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Tampa City Council

Thursday, May 22, 2014

5:01 p.m.


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04:25:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to order.

05:02:57 Roll call.

05:02:58 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

05:03:02 >>MARY MULHERN: Here.

05:03:03 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

05:03:04 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

05:03:09 Okay, this is the items -- these are public hearings, 1 and

05:03:15 2.

05:03:15 I need a motion to open that.

05:03:17 >> So moved.

05:03:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Suarez, second by

05:03:20 Mr. Cohen 1 and 2.

05:03:22 All in favor are? The ayes have it unanimously.

05:03:25 Item number 1.

05:03:31 >> Tony la port with Planning Commission staff, plan

05:03:45 amendment 14-01.

05:03:47 This is a privately initiated map amendment, small scale on

05:03:53 approximately 1.46 acres, going from community mixed use 35

05:03:57 to community commercial 35.

05:04:00 Both categories allow for general commercial service, office

05:04:04 and residential uses.

05:04:05 However, the community commercial would allow for slightly

05:04:07 more intense use, which would permit outdoor storage.

05:04:14 The plan amendment is located in the central Tampa planning

05:04:17 district, more specifically in the east Tampa urban village

05:04:21 and is located in the Grant Park neighborhood which does

05:04:24 support the plan amendment, and does own part of the

05:04:26 property included in the proposal.

05:04:32 This is an aerial map of the plan amendment site.

05:04:35 It's located at the southeast corner of east Martin Luther

05:04:40 King Boulevard and north 50th street.

05:04:45 Both are mixed use corridors, identified in the

05:04:48 comprehensive plan.

05:04:50 To the north you have met park indicated on the map.

05:04:54 Pepin distribution company.

05:04:57 Easy access to interstate 4 to the east and to the south.

05:05:00 And then you have residential neighborhoods, which are

05:05:04 single-family and duplex to the east, the northwest and the

05:05:09 southwest, and then a number of cemeteries located to the

05:05:12 west.

05:05:15 The aerial has become a neighborhood known over the past

05:05:20 several years seeing a lot more commercial development

05:05:23 taking place, something important to note.

05:05:25 This is the subject site.

05:05:28 You have a strip plaza which contains a lot of neighborhood

05:05:31 services.

05:05:33 There are several vacant parcels and a single-family home.

05:05:36 The single-family home is located along 50th street.

05:05:39 It's no longer really usable as a single-family home so it's

05:05:42 being converted to an office.

05:05:46 Here are pictures of the subject site.

05:05:49 This is the strip plaza I made reference to.

05:05:51 This is the site itself with that single-family home being

05:05:54 used for used car lot currently.

05:05:59 Another couple of pictures from temple street to the east.

05:06:08 There's the five parcels included in this plan amendment.

05:06:11 Some pictures of the surrounding site.

05:06:14 You will see to the east, there are vacant properties.

05:06:19 There's overgrown on the trash debris.

05:06:24 The neighborhood is in need some of improvement and some

05:06:26 economic opportunity.

05:06:29 This is the surrounding site.

05:06:31 To the south is a Marathon gas station.

05:06:33 Catercorner to the north, northwest, is a new Family Dollar.

05:06:38 Across the street to the west is a school district,

05:06:41 Hillsborough County storage facility, distribution center.

05:06:44 And of course to the north there's a Publix distribution

05:06:50 center.

05:06:50 This is the future land use map for the City of Tampa.

05:06:54 This is becoming -- I'm sorry, it's located along two mixed

05:06:58 use corridors, becoming a neighborhood node, commercial node

05:07:01 for the area.

05:07:02 You have community commercial -- sorry, community mixed use

05:07:07 in pink.

05:07:08 Residential 20 is brown.

05:07:09 Residential 10 is the orangish color.

05:07:11 The blue is public semi-public, and the red is the community

05:07:14 commercial.

05:07:15 Those are scattered and different uses around the

05:07:17 neighborhood.

05:07:20 The plan amendment site does border Hillsborough County.

05:07:23 Hillsborough County has pretty similar land uses to the

05:07:27 north and then to the east.

05:07:30 This is the proposed future land use.

05:07:32 You will see the community commercial identified on here.

05:07:35 The red is community commercial.

05:07:37 There are other community commercial properties in the area.

05:07:43 The impact on the neighborhood, on this amendment site, the

05:07:48 F.A.R. would remain the same.

05:07:51 The dwelling units per acre would remain the same so 43

05:07:57 units permitted, 127,000 square feet.

05:08:03 The change would allow for greater intensity of commercial

05:08:06 such as outdoor storage.

05:08:08 And warehousing.

05:08:11 There were several agencies that reviewed the plan amendment

05:08:14 there.

05:08:14 Were no objections received from any of them, and that

05:08:16 includes the City of Tampa.

05:08:20 The Planning Commission found the plan amendment consistent

05:08:23 with several policies in the Tampa comprehensive plan.

05:08:27 There is a sensitive transition into the neighborhood.

05:08:29 It creates economic prosperity by creating additional

05:08:32 economic opportunities for the neighborhood, promotes

05:08:35 in-fill development, which is taking place along 50th

05:08:39 street currently, promotes mixed use corridors, as I said

05:08:43 both 50th street and Martin Luther King are both

05:08:46 considered mixed use corridors.

05:08:47 Neighborhood improvement.

05:08:49 There is a potential for increasing business, potential job

05:08:54 creation, and then development of commercial areas.

05:08:57 This is a growing commercial area.

05:08:59 And with that the Planning Commission did find comprehensive

05:09:02 plan amendment 1401 consistent with the goals, objectives

05:09:05 and policies of the comprehensive plan, and they recommend

05:09:08 its adoption.

05:09:10 Thank you very much.

05:09:14 The applicant is here.

05:09:17 And she might want to say a few words.

05:09:28 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Just go to the center.

05:09:30 We have new technology today.

05:09:31 >> My name is Cynthia be Carson.

05:09:35 I'm also an active member of Grant Park civic association.

05:09:38 So we hope that you support us with everything that we are

05:09:41 trying to do for the area to bring economic development to

05:09:46 that area, much needed.

05:09:50 We are working real hard to do some of the improvements, and

05:09:54 we would like your support in passing this amendment.

05:09:56 Thank you.

05:09:58 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members?

05:10:01 Mrs. Mulhern.

05:10:02 >>MARY MULHERN: You own the property?

05:10:04 >> I own part of the property and the other part of the

05:10:07 property was donated to grant park civic association, a

05:10:11 single-family home.

05:10:13 We worked with Florida economic minority.

05:10:18 Wells Fargo actually donated the house to them, and they in

05:10:22 turn do nighted to Grant Park civic association for the

05:10:25 benefit of Grant Park.

05:10:27 So we are working hard to raise funds right now to go in and

05:10:34 fix up the house and be able to use that house as office

05:10:38 space, you know, separate it to use it for office space.

05:10:42 We had have been else on that actual corner.

05:10:47 Two were vacant units zoned residential.

05:10:51 Mr. and Mrs. Rogerson owned them.

05:10:54 I am also representing them, and they also have supported

05:10:57 this change in order to try to bring so much needed business

05:11:03 into the area.

05:11:04 They tried to sell the property and nobody wants it.

05:11:06 >>MARY MULHERN: When you talk about outside storage,

05:11:13 what --

05:11:14 >> Right now we are working with -- they have an opportunity

05:11:18 with a car lot actually, automotive, working hard in the

05:11:25 community, and spore sponsor a little league team, and they

05:11:28 partnered with growth financial.

05:11:30 I don't know if you are aware of growth financial.

05:11:32 They are one of the largest and fastest growing in the area,

05:11:35 and growth financial is offering loans to people that

05:11:40 possibly couldn't afford the 15 and 16 and $17,000 cars,

05:11:47 loans to people for the $11,000 and under car, so they are

05:11:50 looking for a viable place to be able to offer this tied in

05:11:55 to prestige automotive.

05:11:57 So at this time if we can get this done, and get this

05:12:00 passed, we already have two viable candidates that are

05:12:04 willing to help us and come in and be on the property, and

05:12:12 hire from the area, whether it's detail people, title clerks

05:12:16 or whatever it takes to, you know, bring some economic

05:12:20 redevelopment.

05:12:21 >>MARY MULHERN: So the outside storage is for at this point

05:12:24 is for cars?

05:12:26 A car lot?

05:12:27 >> Yes.

05:12:28 We haven't really done anything yet.

05:12:29 But it would be putting up a nice fence to the back.

05:12:33 We totally cleared out all the property.

05:12:35 We have cleared out all the debris.

05:12:38 There were two dilapidated homes off of temple street behind

05:12:42 the property, that the City of Tampa had many phone calls,

05:12:48 and calls from myself to code enforcement, have finally torn

05:12:52 down.

05:12:52 They were just -- harboring a lot of drug activity.

