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Thursday, April 10, 2014
6:00 p.m. Session

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06:02:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to
06:06:06 order.
06:06:06 Roll call?
06:06:08 [Roll Call]
06:06:10 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Here.
06:06:12 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.
06:06:14 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.
06:06:16 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.
06:06:16 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.
06:06:17 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Here.
06:06:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.
06:06:18 Okay, item number one is the presentation of
06:06:21 commendation that Mr. Mike Suarez will do.
06:06:27 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

06:06:29 Thank you, colleagues.
06:06:31 This is something I know it's going to sound
06:06:33 weird, but Ms. Streng -- not that anything I say
06:06:37 sounds weird.
06:06:38 We have Marissa Streng here, who is the winner of
06:06:42 the 2011 USF young innovator competition.
06:06:47 Now, you're wondering why we are here in 2014
06:06:50 celebrating the fact that she won in 2011.
06:06:52 Well, she appeared recently on "The Tonight Show,"
06:06:57 for the segment called Fallonventions.
06:07:03 Jimmy Fallon is the host and that's what he calls
06:07:05 his segment about different inventions.
06:07:07 She was awarded a $5,000 scholarship by GE, which
06:07:11 of course the sponsor of the network and owner of
06:07:14 the network Mr. Fallon is on this invention has to
06:07:19 do with her dog mojo.
06:07:21 Her mom and dad -- where's mom and dad?
06:07:25 Mom and dad are hiding from me.
06:07:26 Sharon and Tom are here with her.
06:07:28 Mojo is 7 years old.
06:07:30 And he's going to help her demonstrate the
06:07:31 invention that won her not only $5,000, but the
06:07:35 competition at USF.
06:07:36 Marissa, you want -- let's get the microphone.
06:07:39 We can use this, right?

06:07:41 I'll hold the microphone if you want to tell us
06:07:43 what this is going to do and what's going to
06:07:45 happen.
06:07:45 >> Well, I'm going to set mojo on the Puff N
06:07:48 Fluff, according to the head and tail markings.
06:07:52 Then I put his paws in the four leg holes.
06:07:55 And I pull up the Velcro to seal it.
06:07:58 Next, I use the drawstring on the neck and tail to
06:08:02 enclose the air, but I don't do it too tight, so
06:08:05 air can still flow out and dry your dog head and
06:08:08 tail.
06:08:09 Last, I connect the flexible tube on the Puff N
06:08:13 Fluff to the blow drier.
06:08:15 And I turn it on.
06:08:17 And it dries your dog in around 15 minutes.
06:08:20 And then, there's no more wet and smelly dogs with
06:08:25 the Puff N Fluff.
06:08:27 >>MIKE SUAREZ: We're going to let her do this
06:08:29 demonstration.
06:08:30 Go ahead, Marissa.
06:08:46 >>MIKE SUAREZ: You have a very good dog, I have to
06:08:48 say.
06:08:48 >> Thank you.
06:08:52 He loves it.
06:08:53 Because when I put it on him, the warm air

06:08:56 circulates.
06:08:57 And it makes him -- a trick for putting this on is
06:09:04 when you take it and you put it up past your dog's
06:09:07 neck, then it will stay on tighter.
06:09:09 So now I'm putting on the Velcro.
06:09:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Do we have one for the size of
06:09:21 Mr. Suarez?
06:09:22 [ Laughter ]
06:09:22 >>MIKE SUAREZ: You're not saying --
06:09:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No, I never said that,
06:09:32 Mr. Suarez.
06:09:34 >> I tighten the drawstring.
06:09:36 >> Now I connect it to the blow drier.
06:10:00 [ Laughter ]
06:10:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Look at that.
06:10:04 If I only had hair.
06:10:05 >> That's great.
06:10:09 >> Thank you.
06:10:09 [ Applause ]
06:10:10 >>MIKE SUAREZ: We have a commendation for you.
06:10:17 You know, obviously when something this good, I
06:10:21 mean, because you are in what grade right now?
06:10:23 >> Sixth.
06:10:23 >> You're in sixth grade and you invented this
06:10:26 when you were in third or fourth?

06:10:28 >> Third.
06:10:28 >> So you invented this in third grade.
06:10:31 And to win a competition as prestigious as the USF
06:10:33 competition is I think something that was
06:10:37 necessary for us to give you a commendation.
06:10:39 So I'm going to read this, what it says.
06:10:41 I know you know how to read, but I'm going to read
06:10:44 to it you anyway.
06:10:45 Tampa City Council commends Marissa for recent
06:10:49 recognition on "The Tonight Show" segment.
06:10:52 Marissa's invention the Puff N Fluff doggy drying
06:10:58 system, won her the young innovator competition.
06:11:01 She created it for her third grade science project
06:11:06 when she realized her dog didn't like being well,
06:11:10 wet.
06:11:10 They demonstrated the Puff N Fluff on "The Tonight
06:11:12 Show" with Jimmy Fallon, and she was awarded the
06:11:16 $5,000 scholarship by GE.
06:11:18 Marissa is 12-year-old student at St. Paul school
06:11:22 and started marketing the Puff N Fluff online and
06:11:27 locally.
06:11:27 You are a tremendous example of local innovative
06:11:30 talent and our Council is proud to present this
06:11:32 commendation to you.
06:11:33 >> Thank you.

06:11:34 [ Applause ]
06:11:48 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I think the dog fell asleep on the
06:11:50 product.
06:11:51 There we go.
06:11:52 >>LISA MONTELIONE: While you're taking pictures,
06:11:59 we can get that online?
06:12:02 >> Yes.
06:12:02 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Can you give the web site?
06:12:08 >> It is sold online at the Puff N or
06:12:12 the
06:12:15 It is also sold at Fluffy Puppies and Pets
06:12:18 Unlimited, both in Clearwater.
06:12:20 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Excellent.
06:12:21 Do they come in other sizes?
06:12:23 >> Yes.
06:12:24 We have extra small, small and medium.
06:12:29 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I think I'm going to need a
06:12:30 couple of the mediums.
06:12:32 And how much is it?
06:12:36 >> Well, the extra small is 34.95.
06:12:40 The small is 49.95.
06:12:42 And the medium is 44.95.
06:12:46 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Excellent.
06:12:47 I'm going to go visit the web site over the
06:12:49 weekend.

06:12:49 Thank you.
06:12:50 >> Thank you.
06:12:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you so much.
06:12:53 We really believe, I'm sure we all feel the same
06:12:55 way about you, for someone at that age to invent
06:12:58 something like this, your mind is very into the
06:13:00 future and you're going to have great things for
06:13:03 this earth we live in.
06:13:04 We really appreciate everything you've done.
06:13:06 >> Thank you.
06:13:08 [ Applause ]
06:13:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.
06:13:46 I need a motion to open public hearing items 2
06:13:49 through 6.
06:13:50 Motion by Mrs. Montelione, second by Mr. Cohen.
06:13:53 Further discussion by Councilmembers?
06:13:55 All in favor please indicate by saying aye.
06:13:57 The ayes have it unanimously.
06:13:57 Also the clerk at this time will swear in anyone
06:14:01 who is going to speak on items 2 through 6.
06:14:04 If you have any intentions of speaking, please
06:14:06 rise and raise your right hand and be sworn in by
06:14:08 the clerk.
06:14:11 [Oath administered by Clerk]
06:14:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.

06:14:23 I need a motion to receive and file any documents
06:14:25 between 2 and 6.
06:14:27 Motion by Mr. Reddick, second by Mr. Cohen.
06:14:29 All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
06:14:30 saying aye.
06:14:31 Opposed nay.
06:14:32 The ayes have it unanimously.
06:14:33 Thank you.
06:14:33 Okay.
06:14:34 Item number 2.
06:14:35 Yes, ma'am?
06:14:38 >> Good evening, Council.
06:14:39 Abbye Feeley, Land Development Coordination.
06:14:41 On item number 5, which is SU2-14-06, that case
06:14:48 which was originally scheduled before you last
06:14:50 month, was incomplete because it was lacking parts
06:14:54 of its site plan.
06:14:55 That has been turned in, but it wasn't turned in
06:14:58 in a timely fashion in order for us to review for
06:15:01 this evening, so I would ask you please continue
06:15:04 that to May 8, 2014 at 6:00 p.m.
06:15:07 >> So moved.
06:15:08 >> Second.
06:15:08 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Before I do that, anyone in the
06:15:10 audience care to speak on that portion of the

06:15:12 continuation only?
06:15:12 From today to May 8th.
06:15:14 On item number 5.
06:15:17 I see no one.
06:15:18 Had a motion by Mr. Reddick for that continuation
06:15:20 to be held to May the 8th, 2014, at what time
06:15:25 again?
06:15:26 6:30?
06:15:27 6:00.
06:15:28 Second by Mr. Cohen.
06:15:30 All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
06:15:31 saying aye.
06:15:32 Opposed nay.
06:15:33 The ayes have it unanimously.
06:15:33 Yes, ma'am?
06:15:40 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Abbye Feeley, land development.
06:15:42 Council, item number two on your agenda this
06:15:44 evening is REZ13-78, located 2504 and 2504 and a
06:15:50 half West Crest Avenue and 5116 North Armenia
06:15:52 Avenue.
06:15:54 The request before you tonight is from an RS-50
06:15:57 and CG commercial general zoning to a PD, planned
06:16:01 development for business, professional office.
06:16:07 >> Good evening, Councilmembers, David Hay with
06:16:09 your Planning Commission staff and I have been

06:16:11 sworn.
06:16:12 Our first case tonight we start off in the central
06:16:16 Tampa planning district.
06:16:18 The site is located approximately three blocks
06:16:21 south of Hillsborough Avenue and is adjacent to
06:16:23 North Armenia Avenue.
06:16:24 Both of these corridors are designated as transit
06:16:27 emphasis corridors.
06:16:29 On to the future -- the aerial, as always, the
06:16:34 subject site is in the center.
06:16:36 We can see North Armenia Avenue running
06:16:38 north-south through the center of the aerial.
06:16:40 To the north of the subject site, you can see the
06:16:43 mixture of multi-family residential, office and
06:16:46 light commercial uses.
06:16:47 To the northeast and east across North Armenia
06:16:49 Avenue, we have some more intensive commercial
06:16:53 uses.
06:16:54 We trend down to a more office uses down to the
06:16:57 south as we go down Armenia Avenue.
06:16:59 And finally to the west, we can see some of the
06:17:02 single-family detached residential uses.
06:17:04 I wanted to show you all the zoomed-out version of
06:17:11 the future land use map first.
06:17:12 Just to show you how this proposal fits into the

06:17:15 overall surrounding area.
06:17:16 The first thing that pops out is that the subject
06:17:19 site is in proximity to what we call like a node
06:17:22 of intensive commercial, community commercial 35.
06:17:26 That's that red color.
06:17:28 You can also see some of the community mixed use
06:17:30 35, represented by the pink color on some of the
06:17:34 major corridors.
06:17:35 You can also see that the subject site is located
06:17:37 on the eastern edge of that established
06:17:39 residential area, which is in the tan color.
06:17:41 Zooming in to that future land use map, it gives
06:17:45 me the opportunity to tell you this is the
06:17:47 corrected map.
06:17:48 The map that's in your packet is of an older
06:17:51 version.
06:17:51 This map actually represents the appropriate and
06:17:54 correct boundaries.
06:17:55 And you can see that the community commercial 35
06:17:59 directly across the street and that community
06:18:01 mixed use 35.
06:18:02 Overall, the Planning Commission staff on the
06:18:05 proposed rezoning to PD to allow for office uses
06:18:08 would provide for a more appropriate transition of
06:18:11 uses between the remaining CG parcel at the corner

06:18:16 of crest and Armenia.
06:18:19 And the single-family detached uses located
06:18:22 further to the west of the subjects site.
06:18:23 The PD would also remove existing entitlements
06:18:27 that would allow for a stand alone commercial
06:18:31 general use from locating on West Crest Avenue.
06:18:34 Therefore, based on those findings the goals
06:18:36 objectives and policies of the comprehensive plan,
06:18:38 Planning Commission staff finds the rezoning
06:18:40 request consistent.
06:18:41 Feel teal thank you, David.
06:18:51 Request before you tonight is from an RS 5 and CG,
06:18:55 planned development for office, business
06:18:57 professional.
06:18:58 There are five waivers being requested.
06:19:00 From code with this application.
06:19:02 The first is to allow commercial access, traffic
06:19:05 commercial -- commercial traffic access to a local
06:19:07 street on West Crest Avenue.
06:19:08 The CG portion along west crest currently does
06:19:14 have access in that location.
06:19:15 The second is to reduce the required number of
06:19:19 parking spaces from 22 to 19.
06:19:22 The third is to reduce the required use-to-use
06:19:24 buffer for the west property line from 15-foot

06:19:27 with a six foot masonry to two feet with a six
06:19:31 foot wall.
06:19:32 The fourth is to allow for reduction in the
06:19:34 vehicle use area buffer on the north side adjacent
06:19:37 to Crest Avenue from 8-foot to 3-foot.
06:19:40 And the last is to allow for reduction of vehicle
06:19:44 use area buffer along the northern property line
06:19:46 on the eastern parcel from three foot to two foot.
06:19:49 I'll show you some pictures of the site.
06:19:55 What's currently out there, there is a small
06:19:58 office on Armenia.
06:20:00 They're looking to demolition that and put parking
06:20:02 there and seeking to utilize the can existing two
06:20:05 story structure on the property along crest and
06:20:08 have that as business professional office.
06:20:10 They came in to do some modifications to that
06:20:12 building and because that building sits right on
06:20:14 the commercial general residential line, the
06:20:17 modifications they were proposing were actually
06:20:20 encroaching into the RS-50 portion of the site, so
06:20:23 in order to establish the parking that's there and
06:20:26 also to allow for the renovation of the building,
06:20:31 that is why the rezoning request is before you
06:20:33 this evening.
06:20:36 Show you the zoning atlas.

06:20:38 Armenia to the east.
06:20:42 Crest to the north.
06:20:44 Wilder to the south.
06:20:46 Hillsborough Avenue up to the north.
06:20:49 You can see the split zoning.
06:20:50 Majority of the property, there is two lots that
06:20:53 are currently commercial general.
06:20:54 And way explained to you just now about that
06:20:57 existing building and the encroachment into this
06:21:00 portion here on the west is the RS-50 portion.
06:21:03 So it's just that smaller portion that we're
06:21:06 really utilizing the PD to bring the entire site
06:21:09 into one development plan.
06:21:11 Here is an aerial of the site.
06:21:16 This is the structure currently on Armenia.
06:21:18 I do have some pictures of that.
06:21:21 This will be demolished and a parking area will be
06:21:23 established there.
06:21:24 An entry for the existing structure will be placed
06:21:26 there.
06:21:27 As far as, an additional entry feature on crest
06:21:32 and additional parking.
06:21:33 This is a picture of the subject site from crest.
06:21:41 This is the RS-50 portion of that site.
06:21:46 This is the property immediately to the east at

06:21:50 the corner of Armenia and crest.
06:21:52 This is the property immediately to the west.
06:21:55 South side of crest.
06:21:59 This is moving west on the south side of crest.
06:22:02 On the north side of crest.
06:22:05 This is also on the north side of crest
06:22:10 immediately across from the property.
06:22:13 There is office use and surface parking.
06:22:17 It's two large office buildings.
06:22:19 That go all the way to Armenia.
06:22:23 So this is the north-west corner of Armenia and
06:22:27 crest.
06:22:27 This is from the east side of Armenia, looking
06:22:31 back toward the northwest corner.
06:22:33 This is the small subject property on Armenia.
06:22:39 And you can see -- can't really see it because
06:22:42 there's tree coverage there.
06:22:43 But that two story structure sits right behind
06:22:46 here.
06:22:46 This is south of the subject on Armenia.
06:22:51 This is at the corner of Armenia and crest.
06:22:55 So the subject is right behind this and also to
06:22:58 the south of this.
06:22:59 And on the east side of Armenia, you have unite
06:23:04 skates and a place of religious assembly.

06:23:06 Along that corridor.
06:23:08 So, the request before you tonight and the
06:23:14 specifications of the PD are really for the
06:23:16 existing structure that will remain on the
06:23:18 property and to allow for the addition of that
06:23:20 surface parking.
06:23:22 As my report states, the property does currently
06:23:25 have a split zoning.
06:23:27 And it contains an 1100 square foot, the one on
06:23:33 Armenia has 1100 square foot which is proposed for
06:23:36 demo.
06:23:36 Other structure will stay.
06:23:38 And the setbacks are north 20-foot, south five
06:23:42 foot, west 7-foot and east 100 feet from Armenia
06:23:46 to the proposed new entry.
06:23:47 A total of 22 spaces are required and 19 are being
06:23:51 provided.
06:23:51 So a waiver is request is being requested for the
06:23:56 three spaces.
06:23:58 There's two, three, and four my report outlines
06:24:04 the modifications to the site plan that would be
06:24:06 necessary should Council seek to approve this
06:24:08 application this evening.
06:24:09 And they are mostly minor modifications.
06:24:13 In addition, transportation has a finding of

06:24:16 inconsistency in relation to the access that is
06:24:19 being requested on West Crest Avenue.
06:24:21 They also have changes that need to be made in
06:24:25 between first and second reading as well as storm
06:24:28 water comments that were provided on page four.
06:24:30 My analysis of the requested PD is on pages five
06:24:34 and six.
06:24:34 And I am available for any questions.
06:24:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Questions by Councilmembers at
06:24:39 this time?
06:24:40 Thank you very much.
06:24:40 Petitioner?
06:24:46 >> Good evening, Councilman.
06:24:48 My name is Juan Carlos Castillo, I am the
06:24:51 petitioner on this case and also the contractor on
06:24:54 the project.
06:24:55 This mainly is, is going to be a conference --
06:25:04 trying to expand their business, create now more
06:25:06 jobs in the area.
06:25:07 7 CBAs, five clerks and three ground keepers.
06:25:15 The hours of operations they're going to be from
06:25:17 9:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m.
06:25:20 Right now, they give service to more than 1,000
06:25:24 family business in the area and they would like to
06:25:28 increase that number.

06:25:29 If you guys have any questions?
06:25:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by Councilmembers
06:25:36 at this time?
06:25:37 Ms. Capin?
06:25:38 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Repeat.
06:25:39 What is the business?
06:25:40 What is the name of the business?
06:25:41 >> The business name is Hocking and Herrera.
06:25:49 An accounting firm.
06:25:51 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.
06:25:52 Okay, thank you.
06:25:56 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other Councilmembers?
06:25:57 Thank you very much.
06:25:58 Anyone in the public care to speak on item number
06:26:00 2?
06:26:02 REZ13-78.
06:26:05 >> Move to close.
06:26:06 >> Second.
06:26:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to close by Mr. Reddick,
06:26:09 second by Ms. Montelione.
06:26:10 Further discussion by Councilmembers?
06:26:11 All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
06:26:13 saying aye.
06:26:13 Opposed nay.
06:26:14 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:26:15 Ms. Montelione, will you take the ordinance for
06:26:18 first reading, please?
06:26:20 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Certainly, sir.
06:26:21 Thank you Mr. Chair.
06:26:22 I move an ordinance being presented for first
06:26:24 reading consideration, an ordinance rezoning
06:26:26 property in the general vicinity of 5116 north
06:26:28 Armenia Avenue and 2504 and 2504 and a half West
06:26:33 Crest Avenue in the City of Tampa, Florida and
06:26:36 more particularly described in section 1, from
06:26:38 zoning district classifications, RS-50,
06:26:41 residential single-family and CG, commercial
06:26:44 general, to PD, planned development office,
06:26:46 business, professional, providing an effective
06:26:47 date.
06:26:48 >> Second.
06:26:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion for first
06:26:50 reading by Ms. Montelione.
06:26:52 Have a second by Mr. Cohen.
06:26:53 Discussion by Councilmembers?
06:26:54 All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
06:26:56 saying aye.
06:26:56 Opposed nay.
06:26:58 The ayes have it unanimously.
06:27:00 >> Motion carried unanimously, second reading and

06:27:02 adoption will be May 1st at 9:30 a.m.
06:27:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you all very much for
06:27:07 attending.
06:27:08 Item number 3.
06:27:12 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Item number 3, Abbye Feeley, Land
06:27:15 Development Coordination, is case REZ 14-07.
06:27:19 It is located at 2915 West El Prado Boulevard.
06:27:23 The one before you this evening is from RS-60,
06:27:26 residential single-family, to PD, planned
06:27:30 development residential single-family.
06:27:32 There are no waivers being requested with this
06:27:36 application.
06:27:39 >> Good evening, Councilmembers, again, David Hay
06:27:42 with your Planning Commission staff and I have
06:27:43 been sworn.
06:27:44 Our next case, we head south down to South Tampa
06:27:50 planning district.
06:27:51 Subject site is located on El Prado avenue between
06:27:54 South MacDill Avenue and Bayshore Boulevard.
06:27:57 The subject site is also located just to the
06:28:01 north, virtually across the street from the
06:28:03 Bayshore Beautiful neighborhood, which the
06:28:06 boundary is El Prado.
06:28:07 Next on to the aerial, as always, the subject site
06:28:14 is in the center.

