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 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

In order to develop the Community Development Block Grant program, the City provides to residents, public agencies, and all other interested parties full public access to program information. This is accomplished through media announcements, advertisements, citizen advisory committee meetings, internet, public hearings, Government Access Television and through the City's community services outreach staff.

Public hearings and notices are provided to obtain citizen views and to respond to proposals and questions at all stages of the program. This includes the identification of housing and community development needs, review of proposed activities, and review of program performance.

In FY99, the City will receive $4.9 million in CDBG entitlement funds. Additional program income of $600,000 and reprogrammed prior year funds of $667,000 brings the total FY99 program to $6.2 million.

The Community Development housing allocation in FY99 continues the City's commitment to housing rehabilitation activities. A portion of the housing program ($400,000) is committed to the demolition of over 250 structures which are either structurally unsound or a public nuisance and a threat to the public safety.

Funding for all CDBG housing programs in FY99 is $4 million, representing 65% of the total CDBG program. These Federal funds will be utilized to conduct a number of housing rehabilitation activities, programs for public agency residents and program delivery services. Through these programs, the City provides low cost housing repair financing to homeowners who earn below 80% of the area median income, adjusted for family size. The assistance is provided through a combination of deferred payment loans and low-interest Challenge Fund leveraged loans.

Other CDBG funded programs include $731,000 for public service agencies; $918,000 for general grants administration activities; and $755,000 for capital improvement projects. This combination of programs is designed to promote substantial long-term community improvements.

The City of Tampa's uses of CDBG funds are shifting more towards economic development. The City will be using CDBG funding as leverage for Section 108 loans to combat severe economic distress, get stalled community projects restarted, revitalize decaying areas, promote economic development and eliminate slum and blight. Section 108 provides communities with a funding source for long-term, large scale, front-end financed economic development, housing, commercial rehabilitation and public facilities.