:57:19 So, again, I will get with the municipal prosecutor.

11:57:22 And we are kind of troubled by this.

11:57:24 We are trying to address it with other issues that we are

11:57:30 trying to address code enforcement, but we are trying to

11:57:34 address, and back in front of the judge, so that they don't,

11:57:38 you know, that they actually do address their fines and the

11:57:43 violation.

11:57:46 >>FRANK REDDICK: Is it possible that we can get -- are you

11:57:49 able to provide a follow-up on this at any time, whenever

11:57:54 you suggest, suggest a follow-up?

11:58:03 >>JAKE SLATER: If it's okay with the legal department and

11:58:06 administration to meet with the judges and explain to them

11:58:08 our concern, and our position, and see exactly if there's

11:58:13 something more that can be done, because, Councilman, I am

11:58:17 in agreement with you.

11:58:21 And the record reflect that probably two third of the people

11:58:27 don't show up.

11:58:28 I agree with you.

11:58:28 >>FRANK REDDICK: Is there a time frame?

11:58:32 Julie is here.

11:58:33 Just for the record, do we have a time frame that you might

11:58:35 be able to report back?

11:58:39 >>ERNEST MUELLER: Again we are working with the judge to

11:58:41 try to get in with his schedule so I would ask at least 60

11:58:45 days.

11:58:45 >>FRANK REDDICK: All right.

11:58:47 Then if I can make a motion.

11:58:57 Characters I would like to move that legal department report

11:59:03 back to council within 60 days which will be, what is six

11:59:09 months, April --

11:59:13 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'll take the calendar position.

11:59:15 I would say April.

11:59:18 The 17th we have a really long agenda.

11:59:20 So how about the 3rd?

11:59:25 >> April 3rd, under staff reports, 9:00, discussion with

11:59:29 the court pertaining to civil citation, code, and the number

11:59:35 of no-shows that appear before the court.

11:59:38 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I would like to second that, Mr.

11:59:45 Reddick, and hear from the public before we take the motion.

11:59:50 I wanted to, understood the discussion of the motion, I

11:59:54 wanted to maybe mention something that also talked to Mr.

12:00:00 Rogero about, or maybe -- I don't know -- but the banks

12:00:06 often in 99% of the time hire a management company that is

12:00:11 supposed to be monitoring the property, supposed to say

12:00:16 there's a problem, call this.

12:00:18 Well, as a former banker, I would say that if I am hiring a

12:00:22 management company, and that management company is not

12:00:25 performing the service that we the bank is paying for, then

12:00:30 I would want to know that.

12:00:32 So possibly in your discussions, or when you are talking

12:00:36 about changes to somehow either hold the property management

12:00:44 company accountable, since maybe our hand must be a little

12:00:48 bit tied with the banks, because if they haven't completed

12:00:52 the foreclosure process they may not be technically the

12:00:55 owner of the property.

12:00:56 But if there's some way we can tie in the property

12:01:02 management company that is supposed to be, you know,

12:01:06 attending to these properties.

12:01:08 Through our foreclosure registry.

12:01:10 Maybe that's an avenue we can go forward with.

12:01:16 Just a suggestion, idea.

12:01:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Public comment.

12:01:19 Then we'll have some motions.

12:01:20 Yes, sir.

12:01:20 >> Pete Johnson, 510 Harrison street.

12:01:26 85% compliance.

12:01:29 You should be -- it's very simple.

12:01:35 You take a picture.

12:01:37 Then you have proof whether or not the program works or not.

12:01:41 You don't just have figures.

12:01:44 Civil citations started in 2008.

12:01:48 We are in 2014, and we still don't have it down pat.

12:01:58 I hope eh and this is the first City Council that I have

12:02:01 ever been involved in in 25 or 30 years that has taken code

12:02:07 enforcement and put it on the hot plate.

12:02:16 It's about time.

12:02:17 And I want to thank every single person here for doing this.

12:02:23 It's to improve our neighborhoods and our city.

12:02:27 It's not to beat people up.

12:02:30 It is to gain compliance.

12:02:33 What used to work 30 years ago doesn't work now.

12:02:38 So we have to change the game plan.

12:02:41 And I appreciate everything -- we are talking about

12:02:46 everything that this council has finally stepped up to the

12:02:49 plate, and what more can I say?

12:02:52 But I'm still not leaving.

12:02:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, I found out why you are not

12:02:57 leaving.

12:02:57 You weren't accepted at St. Pete.

12:02:59 [ Laughter ]

12:03:01 But we love you here.

12:03:02 All right.

12:03:02 >>FRANK REDDICK: Extend the time about five more minutes.

12:03:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Seconded by Mrs. Montelione.

12:03:10 All in favor of the motion?

12:03:11 The ayes have it unanimously.

12:03:12 Anyone else?

12:03:15 I see no one. Anyone from council on 7-B?

