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Major Crimes Bureau

The Major Crimes Bureau is comprised of the squads listed below.  The detectives assigned to these squads are some of the most capable in the nation.  Their hard work and diligence has lead to solving and successful prosecution of countless cases in Tampa.  If you have any questions you can call the Major Crimes Bureau at (813) 276-3564.


Homicide Investigation

The Homicide Squad consists of ten detectives and they are responsible for investigating homicides, accidental deaths, suicides, natural deaths, police involved shootings, missing persons, and aggravated assaults/batteries within Tampa.  Detectives assigned to this squad are often called upon during adverse hours due to the nature of their assignment's focus.  Our Unsolved Homicides is where you may be able to aid us in solving a crime.  This unit handles approximately 25 homicides on a yearly basis.

This unit also works closely with the Tampa Fire Department's five Arson Investigators in investigating arsons.  The unity between the two divisions creates a more robust and aggressive team.  Moreover, assigning fire/arson investigators to partner with police detectives also provides access to a wealth of resources such as technical surveillance equipment, forensic evidence support, and intelligence sources that often prove instrumental in successfully solving arson and bombing cases.&

Crime Statistics

  • Murder Offenses 1985-2010

  • 2010 Murder Offenses In Comparable U.S. Cities

  • Sex Crimes / Child Abuse / Domestic Violence

    Sex Crimes / Domestic Violence

    The Sex Crimes and Child Abuse unit is comprised of an elite group of detectives, who are highly trained in analyzing and collecting forensic, medical and DNA evidence from victims and crime scenes.  They work closely with the medical community, Department of Children and Family, Child Advocacy Board, Office of Attorney General, and the State Attorney's Office  in preparing successful prosecution of the offenders.  The Domestic Violence Prevention page is also available for members of the community in recognizing victim's of family violence.  The ultimate goal is to protect the most vulnerable victims. 

    Criminal Tracking Unit

    Criminal Tracking Unit

    The Criminal Tracking Unit (CTU) is responsible for the continued monitoring of registered career offenders as well as registered sexual offenders and predators.  This specialized unit ensures that designated subjects remain in full compliance with regards to their registration requirements.  When they choose not to comply, CTU detectives will pursue the designated subjects until apprehended and prosecuted.

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    Forensic Investigation Alternate Light Source

    The Forensic Investigation Unitprovides expertise at crime scenes through the use of photography, identification, evidence collection, processing and preservation.  Technicians also perform latent fingerprint comparisons, forensic artistry and provide expert court testimony.

    Hit & RunTraffic Crash Investigation

    The Hit and Run Squad investigates traffic crashes involving serious injuries or death and hit and run crashes with workable leads.  The squad attempts to locate and file charges against guilty parties and help bring closure to victims and surviving family members.  This unit handles approximately 927 hit and run investigations on a yearly basis.

    Found Property

    The Found Property Unit reviews found property which is located by officers in the department or by citizens.  The unit attempts to locate the owner of the found property and return the items to the owner if possible.