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Frequently Asked Questions  

Attend Traffic School

You can elect to go to traffic school to avoid points on a ticket 5 times in a lifetime.

If you receive a ticket for a non-criminal moving violation, and you do not hold a commercial driver license, you may elect to attend a basic driver improvement course to avoid points on your driving record.

If you choose to attend a Basic Driver Improvement course, no points will be charged to your driver record, adjudication of guilt is withheld, your safe driver status is maintained, if applicable.

To take this option, inform the Clerk of Court in the county where you received the citation that you want to go to traffic school at the time that you pay the fine. You cannot elect to go to traffic school after you pay the fine.

Then contact the traffic school of your choice to register. Traffic schools are listed in your local telephone directory under "driving instruction" or "traffic schools." Approved course providers are also available online.

A full list of your options for satisfying your traffic citation is on the back of the citation. You are required to choose one of the three options within 30 days of receiving the citation.


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