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Tracking Devices


LoJack LogoThese systems have a homing transmitter installed in the vehicle which allows the vehicle to be located after being reported stolen.  Stolen vehicle recovery system - an independently operated system, such as LOJACK that automatically notifies a monitoring center if a motor vehicle equipped with the system is started by any means other than through use of an ignition key.

Window Identification System

Window Vehicle Identification NumbersA system under which the motor vehicle identification number (VIN) is permanently marked on at least two windows of the motor vehicle other than the small vent windows

Data Dots

Data DotsData Dots are the world's smallest state-of-the-art identification technology, the size of a grain of sand.  Each kit contains 100's of tiny microdots each encoded with a unique security code registered to a vehicle owner.  Each Dot is applied using a specially made adhesive and can be placed on every part of a vehicle including interior and exterior panels, stereo and engine.  Data Dots are then permanently attached; they cannot be located easily other than when using a black light as the glue has an ultra-violet trace.  Warning labels are then placed on the outside of the vehicle, advising a would be thief that the car is protected with the Identification System making it "Too Hot to Handle."