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Search And Rescue Dogs

Major Teague & Snoop As a Puppy       Snoop on a Track

Lt. Ward & Mattie on a Track             Mattie As A Puppy

The Tampa Police Department has two Bloodhounds. Bloodhounds are big and powerfully built. They are often called a nose with a dog attached because they have such an advanced sense of smell.  This K9's ultra-sensitive scent membranes allow the dogs to distinguish smells at least a thousand times better than humans.  Once a Bloodhound sniffs a scent article, like a missing child's clothing, the dog locks that smell into its scent receptor. This allows the Bloodhound to single out one child on a playground full of kids. They have a history that extends back to the 7th Century AD in France. The name Bloodhound was derived from the expression "blooded hound", meaning a hound of pure breeding.  They are big, they slobber, and they eat a lot. But, Bloodhounds will be incredibly devoted, loving and they tend to constantly warm your heart. 

Meet Tampa Police Department's Search And Rescue Dogs