05:12:57 In the crime rate and income per capita and everything in

05:13:00 Grant Park is so much higher than anywhere else in the city

05:13:03 that even as a property owner, our values have just -- we

05:13:07 have seen them go down and down.

05:13:09 Something had to be done.

05:13:11 And like I said, the people that own the vacant property on

05:13:13 the end, they have tried to sell that for over two years,

05:13:18 you know, with no activity.

05:13:19 There's not really anybody that wants to be there.

05:13:21 So we are trying to be bring a much needed change to the

05:13:25 area to create some jobs, and we also have Grant Park civic

05:13:29 association that we really started to find and work within,

05:13:34 and actually a member of the community has actually come out

05:13:38 to help us do landscaping, and, you know, just different

05:13:41 things we are trying to do to survive in that area, to be

05:13:44 honest with you.

05:13:44 >>MARY MULHERN: Thank you.

05:13:46 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone in the audience care to speak on

05:13:48 this subject matter, item number 1?

05:13:50 >>FRANK REDDICK: Move to close.

05:13:54 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion to close by Mr. Reddick, second by

05:13:56 Mrs. Montelione.

05:13:56 All in favor of the motion?

05:13:58 Opposed?

05:13:59 The ayes have it unanimously.

05:14:01 Mr. Suarez, will you read the ordinance for first reading

05:14:03 consideration?

05:14:04 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I present an ordinance for first reading

05:14:08 consideration, an ordinance amending the Tampa comprehensive

05:14:11 plan, future land use map for property located in the

05:14:14 general vicinity of north 50th street, east Dr. Martin

05:14:18 Luther King Jr. Boulevard, temple street, and east 32nd

05:14:22 Avenue, from all community mixed use 35 CMU 35, to community

05:14:30 commercial 35, CC-35, providing for repeal of all ordinances

05:14:34 in conflict, providing an effective date, providing an

05:14:36 effective date -- providing for severability, providing an

05:14:39 effective date.

05:14:40 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mr. Suarez, second by

05:14:42 Mr. Reddick.

05:14:43 All in favor?

05:14:44 Opposed?

05:14:46 Motion passed unanimously.

05:14:48 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.

05:14:49 Second reading and adoption will be on June 5th at 10

05:14:52 a.m.

05:14:53 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thanks very much for attending.

05:14:55 Item number 2.

05:14:56 >> Jake home, Planning Commission staff, tonight to provide

05:15:05 information related to Tampa comprehensive plan amendment

05:15:07 14-02.

05:15:09 This is also privately initiated amendment.

05:15:12 It is small scale.

05:15:13 It's roughly 7 acres of which only 6.7 acres are actually

05:15:18 affected from community mixed use 35 and residential 10 to

05:15:23 mixed use 35.

05:15:25 Therefore today .2 acres of this site is already community

05:15:30 mixed use 35.

05:15:32 So we are basically on the northwest corner of Dr. Martin

05:15:38 Luther King and north Melton.

05:15:40 This is in the central Tampa district, the district which

05:15:44 has a variety of different development options for

05:15:51 intensification and in-fill.

05:15:53 This is an existing land use map.

05:15:56 It's been notarized.

05:16:01 There's a lot of notes into Dr. Martin Luther King and one

05:16:07 Buc place, training offices for Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

05:16:09 Just to the west, to the north of that, Tampa Bay park, mid

05:16:14 rise offices that you will see there.

05:16:16 Just down the street from the site again going to the west

05:16:20 is St. Joseph's hospital.

05:16:23 Three hospitals over 800 beds in that vicinity, in the

05:16:27 neighborhood of Wellswood north and east of the subject

05:16:30 site.

05:16:34 To familiarize ours was the site itself, you can see this

05:16:38 outlined in yellow.

05:16:40 The south portion of the site along Dr. Martin Luther King

05:16:43 is an existing assisted living facility.

05:16:46 The property to the north, two more properties, are

05:16:50 single-family detached.

05:16:51 The applicant wishes to redevelop the entire site as an ALL.

05:16:56 The reason they are here tonight is currently the land use

05:16:58 categories, this will not facilitate that.

05:17:02 What the applicant wishes to do necessities the need for the

05:17:06 amendment.

05:17:07 You will also notice to the east of this site on Armenia,

05:17:10 there's a bank.

05:17:11 And as we travel further to the east you can see some of the

05:17:13 other large lot developments with the mid rises, office

05:17:16 buildings, medical office buildings, and all the way to the

05:17:19 west right here, this is actually the parking garage for St.

05:17:22 Joseph's.

05:17:23 Dr. Martin Luther King is a transit emphasis corridor, the

05:17:27 metro rapid, the next expansion along this route.

05:17:29 And it is also in the east corridor identified in the

05:17:33 comprehensive plan for the City of Tampa as an area be for

05:17:39 intensification along the corridor.

05:17:42 The site itself, again it is an ALF.

05:17:45 Also shall one of the houses to the north of this amendment.

05:17:53 The future land use map to the site showing the community

05:17:55 mixed use 35 that you will find along Dr. Martin Luther King

05:17:59 as well as along Armenia.

05:18:02 Community mixed use 35 allows general commercial uses,

05:18:05 professional office uses that will not allow for

05:18:08 consideration of warehousing, manufacturing, or open

05:18:11 storage.

05:18:12 Residential 10, as you know, primarily single-family

05:18:15 detached uses that we have in the city.

05:18:20 We stroll down you can see the site.

05:18:23 I will focus on the corner of Armenia and Dr. Martin Luther

05:18:25 King.

05:18:26 You will notice to the east the bank, CMU 35, so if this

05:18:32 body should adopt this amendment tonight the community mixed

05:18:35 use 35 will then match up to what is directly to the east,

05:18:38 directly across the street from the applicant.

05:18:46 Impacted today 35 residential units or just over 27,000

05:18:50 square feet.

05:18:50 Again you have to take that with a grain of salt.

05:18:53 The residential 10 there, it will not support nonresidential

05:18:56 uses.

05:18:57 It will support residential support uses such as an ALF or

05:19:01 church or school, but you can't do a medical office back

05:19:03 there.

05:19:04 You can't open up a restaurant back there in the residential

05:19:07 10.

05:19:07 The community mix use 35 would facilitate that through a

05:19:11 rezoning.

05:19:16 And with that on April 14th, the Planning Commission did

05:19:19 find this consistent with the goals, objectives and policies

05:19:22 of the comprehensive plan and recommended this body should

05:19:26 adopt the amendment.

05:19:28 Citing numerous policies looking at enhancing commercial

05:19:31 areas as well as development reflective of neighborhood

05:19:34 character.

05:19:36 Thank you for your time.

05:19:37 This concludes my presentation.

05:19:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Petitioner?

05:19:40 >>> Michael Horner, 14502 North Dale Mabry highway, Tampa,

05:19:53 representing the property owner.

05:19:54 I think he did his job very thoroughly.

05:19:57 I am not going to duplicate the findings.

05:19:59 We certainly concur with the recommendations of the Planning

05:20:01 Commission staff.

05:20:05 As Jay mentioned --

05:20:11 >> You concur with him.

05:20:13 I'm just joking with you.

05:20:14 >> Mr. Chairman, you know it very well.

05:20:18 It's we were most surprised to find a disconnect between the

05:20:23 zoning and the comp plan.

05:20:25 This ALF existed for years.

05:20:30 A res 10 plan sector.

05:20:33 We are now trying to conform zoning to plan.

05:20:37 This ALF will be razed and a new assistive living facility

05:20:43 cone instructed.

05:20:44 We have support from the neighbors, no opposition.

05:20:47 We have a petition coming to you in July and we appreciate

05:20:50 your support.

05:20:51 This will be fewer beds and more square footage.

05:20:56 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen.

05:20:56 >>HARRY COHEN: Just so I can orient myself.

05:21:00 The two single-family houses that you are referring to are

05:21:03 directly across the street from the drive-through for the

05:21:06 bank of Tampa?

05:21:07 >> They are, they are.

05:21:09 That's right.

05:21:11 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Thank you very much.

05:21:11 Does anyone in the audience care to speak on this item, item

05:21:14 number 2, PA-14-02?

05:21:17 I have a motion to close by Mr. Reddick.

05:21:19 Seconded by Ms. Capin.

05:21:21 All in favor of the motion to close?

05:21:24 Opposed nay?

05:21:25 The ayes have it unanimously.

05:21:26 Mrs. Capin, would you kindly read the ordinance?

05:21:30 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Ordinance being presented for first reading

05:21:32 consideration, an ordinance amending the Tampa comprehensive

05:21:35 plan, future land use map for the property located in the

05:21:38 general vicinity of west Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

05:21:41 Boulevard, North Armenia Avenue, and north Melton street

05:21:48 from community mixed use 35 CMU-35 and residential 10, R-10,

05:21:55 to community mixed use 35 C Mu-35, providing for repeal of

05:22:01 all ordinances in conflict, providing for severability,

05:22:05 providing an effective date.

