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Tactical Response Team FAQ

TRT Team Home Page
For questions regarding TRT Squad call: (813) 276-3752
Questions regarding public
demonstrations call:
(813) 276-3325
Q. What does TRT stand for?
A.  TRT stands for Tactical Response Team.
Q.  What are the requirements in becoming a TRT member?
A.   You have to be a certified law enforcement officer, two years tenure with the department, shoot master during in-service training, be in the 90th percentile of the yearly Physical Agility Test (P.A.T.), successfully complete 1-day physical assessment, undergo and successfully pass additional psychological evaluations, and successfully complete a 1-week 40-hour block of S.W.A.T. school.
Q.  How many members are on the TRT team?
A.  There are 25 members on TRT.
Q. Why does the TRT team wear only black?
A.  For uniformity, concealment, and safety.
Q. Do the TRT members need all that gear?
A.  Yes, each piece of equipment serves a different purpose which aids the members depending on the situation.  Every item has to be readily assessable at any given time.
Q.  Are the TRT members only assigned to this unit or do they do other tasks?
A.  TRT members do other tasks within the department until there is a call-out for their response.
Q.  Is there an age limitation in becoming a TRT member?
A.   No.
Q.  How often does the TRT train?
A.   They are always in training; however, they train twice a month.
Q.  Is it difficult to get on TRT?
A.   Yes.  Only 2% out of the whole department make the team.