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Commercial Check Information

Prima Facie Identification

Prosecutors have to show that a person accused of a crime actually committed it.  Identification is obviously a very key element of any successful prosecution.  By recording the following information on the check, the identity of the passer can be presumed by Florida law (see FSS 832.07).

  • Driver's License or State ID number (specify state of issuance)

- OR -

  • Full Name
  • Residence Address
  • Residence Phone Number
  • Place of Employment
  • Business Phone Number
  • Sex
  • Date of Birth
  • Height
  • Race

You can use a Check Cashing Card system where the items listed are recorded in a file your store keeps.  A number associated with that record can be used on the check issued by the customer instead of the full information.  This system offers many advantages and can speed up the check process for repeat customers.