05:22:07 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I have a motion by Mrs. Capin, a second

05:22:09 by Mr. Suarez.

05:22:10 Discusser by council members?

05:22:12 All in favor?

05:22:14 Opposed?

05:22:14 The ayes have it unanimously.

05:22:16 >>THE CLERK: Motion carried unanimously.

05:22:17 Second reading and adoption will be on June 5th at 10:00

05:22:20 a.m.

05:22:21 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Okay.

05:22:22 We stand adjourned till 5:30.

05:22:25 >> (City Council in Recess.)

05:22:28 >>

05:22:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: City Council is called to order.

05:33:16 Roll call.

05:33:19 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Present.

05:33:20 >>FRANK REDDICK: Here.

05:33:21 >>HARRY COHEN: Here.

05:33:23 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Here.

05:33:25 Okay.

05:33:25 This is Ms. Sonya Little, chef financial officer.

05:33:31 >>SONYA LITTLE: Good evening, chair, council members.

05:33:35 Thank you for seeing me this evening.

05:33:47 A new microphone?

05:33:48 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We did that without any money.

05:33:49 >>SONYA LITTLE: I love it.

05:33:59 It's a pleasure to be with you this afternoon to do one of

05:34:02 our most favorite duties, and that's to talk about the

05:34:06 city's budget.

05:34:07 As you well know, it's very, very vital and everything we

05:34:13 do, the overall strategic planning for the city.

05:34:17 It's much, much more than a bunch of numbers for revenues

05:34:22 and expenditures and capital projects.

05:34:25 It's really our map of how we are going to carry out the

05:34:30 business of the city.

05:34:32 And with that, we know that a lot is involved in pulling

05:34:36 together a budget.

05:34:37 So we have developed a budget process which many of you are

05:34:41 already aware in which we meet with each individual council

05:34:47 member, myself along with our second officer Mr. Michael

05:34:53 Perry to discuss one on one on our objectives as it relates

05:34:56 to the fiscal year 2015.

05:34:59 Additionally, we work very closely with the citizens

05:35:03 advisory committee on budget, with each of your appointees,

05:35:09 where they not only meet with revenue and finance but they

05:35:12 also have an opportunity to meet with representatives from

05:35:14 each one of our city's departments during this process.

05:35:19 What we would like to do today is to give you a snapshot of

05:35:24 where we are today.

05:35:26 You will recall that we went through this same process -- we

05:35:30 go through it year after year after year.

05:35:32 We have got the fiscal year 2014 budget last September, and

05:35:38 it's only fitting that we give you an update of where we

05:35:44 are, the performance compared to the adaptive budget for

05:35:48 fiscal year 2014.

05:35:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Excuse me, I don't have any idea --

05:36:28 >>SONYA LITTLE: To start out with, we would like to give an

05:36:33 overview to the economic forecast.

05:36:34 We face some huge challenges based on the economic downturn

05:36:40 which severely impacted the way we carry out the business of

05:36:43 the city.

05:36:44 We'll go through that as I indicated.

05:36:46 But really quickly, highlight some of the economic forecast

05:36:50 as it relates to --

05:36:56 >> I'm sorry.

05:36:57 >> We have had this before.

05:37:03 Do we have something to write on?

05:37:07 >>SONYA LITTLE: We are passing it out.

05:37:09 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Can I ask you a question on that first

05:37:16 slide when it said housing market?

05:37:18 What do those numbers mean?

05:37:20 >>SONYA LITTLE: Housing start for the State of Florida, and

05:37:25 in the Tampa Bay area.

05:37:26 That's that Tampa-St. Pete-Clearwater MSA, new housing.

05:37:39 We want to give you a snapshot because you can see the trend

05:37:42 in those categories, the economy factors that we look at

05:37:47 when evaluating the overall economic forecast, between 14

05:37:51 and what's estimated for fiscal year 15, the trend, so in

05:37:58 most cases it's still upwards.

05:38:09 Even though we are going through a recovery we are still

05:38:11 faced with the legacy of a recession.

05:38:13 What that does to the city, obviously it drastically reduced

05:38:18 our resources both on the revenues that we bring in, and our

05:38:21 ability to maintain and operate our facilities as well as

05:38:25 our equipment, and it's caused the city to really reconsider

05:38:31 its staffing levels, which is significant dating back

05:38:35 between 2008 and 2013 we had significant decreases in the

05:38:39 number of positions that were available.

05:38:43 Fortunately, the city has been able to still provide a very

05:38:46 high level of service, doing more with less.

05:38:59 In 2007 the Florida legislature required roll back rates.

05:39:01 In 2008 Florida voted to approve the amendment 1, which

05:39:05 doubles homestead exemptions.

05:39:09 Further, legislative initiatives resulted in an additional

05:39:13 $25,000 increase to the homestead exemption we also had a

05:39:21 10% increase cap on nonhomesteaded properties and capped on

05:39:29 new homesteaded property.

05:39:31 In 2009 the economic recession, revenues dropped drastically

05:39:39 for our property tax revenues.

05:39:41 However in the years 2010-13 the economic deterioration

05:39:47 including high unemployment and high foreclosure rates

05:39:51 further squeezed the city's budget.

05:39:53 The graph that you see hear on slide 5 gives you an

05:39:57 indication of the drastic impact to the city as a result of

05:40:01 the recession.

05:40:02 When you compare 2008, the pink that's shown on the slide to

05:40:08 a low of 21.1 billion in property evaluation in 2013.

05:40:24 You will recall the slide that's before you now, slide

05:40:26 number 6.

05:40:32 It's really one of my favorite slides because it gives us a

05:40:34 really quick snapshot of the city's overall budget.

05:40:37 It shows everything general fund in our enterprise fund,

05:40:42 utility tax and internal services fund, the dollar amount of

05:40:46 the entire $830.9 million budget that's attributable to each

05:40:52 one of those categories.

05:40:53 If you look at the general fund, that 354.4, the 43% of our

05:40:59 city's total budget, you take that off of this pie chart,

05:41:03 put it here on the following page, this is what it all boils

05:41:10 down to.

05:41:11 We are talking about the city's operating budget.

05:41:13 We are talking about our general fund which is a budget of

05:41:17 $354.4 million.

05:41:19 This is the nuts and Bolts of how we operate our city,

05:41:23 determine how we provide the services, determine how a large

05:41:27 majority of the nonenterprise fund-related projects will be

05:41:31 funded.

05:41:31 >> Our property tax revenue is not enough to cover just that

05:41:59 one component.

05:42:00 Moving onto the next slide, please.

05:42:05 The way the presentation is structured, as we are talking

05:42:08 about our general fund, and our operating -- general fund

05:42:13 operating budget, we have several slides that provide you

05:42:15 with our general fund revenues.

05:42:18 I want to highlight that this really shows us what our

05:42:24 budget anticipated for the major revenue category versus a

05:42:28 projection on how we now think we are going to end 2014.

05:42:32 The projections are based on -- we have been able to receive

05:42:37 and record revenue, and we have also been able to record the

05:42:43 expenditure to date all the way through April 30th of

05:42:49 2014.

05:42:49 So we have some history behind us.

05:42:51 So taking into account the actual history, what we have as

05:42:56 factual information, also evaluating forecasts both from a

05:43:02 national, state and local level, we have taken a look at

05:43:05 each individual revenue to determine if we need to make

05:43:10 judgments to our budget.

05:43:12 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Excuse me, I have Mrs. Mulhern and Mrs.

05:43:15 Capin.

05:43:15 >>MARY MULHERN: I noticed one projection as we went on.

05:43:28 He from 38 to 420 million.

05:43:31 What do you attribute that to?

05:43:34 >>SONYA LITTLE: We took a conservative estimate as to what

05:43:38 our tourist development taxes or occupational license fees

05:43:42 would be based on what we knew at the time, and we have

05:43:45 adjusted it based on what we have actually pulled.

05:43:49 >>MARY MULHERN: So tourist development and occupational

05:43:52 licenses?

05:43:53 >> Are the primary revenue sources.

05:43:58 >>HARRY COHEN: I think it's a smaller number than that.

05:44:00 >> 387,000 to 432,000

05:44:13 >>MARY MULHERN: I got a little excited when I saw it.

05:44:22 Okay.

05:44:23 >>YVONNE CAPIN: On public safety of 63% of general funds, is

05:44:35 that pretty comparable to other municipalities?

05:44:37 I'm just wondering do they spend about 60-something percent?

05:44:42 >>SONYA LITTLE: You will find that most local governments,

05:44:45 that public safety is the largest portion of the general

05:44:47 fund.

05:44:53 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Okay.

05:44:53 63%.