06:28:15 South MacDill Avenue runs north-south through the
06:28:18 center of the aerial.
06:28:19 We can also see Bayshore Boulevard to the right or
06:28:23 east of the subject site.
06:28:24 The aerial also shows how the development pattern
06:28:27 is different on both sides of South MacDill
06:28:28 Avenue.
06:28:30 North of West Waverly Avenue and east of South
06:28:34 MacDill Avenue, the development pattern is mostly
06:28:36 town homes and multi-family residential buildings.
06:28:39 To the west of south MacDill Avenue, the
06:28:42 development pattern is comprised mostly of
06:28:44 single-family detached residential.
06:28:46 Finally, we have the future land use map.
06:28:50 The subject site is located within a node of
06:28:53 higher density future land use categories that
06:28:56 basically runs from Desoto avenue on the north to
06:28:59 Waverly avenue on the south.
06:29:00 And is on the east side of the crosstown
06:29:02 expressway and south of MacDill Avenue, basically
06:29:06 that area right around Bay to Bay and MacDill.
06:29:08 Kind of has a hire density.
06:29:10 The subject site and other parcels on this stretch
06:29:13 of El Prado Boulevard are designated at the
06:29:16 residential 20, which is represented by that light

06:29:18 brown color.
06:29:19 The dark brown to the east, located along Bayshore
06:29:23 Boulevard represents properties designated at
06:29:26 residential 83, the most dense residential land
06:29:30 use category within the city.
06:29:31 The brown color to the north around west Julia
06:29:35 street, are properties designated residential 35.
06:29:38 And the tan color to the west across South MacDill
06:29:40 Avenue and found south of Waverly avenue is the
06:29:43 residential 10 future land use category.
06:29:46 Overall, Planning Commission staff originally
06:29:48 expressed concerns regarding the amount of
06:29:51 impervious lack of open space and the proposed
06:29:54 building type that was originally proposed.
06:29:56 Planning Commission staff also expressed an
06:29:59 opinion that a well designed multi-family building
06:30:01 may be more in keeping with the overall
06:30:04 development pattern and may have offered
06:30:06 additional opportunities to provide open space.
06:30:09 In response, the applicant adjusted his original
06:30:12 request, reducing the requested single-family
06:30:15 detached residential units by one.
06:30:17 And providing some additional open space.
06:30:19 Therefore, based on those findings and the goals,
06:30:23 objectives and policies of the comprehensive plan,

06:30:25 Planning Commission staff finds the rezoning
06:30:27 request consistent with the Tampa comprehensive
06:30:29 plan.
06:30:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
06:30:37 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Abbye Feeley, land development.
06:30:39 Request before you tonight is from RS-60 to PD, to
06:30:43 construct six single-family detached dwelling
06:30:46 units.
06:30:47 The subject property is 220 feet by 140.5 feet and
06:30:52 would allow for three RS-60 lots.
06:30:55 Subject application seeks to establish six lots
06:30:59 with the four internal lots measuring 36 by 140.5
06:31:03 and the two end lots measuring 3-foot by 140.5.
06:31:08 The units will be oriented toward El Prado.
06:31:11 The property is surrounded as David mentioned by
06:31:14 residential multi-family, residential
06:31:16 single-family attached, high rise and this segment
06:31:24 between west -- the segment of West El Prado
06:31:28 between MacDill and Bayshore has the Bayshore
06:31:30 Regency condominium tower located one lot east at
06:31:34 the corner of El Prado and Bayshore Boulevard.
06:31:37 The proposed setbacks are as follows.
06:31:40 Front, 22 feet.
06:31:43 Rear, 20 feet.
06:31:44 And sides five feet.

06:31:45 The maximum height is proposed at 36 feet.
06:31:48 Each unit is designed with a two car garage and a
06:31:52 parking pad for a total of 24 parking spaces to be
06:31:55 provided.
06:31:56 Show you the zoning atlas.
06:32:01 You may recall, and I have some pictures.
06:32:04 The property, there's one lot of a single-family
06:32:08 residential.
06:32:09 Then there's a PD immediately to the west on El
06:32:11 Prado at the corner of El Prado and MacDill.
06:32:15 That's a recent PD that this Council approved
06:32:18 probably about, maybe six months ago.
06:32:20 It's under construction.
06:32:22 I have some pictures of that.
06:32:23 As I mentioned, and David mentioned, this portion
06:32:26 along Bayshore is an R-83.
06:32:28 The zoning on that property is an RM-50, which is
06:32:31 50 units the acre.
06:32:33 The one to the south, RM-75 would be 75 units the
06:32:37 acre.
06:32:38 You have a mix of the arm 24.
06:32:41 And I'll go ahead and show the aerial and I have
06:32:44 some photos of the surrounding property as well.
06:32:46 So what's shown in green is the subject.
06:32:49 It is 220 by 140.

06:32:53 There is a single-family residence on both sides.
06:32:56 So, they are proposing to put six single-family
06:32:59 residence detached in between.
06:33:02 Here is the aerial of the site.
06:33:06 Immediately to the south is large parking area for
06:33:10 the Canterbury gardens.
06:33:13 There is also a single-family attached town home
06:33:17 style development here.
06:33:19 The one I mentioned here, back behind this,
06:33:23 there's also a single-family attached.
06:33:27 I have some photos of that.
06:33:28 There's multi-family over in this area.
06:33:32 And the high rise developments at the end that
06:33:35 anchor on to Bayshore.
06:33:36 The picture of the subject site, this is the
06:33:45 western boundary of the subject site.
06:33:46 What I'm going to do is I'm going to move actually
06:33:49 move east toward Bayshore on the north side of El
06:33:52 Prado and then I'm going to come back around.
06:33:59 The existing single-family residence that's on the
06:34:07 property, the eastern portion of the property.
06:34:10 Single-family detached residence immediately to
06:34:13 the east.
06:34:13 Bayshore Regency, the end of the street.
06:34:18 Now on the south side of El Prado, moving back

06:34:25 toward MacDill, so now moving west down El Prado
06:34:31 on the south side.
06:34:32 Here is the parking area.
06:34:34 And then Bayshore walk, which is at the southeast
06:34:40 corner of MacDill and Bayshore.
06:34:42 At the northeast corner, here is the under
06:34:46 construction and town homes.
06:34:50 That is that PD I showed you.
06:34:52 And this is the single-family residence
06:34:57 immediately to the west of the subject property.
06:35:00 I did go, with the help of Jonathan Scott today,
06:35:09 ran out.
06:35:09 We took pictures also along Julia and coming down
06:35:12 immediately what is adjacent to the subject
06:35:14 property to the north.
06:35:15 So do I want to show you those photos.
06:35:17 This is on Julia, moving east toward Bayshore.
06:35:22 And then into -- there is a small street that
06:35:31 comes down into this area.
06:35:32 It's a dead end street.
06:35:36 That accesses those additional town homes in the
06:35:40 back.
06:35:40 And immediately along the northern border of the
06:35:43 subject property is a six foot masonry wall that
06:35:47 runs the entire length adjacent to what would be

06:35:49 the single-family residential.
06:35:51 Also along MacDill, and I showed you these last
06:35:55 month, or a couple months ago when we did that
06:35:58 other PD, multi-family residential.
06:36:00 Based on the proposed request and the existing
06:36:08 development pattern of the area, staff did find
06:36:10 the request consistent.
06:36:12 There are some modifications that need to be made
06:36:15 in between first and second reading that are
06:36:18 provided in your staff report.
06:36:20 The first one is from transportation.
06:36:22 And it's a revision to the parking calculations
06:36:26 that were provided.
06:36:27 Also, a sidewalk was provided from each of the
06:36:31 structures to the street.
06:36:34 And that did not need to be provided.
06:36:36 They could actually remove that and gain some
06:36:38 green space on each of the properties because they
06:36:40 had a sidewalk connection to the driveway and then
06:36:43 you could take the driveway down to the street.
06:36:46 Natural resources, there is a 65-inch grand tree,
06:36:52 hazardous grand on-site.
06:36:53 They have some modifications that need to be made
06:36:56 to the plan to reflect the removal of that tree.
06:37:00 Also a correction to the tree table.

06:37:03 And a notation that on the site plan related to
06:37:08 the optional pool construction and the tree
06:37:11 retention as shown.
06:37:13 I believe both transportation, natural resources
06:37:15 are present this evening should you have any
06:37:18 questions for them.
06:37:19 Other than that, staff is available for any
06:37:21 questions.
06:37:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Capin?
06:37:24 >>YVONNE CAPIN: What are the size of the lots on
06:37:26 either side of the property?
06:37:27 The single residential.
06:37:30 Couldn't tell.
06:37:33 On the east and the west.
06:37:36 >>ABBYE FEELEY: The plotted lots?
06:37:38 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Yes, ma'am.
06:37:39 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Give me just a second.
06:37:40 Let me pull the survey out.
06:37:49 I'm assuming they're a minimum of 60-foot.
06:37:53 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Where the residence are, the
06:37:55 houses?
06:37:56 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Yes, that's an RS-60 zoning
06:37:59 district.
06:38:00 So it's a minimum of 60 by 100.
06:38:02 But, they are 140-foot deep there, and they were

06:38:08 platted at 55 feet.
06:38:09 So actually, if it's a one plotted lot, which I
06:38:12 didn't pull the legal descriptions, but if it's
06:38:14 one plotted lot, then it's 55 by 140.
06:38:19 On each side.
06:38:20 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.
06:38:21 Thank you.
06:38:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Mulhern?
06:38:23 >>MARY MULHERN: Yeah, so, the -- tell us again
06:38:30 what the size of those lots, I can't really tell
06:38:34 from the site plan, the width.
06:38:38 >>ABBYE FEELEY: What they are proposed at?
06:38:41 >>MARY MULHERN: Per house.
06:38:43 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Starting on the west, the first
06:38:45 lot would be 38-foot by 140.5.
06:38:48 The four in the middle would be 36 by 140.5.
06:38:54 And the one on the east end would be 38 by 140.5.
06:39:03 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
06:39:04 36 and 38.
06:39:09 That sounds pretty narrow for a single-family lot.
06:39:13 I'm trying to -- I can't picture that.
06:39:17 Have we approved anything like that?
06:39:20 Are there houses, single-family homes being built,
06:39:26 say in South Tampa or any neighborhood?
06:39:32 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Well, minimum lot size for a

06:39:34 single familiar lie detached structure in the city
06:39:36 is 50 by a hundred.
06:39:38 Okay.
06:39:39 So it's a minimum lot width of 50 feet and a
06:39:44 minimum lot area of 5,000.
06:39:47 >>MARY MULHERN: And historically, have we ever?
06:39:51 >>ABBYE FEELEY: In West Tampa, there are some that
06:39:53 are plotted at 35.
06:39:54 And they're buildable and been built on.
06:39:56 You know, there used to be a provision -- these
06:40:00 lots do have the 5,000 square feet, because they
06:40:03 have excessive depth.
06:40:05 They have 140 feet in depth.
06:40:07 So, they do have minimum lot area of what we would
06:40:10 require.
06:40:10 That's why you would utilize a PD, so in South
06:40:16 Tampa, I didn't do an inventory of all the lots.
06:40:20 I don't know.
06:40:21 >>MARY MULHERN: I'm just wondering, 50 is the
06:40:24 minimum, but there are some that are -- the ones
06:40:28 you were referring to, the 35-foot ones in West
06:40:31 Tampa, is that because they're older or?
06:40:36 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Yes, they're originally plotted
06:40:37 that way at 35 and sold that way and they remained
06:40:40 in single separate ownership.

06:40:41 I know we have had that discussion many nights
06:40:43 here in this chambers about what makes a building
06:40:47 lot when not complying.
06:40:49 So the request before you tonight would be to
06:40:51 establish those 38 and 236-foot lots, with 140
06:40:55 feet in depths, providing the minimum of 5,000,
06:40:58 but not having the minimum lot width.
06:41:00 And the question really is, to you, is that
06:41:02 appropriate in this development pattern?
06:41:06 Based on the underlying land use of the R-20, I
06:41:10 want to let you know they could apply for town
06:41:12 home and get up to potentially 14 units.
06:41:14 And RS-50 at the 50-foot lots would potentially
06:41:20 give them four.
06:41:21 And what's before you tonight, the request is for
06:41:23 six.
06:41:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other Councilmembers?
06:41:29 Ms. Montelione?
06:41:31 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you very much.
06:41:32 One of the questions I have came in the form of a
06:41:38 e-mail that was in, addressed to me but hopefully
06:41:43 everybody has a copy of it.
06:41:45 And it speaks to the incompatibility and states
06:41:52 that no other single-family development in the
06:41:55 vicinity has reduced side and front setbacks or

06:41:59 reduced lot sizes.
06:42:00 Can you speak to me about that?
06:42:06 Feel can you restate the statement one more time,
06:42:08 please?
06:42:09 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Incompatibility.
06:42:10 No other single-family development in the vicinity
06:42:14 has reduced side and front setbacks or reduced lot
06:42:18 sizes.
06:42:18 The surrounding single-family detached dwelling in
06:42:24 the area meet the RS-60 standards of a 7 and a
06:42:27 half foot side setback and 25-foot front setback.
06:42:30 So, even though there's a lot of multi-family in
06:42:34 the area, the single-family, which is what this
06:42:38 development would be, the single-family
06:42:40 development, what's the development pattern for
06:42:43 the single-family development -- the single-family
06:42:47 lot in that area?
06:42:51 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I'd like to direct that in two
06:42:53 different ways.
06:42:54 The first is that when we conducted our analysis,
06:42:57 our staff analysis, and you look at -- typically
06:43:01 when I bring you something that is smaller than
06:43:03 standard, I do a red blue map and I show you
06:43:06 what's red, what's blue.
06:43:07 Well, the predominant development pattern of this

06:43:11 block and this block space is not single-family
06:43:14 detached residential.
06:43:15 Everything is single-family attached,
06:43:18 multi-family, multi-family high rise.
06:43:21 There would be no way for me to show you until I
06:43:24 went back up to Julia or somewhere elsewhere there
06:43:27 is that red blue, red blue, red blue, because
06:43:31 that's not what's predominant here.
06:43:36 Of housing types here, not only that, they were
06:43:41 plotted at 55-foot.
06:43:42 So in an of themselves, they do not meet the
06:43:45 RS-60.
06:43:46 So, that right there --
06:43:48 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I was thinking about some of
06:43:49 the pictures that you showed.
06:43:50 I saw quite a few single-family residences.
06:43:54 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I only had four.
06:43:55 One to the west, one to the east, and then you
06:43:59 have these town homes in between.
06:44:00 You have multi-family in between and then up here
06:44:03 on jewel crashes I took two more.
06:44:05 So I can't say to you that's the predominant
06:44:09 pattern here is a single-family detached home.
06:44:12 That's why when the possibility of having that and
06:44:15 looking at the potential development of this

06:44:18 property, you have an opportunity for 14 town
06:44:20 homes.
06:44:22 We didn't look at that or evaluate that.
06:44:24 But when I look at the underlying density, I have
06:44:26 to consider what the maximum of the property could
06:44:29 be.
06:44:29 Or putting in, you know, into these, and given
06:44:36 these six lots here, you know, the potential for
06:44:42 placing homes there that are more in keeping with
06:44:46 what's at the book ends of this property, so to
06:44:49 speak, and whether or not that is appropriate to
06:44:54 establish that development pattern.
06:44:55 I hope that's helpful.
06:44:59 I also did not pull who all has had a variance,
06:45:06 who was there prior to zoning conformance.
06:45:09 I didn't pull an inventory because it's a very
06:45:12 eclectic block area.
06:45:14 It's a short block area.
06:45:15 There's not much.
06:45:16 You have the high rise and the parking and the
06:45:18 PDs all over the place.
06:45:19 So it's a little bit difficult to make that type
06:45:23 of analysis like I would typically provide you
06:45:26 when they are seeking to do a lot that is smaller.
06:45:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We understand.

06:45:33 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I've got a question for
06:45:35 Mr. Hay, or maybe Jonathan.
06:45:38 In your presentation, Mr. Hay, you had talked
06:45:41 about the previous plans submittal.
06:45:45 And the -- there were concerns and it was revised.
06:45:51 When I'm reading your report, the original
06:45:54 submittal was for seven units.
06:45:56 The current submittal is for six.
06:45:59 The hesitation, one of the hesitations you had was
06:46:03 the number of driveways and access points.
06:46:07 >> Correct.
06:46:08 Staff during the DRC, when we looked at the
06:46:10 policies and the plan and we looked at the
06:46:12 existing development pattern in the area, we
06:46:14 expressed the professional opinion that either a
06:46:18 town home project or a small scale multi-family
06:46:21 project would be more appropriate based on, there
06:46:27 would be less driveway cuts with a multi-family,
06:46:30 you could potentially have more open space, you
06:46:33 could get more units, but when the applicant
06:46:37 reduced it by one unit, he met -- he increased his
06:46:42 open space and that kind of --
06:46:45 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I guess it's the curb cut
06:46:48 that's the number of driveways that concerns me.
06:46:51 I mean, I'm always talking about safety and

06:46:54 pedestrian safety and bicyclist safety and cars
06:46:58 crashing.
06:46:59 The traditional concern.
06:47:03 And I guess I differ from your opinion in that I
06:47:09 don't think going from 7 to 6 really is a
06:47:15 tremendous change in safety of the drive.
06:47:21 >> There's no guidance in our comp plan for staff
06:47:24 to basically, because there's no form kind of
06:47:31 required in a comp plan.
06:47:34 So, you know, when he addressed some of our
06:47:37 concerns, and even though we were of the
06:47:40 professional opinion that 7 units in that
06:47:42 single-family might not have been that we would've
06:47:46 found it inconsistent based on that.
06:47:48 It was just a concern based on some of the
06:47:50 policies in the plan.
06:47:52 But overall there, is no minimum density or form
06:47:55 guidelines in these sections for us to review.
06:47:59 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Just the number of driveways
06:48:02 and access points still concerns me at 6.
06:48:05 And I understand, and you can't -- this isn't for
06:48:10 you.
06:48:10 But I understand that they could build by right
06:48:13 three units, which is a big difference to me from
06:48:19 six.

06:48:19 You know, three curb cuts, driveway access points,
06:48:25 may not concern me as much as six.
06:48:29 7 would be horrible.
06:48:30 Six I think is just, is nearly as bad.
06:48:36 >>ABBYE FEELEY: If I may, Councilwoman Montelione,
06:48:39 at 62-foot lot, and Jonathan can correct me if I'm
06:48:42 wrong.
06:48:43 62-foot lot which they would have, they could have
06:48:46 three lots and they would be -- I wrote the note
06:48:49 down, what their dimensions was.
06:48:52 They can could each have a circular driveway,
06:48:55 which would still result in six driveways.
06:48:57 Just to let you know, that technical standards,
06:49:04 62 feet you could have a circular drive resulting
06:49:06 from the six driveways that we are discussing
06:49:09 being present for six houses.
06:49:13 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Practically, speaking, a
06:49:15 circular drive, we don't see too many of those any
06:49:18 more.
06:49:19 But a circular drive would actually to me increase
06:49:21 the safety because you pull in one way, you pull
06:49:25 out the other and you're not backing out on to El
06:49:28 Prado.
06:49:32 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Or we both pull in and we both
06:49:34 back up.

06:49:34 [ Laughter ]
06:49:36 >>ABBYE FEELEY: It's all different patterns.
06:49:37 You know, like that.
06:49:38 But I just wanted to say, you could get a bigger
06:49:41 lot.
06:49:41 You could get a circular driveway.
06:49:43 You'd still have the same six.
06:49:45 So I think it all depends on the issue of safety
06:49:47 we're talking about and how best to provide that
06:49:51 protection for whom ever is going to live there.
06:49:54 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Right.
06:49:55 Or whoever is bicycling or walking in front of
06:49:57 there.
06:49:58 Thank you.
06:49:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen?
06:50:01 >>HARRY COHEN: I want to just sort of go from
06:50:06 where Councilwoman Montelione just left off.
06:50:09 One of the things that concerns me about this is
06:50:12 that the Canterbury towers across the street is an
06:50:19 enormous facility and has a nursing home attached
06:50:22 to it and has ambulances and fire trucks coming in
06:50:25 and out, down the street on a fairly regular
06:50:28 basis.
06:50:29 You also have additional traffic on this
06:50:32 particular street because it's one of only two

06:50:34 lights that exist on MacDill between Bay to Bay
06:50:38 and Gandy.
06:50:39 There's also this PD that we just approved very
06:50:42 recently on the corner that we saw pictures of
06:50:44 that's going to add a pretty considerable amount
06:50:47 of density to an already busy street.
06:50:51 So, when it comes to the issue of the curb cuts,
06:50:55 you know, the fact of the matter is, six houses
06:50:58 are going to have more traffic in and out of the
06:51:02 driveways than three would, whether they're
06:51:04 circular or not.
06:51:06 And it is an awful lot to have 36-inch -- 36-foot
06:51:15 frontage, six in a row on a street that's already
06:51:23 fairly stressed.
06:51:24 There's also some flooding the issues on the
06:51:26 street that, that are a little bit concerning to
06:51:30 me because of the amount of pavement that would be
06:51:32 required for the six driveways.
06:51:34 So, that's just a preliminary comment.
06:51:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. Cohen.
06:51:37 Any other Councilmembers?
06:51:38 Petitioner?
06:51:43 Petitioner first.
06:51:44 Are you the petitioner?
06:51:46 And then the public speaks after the petitioner.

06:51:56 >> Ladies and gentlemen of the City of Tampa
06:51:59 Council, thank you for allowing us to come here
06:52:01 and present this.
06:52:03 My name is Dave Hill, I am the petitioner.
06:52:05 I also represent Bayshore Development Company and
06:52:07 Bayshore Custom Homes.
06:52:08 With me tonight is my GC, David Ferrill.
06:52:15 Also Lauren Pecora, my community and client
06:52:18 relations.
06:52:19 And Matt Campo, our civil engineer.
06:52:22 Bayshore Custom Homes, Bayshore Development
06:52:28 Company is an established company in primarily
06:52:31 South Tampa.
06:52:32 We currently have 14 projects under way, building
06:52:36 for south Tampa families.
06:52:38 As you heard from Mr. Hay, we initially presented
06:52:44 a, actually initially we presented 12 units.
06:52:48 We wanted to see what was possible with the
06:52:52 maximum amount of density and we came back with a
06:52:56 possible 12 unit layout.
06:53:02 And when we went out to the community to get some
06:53:12 feedback, we -- there was a lot of concern with
06:53:17 regards to the existing, the new project, which
06:53:20 was recently approved on the corner one lot down
06:53:24 from us.

