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Dual Purpose Dogs

MPO. Wurst with Razor "Razor" MPO. Jason Tkash & Bosco

All Dual Purpose Dogs are trained in criminal apprehension to state and national standards.  These patrol dogs are commonly used to track down suspects who are fleeing from the police.  These K-9's are also certified in narcotic or explosive detection.  The dog's keen sense of smell leads them to the drugs or bombs.  Once they find the source of the odor, the handler rewards them with praise, play, and a favorite toy. So even though the K9 partners are doing valuable work, to them it is a fun game of hide and seek. 

Dual purpose dogs are aggressive when catching the bad guy, but they have an “off switch” and they are also part of the handler’s family. In fact, the K-9’s live with their human partners and when they retire, they spend their golden years relaxing with their handler

Meet Tampa Police Department's Dual Purpose Dogs