05:44:54 Is that 100 million more than we take in property taxes?

05:44:59 100 million?

05:45:00 >>SONYA LITTLE: But let me point out for the City of Tampa

05:45:03 included in that category, it's not just police and fire,

05:45:06 but we also have code enforcement and business tax as part

05:45:10 of that higher category as well.

05:45:15 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And that's not necessarily what other

05:45:16 municipalities do?

05:45:18 >>SONYA LITTLE: Not necessarily.

05:45:20 They categorize it differently.

05:45:22 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Thank you.

05:45:22 >> So with the summary on page 8 I want to give you a

05:45:37 summary of what that means.

05:45:38 Starting out with the property taxes, we budgeted $123

05:45:46 million for fiscal year 2014.

05:45:48 We increased that to 500,000.

05:45:51 We know that the budget process for the property tax

05:45:55 evaluation processes every June 1st, we get an estimate

05:46:00 July 1st, we get our certification, and then sometime

05:46:04 after that, we don't know when, we get the final numbers,

05:46:08 and the final certification, and reviewed a final evaluation

05:46:16 and we actually received our final certification on April 4,

05:46:20 this past April 4, so we were able to adjust our budget and

05:46:23 figure out $500,000.

05:46:33 Electric franchise fee, when we get the budget, this time

05:46:36 last year, we anticipated that that revenue would generator

05:46:41 provide $34.7 million to the general fund.

05:46:46 If you will recall, we charged a 6% fee on electric use,

05:46:53 primarily obviously TECO, and that's a 6% franchise fee

05:46:57 charge to the customers charged on every bill has a 6%.

05:47:03 Franchise fee associated with it, and our projection, we

05:47:08 have adjusted them downward based on where we are today,

05:47:12 because we had a mild and wet -- mild and wet winter so our

05:47:19 electric fees really went down, and the result was a

05:47:22 decrease in our projections for '14.

05:47:27 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Well, you couldn't have a hot summer --

05:47:31 >>SONYA LITTLE: We could have a hot summer, so that could

05:47:34 fluctuate.

05:47:37 What we looked for when doing our projection, based on where

05:47:40 we are, actually, we look for major variances to see if

05:47:45 there are any major concerns on both the revenue side, and

05:47:48 especially the expenditure side where we have more control.

05:47:52 So we will flip very quickly through each one of these

05:47:55 items.

05:47:57 Slide number 11, where we refer to the half cent sales tax.

05:48:06 We rely very heavily on state projections, and they are

05:48:12 pretty close to our budget figure for our projection.

05:48:16 We only increased it about $400,000 according to the current

05:48:21 information that we receive.

05:48:23 Just like we just did for the general fund revenue he we

05:48:31 also have been the utility tax fund revenue, and I would

05:48:34 like to digress immediately to the backup so we can just

05:48:39 address the picture.

05:48:42 Our utility services tax fund, just like our utility

05:48:47 franchise fee, we decreased our projection because of the

05:48:53 and again be may increase depending on what type of summer

05:48:58 we have.

05:49:04 Communications, services taxes.

05:49:06 We talk about it over and over and over again.

05:49:09 Large concern for not just the City of Tampa but local

05:49:12 governments statewide, with the current legislation, and the

05:49:18 interpretations of what communications services can be

05:49:22 taxed.

05:49:24 We expect that this particular revenue source, which was

05:49:28 obviously a very strong revenue source for the City of

05:49:31 Tampa, will continue to decline.

05:49:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez?

05:49:37 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Mrs. Little, I know you and I talked about

05:49:41 this many, many times.

05:49:43 Are there any projections -- projections or other sources as

05:49:47 to where that be -- we have had kind of a red line right now

05:49:54 with this particular revenue source.

05:49:56 Is there a spot where it's just not going to be around

05:49:59 anymore?

05:50:00 Very, very small.

05:50:02 >>SONYA LITTLE: The projections are continually adjusted by

05:50:07 the revenue forecasting for the State of Florida, and we are

05:50:13 watching it very closely, obviously by the actual

05:50:17 projections we have had in.

05:50:18 I do know that the task force that was provided to review

05:50:22 the legislation, and also the potential impact on local

05:50:25 governments, has provided a report to be considered and

05:50:29 reviewed.

05:50:30 I have not heard back the results or if any actions are

05:50:34 going to be taken in order to make it a revenue-neutral

05:50:38 impact to local government and, you know, we have folks that

05:50:42 are not just looking out for the City of Tampa request, such

05:50:48 as association of counties, who are really championing our

05:50:53 cause.

05:50:56 To force local government to continue to be so severely

05:51:00 impacted that we have to come up with other solutions.

05:51:03 >>MIKE SUAREZ: And there's been no suggestion to what that

05:51:06 solution may be in terms of other figures.

05:51:08 Obviously this is made up of those land lines that are no

05:51:11 longer being used by people and not being put in their homes

05:51:14 and everything is going to cell phones for the most part.

05:51:16 There's been no idea or suggestion on what a model would be

05:51:22 to kind of replace that with some other type of revenue

05:51:25 source yet?

05:51:26 >>SONYA LITTLE: Well, there's been a lot of discussion and

05:51:28 pushback on redefining what communications services can be

05:51:33 taxed.

05:51:34 So there is a lot of back and forth, obviously the

05:51:38 communications industry, as far as how far.

05:51:46 There are other discussions going on but nothing that has

05:51:48 been identified as a true possibility at this point that I

05:51:53 am aware of.

05:51:56 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Just a public service announcement.

05:51:58 Anyone that's listening out there, if we have any kind of

05:52:06 land line work, your cell phone may not get you through.

05:52:09 That's just to keep that in mind.

05:52:11 >>SONYA LITTLE: Yes, ma'am, thank you.

05:52:14 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Public service.

05:52:15 We need the revenue, too.

05:52:18 Little thank you.

05:52:25 Cohen and people have these phones today that are plugged

05:52:27 into the electrical sockets.

05:52:28 But the best thing is the old-fashioned one that plugs right

05:52:33 into the wall because that will work whether the power goes

05:52:35 out or not.

05:52:39 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I never knew that I work for eight

05:52:43 engineers up here.

05:52:47 Sen and one that's coming in.

05:52:49 Thank you very much.

05:52:50 Yes, ma'am, I'm sorry.

05:52:50 >> Under the same format we talked about our major general

05:52:56 funds and utility services tax revenue.

05:53:00 Now, we move on to general funds expenditures.

05:53:03 >>FRANK REDDICK: Before you go to expenditures let me ask a

05:53:11 question.

05:53:11 And I know we had discussion about this.

05:53:13 It's my understanding -- and I wondered if you were going to

05:53:17 do it in the '15 budget, but you were going to separate the

05:53:21 red light cameras fee out of general revenue and put in the

05:53:25 as a line item.

05:53:31 I can't find it in a where.

05:53:34 >>SONYA LITTLE: We have not provided that as a major

05:53:36 revenue source in the general fund because it didn't rise to

05:53:40 that occasion.

05:53:41 What you will see in the '15 -- and you will recall maybe

05:53:44 two council meetings ago, we came before you with the

05:53:47 omnibus for the '14 budget where we did identify and move

05:53:54 for intersection safety purposes from the general fund to a

05:53:57 specific project.

05:53:59 So in the next budget workshop, Councilman, you will see the

05:54:03 actual line item.

05:54:04 >>FRANK REDDICK: Okay.

05:54:06 All right.

05:54:06 Thank you.

05:54:06 >>SONYA LITTLE: Yes.

05:54:12 If you will go with me to slide 16, where we address the

05:54:20 major general funding expenditures, obviously personnel

05:54:25 costs being the largest under the general fund, health care

05:54:36 all rolled into one.

05:54:37 This is actually a good thing.

05:54:39 We did experience that the estimates that we provided, we

05:54:44 were able to lower them because we were in better position

05:54:48 to project out because we know what positions have been

05:54:51 occupied.

05:54:52 We have a better feel for the positions that are currently

05:54:55 vacant and how long it will take to actually fill those

05:54:58 positions.

05:55:00 So we were able to adjust down one of our major general fund

05:55:05 expenditures, just over $3.3 million.

05:55:19 >>YVONNE CAPIN: And we helped, because we didn't get any

05:55:22 raises.

05:55:22 >>SONYA LITTLE: Our fund right now with the general

05:55:30 employees pension fund, it's the city's policy to fund 100%

05:55:38 of the annual required contribution that's required --

05:55:42 that's provided by an independent act actuarial accountant.

05:55:48 Act actuarial accountants, specifically the -- historically

05:55:52 the city has made the decision by taking that recommendation

05:55:55 and making the required contribution requirement, and as a

05:55:59 result, our general employees pension fund is 99.9% funded

05:56:08 as far as we are right on track, and it's really far ahead

05:56:13 of many of our peers as far as our level of funding.