06:53:25 That it was going to be a very similar project and
06:53:29 no one wanted that to happen.
06:53:31 We also were just seeing what was possible.
06:53:37 This is really not what we normally represent.
06:53:40 We are a quality custom home, single-family
06:53:43 builder and decided that in order to provide the
06:53:46 best possible product that we should stick with
06:53:48 what we know.
06:53:49 So we went to a design similar to the final
06:53:55 design, which is 7 units, single-family detached
06:54:06 homes.
06:54:06 And after meeting with staff at our DRC meeting
06:54:11 and they expressed concern about the setbacks, the
06:54:17 side setbacks between the buildings as well as
06:54:19 some other concerns with having 7 units, driveways
06:54:23 being one of those concerns.
06:54:24 We decided that although we felt -- our staff felt
06:54:31 that we would be able to move forward with this
06:54:35 particular plan, we decided also after meeting
06:54:38 with another member of the community that it would
06:54:43 be, it would behoove us to move in a direction
06:54:46 that would help the plan to move through easier
06:54:51 and staff indicated that with six units, that
06:54:54 would be a better possibility than with 7.
06:54:57 This is the proposed plan.

06:55:14 It does have six driveways.
06:55:18 We do have a typical South Tampa zoning setback.
06:55:23 We have buildings far enough back from the road.
06:55:25 This is what we're proposing.
06:55:27 We did a little bit of research and see if there
06:55:30 was any other projects operating under a similar
06:55:33 design as this.
06:55:35 And if you will allow me to, I'd like to show you
06:55:38 a couple of those projects very quickly.
06:55:40 This is the project on Swann and Bayshore, which
06:55:47 is just a few blocks away from our project.
06:55:49 That's the aerial view.
06:55:51 There are six units and each has a driveway going,
06:55:58 loading directly on to Swann.
06:56:00 Swann being a bit more busier street than the
06:56:02 section of El Prado where we are.
06:56:04 This is a, on the ground picture of that same
06:56:07 project.
06:56:08 Give you an idea, there's a six attached units.
06:56:14 And then another project on the very next street
06:56:19 from our project north of El Prado.
06:56:26 This is the aerial picture, you will if you will.
06:56:31 Our project is in the red square.
06:56:33 Let me try it this way.
06:56:35 So, this being our project and then the project

06:56:41 behind us and it has 8 -- 7 units also each with
06:56:47 its own driveway, exiting on to the residential
06:56:52 street.
06:56:53 Just a little precedent and something existing.
06:56:59 This is literally on the next street from our
06:57:01 project.
06:57:01 [Inaudible]
06:57:04 >>HARRY COHEN: Why don't you go ahead.
06:57:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: On the eight units that you're
06:57:07 showing us here, sir, what are the size of the
06:57:09 lots?
06:57:10 The width?
06:57:12 >> On this particular, I believe --
06:57:14 >> I don't want to you believe.
06:57:15 I want you to tell me the actual.
06:57:17 >> I cannot tell you exactly.
06:57:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.
06:57:19 Thank you.
06:57:20 Mr. Cohen?
06:57:21 >>HARRY COHEN: What I was going to -- these are
06:57:24 both, these are all attached.
06:57:26 None of these are single-family houses.
06:57:28 They're all attached units.
06:57:30 >> Yes, sir.
06:57:31 That is correct.

06:57:32 They are all attached units, counselor Cohen.
06:57:36 I'm presenting them to show more of the driveway
06:57:38 and the impact on the streets, similarity to our
06:57:41 project.
06:57:41 May I remove this?
06:57:48 If there are any other questions.
06:57:50 At this time, if I may, I would like to introduce
06:57:54 Matt Campo, he's our civil engineer that's
06:57:57 responsible for putting together this site plan.
06:57:59 Thank you.
06:58:04 >> Good evening, Council, Matt Campo, 1725, I have
06:58:10 been sworn.
06:58:11 Interesting, as I probably laid this site out so
06:58:14 many different ways for 10 years.
06:58:15 There's been so many different developers that
06:58:17 have looked at this property, different
06:58:19 configurations.
06:58:20 Always was town homes.
06:58:21 The nature of this particular area obviously is
06:58:25 town homes.
06:58:26 As has been discussed.
06:58:27 This is the first time I've actually seen somebody
06:58:29 want to do single-family, which was surprising
06:58:32 because that would seem more appropriate, with
06:58:34 town homes in the center, you'd leave two

06:58:36 single-family.
06:58:37 Obviously single families in the center would be
06:58:40 more compatible, in my opinion.
06:58:42 Given on what's each side.
06:58:44 Single-family does generate more green space.
06:58:47 These layouts as presented are less than 50%
06:58:51 impervious.
06:58:52 Typically town homes, you're closer to 70 percent
06:58:54 impervious, so without question less payment and
06:58:58 more green space with this type of approach.
06:59:00 Other thing is the storm impact is less because
06:59:03 less impervious.
06:59:04 With respect to the traffic and backing out, one
06:59:07 thing I would like to add, I believe with the lot
06:59:10 depth and there's 220 feet.
06:59:13 They actually could do four 150-foot lots, is that
06:59:18 correct?
06:59:19 I'm talking about under current code.
06:59:22 >>ABBYE FEELEY: No, because the RS-60 requires a
06:59:25 minimum lot width of 60.
06:59:27 If they went to RS-50 zoning district, they could
06:59:30 based on the underlying land use do four lots,
06:59:32 yes, that's correct.
06:59:35 >> So way looks at, I looked at each trip
06:59:37 generation based on six units.

06:59:39 Based on six units, there's a six car peak hours
06:59:42 of traffic.
06:59:43 So within one hour based on ITE, six cars
06:59:46 potential le coming and going from these six units
06:59:49 and backing out.
06:59:50 Granted what you're looking at, you could do three
06:59:52 lots today with no rezonings.
06:59:55 They're proposing to do six, which would be a
06:59:57 total of, obviously three more.
06:59:59 Difference of three units, which is about
07:00:01 difference of three trips.
07:00:03 Compared to actually coming in and doing town
07:00:05 homes, which would generate much larger number of
07:00:07 trips.
07:00:09 So we talk about safety.
07:00:11 We talk about conflicts.
07:00:12 The opportunity for conflicts.
07:00:15 When you look at ITE and amount of trips generated
07:00:18 during peak hour and opportunity of conflict.
07:00:21 There's no conflict opportunity with one driveway
07:00:23 that has multiple higher rate of vehicles coming
07:00:26 in and out.
07:00:27 For example, condo, particular condo which -- at
07:00:33 this location, right here, I believe, two driver
07:00:38 ways and then a third.

07:00:39 Given the number of residents in that particular
07:00:42 condominium, the amount of opportunity for
07:00:44 conflicts for pedestrians and bikers is far
07:00:47 greater than the six homes because of the number
07:00:49 of sheer number of units and what ITE generates.
07:00:52 My problem with that is while six driveways close
07:00:56 together does present a concern, if you actually
07:00:59 look at the numbers, it's less conflicts because
07:01:01 you have less opportunities for a car and a person
07:01:04 to be coming at the same time because the number
07:01:06 of trips.
07:01:06 I believe that's, I'm available for any questions.
07:01:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions at this time for
07:01:13 Mr. Campo from Councilmembers?
07:01:15 Ms. Mulhern?
07:01:20 >>MARY MULHERN: You're saying a at peak hours,
07:01:23 there's only going to be one vehicle per unit?
07:01:28 >> During peak hour, you have potential for six
07:01:31 total vehicles coming and going.
07:01:32 Actually I believe the number, can't remember, it
07:01:34 was four entering and two exiting.
07:01:36 And in the morning and afternoon, there's
07:01:38 different peaks.
07:01:39 But it's the total of six isn't necessarily four
07:01:42 people leaving.

07:01:43 >>MARY MULHERN: Six per unit is what you're
07:01:44 saying?
07:01:45 >> Six totally for all six dwelling units.
07:01:48 So during one hour of the evening, during the peak
07:01:51 hour, ITE estimate as total of six trips in and
07:01:56 out total.
07:02:00 >>MARY MULHERN: What are the square footage,
07:02:03 without the garage included in these units?
07:02:08 >> 2700 square feet.
07:02:11 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, they're single-family homes.
07:02:13 There's going to be more than one person in them.
07:02:16 >> Of course, but not everybody leaves at the same
07:02:18 time.
07:02:18 People leave at different times.
07:02:20 Different peaks.
07:02:21 Some people leave at, some leave at 9:00.
07:02:24 Some come home at 5.
07:02:26 >>MARY MULHERN: Some people come and go and come
07:02:28 and go, with the kids.
07:02:32 >> Those studies, we have the benefit of that type
07:02:34 of analysis.
07:02:35 They actually study for those.
07:02:38 Worst case window, that's what that at this time.
07:02:40 Than doesn't sound so bad.
07:02:41 It doesn't sound like what I experience in my

07:02:45 single-family neighborhood.
07:02:48 >> I understand.
07:02:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other Councilmembers?
07:02:52 Thank you.
07:02:52 You may continue the presentation.
07:02:56 >> That's our project.
07:02:58 Again, we appreciate the opportunity to present in
07:03:00 front of you the.
07:03:01 I'll be available for questions.
07:03:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Certainly have, after the
07:03:06 public speakers, you'll have five minutes of
07:03:08 rebuttal.
07:03:09 >> Thank you.
07:03:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Public, anyone in the public
07:03:11 care to speak on this item?
07:03:13 Item number 3, the three please come forward.
07:03:17 Each of you have three minutes each.
07:03:23 >> I think I made my exhibit too big.
07:03:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I need you to identify yourself
07:03:29 first in the mic.
07:03:30 >> My name is Sharon Flenner.
07:03:36 [Inaudible]
07:03:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay, need your name and
07:04:17 address.
07:04:18 Each one that comes to the mic.

07:04:19 >> My name is Sharon Flenner.
07:04:22 My address is 3012 West Lawn Avenue, Tampa.
07:04:29 In full disclosure, I am a certified general real
07:04:32 estate appraiser.
07:04:34 But I am here to represent my sister and
07:04:36 brother-in-law who live in one of these houses.
07:04:40 You all approved a PD, which is this corner at
07:04:51 MacDill and El Prado.
07:04:54 Everything on every corner is two story.
07:04:58 This is three story.
07:05:01 This is my sister and her husband's house.
07:05:05 And this is what the scale looks like from the
07:05:07 street view.
07:05:08 This is in between the house at the far end toward
07:05:15 the east, and my sister and brother-in-law's
07:05:20 house, either side of these lots.
07:05:26 And these are the lots and these are the views,
07:05:32 for instance, this is the lot that the PD was
07:05:36 built on and is still under construction.
07:05:38 This is the lot that my sister and brother-in-law
07:05:42 own and this is the house.
07:05:45 And it's quite foreshadowed by three story
07:05:48 building.
07:05:49 This is the area in question to be built on the
07:05:55 lots.

07:05:56 And this is the house, I didn't take the whole
07:05:59 thing, but this is the house.
07:06:01 Both of these lots are 55-foot wide lots that
07:06:08 flock the land, the lots they're trying to get a
07:06:10 PD on.
07:06:11 This particular lot, which is this orange house,
07:06:17 is next to the high rise on Bayshore, the mid rise
07:06:21 on Bayshore.
07:06:22 However, there's a parking garage there which
07:06:25 gives them open space.
07:06:28 Here we're getting extremely crowded and from a
07:06:34 open space view, which is flanking this house,
07:06:39 with more houses than is needed for what's there.
07:06:46 In addition, you've got tons of people coming out
07:06:49 of here in a garage and you've got -- just added
07:06:53 16 more cars coming out on the corner.
07:06:55 On El Prado, because there are eight two-car
07:07:02 garages.
07:07:03 Everything over here on this side of the street is
07:07:05 almost open space, because it's between the high
07:07:09 rise and the townhouses.
07:07:12 And so, it almost looks like open space.
07:07:15 But I'm here to object because it's starting to
07:07:20 crowd in on these two single-family houses.
07:07:24 Thank you.

07:07:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
07:07:27 Appreciate it.
07:07:28 Next, please?
07:07:37 >> Hi.
07:07:38 I live in 2911 west El Prado.
07:07:41 That two story orange building she just showed.
07:07:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Your name?
07:07:47 >> Sevin Tavlan.
07:07:53 I don't see -- like that zoning 60 by 140, RS-60,
07:08:00 stay that way and I don't see zoning change for 38
07:08:06 by 143 and 3,000 square foot home is going to make
07:08:10 it more crowded.
07:08:11 And we already have a lot of crowded, as the
07:08:16 gentleman said, that nursing home and across the
07:08:19 street, right, we have fire trucks and ambulance
07:08:22 and constantly comes and goes.
07:08:24 We have traffic already.
07:08:26 I don't see another six townhouses right next
07:08:32 door, they call it a single residential.
07:08:35 Like to see it open space, forcing residential.
07:08:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, ma'am.
07:08:43 Next please?
07:08:43 >> Good evening.
07:08:49 My name is Kyle Sphinx.
07:08:51 I'm, I live 2920 west El Prado Boulevard, unit 11.

07:08:59 I'm the HOA president for Bayshore Walk community.
07:09:03 We have several of our residents who are here
07:09:06 tonight to ask to be speaking.
07:09:08 I'd ask the ones who aren't speaking, to stand.
07:09:10 Thank you.
07:09:11 Tonight I'd like to talk about the auto dominated
07:09:15 design of this plan and ask that you consider
07:09:21 opposing rezoning this.
07:09:23 The new plan would create an auto dominated design
07:09:28 as I've heard discussed already tonight.
07:09:36 Show the picture of the property here.
07:09:40 The house to the west, which is RS-60, has a
07:09:45 garage in the back.
07:09:46 And so the garage is hidden.
07:09:49 The house to the west has a side entry garage, so
07:09:56 that garage is not, is not facing directly on to
07:10:00 the street.
07:10:00 The corner lot, which is still under construction,
07:10:03 has internalized parking and Bayshore walk, which
07:10:06 is our property, also has internalized parking.
07:10:09 This design would put six new garages directly
07:10:13 onto the front of the lot on the street.
07:10:16 And while I understand that there isn't a common
07:10:20 design on this street, I think it would be
07:10:22 improper to add a new design to the existing types

07:10:26 of houses where we have a mix now of the four
07:10:29 corner being high density and then having the two
07:10:32 RS-60 houses in the middle.
07:10:34 Adding six new houses into that property that was
07:10:38 originally designed for, allocated for three,
07:10:42 would be crowding too many homes into the same
07:10:44 property and too many cars.
07:10:46 Thank you.
07:10:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.
07:10:48 Next please?
07:10:48 Good evening.
07:10:54 My name is Raymond More.
07:10:58 I live at 2512 North Bayway Drive, which is the
07:11:03 Bayshore Walk.
07:11:04 I came here tonight to show my concern for this
07:11:11 project.
07:11:11 My concern is safety.
07:11:14 I think one of your members mentioned, and the
07:11:18 proposed site plan has two elements of design that
07:11:21 are unsafe.
07:11:23 The number of driveways and the reduced front yard
07:11:27 setback.
07:11:28 Now, they say they're putting six homes there.
07:11:30 And this day and age, everybody has two cars.
07:11:33 So you're talking about 12 cars setting up against

07:11:37 these garages.
07:11:38 El Prado connects to Bayshore Boulevard had and
07:11:42 the site is less than 500 feet from Bayshore.
07:11:45 Runners, walkers, bicyclists and parents with
07:11:49 strollers and dog owners use El Prado walkway to
07:11:53 access the Bayshore to walk.
07:11:54 The proposed site plan doubles the amount of
07:11:57 driveways that would be permitted on the RS-60
07:12:02 zoning classification.
07:12:03 By doubling the driveways that are permissible
07:12:08 above code allowances, the site plan increases
07:12:12 conflict points between cars that will be backing
07:12:14 up.
07:12:14 Now, I live across the street and I have to go
07:12:18 into El Prado head first and believe me, in the
07:12:21 morning and the evening, when people going back
07:12:23 and forth from work, I have to worry about my left
07:12:26 side, my right side and people walking across in
07:12:29 front of my car.
07:12:30 It's a very dangerous situation.
07:12:33 So imagine you've got 12 cars that possibly be
07:12:38 backing up into El Prado.
07:12:40 They have no way of seeing these people walking
07:12:42 Heinz them.
07:12:42 That's not a way to go into an artery.

07:12:45 Large SUVs are 19 feet in size, in length.
07:12:50 The Cadillac Escalade is 18.16 feet.
07:12:55 The 2014 Lincoln Navigator is 18.4.
07:12:58 And the Ford 150 is 19.3 feet.
07:13:02 Now, if you figure they're going to set back from
07:13:06 the garage at least two to three, four feet,
07:13:09 they're going to be on top of the sidewalk to
07:13:11 begin with.
07:13:12 And you got people trying to go behind them.
07:13:14 They're not going to see them.
07:13:16 This site could be redesigned with a common
07:13:20 driveway to reduce conflict points.
07:13:24 Now, besides all this traffic on Tuesdays and
07:13:27 fries, we have the solid waste truck coming
07:13:30 through, picking up all these garbage cans and we
07:13:33 also have the recycling one coming in on Friday.
07:13:35 That adds more into the traffic.
07:13:37 And these people are going to be backing up, give
07:13:40 me a break.
07:13:41 Now, the comprehensive plan objective 47.2 states,
07:13:48 reduce the per capita number of cycle and
07:13:51 pedestrian crashes within the City of Tampa by a
07:13:55 minimum of 10% by 2025.
07:13:57 Do we really want to create double the conflict
07:14:00 points for these people?

07:14:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you, Mr. More.
07:14:03 >> I run out of time?
07:14:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes, sir.
07:14:06 >> Thank you all very much.
07:14:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Just like the bread coming out
07:14:09 of the oven right now.
07:14:10 Next, please?
07:14:11 >> Hi.
07:14:13 My name is Sharon Flaspohler, resident of 2920
07:14:21 West El Prado.
07:14:23 I want to go over some of the planned policies.
07:14:26 Policy 47.2.5 states the following.
07:14:29 Public works department should seek to reduce the
07:14:33 width and frequency of new development driveways
07:14:35 opening to improve the safety of pedestrians and
07:14:38 bicyclists traveling along the surface arterial
07:14:41 and collector roadway network.
07:14:43 El Prado is a collector road, so why would we
07:14:47 double the number of driveways?
07:14:50 Tampa comprehensive plan policy states the
07:14:52 following.
07:14:52 Review the design of parking and access elements
07:14:55 on-site plans submitted through the development
07:14:58 review and the construction plan processes.
07:15:01 This review shall balance safety, efficiency,

07:15:04 economic development and desired infill, growth
07:15:07 with the need to protect surrounding neighborhoods
07:15:10 from adverse impacts.
07:15:11 I also want to add that I've lived in Bayshore
07:15:14 Walk for over six years and we do have a common
07:15:17 driveway where we enter and exit the complex.
07:15:20 It is challenging pretty much almost any time of
07:15:23 day you're entering or exiting, especially
07:15:27 exiting, cars coming from both directions.
07:15:30 There's a stop light at El Prado and MacDill.
07:15:35 So you have traffic not only coming from that
07:15:38 intersection, but you have traffic also coming
07:15:40 from Bayshore Boulevard on El Prado.
07:15:43 We have a lot of pedestrian traffic, cyclists,
07:15:47 small kids.
07:15:49 Women with strollers.
07:15:51 I mean, the way that driveways are, the proposed
07:15:55 construction, I think it would put those
07:15:57 individuals in danger.
07:15:59 The other item with that many units so close
07:16:03 together with six units, it pretty much, any
07:16:07 driveway you back out of, if there are two cars or
07:16:10 there are cars parked on either side, that really
07:16:13 puts a blocking hazard, I'm not sure how, when you
07:16:16 back out, see where you're actually backing out

07:16:19 into the street.
07:16:20 The other thing is that plan does have a proposed
07:16:26 pool in the back of the units.
07:16:29 The pool would be small.
07:16:31 But my question is, first of all, how is the pool
07:16:33 going to be serviced?
07:16:34 And secondly, what if there is an accident in the
07:16:37 pool area like a drowning?
07:16:39 There's really no way for the ambulance or the
07:16:41 paramedics to actually get back in the units
07:16:43 unless they enter from the actual unit.
07:16:47 The proposed plan does not allow access space in
07:16:50 between the units.
07:16:51 And I really feel like the, this plan really does
07:17:02 not provide a safe and does not protect our
07:17:05 neighborhood the way it should be.
07:17:06 And design codes were put in place for a reason.
07:17:10 I feel like they really should be adhered to.
07:17:12 Thank you very much.
07:17:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
07:17:14 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I have a question before you
07:17:16 leave the mic.
07:17:17 The comp plan policies that you cited.
07:17:20 Can you repeat the numbers?
07:17:22 I got one.

07:17:22 47.2.5.
07:17:25 >> Yes.
07:17:26 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And the other one was?
07:17:27 >> Actually I apologize, I don't have that policy
07:17:29 in place.
07:17:32 >>LISA MONTELIONE: When you were reading a your
07:17:34 note, you had two written down.
07:17:37 >> I did.
07:17:38 I don't have that policy.
07:17:39 But I will see if I can get that.
07:17:46 >> The first one that Raymond more read off was
07:17:49 47.2.
07:17:50 The one of the ones that I had read was the 47.2.5
07:17:56 and I apologize.
07:17:57 I don't have the last one there.
07:17:59 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.
07:18:00 The report that you provided to us in our backup
07:18:08 material doesn't cite either of those.
07:18:11 Can you edify us on those two policies?
07:18:17 >> It doesn't.
07:18:17 I'll have to look into those policies.
07:18:20 >>LISA MONTELIONE: We'll hear the other speakers
07:18:21 and then you can tell us what those policies say.
07:18:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Next please?
07:18:25 >> Good evening, commissioners.

