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The City's major budget and management objectives for FY99 and future years are as follows:


  • Keep recurring expenses in line with recurring revenues.
  • Use private enterprise to supply public services when such agreements are cost effective.
  • Use tax increment financing to combat blight and to promote economic development.
  • Strive for continued excellence in budgeting and financial reporting.
  • Review rates, fees and charges annually to be sure they continue to reflect the cost of services.
  • Limit rate increases to one major enterprise (water, sewer, solid waste) a year, as necessary.
  • Provide matching funds and "seed" money to leverage grants and other assistance.


  • Recognize employees for exceptional performance and creativity.
  • Provide employee development by promoting training programs.
  • Offer City employees training, counseling and referral services for stress, drug abuse and other personal difficulties.
  • Stabilize labor relations through multi-year contracts.


  • Promote the safety and welfare of Tampa's citizens by controlling and preventing crime.
  • Provide high quality utility services at reasonable rates.
  • Develop long-range plans in order to meet demands for City services.
  • Support City housing programs by public and private financing.
  • Contribute to the quality of life in Tampa by improving leisure services and facilities.
  • Continue support of the State Growth Management Act.
  • Maintain existing infrastructure and require that development contribute to growth related infrastructure improvements.


  • Encourage public participation in developing solutions to City problems.
  • Encourage the development of neighborhood organizations as a means of public participation.
  • Improve City's image through reduction of petty crime, littering and illegal signage.
  • Obtain the support of the business community for improvements desired by the citizens.
  • Utilize local universities and the business community where their expertise might offer improvements to City performance.
  • Promote participation of women and minority business enterprises in City contracts.


  • Improve planning for growth within the City by coordination of various planning agency proposals.
  • Cooperate with other local governments in matters of regional interest.
  • Develop proposals for the Hillsborough County Legislative Delegation agenda on matters requiring State action.