05:56:18 The other thing -- and I don't know, I really pointed this

05:56:24 out in the past but the other thing I think is important to

05:56:27 point out, that as the market returns, our pension funds are

05:56:33 doing extremely well.

05:56:34 Our net rate of return on the general pension fund is just

05:56:40 under 15%, the fund on an annual basis.

05:56:53 By the same token when we look at our fire and police

05:56:56 pension funds, it is the most recent rate of return that we

05:57:05 received, pension fund is 15.2%. So again, the investment

05:57:11 in both of those separate portfolios are performing very

05:57:16 well, and will benefit the city in the long run.

05:57:18 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Mrs. Little, a quick question on the

05:57:24 pension.

05:57:25 As a number, how does the formula work in terms of the total

05:57:29 costs that we put into the fund be as they get stronger?

05:57:36 For example, we have about a 15% return on each one of these

05:57:39 pension funds.

05:57:40 The return will get stronger, hopefully -- knock on wood.

05:57:45 How does that reduce our total amount that we send back to

05:57:48 the fund?

05:57:50 What is it at the number, whatever is easier for you to

05:57:54 remember?

05:57:55 >>SONYA LITTLE: Okay, I really wish I could give you just a

05:57:58 linear --

05:58:00 >> That's okay.

05:58:01 >>SONYA LITTLE: It's virtually impossible.

05:58:06 It's impossible because there are so many moving parts.

05:58:08 And that's why if you have ever heard of an act actuarial

05:58:13 accountant, it's enough to make any person's mind bend

05:58:17 because there are so many moving parts.

05:58:20 As investment return increases in our contributions

05:58:26 decrease, all of the functions that are in the middle also

05:58:31 play heavily on that amount.

05:58:35 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Let me ask you a different way then.

05:58:37 What did we put in the last fiscal year as a number?

05:58:42 >>SONYA LITTLE: Okay, '13 we put in for general employees,

05:58:46 17.6 million, and we are forecasting 6.4 for '14.

05:58:54 >> That's what I wanted to find out.

05:58:56 That's what I wanted to find out, which is as the fund

05:58:59 grows, with this good rate of return, the less amount that

05:59:02 we have to put in per our contract with the employees that

05:59:06 are part of the pension?

05:59:11 In relationship to them.

05:59:12 >>SONYA LITTLE: But I can't -- other factor changes, we may

05:59:16 be neutral or slightly below.

05:59:18 >>MIKE SUAREZ: I was looking for the number more than

05:59:21 anything else and I appreciate you doing that.

05:59:25 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen.

05:59:25 >>HARRY COHEN: I just wanted to point out for the benefit

05:59:28 of the public that's watching and people that are

05:59:30 interested, these are extraordinarily good numbers when

05:59:34 stood up against other pension funds, both in the State of

05:59:37 Florida and across the country.

05:59:40 I'm not sure exactly a pension fund is considered to be

05:59:45 fully funded at like 88%.

05:59:47 We are well over that.

05:59:48 And the rate of return speak for themselves at least in this

05:59:53 past year.

05:59:54 >>SONYA LITTLE: Yes, sir, thank you.

05:59:57 And that's really critical.

05:59:58 It's beyond the city maintaining and upholding a contractual

06:00:03 agreement.

06:00:04 It is a contractual agreement.

06:00:06 We are obligated to do it.

06:00:08 It has an impact in our overall credit by having high levels

06:00:15 of funding for each one of our pension funds.

06:00:18 That translates into dollars to us in more ways than one.

06:00:28 Okay, moving on.

06:00:32 If I could have the presentation.

06:00:34 We were starting to talk about our utility service tax

06:00:38 funds, the expenditures here, the summary page, and what you

06:00:48 just saw on all of those slides.

06:00:51 Basically when we adopted the '14 budget we assumed we would

06:00:54 have a budget shortfall, and we need to use fund balance for

06:00:59 our reserves, the dollar amount that we anticipated at the

06:01:03 this point was $7.5 million.

06:01:05 With all the ups and downs on revenues, positives,

06:01:09 negatives, of revenues and expenditures, based on our

06:01:12 projections, we are very close to that.

06:01:16 We believe, though, that we may have to -- again we are

06:01:21 watching each one of those revenues and expenditures, that

06:01:28 we took away on the time line to determine where we are

06:01:31 going to fall but we feel comfortable at this point as we

06:01:33 project out that we would need an additional -- just over $1

06:01:39 million for the '14 fiscal year.

06:01:51 >>HARRY COHEN: So for the first time, in the last couple of

06:01:55 year, when we have projected dipping into the reserves, each

06:01:58 year we have actually taken less than what we planned on

06:02:02 taking.

06:02:02 That is not going to be the case for fiscal year '14.

06:02:06 In fiscal year '14 you are saying we are going take an

06:02:10 additional million dollars beyond what we originally

06:02:12 programmed?

06:02:13 As of today?

06:02:15 >>SONYA LITTLE: As of today we anticipate we knife take out

06:02:18 a little -- slightly more.

06:02:20 But what I would like to point out is along those lines in

06:02:23 2012 we did take out more in the reserve than we originally

06:02:26 funded it.

06:02:27 We took out an additional $1.2 million but that was because

06:02:31 we added the donut pond stormwater project after the fact,

06:02:35 so that's how we ended up taking more out of the reserve,

06:02:39 and in '13 we took out 1.5 million less than we anticipated

06:02:45 in the '13 budget, and we are continuing to watch '15

06:02:50 because we may have to go back and forth.

06:02:52 But what I would like to point out as it relate to budget

06:02:55 versus what we actually end up doing, one of the things we

06:02:58 actually look at is of course the percentage of

06:03:00 expenditures.

06:03:02 Our policy is 20%, because the revenues and expenditures,

06:03:10 and their component in the formula, where we are in the

06:03:14 budget is 25%.

06:03:17 We anticipate taking out -- taking out the $7.5 million,

06:03:26 because it's considered in the whole scheme of things when

06:03:30 you have 800-plus total budget in a $35 million, there are

06:03:36 instances of about a million above and below have a material

06:03:41 impact on the actual calculation so we anticipate being in

06:03:45 the neighborhood of 25% of expenses.

06:03:48 >>HARRY COHEN: 25%, 20% threshold is our policy, but that's

06:03:53 also the amount that the credit agencies and bond rating

06:03:59 agencies are looking at to make sure that we have a healthy

06:04:01 fund balance when they are assigning a credit rating to the

06:04:04 City of Tampa.

06:04:05 Correct?

06:04:06 >> That's correct.

06:04:07 >>HARRY COHEN: So 20% is the imagine you can number for

06:04:09 that purpose?

06:04:11 >>SONYA LITTLE: Correct.

06:04:12 And if I can clarify that.

06:04:14 20% is for other highlight rated local governments in the

06:04:22 highest level of AA-rated.

06:04:25 If we go to the AAA rating, the expectations obviously will

06:04:31 be higher.

06:04:34 >>HARRY COHEN: The be percentage --

06:04:37 >>SONYA LITTLE: The percentage, there's a range for the

06:04:41 AA-category and I believe the range is from 15 to 20%.

06:04:46 We are at the 20% mark.

06:04:47 And in the AAA rating -- and I have to confirm this, but

06:04:53 from what I recall, it is the 25 to 28 or 29%, but there are

06:05:00 other factors that are involved, obviously, in that whole

06:05:03 analysis.

06:05:04 That's just an indication of one of the items that they

06:05:09 looked for.

06:05:09 >>FRANK REDDICK: What is the current reserve, dollars?

06:05:22 >>SONYA LITTLE: We are currently at 102.

06:05:25 We think that we will end the year at 95, because that's

06:05:28 taking out for the '14 budget shortfall.

06:05:33 95 million.

06:05:42 so moving along.

06:05:52 If we could now focus on our enterprise fund, solid waste,

06:05:58 wastewater, and water, we'll start with parking.

06:06:04 He would made a lot of progress since 2011 is.

06:06:11 I have to really point out that, yes, what we did

06:06:15 restructure the debt-related back in 2012 but they have come

06:06:20 a long way as far as increasing revenues, and decreasing

06:06:25 their overall operating.

06:06:29 What we provided you with is a snapshot of their operating

06:06:32 revenues versus their operating expenses, just to show you

06:06:36 how the system itself is performing, whether or not they can

06:06:40 pay their own bills to stay income operation, and where we

06:06:44 budgeted that we would have to subsidize with $1.6 million.

06:06:51 Now we anticipate that the general fund subsidies for the

06:06:54 parking system will be half a million dollars instead.

06:06:57 So that's good news.

06:06:59 For the system.

06:07:03 We remain flat on the subsidies for their capital

06:07:07 improvement at half a million dollars.

