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Locking Devices

  • Steering Wheel Locks

    STEERING WHEEL BAR LOCKS - The most popular is The Club, a steel bar that clamps on the steering wheel and makes the vehicle impossible to steer. They are an effective deterrent because of their imposing presence on the steering wheel.

  • HOOD RESTRAINT - A device that prevents full access to the under the hood components. These can include a chain which allows a hood opening of approximately four inches, a mechanical or electrical device that physically locks the hood down, or a mechanical or electrical device that prevents the factory-supplied hood mechanism from operating.STEERING COLUMN COLLAR - Protects entry to the ignition through the column.

  • TIRE/WHEEL LOCKS - Tool wraps around the tire or wheel to immobilize the vehicle.
  • GEARSHIFT LOCK - Locks gearshift in place, making it impossible to shift transmission into gear.
Steering Wheel Collar Tire/Wheel Lock Gearshift Lock