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Labor Force Status And Employment Characteristics

Geographic Area: Tampa City, Florida

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Persons 16 years and over 222,078
In labor force 142,891
   Civilian labor force 139,175
    Employed 129,830
    Unemployed 9,345
   Armed Forces 3,716
Not in labor force 79,187
Males 16 years and over 104,550
   In labor force 75,823
   Civilian labor force 72,558
    Employed 67,547
    Unemployed 5,011
   Armed Forces 3,265
   Not in labor force 28,727
Females 16 years and over 117,528
   In labor force 67,068
   Civilian labor force 66,617
    Employed 62,283
    Unemployed 4,334
   Armed Forces 451
   Not in labor force 50,460
Workers 16 years and over 130,825
Drove alone 97,840
In carpools 18,767
Using public transportation 4,389
Using other means 2,901
Walked or worked at home 6,928
Employed persons 16 years and over 129,830
   Executive, administrative, and managerial occupations 16,033
   Professional specialty occupations 17,368
   Technicians and related support occupations 4,526
   Sales occupations 16,386
   Administrative support occupations, including clerical 23,381
   Private household occupations 799
   Protective service occupations 2,341
   Service occupations, except protective and household 16,685
   Farming, forestry, and fishing occupations 2,252
   Precision production, craft, and repair occupations 12,660
   Machine operators, assemblers, and inspectors 6,175
   Transportation and material moving occupations 5,432
   Handlers, equipment cleaners, helpers, and laborers 5,792
Employed persons 16 years and over 129,830
   Agriculture, forestry, and fisheries 2,179
   Mining 95
   Construction 8,118
   Manufacturing, nondurable goods 6,300
   Manufacturing, durable goods 6,565
   Transportation 5,911
   Communications and other public utilities 4,779
   Wholesale trade 7,274
   Retail trade 24,072
   Finance, insurance, and real estate 11,654
   Business and repair services 8,541
   Personal services 5,592
   Entertainment and recreation services 2,885
   Health services 10,920
   Educational services 9,670
   Other professional and related services 9,819
   Public administration 5,456
Employed persons 16 years and over 129,830
   Private wage and salary workers 101,701
   Government workers 20,443
    Local government workers 11,283
    State government workers 5,444
    Federal government workers 3,716
   Self-employed workers 7,198
   Unpaid family workers 488
Source: U.S. Bureau of the Census, 1990 Census of Population and Housing Summary Tape File 3 (Sample Data). 
Matrices P49, P61, P70, P73, P74, P77, P78, P79.
NOTE TO ALL DATA USERS: All survey and census results contain measurement error and may contain sampling error. Information about these potential errors is provided or referenced with the data or the source of the data. The Census Bureau recommends that data users incorporate this information into their analyses as these errors could impact inferences. Researchers analyzing data to create their own estimates are responsible for the validity of those estimates and should not cite the Census Bureau as the source of the estimates but only as the source of the core data. We have modified some data to protect individual's privacy but in a way that preserves the usefulness of the data.

Last Updated on 1/18/01