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Hostage Negotiation Team Useful Links

Florida Association Of Hostage Negotiators Florida Association Of Hostage Negotiators

An association of law enforcement, mental health, criminal justice and corrections professionals, which is over 800 members strong. The men and women who make up the membership are dedicated to crisis intervention in a variety of situations, which require a highly skilled negotiator to bring about a successful resolution.

Federal Bureau Of Investigation Federal Bureau Of Investigation

Created in 1983 and based at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, the Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) is the U.S. government’s non-Department of Defense full-time counterterrorist tactical team. HRT, whose motto is servare vitas (“to save lives”), provides enhanced manpower, training, and resources to confront the most complex threats.

United States Marshals Service U.S. Marshals Service

Created in 1971, the United States Marshals Service Special Operations Group (USMS SOG) is the nations oldest federal tactical unit. The Marshals Service created the SOG as a response to the increasing number hostile situations Marshals Service personnel found themselves facing on an almost daily basis.