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Training Unit FAQ

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Instructor Teaching Firearms Safety

For questions regarding the Training Unit, call: (813) 242-5404.

Q.   How long is holdover training?

A.   Holdover training is six weeks long.

Q.  What is the current service pistol issued to officers?

A.   The current service pistol issued to officers is a Smith & Wesson M&P .40.

Q.  What is the current police vehicle driven by patrol officers? 
A.  The current police vehicle driven by patrol officers is a Ford Police Interceptor.
Q.  How many times a year does an officer attend in-service training?

A.  An officer attends in-service training four times a year; however, updated training is ongoing throughout the year.  This can include training via online or additional training classes that officers attend.

Q.  What is the monthly training hours provided to the police department?
A.  The average monthly training hours is approximately 5,000 hours.
Q.  What specialized training does the training staff have?
A.  Training staff are certified law enforcement officers with advanced training in instructor techniques.  Officers who teach high liability courses to include firearms, defensive tactics, and vehicle operations must complete advanced training in their specialized field.
Q.  What are the physical fitness requirements for a new officer in holdover training?
A.  During holdover training new officers go through physical fitness training everyday.  Officers go through physical training for approximately an hour to build endurance and strength to perform the duties of a law enforcement officer.