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Below are internal audit projects for last four fiscal years. Completed audits are listed with links (audit number shown in blue and underlined) to the released audit reports. Reports are released only after they become final according to Florida Public Records Law (see Chapter 119.07, Florida Statutes).

Our audit reports are available in .pdf format. If your browser does not support this format, Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from the Internet. It is available free of charge. After you have configured your browser, click on the appropriate audit number below.

FY2013 Audit Reports FY2012 Audit Reports
13-01 Foreclosure Registry 12-01 TCC - Food & Beverage Contract
13-02 General Employees Pension Fund 12-02 GMDS - Housing Programs
13-03 Community Development Corporation 12-03 Purchasing Legal Compliance
13-04 Insurance and Claims 12-04 Clean City
13-05 Rescue Division 12-05 TCC - Sales & Marketing
13-06 Parks & Recreation - Planning & Design 12-06 Waste Management Invoices
13-07 Crime Reporting 12-07 Revenue & Finance - Interfund Transfers
13-08 Community Investment Tax ATT 12-01 Human Resources - DAVE Attestation
13-09 Environmental Compliance - Solid Waste  
13-10 CRA/TIFS  
13-11 Traffic Engineering  
13-12 Police Communications  
FY2011 Audit Reports FY2010 Audit Reports
11-01 Fixed Assets 10-01 Job Order Contracting
11-02 Purchase Cards 10-02 Capital Construction
11-03 Solid Waste Residential Operations 10-03 Parking Garages/Lots
11-04 TPD Property Room and Impound Lot 10-04 Code Enforcement
11-05 Wastewater Collections 10-05 Leases & Other Contracts
11-06 Compactor and Roll Off Containers 10-06 TCC - Administrative & Fiscal
11-07 Wire Transfers and Cash Management 10-07 Office Depot Invoice Audit
11-08 Water Usage and Billing Accuracy 10-08 Construction Services Center
11-09 Tampa Historic Streetcar 10-09 Safety Division
11-10 Accounts Receivable 10-10 Program & Organization Development
  10-11 Tampa Police Training Unit
  10-12 Fire Marshal
  10-13 Water Production