07:18:29 My name is Marcie Stenmark.
07:18:31 Tonight I'm speaking as a citizen and property
07:18:34 owner.
07:18:35 I live at 2920 West El Prado Boulevard, unit nine.
07:18:40 I work at the Planning Commission on the
07:18:41 unincorporated county side.
07:18:43 I did not have any part of the review in an
07:18:47 official capacity.
07:18:48 I'm here as a private citizen.
07:18:50 I wanted to speak tonight to say that the
07:18:52 requested deviation no, sir the front setbacks
07:18:54 from 25 to 22, the side setbacks from 7.5 to 5 and
07:19:00 the smaller lot size was introduce a hybrid
07:19:03 single-family development pattern that's out of
07:19:05 character with the surrounding area.
07:19:07 The focus of the presentation tonight was really
07:19:09 east of MacDill.
07:19:10 But if you cross MacDill, there are beautiful
07:19:13 well designed single-family neighborhoods and
07:19:16 they're so close to us, I feel like I'm part of
07:19:19 that neighborhood.
07:19:19 There are not that many -- there are no
07:19:21 single-family lots like what's being proposed and
07:19:23 it's out of character in our view and
07:19:25 incompatible.

07:19:27 We did have an opportunity to meet with the
07:19:28 applicant and we tried to talk with him about
07:19:31 having a common driveway perhaps a driveway that
07:19:34 goes around and have access to the back of the
07:19:36 site.
07:19:36 But he indicated it was already designed and not
07:19:39 possible to achieve.
07:19:40 I just want to let you know we did reach out to
07:19:43 him and find a compromise.
07:19:45 We feel what's proposed is still out of scale and
07:19:48 out of character.
07:19:49 Policy 13.3.10 of your adopted comprehensive plan
07:19:58 says the city much promote design of neighborhoods
07:20:01 center streets and public spaces that enhance
07:20:03 public space safety and discourage prime by
07:20:06 providing streets fronting uses with adequate
07:20:08 lighting and sight lines.
07:20:10 If you notice, the front of this is predominantly
07:20:12 a garage.
07:20:12 It's very auto dominated.
07:20:14 There's a little teeny space to get to the fronts
07:20:18 door.
07:20:19 You're going to see 12 car, especially with the
07:20:21 reduced a front setback and the reduced side
07:20:24 setback.

07:20:24 It's going to be very out of character and very
07:20:26 auto dominated in appearance.
07:20:28 I'd like to show you a few photographs of some
07:20:31 better designs that could be considered on a site
07:20:34 such as this.
07:20:34 This is a townhouse example and what they propose
07:20:41 is a single-family.
07:20:43 What's remarkable, they have a mix of two car and
07:20:46 one car garages that helps the outs tow dominance
07:20:50 of the appearance of the site.
07:20:51 Also they have landscaping in between and pavers.
07:20:53 They did a really nice job of minimizing the auto
07:20:56 dominated appearance through these features.
07:20:59 Also here's the example of a single-family
07:21:04 detached residence that has a recessed garage and
07:21:06 a beautiful, a beautiful decorative garage and a
07:21:11 front porch.
07:21:12 There's a lot of ways to deemphasize your garage,
07:21:16 which are not being employed in the proposed
07:21:18 design.
07:21:18 And we would ask you please help us protect our
07:21:21 beautiful neighborhood called Bayshore Beautiful.
07:21:24 Thank you very much.
07:21:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
07:21:25 Mr. Suarez?

07:21:27 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I have a quick question.
07:21:28 I'm going to treat you a little differently than I
07:21:30 normally do because seems like there's been a lot
07:21:32 of different phrases that of being used.
07:21:35 I think you've talked to a lot of people.
07:21:37 That's just my guess.
07:21:38 I can tell you're a planner.
07:21:42 >> Yes.
07:21:43 >>MIKE SUAREZ: The question I have is the, we
07:21:45 talked a lot about design and everything else.
07:21:47 The complaint really is only about the number of
07:21:51 outlets for each one of those units as opposed to
07:21:55 the project itself.
07:21:56 I mean, obviously you heard that they could build
07:21:59 14 units.
07:22:00 You're saying that if we had maybe an internal
07:22:03 driveway with maybe two or three different entry
07:22:07 points, that would probably not be a problem.
07:22:09 Am I correct in assuming that?
07:22:12 >> That's correct.
07:22:12 We understand that residential single-family
07:22:15 detached dwellings are approved in the zoning
07:22:17 classification.
07:22:18 Building three units would be fine.
07:22:19 Maybe even four units would be fine if it were

07:22:22 well designed.
07:22:23 Also it is my belief a well designed townhouse
07:22:26 multi-family development would be better than this
07:22:28 because you'd have one driveway or two driveways
07:22:31 rather than six.
07:22:32 So we're not adverse to development and infill and
07:22:36 great design.
07:22:36 But we're, we don't believe in this design.
07:22:39 We don't believe it's the best use for this
07:22:41 property.
07:22:42 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I guess the question I have,
07:22:43 because if they made a decision to change the
07:22:46 design and have an interior area, but still had
07:22:49 the same number of spaces, I don't know if that's
07:22:52 actually possible.
07:22:52 Son bay walk, which a lot of the members and I
07:22:57 think you live there also.
07:22:58 >> Yes.
07:22:59 >>MIKE SUAREZ: How many units does it have and how
07:23:00 many vehicles are there?
07:23:02 Do they usually have two car spaces or two car
07:23:05 garages.
07:23:05 >> Bayshore Walk is comprised of 13 units.
07:23:07 We're a townhouse, attached product.
07:23:09 We have a mix of two car and one car garages.

07:23:11 But we have one common access point.
07:23:14 So we all come in and out the same way and we all
07:23:17 have to face the street on our way out.
07:23:20 So we can see all the bikes and the strollers.
07:23:24 There are a lot of conflicts.
07:23:26 There are ambulances heading towards Canterbury, a
07:23:30 lot of emergency vehicles and also some major
07:23:32 access points to Bayshore.
07:23:34 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I just want to make sure I get this
07:23:36 clear as possible.
07:23:37 So the argument is not the number of units there,
07:23:39 but just the way that it's designed.
07:23:42 >> Yes.
07:23:42 If it were a better design single-family, and also
07:23:45 front porches and you could get in the back and
07:23:47 get in your garage that would be fine.
07:23:49 It's about the number of driveways in front.
07:23:52 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.
07:23:52 I appreciate it.
07:23:56 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Mr. Campo when he made the part
07:23:59 of the presentation that he did previously, and
07:24:05 maybe even the applicant, I'm not sure write one
07:24:07 said it, but had presented, talked with the
07:24:11 neighborhood about a multi-family design.
07:24:16 And I think it showed 14 units.

07:24:19 Were you familiar with their outreach efforts or
07:24:24 had seen that before?
07:24:25 >> I've met with Mr. Hill, the developer of the
07:24:28 property.
07:24:29 And he talked about the possibility of a
07:24:31 multi-family or townhouse project.
07:24:33 But I have never seen the drawing or how it would
07:24:35 be laid out.
07:24:36 I have talked with our residents quite a bit
07:24:40 about, would we be okay with townhouses?
07:24:43 We believe it would be a better design, but one of
07:24:46 the challenges we do have along our road is
07:24:48 parking.
07:24:48 A lot of our residents use the on-street parking
07:24:51 and it's full sometimes.
07:24:53 If it has adequate parking on-site, our residents
07:24:56 seem to be, you know, okay with the townhouse.
07:24:59 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I was just curious because it
07:25:00 was his testimony that the neighborhood was not
07:25:02 receptive to a multi-family.
07:25:04 Soy wasn't sure if you were the neighborhood he
07:25:07 was speaking of.
07:25:08 >> I don't think so.
07:25:09 We have had numerous conversations with them and I
07:25:11 have said I checked back.

07:25:13 When I got back, I have indicated that we're okay
07:25:16 with that.
07:25:16 That would be great.
07:25:17 It's all about the design.
07:25:19 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.
07:25:19 Thank you.
07:25:22 >> She lives on a single-family.
07:25:24 But my neighbors is okay.
07:25:28 >>LISA MONTELIONE: The bay walk.
07:25:30 Thank you.
07:25:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
07:25:31 Next please?
07:25:32 >> Good evening, Council.
07:25:38 My name is Bulent Tavlan.
07:25:43 2911 West El Prado.
07:25:46 Single-family house, two story.
07:25:48 East corner, next to the high rise.
07:25:50 Would like to keep it as it is the zoning.
07:25:55 They can build four single-family homes.
07:25:57 We don't want the six or any townhouses.
07:26:01 And like any similar lot size in South Tampa, 26
07:26:08 by 140.
07:26:10 I've been living in south Tampa 25 years.
07:26:12 I didn't see one single-family that size lot.
07:26:16 And I don't think it's going to look good,

07:26:21 140 feet deep.
07:26:24 I'm sure it's meeting the 5,000 square foot lot.
07:26:27 But if we approve this project, how are we going
07:26:31 to stop the rest coming up that kind of lot sizes,
07:26:35 when they request built same kind of lot size, how
07:26:38 we going to stop the change in South Tampa?
07:26:41 We like to keep it as it is.
07:26:44 Thank you.
07:26:45 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, sir.
07:26:46 Next please.
07:26:46 >> My name is Sandy Freedman.
07:26:51 I live in the Bayshore Regency at 3435 Bayshore
07:26:56 Boulevard, number 700.
07:26:58 33629.
07:26:59 I'm here representing the 33 unit owners at the
07:27:04 Bayshore Regency.
07:27:05 We are not opposed and have made it very clear
07:27:08 from the start, we're not opposed to single-family
07:27:11 homes.
07:27:12 What we are opposed to are the curb cuts and the
07:27:15 driveways.
07:27:17 There would be 11 driveways in the one block
07:27:21 between Bayshore and MacDill.
07:27:26 11 curb cuts.
07:27:27 And it's not that long a block.

07:27:29 There are safety issues now, as you heard.
07:27:35 Every day, there are emergency vehicles at
07:27:38 Canterbury.
07:27:39 There are also very large trucks that come to
07:27:42 Canterbury.
07:27:43 The institutional food trucks, Sysco and the like
07:27:47 come.
07:27:48 They park right in the middle of the street
07:27:49 oftentimes because parking is so limited.
07:27:51 This would limit the parking in addition to that
07:27:55 all of the other drives that egress and ingress on
07:28:01 to El Prado, you can come out face front.
07:28:07 You can see what's in front of you and on either
07:28:10 side of you as you exit the properties on that
07:28:14 entire block, on both sides of the street.
07:28:16 With these six units, you would be coming out
07:28:21 backwards, backing out on to the street.
07:28:24 It would limit the parking and there is very
07:28:28 little parking as you've already heard on the
07:28:31 street.
07:28:31 I think there are six spaces or five spaces on the
07:28:35 south side of the street.
07:28:36 And no space designated spaces on my side of the
07:28:40 street on the north side of the street.
07:28:42 I think -- I think everything that you've heard

07:28:46 tonight from the residents in the area is that we
07:28:49 support single-family.
07:28:51 We may differ on the types of single-family, but
07:28:53 single-family is appropriate.
07:28:55 But we definitely I think are unanimous in saying
07:28:59 that we really are very concerned about the safety
07:29:02 of the area because of those driveways.
07:29:05 In answer to the question Ms. Montelione asked,
07:29:09 Councilwoman Montelione asked about meeting with
07:29:11 the residents.
07:29:12 The residents of the Bayshore Regency, which is
07:29:16 the largest density in the area, have not been met
07:29:20 with.
07:29:20 Not contacted until a week ago Friday I believe --
07:29:24 excuse me, Mr. Chairman.
07:29:25 I'll sit down if you like.
07:29:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No, you got about another 30
07:29:29 seconds.
07:29:30 >> I was contacted individually by a
07:29:35 representative of the group proposing this a week
07:29:38 ago Friday.
07:29:39 As you recall, this was postponed from last month.
07:29:42 And we heard nothing until a week ago Friday.
07:29:45 I stated our concerns, that we would like to have
07:29:49 fewer driveways and the safety issue.

07:29:54 They came back and said that they could do that,
07:29:58 and until 2:00 this afternoon, I thought there was
07:30:02 some compromise in the works.
07:30:05 When I heard that we can't do that.
07:30:08 And now we're back to the initial six.
07:30:11 I think it's -- I have a petition signed by the
07:30:14 residents of Bayshore Regency, I'd like to present
07:30:20 to you, Mr. Shelby.
07:30:21 We ask that you at least ask the commission to go
07:30:27 back -- petitioner to go back and revise the site
07:30:30 plan to minimize the safety hazards.
07:30:34 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
07:30:35 Anyone else who hasn't spoken?
07:30:37 Petitioner, I'm going to allow you five and a half
07:30:41 minutes.
07:30:43 >> Thank you, sir.
07:30:44 So apparently the driveways are an issue, from
07:30:48 what I'm hearing.
07:30:49 I think everyone has heard the same thing.
07:30:51 I can -- I have some rebuttal on each individual.
07:30:57 I do, however, I think the best option and use of
07:31:04 everyone's time is we do have a possible solution.
07:31:09 And we did, Ms. Freedman is correct.
07:31:13 We worked in the 11th hour in the last day, 24
07:31:17 hours, to come up with a solution to reduce the

07:31:20 driveways down to three.
07:31:21 And unfortunately, when we sent it to Ms. Feeley,
07:31:32 today, to give her a heads up that we were going
07:31:35 to present it, she very graciously sent it to the
07:31:37 various departments, even though it was last
07:31:39 minute.
07:31:40 And explained to us that it was not by doing
07:31:45 shared driveways on single-family residents was
07:31:48 not possible.
07:31:49 So, we did make the effort.
07:31:52 But I do believe we have another solution.
07:31:55 I did want to say one other thing for
07:31:58 Ms. Freedman.
07:31:59 We did receive, did speak with several residents
07:32:02 of the Regency and of the Canterbury that called
07:32:05 us from the initial, when we notified everyone
07:32:08 initially.
07:32:09 We spoke with several people.
07:32:10 We only heard a week or so ago that there was a
07:32:14 petition being signed and that there was a lot of
07:32:16 push back and it's at that time we took charge and
07:32:20 did everything we could to see what we could do to
07:32:23 accommodate their concerns.
07:32:24 So with that said, if I may introduce Matt Campo
07:32:29 again to go over a possible solution.

07:32:31 Is that okay?
07:32:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Fine.
07:32:32 You have five and a half minutes.
07:32:34 >> Share this one point.
07:32:35 This is what we did earlier, showed the city
07:32:38 today.
07:32:38 We actually consolidated some driveways to three.
07:32:41 Unfortunately, that would not meet traffic, the
07:32:44 traffic standards.
07:32:44 That was the intent.
07:32:47 Was to present something that would consolidate.
07:32:50 However, Mr. Suarez had good thought which we were
07:32:53 contemplating.
07:32:54 This is just a hand-drawn thing I did real quick.
07:32:57 There's actually something very similar to this on
07:33:00 south MacDill Avenue south of Gandy.
07:33:02 It's a situation where with deep lots, which we
07:33:05 have, the ability to move units back, which we do.
07:33:07 We can actually do a common drive that would be
07:33:10 internal into the property.
07:33:13 And also gives the opportunity for landscape strip
07:33:15 across the front, which would help conceal the
07:33:20 other driveways, all the garage doors.
07:33:22 Help hide vehicles, get a little softer feel.
07:33:25 But also limits this project down to two access

07:33:28 points.
07:33:28 If we follow this approach.
07:33:29 Again, because the lots are 140 feet deep, that
07:33:32 gives us that opportunity.
07:33:34 We have the ability to shift some things back and
07:33:36 provide this type of an approach.
07:33:37 The one thing I do want to mention, there was a
07:33:40 lot of discussion about there's no objection to
07:33:42 multi-family.
07:33:43 Property on each side obviously have an objection.
07:33:46 Because of that, single-family probably is the
07:33:48 most compatible situation for this particular
07:33:50 property.
07:33:51 Otherwise, you'd have multi-family tucked in
07:33:54 between two single-family homes.
07:33:56 So with that said, in lieu of doing the three
07:33:58 lots, which if it was financially feasible
07:34:01 would've already happened by now.
07:34:03 This is an alternative to achieve the safety
07:34:05 issue, reduce the access number of connection
07:34:08 points, provide some screening of the garage
07:34:11 doors.
07:34:12 So I think what we're going to ask, possibly
07:34:14 either between now and second reading, we can come
07:34:17 back with an approach.

07:34:18 Or continue, if necessary, I've been authorized to
07:34:21 request that.
07:34:21 So whichever method that we feel would be the most
07:34:24 suitable, we're willing to take.
07:34:26 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: This is a strange hearing.
07:34:28 Let me say why.
07:34:29 This is taking two bites of the of the apple.
07:34:34 In my regular job, I judge horse racing.
07:34:36 Let me tell you what happens in horse racing.
07:34:39 If you know you have something coming and you
07:34:41 think that there's a horse in the wrong race, is
07:34:44 carrying the wrong weight or something, I'm not
07:34:46 going to give you a history of horse racing, and
07:34:48 you don't tell the stewards within an hour before
07:34:50 the race, it's, you don't take another shot at
07:34:55 that apple.
07:34:56 And you knew you had a problem here.
07:34:58 And you didn't address it until now after the
07:35:02 hearing, not before.
07:35:03 That's what bothers me.
07:35:06 Ms. Montelione, Mr. Cohen.
07:35:08 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
07:35:09 If I could ask staff a question.
07:35:13 Jonathan.
07:35:22 As we all know, being presented during a hearing

07:35:27 with alternative driveway plans is not something
07:35:30 that we could consider and still have first
07:35:34 reading because it would be a substantial change
07:35:37 and we would have to go -- in other words, we
07:35:41 couldn't have first reading, have this change
07:35:44 between first and second and then have the second
07:35:46 hearing.
07:35:46 So we'd have to go back in any case to first
07:35:49 reading.
07:35:49 But even outside of that discussion, the first
07:35:55 plan that showed the shared driveways that was
07:35:58 circulated -- thank you, Ms. Feeley, for getting
07:36:01 that out and trying to facilitate things -- was
07:36:04 not possible because you are not permitted to have
07:36:08 shared driveways for single-family residence, is
07:36:11 that correct?
07:36:12 >> That's correct.
07:36:12 Jonathan Scott, transportation planning.
07:36:15 That is correct, you cannot have shared driveways
07:36:18 for single-family.
07:36:19 >>LISA MONTELIONE: It limits our creativity, if
07:36:22 you will, to have that as a policy.
07:36:24 What about the idea of the shared circular -- arch
07:36:30 driveway across all the properties?
07:36:32 Would that be possible?

07:36:33 >> That would not be possible either.
07:36:36 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I didn't think so.
07:36:37 First one wasn't possible, I wouldn't think the
07:36:40 second one would be.
07:36:44 Is there any possibility of a request for a
07:36:46 variance to either of those standards to allow for
07:36:50 shared driveways?
07:36:51 Either in configuration one or configuration two?
07:36:56 >> There is an alternative driveway design
07:36:59 process.
07:36:59 But I wouldn't be able to speak if it would be
07:37:04 approved or considered.
07:37:06 Probably would be denied.
07:37:07 More or less, since it's so far beyond the
07:37:11 technical standards which requires at least a one
07:37:14 foot minimum gap between the driveways to the
07:37:17 property line.
07:37:20 >>LISA MONTELIONE: One foot minimum gap from the
07:37:23 driveway or driveways, plural, to the property
07:37:28 line, for each property.
07:37:42 >> Two car driveway base --
07:37:45 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Use the handheld mic.
07:37:50 >> For two car driveway, you have to have at least
07:37:54 a minimum of one foot gap between the property
07:37:56 line and the driveway apron edge.

