State of the City Mayor Bob Buckhorn - Tuesday, March 26, 2013 - 10:30 a.m. - Kress Building


New Tampa Nature Park

In 2012, the City of Tampa opened the new 122 acre nature park in New Tampa. The park also includes 70 additional acres of managed land, including trails, rock climber, boardwalks, parking, and a zip line. In total, the cost for the park was $927,469 and was funded through the Community Investment Tax funding.

Spring Hill Community Center

The Spring Hill Community Center in Sulphur Springs includes a gymnasium, computer classroom, multi-purpose room, splash pad, playground, and a new sports field. It is also home to the Virginia Rivers Creative Arts Studio, which has three classrooms and a high tech performance workshop dedicated to theater and performing arts programs. In addition, the new community center hosts an after-school program in partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa. Construction on the $2.5 million Springhill Community Center began in June 2010, and was funded through Community Investment Tax funds.

Water Works Park

A master plan was completed and funding is in place for the redevelopment of Water Works Park and restoration of the Ulele Spring in Tampa Heights.

Perry Harvey Park

A Master Plan for Perry Harvey Park was done, and includes active and passive recreation, gateway and cultural amenities, skate park and new community center. $3 million in Choice Neighborhoods grant funding will go towards transforming the park.

KaBOOM! Projects at Ragan Park and Temple Crest Park

In cooperation with KaBOOM, Humana, and East Tampa Revitalization Partnership, a new intergenerational playground was built at Ragan Park by 250 volunteers just before the 2012 Republican National Convention. At Temple Crest Park, more than 200 volunteers from ForestersTM, the City of Tampa Parks and Recreation Department, Friends of Tampa Recreation, organizers from KaBOOM! and residents of the local community joined forces in November 2012 to build a new playground there.

Ballast Point Park improvements

At Ballast Point Park, the City of Tampa added a new tot lot playground with a donation from neighborhood, new workout station donated by local business, splash pad, new parking lot, lighting, and new pavilion. The improved pavilions and the boat ramp was made with a grant from fish and wildlife.

Monthly Water Meter Reading

By October 2012, all customers had shifted to be on a monthly meter reading schedule. In 2011, a multi-departmental Water Task Force concluded that implementing monthly meter reading will mitigate several of the factors contributing to high bills. In November, Tampa City Council approved a contract to provide services to enable a system-wide implementation of monthly readings.

Bruce B. Downs Water Main Replacement

In 1976, a 54" diameter transmission main was installed in Bruce B. Downs to be the primary source from the Morris Bridge Water Treatment Facility. It was discovered that the pipe manufacturer used defective materials in the production of their pipe. This was a $13 million replacement that will ensure safe drinking water.

Sulphur Springs Pumping Station and Lower Weir Project

The city recently completed $5.3 million in upgrades to the decades-old pumping system at Sulphur Springs to enhance water quality and environment in the Sulphur Springs Run and the Hillsborough River.

Reclaimed Water Expansions

Credit Card Service at McKay Bay

The City of Tampa expanded the payment options at the McKay Bay Scalehouse. McKay Bay Scale House moved from a cash-only operation to also include credit cards and debit cards with a MasterCard or Visa logo as methods of payment.

Carted Recycling

In January 2013, the first City residents received new 95-gallon green, recycling carts. The new carts replaced the blue bins. The 95-gallon recycling cart holds more recyclables, reduces litter, and easily rolls to the curb and back.

Completed the New Tampa Boulevard Bridge

The 0.7 mile bridge spanning over I-75 connects Commerce Park Boulevard in Tampa Palms with New Tampa Boulevard in West Meadows. It includes a 5-foot sidewalk on the south side and an 8-foot wide multi-use trail on the north side, which will allow neighborhood pedestrian and bicycle traffic to safely cross I-75 without using Bruce B. Downs Boulevard. It also improves emergency access for the area.

Completion of the Ybor Pump Station Rehabilitation

This $5 million capital improvement project included replacing deteriorated components and modernizing control systems to improve reliability and operating efficiency at one of the City's most critical wastewater facilities, serving approximately 1/3 of the total wastewater generated within the service area.

Alline Avenue Flooding Relief Improvements

Mayor Buckhorn cut the ribbon on the $5 million Alline Ave stormwater pumping station, force main, upgraded collection system, and water quality elements. The unique pump station building looks like a house that blends in with the neighborhood.

Duck Pond Flooding Relief Project

Construction began this year on the Force Main and Pump Station within the City and will be completed during FY13. This project is a multi-agency cooperation. The Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD), Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), Hillsborough County, and the City of Tampa embarked on project to solve a severe flooding problem that encompassed areas within the City and County.

Drew Park Flooding Relief Project
Phase II

Construction began in September 2012 on the Grady Avenue Stormwater and Streetscape Improvement project. The project provides new box culverts to replace existing ditches which will more effectively transport stormwater to the newly expanded pond and substantially reduce Drew Park flooding. The $4.7 million construction cost also includes landscaping, sidewalks, and on- street parking areas. Completion is projected for December 2013.

North 30th Street and Hillsborough Avenue Flooding Relief project:

The $1.6 million project constructed a stormwater collection system along 30th Street from Hillsborough Ave. to Ellicott St. and modified the existing stormwater retention ponds to increase capacity. This project is in cooperation and funding from the East Tampa CRA and the SWFWMD.

Lois Avenue Stormwater and Streetscape Improvements

The Lois Avenue Stormwater and Streetscape Improvement project will provide new box culverts to replace existing ditches which will more effectively transport stormwater to the newly expanded pond and substantially reduce Drew Park flooding. The project also includes extensive landscaping and streetscaping including decorative sidewalks, lighting, pedestrian shelters, benches, and medians. Construction cost is estimated at $12 million and is funded by the City of Tampa, Drew Park TIF funds, and a SWFWMD grant.

Westshore Waterways Improvement Project

As part of the $2.8 million improvement, the city will dredge and improve water quality in ten canals in the Westshore area. This long-awaited project is expected to remove 50,000 cubic yards of sediment from the canals during its 17-month performance period.

22nd Street Enhancement Phase II

Segment A of Phase II was completed from E. 23rd Avenue to E. 26th Avenue, continuing the pedestrian, landscaping, and lighting improvements along the corridor. Segment B recently started construction with a TIF investment of $920,000.

Commercial Façade Grant Program

The CRA invested $127,000 of TIF funds under the Commercial Façade Improvement Program to facilitate the rehabilitation of four storefronts and leveraged private investment.

Housing Rehabilitation Program

$290,000 of TIF investment to renovate ten single family homes completed under the Foreclosure Acquisition and Rehabilitation Program.

New sidewalks installed

The city constructed 4.5 miles of new sidewalk at a cost of $741,500, and repaired 5.2 miles of sidewalk at a cost of $1.02 million.


New Tampa Nature Park




Ballast Point Park


Alline Pump Station




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