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Pool Safety

Tampa Fire Rescue has designated April 1st as April Pools Day.

You must be aware of the potentially hazardous properties of a pool. An accessible pool is more dangerous for your toddler than a loaded gun laying out on your coffee table. In a child's hands eventually it will go off! But unlike the gun going off and where the bullet will strike, the outcome with a toddler falling into a pool undetected is almost certain.

Just how serious is the problem? Drowning is the number one cause of death for children under five in Florida, Arizona, and California with a ranking of number two for over a dozen other states. For every drowning there are eleven near drowning incidents, according to government statistics; many of which result in totally disabling brain damage.

The majority of the parents involved were responsible people who thought it could never happen to their family. They were careful and had close supervision over their children. Many were in good income brackets, educated, and could afford nice homes with pools in family oriented communities. So we are literally talking about people who could live next door to you.

If drowning were a disease it truly would be referred to as an epidemic with all the public attention and awareness possible focused on an epidemic of such proportion.

Tampa Fire Rescue and the American Red Cross-are going to use April Pools Day to kick off a drowning awareness and prevention program. A team of Tampa Fire Rescue paramedics have been trained to conduct home water safety awareness surveys. Tampa residents that have a pool in their yards are invited to call 813-242-5410 to schedule a survey. A paramedic will come to the resident’s house and help the pool owner understand safety precautions that should be taken to avoid childhood drowning.

It is a perception that there are two basic outcomes to a drowning emergency, the child lives or dies. Nearly 25 percent of the children that are near drowning victims survive with severe disabilities. With programs like this one and your help, we can change these statistics. Call today for a Pool Safety Survey.

For more information on safety devices log on to www.poolfence.com/product.htm.