07:38:00 So, the shared driveway situation wouldn't meet
07:38:05 any of these technical standards.
07:38:08 >>LISA MONTELIONE: And there wouldn't be the
07:38:10 possibility to allow for a variance to that
07:38:13 standard?
07:38:14 >> Probably not.
07:38:18 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Well, probably not, Ms. Kert,
07:38:20 isn't a definitely not.
07:38:24 >>REBECCA KERT: Rebecca Kert, legal department.
07:38:27 You don't have a variance to your technical
07:38:30 standard.
07:38:30 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you very much.
07:38:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen, then --
07:38:35 >>HARRY COHEN: I was actually going on the same
07:38:38 train of thought as Councilwoman Montelione.
07:38:41 Curiosity, Ms. Feeley, if you had three buildings
07:38:46 with two units in each that were attached to one
07:38:50 another, would the one foot barrier between the
07:38:55 two driveways still apply?
07:38:57 Or could you then have shared driveways?
07:39:02 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I believe you're asking about if
07:39:04 you had a duplex type of situation or what we
07:39:06 would call single-family semi-detached.
07:39:09 That standard still applies.
07:39:15 >>HARRY COHEN: You still could not share a

07:39:16 driveway.
07:39:17 >>ABBYE FEELEY: No, sir.
07:39:17 Both of those scenarios they provided you with are
07:39:20 shared driveway situations.
07:39:23 >>HARRY COHEN: So the idea that we can somehow
07:39:27 pass something that with ball point pen drawings
07:39:31 on it and come back for second reading is
07:39:34 unlikely, if not impossible?
07:39:37 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Well, it would be my professional
07:39:39 opinion to you this evening that both of those
07:39:41 situations that were shown to you are shared
07:39:43 driveway situations.
07:39:45 In relationship to the one access that comes
07:39:48 around, I mean as a single-family homeowner, I was
07:39:52 having this discussion with Mr. Campo, your access
07:39:55 to your home is now contingent on cross access
07:39:58 agreement with your neighbor under what auspices?
07:40:01 Is there a homeowners situation?
07:40:03 The way this is presented to you this evening is,
07:40:06 single-family lot that you independently own and
07:40:09 reside on and what was just proposed to you was
07:40:13 that you are now a single-family contingent on the
07:40:17 five other lots that are adjacent or semi adjacent
07:40:20 to you.
07:40:20 I don't feel that's probable, and through the

07:40:22 subdivision process, I don't know that we could
07:40:25 accurately control that.
07:40:26 >>HARRY COHEN: Going back to then what the
07:40:28 original request is, which is for six 36 or
07:40:34 38-inch width lots, have we every approved
07:40:39 anything of that size for single-family lots in
07:40:41 the City of Tampa?
07:40:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Yes.
07:40:44 >>HARRY COHEN: Well, we said there are a few that
07:40:46 exist.
07:40:46 But they may have been before zoning conformance.
07:40:49 I'm wondering if we have ever even reduced an
07:40:52 RS-50 to 38 feet.
07:40:54 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I believe that we may have.
07:40:55 I believe that we may have.
07:40:58 I don't want to speak directly to it.
07:41:00 You have two different situations.
07:41:01 The one situation that we're discussing is where
07:41:03 historically it's been a platted lot and it has
07:41:07 been less than the 50.
07:41:08 Either it's been a 48.
07:41:09 I think we have, we have done in a PD couple
07:41:12 48s.
07:41:13 I don't know that I could speak to a 38.
07:41:16 But we have done a couple 48 in my eight years

07:41:18 that I've been presenting to you.
07:41:21 >>HARRY COHEN: 48?
07:41:22 >>ABBYE FEELEY: 48s.
07:41:23 And you utilize a PD in that capacity to make it
07:41:26 smaller.
07:41:26 And I said to you in my initial presentation.
07:41:29 The question before you tonight really, Council,
07:41:30 is whether a 38-foot and a 36-foot lot is
07:41:33 appropriate when minimum standards of code require
07:41:37 50 by 100.
07:41:39 You're still getting 5,000 area here, but you're
07:41:42 getting 38 feet.
07:41:43 It sounds like the discussion may be with whether
07:41:45 or not that's compatible in providing the minimum
07:41:48 technical standards for the provision of the lot
07:41:50 in a way that is safe along this segment of this
07:41:54 roadway.
07:41:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have Ms. Mulhern and
07:41:59 Mr. Suarez in that order.
07:42:01 >>MARY MULHERN: I just think that the thing that,
07:42:08 the visual that made the most sense was when -- I
07:42:16 forgot, Mr. Hill?
07:42:18 Mr. Hill, when you -- I can't see you.
07:42:22 You showed us something, you've got this big
07:42:28 almost square piece of property.

07:42:31 And I think you showed us something where you had
07:42:33 the, you had almost a courtyard looking design,
07:42:38 where you had units -- yeah.
07:42:44 I still think you might, you know that perhaps
07:42:46 might be too many.
07:42:48 But that's almost -- that's a kind of design that
07:42:53 is consistent with some of the older apartment
07:42:57 buildings, courtyard apartment buildings.
07:43:00 I think there are all kinds of ways that you could
07:43:04 approach this piece of property that are not -- if
07:43:08 you're trying to maximize the number of units you
07:43:11 can sell, that would be, make sense as apartments,
07:43:17 condos, you know, town homes, row houses.
07:43:23 I know we don't really have those here, but that's
07:43:26 a really nice and attractive type of design.
07:43:29 So, it doesn't make sense to me that, you know --
07:43:34 I don't see how we could, even with the
07:43:36 continuance, you've got a completely -- change
07:43:39 your site plan to make it really something that is
07:43:41 consistent and would meet our transportation
07:43:46 requirements.
07:43:47 So, I don't know -- I mean, I see this as just not
07:43:52 going to work unless you, you know, went down to
07:43:55 the three units that would be allowable, or if
07:44:01 four would be allowable.

07:44:02 I don't know which.
07:44:03 And even that's a tight squeeze.
07:44:06 I think, you know, this is really prime property
07:44:11 out here.
07:44:12 And I don't understand.
07:44:13 I know it's location, location, location.
07:44:16 But when I look at this, and think about curb
07:44:19 appeal, I'm going to drive by and see, you know,
07:44:24 oh, this is my new single-family home, is a two
07:44:28 car garage with a little door next to it.
07:44:30 I mean, I don't understand that.
07:44:33 But, especially when you look at your options for
07:44:37 building, you know, more units, if you completely
07:44:42 went back to the drawing board.
07:44:43 But I don't know.
07:44:47 Can they come back with -- Ms. Feeley, can they
07:44:51 come back as a continuance, having redrawn this?
07:44:55 Basically has to be -- even if we, you felt those
07:45:00 transportation options were appropriate.
07:45:05 >>ABBYE FEELEY: At minimum, it is a substantial
07:45:07 change.
07:45:08 And it does require four weeks.
07:45:11 But I would really need to understand the
07:45:14 direction that we're going in, you know, and what
07:45:17 some of the minimum standards that we're seeking

07:45:20 to even come back on that plan.
07:45:22 Or I would say to you, we need to go back.
07:45:26 They need to, you know, propose something.
07:45:29 It's very hard with a moving target to say let's
07:45:32 go back, redesign this and then come back and
07:45:35 everything is going to be okay.
07:45:36 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, what about that first
07:45:37 drawing that he just showed us again?
07:45:39 How did that -- that looked like something that
07:45:42 could've been worked with.
07:45:43 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I never myself counseled on that
07:45:47 drawing, no, I'm sorry.
07:45:49 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez?
07:45:52 >>MIKE SUAREZ: So you knew I was going to call.
07:45:55 Glad you stayed up there.
07:45:56 I just want to get this straight in my head.
07:45:59 What they had showed us a moment ago is probably
07:46:02 something when they were going to rezone it or
07:46:04 probably look at rezoning it as a multi-family
07:46:07 type zoning as opposed to what we have here,
07:46:10 correct?
07:46:10 It's a different zoning classification, not the
07:46:14 same, I would think.
07:46:15 >>ABBYE FEELEY: They probably would've utilized a
07:46:19 PD to do that.

07:46:20 So it could've fallen under this application.
07:46:23 Like I said, given the underlying land use, they
07:46:26 have the potential to request from you 14 units.
07:46:29 So that's not -- we just never, I never counseled
07:46:36 on it in that form.
07:46:39 >>MIKE SUAREZ: There's a compromise and solution
07:46:41 in here and I think the members of the design team
07:46:44 understand that and probably want to work
07:46:46 something out.
07:46:47 And I think that the neighborhood understands and
07:46:50 wants to work something out.
07:46:51 I don't think that we're where we need to be,
07:46:55 because as you said, or as Jonathan said, the
07:46:58 minimum technical standards aren't going to be met
07:47:01 with any kind of shared driveway.
07:47:03 Now, having said that, if they did make a, as I
07:47:08 think you mentioned it, a homeowners association
07:47:10 for each one of those homes, with an agreed use
07:47:13 for each one of those individual homes to use that
07:47:16 driveway, it may be worked out.
07:47:19 I don't know the legality of it.
07:47:21 I assume it could be done.
07:47:22 But that's something that I think if the -- if the
07:47:26 applicant says we want to come back and take a
07:47:29 look at all of our options again so we can present

07:47:31 it again, is probably the best thing.
07:47:33 Would you agree?
07:47:34 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I would agree in relationship to
07:47:36 the applicable process though, I would say that
07:47:38 that is an alternative driveway because that per
07:47:42 definition would still be a shared driveway for
07:47:44 six units.
07:47:45 And would not satisfy technical standards.
07:47:47 They would need to go through transportation for
07:47:49 that alternative driveway review, get an approval
07:47:52 before they could even start a design, including
07:47:55 that kind of concept that they could bring back to
07:47:57 you.
07:47:59 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Again, I think that that's part of
07:48:00 what I'm saying, which is, there's probably a back
07:48:03 to the drawing board type of Eureka moment that
07:48:06 we're having, that maybe they need to look at it.
07:48:08 I think that, especially the folks from BayWalk
07:48:11 who have no real objection to a system that looks
07:48:17 more like theirs than anything else.
07:48:20 In fact, I don't think other than the one, the one
07:48:24 individual that was representing their family that
07:48:28 had, you know, a different argument was, you know,
07:48:31 the building sandwiching in single-family homes.
07:48:37 Is a different argument.

07:48:38 So, I think that there's a solution somewhere.
07:48:41 And I think that probably with your counsel, they
07:48:45 may be able to find it.
07:48:46 But they'd have to ask for that.
07:48:47 I appreciate you answering my questions.
07:48:49 Thank you.
07:48:50 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick?
07:48:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: Thank you, Mr. Chair.
07:48:53 Let me ask you.
07:48:54 If they decide to go back to the drawing board
07:48:57 and, what are the timeframes do they work with?
07:49:03 Is it four weeks or a month or two months before
07:49:07 they can bring it back to full Council?
07:49:10 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Councilman Reddick, it really
07:49:11 depends on the degree of what and their intent
07:49:14 that they would say to you tonight, what their
07:49:15 intent would be.
07:49:16 You know, when you start shifting things around,
07:49:19 that you have to go back and that was my e-mail to
07:49:22 Mr. Hill today when I received his e-mail late
07:49:24 morning, saying this is what we're considering.
07:49:26 You need to go, take a step back and make sure
07:49:29 that you're not triggering other codes, you're
07:49:32 meeting the appropriate codes.
07:49:34 And without understanding the degree of the

07:49:36 modifications, I can't really tell you it would be
07:49:38 four weeks.
07:49:40 What I can tell you is, the code says that you
07:49:43 have 180 days once you file your application, to
07:49:46 have a hearing before Council and to be heard.
07:49:49 This was filed November 25th, right before
07:49:52 Thanksgiving.
07:49:53 So, we are starting to get close to where that
07:49:56 would need to be in relationship to a decision
07:49:59 being made on the application and action being
07:50:02 taken pursuant to the rezoning process.
07:50:05 And I would caution the applicant to that and I
07:50:08 would say, you know, here's your opportunity, you
07:50:11 need to decide what you would like to pursue.
07:50:13 And make that clear on the record and either ask
07:50:16 for the adequate time to be able to accommodate
07:50:18 that or, you know, ask for your vote this evening.
07:50:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
07:50:24 Rebecca, one second.
07:50:27 My problem is a little bit more technical.
07:50:33 You know, the public hears this and sees this and
07:50:35 reads this and now they're going to say well, I
07:50:38 got a 70-foot lot, I can cut it in half and I have
07:50:40 two houses I can put on for 37 and a half feet.
07:50:43 These are single-family.

07:50:45 And what's going to happen if somebody asks about
07:50:48 it two blocks down, where there aren't any?
07:50:51 That I know of, I may be wrong.
07:50:53 There aren't any south of Kennedy.
07:50:56 Not one.
07:50:56 There has been lots that have been divided in half
07:51:01 because the lots in that neighborhood were 40-foot
07:51:06 platted 150 years ago, when I was two years old.
07:51:10 And these things, then somebody had a big lot and
07:51:15 they divide it in half to meet the criteria or the
07:51:19 looks and appearance of that block.
07:51:21 That has happened.
07:51:22 But not here.
07:51:23 And that's my concern.
07:51:26 Yes, I have a traffic concern.
07:51:28 Yes, I have a PD.
07:51:30 You can't bicker too much and try to change a PD.
07:51:34 A PD is what it is.
07:51:35 And nothing else.
07:51:36 So, what concerns me legally is, and anybody can
07:51:40 do anything, even if this passes or doesn't pass.
07:51:44 Somebody can say I want to split my, I live in a,
07:51:48 you know, 80-, 100-foot neighborhood and there are
07:51:52 some that are a hundred foot.
07:51:54 I want to cut it in half.

07:51:56 And that's going to be hard for us, in my opinion,
07:51:58 to come back and say you can't do it but we just
07:52:00 did some for 36 and 38.
07:52:03 Not opposed to development.
07:52:04 But I got to look at the bigger picture just one
07:52:07 block.
07:52:07 And that's what I'm asking you for some of the
07:52:12 legal thing.
07:52:14 >> Chairman Miranda, as you all know, any time
07:52:17 anyone brings this development forward, they are
07:52:20 typically trying to show you other places where
07:52:22 that has happened.
07:52:23 And so any time any development you approve, it
07:52:26 can and probably will be attempted to be used as
07:52:29 precedent to try to encourage you to do something
07:52:33 similar again in the future.
07:52:35 What the applicant has the burden to demonstrate
07:52:37 though is not just that something has been
07:52:39 approved, but that their property is similarly
07:52:42 situated to what the approval is.
07:52:44 So, because something is approved once, you are
07:52:47 not bound to approve it everywhere else in the
07:52:49 city.
07:52:50 However, it does get to be a closer line if they
07:52:54 can demonstrate that on all relevant

07:52:58 characteristics of the property, their property is
07:53:00 similar to something that you've already approved.
07:53:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
07:53:03 All right.
07:53:04 Petitioner, what do you want to do?
07:53:11 >> Thank you for the opportunity.
07:53:13 Dave Hill, petitioner.
07:53:14 If possible, we would like to -- we don't want to
07:53:26 get denied tonight.
07:53:27 We would like -- we have a potential revision.
07:53:31 We have heard from the community and the
07:53:34 opposition and I think we believe we have a
07:53:37 solution.
07:53:37 Unfortunately, it would be -- we have applied for
07:53:43 a single-family detached.
07:53:46 And the solution is a multi-family attached.
07:53:50 With a common driveway, one curb cut coming in
07:53:56 with one curb cut going out.
07:53:59 Basically a one-way street to minimize issues and
07:54:06 increase safety.
07:54:07 The final result would be something very similar
07:54:11 except the buildings would be closer together.
07:54:13 There is several precedents in South Tampa with
07:54:17 the courtyard between the buildings and the
07:54:19 building is attached.

07:54:20 And it would also increase the number of units,
07:54:23 which we would be happy to do.
07:54:25 Would be more in the neighborhood of nine units, I
07:54:29 believe, with this common driveway in the front.
07:54:32 And we would be -- what we're asking is there any
07:54:36 way we could get a minimal continuance?
07:54:39 We don't need very much time.
07:54:41 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me ask the legal
07:54:42 department.
07:54:45 He's asking for a continuance for minimal
07:54:48 continuance, you're going to have to help us in
07:54:51 that.
07:54:51 What he needs.
07:54:53 >> This would not be something that could be done
07:54:55 between first and second reading.
07:54:57 Obviously something that would have -- would have
07:55:00 to go back to first reading.
07:55:01 Your code does allow for those types of
07:55:04 continuance requests.
07:55:06 Your code requires a minimum of four weeks for
07:55:11 that continuance where certain timeframes within
07:55:13 that they have to get their site plan in.
07:55:15 I'm not sure if that would be enough.
07:55:17 Other thing Ms. Feeley has spoken about is you
07:55:19 always have a maximum of 180 days or the applicant

07:55:23 has 180 days to get through the process.
07:55:25 And Ms. Feeley can correct me, but if they hit
07:55:29 that 180 days, they'll have to file an amendments
07:55:32 fee.
07:55:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And the neighborhood is going
07:55:34 to be re-noticed?
07:55:36 >> You could set a date certain, or you could also
07:55:40 require them to re-notice as part of the
07:55:42 continuance request.
07:55:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Feeley?
07:55:45 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Thank you, Chairman Miranda.
07:55:47 I have strong concern that this would be a
07:55:50 complete modification to the application.
07:55:52 The application that came in and has been worked
07:55:54 on for 90 days by staff, has been a single-family
07:55:58 detached application.
07:56:00 What Mr. Hill just stated is a single-family
07:56:03 attached town home style.
07:56:06 It's not a four week modification.
07:56:08 We need to take the plans back through DRC, we
07:56:11 need to review for everything.
07:56:12 Determine what waivers or other things might be
07:56:14 required.
07:56:15 If that's his desire, he needs to request that he
07:56:18 can amend his application and start his 180 days

07:56:21 over again.
07:56:22 And we could try to work with him that way.
07:56:24 But I would not be supportive of a minimal
07:56:29 continuance in relation to what was proposed here.
07:56:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Petitioner Hill?
07:56:33 Mr. Hill?
07:56:35 I hope you understand what we're trying to say.
07:56:37 >> Yes, sir.
07:56:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: And we're trying to work with
07:56:39 you.
07:56:39 We're trying to work with your team.
07:56:41 We're trying to work with the neighborhood.
07:56:43 And what they're asking for, because have not
07:56:46 reviewed that to really start ground zero in a
07:56:49 way.
07:56:49 I think it would be easier because you know what
07:56:52 you have to do.
07:56:53 But it's my suggestion that you adhere to that
07:56:56 advice.
07:56:57 >> Yes, sir.
07:56:58 We're very grateful.
07:57:00 And we hear you.
07:57:01 And unfortunately, we don't -- time is not on our
07:57:05 side.
07:57:05 We are more than willing to go back to the drawing

07:57:07 board and start all over.
07:57:08 The sellers of the property who are in the room,
07:57:13 there are four very lovely and gracious sisters
07:57:16 that have been very patient with us in this
07:57:18 process.
07:57:19 Unfortunately, we -- I think they're exhausted and
07:57:24 I don't believe that they're prepared to give us
07:57:26 another three to four months of what it would take
07:57:28 to process.
07:57:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, I hope I can negotiate
07:57:31 for you, but I can't.
07:57:32 But if those lovely sisters are listening to me,
07:57:35 and you want to make a sale, and you want the
07:57:38 neighborhood to look good, and maybe I can give
07:57:42 you commendation if you do that for us.
07:57:44 [ Laughter ]
07:57:47 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So, please try to work with us.
07:57:49 I understand what life is and there are turns and
07:57:53 twists that I can't and this Council can't adhere
07:57:58 to.
07:57:58 But we would appreciate it if you do the City of
07:58:00 Tampa a favor.
07:58:01 >> We will, sir.
07:58:02 We're grateful for the opportunity.
07:58:03 This has been a learning experience.

07:58:05 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much, Mr. Hill.
07:58:08 >> Thank you all very much.
07:58:09 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: So we'll leave this in
07:58:10 continuation.
07:58:11 Don't want to leave it in open door both ways.
07:58:17 >>MARTIN SHELBY: If I can inquire.
07:58:18 What would be the appropriate way if he wishes to
07:58:20 file an amendment?
07:58:21 Would it be re-noticed then as opposed to let's
07:58:24 say for instance him requesting this application
07:58:25 be withdrawn and then refile again with an
07:58:28 opportunity to come back sooner because he
07:58:30 addresses Council's concerns?
07:58:34 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I'm going over my schedule in my
07:58:40 head.
07:58:40 April 21st, which is a week from Monday, is the
07:58:44 next deadline for your August hearing.
07:58:48 Given that an amendment to this application would
07:58:52 trip that new timing cycle, if the applicant's
07:58:56 desire is to do that, I would ask that he ask you
07:58:59 for a continuance of this case until the August
07:59:01 hearing date.
07:59:02 And you know, in between then, we can amend the
07:59:06 application and bring it back to you with
07:59:08 re-noticing for that August hearing, based on the

07:59:11 amendment to the application.
07:59:13 He could also exercise, if it's not his desire,
07:59:16 once you take action on this tonight, to withdraw
07:59:18 that application.
07:59:19 He would have the option to withdraw it.
07:59:21 Also after action was taken by you this evening.
07:59:25 >> So that would give him two options.
07:59:27 Either the continuance to the August date, which
07:59:30 you could take action on this evening.
07:59:31 And then the possibility if it didn't go that way,
07:59:35 he would always have the opportunity to withdraw
07:59:37 the application.
07:59:38 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Petitioner?
07:59:39 Mr. Hill?
07:59:40 What's your desire?
07:59:47 I can't advise you.
07:59:48 But I can tell you a lot of people just continue
07:59:50 it.
07:59:51 But I can't advise you.
07:59:53 >> Yes, sir.
07:59:53 We would like to continue it.
07:59:55 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: To the August date?
08:00:01 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Night meeting is August 21st.
08:00:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: August 21st, the night meeting?
08:00:05 >> Yes, sir.

08:00:07 >> 6:00 p.m.?
08:00:08 >> We would be grateful.
08:00:09 Again, it's obviously pending my.
08:00:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I think the neighborhood, from
08:00:13 what I heard, are not against your development.
08:00:15 They just want to tweak it and understand what is
08:00:18 best for the whole community.
08:00:19 Mr. Cohen?
08:00:23 >>HARRY COHEN: I think that the neighborhood
08:00:24 always wants to be consulted and be a part of the
08:00:26 process.
08:00:28 These months that exist now between now and when
08:00:30 we hear it in August, certainly there will be
08:00:32 plenty of time for that back and forth in that
08:00:35 discussion.
08:00:35 >> Grateful for that suggestion, Councilman Cohen.
08:00:38 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move to continue.
08:00:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion to continue by
08:00:42 Mr. Reddick, seconded by Ms. Mulhern.
08:00:44 But before that, again, I'm going to ask the four
08:00:47 sisters to please help the City of Tampa.
08:00:49 Have a motion -- yes, sir?
08:00:53 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Does that, sir, also include as
08:00:55 part of the motion, re-noticing for the
08:00:58 neighborhood?