06:07:09 So in that sense, instead of the 1.6 million that we

06:07:14 anticipated, the decrease in their fund balance, it will

06:07:19 only be half a million dollars.

06:07:25 The solid waste system, another very good story to tell.

06:07:29 Back in 2011, we all know where the system was headed.

06:07:35 In addition to increasing the revenues coming into the

06:07:37 system, they have also done -- the system has done a really

06:07:42 great job as far as decreasing their operating expenditures.

06:07:46 So bottom line, you will see here on the chart provided to

06:07:50 you, there is a $90,000 decrease in their operating

06:07:57 expenses.

06:07:58 So it goes to show that they are still working hard on the

06:08:01 expenditure side, not just focusing and counting on the

06:08:05 incoming revenue.

06:08:15 For the wastewater fund, the budget forecast, the change

06:08:21 here is largely attributable to a $2.2 million decrease in

06:08:27 the operating expenditures, another good story to tell.

06:08:35 That's resulting from the management of our system, working

06:08:40 really hard to control the expenses.

06:08:46 For the water fund, we believe that we are going to end the

06:08:49 year fairly close, much closer on the net revenue operating

06:08:54 side to what we adopted in our '14 budget, but where we see

06:09:02 an increase in use of fund balance is as it relates to

06:09:06 Capitol projects, just roughly over a million dollar

06:09:10 increase in what we anticipated for capital budget -- for

06:09:14 our capital projects.

06:09:18 Also important to us as we consider the overall financial

06:09:21 condition we provided to you a summary of all of our debt

06:09:29 programs for our outstanding debt.

06:09:33 If I can direct you to the last two columns of this slide,

06:09:36 you will see that the last column under the bond covenants

06:09:41 provide us with the actual debt service coverage

06:09:43 requirement, meaning that that's the minimum that we must

06:09:46 maintain for each one of our bond programs, but instead, he

06:09:52 finds each one of those coverage requirements for each bond

06:10:02 program.

06:10:04 Also, important in review of our debt is to take a look at

06:10:09 all of our outstanding debt service.

06:10:12 And this gives you an indication of how our debt is

06:10:16 structured between our governmental and enterprise funds,

06:10:21 but I believe more importantly here, it's this table on

06:10:26 slide number 29 where it reflects the outstanding

06:10:32 principles.

06:10:32 The downward trend is obviously awesome, because what it

06:10:38 shows is our debt is structured in a way that we will repay

06:10:42 it at an accelerated rate, and that's a conscious decision

06:10:47 that we make as we are structural debt and deciding whether

06:10:50 or not we do issue debt.

06:10:53 As a rule of thumb, the rating agencies use the ability of

06:10:56 local government to repay at least 50% of the principal in

06:11:04 the next ten years, and we far exceed that guideline.

06:11:08 We are over 75% repayment in the next ten years.

06:11:19 The bond ratings that we always talk about, even though we

06:11:23 don't have any outstanding general obligation debt, or debt

06:11:27 that's secured by tacks property taxes, they still take a

06:11:30 look at it, from the city's perspective, and we are in two

06:11:38 of the three rating agencies at the very top of the AA

06:11:43 category which is one notch below the highest rating that

06:11:46 you can possibly get.

06:11:48 AAA.

06:11:55 I like to put up this here because you don't have to take my

06:11:58 word for it.

06:11:59 It's always good to get feedback from an independent

06:12:04 organization as far as the financial position of the city.

06:12:09 The last time that our general obligation or issuer rating

06:12:15 was reviewed, they looked at two rating drivers such as the

06:12:23 be strengthened economic climate of the city, healthy

06:12:26 financial profile, tax base, and coverage on our debt, and

06:12:31 they indicated that we are in a strong position when

06:12:35 compared to our peers in the environment.

06:12:44 >> so that's 2014 in a nutshell.

06:12:47 When I met with each one of you, I mentioned to you that we

06:12:53 really are knee deep in just getting going on where we are

06:12:56 for the '15 budget.

06:12:59 Cycle.

06:13:02 You all have heard -- he would all heard that the mayor has

06:13:05 indicated for the '15 as we start out early on in the

06:13:08 process that we anticipate a budget shortfall in the

06:13:12 neighborhood of 10 to $15 million.

06:13:16 That's less than what we have experienced in prior fiscal

06:13:21 years but nonetheless still a budget shortfall.

06:13:27 We are improving, but we have a lot to catch up on, because

06:13:30 what we talked about in the beginning of the presentation,

06:13:36 the recession, so some of the contributing factors to that

06:13:40 10 to $15 million shortfall are obviously related to

06:13:42 increased personnel costs, increased operating cost, another

06:13:48 thing that we have coming up is the municipal elections that

06:13:50 we have to build in to the process, fiscal year 2015 --

06:13:55 >>HARRY COHEN: We are aware of that.

06:13:56 >> Well, that wasn't a shortfall.

06:14:05 >>YVONNE CAPIN: So are we publicly --

06:14:09 >>MARY MULHERN: Are we publicly financing the election?

06:14:11 Doesn't have to raise any money anymore?

06:14:14 >>SONYA LITTLE: Not that part of it.

06:14:16 We finance the process to carry it out.

06:14:22 We have to pay.

06:14:26 We are estimating about 800 that you.

06:14:29 About 800,000 for the upcoming election.

06:14:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: All you have to do is have 110,000 a

06:14:35 person.

06:14:37 >>SONYA LITTLE: 800,000.

06:14:43 In addition to the election, we already talked about the

06:14:48 subsidy both in the operating and capital side about a

06:14:51 million, and we are looking very, very closely at our

06:14:57 capital CIP requirement.

06:15:01 We have a lot of need.

06:15:04 A lot of need.

06:15:05 You can only imagine.

06:15:09 The tarts of prioritizing, and we'll have go through with a

06:15:13 fine tooth comb to determine how much of the capital side

06:15:16 can be funded with still the limited resource, and what we

06:15:21 hope to be and believe will be the last shortfall year in

06:15:25 the city.

06:15:27 So with that --

06:15:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions by council members at this

06:15:31 time?

06:15:31 Mrs. Montelione?

06:15:34 >>LISA MONTELIONE: The last item on the legislative impact,

06:15:37 inspection fee, I actually --

06:15:43 >>SONYA LITTLE: I actually took it off of the slide that

06:15:46 was here because there was a decrease -- thereby must be

06:15:50 impact on rental inspection fees is a change in the

06:15:53 legislation where we don't have to inspect, or we are in a

06:15:58 long area loud to inspect certain rental properties.

06:16:04 The impact on that is roughly $400,000 less revenue.

06:16:09 What I want to work on is figuring out -- you would expect

06:16:12 that the increases our expense as well.

06:16:15 So that's what we are trying to work through, and that's why

06:16:18 I didn't put it up on the screen.

06:16:25 It's missing on the overhead.

06:16:27 >>SONYA LITTLE: We need to evaluate them a little more.

06:16:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Suarez?

06:16:34 >>MIKE SUAREZ: What is the shortfall total when we are

06:16:38 looking at real numbers?

06:16:40 Because I have about 800,000 in the municipal elections, 1.1

06:16:44 of -- be rental inspection fees, but the others, the

06:16:51 increased personnel costs, increased operating costs.

06:16:55 What's your estimate and the total increased contribution to

06:16:59 the capital program?

06:17:01 I know Mike has those answers somewhere.

06:17:06 >>SONYA LITTLE: Just a second.

06:17:17 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: That's going to be an estimate.

06:17:18 >>SONYA LITTLE: Yes.

06:17:42 Between personnel and operating costs, that's really a

06:17:47 large -- we are in the neighborhood of about $5 million

06:17:51 there.

06:17:52 >>MIKE SUAREZ: 5 million for those two combined?

06:17:55 >>SONYA LITTLE: Right.

06:17:56 And where the balance would come would be the capital

06:17:58 program where that is the one that's really in flux because

06:18:03 that's going to be driven by evaluating the capital funds

06:18:10 that can in longer be deferred.

06:18:12 And they'll have material impact on the operating for the

06:18:16 city.

06:18:18 >>MIKE SUAREZ: So is somewhere in the $7 million range?

06:18:22 >>SONYA LITTLE: We are seeing between 10 and 15 million.

06:18:25 As we get through each one of these line item by line item,

06:18:28 I can't give you the exact number.

06:18:30 The goal is because a couple of things are happening between

06:18:33 now and the next workshop.

06:18:35 Of course, we are still working with our department.

06:18:38 In addition to that, June 1st, as you are aware, the

06:18:41 property appraiser comes out with the property evaluation.

06:18:45 So that will have tremendous impact on how we are able to

06:18:48 budget and determine what can be funded.

06:18:52 So I'll have a great deal of information for you on the June

06:18:56 workshop.

06:18:57 Unfortunately, with all the moving parts, and waiting on the

06:19:00 property, and the enact we are working with our department

06:19:06 now.

