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Traffic Unit Operations

The Motor Squad work throughout the year on various operations that requires the utilization of the whole unit.  These operations are a form of education.  Citations change driving habits which ultimately prevent accidents and save lives. These group operations target a problem and attempt to educate and minimize future occurrences.  Other campaigns for speed, seat belts, red lights and pedestrians get special attention.  In the pictures below,  the operation is targeting violators that are exceeding the posted speed limit.
Step 1

Spotter Picks A Location

Spotter Positions In Problem Area

Step 2

Officer Waiting For Violator

Officer waits For The Spotter

Step 3

Spotter Lasar's The Violator

Spotter Calls Out A Violator

Step 4

Officer Chases After The Violator

The Officer Chases After The Violator.

Step 5

Officer Writes Ticket

Officer Issues The Violator The Citation.

Step 6

Officers Waiting For Violators

The Officer Then Gets Back In Line.