08:00:59 >> Yes.
08:01:00 If it's required.
08:01:02 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Well, it is not required with the
08:01:03 continuance.
08:01:04 It is being requested as part of your continuance.
08:01:07 Do you agree to do that?
08:01:09 >> Oh, if you're asking me to do it, yes, sir, of
08:01:11 course I will.
08:01:12 >>I have a motion by Mr. Reddick, second by
08:01:15 Ms Mulhern.
08:01:16 Further discussion by Councilmembers?
08:01:17 All in favorite of the continuance, please
08:01:20 indicate by saying aye.
08:01:20 The ayes have it unanimously.
08:01:21 Thank you all very much.
08:01:23 >>MARTIN SHELBY: Mr. Chairman, I apologize.
08:01:25 Because this is an amendment, Ms. Feeley indicates
08:01:27 that it is required.
08:01:28 Thank you.
08:01:31 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All right.
08:01:32 We go to item number 4.
08:01:44 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Thank you, Council.
08:01:45 Abbye Feeley.
08:01:46 Item number four on your agenda is REZ 14-08,
08:01:51 located 3120 East Hillsborough Avenue and 5502

08:01:55 north 32nd street.
08:01:57 The request before you tonight is for CI
08:02:00 commercial intensive and RS-50, residential
08:02:03 single-family to PD, planned development, for
08:02:07 retail, restaurant and all CI uses.
08:02:10 >> Good evening, Councilmembers, David Hay with
08:02:15 your Planning Commission staff.
08:02:16 And I have been sworn.
08:02:18 Our next case we stay in that central Tampa
08:02:26 planning district.
08:02:27 The subject site is located at the northwest
08:02:29 corner of East Hillsborough Avenue and north 32nd
08:02:33 street.
08:02:33 The subject site is located on the mixed use
08:02:37 corridor and located within the East Tampa urban
08:02:39 village.
08:02:40 The site is also located along East Hillsborough
08:02:43 Avenue, which is designated as a transit emphasis
08:02:48 corridor.
08:02:48 On to the aerial, the subject site is always in
08:02:53 the middle.
08:02:53 We can see East Hillsborough Avenue running
08:02:55 east-west through the center.
08:02:57 You can also make out the commercial use that is
08:03:00 line Hillsborough Avenue.

08:03:01 You can also make out to the west across
08:03:03 30th street the Carver Center and the post office.
08:03:06 To the south of the post office is the Tampa
08:03:09 wholesale produce market.
08:03:11 Right there.
08:03:12 And to the north of Mohawk Avenue and south of
08:03:15 Giddens Avenue, we have mostly single-family
08:03:18 detached residential development.
08:03:19 On to the future land use map, the majority of
08:03:24 parcels fronting Hillsborough Avenue are all
08:03:26 designated community commercial 35, which is
08:03:28 represented by that red color.
08:03:30 The light brown making up the back half of the
08:03:33 subject site, and parcel located on the northern
08:03:36 side of Mohawk.
08:03:37 That is all the residential 20 future land use
08:03:40 category.
08:03:41 The blue to the west is the major public semi
08:03:44 public representing the Carver Center.
08:03:46 And while the tan color to the north and south of
08:03:49 the subject site is that residential 10 future
08:03:52 land use category.
08:03:53 Overall planning commission staff found the
08:03:56 proposed planned development would allow for
08:03:58 development pattern keeping with the commercial

08:04:00 uses located along this portion of East
08:04:01 Hillsborough Avenue.
08:04:02 The plan development also supports new economic
08:04:05 growth and infill within the East Tampa CRA.
08:04:09 The proposed development would not create any
08:04:11 negative impacts to adjacent residential and would
08:04:14 improve overall buffering and screening over what
08:04:17 currently exists on-site.
08:04:18 Therefore, based on those findings and the goals,
08:04:22 objectives and policies of the comprehensive plan,
08:04:24 Planning Commission staff finds the rezoning
08:04:26 request consistent.
08:04:35 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Abbye Feeley, land development.
08:04:39 The request before you tonight from the CI and
08:04:42 RS-50 to PD central restaurant and all CI uses has
08:04:46 four waivers associated with it.
08:04:48 The first is to reduce the amount of tree
08:04:51 retention from 50% to 20%.
08:04:53 The second is to allow for six foot high PVC fence
08:04:57 in lieu of the six foot masonry wall along the
08:05:00 northern property line.
08:05:01 The third is to allow for 20% reduction of parking
08:05:06 for the project overall.
08:05:07 And the last is to allow commercial traffic access
08:05:09 to a local street, 32nd street.

08:05:12 That is, there's an error in my report.
08:05:17 Says 32nd avenue but should be 32nd street.
08:05:21 Let me show you on the zoning atlas.
08:05:27 We are on Hillsborough.
08:05:28 Here's 30th.
08:05:30 32nd.
08:05:31 It has a split zoning, currently, you can see
08:05:34 there used to be an alley.
08:05:36 Actually Mohawk Avenue was vacated behind this
08:05:39 property.
08:05:40 That's what those dash lines there, the street was
08:05:42 vacated.
08:05:43 So, the southern piece is CI.
08:05:45 The northern piece is the RS-50.
08:05:48 This application originally came in, they wanted
08:05:51 to do parking for the commercial center in the
08:05:53 RS-50.
08:05:53 They came in as a special use.
08:05:55 But they wanted to have their loading and their
08:05:59 dumpsters back in that parking area.
08:06:01 And through the special use, I couldn't do that,
08:06:03 so, I suggested to them that we utilize a PD to
08:06:06 put the property together as one, to allow for the
08:06:09 loading to be back there.
08:06:11 And the dumpster and also provide that additional

08:06:15 parking.
08:06:16 So that's what you see on the site plan before
08:06:18 you.
08:06:18 What's on there today would be demolished and then
08:06:23 it would be all new construction for the property.
08:06:26 The KFC just to the east, church's chicken.
08:06:34 Other new retail development to the west.
08:06:36 Currently under construction some additional
08:06:38 retail developments there as well.
08:06:40 Show you some pictures of the site.
08:06:44 What is proposed is setbacks of 68 to 78 feet
08:06:50 along Hillsborough.
08:06:51 108 feet to the north to the residential.
08:06:55 West is zero feet and east 24 feet.
08:06:58 Maximum building height is proposed at 35 feet.
08:07:00 The proposed use could require up to 115 spaces
08:07:06 and 104 are being provided.
08:07:08 But what they're asking is that based on the
08:07:10 different configurations that could go into the
08:07:13 strip commercial center, that they be allowed a
08:07:15 20% parking reduction overall for the property.
08:07:19 Here are some pictures of the site.
08:07:23 This is from Hillsborough looking north.
08:07:25 Also subject property.
08:07:29 Here's the KFC to the east.

08:07:31 The back park, parking area.
08:07:33 They are retaining several of these large trees
08:07:37 and your site plan shows that.
08:07:38 This is to the north, the adjacent residential.
08:07:41 This is a view of the adjacent residential.
08:07:45 This is on Comanche.
08:07:50 The single-family residential on Comanche
08:07:52 Avenue -- sorry about that, is adjacent to the
08:07:57 property.
08:07:57 This is a look down Mohawk, that vacated portion
08:08:03 of Mohawk.
08:08:04 This is to the east of the subject site on 32nd.
08:08:07 Also to the east on 32nd.
08:08:10 Coming, traveling south toward Hillsborough.
08:08:13 KFC, which has access onto 32nd for the
08:08:18 drive-thru.
08:08:19 And ingress access on 32nd.
08:08:24 This is on the south side of Hillsborough across
08:08:29 from the property.
08:08:29 There are a couple site plan modifications that
08:08:35 staff needs in between first and second reading.
08:08:38 There is a standing finding of inconsistency from
08:08:41 transportation based on the access request.
08:08:45 And a couple modifications for natural resources
08:08:49 as well.

08:08:50 Staff is available for any questions.
08:08:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
08:08:53 Petitioner?
08:08:53 >> Good evening, Council.
08:09:00 Thank you, Abbye.
08:09:01 My name is Joseph Belluccia, with JVB Architect.
08:09:05 I'm representing the property owner, GNS Group
08:09:07 Development, John Sioux.
08:09:09 The property originally was a mixed hodgepodge of
08:09:15 commercial structures.
08:09:16 And when GNS Development acquired the property,
08:09:20 their intent was to develop a retail development
08:09:25 to entice and to bring in an anchor tenant,
08:09:30 approximately 15,000 square feet with remainder of
08:09:32 the property, remainder of the building to be more
08:09:35 or less speculative retail use.
08:09:37 The waivers, I understand, are for transportation,
08:09:44 parking and for trees.
08:09:47 I will leave that quick presentation at that,
08:09:52 considering the time of day.
08:09:53 And if Council has any questions, I'll be more
08:09:55 than happy to address them.
08:09:57 Thank you.
08:09:57 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Montelione?
08:09:58 >>LISA MONTELIONE: It's early for us, yet.

08:10:01 [ Laughter ]
08:10:01 >> I appreciate you clearing the room for us.
08:10:05 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Ms. Feeley, I have one question
08:10:07 about the access to 32nd street.
08:10:10 We had many discussions over many months of many
08:10:17 different applications before us, and access on
08:10:21 the local street has been a very contentious
08:10:27 issue.
08:10:27 In this particular neighborhood, the surrounding
08:10:32 neighbors maybe not of the will to come down to
08:10:38 City Council in the evenings.
08:10:40 So, we're asking for this access point, I'm
08:10:46 thinking strictly for solid waste?
08:10:51 >>ABBYE FEELEY: The ingress --the ingress is
08:10:56 required for solid waste.
08:10:58 The egress is not and therefore transportation
08:11:02 requires that the egress still be requested as a
08:11:04 waiver.
08:11:06 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Solid waste truck goes in, how
08:11:07 does it get out?
08:11:09 If it's egress, not required.
08:11:13 >>ABBYE FEELEY: It exits on Hillsborough.
08:11:15 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So it would still have to come
08:11:16 around to get out.
08:11:20 Why couldn't it go in Hillsborough?

08:11:26 I don't get that.
08:11:28 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I guess that's because how service
08:11:30 is being provided and they probably come straight
08:11:32 across from the KFC and then they're going to go
08:11:35 into this property.
08:11:36 Instead of going back out onto Hillsborough.
08:11:39 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So it's a matter of convenience
08:11:40 for solid waste?
08:11:43 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I don't know that I would make
08:11:44 that statement.
08:11:44 I do know that it's a matter of safely servicing
08:11:47 this site and that's how it was designed to be
08:11:49 accessed.
08:11:50 I could let Mr.--
08:11:53 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Just my, my concern is that we
08:11:57 treat access to local roads differently, or we
08:12:03 have contentious hearings sometimes because of
08:12:06 access to local roads.
08:12:08 And here we're saying that the access to the local
08:12:14 road is for the solid waste, the ease of the solid
08:12:20 waste collection.
08:12:20 But there probably will be cars that will be using
08:12:26 that as well.
08:12:30 So, I don't like to treat sites differently from
08:12:38 one another if we have a problem with access to

08:12:41 local roads, we have a problem with access to
08:12:43 local roads all the time, or we don't have an
08:12:47 issue with access to local roads.
08:12:49 And that's kind of where I stand with that.
08:12:51 I don't have much of an issue with a lot of other
08:12:57 things.
08:12:58 I see that the sidewalk is being provided.
08:13:04 I don't see a measurement -- is it an
08:13:11 8'6" sidewalk measurement I'm looking at?
08:13:14 Because I don't see any other, I don't see any
08:13:20 other measurements along the Hillsborough facing.
08:13:24 >> Joseph Belluccia again.
08:13:27 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I see five foot on 32nd street,
08:13:28 but I don't see on Hillsborough.
08:13:31 >> The 8'6" is a landscape buffer and the concrete
08:13:35 sidewalk would be immediately up against the
08:13:37 Hillsborough Avenue curb at five feet.
08:13:39 >>LISA MONTELIONE: It would be five feet?
08:13:41 >> Yes, ma'am.
08:13:42 >> One of the other things I look for, especially
08:13:44 since we're having discussions about the safety of
08:13:47 pedestrians on Hillsborough Avenue, is that we
08:13:51 provide safer sidewalk and five foot is kind of,
08:14:01 hmm -- it's what we require, but I think we can
08:14:07 always do better in providing pedestrian

08:14:12 facilities for individuals, especially on this
08:14:17 street where we have had so many discussions
08:14:19 recently.
08:14:21 So that's kind of what I'm concerned at.
08:14:26 Yes, Ms. Kert?
08:14:32 >>REBECCA KERT: Certainly the applicant has the
08:14:36 ability to make whatever changes he wants.
08:14:38 I just remind you that the condition, any
08:14:40 conditions imposed have to have a rational nexus
08:14:44 to something.
08:14:45 If he's meeting code requirements, it's going to
08:14:47 have to be a situation that's something above and
08:14:48 beyond what's ordinary because he's met the
08:14:51 requirements.
08:14:52 If we want bigger sidewalks, we need to change our
08:14:54 codes, rather than ask each individual applicant.
08:14:57 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Understood.
08:14:57 That's something with the complete streets
08:14:59 concepts and with what our transportation division
08:15:02 manager has been working towards, in changing the
08:15:07 way that our sidewalks are engineered and the way
08:15:10 our streets are engineered, utilizing the complete
08:15:13 streets programming to slow traffic down, to bring
08:15:17 things to a pedestrian level, because there's a
08:15:19 couple of things that typically make streets safer

08:15:22 and slow cars down.
08:15:24 Or at least make them drive at the speed limit and
08:15:26 not just as a raceway.
08:15:29 And it's landscaping, artwork and lighting.
08:15:32 And all to a pedestrian scale.
08:15:34 So, what I'm trying to do here, in the interim
08:15:36 until we get to a point where Hillsborough Avenue,
08:15:39 which is a state roadway under the control of
08:15:42 FDOT, until we get FDOT to make some changes to
08:15:47 their technical standards as well, you know, I'm
08:15:52 going to push for whatever I can get.
08:15:53 And Ms. Kert, I know you're shaking your head.
08:15:57 But, you know, that's my pitch.
08:16:00 Thank you for biting your tongue.
08:16:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you.
08:16:04 Any other comments by Council?
08:16:06 Mr. Reddick?
08:16:07 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me ask the petitioner,
08:16:11 because I'm concerned about 32nd.
08:16:14 This is a very narrow road.
08:16:16 There's a lot of traffic into KFC, from 32nd as
08:16:22 well as from up on Hillsborough.
08:16:25 And I'm very concerned about people putting that
08:16:32 much commercial traffic on 32nd, in a residential
08:16:36 community.

08:16:36 Let me ask you, have you met with the neighbors in
08:16:40 that community?
08:16:44 >> I personally have not met with the neighbors in
08:16:47 that community.
08:16:47 We have not received any phone calls or contact
08:16:50 from the community.
08:16:52 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, you probably need to be
08:16:53 reaching out to them.
08:16:56 >> Understood.
08:16:57 I personally have not.
08:16:59 And John, have you had any effort?
08:17:02 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, you are part of the CRA in
08:17:07 East Tampa.
08:17:07 And one of the things that has always been
08:17:11 required, that when you want to put, develop
08:17:15 something in East Tampa, you go through that CRA.
08:17:18 Now, if you have not reached out to that
08:17:22 community, because they also have a neighborhood
08:17:24 association -- I'm very familiar with where you're
08:17:29 at.
08:17:29 It's my district.
08:17:30 I drive that street every day.
08:17:32 Because you have two little hut shacks there, they
08:17:36 sold crabs out of there before.
08:17:38 You also had a little car lot, little restaurant

08:17:41 on adjacent corner.
08:17:42 So, the problem I have, you got a narrow road,
08:17:46 there's no communication with anybody in that
08:17:49 community.
08:17:50 No communication with CRA, the neighborhood
08:17:54 development, the neighborhood development
08:17:58 cooperation.
08:17:59 And I'm pretty sure they'll have a lot of
08:18:03 concerns.
08:18:04 And particularly the neighbors with what you're
08:18:07 attempting to do.
08:18:08 And I see where transportation is saying it's
08:18:11 inconsistent.
08:18:12 So, if they feel it's inconsistent, I also feel
08:18:16 it's inconsistent as well and I think, I feel
08:18:19 uncomfortable not knowing that you have not met
08:18:23 with residents of that community.
08:18:25 As well as the representative of the CRA of that
08:18:30 community.
08:18:30 So -- and I'm thinking, I'm thinking, I guess with
08:18:43 public comment, we're going to hear from this
08:18:45 person sitting in the back, I'm assuming.
08:18:48 And I hope he'll be able to address the concerns
08:18:52 of the community.
08:18:53 So I'm going to wait to hear his comments and

08:18:56 then, and I'm going to go from there.
08:19:01 Let me get to public comments.
08:19:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other Councilmembers?
08:19:04 Yes, sir?
08:19:06 >> Do I have an opportunity to address?
08:19:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: You will.
08:19:08 But you have rebuttal.
08:19:10 I don't know if you finished your presentation.
08:19:14 I had to step out.
08:19:17 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I do want to let you know that I
08:19:19 did route this to Ed Johnson and Michelle VanLoan
08:19:23 as part of the DRC.
08:19:25 I do in any of the CRAs, so they were aware of the
08:19:29 application.
08:19:31 >>FRANK REDDICK: Well, Ed Johnson is an employee
08:19:34 of the city.
08:19:35 The CRA has their own board, their own advisory
08:19:40 committee.
08:19:40 What you should've gone to is the chair, Ed
08:19:44 Johnson work for the city.
08:19:45 He's not obligated to tell anybody on that CRA.
08:19:48 If he chooses not to.
08:19:50 So, that's the difference.
08:19:52 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the public care to
08:19:56 speak on this item?

08:19:57 Please come forward.
08:19:58 I wasn't sworn in.
08:20:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We'll swear you in right now.
08:20:11 [Oath administered by Clerk]
08:20:12 >> My name is Jerry Williams.
08:20:20 And I have property at that 32nd address.
08:20:25 As a matter of fact, my address is 5504 north 32nd
08:20:28 street.
08:20:29 And I have that property that's in question.
08:20:32 And I do have concern and also some of my
08:20:36 neighbors, we was here last month when they
08:20:38 cancelled this hearing.
08:20:39 But what I want to say is, you know, I'm opposed
08:20:44 to, as Mr. Reddick said, about the traffic coming
08:20:49 through 32nd street, because from Hillsborough and
08:20:53 all of the other businesses that's already there,
08:20:56 it's a whole lot of traffic.
08:20:58 There were semi-trucks that came from the farmers
08:21:04 market.
08:21:05 They came through our neighborhood.
08:21:07 I'm opposed to that.
08:21:08 I'm also opposed to the fact that he wants to put
08:21:11 a PVC fence up when it should be masonry wall.
08:21:15 So, yes, me and my neighbors were here last time
08:21:19 and they are concerned.

08:21:20 Nobody contacted us, as a matter of fact, when I
08:21:23 got this letter, I called.
08:21:24 The person that I talked with, acted like I was
08:21:29 bothering him.
08:21:30 So, I am opposed to this.
08:21:34 Not the business, but how they're doing it.
08:21:37 If they going to do it, be considerate of us
08:21:41 residential.
08:21:42 My property abuts right there.
08:21:45 We are going to be sharing a common property line.
08:21:49 I don't want a PVC.
08:21:51 I want a masonry wall.
08:21:53 That's my concern.
08:21:55 Thank you.
08:22:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Montelione?
08:22:01 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Wait, before you go away.
08:22:03 I don't want you to walk too far.
08:22:06 Can you maybe tell me why you want the masonry
08:22:10 wall instead of the PVC?
08:22:13 I'll just tell you, my experience, PVC is more
08:22:17 easily maintained, so it looks better longer.
08:22:20 And concrete wall, there are pluses and minuses,
08:22:24 but concrete needs painting and upkeep.
08:22:27 >> Well, masonry wall, I think is better because,
08:22:33 in performing my job, I've seen the PVC fence,

08:22:38 they're not really anything that helps with the
08:22:42 neighborhood.
08:22:43 There separate us residential from the commercial.
08:22:47 Like I said, coming in with sanitation, with the
08:22:52 trucks, I'm sure they're going to put that
08:22:54 dumpster right behind my house.
08:22:56 My house is right there on that corner.
08:22:58 So I really, to be honest with you, I really don't
08:23:01 want that dumpster or them trucks coming in.
08:23:05 Because I know it's going to disturb my peace.
08:23:09 My backyard.
08:23:11 You had a picture of my backyard.
08:23:13 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So the sound barrier?
08:23:15 >> Sound barrier.
08:23:15 I don't want that.
08:23:17 To be honest, I feel like that masonry wall is
08:23:19 going to help me a little bit better so I don't
08:23:23 have to hear what's going on with the cars, with
08:23:25 the parking.
08:23:28 Taking out some of the trees.
08:23:30 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I was just wondering what the
08:23:32 reasoning was.
08:23:33 And I understand it now, it's the sound, not the
08:23:37 look.
08:23:37 Got it.

08:23:38 Thank you.
08:23:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen?
08:23:42 >>HARRY COHEN: I just wanted to ask natural
08:23:43 resources what the story is with the trees.
08:23:46 Because on the site plan it looks like there's an
08:23:48 awful lot of trees coming out.
08:23:49 It says -- it's, one says 50% to 80%.
08:23:57 Then another one says 50% to 20%.
08:23:59 So I'm a little confused about what's actually
08:24:02 happening.
08:24:03 >> Mary Danielewicz-Bryson with natural resources
08:24:09 and I have not been sworn.
08:24:12 [ Oath administered ]
08:24:21 >> These are pictures of the trees that are
08:24:23 on-site.
08:24:24 And --
08:24:27 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Could you pull the camera out a
08:24:29 little bit, Mary?
08:24:30 There we go.
08:24:31 Thank you.
08:24:42 >> The waiver has been requested and has not been
08:24:46 objected to because most of the trees are in poor
08:24:49 condition, declining.
08:24:50 There's a large grand tree in the rear of the lot
08:24:53 that we have gotten good preservation on.