12:03:19 >>FRANK REDDICK: I would like to move that legal department

12:03:22 appear before City Council, April 3rd at 9:00 a.m. staff

12:03:29 reports to give us an update on their discussion with the

12:03:33 citation court judge pertaining to liens or how we reduce

12:03:40 the number of no-shows that appear before the citation

12:03:43 court.

12:03:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Reddick, second by Mr.

12:03:45 Suarez for April 3rd.

12:03:52 Who seconded it?

12:03:54 All right.

12:03:56 Who seconded it?

12:03:59 Mr. Suarez, I can't believe you did that to me but I'll take

12:04:02 Mrs. Montelione second.

12:04:03 Mr. Suarez came in a close second.

12:04:05 All in favor of that motion of April 3rd, staff reports

12:04:08 at 9:00 in the morning.

12:04:11 All in favor of that motion please indicate by saying aye.

12:04:13 Opposed nay.

12:04:14 The ayes have it unanimously.

12:04:16 Anyone else?

12:04:16 We go to information reports.

12:04:19 Let me tell you something.

12:04:21 It's very difficult what you are looking at.

12:04:24 You are looking at a mountain.

12:04:26 And I don't mean a mountain in Zephyrhills.

12:04:28 I mean a mountain in the Andes, tall ones, big ones.

12:04:34 And this is not going to happen overnight.

12:04:36 The city is going progressively better.

12:04:39 I think if you look back, even from 2008 forward, the city

12:04:46 has also grown, and the population has grown.

12:04:49 Everything has grown.

12:04:50 And we are trying to do the best we can.

12:04:53 And I think the enjoyment of the taxpayers certainly, I

12:04:56 think, looks brighter.

12:04:58 But Mrs. Montelione, information reports.

12:05:01 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No, sir.

12:05:04 I just wanted to say that we are in the throes of conducting

12:05:08 a homeless count.

12:05:09 So if you are interested in participating, and maybe a

12:05:14 little bit late, but I'm sure we will need some help with

12:05:18 the tabulation and you can contact the Tampa Hillsborough

12:05:21 homeless initiative for information.

12:05:23 Thank you.

12:05:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

12:05:25 Mrs. Mulhern.

12:05:25 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you, Mr. Chair.

12:05:27 I have one amendment to a motion that's on the agenda for

12:05:32 March 6th.

12:05:33 The motion was that parks and recreation and transportation

12:05:36 appear before council to address how the city can

12:05:39 accommodate the students who will attend the Florida State

12:05:43 Thespian festival, further that Dennis Rogero, chief of

12:05:48 Sarasota, would clear up the concerns expressed by Lindsay

12:05:52 painter.

12:05:54 Director of Florida Thespians, and the amendment is to have

12:05:59 also representative of law enforcement to come and address.

12:06:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Mulhern, a second

12:06:05 by Mr. Reddick.

12:06:06 Further discussion by council members on the motion?

12:06:08 Opposed?

12:06:10 Motion passed unanimously.

12:06:11 Anything else?

12:06:13 Mr. Reddick?

12:06:14 >>FRANK REDDICK: Just one, chair.

12:06:16 I would like to make a motion to present a commendation to

12:06:19 the Delta thinking ma Theta sorority, and government day,

12:06:26 and city government day, on March 6th of 2014.

12:06:35 >> Second.

12:06:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Reddick, seconded by Mrs.

12:06:39 Mulhern.

12:06:41 Discussion by council members?

12:06:42 The ayes have it unanimously.

12:06:43 Mr. Suarez.

12:06:44 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I only have two items.

12:06:46 The first, council, I would like to move that council

12:06:50 present a commendation to the student that participated and

12:06:53 placed in the American Legion oratorical contest this year

12:06:58 to be presented at the start of our night meeting on March

12:07:02 19th.

12:07:03 >> Second by Mrs. Montelione.

12:07:05 Further discussion by council members? All in favor of the

12:07:06 motion?

12:07:08 Opposed?

12:07:09 The ayes have it unanimously.

12:07:10 Yes, sir.

12:07:10 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And move that the council present a

12:07:15 commendation to Marissa spring, the 2011 USF own innovator

12:07:22 for her invention of the puff and fluff system.

12:07:27 She recently appeared on "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy

12:07:32 Fallon.

12:07:32 We would like to present that at a later date.

12:07:34 >> Second by Mrs. Montelione.

12:07:38 All in favor?

12:07:39 Opposed?

12:07:40 The ayes are getting weaker but it passed unanimously.

12:07:44 I have a motion to receive and file by Mr. Reddick, seconded

12:07:47 by Mrs. Montelione.

12:07:48 All in favor of the motion?

12:07:49 The ayes have it unanimously.

12:07:51 Anyone in the audience care to address this council?

12:07:53 Thank you very much for all participants.

12:07:57 See you in future workshops and reports coming in.

12:07:59 We stand adjourned.


12:08:01 (Meeting adjourned)


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