06:19:08 >> So we know what that number is.

06:19:11 >> It will be itemized for you.

06:19:12 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Thank you, chair.

06:19:16 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any other questions of Mrs. Little?

06:19:18 We are very appreciative of your information.

06:19:22 It's very accurate.

06:19:23 I know it changes from time to time.

06:19:25 It's something you just can't figure out, that's the

06:19:27 evaluation of the properties, and a lot will be based on

06:19:31 that projected out to the minus and plus columns.

06:19:36 So thank you very much and your staff.

06:19:39 Mrs. Capin?

06:19:43 >>YVONNE CAPIN: I just want to say your work is exemplary.

06:19:46 It really is.

06:19:49 Everybody, the staff and you, year after year, your work and

06:19:56 your detail for us, everything is exemplary.

06:20:00 Thank you for that.

06:20:00 >>SONYA LITTLE: Thank you.

06:20:01 If I may, it's a team.

06:20:04 We have an awesome team here, and they work tirelessly, and

06:20:10 they are one of the most professional staff that one could

06:20:14 ever hope for.

06:20:16 >>YVONNE CAPIN: You can tell.

06:20:18 The team and the team leader for bringing us a very detailed

06:20:26 budget and making sure that we understand, do it every I and

06:20:33 cross every T, so thank you for that.

06:20:36 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Mr. Cohen?

06:20:37 >>HARRY COHEN: I certainly concur with every compliment

06:20:40 that Councilwoman Capin just gave you.

06:20:43 I'm sure everyone else does as well

06:20:46 A couple of house keeping items.

06:20:47 You were asked to come back for the second workshop on June

06:20:52 26th.

06:20:53 That is our last summer meeting prior to our summer recess.

06:20:57 Council, we can do that in the morning in our regular -- or

06:21:01 we do have a 5:00 item that evening.

06:21:04 We could set this for 5:30 again like we did tonight

06:21:09 depending on what everyone's pleasure.

06:21:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I don't want to create overtime.

06:21:18 What is your pleasure?

06:21:20 >>SONYA LITTLE: If we could do the morning that would be

06:21:22 great.

06:21:22 >>HARRY COHEN: I would like to make a motion to have our

06:21:24 second budget workshop on June 26, 2014 at 9:00 a.m.

06:21:29 >> Second.

06:21:30 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen, second by Mr.

06:21:32 Suarez.

06:21:32 Further discussion by council members?

06:21:34 All in favor of the motion?

06:21:35 Opposed?

06:21:36 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:21:37 >>HARRY COHEN: One other item.

06:21:40 You have scheduled the acceptance of the report.

06:21:46 I want to say at the outset, and we'll talk more about it

06:21:50 when we get it, the staff did a truly outstanding job in

06:21:54 dealing with the auditors this year.

06:21:57 And you are going to hear about be the tremendous things

06:22:00 that they accomplished while they were simultaneously

06:22:03 getting ready for the ERP implementation.

06:22:09 Mrs. Little had asked that we do that prior to the June

06:22:12 26th budget workshop.

06:22:14 So I was going to ask council's pleasure.

06:22:16 We can do it on June 19th, at the beginning of our

06:22:20 workshop session, or we could do it on the be 12th the

06:22:24 evening session.

06:22:25 It entirely up to everyone.

06:22:27 >>SONYA LITTLE: It would be a quick receive and file and

06:22:30 overview.

06:22:31 I would respectfully request the morning session.

06:22:33 >>HARRY COHEN: So I will make a motion then that we receive

06:22:36 the CAFER and have a short presentation regarding its

06:22:43 contents on June 19th at 9:00 a.m., immediately

06:22:46 following the ceremonial activities, prior to getting into

06:22:49 the workshop items.

06:22:51 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen.

06:22:52 I have a second by Mr. Suarez.

06:22:54 Discussion by council members?

06:22:55 All in favor of the motion please indicate by saying aye.

06:22:58 Opposed nay. Ayes have it unanimously.

06:23:01 Thank you all very much. Appreciate it. Okay.

06:23:05 I see others in the audience.

06:23:08 I don't want to leave no one here without the opportunity to

06:23:11 speak.

06:23:11 Come forward, please.

06:23:12 >> Is this the gavel?

06:23:29 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No, we are doing it electronically here.

06:23:31 >> Thank you very much for having us here.

06:23:45 Mr. Miranda, thank you.

06:23:52 An advocate for the dog park within the Seminole Heights

06:23:55 area.

06:23:59 In the same paragraph, a thumbs up, the dog park of Seminole

06:24:03 Heights, thank you very much.

06:24:05 I want to thank the parks and rec department, Mr. Greg

06:24:13 spader, they have worked with us for two years now on this

06:24:16 issue.

06:24:17 Finally, finally, we are before you.

06:24:25 The dog park in Seminole Heights.

06:24:34 A couple of reasons why we need the park.

06:24:36 One is because the City of Tampa is a city where people want

06:24:42 to come but a lot --

06:24:44 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Will you please identify yourself for the

06:24:45 record so the clerk will know?

06:24:47 I know you.

06:24:48 >> Yes. Maurice Rosas. I am at 118 west Mohawk Avenue,

06:24:52 Tampa 33604.

06:24:53 Thank you.

06:24:56 So as I was saying, two years, and we are finally here

06:25:04 before you because there is a request in the budget for the

06:25:10 dog park within Seminole Heights.

06:25:12 The dog park initiative is a 50-50 plan, where we will

06:25:17 generate 50% of the revenue for the park.

06:25:22 It's approximately 54, $55,000 that the Parks Department is

06:25:27 looking at.

06:25:27 Originally, the plan was to put the park -- I beg your

06:25:40 pardon.

06:25:40 Can you see that?

06:25:46 Originally, there were some neighborhood issues, and after

06:25:55 all that time, the parks and rec department said, no cannot

06:25:58 move forward because it a fund issue, there would definitely

06:26:04 be some type of litigation involved, and that's what the

06:26:10 park is about.

06:26:10 So now comes back and says we have --

06:26:17 (Bell sounds)

06:26:19 -- a solution, but this is Rivercrest Park.

06:26:25 Rivercrest Park is a used park.

06:26:29 People go there.

06:26:30 It's being proposed that it would be -- thank you.

06:26:40 This is the area.

06:26:46 So here is the view.

06:26:51 There's the playground right over here. So we are looking

06:26:59 at it to be the dog park.

06:27:03 Another reason that we want this park is because Tampa does

06:27:07 not have a handicapped accessible park anywhere.

06:27:11 In fact, if I were to say, hey, do you know where the

06:27:15 closest handicapped accessible park is?

06:27:23 Go ahead.

06:27:24 Sanford, Florida.

06:27:24 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Talking about accessible dog parks, not

06:27:31 accessible parks.

06:27:33 Dog parks.

06:27:34 Because we have all of our parks are handicapped accessible.

06:27:38 >> Yes. My hand don't function well anymore.

06:27:45 I know friends in scooters.

06:27:47 And getting in and out.

06:27:48 So that would be a big thing for the City of Tampa.

06:27:51 The fact that the partnerships, this is something the mayor

06:27:57 has been pushing and I think is something the mayor would

06:27:59 embrace strongly, because the community in Seminole Heights

06:28:02 is behind this project.

06:28:04 However, we still have a little ways to go to make sure that

06:28:10 everybody is on board.

06:28:13 And that's pretty much it.

06:28:15 Any questions?

06:28:20 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Any questions at this time?

06:28:21 Thank you.

06:28:24 Anyone else care to address this council?

06:28:27 Come forward.

06:28:38 >> Peter Lytle, 322 W. Giddens Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33603.

06:28:45 This year on behalf of, as a now home owner in Seminole

06:28:49 Heights, previously lived in Hyde Park, really good places

06:28:53 in Seminole Heights and it's great community.

06:28:56 Within the proposal for parks and rec budget you are going

06:29:01 to see there's three different dog parks, one in Hyde Park,

06:29:05 one in Tampa Palms and one in Seminole Heights.

06:29:08 I have been working with the Seminole Heights to help get

06:29:10 this project started.

06:29:12 Or not started but to completion.

06:29:14 And one thing, we had a great conversation about the budget.

06:29:19 At one meeting you are going to find that we are very

06:29:21 committed to getting this park.

06:29:24 We are going to give you that 50% and say if the budget is

06:29:27 54,000 for this we are going to find ways to help offset

06:29:30 that cost to the city, whether that's funding with residents

06:29:34 within the area, whether that's grant funding which being

06:29:37 ADA accessible, and be able to go to the park, open up the

06:29:42 doors so you don't have to carry a wheelchair, be much

06:29:47 harder to get in. So you open the button, push the door and

06:29:50 you go in, and make it handicapped accessible.

06:29:53 The closest one is in Sanford.