08:24:57 And the rest of the trees we did not feel were
08:25:01 viable and should be preserved.
08:25:04 >>HARRY COHEN: So the grand trees stay.
08:25:07 >> Yes, that is correct.
08:25:08 And while I'm here, if a masonry wall is
08:25:15 considered, there are trees on the rear property
08:25:16 line and abutting where the wall would be placed.
08:25:19 And we would need a note for a pier and lintel for
08:25:24 any wall constructed adjacent to that.
08:25:27 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So that would add significant
08:25:30 change to how that wall is constructed, so the PVC
08:25:35 fence would be, I guess easier on the preservation
08:25:42 of the trees on the lot behind, so would be on the
08:25:47 adjacent property owner's property.
08:25:49 So his trees would be better preserved with a PVC
08:25:53 fence than with a masonry wall?
08:25:56 >> Correct.
08:25:57 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So it's not the trees on this
08:25:58 site that we're concerned with, it's the trees on
08:26:00 his own lot?
08:26:01 >> Yes, that is correct.
08:26:02 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay, thank you.
08:26:04 >> Thank you.
08:26:05 Ms. Mulhern?
08:26:06 >>MARY MULHERN: I just wanted to say to the

08:26:08 gentleman who just spoke and will ask the
08:26:11 petitioner to confirm this, but, not that I
08:26:15 question your preferring a masonry wall, although
08:26:18 it sounds like it's, it might be a problem with
08:26:20 your trees.
08:26:21 But it looks like the dumpster enclosure is up
08:26:25 against the building.
08:26:26 And you have parking and a landscape buffer pretty
08:26:32 wide between, so that's one thing you don't, I
08:26:36 don't think have to be concerned about.
08:26:38 That's not going to be -- the dumpsters won't be
08:26:41 up against your, the fence.
08:26:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick?
08:26:53 >>FRANK REDDICK: That may be the case, what
08:26:57 Councilwoman Mulhern just stated.
08:26:59 But I'm pretty sure, depends on what is being
08:27:04 disposed into those dumpsters.
08:27:06 If they are left open.
08:27:07 Then this person is going to have to be in his
08:27:13 backyard and have to come to what might be -- his
08:27:20 family might be exposed to.
08:27:21 Look, I'm just going to say this.
08:27:23 I'm disappointed that the petitioner did not reach
08:27:27 out to the community.
08:27:29 And I'm pretty sure those who probably see this,

08:27:33 they're going to be very disappointed that you
08:27:34 have not.
08:27:36 And there's a protocol in East Tampa that was
08:27:39 established long time ago.
08:27:42 You reach out to those community, that particular
08:27:45 East Tampa partnership.
08:27:47 And because of that, they're not here tonight.
08:27:52 The chairman was here this morning.
08:27:54 I won't be supporting this for that to happen in
08:28:01 that neighborhood.
08:28:02 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone else?
08:28:02 Ms. Mulhern?
08:28:03 >>MARY MULHERN: Was this a continuance?
08:28:08 We heard the neighbors were here or prepared to be
08:28:11 here.
08:28:13 >>ABBYE FEELEY: This was -- yes, this was a
08:28:17 continuance due to a review item that staff
08:28:19 missed.
08:28:20 Not due to the applicant.
08:28:23 >>MARY MULHERN: Okay.
08:28:23 So, were the neighbors re-noticed?
08:28:32 >>ABBYE FEELEY: No, they were noticed continuance
08:28:35 at the hearing.
08:28:35 Continuances aren't required to be re-noticed.
08:28:39 I did want to say on the fence wall situation, the

08:28:43 code requires 15-foot with a wall.
08:28:46 They're providing 40 feet with the PVC fence.
08:28:49 And also the dumpster is 108 feet from the other
08:28:52 property line, which is more than the width of two
08:28:57 single single-family residential lots.
08:29:00 So wanted to clear that up.
08:29:03 There's substantial area and substantial buffer.
08:29:05 The 40-foot is almost an entire depth, width of a
08:29:09 single-family lot in between the parking area and
08:29:11 the wall.
08:29:15 >>MARY MULHERN: I still have the floor, I think.
08:29:17 I wasn't here for the very first part of your
08:29:23 presentation.
08:29:24 On Hillsborough, the question about the ingress
08:29:26 and egress.
08:29:30 It looks like from the site plan that there's a
08:29:33 turn-around right there on Hillsborough.
08:29:36 This is all about the solid waste.
08:29:43 Never mind.
08:29:52 Because I think I heard you say that the access to
08:29:54 the local road was because of the maneuvering.
08:29:57 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Ingress for the solid waste, yes.
08:29:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Ms. Montelione?
08:30:01 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
08:30:01 You had mentioned that you had forwarded it to the

08:30:09 CRA manager, Mr. Johnson.
08:30:11 And someone else in economic development.
08:30:14 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Whenever an --
08:30:15 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I got that.
08:30:17 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I always include them in the
08:30:20 reviews.
08:30:21 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Do you know sometimes, I don't
08:30:22 know if you're copied on e-mails.
08:30:24 Was it forwarded to -- I guess I'm asking.
08:30:28 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I did not receive any response.
08:30:30 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So you don't know if, if the
08:30:34 CRA manager or anyone else in economic development
08:30:37 forwarded this to the East Tampa business and
08:30:41 community partnership?
08:30:43 >>ABBYE FEELEY: No, I do not.
08:30:44 Happy to check on that in between first and second
08:30:48 reading of the ordinance, or Mr. Belluccia perhaps
08:30:53 could contact them in between first and second
08:30:56 reading.
08:30:56 >>LISA MONTELIONE: That would be very helpful,
08:30:58 Ms. Feeley.
08:30:59 Thank you for that.
08:31:00 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Reddick?
08:31:01 >>FRANK REDDICK: Let me explain the process for
08:31:04 East Tampa partnership.

08:31:05 If Mr. Johnson had forwarded that to East Tampa
08:31:08 chairman, first thing they do is contact the
08:31:10 petitioner and invite them to come and make a
08:31:12 presentation at their meeting.
08:31:13 So they can explain to everyone what their, what
08:31:20 you potentially are going to develop in that area.
08:31:22 That's the process.
08:31:23 That's how we always do it in East Tampa.
08:31:26 Once we get the information, we invite the
08:31:28 petitioner, ask them to come and make a
08:31:32 presentation.
08:31:33 Mr. Williams will be to those meetings as well.
08:31:36 And you have all the residents, majority.
08:31:38 You get a huge turnout when the developer is
08:31:40 coming in there and meeting, because they want to
08:31:43 know exactly what's going in the neighborhood.
08:31:45 That has not happened because I get a copy of the
08:31:48 agenda every month.
08:31:49 And I have not been able to tag where this
08:31:55 development, and I see the work that has been done
08:31:58 over there, where they're cleaning up and tearing
08:32:00 down stuff.
08:32:00 But no one has notified that partnership.
08:32:04 So, I just want to clear that up for the record.
08:32:06 That's how it works, the process.

08:32:09 >> Council, I completely understand and respect
08:32:12 what you're saying, Mr. Reddick, about how things
08:32:14 are typically handled in East Tampa.
08:32:16 But for record purposes, I have to say that they
08:32:18 met the notice requirements pursuant to the code.
08:32:22 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez?
08:32:24 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.
08:32:25 Ms. Feeley, quick question on, we're having a lot
08:32:27 of discussion about 32nd street.
08:32:30 And one of the problems that we keep coming up
08:32:34 against primarily with these type of projects,
08:32:37 when we're talking about a DOT road, is there
08:32:40 any -- if we wanted to, could the applicant have
08:32:45 put one entrance and one exit on there, on
08:32:50 Hillsborough?
08:32:51 Would that have been possible to alleviate some of
08:32:53 the concerns that we have entering from 32nd
08:32:56 street?
08:32:56 Is that possible or not?
08:32:58 I'm just asking in relation to DOT.
08:33:01 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Well, in relationship to the
08:33:03 waiver that's before you this evening, I guess the
08:33:05 clarification would be that the ingress for the
08:33:07 solid waste would be allowed by right.
08:33:09 And if it was an ingress only on 32nd, there would

08:33:13 not be a waiver on this plan.
08:33:15 It's the egress that's being requested that's
08:33:17 triggering the waiver.
08:33:18 So there is a full access on Hillsborough.
08:33:20 There appears to be circulation.
08:33:24 I don't know.
08:33:24 That would be for the applicant to say to you
08:33:26 whether or not they would consider closing that
08:33:28 access.
08:33:28 The request that came before you tonight is a full
08:33:30 access.
08:33:31 The egress requires the waiver.
08:33:33 The ingress would be permissible by right due to
08:33:36 the servicing.
08:33:38 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I guess my point, when we're
08:33:39 talking about ingress and egress, it doesn't
08:33:41 necessarily have to be on two separate roads,
08:33:43 correct?
08:33:44 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Correct.
08:33:45 >> MIKE SUAREZ: That was my question.
08:33:47 Is there a limitation or is there a problem from
08:33:49 DOT in what they want, because I know that that
08:33:52 may be the reason why we have it on two separate
08:33:55 streets.
08:33:57 >>ABBYE FEELEY: I believe Mr. Belluccia would like

08:34:00 to speak to that.
08:34:02 >> Our civil engineer did address this project
08:34:04 with DOT.
08:34:05 And the curb cut that we are requesting on
08:34:07 Hillsborough Avenue is per DOT standards and
08:34:10 regulations.
08:34:10 We cannot have two curb cuts on Hillsborough.
08:34:13 And it has to be a certain distance from 32nd and
08:34:16 from the adjacent property as well.
08:34:18 >>MIKE SUAREZ: That was my guess.
08:34:20 Just wanted to make sure and got that on the
08:34:22 record.
08:34:22 Because we do have a lot of heartburn when it
08:34:26 comes to local streets.
08:34:28 There was some discussion about it being easier
08:34:29 for solid waste, when in fact the biggest issue
08:34:32 is, if you had your druthers, you probably would
08:34:36 have ingress and egress, two separate ones on
08:34:39 Hillsborough, make it easier for traffic flow.
08:34:41 And you can't because FDOT won't let you do it.
08:34:44 >> Correct.
08:34:44 Just to address two other comments.
08:34:46 The dumpster enclosure, if you look at adjacent
08:34:49 property to the west, the property there does have
08:34:52 existing dumpster approximately same dimensions

08:34:55 from the north property line as we do.
08:34:57 And in addition to the east curb cut off of 32nd,
08:35:02 the access point aligns fairly immediately
08:35:05 directly across from a drive-thru exit that has a
08:35:08 lot of traffic coming through there.
08:35:09 In addition to that, it's really consistent with
08:35:13 the current development pattern.
08:35:17 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you.
08:35:17 Thank you, Chair.
08:35:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen?
08:35:21 >>HARRY COHEN: I'm not really sure who can answer
08:35:23 this question.
08:35:24 But to Councilman Reddick's concern, I don't know
08:35:30 how often the advisory committee meets.
08:35:34 This would come -- if this were to pass, it would
08:35:37 come back to us on second reading in May at some
08:35:39 point.
08:35:40 Is there time between then and now for engagement
08:35:44 with the neighborhood?
08:35:45 Or is that something that -- is that something
08:35:49 that -- there's always time.
08:35:52 So is that something that could be scheduled, that
08:35:56 could be done?
08:36:03 >> We would be more than happy to schedule
08:36:06 something with the community, as long as we could

08:36:07 meet, within that time of meeting the second
08:36:09 hearing.
08:36:09 If the community does not have a meeting set
08:36:12 before now and the second hearing, then I'm not --
08:36:17 discussed this with the owner of our property and
08:36:19 his attorney.
08:36:20 >>FRANK REDDICK: For your information, they meet
08:36:22 every month.
08:36:26 >> When is the second hearing currently planned?
08:36:33 [Inaudible]
08:36:35 >> Do you happen to have an idea when that next
08:36:37 hearing is?
08:36:38 Is it the first week of the month?
08:36:42 >>FRANK REDDICK: I don't have the schedule in
08:36:43 front of me.
08:36:44 If you want to be on the agenda at the next month
08:36:47 meeting, I'll get you on the agenda.
08:36:52 >>HARRY COHEN: Ms. Feeley, could we schedule the
08:36:53 second reading after that date on purpose now?
08:36:57 So as to actually accommodate that?
08:37:03 >>ABBYE FEELEY: What you could do, you could keep
08:37:04 it on May 1st.
08:37:06 If the meeting has not occurred by that time, he
08:37:09 could come before you and tell you.
08:37:10 He would be speaking before then on May 10th or

08:37:13 whatever that other date.
08:37:15 You could continue second reading until the
08:37:17 applicable date.
08:37:18 >>FRANK REDDICK: I think they meet the second
08:37:19 Tuesday of each month.
08:37:21 I believe that's the day.
08:37:24 >>ABBYE FEELEY: So it was this week.
08:37:26 >>FRANK REDDICK: They already had their meeting.
08:37:31 >> This past Tuesday.
08:37:32 >>FRANK REDDICK: Yes, this past Tuesday.
08:37:34 >> So he would need to be on your second Thursday
08:37:36 of the month.
08:37:37 The third Thursday of the month where you have
08:37:39 your second morning hearing would need to be his
08:37:41 second reading in order to accommodate that
08:37:42 meeting for next month.
08:37:44 >>HARRY COHEN: So I guess my question is, is that
08:37:46 something that we could do in order to -- there's
08:37:50 nothing that prevents us from having it on the
08:37:53 15th of May as opposed to the 1st of May?
08:37:57 >>ABBYE FEELEY: No, sir, there isn't.
08:37:58 The only thing, you have to meet a minimum of two
08:38:01 weeks in between.
08:38:02 And that would accommodate that, yes.
08:38:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, petitioner, that's...

08:38:14 Want to make sure that he gets a chance to
08:38:19 rebuttal every last word.
08:38:20 Petitioner, I want to give you a chance to rebut
08:38:27 every last thing that was said.
08:38:28 >> Yes, I just spoke with the owner of the
08:38:30 property and the option would be to definitely
08:38:32 address this at the next meeting.
08:38:34 And the preference would be not to extend the
08:38:37 second hearing.
08:38:38 But if that second hearing is currently scheduled
08:38:41 prior to the community meeting, then we would have
08:38:44 to postpone that till the following.
08:38:46 To answer that question.
08:38:49 >>HARRY COHEN: I just think it's better to
08:38:50 schedule it out now rather than continue it on the
08:38:52 first and have people be confused.
08:38:55 >> Understood.
08:38:55 I just want to express, my client is a little
08:38:58 concerned right now, we did petition, we did send
08:39:00 out the notices and the routine that was explained
08:39:04 is that the city staff contact the community and
08:39:09 then we are contact from that point.
08:39:11 And that did not happen.
08:39:12 So I just want to throw that concern out there and
08:39:14 let you know we were prepared to do any

08:39:16 presentations if we were contacted the way we
08:39:20 properly addressed the petition per current
08:39:22 regulations.
08:39:25 >>HARRY COHEN: I think that the concern that's
08:39:27 been expressed up here --
08:39:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The problem is this.
08:39:30 From what I'm hearing.
08:39:32 This individual group meeting the second Tuesday.
08:39:35 There is no more second Tuesday in this month.
08:39:37 It's over.
08:39:38 So that means it's the second Tuesday of next
08:39:41 time.
08:39:41 So if we schedule something for May 1st, it's
08:39:44 for naught.
08:39:45 We're not going to meet.
08:39:48 You got to leave it for the time that was set,
08:39:51 what was it, May what?
08:39:52 May 15th.
08:39:54 >>HARRY COHEN: I think concern that was expressed
08:39:56 by the petitioner as to process.
08:39:58 And I understand that.
08:39:59 But the real concern that was expressed up here is
08:40:01 as to the substance of just giving the
08:40:03 neighborhood a chance to weigh in on it.
08:40:07 And I think -- I think that's worth 14 days.

08:40:10 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I'm going to ask you again,
08:40:11 petitioner, tell me which day.
08:40:12 You want May 1st, I'll give you May 1st and then
08:40:16 bye-bye.
08:40:16 It's simple math.
08:40:20 >> Council, we would like to have our second
08:40:31 hearing May 15th.
08:40:32 The meeting after the community meeting.
08:40:37 >> I need a motion by Councilmembers to that
08:40:39 effect.
08:40:40 Once if this thing passes on first reading, we got
08:40:44 to pass it on first hearing.
08:40:46 That's what I understand.
08:40:47 Maybe I'm wrong.
08:40:50 >>MARY MULHERN: Before we close, I just want to
08:40:52 say.
08:40:53 I kind -- I feel for the petitioner because they
08:40:56 came in and expecting to have a hearing.
08:41:01 And there were people here from the neighborhood
08:41:03 that night.
08:41:04 But since it was continued, the neighborhood, both
08:41:08 the neighborhood and the petitioner, I don't think
08:41:11 the petitioner knew that that was a need or that
08:41:13 was expected.
08:41:15 And the neighbors, I'm not sure, you know,

08:41:19 probably, I can understand if people didn't want
08:41:21 to come back again tonight.
08:41:23 That would happen -- whatever.
08:41:30 I'll second the move to close.
08:41:35 >> I got a motion made to close by Ms. Montelione,
08:41:38 second by Ms. Mulhern.
08:41:40 Further discussion by Councilmembers?
08:41:41 All in favor of the motion to close, please
08:41:43 indicate by saying aye.
08:41:44 Opposed?
08:41:48 The hearing is closed.
08:41:49 I need a motion for reading, we got to read this.
08:41:57 Item number 4.
08:42:01 >> I move an ordinance being presented for first
08:42:03 reading consideration, an ordinance rezoning
08:42:05 property in the general vicinity of 3120 East
08:42:07 Hillsborough Avenue and 5502 north 32nd street in
08:42:10 the City of Tampa, Florida, more particularly
08:42:12 described in section 1, from zoning district
08:42:14 classification CI, commercial intensive and RS-50,
08:42:17 residential single-family to PD, planned
08:42:20 development, retail, restaurant and all CI uses,
08:42:22 providing an effective date.
08:42:23 >> Second.
08:42:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion for first

08:42:25 reading with the second reading that's going to be
08:42:28 put on to the future, the clerk will give you that
08:42:30 after this.
08:42:31 Motion by Ms. Montelione, I have a second by
08:42:33 Mr. Suarez for approval on first reading, with
08:42:36 stipulations.
08:42:37 All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
08:42:39 saying aye.
08:42:40 Opposed nay.
08:42:41 The ayes have it unanimously.
08:42:41 Clerk?
08:42:42 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Reddick and Capin
08:42:45 being absent at vote.
08:42:47 Second reading per the party's request will be on
08:42:50 May 15th at 9:30 a.m.
08:42:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
08:42:53 We understand that, petitioner, that the date of
08:42:56 the second hearing and what you have to do and so
08:42:59 forth?
08:42:59 Okay.
08:43:00 Thank you very much.
08:43:00 All right.
08:43:03 We go to item number 6.
08:43:08 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Item number 6 is Z13-82, located
08:43:13 2004 North Howard Avenue and 2301 and 2307 West

08:43:18 Spruce Street.
08:43:19 The request before you tonight is CI and PD to PD,
08:43:23 planned development residential multi-family.
08:43:26 There are six waivers being requested with this
08:43:28 application.
08:43:28 The first is to reduce the required parking from
08:43:32 23 spaces to 8.
08:43:33 The second is to reduce the required vehicle use
08:43:36 area buffer from eight foot to five foot on the
08:43:39 north, eight foot to zero foot on the south and
08:43:42 three foot to one foot without plantings on the
08:43:45 west, and three foot to zero foot on the east.
08:43:48 The next is to reduce the North Howard Avenue
08:43:51 special street setback from 34 feet to 30 feet.
08:43:54 Fourth is to reduce the multi-family green space
08:43:56 from 4550 to 955 square feet with the payment of
08:44:01 fee in lieu.
08:44:02 Fifth is allow for contribution to the tree trust
08:44:04 fund in lieu of planting required trees on-site.
08:44:07 And the last is to remove a nonhazardous grand
08:44:10 tree.
08:44:16 >> Good evening, Councilmembers.
08:44:18 David Hay with your Planning Commission staff.
08:44:20 And I have been sworn.
08:44:21 Well, we finish on remaining in the central Tampa

08:44:26 planning district.
08:44:28 Located at the northwest corner of North Howard
08:44:30 Avenue and West Spruce Street.
08:44:32 The site is located within the historic core of
08:44:35 West Tampa.
08:44:36 Since the site is located within the historic
08:44:38 core, it falls within the neighborhood boundaries
08:44:41 of old West Tampa.
08:44:42 The subject site also falls within the boundaries
08:44:45 of the West Tampa urban village.
08:44:47 The urban village designations are areas
08:44:50 recognized by the comprehensive plan for their
08:44:52 unique and diverse structural and cultural nature
08:44:56 and recognized as important key to Tampa's overall
08:45:00 livability.
08:45:01 Site is located along North Howard.
08:45:06 Transit is provided by HART's route 7 which
08:45:09 connects the site to downtown Tampa, Citrus Park
08:45:11 and West Tampa transfer center.
08:45:13 On to the aerial, as always, the subject site is
08:45:18 located in the center of the aerial.
08:45:20 Overall you can see the historic urban pattern
08:45:22 that runs along this portion of North Howard
08:45:24 Avenue.
08:45:25 Buildings close to the street oriented toward the

08:45:28 pedestrian with limited or no parking.
08:45:31 And some parking is provided on street.
08:45:33 Also see the predominant high density small lot
08:45:37 residential development pattern surrounding in, in
08:45:41 the surrounding area.
08:45:42 On to the future land use category.
08:45:45 You can see the parcels within proximity to North
08:45:48 Howard and North Armenia Avenue are all designated
08:45:51 that community commercial 35, represented by the
08:45:54 red color.
08:45:55 The remaining areas are designated either
08:45:57 residential 50 or residential 35.
08:46:00 Represented by those different shades of brown.
08:46:03 The Planning Commission staff on the proposed
08:46:06 multi-family residential building would be in
08:46:08 keeping with the historic development pattern
08:46:11 found within this portion of North Howard Avenue.
08:46:13 The development furthers the number of
08:46:15 comprehensive plan policies promoting the
08:46:17 enhancement of neighborhood distinction and
08:46:19 identity.
08:46:20 The transformation of major corridors to include a
08:46:23 broader mix of uses and buildings that are the
08:46:26 pedestrian oriented and reflective of neighborhood
08:46:29 character.

