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Hostage Negotiation Team FAQ

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Negotiators Discussing A Plan
For questions regarding HNT Squad call:
(813) 276-3752
Q. What does HNT stand for?
A.  Hostage Negotiation Team.
Q. What are the requirements in becoming a HNT member?
A.  Applicants must pass the standard law enforcement qualification course conducted yearly and to run an additional 1.5 miles within 15 minutes or less.  The applicant undergoes an additional psychological evaluation and a scenario based interview process.
Q. How many members are on the HNT team?
A.  There are 11 full-time members with two training alternates.
Q. Why does the HNT team wear only black?
A.  For uniformity, concealment, and safety.
Q. Do the HNT members need all that gear?
A.  At any given time during a crisis related deployment, the situational or environmental dynamics may change.  As far as needing all of the equipment, when it relates to the safety of our officers and citizens,  it's better to have it, and not need it, than to need it, and not have it!
Q. Are the HNT members only assigned to this unit or do they do other tasks?
A.  As with other members of Specialty Teams within the department, HNT members perform regular duties until the need arises for them to assemble for a crisis event.
Q. How often does the HNT train?
A.  The HNT trains monthly.  On several occasions throughout the year, joint Specialty Team training days are arranged.