06:29:57 Being able to find that funding, be able to find it through

06:30:00 grant funding, be able to support that, it's going to be

06:30:04 very important to set up a great partnership between the

06:30:06 city and the resident of Seminole Heights as well.

06:30:08 The other thing I can say is something I definitely support

06:30:11 as a homeowner, I would love to see a dog park built.

06:30:15 We have only been in the draft stages which is a great,

06:30:19 beautiful park to build that in.

06:30:20 We have great views of the river and that would really kind

06:30:23 of highlight what we have in that area.

06:30:25 Just want to show you my support.

06:30:32 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: We appreciate it very much.

06:30:39 No microphone.

06:30:40 We are so smart.

06:30:48 >> My name is Carlos Cabron, Tampa, Florida 33617, also

06:30:57 known as district 7.

06:31:09 So the reason I want to talk about MacFarlane park, because

06:31:18 as many of you know, or don't know, I'm really the organizer

06:31:25 of the 3617 and 33611 and 33614, West Tampa area.

06:31:34 I visit MacFarlane park, and the dog park for dogs.

06:31:42 They also want a park with community center, not just people

06:31:47 for 55 and older, but for everybody, for kids, just like

06:31:56 2nd and Fletcher.

06:31:58 So my question to the council, what can be we do to create

06:32:01 more resources for the West Tampa area, and what can we do

06:32:06 to talk to the county, like Councilman said, and what can we

06:32:16 do for more resources for the Tampa area?

06:32:19 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me just say this and not speaking

06:32:20 just for Tampa, the general city within the budget.

06:32:24 We had Robles Park, a beautiful park.

06:32:26 Doesn't have a dog park.

06:32:27 And it also has the old hunt center that used to be in Drew

06:32:32 Park that was moved over about 15, 18 years ago.

06:32:35 It is a beautiful building and it's very, very well used.

06:32:39 The senior center that you are speaking about, MacFarlane

06:32:43 park, or to the west of MacFarlane park, southwest of it, is

06:32:47 also very heavily used a lot of times mostly by seniors.

06:32:54 There has to be more explaining to me anyway because I don't

06:32:57 quite understand.

06:32:58 You are talking about an area maybe eight blocks, ten blocks

06:33:01 at most, and West Tampa does not have a zip code of 33611.

06:33:09 It does not have 17 either, and does not have been the other

06:33:12 zip code in part.

06:33:14 Maybe a little part of it.

06:33:15 70 is where it's at.

06:33:21 I'm not trying to correct you.

06:33:22 I'm just saying demographics of that area.

06:33:27 There's two beautiful centers there.

06:33:30 Those centers didn't even exist -- nothing exists there.

06:33:37 They are both very operational and very functional, with

06:33:42 exercise equipment, dance, aerobics.

06:33:44 I need that myself.

06:33:46 My legs aren't as fast as be they used to.

06:33:50 I can't even outrun myself anymore.

06:33:52 But these are the things that are needed.

06:33:54 But I don't see the ultimate need today.

06:33:57 >> I understand.

06:33:59 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I really don't.

06:34:00 I would like to say I do, but I don't.

06:34:02 There is a dog park in proximity to that location.

06:34:06 I'm not saying there should be one there.

06:34:09 But it's a very tight and closed area.

06:34:12 Tough West Tampa little league that has enormous amount of

06:34:15 following and enormous amount of kids that play there,

06:34:17 including many major leaguers that went on from that play

06:34:22 professional ball.

06:34:23 The park in West Tampa used to be very large.

06:34:26 And now the population has come in, because there is no

06:34:29 more -- there's a lot of condoing and new buildings and

06:34:36 apartments, and those areas being absorbed by population.

06:34:39 I understand that part.

06:34:40 It's very difficult be under the situation that our

06:34:44 financial officer just stated here, and regarding what Mrs.

06:34:52 Little stated about the approximately 15 million that we are

06:34:55 going to be down for us not to look at something that has a

06:34:58 much bigger need and West Tampa does have need.

06:35:02 Don't get me wrong.

06:35:03 It really does.

06:35:04 But we are looking at the whole city.

06:35:06 There are some areas that don't have V the amenities that

06:35:08 even we have, and that's what we are looking at.

06:35:10 >> I understand.

06:35:13 Thank you.

06:35:14 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Next, please.

06:35:14 I didn't want to scare anybody off.

06:35:21 Come on up.

06:35:22 I'm not talking to you.

06:35:23 I'm talking to the rest of them.

06:35:25 I like you.

06:35:25 I always have.

06:35:26 Come up.

06:35:27 >> I live about four blocks from the old park.

06:35:39 We use it constantly walking my dog so I would like to see

06:35:44 the dogs there.

06:35:45 But I am in agreement that a better need at the riverfront,

06:35:52 if you can do it there, that would be wonderful just to have

06:35:55 something in the area in the enclosed area, to take our

06:35:57 pets.

06:36:01 I live near Henry and Ola.

06:36:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: I used to hate to play ball there because

06:36:09 left field wall was real close [ Laughter ]

06:36:20 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Quickly, I'm a little bit confused on the

06:36:25 dog park, just a little.

06:36:28 We do allow service canines into our park, do we not?

06:36:33 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Oh, yes.

06:36:35 >>YVONNE CAPIN: So I'm trying to follow.

06:36:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: The operation that he's talking about,

06:36:39 I'm not speaking for Mr. Rosen.

06:36:41 The only handicapped park for individuals than go and take

06:36:44 their animal is in Sanford Florida, about 96 miles away.

06:36:49 >> And is accessible be -- okay, I understand now.

06:36:58 I think I do.

06:37:02 I was under the impression that we didn't allow service

06:37:04 dogs.

06:37:06 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: No.

06:37:06 I need a motion to receive and file any and all document.

06:37:09 Motion by Mr. Suarez, second by Mr. Reddick.

06:37:11 All in favor of the motion?

06:37:13 Opposed?

06:37:13 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:37:15 Information reports from left to right.

06:37:17 Mrs. Montelione.

06:37:17 >>LISA MONTELIONE: Nothing.

06:37:19 >>HARRY COHEN: Thank you.

06:37:21 I have two items.

06:37:26 You this morning had the unfortunate task of announcing the

06:37:31 passing of Mr. Al Austin, and I was going to ask if we could

06:37:36 have a motion to send condolences to Ms. Beverly Austin and

06:37:40 his family at this time.

06:37:42 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Motion by Mr. Cohen.

06:37:43 I have a second by Mrs. Montelione.

06:37:45 All in favor of the motion please signify by saying aye.

06:37:47 Opposed nay. The ayes have it unanimously.

06:37:49 >>HARRY COHEN: And second, Mr. Cohen Delgado passed away

06:37:55 this week.

06:37:55 I know he was a very good friend of yours, Mr. Chair.

06:37:58 She was also someone that spent over 25 years at both

06:38:02 Jefferson and Plant High School, and she was beloved by

06:38:05 many, many generations of students in our community.

06:38:09 I would like to ask that we send a letter of condolence to

06:38:13 her daughter, and her family.

06:38:18 She's a good friend of mine.

06:38:19 And I know that they are hurting over the loss of their

06:38:24 mother.

06:38:24 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Let me say.

06:38:25 This I have known Helen for a long time.

06:38:27 I knew her much closer to her when we were picking up our

06:38:31 grandkids in elementary school.

06:38:33 And I used to get in the car with them, and it was me and

06:38:36 five ladies, and they would give me hell all the time, and I

06:38:40 really enjoyed that.

06:38:41 But it's a great loss to our community.

06:38:43 She was a very young 92.

06:38:46 She was prolific.

06:38:47 She was an inspiration, and she gave me a lot of thoughts on

06:38:54 how to handle some of my duties.

06:38:55 I have a motion by Mr. Cohen.

06:38:56 Second by Mrs. Montelione.

06:38:58 All in favor of the motion?

06:38:59 Opposed?

06:38:59 The ayes have it unanimously.

06:39:03 Mrs. Mulhern.

06:39:03 >>MARY MULHERN: Nothing.

06:39:05 >>FRANK REDDICK: Nothing.

06:39:07 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Nothing.

06:39:08 >>MARY MULHERN: Well, I guess it's down to one.

06:39:11 Mr. Suarez.

06:39:11 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Happy Memorial Day.

06:39:14 See you in June.

06:39:15 And happy birthday.

06:39:18 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: One thing, Mr. Suarez.

06:39:19 I noticed it today and I was not going to bring it up but

06:39:23 your voice is changing a little bit.

06:39:25 >>MIKE SUAREZ: Finally.

06:39:35 >>YVONNE CAPIN: Mr. Suarez had his L birthday today.

06:39:37 >>CHARLIE MIRANDA: Anyone else before council, anyone else

06:39:39 to speak?

06:39:40 We stand adjourned.

06:39:44 >>



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