08:46:29 This portion of north Howard Avenue, the corridor
08:46:33 provides for development pattern that is somewhat
08:46:34 unique within the City of Tampa.
08:46:37 The City of Tampa does not have many of the
08:46:39 historic urban corridors left.
08:46:42 North Howard Avenue, Franklin Street and
08:46:43 7th avenue being some of the remaining urban
08:46:48 corridors.
08:46:49 Many others have been lost through road widenings
08:46:51 or tear down.
08:46:53 Through the -- though the development requires a
08:46:57 number of waivers, the proposed building is in
08:47:00 keeping with and promotes further revitalization
08:47:05 of old West Tampa.
08:47:06 Suburban style building has many areas in the city
08:47:09 that it can locate in.
08:47:10 Urban type buildings are limited in where they can
08:47:14 be appropriate located within the City of Tampa.
08:47:16 Therefore, based on all those findings and the
08:47:19 goals, objectives and policies of the
08:47:22 comprehensive plan, Planning Commission staff
08:47:23 finds the rezoning request consistent with the
08:47:26 Tampa comprehensive plan.
08:47:34 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Thanks, David.
08:47:35 The request before you tonight is to take a parcel

08:47:41 of CI property and a parcel of PD property -- the
08:47:46 PD property was actually a single-family
08:47:49 residential lot that was one of the Intown home
08:47:53 pieces that was done by Ed Turanchik about eight
08:47:56 or nine years ago that should've had a
08:47:58 single-family house built on it but wasn't acted
08:48:01 on.
08:48:01 And to build 14 multi-family units at the corner
08:48:05 of Spruce and Howard.
08:48:07 It is a zero lot line type development with the 14
08:48:13 units.
08:48:14 It's proposed at 45 feet in height.
08:48:17 And there are 23 spaces required.
08:48:20 Eight spaces are being provided.
08:48:22 I have to tell you this has been a really
08:48:26 difficult application because on two of the other
08:48:30 of the three corners, you have historic buildings
08:48:33 that have been there, built in exactly the same
08:48:35 form as what's being proposed before you tonight.
08:48:37 And because they're in the West Tampa business
08:48:41 core, if they were to be redeveloped as lofts,
08:48:45 they would be required no parking.
08:48:46 But because this is new development, it's required
08:48:49 23 spaces and they only have eight.
08:48:51 If those were to be redeveloped into lofts, they

08:48:56 would not be required any green space.
08:48:58 But because this is new development, it is.
08:49:00 All these waivers start to pile up and it's a
08:49:05 little -- it was a really hard kind of project
08:49:07 because you want to have the 14 units of infill
08:49:10 development.
08:49:11 But these are the codes that must be satisfied.
08:49:13 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: But then again, Ms. Feeley, if
08:49:15 this property was developed a hundred years ago,
08:49:18 they would've met the same requirements as the
08:49:20 others, because there were no cars.
08:49:22 There were horses.
08:49:23 [ Laughter ]
08:49:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Very simple.
08:49:26 >>ABBYE FEELEY: So, let me -- I'll give you a
08:49:29 little bit, some photos and show you, give a
08:49:31 little bit, the staff report, where we are on the
08:49:34 project.
08:49:35 Also, natural resources is here and of course the
08:49:38 applicant is here to present.
08:49:39 The CI portion, commercial intensive portion is
08:49:44 located along Howard.
08:49:46 It's this front lot.
08:49:47 PD portion I referred to is this single lot, I
08:49:50 believe that was a 35-foot lot under the Intown

08:49:53 home development PD for construction as a
08:49:56 single-family residence.
08:49:58 Look how karma comes back around at you.
08:50:00 This evening, starts that way and ends that way.
08:50:04 You'll see it there.
08:50:06 I'm going to pull the survey.
08:50:08 So again, CI all along -- CI all along the Howard
08:50:12 corridor.
08:50:13 Spruce to the south.
08:50:14 You have a mix.
08:50:16 All of those little slivers, PD slivers are part
08:50:20 of that.
08:50:21 It was a multi-parcel spread out in West Tampa.
08:50:23 Typically platted original lots.
08:50:25 Some of them 25-foot lots.
08:50:27 For single-family residential.
08:50:28 Show you the site.
08:50:31 This is the property from Howard.
08:50:36 This is the property from Spruce.
08:50:39 This is that rear portion.
08:50:43 That's the PD portion west of the site.
08:50:47 This is currently south of the site.
08:50:51 Another south of the site.
08:50:52 This is a look down Howard in this section.
08:50:57 This is the northeast corner that I just referred

08:51:00 to.
08:51:01 Very similar form to what's being proposed to you
08:51:03 tonight.
08:51:04 Another shot of that.
08:51:11 This is the southeast corner.
08:51:13 They have parking in the rear.
08:51:18 Also have a picture of that.
08:51:20 This is the residential structure to the north,
08:51:23 but it is occupied by a commercial use.
08:51:25 Again, this is the CI corridor, so these are all
08:51:28 in CI.
08:51:29 And these are just north of the subject property
08:51:32 and would allow for commercial use.
08:51:35 And there is the alley to the north of the subject
08:51:38 site.
08:51:39 That would be improved and access as part of this
08:51:42 project.
08:51:43 As I mentioned, 14 units are being requested.
08:51:50 There is a 39% parking waiver.
08:51:54 As well as a large multi-family green space waiver
08:51:57 because even though it is in an overlay district,
08:52:01 whatever, they are required 350 square feet of
08:52:04 green space a unit, which given the size of the
08:52:07 property could not physically be accommodated on
08:52:09 the site.

08:52:10 So there is a waiver for that, with the payment of
08:52:13 fee in lieu.
08:52:14 This is one of those PDs, where that scale is
08:52:17 tipped because all those waivers.
08:52:18 And the question before you tonight, Council,
08:52:20 whether it's appropriate development in this
08:52:23 location.
08:52:23 Thank you.
08:52:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Petitioner?
08:52:30 Good evening, petitioners -- good evening City
08:52:35 Council members.
08:52:37 We're all getting tired.
08:52:38 My name is David Fuxan with the engineering firm
08:52:42 of Fuxan Engineering.
08:52:44 And I have been sworn.
08:52:45 I want to start off by saying thank you to Abbye
08:52:49 and Mary and the rest of the city staff in working
08:52:52 with the party and myself and come up with a
08:52:57 project we think is going to be a benefit to the
08:53:00 area.
08:53:01 A lot of challenges.
08:53:03 I think we have worked through most of them.
08:53:05 And I think it will be a great project.
08:53:09 The petitioner has met with the West Tampa
08:53:14 association.

08:53:15 And has talked to several of the neighbors.
08:53:18 Several of the neighbors have also called me and
08:53:22 we have answered any questions that have been
08:53:24 brought to us.
08:53:25 At this point, looks like the neighborhood is very
08:53:27 much in favor of this project.
08:53:29 A couple clarifications.
08:53:34 Well, first off, this project started out as a
08:53:37 three story mixed use project.
08:53:39 And became apparent that just wasn't enough room
08:53:43 on the site to accommodate that.
08:53:45 So at that point the project was reduced to a
08:53:49 two-story, just multi-family project.
08:53:51 And it's 13 units.
08:53:55 I think Abbye may have said 14 during her
08:53:57 presentation.
08:53:58 But the staff 13, and there are 13 units.
08:54:01 I want to talk a little bit about the units
08:54:03 themselves.
08:54:04 They are studio apartments.
08:54:07 The bedroom is not separate from the living area
08:54:13 by any sort of wall.
08:54:15 And again, we consider them studios.
08:54:19 When I was a young adult, they were called
08:54:22 efficiencies.

08:54:22 So they're not strict one bedrooms.
08:54:25 I think that's important for the parking
08:54:26 calculations.
08:54:27 Staff has calculated we need 23 parking spaces.
08:54:31 And I think if they're considered studios, that we
08:54:33 need 16 parking spaces.
08:54:35 So, that's a big difference in the required
08:54:38 parking.
08:54:39 We do have eight on-site parking spaces and
08:54:43 another six on the city streets.
08:54:45 Spruce and Howard.
08:54:47 So, I think parking will be tight.
08:54:50 Will be adequate for this facility.
08:54:52 We are on a major bus route on Howard Avenue.
08:54:56 I think that will help as well.
08:54:57 And we're not that far from the city core and
08:55:00 hopefully some people will walk and ride bikes to
08:55:04 where they need to go to.
08:55:05 Which is what I think everyone hopes the city
08:55:09 evolves into.
08:55:10 A walkable community.
08:55:13 The ceilings will be generous.
08:55:18 Will be 12-foot high ceilings.
08:55:20 Very modern type apartment layout that will be,
08:55:27 will meet the need in this area.

08:55:29 The on-site pavement will be brick pavers.
08:55:36 Very attractive.
08:55:37 I've used them on several projects, actually the
08:55:41 Hyde Park area.
08:55:42 And they've been very well received.
08:55:46 They've pervious, they allow drainage to go
08:55:49 through and yet very attractive.
08:55:51 We used these brick pavers at the 7-story assisted
08:55:55 living facility at Azeele and Boulevard.
08:55:59 Also used them on the SoHo memory care on Howard
08:56:04 Avenue right near the bay.
08:56:05 And very attractive brick pavers, which I think
08:56:09 will be something nice.
08:56:10 Of course we're not using that in the driveways
08:56:12 and the city right-of-way.
08:56:14 Those will be concrete driveways.
08:56:16 We are improving the alley and we hope that as
08:56:18 this area redevelops, the alleys will be brought
08:56:21 back into the community, because they are an
08:56:24 asset.
08:56:24 And they really should be fully utilized.
08:56:27 It helps to improve the streetscape, keep the
08:56:30 parking and the driveways in the back.
08:56:35 Well, that ends our presentation at this point.
08:56:38 Happy to answer any questions.

08:56:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
08:56:40 Anyone in the audience care to speak to this item?
08:56:42 Item 6, Z13-82.
08:56:45 Councilmembers, any questions at this time?
08:56:48 Ms. Montelione?
08:56:49 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
08:56:49 Ms Feeley, could you tell me if his calculations
08:56:53 are correct.
08:56:53 The studio -- or maybe Jonathan can speak to the
08:56:56 transportation.
08:56:58 >> We are working on that right now.
08:56:59 Hang tight, please.
08:57:02 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Okay.
08:57:02 We'll play the interlude music.
08:57:05 [ Laughter ]
08:57:05 Well, I think there was -- Mary Danielewicz-Bryson
08:57:17 was here for a reason.
08:57:18 If we can hear from natural resources about the
08:57:21 grand tree that's being removed and the
08:57:24 landscaping.
08:57:27 >> Mary Danielewicz-Bryson, natural resources and
08:57:30 I have been sworn.
08:57:31 This is not the revised site plan.
08:57:39 However, math and scale is the same.
08:57:42 There is a 40-inch grand tree right here.

08:57:45 However, we're not necessarily objecting to the
08:57:48 removal of that tree.
08:57:49 It's not a hazard per se.
08:57:51 But it does have poor structure.
08:57:54 It's approximately 8 foot off the building and 8
08:57:59 foot off the air conditioning pad and based on the
08:58:02 parking spaces being so close, not able to be
08:58:07 preserved.
08:58:08 This is the tree.
08:58:09 It does have multiple codominant stems and has
08:58:12 occluded bark, poor structure.
08:58:15 Surface roots with impediments in the surface
08:58:20 roots.
08:58:21 So, even though it doesn't meet the hazard
08:58:25 criteria, we are not objecting to the removal of
08:58:28 this specific tree.
08:58:29 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you.
08:58:30 >> However --
08:58:32 >>LISA MONTELIONE: However, there's a but.
08:58:35 >> There are multiple green space waivers for both
08:58:38 vehicle use area buffers and for multi-family
08:58:41 green space.
08:58:42 Although this is an urban style project, zero lot
08:58:46 line, we don't necessarily think that urban style
08:58:50 projects mean no trees and no green space.

08:58:53 And this specific project, we have worked with the
08:58:57 petitioner and has very limited green space to
08:59:03 plant any additional trees.
08:59:04 And we are losing a great amount of canopy on this
08:59:07 site.
08:59:08 You know, in addition, there's not a lot of green
08:59:11 space for recreation or for multi-family units.
08:59:16 They have asked for waivers.
08:59:17 That is a technical remedy.
08:59:20 But, you know, it doesn't meet the requirements.
08:59:23 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Understand.
08:59:24 I'm looking at the conceptual landscape plan,
08:59:28 which is not typically enforceable of what is
08:59:31 shown, because it's conceptual.
08:59:32 Ms. Feeley?
08:59:36 >>ABBYE FEELEY: What plan are you referring to?
08:59:38 >>LISA MONTELIONE: I'm looking at conceptual
08:59:40 landscape plan.
08:59:45 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Yes, it requires that that is
08:59:47 submitted.
08:59:47 >>LISA MONTELIONE: By the way, I have the
08:59:48 original.
08:59:49 I can see the original ink here.
08:59:51 In case anybody cares.
09:00:00 >>LISA MONTELIONE: The conceptual plan shows one,

09:00:03 two, three, four, five, six, seven trees.
09:00:14 Four inch Magnolias.
09:00:16 And two holly.
09:00:18 Would you like to have that?
09:00:40 I promise I didn't sneak into your office and
09:00:42 steal it.
09:00:44 >>ABBYE FEELEY: No.
09:00:44 I see my administrative assistant stamped it in.
09:00:47 >>LISA MONTELIONE: It was handed to me, I swear.
09:00:50 >>ABBYE FEELEY: So, yes, and what part of what
09:00:55 this is doing is it's planting in the
09:00:57 right-of-way, because it asked you for a waiver to
09:01:00 be able to do that.
09:01:02 So it's planting in the adjacent right-of-way to
09:01:04 the south and does have two proposed trees that
09:01:07 would be planted of a larger caliber.
09:01:10 Two four-inch trees on the western side.
09:01:12 >>LISA MONTELIONE: If it's planted in the
09:01:13 right-of-way, whose responsibility is it to
09:01:16 maintain the trees?
09:01:17 >> When adjacent to their property, it's theirs.
09:01:21 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Yea!
09:01:23 >>ABBYE FEELEY: So yes.
09:01:25 >>LISA MONTELIONE: So what's the answer on the
09:01:26 parking?

09:01:27 >>ABBYE FEELEY: The answer on the parking is that
09:01:28 I did have this lovely floor plan in my file.
09:01:31 And it does show that it is in fact a studio
09:01:35 efficiency concept, so would be required one space
09:01:38 per unit, which would be 13.
09:01:39 Plus the three visitor, which would be 16.
09:01:42 So would be a 16 to 8 reduction.
09:01:44 And that would need to be modified in between
09:01:46 first and second reading from the standpoint that
09:01:48 the waiver would need to be modified and in
09:01:51 addition to that they would need to modify the
09:01:53 listing of the units instead of one bedroom, they
09:01:57 would need to say efficiency slash studio, because
09:02:01 that is in fact what is shown.
09:02:03 There isn't a separate door to the bedroom or
09:02:05 anything.
09:02:05 So it is an open studio concept.
09:02:08 So would be a 16 --
09:02:11 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Huge difference.
09:02:12 >>ABBYE FEELEY: Yes, ma'am.
09:02:13 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Thank you very much.
09:02:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
09:02:15 Let me say that if the old buildings would've been
09:02:18 built today, they could've never been built,
09:02:21 because they never would've met anything.

09:02:23 [ Laughter ]
09:02:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's my take on it.
09:02:28 Petitioner, anything else?
09:02:29 Any rebuttal?
09:02:30 If you do, you're going to lose.
09:02:32 [ Laughter ]
09:02:33 >> No, sir.
09:02:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
09:02:36 Council, I have a motion to close by
09:02:39 Ms. Montelione, second by Mr. Cohen.
09:02:42 All in favor, please signify by saying aye.
09:02:44 The ayes have it unanimously.
09:02:44 Mr. Cohen, would you kindly read the first
09:02:47 ordinance.
09:02:48 >>HARRY COHEN: I move an ordinance being presented
09:02:49 for first reading consideration, an ordinance
09:02:51 rezoning property in the general vicinity of 2004
09:02:55 North Howard Avenue and 2301 and 2307 West Spruce
09:02:58 Street from the City of Tampa, Florida, and more
09:03:01 particularly described in section 1, from zoning
09:03:04 district classifications CI commercial intensive,
09:03:07 and PD planned development, residential,
09:03:09 single-family detached, to PD planned development
09:03:12 storefront residential retail office, providing an
09:03:14 effective date.

09:03:16 >> Second.
09:03:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Have a motion by Mr. Cohen,
09:03:18 seconded by Suarez on a close vote with
09:03:21 Ms. Montelione.
09:03:22 All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
09:03:23 saying aye.
09:03:24 The ayes have it unanimously.
09:03:25 Thank you all very much for appearing.
09:03:28 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried with Capin being
09:03:29 absent at vote.
09:03:30 Second reading and adoption on May 1st, 9:30 a.m.
09:03:35 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Information reports from
09:03:35 Councilmembers?
09:03:36 I'm going to going right to left.
09:03:42 Mr. Suarez?
09:03:44 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.
09:03:45 I ask for commendation to be presented to Moffitt
09:03:53 Cancer Center for their partnership and upcoming
09:03:55 agreement with China's International Personalized
09:03:57 Cancer Center at the Tianjin Taishan Cancer
09:04:01 Hospital.
09:04:02 This will be the first international agreement
09:04:04 between Moffitt and another country to advanced
09:04:07 research in specialized personal care for cancer
09:04:09 patients.

09:04:10 Going to be presented tomorrow at their location
09:04:14 at the Stabile Research Building.
09:04:17 >> Motion by Mr. Suarez.
09:04:18 Second by Ms. Montelione.
09:04:21 All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
09:04:22 saying aye.
09:04:23 The ayes have it unanimously.
09:04:24 Anything else?
09:04:24 Mr. Reddick?
09:04:26 >>FRANK REDDICK: One item, Mr. Chair.
09:04:28 I want to make a motion to submit a request from
09:04:32 the Hillsborough organization for progress and
09:04:35 equality to the legal department for them to
09:04:37 review and to determine if this request is doable.
09:04:43 And if not, to submit a recommendation to the
09:04:46 Council on the staff report on May the 15th at
09:04:51 9:00 a.m.
09:04:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Reddick, second
09:04:55 by Ms. Montelione.
09:04:56 Further discussion by Councilmembers?
09:04:57 All in favor of the motion, please indicate by
09:04:59 saying aye.
09:04:59 The ayes have it unanimously.
09:05:01 >>FRANK REDDICK: That's it.
09:05:03 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen?

09:05:04 >>HARRY COHEN: Just one item.
09:05:05 When we were discussing the foreclosure crisis,
09:05:08 Councilwoman Mulhern had asked for some
09:05:10 information on whether or not there were any bills
09:05:12 that we could express our support for.
09:05:14 That would give more money to the courts for the
09:05:18 foreclosure process.
09:05:19 The answer is that the courts did get more money
09:05:22 last year for a program.
09:05:24 They shared some of that money with the clerks to
09:05:27 expedite some of those cases.
09:05:29 They did not make a similar request this year
09:05:31 because they are moving through the backlog and
09:05:33 they now feel as though they have the necessary
09:05:37 resources.
09:05:37 I just wanted everyone to know I followed up on
09:05:40 finding out whether there was anything we could
09:05:42 weigh in on.
09:05:43 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.
09:05:46 >>LISA MONTELIONE: No new business, sir.
09:05:47 Let's see, the VA will have a ribbon cutting on
09:05:54 April 12th.
09:05:56 I will be presenting at Pachaska tomorrow night at
09:06:00 7:00 p.m.
09:06:00 It will be held at Mise en Place, in the Lafayette

09:06:11 room.
09:06:12 If you want to see me present 20 slides.
09:06:16 20 seconds per slide, so very brief.
09:06:18 Come to Mise en Place tomorrow night at 7.
09:06:21 >> Motion to receive and file by Mr. Cohen.
09:06:23 Second by Mr.~Suarez.
09:06:25 Any further discussion by Councilmembers of that
09:06:27 motion?
09:06:29 Please indicate by saying aye.
09:06:32 The ayes have it unanimously.
09:06:33 Let me just say the University of Tampa continues
09:06:34 winning, they won yesterday 17-7.
09:06:37 They play out of town tomorrow in a doubleheader
09:06:40 Saturday out of town.
09:06:41 They'll be back Friday.
09:06:42 I expect all you to go there and watch the game at
09:06:44 6:00 at the beautiful field on task and North
09:06:49 Boulevard.
09:06:49 I will not be pitching.
09:06:53 Anything else?
09:06:56 Any of the 505 people want to speak?
09:06:59 Stand adjourned.

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