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Management Information Systems

In FY99 the Management Information Systems (MIS) Department will continue to put major emphasis on Year 2000 repair and replacement projects. Six new positions have been added to ensure that the Year 2000 is a smooth transition. Each network and system must be analyzed to determine what problems the Year 2000 might cause. Several applications, such as the financial system, are already being updated or replaced.

The Police Department and MIS are using Local Law Enforcement Block Grant Funds to upgrade the Police Department's software/hardware systems. Over the next two years various replacement applications, contractual services and software tools will be acquired to meet the target date. Older technology is being replaced with client/server and web-based systems which require personal computers (PCs) and network-based services.

Public Safety-Fire

The Fire Department is supported by a variety of systems. The first Year 2000 compliant software is the rescue reporting system that was replaced in FY98 to provide a quality assurance program for medical dispatch.

The new computer aided dispatch (CAD) software has been tested and will be placed into production in FY99. Record management software was acquired in FY98 to replace Fire records and will be put into production in FY99.

Public Safety-Police

As part of the block grant technology upgrade, a consultant developed a three year, $12 million Police Strategic Information Plan in FY98 for the Tampa Police Department. Major components of the plan are:

A data network enhancement will include 100 new PCs, 20 printers and various hardware and software tools. MIS will replace/upgrade the communication infrastructure and replace 200 laptop PCs/modems and 400 mobile computer terminals for the Police cars.

Police computer aided dispatch (CAD) software has been rewritten and the remaining changes will be implemented when the State completes its Year 2000 modifications for the Florida Crime Information Center (FCIC).

MIS pilot tested a new cellular technology that the Police Department will use to support the Mobile Computer Terminals network for Police Vehicles.

Document Imaging will be used for uploading material to the Police records system. This includes scanning documents such as accident scene diagrams and uploading reports and photos from mobile computers and digital cameras in police vehicles.

Workflow/case management will involve purchasing 200 laptops for detectives case management. MIS will also define applications and acquire hardware/software for web enabled services.

The Police records system will be replaced in FY99 with a modern client/server application. Geographic and historical data will be converted. A variety of interfaces for federal, state and county systems will be developed and over 150 PC's will be replaced. The old records application will be maintained for historical inquiry.

The department decentralization will require additional network equipment, 35 PCs and 9 printers.

A PC training lab will have 15 PCs, an overhead projector, printers and a video system for training employees in the use of new technology.

City-wide Financial/Administrative Systems

During FY98 MIS designed and tested various disaster recovery scenarios for mainframe applications and assumed support for the City's Internet site and Intranet facility.

Upgrades and modifications related to Year 2000 include:

The Accounting, Purchasing and Budget systems are being replaced with an integrated financial software package. The bulk of the application will be placed into production in early FY99.

The City's record retention system will also be replaced with a commercially available software package.

Payroll/Personnel will be upgraded to incorporate vendor supplied Year 2000 software releases in FY99.

The Utility Accounting and Building Services Systems are internally supported applications. Year 2000 date modifications have been applied and tested in FY98, with testing and minor changes required in FY99.

The Inspection Hotline System, used to schedule inspections, is being retrofitted to accommodate Year 2000 changes and system enhancements.

The PC-based cash management subsystem has been upgraded and placed into production. The Year 2000 modifications for the mainframe software are scheduled for FY99.

Departmental Systems

The hardware and software supporting the Refuse-to-Energy application has been moved to a Year 2000 compliant environment during FY98.

In the Fall of 1998, MIS and the Convention Center will be putting a new generation of scheduling software into production, Risk Management's system will be upgraded and the Fleet Maintenance System will be replaced by a modern client/server based system.

The City's Personnel Department manages the hiring process via a number of PC-based applications that are not Year 2000 compliant. The existing system will be replaced with the City's first Intranet applications in FY99.

Technical Infrastructure

MIS is in the process of substantially upgrading operating systems, utility software and application development software for mainframe and mid-range servers. A variety of additional data storage devices have been added to accommodate the testing requirements of the Year 2000 software changes.

Network equipment (routers) and the City's E-mail product will be upgraded to Year 2000 compliant software. Change management software that records system changes and service requests has been purchased to replace older software.

Additionally, MIS is making changes in the Geographic Information System's (GIS) database in support of the Year 2000 census.

Web Site

The Internet helps Tampa connect to its citizens and the world. The City of Tampa's "Home Page" on the Internet features a variety of information useful to community residents, businesses and tourists. It is accessible around the clock and around the world. The use of the World Wide Web allows the City to distribute information and data such as:

The City Budget and Tampa Reports to the People, with interactive comment facility;

  • Organization and responsibilities of City departments;
  • Area demographics;
  • Tourist information;
  • City permitting requirements;
  • Public service announcement
  • How to access City services;
  • Information about local schools;
  • Local economic development;
  • The business climate;
  • Public safety and
  • Parks and recreation information.

The City's Web site is updated weekly with both the City Council's draft and action agendas. Users of the City's web site can send E-mail to City departments. The City's web pages are also linked to other web sites such as the Hillsborough County School Board, Hillsborough County and Florida State Internet sites. You can find the City of Tampa web site at: http://www.ci.tampa.fl.us.

The City is midway in its creation of an Intranet. The Intranet will facilitate cross-department communication and information dissemination within City government.